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By Billybob on March 25, 2011 - 01:12
Hello Penguins! 

As you may remember, last week we asked what arcade game you would invent if you could. The team was really impressed by all your great suggestions! Here's a really unique one from A L I C E C

My dream arcade game would be called Food Shot. You would take your orange puffle with you to this game. The puffle would sit in the middle of a circle, surrounded by different foods. The puffle would shoot foods (wherever you guided it) onto the edge of the circle, making matches of three or more, until the level is clear. There would be second chances if you didn't clear the level. 

Excellent creative idea, A L I C E C! Now on to this week's Reviewed by You... 

Ever since the recent disasters in places like New Zealand and Japan, a lot of you have asked how you can get involved to help. There are many ways to help others in need, and giving money is only one of them. You can also give your time to help, too! So this week, we want to hear about a time that you and a friend worked together to help your community! 

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 

Until then... Waddle on! 

-Club Penguin Team



Awww, Club Penguin really cares we are such a good community!!!!!!!! :)


puffles rock


hey sup guys umm awesome i love puffles and the urange to waddle on!


One time me and my buddy picked up trash all day because people allways through trash well they very well pleased.They didnt relize they were harming the earth.Waddle on cp.


all people should help even if you want to go help the comunity you should do it in a group.the more people the better!waddle on cp!


I don't know how to describe it, but this is just so amazing! To see people really get involved with the problems in their community.
WADDLE ON!!!! ( Pretty PLEASE post)


Every year we have a children's day somewhere in our community. Children's day is for kids in Pre-K that get to walk around with their parents and find some great day cares or Pre-schools. Well this year we covered tables and posted signs for each business on the tables. We even help set up the indoor playground and a moonbounce.


Awh! What a nice thing to do, il'l remember that.


One time i helped my comunity was by starting a garden at me school.My friend lisa and asked our princepal if we could start a garden.Luckily he said YES!it was so exciting.My friend and i were so Happy!


Once me and my friend went to my uncles house and sold lemonade to help the orphans in Africa. Every hundred dollars could send an orphan to school for a year. We both made a hundred dollars and "adopted" a little girl. It was also so much fun selling lemonade






I really love japan and i think its a great country! I really feel bad that the had that earthquake and shortly after a tsunami. If it were up to me they would have a habitat for humanity so everyone could at least have shelter. Most things there were destroyed and it makes some people sad that are fortuneit enough to live in North America were the largest earthquake was only 2 seconds long.

Sincerily, drawsome77


I Would build A Playground Up At The Park At My House And Build Lost of Royal Childrnes Hospitils And Make Books And Food For Free To Help the poor People In The City(please post im begging you)



I went to Haiti after the earthquake with my friends and for 3 weeks we helped people, kept them company and if they needed 2 leave we would watch their children. When we first got there we made sure people stayed away from the ground so they didn't fall in, what 3 weeks they were!


One of my BFF's and I are making these special different color ducktape bracelets that would represent the need of Japan. All of the money we'll raise will go to Japan. I hope this will help Japan. Waddle on CP and Japan! Get well soon!


Hey Cp! A time me and my friend were raising money for the food bank of Deleware and we were Suporting it!!

Bye Cp!


We donate a buch of money to the salvation army.I hope you too!

bunnie boy 3:

hey there! i love helping the community and i did alot of things to help it,but one of the things i love doing is picking up trash around my local park also if people want me to clean there yard buy picking up trash i would love to! i feel really great helping out my community


Everyone can make a difference in various ways! Recently last year, my grandma was suffering from stroke. Since my grandma knows no english, I had to help translate! Let's not forget Coins for Change! My friends and I donated more than 100,000 coins!


i think helping is a great thing it can be a way to make new friends and help pepole

please post

(never been posted)


Well, one time my brother and my mom and I were selling lemonade and were donating it all to a cancer charity. Some people didn't even buy the lemonade. They just gave us the money!! I felt great after it. It was awesome!

Yours truly,


Hey guys! Well for the last 3 years my friend and I have been starting fundraisers at our school for the local SPCA! We love helping the animals out because not to many people remember about the animals. Last year we did a poster contest and a food drive for them!I can't wait to see what we do this year! Waddle on!


I give all of my respect to japan for what happend there.


My dream game would be,Mine Rescue you would have your black puffle with you on one side you would walk down the mine cave with your black puffle.Your puffle would have a flashlight on its head and you would have agent goggles on! you would have to track down missing puffles. You Would Have A Mini Map With You Too so if there were a pink puffle near by you on the mini map there would be a pink dot BUT the puffles will be running! away from you! so if you collected all the puffles the round would be clear.


Im Gonna start donating money to japan or i can start my own stand and collect money and send it to japan! We could help out just like we did with Hati Maybe we should give them a new school too will clubpenguin pictures on the walls so they can know that we tried to help them out in some small or big way! My penguins name is pony12

Dr Digdig:

Me and my friend help are community by recycling everyday,actually the whole school does! At my school we have bins for cans and plastics. We also have a bin for Capri Sun`s. All are classrooms have recycling bins for paper,too.Thank you all at my school for helping out!And thanks to everyone else who helped there communitys!
Dr Digdig

P.S. Waddle on with those creative ideas!


Very nice waddle on cp


One time I donated money to Haiti for there earthquake.


Me and my friends one time went out and helped pick up trash around the community. We thought they would like that we picked up trash. We were not just helping the community but saving the earth! I think there should be a game on cp about helping the planet for earth day.




cool i like


one time me and my cousin helped our comunity by cleaning up around us and asking peaple to throw out thier trash instead of littering

fashion pup2:




I would take time to go and help clean up the rubbish that the tsunami and the 8.9 earthquake did. I will ask my friends what they would do to help japan. I would do it everyday for five weeks. Our scool is doing a fundraiser to send socks to japan.

Until then,
Waddle On:(

Cp Girl 2008:

My friends family and mine know this elderly couple who really need help, but the government (even though they say that they'll help) won't. So we go over and clean their house (which is always pretty gross up until the moment we leave), for the wife.


me and my friend [lilybitsy] have been getting people to stop all the bad language and bulllying and alll my friends are helping


I have so many friends and i did different things with all of them.Me and my friends help the animals because animals are important to our commiunity.We help our commiunity by picking up garbage or helping old people to carry heavy things.
Waddle on CP!


i have an idea on how we can help japan is we can donate club penguin coins called coins for japan like we do for coins for change but a diffrent name

Agent Smith:

One time in Hydro Hopper, a buoy hit my buddy on the boat and knocked him off. When he thought he would never be rescued, I got his flipper and we got back to the Dock and brought him to the Ski Lodge with a blanket and some hot choclate.


i think Food Shot this is a great game! I've realized that the coffee shop is invisible for April fools and when you enter and then leave the coffee shop you end up in the iceberg! remember hearts for japan! WADDLE ON!
From natty679


My best community helping was picking dirt off the ground and helping old people walk across the street.

Lil Barbie4:

My friend and I one day went to a community park before we saw alot of trash so we went home to get supplies then came back then we cleaned up it took about maybe 6 hours then we took the trash to Recycling Center.I think it was a summer day maybe a Sunday.
That was my day I help the community it was very fun!!!!

Until then...Waddle on! P.S please put this comment on please please.


My best friend and I like to help our community by picking up trash near a highway that I happen to live by. I know that it is an original idea but my friend and I have limited resources to use around us, so we help any way we can, and cleaning up the highway is pretty much all we can do. Thanks for reading. i'm a first commenter! Go CP!!!!!!!!


Well.... at my school we had a Bake Sale for Japan!! We Raised soo much money for Japan!!
Were sending the money to a charity that helps Japans Resources and Helps With Building and Shelter!!
I Love to help Out Our and The World's Community!! Also, Its Great That Penguins Are forming groups That Are Like... "Tubas For Japan!!" And "Hearts For Japan!!" and "Tip The Berg For Japan!!"


When I heard about the devistation in Japan and how it was the worlds's most terrible diasters I knew that I wanted to help I have raised alot of money!! Waddle on and donate Club Penguin!!


The time me and my friend helped the commity was when we went to the commiunity garden. So then we asked if we could plant flowers and veggies for our community ? so then we waited for an answer and then said YES !!! So then the next week we went down there and we planted different kinds of veggies like green beans and egg plants and then for flowers like roses, twolipps, and ect. then we came home and we panted flowers in our own frount yard and in the back yard. Then the next week we both got letters from our community saying that all our food got donated to chaity it was soo exciting !!! so that was the time when we planted veggies and folowers for our community !


One time, me and my friend helped the community by giving our time to the soup kitchen! We served food to homeless people, and to the poor. We also donated money for a charity! Not only that, but me and my friend provided our time by planting veggies and picking up unwanted trash off the streets...It feels good because you know even though you did something little, you just made a big difference in the community..maybe even bigger, the world!


One day, my scout friends and I went out to pick up trash. I enjoyed it a lot because it felt good to help my community.


well me my twin sister and my friend were selling books to help raise money for the pakistan flood and we earned about 100 rupees!!!!!

rupees:are Pakistani money

we had a blast

waddle on clubpenenguin


My friend helped the community by creating African animal drawing and selling them to help out the kids in Africa.

Mario 4d:

Well, at our school, they set up a program for Japan. There was a bag at our school, and it was for the kids to put money in it to give to Japan. So me and my friend put $5 in the bag to give to Japan. Most kids just put coins. But we wanted to help big to put more money than we needed to. And that's how me and my friend helped Japan.

Waddle On CP!!


one time for school a boy named noel and me did a thing in gym called hoops for hart. you raise money to help people with a hole in their hart so we did basketball for like 3 hours.

waddle on cp!!!!

(p.s. please put this one on.)


At my school, we have a club. We call it the wildcat club. We help our enviorment by picking up trash around the school playground. Soon we're gonna plant some flowers. sometimes we even celebrate all our good work! I just joined to support i enviorment. I want to let everyone know that one little enviorment problem you solve can make a huge diffrence. Waddle on CP!


One time my friends and I thoght our neighborhood could have just one day when everyone in that neighborhood could get to know one an other. I told everyone in the neighborhood that today was Neighbor Day. Neighbor Day was the time everyone in the neighborhood went to each others houses and gave some kind of treat away, kinda like Valentines Day. So that was how I helped my community.


When my friend and I worked together we made a huge sucsess. We saved up money to go to the rain forests. But it took an amazing 2 years and still going to make money. The little animals do need our help to save thier lives. Without us the animals would be defenseless. Did you know around 30 football fields are chopped down everyday! Thats when my friend and I made a difference in the community and the world.

Vanna Pink:

My friend and I went to the park one day and we assumed that nobody really took the time to make the place look spiffy. So we came back the next day with all our cleaning tools, along with a few other helpers and got to work! By noon, the whole park looked like it had been through the "Lawn Wash". LOL! :) Overall, I think helping the community makes me feel all mushy inside... But in a good way! ;)


i would go to the beaches try to raise some money and send all of it to the needy.also i would mostly play out side and turn all the power off and plant a tree , and do a run walk to raise money for all the needy.


I used to be in Girl Scouts, and me and my friends always went around the neighborhood, collecting trash. It was really fun! I also gather some of my friends, and we collect bottles and cans, and we donate the money that we earn, to poor countries.

Waddle on, CP!!!


when me and my friend helped the community we went to the pond and found a bunch
of trash and we cleaned up the whole pond! it was so much fun and we a least did that
for an hour and we were so proud of our selfs! we have been doing that for a long time by now.
so every time you see a peice of trash pick it up and your saving something.


A time a friend and I helped out the comuinity was when we voulenteered at the local animal shelter. It was really fun and it made me think of all the penguins at the puffle shop! There was all sorts of animals and all different colors like puffles! It felt great to help out the community! Waddle on CP!!!!!!


I help out around my community by going around to all the garbage cans in my neborhood, and finding pop bottles and stuff to take to the recycling plant instead of it getting thrown away. I'll get money for it, too, that's acually how i pay for my membership!


I have this girl on my street who is really nice! She goes to my school! But the bad thing is she has cancer. :( Me and my friend donated the most money out of the whole school just to help her! together me and my friend gave over $50!!! The girl got the money and it helped her pay for everything! Me and my friend felt so good that next time we are going to double that!


Well,a couple years ago while i was at school,me and a couple of my friends went outside during recess and instead of playing, we went out on to the field with bags and picked up all the trash we saw on the ground! We found cookie wrappers,chip bags,and gum wrappers! We all felt really proud of our selves and we got a prize afterwards!


My class at school and I have a project compassion box that we put money into. At the end of easter we give it to the poor. Sometimes we bring food to school for our teacher to give to the poor. For an lent activity we get a box and put things in it that we don't need anymore.
thank-you for your cooperaition
waddle on CP


One day, my school had a fundraiser for this place for homeless men. It was newly open so they didn't have any blankets or anything so we brought in blankets, pillows, anything like that. People even bought quilt sets and sheet sets! When the car left to take it all to the place we were amazed it all fitted because there was so much stuff and the car was so small.


hi my friend went down to the foodbank last week and we did it to raise and get food for th epeople in japan and we hope that it will rub off on other people every where!!!


During the past month me and my class had "Pennies for Patients". "Pennies for Patients" is when we donate extra change to "Make change and beat Cancer." So me and my friend went out to get donations, saw some trash,and started to pick it up. Then a great idea came to my mind. I could collect the recyclables, trade it in for trash, then donate the change to "Pennies for Patients."


One time. Me and my Best Friend went to the park and planted a tree and picked up all the garbage. Our park is alot cleaner now and they even started having baseball games there, Since they have baseball games more Kids go to the park so we can make new friends!


my friend and I help by having a lemond stand. we thought since its the beging of spring why not have one? we had one for two days and made 300 dollars. we donated it to our school and then we had engough to get a new playground. It was an awsome feeling. Everyone thanked us.thats the time we my friend and I did something to help our commity.



one way me and my friend helped our community is when we started an eco club at school.On the last day of each month, we would go down to a local stream, pond,or river and pick up litter! Another time is when we began composting our lunch scraps at school!

(please post i have never been posted!)

(50 words!)

Username: Ptyw8


Hi Billy Bob! Me and my friend are working everyday to help save people all around the world. We have donated a lot of money, and we are donating more each day. We recycle trash and make art projects so it wont end up in the ocean. We hope that everybody in Club Penguin will donate and try to fix our world. Thanks!

Waddle On!
Macy427 :)

Friend's Penguin Name: Calsnowflake :)


My friend and I voulnteered at a local no-kill animal shelter and helped care for the animals. It was lots of fun, and we even got to wash puppies! We keep going back to help more and more, and we see new dogs and cats every time. Just by giving the dogs a daily walk, or playing with cats, we helped our community's stray animals find a better home.

Gno 2000:

The last time me and my friend helped our community was when i was on vacation. we were camping and we saw the bag of garbge. we didnt know what to do so we picked it up and took it to my dad. he said great job! we had helped our community by doing that. when we found out it was helping our community,we took the garbge bag and looked for more garbge. thats how me and my friend helped our community.


My friend and i walked to school everyday last year, and we would pick up papers along the way. this would help the community becuase it keeps the town cleaner and happier for everyone :) also by walking, it helps the environment clean because less petrol is being used from our mums cars! now we take a school bus because were in highschool.


For the Christchurch Earthquake, me and some other students from my school wrote letters to one of the schools in Christchurch. Every little bit can make a difference!

Waddle on Club Penguin!


Me and my friends have always worked so hard to help the community. For example 1 time we help our school with garbage duty! Garbage duty is when us kids go around the school picking up garbage, to keep our school clean. And another time one of my friends came up with an idea to help our school be more clean. Her Idea was to start putting up recycling bins outside! Happily, her idea worked! And now us kids can put our juice boxes in there when were finished with it. :) And thats how me and my friends help keep our community clean.

Waddle on Cp!!!


So once me and my freind were thinking about how some kids don't get the treament and stuff we do cause they are at the hospital taking needles or having operation. So we made a sign saying lemonade and cookies. We added some prices and pictures and taped it to a big table. On the table was lemonade and cookies and some change. And at the end we earned about $15-25. And we donated it to a certain company. And best of all we do it each summer even though we are a bit too old now.


Well my school had a food drive and we ended up filling up these huge crates with a lot of food about 1,000 pounds of food. They thanked us and they payed our school. Also we had another food drive in my nieghborhood I think we got to collect a lot of food. I couldn't go because I had soccer. But we need to share because we can really go and buy our own food whenever some people can't so we need to share all the food there is plenty to go around!!


The time my friend and I worked together to help our community
was when there was a lost puppy and we worked together to bring the puppy back to its home.


Well me and my friend donated the most pennies in our class. As you know my school is trying to raise $1000 to give it to American cross which they will give to Japan! So thank you for listening to me!


My cubscout troop helped put on a bingo night at the local old soldier's home.


Well, just recently, my girl scout troupe painted trash cans around our school so people would clean up litter more. We helped even more when our troupe leader said that we were going to be in the paper to help out the entire city to clean up litter! I'm very proud of what me and my friends did, and I bet everyone loves the new and improved garbage cans! :)


I remember this so good! I remember it because, once I was bored with my friends, and we decided to play on the beach. We ended up cleaning the beach, because we were just playing in the start. Now we clean up the beach every week, The whole ENTIRE beach!!

mz mangoz:

me and my family are gonna participate in Earth hour. we wont turn on any electricity for the night. we will use candles and our fireplace and go with some of our friends to roast marshmallows. after all, not using electricity can really help!!


One time my friend and I really wanted to help the community. We asked our parents for ideas and they said, "Why don't you walk around the neighbourhood and pick up rubbish." We did as they said and the streets looked WAY CLEANER!!! We were really proud of ourselves and I got to sleep over at my friends house as a reward!! Remember, one little scrap on the ground picked up means A LOT!!




ya i agree with yall i feel so bad 4 japan and i want2 help them as much as possible. SO club penguin, lets do what we can to help them! WADDLE ON u r amazing :D:D:D


Last week Ihad a lomon ade stand to help japan.It was a big success I rased $200,000 for japan. I had fun helping japan.I will do it again over the summer. I will do it for $40,000 for japan.


my friends and i have been for the past 7 or 8 months been cleaning up the garbage around the simon fraser river. it feels really good.
(p.s also if i get chosen, if you dont mind, could you donate money to japan instead? they got hit by an after shock today and 100's are still missing. it would mean alot cause i dont care about coins. i care about lives.)
waddle on.
~~~~~~~<3 you japan


I helped Japan by donate my money from my allowance


Well,a few weeks ago my school had a food drive and i asked if i could bring food and i ended up bringing 10 bags of food then they counted the food and we had 100 bags of food and they gave it all to people that did not have the money to buy food. (please post this i have never been posted) 64 words!




at our school our principal helped raise $1000 for the PCYC

Liam Fitz67:

My community once did not recycle but me and my brother (Fitz107) started a Recycle Plant. So instead of throwing we away recyclable things away you could recycle it. First we talked to the mayor and convinced him to start a recycle plant. It took almost a year to do it but it all paid off in the end. We made the earth cleaner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My family and friends will come to my place and sleep over outside in the yard and not use electricityfor two days and clean the city.I never thought I could help the envierment and make a difference to the earth. :)




In my school we're making paper cranes for Japan! They go to this company and then the company gives one piece of clothing for one crane to a child that's been effected by the tsunami and earthquake. Waddle on CP! :)

Rockstarvamp and Flamester123:

Me andFlamster123 had a bake sale to doonate for japan! SAVE JAPAN!


i love japan

S guy:

Some times there is damige acrossed the world and for every one in Japan because of the tsunomi and earthquake. please will you pray for Japan and any one that is in need all over the world. please help those in need. every one try your best to help Japan. My family would like to give a donation to the red cross for people in Japan.We hope others will too!


At my scool we had a fundraiser. It helped Japan ALOT. Also, Club Penguin should have the next coins for change to help Japan. I remember the Chilli eartquake and I thaught nothing like that could happen again... But i was WAY off. In Japan it was the 5th most powerfull earthquake recorded. Also to save power, my family are going to use electricity very rarely on earth day. And right now this computer is the only thing on in my house! (The heater too) Back to Japan now... the nuclear plant has been fixed *I think* Anyways Japan needs all the help it can get. And I'm proud to be part of the U.S.A and Club Penguin so i can help make a diffrence. Club Penguin is not only a place for fun, but in the past years it has proved to be a big diffrence maker to the world! Who ever has a Club Penguin acount, hold your head high and be proud of yourself. You people are the best and most caring people I ever met on the internet. You are a part of somthing big, proud, and, important.

- Waddle On Club Penguin


well when i come to think of it. when i was in 2nd grade and my friend celeste lawson she was getting bulled and my friend and i worked together and we talked it out with her but she could not handle it so we asked for help and the person that we asked to help us was are teacher and ever since them she has never benn bulled ever sence.waddle on


Can we have a big Japan fundaser at club penguin that you can donate coins for Japan and everyone wears red during the fundrasor? It would be fun and could really help Japan. I think this would be good for our communty. Also during the party we should have a iglo contest with Japan
tipe funture. It would be awsome!!!!! We could really save Japan in whats it going though. Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Loty78
p.s PLEASE POST THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Me and my best friend organized and ran a marketplace sale at our school. We had things like, lollie lei's, cake, raffles, we even had hot waffles! It went really well and we raised $2270.50 for the Christchurch earthquake victims! :) It was so fun as well as productive!


me and my friend had a lemonade sale ( we also has bubblegum ) and we raised over $40! we were so glad that we gave all the money to Hati during the earthquake


Well,my school had a food drive and got lots of food and gave it to Japan.We also gave towels to japan.


To me time is when you help others . Then it is also when you speend qulity time with family and frends. then when u give to the kneedy for exampie if u have cloths that dont fit u, or stuff that u dont use and gather it up and seaprate them.Then put them in seprat bags or gabarge bags by what they are.Then u can give them to the kneedy,poor,or the people in japan,or u can do what my church is doing. they are getting rice bowles and when somone finds money they put in the rice bowl,but for the other kids out there when u find change laying around the house make shoure you ask a parent or guardian if u can put it in the rice bowle.Then that is my idea for u club penguin fans and have fun and a good day


Well, me and some friends made somthing called the Dance team. Its a group who helps Cadence, and dances for stuff. When Japan flooded, we were all dancing for Japan and spending money on good stuff to go to charity. If you buy igloos, you will rock on with charity! We all wore red and white, and all smiling. The dance team is very popular, so we need to dance for THIS thing! The dance team is still on, so instead of red, Green is the mean!


im saving money for japan at school we earned a lot!!!!

97531 Nick:

I'am turning red for the entire year to help japan and I am telling my friends to turn red to.


Some people in my class including me are in this club that my teacher thought we should do because in our book island of the blue dolphins it said about animals being extinct and stuff. So the club is called 911 animal protecters and we have different endangered animals that we collect moeny for.We are doing tigers right now and we have posters in our classroom about saveing tigers.We made a box and we only have a couple dollars so far.We did a skit in front of our class and it was about not hunting tigers and we really are trying to help these tigers because there are only 5000 left on earth so tigers need our help to be not extint! So do all of the other animals. So many people hunt and kill them its just sooooooo sad!!! Please try to encourage other people to save tigers!! Until then waddle on cp!!!


With our guides we are going to do a fun run/walk for japan this will last for a couple of hours and after everyone has done it we will then have a BBQ. I am trying to get sponsers right now. I think it will be lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a great chance to do something for japan. If the guides didn't do this then i would probaly not do anything to help japan.


I help people around my community by helping them take out the garbage.


dont you think we should make a diffrince


i like to help the community. i help people in need.i helped a penguin called mariojack905 he likes helping the community aswell

flip flop 40k:

ye i like the idea of helping japan

keep smiling

from flip flop40k


When i heared about the horrible earthquake in japan that caused a sunammi i burst into tears. I want to do somthing for japan but i dont have enough time. Im so bussy with cheerleading, dance, school, gymnastics, band, catechisim, and church. i have no time for anything anymore. plus i have to do extra good in shcool so that after middle school and highschool i can go to a good collage. IM SO SORRY TO JAPAN I WISH I COULD HELP U




How about something like an adventure game? We could put some mazes and tricky obstacles! And penguins would have to ask other penguins in the game for help! All the rest is up to you!!!!!


my friend and i wanted to skip our whole recess and lunch recess to clean up l


Me and my friends are going to the younger kids at my school and teaching them to recycle.

Christmas 4:

me and my friend helped at our old school with discos a couple of times


one day at school we went outside for recess and i saw that it was a mess! i told my friends that we should help the enviroment. they all agreed so we asked the teacher and she said yes. we helped clean up and pick up garbage. it felt good to help the community.


How me and my friends help the earth is Im in girl scouts and we are working on safe the earth bage so we make window cleaner and stuff out of stuff!


My family and i try to collect as much money as possible to help japan and we go to the park and clean up the garbage we make it really fun and also my friends and i walk dogs from our block to earn money. Every little bit helps! so we walk them play with them and take them to the park and we are to trying to plant more trees even make a community garden and hope to get more money for Japan im sure everything will get better over there.. WADDLE ON CP


i walk and ride to school aswel asgrowing a garden


At my school we are making oragomie birds for Japan and we have alot of them. Then we are ''changing'' them it to mony and giving the mony to them. So far we have over $120.


i like to help peaple so i want to help japan&new zealand so if you help others on your website or you can donate puffles money items and things that can help or no worries letters and give them free 10000 coins if they make a acount and give each one a beyblade if they pass a test


I am in a girl scout troop and we we to collect can food, afterwords we make a cook book with ideas on how to cook and combine food useualy satored at a food pantry. Now over 1000 people have used it and said that it helped with their picky eaters!


Why can't we donate coins to Japan like we did to Haiti? WADDLE ON! :DDDDDDDDDD


Well every friday I go to the animal santery with my nanny and I give food to the animals that have 2 or 3 legs or are blind or deaf or only have 1 eye.


Kudos! What a neat way of thiinkng about it.


my street had a fundraising day and that was a huge success because we raised almost £1500.
at school we baked cakes and i made a chocolate chip brownie and when people tasted it, they fell in love with the brownies.
i am aiming to raise £8000. wish me luck CP!
waddle on CP!



I would give ANYTHING to help our world, especially Japan! I'm currently in grade school and I invented something called the Science Club. It really has nothing to do with science. We mainly think of ways to help our environment! Something we thought of was to hold a sale (bake sale, toy sale, etc.) and with the money you raise you use it to buy recycle bins, recycled paper, etc. It would really help if EVERYONE did this just to save our environment. I myself am all about saving our world. I want to make it a better place and it helps me move past my current phobia, death. It sure is helping! By the way, mz mangoz had a GREAT idea to join Earth hour. I know I'm joining! Pray for Japan, they need it. Thank you so much! Waddle on!


i think it was so good


Me and my sister are putting on a charity ride all the money will go to helping Japan we hope it will be a hit.




i hope your all good now


Hey, that's cool! I think it makes us all feel good when we do something that helps the earth:)


My neghibor was selling cookies to raise money for japan.i think that is awsome


This is about the Earth Day, everytime a walk home from school I pick up junk such as candy wrappers, plastic bottles and alot more.

Waddle on and Save the Earth Clubpenguin!!!!!!!!!!!!


I always celebrate earth day while everyone goes to church for easter sunday. One time my mom was driving me to school and i found an eagle with a brocken leg. I told my mom to stop and she did. She let me have it. Today April 19 2011 I let the eagle set free while the wing was healed. Once in a while my eagle comes to my house.

black 1950:


monkey de funky jr.:

I think they need the money because they have not done anything wrong and this is a chance for them to start a new life but unfortualey without their loved ones. To help out my family and I will save electricity. At my school we did a fundraiser for Japan and we raised 8'000 dollars.


once bubbles4301 and i wag1stig were going to cross a road and we saw a old lady and a man they couldnt cross the road with all that shoping so we decided to help them we helped by carring the shoping for them till we got to their house.


p.s please post thi i have never been posted before thank you!


Is there going to be a Earth day catalog?


i cant wait for the earth day party tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s the new costtumes are cute


I cannot wait until earth day!!!!!! I hope that people everywhere will pick up trash and respect our planet for once.


i pick up garbage and dont use up electricity

Double A2001:

This Easter, I have been asking many penguins what are they going to do to help the enviorment, and endangered animals.While I was asking penguins, I had a great idea! I thought maybe I could ask my mom & dad if I could turn off all the ligths, and I even had them put candles in the bathroom instead of using light! We did this for two whole weeks!

Thanks from Double A2001, And waddle on ClubPenguin!! :D


well at school we did a bake sale for red nose day and lots of my friends was there.
one of my friends counted all thr money and we rasied over £400.00 pounds
well what i know is that we rasierd lots of money!


nice i love eaarth day :]


I Think It's Very Cool That Club penguin Is Helping Out Japan I Wish We Could Like Do A Coins For Change For Japan.


I love the room!

crazy rhino:

i was playing field ops and when a was playing it it was the one when you have to beat herbet and it kept puting me outside so then i had to start again i did the feild op like ten times but it wont let me finish it peace out club penguin

Snowy 1st:

after the disaster around Haiti our school held a hat for Haiti day!!!

we raised over £50!!!


im getting out of school on thursday me and my friends cant wait to have fun and do sleepovers!


our school had a red and black day for chch and everyone had to bring money for the community of chch and we had a bake sale there were lots of cup cakes usually for $5.00

Arg Penguin:

Hello Penguins and Team
I had a drive for an earthquick in japan but I dont remember wat we donated maybe in the next disater we could bring in Coins For Change
Until then...
Arg Penguin




I think a way to save places that are in danger is charity, holding up signs to say that please help and please give money to charity, set up a sponsor run, or my favourite.....Coins for Change! I really like Coins for Change because I love giving my coins away to people who need them. Me and my friend used to always play music because we can both play a guitar and we got TONS of money and we sent it away to save pandas in the wild. WADDLE ON CP!! ;)


Well, at school we have a day when we turn off all the lights and have a long moment of silence. We do that to save electricity and to wish that our earth is protected and that nothing bad happens.

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