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By Billybob on March 30, 2011 - 21:55
Hello Penguins! 

We received a lot of great comments last week when we asked about how you've helped your local community. You mentioned lots of great causes, like the environment, local charities, and even animals in need. Here's a comment from Sophiepearl3:

A time a friend and I helped out the community was when we volunteered at the local animal shelter. It was really fun and it made me think of all the penguins at the puffle shop! There was all sorts of animals and all different colors like puffles! It felt great to help out the community! Waddle on CP!!!

If you haven't checked out all the comments, make sure you read last week's Reviewed by You post. We get inspired when we see how much you guys care about giving. Keep up the great work!

This week, we wanted to ask you about what's happening on Club Penguin right now. We've seen a lot of you exploring at the April Fool's Party. So we want to know... What's your favorite room at the party, and what do you like best about it?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 

Until then... Waddle on! 

-Club Penguin Team



The stair room! It reminds me of M.C. Escher!


I know right

The Boss3552:

omg my penguin is new here and that is awe some

Sarah 5 5 5:

i love the doodle world because i love walking as a doodle i love cp waddle on!!! P.S please post this i have never been posted! from Sarah 5 5 5


cool I soooooooooo glad that you went to help!!


My favorite room is the soda room because its like a maze. For example its like LEFT RIGHT BACK FRONT which one???


I love the new April Fools party! especially the stairs room ;D


my most favorite room in the party was the dance club, because the dance floor was made into a game! That was so cool!


Hmm... that's a tough one. Well, I'd have to say the Stair Dimension, because it is fun and my penguin gets to walk upside down and dance upside down as well!! waddle on cp!!

Rouge Avant:

The April fool's party was AWESOME!!!!!!!! I wish that there wer more activities, like i mean a maze or another scavenger hunt, but otherwise FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!?) :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dance Club Dance Lounge




i love the strange demention!


my favorite place is the box deminsion


I love the april fools party and everything in it, but my favorite room is the mars room. You did a very good job C.P. Until then waddle on


My favorite room at the party is the box demention! I LOVE all the new rooms in it! I think it's SO cool! I lvoe the April Fools Party! WADDLE ON CP!



I liked the ice cream room the best cause it was a lot of fun & it made me hungry.


My favorite room is the Mars one. I like that the planet isn't even ready WADDLE ON CP


I like all the rooms. Though thats only because their ALL unique; like everyone else! :)
Waddle on CP!


Well I love all the rooms. If I had to choose it would probally be the box demension. I love to walk my puffles around and let them see all the cool stuff in there! Have a fun time exploring with your puffles! Waddle on CP!


Thats really tough!! I pick doodle world!


I LOVE THE APRIL FOOLS PARTY!! I love that when you walk out of places like the cofee shop it teleports you to the iceberg. I also like The Spinning Arrow Room.


its so cool! The only thing is hard is that I cant find rookie. Rumors say that Rookie goes to the box dimension. Awesome designs!

Waddle on CP!

100 Girl2:

I think we should have fashion contests and who ever wins gets 5,000 coins and then the winner gets to pick the next theme of the fashion contest. We should do this at the new dance lounge!

caro jr 337:

i liked when you would go to the dance club and the when you come u are randumly at the ice berg


I loved all of them, but I especially liked the one for boxes only! The piano bridge was awesome, and I got the free delivery outfit! Best April Fool's ever!!!


I like the drawing room. Its soo cool! Im a doodle penguin! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!


Well mine is the soda room because i love soda and its really cool how the big soda barrels are teleporters

Crinsmin man:

I love the desert room because me and my friends have propeller partys there and because i met rookie there.


My favorite room is the secret room! You can only get in if you're a box and to be one you complete the scavenger hunt! I like the mail penguin outfit in there too, and when you talk, the penguin statues' mouth moves! I LOVE the piano bridge!
P.S. I like how the box outfit can close too!

caro jr 337:

i liked when you would go to the dance club and the when you come u are randumly at the ice berg


my fav. room is the doodle room. Its soooooo cool!!!!!!!!


My favorite party room is the strange dimension I like it because theres lying fish,a large cuk coo clock, and big penguin egg heads I hope the rooms in the box of dimension stay there forever.


I personally liked the doodle and the candy room. I liked the doodle room because it reminded me of me when im doodling. I liked the candy room because i love CANDY! P.S.[I LOVE CP!!!] Plz post


wheres rokie


its hard to choose i love all the rooms but i have three favorites the pizza parlor because of the food fights and the tables then the room for the king where you tell jokes and the cream soda room i love the maze. P.S please post this i have never been posted WADDLE ON CP - Mitz00

cpt sir:

my favorite is the doodle world and ice cream world it reminds me of happy places please post me i have never been posted never


My favorite room is the box demension because Rookie likes that room!!

Waddle on!


That is a very tough question to answer. I love all the rooms in the box dimension but if I were to pick a favorite I'd say... THE ROOM FOR BOXES ONLY! Its so wacky that its perfevt for April Foll's day!

Pengoo 1324:

My favorite room was the drawing room because I loved the way the penguins who went there were little drawings moving around on paper. It was really CREATIVE, which suited the mood of that room. Creativity can be expressed very well through drawing, which was exactly what that room proved.
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!! =D


I got to say the Cream Soda Dimension because it is really fun to figure out the path to the scavenger hunt piece. I also like helping others find their way.




My favorite party room? Hmmmmmm.... Id have to say the Pizza Parlor! I love how we can have food fights! Also I like the dock because we can paint, I love to paint!


i love the dance lounge!! it is soo awesome now that it has been renovated!!!


hmmm my favorite room has to be the candy dimension. Because there was a chocolate river and lake there were also ice cream you can throw ice cream scoops and snowballs!!
P.S. (never been posted)


just got back on cp and the april fools party is awesome i like all the new dimensions i hope you post this and i forgot something WADDLE ON!


my favorite room for this years april fools party has to be the desert room because i have a sweet tooth anyway i like all the places but if i had to choose a favorite it woud be the desert room waddle on cp and i really like the scavendger hunt


i have a question can you buy the box world to keep at home or no?

Enter nickname:

Me to


i want TO KNOW WHERES ROOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


I love the stairs and the doodle room the best because the stairs are upside down and the doodle room is so cute waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you


i like the dance floor because its a game lol soo fun music


Totally the Stair Dimension, even if only members get to go in!


My favorite room was the place for "Boxes Only". It was awesome!!! I loved when I went inside the big stone faces and I talked and they moved their mouthes too. I really loved everything, great job!!! Waddle On Cp!!!


My favorite room for the April Fools Party is the Cream Soda Dimension! I like how it is like a puzzle, you have to test the barrels and see which one takes you where! Plus, I love the delicious taste of Cream Soda!


I don't like any of it, I LOVE ALL OF IT!!!! But if I had to pick a favorite I's have to say the doodle demension because me and my mom think it is very very happy! WADDLE ON CP!! P.S. Post this I never was posted


I love the Ice Cream room mmm... I see penguins in there pretending to eat the whole place!

Waddle on Best Fishes! From Mike45661


I really like the candy dimension because candy and ice cram makes me hyper and happy! Me and my buddies go there to hang out and we always 'eat' the candy. My favorite type of thing in there is the jello. I LOVE JELLO!!

Waddle On!!


Well I have to say I like the Strange Demension and the candy one. Oh, I almost forgot my other favorite one is Doodle Place. I wonder if we will have any more parties in April? I really really hope there is intil then wadle on cp ,penguins puffles and more.


My favorite is the cream soda dimension. Because you can teleport from place to place by walking into the barrels. Waddle on CP


My favorite room is the candy room because I just like candy a lot WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


My favorite room is the Root Beer room! It's filled with pink rootbeer. And you have to find your way threw the soda jugs!

K Turtle 27:

Well.....I think that's a tough question. But, I'd have to say the desert, doodle, and cream soda demension, and also the silly place are my favorites. I really like the big, confusing sign on the ice berg, too. I also love all the boxes and how they act so funny! April fools!


i LOVED the candy room mainly because i LOVE my sweets.
(please post this)


the dance lounge!because of the new game bits and bolts.its so beautiful!

Snow Sensie2:

Hmmmmm I would Say The Dance Club Because The Music And Floor. It Should Always Be Like That. Waddle On Cp!


My favorite room in the party is the Space Dimension! I love the special way you walk in that room xD I also LOVED finding the scavenger hunt item in there. :D

Princess Jue:

My favorite is the Joke-telling room! All penguin gather together to try to impress the king! It's so much fun! Waddle on CP!


Hi Billybob! I like the Strange Room because it has all kinds of wacky things inside! The April Fools Day Party is great and super fun! I hope people can find there way and not get lost with all of these silly jokes and pranks!!

Waddle On CP!!!!

Macy427 :)


I think the best was the doodle room. I liked how they looked. Thanks!

Waddle on Club Penguin!!


the stair room reminds me of the labyrinth

jason 74032:

my favrite room is the upside down room its so cool


Well I would have to say that the strange dimension is cool because you get free items, and when you walk behind the statue and say something the statues mouth opens, I also like that the fishing rod tries to catch a fish but the fish goes through the window and not the water, I also like how the clock goes backwards and nothing comes out but you can stand there and it will open and you will be there, I also like that the flowers change colors when you walk on them and if you stay on them they go from yellow to blue to magenta. waddle on cp!


i love the doodle demention beacause i have never been in a room where my penguin looks different! WADDLE ON CP

great white:

my favrite room is the candy dimesion,because it has a fudge water fall and lollypops! thats so cool! Waddle on! :)


My favorite room has to be the Space Deminsoin, because I LOVE Space Science. It kinda looks like it's under constructoin. Another reasoan it's my favorite is because its were a found my last item of the scavanger hunt. And that, was somthing I was proud of :D. I also really like the Wacky Diminsoin. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more when I got in their. LOL! Waddle on, and remember, Club Penguin rocks!


I think that the desert room is great because depending on where you are standing, the sun goes down and the moon goes up. I love the music because it reminds of cowboys.

the guy that created football:

i loved the silly room i liked to tell jokes and get great ratings cp rocks but im still mad about the same catalog thing


The Soda room! I love soda so much! Plus is it a maze to get to the puzzle peace! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my favorite room is the sweet treats room because if i feel like pigging out i have some where to go and instead of snow fights me and my buds can have ice cream fights and after the tiering fight we can eat the ice cream!!!!!!!!Waddle on CP!!


The person who made this game rocks :) even i got a pize this is the best online game ever


i wonder if u can walk on walls in the dojo?
(plz post i have never seen my POST!)


I love the space room because you dont dont even waddle! You fly around like your an expert at it! Its like your penguin is in space for real! Waddle on- i mean fly on CP!


For me i like the cream soda room. its amazing how u have to get through it correctly. my way is to walk in what u walked out of.


Wow, that's really hard to choose. I think . . . the Town, because the Coffee Shop and the Gift Shop are invisible!
(PLEASE POST! I've always wanted to be posted but never had. I've tried, like, a million times.)


My favorite room is the ice cream dimension because it looks tasty, and that the hidden piece is hidden so well! Waddle on C.P.!!


Well i like the strange dimension,that you have to be a box to go in.Because it feels good like your behind the grey penguin head,when you talk it moves its mouth.waddle on cp!


yo rock hopper

light girl4:

i love it! i really like the candy demention mbecause it looks so yummy! and when you throw snowballs its ice cream!(please post this i never had a comment posted before)


I like the Ice cream land and the chocolate waterfall was the best!


I like the Candy and Stairs rooms the most, because I have seen a movie with a chocolate river in it, and it reminds me of it. I like the Stairs room because there is a painting that it looks like the room. This is the best april fools day party ever! I just wish the loading room was still here! THAT was my favorite room of all time, of all the parties ever made! I miss it. KEEP ON ROCKING CP!


I love the April fool’s Day Party so much!!! It’s so silly!!! My favourite room is the ski lodge because there is a hidden portal that will transport you to the lighthouse!! It’s so cool!! I wish there was more portals like that!! It is somewhere along the tool bar. Rock on CP!!




My favorite one is either the doodle dimension or the candy dimension because the candy dimension is full of fun things to do, like swimming in a pool of chocolate or getting to eat all the candy around you. The thing I like about the doodle dimension is it makes you feel like your on a sketch pad and it looks so cool when you move around. Some penguins have hats and I find that really cool. Great Party this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!


I think I liked the recycling plant. It kept loading and we could still walk around.


het this is cool


the april fool party is so so so so so so so cool i like the dimension its so cool and its cool how there are a bunch of rooms in the dimenseion room

Cheesy 409:

My most favorite was the Doodle Dimension! I could look at everything from a different perspective and I have never been 2D before! It was just TOO awesome!


I wonder what the snow tubes and sled are outside the everyday phoning facility for is the sports shop coming back if so, ya!


I like the planet room,because you get to connect the stars!


Nice I like it and one thing is that one day everybody turned red with there red puffles also the members wore red clothes.Everybody was dancing with the heart emote.Waddle on...

from omkar360


Wow! thats a tough choice..... i like them all! and penguins lets help out our community! you can donate to anything and it will help amimals or japan!

until then.. waddle on clubpenguin!!!!!


I think all of the rooms were the best because every room had a tricky part in it.Also it's a very good April fool's party people got to meet Rookie,I also liked the color dimension that really fooled me and my friends!Until next time WADDLE ON CP BRO'S

The Hockey Man:

I liked the doodle room. It was cool how the penguins looked. I have to say "Great Job Once again Club Penguin."
Penguin's name- Durg12

Until Then... Waddle on Club Penguin


I really love the stair dimension because it is so April fools like! I mean you don't know where you are, upside down, right side, up or left side up!!! It is really fun to see all the penguins try to figure out how the stairs work (which way you will end up) and then they can't and end up having a lot of fun with it!
waddle on cp!!!


i like the doodle dimension beacouse your a 2d drawing and if you are wearing a at it shows please post me i never got posted rock on cp


i saw rockie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the new dance lounge because you get to play with other penguins by seeing who can throw the most snowballs at the target. I also like it because it has a new game called bits and bolts!! Waddle on CP!! (Please post!! Never been posted)

Rednax 0:

Dear Billybob,

My favorite room is the the srairs dimension for two reasons: becase I think it has the hardest piece of box to find. two: its cool how your upside down.

your biggest fan,

Rednax 0


i like the doodle room i get to be a doodle, this my first year on cp and its been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun i loved the two adeventures we had the partys everything i love geting to to floet with my green puffle with that cap thanks so much for all the hard work you have don on Club Penguin. waddle on P.S. billybob i hope you like this and i love this little world thanks :D


dance club dance lodge and doodle place


HI Billybob! I like the Strange Dimension Room because its just so wacky and fun! I hope that all of the penguins will not get pranked with all of the silly jokes!!! Waddle On CP!!


mermaid 102:

o m gosh having so much fun.!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love the doodle room because i like to be a doodle penguin walking around. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!! ps. please post never been posted before :-)


The Ski Lodge! It looks nice and cool and i like this fish in the box!

tester 101j:

I LOVE THE SCAVENGER HUNT AND THE HiDdEn SeCrEt AbOuT ThE BoX RoOm!!!! I LOVE APRIL FOOLS DAY ON CLUBPENGUIN!!! XD thx for the new stuff u get for finding the box!! :) I LOVE THE NEW PLACES TO ALSO LIKE THAT THERE IS A CREAM SODA ROOM!!! :) :) :) clubpenguin fans WADDLE ON!!

ILOVE James6:

I like the doodle and the space room because I like how you walk in the space room and what i like about the doodle room is how we look like we're drawn! Any ways till then Waddle On!


Wow! thats a tough choice..... i like them all! and penguins lets help out our community! you can donate to anything and it will help amimals or japan!

until then.. waddle on clubpenguin!!!!! p.s. can you post this on because ive always wanted to be on the comments list! :)


I love the space room. I think its funny that the planets aren't put up. Waddle on CP!!!!!
(P.S. Please post this i haven't ever had a comment posted)
Thank You


I'd say all of them! I just love them all!


its amazing how many ideas there are. so , i'd have to say that my fav is the desert room in the box dimesion. its reminds me of the move i'm about to make to arizona from georgia. it was an awesome april fools party! keep the good ideas rollin'. waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would have to go with the stair room because the music really goes with the room and sounds good,and also because its upside down


I loved the APRIL FOOLS PARTY because when you go in the box demension. You can see all of these different rooms I like the space room because, you can make your own space with big and small planets.You can also put stars in the sky and they make sounds too. Did you know that you can find rookie I found him today(please post this comment).



Im so happy my favorite room is the Candy demsion.And i all ready met Rookie it was so COOL!!!
P.S.Please post never been posted

Defender 13:

My favorite room during the April Fool's party was the Dance Lounge because new games have come out! Now I can challenge other penguins red against blue in the target game. Also, the new game "Bits and Bolts" was really spectacular! It was really a fun job and needed a lot of brain activity to figure it out, which was perfect for me. The Dance Lounge finally got a new style and the place looks very cool to me.

Waddle on CP!!


My favorite room is the doodle room. I love walking around like a doodle. Me and my friends hang out there all the time. We pretend we are catroons and act out our favorite cartoons. I love the April Fools Party and love tricking my friends. CP should have more parties like this becuase they are fun and I get to earn new stuff. I loved going on the adventure for the box.


i like the doodle room because it shows it took alot of creativity to make it. the other rooms are cool too, but everything else bothers me. too many decorations and the music gets annoying! sorry........just my opinion. please dont ban me for saying this. you dont have to post this. WADDLE ON CP!!!!


The Dance Club was the best of all! Because the floor was like that old Pong game and then I remembered the new game in the Dance Lounge. The game was so awesome! And I was wondering if theres going to be another new room or something like that at Club Penguin.
Waddle On CP!


well i would have to say the joke room because of the king chair and telling jokes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is my favorite room . btw or by the way my nickname is ally20503 !!!!! ;0 :) (")>(thats a penguin!!!!!)


I love all of the rooms in the box dimention, especially the doodle room I love to waddle around in there and I love the hats that are drawn on when you wear something on your head. I wish every room was like that!!
Waddle on CP!! :)


I like the doodle room because it made me look at the funny doodles that our penguins look like! Waddle on CP!


My favorite room is the Candy Demonsion because I love candy and it looks pretty awesome! Whenever I go into it I feel really hungry for something sweet! Although I can never find anything that I want! WADDLE ON CP!!!

flapjackme1 rules!!!!:

The most fun room is the ice cream room because you are in a big world of endless ice cream anyways waddle on cp!!


Its now my fav. place to hang out! I love the upside down stairs because its like one of my fav. paintings! Hahahaha

Please Post im never poted!



my favorite room is definitely the cream soda room! it's so fun finding different ways to get to the end and it's also fun to go to the end and watch your buddies try to get to you through the maze! That's the funniest part. Haha, Waddles on cp! -Boss260


I love the cream soda Dimension! Its a big challenge! It took me literaly 3 days to figure out. Its so cool how the buckets of cream soda teleort you. I also like the strange dimesion. The name is right it is strange! The piano bridge is awsome! And when you walk on the piano bridge it actully plays! APRIL FOOLS PARTY = AWSOME! WADDLE ON CP!

Sparky Jr2:

My favorite would probably be... Soda Cream Dimension :D Because it's fun to walk around and not know where you're going. It's like a little maze, I like mazes :) So that's just my opinion.


wow!i love it its amazing!!!!!what is the game going to be in the dance lounge the unpluged game in the corner!!i love the april fools party its the best that ive ever seen!!what are the new clothes going to look like when they come out april 1st!11o hope its a bunny outfit or a clown outfit!!this is the best aprils party ever its so silly it starts in march!all the parties u have come out with are amazing!how do u think of this stuff!11i cant wait too see thhe new catalog for clothing!!!!!!!!!clubpenguinROCKS!!!!!!waddle on!!



I LOVE the cream soda room it is so fun trying to figure out how to finish the maze WADDLE ON CP!


my favorite room is the strange demention because i is so strange and my favorite thing about it is the mailman suit and talking stones!My other favorite room is the Candy demention becoause i love candy!i like all of them too but those are my favorites but mostly the strange demenstion!


I liked the cream soda dimension the most because I love mazes! And I love going there and helping people threw it. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN! PS: please post this I have never been posted, EVER!

Toes 99:

I've got to say that my favorite room at the party is the Strange Dimension! There's lot's of fun, wacky things there. I can pretend I'm a talking stone penguin head, (by the way, HOW do they move by themselves? :O) I can surprise everybody when I appear in the Koo - Koo (house?) in my wackiest costume, I can fish inside windows, I can play a wacky tune on the piano bridge and so much more! It's also fun to be a mailman, shipping boxes to other dimensions.

Waddle On Club Penguin!


i love helping penguins around the world and animals like puffles and there sorts of colors like red,blue,black,brown,green,purple,pink,white,yellow,orange but i probaly forgot one more there all really cute thats why i help puffles and love them i already have 20 waddle on CP!


I love the town because the gift shop and the coffe shop a gone!!!! Then when you walk in your gone! P.S. plase post this because I never been posted! by silver1504


I love the stair world because you get to walk and do stuff upsidedown. Waddle on CP!


I like the doodle room but im not a member anymore.
I like the drawings of the penguin cause we play tag!
So thats all im gonna say
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that's a tough one. well i like the strange Dimension. because its cool that thare is a free costume and well it's strange waddle!! on cp!!! please post.


i like the candy room because,it reminds me that i like ice cream,with tasty chocolate! sometimes, maybe i feel like eating all the candy in that room!


my favarite ones are the candy demenchion and the cream soda dimenchen


I like the desert room cause once i was pretending i was camping in it! and alot of my friends hang out here please post this i never been posted.


Ps:I Have never been posted


The room I like best in the April Fools Party is the Soda Dimension, because it's a maze and I love mazes im awesome at them thats the room I like the best!

Waddle on Cp!!


I love all of the rooms but if I had to pick on, I would vote for the candy dimension. That place makes your sweet tooth wiggle!!! :D WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!


I Love The Candy Room Because It Has Chocolate,Candy,And Ice Cream! I Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted By ; Ressecup2009 P.s I Like The Space Room Too. Time Posted;9.30p.m

Daisy Claw82:

My favorite room is the space room because you walk realy cool! My favorite thing is that now you can meet Rookie. :D


my favourite is the soda barrell maze but since my membership expired i cant enjoy it : (

I really miss it **SIGH**

cougar 618:

My favorite room is the strange dimension becauseof the stone penguins


I liked the Doodle dimension because it is like "I'm trapped on a PAPER!"


my favourite room is the strange room because ts very strange keep waddling


My favorite room is the Cream Soda room! Because i really like that it is like a maze. I love mazes! It was really fun for me to try to figured out how to get finish the maze! That is why the Cream Soda room is my favorite April Fools party room!

Waddle On Clubpenguin!

Your Friend,max88nate


My favorite room in the party was the iceberg. I liked the idea of coming to the iceberg every time I exit the Gift Shop, Night Club, and the Coffee Shop! When I visited the iceberg, I started to look around and experiment with things. I noticed that the arrows change color, the sign changes what it says, and the best part is that the boxes did cool tricks that made me want to continue experimenting all over again! Thank You Club Penguin!!! I can't wait to see what's in store for us next year!!! Waddle On, CP!!!


I love the Candy Dimension, since Rookie goes there most of the time! I've met him twice there. Waddle on ROOKIE! (And other CP people.. hehe.)


My favorite room was the cream soda dimension, because I liked how there was a tricky maze and lots of places to be there


I Love the space room because its fun to walk like your in real space! Waddle on!


My favorite room is the stairs dimension because it's cool that it's upsidown!!!


I like the sketch room because its so silly.

Derick Wave:

My Favorite room is the doodle dimmension because i like to draw and the place inspires me for new ideas to draw! Thank you for the doodle room CP Team Waddle on!!!!,and APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jojojo33342(Penguin Name):

My favorite room in the April Fool's party is the Box Dimension because I really like the wacky rooms.


i want to go to that place


I really like the Doodle Room! It's really to see all the doodled penguins!


my favorite rooms were the soda room and the ice cream room is was sooo fun !!!! i love throughing ice cream and the soda was such a hard maze BUT I FIGURED IT OUT !! WADDLE ON CP ;D !!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like all of them WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well all of the rooms because there zany and funny p.s please post this ive never been posted


My favorite room is the Candy dimension because it is like a candy world and the music reminds me of the Summer Party that was fun.(Please put this in comments)
~ Squeekleen2


(pls post ive never been posted)
i like the recycling plant! i like to check out all of the things that the loader chats about!WADDLE ON CP!


If I had to choose a favorite, I would choose the candy room. I chose that because, well, who wouldn't want to actually be in a giant room made of candy! Though lots of my friends don't like chocolate, that doesn't mean I have to hate the candy room. The candy room is what I would consider paradise!


i love the doodel world becous penguins look cool and i love art drawing and coloring


I say that the most famous room is the junk food zone. But i still think that all the zones are great. I was wondering if u could add or keep these zones after the party is over. Also i say that the junk food zone is fun because there is ice cream everywhere and it is fun to throw food around. :)


I love the candy room! It makes me wanna eat lots of choclate...... ;P


Fist of all i have four things to say. # 1: This party rocks! # 2: my favorite room is the doodle room becuase it cracks me up! # 3: Thanks if you post this. # 4: WADDLE ON CP!!


I like the Strange dimension because its so peaceful and for me its a awesome hangout. Waddle on !


Wow I really like all those rooms.....But I have to say i like the space demension the best! I like how your penguin walks in the space demension! Its so unique!!!! I would of never thought of that. Keep thinking Cp!!!! :D
(Please Post!)


I love the candy demension it is my favorite. It is my favorite because i am a sweetooth. And I love the choclate river and waterfall !!!!!!!! Thank You!! Waddle On


my favorite one is the dessrt one cause on the left its day and on the right its night[P.S. a raym

alsome bro:

I realy dont know but i dont like the doodle room because i went there with my puffle and i didnt see it!


I LOVE the strange dimension! I always pop out of the cukoo clock! It's really cool! I love the free items there! It's not really stange! Just Club Penguin strange! (that's good) I know it was made by you guys! That's what makes it good! But, I like the whole pary, too! Especially when my buddies are online! Well, waddle on CP!



My Favorite Party Rooms were the "The Strange Dimension" and the "Recycling Plant" because you aren't in the Recycling Plant, you are in the big circle spinning arrow room! Also in the strange dimension it is so strange! its also really Fun! Thanks for all the cool stuff! Another thing thanks for making my first official " April Fools Party" so much fun! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!


My fav is the desert because it has funny music and i love everything about the party!


The Dance lounge really I mean REALLY reminds me when I went to the Pet Society. Im not kidding.

Miss Pngu:

i think my favourite room has to be the strange dimension.It has lots of strange things in it and I like how you can play the piano. I hide in the clock and get in my box. When the doors open penguins see my box. They packed away the bird!!


My favorite room is the the soda demention. It' a maze and and i love to solve puzzles. It toke me a while to figure it out, but then i solved it. I like to go back in there and go through the maze over and over again. WADDLE ON CP!!


my favorite room is probably the candy room its awesome i love it and on the scavenger hunt its so cool how a giant spoon comes and scoops some jello or ice cream i don't remember but that is my favorite room thanks for the April fools party its awesome

waddle on cp


My favorite room would probably be the Doodle Dimension. It is my ALL time favorite because it is unlike any other room that has EVER been on Club Penguin(that i know of) It is also fun to just walk around as a "doodle" penguin...kind of like Doodle Bob..
Waddle On Club Penguin!


Its really hard to decide because there are so many great ones! But, if I have to choose it would the the A Silly Place Room because everyone is so silly there and just having fun together! Thanks so much for reading this! Waddle On Cp!!!!


Hmm whats my favorite room well id say my favorite is the stair room. I like the stair room because its upside down and it reminds me of a famous painting I saw in my schools art room. I was amazed at the sight of the stair room! That was a really creative room. I love the stair room. Upside down penguins! I mean that is AWSOME!!
Best Fishes,

P.s. please post ive never been posted before.....


This is going to be awsome!


I love the candy dimension because I like throwing different kinds of snowballs P.S I love cp


i really like the box only room it is so peaceful there and there are so many boxes around the sky is blue and there is green grass everywhere there are boxes shouting to others about hiding (sitting)nin there boxes when pengs come there are mail carrying pengs who walk around delivering mail to every box and everybody has fun


i love the canvas at the dock.It is so fun to work as a team to win a prize! The purple propeller hat is so much fun to use,and looks really cool too.I've gotten a lot of compliments from other penguins about my hat.Wearing the hat also reminds me of a certain agent I know....

pf penguin:

my favorite was the cream soda beacuse it is like a maze plus rockhopper should be there to enjoy all the cream soda he likes and would be funny seeing him drink the whole thing so we can cross everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waddle on cp p.s. please please do this post i never got picked:( so please and a 1,000,000 pleases do mine :) ill wont get mad and again wddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mega kid2:

i cant decide i like them all. because parties are ment to be fun.WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


I like Doodle Dimension because you get a hat if you have head item and you can stand on the sun and clouds its fun
the only thing I am mad about in the dimension is...


My favorite room is the cream soda room because of the maze. It took me at least 15 minutes to complete it!
Sometimes, my penguin friends and I would race to see who got through the maze first. Since there was a box piece, once you got through the maze you got to solve a puzzle to figure how to get the piece.Waddle on cp!


I think the box dimension is awsome because you can find Rookie in it.

Waddle on cp!!!


i love the fabulous demolitions like the silly,picture one,stairs one,and i like the candy one too and i have a little supprize but i dont want to ruen it but its some thing about the puffles i forgot to say that i love those little fellose anyway i love the purple propeller caps at the dock i love the decorations around club penguin like in the town and all that april fools stuff and one little but awesome thing i love the MOST its the DANCE LOUNGE it has new stuff and new games but i dont know what the new game is called but it is off the hook its really awesome in 2011 and i have one big thing to tell you I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!


My favorite party room is the Boiler Room, it gave me such a suprise.

Shadow Wave7:

My favorite room is the light house. It's my favorite because first of all there used to be a stage and now it's gone! Another reason is there are boxes in there. Also there is a boat. How'd that get there! It is So funny. That's why it's my favorite. Bye!


i love the stair dimension because you feel like yourv on the roof.i love CP CP RULESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!


I love the stair room, because my and my buddies love waddling around upside down!! Club Penguin you made me smile once again!
Waddle on!


My favorite room is the doodle room. I like that room because you look like a doodled penguin on the paper. I even told my friend about it she said so cool. So next April Fool's Day I would want that room again. I also liked how if you had a head thing on you would have a hat on your doodle and if you didnt have a head thing not on you wouldn't have a hat on i prefer the hat. Until then waddle on CP.


I like the buildings in the town because they are partly invisible and if you exit them they lead you to the iceberg. P.S. Please post I have never been posted before.

Waddle On CP!


I have to say i really like the candy room because my puffle likes to eat the ice cream and i love a great snack at the snack bar!


Ok this is hard so i'll have to say the cove. At the cove there's a bunch of boxes and there's a box with a tree in it. You guys are good. I also like the banana in the mine for cart surfing. Waddle on CP and remember to be creative and funny.




My favorite room was the hidden room in the middle for boxes only. It reminds me of the Ninja Hideout because it's all quiet and peaceful. I especially like how the rocks talk when you talk!


my favorite is the stair demension because it is upside down and that is new for club penguin and i like it alot but i also like the cream soda demension because it is a maze and i like mazes you should have more mazes on club penguin anyway waddle on cp!!!
but i like the stair demension the best

pssst. The Club Penguin team ROCKS because you are the ones who make all this stuff happen and you make the partys happen and everything else and again YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!


i love the new dance lounge because you can see penguins down stairs by pupy180


Wow! That's a tough one. But I really like the candy room. It's so COOL with the chocolate fall and because I get to throw ice cream!!!!! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!! =)


I really liked the Planet dimension. Waddle on CP


My favorite room at the party is the Box Demension! It is my favorite because it is so unusal and the cool little boxes with different places inside. I also like it because there is a fence with the sign that says boxes only. I also like it because it is so funny!


I LOVED the space dimension because you could drag all the planets in the sky and they would glow!!!


I like the dance lounge and the icecream room. It makes me hungry


my most favorite room would have to beeee.....hmm thats a really tricky one! i just ove them all! and i also think u should keep the box demintion how it is forever!

(p.s can u please post this iv never had a comment posted before!)

thank you! waddle on cp!


I like both the night club and the lounge!


i loved the room when you got all the peices you got to go in the room were you got the free stuff


i would say all of them they are all realy fun WADDLE ON CP


Hmm...Im not sure lets I guess the joke room because when you tell a joke the drum plays after it.Also they have a BIG chair for the king/queen and they decied whos the winner!

Poodle Girl9:

The party room I like best of all is......the doodle world!!!!! I love the music the feeling that the clubpenguin team and Aunt Arctic would do this great party makes my heart feel warm and a miiloin thanks to all of you out there!!! Three words.. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!! it really does not matter to me if i get posted or not........

Jade 527:

The Cream Soda Dimension is so awesome and cool.
because the music made want to dance to the beat like that on a pirate ship.
and going through the barrels was fun too in ever way possible.
this demension is one of the most funnest dimensions ever in the history of Club Penguin.


I love the strange dimension cause there is some really weird stuff like fish flying through windows and talking stone penguin heads! I also like it cause Rookie likes to go there. Waddle on CP!!!!!!
P.S : please post this cause ive never been posted

thats secert:

the ice cream room!


Hmm ???? I like a lot !But the space one is my favorite !I like it a lot and I mean a lot because I LOVE LOVE Space !!!!!!!!!


I really like the doodle room, because you get to waddle around in a sketch form with only a hat on the top of your head! It makes me laugh every time I go in there! Waddle on CP


my favorite party room thats pretty tough but my favorite would be either the strange dimension or the candy dimension i really like the candy dimension because i love sweets and it looks so tasty. I really like the strange dimension because of the big stone heads that will move when you stand behind them and talk that is sooo cool! Waddle On!


I love the doddle world. I love walking around as a sister love's to draw so it make's me think i'm walking in one of her drawing's!You guys are so creative. Waddle on CP!

Cool Cat9989:

I love the doodle room! It's just SO fun to run around in a doodley world!


it is ok, not as good as last year


Well i love all of them but my favorite has to be the icecream one.i just want to et it all. it looks so good !!!!
p.s never been posted


pencil room its so funny like you are drawn and you moving ha ha ha!!! oops sorry i laughed just so funny


I like the Doodle Room because I love to draw, and it's cool seeing all the bright colors mixed with the bright colors!


I love the planet room because u can moon walk and do connect the dots.waddle on. from Tr98


my favorite room is the desert room.I found the last peice I needed in there.
it was in the spoon. click on it and you get the piece you need.


i liked the candy room because makes me feel like having candy.the room looks so delious!


I love the candy world it makes my want a chochollate bar ssoooo bad see ya later cp!!!!!! pleace post theis i never ever got mine posteed


I love the dessert/ choclate river room! its so awesome! also the doodle room! it was SOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!
P.S. please post this. I've never been posted b4!


My favorite room was the doodle room because I love to draw and it was cool how the pencil drew the piece for the scavenger hunt! Waddle On CP!!!


WOW thats so cool and anyway my favrot place is the hole clubpenguin because it is really cool.And waddl on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite room is the doodle room in the Box Demension. I think it's fnny how
there's a little hat on your penguin if your wearing a head item. Also, I like how the
penguins are waddling side to side!


If I were to choose my favorite room at the party, i think i'll choose the newly made strange dimension because you can play the piano by standing on the keys, or talk with some penguin moai, and lastly you can get in a coucou clock! and those are the reasons why i love the strange dimension in the April Fools party this year!


My favorite room is the Joker one in the box dimension. I love taking turns with my buddies and telling jokes on the stage and having the drums behind us do the funny noise. Now we have a reason to joke around just for fun! Waddle On CP (:


i love the spinning arrow room in the power plant!!!!! it is funny because it asks yoou jokes and asks you where you ben. but all of the rooms are cool but i like the spinnig arrow room the most.


Mine would have to be the Cream Soda dimension, because thats probably how much soda i drank =P!!!


The Box demension was really cool.once i waddled in there it was like paridise.all the members in there waddled to the other demensions. Waddle on CP!!!! and keep on the surprises!!!!


Let's see, hmm... I like all of the box dimension rooms because all of them have something interesting in it.

Waddle on CP!!!!!! :)!


Doodle Demenson! I liked this room because you get to see a what a penguin looks like from another point of view! Its so cool! Im so used to seeing penguins in the cp way, and in that demension shows a colorful rought sketch sorta way! plus i love to draw!


I personally like the desert room because i love the west.this is my first april fools party so i will see what in surprise.


i like the doodle room cuz its really cool walkin around looking like doodles and if u wearing a hat u will wear a hat with ur doodle.ITS SO COOL!


My favorite Room is the doodle dimention because It makes me feel silly.Also I like the little blue hat you get if your wearing somthing on your head!
Waddle on Club penguen!
(please post) :)


My favorite room is the stair one because i can talk backwards and throw snowballs backwards its so awesome .


I love them all but my favorite is the ice cream one!!! They were very clever with that one. Until then, waddle on.


I Can't Deside
I Think Its The Doodle ,Stairs, And Space
[Please Post Never Been Posted!]


The April Fools Day Party is my 2nd favorite party!!! (next to Christmas) My favorite room would have to be: A Strange Dimension for Boxes Only, but the room with my favorite music is definately the Night Club.
Waddle On!!!


I love ALL the rooms! They're all so exciting to go to and explore! what will club penguin think of next? well, whatever it is, I'm gonna see it! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W J C 2:

my absolute faverite is the stair demencion room because every thing is upside down and the carboard peice is super hidden. How did we find the other rooms?

Queen Pink56:

My favorite is the art room because whenever I walk in there I start laughing, because the penguins who go in there don't even look like themselfs! Its just so funny! The first time I got in there I could NOT stop laughing until dinner time! Waddle On Cp Penguins And Fans!:)

katara aang4:

I love the ice-cream room. It has a lot of ice-cream. i wish i could eat some.I also like the soda room.It's the greastest maze ever!
you never know where you'll end up!
waddle on CP!


i LOVE the cream soda room. its so fun and confusing its actually kind of fun watching people go through the wrong one.iwant to tell you a tip. TIP:go through the the way you came out.

for now,WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite room is the candy room, because puffles think "YAY", and penguins think "YUM"!!!


I will have to say The Silly Place! Because its where you can tell jokes its simple to find one of the scaven... oops! Almost broke a secret LOL.

Waddle On Cp!


I have to say The Sweet Room. i saw my friend surfing in there!


Out of all the rooms i would have to say the doodle demension. It so awesome! It makes me think of my cousin becouse he likes drawing club penguin characters. WADDLE ON!




my favorite room was the reclying cnter, and how it just kepy loading and loading forever, at first i thought my computer froze but then i saw my penguin and was able to move around so i found out it was just the decorations :D hahah you guys fooled me XD
waddle on CP!!

Kirby Zero:

I like them all but if I had to say one of them as my favorite I would say the strange dimension. It is really funny and random. And also, where is the walking on walls in the dojo. That was one of my favorite rooms!

P.S (Plz post never been posted before)

Waddle On CP!!

~Kirby Zero


Wow!! I Love The Desert room me and my friends hang out there alot!!! please post this i have never been posted!!!


i love the stair room it is the best!


I love candy! So you guessed it, the Candy Dimension!~Waddle On CP!


My favorite room is the doodle room! Me and my friend call it the ABRA CA DOODLER ROOM!!!!!!! I always crack up whem she says it!!

Hollywood196 (plz post ive never been posted)


I really like the Desert room. The music is very up-beat!

Waddle On CP!


I looove the iceberg because it says all this crazy stuff like Where is Town? or where is North? Where is south? Where is East? and Where is West?

Waddle on CP!!!!

beak beakley:

my favourite room is box dimension in the snow fort or the beacon in the beach


my favorite room was the cream soda dimension. me and my friend had the best game of tag ever. it was really funny because whenever my friend was it he got frustrated; then, on top of that, his computer was going slow so i knew which barrel he was coming out of.

John Cena710:



I liked the candy dimension.It is very merry,and very peaceful.The waterfall is very graceful.The candy shop is extremely well made,and i would say that it could be very pleasing if it was on a igloo catalog.

Thank you Club penguin for such a peaceful place to rest!



I really like the candy dimension. I really like the chocolate waterfall! Its really fun giving people candy and being stuck in the jello! Please post ive never been posted before!



the stair dimension i diffied the laws of phisics the laws of gravity and the laws of awsome!


I love the ice cream room because i have always dreamed of a whole world made of ice cream! (If only it was real). Theres also a lot of snacks that just make you want to go into clubpenguin and eat everything! Unill then WADDLE (and laugh) ON!!!




the mountain bcaues i love to sled and make funny joke.

starfly 775:

I like the cream soda dimension because its a cool maze and i can not find my way OUT

eco penguin1:

i like the ice cream dimension because i like ice cream


Well I would have to say i like the Silly Dimension the best because it reminds me of my friends and i when we did a little show in my living room. We had hats, acts, plus a king and queen!

Air 214:

My favorite room was the doodle room! I loved being a 2-D doodle! It was like being in my own art!


I like the Cream Soda Dimension because it's so fun and surprising to teleport from barrel to barrel!


I like the drawing part it looks so cool because I look soooooooooo flat with a hat!


I really liked the candy dimension because it looked so tasty! I also thought the chocolate waterfall was cool! And i liked selling candy from the candy stand that is shaped like a donut! My penguin name is Candysmart5.
Waddle on CP!!!!!!


I love the Lighthouse. I have seen people walk up to it and look for the door when its actually on the beach! I sit on the rocks and yell: " Its right there people its not that complicated!"


My favorite room is the candy Debmission!Why I like it is because there is so much fun to do there and you can pretend to eat the whole world. I also like the clown debmission because its so fun to go up and tell a joke!How fun is that? Well, I have one more debmission I like which is......the soda debmission!!!!!!!!!!!!I like so much rooms that I can't beleive are so fun then any other rooms in CP.Waddle on!P.S. Please post this!


I love the april fools party!!! i look forward to it every year! This year my favourite room would have to be the ice cream dimension because it looks so yummy, it makes me hungry every time! (:
Waddle on CP from your pal Waddlesvane. PS please post this i have never been posted (:


i like to dance club cause when u leave out the door u go to the iceberg


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