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By Billybob on March 18, 2011 - 02:00
Hello Penguins!

Thanks for all your recent comments about Puffle Launch and other puffle games. Last week, we asked what games you like to play with your puffle! Many of you had some awesome suggestions for games you'd like to see your puffles play. 

A lot of you liked Yello Pengi8's comment:

I have a suggestion for all of the Puffles out there who cannot play games with their owners. Orange puffles should play Pizzatron 3000 because they love food so much, they also could put toppings on while you work on the pizza's too. Brown puffles should play Hydro Hopper and they can help you jump higher with gadgets it makes and you may even be able to jump over the buoys! White puffles should play Sled Racing because they love snow! They could make ice with its breath and you could go faster because of the ice. Blue puffles should play ice fishing and it could wear a little fishing hat and it can help you get extra fish.

Keep up the great comments, everyone!

Speaking of games... next week there'll be an update to the Dance Lounge with another new game! So we want to know... If you were to invent a new arcade game, what would it be? Let us know about your dream game in the comments!

Write your review as a comment. We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



I like your idea @Yello Pengi8.But it would kinda be a good idea if we could put like all the games in one room.And we can call it the Arcade or the crazy game room.Then mabey you could make a pin for it.


I wouldmake a game called Whirlpool! There would be a whirlpool in the middle, and you would have to collect each color puffle before going to the safety pad. If you go on the safety pad without all the puffles you lose a life. If you get sucked into the whirlpool you lose a life. You'd get 3 lives. I would love this game! Thanks!!! :D


Great comment Yelipenguin8! I agree with you 100%! I am so physced about the update to the Dance Lounge! If I had the chance to create a new arcade game, I would probably make one where you won't leave home. It would be called Igloo Design Contest, or something along those lines. You would get a story and at the end a penguin will ask you to create that furniture, whether it would be a couch for a cozy lodge, or a kitchen for a professional chef! If you get lets say about 3 stars (if you create the item right!) you get to keep the item for FREE!! I think that would be awesome! Oh, and the judges would be famous penguin from around the island!
*&$#Never been chosen for a Reviewed By You!! hint...hint...&$#*


I love the idea of crating a new game! I mean some games can get old so we need new ones! If i could invent a new game it would be PizzaTronHopper. In the first round you would have to make a certen amount of pizzas. In the second round you would have to deliver them WHILE dodging items in the tube in the ocean. Kinda like Hydro Hopper but you have to deliver the pizza while playing hydro hopper! This game would be located in the dock all the way up by the skilodge sign!


i think cp should take all the games for example aqua grabber puffle launch those games and turn them into a arcade game like thin ice and astro barrier so you can play them in the dance lounge and have that new game hope im featured in next weeks reviewed by you waddle on cp


you should definitely make an adventure game like... a hero and a sidekick and they have to destroy a new ultimate protobot or like an penguin android. pretty cool to me!


If I were to invent a new arcade game, I would make a game for the brown puffle. Heres how the game would go, you bring your brown puffle to the upstairs lodge visit, and you click on the game. There is diffrent levels on each one. The point of the game is to make invetions with used out puffle parts and used stuff, and make it into a new thing! Then when you have completed as much as you could, you press the ''X'' button and this blue screen will pop up with your invention, since you made your invention, you should keep it! So, you would press the keep button, and when you go home to your puffle to feed it, you press the toys and there is your invention!!! Your puffle would use it to do many things!


My penguins name is Durg12 and i would want to have a game made for the pink puffles it will be like a trampoline game and you have to hit tramoplines to get to the destination like the puffle launch game


Hey Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!! I would really like to see the game bowling in the dance lodge. I saw the picture of the sneak peek of the NEW dance lodge and I put my penguin mind to work and thought that bowling is a game that goes good with the new style and it is a fun and easy game to play........I it would be so cool to roll the ball on the laptop....I hope you like my idea!!!!!!!! Waddle On Club Penguin! :)


i think that you should have a puffle dance game like@ the night club except with your puffle!!!!!!!!!


If i could invent an arcade game thats half duck duck goose and half hide and seek.


i would make a game where you play as an elephant and you suck up as many falling peanuts as you can! but there would be evil bugs that when you suck them up it would be GAME OVER.

waddle on CP!


I would like to have a game were you get sucked in and you have to shoot as many monster pienguins as possible whith any puffle YOU want,
black puffle can destroy all the monster pinguins when it recharges it's special power.All the puffles have a special power including penguins and you get cool gadgets to keep at the end of the boss levels,like laser guns,seethrough glasses,invisibilty suit and many more.

Music and Pi:

Woah,Well I do have to say that the dance lodge did need a make over!


To Club Penguin
I think there should be a new game and place! I think there should be a lake behind the ski lodge like in the missions and there should be a game call skate skill and your penguin should be like a figure skater and you could bring your white puffle along and play with it.That would be cool


if i got to be able to create an arcade game for the dance lounge it would be called "puffle dodge" the objective of the game is so your puffle would have to go through so many places to find all the o berries that herbert stole from him.The puffle will have to pass the first part of the get out of the pet store there will be many distractions and traps, like penguins trying to catch them so they cant escape and other things like that.Your puffle cant be seen or caught by a penguin or else they lose one life the puffle has 5 lives in total but you can find red small hearts hidden along the way. The puffle can also find energisers along the way too ! so it can give the puffle more strengh to carry on in the game the places are as i mentioned the pet store,the ice burge,the dojo,the ski lodge,the ski hill,the coffie shop,the night club,the pizza parlor,the stage and the light house after its done the quest it will have to go back to the pet store.Thanks for leting me participate in these ideas incase i win my penguins name is canada7654 bieez!


its awesome
Billybob please can you update either the ski lodge pizza parlor and put something in the underwater room


I would love it if my white puffle could go sled racing with me it would be delightful for those tiny little critters to have a bit more fun.I think that the blue puffle should have a game as well !!! @ @


Maybe we should make a game were a penguins get sucked into the game and you could be either Gamma Girl or Shadow Guy to save the penguins there should be 20 levels the game should be called "The Digital World" Thank you for reading!


If I were able to invent a new arcade game,I would call it PuffleMania!!!!
In the new game, you can play as any color puffle you want and what you have to do is run around the entire island and you have to find puffles so that you can return them to the Pet Shop and you can adopt the puffle that you played as.
The new arcade game could featured in the Dance Lounge,Lodge Attic, and Book Room.
Hope you guys love it!!!

Waddle On!!


My dream game would be were all puffle games get mushed together! Like If you want to go to the pizza parlor but you want to go to the dance club. You grab your puffle and go to the dance lodge and play Pizzatron 300 there with you puffle!


I think it should be called, Puffle Pro. You decide where the puffle is like is the puffle at the ski lodge, pizza place or something else.


i think u shood have a bath to put in ur iggy and watever puffel it is depends on wat the bath looks like and u can bathe them WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(pease post neaver bean posted)GO PUFFLES!!!!!!! (:>) (@@)


my dream game would b an explorer game where u r out looking for puffles and u find this cave and inside there is like 2 new puffles,one is silver,one is bronze, and there is a scrap of paper that supposedly will take u to a astonishing treasure

Vener 8:

I would say a game called "PENGUIN SMASH"!!!!! It's where you are this super hero who attacks the upcoming robo-enemies (just call them "Androids" or something)!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't let them even touch the island!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vener 8

986 Karen:

If I could invent a new arcade game, it would probably either be a group cooperation game that has two teams or a game that lets penguin inventors team up with their brown puffle and create somthing new and amazing. The best part of that would be that if a penguin really wanted to, they could send in their idea and possibly have it featured in a part of the Club Penguin Times!


We should have a game where you are ina haunted house but its like a maze and you have to get around with out bumping into ghost's.if you do bump into one a vacume cleaner appears in your hands you have to suck them up befor they suck up you!


there could be one called puffle seller where you had to find puffles to sell them and you could only miss them three times,then every ten points equaled one coin and you could change the diffuculty from easy to extreme but you could only unlock extreme by finding twenty puffles in hard mode without missing one also they`d be hidden in bushes and there would be bombs and it would be like minesweeper.


i think it should be pack man but insted of pack man a puffle LOL@?!


AWESOME i cant wait it loks soo cool even know its a little part its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i cant wait its going tto be awesome.


I totally agree! Then all the puffles would have a cool sport to do! :) Also, I think that the new arcade game should be a puffle feeding game, where you shoot o-berries out of a gun @ the puffles!!!


the puffle catcher it let's you try to catch puffles and there's35 levels and it gets harder and harder and harder each time and @ level 10 there are obstickals and all levels above


If i could invent a arcade game i would invent on where you can get sucked into it and you have to collect the pieces of the golden puffle after that protobot steals the golden puffle and you have to play a game of hockey with him to defeat him and get the golden puffle back!
Waddle on Club penguin!


If i were to invent an arcade game it would be a game where you start off as a simple waiter/waitress and then you can become a super waiter/waitress and then when your a super waiter/waitress you get extra coins! Every level you get the full amount of food served you might even get a surprise! It would be called the skater master.You can play this game with your orange puffle since it loves to eat!


If I were to invent a game it will be called a game that have something to do with heroes and internet safety. it would be called: the super internet safety team v.s. cyber boy and bully boy.


If I invented a new game it would be about a pink puffle throwing a lasso to gather up all the O Berries and putting them into her food bowl. Thanks for reading!


I love it
it is more cool and it go with the club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A L I C E C:

Well, my dream arcade game would be called Food Shot, and you would take your orange puffle with you! Your orange puffle would sit in the middle of a circle. Surrounding the circle, there would be different foods. Your puffle would shoot foods onto the edge of the circle (wherever you guided it), making a match of three or more foods. If you don't clear the level, you get another chance before losing the game.


I think we should have a deep sea diving game. You get a pink puffle and you have to guide them through and solve puzzles on the way. As you go along you meet other puffles who help you out. At the end you get some sort of prize (belt, mask, top?) to wear around.

Lady lucy4:

Dear Billybob,
I think it'd be awesome if the new game was about puffles being kidnapped from the Pet Shop. You could make it a little like Puffle Rescue, but where robots could maybe be guarding the puffles and you'd have to waddle past them somehow to collect the kidnapped puffles and get out, hoping you avoid their START OVER RAYS. I hope you like my idea!


If i could invent a game it w0ould be called unicorn puffle Epic race, you could be a puffle or a unicorn, they both have theyre advantages and disadvantages like the unicorns glitter can slow down the puffle, but the puffles food with make the unicron slip and stop for 5 seconds. Also, youd be able to pick a car on level 5 , and there would be opsticles other then the opponent. it would be a racing game. It seems fun.. right?
Well ,


hey penguins i think that the geme should be pin ball or a game that cadence would like after all she is the dj for the night club wat do u think.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm? i hope that billybod showes us

A L I C E C:

My dream arcade game would be called Food Shot. You would take your orange puffle with you to this game. The puffle would sit in the middle of a circle, surrounded by different foods. The puffle would shoot foods (wherever you guided it) onto the edge of the circle, making matches of three or more, until the level is clear. There would be second chances if you didn't clear the level.


I would create a car racing game. You could choose a puffle to race in your car and there could be obstacles for you to avoid. You could us the up arrow on your keyboard to move forward, down arrow to move backwards, left arrow to move to the left, and right arrow to move to the right. There could be three worlds that could beat. World 1 could be grasslands, world 2 could be candy land, and world 3 could be like a baby nursery in a house. Each time you complete a level, you can get more parts to build a toy car to put in your igloo to access the game from your igloo. There could be 3 different cars, 1 for each world. The car colors could be white, blue, and yellow. I think that type of game would be fun, and I think penguin would enjoy it.
Waddle on CP! :)


I would invent a new arcade game and call it Crazy Puffles!All the Puffles in the game would hide in all these different places on Club Penguin and you would have to find them.WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Next time let's not have to many exclamation marks.


You should put puffle finder. Were you have five puffles in the first level. They are all in the ground. You use the red puffle and shoothim out the connion into to gound. The harder he falls the deeper he goes. You have 1:30 seconds to find them all.


I think that the new game should be related to one of the many amazing plays on club penguin.....The adventures of Squidroid v.s. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. It would be really awesome to help fight crime in Club Penguin as well as the new game system defender that recently came out for the Elite Penguin Force. The adventures of Squidroid v.s. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal are my neighbors favorite play in Club penguin as well as mine too!! If you make this game you will make more than just me happy you will make all of Club Penguin's yellow puffles happy too!!


I think there should be a snowball fight game where you can throw snowballs at targets. Also in this game you should be able to play with your friends like dance contest and you could bring your blue puffle because at the pet shop I was looking at the information and it said the blue puffle's favorite room is the snow forts.

Whoopsy Doo:

My dream is someone making a game called: Candy Catcher. It's sort of like Bean Counters. And the orange puffle can play with you. So, you use your mouse to drag your penguin and puffle side to side. You'd try to catch candy like chocolate bars, licorice, bubble gum, Starbursts, and Twizzlers. But you would have to watch out for candy shredders, which can shred up your candy, Klutzy, who will chop up your candies, robots, which will eat your candy, and puffle-zappers, which can make your puffle get zapped and drop the candy. Each level, 1-33 would change and get harder and harder. You would have to waddle on a path (Which changes every level) and candies would drop from the top of your screen and you'd have to catch them and drop them on a platform that's always next to you. There would be 16 stamps. It would be in the Pizza Parlor (Since orange puffles like pizza). PLEASE, PLEASE POST THIS!!

Your buddy,
~Whoopsy Doo~

Fastflier 2:

I think it should be a robot building game. Since everyone now knows all about the EPF (Elite penguin force), we could have a gome that makes them feel part of it (even if they're not). It would be a great training excercise and if a non-agent did well, they could get recruited.
In the game you could build a spy phone (gadgets and apps), train a (black, agent) puffle and draw a plan to catch an enemy.


I think the Dance Lounge should be puffled. It should have games to play with your puffle only. Their could be puffle walking around the room and also their should be a choice in the Astro Barrier and theThin Ice. Their should be a choice you could make to play with your puffles or not. In thin ice the white puffle could freeze the spots you unfroze. The brown puffle should help you make a machine to pass over everything and get the key.


i think for agents the brown puffle should play system defender with a new cannon when you have the brown puffle and blue plays hydro hopper by floating on their ball and it gives you double lives and double points when THEY jump over stuff.


I have a suggestion on a new arcade game called Ice Breaker.Its when you control your penguin and jump on ice blokes but beware of crabs!


If I could invent a arcade came it would be like air hockey. You would play with a buddy and the teams would be red and blue. You could choose what colour you want the puck to be.

From Yumwater


i would love to have in the arcade game to see if you can get to the top of the lounge with different objests you have to doge and herbert at the top and to get past him you have to nock him down and you can go to the next level there could be a door be hind him and you have to go throw that and that will lead you to the next level and a different puffle could help you each level!

your friend

ps please pick mine i hope you like it and chose me!


my arcade game i would put in there would be a claw machine it would have puffle toys in it and other stuff you can put in your igloo you also have to pay 25 coins per game that would be my favorite game in cp if that happened.keep on waddling cp.
please post i have never been posted


I think the new arcade game should be a game that has puffles driving race cars and you can choose from your own puffles.


If I could make an arcade game it would have to do with the parties we have! For example, if you chose the theme of our Halloween party, you would need to jump objects like pumpkins, spiders, or The Living Sled! It will be called Party Rush. Hope you like it! Rock on CP!!

- Cherrie103 -


well its not a game IDEA but its what i think the new one would be:
i think it should be a game where you can play as shodow guy and gamma gal and you can bring you yellow puffle to help defeat enimies!

Club Penguin Fan #1:

I think you should make a game called "Puffle Race."

It's can play up to 6 players.

It's when you use one of your puffles and you can train them each game to be faster and you have to jump over allot of obstacles and you can get 100 coins for 1st place and a free mystery gift (Big), 90 coins for 2nd place and a free mystery gift (Medium), 80 coins for 3rd place and a free mystery gift (Small), 70 coins for 4th place, 60 coins for 5th place & 50 coins for 6th place.

Controls press the space bar to make your puffle go faster and press the up arrow key to jump over obstacles.

You have to last for at least a minute & if you & some other people survive then it will be rated on how many obstacles you've jumped over.

In the comments below tell me the prizes you want it to be and I will give you 500 coins & 400 for each obstacle.

Good luck & watch out. It will be hard.



we should have a shadow guy & gamma gal game


my game would be cookie thrower and you have to throw cookies into to a jar if you missed 5 times you would have to start over agian you will have to get 20 cookies in the jar to win at the end you will eat the cookies also you could bring along your orange puffle to and it wil help you get more coins if you got 5 in without droping any you will get a special coin bag cookie if you got it in you would get extra coins

waddle on cp!



If i could make a new arcade game it would be a game were you can drive the truck of Java beans for bean counters! You would have ti drive all the way from were you got the Java bags to the coffee sho where another penguin would get the bags. But you will have to be careful when you drive because you can bump into things like barrels, trees or even big rocks!!


i would create a game called 'collect the O's' and you would collect puffle O's and the more you catch the higher your score but it may seem easy but its not the Puffle O's would move around closer to a puffle in the corner who is hungry so you have to get them before they eat them so that is my dream game. ROCK ON CP!! WADDLE ON!!


I dont now why blue puffles cant play with there owners.I really think they can play ice fishing.


I would make a recycling, good, puffle game to do with a mix of everything on club penguin
Waddle on club penguin


the arcade game i hope is u can make up new puffles it would be called create a puffle


i think you should make a game of paint. so you would have to trace the picture on the screen. The faster you go the higher the points! And there should be a time limit. There should also be a one streak bonus so if you get the picture right with one stroke you will get a bonus!


some sort of action/platformer


maybe a game for brown puffles like there would be a mini factory and your brown puffles would help you build robots and other things like things for puffles


i would love it if you hed a game where you and all your puffles could put on a performance and be judged by other penguins!

Waddle on cp!!!


You should add a claw machine and if you do you could keep the prizes like for nonmembers you can get pins in the claw machine and for members you could get clothes and maybe even puffles!!

Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't wait!It sounds like a very cool game is coming up!I am soooo excited!If I were goind to invent an arcade game I would make it a game that you would play with others friends or your puffle.It would be that you could make your OWN book or you build things out of supplies the game gives you like a brush,wood,paper,pizza,a fan,light bulb,etc.I think a lot of penguins would have fun with the game.


I hope there will be a game where one of the puffles get to play the new game and I hope to play it.Also I hope there will be a door to the roof of the Night Club and a snack bar too.The snacks should be fish pizza and fish pie.The roof should look like the Puffle Party too!I really would like a puffle to be in the game. Bye!

Moo Roo 2:

If I were to invent a new arcade game, it would be a game where you have to aim a ball and when you throw it whatever hole the ball lands in, you will get that number of coins. you would get 5 shots. You would aim it with the arrow keys and shoot with the space bar. You would get loads of coins, it would be a very handy game if you were hard on money. The holes would be 1000, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400, 200, 100, 50, 25. If you miss then you would get 0. Maybe there could be 4 levels Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. 5000 would be the maximum. and 0 would be the lowest. I think it would be the most fun game on club penguin.


My dream arcade game would be a kind of penguin-ized pinball machine. Maybe you could launch the ball and it would land in different places in club penguin on the map. You would get points for different places that the ball would land.

Casey Cool:

My dream game is (and always will be!) that you get to first, customise a race car and then compete againest over players in a fast race across all CP. Along the way you could pick up like power ups or boosts and may the fastest car win! Thats the ultimate game to me!


well club penguin I will like to play a race game because when you play it its a little bit similar to sled race because you have to look out for objects and you could play with your friends also its very fun to vs penguins and black puffles are extreme so they could play as well and finely story modes are on race games its lots of fun so thats what I will do if I was invited to an arcade

best fishes from your BIGEST FAN mariog4


Best fishes to you, Mariog4! I love racing games, too. :)

Mint choclat:

If I were to invent a game it would be a game where you can make your own postcards to your buddies. please post this ]
waddle on CP


if i could make a arcade game it would be like this first you and a puffle put on special helmets and go into a virtual game where you have to go through obstacals and your puffles special talents could help


I would love an arcade game called Puffle Race. Puffles would be in a race wuth obstacles and if you win you get bonus coins and different power ups that verie from puffle to puffle. Red puffle power up:When you want,you can shoot it out of a cannon! Brown puffle power up:Control his plane!


It would be an arcade game like PAC-MAN but the character is a puffle and your trying to get all the puffle O`s. And instead of ghosts chasing you there would be different colored puffles trying to get you so they could take all the puffle O`s.

Adventurer R:

Hello everybody! I think there should be a whole game system with all the games CP has, and a game catolog to buy even more games to play!


I would call it game mixer. This game would be every single game on the island we have right now and put it together.There would be a spinner and it would spin and pick a random game.You would get to play up to 4 like in Card would have a host to start the game and there would be guest so then they could join a party.At the end of the game there would be 1, 2,3,4 .the winner (1) would get a free coupon for something free from a catolog and 500 coins,second (2) would get a 3 free cards for card jistu and 300 coins,third (3) would get a chance to see a sneak peak of something and 100 fourth(4) would get 50 coins. well... until then waddle on cp,Skywalker34


i would create a game where you could experiment on pluffels to give them superpowers or mutant things but requires a pluffel


I think we should have and arcade game where you can play as yourself and you make your way across club penguin defeating villans and saving the island while you search for the golden puffle, as the villans are trying to steal it from the Club Penguin Pricless Possesions Museum, and you get to chose a side-kick puffle, and where you can play along with friends! Well, that's my idea, and i hope you like it, Club Penguin. WADDLE ON!


Love it! Thanks for the suggestion, Germany123.


well if i were to invent an arcade game i would make the game to be a pack man game but with puffles as pack man and the bad team would be herbert and klutsy's faces. i don't think it would be that bad of a game and brown pufffles could help you by getting you past levels with their inventions! well thats all i have to say so have a penguin day.

p.s i have never been chosen before so please pick me......

yours truly Romeo24681

Amiee Mc:

A new arcade game? Ok. I have a few ideas. Ther could be one multiplayer game where you have to build a snow man and it starts off with 8 players and then the 4 who finish quickest go on to the next level to decorate their snowmen and then somehow someone wins. Or there could be a simple one called puzzle and it would just be a puzzle. Also there could be one where you have to do orders the same way you do in Bueno Rufus in Kim Possible games on Disney Channel because the arcade at the minute looks kind of like a place where you could get snacks and drinks. And maybe one called Video Game where you play multiplayer and you could either play puffle racing sled racing soccer or migrator (you steer the migrator to and from cp island. Pease post? With love from...
Amiee Mc


Maybe donkey kong (PENGUIN WAY) with a giant Herbert keeping G in a cage and maybe a penguin or a puffle rescues G .i hope you guys will like my idea.


i would make it a game called splatter puffle its where you have your the yellow puffle and you have to get paint on your canvas.waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Very creative idea, Marino7!


(Post this one please!) My arcade game would be called Freeze Soccer. You play soccer in snow and sometime in the soccer game the weather changes and the tempature drops so your penguin will freeze.


Sweet idea! :)


i would make a game called puffle racers. Its where your puffle is racing your other puffles!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is like hydro-hopper+puffle launch+sled racing combind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND THE BEST PART............................................................THERE ARE NO LIVES SO YOU CANT LOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(ps.Ive never be put on the screen so please do it.)but lhe worlds are your igloo,plaza,snow forts,town,dock,beach,ski village mine,forest,your igloo again and box demention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you have to go to the pet shop to play and once you play and build the mega cart you get the cart in your igloo and YOU CAN PLAY IT IN YOUR IGLOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my arcade game will be Puffle Maze and there will be levels 1 through 9! and you choose your puffle and you go off on an adventure the penguins in it are: Gary Sensei and Rookie they guide your puffle in the maze (only in tutoral mode with gary) and then your reday for an adventure! In diffrent levels difrent pepole guide you like Jet Pack Guy Candance and G Billy! the levels are: Puffle watch speed and watch and operation: defend the penguins that guide you aslo help your puffle if you make a mistake! you have to take your puffle through the maze and defat little bot cratures. In my game there is this nice bot that refreshes your hp when hit! the bots name is ButterBot it revils all your hp


My dream game is called race to the puffle the puffles would be hiding and there will be 3 diffuculties easy-10 coins medium-50 coins hard-100 coins. There could be up to 4 players and you would race to find the most puffles


My game would be kind of like the game "duck, duck, goose." At the begining you would get five puffles and they would all sit down in a circle you would also get in the circle. Each puffle would have a different speed. Then the puffle would hop around for a little while then pick you. You would have to press a button to go faster so you could tag the puffle to get to the next level. If the puffle sits down in your spot before you caught him or her then you would have to restart the game. It would be called "Puffle,Puffle, Click." Any color puffle could play this game with you!

P.S. You could change the name.


I think that would be so cute for the Orange Puffle could do Pizza-tron, that would be so funny if they had the " Puffle Mode '' as if they made small lil' pizza that would have Puffle 'O as....... A TOPPING! Hahaha! LOLZ!!! ~M@NDY~

ROSEY88077: i think all animals should have a game i love it......

63 Ninja:

I think there should Dance Contest 2 where you dance with your puffles.But when you reach the final level you face off against Candace and have a dance competition.

beast boy3:

i like Fastflier 2's idea robot building would be awsome i recomend it. thanks


Dear Clubpenguin (please post this!Never been posted)
I think yellow pengi8 idea is great but I think that there could be a game called puffle mix, each go there would be diffrent colored puffles and then they all get mixed up. Then we look at the puffles and see wich one is missing!
~ Alsuwaidi200


I think it should be shadow guy and gamma gal and on there quest to find squid monster.

green raichu:

coool i have always wounderd if the dance lounge would get more games


Cool I would like a game called volcano erupt game and be that you have to rescue 12 people who are trapped under a volcano and rescue the. I hope you like my idea.

@ @


i love all the games and i love the dance lounge u could play 4 different games so keep playing at the dance lounge





I would like a new game on Club Penguin. It woud be fun and excting and not so complcated.If you could make that PLEASE do it. PLEASE POST THIS I have NEVER BEEN POSTED BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!


Club penguin is the best you know.

Its so cool club penguin.

Im a member on club penguin its so cool but for 6 months

Its so cool


If I could invent a game it would be called PUFFLE ADVENTURE.
1. You can choose one of your puffles to play, you have to guide your puffle through traps and obsticles.
2. Your puffle gets three lives, if your puffle loses all its lives (it doesn't mean you have to get another puffle to replace it) you have to start from the begining of the level were your puffle lost all its life.


CP should make even more to make it better. Good JOB

Ice Blockey:

Who is the oldest penguin that still plays?

all that2:

i thought there could be a new type of puffles ok so when members can pay an extra 250 coins to add a mohak to the puffle


i wold have to say my fave room is the dojo


i think think you should be able to play all games with any kind of puffle.i think you should be able to do anything you want in the box dimension with or without being a member.


a few days ago i was shopping for anew puffle and thought why are all puffles just one single color red,black,pink,ext. what if the next puffle was stripped or plaid or if you could get a custome puffle like furniture


wow!!!! there are best pictures i love them.they are so cute with the penguins and the puffles.
they are so awesome.i just want to be the one who made up this websit,club penguin


it would be in the gift shop called cool clothes


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think it will be Bits and Bolts. Its like breaking stone. They will say the amount of bricks to break. Each Bricks contains gears. Example: The amount they ask is 10. Then, You broke 5 gears in one brick. Then, You broke 1 gear in one brick. that would be 6. So, you broke 4 gears in 1 brick. So that would be 10.

mario blue 1:

I really want 1000 free coins please




Aill like agame for the purple puffle like a contest of the most buitifull


you are great! you will be my idol!


Wow! I Would say a blue puffle squirting fish Ina water tank! Or A Pink puffle Gathering puffle O's with her lasso! Or Make a mix for candance and At the end watch her dance to it! Please Post! *never been posted before* W WA WAD WADD WADDL WADDLE WADDLE ON CP! And My Frind Recently Got really hurt and she wants me to give her a shoutout from Scowty1!


THIN ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT GAME!


wow ! that is are best games on club penguin




thanks for the help :-)


Try to hit the junk with snowballs to feed the orange puffle! Hit the healthy stuff and you lose a life.


I think that you could create a gardening game; like your penguin could make a garden and has to be careful for the bugs so that they don't eat your garden!


I think that you should do the same idea with the blue puffle. you should take the ice fishing game and the blue puffle and then you could take the blue puffle in the game and the blue puffle would have thsi cutelittle fishing hat so cute!!!


There should be a game where you have to defend The EPF from Herbert! You start with a slingshot that shoots snowballs! You have to destroy the robots Herbert is sending to you! And every time you destroy one of his robots you gain a point. You can use the points to buy Special Items, Defenders (they help you save The EPF), and Power-ups! You can bring your Golden Puffle to help you. Golden Puffles can help you get more points per' enemy!

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