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By Billybob on April 22, 2011 - 21:31
Hello Penguins! 
Happy Earth Day! Last week we asked if you were doing something to protect the environment for Earth Day. We were happy to hear from so many of you. You guys had some great ideas of ways to protect the Earth all year round. Here's a comment we really liked from Igloogirl3
Next week I am going to try my best to help our environment, because it is very important! I already have ideas - saving electricity by turning off the lights, picking up rubbish that has fallen on the ground, and saving water! But of course, I think Earth Day should be EVERY day, so we can look forward to our Earth lasting longer so our future generations can enjoy it! 
Thanks for your suggestions, everyone! 
This Earth Day marks the return of the island's favorite pirate explorer, Captain Rockhopper. And that got me thinking... a pirate explorer would probably know a lot about Earth and all the different interesting places on it, wouldn't he? I know there are a lot of places I'd like to explore on Earth. So this week, we want to know... If you were a pirate, where on Earth would you explore? 
Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 
Until then... Waddle on! 
-Club Penguin Team



If I was a pirate I would explore the oceans! It would be cool to see all the fish and dolphins and what nature looks like on the islands! It seems really cool. I might even discover something like Atlantis, who knows!

vball lover1:

hey every1 i REALLY REALLY REALLY want 2 no where rock hopper is can u help me???????!!!!!?!?!?!!!!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
(plz help me i never got advice beforePLZ plz plz plz)


I would travel all the way north and travel the icy waters of the artic. It would be cold, but I love snow. Then I would stop and make a REAL igloo on land. Then I would travel to find actual live penguins!!!!


If I was a pirate I would got to Africa to help endangered animals.


If I was a pirate, I would be exploring all the cold nations of the Earth. I can investigate with sciece what is causing ice to melt and how to reverse it. I would also study the wildlife!


i would like to go to hawaii,cause my teachers son is in hawaii and hes a solder and it looks like a real place


Well if i were Rockhopper or any explorer really i would love to visit... EVERYWHERE it is so much fun seeing new cultures and everything and while i was going around i would probobaly make posters like.. SAVE THE SNOW LEOPARD or SAVE THE AFRICSN PAINTED CAT stuff like that :)


if i was a pirate i whould discover cool things and vist many places and search LOT OF GOLD to give to people


Wow Id explore the forests and stuff it would be fun! You guys rock! BYYYYY


i would go to the rainforest or africa because some awesome animals that live there!


well, maybe i would explore an island that nobody was at yet. on that island id look for more new islands to sail to.waddleon!!!

Ninja boy 81:

if i was a pirate i would explor the dock and the ship because the dock has a costume and the ship is just SUPER cool WADDLE ON CP YOU ROCK!!!


If i was a pirate i would exsplore everywhere on earth, since it's such a beautiful place!!!


Well if I was a pirate I would go everywhere on the earth land and/or sea.
Waddel On CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


if i was a pirate explorer, I would explore places like china, pakistan or egypt were there have been horrible things i would go over to explore how I could help out all the kids like me/us. I would show all the kids that there are worse things happening out there and that we are all fortunate to have what we have.


If I was a pirate, I would explore Egypt. I would like to explore Egypt because there are so many relics(relics are treasure.)and treasure! Not just relics and treasure-but also the tombs of kings! Egypt is an interesting country in the world! Egypt is in Africa so I would have to sail to Africa to get to Egypt (I was about to type in ''England''! Silly me!).

Waddle on CP!



If i was a pirate, I would explore the area around the North Pole. This is because I would like to see the wonderful wild life and play in the snow!!


If i were i pirate i would go everywhere because the whole Earth has suprises to see like Arizona,Nevada,Asia and much much more!

p.s.If you see this message ROCKHOPPER then id like to tell you that your a great explorer!


if I was a pirate i would search for uncharted land. look for a candy island so many places to go but i hope that i could find somewhere just like club penguin and maybe even a greener club penguin and club penguins very green.


I'd explore Antarctica to have the feeling that I was Ernist shacklton, wouldnt that be cool.




if i were a pirate, id explore EVERYWHERE! id travel around the world and see everything! fun fun FUN!!


Lets all go green!!! I if we all pich in, we can save the plant!!!! Happy Earth Day!!!!


I might explore a deserted island so I can find more about plants and parm trees now you can waddle on cp oh and thanks for reading




I would love to go explore Club Penguin! Theres so many things to explore!! Waddle on CP!!


If I was a pirate, and I could go anywhere in the world to explore I would go to Club Penguin of coarse! I really like Club Penguin so much that I would explore it everyday! I would climb to the Tallest Mountain, and dive into the deepest ocean. I would take a picture from the Tallest Moutain. Then in the ocean I would meet the mermaids and find the lost treasure!


If I were a pirate, I would want to explore the North Pole. Since no one goes there, I bet a lot of wild puffles live there! Also, it has penguins, so I would never be lonely. And there might be treasure! Waddle on!


If I were an explorer, I would explore the beautiful land of Moracco! I love the music from Moracco and the architecture! I adore the fabrics and clothes the people from Moracco wear! I think Moracco is a very beautiful and exotic land! Moracco is the first place I would explore if I were to be an explorer!


If I were a pirate I would want to explore on the U.S island named Guam. I have always wanted to go to the island of Guam, so that is where I would want to do all my exploring. Where will go to do all of your exploring BillyBob?



if i was a pirate i would go to Haiti cause i would wanna see how they live and live there for a couple of days and i could help with something what ever they want me to do it would be cool to be there for a couple of days wouldn't it?
(ps. please post this i never got my comment posted before)


If I were a pirate, I would explore the islands all around the ocean. After all, a pirate searches for treasure, right? I would be in search of a new puffle color, perhaps, maybe one not inhabited to Club Penguin, like the Red Puffles! Maybe in the treasure, there will be a golden one!


I would probly explore antactica or austerila


wow nice


All around the world! Help clean up trash around on the ground.But if I could go to CP that would rock and I would give out banners,signs,and shirts that say Save The Earth! Mabe even get to make furniture out of recycled trash.


if i were a pirate well id search all over the world! but if i had to choose one id explore europe because it seems so fasniting and my family and i come from euproe so that would be the the place id explore!!!


If I was a pirate on Earth I would explore Bermuda because 1 I would go into the Bermuda triangle and find the secret treasure and 2 everyday I would try and find new crystal caves and 3 I would be in parrot heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If i were a pirate i would explore the entire world! I would go from ocean to ocean country to country looking for adventure! i would discover new islands and discover new things!
waddle on cp!

go pokemon45:

I would explore uncharted lands and secret places!


well i would like to visit Haitia like my priest does and they are very pour so i would give them alot of money and some of my cp puffles . waddle on cp


Well I want to go to Frorda in the i like to swim

The Surfer:

Hello billybob, my username is ;xhfd1,,if i was a pirate i whould stop at rockhopper island and sail off to the far side of the earth to explore more snow areas.And i hope that clubpenguin will stay GREEN!

stay cool C:


i realy whant to meat captain rockhopper he is my fravrot penguin n the WHOL of club penguin . i like the new earth day it is awsome i like the costumes i realy think it is nice that club penguin is trying to help the world its horrable to think that animals are geting killed for little thinks like rugs when they can be a BIG thing alive and i hope it will make the world a better place for the future if people stop killing animals waddle on club penguin (cp)


Dear CP,

ROCKHOPPER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle on guys.


If I was a pirate, I would explore a magical land called Puffle Island! Puffles in every color would be there! I would pick one up and call it my own! Then I would take them to The Pet Shop and they could be sold to good owners!


i would love t o


If I Was A Pirate I Would Explore Asia! Because All The Pretty Plants And The Endangered Asian Elephant! I Would Help The Poor And Save The Elephants
Waddle on!!!! And Happy Earth Day!!!


If I were an explorer and could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to Mauritius. You've probably never heard of it. Just to let you know it's just east of Madagascar. I would like to go there because it''s a very exotic place and that's were the Dodo bird used to live.


great idea would be awesome!!!


hello if i were a pirate i would be sailing with rockhopper my new freind (i just saw him in the forest at belly slide) we would go to his island puffle island and visit cp seven times every two months i would be peteypirate i would have a puffle named matey and i would go to try to find club penguin 2 yup thats right well waddle on cp


I would try to get lost and find a lost island. Because to find something new you have to be lost.


I would go to club penguin of course! waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A pirates life for me! If I was a pirate, I think I would explore Mt. Everest! I know I can't get to the top with my ship, but I could sail to Asia and hike my way to Napal! Then up to the top I would climb so I could see the beautiful view below me. Hey, maybe I'll even see the Ski Hill or the Iceberg!


If I were a pirate I would go to visit France and Hawaii. Thats because I love France music and I love the Hawaii weather.It would be cool to be a pirate for one day because I like coins. :)



If I were a pirate the place I would go is probably,the whole Earth!! I would like to travel all over the world because I would like to find treasure,meet new people,and know a lot of information where I traveled to!


If I were a pirate, I would like to explore the South Pole.That's because I think it sounds interesting and of course penguins live there!
Waddle on CP!


Thats a tough one. I would probably go to England because they have soo much to do. Site seeings, Big Ben and more things to do each day! On one side of the United Kingdom they have Scotland and Whales. It would be really fun to go to Scotland because it would be cool to hear what their accents sounded like. Thats wher I would go. To The United Kingdom. Waddle on Club Penguin!


Eh…….. I'd probably explore the shores of the Caribbean. My crew and I would search for treasure!!!!

W ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow that's a good question! I've always wanted to join Rockhopper's crew and sail on the Migrator. If I was a pirate on the Migrator, I would definitely want to sail to Rockhopper Island to see the first red puffles ever found! And of course, to see the great amount of treasure and rare items stored in a secret place on the island. That would be my best adventure!




If i were a pirate, I'd explore the nature of the beautiful carribian and my home countrys- Vietnam and China! They both have great scenery and I think they celebrate Earth Day as well! But exploring Earth Day Clubpenguin is just about the same!

Waddle On! Happy Earth Day!!!! -Tiptup201


well billybob if I was a pirate l would explore EVERYTHING!!!! l want to explore the whole world lve only been spain
waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps:please post this its my best idea :s

Rosie 2K11:

Hey CP
if i was a pirate i would go to hawii to see the volcanoes and find all the treasure!!!!
waddle on CP

P.S please feature this, i need more things for my igloo!!


i'd explore all of America.There is alot in the world,and america has alot of that land.So yeah!


As a pirate, I would explore the deep part for the smashing jungle! I would try to look for new kinds of puffles too!!! I love animals,also as a pirate i would sail to ye rockhopper island! I Really wanna see what rockhopper island looks like!....Maybe its made out of red puffles!


I would explore the bermuna triangle.


If I were a pirate I would like to travel to Barbados and relax... I would bring red puffle and let if go surfing with me, that would be the best trip ever! If I had the chance to go again, then I would get a big ship and bring all my buddies and their puffles, we would have the best trip ever!


If i were a pirate, i would explore the Bermuda Triangle, why?, i will tell you, i would LOVE to explore there because, every night my dad would tell me a story about the life as a pirate because my great great great Grandfather was a sailor he told me how my grandfather tought my dad and how my dad is trying really hard to teach me even though im a girl, doesnt mean i cant do exploring. the reason i want to explore the bermuda triangle is because i hear lots and lots of stories in 9th grade about explorers who tried to make it through the triangle, Including Amelia Earhart! i want to be the 1st do explore inside the triangle and make it out also! thats where i would go if i was a pirate


Hmmm i would like to go to rockhopper island wait in real life?Ok i would like to go to Fiji because my dad said its hot there and guess what? i like hotness anyway rock on CP!


An ice cave

jack spike b:

the crowsnest is where a pirete would be


Wow, that's really hard! But if I had to choose, I would love to sail to Greece! I would love to learn about all it's history and I would LOVE to see the museums!


i luv earth day




If I were a pirate I would explore every single one of the 7 Wonders of the World! I'd like to see the beautiful Taj Mahal, the enormous Great Wall of China, the Colosseum in Rome, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Hagia Sophia, and the Stonehenge! I think this is a great question Club Penguin! Waddle On!


Well....I would try and explore places where human kind has tried to take over, like a rain forest. I could start a search which would bring attention to these places and show how it isn't cool to destroy Earth. We have beautiful animals and nature, and if we search these places we could really demonstrate that it is Earth Day!


Hmm, Thats Really Hard!!! I Love Alot Of Places, If I Could, I Would Want To Set Sail For Club Pewnguin Or Rockhopper Island!!! But Truthfully, I Might Want To Sail To The South Or Noth Pole. It Would be great To See All The Icebergs And Penguins, Maybe Even A Polar bear (Hopefully Not Herbert!!!)!!!!! It Would Be Awesome To See All tHe ice Before It Might All Disapear, It Might Give Me Know Ideas On How To Help Save The World!!!!


I wouldn't know where to go because EARTH IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the Artic and places like that there is penguins and polar bears and artic foxes these animals I love more than any others.
But in rain forests and places like that there is amazing and colourful animals like monkeys and ring tail limers and many more.


Id travel to the places that have the most penguins who care for the enviorment because i love to see plants that are healythy and happy!!! soo if i become a pirate all you penguins sould be being nice to every living thing!! BECAUSE EVERY LIVING THINK SOULD BE PROPERLEY CARED FOR

ps i would do it all by sea

from Bert5181



i would explore the mountains and the jungles


If i were a pirate, i'd explore strange, mysterious islands with amazing jungles, in hope to find not treasure, but rare animals and plants, that i live around and make little home from sticks and plants, i've always wanted to explore lands, so if i was a pirate, that is what id do.


I would explore around the Pacific Ocean because I want to find my own type of animal and name it. I would also like to explore at Tasmania for the same reason because I want to find another animal like the Tasmanian Devil that you can not find anywhere else but Tasmania.

Miss Tetra32:

I would search for Narnia...


Well I dont really know about that,though Id go anywhere where the enviorment needs my help it dosent matter how popular it is it just matters if you wanna make a difference in our world so Id probably visit a place like Japan since it needs lots of peoples help due to the tsunami and that big Earthquak that hit so I would love to help donate my money or visit a specail place like Japan


i would explore the great blue oceans and amazon rain forest


I would explore the islands which are disappearing(such as Kiribati), and that's because of rising sea levels from global warming-melting glaciers cause that. I'd go there because we can, now, but it would soon be covered up.

(*please post*)

Miss Tetra32:

I would explore Carribean Sea.



Miss Tetra32:

I would go find Narnia.


i would go to paris to see the eifel tower!thanx for the question billybob!
waddle on cp!


Dear Club Penguin

I would like to go to Japan to help with the cleanup because the disaster was terrible!! Also I would like to go to South America beacuse I want to learn about different cultures. I want to give a big shoutout to my BFF who is sick I hope you get better Joseytwo!!
Please post so Joseytwo will be happy!

Waddle on!



There are so any places in the world to explore! If I was a pirate, I would go out into the oceon and look for more puffles! Who knows what kinds of puffles are still out there...... And also, I would like to find that brown puffle cavern we found about during the latest adventure expedition. If I actually found more puffles, I would get one of my own! And I would bring them back to my club penguin buddies! And, I think my pirate ship would be named, THE VOYAGER.



I would go to France to visit Paris!


If I were a pirate I would probably explore the Amazon Rainforest. I would visit this place because there is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to explore and a lot i can do to help the environment!!! I would discover new places and hopefully new animals that have never been seen before!!!!


If I were a pirate, as clever as our fellow friend, Rockhopper, I would explore the Carribean Islands because I heard that there are so many beautiful water animals and the water is warm as a hot tub, and clear as air! I would anchor for a few days and go scuba diving to get a closer look, and have that experience. I could ride on a dolphin, and skim on the soft sand. Then I would go back on my ship and dry off. But the part that would be hard, is I'd have to catch a fish for dinner.:( And then in a few years, I could say, " When I was a pirate, on Earth I explored the Carribeans!" Rockhopper and I could compare notes!

- Gracifur11


i missed earth day last year and erery one had a green drill hellhemt and i asked everyone and they said earth day so can you guys plz put it on in the next catolg i would be so great full and i <3 club penguin so plz get my commetnt :) untill then waddle on cp!!!!!!!

The Legend55:

Hmmmm. If I was a pirate, I would explore poor places like countries in Africa or polluted islands.
Untill then.... Waddle On CP!


If I was a pirate I would go to austaila cause theres been the flood and the cyclone.





I would explore places where ghosts have been reported.('-')


If i were a pirate i would like to explore the world because i would like to see all the different plces and what they have. Also it would be cool to go to places you have not been to and see what it is like.


i would explore in the wilderness


If I were a pirate I would like to explore all the way from Mt.Everest all the way to The Leaning Tower of Pisa. There are so many places to explore like Mount Rushmore, Hollywood, and The White House. Also The Great Sphinx, The Eiffel Tower, and The Great Wall of China.
But you can't forget The Statue of Liberty.


earth day i love cause we protoct earth form pollutions plz post P.S WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN


If i were a pirate i would explore everywhere and i wouldnt let my chances go down.I would keep trying and NEVER give up
cause theres so MUCH to do on earth but the most places i would like to visit are:Peru,Brazil,Argentina,Chile,Haiti,Texas,Canada,Chicago,
Seattle,Washington D.C,Africa,China,Asia,Japan,Korea and any where on earth but i pick mostly Japan because i just REALLY
want to help their enviorment and give them food,donate money to them and also donate clothings for them to wear!!

Chicken Ford:

I would explore the ice cream shop near my house! All that ice cream MUST be explored! By ME!
Waddle On and don't forget your ice cream! Because, if you do, I'll store it in my tummy!

Race Boy 2:

Earth day should be not only also with electricity, saving water and picking up trash from the ground. It should also be protecting animals habitats and plants. For example apple peels, orange peels,and banana peels should not be in the trash instead cover it up with soil and make it compost then put in the garden. This could help the plants, then when the plants grow the animals will eat it. Then we could not litter down the streets. Garbage things like candy rappers, and somethings that can not be reused again. WADDLE ON CP AND HELP PROTECT THE EARTH!!


Well,if I was a pirate,I would explore every forest in this whole entire WORLD!I would sail across all the oceans and seas and then maybe I would explore some beaches with millions treasure chests and gold and jewels!


If I were a pirate, I would explore places that no one has gone before.


Dear BillyBob,

I f i were an pirate i would love it. There would be so many fun things to do like explore, meet new buddies on the way
to where ever i need to go and lastly i would love being a pirate because you get to see and maybe take all over clubpenguin.
Thats why i would love being a pirate.
Your Buddy,


If I was a pirate I would travel to Ireland because my dad's family was from there. I think it would be fun to learn about their customs. My dad would love to learn about Ireland too because he never lived there. It was years and years ago they traveled here. My dad and I wish we could meet someone in his family that actually traveled here.

King Wacky:

If I were a pirate I would explore the island of Ireland.The home of my ancestors.I would go golfing,I would listen to the magnificent bagpipes, and I would enjoy the beaches. After all that I would dig up a treasure in the sand.


If I was a pirate I would travel to Ireland because my dad's family was from there. I think it would be fun to learn about their customs. My dad would love to learn about Ireland too because he never lived there. It was years and years ago they traveled here. My dad and I wish we could meet someone in his family that actually traveled here.


If I was a pirate I would travel far and wide to search for undiscovered land. I would use that land to make enviromently friendly electric genorators for our planet. I would also travel to the Eacter Island to see the big Easter Island statues as they are a mystery to us all.

new goblin 6:

I would explore the antarctic. It is very big. I wonder if any penguins live there. Lol. Waddle on cp!


If I were a pirate, I would travel to Italy. I choose Italy because they have so much amazing architecture such as the Colosseum. I would also be able to try so many wonderful foods. Plus, I have ancestors from Italy, so I would be able to see where some of my relatives lived and even still live!!! WADDLE ON!!!


If I were a priate I would explore the Rain Forest. I would elplore the Rain Forest because the Rain Forest is nice and warm, also they have beautifull animals like a Toucan and Parrots, and it's quiet, peacefull, and warm, and that is where I would go to explore if I were a prirate. P.S Post this I have never ever been posted. Waddle On Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think u r right saving water electrisity and pickin up rubbish that has fallen on the floor IS VERY IMPORTANT helping the inviroment is very very important i will do that too ROCK ON CP!!! and remember recycle every day or when u can

crazy 433:

i would LOVE to go to madagascar


If I was a pirate, I would go to Rockhopper Island! I think it really exists! I could meet Rockhopper and Yarr and help them find treasure and I could be part of rockhopper's crew!!!!!!!!


AHOY! If I was a pirate, I would go explore the Artic! Global warming is causing the ice to melt, and I wouldn't want to live my life without polar bears or other artic animals. If I went to the Artic, I would explore it and come back to share my knowledge with my friends and family. Maybe then people would appreciate the environment. Take care of our Earth!


i would go to austrilla because my best friend (Bearded dragon) other friends live their. i miss him he was the best friend (pet) i had, i would explore and find his brothers and sisters! Club Penguin Rocks! i love the forest area on it, its so AWSOME


I think that if i were a Pirate Captain Like The Famous Rockhopper i would sail to England and because i heard its really beautiful there in the sping!!


I would really like to sail to...Well, wouldn't it be really cool if we just sailed 'round the whole world in 80 days?? That would be super fun but pirate ships are slow aren't they?? So I'll just have to settle for Club Penguin!!!! Love from, and signed by, Beep40147xxx




Why dosent rockhopper bring Yarr to club penguin dose he where a pirate patch?


you guys need to put a a+ own your home work


I agree Rockhopper earth day should be every day I am sorry for not using capitalization and spelling right. But the place I would loooove to see so much on earth would be Rockhopper island. To keep alot of trees protected there are agents out there helping us and the environment. By the way loading on club penguin is way to slow and every time I want to do an igloo contest it dosnt load, it dosent do anything, and it always says the Halloween igloo contest! I know I am an old penguin the environment and the earth mean sooo much to me. And well, we couldnt live without trees because trees do give us oxygen we need to survive. I am sorry if I post to many words. by the way can you preety preety pretyyy pretttty please make TIME TRAVEL PPOSSIBLE in Club Penguin? It would be doing us penguins especially new penguins a great help. Ihope you like this post because out of club penguin i am onle 10 years old. This is the hardest I have ever tried writing a paragraph ever. Please respond.


at my school they handed out trees to every one who went there i planted mine today(EARTH DAY!!! )!!!!




If I was a pirate I would try to sail every sea in the ocean! If Cp was a real island,I would travel there in my big pirate ship! I would sail to Rockhopper island too and try to find out where all the puffles came from too! So I would be a little bit of an adventurer too! Good Job Cp!!!


Hmm Thats a tough one,I Would Explore the 7 seas with other fellow pirates like Yarr, Rockhopper's Pet. He Discovered Puffles and now we have the puffles on Club Penguin so thats where I would Explore. Waddle on Club penguin!!
Your Sincerest,
(P.S. Please post never been posted!) :)


If I were a pirate like Rockhopper I would like to visit Africa but not like the real Africa I would love to vist a africa with all the animals that are almost extinct. Like Elephants are almost gone i would love to visit africa to see them run wildly. I can imagine them running with zebras and me ridding on giraffes. Also, Rockhopper would be at my side with Yarr. Yarr would probbally be wondering what everyting is. I would take my sister with me to Africa. In Africa Rockhopper would probbaly help the enviorment. He would also try and look for treasure.


I would explore the North Pole! Please post!?!?


is pirate rockhopper coming in 9:00 hes an awesome tracker hes so great isnt it wonderful i love this idea except that it going to end at april 29 thats bad isnt it no good but the earth day party its great when they got the two endagered animals costume


Hmmm tough one! I would like to go to the Carribean Islands because I want to find a new island. If I found it I would name it Ray Island and then I would be famous like Christopher Colombus! Then people would learn about me in their history class! I want to be just like Captain Rockhopper and explore the world!


Wow this is so cool!!! I want to know if we could get to Rockhopper Island????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Waddle On


if i was a pirate, i would go to hawaii.i would go there because it is very beatiful. lets just hope that no one will scream and runaway from me. hahahaha!!! P.S. i love club penguin it is so much fun! it would be sooooo cool if i was posted!!! P.S.S. i want to meet rockhopper soooo bad!!!! WADDLE ON CP U ROCK!!!!!!!


Hello! If I were a pirate, I would explore the rain forest. Maybe I could find the cure to cancer! Also, I have always wanted to see a koala bear. Or I would go to the South Pole. I also want to see a cute little penguin! Penguins are my favorite animal. (that is why I joined CP!) I would like to go to the South Pole because not a lot of people get to go there. I can't decide which one!


Hmmmmm....That's a toughee. Let's see...I think sailing down the Amazon would be a pleasure!

W A D D L E O N !

Please post me!


Dear Club Penguin,

If I was a pirate, I would love to explore Club Penguin, just like Rockhopper! I am thankful for him and I look up to him because he is nice to all penguins and helps them earn stamps and retrieve cool, signed backgrounds! I met him for the first time a few days ago and it was quite exciting! So if I was a pirate, I would be Rockhopper, exploring all of Club Penguin!

Sincerely, Wayd908, Rockhopper's biggest fan!

( P.S. Please post. Thanks! )


i would discover many new lands so everyone could go there it would be nice to share with others

jb baby 77:

if i were a pirate i would travel to.....Hawii because i think that pirates should have a relaxing brake from all that fighting and loud nosies from the canons.I THINK THAT IT WILL BE REALY FUN! HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow what a good question! If I were a pirate I would explore Niagara Falls. I would explore Niagara Falls because it seems so peaceful and quiet. I would also board my ship and get a great view at the waterfalls up on the crow's nest! {please post because I never ever got posted }

Thanks, Snowy44399


If i was a pirate, i would travel to Easter Island to explore all of the rocks and statues. It would also be fun to learn how they got their, (i don't think anyone has found out yet) WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


I ould travel to the Alantic Ocean. It Would Be Super Fun! I would dive in and look for great treasures then, cash it in and be rich! I would go every summer and hopfully find great treasures to show to people and sell just like rockhopper. I would go to a island a hidden island! Just like rockhopper!

- Waddle On Clubpenguin


i would travel to Japan and help them with their earthquake and tsunami problems! i hope that others would do the same!


I would travel all around the world so I could save in danger animals

Mame Ham:

Woo i am gonna do it too! i hope you do too, Penguins!


If i were a pirate i would explore some where in Egypt cuz there lot of mysteries there and because i like unsoleveble(sorry for the bad spelling) mysteries!!!!
Waddle on!!!!!


If I were a pirate, I would sail to Austrailia. Then, on the way back, I would try to discover new lands! I would also help places like Japan and Hati.
Waddle On!


me and my friends and family also help by doing those same things somtimes i really help by not using any thing we cook on a fire on earth day your right but everday should me earth day its the best day and its right after easter so every body should help every day on earth day should care a lot i hope every body will help


If I were a pirate I would explore the mountains. I would like to see all the animals there and see the lakes and streams. I would probbally go to Venice, Italy too because im Italian. I love swords too, I'd love to be an actual pirate!! That would be so cool.

Waddle on!!
- Demonica12 -

lezniak 1223:

i would travle to africa because it has the most intresting places on earth. And it has alot of endegerd animals so i think i know how to help


yeah thats true!!!!! :)


If I were a pirate, I would want to explore the whole world because everybody has different cultures and we could learn to be a different person with very unique characteristics! Waddle On!!!!! CP

P.S Thanks For Posting My Comment


I would love to explore Asia! The reason I choose Asia is because i can go visit my relatives and help my country. I would love to visit Asia, the best continent of Earth!

Lou lou 019:

If I were a pirate I'd sail to an island that no one had ever stepped foot on before, and I would search the island for strange animals that you cant find anywhere else in the world! I would play with the animals and find out all the things they like and dislike then i would sail back home and tell everyone about the animals that I had found on the island!


WOW cool!


I'd go to Southwestern Asia, Haiti, and other places where there is world hunger, and I would help them get farms and I would try to end world hunger!


If I were a pirate, I wouldn't just explore one part of the Earth, I would try my best to explore all of it! If I had no choice, I would travel to Rome in the best ship in the world! The second place I would like to explore is Africa, and I would also give them some things that I found along the way! My pirate name would be Pirate 3pik3!

Kelp Patty:

Hmmm... I think I'd explore the Amazon Rainforest! I'd choose there because all the animals are so interesting! I might even find a new species of insect or something! I think that would be AWESOME! The Amazon also has a HUGE river, the Amazon River. It's one of the longest rivers in the world and I think it would be fun (and dangerous) to go fishing in there, or go canoeing!


If I were a pirate, I would explore the cold waters of the antartic(Y'know, the waters by antartica) and see all the polar bears. Remember: Polar Bears in the south, Penguins in the north! THEY NEVER MEET!!! until that Herbert came. OK back to the pirate thing. I will wear LOTS of jackets, but not TOO much!


I would explore in the carribean to see where the pirates plundered.


yes because i love cp and its the best thing ever happened to me rock on cp!!!


I would love to go to Rockhoper island if I was a pirate, so I could explore it and, maby just maby discover a new tipe of puffle there besides the red one!!!!By dudes!


I would try getting close to the Bermudian Triangle and see if the legends of disappearing ships is true. Then I would look for some treasure using my scuba diving equipment, and then I would go visit home for a week or two.


What i am going to do for Earth day is find trash around the neighborhood and if it is trash i will put it in the trash can if i need to recycle something i put it in the recycling ben and it is girls vs boys and if the girls win i havent thought of that prize yet but i think this game will deffinitly be called trash hunt and it will be a good game for Earth day!Waddle on cp

( please post this note you havent posted one of my notes before.)


I saved a snowleopard and gave it to the zoo and then they gave me 10,000000000 coins just because I saved a snowleopard.


Hmmm. If I were a pirate, I would search the WHOLE world for the one, the only, CLUB PENGUIN! Then I would go and get a bite at the Pizza Parlor, surf at the cove, bring some rare items for penguins, and dance at the Night Club! Then I would say goodbye to the fellow penguins and set off! My penguin name is Cj690. Waddle on CP!


if i were a pirate i would go to Greenland & Iceland because Greenland is more icy and iceland is green. the vikings named greenland & ice iceland like that so everyone would go to Greenland thinking it was green, while thy stayed in iceland witch was warmer.


If i was a pirate i would travel to many places! But i think ill travel to Hawaii to look at all of those cool valcanos!
(FYI:please, please post this!!!)


I always go to the Dock to pretend I'm camping there! It's so fun! Especially when you see an African Painted Dog go near your tent to ask for food!



Poppy Man 1:

i would love to sail from my home to bramuda island in search of rare sea creatures like the kraken.i would also like to visit the endangerd animals like the african painted dog and the snow lepord!!!and thats what i would do if i was a pirate!!


If I were a pirate, I would explore Africa. I would like to see all the animals in their habitats and how they live in them. I would also like to find out more than we already know about Africa! Waddle On CP!


if i were a pirate i would want to explore so many places but the one place i want to explore is Egypt its so fasinating on what they did and i want to explor all the tombs it would be super awesome i would LOVE it

Until then... Waddle on!


Well If I was a pirate I would go all around the world and try to find new places and new creatures or insects. I love exploring with my family and friends. My family and I went to Brazil in the forest it was amazing what we saw! I collected some insects and let them free before we left. I learned there are some deadly insects in the forest so I did not touch all of them! The first place I would go if I was a pirate would be a Rain Forest!


If I were a pirate on earth i would geta parrot then i would try all the eletronic gizmos and stuff and then i would explore all of the stores to see if i liked something lol...and i would explore the world of good food,fashion,eletroncis,and most importantly expencive cars the run on batterys and i would build a robot!!!!!!!!!

(please post i have never been posted!)


I would go to Paris! Go to the effiel tower, get a portrait painted, and maybe even watch a mime! I'd go to an art musem, eat at a french resuraunt, and watch the sunset from a hill. What a great time i would have! I plan to go to Paris someday, but i dont think i'll be a pirate!


if i was a pirate i would be explore all over japan because i like japan since a volcano erouped and a flooded and i like portigal too because i speak portages. thank you i hope you vote me from kim746


I would love to be a pirate! There are tons of places I would like to explore but one is my favorite. It is Hawaii. I think Hawaii is a great place to explore because it is pretty, there are tons of wild animals, it is not cold, and you would get to go to the beach. Also if I went I would try to go around the island and help people pick up trash. Because remember every day is Earth Day. I hope you have a nice Earth Day,and waddle on CP.



Mel Mel 1357:

If I were a pirate, I would explore the Galapagos Islands. The have lots of cool plants and animals there to see. Or I would go up to the north or south pole to see polar bears and of course penguins! Then I would learn how important these places are and turn off lights and not litter to help preserve these places.
From penguin Mel Mel 1357


If I were a pirate, i would explore Paris because I think the eiffel tower is beautiful to look at. Please post this. WADDLE ON CP!!!

Key Of Aweso:

Probley American because its a wonderful place and I'm from Italy and i've always wanted to see what American looks like.



I would explore an island like Captain Rockhopper's island is called "Rockhopper Island." I would want to travel "My" island because just like the easter egg hunt it would be fun to look for somthing as cool as that, and I would try my best to keep that island of mine, clean as possible to save the earth! (Atleast one part of the earth would be cleaned, my little island!)

P.S: Great earth day party, and easter egg hunt !



arrr! i would explore the southern ocean,near antarctica. i want to explore it because i like cold places and the southern ocean is very cold.
p.s. today is earth day!
(please post)


If I were a pirate i would want to go every where in the world because there are a lot of exotic places in the world. Also I can see different animals, fish, birds and bugs. I can also see the different life styles of different people and see Indian tribes and help them. That is where i would go if i were a pirate. My penguin name is leocool14114. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would explore the burmuta triangle. i think it is shuch an intresting place. i would figure ont how all of thoughs ships and planes dissaperd


If I were a pirate I would visit anywhere I can! I like to travel a lot! All I need are people and fun. I would make lots and lots of friends along the way. I would help the earth by telling people to reduce,reuse,and recycle! Exploring is lots of fun. I say Captain Rockhopper would agree with me!


I would probably travel to Japan. With all the bad things and tough times the natives are going through, I would want to help out as much as I could there. I would help clean trash, feed children, and help people who are injured. Waddle on CP!


mmmm.........i would explore in some poor places, like Africa. I would help them with food and water. And i'll tech theem how to save our world.


i never see rockhopper i relly want to see him on blizzard


I would go to Easter Island!! Because it is very interesting and has a lot of mysterious stuff on it!
Like the Moai statues! Nobody knows how they got there!! I think that if I was a pirate I would go there,
explore, find lots of new animals and plants, see clues, and figure out how they got there!!


I would explore the amazon jungle! I really want to go there. There are so many kinds of animals and plants! In fact, I bet it would take me forever to write down all the things I see!

Ecko No:

If I were a pirate, I would go all around the ocean looking for new islands! I would always have my trusty red puffle at my side! I would look for undiscovered islands and maybe make a new home on them! And I would keep my eye out for Rockhopper Island Who knows, maybe I'll find it! I would look for treasure and then give it to people who need it such as Japan or Haiti.


If I were a pirate, I would visit everywhere on Earth and come back to the other places again.


I am trting to make life green in clubpenguin, and around the world!!! Waddle on cp. :)


i love rockhopper he is my favorite person on cp i never found him but i love him so yeah love u ROCKHOPPER


I would go to France because the Effel tower is there.

I Rock75:

If I were a pirate, I'd explore many large islands, like Iceland and Austrailia and collect forhein money and maybe exchange some of my things.Don't forget that I'd search for treasure too.
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!


Well I'd travel to the Caribibean. I'd love to meet other pirates or people walking on the Beaches! Plus I'd like to adventure throughout the islands!


I would sail to an unknown island with lots of jungles and explore them. Maybe I can find a new species of puffles there!

Peter ct7:

If i were a pirate i would like to go to LA becuse it is a grate pirate spot. It is always sunny and pirates like the sun.LA has storms and pirates wouldnt mind storms because they are uste to storms. LA has beachs were pirates can dock so pirates can have a break from waves it might make them dizy.

speedy 600:

the earth day is aweome i am loven it already i met rockhopper yesteday on his boat than to the plazer than to make the frogs sing man that was fun.....

my favarite spot was the forest it was nice with the frogs singging i like it when the frogs sing not my sisters they are really anoying!!!

waddle on CP!!!



rockhooper plese preety plese could you meet me plzzzzzzzzzz


If I was a pirate I would explore New Zealand because it is an island and pirates like islands.


if i were a pirate i would explore Hawaii (which is where i lived for five years) some more. i think it would be really cool to explore the forests on Hawaii. I also think i would learn how to surf.


If I were a pirate...
I'd travel to Egypt, because I learned so much fascinating facts about it in Social Studies,
I'd travel to Sweden, because my dad has his origin there and it's scenic,
And to Canada, because I love polar bears!


well if i was a pirate i would explore a far away place like china but to get to china i bet im gonna need a huge boat
because china is really far away from where i live but im not a pirate but some day im gonna sail somewhere or even CHINA!

(.p.s. i like china because i like rice and china has lots of rice!) WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!


If I were a pirate, I would like to go to a tropical rainforest
to see toucans,jaguars, elephants, panthers, and many other exotic animals.
I really like animals!! I would also like to see the tall, green, and wet environment.
I might explore to jungles in Asia, because there are lot's of jungles there.
Waddle On!!


I would sail to an unknown island and make it my own with lots of multicolured puffles.
and I would make sure that anyone that comes there will pick up their rubbish they drop on the floor!

Then I would go to a shop and get a parrot, pirate hat and a eye patch and make sure im in red as my colour.......
then I will go to club penguin and ask everyone what I will call my ship!!


if i was a pirate i would visit japan because of the horrible hurricane they had.with all the houses and buildings destroyed i would go help build them back.if i really helped build back the buildings and houses everything would be back to normal.there will be no worries anymore.


I would wanna travel around the entire world! Not just one place, but many! I would wanna travel around the world because it would be an adventure! You got one life to live, so this would be an awesome experiance! All the animals,life styles,weather, people, adn you never know what you'll see among the way! PLZ POST!!!!!

Gum Drop153:

Hmmmmmm this is a tough one, if i was a pirate i would sail on the seas and find never before seen lands. I would try to find lands that have lots of coconuts and fruit so if i want to stay over night i have at least something to eat. I also like to explore spooky lands with enchanted forests and secret doors. Those are the lands that i want to explore. Maybe this summer you guys can have a big party where the different rooms on the island can be a different adventure like the forest can be and enchanted forest that you have to solve riddles to get to the entrances to the covemine shack and hidden lake. I hope you like my idea!

Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!!!!
-Gum Drop153


i think if i were a pirate i would like to go up to the north pole and tell Herberts parents what bad things hes doing.

Waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!


hey penguins!! im so happy rockhopper is back to cp!! so, if i could travel anywhere on earth, would go to the cp studio!! bye!!


If I was a pirate, I'd explore the country ''France'' because there are lots of interesting things in ''France''.


Well, if I was a pirate.... Hmmmm..... I think I would explore the sea the most because I can dock my ship on an islan, and I could find new species of fish, Such as a : Jibblefish, Kinklehorn, or a Claiworfit fish! I think that is cool!

See you next time!
, Bonkers201


I would travel to england so I would stand out so people would remember me.


If i were a pirate i would go to japan to build new homes!

please post this i NEVER been posted before!

p.s. Have a great time at the earth day party!
waddle on!!!!!


If I was a pirate, I'd explore the deep seas and maybe I'll explore a new island, too. I'd love to explore the seas and totally new lands!


Africa Because I love the animals there


If i were a pirate i would explore Rockhopper island because that is the only place that nobody except Rockhopper (and bambadee) have visited yet, plus i would love to see what rockhopper does when we aren't partying with him. I would also visit Rockhopper island because i want to see how Rockhopper gets all his rare items and what Yarr does when he isn't with Rockhopper. ROCK ON!!!!

Penguin name: ricoburger

Agent Ant2:

If I were a pirate i would explore the north pole so i could play with penguins just like us! And so i could learn more about other parts of the world and so I could look for treasure! That would be cool! I could all so help the north pole by making igloos for the animals and me! I would relly like that! I would give health to the penguins and other animals too!


If i were a pirate i would go where NO PENGUIN HAS GONE BEFORE!!!!!!! I would travel to the Pacific Ocean and find a secret tropical island where i could live. It would be called Izlandia. There, i would make a village for me,my family and friends. Then i would go and find treasure to help the Earth and share with everyone i loved. That would be fun!!



I were a pirate, I would explore the African Savannah. I would love to learn about all the wild animals habitats, and I just think that particular place is amazing. I could help the endangered animals by donating, and helping them with their project. My favorite animals are the lions. The animals there are just one the examples that earth is beautiful, and we should protect it.


i would explore new zealand it has sooo much beautiful plants and kiwis are soo cute but there indangered

Kpbug 914:

Dear Billybob,
If I were a pirate,I would love to explore the whole earth because in the really cold places,you might get to see some cool animals such as Seals,Arctic Foxes,Polar Bears,and even more beautiful animals!! In the warm places,you might get to see some lizards,insects,and cool plants! You might even land in the dessert and see a Camel ! You may also find some undiscovered places and while you're there, you might see other life, which has not been yet been observed! You may also find some nice new friends along the way and they might show you around the place which you are on! You may also find another island which has penguins or other animals playing and searching for new friends everyday! If that would ever happen, I would come back to Club Penguin and tell everybody of the wonderful adventures i had and maybe Aunt Arctic would help me write a book about my adventures, like Rockhopper's! On the way, I can tell everyone to recycle and use the 3 R's to help the Earth stay clean! Also,if I'd see waste in the waters, I would pick it up with a net, so we have cleaner waters and beautiful underwater creatures to look at!
Kpbug 914


if i had to pick a place to Explore, i Would pick Antarctica. Why i would Explore Antarctica, Because they have cute Penguins there!.
Waddle on Club Penguin.


I woulld want to explore the atlantic ocean and discover all of the differnt fish there.
P.S plz post ive never been posted. :)

Stone 586:

If i was a pirate i would explore caves to see if i can find treasure! Like crystals,Gold, and secrets. Its fun to explore the world that way you get more knowledge. Please post I was first person to leave a comment :P. Waddle on Club Penguin!


I would explore iltly beacuse i realy like there food WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!


If i was a pirate i would explore in the Bahamas because there is so much ocean to cover there.
Waddle On!! from Panda3541


If I was a pirate I would try to go everywhere! I really like to explore at forests and ClubPenguin.I also love nature, so I would enjoy exploring! I would go to Australia if I could only go to one place. I would love to be Rockhoppers best friend so i can see all the cool places! Goodbye!


If I was a pirate i would explore the bahamas because its warm and there's always adventure there


Wow, there are so many places I would want to go but if there was only one place, I would want to explore the African Rain-Forest. Why? Because I would love to see the wild life and all the nature.To see the animals all roaming free. I think it would be an amazing adventure for me and my family and friends to go on too!

Mr Happy 6:

I would explore the Amazon!!!!! I mean who wouldn't want to explore that thing. wat I think would be the most important part is the animls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well until I can get there i'll just have to waddle on!!!!!


If I was a pirate I would go to China, I could climb the Great Wall of China with swords like a hiker except I would be a pirate, Then build my own store so I could sell broken pirate treasure that are not worth much money, Then I would buy some chinese food, Then I would go battle other pirates, Then I would go fight more pirates when heading back to my homeland Pirateburg


If a was a a piarte, I would explore Austraila because it is amazing place, and there may be cool things to find, like monkeys! Also, if there is any great loot, I would go for it, like any pirate would. And next if I go could go another place it would be Afirica!


i would like to go to egypt and look at all the pyramids and see the river nile.I would also like to ride some camels
p.s please post!



if i was a pirate i would go to the Mine Shack to see everyone planting and i will help them plant.i will also make it snow in the snowforts for the earth day party and go sing with the frogsat the forest. That is what i would do.


If I were a pirate I would explore the amazon river.


If i was a pirate i would exsplore at the box diminchin.


If I were a pirate, I'd explore the Bahamas. I would explore the Bahamas because there is alot of adventure there. Treasure is always around the Bahamas, so that would be great! :) I could stay out there on the water with my boat, and I would never stop looking.

Waddle on Club Penguin!


If I were me pirate, me would go to see the islands so me can find me treasures. Me would also go to, of course, Club Penguin! Arrgh!
P.S. Please post! Me never got chosen!


Pirates have the freedom to explore anywhere and everywhere. If I was a pirate, I would explore Earth''s mysteries. Perhaps the Bermuda Triangle? Seeing all those places that many people have visited does not excite me. I would much rather explore the places where there is a bigger depth to it. I probably think this ideas because I want to become a scientist when I grow up!


If I was a pirate, I would explore an unknown island and call it Earthatopia. Its a place where its Earth Day all day every day!!! Penguins from across the world would come visit and clean up the Earth. We would make our own newspapers out of recycled paper that the penguins recycled. That would be a goal I would love to achieve!!!


That's a good question, well if I was a parate and I could explore land it would be Madagascar, because there are a lot of tropical plants out there and it's so warm, I'd really like to go there, also I'd like to go to explore the Amazon forest, I'm living close to it now so I can go see it, also maybe I will go see the biggest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, if you think it will take me long to get there well think again, no one can stop a pirate looking for adventure!

Pinkhopper R:

If I were a pirate like Captain Rockhopper I would sail to clubpenguin!
Because clubpenguin is an island full of fun and adventures. It's a place where penguins can just be... penguins.
I think there is truthfully no other place quite like clubpenguin.


if i were a pirate i would go to the pacific ocean to explore all around including species and i will also probably go for a swim.If i do go i will respond back to tell how it was until next time. see you around until next time.

Minimac 14444:

If I were a pirate, I would like to explore every where on Earth, because this planet is so diverse! There are so many places in the world, it's to hard to choose just one. I could go from India to Alaska. It would be so much fun to be a pirate!

Mini Jas3:

If I was a pirate, I would like to explore probably every place on Earth! The place I would love to explore, is the Amazon Rainforest! I have learned a lot about the Amazon Rainforest and I believe it would me wonderful to get a chance to explore the amazing rainforest. I can just imagine making my way through the rainforest and coming upon a river with trees with vines surrounding it!


you're right! we should have Earth Day, everyday!


If I were a pirate, I would explore far out in the Pacific Ocean, I would sail the high seas to the Japanese Peninsula, sail out at ocean once again, diving down the deep waters, fighting against the sharks, getting the gold, and finally, I would, actually, visit all the places on Earth. The journey is dangerous, but I can do it! WADDLE ON, CP!!!


if i were a pirate i would explore to somewere that you could save the earth id want to make earth day everyday!Anyways Waddle On1


If i was a pirate i would probably explore in the sea and look for treasure and we can probably go to the beach for treasure and it is a stormy day when we are going to a wondrous place called "PUFFLE ISLAND" in rockhoppers ship in a stormy weather and we have to wait about 52 seconds to get their and while we are going their we have to hurry before its to late for the treasure because Herbert and klutzy might get their first.

Nonny 0424:

if i were a pirate i would go every where aroud the world but...... especialy Italy and Egypt because my parents are from there and i always wanted to go!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks!




I think I would like to explore around the world there are a lot of things to see and learn and maybe i'll find some treasure too. All the places around the world are so interesting to see, new food, new culture, and new things to see, you'll even meet some new people, Earth is special and i think that we should see it more like seeing countries, cities, and states. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!


i love playing club penguin


i know how to get up to the crows nest on the migrator,first you go to the beach.Second, you go to the migrator. Last you click on the up sign.


P.S. please post this ive NEVER been posted



If I was a Pirate like Rockhopper i would go to the jungle to explore.




If I were a pirate, I would explore Antarctica to see real penguins. I would also explore the open seas in search for new islands. If I ever found a new island I would name it Club Penguin in honor of this website that sent me on my journeys across the sea.

I lov Braydy:

If I was a pirate, I would eat natuaral fruits and things and not animals. I would not use a motor due to pulusion ( I hope I spelt that right! ) and also steer streigt clear for any wild life. So basicaly I wouldn't hurt anything!

p.s please post I have never been posted!!! Oh and waddle on!!!!!!


I would explore the WHOLE world! Even though it is huge, all of the places are equal! From Canada, to the U.S.A, to even Antarctica! Everywhere is exciting and different, but they are all good places! Even the most scary places, and the cutest! Imagine! Seeing the whole world, the atmosphere, and feeling the tempretures! I'd love that! And, if you did good, there are lots of people admiring how you travel! That would be just wonderful! You can discover something new, and name it yourself! Cross oceans, and maybe see some other pirates! Explore new worlds, see new creatures, and maybe, just maybe see a fairy tale come true. I don't know WHO wouldn't like the nice feeling of adventure! As Rockhopper says, (or maybe not,) Aye! Nothin' like the feelin' of adventure!


Hmmm If I Were A Pirate I Would Probably Go To The Centre Of The Earth Because I Love Adventure And I Would Bring Back Some Treasure For Everyone!!


If I was a pirate, I would explore Hawaii. I've always wanted to go there.


I wanna explore everywhere! If i hade a chance my favorite place would sailing the 7 sea's with Rockhopper!


Hmmm, that's a tough question, i would like to explore the whole world, but if i had to choose one place on earth it would be Egypt. I would love to see all the pyramids and tombs! I think it would be a really intresting country to explore, and it would be so fun to learn about all the different Egyptian gods and pharoah's!


Will if i was a pirate i would go all around the world the world is a beauty are the beauty of the tree and flower and grass plus i would do it in spring so i could see all the diffrent kinds of flowera around the world maybe even in paris stop by the french tower earth is a beauty so that what i would do -Megalooberry


I would want to visit France. I would want to go their because they have the eiffle tower and many historical land marks. I have family their to visit too. I would want to watch the Tour De France for my dad because he likes to cycle too. I would eat some french fries and go to art museums too. I would take a picture next to the scream posing like him with my hands on my face and look like i'm screaming too. We would be twins.


I would explore different places,trees,snow,sand,and across the globe!



I met Rockhopper April 21st, and he kept saying KEEP RECYCLING. Anyways, I would explore the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Maybe even space and different galaxies! I would go to ancient places, find fossils, discover new animals, places, and EVERYTHING ELSE! As long it doesn't involve anything body-like, because then I might faint, I'm 10, and I already fainted TWICE!


I Would Look At Desserted Islands


I would like to explore a variety of different kind of places. It would be soooooo cool to see people from different cultures and different environments and to study and research about them!


I MET ROCKHOPPER!! i was just walking around admiring the earth day party and thier was a crowd. I went in the room to see whay it was about. when i got in i noticed rockhopper was there! I got his stamp and background and went back to admiring the AWSOME earth day party.

Crazy Jojoz:

I would explore Africa because of all the wild animals,especially the Giraffes!


I agree with igloogirl3, earth day should be everyday, and everybody should co-operate!


saving electricity+reducing waste=good
saving water+reducing use of fossil fuels=good
and also...
reduces pollution!

Mr Math1:

I would LOVE to visit Egypt! All of their mummies and artifacts would be intersesting to see. The pyramids would be SO neat. I would love to see the sand and the dunes!


I would explore the dirtiest place on earth so I could clean it up! I would have all of Club Penguin to help!


I think rockhopper rocks because he is recycling his snow and soda bottles recycling is good for the earth !!! waddle on cp!! and recycle!!!


Arr! Well, of course i would explore Germany! I just love it! The scenery! :) Germany is amazing and beautiful, as all places! The Earth is a wonderful thing! Its beauty, nature, life! Its all amazing! But i would visit germany because my anscesters were born there! It would be a journey of faith,hope,passion, and Family! Thats where i would go! Waddle On Cp! :D


If I were a pirate,I would travel to different islands and try to help the people there and water the plants.I think its very important that all of us should take care of are envirement.Waddle on!


If I was a pirate I would explore islands like Club Penguin. I would try to find Club Duck, Club Dog, Club Human, Club Octopus, and of course
Rock Hopper Island! It would be so fun exploring different places and getting lost treasure! I would also have a puffle just like Yarr to sail with me! But a penguin can only dream! All of those places sound fun, but Club Penguin is the place for me!


If i were pirate I would explore Fiji becouse it is such a beautiful place! i love all the green it has and i would like the whole world to be like that! and i think we allready are! with all the things we have been doing for earth day.i think we should keep it up! or there could be no more fiji!


If I were a pirate I would explore the most beautiful warm places in the world! Like on a Island or on a nice beautiful clean beach, Where me and my crew would go and look for barried treasure.I would be just like Captain Rockhopper, Nice, Loyal, and Helps the enviorment and penguins ;) If I was on cp doing this I would bring all of my puffles along! Including my very first one Lazy Dude, Hes a Black Puffle! Hes NOT My Very First Puffle, I used to have a Pink Puffle but she ran away. :( Thats what I were to do if I were a pirate. P.S I cant seem to find Rockhopper, I Never found 1 Famous Charcter!!!! Please Tell me where he is!!!!!! ;)



I think we should have earth day EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!People dont relize what their doing to our home and their chidrens childrens homes!!!!!!At my school they teach us about saving the envirement!!!I learned something really cool about saving water it was 'When the suns not out that is when you SHOULD water them so the water doesnt evaporate right away!!!!!!!!!!
WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would go all around the world! I would visit Australia, Aisa,South America... about anywhere! I would pack my supplies, and travel to wherever! I would ride a ship, take a plane, or even walk! My favorite place would probaly be Ireland. Leprechauns, four leaf - clovers... what else do they have there? I'm also happy to visit Japan and China. I'm a traveling person - just don't take me to where the mosquitoes are!


I would explore because (if I was a pirate) then if I came home then I can share information with my family and the world.


Hey Club Penguin,

This week Rockhopper came! Yay! I may finally meat him! Anyway, if I were a pirate, I would explore uncharted islands to find new speices of puffles!

Waddle On Club Penguin


If I were a pirate i would definately go to australia. I have always wanted to go there and it would be fun to go wressle some crocs, take the boat through some murky swamps, and buy myself a brand new pirate hat (my old one is getting a bit torn!!)

Wadde on CP

Lillie Alice:

If I were a pirate, the place on Earth I would explore would deffinatley be Tokyo, The Bahamas,or Paris because all those places would fell very exotic! It would feel amazing to be on the Island of The Bahamas. Tokyo would be a really amazing city and Paris would be so exotic! It would be really good to be a pirate. Waddle on, Lillie Alice :)


Me? I absolutely ADORE Earth day! I think what every single penguin is doing to help is really kind! I normally do things to raise money for things like this and I will try EXTRA hard this time! I agree with Igloogirl3, Earth day SHOULD be everyday, as it it SO helpful...


I can't Wait for Rock hopper!! Also the earth day party is great. I love all the new items!!!!!! Until then WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!P.s. Please post this i have never been posted before.


If I was a pirate, I'd probably most want to go to... Hawaii. It's got so many fascinating things to learn about... And treasure to be taken! I wonder if the Hawiian's have thought about seaweed on pizza? So if Rockhopper ever visited Hawii, he could just ask for a seaweed pizza. It might to hot for penguins, but i'll just make sure to dive into the water almost everytime!
So I would defiently stay away from the volcanoe's...

Jackie Meg:

If i were a pirate i would explore in any jungle! i would see wild animals, exotic plants, and BEAUTIFUL waterfalls! i would make sure to protect my rainforest! KEEP UP THE AWSOME WORK CP!!!!


If I were a pirate, the place on Earth I would explore would be Italy. I would explore Italy because I am Itailian and some of my family members were from Italy. I would also like to eat the food there too. Like pizza and macaroni.

~Waddle On CP!~


well if i were a pirate i would go all around the world just to see how people around the world do stuff like make food and celebrate holidays!! Also i would like to learn many ways to speak which would be cool :)


i personally would explore Africa because of the culture and the animals.


If I was a pirate,I would explore the world and explore nature's most astonishing places!!! I would also like to explore places where I could help animals and if they are in danger I could send them to a perfect place which I have explored!

Waddle on cp!


Well if i were a pirate then i would want to explore the bramuda triangle to see if all of those rumors are true. You know.... the ones where they say that you will be sucked up by a whirel pool or there are sea monsters and time warps and stuff like that. Well until then waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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