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By Billybob on March 13, 2011 - 09:27
Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked you what you thought of the renovated Pet Shop. We received a lot of great comments from everyone! Here's Todo265's review of the new look:

I love the new pet shop because it shows more puffle spirit! Everything in there is puffle oriented from the clock to the beds and houses and play pens. Its also a lot more colorful which i love fun and funky and more interesting too! Waddle on cp! (PS the pizza parlor should be renovated next!)

Great suggestion, Todo265! And thanks to everyone else who commented. 

Next week, we'll be launching a new game for all puffles called Puffle Launch! So for this week's Reviewed By You, we want to hear about puffle games. What games do you like to play with your puffle, and why?

Write your review as a comment. We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



I think all puffles should have their own game. It would be so awesome if a puffle played Pizzatron3000, and if one played Card Jitsu, and if another would be an assistent to Puffle Round Up


i like to play cart surfer with my black puffle even its a fun game.


I like to play DJ3K with my yellow puffle because she and I get to make a song, that sounds so cool! We're both artists :)


I like playing catchin' waves with my red puffle because I'm the leader and what I do he does when I flip 4 times he flips 4 times.When I grind the wave he grinds the wave.When I shoot the tube he shoots the tube.
PS: please post this because none of my comments ever get posted


i like to play cart surfer with my black puffle (his name is Fire Bolt) because we have so much fun together.
i got almost all the stamps that you get when you play cart surfer the first time i played with him.

i have an idea for a ame for the brown puffle.
maybe your brown puffle can come on EPF missions with you because they love to invent and they are smart.

please post this i never get anything posted:(


i love to play jetpack game with my green puffle and i also love to surf with my red puffle!

waddle on cp!



I like to play with all my puffles exept the ones i can't play with.I love them to smilewhen i play with them.I love playing with them because i love playing with them,thats all!I think the orange puffle should pizzatron3000,and i think the brown puffle should play coffee beans with penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!Until then,waddle on cp.:D


I like to play Dance Battle with my purple puffle. I like to play that game with my puffle because you can earn alot of coins and its fun. WADDLE ON CP LOVERS


I really like to play jet pack adventure with my green puffle because he earns me money and he helps me when I need a jet pack WADDLE ON CP!!!!! :D

P.S. please post this I have never been posted!!!


i love to go with my purple puffle, Sassy, to the night club and play dance contest. It's so much fun and Sassy always gives me extra points in the game. We may not win all the time ,but we still have lots of fun. Waddle on!


i play dance contest multiplayer with my purple puffle and we always win with a little teamwork.


I want to play pizzaron with my puffles! Since They eat pizza shouldn't they get to make what they eat? and also my penguin name is tina4170 Until then waddle on!!! ( penguins get to do play the game why cant puffles?)


I like playing Jet Pack Adventure with my Green Puffle because im very adventurous and i like to spend time with my puffle and you can always find new places.


Hi Bilybob! I love dancing with my purple puffle, Bubble Wand!


Well I think that all the games there are to play with a puffle are fun because each one shows there personality and lets you know more about them. One example is Dance contest the purple puffle loves to bust out moves and that the purple puffle is the best dancer in CP (sorry cadence) and every game that puffles play lets them be in there natural surrounding kinda and there should be more games for puffles to play with there owners so we can know more about their background so that puffle owners can explore more with there puffle and the puffle owner wont have to be so unsure about whether their puffle likes what there doing or not.


i think that a orange puffle should play thhe new game.


i like to play puffle roundup with all the puffles and even when im walking my puffle to play it it looks so excited to play it with me


I love to play cart surfer with my black puffle!Since we have a brand new puffle that is very popular now (brown puffle) i think the brown puffle should be able to play every game like the other puffles because its special.Waddle on CP!


i love my black puffle so much we walk together and we love playing cart surfer my puffle teaches me new tricks along the way i'm still kind of new to club penguin. Oh i like how black puffles are always mad its like me on a monday lol! Puffles teach you alot about club penguin they can help you earn more and more cions each day! It makes me sad when puffles run away and its hard to get them back if you dont have many cions it can take you almost over two hours to get the cions back ~_~ sad face. Not long until the new game is in the petshop! Until then waddel on!

sighned by yours truly mickey2287


I like to play aqua Grabber with my pink puffle.

Jeff blue1:

I think orange puffles should play card jitsa beacause it would be very cool


my favorite game to play with my puffle is cart surfer because when i wipe out, he makes the funniest face!


I like playing cart surfing with my black puffle
because he helps me earn more coins, he likes to play it,
and because he can do really cool tricks

( I think you guys should create a special mini mine cart as a toy for black puffles!
I'd definitly buy it)

Please post my comment I've never ever been posted before



I like playing with my green puffle Jet Pack Adventure because he helps me collect coins while we have fun! I also love playing Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle because I love to see how she swims, its so funny!!

Waddle on C.P!!!!!!!!!


i think the white puffle should play sled racing and card jitsu


well I think they should change the pizza parler coffee shop and the gift shop.


I like playing with all my puffles.The are so cute. I wouldn't like to chose.I like hanging out with them.They are funny,playful,and creative.


I like to play pizzatron3000 with my brown puffle as they love cooking activities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I always love to take my pink puffle to agua grabber because it can give me air when i need it! I also havefun when I take my purple puffle to the night club and we play dance contest because it gives me more points! I love puffles! Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!


The puffle game look really awsome.

club rules1:

I like to play cart surfer because it lets me bond,have fun,and earn coins with my black puffle.


I love all the puffle games. I love to interact with my pets. My favorite is Aqua graber and dance contest but I like all of them.
i like to see a smile on my puffle's face. They always love to play their favorite games. Thanks cp for the close up of puffles I love to interact close up and see their smiles.

Cuddles 404:

i love the vibrant pet shop now that it's been renovated. i think that my puffles will be spoilt for choice when i show them the food i bought! i can't wait for the new game to come out beacause it sounds so exciting! they will be so glad when the st.patrick's day things are out of the way because i've taken out the puffle toys to enter the competition! i'm taking all my puffles to play in their fave places or their fave games in celabration! i hope other penguins have fun! waddle on cp!!! :)

Pengie90210 said:

I think white puffles should have their own game.


i love doing acua graber with my pink puffle.her name is kylie

super red 59:

I wonder what puffle launch will be like CLUBPENGUIN RULES


I think every puffle should have their own game! And I also think that puffles can play whatever game they want!!!! Until then be kind to your puffles! (my penguin name is tina4170)

rolo 23:

WOW IS THAT A SNEAK PEAK OF THE NEW PUFFLE LAUNCH IT LOOKS AWSOME TTTTHHHHAAAANNNNKKKK YYYYOOOOUUUU CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RE DO THE EVERYDAY PPHONING FACILITY. IT LOOKS SUCSPICIOUS WITH LIKE JUST THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWAAAADDDDLLLLEEEE OOOONNNN CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like playing jet pack adventure with my green puffle. there so cute with a perpelor


I Think The Orange Puffle Should Have Its Own Game Maby Hide N Go Seek That Would Be So Much Fun!\
Waddle On Cp!
Your Penguin Lucimae
P.S I Cant Wait For The New Pizza Parlor!


i like to play cart surfer with mt black puffle he is soo much better than me!!!! ;]


I'm Pluto10500 and I love playing cart surfer with my black puffle because I love cart surfer and my black puffle


I like to play kart surfing with my black puffle and cachin waves with my old red puffle.


Well,I think its a great idea! I think the orange puffels should be playing Pizzatron3000 because they love sweets and it would be cute! Also the brown puffels should play Jet Pack Adventure because they are in to electronics and science!
Waddle On Club Penguin!
P.S. Please post mine because I have never been picked and I love Club Penguin! Thanks!

bmore raven1:

My favorite puffle game is Cart Surfing with your black puffle. You dont know it while your playing but they help you! I think that the orange puffle should have its own part in Pizzatron 3000! And maybe we can give the white puffle an icey game to play....

Waddle on Cp!
Bmore Raven1


My favourite is the cart surfing with my black puffle


i like playing aqua grabber with my pink puffle cause she gets to swim with me and i get to swim with her. it is fun that we get to play games with puffles. ps ( i have NEVER been posted from you. please post this.) (no lie)


i play all the games with puffle at least once a day on weekends twice.I love my puffles and i think there should be a game for all of them like puffle launcher witch i think is really cool that your doing that!
WADDLE ON CP YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PS.plz plz plz plz post i never been posted before)


Dear Cp, When i log in, n its odne loading it woants load. The page just turns blue! Im Sick n iterd of it!


I love to play Puffle Rescue with my puffle because I get to help rescue puffles, and then they can be adopted by other penguins.


I think all puffles should play games.So I think that white puffles should play Sled Racing,blue puffles should play Hydro Hopper,brown puffles should play System Defender and orange puffles should play Pizzatron 3000.


love puffle games

Shadow Jr24:

Well, I cant pick a one becuase I love all the games my puffles love and i say do what your puffles want to do,they need a lot of love so i love the same games my puffles love. Waddle on with your puffle!!!

cp rules:

wat if puffles have there own game combind together


My favourite games with puffles would be all of them! I like them so much.If I REALLY had to choose it would be very close, but i'll probally come up with catchin' waves (red puffle) and aqua grabber(pink puffle).^_^
P.S I think brown puffles should play pizzatron3000!



Gese lt:

Nice i waiting for the puffle lounch and my fav game is System Defender. Until then... Waddle on! CP :)


how cool


I like to play all the games with my puffles because it's more exciting and fun. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the dance contest with my purple puffle. the two mainreasons are I love to play with my puffles and the purple puffle helps you earn coins. (P.S. they should make stamps for dance contest like dance with your purple puffle.)
Waddle on CP and play with your puffles.


i think the best puffle game is PUFFLE ROUNDUP s send this ccuz it is really cool


I Love playing Cart Surfer with my Black Puffle,because I got all the stamps so my black puffle is AWESOME and I get double coins!!!!!!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s plz post this comment


I like playing with my green puffle.


I love my red puffle and red is my favoriete colour. can you let the blue puffles play pizzatron 3000 .and you know that the green puffles have
flying caps can the penguins have them please.
(pleeeeeeease post this!)

Rabbit 633:

Since I have a white puffle, they don't play any usual club penguin mini games. So we play our own games, I love to watch her skate around on her ice skate and we also play hide and seek! I go to hide and wait for her to bounce over to me! WADDLE ON CP!


I love the new pet shop it is so beautiful and i love all the style and the best thing is you get to take a puffle quiz!!! i got to be an great Green Puffle owner. I don't have a green puffle i only have a brown puffle named Chocolate and he is the cutest thing ever!!! i am looking forward to playing Puffle Launch on Tuesday!!! i really want Puffle Launch stamps!!! i looked in the newspaper this week. I found a sneak peek of Puffle Launch and i thought it was really cool. I love the new puffle food for your cute puffles!!! i fed my puffle carrots, pizza, and cookies my puffle was really happy. I got my puffle a rocket and he played with it like all day and thank you for squishing the bug i couldn't get on to cp because the loading took forever i didn't go on for 2 days from the bug i usually go on every day because i love this site!!! i join alot of sites but this is my #1 site i go on most often. I love the new catalog it is really stylish!!! i loved everything!!! you guys put so much stylish clothes in the catalog you guys are the best!!! Thank you to make cp a better place. i heard lots and lots of penguins are joining every single day i love it!!! Waddle On Cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



wolly wirble:

I like the game dance contest because i can show off me and my puffle dancing. ps please post this i never been posted before


I Love playing Cart Surfer with my Black Puffle,because I got all the stamps so my black puffle is AWESOME and I get double coins!!!!!!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s plz post this comment


I think this is a great idea coming out with a new game that all the puffles can play because it is not so fun if the puffle doesn't have a favorite game but, now you can play with all your puffles! (Finally!)


how do i go to the new places?plz let me know .
love elsaida125
PS:ive never been posted before


i like to play cart surfing with my black puffle because he always does awesome tricks ( i think he has practice from his skate board)

love 92239:

i like playing DJ3k with my yellow puffles




I like when I get stamps for taking my red puffle surfing!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like going to the dance club with my purple puffle and showing off our moves to all the other puffle owners.We got talent.

From 38424talk


i love playing with all my puffles but most of all i love it when i go onto jet pack adventure and my green puffle follows me but i like it most when i have no fuel and i just missed one fuel can then i fall but on the way down my green puffle catches it.


The red puffle sould play the new game.

Opal Rain:

I love to play Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle because she always has fun and she blows bubbles that help me live. I also like to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle because she always does dance moves with me. I think blue puffles should be able to play Hydro Hopper or somthing like that. I also think brown puffles should be able to play pizzatron 3000. Waddle on Cp!

Please pick me!!!!!!


all games are boring you need more ideas like sence it is saint pattricks day make a game about rainbows and a pot of gold igloo just saying


i love my puffle (club penguin is great) also my puffle is white


I think the brown puffle should play bean bags, since the beans are brown and so is the puffle.


i love playing dancing with my purple puffle because my puffle helps me win against other penguins




I can't wait to take my white puffle on a journey. She gets really bored and she won't play with my other puffles because she's very timid.
I'm so exited.
P.S...can you post this please. I've never been posted here.

Duckly 10:

10 minutes later...



i love playing cart surfer with my black puffle because hes got the moves! waddle on cp!


can blue puffles hae a game?:|

Rad Bushie:

I think I would choose all of the puffles. Its so hard to choose only one. The black puffle is rocking it on the cart. The pink one is saving you with air bubbles. The yellow puffle is an awesome dancer. And I love to surf with the red one. The purple puffle is busting some moves on the dance floor.


I love to play cart surfing with my black puffle ! I also love my Purple puffle so sometimes we go to the night club together and get down ! I really love the new brown puffle to i think he is very smart and a bit creative were working on some new inventions together! I also really like the new renevation in the puffle shop it looks like the puffles like it to and they worked very oh so hard on it. I also love the new way you can feed and take care of your puffles you did a great job! Waddle on CP

From, Rhianna102


I like that yellow puffles play DJ3K but cant they play Bean Counters? And i think black puffles should play thin ice because its all about them!!!!


I think the new game will be cool beacause there will be a new pet shop theme so we need a new game right? Well waddle on cp!


this is going to be the best game yet! I just know it! Also, I think that all of the puffles should be able to play any games. Like an orange puffle could play something like aqua grabber or cart surfing.... Until then, Waddle on!


I like playing Jet Pack Adventure with my green puffle because it can get coins and fuel!!!


I think think the blue puffles to have a cannonball game.


I love playing Jetpack Adventure with my green puffle! I love how he follows me around and can help me get coins and fuel! I think he likes it also! ;) He does love being silly and flying around! P.S. I think the brown puffles should have a favorite game too! Maybe Pizzatron3000!!!!!!!


Hi everyone on CP! I love playing Cart Surfer with my Black puffle and Surfs Up with my red puffle! ( I accidently returned both of the puffles to the wild!) Well I think that the Club Penguin team should make the brown puffle help you with the Pizza-tron 3000!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!

(P.S Please post me! never been posted before!!)


Hi my name is noah921. I like to play with my red puffle. My red puffle likes to surf alot and me to. Me and my red puffle have alot in common.


hey i think the fluffles are so cute write back soon love audri


I like surfing with my red puffle because I love surfing and my puffle looks soooooo cute with that concentraty look ;-)


I like playing cart surfer with my black puffle because we rock!!! But I really wanna play something with my brown puffle.


I like surfing with my red puffle because sometimes it does what I do and I think thats really interesting and I like when it flips. And I think the brown puffles should play a game.


I think the brown puffle should have its own game. It could be called Machine Fixer where you and your brown puffle can fix broken machines around Club Penguin. The game could be at the boiler room because there is no game there yet.

(Please post this. I have never been posted before.)


i looooove the new food you have to buy at the Pet Store and i love the new houses and affects waddle on

skyy lily:

i like cart surfing with my black puffle because he actually smiles for once


i mean why did you not keep the puffle pins out i mean serieously what about the people who haven"t figured out where all of them are?

Wee Kat:

I like Catchin Waves because I love to see my puffle have fun and being able to surf!


It's so hard to choose! I like all of the games my puffles and I can play together, but my favorite would have to be Dance contest with my purple puffle! When My purple puffle (Violet) and I bust a awesome move out while dancing, You will never know what will happen!

Igloo Bloo:


aidan pond:

i love my Puffle because i can win and get more coins and i think that the games are going to be awesome.


Hi my name is noah921. I like to play with my red puffle. My red puffle likes to surf alot and me to. Me and my red puffle have alot in common.


why is there puffle games?


i think any puffle should play the game


Why people have puffle games. Why?


the game i like to play with my puffle is catching waves its really fun but i think that there should be more than just one game to play with your puffle. it would make it a lot more fun.


I like playing dance contest with my purple puffle becuse he helps me earn coins


I thik puffles are awesome! I really want the brown puffle but I dont have my mebership any more. And for those of you that dint here about the puffle hats theres going to be puffle hats coming soon! please posts my comment!


i love playing with my puffle in dance contest with my purple puffle and jet pack adventure with my green puffle.I would like you to make the purple puffle do the dance moves we do on dance contest.
(P.S i have never been posted before in my clubpenguin life please post this.)


i think the brown puffles should play sled racing they could have a medal sled!!!!


Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!


I LOVE playing with all my puffles. But I like to play with my purple and yellow puffles the most. They are both like me. Artistic, dancy, and funny. I love playing DJ3K with my yellow puffle. He loves the tunes I make. I love playing with my purple puffle the most. My favorite game is dance contest. She loves playing with me. Purple is also my favorite color. I love playing all the games with my puffle, but purple is my favorite.




I love to play with my black puffle and mine cart!! Mine carting is my favorite game, and I think its his too :)


Oh that is a hard question! But I think I love to fly Jet Packs with my Green puffle Ziggy! He loves to come and fly with me. (I also agree the Pizza Parlor should be fixed up next)


My brown puffle comes with me to the command room and we both help the island be a better safe place. I have alot of puffles. I love puffles alot i wish they were real. If i had a real puffle i would play alot of games with it but so far i just play with my brown,green, and white puffle!

DJ Cadence43:

I bring my purple puffle with me dancin'!Because we love to party:)I bring my red puffle with me to play Catchin' Waves.Why don't the brown puffles and the black puffles have a game?Well I mostly think the brown puffles should play pizzatron3000!!!!!!!!!And the black puffles to play Malacha with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!Waddle On CP!!!!!!
(Please post this my comment has never been posted before!)
DJ Cadence43


I like to go on Jet Pack Adventures with my Green Puffles because they help me get lots of coins they also help me when I am out of fuel by getting a Fuel Tank when I need it the most! The Green Puffles are amazing Jet Pack Buddies and I am happy to have 2 of them!
- Waddle on CP greekgal12


I like cart surfing because i can take my black puffle with me on his walk ,and have fun at the same time!!

anna kat127:

I like to play games with all my puffles. Its just about having fun with them. If my puffles are having fun playing games with me so am I!


i like to dance with my purple puffle because it can do some funkey moves with me.


Hello, I am Jeff, I like to play the "Dance Contest" game with my Brown Puffle because I think the Brown Puffles look so cool when they dance. Also I love their googley eyes.

plo koon 47:

I like playing catching waves with my red puffle. I wish white puffles had there own game, my white puffle is my faverite puffle his name is Winter. Please post this until then rock on C.P.
P.S. I love what you have done with the pet shop :)

Ice Climber7:

I have a few suggtestions to mine for the non puffle games
White:Card jitsu.
Blue:Sledge racing.
Orange:Maybe a cookie game?
Hope you like the suggestions

P.S. Mine is dancing with my purple puffle


i love to play with my purple puffle because the purple puffle loves to dance! and i love to dance too! thats why i got the purple puffle. [PS. cp should have a bakery!]


I'm Skyblue647 I love playing Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle because it gives us time to spend together! I love to play games with all my puffles! I can't wait until we can all have a game for every puffle to play!!


i like to play catching waves with my red puffle but the new game for puffles sounds awesome!!!


i think a new puffle game is a great idea!


I love playing jet pack adventure whith my green puffle because he helps me.


I like playing catchin waves whith my red puffle because he gets me extrer coins.


If all puffles play Puffle-lunch: who will be the best luncher? what puffle will be most seen for it?
mostly i think its the red. How will the black puffle smile with the game? does it smile in the game or not?
if the green puffle goes flying does it use the purpeler hat or it does not? hmmmm oh! will the yellow puffle
go painting stuff where ever it goes? will the brown puffle build something to get lunched with?
please awnser these questions. Well WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like playing with the plane with my brown puffle and catching waves with my red puffle(but he went to the wild and his name was ryan).I like playing with ball with my blue puffle.
ps ive never been on the forum.


i like playing dance contest with my puffle because i can do more tricks and i know he likes to play it
waddle on cp

captain 408:

could brown and blue puffles have a game too?

Rocket Blaze:

I love to play catch'n waves with my red puffle! because when my puffle does tricks it looks extremly cute! I Love Puffles!
waddle on club penguin!
Rocket Blaze
p.s.i adore what you have done with the pet shop!


I like taking my yellow puffle to Music Mix. And my black puffle to Cart Sufing, I think its funny to watch my green puffle at Jetpack Adventure

And my pink one to Aqua Grabbers.

[ please post]


Green puffle helps me collect coins in Jet Pack Adventure.


I had a blue and red puffle and I used to take my red puffle surfing


Me and my puffles all play hide and seek,hopscotch and card games.I think we should have a new puffle in a game like orange puffle in pizzatron 3000 or the white puffle in sledracing!

Hannah 90362:

Can you also show us any other things coming up? Any new things for puffles? Any new stuff for penguins? I hope there are.


i like taking my green puffle flying with me! :), i cant wait in till the new game is open i bet it will be great, P.S is there gonna be a game you can play with the brown puffle ? :P

pepsicatx :)

tay tay1357:

Well, all of them are fun but the green and the pink really help me get some coins.First the pink puffle gave me air when I was just about to drown,and I even got the the pearl!The green puffle first gave me like 100 coins and also it saved me from running out of fuel and I got a red stamp!



Dear CP,Well I have four puffles:Red hot,Tashia,Brownie,and Snowball.I really like playing Dance Contest with Tashia because she's really got the moves HAHA.And I like playing the surf game with Red hot because he has all the flips and turns down.

till then wadddle on CP:) <3



I LOVE playing cart surfer with my black puffle! He's so cute when he just moves with the cart. And he also gets me more coins. :D
My puffle's name is Skate! Because he looooooooooooves to skate! (It's his favorite toy, the skateboard) Thanks for listening!!!
P.S. I think that yellow puffles should be able to play paint my letters!!!!!!


i think my yellow puffle will like this game with all those yummy puffle o's mmmmmmmmmmmm puffle o's my puffle is crazy about this game it is bouncing around my iggy yay

waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like surfing with my black puffles.its so fun i wish i was old a nof to do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Clubpenguin I think brown puffles should make there own game. It could be called machine madness , and you could play it alone or play it with your brown puffle. It would be about you would have to build a specific machine that would be in the right corner of the game telling you whether to make something , also in the game the brown puffle would help you by bringing the machine to the penguin. The game would be at the Snow Forts because there aren't any games there yet.
Waddle on cp!

From 38424talk


I can't pick a favorite game to do with my puffles!
I love to surf with my red puffle, dance with my purple puffle,
play DJ3K with my yellow puffle,play jet pack with my green puffle,
aqua grabber with my pink puffle,mine cart with my black puffle,I like to do it all!

I think the brown puffles should play pizzatron 3000!

Waddle on CP!


I love to play DJ3K with my yellow puffle because he likes the music I mix and bounces and dances. I also like to play cart surrfer with my black puffle because he sits with me in the cart and gives me a reason not to crash because i dont want to hurt him. I also like aqua grabber and all the other games with puffles because they help me get more coins so I can buy them food and toys to make them happy.

Waddle on CP


Me and my purple puffle LOVE Dance Contest because we both love each other and we like to dance!


i dont have a puffle but i had a question...... the hat with the puffle on it does that pufflle grow up?


I like all the puffle games


I Think DJ3K Because I Have A Funky Beat Time With My Yellow Puffle (Willie) !We Ask Why They Call It DJ3K ? But No Answer? Why Is It Called DJ3K? Willie Ask's?

Water Lily8:

My favorite game to play is cart surfer, it earns me coins and I get to play it with my favorite black puffle! I love to play all the games around CP but my favorite is Puffle Round-up. I know there is no puffle to go with that game but I'm surrounded by puffles when I play it. Plus, it earns me coins faster.

Waddle on CP!


i love dance a my fave game is when the purple puffle dance because he is cute and i love dance thx...


i like playing cart surfer with my black puffle's because its always fun doing stuff we both enjoy... cart surfer!!i love all 14 of my puffles and love playing games with them.though black puffle's and i have special connections. i really hope i get the coins because i could then buy more furniture and food for my puffles!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!


i play with all of my puffles every day it is one of my favorite things to do!
Waddle on CP!
(P.S., i agree with todo265 the pizza parlor should be renovated next.)


Hi Club Penguin,

I like to play hide 'n seek with my puffles in my igloo! It is SO much fun. They are great hiders too! Until I call their names! Ha Ha! Also Please redecorate the Pizza Parlor! That would be TOTALLY awesome!!!

Waddle On Club Penguin!


Pink Nif:

Aww man! You gotta pick a hard question!? Well, it's so hard for me to choose. I love playing DJ3K with my yellow puffle, Lily, I also love getting money with my black puffle, Blake, on Cart Surfer, and I love surfing with my red puffle, Mason. I play all these games with them because I don't get to play with a lot. So, their happy when I play because their sad when I'm away. I wish I had all day to play these games with them. :)

Waddle on Cp!


I LOVE playing Cart Surfer with my black puffle! I like it because a black puffle can get you stamps. If you can't balance, the black puffle will help you balance and you will get a stamp. Playing Cart Surfer with my black puffle is very fun! Waddle on CP!


I love getting a cart and heading don to the mine with my black puffle, Moody, I love the cool tricks he does and gets me more coins so i can buy him more food and games.


i really love playing aqua grabber with my pink puffle because there under water


I wanna play System defender with y brown puffle! But i cant... But next i wanna play with ALL of my puffles.


I really like to play Jet Pack Adventure with my green puffle, Bob Bob. He flies around with his propellor cap and gets coins for me. But my favorite part is when he blows bubbles from gum.

Waddle on, CP!!!!


i love surfin with my red puffle i think its more fun when u have your pet surfin behind u
can you give the brown puffle its own game


i enjoy palaying with all of my puffles but i play jetpack adventure with my green puffle most!


geat and cool new game club penguin you rock


When we go on our walks I normally play their game.Like,the red puffle plays surfing ect........
they love helping me out because although we have fun we get money as well! At the end of the month i treat them with new furniture or pizza and cookies for tea!


I like cart surf because you and your puffle can do so many tricks and at the end of the day my puffle and I go to eat pizza :-)


Could Brown Puffles Have A Game Too? If They Did, Maybe It Would Be Pizzatron3000! Becuase Brown Puffles Like To Make Things So, And Your MAKING A Pizza! Get It?


Kee Llama:

Cooool! I think it would be cool for brown puffles to have their own game! Puffle vs. Penguin! See who can built the highest contraption. You rule cp!! Everyone waddle on and have a good time :)


i like taking my purple puffle to the mulitiplayer dance club thing thanks waddle on cp

Bud Rose:

hey everyone, i LOVE to play dance contest with my purple puffle (i always get alot of coins when i play it). i also love to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle.
PS please please please post this.

until then WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!


I have only three puffles, (for some reason I cant save up enough coins), but I think my favorite game to play with my puffle is Dance Contest. I always make my purple puffle (whos name is Fabulos) jump, spin and do other crazy dance moves!!!

Waddle On, CP!!! :D


i love cart sufing because you get to spend time with your puffle


I love playing Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle because thats how I get coins to buy food for my puffles.I also play Dj3k with my yellow puffle named after me.


Its so cool in the puffle shop because they are happier in there and it makes the whole place interesting. The puffle Shop brings cp all together!
It can be so much more popular if so many people think that the places are really cool. I bet everyone thinks the puffle shop is the best place right now!


i love playing with my black puffle he can be grouchy some times but he is enjoyable!!!!!:]:]


I think brown puffles should play pizzatron3000 too it would be good but how would they oh yeah they are intelligent wich is good and it would be funny if it wore glasses when he played the game it would be so so funny i would laugh if i saw a puffle do it would be soooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In The Fair I Really Liked Plaing The Puffle Paddle Game!

Please Post I have Never Been Posted Ever At All!


I love to play cart surfer with my black puffle. When I play with him we get lots of stamps to collect!

master wada:

i think all the games are cool and love cp however i cannot always afford to pay for member ship and i think penguins should be able to buy it with their coins like 5000 or something like that for all penguins and they can buy it as much as they like.


My purple puffle and I LOVE to have a dance off against other penguins! Its one of the best things I like doing!

Red Chilly02:

i think all puffles should have a game. because blue,brown,orange.and white puffles dont have a game so its not all you can do is play with then in your igge or take then for walkes.but i all ways love new games in cp.
PS CP ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you.

Slushie Puff:

I love playing Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle named Cream Soda because when your sub fills up with water and it is about to pop, your pink pufle comes to the rescue and blows a bubble for you to catch!! It is so cute! It is like your pink puffle is a little lifeguard!

cp master2:

i think orange puffles should have a game to play on cp but will they later on in cp?

Whoopsy Doo:

I'm really excited for the Puffle Launch! I never expected that ALL the puffles would play it. Anyway,
my red puffle, Rainforest, helps me so much in Catchin' Waves! He's helped get me SO MUCH stamps. And thanks to all
the other puffles who've helped me in different games so that now I have 138 stamps! Waddle on, CP!
P.S. The Coffee Shop, Pizza Parlor, or Ski Lodge should have a new look after the Lounge.


I love all the games with the puffles,Club penguin should have games for all the puffles,like something of computers for brown,snow sliding for white puffles,cookie toss for orangeand more!!!!!

Waddle on!


can all of the puffles have a game that is made into 1 game like level1 is the brown puffle and on and on and on and so on?


I can only surf with my red puffle!(PSSS,when are you going to renovate the cofee shop?)


i really think you should make a game about pink puffles where you jump rope with it.


I think we should change the gift shop, the night club, the coffee shop and the pizza parlor..... apperently the whole club penguin -_-

Leah loves CP:

I like to dance in the night club with my purple puffle Pokey because I like to see my moves comparing to her's. I also like to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle Sweetheart because I like it when she swims around all nosey and follows me. The last thing I like to do is with my yellow puffle Sunshine and I like to DJ with my puffle because DJing reminds me of my daddy and I like the way Sunshine dances to my mix along with me.

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle she always help me find the rare treasures.:)


I love to play with all my puffles! But I really like to play jet pack adventure with my green puffle.
I think what you have done to the puffle shop is absolutely amazing. I really really really really really really love it.
I think the new game "puffle launch" is going to be great. Can't wait untill it comes out!!!!!!!!
Untill then waddle on. xxx


I like DJ3K because my yellow puffle always dances to my music!


Brown puffles should be able to play jetpack with you so he could help collect stuff.


Well,I been kinda hopin' that brown puffles can have this game called Invention Manica where a brown puffle will have a to do list and he has to make those inventions under a certain amount of time the inventions he completes the owner of the puffle can keep it.


I LOVE to play cart surfing with my black puffle! We like to go extreme together,and going cart surfing is the way to do it.One time,I think I saw him smile when we did a trick!


i would like to play race with my puffle and other puffles.And i request you to give games to all the puffles like the blue puffles wants a game like throwing snowballs at other puffles. PLEASE! post this i have never posted!


all do anything to make my puffles happy.

so i take every one of my puffles to a game every day.

Danymv. waddle on


I like to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle!


all the puffle games are great,but you should add more for the other puffles it will be funner!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE to surf with my puffle its fun and i got some new stamps. and i think a blue puffle should get a game too


Daer CP

I was wondering if we could make a water plant like the recycling plant and its on the earth day cause the water plant should be used to save water.

P.S. can you post this cause i've never been posted WADDDLE ON!


My favorite activitie to play with my puffle is Aqua grabber where it has its snorkel on.(P.S. Is there a game for the orange puffle if not i think it should be puffle launch or the line fishing game.)


Why do you have to make furniture items so hard to get these days (reason- you are making it -1 so i HAVE TO BUY 2 OF THE ITEMS INSTEAD!)? im trying to make a unique looking igloo starting TODAY (i have been busy on other things friday & saturday)! i have only 2 days to design my igloo so it would be helpful it u made furniture items NOT IN THE MINUS ZONE! also i like my red puffle surfing and brown puffle playing with its toy.

Peace out!


i think cart surfer is best. F.Y.I. i have all the cart surfer stamps and so now i get double coins when playing.

Ay 03:

i lOVE to take my balack puffle cart suffer.(I LOVE IT)


I think it's awesome that there is new stuff for the puffles. Now it gives owners a chance to bond with their puffles even more. CP ROCKS!!!!!!


I say this game is awesome and it is the greatest. I like the puffles on club penguin and I like to play games with them in it.


i think yellow blue puffles should have their own game, it should be at the forest!

P.S waddle on!


i like to cart surf with my puffle because he looks like hes having a great time!
ps. pls add money to my account because right now im kinda broke!lol


well i think we should have a game for each puffle like a white puffle's game is catch as many snow drops your white puffle can catch and a red puffle's game should be called sail the seven seas with captain rockropper beacause rockropper found red puffles and called him rar and a black puffles game skatboard with me. just think about there favourite toy's. thank you for listening.Keep waddling.


i love playing catchin' waves with my red puffle. we have a lot of stamps and i love watching my puffle surffing. but why can't we play any game with blue puffles. the best game for them would be bean counters. for white pufffle would be ice fishing. for orange would be pizzatron 3000 and for brown it would be system defender.


I enjoy playing aqua grabber with my pink puffle because we always have so much fun together collecting items. Also the pink puffle loves to help me by creating air bubbles so i can breath. Its so cool and so much fun every time!!!!


Hi Lucy8712 here I think all the puffles should all have a game what would Intrest them I'm so glad there's gonna be a new game for the puffles. Waddle on CP

Sun set08 t:

Sometimes my BFF and I play hide and seek with our puffles! The personthat's hiding has to make sure that their puffle is visible, but they aren't. I like this game because it's not limited to just one kind of puffle. Every puffle should get to play!


i love to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle even though im not that good at just makes me happy to watch her swim around in the water! (p.s. PLEASE post this! ive never had my comments posted before!) (p.s.s i think u should revovate the underground pool and have pool toys in a basket on the wall plus whatever u can to make it more fun,the cove to make it more of a surfers hang out with a place to rest,the mine to make it more intense,and finally the beach with a swim suit shop and an area made special for puffles to learn to swim!)


i love to go surfin with my red puffle and i love to play ball with my blue puffle they should make a beachball contest on the beacc my puffle would love that


it looks like the game is going to be very fun. I like the way that all puffles can play 1 game. i think people are wonder if you can have all puffles can have their own game?


Dear billybob ,
I love playing all the games with all the puffles ! I adopted every single of them ( Well i did ) ! Red,orange,yellow,green,blue,pink,purpule,brown,black and white .


nothing to:

i love playing cart surfer with my black puffle he has some serious moves i feel he teaches me how cart surf and i just follow.

mark cool:

aqua grabber because the pink puffle does some awsome things and gets you to test your mind


I love going surfing with my red puffle because she gives me points even if I just jump!


I think that we should change the whole island and have a party for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My puffle and I love the dance contest game. We could play it all day. I think I like it because it's a fun way to show your own dance style. You can also pick what song you want to dance to. I realy suggest that more penguin's try this great game.

Ping Pong491:

I like to play as many games as I can with ALL of my puffles!
But my favourite game to play with swirl (My purple puffle) is Dance Contest!
We love to boogie down together all day long and when we finally finish, we walk to the pizza
parlor to grab a pizza on the way home!


I love playing with my Black Puffle on Cart Surfer as they spin around and look really cool .
Waddle on C.P


I think brown puffles should do missions.Can you guys or girls make some new missions so we don't have to do the same ones over.Thanks:)


i liked the idea and tyed it out. it was fun.


My purple puffle and I like playing in the Dance Contest because my purple puffle and I like dancing a lot. Waddle on cp!!!


i like the purple puffle game dance contest because
you get more coins and your puffle has fun


Well, I like all the games but I really have to go with Jet Pack Adventure because my green puffle can sense that I need coins or fuel so he goes and does it for me so I dont lose a Jet Pack. I also wonder if the white puffles will play Card Jitsu because their favorite room is the Dojo. Anyways, PLEASE post me because I've never been posted in my life. ROCK ON AND BRING THE HOUSE DOWN CP!


When crad-jitsu ice comes out , that white puffles should play that.

PS:they love to hag out at the dojo.Waddle on CP


clubpeguin is very kool and i wanted tew see hw kool it wld be.


i like to play aqua grabber with me puffle because you can explore with him


i like to play auqua grabber with my pink puffle and jet pack adventure with my green puffle because both games you get to explore some of the parts of clubpenguin so thats all i have to say waddle on clubpenguin!!!!!!!!!!!


i like playing cart surfing with my black puffle.


I love playing Jetpack Adventure with my green puffle because he always seems to happy to get in the air and express his puffle personality. Not one time has he refused to fly into the skies of Club Penguin with me. Also, I think that maybe you could find a different game for each puffle. For instance, orange puffles could play Pizzatron 3000 because the love food so much, brown puffles could come on EPF missions because they're so much like Gary, white puffles could come Ice Fishing, since being around all that ice would make them happy, and blue puffles could play puffle rescue since they make a team effort. Waddle On!


I LOVE surfing with the red puffle!!


i like playing cart surfer with my black puffle


I love to play cart surfer with my black puffle because we both love that game and it gets me lots of coins!
P.S. will brown puffles be able to play in system defenders? Cause that will pretty awesome!


the game i like to play is paint by letters with my yellow puffle because it gives me coins and it makes my puffle happy you try it and see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hello all penguins out there.I think blue PUFFLES SHOULD PLAY THE FISHING GAME.


i love to play all the game my puffles are in. i love mostly to play with my purple puffle in the game danceing contest.puffles are awsome to play and i lov e that about them.


it rules.its fun to play and easy


I love keeping it fresh and doing different games with my puffles but the one I like is Dance Contest because that purple puffle has moves!!!!! I love dancing and singing with my purple puffle!!! I also love the other games that you provide for non-members and members!!


(P.S. I'm Snowcone7879 and through the beggining to now I have NEVER been posted or picked for a reviewed by you.)

~Snowcone7879 :)


wow at the puffle shop theres a sign and it has a hard hat on it. when you look in there they have all new stuff even a quiz. i love love love club penguin


I like to play cart surfing with my black puffle because he does some wicked moves
he gives me more confidance so when i play it with him i earn lots of coins and i
reward him with o berries cookies and chewing gum.

Also i love to play jet pack adventure with my green puffle becaus he almost always gets
me fuel when im out he doesnt bump into anything and he's a great companion in the game
he even gets me coins that ive missed he is a real pal.

I love to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle cus he always gives me air when i
need it and he just looks so cute with his little green snorkel and goggles on.

And i also love to surf with my red puffle cus he does some apsolutely rad moves
on his mini surfboard he is a real conpanion on the waves.

And thats not all my yellow is awsome at helping me make
some groovy tunes, my purple is a disco king when it comes to dancing
i wish the brown puffle could play too i thinkhes gonna be able to blay the new game
cos hes new like the game.Whell uintil next time.......

WADDLE ONCP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I absoloutely love the new pet shop! It gives puffles, all types of colours, a bright new spirit to their heart. I think the snow forts should be renovated next. I hope the puffles like their new puffle card!

PS. Do you think their should be another pet shop for other animals?


I like to play cart surfing with my black puffle. I like playing that because it makes the puffle smile and it's just an awesome game all together. (But all the other games with my puffles too). I LOVE being able to play games with my puffles. Waddle on cp!!


i think orange puffles should play pizzatron3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waddle on cp


i think brown puffles should play pizzatron3000 to cause that game is really like brown puffles you now what i mean P.S. please write back.


i love playing all puffle games but the really easy one is cart surfer i got every stamp for it. And think the orange puffle should play card jitsu water fire and the normal. And brown should play pizzatron3000. And the green should play astrobarier. And the blue one should play thin ice. And the white one should play puffle rescue

mr penguin887:

I love your pet shop its better than the old pet shop


i love playing dance contest with my purple puffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Actually, Ive got 50000 coins on cp LOL GO CP!


I play with my red puffle because I can play catchen waves and get double points with my puffle so waddle on!club penguin.


Games on club penguin especially when you can play them with your puffle buddies. There are lots of games to choose from with your puffle but my personal favourite is Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle, because you get to play the game while your puffle explores and if you're running out of breath your puffle comes along and blows a big bubble for you to recover.


How do i start playing on club peguin?


i like this

Scooby 202:

I like to play cart surfer with my black puffle because he loves to do awesome tricks. I also like to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle because she really likes tolay it with me and has a lot of fun. Also, I love playing jetpack adventure with my green pufffle because she has a lot of fun and I like to watch her fly. I wish that brown and orange puffles had their own games. Mabye Pizzatron 3000 for brown and Beans for orange?


I like to play Jet Pack Adventure with my green puffle. he helps me get coins and fuel. :) :) :)

PS: Please post this I NEVER been posted before.

State Fan1:

I LOVE playing DJ3K with my yellow puffle, Dancing with my purple puffle. Until next time waddle on CP!!!!!!!!
YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!! (P.S. You Should Start To Renevate The Other Buildings OR....... You Should Make NEW BUILDINGS!!!!!! I Hope You Like The Ideas......)( For The New Buildings Theroy, Here's An Idea! You Should Make An....... Arcade!!!!! )

State Fan1


I love to play cart surfer with my black pufffle because it get a lot of coins and I think im pretty good at it;) Waddle on cp and have fun with puffle launch!!!!!


I love playing cart surfer with my black puffles. Its fun the shred those tracks. Even though I am a girl I love being extreme with my puffle. My puffle and I love to try to get all the stamps like flip 20 times in a row. Even when we crash we have lots of fun together.


i like dance contest because my purple puffle plays with me and we always do good.

please post this!!!!!!!!beans24



I love the funky and groovy Puffle shop and I know my puffle does everytime I bring my puffle he meets new friends and I like the new catolog and your puffles status is so cool and I can't wait to see the new game I see penguins talking about in and out!!!

Well until next time keep waddling and make new friends !!! :)

(P.S., you gus should makeover The Pizza Parlor and The Gift Shop) :))


i love to play puffle rescue and i suggest that you can modifie the gamewith more puffles of diferent colors.(you should renovate thedance club) dont you think so.


I love playing cart surfer with my black puffle beacause whenever I take the puffle persanality quiz I always get black!


I want my black puffle to catch on fire to give him a boost


Hello! I Liked playingAqua Grabber With My Pink Puffle Shes Gone Now But Pink Puffles Really Help You In That Game! Mostly When You Need Air!! And When You Are Trying To Catch That Little Yellow Fish [Aka: Fluffy] And The Big Mullet Fish In The Soda Seas Level!! And Pink Puffles Help You Get On Your Feet!! Ps. Please Post This I Have Never Been Posted Thanks!


I love to play Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle because we both have the spirit. We trust each other to help us survive in those ocean waters.



The game I like to play with my puffle is Surfing , because it is like an adventure game and plus it is fun . it is like real surfing and you gain extra fun when you share the game with your puffle . It is more fun when u do the tricks and the nicest part is when we r in a water cave , and it's music tune is a nice part also .


My purple puffle, Tori.I like her because she loyal and likes to dance underneath her disco ball.Also because she plays dance contest and gets me alot of coins! ;)


i love to games puffles and puffles games puffles are really cool i love mi puffles Bown and white








^_^ (=P


I like all of the games, they are all so fun, like the red puffle likes surfing, the purple puffle likes breaking out on the dance floor, the pink puffle likes Aqua Grabber, the black puffle likes Cart Surfing, and the yellow puffles likes DJ3K! Now there is going to be a new game for all puffles, all of them will like it, especially the puffle who don't play games! They also help you get coins to help feed them! Waddle on CP! (PS the brown puffle should get a game)


i like playing Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle because you can get a stamp and have lots of fun with your puffle! I also like playing surfing with my red puffle because there you can also get a stamp and surf around with your puffle! But i just love all the puffles and the games you can play with them! Rock On CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv Briannas99


I love playing all games with my puffles. But my favorite one is catchin waves with my red puffle.


The new pet shop is EPIC I love dancing with my purple puffle and mixing music with my yellow.So Waddle On!


I love to play Dance Challenge with my purple puffle because he always helps me get more points and encourages me to try harder. You should see some of his funky moves! My favorite color is purple too im a boy Lol Waddle on CP!


I just love to type that my puffle book with my purple puffle and play dance contest and my pink puffle always wants to play aqua grabber then theres my yellow puffle that like to hear any mix i make! Well See Ya Later! WADDLE ON!! Plz post...


I LOVE playing DJ3K with my yellow puffle because she always make REALLY cool music.Her unique spirit is always a GREAT time and shes SUPER fun to be around!


I can't choose! I like them all. I really like to hit a mine cart with my black puffle, I love bustin' moves on DJ3K with my yellow puffle, and I like shootin' the tube with my red puffle in Catchin' Waves - I guess I like all of them!

Wobbley7 jr:

I think that the puffles should if they want to play a game or not. Because then you can a aqua grabber with a brown puffle or catchin' waves with a blue puffle. Waddle on club penguin!
P.S. I also think the brown one should help you on Thin Ice.


i think it is cool i love all the puffles!why cant non-members get certain puffles?


I like to play Jet pack adventure with my green puffle! Also I like to play with my black puffle in Cart Surfer!

PS. I think the brown puffles should have a game!

Thank you,

agent mike81:

i like playing cart surfing with my black puffle me and my puffle love extreme stuff,i like playing jet pack with my green puffle cuz is fun flying with him really i lolve all my puffles and i have all the color puffles i love puffles and pie.waddle on cp.


I like cart surfer with my black puffle I love it cause I like to see my black puffle doing tricks with me I also love it cause I get loads of coins. I LOVE MY BLACK PUFFLE AND I LIKE THE COLOUR BLACK


hey i just saw on the tv that there will be hats for puffles is it true billybob and i like to play dance contest with my purple puffle


i like playing jet pack adventure with my green puffle!


i think that yellow puffles should be able to play a game that i made up called shootin tme and its about when you get to make a movie and the yelow puffle is the director of all of them! i think that would be a very cool game! remember..... WADDLE ON CP!


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