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By Happy77 on April 15, 2011 - 08:00
Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. Thanks for sending all those great questions last week. I picked a few of them and asked a puffle expert for some tips and tricks on how to care for your pets. 


Here's what they had to say:

Luky131 asked: "What can I do for my puffles not to runaway?"
Keep them happy! Puffles love snacks, being brushed, going for walks and playing games! Puffles don't run away quite so easily since the updates back in March. 

Sonic946 asked: "Hi ! I¹d like to know one thing: why can't puffles use all of the puffle toys? For example, the blue puffle using the rocket or the yellow puffle using the ball."
Just like you've probably got favorite toys, puffles do, too. If you have suggestions for NEW puffle toys, please let us know!

Alex asked: "How do you know food puffles like the most? There are so many that I get confused. What puffle likes what food? What do I click on?"
You'll never know what your puffle likes until you try to feed it. Watch its facial expressions. Puffles will jump up and down in excitement if they like the food you're giving them.

Lyfi45 asked: "Why is black puffle always in a bad mood?"
I happen to have a soft spot for grumpy creatures - I've got a few black puffles but they aren't even really that grumpy. They're just really intense. Mine definitely smiles when he's got his skateboard.

Canza1 asked: "Why can't all puffles swim?"
For the same reason we don't all love eating artichokes, cleaning our rooms, or doing push-ups. They all like to do different things.

Hope that answers some of your questions. If you need any other tips, let me know in the comments. :)

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team


Surf 105:

You metion New Toys! I think, that there should be a special puffle cage, a standard, a luxury and a deluxe, then, when you want your puffles out of the way, they can all go in the cage. It should have food and water and maybe a toy to keep them occupied.
Another Idea is that you could have a can of hairspray for the purple puffle, then, when it plays with it, it could get ready for a disco and dance (this might be too similar to something else but it hink it might be funny). The Yellow puffle should have a piant gun to decorate your igloo walls with a mural, that would be sooooooo cool, because it would mean that the puffle is entertained, but the penguin gets a decorated igloo (this toy, should only be available to members and get put in storage like the furniture when membership runs out)
Please put this comment on, as i have always wanted to have my comment put on here, and please use my paint gun idea or my Cage idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have asked all my buddy's on CP, they say they would love a paint gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on CP


Dear Happy77,
I wanted to know when puffles could get accseories?I have a new purple puffle and i thought she would be FABOULOUS with a hat or a cute purse!
Just wandering,Pinkie0246


There is a catalog in the adoption center or in the care thing when you click them called puffles that holds furniture food and clothing for puffles.


Brown puffles can have a tool box as a toy and they make somethink with the tools.


wow! these new animated puffles are great! but i miss the old puffle ractions, like when they eat out of the food tray and when they play with there food [like the yellow puffle.]
ps please post this i never got posted


I think your advice is great Happy77! I think most of this information will be really helpful for most puffle owners. I've used some of this advice and it totally works! thanks for the advice! I hope you enjoyed my letter! Bye, for now!


How come you don't have to pay to feed,wash your puffles now because you used to. It was about 5 or ten coins to give your puffle a bath, I just don't understand!


Great answers but why do puffles not play with each other?

A Blue Derp:

Best.. Idea... EVER

Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on!
Waddle on
Waddle o


Well i was thinking about the toys on how you said if there is any new toys we can think of, and i have a GREAT idea, it's like a thing that the black puffle can use. It's a rocket skate board but i don't know if you would like it. I just wanted to get some ideas going through. Waddle on CP!!!!!! :D


i really enjoyed reading these questions and they helped me take care of my puffle.And I really liked the question about the toys and how to know what youre puffle likes!


wow thanks that has helped me look after my puffles


I have some new puffle toy ideas : - a ball (football, rugby or basketball-ball)
- a chess table
- musical instruments (violin, guitar, drums, bongo)
- a cannon

That's all.


Are there diffrent species of puffles thats not discovered yet???


Yes I think there are like the rainbow puffle,if you believe in it of course.


why are black puffles kind of downers?


how do you make a puffle do tricks?


This helped alot, I think I understand my puffle way better now, Thanks!!!
Waddle On CP!


Which puffle is your favorite, Happy77?

Pepito 1999:

What is the red puffles favourite snack?
I know its stinky cheese, but the shop doesnt sell it!
What would my puffle like the most?


Hey! I've got an idea for a new puffle toy! The rattle! That way puffles can have fun while remembering moments that date back to their childhood!


Do all of the puffles eventually get their own game? Like, how you can take your purple puffle along to play a Dance Contest, or bring your red puffle with you to Catchin' Waves. (if they do, i think the orange puffle should do Pizzatron 3000!) Waddle on CP!

Rachael McG:

I have twenty puffles and they all love eachother but they all go into a big pile and only one white
puffle stays in the corner of my iggloo and i really want to help it what do i do?


Dear Billybob,
On my computur when i go to the stage and i click on the costume trunk it doesn't load it doesn't do anythhing it freezes up!
How do i fix it i am so annoyed with this bug! HELP! PLEASE!

Sequin Him:

I think that all the puffles should be able to tell you what they want to do! That way, you could take the ones that wanted a walk for a walk instead of choosing one puffle at a time.


hi i have a question! why is the white puffle smaller then the others?


Are orange puffles ever sad? They always seem to be grinning, even when you least expect it! So are they ever sad?


i think Happy77 is AWESOME!!!!!

25sisi 98:

Why we couldn't buy pink or purple or brown or black or white or orange or green or yellow puffle if we aren't members???


I have an idea for a puffle toy for all puffles its a tree swing theres a tree with a branch sticking out and a tire swing tied to the branch and if you press up or down it will change into another type of swing like a normal plank,a fish,a box or a bag of beans.

Haley Rosie:

I'd like to tell you one thing. One time when I logged of Club Penguin for a while and i didn't come back on for 2 days,my puffles we happy,fed,and cared for. Is Club Penguin taking care of my puffles for me while I'm gone? Please write back. Waddle On CP! :)

-Haley Rosie- :)


Maybe a puffle obstacle course would be a great puffle toy?


I know puffles are cute in all but they are so much work to take care of. How can I make this more easy.



why don't you add button on the right of igloos (where better homes and storage are) that you can switch on and off. For example maybe your going on vacation and can't use the internet, you switch the switch to be off so your puffles won't runaway since you can't feed them.Or maybe make it so your puffles can't runaway just because you weren't on clubpenguin only if you've been on alot and haven't taken care of them.
Please consider this. Until then waddle on

Funny Beack:

I found two hidden items in the puffle furniture catolog, they're a grey puffle house, and bed. Which got me thinking: is the next new puffle a grey puffle? Answer back please!

-Funny Beack

rose 222:

i had idea for a new puffle toy it would look like a crazy factory and all puffles clay with it. also when it plays with it it jumps in it and changes colors. then it goes back to its normal color.


I think that the brown puffle could have a little laptop. Because there really brainy and experts on technolachey (I had a think about puffle toys like one of the puffle experts said)


Hi! I have a weird type of question. Why can't puffles talk to you? I mean, coudn't the puffles just say "I'm hungry , you'd better feed me quick or i'll run away !'' or '' I'm dirty. Can you give me a bath?''?

Pinky Pammy:

Dear cp, my red puffle is always hungry, always i dont know what to do, i have to constantly feed it, what do i do?

Moneys Blue:

Maybe a new toy for the brown puffle is a rubix cube since the brown puffle is the most experimental out of all the puffles,they would solve it in seconds!For the orange puffle maybe a cookie canon it would already be set up then the puffle jumps on it and it fires into his/her mouth. :)

Football 117:

Why can't the yellow pufflle have a camera as a toy too? Isn't photography art too?


why can you only have so many ......... i love puffles!


will puffle hats come soon?


I think a good yellow puffle toy would be a art slide show

Beccy 2012:

How can you make the black puffle not grumpy? Because I can't tell if it is hungry or tired. I would love if you could answer my question!

gold djj:

Im sooo glad puffles dont run away easily! by the way, i REALLY dont know when to feed, sleep or walk my puffles because their aren't bars anymore. how do i know? (please please PLEASE post this ive got loads of puffles and i can't feed them!)

~~waddle on cp gang!~~


why are red puffles always hungrey?


Yay! I do have question, why cant puffles wear hats?
P.s. Plz post it's weird my penguin is almost 1000 days old and ive never been posted!!


I have a idea for a new puffle toy! for the yellow puffle how about a puffle costume, cuz the yellow puffles love to go on stage or puffle costumes for every puffle like penguins so they can be in style

the liz:

i think that for a new toy would be that we could buy transportation for the puffles. like cars thet they would follow us around in or airplanes that they could fly in. or when we are in the water a bot they could steer.


how can you tell if they are hungry or not?Or what they need cause i having a hard time to see what they need.


To. club penguin pet owners
if you are wondering if your puffles are hungry may I suggest going to the rocket game in the puffle shop
it helps me a lot and my puffles are almost never hungry. Also I was wondering if puffles could have a bubble
on the top of their heads for their mood and if they're dirty or hungry.
Waddle on CP!!!! ~icing405~

A Blue Derp:

Well your dream of the mood bubble came true =)


happy 77 u rock!!!!! a new toy for blue puffles iz a small bouncy ball tht they bounce on their head. not like da big one but a smaller colorful one


how much food does my puffle need everyday?


the pink puffle could have a tennis racket, the brown puffle could have a science kit.

i love puffles !!

nish fish:

when you get a postcard to say its hungry i found it was sleepy or even wanted to play with his/her toy.
maybe new postcards to say what it really wants

waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nish fish


i have a orange puffle named zeke. he was my first puffle and i LOVED it when i first played with i loved it so much i thoght it shold have a favirot game and that game is ice colud go down and get extra fish for you.and at the end of the game if you want you can trade in the extra fish it got you for puffle food


how bout a grey puffle and it can be a spy of some sort and its toy is a spy phone


how come when i click on my puffles its menu wont come up help me cuz in need more coins and cart surfer is my fave game and my black puffle helps me and im getting mad help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

thanks waddle on dont mind me!!


I've think club penguin should make a catalog with all of there clothes and hairstyles or split it up between different months, that would be so cool. i also think you guys should make some more puffles. Im sorry if I'm being greedy.


HI club penguin I've been with club penguin for a year, and I've always wanted items like the green bunny slippers, the tuft, and the Mp3000 could you guys put these items in the catalog please.

bri bri:

my puffels are hungery but wont let be clike on them what should i do

bri bri:

my puffels are hungery but they wont let me clike on them what should i do


how to buy stinky cheese for the red puffle:???????


how come the new puffle update isn't showing my puffle's toys that i bought? For example, I bought a cannon for my red puffle and it isn't showing up in the bar Please tell me what's going on?


I was wondering if they will let us buy things to give as gifts to member-buddies...


its really getting annoying because my puffles ALWAYS need attention, even with the new updates. Ugh!


i think maybe cp should have special silver and gold puffles that could do cool things and if you had one you could get into new places,unlock cool new places and new missions etc.


how do you get stinky cheese for the red puffle


How come when i click on my puffles the puffle menu wont come on my screen? It wont even let metake my puffles for a walk!!!! its just so annoying!


Can toys be returned to the pet shop to get coins back?


i love my puffles do you?


are brown puffles funny with glasses??


How 'bout a skateboard with a motor that's faster? 'Nuff said.


Also how 'bout baby puffles and a rainbow puffle that plays with anything? 'Nuff said.


I think there should be a new puffle place where all your puffles can play games without you having to buy them. Because if you are low on coins your puffle will run away.


why are yellow puffle the artistic puffles?
why do red puffles like surfing why not foot ball?
why can we add more pufles with differnt personalities like gray and his or her hipper mode?
why arnt there different pets like in our world we have cats and dog?one mor thing how do we creat pictures on the wall where the coffee shop is?

Timmy One1:

I returned my puffles! How can I earn 800 coins?


i luv puffles


My opinion is that like you, it’s very funny, but I don’t know how it could be judged by him. <a href="">diablo 3 making</a>


Take your puffle to play games and dance and feed it and let it take a nap sometims and if u have more then 1 puffle then you got to take cere uf all your puffles not jest 1if u just take cere uf 1 then the rest uf your puffles will die and jet sick and I bête you you do not wont to be a bad oner because Thay love u and keep you happy and nice and now it is your ter to tack cere of them so play with your puffles and feed them dance with them and walk with them and let them take a nap sometimes

Hop you like your evis


i have a great idea for a new orange puffle toy! A cookie machine. Orange puffles love cookies so much that i think they should be able to eat them whenever they like. WADDLE ON CP! :]


I think there should be a tourquise Puffle and it plays with figure dinosaurs as its normal toy and as its super toy robot dinosaur that it can hop in.

CP rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok.
sincerely blawhale


Why can only members buy all puffels?
Because i like all the puffels and i want to buy them all.
I want to be member to.
I have an idea, why can you give everyone 1day membership?
So The can be member tu, for 1day.


thanks but i have a ? for you my rainbow puffles will let me walk them but not my normal store bought puffles. so now i cant do any games with my piffles. please help


why won't the black puffle smile and look at the ground when i walk him? i want to make him happy but he never seems to be happy at all!!! i want to make him happy but i don't know what to do to make him happy. i play with him, bring him to cart sufer and still upset. he was happy when i got him but not any more.


new ideas! You should make a whole exclusive pet shop for rainbow puffles only up in the clouds when you get your puffle you should make boy and girl puffles for each color and at a certin amout of days old you could breed the puffles and have a smaller kind of the parents that grows up within a month or week or so you definatly should start having new puffle colors like golden,teal,aqua,peach,neon of all colors and finally the best one NEON RAINBOW! you should make puffles in different sizes!


Why do puffels always
Run away?

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