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By Billybob on April 28, 2011 - 03:18
Hello Penguins! 

Rockhopper is about to set sail from the island once again on another adventure. Last week we asked where you would explore if you were a pirate adventurer. Captain Reading2008 said: 

If I was a pirate and I could explore I'd go to the Easter Islands and find out more about the giant heads. I would also check if there were any secret doors hidden. That would be super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be known as "Captain readin' 2008"!!!! 

Thanks for everyone's adventurous comments! 


This week, the team just released some new stamps for two games on Club Penguin -- Pizzatron 3000 and Ice Fishing! That made me wonder... how many Stamps have you earned so far, and which one was the hardest one to get? 

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 
Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



I have like 66 stamps and the hardest one was the Rookie stamp. The best 66 seconds of my... CP life... LOL


The hardest stamp for me to earn was the ninja one. It took me so long to become a ninja, but i finally became a ninja and i had to get penguins to go in the ninja hideout. It was hard work, but i finally got the stamp and i now have 135 stamps.
Waddle on penguins!
Keep earning stamps!

I luv Heidi:

I have earned over 100 stamps, (I think it is 101 or 102...) The hardest one to get was probably meeting Rockhopper. But it finally worked out, and was awesome!!! :-)

(Please post)

Agent Hush:

I have 248 stamps! You think that was easy? Think again. It was extra hard considering I had to earn the Ace Pilot Stamp. It was difficult to earn, but I got it! I had to play Jet Pack Adventure LOTS of times, but I finally took one breath and before I knew it, I heard a 'Ding'.

cool guy:

club penguin is the best of all the comperter games!!!!!!!!!


i have i think almost 200 stamps[196]the hardest one to get was,Earn 350 coins in a whole cart sufer game.waddle on cp




I EARNED 3 stamps from ice fishing and 2 stamps from pizzatron 3000

Bron July:

I have earned 15 of those stamps in 2 days. The hardest ones were making 40 candy pizzas and making 40 pizzas without a mistake. But I have conquered the stamps. :D


I have 195 stamps and the hardest stamp I got was finding Rookie! It was a challenge but i found him in the Ice Cream Dimension. YUM!

Bron July:

I have earned fifteen of the twenty stamps of the two games stamps that were released on Tuesday on Club Penguin. It was frustrating to get the hard stamps, but I have conquered them. The hardest stamps to get were the Make 40 pizzas without a mistake and Make 40 candy pizzas


i have alot of stamps the hardest one would probably be for pizza and coffee serving and system defender beacause A)i had to wait for the coffee and pizza aprons to be in the catolog B)i had to do it alot of times and get the hang of it eep!


i got 135 stamps they were all hard to get but some i got before i started!so anyways the hardest stamp i ever got was a catching waves stamp,the one were you make three flips above the water it was so hard i tried to get it before the stamps were out!!!!!Waddle on CP!


I have earned 136 out of 286 stamps so far!!!! Probably the hardest one to get was the card jitsui fire ninja stamp because you have to keep playing the game over and over and over again until you finally get it!!!! Now i am trying to fill up my entire stampbook by earning ALL the stamps, so wish me luck!!!!!!!


I have about 161 stamps and its so fun each game!, You're favorite fan Penny9023


I havent been on for a while but today i am .And i've nearly collected all the stamps , But i wish there was more space to put my other Pins , Medals and Stamps up , I've got sooo many. <3<3<3


I have earned over 150 stamps, and the hardest one that i've got was probably the EPF stamps. It was really hard cause you had to complete lots of hard missions before getting the stamps!


The hardest one ever was the one where you collect all the fuel cans because I never knew there was one hiding,
I thought I collected it all But no. By the way, I have 65 stamps. Hope you guys have good luck getting them!


i have 124 stamps the hardest one to get is the extreme one and it was the treasure digging one. and by the way I LOVE U ROCKHOPPER HOPE U FIND TREASURE ON UR NEXT ADVENTURE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i have probably 135 i think. and i dont even have all of them! the hardest was probably the "get 10 people to go to a party at your igloo"


i have 181 stamps!its a lot right?\


I have collected 122 stamps so far. Alot of my stamps were hard to earn. I think the astro barrier stamps are hard because there are so many secret levels you have to find, And I don't even know how to find half of them! It was also hard to get the secret task stamps from missions. I had to do the missions over and over to find the secret task!

sk 8ter:

i have 138 stamps cuz i am a member


i have so much stamps i don't know how many i have!:)
The hardest stamp was a game day stamp but im not sure wich one!:(

supersam 126:

The hardest stamp for me to earn was the ninja stamp it took me about a week to get it.Please post never been posted before.
supersam 126


Hmm, I think I have earned around sixty stamps and the hardest one was probly one from Puffel Lauch because it can be so hard to reach level seven or get passed eight but I still love to get stamp s from Pufflel Lanuch. Keep going stamp collectors!


The hardest stamp for me to earn was probaly the Gray Goodies one. It was hard but I finally earned it! I now have 169 stamps! Now I never get bored! ( P. S. Please post this I have never been posted.) Sincerly,


The hardest stamp for me was the daning stamp, it took me SOOO long to get people to dance. Hey!! When you ask US questions, Why can't WE ask YOU questions so....Whats the harest stamp for you?


i have like 124 or something really hard to find rock hopper ive got the stamp but i didnt know i was in the same room so no items :(


i have i think 124 or126 stamps, but the hardest one i hope to get is cathcing waves for seeing the shark!! i dont know how i should even see it!! -Golfergirl2


I have 166 stamps (a little more than most penguins have). The hardest one to get was the In the Rough stamp for Treasure Hunt, it felt like I was playing forever when I finally found a sandbox with a rare treasure inside! I'm definatly going to try to get more stamps (including the new one's that came out).


I do not know what was the hardest stamp but I think I have 83 stamps.


Hello! Hmmmmm, the hardest stamp I have ever gotten was probaly the Water Ninja stamp. I just got that one recently and it took me six months to get. Another one is the meeting Cadence or any other penguin. Since they only come at special times and even then they're hard to get. I think its awsome that you are doing new stamps!!!!!!

-Violet Daisy (Please Post This)


I have 231 stamps so far and for me the hardest one to earn was the Mullet stamp in aqua grabber. I had to collect all the barrels in soda seas, the worm, the fish, and finally, the mullet. And If I banged into a wall the mullet would swim away and I would have to do it all over again!!! My favorite part of earning stamps is earning the extreme stamps. ITs always feels good when you accomplish something not all have. I'm very excited to see what stamps come out next month. CAN'T WAIT!!!



emma moo moo:

The hardest stamp for me to get was puffle onwer the one to care for 16 puffles that was hard! Because I always dont have alot of money
puffles are alot of money!

please post me!!!!!


If I was a pirate and I could explore I'd go to the Easter Islands and find out more about the giant heads. I would also check if there were any secret doors hidden. That would be super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be known as "Captain readin' 2008"!!!!


the hardest stamp to get is the astro first need to finish 10 levels without missing a shot.i take patience and focus on the circles.all those stamps i earn especially that one,i got 113 stamps!


I have earned about 100 stamps so far the hardest stamps that are hard for me too get is all the famous people on cp like Candace or Rockhopper also it was really hard to get the nija stamp it took me a month but i was patience and got it getting stamps is about patience and trying and trying i love club penguin soo much club penguin you are doing a great job so keep it up wish me luck too get more stamps

Bella 247g:

I have I think 182 or 195 and the hardest one for me was the games the puffles,because you have to buy the puffle but puffles cost so much! But I have so many stamps and I want to earn more!
~Bella 247g

I Pods Rock:

i have 231 stamps but the hardest ones that i cant get is to make 40 pizzas and 40 candy pizzas with no mistake


the pins are hard to get and i think the hardest one is the one when you have to make 40 pizzas


you are cool billy. and a shout out to all those penguins out there including girl s4 keep trying and dont give up it is bad to give up. you should play cart surfing penguins that will earn you 200 coins if you do the triks you will earn 200 coins if you dont do the tricks you will earn 100 coins and girl s4 if you are readind i heart you and also i am a agent penguin. you will usual see me hanging out in the dance club guys should check out my igloo it is cool inn there my favorite place in club penguin is the dojo and the dance club. one of my friends in club penguin is coco. what is your favorite place in club penguin i am also a ninja in club penguin so all the agents out there good job for keeping herbert out of the area he tryed to dig a hole through the ice herbert annoys me so much.thats all i have to say for today so goodbye and have a good day.


I think i have around 98 stamps! The hardest stamp for me to be in the same room as Rockhopper. And every time i earn a stamp i get so happy! Now i am trying to get ALL the stamps!


The hardest one for me is grinding 8 corners on cart surfing.


I think the hardest stamp that I had to get was the catchin waves stamp. that was the hardest stamp for me to get because all of my friends on club penguin had that stamp, and they are all super good at surfing. I new that I really was not so good at surfing so I took some lessons and it was really difficult for me. once I got good enough I tried the real game and at that moment i actually did it!!!!! and I got the stamp. ps, please post i have never been posted before


I have 101 Stamps! The hardest one was ' Water Midway.' But the most hardest one was ' 365 Days.' Thoses two are the hardest because I had to keep practicing to get my Water Ninja body item and I had to wait sooo long for the 365 Days Stamp!


i have 257 stamps on clubpenguin my hardset stamp will be puffle lauch game of complete all 36 levles in 18 minutes


I have earned 130 stamps on Club Penguin, but the hardest one I would think was getting is meeting Gary the Gadget Guy.It was so hard!But eventually I found him when i walked out of the Coffee Shop!

Waddle On Cp!


I've earned around 100 stamps,but the hardest one to get was probably the catching Fluffy stamp. I couldn't figure out how to actually get him to bite the bait,and often times he'd just bump into me and I'd drop the worm. I finally got him,though! Surprisingly enough,catching Fluffy was actually -harder- than catching Mullet! I have actually gotten the stamp for capturing Mullet,and I'm very proud of it.

Waddle On Club Penguin!




The hardest stamp is completing your water suit because card-jitsu water is pretty hard. Your biggest fan Jinxoid. (Please post,I have never been posted.)


The hardest stamp I tried to earn (and triumphed over!) was the stamp where you try to get an emerald in Rockhopper's Treasure Box! It's based on luck it took me so long! I was motivated to get it because I knew Rockhopper would be gone soon, and I wanted to put it on the front of my album to show off to my buddies! Stay happy CP!


the hardest stamp for me to find was the rookie took me forever!but then one day at the april fools party,i went into the room .when i went into the room i heard a ding.then i looked at the computer and it said stamped earned rookie.but i was planning to log off but when i logged off i logged back in as fast as i can.then i got his was an exciting exprience :D
and keep up the stamp earning


My hardest stamp was the drilling the iceburg stamp.



I have about 127 stamps and I think its awesome to collect more! It's not like I show them off but I like to see other people progress too! And I don't care if they have more stamps than me bacause I think it's great for them. (Please post this)
Waddle On!

Blue Star516:

The hardest stamp was getting my water suit because it takes time for me and took long for me to get it because you might win the challenge lose the challenge and when I earned my water sandals i thought when you complete to get the water sandals i thought you get the whole water suit and then i challenge the Sensei but i was wrong so i was wrong and that was my hardest stamp to get.Now i need to get my water mask.And it was really hard to make it so when my computer is lagging so I go to my cousins house then i use the computer that doesent lag.


I have 9 of the 10 ice fishing stamps and i have 1 pizzatron 3000 stamp. the harrdest one was the Ace Angler where you must catch 15 gray fish and catch the mullet without losing a worm. (I love how you guys put stamps for these games!)


i have 127 stamps and the hardest was to get 99 items in my igloo!


I got 121 stamps and the hardest one to get for me was... Meeting the characters! It's always hard because a lot of penguins are crowded around the area the person is at!


mine was true ninja.

Sonic 921:

The hardest one I got was the Cadence one because I was waiting for her for 5 hours! Now I have 148 stamps. (I might have more after this is posted)


I have about 200 and somthing stamps. one of the hardest ones i have ever got is the igloo party stamp! (the red stamp) It took me SOOO long to get everyone to my igloo! it took about 2 and a half hours to get the stamp! (please post i have never been posted before.)


The HARDEST stamp to get for me was the one where you had to put 100 items in your igloo. It was hard for me because I had small igloo and I needed to make all the items fit together, BUT I finally got the stamp after I put the last piece of furniture in there. It was hard but I finally got 100 things in my igloo.

Happy kalair:



I have at least 102 stamps and the hardest to get was the Rockhopper stamp. Oh and the Sencei power card stamp. Yes, I really got those 2 stamps. (please post.)


I have over 200, not to brag. I love to collect stamps!! Ever sense they were released i have been trying to get them all just like Aunt Arctic! My favorite to collect are the mascot stamps because then you know they are in the room and you get excited! In my opinion the hardest to collect is either the finish jet pack adventure without collecting a single coin, or meeting Sensei because he only comes around every year or two!

9John Cena:

I have earned 214 stamps. I tought it was one of the hardest thing to make in club penguin. I am also exicted of the new stamps! I got 3 in Ice Fishing and one in pizzatron 3000. I am trying to get all of them. But I think the hardest stamps to get are the Puffle rescue, video game, and someones that I will have trouble are the characters! I am not Really good with it so the Character stamps Will be the hardest!!
Waddle On CP!!!!
9John Cena


I am really good at games I love system defender but my hardest one had to be getting 15 grey fish and still getting mullet with no lives gone,(mouthful).I have 161 stamps now.


So far, I have earned 185 stamps. Definitely the hardest one i earned, is "Ice Master". The extreme one for thin ice. Anyhow,




Hey Billybob Im a huge fan, I have 153 stamps for now and my hardest one is when my green puffle had to catch a jetpack fuell can when i ran out of it, it was very challenging because my green puffle wanted to get all the coins he could find wich took me one hundred times to get my puffle to grav the can when i ran out. Plus my puffles and I think you should be one of the famous people that you have to find becouse you rock and you are awesome!!!!!!! :D Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!! and rock on Billybob!!!!!!!!!!

Dsi Maniac:

They are super fun but hard.


i have been earning some but they are also difficult by the i i wish there was more space so i can earn more stamps and make a collection its like earnig badges in boy scoot camp


Stamps they come at you like sweet candy when your being good for your perents. Like candy they come fast like at he water dojo you get a stamp for falling off a water fall. T he most easy stamp to get is the under ground stamp were you just go to the underground pool. So if you want stamps you have to arn them.


i got all of them for ice fishing but i think the angular ace is the hardest.


Hmm! I have to say the mullet stamp on aqua grabber was the hardest! It took me a whole day to complete! The mullet kept pulling me everywhere! Now I have 188 Stamps! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!

Ps. Please post this i never got posted!


I'm sooo glad they added the new stamps! I cant wait to start collecting them all up! I have one hundred three stamps out of two hundred eighty six!!!!!

ps. i could really use ten thousand coins!!!



I have earned 232 stamps! =) I think the hardest one for me was finding Rookie! He was super hard! But it was a good adventure! The hardest series of stamps for me are the Character Stamps because the room that the character is in is always full! But I guess that's what makes it hard!

(P.S. Please post! Ive never been posted before.


I think i have like 192 stamps I think the hardest one I got was the ninja one. It was really hard because it takes a logn time to become one and im working oin getting 30mpenguins in your igloo for a party its been very very hard but im working on WISH ME LUCK!

Until Then..... Waddle On!


The amount of stamps I have is 106.The hardest stamp that I got was catching mullet.


I have 138 stamps! The hardest one was my Card-Jitsu Fire stamp for getting 3 energy in a match! That was hard! I am soon going to work on getting my Jet Pack Adventure stamp for winning without earning a single coin! That will be VERY hard!


I have 209 stamps the hardest one was the rare treasure.


I have over 210 stamps! The hardest one to get was the Soda Pressure stamp. That giant fish kept me busy! After like 43 tries, I finally got it. Another good mention would be Snow Hero, since those sharks don't make it easy.


hey cp! i have 2 penguins and im a green belt i think so i got all the stamps for that!its ZANGY awsome!!!!lol so if please post this im only 7 years old!!


I can't get the Cart Surfing one " Do 20 flips in a row. It is really hard I have like 154 stamps right now.. :(


ive earned 67 stamps i know its not much but i always forget theres stamps because all of the new things going on in CP I think the hardest one is the 50 field op stamp


I have earned 140 stamps and still going!!! The hardest stamp I have earned is"FULL DOJO".



spi panguen6:

I have 163 i think Well i know i have more then 135 the hardest one was the rocking the house in the night club but then people did it to so i got it. WADDLE ON FOR STAMPS:)


I have about 97 stamps! i love playing games and getting Stamps for each one i acomplish. There were a lot of hard ones, and you have to keep playing them over and over again to get it! I am trying to earn all of the stamps Now. The pizzatron3000 was really hard. i kept trying and trying to get one of those stamps, but it just didnt happen! Mabey ill try harder nect Time.


I have 220 stamps exactly! I think the hardest stamp for me was probably the "Mullet Capture" stamp in Aqua Grabber (extreme). I've been trying to get stamps since the stamps came out in July 2010! Thank you for the stamps Cp!
(BTW, at least publish my comment please).


omg i only have 110 stamps so far but is it easy getting other stamps? :D

Beepo Beepo:

I have 111 stamps and the hardest one for me to earn was to get 350 coins on Cart Surfer because I didn't know many tricks but then I brought my black puffle Cart Surfing and I got 325 coins! I then kept trying and trying but I couldn't get it and eventually I played it for 3 hours straight and I got it! That shows that practice does make perfect!

Waddle on Stamp collectors!


Ya, thats really great! but you should really add more thing to pizza tron 3000 like you get life like on ice fishing and hydro hopper. You should also put a new sport cataolg and make the pizza parlor and everything different people lik things that change and you would get a lot more people but my good idea is to have a puffle playground for the puffle s that would be great i love changes other people do to and i especially want to thank the creators of club penguin and i hope i didnt be mean or anything i just think my ideas please review my ideas with people on club penguin please plaese i have never ever been reviewd !

waddle on!
P.S:please review my ideas thanks for making club penguin it is sooooooooooo awesome club
penguin is soo cool thx bye!

Krissy 144:

I have earned about 67 stamps! I've been trying to earn more. The hardest one is probably The aqua grabber one were u have to do it in fast mode! Or the one where you have to catch the big red guppy in Aqua grabber,


I have 207 stamps in my collection. The stamp that was hardest for me to get was the Astro Master stamp in Astro barrier. it was really hard for me to complete the secret and expert levels, espeecially the last levels! (Please post this! I have never been posted before!


I have 117 stamps. The hardest one to get was the jachammering stamp. Waddle On CP!!!!!

Mouda 1234:

I have 240 stamps and the hardest to get to meet band penguins then i do it ??!?!?!?!?!?!? it was very hard
Waddle on clubpenguin


the hardest stamp to me was the aqwa grabbber stamp where you have to catch the mullet!!!waddle on CP!!!


Well not to be a show off but I have 264 stamps total, at first they were easy but then they were getting harder to get, the hardest stamp I got was the "Survivor" stamp from Catchin' Waves because I was falling, getting hit by icebergs and tripped by the shark, but I got all the game stamps and I'm proud of it


i have about 253 stamps but i had a relly fun time earning them!

waddle on


Spy Guy 890:

I have 117 stamps and i think the hardest one is are the characters because you have to wait for them to be on and you have to check the severs to find them.

Waddle On CP!


i never met a famous penguin like Rockhopper or Rookie


I have 223 stamps and my hardest one was catching the mullet in Aqua Grabber.It was so hard!It took me months to earn the stamp but it was really worth it to get that extreme member stamp.Now its on my stamp book cover. I also met Gary,Aunt Arctic,CaptainRockhopper,and DJ Cadence before stamps.But I met Gary and Rockhopper after stamps.So hi DJ Cadence,Aunt Arctic,Rockhopper,and Gary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! I think that the stamp that I had tried milliones of times to won it, more than meet Gary, is the 30 penguins in a party in your iggy! It is really imposible and I just met ONE penguin with that stamp!! That stamp will fit perfectly in my cover!!!!!!!! I put the red stamps there!!!!


I have 80 already! The hardest one to get was the Floor Filler. Because I had to get a lot of help from other penguins! They said something like," Cloudy with a chance of awesomeness! ". I was so happy when I heard that! A lot of penguins got that stamp too. They said " Thank you " to me, because I also helped them get the stamp. I would just like to say one last thing, good luck in earning new stamps.


I have all but 1 stamp on System Defender! The last one is SO HARD! I have 141 stamps!!!!!!!!!!!


I have 85 stamps hardest one: Rockhopper

Tian 98:

Well i have 192 stamps! Some of them are really hard too get. soo you got too work hard at getting them. The hardest stamp for me was catching the mullet in Aqua Grabber. Thats it waddle on cp forever!!!!!!


i have got about 130 [maybe 125,126,127,128 or 129] stamps! the hardest one was the ''dace with 25 people at the dance club'' becuse it took me 2 years to get it becuse i only have 2 frinds! :( but i got it! :) and i have $12942! :) - tcool23 out :( dont be sad! :) there! bye-bye

Pedy Penguin:

The hardist stamp i have was the seeing Cadence. She came out of knowhere. Waddle on stamp lovers!


I have 95 to 100 stamps the hardest one was my meeting rockhopper stamp. But puting them all together stamps pins medals would be mission 11 the veggie villan. Plus billybob theres two bugs one at the mine theres a snowball on the railway that doesnt leave and one at hydro hopper it just takes you in you dont get a choice if you want to play or not. CP rules but can you get some easier stamps and more games. Plus can you find a rainbow puffle by sending rockhopper to look for them because my sister wants one and doesnt want to ask so i did it for her and can you make another stamp for meeting the director or dot. Plus billybob can you make costumes for non members because i feel sorry for them. Waddle on CP


The hardest stamp for me to earn was the "full dojo" stamp. As it was just yesterday I earned it. That was awesome now I have 186 stamps.WAHOO! Rock on CP


i earned 117 stamps the hardest one was cadence i met her at the puffle party


I'm Kidsrox99, and I've earned 101 stamps. I'd have to say that the hardest stamp for me to earn was Two Close, one of the Extreme stamps for Card-Jitsu Water. I guess I'm really good at Card-Jitsu Water! WADDLE ON! (plz pick)


The stamps I've earned is 116 stamps. The most hardest stamps were the Rockhopper stamp and Full Dojo stamp.

Hock Lock:

I've earned 90 stamps, and hoping to have up to 150 at the end of the year, it's so fun to show my friends VERY hard stamps you've earn in the past! My hardest stamp I earned EVER would have to be finding Cadence! I've been looking for her for a long time! I found her by meeting my buddies in the Night Club Roof, on a server, and we found her!

peach 927:

I have found 196 stamps so far!!! I think probably the whole section of finding Rookie, Sensi, Penguin Band ect. I have only found Gary And Candence so I have a way to go till I find they all!!!

Keep on finding those stamps!!!! :)


Totaly the hardest stamp was the flip master for cart surfer!


Me,Coco41414 have earn 74 stamps and the hardest stamps to get is Flawless Victory, Filp Mania, Snow student, Launch Ready and Quick Launch because you got to do it fast or many, many times and it took me very long to get 74 stamps.
Keep it up penguins!!!!
I wish you guys good luck for earning stamps!!


So far I earned 200 stamps , which I earned my 200th today! The hardest stamp(s) for me to get was the Full Dojo and the Sensei Card stamp for Card Jitsu!! It took me forever to get it!! I hope Club Penguin makes more cool and fun stamps to earn!!


roxy 343:

my hardest stamp to earn was problae the surf spot the shark idk why that was hard for me idk and also the jet pack adventure


Ive got 67 stamps and the hardest would be forming a team with five penguins with the same jersey or completing veggie villian because it took me days too do


I have earned 223 stamps so far. The hardest stamp would be on Ice Fishing is the last stamp. It is so hard to earn!!!! I keep on trying and trying. Waddle On!!!!!!!!!


I got 133 Stamps so far and the hardest one of all was the Pizza master stamp, It took me days to earn that stamp! With the help of some people and videos i finally got the stamps one by one! and also with the character stamps I got them, it was so hard to earn them i can even scream now!


The hardest stamp I would know is becoming a Water Ninja because its sometimes slow and you have to wait until you can choose a great card so Have fun becoming a water ninja! P.S. Please post because I have never been posted. WADDLE ON CP -Neo235

jeff is awesome (that is me!):

I never have been a member but I still got 131 stamps! I got all the non-member stamps for Ice-fishing and Pizzatron 3000 exept two, on the day they were released! I think my stamps that was the hardest to earn was dancing with 25 penguins at the Night Club (because I was the first one to dance!). The second one is meating 10 Ninjas at the Ninja Hideout (it took me more than 100 days!). Finaly the third one was in Aqua Graber, finishing the time trial (it took me about 7 tries and I barely made it!). I'm very proud of my stamps! Waddle on CP!


I need to get the ace pilot i only have 202 stamp WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's really hard for almost ALL the stamps I would say the hardest one I got throw an igloo party for 10 penguins my igloo is pretty good.It's really hard to get stamps yeah it is.WADDLE ON CP HAPPY STAMP EARNING!!!!!!


Hmm... I would say that my hardest stamp to get was Meeting Rockhopper!!! Everytime I try to get in a server, its full! So I am very lucky to get his background. WADDLE ON CP!!!

Missy preson:

I have 62 stamps the hardest one to get was the fast rescue in puffle rescue I did 5 levels in 30 seconds each! The easest 1 2 get was the play pizzatron 3000 candy mode


wish we could play today


I'm not exactly sure how many stamps I have, but I know for sure it's over a hundred. Anyways, I think the hardest stamp to get was the Berg Drill stamp because it took so long, but it was worth it and it was a lot of fun and not many people have done it.


i think i have 109 but im not sure but the hardest one yet for me is trying to get 5 penguins in the same uniform! i had to ask a alot of people and almost all of them said no or didnt have a uniform! but it worked out great (P.S please post!)


I have 139 stamps! The hardest one was...Hmmm Earning 350 coins in 1 game in Cart Surfer.I was just looking threw my stamps and i seen I didn't have that one so then i went to play it and i played it maybe like 30 times! I Just kept getting frustrated but then I got it at the last second! Now I keep getting like 400 coins in the games and i have all of the stamps for Cart Surfing and get 2x the coins!
(Please post)
Sorry if I have more than 75 words



the hardest stamp for me was getting 10 people in my Iggy and still have'nt got like i guess 25


I have all the epf stamps so now i get double the money. Chrisag2


So far have earned 193 stamps and i must say the hardest stamps were a couple to meet Gary the Gadget Guy to meet Sensei and to meet Cadance because it is always so crowded where they are and it is really hard to get in the room where they are but i somehow entered the rooms


I got 174 stamps. I think hardest stamp was gem pro, cause i had to find two gems in only six moves.


the hardest stamp i got was the see the sensei power card i had to challenge sensei more times then you think

Slippy Jr3:

I have worked hard to earn the 80 stamps I have. Some were easy, some were hard. I'd have to say that the hardest stamp that I have ever earned would have to be the Fire Expert stamp because you have to WIN Card-Jitsu Fire 50 times. That's REALLY hard to do because that is a pretty tough game.

Waddle On CP!!!


the hardies stamp for me was meeting fameies people it was soooo hard to find them but i onley got oh ya i have ummmm lets see like 101 ya thats it waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!

W J C 2:

I really want that Rockhopper stamp. I found him for my brother but Rockhopper left before I could log in.


I have earned 76 stamps. And The Hardest one was.. hmmmmm actually, the were all pretty hard, but the hardest one is finding Aunt Artic. My favorite stamp is the recycling stamp because I think recycling is AWESOME!!! WADDLE ON CLUBPENGUIN!!!!!!!

go go 345:

I have 137 stamps. The hardest was Full Dojo, I had to do about 40 matches before I got it!


i got 1 stamp for spotting the squid & more stamps all the time


I got so much stamps,I can't remember how much I got without looking!Atleast 100,but some of the credit goes to a buddy of mine on Club Penguin named Blackrose208(I forgot her username so it's1-10).She helped me get the Rookie Stamp,Rockhopper Stamp and some of the Treasure hunt stamps.The favurite stamp I got so far in the party stamp is the Rookie Stamp.Stamps are awsome,the cover of your stamp book can sometimes show your personality.Your stamp book tells how old your penguin is and when they joined,so in a way the stamp books tell the story of your penguin.Stamps can also tell a person a story,like take the Rookie stamp as an example,it can tell a penguin "I met Rookie."


The Gidgit:

Dear Club Penguin, your awesome


My hardest stamp was meeting Sensei on clubpenguin and becoming a fire and water ninga!


Well so far i have 250 almost 251. And the hardest one for me to get by far is the game day stamp. You have to beat the whole game, 2 VS 2 in hard! Waddle On!


I have 85 already! The hardest one to get was the Floor Filler. Because I had to get a lot of help from other penguins! They said something like," Cloudy with a chance of awesomeness! ". I was so happy when I heard that! A lot of penguins got that stamp too. They said " Thank you " to me, because I also helped them get the stamp. I would just like to say one last thing, good luck in earning new stamps.


Hello, I have earnt 106 stamps!!!!! I find most of the stamps tricky to earn, but sometimes I earn one unexpectedly while trying to score another!! I also love decorating my stampbook, especially with pins!!, it shows everybody, who clicks on my profile, my favourite stamps and the ones I've most recently earnt!!! I also feel a sense of accomplishment when I earn stamps and I hear the Bling!!! on my computer. Love from, Beep40147


same thing with "emily13345",i havent played for i while but i've almost have all the stamps except for the wii ones.they are so hard!

Club Tour 0:

Well in total I have 108 stamp I am not a member, because of the Treasure Hunt, Ice Fishing, and the Pizza-tron 3000, but my hardest to earn stamps were the Treasure Hunt, Pizzatron 3000, and one of the activity stamp. The hardest Treasure Hunt stamp to earn was to find the Rare Emerald, but since I ever earned that stamp I have been seeing the Rare Green Emerald. One of the hardest Pizzatron 3000 stamp was to make 20 pizzas without making a mistake and that was the 2nd hardest stamp to earn. And one of the extremely hardest stramp among all of my hard to earn stamps was to drill the iceberg with 30 penguins (which was the activity stamp I was talking about, and it took me about 30 minutes, which is half an hour to earn it.
Oh well I guess that's it, so until then Waddle On Cp!
~Club Tour 0


i have about 170 stamps it wasn't easy at all! i had to get penguins to come to my igloo, ask people to join (example: the tree mob stamp.)i put hard work in stamps since they just came out.


Dear Club Penguin,

I think the hardest stamp to get was to be in the same room as Rockhopper. I always thought he would be in a busy place thats always full like the town or his boat. But i found him at the Cove. And there was only like seven penguins there. It was very cool. And it was also during the Puffle Party in 2010. I had fun that day.


hi i have earned one hundred and seventy two stamps and heaps of pins i realy like it when the little icon pops down and says 'stamp earned' the haderst one to earn was the card jitsu stamp wini nine cards before you win the match



Michu 123:

i have about 60 but im working hard on getting stamps hopefuly i will gat alot like some other ppl i think its fun earning stamps and challenging the hardest one for me was probably the one for finding cadence well do ur best in earning stamps!!! and have fun!!!

WADDLE ON CP AND HAVE FUN!! (please post this coment ive NEVER been posted before)


I have 100 stamps and they are really hard to get but the hardest was Fire Expert because winning 50 games of it was really hard im happy I have it! :)


Me, I got 95 stamps in all. I hope I could reach my stamps to 100 so that my family would get proud of me. The hardest thing to get is the Pizza Chef and all other hard, extreme and sometimes medium in my stampbook. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The hardest stamp. Hmmmm? I think the hardest one was catching the mullet in aqua grabber. But if I really wanted it I knew that I would have to work hard.( I finnally got it after 12 trys!)


I HAVE 158 STAMPS! They were all very hard to get but if I had to pick it would be the "Party Host." It was super hard because I have been trying to get penguins to my igloo since like FOREVER! Finally I knew what to do. I went and looked at a bunch of igloos then I saw what everyone wanted, I waited and IT WAS PACKED!


My hardest stamp is bringing ninjas to the ninja hideout with their ninja gear.Even now i have not got that stamp.

Student N:

I have 212 stamps,and the hardest one was Happy Room.

mattew 6533:

I got at least 100 or more stamps ,but the hardest one to get was the DJ Candence stamp because i was looking at the stamp when i walked in to the Night Club and saw her there. I was so excited when I saw her I forgot what i was doing! Sadly I wasn't a member back then so i couldn't spend much time with her during the puffle party , but I still had fun seeing her.


Hard question. My hardest stamp would also be my newest, it's the stamp to get 30 penguins in your igloo. It took me ages! Finally I got the stamp for 30 penguins coming to my waterpark. Then, it would be the Catchin' Waves one, when you have to do ten flips. I'm still working on getting more stamps, like defeating 3 crab bosses in Puffle Launch, in one 1 single play session! I already have 178 out of 286 stamps, and I'm going to try getting more with the new stamps. Please post I have never been posted before! P.S. Why can't non members complete games anymore?


130 stamps I have got one from Pizzatron 3000


hmmm the hardest one to get was trying to find rockhopper
because i did not even no there was one to find him and also i did
not no that rockhopper was standing right in front of me!
PS:you guys are the best waddle on cp!
from nigel6789

Fuzzy 28730:

I have 215 stamps,but it was really hard to get them!


i would wait for rockhopper to go back to his island and i'd go to adventures with rockhopper on his own island
and try hunting coins with him and yarr and explore the island for hidden treasures and also hidden puffles
and new species of some pets like new kinds of puffles and see if there are new games and treasures on rockhopper island!



I have 3 stamps for pizzatron 3000 the hardest one is Food Fiasco stamp. I have 6 stamps for ice fishing hardest one is Ace Angler. Total stamps is 229 stamps! WADDLE ON!!!! (Please post never have been posted)


Ive collected about 80 stamps. I know thats not much but its a lot of fun to find them. Ice fishing is my favorite game in clubpenguin and im getting so excited to find out what challanges club penguin has instore for me. Thank You CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have earned 102 Stamps. The HARDEST must have been finding Cadence. Me and ALOT of friends looked around for her for HOURS.When we found her it was sooo awesome. Earning stamps is so fun !!!! I'm gonna try to get them all! Wish Me Luck!!!


hi im mashndan i have 120 stamps so far .
Heaps of them r so hard to get but I guess probably the hardest one was...

METTING ROOKIE he was so hard to find that at my freinds house he was asking ME to find him for him.


i love the new stamp collection i cant wait to get them all it makes it more fun


I've got 78 stamps and I think the hardest ones to earn are the EPF ones.
Waddle on penguin dudes!!
Please post, I've never been posted before.


The hardest stamp is in Treasure hunt it's the one when you need to get a gem is three moves and I have 152 stamps
from your best fan bat1man24




Club penguins the best


I have I think 96 stamps and it's so easy to get system defender stamps


I have 113 stamps allreaddy.
i got all the ice fishing stamps in one day!
i needed lots of time!
But i did it!
I played Pizatron 3000.
I only got one stamp!
My hardest stamp to get is the Jet pack adventure one.
the red stamp.
Dont get a single coin in a game.
That is hard!


Stacie Girl:

Hmmm... The hardest stamp for me to earn was the Rockhopper stamp because I spent about two days on the computer trying to track him down!
But overall it was a great experience!
Keep Waddling Fellow Penguins!


The hardest i ever got is the band stamp and some red stamps are a little easy to get like this stamp called puffle boost.I have no idea how i got some stamps like the ninja meeting stamp and also how i met cadence. when i get six red stamps (THAT ARE NOT CARD-JITSU) i will put them all on my stamp book.Oh and also i have 148 stamps and im trying to get more.Good luck getting stamps!Im trying to get 200 stamps!!!
Waddle on guys!!!!!
(please post this)


the hardest stamp i got is all of the because it was a lot of work! Waddle On Clubpenguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i got 8 stamp in ice fishing and 1 stamp in pizzation 3000


The most hardest Stamps I cant get is the Penguin band,Cadence,aunt Arctic,and Rookie Stamp!!!!!! There should be a party Which Contains all the Famous penguins So people can know them better and finally meet them. Waddle on Club penguin!




Probaly the mullet stamp because every time i get a fish it up down left and right ITS SO ANNOYING!!! BUT I FINALLY GOT AND NOW I HAVE 138 OR MORE STAMPS!

keep earning stamps!!


I have 200 stamps. Playing Jetpack Adventure...trying to get get through all the obstacal's without hitting a coin,was deffinetly the hardest for me! But I finally beat it! Then I rewarded myself with a slice of pizza at the pizza parlor. Rock on CP!

Wonder P 116:

I have 195 stamps! The hardest one to get was probably getting 10 friends to dress up as trees and protecting the EPF mainframe frome the ultimate Protobot! I had to play that game many times to earn the stamp. But in the end, I did it! (Please post this. I have never been posted or published before..)



Sasha 345:

I cant open my stampbook cuz I was a member but when my membership expires ...I Cant Open my stampbook Club Penguin help pls I have The rockhopper stamp and 133 more


Hardest one, Rockhopper. How!?!?
Let me say this, Rookie somehow was way easier for me.
Also, Theres a stampbook bug, If you decorated your book, and your membership expired
The thing says, Buy membership in different languages, you can NOT click it, and you have to either log out or refresh the page.

Beepo Beepo:

Club Penguin!

It's still got glitches and hacks
CP you should fix them ASAP
It's overriding peoples computers

Waddle on


all the stamps were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo easy to get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have 153 stamps! The hardest one to get was the 'Make a full band at the lighthouse' one. It took a while to get all the penguins, and each penguin had to play certain instruments (drums, bass, acoustic, brass and electric) to get it to be a full band!


I Think the hardest stamp to get is the one where you need to find shark in it on the survival version of surfing because I haven't even been able to find a shark. For me its really impossible. So far I have collected 56/285 stamps it isn't to bad so I'm happy. Yesterday I played the new pizza tron candy version 3000 and I collected a few stamps.


The hardest stamp for me to earn was the 'Rockhopper' stamp and the one in water ninja where you have to clear 28 stones of the same

element,but i tried and i succeeded in doing it.Now my penguin is 40 days old and has 115 stamps.I am looking forward to collecting all the

stamps on club penguin and i am sure that one day i will succeed in it!

Yours sincerely,



the hardest stamp for me to get is the be in the same room as rockhopper stamp


i have 192 stamps my hardest one so far would probably be the berg drill (get 30 penguins drilling on the berg)it took a lot of time by going around all the rooms ad asking people to come and drill and i also sent heaps of postcards to come tip the berg


i have also got many stamps yesterday. waddle on cp.


I have no idea how many stamps i've earned but the hardest ones to get were probably......the jetpack adventure ones.They're sooo hard to get and i'm not very good at jetpack adventure.



I have 62 stamps so far. I have been collecting them only about five days. And honestly, all stamps are they're own way hard to earn!

Chicken Ford:

I have already earned all Ice Fishing stamps! And when you do that, dear penguins, there will be a huge surprise waitin' for you!
Hmm... The hardest stamp so far is Go around 30 rooms. I always had to go for dinner, a friend, or something else! But after a long time I did it! Then I smiled! Waddle On!

Nive 7:

The hardest stamp I got was the Mullet. It took me forever to get!
But somehow i got it on the first try on my brothers penguin. Its keeps
on swimming away, but I finally caught the Mullet.


I've Earned 164 Stamps I Think The Hardest One Was The Cart Surfer 14 Tricks I Kept Trying to Do The Tricks But Everytime I Tried I Missed At Least One It Was So Frustating!!! But In The End I Got It! I Have To Ask About One Stamp Though Its The Spot The Squid One I Can't Spot The Squid Do You Have Any Advice?


Well, I have only 97 out of 286 stamps but im trying to get more. A really hard stamp i think was making 10 people smile because its hard to persuade people to do it but when there is a party (for example puffle party) go to a really crowded area (like the rooftop) and say smile for whatever famous penguin visits during that party in this case (Cadence). But this most hard by far is getting 25 metals for doing field ops because they are hard and they only come once a week or so.


Well, I have only 97 out of 286 stamps but im trying to get more. A really hard stamp i think was making 10 people smile because its hard to persuade people to do it but when there is a party (for example puffle party) go to a really crowded area (like the rooftop) and say smile for whatever famous penguin visits during that party in this case (Cadence). But this most hard by far is getting 25 metals for doing field ops because they are hard and they only come once a week or so.


I have 36 stamps.


The hardest stamp was meeting Rookie it took me ages to get it.

Waddle on Cp!



I have not got all of them but i am working on getting them all.


I have 195 stamps! My hardest one was Ace Angler because it was hard to get 15 gray fish and the Mullet with no worm lost. But its a good thing that I never give up and tried my best!

Lukee Master:

I have got 7 stamps on games. They've been easy to collect and I have enjoyed collecting them.

Hey Man Hey:

I have 166 stamps but the hardest one to earn was probbly meeting rookie.I just went on to rainbow for no reason I went to the Bx dimshion and he was there


i think the hardest stamp to get is to meet the characters like cadence or sensei or G. We dont know where or when they are!!

Picco 2:

I have 148 Stamps so far and just noticed the Pizzatron 3000 Section that i will be trying out, soon! The harddest stamp for me to get so far would either have to be Cart Master, Rockhopper or the Test Bot Trio!


i have 86 stamps the hardest was the floor filler i mean trying to get 25 penguibs to dance at the same pace is hard


well the hardest stamp to get would proberly be ice master! its really hard but i keep on practecing to get it cause it looks soo cool and my latest stamp i earned was crab cuts from ice fishing WADDLE ON CP!

Big Chill Ko:

I have about 142 stamps. The trickiest one would probably be the System Defender Herbert Stamp. The easiest was probably Food Fight. I think you should release Bits and Bolts stamps! I also think Brown Puffles should play Bits and Bolts, because you need to be a bit inventive for Bits and Bolts. When Bits + Bolts stamps come out there should be a B P stamp.
Name: Pet Help
Description: Use your Brown Puffle to get you 500 coins and unlock the new secret level on Bits and Bolts!


Hmm... That's a tough one! I have loads Of hard stamps to get but I finally got them theese stamps were:
1. Trickest stamp that i have eva earned! Rockerhopper stamp!
2.Happy stamp!
& last but not the least the and the sensei power card stamp! I even beat him with my card!


I Have no idea how many stamps i have but the other day i got a Club Penguin book and it has some secrets about games,
it told me that in Pizzatron 3000 if you click the red lever and switch it to the lolly sign you can play in CANDY MODE!!!!
and then i realisd it was a stamp!!! if it wasn't i never would of thought of how to do that and i would of been SO confused!!!
and i LOVE the book and all the fun tips!!
Waddle On Billybob and Club Penguin


i get on to my stamp book because you need to be a member to have the cover and i can not get off that bit so i have to log off


I think I have earned 256 or 257 stamps. It was a great idea too realese them. I love all stamps in my collection. The hardest one was the Ace pilot stamp. Waddle on Club Penguin.


The hardest stamps are the famouse penguins stamps i only got G


I have earned 104 stamps and the hardest one was flawless Victorey in the Card Jitsu stamps!


I think hardest stamp to get was err, I dont know they all pretty hard to get. How many stamps have I got? Defintly over 100. (But I dont know how may its a odd number though!) I still have not ANY famous penguin. You'll be glad to hear I'm working on it though!!!


I probanly the mullet catching in ice fishing AND the one in aqua grabber.those two wer a bit hard to get as though they are extreme stamps soooo yeah.


I have about i think 100 or 107 but the hardest one for me to get was to get 30 penguins to dance in the nightclub!

pingi pu2:

indeed the 14 tricks with puffle was hard


I have 128 stamps. It was a pretty hard time earning each stamp. I would get about 2-3 a day if I tried REALLY hard. It took me an even LONGER time to earn Party Host. I tried making a kingdom to pull in the penguins. No one else was making a kingdom so it was a good choice. It took about 10-20 minutes to make the kingdom. Then, it took about a 1/2 hour to bring in the penguins. It started out really easy, but it was about 15-24 penguins, still not 30. Then I got more, but I lost some penguins, so, it was still not 30.Finally, I came to check after advertising in about 5-6 places. IT WAS 30! I was soooooooooooo happy! I had finally earned the Party Host stamp!


i have around 100 stamps and i also have all the system defender stamps so i get double money for that game

(please post)


I think the member stamps are the hardest to get because im not a member so it would be tricky for some of you fellow penguins would'nt it so Waddle On and go rockhopper!!!!!!!!!


l have 99 how cool!!!!! the hardest was was to see the sensei power card!!!!!!!!
ps plz plz plz post this never been posted


i have 115 stamp cool


i have like 154 stamps but it is so aswom the new stamps

dj aj45:

i have 7 stamps,im new here.

i dont want the money! [please pik me?] im just havin fun.

my pizza-tron 3000,because i had to go on an on




So far I have earned a whopping great number: 108, but I know other penguins have almost 200!!! The hardest ones are probably Clam Treasure (very hard sneaking into its mouth!!) and Snack Attack (I couldn't figure out how to feed the shark;it happened by accident!!).
There are a few more games that I just can't get the hang of but I will someday...!
Waddle on, CP!

brodie the cool guy:

100 stamps my hardest stamp was rock hopper


The hardest for me is the puffle launch because i can't reach one last puffle o's it's too high but it's so fun to play CLUB PENGUIN and more
and i like it so much . I have 72 stapms in all.

Until then... Waddle on!


I have got 180 stamps and my hardest one was getting all of the thin ice stamps and get every level solved and getting all the coin bags in thin ice so meaning the extreme ones where the hardest.


I have 200+ stamps, but i think the hardest one to earn is the island guardian. You have to complete 50 field ops!


The new stamps are awesome! How do you get the food ficasso stamp? The hardest stamp to get for me was proborly get 10 penguins in my igloo


I have worked so hard earning stamps and now I have 158!!! I would say the hardest one to get was the Rockhopper one. I tried sooo many times to find Rockhopper: chasing him and buying trackers just to figure out his location! But then, just the other day I randomly logged on to BEACH and there he was!!!! Right on the Beach and I got the Stamp and the Background!! I was sooo excited and did the happy dance all around my room!


i have 156 stamps and the hardest one will have to be all of them!!! they all take a while to get every single one of them! my favourite part of earning a stamp is that u waddle around cp and u suddenly hear a ding! next thing you know, rockhopper or rookie appeared out of nowhere!


woo ive got one more stamp to go . my best friend has all the stamps so im going to catch up, please post thanks

waddle on


i have earned 279 stamps its real i am not lien its true every body can look to my stamps! WADDLE ON CP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been trying to earn the new stamps, and I have about 191 stamps. The hardest (by far) was meeting Cadence. Wherever she is, the room is always packed. It's as if Michael Jackson has just walked in a room!

fluf 42329:

I will say the hardest stamp to earn was the rookie stamp because i ended up meeting him on a french server!! I got 117 stamps


ive got 182 stamps and the hardest one was...snow hero! but there was a little more. for example the stone stample in card jitsu water! ;)

Monkey 170:

The hardest stamp I earn ed would have to be the Crabs Treasure Stamp it took me like 50 goes to get it but then I finally got it I have 215 stamps all up out of 286!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP

sk8 penguin1:

I Have Earned 201 stamps i would probably say ace pilot but rookie was hard to met too! also i have 2 accounts and on one i met all famous penguins before stamps came out shouldnt i get the stamp? thanks waddle on


My hardest one to get would probably be the Rockhopper stamp! Because I didn't think I would ever meet him. It was awesome! Waddle on Cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


that is cool

Ball 15:




I have 155 stamps in total and the hardest one to get was... Sensei! Why you asked? Because i've never be in the same room as a popular penguin. EVER.


My hardest stamp is to meet Sensei its realy hard to look for him.It took 2 hours for me to find him then one muinet WAHOOOOOOO i found him now i have ithink over 110 devenit.

CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The hardest stamp I have ever earned so far would be the Rockhopper one or 25 penguins dancing at the night club. I've gotten around 94 stamps.:)


i have 100 stamps (98) but the hardest one was meeting rookie cause its was allways full and every time i got in he went off into another box WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


Well i must say i love earing stamp but it defentley gives me a challenge!But the best thing about it is its a suprise they might pop up at any time you never know when you have done it.I like that idea i cant wait to go and earn more now but what?

waddle on!


the hardest stamp for me to get was the descover the main treasure in aqua grabber that was in soda seas.especially when you have to dodge all the puffer fish and then you get the treasure before the huge puffer fish explodes or something!i only just got out plus my tank nearly blew up!i only just about did it!


I have earned about 125 to 128 stamps so far!!! I think the hardest one is the tree one you need 10 or more penguins dressed up as a tree to get the stamp. (I earned this stamp last week it was really fun)


I don't know how many stamps and I think destroy 250 enemies without upgrading was very hard!


I have 205 stamps! Stamps are really fun to earn! I cant wait to earn more! The hardest one for me to get was probably becoming a Water Ninja! Even though it is not an extreme stamp like catching the Aqua Grabber (which I have) It still takes a long time to earn! A lot of patience is required! A lot of stamps take a long time to earn! Well I know which stamp will have been my hardest to earn when I get it eventually! The Island Guardian stamp! That would of taken about 50 weeks of work to get! A little tip for people trying to earn stamps, is look at the the stamps you want to get and set a target of want you want to get!

Happy Stamp Earning!


Selena 82822:

I don't remember the exact number, but I think its 160 stamps. For me the hardest stamp is meeting Cadence. I transfered servers almost the whole night! That was last year, 4 days after my birthday in real life, which was July 8 or 9, 2010. The best part is having fun.
-Selena 82822

tommy 457:







The hardest stamp for me to earn was the Gem Pro stamp from the game Treasure Hunt. It was super hard to find a penguin who would
co-operate but after 27 tries(and I was counting) we both got the stamp! I am pretty new to Club Penguin so I only have 75 stamps, but I'm not losing hope! Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!

richard wppd:

I have about 174 out of 286 stamps so far!! My hardest stamp to get was play the test bots and meet Sensei but now I got them both!


i have 70 stamps and i am rich i have 23920


I really enjoy earning stamps, because my friend and I are having a comp with earning stamps and I'm enjoying winning. My hardest stamp to earn was my Gary stamp, I currently have 177 stamps.


the hardest stamp for me was doing the 14 different moves in cart surfer it took me 4 or 5 times :-)

P.S:please post


I have over 130 stamps and the hardest one for me was meeting rockhopper or becoming a water ninja!! Waddle on CP


I cant believe I have 168 stamps already quite a lot of them were really hard (well done cp team). These are the ones I found hardest: Meeting Rookie that one was a lifetime experience, the ninja meeting was also a really Hard one because you have to persuade people to go to the ninja hideout with the ninja costume, also two close was hard because you don't know when to jump. I like challenges.


I have 127 stamps and the hardest one was finding gary he wasssss so hard Thanks

WADDLE ON CP!!!!! :)


the hardest stamp was the earning your ninja mask stamp
because it took me so long to become one


Well i have got atleast 88 stamps now because i am new to club penguin i evan have stamps that one of my friends dont have. I think that the hardest for me is to throw an igloo party for ten penguins ive got it but i bet you wouldn't of expected me to because if im new i wont have much furniture i hope to get all of them one day but then there will be new nes and new ones and ill be there to get them!!!!!!!!!


my hardest stamp was being in the same room with rock hopper because i have meet rock hopper years ago and i thought i would never see him again then this year i said i won't bother and on that day i was just playing around next minute this stamp comes up saying "same room with rock hopper!" i was going crazy and so happy to see him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thnx k8tie88!


Hey cp i've earnt round 156 to 167 not sure but my hardest stamp would have to be meeting sensei!! waddle round and find meh! byee ~livibobs


The hardest stamp i got was, meeting rookie because it took me for ever to get to the box demention because it was full. But i earned the stamp, and it was an awesome background. (please post, my comments never get posted:(


i have about 158 stamps and the hardest one was getting 10 people to dance in the night club with you because it was hard to persuade them. I think the easiest stamp that i had got was the dessert pizza stamp because you only had to click a few buttons and you had got the stamp.

BOBBY 9001:

I LOVE colecting stamps and have 191!!!!!! I am not sure wich was the hardist but i know some pretty hard ones were the rockhopper stamp the gary stamp the sensi stamp the rookie stamp an the new ace angler stamp for ice fishing!!!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Please post never posted before!!!


So far I have 270 stamps!!!!! I,ve been working very hard to fill my stamp book this year. And I think the hardest stamp to earn is.... hmmmm... I cant decide! All of them are unique and they all have a challenge in them. Some stamps are easy and some are hard! But then again, all the stamps are challenging in many different ways and there are many to choose from. Waddle on!! :)


Ooooo ^_^ I've got nearly 200 stamps but when I say 200 they were 200 hard ones. My hardest ones were the EPF medals AND the famous characters. My easiest ones were most of the games like cart surfing and surfing and so on and so forth. Some day I wish to be named Jstamper!


The hardest stamp I couldn't earn is Character stamps it is the hardest because if you didn't see the characters you wont have stamps of the characters unless you see them..............while the other stamps you will only play games and do something. But at the characters you will find them one by one and it will take years of waiting parties with the characters waddling around Club Penguin and different servers,and now the Club Penguin added Rookie.........hope you guys don't add any more characters:)...............KEEP WADDLING ON Club Penguin :D


I only have stamps (because i'm not a member yet). And i think the hardest stamp is the "Spot the Squid" stamp because i know that it only appears when you played the aqua grabber 5 times and sometimes when i try to spot it i keep losing count it's so frustrating! But it was worth it.
Waddle on CP!


i have recived all of the stamps from sytem defender!
how cool


i have 71 stamps thats not many stamps !! but the hardest stamp for me to get was the one for discovering the black pearl in aqua grabber because i hardly ever play it and you still need to do stamps for puffle round up!


For me the hardest stamp of all for me to earn was the Rockhopper stamp. I was on the same server with Rockhopper so many times, but the room he was in was always full. It was a really great thing when I found him. I got the stamp and the background that I am so proud of. I have 98 stamps and I am on the mission to collect all non-member stamps, because I am a non-member.


Hey Billybob
I Have 136 and The hardest stamp I've got is probably meeting the Sensi and Candance and Rookie!! I think getting stamps is cool so I've tried my hardest to get as much stamps as possible!!
-Waddle On-
Jaiyden4001 ( Please Post )


I've got 157 the hardist one to get was master all the mazes on thin ice!


I have 113 stamps, I believe. The hardest for me to get? Any and all of the game stamps. I don't have the skill, persistance, ambition, drive or patience for the mini-games, so actually getting stamps in them in difficult. If I were to actually pick on game stamp, er, The Robot EPF game one. Blue level. My favourite stamp is my Gary stamp. I think there should be a section of our stamp book where we can display our backgrounds, with the thumbnails from the Player Card and if you click on it you see the whole background. What d'ya think?


Hi everyone!
The hardest stamp to get was, to be in the same room as Rockhopper. I went in many rooms, servers and finally found Rockhopper!!! That was the best moment because i earned a stamp and met a celebrity penguin!

Until then................
Waddle on!


Hey Billybob
I Have 136 and The hardest stamp I've got is probably meeting the Sensi and Candance and Rookie!! I think getting stamps is cool so I've tried my hardest to get as much stamps as possible!!
-Waddle On-
Jaiyden4001 ( Please Post )


200 stamps andgot all of ice fishing stamps and pizzatron

Ellie Jr:

I have earned loads! The hardest one to get was probebly... All the belts because I earned all my belts, but I had to play card jitsui the same amount of times of the belts! It took all day!


I have 142 stamps. I got all stamps on EPF Missions and Tresure hunt. My hardest stamp to get is on Water ninja and I have to step on 24 BRICKS BEFORE WINNING :o :o :o :o :o :o. Im still trying to get it but I hope I do some day!!!!! Waddle On CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have 102 stamps.I have VERY good fun collecting stamps.They're so fun to collect. Thank You Club Penguin!
Waddle on cp!

Ooli 360:

I have 216 stamps and bleve me or not my buddy (Luulemon2) has 258 stamps!!!! any way my hardest stamp to earn was well i cant say rookie because my sister did it for me! so um lets say Elite protector because u have to wait 25 weeks to do it and i didn't do ten!


my hardest stamp to get was the ninja one i had to do so many challenges then i finally versed sensei and beat him!!!!!:)

beanie 99:

I've collected 144 stamps so far and the hardest one so far has been catching the mullet, because he is a very strong fish and pushes my aqua grabber into the walls in soda seas and I drop him.


The hardest for me was the football team and meating rookie! Finding rookie was hard because thats a extream stamp and you never know where he is. And the football one was hard because I only had blue and others had red. I have at least 127 stamps and 1 page is complete. Im trying alot to get more stamps and Im glad you added them!


I have found all the stamps quite challenging but my hardest stamp is complete 5 levels at sea in 30 secs.!!!! :)

They are all my favourite!!

Waddle on CP!!!!!! :):):):)

Liam 91:

There was quite alot of hard stamps and how many stamps have i got awnser: 210


Ive got more than 100 stamps like 140 or something. The hardest stamp for me is probably the full dojo one where you have to earn nine cards before you win

smash star:

cool stamp book


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