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By Billybob on March 18, 2011 - 02:00
Hello Penguins!

Thanks for all your recent comments about Puffle Launch and other puffle games. Last week, we asked what games you like to play with your puffle! Many of you had some awesome suggestions for games you'd like to see your puffles play. 

A lot of you liked Yello Pengi8's comment:

I have a suggestion for all of the Puffles out there who cannot play games with their owners. Orange puffles should play Pizzatron 3000 because they love food so much, they also could put toppings on while you work on the pizza's too. Brown puffles should play Hydro Hopper and they can help you jump higher with gadgets it makes and you may even be able to jump over the buoys! White puffles should play Sled Racing because they love snow! They could make ice with its breath and you could go faster because of the ice. Blue puffles should play ice fishing and it could wear a little fishing hat and it can help you get extra fish.

Keep up the great comments, everyone!

Speaking of games... next week there'll be an update to the Dance Lounge with another new game! So we want to know... If you were to invent a new arcade game, what would it be? Let us know about your dream game in the comments!

Write your review as a comment. We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



if i were to invent a new arcade game it should be thin ice two and you can use any colored puffle


I think that is a great idea so puffle owners every where could play with every puffle


If I Were to Invent A NEW Game I Would Call It The Clawcatcher7000 In it You would Use Your mouse To Catch Falling Objects


hey its me. um i think we should have a football game plz post naver hav been


I would make a game where you are a brown puffle,and you have to make inventions to get by enemies.That would be cool.


I would make a game where all my puffles could play at one time! You could get help from them to make new things, melt ice, throw snowballs, bounce to get coins and so much more!

R MAN32:

i thank it should be a game were you find differnt puffle colors and learn about them for the futer for now rock on club penguin see ya!

Crazy Jojoz1:

oh so cool! i cant wait! its gonnnaq be awesome!


If I could invent an arcade game, it would be like pac-man. You would be a penguin, and puffles would chase you! You would try to collect fish, and there would be many different levels.


if i were to invent a arcade game for cp it would be air hockey


If I got to invent an arcade game, I would make a a game that would blast anything, even puffles! I would call it, Super Blaster. All puffles, even brown and red can play!


I read what you wrote. And I have a idea! I would make a giant box. Puffles would walk into the box. And they would come out a diffrent color!! Like a white puffle goes in. Out comes a pink puffle. Get it? It wouls be super cool if you could sell that in the petshop. Thats all for now! Waddle on CP!

your biggest fan,



More games would be fun for new puffles if we ever had any.I bet if we had more puffles we could play more games and have more fun.


Woah! That looks Amazing!! I really like the neon lights on the wall. I cant wait for it to change! That used to be the non used room in Club Penguin but now it will be a hot spot to hang out! Thanks Billybob and the team! Rock on!


Actually, this is about the orange puffle and the pizza. Would the puffle eat all the pizzas?


I think that there should be the game: Puffle Pac man. A version of pac man, but instead of the pac man dude, a puffle. Plus, instead of the little dots that the pac man collects, it would be puffle o's. If you played with your puffle, the puffle on the game would become the color of your puffle!


well i would want it to be a game where u fly in a plane around the island and u go around collecting coins!


i think that another arcade game should be one that the brown puffle builds a rocket ship, then, he can fly it!!!!!!! it should be called "Brown Blast"!!!!


i think there should be a game were its puffle gets to use its own talent. for example the purple puffle get their own game were dance.


I'd invent a game that all penguins can play, its called " fashion works" were you can make your own shirts, pants, shoes, and hair and you can pick a modle and then deisen the walk way with unique lights! members could keep the tops that they made too! (this would be good with the rainbow puffle if there was one!)
intill the iceberg tips,


Thats an awesome question! i would invent a second version of Astro-Barrier and it could be called Astro-Barrier 2 and it would belike 100 times funner. i hope you like my idea.WADDLE ON CP!!!!!! :D


The dance lounge will be the new " thing " around club penguin, i have a feeling!!!!

Caesar Diva:

A dream game I would want is like a action game like you take care of sick puffles and you work them back to health but these aren't just puffles as pets but there are some wild ones you take care of because they are injured.


I think a new arcade game in the lounge is a GREAT idea! I'm sure it's a gonna be a great game and the day it comes out I'm gonna play it at least 5 TIMES!!!!!

Until the new game comes out, WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


i would make s game like feed-o-puffle when u have to feed the puffles that pop out of the holes! And i LOVE the new game!!!
(Ps: Please Please post this i have never ben posted before!! Thanks)


Interesting question...... I would invent an arcade game called "Hockey Score." In the game, you would choose a team-(Blue,Red,Yellow,or Green.)- and play against a random team. You would try to shoot a goal and there would be many levals with items and puffles. You have four lifes. Hit a puffle or an item, and loose a life. Get through all 20 levels! Waddle on CP!

pengee jr:

i think i would make a arcade game called clubpenguin travels it would be like you and a puffle go around clubpenguin and explore everything and each level is a different place if you solve the mystery of each place you will go on the next level if you win you will unlock a new place on clubpenguin

Cool King 22:

If I would to make an arcade game it would be a game that you have to train puffles for the EPF and if you train one you get 100 coins. Thats what I think I would do for a new arcade game.

Crazy Jojoz1:

i would make a game with puffles where its an obsticle course and you guide your puffle!


If i would invent a game it would be like Pac-Man, but it would be called Puffle-Man. Like Pac-Man, you would chase from the bad guys. The bad guys could be Herbert and the robots in System Defender. There could be about 10 levels or so and you would get stamps like Beating a boss level, or collecting power-ups like a puffle-o to get faster, or carrots to make him disappear. It would be really cool! THe sneak peak looks cool!


I think you should make a game similar to Pac Man where the upffle runs around eating O' Berries and getting chased by crabs!


I can't wait! Ilove playing all the games! Hopefully the new one will be out soon. P.S. My favorite game is puffle launch!


If I was to invent a new arcade game it would be Wac-a-Squidzoid. {Get it?} You have to bop squidzoid for points but if you bop gamma gal or shadow guy you lose points. You would need to achieve a high score of 100 to move on. Each time you bopped squidzoid you'd get 5 points.There would be five levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and Extreme Expert. If you got a score of 500 points or more you'd get a awesome stamp. I think that new arcade game looks cool. It looks like the play at the stage right now........ WADDLE ON!!!


I would like an obstacle course maze type thing where you had a puffle of each color with you and when you get to an obstacle, you have to choose the puffle with the right tool ( like how a red puffle could shoot out of its cannon to destroy crates) to get past the obstacle.


Thats really cool!It would also be cool if you could upgrade the games a bit more so that pufles can do more.Like if you added some obsticles to surfing or even put more buttons to the dg3k games.And last but not least mabye you could put loops and more twists to cart surfer because the black puffle could tottaly handle it!Waddle on.


I think that brown puffle should have there own game called Machine Madness and it could be lots of fun.It would start out like you would get a penguin on the game who wanted a machine that you make as many machines as you could until she comes to pick up all his/her items. The machine's would have cool items that would be more or less coins. I really think that would be a great puffle game. Also if you completed a level you could get the machine that you made the most in the smaller levels with in the big level. Well hope you think of doing this. Until next time WADDLE ON CP!



its me Pluto10500 we should add the game from the puffle circus where you see how strong you are but theres like levels and stamps


i think another game should be for the EPF ( elite penguin force ) it is in nintendo games and it is called Snow Trecker. it is very AWESOME!!!!!!!! i love Snow Trecker and it might be better on here !!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!! U ROCK!!!!!


If I were to invent a arcade game, it would definitly be about a penguin swimming to rockhoppers island! There would be more than thirty levels! And at the end of ten levels, you can get closer to Rockhopper!! It'll be so much fun! Waddle on CP! I love you and you rock!
P.S. Please submit this message! I never got a message posted before and i've been on Club Penguin more then three hundred days!


If i invented a new arcade game i would call it puffle maze. It would be sort of like pak man only its a puffle and the ghosts are the same looking things in pak man.well thats my idea for a new game WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!! (plz post i have never been posted before!)


This looks so cool now I know where to go all the time. I cant wait to go there. Im am so happy that Club penguin is making everything so cool!
Thats all I have to say.

Waddle on Cp!!!!

Cc Hart:

Hmmm... Good question! If I could invent ANY arcade game, it would have to be a game that had to have two or more penguins to place, like Sled Racer, because I love to play games with my friends! Maybe another race of some sort, a puffle race? A game where you would bring your puffle and race them against your friends puffle! You would train and condition them at home, to insure their win!
Waddle On,
Cc Hart


I would like a puffle training game. So many people love puffles, and it would test penguins knowledge on puffles. Two puffles would be on each level, for you to use their abilities on different training courses. For example, the blue and red puffles could team up and beat the first level of a challenge. In your latest game, EPF Herbert's Revenge, in the first level, you go through the first challenge with two puffles. The game that I am explaining is based on EPF Herbert's Revenge. Until then, WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!! :D


wow this is great club penguin is changing awesomly cool i wishi was one of them like candence all all them it would be awesome i wonder if theyre real ppl i love the new games!!!!!!!!

the flame87:

there should be a game called "Penguin Shop" it could be a game that your penguin has to do things to save the shop like get the fish from the truck load the shelfs and check out the customers and the happier they are you get more points.


I would make a game called "Water feast"
Its gonna be under water so pink puffles can play too!
Or Blue
And you have to spray the giant squid with a liquid
A LOT of it!To get to the next level

Mt Orange:

Wow! The new Dance Lounge us going to be WAY better than the old one. It kind of looks like a Las Vegas building or something. SWEET! WADDLE ON!


i would make a pacman sort of puffles would eat o-berrys and be chaced by thier owner!


hey im so happy anyways i wonder if more games are comeing two anywho waddel club penguin!!!


Wow! Cool! I think the game should be . . . . . Trampojump 3,000! Okay the main idea of the game is to beat your opponent by jumping. All you do is type the biggest number you can in 3 seconds. If the number beats your opponent, you win. There's three rounds of the game. You can chose your character, too! Whatever colors of puffle you have, you can chose from. I have a stamp idea, too. You get a stamp for having a pink puffle! Okay, that's my idea! Waddle on, CP!


My invented arcade game would be called "Penguin Papers" and you would use a jet-pack to fly all over Club Penguin delivering Club Penguin Times issues. You could take your green puffle and have it wear its beanie hat to fly along with you!
Please post this, I've never been posted!


If I got to be a puffle game designer, I would make a game called Puffle Jump. It would be for all the puffles. The object of the game is to catch the puffles on one end, and use a trampoline of the puffle's color to safely transport the puffles over to the other side. Also, the game should be located at the pet shop because it's a game about puffles!


I would make a game that would combine all the puffles. Like you'd use them to get through a maze, the brown puffle would make gadgets, The red puffle would navagate, the blue puffle would choose your woredrobe, the yellow puffle would design the game, the white puffle would make the special powers, and the pink, gree, black, and purple puffles would be by your side in the game helping you navigate your way out of the maze COOL ISN'T IT!!!!!


If I could invent a game, it would be...Pac Penguin! (Based on Pac-man) It would be the same thing, except instead of Pac-Man, it would be your character. You can move your penguin around, collecting pizzas. ( known as the yellow dots you need to collect in the real Pac-Man) If you collect all the pizzas, you go on to the next level. There are evil protobots running around (as your enemies in Pac-Man) trying to catch you. You have 3 lives. There are obstacles around. There are glowing pizzas all around, and that is medicine, and when you eat it, the protobots have ERRORS so they can't hurt you. You have to catch them before the medicine runs out! Each time you eat a Protobot, you get 100 points. If you get 500 points, you will earn a Life-up. This would be a cool game! Waddle on CP!


I would make a game were your puffle will go and find puffle Os and defeat enemies. It will be called My Puffles adventure! Waddle on CP! LOL


i if i was to make an arcade game i would make it have cool graphics and sound effects also i would make the goal to rescu a golden puffle .


Hmmmmmm, if I made a game it would probably be cp tennis. You would start out with yourself and another penguin. Then you would use the arrow keys to move your penguin to hit the ball. It's a suggestion, anyway Waddle on cp!


I think that there should be a game where you find missing penguins in club penguin. And if you can get to the last level you have to find all the famous penguins in less that 3 minuites!! Or one would be were you would type in lryics to a song and see if it comes out cleary on your screen,!!


My Arcade Game Would Be Called... PUFFLE RACING!!! WADDLE ON CP!!! :D

Wiggy Pengu:

i think it would be cool if you made a new game like pacman. that would be so awsome!!!
waddle on cp


ive got a question what will be new petshop look like for the puffle party?


That souds rlly kewl!!! It will be nice 2 have another arcade game PLUS a new makeover of the Dance Lounge!!! I hope tht the rooftop will be there permenately!!! Tht would be soo awesome!


I think a great new arcade should be "Puffle Ball", and it is like a game where a puffle bounces between two boards, and if you miss, you are out




I would invent a game where you are in the astro barrier and you fly around in the box demention and you try you dodge boxes and orange puffles!


I have a suggestion, but first! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE POST THIS!!! Anyway, here is my suggestion: can you please make a game that you can pick any coloured puffle to go through a maze. There would be 30 original levels, 10 expert and 10 secret levels. Throughout the game you can change the puffle to a different colour to help get past obsticals. That is my suggestion.


My dream arcade game is a game were there is a level for every game on club penguin and you could select any of your puffles for all of the levels so you and your puffle could try all the games. Also you would be able to pick any mode you wanted to on every level. I also would have a different stamp for every level and every mode.

Mudkip Fan1:

If I invented an arcade game, it would be... PUFFLE PARTY! You would choose a color of a puffle, and it would be like a red puffle party if you choose red puffle. And to get points, you would use the arrows on the keyboard to make dance moves! So it is basicly like the game dance contest puffle version, BUT! There would be secret dance moves on the keyborad like E T and you would jump in the air and spin! So if I ever invented a game with help from brown puffles, it would be Puffle Party!


I think a Arcade Game that you destroy penguinbots! There could be a Giant Penguinbot as a boss! Thats what I think! P.S. I like the Brown Puffle! It`s So Awesome!


hmmmmmmmm a game thats hard i thing we should do a game like pinball or or pinball with puffles and the different levels the different puffles and that would be great i just love the most i think we all love the most games that u earn the most u know COINS!keep that in mind club penguin thank you!


If i could design a game for clubpenguin it would be for us to play together with our brown puffles.It would be called mix up.We would match up the pictures and the brown puffles would be the ones to give us hints.P.S.please post this I have never been posted before. Intil then Waddle On.

Mira catlove:

Well, I know one game that would be really cool is (Pack Puffle) you know like the origanal Pack Man only it's a puffle, and the monsters are crabs! And of couse instead of dots, you have to eat all of the little puffle O's everywere.


i think that the next game should be where you and your brown puffle invent something that your puffles would love to play with.


I think there could be a game called puffle bowl where you could could bowl exept the bowling balls could be puffles!


Hmmm! I would invent a game where to get to the objective you had to go through mazzes and puzzles because I love to do those things!!!

Pink Pink836:

I would make a game that would be called Frisby Frenzy. It would be where someone throws the frisby and you click to jump and catch it. There would be a certain color of frisby that you would have to catch. If it said purple, you would catch purple and lay it down on a stack. If It's not that color, Then you set it down in another stack!!


It would be so cool to have a game kinda like pac man! Or like pinball!


We should have a game with a maze. You pick a puffle you own and you use the key board to move them around. They get icon like turtles and rabbits to make them go faster and slower. the stamps could be like not using an icon at all while making all the way to the door. Each time you complete a room you get 10 coins


If I were to make a game it whould be about ninjas and they whould have to protect the island from herbert and the ultimate protobot.

pengee jr:

my dream game is all about mysterys like we would have to think outside the box to get each clue like if you could get clues in the game and im so happy the dance lounge is getting a new game yay


I would have an arcade game where u would choose your puffle then the game will be called clubpuffle u could then be your own puffle!!


If I were able to invent a new video game I would make a game where you deliver pizza with the help of Orange puffles they could hold the pizza and it would be called Pizza Delivery.

'Til then Waddle On Penguins!!!!


I would make my game (In) The Lighthouse and you dance or play your cool things (Instruments) with your musical talent


I think there should be a game that all the puffles and play!!! And each can use there one of a kind talent. Like a game named " Puffle Talent Show game." And each puffle would be on a stage and you need to help each one find the right talent and make sure that the judges are pleased. If each judge is pleased and all three put up 10 then you get to keep the puffle for FREE. ( The game is Members only if you think its fair ) Anyways waddle on CP and puffle lovers!


If I could create an arcade game it would be...Puffle Jump! You could pick a puffle, then It Would Start on a Trampoline! You would click it and your puffle would fly in the air! there would be little platforms and you move your mouse and try to hit the platforms to go higher. There would be some trampolines in the air but they only appear sometimes. You try to go as high as you can until you fall. It would be a really fun game! You Can Play it with any puffle you want! All penguins would love it!!!!!


I think in the dance lounge they should add a club penguin game day game because if they have it on Wii they should have it on club penguin. I think you would have lots of fun with club penguin game day. Until then waddle on!


If I had my own game, it would be me, but as a puffle! I would get to go explore through Club Penguin, like a maze! There would be secret doors leading to secret passage ways, enemies, dead ends, and more! It would be a huge maze wth toms of things! The fun part is, at the end of the game, you would have to defeat a grumpy crap, like in Puffle Launch! Also, you would egt puffle O's and many other abjects for points! You could even get a puffle's toy, and bring it back to that puffle! I think it would be really cool to be a puffle yourself in a game!


one where you create penguin outfits and u earn coins depending how it looks


i think we should have a game that the you discover new puffles and find their favorite think!!!! and if you find a puffle you can keep it and all penguins can buy the puffles that find.



If i could invent a new arcade game it would be alien hunters. it would be like thin ice but instead you would be a penguin and you would throw snowballs at aliens to defeat them.there would be up to 20 levels and 1 bonus level every 5 levels if you completed that level without losing a life. ROCK ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You cant do like pac man but the pac man is a puffle!And new stamps!OH an i have only 14 days of membership:-( but WADDLE ON:D bye.


if i could make up a game i would make it be a fashion game. u can dress up a penguin that is going to the awards or something or just wanting to look the best at the dance club, and dress her/him up! u would be allowed to pcik what kind of style like casual, dressy, sporty ect.
that would be my game if i can make one!


Puffle adgent.
A fun game where you can try to train your puffle to become a elite puffle that can help you on tough missons and if you are a member you can let your puffles veres your other friends puffles in elite games.


I would make up a game called Puffle Gathering then all of the puffles could play then it would be all the games mixed together! And it would be in the town next to the Gift Shop then I would make plenty more but diffrent places and it would be mixed up diffrently example:you would have a surfboard in the mine with all the ouffles launching while they are making pizzas some would be carrying java beans then cadence comes in and dances with you while surfing it would be soo cool then all the other famous penguins join all the fun you would get about 400 coins for playing it once in hard you would get 600 coins and on expert you would get 800 coins any penguin can play it if your a non-member you can play it if your a member you can play it

thank you for reading my post


Definitely a puffle dress up game. I keep hoping for you guys to make some puffle clothes. If you did this would be a great game to go with it!


If i were to ever make a new arcade game it would be ice cream maker100000. After your done you can eat the ice cream. Plz post this cause i have never had anything published.
Until then..... Waddle on!


I think there should be a game called "Puffle Hide And Seeke." Because I think there should be more puffle games! "Puffle Hide And Seeke " Is like.... The game is to like start to count to 10 with the penguins eye shut,and the puffle hides behind somthing .After that, they click things were the puffle might be hiding and if they get it right for three times they get to the next level!


I think it might be a sport... hmmm or maybe pinball. ooooo!!! i cant wait!!!! Waddle On


I would invent a racing game with cars.


My dream arcade game would be something about plays that Clubpenguin have! Like you could have a super hero game, Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy could fight off Squidzoid and other evil!! That would be so cool! Defintally my dream arcade game!


A new arcade game would be a snake game where the snake gets the food and there would be 25 levels!


On Puffle Launch Blue Sky Level 7 it always sends you right into the water and you cant hit the balloon because it wont let you steer


If I could invent a game. It would be like a Penguin Modeling game! You'd join the game and you would get a theme from the 3 judges, and each judge would like different things, like certain accessories and what not. Then you'd dress your penguin for the judges, and then when your done your penguin would walk down the runway and as it walked you could press the arrow keys for different poses. There could be single player for the non-members and for the members a multi-player version where you would compete against other penguins and see who has the best fashion sense in Club Penguin! I think that would be a really fun game! Waddle On!!


Well it would be cool if you could make a game that's fun and cool.Like the one in the movie best player that game looked really cool it was called black hole.If you i could have invent a new arcade game like that, i think penguin's would play it.That's all i have to say. Hope you make fun and cool games.


I would make a game based on "Pac Man" called "The Hungry Puffle" where an orange puffle is trying to get all the food and there are black puffles trying to get them! Waddle on!

Red Snow2:

I think a great game could be called Basketball Run. What you should do is throw an amount of basketballs before time runs out. If you make it to the last level you could be able it pick up 500 extra coins and a stamp! That would be a great game to have around! Waddle On CP!!!


WOW! another new game! i cant wait! my suggestion for a arcade game would be like a mario and luigi type game. but, instead of mario and luigi, it could be you and your puffle or a friend! any puffle could play so that people that arnt members, can take theirs too. there could be alot of levels anyone could play, but there could be a few that are only for members! if you complete the game by beating all the levels, you could get a special prize like a background or a clothing item! this would be so much fun! I hope you consider my idea for the new game! Until then, waddle on CP!


awesome i can't wait to play it


i can't wait to play the new game and the new update is going to look great! waddle on cp


I can't wait! I would make a game that you sail in a ship to different islands! The different islands would be different levels and you would fight off evil sea creatures! You would have each puffle in the game that has a different power each to help you! That would be soooo cool!

Jets Fan445:

If I invented an arcade game, it would be like a Bowling Puffles when you use every colored puffle and do what is usual. If you earn 3 strikes a Golden Puffle will occur and earn you more points. They'll be stamps and their will be 10 of them. Another one is a spy game called Club Penguin Watch Out. It will be similar in the missions in PSA but more mysterious and curiosity. The plot of this game is that when Gary is Kidnapped by Herbert and Klutzy and we need Rookie to be the Head Patrol. Their will be suspicousness will every single penguin and puffle!!!
Until Then....Waddle On!
P.S. Can you please post I like other penguins to see my ideas....Thanks:)


I would invent a game where all your puffles could play and up to four penguins could play to. In the game you and your puffles have to do random carnival games that the computer chooses randomly. Your puffles help you in each one and the penguin with that most points wins.

Rene5657 and waddle on CP


I would make a game called "Penguin Hop", in the game you have to jump on mini ice bergs until you reach a certain destination and in the game you can get extra life but you start off with 2 lives.


Ms Wabble:

One game I would love to have on Club Penguin would be ANOTHER (but TOTALLY DIFFERENT) pizza game! For example, you play a game that lets you dress up in a pizza suit and deliver pizzas in the pizza parlor! The faster you deliver pizzas, the more coins you get! But you must be careful, if you don't deliever the pizza(s) on time, the customer will leave and you do not get their coins!!


my idea comes from the play showdow guy and gamma girl and you can play it with your puffles. ok heres how it goes you go through levels solving prblems if you have a puffle its easyer because the puffle would confuse enimies also if you get all the badges for the game(if there are) you get to make your own costume waddle on cp and i hope my ieda comes to life :D


If I made a new arcade game, it would be called Dress A Penguin! You would dress any penguin up, change the color, and dress it up! Every month the game would get new outfits! There would also be a hidden switch to change it to puffles! It would be SOO cool!!


i would want a CP Slot Machine and if you get three puffles in a row you would get coins.



if u were to invent a new arcade game it should be called penguin jump. it will be bungy jumping with your can get coins for how high u jump. like if you jump 25 feet u get 25 coins. please do this for a game i just thought of it and i would be so happy if i saw this put into a game.


Dear Club Penguin,

You should make a game where your penguin has to sort a bunch of fish into different boxes and put it in the attic because there are a bunch of boxes up there and you also go ice-fishing right down stairs---Hope you can make this happen.



I would create a game where a penguin has to climb to the top of a building while things are being thrown machine parts are being thrown down by a brown puffle! You can get power-ups to destroy the machine parts in your way or even maybe run up the building faster! When you get to the top, the brown puffle escapes quickly before you can catch it, then you proceed to the next level!

big man 1675:

If I was to invent an arcade game it would be about a magic tale and quests,rpg stuff


If I were To Invent a game it would be puffle ball! you could have a puffle and use it as a bowling ball to knock the pins down! WADDLE ON GAMERS!


I would invent a game called "Tag Control".It is a 4 player game and you need to tag people until time is up.You only have 1:00 and whoever is still it loses.Whoever is the last one is the winner and gets a lot of coins.


I think the new game should be a game called: " Penguin Bounce"! There would be four icebergs to jump on, but, you're friend drilled on three so you have to see witch one to jump on! It woud be multi-player and if you jump on the wrong iceburg you loose!


they should have a game that puffles vs. each other and if you win you could pick any puffle you would like out of all the colors and it should be in the dance lounge!!!!!!!!!! until then.... waddle on


If I could invent a new arcade game it would be alien hunters. it would be similar to thin ice but instead you would be a penguin and you would throw snowballs at aliens to destroy them. there would be up to 20 levels and every 5 levels there would be a bonus level if you completed the original level without losing a life.
ROCK ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Way2fun E:

Hey CP!
I would invent an arcade game that everytime you won, you would get a prize, not juste coins!

The higher score you get the bigger the prize like a T-shirt or maybe stuff for your igloo!

That would be SOOOOO cool, especially for non-members like me!


itzel cutie:



i would love is there were a game where you serve pizza or any food you want!


why dont we make a game for all penguins and all puffle and then they would select their own game


If I got a chance to make a new game for clubpenguin it would be a invention game, what you would do is you would get something to build and you have alot of tools and you have a list of material thats you need to use.Then also you get things that need to be fixed. When you fix something you earn more coins!! The brown puffle would also be apart of this game and if you had trouble figuring something out it would help you and your puffle gives your extra points!!!


If I could invent a game for girls it would be a challenge if you can match the hair style, or just do any hair style on your puffles!!!!!! If I could invent a game for boys, it would be like robots attacking and you try to stop them. (Please post i have never been posted before) WADDLE ON PENGUINS OF CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My game idea is a mix of games! Like all of the Clubpenguin games put together to make th epic game!!!

P.S. CP RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jelly Jammer:

A game I would invent would be Warrior Puffles. Your puffle would dress up like a warrior and he (or she) would fight off herbert's evil minions. You would gets lots of coins. the game would be located in the EPF H.Q. It would give u lots of those stamps u find in games. Rock On CP!

(Plz post this cuz whenever i comment it never gets posted!)


A game that I think should be added to the dance lounge goes like this: the puffles can bounce on clouds and get higher and higher. As they get higher, the sky gets darker and there is less and less clouds to bounce on. They can bounce on the white clouds as many times as you need/ want to, and there can be some gray clouds that you can only bounce on once. There can even be a lightning bolt or something like that that allows you to fly up with out needing to bounce on any clouds. However, when it comes to a stop, you have to find a cloud to land on and then continue jumping from there. The higher you go, the more coins you earn.


I would invent a game where you would make a puffle city. You would be the puffle mayor and you would draw the plans to make your dream city. Then there could be stores and puffle the puffles would live here! You could have food stands,parades,fairs,and more! It would be like Club Penguin but more like Club Puffle!


I would make a game called, "Due to the Seasons". It would be a game where you play games that have something to do with the season or holiday. Example:

It is fall and you are tired of the other club penguin games. You go to the arcade and see "Due to the Seasons". It happens to be fall. When you play it is a game where you are trying to capture all the leaves you can while they are falling off the tree.

I just thought it would be fun cause we don't have any games that change at certain times of the year.

Waddle around,


I would have video games,a food stand, a place where you get coins so that you can play arcade games, and a prize booth when you get tickets from the games.If you get 100 tickets you can get a 3D glasses, if you get 300 tickets you can get sun glasses,if you get 500 tickets you can get a snowman costume,if you get 800 tickets you can get any kind of furniture item,and if you get 1,000 tickets you can get a free igloo. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I f i had a game it would be called Dance of the Puffles. Where any puffle can play and yu would 3xms coins you earn with the other games. I think it would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle on. P.S. I am addicted to puffle launch but I can't get off level 9.

Red Rover 99:

If i would make a arcade game i would choose to... oh! ultamit jet pack adventure that would be so awsome! you could go back in time you could bring your brown puffle to invent gadgets to help you through the levels that would be awsome


I think a name for a new game should be Puffle Mania so then all the puffles can play a game! There should be a game for each puffle so that when you walk your puffle, you don't have to choose a game or figure out what game your puffle plays. And if you aren't walking your puffle, it should show your puffles so you can pick one of your puffles like the game Puffle Launch.


i would invent a machine to make clothing for penguins and make a fasion show thats it thanks


Well think there should be an arcade game called puffle paddle! Well its only on game day and the fair! This comment is by jonah9978


I think you should make a game called make a gadget and brown puffles play it with you. You take random parts and make a gadget with them!! Then you can buy it for about $2.50. And you get to test it out at your igloo. Click on your brown puffle to interact with it. Press the play button. Find your gadget. Sincerely, Sheldon520.


The arcade game that I think should be a game called "Sports Crazzy". In that game you should play any kind of sport like ice skating, baseball, football etc. But you play as your penguin!!! Also, any puffle can play too. But it will be a sport they like. I would think it would be fun for any penguin or puffle. I think it would be really be fun!!!:)

M Man 100:

Wow...i love those ideas and purple puffle should play the dance contest.........anyways my name is M Man 100


If I were to invent an arcade game, it would be Pac Puffle! You can play around as your own puffle, and try to escape from their fear! For example, if you are playing with a brown puffle, you must run away from balloons and eat all the puffle o's! And for a boost, maybe an orange puffle can use wagons or a brown puffle can use rockets to escape along the way! That would be an arcade game I would play! ^.^


Well, if I were, I would make an arcade like the game Pacman, only its a puffle eating puffle o's. Lol! (PLEASE POST!!!!!!)


i relly think their shold be a yellow puffel game like were they are your sidekick in crime like sg and gg!(aka shadow guy and gamma gal)you know how they dream of being super would be sg or gg then youd shoot squidzoid!your puffel would shoot o,berrys!


p.s plz post this never been poasted

p.s.srenivat the pizza parlor next!


I think a new arcade game could be making inventions with the brown puffle and you could play that with your brown puffle.


I would make a game like pac man but it would be called puffle man. The puffle man (yellow puffle) would try to eat all the puffle o's while the fiery black puffles chase him!


I wish we could have a game called Penguin Racing! It's a racing game and that you can buy upgrades for your car.You can let your orange puffle play because they have a rocket powered wagon


If i could invent a video game it would be a basketball video game. We could all shoot baskets and if we bring our puffles they could dress up like little cheerleaders, or even play with us! It would be a click game and friends can play with you. It would be a full court and you click to move your penguin, and hit the spacebar to shoot, and to get an aim, you hold the spacebar. That would be the ultimate game!

Alex 3310:

i think a good game can be a game named boat racing you can have a boat and go around things and get to the finish it can be a good game for a blue puffle i think i would be fun!!!!! it would be a bit like puffle lounch in a way

INTEL THEN .................... WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It would be astro-puffle A mix of astro-barrier and thin ice But in astro-puffle the black puffle would be a on fire shooting bots with O'berries in space!


My dream arcade game would be Puffle Shopping! In the game, you would have a list from each kind of puffle and you would have to go to the store to buy the stuff. Here's the catch: you only have a certain amount of time and money (ex: 500 coins and 25 days) to get the stuff. You could get more coins by doing extra games that cost you days. Your score could be however many days you have left, and bonus points for extra coins left!

I hope this is good... Waddle on, CP!


If I could invent an arcade game, it would be puff-ball! It would be just like pinball, except with a puffle and heaps of new, cool and wacky club penguin features! It would be heaps of fun for puffles AND for their owners too! I Hope you like my arcade idea! Game on! Alyssajane88


I think my Dream Arcade would have lots of colorful lights, a snack bar so penguins could hang out with their buddies and eat Fish-dogs and Pizza, maybe some cool Funky music to play that penguins could make downstairs at the Mixing Music station!
Then the Club penguin team could pick a cool track every week or so and that way all the penguins could rock out to their favorite music while having a good time!




I would probable my an arcade game the shape of Thin ice and it would be called Puffles and games, you could play games like cart surfer but with your arcade-like puffle without your penguin showing on your screen.


if i ciukd make an arcade game it would be that you have to dress you and your favorite puffle up in an outfit and if they liked it you would get coins thanx for these new games! waddle on cp please post comment


It shoud be Your Puffle Adventure!!! Where you pick a puffle that has types of powers like Ice!!!!



i think there should be a new game somewere by the pet shop called "Art Madness" and you could play it with your yellow puffle becuz they luv art. (so do I !) this iz how u play:
Its kinnda like puffle launch, only with art. u have to go around collecting art supplies. then, go to the menu and create your masterpeice. the more you make the more coins your get!!! plus there is a bonus. BONUS: you get to keep the masterpeices you make in your invetory!!!!!

Intil then,


Clubpenguin should have a new room filled with different games! one game i would invent would be called puffle bounce were you have to bounce puffles across a lake on to the ice. another game i would invent would be called penguin adventure and there would be different levels, and u have to lead your penguin in and out of different places!


Love 723:

If I were creating a new game, it will be a maze. I want a new toys for puffles that is called Puffle-a-maze-on. Or a new game that have Fashion shows. I can't wait 'til the puffle wears hat! XD


If i could make a arcade game i would make a game for members and non-members. The members and non-members can all play the same stages. (im a member btw) So the game would be a racing game. It can be a multi-player game. And the car you use will depend on the puffle that you bring along with you. You can also unlock different things to decorate your car! (plz post me ive never been posted!!)


D random:

If i had to make a arcade game i would Make it about puffles. They would have to jump on a trampoline and bounce. Then when they bounce on clouds they get higher! The more clouds you jump on The more coins you get! Every time the you jump on the cloud The bounce meter goes up! when the meter gets filled you win and Move on to the next level! My name for the game would be:Bouncin' Puffles!

My penguin name is:D random


If i could create a new vidio game for club penguin i would call it Herbert And Klutzys Chase Down! I would also specialize it for penguins AND puffles. They Would Be chased by Herbert and or klutzy (depending on if you choose Easy,Medium or hard). This is where the puffle comes in. The puffle would use its special ability like a white puffle would use its ice breath to let you slide across the floor.The Penguin would throw things at them to slow them down.So Thats what my idea is of a new video game for CP!


My dream game would be called BROWN PUFFLE EXPERIENCE because it would be nice to live a brown puffles life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope you like my idea!!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow you guys are so awsome. You just do so much, I really like all of the penguin games thanks so much!!!!! Waddle On!!!!!!


You should make a game in the arcade where you have to dress a penguin in the right outfit.



WOW!!! A new puffle game? AWESOME!!! If I were to invent a game I would invent a game that you could play with a RAINBOW PUFFLE!!! The RAINBOW PUFFLE could the rainbow puffle could play a game that was on top of the ski mountain, this way when there is an event or celebration there would be a rainbow on top of the ski mountain to represent the RAINBOW PUFFLE!!!! The game that you would play with the RP puffle (RP stands for RAINBOW PUFFLE) would be about...maybe sliding down a rainbow on...idk...some kind of tube!!!!
Maybe like the one for Sled racing or Hydro hopper!!!!

Lulu Girl07:

Ok i would put neon lights on the wall and like have music in there and make it like the coffee shop in the music feastiveful last year but no the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New arcade game huh? Hmmmm i think the next arcade game should be a escape the pet shop game. That would be so COOL! You can chose a colour of puffle and help it escape the Pet Shop. Until the WADDLE ON CP!!!!


very cool i love that pic anyways i would make a game called gift helper and you would have clothes and put the on hooks before time runs out and the gift is for gift shop anways waddle on!!!!!!!!!!PLZ POST


Wow that looks awesome great idea!


I think you guys should put in skeeball because I think that would be a fun game for everyone! ROCK ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redy Frost:

If i would invent an arcade game, i would combine thin ice and astro-barrier.I would make a maze game like thin ice and something like astro barrier. I would call the game "Little puffle piper" I would make a maze and you have to pick up puffles and o'berries. And you play an instrument that will make puffles attracted and they will follow you but you have to feed them the o'berries from time to time so they don't leave you and they wont be hungry! There could be different mazes that get harder and harder after you complete another level. The object of the game is to collect all the puffles and get to the end of the maze marked by a glowing golden door! Maybe after you go in the golden door a little video will be played like a penguin in a high position awarding you with coins or a trophy. ETC

Well thats my idea! Thanks for listening! Waddle on CP!


I would make it awesome ,I would make it like an adventure game where you could bring your puffle to fight by your side .
Also, I would make the game taking place in CP island where you go to places like the forest or any other place in CP . I would want weapons like water balloons,hotsauce and snowball launchers and many other more.


:D aww... I'd LOVE to see my little blue puffle with a fishing hat on it's head. too cute.


I think that orange puffles should play pizzatron 3000 because they love food. Brown puffles should play Hydro Hopper because they can make gadgets that will make you go higher. I thinkred puffles should play card jitsu fire because there red and fires red. White puffles should play card jitsu because there favorite place is the dojo. Blue puffles should play ice fighing and they where a little hat to and so you will not miss any fish.


Hi! i cant wait til he update on the cp dance lounge. you guys are doing a lot of updates around Club Penguin, how exciting!
P.S. please add this comment ive never had one added before

Yours Truley,


i would invent a game where you are a puffle and had to dive in shark infested jelly to find a huge box of puffle os.pls post this i have never been posted!WADDLE ON CP!



If I were to invent a new arcade game, it would be called "Penguin Doctor." You could take care of famous penguins, like Rockhopper, G, or Aunt Arctic! You could also be a vet, taking care of your puffles and famous puffles, like Yarr and Aunt Arctic's puffles!
WADDLE ON CP!!!! Zippy


my idea is maybe we could add this game JUST FOR PUFFLES and we could add a food court if we dont want to play soooo excited for the new game. all i want is to make sure that the game come fast and that make sure that my comment comes in too.
well i just want to say WADDLE AND ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!


i would want to build an arcade game called Catch The Food and you don't have to use money to buy stuff and you get filled a lot but it is only for puffles because penguins eat stuff already like fish. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS Your puffles can't eat coffee beans or they'll run away but it's a fun game still because you the penguins give 1 each time you play. By:Hollywolly79 PS Post me on the posting because i have never ever been posted. Thanks


If I could make an arcade game, I would call it: The Puffle Heros! It would be about a bad puffle-bot that Herbert built and the puffles try to stop it from destroying everything. Then the puffles would team up and beat the puffle -bot and Herbert, and save Club Penguin forever!

P.S. please post I have never been posted before! :)


Dogs 6:

It would be puffle rushbush!You had to throw a o'berry at the puffles.But every level is harder and faster!It would be in the bush in the wild and it would be really cool


Everyone knows the old classic game Pac-Man so maybe there could be a game called Pac-Puffle. It would go with the whole retro theme we got going up in the dance lounge. Thanks!


I think you should make a game that has sled raceing mix with jet pack anveture

1 crazy bird:

The game that i would invent would be one that could help the society and the epf if you know what that is. not only would it help cp but it would give you medals. it would be a penguin running from clutsy. kinda like pacman. and then you get the epf gear and catch him.


This sounds great and like so much fun. I can't wait for this update. Waddle On Club Penguin!!!

minny 235:

it would be called ''rock climber''.you would be able to take your puffle with you on a climb up a mountain.also you would be able to pick a puffle that you have and play with it on the game.


my game would a puffle fashion. you could design a close for your puffle. and if its SOOOOOOOOOO good it could be used for the NEW feacher coming SOON!!!!!!!!!!
P.S- i learned about the new feacher on Disney Chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I Were To Invent A New Arcade Game.. It Would Be Called Snow Fighter! There Would Be One Person At A Team. The Teams Would Be Green, Blue, Red, And Yellow Team! Then There Would Be A Speed Scale! You Hold Down Your Mouse And Let Go When Your Speed Is Set. The Goal Is You Have To Throw A Snowball At The Other Teams Flag Or Penguin. You Can Also Move Your Flag A Lot. So It Would Not Have A Snowball Thrown At It. Whoever Wins, Gets 295 Coins!

wezzy 11499:

I think Club Penguin should make an all access game, meaning member or not you can play. no matter how many levels penguins who are not members can play every level. The game would be Boat Racing. where you race boats. You have to race other boats, you also have to avoid floating objects. Every time you win you get a boat section. Once you finish building the boat you can use it in the game next time you play. that is the game I think Club Penguin should make.


I would create a game that people could all join! It would be a hide and seek game! 3 people would have flash lights and 1 person would have to run around and not get caught for 30 seconds! That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Waddle On Cp!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S PLEASE POST THIS!!!!!! Ive never been posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!


i would probably make a game that contains the brown puffle, that u and a brown puffle be givven 10 peices and put it together to make a invention! THAT WOULD BE SOOOO COOLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Piplup Xox:

I have a great idea! I'm not sure what to call it but its going to be awesome!! Its a building game and your brown puffle can help. Its a little bit like a puzzle, you have to click and drag the peices of the object like a boat or a rocket or things we have seen in Clubpenguin before and place it where it goes and there sould be a shadow of the item your building,and also a time limit and the quicker you finish the more coins you get.there also is levels im not sure how many yet, but when you finish bulding the object you move onto the next level. I hope you like my idea!


it could be almost like you could play rock paer scissors with your white puffle


this is going to be awesome and i wonder what games there is going to be there waddle on cp

cutie girl87:

I think you should have a game called Puffle Racing it could kind of be like sled racing and all color puffles could play and there could be a catologe to make the puffles faster I think it would be REALLY FUN.


Regina M:

We should have a game to play with all puffles in a video game.It would be fun to have all puffles includede and not be left out.The game would be like having to walk all the puffles and not letting them escape.The distractions will be the things puffles like.In the game there will be stamps as any other game.Maybe there will be 12 in the game and the name of the game will be"Fetching Puffles". It would be a lot of fun if we had that game I think penguins will enjoye it as the puffles that will play.Then Puffles that are not included in games will always be included in games and will never be left out


We should have a game about puffles called puffle adventure.You can play as any puffle you own and the game is about collecting keys and puffo's it should have at least 20 levels and every 5 levels the layout changes such as from a forest to the mine then to the dojo and finally to the highest mountian on club penguin and you also get a lot of coins at the end but watch out for obstacles you start out with 3 lives and to get more you get a picture that has your puffle on it.Waddle on club penguin i also dont mind if you choose me or not im just hoping you get ideas from my idea and again waddle on forever!


AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to club penguin put a football game


Awesome i cant wait! GO CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landy 8:

I think the game I would ivent would be called "Lounge Dinertron 3000" and when a customer orders something you have to bring them what they want to eat! Until next time... Waddle on CP!!!


i think that there could be a game where you could play instument and earn points by hitting the right note! its like the dance contest but for music! ROCK AND WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


good ideas! what about yellow puffles? the new game?well thank you and akso when im on go to my candy land! waddle on!


If I had to choose a game it would be a hide and seek game!!!!!!! 3 people had flash lights and 1 person would be running around in the dark! He/she would have to run around for 1 minute without being caught! that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S please post this ive NEVER been posted!! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


it would be were your a puffle and you had to jump on clouds and eat the food to fuel up and it would be called FEED UP

hope you like,


i think that we could make a game called Puffle Pictures and you can bring a puffle to the game and you would have two pictures one would be correct and one would not be would find the incorect one and a new picture would show up and you would go on from there!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If i could make an arcade game for Club Penguin it would be Puffle O Madness! It would be like a version of Pac-Man. You are are a blue puffle that is really hungry and wants to eat all the yummy Puffle Os! You have to move around to eat the puffle Os. But watch out for the black puffles! If you touch them you'll lose one of your three lives! If you eat an O berry bush, it will turn the black puffles into puffle Os for a while! Eat all of the puffle Os to advance to the next level.

Mint Kitten:

Wow! If I was to make an a arcade game, it would Be a game with puffles. Maybe you would have to paint a puffle like what the picture shows. Maybe you whould have to shot puffles to the same color as a penguin( Yellow puffle to Yellow penguin). What would do?
Until then... Waddle on! :-)


i would make skee ball or a tower defense game or a game inspired by rockhopper


Mine would be called "O finder!" Basically you're a one of your puffles (if you don't have one then you're a blue puffle) and you're really hungry, so you have to find the puffle Os in each level. And for every type of puffle would have special powers. Like white puffles could freexe things, but the you'd have a special power bar, so you couldn't use your power all the time!


Well, i would make a game where you must find a hideing place in one minute or you will lose 10 points. if you find a hideing place you get 100 points. but if you find one but dont make it you get 50 points. it would be called hide and peak. you have twelve chances in each round. and you must put a coin in to play it. WADDLE ON CP ( please post has never been posted)


If I would invent a new arcade game it will be another game with multiplayers! Maybe it should be a game like pac-man! You would have to pick up coins in a maze and to watch out for puffles or else u will get distracted by their cuteness! Until Then.. WADDLE ON CP!!!


If I were to make up a game and tell you... then it would be called Design Your Own Clothes and it would give you a search bar for your favorite color, pattern, or even t-shirt dress, shoes...stuff like that. And if you are a member, and you quit the game, it would ask you: Would you like to keep your item or leave your item? The coins would be devided by hundreds. if you make 1 item, you would get 100 coins if you made 2 items you would 200 coins. Get it? I hope you like my idea! Waddle On! Maiyaa2003 (Please post this I've never been posted) And please make me the winner! And maybe the winners game could be made!


Well, if I invented an arcade game, I'd call it Penguin Rescue. It'd be kind of like Puffle Rescue, only u have to rescue other penguins!

mega kid:

I would invent a arcade game called puffle feeding where you press the arrow keys to feed the puffle. Then the puffles would be more far and then you have to throw it.finally there would be klutzy trying to steal the food.


I think my dream game would be a game that you can design your own puffle, and play with it. If you play with it a lot, you get to keep it. You could design it any way you want!


I have an amazing idea! All you have to do is try to find heberts hide out and soil his plan. Along the way you try to find all the puffles and in each level, herbert has a diferent hideout and a different plan! Any puffle can play! Hope you liked my idea! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Emma4322


card-jitsu puffle is my dream game where its like card-jitsu but new types like air/ice/ and rock but you can also learn karate moves waddle on billybo and all cp!!!!


I think there should be a game where you catch as many pizzas as you can and then you get to feed them to penguins and puffles WADDLE ON CP


If i had invented a arcade game i would invent one that had goggles and would show the future through the goggles then if you click a certain button the whole room would be a hologram of the future of that room. Waddle and or Rock on!-Beeker2000


WOW that looks SO COOL!


I think it should be a magic game so you could buy a wand in order to play and your penguin and puffles could learn magic like the key board
it would say press q! and you press the letter and cast a spell and earn coins!




I think puffles should be able to do all games cause the brown puffle should be able to play in ski hill with all the neet gadgets he invents

Club Ladybug:

Me, personally, would invent a super cool game that all the puffles can play. Like Puffle Round-Up! I always thought that I could invent a game that involves a favourite activity of each of the puffles! So, each stage (Example level 1) ther'd be a different puffle, let's say the pink puffle. I'd make a game that involves a trampoline, or a skipping rope. You would have to see how many times the pink puffle can jump over the skipping rope while the screen is moving forward and some obsticles are coming your way!
The black puffle, on level 2, would be on his skateboard. But, this time, the screen would keep moving faster on each level. But, at one point in the game on a certain level, you'd have to pick up a Puffle-O. (Maybe for extra points or an extra life) Truley, I think this game would be pretty fun!


I think the new game should be called Inventive Puffles which is where you help the brown puffles build a new invention and they'll give you instructions to build it!

Waddle on CP


AWESOME!!!!!! Billybob you give CP every it just needs. UNTIL THEN... WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


I would probally like a game that you can use all your puffles then the puffles are tiny and the orange puffle is big and your small puffles have to run from the orange puffle and if you get tagged that puffle gets big and then you can make it muiltiplayer :D


I think it should be puffle man like pac man just with puffles.


Well, I would probably make an arcade game for each puffle like for the oarnge puffle a game that involves sleeping, and for a white puffle an ice skating game,and a blue puffle maybe like a bouncy ball game, and for a brown puffle, the Astro barriers and for a black puffle the Thin Ice game. But for myself, It would probably involve some of the things I like to do like Art, singing, acting, dancing and playing instruments. Waddle on CP!


I would invent a game that everyone can play every level and every puffle could play. The game would kind of be like Puffle Launch different though.


I Think Its A Great Idea! because every puffel and owner should get bonnding time!


If there would be a new arcade game, I would want it to be a game like Tetris but the falling Tetris' were puffles and their colors.

P.S. Please post this because I have never had one of my comments get posted.


i think the white puffles should be able to play any game with there owners oh and i heard that there was a new accsessorie coming out.... hats i think blue should play puffle rescue to help save the other blue puffles. I think the orange puffles should get to play pizzatron 3000 because they could help you make the pizzas faster!!!!!!!!!!!


I think a great game would be called puffle drop,and you would have a net and puffles fall from the sky.That would be fun!


If i were going to invent a new game it would be...puffle paint it is a game where there will be a picture of a puffle and you have a sheet of paper with paint on the side and you have to paint the puffle that is on the picture and you can also bring your yellow puffle because it likes to paint and it can help you and get you more coins in the game.Until then waddle on CP!


I would make a game called Puffle Adventure and you could pick your colour puffle and go on huge adventure to save puffles taken by an evil intventor named Dr. Fishbottoms!!! There would probably be 30 levels with lots of weird inventions to stop you from completing the level. I'm sure i would be a lot of fun!!!!! I hope this will become a game someday!!!! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!! By Slashot87


i think that you guys should have a funny arcade game and you get active by shooting hoops that look like disco balls! WOW that would be really fun.


I like your idea @Yello Pengi8.But it would kinda be a good idea if we could put like all the games in one room.And we can call it the Arcade or the crazy game room.Then mabey you could make a pin for it.


i would make a game that is like all the games on cp combind and then it would be harder but funner and more adventure


If i got to choose a game it would be a game for the brown puffle!We would have a game where you buy parts and try to make inventions brown puffles could help you get parts faster!!! to earn parts you have to do stuff like fix electronics and such.It would be the perfect game for brown puffles and owners!!!!!!!!!


If i were to invent an arcade game it would be called puffle life where you would be able to be the puffle and do what puffles do an expierence having owners and fury coulorfull friends.. Waddle on Cp =D


if i could make an arcade game i would make a puffle game, it would be for brown puffles and it would be called gadget mayhem, you would have to make several gadgets and the brown puffle could give you blueprints to help you with the level, there would be 18 levels and each one gets more challenging, you people in club penguin could design the rest


I want there to be a shadow guy and gamma gal game. that would be awsome

super green5:

what if on club penguin you put on a helmat and then choose one game and play it with your penguin!!!!!!


If i was to make a new arcade game, i would probably make it like the classic, Pac-man! but instead, it could be a puffle getting puffle-os meanwhile little robots go after it to make it loose! i think this suggestion can really make the brown puffle happy since my puffle Brownie, he loves puffle Os so i think he will enjoy this alot!! Thanks for the question and i can't wait to see the new look of the dance lounge!! Waddle On Billybob!!


I think we sould make an arcad game were you have to make your puffels lunch.


I totally agree with yello pengi 8 . I think that if there were a game where the different puffles from different owners could play against each other. That could be totally cool!
WADDLE ON !!!!!!


This updated arcade seems really interesting, I can't wait to try out the new game!! PLEASE POST ME!!!!!!! I've never been posted :(
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!


i would invent a game were you have to help the black puffles lite on fire
you rock cp keep on rockin ;)
(never been posted)


i would make a game called puffle puzzles. you make different jigsaw puzzles by rotating them and moving them around and they get smaller and smaller as you go to harder levels
please choose this!!!! it took me forever
waddle on cp!!!

amy 644:

If i would be able to invent a new game this is what i would invent. The game should be for all puffles and members and nonmember. Its going to be called ''The adventures in your house...or not your house'' and you would have to go around this house and try and find all these clues to find someone,something anything! and only some puffles can do some different things some other puffles cant do but there will be something all of the puffles can do.

Yeller 583:

i would make a game called puffle ball!Its when you could play soccer with a pink puffle,play football with a black puffle and even play basket ball with your red puffles!See there the balls so you kick them,through them,& dribble them! Thats my game so...... WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


we should have a game at the stadium and we get to play a game of either hockey or soccer. Because there's nothing there besides a catalog so it would be fun to have somethingelse to do there. But can you make some games let non-members play too it would give myself and other players have more fun. THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! Waddle on!


If I could invent a new game for the new arcade, I would love to have a game where you have to control a puffle and collect O Berries! Then they start to appear behind you as you collect them creating an O Berry tail! There would also be some obstacles, such as not being able to run into your tail or walls. This would be my ultimate dream game!


my idea is that there are clouds in the sky and you can choose any puffle to be need you jump on the clouds and get as high as you can without falling off and if you land on a cloud wit ha rainbow on it then you go higher and if you land on a cloud with rain coming out then you go down and try to catch a cloud.

Olivia bat:

I think the arcade game should be a dancing game or a resturant game because there is 1 dancning game and I think there should be more.
I also think it would be fun to have a resturant game so penguins can make food and serve it to hungrey penguins!
Waddle on CP!


I think that we should have a game to shoot paintballs on to the targets. We could make there be bloks and you get more points the smaller the target is. If we make this game, yellow puffles could shoot too, and they could earn you extra points for the ones they get. This way we could make penguin happy with a new game, and we can make yellow puffles happy for an artistic game for them to play with their beloved owners.

Ben 10 Dude1:

Hello! I think the best arcade game would be this game where you ride in a little boat and try to shoot the buoys for extra points. You try to go through the sea trying to get to Rockhopper Island! But there's lots of obstacles like fish and seaweed. It could be called Rockhopper Adventure!


It would probably be... a game where you can COOK with puffles! that would be so awesome. Maybe we could cook it then it would add up to our puffle's food choice so that they could actually eat it! =D

- CupcakeQT3 (please post. i've never been posted!)


If were able to make a arcade i would make it so there are two rooms in one. One for only puffle games and one for normal penguins I think you should put more games!



I think my game would designing clothes. I think there should be a penguin clothes(Baseball caps, shirts, dresses, shoes, ect.) in the game and have a pattern on it. Then you color in the pattern the way you want it. Then you see your penguin and they have the clothes on while judges vote. each round you have to use a certain color for example, "A little blue." or "A lot of green." if you get enough point you go to then next round. Also boys may not like that game so for them you could do the same thing but with things like skateboards. For girls the judges could be maybe Aunt Arctic and Candace and for boys it could be G and Jetpack Guy. Please publish this, I've never got anything published.

Waddle on CP!

Girl pearl1:

My dream game would be...
Dream macker! It's a hard game to play.
You as penguin dreaming in dream. You are your puffles.Things the the penguin is dreaming will be thrown at you you will ever have to duck,jump,paint a brige or fizet the run then melt it. But this game is in levels.


I would make a puzzle game and you would have to try to make the jigsaw puzzle as fast as you can! the challenging part is you cant see what the finished puzzle looks like unless you have a brown puffle who can make a machine to see what the finished puzzle looks like!

Until then... Waddle on!



i would like that a game called robot duty its like you clean up robot parts like picking up trash but its robot parts and the brown puffle should play that too it can make up some really cool gadgets to clean up the robot parts and there can be like some stamps one for helping clean up boss bot parts and others cleaning up fast robot parts and others like a jet pack robot part. BUT UNTIL THEN WADDLE ON


maybe all the puffles can play all the games there is, kinda like puffle launch only all the games!

p.s. there should be a game called puffle race or something where the puffles race each other down the hills. after the penguins go down the puffles go down the same hills!!!


I think you should make a game where you drive the delivery truck from bean counters. To start up you use the arrow keys to navigate the truck collecting bean bags once you have enough bags you go and delivery them to the back of the coffee shop the more bags you get the more coins you will receive. This game should also have the same amount of levels as bean counters. To get all the bean bags you have to go to all the places on club penguin[ plaza, ski hill, etc].


If I were to invent a new arcade game, it would be called " aMAZING Treasure." What you would have to do is go through a maze with one of your puffles to find the treasure. it wouldn't be TOO easy, but it will be close up so you can't see where your destination is.
Waddle On Cp!


I think you should put a game out there that other penguins can verse you by a little quiz game and who ever wins gets 50 coins and the penguin who lost gets 20 coins for trying so every question desevers 10 coins.WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS


The games I would like to put for the arcade room will be drawing your own penguin. Also, I would put a game I would call it The Rainbow Shine. The point of that game is to draw the best rainbow fast as you can and you could compete with other pernguins.




Hmmmm..... this sounds very interesting. Why don't we make an all puffle game, like maybe it would feed your pet puffle! That game would be cool. We could make a game that actually keeps your pet healthy. It would feed your pet and you earn a bunch of coins. That sounds awsome. But in the game you have to actually feed your pet but it's fun. Now that is what I call AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Please post, I have never been posted before)

-Your friend Lexiepink4 P.S. Healthy puffles mean happy pets!

Princess Myl:

My game could be like Pac-Man but the penguin is the yellow guy and the ghosts could be Herbert or Klutsy and they are the bad guys and if they catch you you lose a life!(SECRET AGENTS ONLY!)


If I could create a new arcade game it would be like Pac-man, but instead, Puffle-man, The things that the puffles would eat would be Puffle O's. The little ghosts would be something the puffles are afraid of. Here's an example; Choose puffle color: Orange, Black, Blue, Red, Brown, White, Green, Purple, Yellow(the brown pufffle will make inventions to zap the ghosts away for 2 minutes.) There will be a store where you get inventions for the brown puffle to zap ghost away!


If I could make a game I would make a game where you have to build gadgets for Club Penguin and the brown puffle could help!!!!

P.S. Please post this I have never been posted before!!!!1


We should make a multiplayer puffle game called Puffle Racer! Puffle Racer would be a game EVERY PENGUIN wants to play! You can race against your buddies! I would also create a game called Dance Puffle! Where you can dance against your puffle! (Purple puffle only sorry!) But dont worry! Plenty more! I would create a game named Puffle Painter! Where You can win 299 Coins if you win against your buddy! First build a sculpture with your (yellow) puffle. But I will save the rest for other penguins! Until Next Time I Play,......... WADDLE ON CP! - Leucky425 Waddle On Puffle Fans!

Aqatic Green:

I would envent a game wear penguins could make there own clothes they could desighn,make then keep the clothes they made as long as the jugdes in the game liked it. And if the judges did not like it they could make something different. Also maybe there could be a game where you could make your own fruniter!!!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON CP..............BYE BYE


If I could invent any game it would be a game you could bring all your puffles and they tell you what mood they are in and if they are grumpy you play an extra special game where they race and carve snowballs and invent things and do everything they like. If they are happy you try to make them grumpy then happy again. To get them grumpy you do one thing for all of them. MAKE IT RAIN AND THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!!! Well thanks Billybob! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Halo 200:

I think we should have a game like pac man put we should control a puffle (pick a color) and the enemies could be crabs (since they are in Puffle Launch) and the upgrade would be a puffle O and it would be in a maze of trees. The level would change into different arrangments of trees.


i think it would be a game where the white puffle is in a place full of water and theres about 10 blocks of ice right in the middle of like 50 and when he moves he slides on two ices and you press space bar to breath ice but if you breath ice on top of ice then you move 4 spaces and each level it get more wider new designs and the white puffle even gets power ups
thanks or reading (waddle on cp)

Bell Rose33:

i think you should make a clothes designing game, so we can choose a hoodie, shirt, hat, or whatever and choose the color and a design. that way we can buy it or enter it to be in the next clothes catolgue. r8ck on Cp! ;)


why dont they make a pinball game that u have to use the puffles for the ball


I think the new game should be a new puffle themed one,cause the island is trying to be more puffle like all puffles are so cute and everyone loves them you could make alot of good games with puffles with them.

The Pointe:

I think you should do your own version of Pack-Man, and call it Puffle-O's, where you have to eat Puffle-O's and you play as your Puffle, avoiding Herbet P. Bear, the robots, Clutsy, etc. Waddle CP!


If i made a new invention as an arcade machine it would be called Ball Bouncer! you would have some balls and you have to keep them up in the air with a ping pong paddle until the time runs out! also there would be a monthly competition and who ever gets through the most levels wins 1000 coins! YOU ROCK CP!


Well, if I were to think of a new game, it will be a game called "Puffle Race"! You would play the game easy, medium or hard. Then, you would pick a puffle! Blue, pink, green,black, white,orange ,yellow,or brown. In the game you will get to play aginst other penguins! Once there is at least 4 players, your puffle will race, and you will controll it! There will be items like rocks, tubes and more things! Who ever wins, gets 100 coins! Other players will get 80 coins. If this was a new game, it would be a great game!


that is so cool. I can't wait. If I could invent a new arcade game it would be pinball. I would pick that because pinball is so much fun. You rock cp!


If I were to invent an Arcade game I would invent a game called Guitar Puffle!!
You would have to play with any puffle (just like puffle cannon) and there would be 5 buttons.Green
Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange!
There would be notes that come and every time that you click on a button your puffle comes
and hops on top of the button to set it off!!

Waddle on CP
You Rock!!


Well billybob, I think that a game that would be cool to play is a sailing game where you sail as rockhoppers crew and go find uncharted islands, and you find hidden gold and furniture and stuff. while getting stamps and promotions from rock hopper. and you might even get attacked by the craken. it would be so cool.


One new arcade game i think would be cool is Astro-ice I think it should be that because it's a mix between astro berrier and thin ice you could take a rocket and the rocket has to fly up on gaps when ice on the bottom dissapers.


I think there should be a arcade game called puzzle pieces and the brown puffle would paly the game with you!P.S i never got posted


if i could pick any kind of a game i would choose a fashion desigher game for the purple puffle insted of the dance compotishion


Even though we just had a new game i still cant wait for the new game.I wounder if club penguin is making the island updated into a new place?First the pet shop now the dance club.Ok is club penguin cool or what. ANYWAYS............................................... I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW DANCE CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I
Im going to tell my friends abut this. Till then IM JON10690 PEACE OUT


If I were to invent an Arcade game I would invent a game called Guitar Puffle!!
You would have to play with any puffle (just like puffle cannon) and there would be 5 buttons.Green
Red, Yellow, Blue, and Orange!
There would be notes that come and every time that you click on a button your puffle comes
and hops on top of the button to set it off!!

Waddle on CP
You Rock!!


the new game should be a connect the gears game and a brown puffle should give you hints when u play


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