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By Billybob on May 20, 2011 - 01:32

Hello Penguins!

Only a few more days until the Medieval Party begins! You've got your costumes ready and your igloos decked out like castles and forts... Check out some of the amazing medieval igloos you've showed us: 

Matthew 2425.jpg
Great decorating, everyone! We'll post some more featured igloos on tomorrow's Reviewed by You. 

What are you looking forward to most at the party? Leave a comment and let us know! 

Until then... Waddle On! 

-Club Penguin Team 



i can't buy some medival items plz help me
Love from mrscrabz
plz can you put my igloo in torrow


wow I can not wait! Oh I wonder what to wear .


WOW I can't wait to be a knight and fight dragons this is gonna be so much fun!


I like the 3rd quest but the red and blue dragon are so hard to defeat-I have tried for so long but I just cant.


Anyone have any tips for @Frogman58828?


i love club penguin


nice igloos


this stuff is AWSOME


hey im lulu i love cp im its biggest fan but i dont hbave enough money to by any of those thing :(


Hi penguins.

I love the items and clothings this week. Medievil is a great idea!


I'm looking forward to the outfits and the quests . GO CP!!!!!!!!!!

P.S i've never been posted before


You should make new games with the midevil times.People I mean penguins would have more fun. Thanks making such a fun game for penguins everywhere.


Thanks for the suggestion!


im looking foward to the quests



hi penguins, i can't wait till the medevil party to start!
club penguin allways change when a party starts but the medivil party has the bestest decorating.
new medevil clothes will be sold but theres some thats coming soon i wonder what it is?
the medivil party will be much better if captain rockhopper arrived.
well penguins i hope you enjoy the party!


Dear Club Penguin,

I think and hope the medevil party will be great.I have High King outfits and the Duchess dress.
I think this will be the best party eva!

Your Friend,


hi, i am really stuck on the third knights quest, because everytime i click on the target and click where i want to throw a snowball, nothing happens! can you please make it work!
If you can find out how to do it, please leave a comment telling me how!


i love these igloos

Frog Wars:

The costumes and the decorations is deffinetly my fav!


Please could you post my igloo on the next one it is quite good

Rock On CP!


The DRAGONS of course they are awsome!!!
Waddle on club penguin (and dragons!!!)


I LOVE doing the quests! but I HATE the fact that you Makers of C.P. make EVERYTHING Member only! It's Not fair!!

Miss Pokea:

BillyBob help me! I can't go into Quest Three! Please let my penguin. Waddle on!


Im looking forward to a dragon. Then all the buildings all to be like castles and midevil houses. Finally im looking forward to a new play.
Im so exited!!!!!!! :)
P.S ( Please please post this I had never been posted )


that house is very good indeed


These igloos are so cool I love them!


i can't wait!! I'm going to bring my puffle if it's OK! Go Club Penguin!

DJ Gravy:

Yay its here!!

Mr Mann1:

i didnt know where to put this so - in knights quest 3 the hydra is impossible! red and yellow go out easy, but the blue one never ever gets hit by the lava from the pot! When i throw a snowball at the pot it never hits it! also i dont like how after you disable the heads they come back - NOT FAIR


The bug I found was the quest lll. Every time I try to play it, it keeps on saying "joining **party 19**. I hope that bug gets fixed because I really want to play the third quest!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!

Gobbeldey 78:

I'm really looking forward to all the treasure in the Underground Pool and all the quests we had last year! Oh, and not to be a pain but I have a little problem. When I go into Ye Knight's Quest 3 it wont let me in and I have to keep logging in and out and I would <3 to see the 3rd quest!
Thank you very much!
Gobbeldey 78


COOL!! :)


Well the new knights quest, the new items, and dragons! Waddle on oops... i mean waddle on ye penguins!

Me Mini:

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know this is probably to late but.... my favorite FAVORITE igloo is ICYHOT53`s igloo YOU HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT!! PLEASE?
UNTIL THEN,WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I am most looking forward to the Medieval Catalog because I am sure it will have lots of cool items! Until then.............
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am looking forward to the ye quest. You know in the Cave. I am looking forward to that because I just love quests.

Until then..

Waddle ON CP


call callum:

nice iggis peps :)


I am so happy that the medievel party is on because there is a new quest!


i LOVE this years party it is sooooo awsome. me and my puffle walk around and see all sorts of things and i see there is a new dragon costume.

kitcat 2103:

i realy like the top igloo i think they've realy got into the spiret of the medievil avent and i also like the bottom one i like all there cool stuff they've got in it but there both equally cool and they rock!


please put my igloo up there i'd like the whole of club penguin to see also can anyone give me tips on how to make it a better igloo thats if it go's up! GO CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


awesome igloos

Fuzzworth Jr:

Those are some really cool igloos. can't wait.


I think those are really good igloos they are auosome

club penguin is my favorite game forever

u always cheer me up when im sad!

waddle on cp YOU ROCK

ps: please post this


That's awesome, Pegsispink11. We're glad to hear that we can cheer you up.


how about having a silver and gold puffle by the way clubpenguin rocks

Luce Ice:

wow i cant wait until the medieval party! its gonna be like SO fun! im soo looking forward to browsing all the member igloos during the party and getting me into the spirit - just as much as seeing the boxes lying around. yay, exciting! waddle on cp!!


There are some awesome igloos out there...
Waddle on, Luce Ice!

cool 786:

I love the new medieval look it is realy cool and creative also its like were realy there!


I love the medevial party

Its great!

Waddle on!!!!!!!!


i'm looking forward to looking at everyone in there princess dresses with knights and kings! servants and dragons!!! i hope it was as good as last year that was really cool!!!!!
when it's the party....WADDLE ON CP IN YOUR MEDIVAL OUTFITS!!!


you have done a great job i bet you have done a lot of work to get it ready to show just as hard work you have done


Dear Billybob,

I am looking forward to The Knights Quest! I love that! By the way, The start screen on my screen won't load. Please help! Thanks!

Your friend, Aniyab11


Nice decorating club penguin !!!
those igloos look fantastic
keep it up
waddle on cp

8 Pretty:

Cool I can't believe it's here already. It's just like when I just herd about it. Good times good times!


oh i love it! i love exploring every were :)

Neevy 5:

i love the way all the igloos are decorated there soooo cool gona check out some now!!


I lov medieavl party


love the decorations guys they are amazing you have all done a fantastic job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! Those look cool. Can you guys look at my igloo? I got it set. I really like the furniture. Until then... Waddle On Cp!


There's a lot going on in your igloo, Matt10023! I like the hidden staircases. Great decorating!


ye igloos are fantasic And i bet ye penguins cant wait! I cant wait either but its out RIGHT NOW!!!! So im gonna get some gold! im gonna do quests lol i already hath millions billions zillions trillions frillions of gold in my igloo and i hath ye olde gold armour!


i got the gold armor its realy cool




I'm sorry to say this but somehow I can't get on club penguin and when I try a second time it says I have other tabs or windows when I don't. Plz fix this,K.


Wow! Those igloos are great! I can't wait to decorate my own! Until then, waddle on Club Penguin!


I love the new medieval costumes and igloos,i also love the new village!!!! ;)





I will be aa blue medeival dragon!!!!!!!! I'll be giving out card jitsu practice match games at 1:00pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Really really cool houses i'm not a member but i wish i was

i LOVE club penguin so much

most of my friends are members they made there house look like the houses for the party

I really want to be at the party

love you club penguin

By lilly.


in order to beat the Hydra:
Blue Head - Knock the cauldron down on the head with a snowball. Try to have good timing.
Red Head - Just throw snowballs. Nuff said.
Yellow Head- You must have the Pole and Shield to do this. Reflect the light by wearing the Pole and stepping on the glowing space. This will reflect the beam, hurting the head.

I hope this helps.

P.S. Please post this, CP! Never gotten a post on before!


Please post this. I never had been and it's my only wish. Thanks. :)

Okay, I'll give some advice for defeating the hydras. You will need to be loaded with snowballs and have the latest sheild.
Red Hydra - Throw Snowballs At (Tip: Hild down T and keep clicking!)
Blue Hydra - Throw Snowballs At Lava Bucket At Top On Hydra (Tip: Get your timing right!)
Yellow Hydra - Deflect The Beams With Sheild (Tip: Get to the lit tile as fast as you can!)

Good luck!

-Lllsnowgirl The Hydra Master xD


Dear, Frogman58828
On the right top panel there will be 3 buttons one changes the graphics and one changed the speed and the last one youll have to figure out your self.

Wolf 96:

I know most of you guys need tips for the quests, and I have some! First of all, you should go on a unpopular server. The more unpopular, the faster it will load. Next, when you are near the hydra, look at the carpets and pictures in party 22. (I think lol) They will show you how to defeat each dragon. Finaly, if you want, you should go into the hydra's cave with friends. It wouldn't be that fun alone! Waddle on CP!


to defeat the dragons, either throw snowballs at them rapidly or when the bucket of lava at the top of the screen hovers over the dragon throw a snowball at it and the lava will dump on the dragon. hope this helps!!! from blanka57


it was so cool i love medival coolieo! cool cool cool cool cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i just cant wait


i can not wait until the medival party it is going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have come from the future!!!

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