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By Billybob on March 13, 2011 - 09:27
Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked you what you thought of the renovated Pet Shop. We received a lot of great comments from everyone! Here's Todo265's review of the new look:

I love the new pet shop because it shows more puffle spirit! Everything in there is puffle oriented from the clock to the beds and houses and play pens. Its also a lot more colorful which i love fun and funky and more interesting too! Waddle on cp! (PS the pizza parlor should be renovated next!)

Great suggestion, Todo265! And thanks to everyone else who commented. 

Next week, we'll be launching a new game for all puffles called Puffle Launch! So for this week's Reviewed By You, we want to hear about puffle games. What games do you like to play with your puffle, and why?

Write your review as a comment. We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



i love to play agua grabber because it always makes my pink puffle happy when i come home from waddling around all day... but i still cant fine the favorite game for the brown puffle, but i will always keep looking because i love making my puffles happy! and i am thinking about adopting another one and i am thinking about adopting the yellow one. Personaly i would like clubpengin to stay the way clubpenguin was during the puffle show and so do all my friends..!

Love to all penguins and puffles,


Dear Club Penguin Team,
My favorite Games with my Puffle is Aqua Grabber. My Pink Puffle is so generous That she gives me Air Bubbles! But I also Like when I go play Cartsurfer with My black Puffle. He will actually Smile!

Love Ariom1322


this is awsome i love the new pet shop to and the puffle lanch looks fun and a new pizza parler is comeing awsome i cant wait i love my puffles and i think white puffles should go down ski hill with you this will be grate well now i say waddle on.


i luv the new pet shop especially the new grocery section i luv taking my puffle for a walk and i just got a new green one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle because i love to see my puffle dance . she is one of the most best dancers . Best dancers THAT I have !!!!!!!! P.S. my nickname is ally20503 . WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S.S.please post this comment i havent been posted befor .


I use to play cart surfer all the time with my black puffle. I can get over 350 coins!

P.S. Please post this ive never had one posted before!!!!


I like all 6 of them but i love Dance contest with purple puffles the most. I think brown puffles should play any card jitsu and orange to play pizzatron3000. I havent played puffle launcher before but i really want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle On Club Penguin!

P.S. Please post this i have never been posted before!


you shoud make a club penguin tv show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!all penguin and puffles randomlly chosen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well i think to play catchin waves with my red puffle's yarr and mario.and i like to play jetpack adventure with my green puffle's pickels and lugi.:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

your buddy Blackie43979



I Love Playing Aqua Grabber With My Pink Puffle!!!!!!!! I Love It Because I Have Always Loved Swimming!!! Me And My Puffle Go Play Aqua Grabber Every Day!!!!! Its A Really Fun Game. You Should Try It Too!!!


I totally like to go dancing with a purple puffle and/or cart surf with a black puffle.Well,I just like all of them.I think the next puffle game after the Puffle Launch game,there will be a new color puffle,and it can cook and it can help us in the game Pizzatron 3000!

Until then,Waddle on!

(P.S. Say 'hi' to Screenhog and Happy77!!)


I love all the games you can play with puffles and i also like acting at the stage with my yellow puffle.

P.S I love what you did with the pet shop and puffle cards

P.P.S please post i've never been posted


i love jet packadventure with the green

n8 dogg2:

i can not wait for puffle launch it will be awsome like all other games


I really love water. So I really like to play Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle and Catchin' Waves with my red puffle. When start to play a game, we never think of wining coins, we always think of having good time with each other. That's what make us friends forever and have a good time.
I really liked the new Pet Sop by the way. Waddle On!


maby the yellow puffels could choose to paint a penguin or it could play pizzatron3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS.Please send this i have never been posted before


I love playing all of the games with all of my puffles! Puffles arent just creatures to adopt so they can look good in your igloo, They are fuzzy,friendly and lastly penguins best friends. So they should be treated like one! Take a puffle and go out and play a game I'll bet you and your puffle will connect even more! But dont JUST choose 1 play with all of them and give them lots of love! Waddle on Cp! Keep playing alot of games with your beloved puffles!


I love puffle and games so the game must me great.


I like playing Jet pack with my green puffle. I like doing it because the green puffle collects different things on that game,and sometimes you can get stamps and I like getting stamps


My favorite game is aqua grabber beacause my pink puffle is a cheat for it and with all my puffles if i take them to play a game i usually take the money i earned with them and buy something for that specific puffle.


i think it is realy good because its got style


I like the game cart sufer because I like the game and I like the color black and the black puffle can go with me in to play cart surfer. When I took the quiz at the pet shop and I got matched up with the black puffle.


the puffle shop is really good now, but it would be really really good if the puffles would have there owen game and you could put some new puffles in the book like culouers that are not really seen much like a rare puffle colouer like gold wich you have to find and then pay for it, and some over weard colouers.
and I do think that you should do pizzer pleace and the lighthoues next because they are really getting out of date.


i dont no


Well i love to go surfing with my silver surfboard and my red puffle and I love to paint so what i really really want to have as a game is a painting game!! i would enjoy it so much!
waddle on CP!
P.S. I really want to be posted!


I cant wait for this game! This looks like it ill be a great one! i am wondering will it give you the same amount as puffle round up or more? cant wait anna play it!

waddle on, Funky47470 :) :)


well I like playing dance contest with my purple puffle because you always get more points and more coins witch I think is cool and fun to. I earnd 1,090 coins with my purple pufflewitch was reall hard because I was on export with my puffle. And thats why Il ike playing dance contest with my purple puffle. well intill then waddle on

clicky Tick1:

I like to play with my purple puffle because the dance contest is an arrow key game and there are my favorite.


I love playing with all my puffles! I dont care what type of game it is i just like having fun with my puffles!

Waddle on club penguin!

purple chocl:

it would be fun if you made things for the puffles that everyone could buy.NOT just members p.s. my puffles name is icecube


My favorite one is hanging out and snugging with my Blue Puffle, even though that isn't a game, it is fun just like a game!!


i love to play dance contest with my purple puffle named disco!


I LOVE playing Jet Pack Adventure with my green puffle! We soar throughout the sky and see things no other penguin will probably ever see on club penguin when your waddling around. I suggest that everyone should have a green puffle!


i like playing jetpack adventure with my green puffel


well he is right renivate the pizza parlor next but back to puffles i like to dance with my puffle because thats what she likes to do something cool the clubpenguin people should do is make a game where you need to use all the puffles to complete different tasks like getting a ball on a high ledge just a thought waddle on cp. :P


Well, I love all of the games there are in cp, but I love to play Catchin' Waves with my red puffle,
Play DJK3 with my yellow puffle,
Play Jet Pack Adventure with my green puffle,
Play Dance Compition with my purple puffle,
Play Cart Surfer with my black puffle,
And play Aqua Grabber with my pink puffle. Can cp team make more games to play with puffles orange, blue, white, and brown please?
Thanks and WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't wait to play puffle launch!
I have a feeling it's going to be great

By the way, I've just made a list of what games that club penguin could bring your puffle to play along:

Astrio barrier - Brown puffle
Ice fishing - White puffle
Pizzatron3000 - Orange puffle
Sled racing - Blue puffle

Thats all I've thought of.
Thanks for making a new game!

P.S. I love puffles! This is going to be great!


I love to play dance contest with my purple puffle!


My favorite game to play in Club Penguin with my puffle is DANCE CONTEST with my purple puffle!!!!! You get so many coins when you play!! Also<, you guys should update the night club


those look cool and i think the pizza palor should be next


P.P.S pleas pick me never go picken


I love to play cart surfer with my black puffle named shadow! Whenever he smiles i give him a cookie! That always keeps him happy.

ps. please post this. I keep sending comments and they NEVER get sent.


I like to play Catch Wave with my Red puffle, Rockhoppy!


I think all of this is a great idea!All the puffles will have so much fun,especially the Red puffle!:) My red puffle is always impatient to go on
puffle Launch! Since brown and blue puffles dont have a game to play with their owner, You should make a game for them like science mania or for the blue puffle you could make balls golore!


i like dancing with my purple puffle


i like to play surfing with my red puffle . cp rocks woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


I like to fly with my green puffle because I love flying, he loves me, (I've had him for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time!) and I ALWAYS give him pizza afterwards whether we win it all or crash in the cave.
Waddle on CP!


Me and my pink puffle love to play Aqua grab together! We love to discover to hidden tresures together! ( p.s. please post I've never been posted before )


I LOVE to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle because you get to listen to a lot of music and my purple puffle, Slider has AWESOME dance moves! It is the first game I played on CP,too! Also, it's a great way to earn coins and just have fun! Waddle on CP!!!!!



puffles are amazing creatures! I hope someday orange puffles and brown puffles can like their own game! Me and my purple puffle love dj3k! We play it all the time together!


I Think Brown Puffles Should Play System Defender. It is A Classified Game And This Is The Most I Should Tell You.

Purple Pen 8:

I love to play games with my puffles. I think white puffles should get to play the sled race.Orange puffles should get to play the bean bag truck in the Coffee Shop! See you later CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON!


me and my green puffle are great flyers and we are airborne and we love jet pack adventure


I like to play with my puffles every day for every game.It's so fantastic that we're having another new game in the pet shop,I can't wait.( P.S. what kind of puffle or puffles will be in the new game?)


I LOVE to do dance contest with my purple and also surfing with my red puffle and pretty much doing all of them because i do more stuff with my puffle and im glad there well be a game for every puffle because i want to do one with my white one.
Waddle on Cp!
Best fishs!
Love your penguin friend Bexviv3!


I like aqua graber with my pink puffle because it reminds me of summer and how u swim in a pool or the beach. I always love summer !! So i lilke aqua grabber w/ my pink puffle! Wait what r the summer events on cp?


I would love to play tag with my puffle.I would like to play hiden'seek as well.I cant wait for new puffle games!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!


I like to dance with my purple puffle! We have a blast. I have heard that there are going to be hats for puffles! Is this true?


Well, I love heading up to the Nightclub for a dance contest with my purple puffle! The dance contest is my favorite game because it can be a challenge if you always do the expert level, and i like challenges! So, I always bring along my purple puffle so we can have some fun!
Waddle on Cp!

Cameron jack:

I like to play cart surfing with my black puffle because I like making him smile once in a while!
Waddle on Cp!


I love the new pet shop and i cant wait for the game. I also cant wait until that new place like the town but cooler comes! and i agree the pizza palor needs it next.


i like all the games you can play with the puffles. each one is unique with the puffle. the first game i played with a puffle was the surfing game so i guess that might be my favorite. waddle on CP!




i think black puffle should do DJ3K


well...I like playing games with all my puffles, since ive got 8 puffles its hard to choose. But I'd say playing at the disco with my purple puffle!!! Because she gives me loads of cool moves that you cant do without them and i love the way they dance!! (PS please add, I've never been picked)
Waddle on Cp!


I LOVE PLAYING JET PACK ADVENTUE WITH MY GREEN hes so cute and ive had him for three months now


I like to play all the games that are for my puffles (red and blue). But the one I like the best is Catchin' Waves. My red puffle loves it so,so, SO much that he never gets tired when he comes home. Also, even though I don't have this puffle, I absolutely love when I see someone in Cart Surfer with a black puffle. The tricks amaze me! Rock on puffles:D


I love playing Catchin' Waves with my red puffle called Strawberry!

Waddle On CP!

P.S. Please post this I have never been posted before!


I like to play all the games with all of my puffles, surfing with red puffles, aqua grabber with my pink puffle, cart surfing with my black puffle, and all the other games too! I have so much fun with my puffles, but more importantly, they have fun too! Waddle on CP!!


i think brown puffles should play pizzatron3000!!!!!!!!!


brown puffles game shoud be pizzatron 3000 because thay do not have a game yet and thay are creativ.


i think each puffle has its own experience to go with a game. im saying each puffle should play any game and be apart of all cp games!


Hi cp. I love ALL games with the puffles because they teach you and your puffle to work together. even if I don't like the game, its always worth it to see that smile on my puffles face. WADDLE ON CP, AND HOP ON PUFFLES!!!!!!!!


i love pupurle pet alot because it dance


I like playing SODA SEAS with my pink puffle because its always helpfull.He never fails me!


:) well i like to play any game with me puffle because if he is happy it is fine with me but until now penguins WADDLE ON!


i lick to play with my blue puffles because thay are funey! do thinck thay are?


I LOVe to dance with my purple puffle in the night club! :)


I think the brown puffles should invent a game on there own. Any way I like playing dance contest with my purple puffles because he is the best puffle dancer ever, even his name is dancer!
waddle on CP!!!


My favorite game to play is Dj3k with my yellow puffle, because it gives you a chance to express yourself. I also like it when when my yellow puffle starts to jump all around because I've made a great beat.

ps. Wil every puffle be able to new game?


I like taking out my red puffle to go surfing with me because its fun and its kinda funny when the wave gets to close and he gets scared


i think the best puffle game is catching waves because non members can take their puffles to play it so everyone gets to have a go with their puffle.
PS please post this i try to be posted every new "reveiwed by you" comes out!


me and my black puffle love cart sufing be cous we make a grate team my panguin's name is 144i


wow i love it


I love to play jet pack advenure with my puffle! anything you play with your puffle I think is fun,awesome,amazing,and wonderful!


Is there a game for the blue puffle? I love playing catch the waves with my red puffle. She is so cute! I love what you have done to the pet shop. Do you think yo can do that to the dance place? Can you also make less things for members because i think you guys just want money. Thanks!

Waddle on,


I like to play with all my Puffles! My green puffle and I love flying and seeing the whole island from the sky! Me and my pink puffle love to find treasure deep in the sea! But best of all, playing with my puffles help me earn coins! I can use those coins to buy them puffle furniture! Then they will be even happier!


I think that every puffle should have its own game. The Pink, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, and Purple do so all the other puffles should to. The brown puffle should play in pizza 3000, orange puuffle in hydro hopper, white puffle in fishing, and the blue puffle in bean counters. That is what I think.


I like to play whith my green puffle in jetpack evevcher


I think the game would be great to have in the pet shop because it would make the pet shop be more in the puffle sperit and make it more fun! I also think it would be a great adishon to the pet shop. It would make it more populre also fun.
(Until then waddle on C.P)


I like to play Cart Surfer with my furry black puffle because its super fun for everyone.
Also, I love throwing little puffle parties with my puffles. My Black puffle always has tons of fun.

Thank you for your time.



I like to...
go scuba diving with my pink puffle,
surf with my red puffle,
play with my orange puffle,
make music with my yellow puffle,
fly with my green puffle,
play with my blue puffle,
dance with my purple puffle,
feed my brown puffle cookies,
go super fast down the mines with my black puffle!
Well, thats about everything. Puflles are one of the best things on club penguin so...


I think there should be a brown puffle game!It would probably be soooo cool!waddle on cp.(P.S could you please make a rainbow puffle.)


i love playing dance contest with my purple puffle.i love that because 1 you get lots of coins and, 2 dancing is soooooooooooooooo fun!(especially with your purple puffle) every time after i dance with my purple puffle i give bubbles (my purple puffle) a cookie or a piece of gum. now that the puffle shop is renovated,i can give her pizza too!

Bamboo Pingu:

I like to play with my very creative yellow puffle on the DJ3K he always wants to go there

Waddle on cp!!!


I think the orange puffle should play bean counters !!!
Please post I NEVER have before!!!



I can't wait tell new puffle games!!!I think we should have a game like hiden'seek in the forest.I think we could have another game like tag as well.Can't wait tell the puffle games!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why do puffles each have there own game


I like to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle. But, I still LOVE all my puffles and make sure that they get plenty of food, rest, excercise.
I think i have to agree with Kodo with his comment. Like the whole thing!!
(P.S. Please post this I've never been posted in my life!)


i just love playing cart surfer with my black puffle!!! he loves doing flips with me in the cart and spinning in the air!! ( and i know your making hats when are puffles going to be able to wear them? cant wait!!)
Waddle On CP!!


Heres what I know puffles play:
Red- Catchin' Waves
Pink- Aqua Grabber
Yellow- DJ3K
Purple- Dance Contest
Black- Cart Surfing
Green- Jet Pack Adventure
Heres what I think you should add:
White- Sled Racing
Orange- Bean Counters
Brown- Pizzatron 3,000
Blue- Astro Barrier

Waddle on CP!! ~Hunty512


I like surfing with my red puffle because when i took the puffle quiz, i got match with the red puffle and now i try to hang out more with the red puffle. It is so much fun.

Club penguin puffles rock!


I love to dance in the dance contest ( my puffle adds me extra points!) With my purple puffle named Danielle. But each game with a puffle is great for me. Ps (all the puffles should have a game that their included in)

Nikki 33:

yeah, you guys should make more tables in the pizza parlor, and more seats in the coffee shop, because it's always full there!


I like to dance with my purple puffle because i like the music and my puffle seems to enjoy dancing with me. I LOVE MY PUFFLE CANDACE!!! Waddle On CP!!!


Rane4 here! I think the new game is gonna sooooooooo fun! And I wonder why there are two doors on the inside of the PetShop and one on the outside? Weird huh? I can't wait for the new game Puffle Launch!

P.S ,How do you play it?

katie amini:

i like to play jetpack adventure with my green puffle because she helps me get fuel when i run out.

PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ post this. my comments never get posted
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocket 1027:

I think its really good (THE NEW PET SHOP!!!)and the game looks and sounds really great and also overal its something to look foward to and other things on the island.CP WADDLE ON!!!ENJOY THE NEW GAME!!!(I agree about the new pizza parlor as well)


OMG!! Is this new minigame playable to all species of puffles? That would be so cool!! P.S.(This is for Screenhog) When are you going to make puffle history part 2? P.P.S. III LLOOOVVVEEE CCCLLLUUUUBBBB PPPEEENNNGGGUUUIIINNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ica't wait for the puffle launch game! must be a red puffle's favorite game when it comes out(i think the CP team should renovate the night club!)


why can't we walk more than 1 puffle around


I like playing Dance Conteset with my purple puffle because she always does the best dance moves! I also like playing Jet Pack Adventure with my green puffle!


my fav game is dance off with my purple poffle . by the way if u give the orange, brown , and white puffle a game i would soo play it.

ps i heard on a commercail that u guys are making hats for puffles i suget that u make a tira for the pink puffle


You should make a game were you pick a puffle on the screen like the red,black,blue,purple,pink,white,yellow,and brown. For the red puffle you should make a canon ball game, were you try to make the puffle in a basket. For the black puffle you should make a skate boarding game, were you try to get alot of coins!!! For the blue puffle game you try to eat the most pizza!! For the purple puffle game you should try to blow a big bubble. For the pink puffle game you should make a horse game were you try to get coins,and for the yellow puffle game you should make a pianting. For the brown puffle game you should make an invention. Thats the game I think you should make.


i love to play cart surfer with my black puffle cuz' i love it when he does tricks with me and i like to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle cuz' when it spins it is so cute and i like to play catchin' waves with my red puffle cuz' when tou fall out i think it is sooo cute when it comes out of the water and i like to play jet pack adventure with my green puffle cuz' it helps me get more coins and i like to play DJ3K with my yellow puffle cuz' when i play DJ3K with it it always gets me more coins than when i am alone.


Since I havn't been on for a while, my puffles ran away :( But, their memories are still with me. I had my favorite black puffle, Chard, and I would play Hopskotch with him! He just loved jumping up and down. His happiness would definately rise. Waddle on CP!


I like to dance with my purple puffle because she is so cute when she dances and her dance moves are amazing


Hello Penguins,
I Like to play Mine Cart with my brown puffle, it's cool! He gets on the cart and does tricks like me!

Waddle On Cp!
P.S I always wanted to say that!

Penguin Name: Coolguy2199


I love to swim with my pink puffle because i love to swim just like her!!!


I like.........Oh! I like to play cart surfing with my black puffle it's really funny... Just the look on the puffles face is hilarious!! I have one of my friends play it just so I can see the puffle's face!! Todo265's idea is sweet! I really do think that the pizza parlor needs a little change maybe like the new pet shop.... Fun and Funky except with pizza's??? It's an idea! Thank's for your time cp!!

Waddle on and never stop!

Snowcone ( please pick me for a comment because I've never been picked before!) Thank's


I LOVE jet pack adventure because my green puffle is always keeping me alive when im out of fuel :)
He is way better than me. I also like aqua grabber with my pink puffle because I was about to get the last stamp, but I was about to die, then my pink puffle saved me by blowing a bubble, I was so glad that I walked him for a week and every day put to full health when I logged off!


I love playing cart surfing with my puffles!!!


i think the new pet shop game should be about all the great and cute puffles, but u should mix up what the puffles like to do then it will be fun and cool!!!!!!!!!! KEEP ON WADDLING ALONG ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The new petshop is awesome. Now it's more alike for puffles. I saw large crowds heading for it. My puffles love the new food.
(PS you should renovate the Gift Shop, please!)


There are a lot of puffles and each has a different personality. That's how you match them with their game. For example, you can tell black puffles are dare devils, because their favorite game is cart surfer. Well, i was thinking every time you create a new puffle, you should make them their own game. Can you make your more recent puffles their own games based on their personality? Like the orange and brown puffles? Please take my suggestions into mind!
Waddle On CP!
-Sophia306 (Sophia306 is my penguin name)
P.S. Many people on cp fansites always make fake pictures of rainbow puffles, wishing there really WAS one. Can you PLEASE make our dream a reality? OHH OHH! And could you make it a quest, like you did for the brown puffle? That was AWESOME! even for me, and i wasn't even a member then!


where will it be.


my penguin name is diem lavoto. The cart surfing game is so fun with the black puffle every time play i play a game with a puffl ei wish they were real i love puffles thier so so so cute i love cp


i love doing stuff with my red puffle and i took the quiz in the petshop and it said im perfect for an red puffle waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love Playing cart surfer with my black puffle We Score 2000
Busting Tricks Riding in the dark
P.S.Ive never gotten picked so hope you pick me=)


Cart Surfing with my black puffle Zora is the best puffle game EVER in my opinion!


Oh my gosh! I cant wait for Puffle launch to come out! My orange puffle is going to love it!

P.S. The brown puffle sould play Pizzatron 3000! :)


I like to play DJ3K with my yellow puffle called Arti and when i play it with him, i get more coins!


Well Cp Team i dont have a puffle but in the past with my best yellow puffle my best game was DJ3K

PS: Please post me Because i have never been posted


I Love Playing Cart Surfer With My Black Puffle Because It Will Get Me Lots Of Coins And I Love Buying New Houses And Clothes. The Games That I Dont Like Playing With My Puffles Would Be Aqua Grabber(The New Version Dos'nt Work Anymore) And Jet Pack Adventure(My Puffle Distracts Me In The Game(Ps: Can You Put More Pages In The Catalog For Now On And Heads Up Puffles Are Getting Hats!!!) Watch Disney And Waddle On From:Sllipy Ice4 Thank You Club Penguin And WADDLE ON!


Hmmm.... My favorite game to play with my puffle is aqua grabber! My pink puffe LOVES to swim, so we like to play this game together! (:


I like to play Dance Contest with my super cool purple puffle! When we hit the dance floor, it gets so chill that CP freezes over! We score lots of points with each other, and i use the coins for radical new stuff for my puffle! She is so cool! Once we got like, a 75 note combo! We are silly, 24-7, but she mixed up silly and cool and got awesome! WADDLE ON CP!!!! :0


Why Don't you make a game for all the puffle's? \Could you make a game that all the puffles play?????


I like playing jet pack adventure with my green puffle,Greeny. He always helps me out! WADDLE ON CP!( P.S. I have never been picked for comments please pick me)


WOW!!!!!!!! i love all the puffle games but if i could pick one it would definitely be playing aqua grabber with my fav pink puffle I LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i wish there was a game for.........................BROWN PUFFLES!

coz i adore brown puffles theyre so cool and inventive"!


I liked to do dance contest with my purple puffle but i returned her to the wild a while back. i think the next time you redo a place you should have the penguins of cp do it how they want then it would show up different for every penguin! i think that would be totally awesome!!!!! until then....WADDLE ON CP!!!!! YOU RULE!!!!


I think that the gift shop needs somthing new like iles or shoping cars ! Yeah it has been there for w while . Waddle on cp !
P.S mabye a shoping caart game werw you race around and pick up new stuff woud be cool to .

d random:

I like to play the dancing game with my purple puffle! (I forgot what it was called!) I also like to play catching waveswith my red puffle. (I used to have one) Okay! bye! My penguin name is D random. WADDLE ON!

P1ngu Tj:

I think we should the have puffle pad game which was out last puffle party. Last years one it was sooo cool!
thanks P.S please use my comment, i have never been picked
P1ngu Tj


i like to play with my red puffle(its called Emily!).we are relly good at the surfing game! but i also like to dance with it

Skittles 899:

I like to play cart surfer with my balck puffle snickers.I like to see him smile when i do a backflip!


i like to play cart surfing with my black puffle and play jet pack adventure with my green puffle and play agoa grabber with my pink puffle


I like "Cart Surfer" because I can take my Black puffle into it. I'm the extreme kind so the Black puffle and I make a great pair

Waddle On!!


I like to play all the games! Not only are they fun, but the puffles have an AWESOME time too! Can you renovate the pizza parlor,please? It is getting boring.


Hey Cp! I really like to fly jetpacks with my green puffle because he acts so silly when we fly! Like when we are landing he falls into the ground! lol! See ya later cp!

Waddle on Club Penguiners!


I think that the brown puffles should play system defender because they're so good with machines.


With My Green Puffle I Like The Jet Pack Adventure He Helps Me With Stamps!! With My Pink Puffle We Play Aqua Grabber!!! She Helps Me Unlock Stuff!! With My White No Games But I Think We Should Have A Game Like Coffee Toss She Could Freeze Obstcles!! That Would Rock!!! Waddle Along CP!!


I like cart surfing with my black puffle.Because i always earn about 275 coins.And its really fun with my puffle.WADDLE ON!!!


I like my red puffle because he always helps me get more points. (P.S, I think that the blue puffle should get a game!)


i love to play dancing with my purple puffle because he inspires me to do my best.:D

P.S i think that the orange puffle should play pizzatron 3000.


I love playing all sorts of games with my puffles. I take my black puffle surfing and then my yellow puffle to DJ3K. I also just love to take my red puffle surfing with me, so I have someone for company and so I can teach it tricks like a pro! With all these things to do with your puffles, you never know what to do next! Waddle on CP!


i like to play DJ3K with my yellow puffle bacause i love the music! and i love my yellow puffle =). waddle on cp!

from pikachu3115


It looks awsome!!!!I can't wate! :)


i like to play aqua grabber because it gets you alot of coins but i dont own a pink puffle


i agree with Todo365 the Pet Shop does show puffle spirit and the pizza parlor should be renovated next!!Waddle on CP!!!!

p.s i have some great ideas for the pizza parlor and pet shop,and please post this I've never ever been posted before!!


i know that there is a game for the red puffle, purple puffle and green puffle but what about the rest?


i love all the puffle games i cant choose one!! I ESPECIALLY LOVE THE BLACK PUFFLE AND CART SURFER, but i think every puffle should have a game some day like the brown puffle,white puffle , and the orange puffle someday they will


My purple puffle and I love playing dance contest he always has these new crazy moves and its more fun to dance with a buddy not alone it's great (: !

uyriffffffff said:

That is so cool and the pizza shop should be next to get remodeld!


I LOVE to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle! I love to see her bust some moves and earn me coins! Waddle On!


i love playing cart surfer with my black puffles he does so many new things i think the brown puffle should play puffle launch with penguins they deserve to have a game they did a alot for cp


I think orange puffles should take engines off there little cars and put them on sleds then the brown ones would make new engines AND customize the sled for sled racing on any track AND concept sled on game day! :D WADDLE ON PEOPLE CLUB PENGUIN RULES!!!!!!! :D PS: I think brown puffles could make a portal that could take you to Game day!!!!!!!!!! :D


I like exploring with any puffle! No matter what color my puffles like exploring (even the green puffle) places like caves and ect........... Oh yes Waddle on cp!


I think every pet should have their own game because its not fair to the puffles that have no games! Waddle on Club Penguin! P.S. Please post me i never been posted!


Hi Cp, I really enjoy taking my pink puffle out on a walk with me to her favourite game which is Aqua Grabber because she helps me out on all the hard levels and we bth enjoy going out together and havin Fun!!! CP you rock!
PS:I have only posted once(Thx.)


I love having my green puffle playing Jet Pack Adventure with me! It's such a big help having him by my side. Once I almosr ran out of fuel but he saved me by finding an extra tank! He also grabs me tons of needed coins. I think next, since pink puffles adore jumping, they should play along with us in Hydro Hopper. Until then....Waddle On CP!!!


i like to play dance contest whith my purple puffel becase what ever the song it will like it
ps:i cant wait till the dance lounge changes


I like playing aqua grabber with my pink puffle because its funny how she swims and goes up to the top


i like surfing with my red puffle all the time becasue he earns me a lot of ponits


please can you add the brown puffle into the puffle round up game


I love playing Dance Contest with my purple puffle because it's like my favorite game. Me and my purple puffle are so much alike.
~Waddle On CP

Tweety 07:

I like to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle. Why you ask? Because I like to see my puffles exercising AND having fun at the same time. Also because it's really cool seeing puffles bust a move!


I have a brown puffle, but he loves playing hide and go seek with me and my pals, he also likes dancing at igloo parties and playing at special events he loves puffle party and is looking forward to music jam! I also have an elite puffle Flare he loves hanging out in the fire dojo and watching me practice card jitsu fire. Flare and Henry (brown puffle) absolutly love it when I take them to igloo puffle parties so they can make friends. I love puffles!


I love to play cart surfer with my Black Puffle!I think Brown Puffles should play HYDRO HOPPER!!!! waddle on CP!!!!!


well i love to play cart surf with my black alwpuffle he ays helps me


i want brown puffles to have a game


i love new pet shop and i think brown puffle should play pizzatron3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like to play cart sufer with my black puffle cuz it gives u more fun!!!


I love the game cart surfer! It was my favorite game before the black puffles came and that won't change!And bacuse it is my favorite game i can earn more coins with the black puffle. Thanks for the AWESOME question. -Waddle on!!



I like playing Dance Contest!,with my purple puffle!


I love to play Catchin' Waves with my Red puffle because it feels a lot like you are really surfing and your puffle gets to feel the same thing you do when we play Catchin' Waves


i like playing cart surfer with my black puffle because me and him love to flip

coka cola9:

i like to play wth all my puffles!! Everyday i at lease play with oneof them they are so cute when they play a game!!!!!!!!!!!!


My pink puffle and I love to play aqua grabber! My pink puffle and I have a blast when we play!!! My pink puffle always likes to look around at something in the game, then she floats off after me. She always has a smile on her face when we play aqua grabber together!!! I LOVE PUFFLES!!!!
(P.S: Post me please! I'm never posted!!!)


I think there should be a games that all the puffles could play that would be kool. I think!


I like to play with all my puffles and can all the puffles have their own game if yes thanks until then waddle on cp!


I like to play Dance Contest with my purple puffle because me and Violet (my puffle) just LOVE to dance!
I also like to go to the cove and surf with my red puffle because one day I want to grow up to be a pro at surfing and become famous + it's fun!

P.S. I think it would be a cool idea to change up the pizza parlor maybe even a space themed pizza parlor. Until then Waddle on CP! (=


I like to play the DJ3K with my yellow puffle because it's so cool how my yellow puffle, named The Letter Q, dances around. It looks like he is having a good time hanging out with me! The Letter Q is like my best friend on Club Penguin and outside of Club Penguin! Waddle on CP!


i like playing cart surfing with my black puffle because he likes riding with me oh and P.S. waddle on CP!!


I love all the games I play with my puffles but my favorite one is aqua grabber because pinky cares for me alot she is always saving me and she helps meget to the hard spots.


I also think the brown puffles should have their own game as pizzatron3000 Because the brown puffles are very inventive!!!
Waddle On CP


i absoalutely LOVE playing with my black puffle Jenny i the mine . it is soo cute to watch him play in my igloo too.

8410 T:

I think that the white puffle should play puffle launch because he hasn't played any thing yet


I love playing cart surfing with my black puffle because he would do all of these tricks when I do one and its cute when he does them

please post this


It would be mega cool if all puffles could play games!


My favorite game to play wioth my puffle is the Dance contest! I love to see my purple puffle dance it is soo cute how it makes up dance moves. I also love with my puffle and my penguin dance with each other. But, i do love all the puffle games but the dance contest is my favorite! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!


I like to play with my green puffle and he likes to eat. i think we sude make a game were puffles make there favorite food!hope you pick me! waddle on


I love to play cart surfer with my black puffle so i think the next game should be black surfer for black puffles ps-i think white puffles should play card jitsu snow


i like to play acwa grabber with my pink puffle beacause i can always rely on her to give me air


I like to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle.Whenever I'm out of air I can count on my pink puffle.I recommend this puffle to anyone who like aqua grabber!

Waddle On!


I like playing Cart Surfer with my black puffle because I can get loads of coins and I play catchin waves with my red puffle
to do some surfing and I think brown puffles should play Hydro Hopper.


I love playing cart sufer and catching waves with my black puffle named fudgehog and my red puffle named chargers. i love playing cart sufer with my black puffle is because we are so good at it everytime me and my puffle fudgehog plays we always get 4000 points or 3500 points i wish there were more stamps and levels of cart sufer or me and fudgehog to play. and i love catching waves because me and my puffle always do loads of cool tricks and moves so waddle on club penguin


ill love puffle launch for sure i see in my mind a fun game called puffle launch and i love puffles so im got my puffle a little present and my puffles bouncing it is so excited


i think white puffles should play system defender


I think the brown puffles should have there own game! The game I'm thinking about is where you have your brown puffle, but brown puffle only, and you try to build inventions! Such as rocket ships, robots, or even a pool! Also, you have a time limit and the faster you make, the more coins you get! Waddle on!


My favorite game to play with my puffles would be Aqua Grabber because my puffle and I love to explore for treasure in the sea! We have alot of fun in the Soda Seas level!

Crosby 1963:

I always dance with my purple puffle when I play Dance Contest. My puffle always gives me extra points and has really good dance moves. I think having puffles is the best thing ever, it's just like dogs and cats and other pets, always fun and you and your pets learn something new every day, that goes for puffles too. It's not only my purple puffle but all my puffles, they all help me in the games I play, they help me get coins, and I buy them cool things to play with. I love having puffles!!!!

Crosby 1963

P.S. Can you please pick me to be on the comment list? Thank you.

WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE the new pet shop! I love to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle because of 2 reasons, 1 im always afraid that my puffle will hit me so i manuever around him and bang into the fish! 2, he gives me air when im just about to run out. I also love to play cart surfer with my black puffles (coal, lightning ,and storm),it is so adorable when you do tricks and he's all smiling and happy!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


Its great that we have a new pet shop!I love playing catchin Waves with my red puffle.It is sooo fun!

Waddle on cp!


I like to play DJ3K with my Puffle Lemonade because its really fun! (P.S thanks for the Pet Shop renavation!)


i like the purple puffle game


i love puffle rescue and i think it would be cool if you could take a puffle with you and there would be levels rescuing that color puffle.i also play cart surfer a lot because i can get a lot of coins from it so i like that the black puffle can play. i love the dance contest and play that with my purple puffle. i love to play dj3k with my yellow puffle, and i really like to play jet pack adventure with my green puffle. last but not least i wish every puffle had a game that only it could play.


I love purple puffles!I LOVE THEIR GAME TOO!!!!!!!!!!


i would like play surfing with my red puffle.


I like to play with ALL my puffles because they help you earn coins and a lot of them have special moves!. My red puffle in catchin waves, purple puffle in Dance contest, ect.... I wish that every puffle has their own games. It makes my puffles so happy after we play a game! If you're like a black puffle, playing a game with your black puffle would make you happy just like it does to a black puffle! I love the fun I have with my puffles! Waddle on CP !!! :-D


I would love to have a rainbow puffle and take it out to all the games! Swimming through Aqua Grabber, surfing through Catchin' Waves, dancing through the dancing game, mixing music in DJ3K, and so much more! I hope there are more games to come for puffles throughout Club Penguin!


I love playing at the dance club with my purple puffle. We both show off our moves together!! I think that the dance club should be renovated too!! Waddle on CP!
P.S. I've never been posted before. So please post this!!


I like to go surfing with my red puffle. When I play in the competition round, sometimes, he gets first place! It really surprised me. It shows that each puffle has many talents!

ogrth12 8:

cacin waves with my red puffle


hi Cp i love the black puffle and cart surfing so i just love it(its a great combinatine) i also love the new pet shop


I like the brown puffle because i like how shy it is and i makes awesome inventions. ( ps i like how its afraid of balloons) :).


Aww i love puffles i hope your doing pizza parlour next, the penguins team can do anything!
P.S i adore orange puffles they should help u with bean counters|!!!


I think I will really like the new game! I like taking my red puffle called Billly likes to play Catchin' Waves with me! If I take my blue puffle called Fluffy to Puffle Launcher, will it still like the game? Please answer this question. Catchin' Waves is my best game! And it also is Billy's. But now I bet Puffle Launcher will be his favourite game now! Waddle on Club Penguin.


Hey CP! I think you could make a puffle game where you have to be the pet shop owner! You could give the puffles what the what when they want it! (ex: Cookie, Gum , Brush,Bath, play time ect.) Costomers could come and say wich puffle they want! P.S. Pl pick my comment! OH! I forgot! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


i love playing with my black puffle on cart surfer, becautse i love to make black puffles smile. ps the orange puffle should have the pizzatron 3000 as their game! they luv food!!!!!!


I like to play cart surfer with my black puffle, skate. we have soooo much fun nailing new moves every day. its awesome to just ride with him and he does tricks as you play! WADDLE ON

(P.S plz pick me i have no coins and i have never been posted. :( )


i think that there should be a game called inventors! the brown puffle could play that game


I like to play dance contest with my purple puffle because not only does it get you more coins, its fun to get better at it and do harder levels


I don't think we should renovate the Pizza Parlor because its original look it was makes it stand out from the rest of the island. We could use a few more tables, but its the setting and arrangment of it that makes CP so diverse! You can see the old and new of Club Penguin!


I highly enjoy playing Cart Surfer with my Black Puffle. Midnight helped me earn a stamp, and he's always having an outrageously good time with me. I've kept track, and we've tipped over 147 times. Once, we were absolutely flyin' down the track, and Midnight almost flew right off of the cart because we were going so fast!

Dark Sonic 4:

I love to play with my purple puffle on dance contest.the purple puffle is like Candence to me


It looks like sooooo much fun for us and our puffles! I think that penguins all over the island will love them because they can spend time with any of their puffles while playing a game! (I think that the brown puffle should defiantly play pizzatron 3000!)


I love playing Cart Surfer with my black puffle because it's so cute to see the black puffle sitting in the cart next to the penguin, and I love it when you run on the track carrying the cart over your head with the puffle sitting on it! Having a puffle partner in the track also gives you plenty of stamps, and I've even seen my black puffle smiling when he was sitting in the cart!


I love to mix some tracks with my yellow puffle named Mimi until she can't dance anymore!


Hi cp I LOVE PUFFLE GAMES THEIR SO MUCH EASIER WITH A PUFFLE FOR EXAMPLE a green puffle in Jetpack Adventure the green puffle gets you loads of coins for you!

Until then, WADDLE ON CP.


i think the white puffles should playsled racing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Puffles are all diffrent coulers

Emily 469:

Ummm. Can Blue Puffles Have Thier Own Game? :)


I like playing all the games with my puffles! My purple puffle because she's a great dancer, my red puffle becuse he has some good tricks, my black puffle because it makes him happy, my green puffle because he gets to make faces at people on the ground and not get in trouble, and my pink puffle because she gets to have the chance to exersize. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!


all the games are really cool but i think the brown and blue puffles should be able to have a game where they can participate.


i am Bella86116

i like to have contests with my puffles.I usually do sports things
and i make sure my puffles enjoy them selves.And why do i like
doing it well because my puffles have a big smile on them(even my black puffle!)
i like to see my puffles wearing a smile!!!
PS:please post this i have never been posted before


I'm gonna buy ALL the puffles and play each game with them! First of all, i would get lots of stamps AND coins! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!


I like the pet store because it is cool!I like to play dj3k with my yellow puffle because i like the way he dances

i think that we should make a puffle paridice .


I Like playing games with all of my Puffles because you need to get stamps with them

Waddle on club penguin

p.s Please post it because i have never been posted before


I like playing DJ3K with my yellow puffle. He always tells me whan he likes my music by jumping. I also like playing Dance Contest with my purple puffle. I like it when the disco ball comes down! I think white puffles should have a game too! And orange puffles!


The game i love to play with my puffles is by far Aqua Grabber! Of course we like to play other games, but me and my pink puffle take over those clams as soon as we hit the water! It is also fun because if we do well, my pink puffle benefits (i usually get her a new toy with the coins)!


I looove taking Orchid, my purple puffle, out to dance. She's almost as good as I am! I think black puffles should be able to cart surf with you. I bet it would make them a lot happier!

Ep1c B0b:

I like playing with my puffle because they like it. its fun for both of us! And it makes them healthier, happier puffles!


my most favorite game is puffle round up! i just love playing with all the different colored puffles and using diffrent stratigies to get the puffles into the pin! thanks a bunch! waddle on cp!
p.s. please pick my comment i have never been picked before!


i luv my pink puffle ehen its playing aqua grabber because it looks soooooooo cute!!!!! waddle on club penguin! CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS!!!


i like the black puffle,since it loves to play cart surfer.


I love playing Jet Pack adventure with my green puffle, isn't that new?

Waddle on CP!


Well, I really like playing cart surfer with my black puffle because I know he's always waiting to bust a move and we're not afraid of anything in that mine from curving around corners to preforming tricks! Waddle ON!


I like doing Dance Contest with my purple puffle. I don't really walk my puffles AND play games to often . . . but I play Dance Contest with my purple puffle the most! It's sooooo fun! OMG! Thank You for making puffles have fun with our penguins. I know our puffles want to be included in everything!!! ;)

Waddle On

( p.s. PUFFLES ROCK!!! :D :D :D )

( p.s.s. Playing Cart Surfer with my black puffle also is a lot of fun! )

ice cube300:

i love playing jetpack adventure with my green puffle because he gets to play andhe helps get me coins



i just got a new white puffle and when we play hide and seek hez alwayz poppin out ov the snow!i like this because not only does he have fun but gets less shyer,WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!
{P.S please post this ive been trying since the beggining! thx!}


puffle launch is gonna be so cool! just how i know it,it's gonna be new! :))

to cp...
waddle on!!


i think the aqua grabber game is the best because the pink puffle reacts to what youre doing unlike the other games where they just follow you but i will also have to say that jetpack adventure is pretty fun with the green puffle that has his proppeler cap on and he helps you get the coins in the levels.So those are my favorite games in club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Ry Mac:

I love to play Catchin' Waves with my red puffle RJ. Every time I log in to Club Penguin, I go to my igloo, take RJ, and we hit the surf at the cove! Then, after we're done, we come home and we play our own little game: I take a slice of pizza and if RJ can jump up high enough to snatch it, he gets to eat it!


What if we play with others penguins with our puffles.It would be great fun!.like for eg we will have to lead our puffles to a place in which they have to hit a ball or something and all puffles can join too!. Waddle on cp !


I like playing jet pack adventure with my green puffle because Ilike it when he blows a bubble ang go upsidown! and I relly wish there was a rainbow puffle!

plz post this!

iron man 36:

I really like playing at the cove (surfing) my red puffle because it looks like my puffle is really really enjoying play with me and i think brown puffles should play card jistu.


my favourite game with my puffle is the dance contest and i think they look so cute when they do there little dance moves and puffle launch looks very cool would it be like a machine with puffle Os in them and their would be puffles and you have to shot puffle Os in their mouth and it gets harder and harder

Love Lola18:

I think that the brown puffles should be able to play system defender with us!


I love taking my purple puffle,Violet,to the Night Club to play Dance Contest!And my black puffle,Justin,loves to go to the hiden lake.My blue puffle.Blueberry,she's so funny!My green puffle,Danny,is very very weird.My orange puffle,Cookie,LOVES cookies so so much!My white puffle,Snowflake,she's more into going to the ice rink.My brown puffle,Choclate,is so inventive!well thats all for now!WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:)


my red puffle lucky and i love to play cachin` waves!


I love to take my green puffel on jetpack adventure because he can get coins while I get to the end! I can't wait for the new game because I can take puffels that don't have a game (like the blue puffels) on it!


i like to play aqua grabber because she finds the pearels for me


I like to dance at the nightclub and play dancing contest with my purple puffle lavender


I like playing catchin' waves with my red puffle because she can show me new tricks and warn me when I'm really close to crashig into the waves. Waddle on CP!

P.S. Please post my comment!!!!!!!!!


what do blu pufles do?


I love to play Jetpack Adventure with my green puffle, because we both love that game! Waddle on CP. :-)


my favorite puffle is brown and i know almost evry budy ells is to so i think that should be a brown puffle game but nobudy will know until the puffle laucher game comes out on the 15 of march until then waddle on cp


I love playing dance contest with my purple puffle she/he helps me get lots of coins


I like to play aqua grabber with my pink puffle because every time I need a bubble my pink puffle makes a bubble for me! By the way maybe the new brown puffle should have a game :-) Waddle on CP!


i like the Dance Contest with my purple puffle caz it gets u more points and more coins. and i like the pink with me playing Aqua Grapper and i like its caz its cute when she swims arond!

(P.S I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN POSTED PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!! Please?????!!!!!????!!!!! ) : , (



I think all puffles should be able to play the games penguins play.
I also think that puffles should where clothes.
It would be fun to put clothes on puffles.
I also think that Club Penguin should have more puffle shows.
I really love puffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

PS: please post this!


cool my green puffle and i like to play jetpack adventure i love it (P.S i have never been posted please post) rock on cp!


yes!!! i luv the sneak peak for the game! sweet! i luv playing jet pack adventure with my green puffle (and he luvs it too! :D) he looks so cute! how will the puffles look in this game? thanx! byeeeeee :)


Me and my black puffle "Floppy" love playing cart surfer, as the big turns and Sparks make us both very exited:D
When I finish the game, I go and buy my puffle some pizza.
Thanks CP. (WADDLE ON) please Please post :D


I love the DJ3K game, and so does my yellow puffle, Sunny. It's great for me because it means more coins and fun, and for Sunny, well, it's almost as if it were made for her! I think it would be cool if brown puffles got to play Pizzatron 3000, because they absolutely love machines.
Waddle On, Club Penguin!


I like to play Jet Pack Adventure with my green puffle. He is just like me because he likes to be silly and does not care if others do not think its silly. He is usually always wanting to take a walk with me. So, as a treat for him, I let him play with me on Jet Pack Adventure. He always helps me. Waddle on CP!!!!!!

ncvv wert:

yes they should cly34 play it orenge puff's should have a game


I like to play Catchin' Waves with my red puffle because my puffle and I really enjoy surfing. Sometimes my puffle is even better than me! I think sufring is really fun, mostly when my puffle can join! Waddle on Club Penguin!


i Love Playing Dance Contest because i Can Bring My Purple Puffle And Dance With My Purple Puffle Too! I LOVE PURPLE PUFFLES! Waddle On CP!


i would like to have game for these puffles the brown and blue puffles.thank you. from anna13051


On clubpenguin i love to play cartsurfer with my black puffle. I go on every day and take my black puffle because it seems like my puffle enjoys something. I like how he does the tricks with me and doesn't fall off. When i get back to my house he seems happy and doesn't want to play because he had fun. Waddle on and games with your puffles makes clubpenguin a whole lot more fun.
Clubpenguin name- lunereclips2

KittyPie455 (Penguin Name):

i Like Cart Surfing with my Black puffle!!

I have something to say, Everyone should Take care of their puffle and Play with them so they don't Run away!

Untill Then, Waddle On CP!

Jordan 4661:

I Think That All Puffle's Should Play All Of The Games To Be Fair.


I like to play with my puffles even if i should be playing games for coins. My favorite color is blue, but that doesn't mean I like the blue puffle the most.
I thought of a game that yellow puffles would play they would have to pick a title like ocean and they would have to help you paint it.

waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darth Bobby:

Puffle Launch seems to be a VERY fun game. I love playing Cart Surfer with Peff.


i like all the games but my favorite game is cart surfeing with my black puffle but all games on club penguin are the best! waddle on cp and go puffles :-)


i love playing cart surfer with my black puffle because when you turn he/or she tilts and its so cute!!!8)


i like surf because my puffle likes it.


I think you should come up with a game that every puffle could play. Like a game that you can play with your puffles. Or you could create a game with every puffle.

spike 1525:

i love playing cart surfer with my black puffle but if u love let it go so i did.



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