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By Billybob on March 4, 2011 - 20:02

Hello Penguins!

Thanks for all the great jokes last week! The team loved reading all your different pet jokes. Here's one we liked from Gibbygirl1:

Q.What's a brown puffle's favorite food?

A.Nuts and bolts!

Good one, Gibbygirl1!

For this week's Reviewed By You, we want to give you a sneak peek of the new Pet Shop! We want to hear what you think before it launches next week. What do you like best about it? Let us know in the comments!


We'll publish one of your comments (50 - 75 words) in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



It's FABULOUS!! I LOVE IT!!! It's so new and club penguin! I just love it ! I LOVE ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH PUFFLES!!! I'm a puffle freak! Any ya I LOVE IT!! :D


It is awesome I love it and my favourite puffle is drum roll please purple puffle woooo

Go purple!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):);)


I love purple too! Go green! I mean go orange! Im getting all mixed up! Go purple!


Ya go purple

Bryleigh jr:

I love purple to so...I think I'll go for...umm...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...ummmm...ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...oh I forgot,oh yeah purple.


cool i love them too I like white because there shy and small like me.But I have 1black puffle from a membership and 20 puffles that are rainbow.PUFFLES ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya I puffles.PUFFLE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Puffle power


I like the pink one,because she's energetic and pampered.I really wanna be a popular penguin,in the next week/month or year!

Hot cocoa:

My puffles are cute, fun, awesome, amazing, wonderful, and every good word to describe it. By the way, the puffle shop is awesome. Actually, it's super truper awesome that every time I go on club penguin, I'm going there!

Thrill boy:

I miss my cute puffers so I'm wishing you will let me buy my puffers ok!i need artistic and cole back


Me too anything that has to do with puffles I am in but not really i do not have a member ship but anyway this is great




ahhhhh i miss my pufffle they r so cute

Gracey Tower :

I love it but one thing I think is new puffles and more things to bye and do


I find that the puffle room is great because you can do quizzes and it is like a disco room. There will definitely be more people coming to visit the awesome puffles. Anyways, i hope it stays that way or it becomes EVEN MORE cool.


You know what would be cool!?a puffle hotel where you cold let your puffles stay for a day. the workers could earn money by feeding them and taking care of them!waddle on!

cutepie teal:

well u gave them a good idea and cp used it


I am so excited! club penguin just keeps getting better and better! I cant wait for the new pet shop. GO PUFFLES !


I know right! Puffles rock!


Yeah!!!!! I just know there IS a Puffle Hotel in Club Penguin! AND a Puffle PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I want the puffle pet shop to come out!!!


So cool! The puffles will LOVE it!




lol billybob love the new pet shop it the bestest!all we need is the new game to lanch!


This is more than the old Pet(Puffle) Shop!
Waddle On


its awsome ive already bought everything is there gona be a puffle
igloo cataloge too? by the way u should make a black puffle
bed and pet house

1x m0n3y x1:

I think it's pretty cool. I like the design made it so awseome


Wow the puffle shop looks awesome! I wish i could see the rest of it right now!!!!!!!!! It is so creative so artsy! How can you think of such a creative design to rock up that place?! That place will surely look FUNTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (mostly good for the puffles) It will look awesome, be awesome and and and and SO COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya later and have a good time there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(please post this)



there is two things I would like to tell you,first I would like to tell you I LOVE the new petshop,second for some reson when I try to go in to the petshop and by a pufle it wont even bring up the cadaloge. But oh well I wil kep my hopes up that u read or someone does sooo waddel on :-)


WOW!!!!!!! I LOVE THE PUFFLE CLOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it!!!! It is so colorful!! I love the test to find your perfect puffle!!! It was very helpful!!! Out of all the times I have been on club penguin the day I first saw the new pet shop I fell in love with it!! It is AMAZING!!!!!


Hey Billybob, oh my gosh that new pet shop idea is amazing!!!! How did you come up with that? wait I know why its because you are awsome! I love puffles on club penguin I have 2 cause I am not a memmber so I can only have 2. All the puffles in the pet shop diserve somthing new cause some of them have to be in their for a very long time! They will all be so happy for a new shop! I can so tell all the detail you have put into it you worked really hard! Its so colourful and you have so much creativity please Billybob do not stop enventing cause you are such a great inventor for clubpenguin so keep inventing.

love always kitkatlady98 and
her puffles Fire and Blueberry!


OMG i love the new pet shop :) u did a very good job billybob! after all the years i have been on club penguin i think this is by far the best!! CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS! IM JEALOUS OF ALL THE PUFFLES!!!!!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR FINE WORK :D


awsome stuff if only i could get on clubpenguin is not working:(


LOVING IT!!! I love all of it. Its soooooooooo awesome. I think you should change the Gift Shop back to a wig cataloge and a clothes Magazine! But still i love the petstore

ice cream99:

IT IS SO AWESOME! I think everyone will LOVE IT! Even the puffles,i bet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry Rock1:

the whole thing looks awesome but the only yhing i dont like is that its almost always full waddle on

Blake Blizz:

My fave thing avout the new pet shop is the puffle clock. sooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also love the new rug and the transparent tubes


Cp it looks awsome i cant wait to bring all of my puffles to it there probaly going to like the cozy matt the most because i know my puffles like to sleep. There gonna want to also want to come a lot cause the orange puffle clock looks like the orange puffle is eating a cookie and they love cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


whoa, man. the pet shop after the renovation is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think the puffles think so to {:)}{:)}{:)}{:)}


my puffles are going to love it the puffle matt i am going to by the most puffles ever because it looks so cool and so my puffles will love it and want to be there the whole time i am online so i am going to make a rule for my puffles that each one can only be there for ten minutes a day and they all have to be in my igloo together for ten minutes


I love the new petshop!!!!




i love it!!!!!!!it will be amazing having a new store you can tellwhich puffle is for you but i odnt stop buying puffles i love them and thinking there gonna have a new place its wonderfuli hopewe can buy morepuffles someday


Wow! puffle month is like the greatest idea EVER! And updating the pet sop is also another good idea! Club penguin is like the most creative game ever! Waddle on club penguin! :D


That is soooo cool!!!!!
I can't wait until the new pet shop is launched!!!!!!

Love your puffles and Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Zhossa


i think it would be amazing if this would happen i would play clubpenguin all day when it is finished and plus i love club penguin because i can express myself


The shop is awesome. I like whitch puffle is good for you. I think it was a great choice to re-do the pet shop!!!

Rose 44221:

i love the brand new pet shop its soooo amazing i want to go on club penguin again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm sure if I were a puffle I WOULD LOVE being IN THAT pet shop! I looks, what's the word~ epic? Yes, epic, I'm looking forward to it! GO PUFFLES PET SHOP!!!!!!!!!


it looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait 'till it comes out!!


Wow! This new pet shop looks amazing!!! I especially like the puffle clock! I hope there will be new games to go along with it! It might be fun if u made a different game for each puffle! Whatever you are going to make happen with this "new pet shop", I cannot wait! I'm sure it will be amazing!!!! Waddle on Club Penguin.


Mia Rocks7:

I love the new pet shop it is so cool. love: Mia Rocks 7


I LOVE IT!!! But I would like it if Club Penguin would create a DARK BLUE and GREY puffle. Those colors are VERY important. THX!!!


i hope i turns out as great as it looks!! that is such a great idea!!!!!


Dear Wonderful and amazing Billybob,

I think that the new pet shop looks amazing! It has everything a puffle owner could dream of! When the new pet shop comes out I am going to bring my puffles to it every time I get online.I give two thumbs up to who ever made this TOTALLY AWESOME PET SHOP.! I JUST CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


its wonderful! the puffles are going to have so much fun in the pet shop. thanks for the sneak peak!

Stepho Jello:

Omg I Love The New Pet Shop :D!

It's Aw-E-Some :D!

I Also Love Puffles :D!




Wow! It's great! I love how we can interact with the puffles more and the place is bigger, more open! Plus, I think it encourges penguins to adopt more puffles! Waddle on, CP!


Oh my gosh! It looks so cool!
~Green :3


Hi! I think the new Puffle Shop is an extraordinary new feature on my favorite website-Club Penguin. I think that your website is the best on the whole web. I have one question though, what are the tubes for? That confuses me. Maybe they are for importing new puffles! Or maybe they are for feeding the puffles Puffle-O's or bringing them water. One more thing, I can't wait until the next Puffle Festival. You should do them more often. Well, thanks so much for ALL of you efforts to entertain us. You guys ROCK!


i think this pet shop is so superlycoolular if that isnt a word it means the best!!!!!! i love it. i wonder what that thing is thats coming out on march 15. my black puffle ashton is super excited and so are my 17 other puffles. i love taking them for walks there. i hope even more fun things are coming out. keep on thinking club penguin you guys are AWESOME.


the pet shop looks AWESOME! keep up the GREAT work club penguin team!



I love the new pet shop.It's wicked cool.I hope you change something else too! I love the test that shows you your inner puffle. That was a great idea! I can't wait to see what comes up next!


I absolutely positively love everything about the pet shop its butiful but its a shame I can't buy and take good care of a wonderful puffle because now you have to be a member but it's ok thats not going to get me down I can still take care of my wonderful red and blue puffles puff and puffy:)


dear billybob i love the pet shop it looks amzing its now my favoite place to go

from jazzij1


I LOVE THE NEW PET SHOP!! I couldnt of imagined it any better! I hope it never changes!


WOW ITS AWSOME!!i love the puffle quiz!i ended getting the purple puffle .And its true !because my favorite color is purple (please post this)


I think the new pet shop is so awesome! To me it feels more of a pet shop than it did before because it's so cozy, perfect for the puffles. What would've made it better was if the puffle printed on the rug, would look more real to the actual puffle. I also think everyone in CP should own a puffle becasue they are fun to watch and play with! THE NEW PET SHOP RULES! IT'S BETTER THAN THE LAST!


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man finally a new pet shop LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i think the puffle shop is so awesome


whats that thing thats in construction in the corner?


i think it is awsome , awsome, totaly amazing


I think the new pet shop is such an awesome thing! I CANT WAIT!!! It's going to be so cool! is the brown puffle going to be availiable to people that aren't Clubpenguin members? Please post this Billybob because i have never ever been posted before. Waddle On CP
your fellow penguin, Baily.


That looks awesome! Puffles and penguins will enjoy it more that ever! I'm nto saying I don't like the old pet shop, it's just that it's been there for so long, and those puffles deserve a special change to their new home. It looks fun, cute, and the rug looks adorable!



i love clubpenguin


Hi I love the new pet shop design for a ton of reasons.The orange puffle clock in the corner is awesome I took the which puffle are you quiz and I got yellow puffle.I think I'm kind of like the yellow puffle because I love to color and draw and do things like that.Club Penguin is my favorite website.Thanks for all you have done.(Please post this I have never been posted)


This is nice and so cool i wonder if it will have lots and lots of stuff for the puffles. Will this have new items to.Can it be bigger.


I love the new pet shop! It is a great add to clubpenguin!


i cant wait i bet more puffles and toys awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i cant wait


that new puffle shop is so cool

weeble wob27:

Dear Billybob,

I love the new pet shop! I got my brown puffle, Goggles, and his eyes turned to goggles once he saw the pet shop! He and I both think that the new puffle game looks fun, but we cant be sure until we play it! until then, waddle on CP; and puffles too!!!!


hey what's up CP penguins!!! it's me Shalyn2000 again and i am going to tell u that the new pet shop is AWESOME!!!!!! there is so much to look at and there so much to BUY!!! i think that its awesome but other penguins dont think its a big deal but its a HUGE deal the pet shop hasn't changed since 2005!!!! thats a big deal!!!!!!! so happy waddling around and seeing new sites!!!! read my other comments like i always say Shalyn2000 is out PEACE!!!!! :) :) :)


I don't think it could be any better!! I will still kinda miss the old Pet Shop, but this is WAY better!! My puffles are gonna be so happy when it is done.


Oh Clubpenguin you are the BEST! I always wondered what was going to happen next and now this is it and not only a new Puffle Shop but new features for your puffle!?! WOW! I am ALWAYS AMAZED with your work.Oh and by the way the Haunting of the Viking Opera is awesome! I like being the ghost and start glowing.Everyone comes and stares.Your awesome

Your Biggest Fan
Penguin Name:Mipsid1


This is soooo cool i cant even think its the coolest thing that u put up a puffle quiz!!!



I love what the new style of the shop it's like brilliant , love the way how they changed the furniture catolog, love the puffle quiz, great idea. The way that when it was still getting re-renovated, it was getting along, but as soon as I had seen it when I got online I was amazed at what I had seen! LOVE IT!


Wow, that looks so cool! I bet the puffles will love it! So will all the penguins in CP. :D I just love the carpet, tubes, and things you can buy and put in your igloo! I can't wait to see it on CP!


I love the new puffle features and stuff
and the pet shop looks great and everything
pet related is awesome...ILOVECP!


i like the orange puffle clock!!!!!!!!!!


i like the new game that is comeing out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey! omg that thing is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys should update every room as cool as that! waddle on!


i love is so cute. the tubes are the looks like fun.i actualy like all of the the things in club penguin.sorry i am not a good speller.but my point is i love it.i cant wait tell i can go through those awsome tubes.i think it should be there for a is wickedly awsome.i mostly like the carpet with a huge puffl on did you make it so cool?by!
your coolest fan,


Can our PUFFLES meet other puffles.


dear billybob i think its awesome that the pet shop has been changed its looks awesome !!!!!! i love clubpenguin soooooooooo much

cheeky cat55:

hi i am cheeky cat55 i love club penguin it is a game where you can make friends and play games and make house i love all that stuff that makes it so good to play and i am looking forweerd to the NEW PUFFLE STORE yessss!!!!
so i hope i get chosen and again club penguin ROCKS!!!


puffles are too cute! thanks cb


it looks so cool way better than the original. i like the tubes for puffles and the giant puffle rug


i like it


well this time the creativity has really worked. it seems that the puffles are in an enjoyable mood with their upcoming new petshop.
the penguins too are busy trying out the Questions for a new relatively puffle. Looking forward to a brand new petshop.The items are fantastic....or outstanding.
Till then Waddle Onnn...
Keep up the good work cp



Hi club penguin.

Great job team


wow! i love the pet shop! because when i last walked in yesterday i just stared at it ( much better than the old pet shop. well i love them both)
because there is a puffle quiz and I LOVE the furnature oh my god its soo cool two of my puffles love the pizza and the rest love the puffle o's... strange. Great job CP best computer game ever! - Christina340 P.S. please post this because i have never posted one before. Thanx


i love the new pet shop


The design of the new pet shop sounds great! I can't wait till I get to see the puffles in action! It's fantastic to see a new change for our puffles,especially after the Puffle party!

Can't wait


I just LOVED the way it looks all bright and colourful and I cant wait to see it!

Please post this as I have never been posted


It is a safer place for the puffles to live in and a nicer place because the puffles can't see everything old every day.


WOW the new pet is soooo COOL i love the tube and puffle mat. i wonder what the new puffle game is going to be mabey the brown puffles is building it brown puffles are my fave puffle is it your fave puffle. the new pet shop is FANTACTIC


Wow! I think my puffle might like to come and visit because it looks like a huge fun place to be for both penguins and puffles.The only question I have is,will puffles be playing around the shop or will they just be in one spot?Will there be new puffle toys,beds,or houses? Just One more question will the outside of the store look different than before? Until next time waddle on!

Swimin Champ:

O..M..G.. it looks AMAZING. I can't wait to get in and get exploring. I know my blue and red puffles will love it!!!

Pink Rose 09:

Thankyou so much for changing that puffle shop it is so updated right now i love it as soon as my friend told me that it changed I zoomed straight to the puffle shop and i bought all the food i can and then i ran out of coins so i played tons of games and earnt coins but then it was late so i looked after my puffle and then went to bed!! BYE! Waddle On cp


That puffle clock is AWSOME !!!!!!! CP WADDLE ON


Heya, I ABSOULOUTLY love Club Penguin!!!! I go on it every day! I have about....(counts).....I have about 10 puffles, maybe more! I love the new pet shop I could stay there all day!!!!!


P.S. When is the new catalogue coming out for the ice rink? its still on January!


now this is what i call cool!!! oh yea and the quiz, its a great idea!!!!! they said the yellow puffle suites me! and they r right!!! thnx for everything you gave us!! i just wish there was a real cp!!!!!! you ROCK!!!


i love that its so awsome it looks so high tech please oh please put me on ive never got put on thankyou


Hi BillyBob I am so happy about the new puffle shop it looks amazing and my puffles really like it too.I took the quiz and I got the green puffle.
Now I am saving up my coins for buying more puffles.Thank you so much for the new puffle shop!


I like how you can take the puffle test before you adopt a puffle


Hi! The new puffle shop is great! I took the puffle test and got...A BLUE PUFFLE! Blue is my favorite color too! I think this is awesome! The new food and the new gear for the puffle is so cool.


i luv the pet shop


very nice


Wow,in a good way its wicked!!! I love the new pet shop so much!!! I think I like the tubes and the new way to feed and play with your puffles! I agree that it is alot more fun than just clicking on your puffles and click the feed or walk or sleep button, I very much like this way better.P.S clubpenguin if i get posted AWSOME!! because I have never got posted befor:( Plz post me:) P.P.S I LOVE CLUBPENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WADDLE ON PPL or I should say (Penguins!)


Hi i think CP is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!
I think the pet shop is going to be awsome!!!!!!!
I hope we can buy new food.
I even told my 21 friends to get on and they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agent Shaan1:

that is the best pet shop ive ever seen in the hole wide world! ots puffle paridise


I love the new puffle shop! I like how you expanded it because before I thought it was small!
I especially like the puffle quiz. I'm a purple puffle!
Keep rock'n CP!




I think th new pet shop is awsome and the catalog in style


the new pet shop look awesome! Even the shape of the shop is round! Its just so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

King cool228:

This pet shop is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! i love the new pufffle feature to when u click on ur puffle. Its really cool how you can take a quiz, now i know which puffle is right for me. This is amazing! Waddle on club penguin ;D


I love the petshop! It's so colorful and it looks alot more playful now. My favorite part is the huge puffle rug because it kinda reminds me of how cute puffles are. I also noticed the tubes running through the floor to the machine. I wonder what those are for? Maybe for a game where you shoot food to the puffles!


Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new pet shop its really cool! cant wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!


my favorite part is the quiz!!!

mumble 20280:

Hi billybob, i love the new pet shop i think its new look is very creative and brightens up everyones day!
i absolutley love the new quiz aswell and i wait to see what the cannon in the corner is on the 15th march i dont have a favorite part as i love it all. i also like the thing what happens when you click on your puffle i think its very good andd i had to mention the adoption certificate i think its great!


oh i can not wait ahhh so coool cp is the BEST ive been waiting for ages cp rocks wel well well we will just have to wait and see wait it looks like who knows well any way i can not stop saying cp rocks club penguin is the best website on the web waddle on cp !!!


i love the new puffle shop soooo much!! last night i had a dream that G (gary) invented it
lol. i <3 the yellow puffle because i <3 singing as much as it i also <3 the orange puffles smile its soo funny i luved threr box dimenshon the new puffle shop is my fave place 2 go is it yours? bye!!!!! FROM LILA57909 p..s .... luv well all of it even the test


I HEART it xxxxxxxxxx


Ilove the new pet shop!! I think it awsome that there are so many colours and there are decorations for each puffle !!!!!!!!!!

waddle on CP!!!!!!



I think the new pet shop is so awesome and when i took the puffle quiz i found out i was most like the blue puffle since it is my favorite color.

Waddle on CP : - )


I love the tube! It looks so fun! I have so many puffles that are going to love coming by the pet shop on a walk. I love puffles!!


wow its amazing


cool cp i love bring more out


I really really love the new pet shop its sick (in a good way) I love the test to see witch puffle you can own I'm hoping to get a pink puffle so it can play Aqua Grabber with me or a green one so it can play the music with me. Back to the pet shop and as I said its AWESOME! Bye!

ice dance5:

wow i think its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


looks great!!!!!!


Wow! I just checked out the New Pet Shop.... OhMiGod i never thought it would be this amazing! Well done guys, Waddle On CP !!!!


the new pet shop rocks billybob and cp waddle on


I just got a new puffel

banker 4:

I looked in the pet shop and i said to myself . what is that canon there for? and then i said i know its the new puffle lanch game.


I think that Club Penguin should come out with a rainbow puffle! And I think the pet shop is cool!


hey billybob i love the new petshop its so cool and i love clubpenguin its so fun. your freined gizzie10


Hello Billybob! I'm looking forward to the new pet shop alot can't wait to see what its like it looks awesome!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!


Dear Billybob
Wow! I Think The New Petshop Looks Brilliant!
Now The Puffles Will Have A Lovely place Be Cared For In A Happy Enviroment !
I Must Head Down To The Pet Shop To Buy My Brown Puffle Some Tasty Carrots!
Me And My Puffle Think The New Pet Shop Is Wonderful And That CP Did A Very Good Job

Waddle On My Penguin Freinds !

From Snowy8132 And Chocolate the Brown Puffle !


i love the new petshop! i wish you could get puffles in real life! i can't wait to see what else is to come! waddle on cp! you rock.

Lulu Gr8:

Heyy i love the new petshop its sooooooo cool !!!!! i love the idea of the quiz to help pick a puffle bye x


The puffle shop is so cool
Its so lively and you cant take your eyes
off the screen.
I love the puffle quiz but is a bit icky where it asks your fave
colour .
Cant wait for the new puffle game.
untill then waddle on CP
You are the best !!!!




WOW - that looks SOOOO cool!!!!!!! Waddle on, CP!


It looks great.I like the clocks.


I think alot more Brilliant things are going to happen to the pet shop and everything else in the future WADDLE ON TO THE MAX PENGUINS

From clikie

Katra 7:

Hi Club Penguin Team!!
I just wanned to say thank you for ranovating the pet shop!
I like all of the new pet shop!I'am amazed!
I know cute puffles are amazed too!!!
Puffles can now relax in their new comfortable soft beds.

Stay as cool as you are Club Penguin Team!!!

Katra 7


Super cool!!the puffle shop looks GRRREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the new pufflle shop is COOL!!!!!!!!!! WADLLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the new pet shop its so much nicer than the last one.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE .........LOOOVVVEEE the new puffle shop and wo ever made it is my new role model !!!!!!!!!! PEASE OUT AND WADDLE ON MY WADALING FRIENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow the new pet shop is so cool i cant wait for the new puffle game to come out
btw is puffle round up still going to be in te pet shop when the new game comes out
because its my fav game


I LOVE the new petshop it is just totaly awsame.I did the puffle quiz and i am expert in blue puffels plus blue favourite colour.


i think the new pet shop is sooooo cool i cant wait till the new game puffle launch comes out p.s please post ive never had anything posted


I cant risist going to the pet shop every day & I can't wait till that machine starts working.


i love the new pet shop it is awsome!!

Ds Freak55:

This pet shop is WAY much more better than the old one.


Hi I'm Bluestarxx and I absoloutely loooooooveee the new pet shop interior its fabulous and wacky!I cant WAIT until it is finished!!!!EEEEKKK!

P.S. I hope you post this message because I really want to be known by the BRILLIANT club penguin founders.Thankyouuuuxxx

Ds Freak55:

This pet shop is WAY much more better than the old one.


I like the big puffle house the quiz house thing

Greedy Pingu:

Wow I cant wait until its for real im just so excited! Thanks for all the hard work you did to make club penguin an amazing place!


I cant believe theres more its already so great.I cant wait for next week its great for a change, i m not saying club penguin isnt great or anything its just good for a change once in a while.GO CLUB PENGUIN YOU RULE!!!!


i love the new pet shop it is amazing! cant wait to go to it next week!


heyy!!!! omg the pet shop looks amazing! i cant wait to start working there again! and the puffles will have more fun in the petshop now as they wait for a great loving home:)!i cant wait to adopt another puffle and get more awsome puffle furniture for my puffles to make them more confortable at home:) also i cant wait to try out the new features for the puffles! im sure they will be more happy with more different kinds of food! the puffle shop for me shows the true talent and the team work clubpenguin can be and it makes me feel happy and greatfull to be apart of clubpenguin where we all feel like family:)


omg its ahh-mazinqq(: i love it its perfect and honestly, i love it even mor then the opld one and i cant wait till the new game comes outttt!!:D


oh my gosh i love the way you have redone the puffle shop, you should totally redo alot of the diffrent rooms and make then cool to!

Waddle On!<3

Lil obi:

Wow I am very exited about the new pet shop! I can already see a new modled pet shop in club penguin. I can now play with all my friends and their puffles. I bet it will be a lot of fun! It will be a blast when I see all the puffles playing around in different places I also love puffles too I cant wait to go in amd see all the new things.

Pinkquin 7:

Love it! I think my puffles will love it!!!!! Please post this!!!!!! Waddle on CP!!!!!!!


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The new pet shop look is great! its the best one so far. I like the quiz what you can do to see what puffle suits you the best!
I have 2 puffles already and I am hoping to get more money for another one.The new furniture,toys and food is great too!!!The puffles much love there new home they look so much happier now.It looks so cosy for the puffles.The new is cuter and more colourful it really caught my eye!Once again the new petshop looks great and its the best one ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the new pet shop because it looks like a human pet shop which is normally bright and colourful and very attracting which is what they have done now and it looks so creative and lovely and beautiful the old one was good but now it has been given a lease of life. More penguins spend most of their time now in the new pet shop than in the old one

Waddle on cp

Diana k1:

I L-O-V-E the new pet shop it is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I can't wait until the 15 when the tub opens up

P.S please please post this i have never had anything posted before please



My entry is too late, so sorry, but the new pet shop design has already been launched. Anyway, I JUST LOVE IT. IT IS AWESOME! I hope to play the new game when it is launched. I can tell it'll be great! By the way, the puffle quiz loads a bit slowly so can you fix it?


I THINK THE NEW PETSHOPS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like it coz its cool anf funky!! i like the new puffle catalog (not the one where ya buy puffles) coz you can buy pizza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I like the puffle quiz!


A W E S O M E !!!!!!!

cant wait till nex week i bet the tubes are for puffles to run about in like hamster tubes.


i just want the puffles to be for everyone

little corny:

i think the new pet shop looks awesome! I really like the new catalogs and the new game that will be coming out. Club Penguin keeps getting better and better. Waddle on cp!!


this is awsome that there are reviews and that we get carrots and pizza my orange puffle loves it and i think that you guys have good ideas


i LOVE club penguin its the BEST!!!!
i LOVE the pet shop its sooooooooooooooooo cool i love club penguin and i really LOVE the pet shop the best part is tht u can c which puffle is for you!!!!

Peace out homeie g!!!!


Whats up Club Penguin?! I just love the new Pet Shop, i think its a GREAT idea to remodel it! It looks cute, cool, and it's really WICKED! XD I mean it in a cool way! :) Keep up the good work CP!

Waddle On Club Penguin!
Your #1 Fan!


Cool billybob I love the new pet-shop upgrade. My favorite part is all the cool decorations and the big puffle carpet!


I LOVE the new pet shop I think it's the cutest place of club peguin IT'S THE BEST PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD


oh my lord the shop is AWESOME. i like the puffle rug and the tunnels but please put in a brown puffle because they are my favorite


i like the orange puffle clock its really cool. I hope that comes out in the next igloo catalogue
plus i like all of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!!!


The new Pet Shop... absolutely LOVE it! The design is great and it's definantly a place where somebody would want to adopt their puffle. It's a huge step-up and everybody should be crowding around, just you wait!

First Ef:

Hey guys! I love the new pet shop! The puffles will be happy and excited about it. I love the orange puffle clock, the blue puffle rug,and the tube. It looks so organized and advanced, too! I have two questions, though. Is the tube for the puffle game? And will the exterior look any different? WADDLE ON, CP!
-First Ef


Awsome the pet shop is so cool!!


that pet shop looks so cool i wonder if my puffles will like it to but all i rilly know is that the new pet shop is rilly cool thats what i think about the new pet shop


i love the new puffle room. it is tots (totally) cool!


Hi billybob,i love the tubes in the pet shop.Do the puffles go up the tubes?Anyway the pet shop is sick.It's alsome!I love the disign.And i like the part with the quiz that u find the right puffle for u.well got to go.see ya




wow the newpet shop is realy cool!but what is the tunnel for ? whats the new game about? i cant wait to find out all this cool stuff about the new pet shop.i think you guys did a good job with the pet shop.i like the adophtain house. thanks for building a new pet shop bily bob.but until then waddle on cp!!! ps happy st. pattys day hope you find a leprechaun in club penguin!! Wadle on cp again!! - dora4424

Pink Sparcle:

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!! Yay that cannon thing came out i'm so excited! Im going to try it right now!!!!! yay thx cp


i love the puffle pic on the floor


Wow! I Really Like The New petshop! Its Better Than I Thought It Would Be! This Is awesome! Everyone's Gonna Be There Because When The New Agent Room (EPF) Came Out Everyone Was So Excited To Go There! But Anyways I Like How There's Gonna Be This HUGE Rug In The Puffle Room I Can't Wait Until The Rest Of It Comes Out! I Wonder Whats In That Cave! Well Hope Ya See Ya Soon On CP! Bye!


Wow! I really love the new pet shop! I hope it doesn't change! Also, the new puffle features are cool! Even my puffles love it!!!!
Until then--Waddle on CP!!!!


i used to HATE feeding my puffle! but now i can have fum doing it!!!
thanks CP! you rock!
from ur friend/black puffle lover!


Hey i love the new puffle shop it is beast (which means good)


WOW... looks awesome i like all of the decorations and such CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE REST!!!!!!

waddle on-cp ;)


I think that the pet shop has been needing a makover for a loooong time, and it looks totally amazing! I thik it looks really colorful and playful, a really pet-friendly environment! It looks astounding and I absoloutely love it!


I really like the new pet shop. People have always wanted a new building. The quiz was a REALLY good idea! The place looks so high tech you can tell the brown puffle made the blueprints! I also can't wait for the puffle launch game. The puffle that was most like me is the black.Okay thats really it. so waddle on cp.

;] = guy winking


I TOTALLY LUV the new pet shop! I luv how non-members (like me) can buy the food and toys and stuff like that from the pet shop!

It is totally wicked and sick (wicked sick)!



the nu pet shop is awsom


cool,ive been wating for this for a long time!


I think it looks really cool. It's nice to have change once in a while. I think this change is a good one. :)


WOW!!! The pet shop is AMAZING!!! It's definetly a lot better than the new one with the quiz and the new puffle furniture.


i will miss the old pet shop but i am so iglooited GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think I like the store cause it has that orange puffle clock. It looks cute. And I like the way you designed the mat. Very impressive. Also I like the way you guys put the puffle condo.


Thats great! It feels great to play Clubpeguin, knowing our puffles our cared for! My puffles , Maci, Soleil, Alli, and my brown one send there thanks!!


Wow! The pet shop looks amazing! My favorite part of the pet shop is the tubes. They make it look so much cooler! I wonder what they are for?


Dear CP, The new pet shop was a great addition to CP,I especially love the puffles attitudes and how the say no when u give them toys the dont like but wouldn't it be good just to see a puffle play with a different toy for once, i was wondering how do you know if your puffles gonna leave you because they dont really tell you when there tired or sleepy anymore but apart from that CP is getting better as the years go on, I wonder if there will be other hidden places like the Dojo was hidden in the snow. CP is awesome ROCK ON CP!!


WOW! This is so cool I love it. I love the part that you can take a quiz on the puffles so you can see which puffle is right for you. When I took the quiz i got the Black Puffle it suites me best. I love the color its so cute. It is bigger then the one last time. I love the setup. WOW! Ilove the change. I LOVE IT.


I absolutely LOVE the new petshop! It's so cute, and I love the new things that have been added to the catalog! And I got a new puffle, just because of the puffle quiz! Loooove it!!

Best Angel 2:

whoa, so cool! can we buy that clock? Can't wait for it to open!


wow it is so cool i love it so very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much i am so glad yall could change it! :)


Hiya! Man when I log on to and went to my igloo to feed my puffle's I thought I did something wrong! Then it showed my puffle and other stuff like the picture you let everyone see how they will look when you click on your puffle. Oh and I LOVE PUFFLE'S!!! They rock and I love the orange one cuz how it plays it's soo fuuny! Even when I take a walk with him, and click "D" on the keyboard to dance, it has this little hula hoop and she hula hoop! I love clubpenguin sooooooooo much! Oh and on this month gift shop catolog I was skemming and I found some clothes and shoes in different places!Thank you soo much I'll always come here for now on BYE!!
-Your friend Lily2172


WOW the new pet shop is awsome rock on cp


so cool look much beter


i like to see the rest of the puffle shop so we can party!


cannot wait to see the new pet shop


The pet shop is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have at least 10 puffles. Thanks for EVRYTHING!

See 2010:

it's cool i'm just glad thars a new catulog:)=D


Before there were pictures and one of them had a red puffle and i guessed it was a new game and I was right!
Please post this it has never bean posted
Waddle On CP!


i love the new petshop, it looks so cool cant wait for my puffle andi
my puffles name is cookie and cutie pie


wow i love the new look of the new pet shop!! cannot wait until next week (when new pet shop opens.) it looks awsome if it stays like that forever. what are the tubes i wonder... so many puffles in the picturecannot wait to see them. puffle launch sounds like such a fun game so does the new puffle food.


Dear BillyBob,
That is awesome, no it is amazing that there is a makeover to the pet shop. It is full of wonder and mystery! It is full of mystery because you don’t know what coming next. First, now we have a quiz to find the perfect puffle for us, and now there is a surprise coming March 15! I can’t wait to see what happens next! I’m so excited!



i love the new pet shop its so cool


That is so, CUTE! <3
Please never change the way you have it! But I still treasure the memory of the old Pet Shop... *sigh*
P.S. I've never got mine posted. So if you post it, THANKS!!!!


The new puffle shop is gonna look so cool! It's way awesome.


OMG! that ney puffle shop TOTTALLY ROCKS


WOW! Cp the pet shop is awesome taking the quiz and that!Nice job with that, my friends hate cp but i like it. I will support you guys for YEARS to come! The puffle i like is the black puffle! Me and the black puffles are a perfict match cause we both like skateboarding! If you get this comment I would be happy. cause you wont probley get this comment but I love cp! All the new events that come such as the "Puffle party, fantasy party, and much more waddle on cp!


I love the new pet shop!!!! I also like the puffle test so you know which puffle you're most like ( I'm most like the blue puffle). I wonder what the tubes are for???? Hmmmm i don't know but i can't wait to find out! My puffles love the pizza and Puffle O's!!!

Waddle On CP!!

Beatle Fan 2:

I love the new puffle shop! I love the new puffle quiz!!!! I got my new yellow puffle from the quiz. I cant wait for the new puffle game!
Waddle On CP!!!!


Thank you cp for customizing the pet shop.I like the giant puffle house carpit and entrance.The food in the catolog and toys. My black even smiled whenever I gave him hot sauce.I can't wait till the cannon is ready on march 15.Until then waddle on!signed Logan19


I think the puffle pet shop looks great! I LOVE PUFFLES!

Ev2000 (this is my penguin name):

I love it Billybob!! Before the pet shop was okay but now it looks so much more fun! It will be nice for something new in CP. It will be so much fun walking through the pet shop to play Puffle Roundup! After, I probably will stay a few minutes too! I will definitely bring my puffles.



Billybob, the best thing I like about the pet shop is the puffle quiz! Thanks to that, I got the puffle that was most like me! Now thats just one of my favorites about the pet shop! I LOVE everything about the new pet shop! Until my next comment, waddle on computer!

woodstock 01:

WOW the puffle shop is so cool!!!!!! i dont see how cp could improve anymore!!!!!!!! waddle on penguins!!!!!!


i looooove it! its so cool! i love club penguin for all the unexpected new additions! i love club penguin better than any game or anything for that matter! i love all the cool minigames and most of all... THE PUFFLES!!! they are sooo cute! i would love to work for club penguin and make it a safe place for fun and friends!!!


WOW! I love the new pet shop!!!! Its WAY better than our old pet shop!!!!!!! i have one question though... whats the long tube for? Is it for the new puffle game? Anyway i took the quiz and it turns out the black puffle is perfect for me...(uhhh.. is that a good thing?) Love everything they did with the pet shop! :)

Ta ta!!! ;p


i think that new game is going to be big time.


hey bilie-bob i love the new pet shop it is wonderful and if i were to discribe it in 3 words they would be
this is amazing lol i wish that this was my house,oh,and,by the way in this new pet can no-members have more than a single puffle,and will they be able to buy more than two different colors of puffles?

waddle on and T.T.F.N. (ta ta for now!!!)
~love your fellow penguin 007sydney :)


i bet this new pet shop will be tottally awsome and cool i cant wait! until then... WADDLE ON!!! YEAH!


i love the pet shop by the way it shows the whole spirit of club penguin. i like the new brown puffle its awsome!!!!! you know you agree get glad with penguins,puffles,g..and more.


I love the Pet Shop! I took the quiz, and got a black puffle! I LOVE IT!!!


hey this new pet shop is way awesome




The new pet shop looks fantastic.


HI Penguins and Parents what i think about the new gift shop is it is awesome i think im going to renew my membership now. BTW the puffle party was awesome i love puffles i have sooo many puffles to take care of and i am going to renew my membership and take care of sixteeen puffles. it would be awesome if there was a rainbow puffle ?


wow i love the new design i cant wait till i get a brown puffle! they are going to be great!


Wow! The pet shop looks great! I think all the puffles are going to love their pet shop. I like those tubes, it looks fun! The penguins who built it made it show how much they care for their furry friends. There are toys for each puffle. A magma ball for brown, paints for yellow, a rope for pink, ball for blue, and surfboard for red! I love the design. Good job penguins!


is the pet shop going to be like this forever cause if it is i love it p.s make a new halladay called pokemon day and also make the penguins trainers and puffels pokemon. until then waddle on from tbone365 wed 8:12 3/9/11


love the new pet shop its totally awsome ,Its more awesome than i thought. It has so many new things that are funny neat and awsome.i think the tube is for a new game of a teloporter that can take u to the puffles habitats. i am the biggest puffle fan ever and is totally stoaked. thanks for making this awsome thing happen CP.


Hey guys! i just want to say that the new puffle shop looks great! All the different things going on in it are cool, and make it look more interesting. I think more and more penguins will be attracted to this amazing club penguin store.... i hope people like it as much a s i do!

Waddle on penguins!


this new pet shop is cool

waddle on cp :)


hi i think the pet shop looks awesome!!!! i have never ben posted im have ben sending comments but it never gets posted anyway if you can post this that would be awesome waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!


I really like the mat and the clock in the pet shop. I think it looks really good and all the people in the Club Penguin Team did a really good job!!

Until then.... Waddle On!


The new puffle shop is so cool i love it also when is the new game opening.


Hi Billybob, I am so looking forward to the new puffle shop! I just think that it is so creative for a new change. I am certainly not saying that Club Penguin is boring because I go on all the time, but I just think that change is good you know? And you have to admit, it is absolutely fantastically exciting to explore something new. I think that I just love the uniqueness of the whole thing. Keep up the good work!

- Violet 1038


new pet shop? THAT IS SO COOL! I can not march the 15th.And were is the new game called
puffle launch!


Wow! The new Pet Shop look super awesome! I can't wait to go and have a look at it! I hope other buildings can be changed to look awesome as well!


Hey Billybob! I love the way you have captured the puffle spirit in the new version of the pet shop! Puffles can now really enjoy themselves now. It seems that there is now a toy in there for each coloured puffle to enjoy! I also had heaps of fun finding out what puffle i am most like, the pink one :) The tube running around the pet shop is awesome! It makes it so much easier transport for the puffles to get around the shop! Thx heaps for making my puffles happy :)


Hi i think the new puffle shop is fantastic i love the style of it its not quiet its more funky.
I think the puffle quiz is genius i turned into a green puffle.
the mat with the blue puffle was quite good although i think it took up a bit too much room.
and i cant wait to find out what that mystery item is.

Overall i really love this look


Im seen it its cool


i love it. It's AWSOME!!!
thanks club penguin team
your the BEST!!!

micky m1:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! the new pet shop is going to be amazing! i can't wait till its finished!!!!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just love the new pet shop.The big blue puffle is a great idea.
this may be the best pet shop in the history of Club Penguin. The puffle quiz is a wicked.I need more money for a wight puffle because that is what it says for me to buy. you guys are great.
Waddle on CP


I can't beleve there is a Quiz to take so you can pick you're perfect puffle friend.I like what they did to the Pet Shop.I hope the new game at the Pet Shop called "Puffle Launch" will be really cool,fun,exicting and AWESOME!! I also like the Puffle Card because you can get the food you buyed at the Pet Shop and feed it to you're puffle.I like the Puffle Card because you can Brush you're puffle,drag the item to you're puffle and play,and the best thing about it is when you can drag the item and the puffle will do an action.The're so many things new at the Pet shop,I wanna do them all! by the way,ROCK ON CP!!!!!!!


although i never saw it in person on cp the image of it looks good

Barbie 199:

wonder what it is


The new pet shop looks awsome I would just like to stay there!


luv it. Takin my puffle to it today. so awesome


i love the pet shop


omg! this pet skop lokks great. my puffles will love it!


this new pet shop is two words THE BEST!!! i am much more happy with it and can't wait for the new game comeing out on march 15. I LOVE the new quiz and all of the puffles they are so cute...BUT i like the green puffle the most! i like it because it plays jet pack adventure!


this pet shop is so cool.There is a new puffle and there is an upstairs too. The best part is the there wicked good walls.hope you like it too when you go there thanks for the new pet shop aunt artic


I think the pet shop is really cool. I think the new way of doing things with your puffles is awesome. Love everything about club penguin!

Blubber guy2:

Oh yeah! I just cant wait for the new pet shop. Me my buddys and my puffles can hang out there ALL THE TIME! So from the picture
I think it looks pretty........PRETTY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the old pet shop was a little boring, but this this this is AWESOME!
Oh I Just Cant Wait!

Sky 1471:

Hello Club Penguin Team,

The new pet shop looks absolutely fabulous, what you have done to it looks awesome!
You change everything from good to outstanding. I really like the fact you can take a quiz to see which puffles suits you and your personality. I think it’s going to be a regular thing for me and my puffles shopping at the pet shop!

Thanks alot and keep up the awesome work!
Love from Sky 1471 and all my puffles.


The new pet shop totally ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! I just love the test to mach you up. I got matched up to 2 yellow puffles 1 white puffle and 3 black puffles.And I can't wait to play that new game on the 15 of March but Im just to excited to wait!


i would just like to say thanks to the creaters of clubpenguin for giving us a fun but friendly website to play i think that all the hard work of the people who made the puffle shop an even better place then what it really was that now i am happy because when i go to buy puffles i dont know which one to buy but u have a quiz so we can know which puffle is right for us.


That looks cool. I like the puffles because they look like they have been drawn with pens!


i think this is a great idea


WOW how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



i see you enjoy puffles as much as i do, i think the puffles love the new pee shop and new ways of being adopted i also was excited when i read the new that said on the head line: THE PUFFLES WANT MORE
recreation of pet shop begins 8th of march
i coul not belive it i am fighting for the love of puffles



hi billybob cant wait to find out what that tube does in the corner cause i have heard a lot of rumors about it so yeah please update me.


the pet shop is alsome. maybe we should have a makeover at all the other places.


It looks amazing!
The pet shop will look fantastic!!!!


i cant wait to see the new petshop and it is going to be great .


Hi, I love the new look pet shop. I also like the 'which puffle are you' quiz. I'm a blue puffle! The new pet shop sucks (in a good way). Its an all round drean come true. i think the tubes are for the new puffle game. wonder what it could be! And theres what looks like a lift in the corner! Surely if theres a lift theres got to be another floor!


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