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By Billybob on April 22, 2011 - 21:31
Hello Penguins! 
Happy Earth Day! Last week we asked if you were doing something to protect the environment for Earth Day. We were happy to hear from so many of you. You guys had some great ideas of ways to protect the Earth all year round. Here's a comment we really liked from Igloogirl3
Next week I am going to try my best to help our environment, because it is very important! I already have ideas - saving electricity by turning off the lights, picking up rubbish that has fallen on the ground, and saving water! But of course, I think Earth Day should be EVERY day, so we can look forward to our Earth lasting longer so our future generations can enjoy it! 
Thanks for your suggestions, everyone! 
This Earth Day marks the return of the island's favorite pirate explorer, Captain Rockhopper. And that got me thinking... a pirate explorer would probably know a lot about Earth and all the different interesting places on it, wouldn't he? I know there are a lot of places I'd like to explore on Earth. So this week, we want to know... If you were a pirate, where on Earth would you explore? 
Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 
Until then... Waddle on! 
-Club Penguin Team



If I were a pirate, I would explore the carribean islands beacse I hear that there is a lot of treasure under water. If that was occupied, I would go to the bermuda triangle to try to figure out why everyone crashes and to see if there is any treasure. Ha Ha treasure!


If I were a pirate I would definantly explore the many Islands of Hawaii. I would explore some of the wilderness there and see if I can find any rare or interesting stuff. I think it would be awsome
Waddle On Cp!


Very hard! I would definitley travel to Rockhopper Island! Me and my matees will search for treasure and every month we would visit CP on our ship called the Ganyogrator! I will find new places in the world that I can call The Ganyo Islands! We will be showing up at the cove so look through those telescopes! Thanks! Ganyo23!!
Arrrrrrg! Waddle on!


If i was a pirate I would go explore a tropical island and go see wants on it also for earth day I went to pick up garbage and did a juice stand and helped rasiemoney for Japan and animals. Waddle on! and also even thoe it isn' t earth day you can still pick up garbage or save water, save energe or even help animals or help people cause the more the help the more the world is so until then waddle on !


If i were a pirate i would explore many things! I would explore a great waterfall in a forest! Then I would go to a snowy mountain with water in it! If there were a place with chambers and stuff i would DEFINETLY explore that! Well that was all. WADDLE ON CP!! (Please post this i have never been posted before)

Happy Snail:

If I were a pirate I would explore Madagascar, an island on the east side of Africa. I would want to explore there, because there are so many fascinating animals there like lemurs, crocodiles, and lots of birds! I would bring back all these tropical fruits too! I love adventures, so exploring the rain forests of Madagascar would certainly be an exciting one!


Well for Earth day I am going to ask people to help save the Earth and of course i will ask my family and do it my self! first i am having a small group from school come with me and we will walk around the naborhood and pick up trash.
Waddle on C.P!


If I where a pirate I would explore a new island. I would bring penguins to the new island. I would bring the creatures from it to the pet shop. I would name it VC for vc044. It would have the EPF's best headquarters with the best tech. It would be a tropical place. Well I hope It can happen. -vc044


If I was a pirate, I would travel to France. I would go to France beacuse France seems like such a beatiful place and France has such a amazing culture. Just think of all the beautiful things about France like the food, the people, and the buildings! I bet France is beautiful place to live. I want to go to France!


If I were a pirate, I would personally wish to travel to Japan. Being a fan of karate, I would like to travel to its home country, and learn karate there. I have not yet taken karate, but going to Japan, I could learn from the experts. I am a big fan of Card-jitsu, because to me it seems very karate related, and I have furthered my interests in karate and Club Penguin card-jitsu. So, if I were a pirate, I would like to travel to Japan.


If I were a pirate, I would like to sailfrom Egland to Hongkong or Bejieng. Or Shralangria to Albania.

noble 56:

hey. i would like to go to a island thats not on any map and look for treasure.

waddle on cp

noble 56

(please post ive never been posted befor)


If i was a pirate,I would explore alaska,beacuse if i went to alaska i could bring a white puffle to go see other penguins that live there.I would also go there to look for any trash hidden in the snow or ice so i could help the envirement by picking up the trash and putting any bottles,cans,or plastic in a recicle bin.


hmmmm.... I think I would explore the Caribbean the water is so blue
and looks so clean looking( this kind of ties in with earth day)
all the fish look so tropical and you can see them from the surface
of the water!
I hope that even if i'm not a pirate i can still travel there
waddle on CP !


If i was a pirate i would probaly go to america

Peggy 129:

If i was a pirate ofcourse i would explore all over the world i would stop at differant countries to see how they do things differently to. I really love exploring so it would a great adventure to explore around our beautiful Earth but i would get a bit lonly so i would bring a friend.when i came back home i would tell people about what i did it would be great fun telling them about it._ Peggy 129


It would be a hard choice, but I like being in England because of its' castles and such. It is also known to be haunted, though. But after all that, I would like to visit it because Queen Elizabeth, lives there. I hope I actually WILL get to visit England one day! Waddle on! -champz55


I would explore the oceans looking at fish.


if i were a pirate i would explore AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!! i would help people in Africa get food and clean water and see some of the wild animals too!!!(plz post this i hav never been posted before!!)

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I were a pirate I would like to visit Africa because i want to see alot of animals I have never seen before and I would like to hike there to to get exersise


Being a friendly pirate like Rockhopper would be tons of fun! I would definetly like to explore Puerto Rico. The island of Peurto Rico is beautiful, and the ocean on the coast is crystal clear blue-perfect for swimming and exploring marine life. There are also many unique foods to try and breathtaking landscapes and trees. I think exploring Peurto Rico would be very interesting!

Im a Ninja:

There are so many places in the world that I want to visit, but if there were one place that I could visit, it would be Peris! I would love to see the view from the Eiffle Tower!


The place I would go if I was a pirate is to a tropicle misteryest Iand that have never been discovered before.
I don't know about you but thats the place I would go to.

Until then...Waddle on C.P!!


If i were a pirate i would sail all over the world! I would go to Italy and see if their pizza is any better than Club Penguin's pizza and to see if they have a rainbow colored puffle there!
Wwwaaadddllleee ooonnn CP!!!



dude 4283:

I would like to explore South America so we can see lots of new animals.


Dear Billybob,
Tell Rockhopper, "Thank you. For all he does." I mean he comes and does hard work! You guys are so great at making Club Penguin fun. If I were a pirate, I would go to South America because I would love to see all the pretty rainforests. Waddle on!



If I was a pirate (which would be so cool) I wold explore the Amazon rain forest and river because it has so many different types of animals and insects. It's important to study all the life on our planet and learn all about it and protect what's left. It;s amazing how much life is on our beautiful Earth.


If i were a pirate i would travel the world looking for clues to cure cancer. i Would travel to spain, france, china, russia, and more just for a cure. and i think club penguin needs to take action too. we need everyday on club penguin to be a holiday so that we can do more for our earth and us.


I LOVE THE EARTH DAY THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LOVE NATURE!


If I was a pirate,I would explore South America,so I could explore Brizil. Asia,so I could explore China. Eroupe,so I can explore Ierland.Africa,so I could explore Zimbabwe.Astrallia,so I could explore Sindny. And Antarctica,so I could meet the penguins. Just like us!


if i were a pirate where would i explore.well I think that i would travle to a place in the world that had the most enviorment problems.with all the treasher i should have found i would pay for a huge gathering to bring all the people of that place to gather up and do different jobs to clean the place up.even myself would help.


the one place i would love to explore is the Mediterranean rain forest! mostly because of all the wildlife like monkeys trees flowers birds ext. it would be so cool! now my second choice would definitely be the north pole and i think everyone knows why ...... PENGUINS!! so WADDLE ON CP AND NORTH POLE!!


Next week I am going to try my best to help our environment, because it is very important! I already have ideas - saving electricity by turning off the lights, picking up rubbish that has fallen on the ground, and saving water! But of course, I think Earth Day should be EVERY day, so we can look forward to our Earth lasting longer so our future generations can enjoy it!

Small Orphan:

If I were a pirate, I would explore the Amazon Rain Forest! I would like to see all the cool animals!


If I were a pirate, i would sail to Africa! After learning about the African Painted Dog, I did some research and am inspired by the continent! Other endangered animals i love live there as well, like the Grevy's Zebra, or the African Elephant! I would love to rescue sick or injured animals, hike across the grassy plains, or explore the culture!

Star Wars771:

If I were a pirate, then I would go to Hawaii.


If I was a Pirate, I would explore the Indian Ocean and the great seas depth. I would hunt for gold and look for new islands to take over!! Then I would sail to the Pacific and explore the sea around Hawaii. Look for other pirates to shoot down their ship and take it over. See if there is any gold aboard!! I would be the most famous pirate in the world, (other than Rockhopper)!! Every one would think I am great!! Keep sailin' on CP!!


i plant to make clean air and i rycicle and reuse stuff i will give a team green 700 coins


If I were a pirate, I would explore to Africa so I could help the African Painted dog and other animals!!! Then I would go to the mountains and help the snow leopards, and finally I would return home for some fish pizza and so I could tell my tale!! Arrr!


A few weeks ago me and my friends were picking up trash at the Dry Creek park to help the enviornent. It was fun.Picking up trash helps the animals survive.Someday I will try to put air in Space! Wadde on Cp! please post never been posted

club key key:

If I were a pirate like Captain Rockhopper, I would explore the rainforests of Brazil. I would see lots of bugs, animals, and even meet new friends! Most of all I would love to see the new kinds of tropical plants!


If I was a pirate I would go many places like the carribean and the Bahamas and also new lands with new plants with new life. Who knows how it will be. On Earth there are many places you can go as a pirate. It would really be the life!


Hey CP! Well if I where a pirate I would go to Japan to help the people and animals in need.Or I would go to a cold place for a couple days to see penguins and polar bears.Or the places that dont have water or food and bring some for them.

Well Waddle On CP!!

Miner 49r said:

I would definetly explore on the other side of the world like in Asia.I would search for rare plants and artifacts.I would like it being a pirate like Rockhopper.It would be really fun!Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I were a pirate i would go to explore.....

a place where no one has ever been in before!!!!!
I'll probably be very proud of myself if I did
find some kind of island.Just like
how Rockhopper found Club Penguin!!!!!!!
I bet the island/place i will find will
have its own creatures like when
Rockhopper discovered puffles!

Waddle On CP!!!!!!!!


i would like to explore the southern part of the earth because there are beaches and shells and all kinds of coll stuff to bring to club penguin. plus there may be even new ISLANDS to explore down there! whatever chose the reason to be, it will be awsome there. (the epf may drop herbert on one of the new islands.)


If I was a pirate, my buddies and I would sail the sea to uncharted waters to explore islands, and maybe discover new species, plant, and animal. We could even find a new puffle!


I'd like to go to Italy. I loved learning about Roman history last year in school. It was so interesting to me. Italy is so beautiful. I've seen movies that take place in Italy and it looks amazing. My family is really Italian. I think that it'd be great to go to Italy with my family because we'd have some real Italian food. Pizza, pasta, canoles, yum! (:


With I was a pirate, I would go to an island and find some animals.I would take a picture of the animal and send it back to the wild

Girlz Rockz:

I would love to go to Londen in England, to see big ben and many more. So much english would go around there, I wish my voice had England (english) accent and the pop up stores, And the buildings! I think on club penguin we should every month we should have a topic on a country, It would be amazing and all the activtes.


If i was a pirate i would explore the vast wast land of the puffles and find out where they came from so i can keep them safe I would also explore cave and see i could new animal life so i can get rich and upgrade my ship so i can go under water and find treasure and thats what i would do.


Please Post This I Never Got Posted Before!!! my club penguin name- Lokibubble7
i love exploring too and where rockhopper is is that the crows nest??? WADDLE ON


If i were a pirate I would explore the Antartic because penguins are very interesting and it looks like they are werring tuxetos


if i were a pirate i would travel to the depths of a Caribbean jungle . Maybe even South America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And also China and Lots and Lots of jungles and Forests and Ancient temples Waiting to be discovered . and after my adventures i Would give them to people.YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to go to China.To look at all of the good food and taste it.I would like to be there on new years because all of the fun parties.Until Then Waddle On!!


if i were a pirate my favorite place to explore would be practicaly everywhere! i love exploring but my parents always say its dangerous. my favorite place wold probably be the amazon, minus all of the scary animals of course! -waddle on club penguin!


If I was a pirate, I would explore the uncharted waters and wilderness. I think every body should explore because it fills your mind with information and cool stuff. If you explore you are basically getting smarter. Waddle On Club Penguin.



If i were a pirate...
well, i would explore a lot of places! first up, the bermuda triangle. its one of the most feared places on the high seas. Next, the South Pacific (for the tropical islands.) then its off to HAWAII! yeah!

waddle on CP!
oh yeah my penguin name is madi2352


Well...If i were a pirate, I would want to travel to Hawii. I would go there because it is pretty and you could make that island your own.


i would love to explore the carribians because there might be treasures that i could dig would be very exciting!
Waddle on club penguin!


If I were a pirate,I would travel Australia and around because there is interesting sites and I have always wanted to go visit The rock,Uluru in Australia.And 2nd because I have never seen a Kangaroo in my life.That's what makes Australia so special.And thats where I would travel.

sweetpie 7606:

Earth Day is a special day because the animals get to enjoy the earth just like we do. Us penguins enjoy earth day too! We don't celebate this historic day by litering,we do even more to help our planet.Penguins of this island,this means never drop a bag in Bean Counters.Just,try,okay? Until then,waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!


if i was i pirate i would explore.........hhmm well i would explore everywhere!!!


If i were a pirate i would explore an island off the coast of South America. I would look for rare jewels and minerals that are native to that area. Then i would sell them. This way I could find treasure and make money. I would also have a parrot named Smiley(i know its an odd name) who would help me.

epic sauce10:

Can you please give us tips on how to find Rockhopper like: does he go on severs with a lot of people?


this week I am helping even on club penguin.

tiger horns:

If i was a pirate i would sail to hawaii. That would be nice.

Coo Koo 1:

If I were a pirate I would like to explore Asia. This is because I would be an American pirate and explore America. I would explore Asia because Asia has lots of wonderful countries in the continent and I would like to explore many different places. America and Asia are all wonderful continents so I hope you waddle over to both!
Coo Koo 1

gamma boy:

i would travel the seven seas

Hawaii girl:

I would definently go explore Cuba beacuase I've heard it's realy nice there!

Waddle on!
Hawaii girl


I would probably go to Japan and help with the damage. I would also probably bring my friends along so that we could be together (I would hate to leave them behind) I would also take my sister to japan.

ps: I would be a good pirate like rockhopper



iwould go to a place were cristals are kept becuse there really cool


If i was a pirate i would go explore ireland because nobody finds gold.I know pirates like gold because i have been reading books and watching movies about pirates.Truley though i have never seen a pirate in real life.I really want to see a pirate in real life.Till i have found out the winner i will keep on playing club penguin everyday.Also i will keep on reading and watching movies about pirates.

Club Penguin Rocks

Egamos The 2:

Well, if I was a pirate I would probably visit a Money Island. Then I would come to clubpenguin in a Migrator and I would share all the money with the environment and penguins!!
-Egamos The 2
P.S. Please post this I have not been posted.

IP Nicholas:

If I were a pirate I would explore the Island of Lost Puffles. There would be puffles nobody would have even known existed.


If I were a pirate (I would name myself Captin lipyfur) I would sail all around the world, spreading the word to keep our earth clean. Where I would really like to go, is Florida to go to Disney World. I would get Mickey and his friends to wear special T-shirts to tell everybody to "think green". By being a pirate I can complete my mission to make the world a "greener" place!


If I was a pirate I would explore Europe and Italy. I've heard that it's beautiful there and my ancestors are from Italy, so I'll eventually be there to explore and have fun. In would ask advice from Rockhopper to help me get there safely.

Waddle on CP!!!!!!



I would explore poland because my aunt sisters lived there and i want to see how they lived.


If I was a pirate I would explore the different jungles!Because it would be fun to see all the different kinds of animals and thei habitats that they libe in.It would also be cool to look and try to find cool looking waterfalls and rivers or streams.Hey,thinking about green things,that idea kind of goes with Earth Day!You are soooooooo awesome CP!!!!!You rock!!Waddle On CP!!!!


i would go to hawii cause its warm year long and its beuatiful with beaches,hula,tropical flowers, and all kinds of cool stuff! i wish i could live in hawii! theres also a variety of animals there and lots of different sea animals! and i just LOVE animals!


ok, what place i would go.......... i would take a trip to paris. since i would be rich, i would rent a room so i could see all of paris. then i would go to the cafe on the top of the Eifle tower and eat some french food. then go get a box of clothing items and go get like a bobble head or something to remind me of paris when i get back to club penguin and share all of my things.
*please post never been posted before*


Wow, that's a hard question! After looking all over the island at the Earth Day party, I would go to Africa and Asia to explore for some African Painted Dogs and Snow Leopards. It would be neat to see all the different places and maybe even see one in their habitat!
- chipchip24


If i was a pirate i would explore china to see all of the different people and what they do for there lives and help them out if they need help i am there the pirate! UN TILL THEN WADDLE ON CP!!!!


Well I would like to go to japan and help the other people and the penguins fans and users since japan is just a butiful place and need much help from us. Their betiful culter their food, people and the animales- HELP JAPAN :D i realy want to help japan yay


If I was a pirate like Captain Rockhopper I would go everywhere! But one specific place I would want to go to is Hawaii. And I would bring back Hawaiian things like necklaces back to the cities. I would love to be a pirate because they get to see a lot of different and interesting things. Waddle On Clubpenguin!


I would venture off to distant places never discovered, because I might be able to find a new species of puffles!


I would explore the homes of my favourite animals. Antarticta to see penguins, Africa to see girafes and the whole ocean to see turtles.
I wish I could go see them. WADDLE ON CP!


If I where a pirate, I would explore places that no one has ever explored before. For example, the bermuda triangle to see if there really is aliens in there. Or I would explore places that are said to have buried tresure. But mainly places that i've never explored before.


if i were a pirate i would explore the artic ocean because it would be really cool to see that part of the world and sail all the way there from were i live. but i would mostly go there to see the animals that live there. i dont know what animals live there, but thats why i want to see them! waddle on cp!!!


If i were a pirate hmmmm i would like to explore Canada because, in Canada there is a place were it is cold were u can ski and in the othere half there is a place were it is worm were u can go swiming!!! Thats what place i would like to explore!!! PLEASE PICK ME I WAS NEVER PICKED BEFORE AND I NEED THE COINS!


I would explore interesting places like Australia, China, and Egypt. I would travel on a pirate blimp which is a pirate ship attached to a blimp then I could explore places that are mysterious like Stonehenge and places in different continents like Europe, Asia, and South America. (please post this, I have never been posted before)


If I was a pirate and I could explore I'd go to the Easter Islands and find out more about the giant heads. I would also check if there were any secret doors hidden. That would be super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be known as "Captain readin' 2008"!!!!

fluffy yay:

well if i'm a pirate i like to go to islands so, i would probably pick... well, i'm not sure! But i would visit Antarctica! Although i would have to spend lots of me pirate treasure. It would be Antarctica because there are alot of endangered animals there and since clubpenguin is really cold most of the time, i would be used to the cold. it would be nice spending time helping those fellow penguins of ours too! i mean we all are penguins right? from fluffy yay (P.S please post i've never been posted before)

Dance Around:

I would explore anywhere, from North America to Japan. Its would be great to explore new places, and if I had to pick one place, I would go to Hawaii because I could enjoy the huge waves on a relaxing beach, or climb moutains and search through caves. I would love to see views like large Oceans and see waves crash on top of waves.


I would travel in the Caribbean so then i could explore the delightful islands and be just like Rockhopper. I would explore the beaches and dig for treasures to find superb items and bring the back to my town to see what they think about it.


Well, I say right now I'll be at Japan.Because right now there hurt.Me as a pirate I'll use my money to help them build new homes.

Then I'll show them all the parts of my boat and have a big celebration in there.I'll share all my memories helping Japan.There Is Where I'll be right now if I was a pirate.


I would journey around Antartica to search for more rare and endangered animals. I would love to discover a new species of aquatic animal or help save a polar bear.I wish I had a chance to explor like a pirate everyday!


if i were a pirate(i would be captain ajck123)i would go to japan.I would train with the karate experts ant help the endangered animals there. i would also help tsunami & earthquake victims. i would also go to england to be with my realitives in england.

anyway WADDLE ON CP!!!


are there any sign of new species for club penguin


If I were a pirate I would sale across the seven seas and try to find more me puffles .


i loved to help you


I think I would visit all the places where there are endangered animals because I would try to save them. The place that I really want to go to is Antarctica because I really like polar bears and I think they are so cute!


Hello. And Bye.


Hello. And Bye.


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