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By Billybob on April 8, 2011 - 19:42
Hello Penguins! 

In last week's Reviewed by You, we asked what your favorite room was at the April Fool's Party. Many of you said that you liked the Stair Dimension. Here's why Arctic293 liked that room best:

Hmm... that's a tough one. Well, I'd have to say the Stair Dimension, because it is fun and my penguin gets to walk upside down and dance upside down as well!! waddle on cp!!

Waddle on, Arctic293! Thanks for your comments!

This week we'd like to talk about animals. During the upcoming Earth Day Party, we'll be celebrating animals and their natural habitats. We want to help protect the environment and endangered animals like the Snow Leopard. 

So we want to know... What is your favorite animal, and what do you like best about it?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 

Until then... Waddle on! 

-Club Penguin Team


cat hat:

i like animals


i like narwhals because they r my two fave animals unicorn and whale and they live in the Artic like u Aunt Artic XD i love the snow i always go outside in winter AND STAY OUT ALL DAY xd exepet when mom says breakfast lunch and dinner XD LOVE CP PEACE OUT!!


I really like the Lion! The lion is my favorite animal because my favorite movie is The Lion King!! Lions are just so beautiful and graceful!

Wadde on CP!


I love cheetas!!!!!!!! They are so cute when they are cubs!!!!!!! They can run soooo fast................ Lightning fast!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!

abz 246:

i liked the night club becuase it had a really funky beat and penguins could get together, dance, tell jokes or just kick back and enjoy the party
Waddle on CP


I love horse. They are my favorite animals because they are so kind and interesting!!!!!!!!!


I like the Black Panther best, because it's like a shadow in the jungles.


My favorite animal is the horse because its very nice and youy can ride on it. I dream i could have a ranch someday.

P.S: Please pot my comment because my comments have never been posted

Yvr airport:

i always recycle. I went to the San Diego Zoo to find out more and to help other plants and animals


My favourite animal is a Cheetah as i think it's like my personality fast and Brave , but if i had to choose a pet it would be a dog , just like the one i got nown
waddle on CP xx

Lemon Tiger1:

My favorite animal has to be a horse or a cat. A horse because I ride them and I love the horse I ride, and also cats because I have 2 boy cats at home, Coco and Jasper. Please post this, I was never posted!

Waddle on CP!!! :D :) :D :)


I LIKE MONKEYS BECAUSE THE EAT BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favourite and animal is a tiger because they have beutiful stripes and are so strong.

Unknownman 2:

Well, Clubpenguin, I really like cats, and what i like about them is that they are so cute and playful, and that Snow Leopard also looks cute in the picture.WADDLE ON CP!!!!!! AND STAY GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


a cat because there really cool and they like a lot of atention and cats like to be stroked


good!this is good billy!!!


My favourite animal is rabbit.Is so cute! It run fast and he wash his face .I have a rabbit and is so cute.SO WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!


My favorite animal would have to be the cheetah. Besides the interesting design of its fur, i love the grace and power that it possesses. I see it on TV shows and in movies, and each time I'm still astounded by its beauty. Besides the cheetah, my next favorite animal would have to be the....... PENGUIN!!

Waddle On CP!


Well, i like tigers beacuse there stripey and cute!!!!!!


I like frogs because all of mine are called Lime.Anyway I would pick Rhinos because they have horns like no other animal has and their babys are really cute.Waddle on Club Penguin!

flippy 9 1 3:

that's hard i like lots of animals but my best has to be the tiger! i have been wanting to help all tigers because they are very colourful creatures and very interesting to watch


my fav animal is a giraffe


maybe a polar bear because i helped one by donating to wwf they are so cute

issy 10000:

my favourite animal is the seal because I think it is extremely cute waddle on cp!!


did you know that a elepants tooth can weigh the amount of a large bowling ball


i loved the chettah the best because i them waddle on cp!!!!





that is such a coincidence!!
mine is the snow leopard also!!
i like it because of its spots!!!
till next time waddle on cp!!!!


My favorite animal is the Lemur. I like their beady eyes and their ability to swing from tree to tree.


I think a tiger is cool! :)


I love tigers , there so cool. They are very interesting animals because how they blend in and swim, eat, and care for there children.


hmmm, My favorite animal has to be a penguin of course!!! they rock. i wish the could fly that would be really cool! there are so many diffrent kinds of penguins but my favorite type is Club Penguins! billybob whats your favorite animal? WADDLE ON CP


My favorite animal is as well a snow lepord because i love the snow i always play in the snow at club penguin! Waddle on CP!!!


I really love all animals. From slimly frogs, to a Lion, all animals are either weird and wonderful, or beautiful and graceful or anywhere in between! I love researching and learning everything I can about animals. I cant even pick ONE that I love the most! They are all so fascinating!


I like bears because, I like how they survive in the wild. They're almost like penguins, They dont swim or waddle, They eat fish like Any other Bear does!


I like the tiger best. Although there are less than 50 between India and Africa , these amazing creatures come in different colours. Orange and black from the ones further down while the Siberian tiger White and black to blend in with the snow. They really are beautiful.


I love WOLVES.There so so so cute and important in the food chain

Amy O:

My favourite animal is a snow leapard but I have lots of other favourite animals too

For now



my favourite animal is ALL OF THEM!!! there all so amazing and unique in there own way! however i love hippos especially, but my all time favourite would have to be PENGUINS! thats one of the reasons i love club penguin so much! there so cute, and they look like there wearing little tuxedo's! :D


My favorite animal is the Toucan. I know that it eats berries, bannanas, and all sorts of other different foods.I like all it's colors and some of them even look like a rainbow! WADDLE ON CP!!!


i like turtles because its very neat how some times they could blend into a lake by using thier shells.Also they look very cool in the water WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!:D


I loved dancing upside down! My second favorite was the one where it looked like you were a drawing.


I love penguins! Their so cute! I like them because if I had an animal I would have a Cute,Cuddly Penguin. Also Because I Love Club Penguin!

Reis 12:

Hmmm. I like penguins and turtles but I would have to say turtles! They are one of the oldest creatures today and they have a shell to protect them. There are many different kinds and the largest turtle ever recorded was a leatherback that lived to be 100 years old! I think they are fascinating animals!


My favourite animal has to be a panda, they are sooooooooo cute! I think we should be able to donate our coins to the WWF to help endangered pandas!


i like all the animals because i dont want to be rude to the aniamls and pick one. waddle on cp


i like the elephant because it is really smart and funny also true fact it is very quiet when it walks cooooool


My favorite animal is a bunny! For 1 reason they are ADORABLE! Second, they are nice, loving animals! Who would not want a bunny?


chickens because they lay eggs for you!

Queen Ally 1:

Well my favorite animal is the arctic wolf because I love how graceful they are and I want to help them because they are on the endangered animals list due to global warming,


My favorite animal is a white tiger.
Please post


Well my Favorite animal is the Lion, I like it because it has an amazing fur and he is The King of The Jungle
Waddle on Cp


Well, I love animals SOOO MUCH I have no favorites in particular. If I had to pick three favorites, I would pick... 1. The snow leopard. why? because it is the most beutiful animal evr. 2. the elephant because its so BIG and 3. the PENGUIN!!! because of CP. WADDLE ON CP!!!


Big cats are awesome! Polar bears rock. (Yes, I think Herbert is cute.) but dogs are A- number one!



waddle on cp!!!!!

Katherine(Leslie 500):

I like Bats, Cheetahs, black planther, killer whales, penguins,dolphins,foxes,vampires(it isnt an animal), wolves, tigers, lions, lepards, and snow lepards


I like penguins because they are the only bird that do not fly.Second they swim under water.And finally club penguin!!!!!!!!!!


dogs can here 6 times better then humans and they see 4 times better oh and sorry i forgot to wright my name on the elephants tooth and how it weighs as much as a bowling ball


On Earth Day, I would save zebras from being killed by lions. I should teach those maned kitties a lesson!

peggy 09099:

i love dogs and i am feeling sad to know that some of them don't have proper homes.
i once went to Bali in Indonesia and i saw so many dogs abandened over their.i hope they get new homes and
kind owners.


My favorite animal is a lion because of their big, furry mane. Although they may be mean and have cravings for meat, they are very cute to me. I know a lot of people might like lions, but I like them a whole different way. People are mostly afraid of their teeth, because they are very sharp, but that is what interests me the most. How could they have such sharp, long teeth?

Waddle On!


Hmm. . . . That is a tough question because i like so many animals but if i chose one of them, i would pick the wolf, because of its fierce, energetic personality. =)



my favorite animal is... THE PENGUIN!!!!!!! penguins in antarctica are running out of ice! if any animal needs help, it's them.
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!


Well, my favorite animal is The Gray Wolf! The reason why is because they're SO cute!!! Plus they live in my fave habitat, Arctic.

Hope you like my animal to!!!!



The lion because it hunts and thats what i really like about it,so they hunt they jump on predators and i like it. WADDLE ON CP!


My favorite animal would be a dolphin. The reason why is they are so friendly,
and it would be so cool if one came to club penguin!


That's a tough one! I adore so many animals! But my faviourite has got to be the polar bear because it is so cute and cuddly yet it needs to be protected because of global warming.

Waddle On CP!

segamariodav and pengoo ki:

we like penguins! cuz there funny and all of that stuff


well i like eny animal that has to do whith cats!yes! i love cats leaperds cheetahs panthers tigers lions etc. im gunna talk about a normal house cat.because the way they can use there claws for climing and to fight for there lifes and the way there sneeky and graet hunters plus there very clean animals and they spend 30% of there lifes grooming there selfs.and theres only 35 nano leaperds left in the wild ]: so i want to help them.waddle on cp!!!!!!!!


Well, My fav animal is the wolf cuz its adorable and i act like a wolf sometimes.i love them did u no they r close to becoming extinct! WADDLE ON CP (please post never been posted)


One of my favorite animals is the red panda because they are really cute and are endangered!!!

Mr G0rd0n:

Nice cool


I like the armadillo best. I think its cool how it can roll up in a ball. It would be cool if there was an armadillo costume... WADDLE ON!


I dont have a favoroute animal i really really love all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since i was young ive loved animals and nothing could ever put me off them. You see i was bitten by a dog when i was about 5 and it left a giant scar on my left arm.But guess what? Even that didnt put me off animals!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favourite animal is a girrafe because the way they sit down is weird and their long necks are cool

Teri 2:

Hmmmmm..... great! My favourite animal is dog. We have a dog at home and she's soooooo cute. But my second favourite animal is PENGUIN! I love penguins, because I play club penguin! Penguins are awesome! ROCK ON, CP!


Save the koalas becuase they are almost extinct i read about it so save the koalas and other animals in the world like you said the snow leopard the koalas are almost extinct becuase other land prediders


my favourite animal is a dog my favourite dog is a pomerainian they have a really good personality and thats why my favoirite animal is a dog!

Lord Voldemort:

I have 2 favorite animals.My first favorite animal is a Bull-Dog Terrier,because it is fearse and has a deadly attack! My second one is a Duriptulum Black Snake,because when it hisses, a deadly kind of spit comes out! Those 2 animals are deadly speices of their kind! I love deadly attackers! Heres a "Did You Know?" question. Did you know......a Dolphin is a deadly Predator and Penguins too,depending on the Penguins kind of speices!
Waddle on CP( I am Lord Voldemort)


Mines is a cat because their soft and i like their purr. Also they always cuddle up to me and i know when their hungry (meowing). I like their eyes because they glow in the dark! So i can always find him even when hes camaflouging! I hope other people like cats to!


My favorite animal would be a dog cause they're so cute and cuddly. They make good friends and they're really nice.


Hey It's Lilly25163 and my faveorite animal has to be the liger its a lion and a tiger together its so cool.What I like best about the liger is that its like 2 times the size of a tiger and a lion and its soo cool because it has a mane thats like a lions. Any ways WADDLE ON CP!!!

Batboy 007:

the animal i like is a arctic fox because they are white and fluffy
or maybe a fennec fox


Oh sweet my favorite animals are a chinchilla and horse i have both and they are both so sweet Rhyler is the chinchilla and Cash is my horse those make great pets... Waddle on Club Penguin (Please post)


My favorite animal is a dog because they are allways so so nice and playful and I should know because I have a dog. THANK YOU!! :)))) ;))) waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: please post this i have never been posted before thank you!!!!!!! :)


My faverouite animal is the Lynx. I like their brown fur and spots. I like the tuft of fur on their chin and ears. I like how cute they are when they are little. I like how fast and how they can jumps up very high. Obvisously I like everything about the Lynx. They are so cute!

charlie b h:

my animal i like the best is a cheetah they run so fast and i really
want to see one waddle on cp


Hm... Well, I'd have to say the monkey is my favorite animal, I love the monkey so much because i like how it can eat a banana with its feet! WADDLE ON C.P.


Hmm... I would have to say Lions! Lions are fun to watch and they care for their pack! Plus I think theres a movie coming out on earth day called African Cats on Disney Channel! Waddle on CP!!!


When is the medievial party and the earth day party???
plz reply!

Ocean Girl:

I don`t have a favourite but lions are pretty cool

look i just want to say waddle on cp.

( please show my comment i have never had my comment on screen)


My favorite animal would have to be a wolf because they are good at hunting and I think they are so cute!

Waddle On!


I LOVE the Snow Leopard!!!! Its SO Beautiful!!! And I really like the picture you posted of them, Its SO cute with its Cub! They are some of the most Beautiful, Gracious Cats ever!!!!

Waddle on CP!!!!!

Please Please post this!! :D


I love a lot of animals, but my favorite is the Red Panda. They're so adorable! I'm really sad that they are endangered. I'll try to help them survive!


Well, I don't really have a favourite animal, because I love all animals. I think all animals are beautiful in their own unique way, but if I REALLY had to choose, it'll be the PENGUIN!! Waddle on CP! ;)


What is my favourite animal? well........ EASY it is a pig! I absoloutely adore them there sweet all the way through there life, from a piglet to a fully grown piggy! I love there tails when they are curly which is not always but i dont care i still love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that is why I love pigs! Waddle cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite animal is the Cheetah because it's so fast!

Cenco Girl:

WOW!! thats hard!! I LOVE sooooooo many but i'd probably have to say my favorite animal is a tiger. Their coast are soooooo beautiful and they look soooooo gorgeous!! I know most species are endangered so we need look after them before theres none left. TIGERS ROCK!!


I think it is so awesome that you want to help Endangered Species. Hmmm... I would have to say my favorite animal is the Snow Leopard because they are so cool looking and graceful and someday I want to help them. Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!


Well I love animals but my favourite has to be an elephant, I've always loved them. Their big flappy ears and long trunks are so cute! I think it is really wrong to kill them for their tusks. I also love otters because their habbitat is really nice and their smooth fur is awesome! I really want to help save endandgered animals too, I feel really sorry for them especially the jaguar. Did you know there is only 35 left in the world :(
waddle on CP

pinky linkey:

Well,my favourite animal is a Koala because he can like eat 500g of eaculiptus leaves every 4 hours because he sleeps for 20 hours!

Bye folks!

tuesday mes:

Soo... you wanna know my favourite animal well all animals are so amazing in their own kind of way and i can't make up my mind so i'll have to say that i have no favourite animal i love all animals so equally though i do love the panda bear and dog on a regular basis but the point is that all animals are unique and i like that about them. waddle on cp................


My Favourate Animal is the cat, You never know what they can get up to- A bit like puffles!

Waddle On!


I like penguins the best! It's one of the reasons I'm on CP! They're so cute and cuddly, and I'm a little sad that they're endangered.


i love that photo it's SOOO CUTE! my fav animal has to be a kitten because there really tiny and loove to play with there toys but my second favourite is a dog because there really playful too keep waddling on cp

lozzo 777:



My Favorite animal is the Penguin of all types! Any penguin. If it waddles and slides on it's belly it's my favorite! Waddle On...


i would have to say a cheetah because they run so fast and they are so cute i love how they have little spots! WADDLE ON CP!


my favorite animal is the bottle nose dolphin! Its sooooooo sad how people would catch such a cute and nice animal! I love that animal beacausei loooooove watching them do AMAZING tricks!!!!! The best think about them is how gentle they are with humans! I have even heard a story of a dolphin that saved a woman who fell off a boat! SAVE THE DOLPHINS AND WADDLE ON!!!

wadle 456:

i think i would have to go with dogs. There great friends and loyal to you. I have one and its very nice, i love her very much>


wadle 456


i love snakes people say they're slimy but there not i once went to a zoo last year and held a bower constrictor round my neck i was scared but after a few seconds it was cool,WADDLE ON CP!!!!


Hello club penguin my favorite animal is a cougar because it reminds me of when my dad drew a picture of one he is a great artist,i will probably comment the next time to, well see you later.


Out of of the animals, i like the lion the best (the king if all animals) because they are brave, strong, and they stick together to the bitter end, but most of all lions, the white lion is the most cool, and sadly they are coming extinct, i hope you could help them Cp

waddle on. (you rock cp)!!! maxi645

littlestar 75:

hmmm... well I like penguins and puffles but thats because i love cp. Well i think owl would be my favorite because I think it would be cool to sleep in the day and be awake at night. And flying would be fun.




i love club penguin!!!!! why you ask cauz my fave animal is a penguin!!!!!!!!!


My favorite animal is probably a penguin. They just look so cute and fluffy. I've wrote a report on penguins and I have like 5 stuffed penguins at home too!

waddle on cp!!!

ps i have never ever been posted plz post

Blck X:

awww that picture is soooo cute WE NEED TO SAVE MOTHER NATURE!!!!


My favorite animal is a dog,because it is really playful and it's mans best friend. My cousin told me that the soft shelled turtle is an endagered animal and there is only two in the whole world. I feel bad for the two. Club Penguin sent me something about this endangered dog and it was at the party, it looked cool. All animals are intresting but i like dogs and penguins. Ohh I forgot to say something, I like baby penguins they look so cute and awsome. CP IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the puffle pins a lot.

Bibble 6698:

I don't really have a favourite. I adore all animals!!! I'm trying to raise money for the WWF which helps animals that are going extinct (Please post this!) Waddle On Cp!


Hey, my favorite animal is the Tiger since its native to my country,India and is a fierce hunter plus I think it relates to the next party the earth day party so i cant wait !

Until Then...Waddle on !


Wow aboustly awesome world earth days going to be great like club penguins great!!!!!

Please pick me ive never had been choosen before

untill then waddle on club penguin


my fave animal is lady lion because they have cute fury cubs
and there to cute to miss


I like poler bears


my favourite animal has to be a penguin because they can survive under over heat and cold its an EPIC!!!!!!
and penguins are the whole reason why i got a club penguin account
Thank you for asking


As there are millions and billions of different animals i would have to say that i love the giraffe because it is super tall and gentle.Rock on cp.

Blue Boy6539:

I really like the black panther. i like it because it is silent and it looks really cool! And it's growl! is amazing!


i love jaguars because they use to be pets , they almost never attack hummans, they are soft , and they run realy fast.

spider guy:

my favourite animal is a wolf and i cant wait to see if there is a wolf on earth day....
waddle on cp


This is why earth day is important. A person litters and doesnt pick the trash up and then if its a bag of food an animal can eat it and its not good for them. What I do every earth day is go to my local beach and pick up trash so the sea life doesnt get tangled in it.
Waddles on CP!


i like te most a bison because he is so hairy and have a cute face perhaps do you think that he is not so awesome but for me he is soo cool


i like pandas because they are verry playful and big and their so cute waddle on cp!!


This is gonna be epic! I want Earth Day to come.


Hmm ... my favorite animals are the cheeta ,chicken ,buderigar and ... ((drum roll)) PENGUINS!
I like cheetas because they are fast beutiful and playful.
I like chickens because they are silly and funny (and lay eggs so I can make scrambeld egg).
I like buderigars because they are completely wacky and friendly.
I like penguins because when they swim it looks like they are flying!


Wow thats so hard but it has to be a dog they are so funny and clever they make me feel alot better when I'm watching them!


My favourite animals are the endangered species such as tiger, panda, snow leopard, polar bears etc. I think it's important to care for endangered animals because (like tigers), they get hunted for their skin to produce rugs and stuffed creatures. I'm adopting a Lemur family with WWF. I'll be upset and I'm sure everyone else will be sad once an animal would become extinct...forever.


My favourite animal would be the giraffe because they walk funny and they munch funny!Waddle On Cp!!!!


Hi CP! :)

My favourite animal would have to be a mole. I love moles because they're little, cute and I have a toy mole myself - called Moley. I know moles aren't particualy endangered, but I really like them anyway, and they will always be my favourite animal :)

Waddle On!



i like the artic fox because its brave and also hes youse to cold and coolllllllllllllll!


Well, I love ALL the animal but my FAVORITE Is the Cheetah. This endangered animal is Extremly fast and beautiful. Its my Favorite because They are so pretty and fast. WADDLE ON CP!!


wow thats one scary tiger


My favorite is the snow leopard as you guys said.I know it is indangered but its so adorable and does funny stuff


hmmmmmm this is a tough one i think my best animal is the tigar because i love their colours and i think their really nice but only if their trained not to eat people and things like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waddle on cp

Moonlight 29:

My favorite animal would have to be a cow.I love cows because there black and white spots,and black and white are my favorite also makes milk out of its udder,and milk is my favorite drink.Waddle on!


My favourite animal would be,hhhhhm thats acually a hard question!I like all animal,last year at school I made this project for some of the endangered animals.My top ten favourite animals would be:
Bottlenose Dolphins,
Green Sea Turtles,
Fish (especially Goldfish),
Dogs(small ones),
Duckbilled Platapuses( is it Platapuses or Platapusses),
This one isn't an animal but Fossils(I like rocks and stuff like that),
Birds(especially Ducks),
This one is quite simple a Penguin!
That's my top ten animals but not in order.


i love bunny's soo much! their my favorite animal because they are cute and cuddly and they love to hop like me whe ni'm on my trampolen.waddle on cp!


Well my fave is the horse because they're always so graceful

P.S. I have to go on holiday so I would miss Earth day :'(|


im websters2 and i love Snow Leporeds because they are really pretty!
and i like when they pur!


Well I like many animals but my favorite group of animals is BIRDS!!! I like penguins the best because they are unique birds because they can't fly, they can swim fast, hold their breath under water very long, they in the Artic, and I bet other birds don't have their own website to play on!I hope you like my post WADDLE ON CP!!!!!

P.S. Please post this I never got one posted. Thanks!


Wait just one? Ooh this is a toughy, ummm my favorite would be the tiger and each type. You have to feel bad for them because they are endangered and going extinct and NOONE CARES. But I do I will do anything it takes to make sure these animals are back at the top of the food chain again!!!! Now if your with me take a stand CP and help these endangered animals together.
Together we, can make a difference.
Thank You,
Waddle on CP


i love cats and i dont like any difrent animals CATS RULE DOGS DROOL CATS RULE DOGS DROOL CATS RULE DOGS DROOL

Jordin Limerz:

This is a rare animal and endangered, but I love manatees! I also like jellyfish and stingrays but this is my favorite by far!!!




My favorite animal is a tiger. I like it because its an endangered animal and I could do any thing to save it.


That's a hard one, since I love practically every animal out there! But I'd have to say one of my favorites is the Key Deer. It's a lesser-known endangered animal that lives only in the Florida Keys. It's scientific name is Odocoileus virginianus clavium and it's a sub-species of the White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus). I like the Key Deer because, not only are they cute, but they are unique to Florida, not spotted anywhere else.


I have lots of favorite animals, that meens i like all the animals in the world. one of them i mostly like is the walros, becos the teeth are cute and the baby is reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly cute. The walros is also fat and that is cute too.

Lil Lucy1:

My favorite animal is a dog because they can be so cute and cudley or they can be mean and vishies! I have two dogs and one can be sugar (nice cudley and cute) or she can be spice (mean vishies biteing) and my other dog can pretty much only be sugar... unless you try to pick her up :D! please post this i have NEVER been posted before!!!


My favorite animal would have to be a Polar Bear because they are white which i really like, care about there young and live in cold areas which reminds me of Club Penguin! Speaking of Club Penguin i also LOVE Puffles because they are nice, cute and each has a different talent!


My favourite animal is a siberian tiger.I like siberian tiger's because they look so cuddly but there not cuddly they're big and have big claws and their fast at running.But i dont like the way the that their becoming extinct and i like the white ones because they have relly nice bule for now waddle on cp


I have 2 favourites!
First a penguin because i like to play penguins with my sister and we like club penguin!
Next a dolphin because i think they are funny because they can do amazing tricks in the water!!!
Waddle on!!!!!!!!


My favorite animal is a dolphin. I like the dolphin because they are really smart and funny (but not as smart as penguins:)).

animal handler:

My favorite animal is the platypus. And my favorite thing about them are they live in oregon and many other parts of the United States!



My favourite animal is a penguin!
Waddle on!

Laugh head 1:

My favourite animal is penguin because I love club penguin and baby penguins are reallly cute! Also penguins are very funny because of the way they walk and sound! Waddle on cp!


i love dogs because they are awesome


Well, personly I like all animals but if I had to pick a favorite I would have to pick eiher a cheetah or something in the ape family but if I had
to pick a faverite I would pick the cheetah because I love animals that run fast and since the cheetah is the fastest animal I just love them.

Google Eye 5:

Oh- picking a favorite animal is pretty much impossible for me!

I love reptiles, canines, birds, felines... oh, I wont list anymore, I love pretty much every animal!

lol, good luck with this party- I'm sure it'll be way popular!

Have a fant-ice-tic day!

Pony Girl202:

my favarouite animal is ethier rabbits or horses. i have 2 rabbits of my own called rosie and max!!!xxxxx


Hmm.... I like snow lepords because there nice and white and there also soft.
Snow lepords are indangered and im doing my best to save them!!!

(pleas post this ive never been posted!)
Waddle on cp


mine is the boarder collie its a dog and its the smartest dog ever! its my favorite.

Waddle On Cp!

puppy no1:

My favourite animals are guinea pigs, gerbils and dogs.
i like guinea pigs because they are very funny and cute.
i like gerbils because they are very funny and cute ( sometimes very noisy!!! )
and i like dogs because they are very funny and cute
so really i like them all in the same way!!!
waddle on CP


My favorite animals are dogs.That's because they can play with you and they're SOO cute!Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?You can!Waddle on CP!!!!!


I like dolphins! The reason is because they are sweet, and nice!!! Oh and they are so much fun to play with (they are so active)!!!

pie monster4:

my favorite animal is elephants.what i like about elephats the most is that they throw dirt on there back for sunscran.and i like that there the biggst animal on land and i like the way they look.thanks to club penguin we can help the Earth. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN CREW!!!!!ps my peguin name is pie moster4

Brown Jumper:

Hmm... I think i like most penguins because i like fishs and birds and they will be like peanguin.... i mean penguin is like fish because they swims underwater, and penguin is like bird because they have wings! So anyway i like penguins. Waddle On! :)

-Brown Jumper-

Football One:

Well...I have to say the Elephant because it's so massive but can be scared by a tiny mouse, then the Cheetah because it can run SUPER fast!! Waddle on CP!!!!!


my favourite animals are cats. cats are well manered. they do not make the place dirty they sit with you and they play with you. they are very cute animals. they look very cute especially when they are lying around and spinning on the floor.

Snake Girl:

Thats a hard one! I would have to say a Western! Diamondback Rattlesnake! They are so special to me because I think they are very majestic and that people don't show them enough respect! They have a really cool rattle that they use to warn people that they don't want to be disturbed. People often think that snakes are monsters because they look scary but they can be harmless if you respect them!


My favorite is the Panda! I love how cute and cuddly they are! I have so many panda stuffed animals! I adore them! Rock on CP!


My favorite animal is a turtle. I like it because its green and my favorite color is green. Hey Club Penguin I have an idea for u, i would think everyone would like something really funny it would be a costume u would be able to dress up as a chocolate bar! but again my favorite animal is a turtle.


Your #1 Fan Nicholas1206


Awesome! This sounds like a great idea. My favourite animal is... a lion! It's kind of hard to explain... I really like their colour, and they're so furry! I love their manes, and, even though they seem really lazy when they grow up, they're really cute when they're little, and really playful. Waddle on, Club Penguin!


Wow! That sounds awsome! If have to say, my favourite animals are orangutans. It loves to swing round on all the tree's in its natrul habitat; the rainforest! I love its ginger colour and how gorgeos and fluffy its fur is! I really hope you can include orangutans in your Earth day party! Orangutans are endangered so that would be great! Untill then, wadlle on Cp! x


I love kiwis because they look so cute! Some people at school say they attack humans but thats just silly because theyre actually one of the friendliest birds as they have no natural predators and only eat insects and worms. Even though theyre shy they are protected (i think) and are new zealand's national bird. SAVE THE KIWIS!!!!!!!
Waddle on club penguin!!!


my favorite animal is a chinse panda i lov panda's


hmm...thats a hard one but i think my favorite is a mokey because they are cute and funny and I am funny too i think and because it's swing's around trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well i would have to say...... a panda!
because well i like them because well pandas are not only BLACK and white...
some pandas are BORWN and white and they also eat the bamboo forest which is where they live!!!!
any way ROCK ON CP!!!!


I would have to go with PENGUINS! Because I have done tons and tons of research on them and that is why I started playing on this website. Waddle on CP!!


My favorite animal is all of them because they are all living things and should be treated like ourelves. Without animals we would not be in existance, and they are more afraid of us than we are of them. This is because we are at the top of the food chain and we have no natural predator so our population is exploding while animal population is decreasing rapidly and eventually will cause famon and we, along with all the rest of the Earths' population of life, will die out. So do your best to help animals survive along with us; WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!! P. S. some species of penguins are going extinct too!


Well i would say a lioness because they are so nice with their babies! why couldnt i be a lion cub!!!!!waddle on cp!!!!!


That's a hard one. My favourite animal is probably a meerkat. I don't know exactly why I like it but it's probably it's personality. They're very cheeky and energetic (just like me). I still like other animals like cheetahs and flamingos but that is my favourite!


I loved the stair dimension it was cool it was the coolist April fools after all


My favorite animal is the dolphin because of how smart and friendly they are. They know how to communicate and catch food, and have even saved people from sharks! Anyone who swims with dolphins is lucky to meet such amazing creatures.
Waddle on!


Hmmm. My favorite animal is the House Cat. It's soft, cuddly, and cute! They are also very playful! I have two of them. They like to scratch their little scratching post! Whats funny is that one of them don't have front claws! And one of them like to sleep with me at night!
My penguin name is Cj690. Waddle on CP!


my fav orite animal is a tiger because they are beautiful animals and they are fierce at the same time


My favourite animal is a cheetah because it is SO FAST! Like me.They are very special to me because we share a talent!AWSOME CREATURES HAVE TO BE BIG CATS AND PENGUINS!Rofl




i like wolfs cause they are cool and they are good at long distance like me WADDLE ON CP U ROCK PLZ POST


Hey! I love platypuses. I like their tail because it looks like a tennis racket.

Hova 4:

My favourite animal is the Platypus. Because they're so unusual, and sort of ugly in a really cute way! They're also unique, they're egg-laying mammals, but they're also venamous. I've sponsored one for the World Wildlife Fund and dream of finding out more about them.
Thanks for reading!
Hova 4

Mr Cat:

My favorite animal is a koala in Austraila they are cool! They have pouches like Kangroos. Any way I think they are awesome so waddle on cp!


any type of cat i have 4 of them


well my favorite animal would be the snow leopard because its so cute and i want to help it survive so they don't die.I wanna earn money for it if that's what we are doing.Club Penguin is such a loving place thanks for raising money for everything! Waddle On Cp!


My favorite animal is the ruby-throated hummingbird. It's my favorite because the colors of the feathers.Waddle on Club Penguin!


Hmmm... Thats a tough one!I think my faveourite animal would be all the animals because I love them all!WADDLE ON CP!!!!

Kick Ferrari:

I love eagle. It is powerful, have claws. It's eyes can see from the sky to the ocean. It is furry. But beware, it can eat penguins just like you!!! They have beaks. There are many types of eagles such as golden eagle, bald eagle, etc.


My favorite animals are a horse and a Zebra. I like them because a horse is a very pretty animal,and a zebra is very unique; It also begins with a Z which is very rare!


i like cats because they are nice and a good person to cuddle with


ummmm that would have too be the yorkie. I like it because it is so playfull i love the way it plays and i think the yorkie is very cute too. i love sooooo much about them. they are AWESOME!
Waddle on cp!


My favoriye animal is a dog.What I love about dogs is that they are so cuddly and fun!They also can play a bunch of gamees with you.
My favorite type of dog is a GermanSheperd! They can be in a K-9 unit and they are fast runners!That is why I love GermanSheperds!
Waddle on CP!


Hey Club Penguin Fans and Billybob. My favorite animals would have to be the Polar Bear. Mostly because they are in danger they could almost be extinct. I also learn alot about them in middle school, they have extra fur underneath the other layer of fur because in the Antarctic It is really cold, so I just like to think about them and make sure that they aren't extinct. They are my favorite animals. So I wouldn't want to see them go extinct. I love animals and hope to do alot for them, they are one of the most important things in nature. I want to celebrate Earth day alot to give back to animals. They are my favorite things in nature. I really don't want Polar Bears to go extinct. I can think of many animals I wouldn't want to go extinct, but the one that is mostly on my mind is the Polar Bear.

Your Penguin And Polar Bear Fan,






My favorite animal is the Giant Panda! They are so cute, pandas like the snow leopard are an endangered spieces. Go pandas!
I think more kids should get involved in helping to create healthy and safe homes for endangered animals so they can be kept super safe from harms way.
Waddle on CP!


My favorite animal is a shark because they are so graceful swimmers,there are so many of kinds of them.and everyone is scared of them for nothing they hate the taste of people. waddle on CP


As weird as it may seem seeing theres 'bunny' in my namebut my favourite animal is a cheetah. I think they are so intriguing and fasinating to look at, they are unique and beautiful thats what i love about them. They are also extremly fast which I love. :P
Waddle on cp!


Nice question, Defiantly a Horse because its fast, intelligent, soft, fun, you can ride it, which is soooo much fun and I own One! Her names Cadbury because she chocolate brown, brown in horse colours. Waddle on Cp !

Josiah Fett:

My favourite animal at this time would probably be the Wolf. They are so cool, and rarely every disturb humans, even though some humans disturb them. They have cool looks, and are similar to a dog.


My favorite animal would be the lion because it is a very proud animal. It has very powerful teamwork in its pride. They work and stay together no matter what.


My favourite animal is a Monkey and the reason why is because I love the way they swing in the trees its a very cool talent for a monkey, which I would definatly love to do! Another thing is that they eat bananas and I love bananas, so if I was a monkey I would get to eat bananas all day.

Waddle on Cp



I think Club Penguin should do a coins for change drive for endangered animals and their habitats!!!! Waddle on Cp!!!!!!


I like the cat the most beacause it`s sooooooooooooooo secretive and intresting.Mines also reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fluffy you might mistake it for a puffle!


My favorite animal is the bald eagle. I just love how they look so majestic and peaceful flying in the sky. But they are also birds of prey so they can hunt,kill,and also take care of itself while gently gliding through the air.


my animal would be a lion and my penguin name is awhunter


Well hold that thought cuz on cp my fav animal is PUFFLE!!!! I love puffles,First thing cuz there cute second thing,they are very intelligent. But in real life ill say octopus cuz they have lots of tentacles so they can do almost everything and there just my fav animal for some reason. Anyway WADDLE ON CP!!!!


Hmmm my favorite animal, well it will have to be a PENGUIN. I love it how now Club Penguin is now helping people and animals around the world such as this, Japan and for Haiti. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!

P.S: pretty pretty please post this!! PLEASE! ;)


Well my favorite animal would have to be a horse,of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle on cp!


Well thats a hard one, because there are thousands of different species and i love almost all of them! I think every animal is unique and so fascinating. And i think it very important to protect these species for various reasons. Thanks Club Penguin for reading this, And everybody have a happy earth day!!!! (:

Flip Flap290:

I really like horses and ponies because they are really cute and good for excisize.


my favorite animal is lion.because it live like a king always in the animal kingdom.and every amimal give honour and respect to it.


Well if I had to pick one id say my favorite animal is the Tiger.
I love how tigers have those amazing stripes and how there face is very fluffy! :) But i also like how there paws looks to! Also tigers are starting to go extinct! People have been using there beautiful fur for furniture and accesories such as rugs purses clothes, its sad what people are doing! But id be really sad if there all gone and theres not one left in the world! I enjoy going to the zoo and watching them at play (Including the Cubs!) there very playful, but yet also dangerous! I think we should help the Tigers since theyve been known for quiet awhile now. But saving the tigers might also help the earth to! I think we can make a diffrence!
Waddle On CP!!


Thats really hard. There are so many animals with many great characteristics, but I can think of 2 animals. The Sloth and the Koala bear, I love the sloth because it can hang upside down for hours on end, and I like the Koala Bear because it eats eucalyptus leafs and and always has fresh breath.


OMG !!!!!!!!!! that picture is so cute


I like Cats AND Dogs and I like to play with them AS much as I can
Well thats all I can say today soooo




I turtles are my fave animals because they are interesting and I have two of them in my own home.

cool lance:

my fav animal is a tiger because its got stripes for tigers to diseppear.

Guy Fieri:

Well, I'd have to say that my favorite animal is a dog! They're helpful, they let you run around with them, and they'll even just lay next to you while you read (Draw etc.). They're also really cute, and FUZZY!! lol

Waddle On!!


My fave animal is the wolf. I love them, theyre so cute and fluffy
i love wolves cos theyre sorta in lots and lots of films and things, and hav becom fammous as werewolves or just themselves!!!
they can keep warm with a fluffy coat in the cold weather and run really fast, id love to run fast!
Waddle on CP!!!

winski 2:

wow! i like thest tiger mo


My favorite animal is... all of them! I think that they're all unique and special in their own ways. From the tiniest ant, to the largest whale, they are all amazing. Waddle On Cp!

Xox pengie x:

My favorite animal would be a lion or a tiger and as you know the tigers are beginning to dissapear.If i were to sponsor an animal it would definetly be the tiger.And they are beautiful!with their black stripes and their orange body they are on the top of my favourites list!WADDLE ON CP!!!!


I would have to say... Geckos. I like them because it's amazing how the use tiny hair fibers to cling onto virtually any surface, plus they're quiet, take care of bugs, and I find them cute, laying in the sun and whatnot. They also come in so many colours! Waddle on CP!


I really like pigs because they are pink and cute. I don't eat pigs because I like them so much. I have always wanted one as a pet but my mom keeps saying no. I wonder why.
I also really like elephants because they are so big, strong and they are really super smart. I already know why I can't have one of my own though.


my fav animal is kauala,s and monkeys and tiges and ?? all!!!!!


My favourite animal is a Lion because they're ferocious, scary, powerful and very strong. I especially like it's roar! so LOUD! Waddle on Club Penguin!
P.S. You guys rock!!
P.P.S. Please post!


My favourite animal is a penguin because they are just so cute and i love how they always waddle!


well thats a tough, one u see i really like pandas!!! there sooooooooo cute and clumsy! and they bamboo which is intresting cause are probably the only animals who do! waddle on cp

lorenzo 2k9:

Well thats really tough because I have lots of favourite animals. My favourite extinct animal is the saibor tooth tiger and my most favourite animal living noadays is a leopord but i also love puppys and this is a strange one but also humans! Did you know humans are also animals? they are in the same animals group as monkeys and apes also my most most most most favourite animal is a cute puffle!


I love white tigers because they are strong brave courages majestic and fearless well not completely fearless because everbody has fears right? but also sometimes nice they are pretty cute when they are babys and im not exactly sure but i think they like water and what would we do without cats?


I really like cats because they are very cute and cheeky, especially my cat Trixie! I like the way they come in all shapes, sizes and shades and most importantly personality! They can be a bit fussy or dismissize at times but they will always come to you for a cuddle! On Earth day you said you were doing somethign with animals, can you have cats in it please?

Waddle On!


awh! thats so sad! id actually help those poor animals if thats the case


Well Billybob my favorite animal is a frog because i always catch them in the summer and there so fun to play with and catch. What I like about them is that they are all differnt sizes to. Frogs are a perfect animal for earth day because there green and funny just like cp. Cp is funny like a frog so its perfect.
Waddle on Cp Please post i wish please please pleas O O


Thats A tough one, I like so many animals, it's hard to just pick one! I'd say the tiger, there strips are so cool! I love the roar as well!

P.S Please post I'v never been posted!

Baby sweets:

I love the snow leapords because how they protect there cubs i think its very cute and i reallly like how they take care of them snow leapords have always been my faviote animals and i think it would be cool if real animals were on club penguin until them waddle on!

lilac lover9:

my favorite animal are dolphins , because they represent happiness and joy and whenever i think about them , i always imagine them jumping about and swimming happily


My favoite animal is gotta be i dunno....... probebly monkeys yep i like them cause their funny and likes bannanas like me
. plus their very funny and zany like the orange puffles and i like orange puffles cause my favorite color is orange ok




my Favorite animal is the female lion because its calm and really furry and this may sound weird but i like the way the look at you seriously- any way if there's a lion outfit on club penguin i'll buy it
WADDLE ON CP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S please post


I love tigers. Some live in packs and I think it's a good symbol of team work. Also, I have to say that they are just so cute. There so cuddly as kits and they will just always be my favorite animal. I like the stripes in a pattern and they just look so cute. So, that is why tigers are my favorite animals.


My favorite animal is a horse because they can be all sizes and they all have different personalities!!!! Oh and I LOVE penguins!!! Club penguin is perfect for me!!!! You should make a club horse :)!!!




I have two favourite animals but funnily enough one of them is a Snow Leopard! I like Snow leopards because the are beautiful creatures and they deserve to survive and that they are so fuzzy and you could snuggle right into them! My other favourite animal is a penguin and i think you will know why!! GO CLUB PENGUIN!


By the way thats my penguin account name (missfluffy2) Ummm my favorite animal the tiger... because it knows how to live in the wild... and capture its enimes and make its shelter and stuff... and it knows how to live in the wild no matter what kind of weather it is! ill always love the tiger because it soo beautiful!!!!!!! I LOVE TIGER!!!



My fave animal would be a black cat!!
They are so loyal and loveable!
please have some black cat ears and black cat tail for one animal plz!!
plz post never have been before

Rock Man1212:

My favorite animal is the tiger it is a majestic animal a thing of pure beauty it is the biggest and most powerful big cat in the world it is also the top of the food chain in Asia and India they are mighty enogh to take down animals up to three times thier own size they are well camoflauged whith thier orange and black stripes that is why the tiger is my favorite animal.

Mia monkey 2:

Hey guys,
well my fave animal is defitly a horse i love do ride them they are lovely gentle mammals they are so beautiful they have brilliant coats and they are great to ride i thought wouldnt it be great if we brang a new shop somewhere on the island it good be called "groovin rides" or something like that it would be a shop where all penguins could buy a ride to ride around on club penguins so its fair all penguins could be albe to buy a ride not just members! in the shop there could be a path where we could ride down there could be rides like cars,motor bikes, bikes, horses and moreee! it would be great and there could be a game where we could take or puffles on are rides and there could be all different levels of all sorts of fun! i also though because we all love are puffles there could be an new room in the pet shop called pampered puffles! where we could bath are puffles ,groom them,dress then up! i would be great fun!i also thought in the clothes shop there could be a plce where us penguins could get cool hair styles! and we could cut are hair and we could be hair dressers!

well i would love if you take one of my ideas in.
thank you well until then.... waddle on!


I love the cheetah and leopard because i love their skin pattern. I just wish people would just use fake leopard and cheetah skin instead of killing the innocent animal! I also like hamsters because they are furry and fun and easy to take care of. Just like a blue puffle!

Well thats my comment.... I hope you liked it and I hope you post it!


I like the pencil dimension because I love the drawing of my penguin.


My favourite animal is an Amur Leopard bacause I love big cats so much, and there are only 35 left in the wild so they are really endangered aswell. I also hope that one day club penguin will help the Amur Leopards and other big cats like king cheetah's, jaguars and ocelot's aswell as Snow Leopards.


My favourite animal is a cheetah because it's fast.
It can run 200 km/h!!!
I also like sloths because they're lazy :)


My favorite animal is lion!! What I like about him? His long mane is incredible, just like a little young lions! Wrau!!!! Waddle on CP!!

mix100 sped:

i love lots of animals but i narrowed it down to three top animals

3.panda i like pandas because they look cute and cuddly

2.dolphin i like dolphins because they are very smart and jump out of the water

1.wolf i like wolfs because they are sly,cunning and cool they are also smart because they stick in groups for safety


well, i really love wolves. Now don't get me wrong i still like penguins but i just love wolves. i like them for many reasons, 1 they are just so cute! 2 if it were not for them we would have no dogs! 3 i read some books called wolves of the beyond and they are so fun to read about. well that's it


Hi this is frosty. I would choose a Polar Bear or a panda bear, but I would like to say something about the Amur Leopard it only has 35 of their species and there is more than 6.91 billion so if I could help one animal in the world (apart from the Polar Bear I sponsor) I would help or sponsor a Amur Leopard.

Until then
waddle on CP


My favorite animal is Shamu the whale. I've always loved it all my life and always wanted to see it! It's black and has white on his eyes and belly! It is my favorite because they are so beautiful and can do many tricks. Ever since I went to Sea World and watched the special Shamu show Believe, I fell deeply in love with them! To this day I promised I would become a Shamu trainer who performs with Shamu!

Mj Gurl123:

Why, I don't think I have an answer for that one! But, I think my favorite animal is a wolf or cyote. I like them because I'm a big fan of cats. I love their sharp teeth. It gives a cat side to myself.
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Mj Gurl123


Hmm...Well thats hard I love Tigers because they bond togther and they are very cute and fluffy.Thank You.WADDLE ON CP


I like monkeys because there nice,funny and cheeky


my favorite animal is the dolphin because they are really smart and i love the water and they are water mammals . Thats why they are my favorite animals


My favorite endagered species is the tiger one of my very favorite animals


i like hedgehogs. beacuse they can shoot out prickles.and i like sonic the hedgehog.


that is verey cute


Well i'd have to say my favorite animal is the snow leopard. I think it's really cool that it can survive those frigid temperatures. Its also a very pretty color that camoflauges with its habitat!


my favourite animal is a monkey because they look so cute and are really funny
i especially like them because they eat bananas and i love to eat bananas to
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!


Hi, My name is Heart0601. My favorite animal, is a monkey. What I like best about monkeys, is that they hang from a tree with their tail!

56 pengy:

My favorite animal is the elephant. I like it because, well I just like it! LOL


My favourite animal is DEFINATLEY the belgian tiger.
This is because I have adopted a tiger called Kamrita,
who has two cubs! I adopted her with WWF.

Hobbesybob xx


My favourite animal has got to be a puffle because there the only animals I know that can play games! They are really cool aswell
(please post this)


hi my favorite animal is fish because i like how they breath in water and are very graceful also their are so many types my favorite is zebra fish go little fishy swim


I am so happy that club penguin is talking about animals! I think that club penguin should make a room with animals everywere, or we should get to buy animals from the petshop! And mabye we could buy snow animails at the petshop! That would be very exiting! My favorite animail is penguin´s because they like the water and they are so cute! Club penguin rocks! I hope everyone has a wonderful time playing! Bye!

lewy boy:

Awesome pic of animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my favorite animal is the red panda. i like it because it doesnt even look like a panda! i also like cuz it looks like a cross between a fox,a wolf,a raccoon,and a hint of dog. it is very unique and it is an endangered species. i hope some day that will change. until then waddle on cp!

Pero 3:

My favourite animal is the platypus because it's basiclly a penguin and it can swim even know its got hair!!

lou lou 019:

I am worried about all the endangered animals and i am really pleased that club penguin are helping! I am really looking forward to buying whacky animal outfits for my penguin! I think the event will be the BEST one yet!

cool man 669:

my favorite animal is the gecko because i really like reptiles because of there bumpy skin, its unlikely my mum would let me ,because it would be to hard to care for .

yours sincerely

cool man 669


Great can't wait to here about it.

Leia 29944:

My favourite animal is the horse because they are so beautiful and I love riding my horse Jake.


i like the cheetah i like it because its fast. also i like their spots. well untill then. waddle on cp!!!!!!!!

Kaylin P2:

Hmm. That is a tought question. I would have to say that the eagle would have to be my favorite animal. The reason the eagle id my favorite because it represents our Earth. And I love how they can fly, and how they are really pretty when they do fly. That is why the eagle is my favorite animal.


Awh! That snow leopard is so cute!!! I have a few favorite animals: Horses, snow tiger (or leopards) , Zebras, Penguins, Polar bears...


My favorite animal would have to be owls! I like them because they a really cool. Don't you agree that its cool how it turns it's head around all the way! 360 degrees! That is cool! Waddle On CP!!!


I like clubpenguin but penguins are not my favorite.
I like dogs because there fun, playful, and cute!
I hope you agree with me about dogs!
Waddle on cp!


I agree that dogs are amazing animals! Their friendly, loyal and so much fun to play with. I wonder if you could train a penguin to play fetch?

- Club Penguin Team




Hi Club Penguin... My favorite animal is any endangered whale! I like the whale b/c it is a very large friendly animal, when you throw trash on the beach or don’t pick it up, marine life will mistake it for food and eat it. So do your part please! And it would be so cool if you had a whale at the party at the iceberg or something. P.S. Hi Billybob!


my fave animal is a penguin so proctect the antartic for me please waddle on cp


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