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By Billybob on May 29, 2011 - 08:41
Hello Penguins!

It's time for this week's Reviewed by You. Last week, we asked what your favorite part of the Medieval Party was. Lotzki1 said:

This is the BEST party of the year! I looove the quests and I like how they are really challenging! The defeating the Hydra quest is an awesome idea because you work together with other penguins to defeat the monster. I also love the decorations! Keep up the awesome work, Club Penguin Team!

Thanks Lotzki1! Glad to hear that you like the Medieval Party so much! And thanks to everyone else that sent in their comments!

This week, we want to hear from secret agents. If you're not an Elite Agent yet, then you may not want to read this next part, because we're talking about some classified information. 

Agents: we want to hear from you about a certain polar bear that has been threatening the EPF for some time. What's been your favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear, Esquire so far? Let us know about it in the comments!

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



i am a agent very good fr the day


I liked the last mission!The one with the corn maze that was cool!


I hope mission 12 comes out I loved the veggie villian


Mission name Questions for a crab i love that one because he explains his life and when he was CUTE not old and to see his inventions he made like the trap.

jack 925:

my favrite part about herbert is that he was helping us destroy probot then he got back to work trying to defeat us bad promblem



My favorite moment with herbert was when he blew up HQ and the sports shop with popcorn. It took us a whole week to eat all the popcorn. but in the ruined h.q. i noticed something. on a board it said eat all the popcorn, plan to capture herbert, find a new HQ. If you take the first letters from each sentence, it spells out EPF!

waddle on cp!


the medvil party is so much fun its the best yet!!!!!!




My favorite moment with herbert is when we had him trapped in the cage, but then Rookie accidently let him go but I'm actully glad of that so we can still have something to do in the EPF/PSA now we know he will be attacking once again VERY soon witch I'm also glad for, well waddle on CP!


my favorite moment was when herbert sprang a leak in to club penguin because the mistion was fun trying to fix the leak




Probot attack on the docks it was mildly cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favrite part about Herbert P. Bear Esquire was when he was in system defender finally he made a joke i guess



roxt 343:

my fav moment huh well there is none bcuz when ever herbert does somethin we stop him like takin over the partys or takin oover the land and alll agents should be proud my fav moment well hear it is when we stoped him from takin over the partys until the


Mamma Mia189:

My favourite moments have been when herbert was being arrogant thinking he was the best at everything and then we foil his plans. Maybe he isn't so clever after all!




polly37726 love it


ha herbert is no use to me i have a plan cause me and herbert are great enemies but now it might be on the island not in that machine quest here is my plan we go and find his hideout ruin his plans and get klutzy and then we jail klutzy and when herbert we finds out and goes to the hq we sneak attack him and put him in his cell




Lily Flower:

My favourite momment is when Herbert made that popcorn bomb! It was also on mission 11,the veggie villian!
It was really cool! Plus,it was on of my first missions! It was really fun!
But,in the end I didn't get to catch herbret,but Gary said:"It's importent that we are all safe." And You Know what? Gary's right!
Club penguin Has to be safe! And I won't let herbret win! I'll stop herbert from warming the island!
Until then,




On ds i loved escaping from herbert P. bear's lair it was very challenging but it was very fun!I hope herbert will become a meetable charater!
till then WADDLE ON CP


what i love about herbert mmmmm lets see well it has been going on for a little while now
so i just like it how herbert and the crab just never give up and i now we will never give up but
i also am proud of the agents so until then waddle safley...................................................


I have not found anything about Herbet but I am looking for a clue all around Club Penguin.I am trying my hardest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite moment with Herbert was in system defender.I liked it because of all of the yellow bots at the end.I beat them all!Waddle on!

Cloe Moe:

It always puts a smile on my face when Herbert thinks of those clever phrases to the letters of E.P.F. eg. Elite Penguin Fools, Extremly Pointless Fowl, Endlessly Pathetic Fools, Easily Perturbed Fowl, the list goes on! They always make me giggle!!!!! Waddle on CP!


Hey I think the funniest thing you can say is in the cave in mission 6 when Herbert is showing you his flip chart. You say hold on a second. You tipped your iceberg? May I ask how? HA HA HA! But there is a lot more and also a lot more to be discovered!


My favorite moment with Herbert was when we had to do many missions in a variety of places,trying to defeat him.


My favorite part from Herbert-P-Bear Esquire was when he was going to foil our medevil party, instead we foiled his plan and after that some things started to get weired. He was silent all off a sudden.......I think he's going to plan a other plan for the EPF. Even Probot was too.
well...............Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!


I think I like the moment that herbert was want to help us save the island!


I liked how we had that like defender game it is awesome p.s.CP is awesome


why is herbet in our town


Fave moment with Herbert is a quite intense question, but the fave part was when he was talking about a massive magnitude in the HQ and then the Island, and about seeing him in the camera stealing some clock tower parts in Mission Seven: Clockwork Repairs, and last but not the least! Its about seeing him and Klutzy for the second time in the unknown cave where me and my friend black puffle stayed for like 1 day in Mission Two: G's Secret Mission! And then Herbert and me met while he trapped me in the cage and talked about destroying the lounge.

Arimba from club penguin:

I think it was when Herbert made the popcorn machine, and we got to stop him! In reward, we got a base full of popcorn!
Happy eating Clubpenguin!!!!

mario kart bii:


Purple Beeky:

My favourite moment would be when he was in the cave (EPF DS Game) and he was goning through the pictures and his Holidays came up it was hilarious watching him laugh at Klutzy! He is a great new villian.


I like Herbert.. Why do I like Herbert? It would be the question of Club Penguin Team,right? I like Hebert.. He's SMART!! But, not too.. He never "SURRENDER".. He was the "FIRST POLAR BEAR IN CLUB PENGUIN"..It's like "how can he discover club penguin?" That was I like from him.. Although, he wants to ruin Club Penguin.. Thanks, Club Penguin Team for this opportunity (question) :D


Man I have so many fun times with Herbert But I think the best part has been when he captures you and you have to try and escape Best time ever with Herbert!!!!!

From Allspark101 ps You guys rock.


I think like the bit where you get to foil his plans ;)



Club Penguin

penigun dom:

Look,herbets my best friend and i know how we can stop him trying to cut down ski lodge.


When I was stuck in that cave with him. He's such a pest. Come EPF lets get him!!


i like the evant this year and i like the quest super AND plese make a team so that we can make a super cool day thx for this year so glad and i wish that this day will come and thx you for this wonderful day :)

Jammer Dj:

<><><>In reply to Billybob, EPF Agent Jammer Dj!<><><>

Well do I need to think? He does whatever only for himself. Those all 2 years, he is trying to defeat us! But why? Well there was no good moment with Herbert. He never helped us. When he did, it was all a plan.Will he ever understand that the ''Elite Penguin Fools'' never surrender?
Yes. No good moments with Herbert. I do not really want to remember any of our times with him.

Let's all team up and get him down! Wadddle on!


My favourite moment with Herbert was in the mission where you first meet Herbert. I thought that was lots of fun and surprising too! It was fun seeing Klutzy too. Waddle on CP!!!!
(P.S-Could you please please please make some more missions????? The missions are my favourite thing about the EPF and I've completed all of them multiple times, but I would really like to try some new ones. Thanks!)


hey clubpenguin team great job on this medival party but weres herbert the field ops has to be easy next time but good job

10news rox:



My favourite moment with Herbert was when we told Herbert there is a golden puffle, when actualy it was a fake! Then when we were checking the island if Herbert comes and setting the trap Night club. And when he got captured the options we gave him. One there was to free herbert,but that was fake. It was quite exciting to catch him and to see his face when he really did get captured, but escaped.

10news rox:



my favorite moment with herbert p. bear was in the 11th mission when he destroyed the P.S.A with popcorn.
finding him was hard but i found him in the end.
Club penguin team you REALLY make cp an adventure
I just want to say THANX!!!


My favourite moment with Hebert has probably been when I defeated him in the Veggie Villan. I was so happy to have stopped Herbert, then. I hope he is not coming back because him and Klutzy could ruin everything for Club Penguins next cool party. Thank you Club Penguin for giving us Herbert.


My fav moment was when he painted some realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy funny paintings. I mean realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy realy funny paintings. You realy should see him for some luaghs.

Coolcat 199:

I absolutely loved defeating Herbert P. Bear when he attacked the EPF's system! System defender is one of my favourite games, so i really enjoyed having fun while helping the island, other penguins and the EPF's system. Thanks for coming up with system defender Club Penguin Team!! I think all the games you have made recently are awesome.
Waddle On,
Coolcat 199


My favourite moment with Hebert has probably been when I defeated him in the Veggie Villan. I was so happy to have stopped Herbert, then. I hope he is not coming back because him and Klutzy could ruin everything for Club Penguins next cool party. Thank you Club Penguin for giving us Herbert.


that's funny how herbet p bear has a coconut drink at the beach he's probalyon a holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite moment with Herbert is the last mission when Herbert was so much fun and challenging and I learned a-lot from that mission.I think you should make a new mission so we can have even more fun than we are having now.keep up the GREAT work Club Penguin!!


My favourite moment with Herbert P. Bear, was when he popped up on my EPF phone. It was so cool, would love to have a chat to him again!


I really love when Herbert had called me on the EFP phone from across the ice!
It was so funny!


I loved the part on the PSA missions in which Herbert destroyed the PSA HQ using popcorn. I do hope there are more missions to come that make the storyline more interesting.


ooo the best part would have to be that mission on system defender it was so fun to beat

Star Orlando:

No matter how many times the epf makes herbert's plans fail , he tries to make another plan but he fails again...... it's quite funny :)


Mine was when Herbert thought there actually was a real golden puffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!


the pollar bear is achtilly qite fun because he get.s all the mishins about the herbert.p.bear but he was liaying for beeing on our side so hes fun and BAD. but from now on WADDLE ON!


the first time i met Herbert was my favorite moment it was funny and scary and fun just like club penguin from a funny agent dudsterx im going to draw something about herbert i hope you like it waddle on club penguin and have fun


on herberts revenge for DS, i likedstopping him melting the island. it was challenging, but fun!


Well Herbert can be tricky but very easy to play games with! He almost makes it fun for us agents to be part of the EPF.


Well my very favorite part with Herbert P. Bear is when well he keeps complaining about how good we EPF agents are at deafeating him in the Field_OP's anf missons well i've just got to say: "HERBERT P. BEAR YOU'R NO MATCH FOR US PENGUINS".

And sometimes I just say what ever about him feeling sorry about himself.

ok thats enough chatting now until then waddle on cp


My FAVORITE moment about Herbert P.Bear is when he says he CAN'T swim! Its sooooooooo funny because every single polar bear can swim they have 2 because if they don't life 4 them will be be very hard for them.... I remember that i would always do that mission with my friends because we always LOVE watching that part when he says he can't swim! also I like the part when says that he hates the cold i mean which polar bear HATES the cold (even though i'm not a polar bear but i kinda hate the cold 2)? but i would always laugh even though it doesnt make sense.... well these are my 2 favorite moments with Herbert P.bear! keep up with the good work! until then wabble on! :D


My favorite moment with Herbert was when he told us the location of probot and when I was locked in the cage and he told me he tipped the iceberg. I think Herbert should go on the Iceberg and tip it for us..LOL......... WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


my best part with herbert was when i trapped him with garys magnet 3000 and cage. unfortantly herbet tricked rookie into giving him a spy
phone so he could teleport off but I knew that we would trap him again!

cop 5084:

it well wierd because hes a poar bear and he wants to live in a HOT palce OMG



My favourite moment with Herbert is when he goes over the ice in the machine that was ment to break the ski lodge but goes in the ice instead and you see him climb out of the other side of the lake.

bo bo 76:

all my mooments with herbeat are fun cuz well i like getting ideas and all that stuff.

Icie 5432:

Hey penguins! The best moment I had with Herbert was defeating him in my game, Herbert's Revenge. I had to stop him from melting the island! :( It was pretty tricky! But I completed the mission, and saved CP. :) Herbert has done a number of things to stop the EPF (and the PSA) but the EPF agents are on the job! Herbert keeps us on our toes! Anyway, Waddle On CP! ~Icie 5432

colour fool:

My fravoute part of hebert is when he attacks the EPF. klutzy thinks it's a game sometimes and i think thats strange.


my one is when he got trapped in the cage in a mission




I think my favourite time with Herbert was when I took out the computer plug and turned all EPFs technology so Herbert could send the popcorn machine to HQ in The Vegie Villian.


hi i im cool


My favorite moment wtith Herbert P.Bear Esquire so far has been the time in the mission Questions For a Crab when I used a pizza as a
bait and sabotaged the machine that he had built to destroy the ski lodge and the other buildings in Club Penguin . It was so funny watching
his machine take him along reverse into the ice !

Waddle On !
Club Penguin


I think Herbet and Klutsy have something with the new dragon suit to be connected with the giant robot.


I think Herbet and Klutsy have something with the new dragon suit to be connected with the giant robot.


probably when he was showing the flip chart.. that was funny!


Well he does have VERY good plans to think, and I think it's a good idea for Herbert and Klutzy to actully succeed in a mission of their own. Maybe Herbert and Klutzy will succeed in a mission later on. Herbert and Klutzy also have good abilities of their own like Herbert can think of plans, and Klutzy can save Herbert out of water or help him out on working on the gadgets Herbert makes. WADDLE ON CP AND CLUB PENGUIN TEAM!!!!


Hmmm, favorite? I'd say the popcorn blow-up disaster and how he'd thought he'd destroyed the EPF! He may have destroyed HQ that time, but we ate the popcorn, and created a new high-tech HQ!


hi, billybob. my favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear, was when we went into his cave and got traped you know i think herbert can draw verry good pictuers . it was verry funny how the black puffle looked at me but made me feel sorry for him as well );


my most FAORITE inconter whith herbut p. bear was when he was in his secret hide out behind the sky hill when he told me how he came to this island and howhe would try to make club penguin hot! I keep doing this mision again and again and againbeacase its so cool.
waddle on EPF agents!


when herbert thought i was klutzy


My favourite moment with Herbert P Bear Esquire was the waddle squad PSA mission as we caught him, i was commading the squad and herbert also escaped which lead on to some of the Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops.

All in all I think that my time thus far with Herbert P Bear has been productive, fun, exciting and over all gobsmackingly amazing

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin User

May 30 2011 08:00


dear club penguin my beste moment with Herbert
was when I found the key in the woods during welcome mat, my second moment was when he spoke about his life and his way to club penguin and he was vegetarian then I know that he does not eat me, but he is no less annoying. .. I hope that we can help him to build a warm place for him just as when we made our community garden on screen by his last disaster I've seen a big yeti picking vegetables in our garden mumble to themselves why are klutsy so small that you can not send him off and picking vegetables .we also seen him in the boiler room with a tour guide only he would decide whether he will be part of club penguin ...he has a strange nature...he hate our party's...perhaps somebody can learn him to swim so he get pride of him self


well, my best time with herbert polar bear was probably the last mission; veggie villian it was really fun doing the mission and seeing herbert polar bear,and my second favorite is definetly defeating him in system defender! he never stands a chance with me! (well thats what i think)
i just love seeing herbert the polar bear he is totaly awsome!!!!!
waddle on cp


I think her4bet wants to trash club penguin to make it into a paradice sunny island for himself!!!


When he was drawing a picture.


My favourite moment with Herbert P. Bear was when we caught his friend crab.
It was awesome Herbert freaked out.
But the crab wouldn’t talk.
Its sad really.
I really hope we catch Herbert.
Waddle On CP.
From Kuranszo

PS (I’ve never been on so thx if I get on!)


I loved the bit in 8th mission when he comes up to the surface and you have that conversation with him and he keeps on telling you that you are not going to catch him, and then at the end then at the end he just admits that he is still right and you're not catch him and leaves but you know you're going to have anther encounter with him and catch him eventually.


im a sercert agent


I think Herbert will get probot and he will make him put in a lot a boom box

miss pippa7:

Wow This One Is Hard!......I Think My Best Momment With Herbert Was In All The Missons Hes Been In!


herbert always think he can get away with something and i think it is fun watch his plan fall apart lick on qustoin for a crab he put you in a cage and take your spy phone and all you have is a puffle and treats and he wondering how you get out he is funny and it seem like he want to trobule by leaving fur behide and thats fun and by this what i think club penguin team love you keep up th good work

purple p 23:

one day i came out of the lighthouse and i saw some tunnels that werent there before. when i went into them i saw klutsy the crab leave a lantern. so i knew that herbert had dug these tunnels because he was up to something bad as usual. he wants to take over club penguin.i had a good look around but he had disappeared


a like it when he sent kltuzy to get the candle lol


love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

petal dance1:

that one in the picture!it was funny when your penguin kept answering back making him mad it was also good from the ideas like the black puffle the cage and so on!keep up the good work cp!!


when we stoped the tremors and fixed the boiler as well as calling herberts drill a air conditioner on wheels XD (please post ive never been posted before)


umm dont no


Hey the medieval party was great i was a blue dragon and purple i was a king a golden knight a black knight and a silver knight.
It was fun i love this party very much the quest were awesome the third quest against the hydras was fun challenging and exciting.
Ok thats it
N goodbye make more good ideas


Hmm, so many encounters to choose from but I think this was the best. It's in the Herbert's Revenge game where you are dressed up as a crab and saying things like "click click click!" and he says funny things like "You're making a tower from popcicle sticks?" It was so Hilarious!!!


dressing up as a carb in herbets revenge and taking the plans!! sneak-y :D :DDD

ps. i love cp!! :)




My favorite time with Herbert is when he digged through the underground of Club Penguin and when he was at the Boiler Room when he said "Why don't my inventions work".


my favoret time with herbert is questions for a crab


My best moment was when he sent me back with a popcorn bomb,


My best moment with herbet was when I got trapped in a cage and the black puffle rescued me


When stuck in the cave with the black puffle in the psa missions.But I really like how all the news missions are challenging and it's really fun!


Yeah........Dunno why herbet's so mean.


i liked when we found herbert in the cave in questions for a crab.waddle on cp!

please post this ive never been posted.


My favourite moment with that selfish polar bear, was when I got trapped in the mission "Questions with a Crab". Even though I was caught by a polar bear, it was actually interesting to know his story for once, instead of trying to butt in and trash-talk with him. I actually felt sorry for him, floating away from his home and stuff but, he still has no right to push me and the EPF around! Go EPF!


my favourite time was when Herbert p bear blew up the winter sports shop with popcorn,i also liked how we had to clear it up that was great fun and team work,but my favourite thing yet has been all of the effort the hole epf agent members have put into trying to stop ans successfully defeating Herbert, i also liked the command room when it was renewed i liked all of the popcorn that was everywere,also there has been alot of talk saying that the command room has got a bit boring! Because there has not been an upgrade or a new thing in there for quite a while,also if u do decide to do something to the command room please could you add the fish catalog back in it i really loved the fish catalog and i was gutted when it was took away... Thanks for reading ans p.s. please replie to mine i have never been replied to by anyone befoure anyway W A D D L E O N


I love doing the veggie villian adventure. It's funny when he blows up the psa with a popcorn bomb!
I miss foiling his EVIL plans. Hopefully he trys destroying the psa again soon. I also love Klutzy.
I have a card jitsu card with him in it! He is VERY clever. I thought it was sad though how he
nearly froze to death when he was trying to find a warm place.
Hopefully we see him again soon! Until then... Waddle on psa!
and keep an eye out for herbert. we have our eyes on you...


hey penguins! know i dont know about you but i think this is the best thing club penguin puts on ! the best part is when you can decorate you and your home all in medival clothes and decorations. oh and one more thing i loved the three quests! well, i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did ! Bye !!

Jack 55588:

My favourite time was saving CP on Herbert's revenge. Me and my team destroyed Herbert's plans once again!

Waddle on CP!!!


Mine is when he does that flipchart thing and he tells were he comes from and how he ended up in clubpenguin it was sooooo cool!
Dinogirl03 (clubpenguin Rocks)


Mine? There are way too many. I loved the popcorn HQ, my puffles loved to eat it! I think there are way too many good times. Keep it up. Waddle On

joe jonas291:

well i had so much fun with herbert p . bear it was fun doing missons with the bear and on my Ds playing clubpenguin and doing missions and defeating him . that is all i have too say but i hope more missons will come.


My best moment with herbet was when I got trapped in a cage and the black puffle rescued me

agnt rooky:

look im exayted about the music jam i cant wait for new instrments its so cool and the new stuff iv saw gary rock hopper and candec want to meet rooky or a penguinj band


I totally think the missions and the field ops are cool..
BUT,the Best Part is we ALWAYS beat Herbert in his evil plans..
But will he EVER give up?
Who knows what he will do next...
Now its up to me and other agents to save club penguin...
Everything that i have just said is my favourite part!!

Waddle on CP!!



i like about hebert p bear when he was fooled


the mission where we had to catch him was awesome and the mission with the cornfield and the popcorn was even better .Thanks for the awesome missions!

Biologicle 9:

My favorite moment with Herbert was way, way, back in the PSA era. Back in the good ol' days. When I first was sent on the mission to discover The Secret of the Fur, I was captured by Herbert. He then explained how he came to Club Penguin. the best bit embarrased him, when he accidentally showed me a picture of himself and Klutzy dancing.

Biologicle 9


i looove when you get to go to the corn feild in the vegie villan it s so funny how there playing video games on there computers like i do and probley everyone dose because their playing CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rock on cp fans im a huge fan!!!!!!!!!


I like that Herbert never gives up. He all ways comes back on field ops and that means we can get more medals, and medals can get us elite gear that can make us better agents. So I hope he keeps on coming back on field ops. Any way for now on keep on going team!


my favourite moment with herbert P.bear was... actully the current one were doing right now, it's so intresting cuz it sort of blends in with the medievil pary too. cuz we don't know when he's gonna strike and it's challenging. you break lots of codes and finding the field op makes it harder too.
I also thought that maybe herbert is a good guy now or maybe he's tricking us. It's confusing we don't know anything and us agents can probbably relax at a party this time????
E ON CP!!!!
FROM dudeles1


wow why would you ask that? hmmm hard question but on herbert missions i really like it when the black puffle is your friend but my fave moment with herbert is when he traps you and then you work with the puffle to get out.

keep a lookout cp
wadddle on!!!

p.s please can you fix this problem i think its a bug but i press the start button and then i cant go on the login page please fix it soon


My favorite moment was when you had to open the secret door in the eleventh mission because it was a challenge because you had to line up all the colors and it took me ages but it was really fun. I also liked having to go through the corn maze to get to Herbert. That was also a challenge.


waddle on cp (but not herbert)


My fave part was when herbert tried to chop up the log cabin. It was so funny to see his machine go backwards, chopping the ice up and making him fall into the water. It has been so much fun trying to defeat herbert, even when we were meant to be thinking seriously. I love working for the EPF because its so much fun to work with other agents!


i loved it how herbert read us a story in the mission Gs mission and i also like it how in the veggie villen you can see herbert on the big screen and i also love klutsy the crab because he always makes mistakes and herbert loses again and again and again.
please add this comment on cp i never get posted ever


My favourite part was where we first met him! It was really challenging on the mission when he trapped you! you had to combine items together, it was really good!




well like herbert has been a bit naughty and has been causing trouble so he should be deserved to stay away from clubpenguin island!

Agent 1234:

I like how we found his cave in the wilderness and we escaped from his 'trap' too.


My favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear Esquire was when he locked me in the cage during the Questions For A Crab Mission from the PSA files. I found a good use for the black puffle that comes out. He really got me out of a pickle. Without it, I have no clue how I would get out of Herbert's Hideout. It was really easy but it got a little bit harder to find Herbert or follow Klutzy. So know, I am on high alert. When he attempts to strike, I'm ready for anything he can throw at me. He knows he can't stop me
~ Crissmind263

muddy ducy:

i think the best mission is operation spy and seek because you have to search for herbert and spy on him. ITS SO AWSOME.

until theN


My favorite times with Herbet so far are all those evil missions and plans! Herbet never gives up so you can always expect more and more trickery and fun!


my faviout time deaventing herbet is veggie villian


All of it, really because i think even though he's not a good polar bear he is incredibly funny with all his plans and Klutzy too.

Mr Stuffy9:

My favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear is when he was in the mission "The Veggie Villan" in that my favorite part were stopping him in the maze. Keep on making awesome missions like that CP
P.S CP RULES!!!! WOOOOOOOO and my second favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear is in the mission "Waddle Squad" in there my favorite part was the golden puffle when herbert tried to get it i was suprised the i pulled the lever he was trapped but not for long the rookie came with the magnet with more power he was trapped then rokkie made him escape

P.P.S do you mind 110 words


herberts been crafty for years now lets fight back


this is a just for fun coment! lol lol lol lol lol (laugh out loud) lol lol


I like when Herbert and Klutzy have mischevious plans and we get to foil them!
Like in the field ops. I also like it when they plan to attack because im really curious of what they are about to do.
Thanks Club Penguin you have made this game so interesting and fun!
I absolutely love your fun planning!
Waddle On!.....


i really loved the party it was fun with all princesses and knights.....


i love it. it was soo cool seeing the poler bear in the secret angent room.


I dont really know about my favorite moment about herbert but I like it when he steals the (FAKE) golden puffle


This one is quite tough.I'v loved every EPF thing you've done. But I think I like system defender the most. I the quests like vegie villain and G's secret mission and all those other things even if I haven't been on club penguin for soooo long but I really think I like system defender. You can earn coins while your plaing it too. I like the bit when you build cannons.

By Vaela


My favorite moment with Herbert has been in mission number 2: G's Secret Mission, specially when you first find out about him and you have a conversation with him. It was fun when he told me his story!


i think Herbert will actually turn to the good side, because during the time that Herbert was on the good side he proved trust worthy.


Herbert is a polar bear who want to defeat EPF because to prove he is the strong but we will never able to defeat us because we have the technology and experience to defeat him. EPF cant be defeat because we are united and powerfull.



my favourite moment with herbert was when i first met him and found he like seaweed pizzas. he is really funny and i am grateful to him because he is the reason there are agents in club penguin. I always like encountering him because it always feels like a new dangerous adventure!


king adam 5:

my best moment with herbert.p bear esq would be when i saw him and klutzy fall into the frowzen lake behinde the ski loge


Hi my name is VIOLET5938 and my favourite moment with HERBERT.P.BEAR was when he was tunneling UNDERGROUND with KLUTZEY it was sooooooooooooooo funny when KLUTZEY ripped the map in half! I also loved the bit where HERBERT said"No KLUTZEY don't grab it!" and it was so fun trying to find the peices of map. And that s why i love HERBERT.P.BEAR ESQUIRE soooo much!!!!!!!!


my favorate time was the sistim defender the herbet level is grate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bushys Horro:

The best mission i have done thats involved Herbert was the one how you have Klutzy captured and he escapes. So you have to go to the wilderness to find herberts hidout and you get to use your puffle to help you escape from his trap and its funny to see the little furball to go off in flames witht the O'Berry with hotsauce. Its truely amazing to see how you guys at Club Penguin have made such a fun quest where you have to use your mind to escape and where you get told Herberts storys.

Keep up the good work club penguin!

From Bushys Horro


It's been awesome!!!!!!!! I LOVE it when I need to do the puzzles. I also like it when I have to find Herbet's hidden things.
I wonder why Herbet does all that? I think it's because when we have partys he isn't having fun but we are.
I do not like him.


my favirote thing with herbet has got to be in the last mission .I think all the agents found it a difficult task. unffotunutly we lost the battle and he blew up hq.

waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmm... I would have to say the moment when he and his sidekick Klutzy made those tremors! Especially down at the boiler room. When he tried to take the boiler and when it didnt work! And Klutzy of course!
Keep Club Penguin safe!


i think that Herbert will turn good, because during the time that he was on the good side he proved trust worthy




wow its hard to think of that but i think my favorite part with herbert in the mission is when he tries to steal the golden puffle sculpture and we had to figure out a way to get him!


i hate heabet and i cant thnik of anithing


defeating the dragon was so fun and hard at times, but I thought it was a very fun activaty.


I liked it when herbert was explaining is his plan is questions for a crab and it show him and klutzy holding hands!


wow its hard to think of that but i think my favorite part with herbert in the mission is when he tries to steal the golden puffle sculpture and we had to figure out a way to get him!


i like when i get messages because i love to see who they are from and i like the field - ops when we get challenges to see what herbert gets up to



When we defeated him in system defender.


My best moment with Herbert P. Bear, Esquire must have been when he and the Ultimate Protobot teamed up and attacked the EPF HQ. It was the start of a new game, System Defender! Herbert's attack was the best! He created a really cool attack which he called THE CENTIPEDE OF DOOM!!! Luckily, He was no match for the EPF! Club Penguin Rules!



When we defeated HERBERTin system defender.


the polar bears coming back well the epf will sort him out without breaking a sweat

laa land iz C00L:

I reckon my favourite part of herbert P . bear is when he tried to destroy the island and he made some robots and 1 could fly and another one couldn't but what i remeber was that Club penguin defeated and desztroyed the 2 robots and made herbert run away to make some new evil plans and also the missions are mostly about herbert i like veggie villan best but is quit tricky.

[by pegs642]


Well my FAVOURITE time with Herbert was when he fell for the Golden Puffle we captured him then he escaped it was the best time with Herbert. Thank you for these missions Club Penguin team.


my favourite part is when herbert hacked into the PSA and almost revealed its identity to the whole island. but the PSA stopped him so he sent a gift to G. it appeared to be a popcorn bomb which ended the PSA by simply destroying the ski village, the sports shop and the HQ!

The Yoyo 300:

Dear Clubpenguin,
My favourite moment with Herbert.P.Bear so far has been when i got locked up in a cave and he introduced himself, that was very polite,but a polar bear who cant swim!!!!????? i thought,and a really heavy polar bear being saved by a crab AND THE POLAR BEAR NOT LIKING THE COLD???!!! that is a weird polar bear

Thanks for you listening to me, The Yoyo 300 Ps Waddle On Cp!


why dont we have more misstions


My favorite with thing about Herbert P. Bear is that he gives problems to the island and then we have to solve it. It's even better because it's a challenge for us and I also LOVE the field-ops there so fun! I wonder what Herbert P. Bear is up to now?


Well I would have to say when Herbert P. Bear flooded the entire HQ with popcorn. When I walked into the HQ it looked like a pool of popcorn! It was really funny. All of the things Herbert has done are pretty funny and difficult to solve. Keep the missions coming!! Waddle On CP!!!!



It would have to be when you first meet him, and he shows you that flipchart, then there's a random drawing of Herbert and Klutzy and he says "Wait, how did that get in here?" LOL!


I think this certain polar bear needs to be taught a huge lesson so club penguin can live in peace but if anything goes missing I uslly try and find what has been stolen through out the missions. Being part of the EPF is great because I get twice the amount of coins in system defender and the missions are very challenging and I try to complete all of them and I have done that already. And when herbert comes along I get very angry!


I would think the best thing I heared about Herbet was when he said he was drowning on an ice berg and
Klutzy saved him,and I thought it was funny because it is weid that a crad saves a polar bear.


My favorite moment with herbet has been in herbets revenge where the island was nearly flooded!!!


herbert is a polar bear who want to defeat epf but he will never succeed in it because we have the power and technology to defeat him we are united and strong to save the island from herbert.



Hmmmmm... I'd have to say never!
BUT iv'e got to choose somthing havent I?
Soooo... I'd say the start of misshion 10!
Becase Rookie Gave away everything(although it was start of the plan)!
Hmmmm But then theres the end of misshion 10.
Becase when he gets traped he gets all awquad and goes into the land of awquad talk!

I guess I cant stay here all day Iv'e got work to do!


P.S.plz post i know ive been posted but i want that to happen again
P.S.S.BOO TO HERBERT!!!!!(And klutsy?!)


Hi Club Penguin! This is Pingy366 , and my favorite moment with Herbert (or Heebet , as my bro calls him , ) was the time when he caught all of us agents in the same cages , and telling the story of his life . It was so funny! Thank you Club Penguin Team and Co. , for this wonderful game you've made ! Thanks and Waddle On Club Penguin!!! :D

Adam 098:

My Favorite Part Of Taking On Herbert P Bear Was In System Defender, When I Earned The Stamps. But We WILL Defet Him And Klustzy!
WADDLE ON CP!!! -Adam 098


My faviroute moment with Herbert P Bear was in the mission The Veggie villain when he was with his appliance Klutzy on the computers. Herbert was planning a crime but Klutzy well he was playing a game. I was stunned and was so stunned I forgot what to do on that mission.

cool boy1597:

I think that my favourite moment with Herbert the bear is in the mission wear we had to rescue the golden puffle from the evil hands of Herbet. It was so cool when we got to trap him in that cage. However, not so cool when he escaped via the spy phone. Please post this comment! I've never been posted before!
-cool boy1597-

Daniel L2:

Well i think my favorite moment of Herbert's attacks would be on the epf ds game where Herbert is in the giant robot , because it so fun bashing Herbert and seeing one of the epf puffles being released. I cant wait to see what Herbert has in store for us.
Waddle on cp!


is herbert still after the EPF . is he still evil.


My favorite moment with Herbert Polar Bear Esquire is stopping him to cut down the Ski Lodge and foiling his plans in every mission.


My favourite part about Herbert P. Bear's Esquire is when he told his life story In one of the missions. It helped me to understand why he is doing it all. I also really liked the veggie villian! We managed to have a popcorn party. Wow. It's almost been a year. He must be planning something big.

Ace Slider:

My favourite moment with Herbet was when he trapped me and that black puffle in a cave. Then he showed us the flipchart, and he had a cute picture with him dancing with Klutzy (I think...). It was so funny! Then we escaped. He think's he can outsmart the EPF? He can't. 100,000,000 penguin power!

PS: Please post this! Mine has never been posted.


Well, I don't like Herbert P. Bear, Esquire, SO FAR! BUT..the thing is..I think he is trying to defeat us...WELL, yes.. its just that...Herbert and his friend, Klutzy, were controlling the Hydra! I wonder why...but what do you penguins think about Herbert P. Bear, Esquire so far, lately?



Please post me! I haven't been posted lately! I'd be glad if you post me, thanks CP :-)


my almost favorite moment with Herbert .p bear Esquire was when I caught him in the ice fishing pool by louring him in with a pizza he escaped though but you see even that naughty polar bear can't resist pizza remember that

I hope Herbert next plan isn't too big



Cool Wait Can I ask you something Thanks well Can all people become moderators because i wanna help club penguin and Franky and stuff please Let me!
Thanks Again!
From P1880


i think the best moment was on herberts revenge when he tried to heat up club penguin and half of it sunk! I mean in the end he had to help us after he got caught on the ski hill lift chair and we had to help him down!This is my favorite with Herbert so far!
Waddle on CP


hey were the same to say and that last post the final quest dragon was herbert! i know that horn of a dragon anywhere.oh yea i love that after u exit the final quest it was sooo awesome!!!!oh yea and wat was the statue of a puffle wearing it looks like a knight costume and when is the puffle will have costume???.......


My favorite part is when he was expplaining his plan with the lodge..and at the end he and the crab *forgot his name kulzy was it?* Holding hands and skipping I was loling everywhere! XD Keep up the Good Work and i hope there are future missions! :D

onion head1:

my favourite part with herbet the bear was wen i played one of the missions and herbet told me how he got to club penguin


I have not seen him ever but i have heard lots about him attacking the PSA whith pocorn so i think we should team up incase he attacks this month


hello club penguin

today I read the blog and saw that herbert is coming soon to club penguin.
so make sure Elite agents get ready for him
when herbert comes I am going on the DS I xl and play EPF herberts revange

waddle on LucasGeo


Wel i've realy injoyd when we first found out about Herbert p.Bear it was a bit scary because we did'nt know who he was.And he's done a lot of mess so far.

Superdudee X:

My favourite moment of Herbert P. Bear, Esquire, is simply the fact that he always tries to beat us, but he never succeeds, and he never wil!!
Waddle on!! :)


My favorite moment is seeing him failing every plan every time of an field op Lol


i have loved every single mission so far and have played every one at least three times. My favorite was when Herbet P.Bear first came to the islan and trapped me bacause it was so fun having to find a way out.


the most i like is when herbert got to fall in his small ice berg


My favourite moment with herbert was when we all worked together to save the island in herberts revenge the video game on ds.


Well,my favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear was when he tried to sink clubpenguin!He didn't know how to swim,so why would he sink clubpenguin in the first place?We had to save Herbert along with the rest of the penguins!It was the biggest mission yet!

Matthew star:

my faviroute by soooooooooo much was definatley 'the veggie villan'.It was sick!


My favourite time would have to be when I first completed all the Missions.
Waddle On!


that would be when the HQ bursted with popcorn in vegivillan and when i had to do that code to dot and collecting the popcorn

waddle on cp


PS.pls post my comment


i like how he get's a gold puffle dut we stop him because it was hard dut fun.


I love all of the inventions that Herbert makes, which tend to fail in the end, but still strange and fun!


defeating him every step of the way!


I like the part in herberts revenge where he creates the gyzer! It is cool because there is a minigame and you have to destroy the giant magnifing glass! you have four mini ones and you must destroy the big one with the mini ones! WADDLE ON CP!!!!




My favourite incident Herbert and Klutzy on Herbert's Revenge on the final level! It was really challenging when you had to balance the island with penguins and playing aqua grabber to shot life rings on the boom of the island. The most challenging part was plunging up the geyser! What was even more amazing was when Herbert agreed to help us!
Keep up the good work!
Waddle On !!! -Catray!

P.S Please post me!


My Favrite Part With Herbet Is Doing Mishoins To Stop Him!

Please Post This Iv Never Been Posted Before

Waddle On Cp!

Onix 007:

Veggie Villian, It was a fun quest but challenging quest and there was so much creative stuff to do in it! Herbet's a really clumsy but evil character which is quite funny!


I think my favourite moment with Herbert was when he attempted to steal the golden puffle from the Nightclub, that was very funny. Waddle on Club Penguin. Herbert always makes me crack up, and I think it's good that the EPF are always here to save the day.


My favourite moment with Herbert P Bear Esquire was when we worked together to get rid of the Protobot! It’s a shame that it didn’t last very long, as we had a great partnership!


i love a club penguin


my FAVOURITE part has been foiling herberts plans this year

Halo 200:

my favorite moments with herbert is when he was HELPING us. like how he helped us in Herberts Revenge and how he did a couple weeks ago. i hope he will find better in himself and soon join our side!!!


Well the thing about Herbert is that he is kind of funny but he likes the warmness when he is a polar bear! i like him because he is cute too


My favourite moment was in the second nintendo game and herbert helped us out. It was so satisfying to know that he was helping us stop the island from major disaster that he created.


well everything about herbets is bad-tastic well i liked when he locked us up in the igloo type room i was all boerd watching the drawings!!!!!! it took me 1 week finshing that mission!!!!!!!!!!!! but everything about Herbet is HERBET-TASTIC.


my favorite moment with herbert p bear is when he always gets in trouble because i think its funny and i also think his a fool because the missions are so easy his plans are not tuff at all



I have waited so long for another assignment to happen for the EPF.

How naughty is that little, well acctually big Herbert, so mean!
Always up to mischief, never does any good, does he!

Hopefully one day we will be able to stop him one and all!

Kind regards,



My favorite moment with herbert was his story in questoins to ask a crab because it was so silly to hear that herbert was a vegertarian and he cant swim and can you tell herbert he needs to have swimming lessons andhe needs to start eating meat


p.s please post it has never been posted before


Hia penguins i think that this is so cool and herbert is threatining the EPF so unfare anyway this reviewd by you is so cool talking about herbet is making me excited for the future in club penguin also as the medival party's ending he might attack us and why dose he hate the EPF anyway i love herbet always losing and then thinks he has won it is so funny don't you eh and clutzy thinking system defender is a arcade game i just can't stop laughing anyway


A certain Polar bear, Herbet.P.Bear is very greedy and I hope the Club Penguin Team make a new mission to get Herbet again.My favourite moment with herbet.P.Bear was when he was hiding behind the corn field using his computer.That was Wildmike25,waddle on Club Pengiun Team.


Wow Hmm!! I Cant Choose I Know First I Like Being Very Cheeky To Him Secondly It Absolutely Cracks Me Up When We Foil His Plans
And On The Third Mission It Has A Picture Of Him Running In A Feild With Klutzy Oh Herbet.P Bear Ive Loved Spending Time With Him
Even Though Hes Bad I Love Being An Agent Or Should I Say A Penguin With A Phone So No One Finds Out Were Agents! And When We Catch Him I Might Burst Into Tears Because That Might Mean No More Missions!!!

P.S. Please Post Never Been Posted Before!!


My Favorite Time With Herbert i don't really know! Theres only about two or one time Herbert was nice it was when he tried to team up with the EPF but then betray us because it was his plan all along with the Protobot!?!? Club Penguin you know what you do the best of all WADDLE ON!


P.S. Can you plz pick my comment! I'll be very happy if you do!


my favorite moment was when herbert stole the crab in a mission it was cool


My BEST time with that certain polar bear is were we all had to shoot the courdinates.Also I LOVED the MEDIEVIL PARTY it was AUSOME!!!!!! waddle on club penguin team!!!!!!!!


My absaloute favourite time was when Herbert built all those tunnels underground, and you had to figure out how to lift up the gift shop! It was soo cool. although that was the last mission before the all new ''field ops'' came, it was still fun! It was also one of the most difficult because you had to choose wich tunnel to take...sort of like the old mission on the mountains, where you rode down on a rubber ring to rescue all the penguins! Anyway, that was MY favourite mission.


I think that when we caught Herbert in Waddle Squad that was the end of him, but Rookie gave Herbert his spy phone and Herbert transported away to plan his next plot.



Agents Are Having Problems To Catch Herbert We Need G, Rookie, And Jet Pack Guy To Come To Make A Meeting Face To Face So We Can Fix This Problem Very Soon.
Waddle On Clubpenguin.


Herbert has a really twisted mind in his head so watch out! But come on EPF agents we can defeat him and save all the others in club penguin! Though Herbert has threatend us that he will do certain things there is only ONE thing to do........... Dont get distracted and keep on with youre exelent work! GO EPF AGENTS WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!


i love all the missions really i think there should be WADDLE ON CP


What I like about Herbert is that he's in most of the missions & when he's in them he makes it really fun with all the challenges he makes us find out. Without Herbert the EPF's missions wouldn't be the same. Thanks CP team for putting Herbert in. He really changes everything!


Herbert is on the run again until Wddle on CP

ring ring22:

Well i love the quest their so much fun and challenging but im close to finishing them all their so much fun its good that you guys keep updaiting it to make it better and its getting cooler and cooler KEEP IT UP!!!! (you to Herbet) . Clubpenguin Name: ring ring22


Well, my favorite time with Herbert P. Bear was when he stole all the puffles, and had to find them. I love that moment!!


Hi Club Penguin Team!
I'm a secret agent an I think,just before I tell you about Herbert.P.Bear,is that well done for thinking up the idea of secret epf agents,the missions are really cool,and it's fun to help the island.I think my best time with Herbert so far is when I found him in the mission (can't remember which one,sorry!)and I got my spy phone back!Thanks for reading.


My favourite moment that Herbert has caused so far, was in 2010 the pop corn fludded into the sport shop, and ski village, and even the HQ. After that there was a new mission Herberts revenge. Club penguin got a new HQ what is really AWESOME.


My Favorite moment was when he helped us on the Club Penguin DS game (Herbets revenge) and he helped save Club Penguin with us.

I also like atacking Herbet in System Defender.
I'm really liking that game!

I'm really enjoying Club Penguins parties and items for sale.

Waddle on Club Penguin.

From Geronimo8213:)


My favorite time with herbet the polar bear is in the missions. My favorite mission with him is the one where the little penguins try to watch a film and the polar bear (herbert) goes on the screen and does a show, and our penguin has to fix it. waddle on cp and the team!


My favourite by far would have to be the mission where Herbert made all those tunnels underground, and you had to work your way through them like a maze! It was also fun because you had to figure out how to(when you got through the tunnels) get into herbert lair, wich envoled lifting up the gift shop! That was my favourite.

Sky 56:

Awesome me too!


agents ar cool

Jelly otto22:

My favourite part with Herbert was when he showed me the flipchart of what happend to him to me.
It was very funny

Rock & Waddle On Cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pinklady 92:

Well I love doing the missions that include stopping Herbert and klutzy. They are SO much fun, so are the other missions but especially the Herbert and Klutzy!!!!!!!! I also love club penguin!!!


I love fighting herbert because he always has a new plan in store for the EPF.
I like all his traps he used and i am looking forward to new traps herbert will use.
I hate it when herbert sends messages because he always tells us his plan and i dont want to know what his plan is until it happens.
Thank you clup penguin team for a villan in club penguin.



I liked it when in the veggie vallion he was laughing and we swiched the plug and when we snook up on him
with the hidden camera. Waddle on Club Penguin Team!


My fav time was in The Vegie Villain, when you had to
locate Herbert. I like that bit so much that I think it is
the best moment with Herbert ever! I think that my least
fav would be in Waddle Squad, when you trap him in
the Night Club.


my fravourit part with herbert is when he flooded the HQ with popcorn.It was an all you could eat! you rock cp!!!!!


my favorite part is when herbert is always failing in attacking the epf i know that hebert and klutzy will never be successful in attacking the epf and if ever he is successful, me and the other agents will stop him from being successful ,all agents should stop herbert from attacking the epf until then, WADDLE ON club penguin


My favourite part with herbert is always foiling his plans but I have to say my favourite bit was when we caught him in the trap wih the magnet.

7 g t 8 9 0:

hey there billybob my fave moments so far with Herbert would be the time he tried to collapse the mine and the last mission veggie villain and i just made up a rumor that herberts iceberg he floated to cp with could be the very one all the penguin explore on cp island today i was happy once i thought of that as it makes sense cause one day a polar bear was sick and tired of snow and wanted more heat and decided to snap a piece of iceberg of and floated away the days grew and grew and he was getting colder and colder when all of a sudden he came across club penguin island he saw that it had snow and tried to swim away but the ice berg snapped and went to cp island so yeah that's why Herbert was trying to destroy out ski village for firewood and yeah that's all i got to say


when i first saw him


Well, I liked them all but there is one that blows me away into space, its the mission where you have to trap Herbert once and for all, with spectacular gear like traps, fake gold (the golden puffle) and lots of magnetic muscle power! The reason I like this one is that you get to do more than any other mission, actually trap him and start a new mystery with the finding of seeds because I absolutely love new mysteries!

So that's all I have to say about my favourite mission except, Thank You CLUB PENGUIN for this amazing

Waddle On


My Favorite part with Herbert.P. Bear Esquire is when he was at ice fishing and he wanted a pizza,i gave him 1 then changed the leaver,then it hit both Herbert and Klutzy. It was a funny time when they fell into the water.....But later in waddle squad Herbert got trapped in the cage and i was like "Well,Look Whos Trapped In The Cage Now" And Herbert was like "Leave The Snarky Comments To Me Agent.They Dont Suit You."


my favourite moment with herbet p bear esqiure was when we trapped him in the night club and then rookie came through the wall via the gift shop
with a magnet but it has a sad ending ,herbet asked for a one phone call so rookie handed his spy phone to herbet JUST LIKE THAT then he teleported away (probably to his base) but left some corn behind


I like it when Herbert tried to steal the golden puffle in the night club on mission 8, operation spy & seek because we used a solar beam 3000 to capture him and we also used jet pack guys jet pack, a cage and a magnet to capture him inside the cage.


My favorite part is in the mission Questions for a Crab. It is pretty cool to see Herbert talk about his past and how he is going to chop down the ski lodge. It is funny how you see Herbert crashing into the frozen lake with Klutzy at the end of the Mission.
But it is also funny in the Operation Waddle Squad when Rookie blurts out the golden puffle secret, and Herbert gets stuck in a very simple trick.
Actually, nearly all the Missions that involve Herbert are funny.
P.S. Please publish. I've never been published before.


My favorite moment with Herbert was during the mission Operation Spy Seek. I loved the part when you see Herbert through the camera and he is dancing with Klutzy. It's so funny to see a villain caught on camera! I also like that part because Herbert mentions a plan about puffles. It seems suspicious to me. I can't wait for the next mission.


Hey club penguin team,

My favourite part was when Herbert got locked in the cage on missin 10 (Operation spy and seek) I loved all of the goodads and gadgets I also loved being in charge (teehee.) I loved all the ds games im addicted to this game I LOVE IT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much it was really smart to create Herbert P bear. In mission 10 I also love the golden puffle you should totally make one. Thankyou club penguin bye bye

from barissa800


mission 9 not 10


My favorite moment with Herbert was when he locked me in a cage and i got to work with black puffle.Now because of Herbert i love black puffles and i have a black puffle.Even though Herbert is a bad polar bear that hates penguins and puffles,by him putting me in a cage and the black puffle having to help me now i have a great pet.



My favourite moment with Herbert was when the EPF was born. It is very more secret and more high tech than PSA. I was a part of both forces and enjoyed defeating and ruining Herbert P. Bear's plans and being with the EPF helps me realise that Club Penguin is amazing!
I Can't wait to see whats in store for the EPF in future. Waddle On CP!


My favorite moment was when the EPF and I defeated Herbert.... I mean a certain polar bear...... Mwah ha ha He thought he could get us but we got him. Although Rookie didnt help.......

Waddle on,

And P.S....Do not let him beat us be on the lookout!

Disco Ball 2:

Wow........!My favorite part with Herbert P. Bear was in all the missions!!Especially the one where he would trap you in the cave , him showing us his plans! So creative! Also when the EPF got updated and you had to beat him and the protobots!
Your the best!!


hello agents,G,director

I tink the time has not come herbert's would rule club penguin if we did not help.I'm relly glad to be fave time's wen we beat him or wen i see his face and i now he will lose but we are not all fun and games well that is all rock on cp

from lolo333. Bye


my favorite was when he fell into the frozen lake behind the loge and how the black puffle flys over head! :) its funny to me because kluzy helps him out and them he calls us................ :D
i also like when herbert was in the cage and he steals rookies phone and has a hard time getting away using the phone!


that was so funny! my favorite is when we get to see through the camera and Herbert was telling klutzy about the hokypoky in the north pole. Put you're right foot in, put you're right foot out, put you're right foot in shake it, stomp it, twist it and, shout! or something like that.



My favorite moment would defiantly be when you first really meet him in person. It's so sets his whole personality. He made a flip chart! I mean, what evil villain bent on destroying club penguin makes a flip chart to introduce him self. It's defiantly funny. That's why I always laugh when i replay the missions. He's so dorky!


My favourite adbventure was in the second ds game you made! Iloved the part where we trust herbert but then he betrays us! Also I like it in the first ds game where herberttakes all the puffles and puts them inside a ticket mechine!
I hope you make a third ds game because I would definatly buy it!!!
WADDLE ON CP!!!! From Bong809


Hi Club Penguin

My favorite part about Herbert is chasing him around club penguin. Strangely I don't want to catch him because if we did we wouldn't be able to chase him any more. My favorite part is defeating him at System Defender (my favorite game). I also like making witty remarks to his face. It drives Herbert NUTS!

Richard Wood:

My favorite moment with Herbert was when the popcorn device took down the EPF. It was tragic! Until, the EPF came over and said, "Well Herbert, you are going down! We are the Elite Penguin Force!" They were against Herbert and I thought, it was a brand new challenge...I have 2 moments! My last favorite moment was when he made the island flood with the geyser! Good thing the EPF stopped him! WADDLE ON CP!


My fave moment was when Herbet filled the HQ with popcorn! It was funny but serios too because we had to find a new HQ! Now finnally we have found a new HQ its a really great HQ but i miss the old one.

Waddle on CP!!!
PS: My comment has never been posted before plz post!!


My favorite time with Herbert P.Bear ,Esquire so far was in the mission Veggie Villian when he sent the popcorn machine.I liked it most because it was extreme and fun mostly when I met Dot the cool penguin.


Hello Club Penguin!

I always liked Herbert, he is a really smart bear and he is quiet challenging. The best part was when Herbert and Protobot had a fight, that was awsome! I also like the last two weeks; it was interesting. The EPF are good protectors of the island. Please, keep it up Agents.


I really loveherbert. Well he's evil and all but i mean i defete him every time. my favorite mission with him is vegie villan. You make the best missions. Herbert is funny. he calls us fowl fools all the time. HERBERT P. BEAR IS AWESOMME. I also think klutzy is awesome. i like doing your missions because some of them get so hard to omplete. thats my favorite part. i also think you should add more missions for people who finished all of them and get bored. i would NEVER get bored withthem. i would just do them over and over again :) I <3 Clup pengiun. WADDLE ON C.P.
- Rockstarvamp


My favourite moment with Herbert was when I got trapped in the cage at his hideout, and I got to see the flipchart. It was so funny, but it was kind of scary at the same time. Also, it was very hard to get out of the cage, and I love challenging mini-games. The part at the end of the flipchart with Herbert and Klutzy holding hands was by far the funniest picture, but all of them were hilarious.

beanie 99:

my favorite Herbert P. Bear moment was when he locked me in the cage in the cave and I had to find my way out


My favourite moment was when we had to get through the big huge maze and climb the mountain and then we found Herbert P.Bear with a machine and his little crab that was my favourite moment


My favorite was when he filled the agent room with popcorn! Thats my favorite food!!


Oh of course when we get to work together to defeat him. But he keeps coming back for more, because what he dos'nt know that when you work as a team you can achive anything. but with only a crab (which is useless a most things) you can't get very far and the last thing i have got to say is....WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!
p.s: i have never been chosen before.


My favourite moment is when he locked me in a cage and I had to use the black puffle to get me out However Herbert never thought I had the black puffle with me so I got out by the puffle and I don't think he had ever forgives me!!!!!

CP ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my favorite moment in the video game is when Herbert is trapped in the hot air balloon and you have to get the floaty the water wing's and the life vest! i think it is funny because the water was not even knee deep! :)


At the Medival party i seen the statue he sat at the mine shack he might have a new plan the agents we need to think about his new plan
find it out and he might have a new hideout.we need to work together,work as hard as u can.... find out if he has a new hideout. WADDLE ON AGENTS AND PENGUINS.I'll be glad to here about it and club penguin thanks for the Medival party.


My favorite moment with herbert was when he blew up the HQ with a popcorn accidant then we had like a 1 year supply of popcorn!

and i cant wait to see what happens next with herbert,until then..........

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!



My Favorite out of all of them he did was the last one when he sent a popcorn bomb to us during the Veggie Villan Mission.
Its my favorite mission because rookie doesnt remember where the secound chair is in the gift shop and then we find seeds on the ground.Then We Have To Disable it but we cant so we have to be teleported by dot a epf agent out side where penguins witness it.
So Then G as in Gaary Dives into the popcorn to find Hq and Dots Talks To Us While Rookie Eats Popcorn And The Jet pack guy is completely gone where no one knows he is


My favorite part with Herbert is when I defeat him in my missions. The missions are really hard so I feel good when it is the end I get to defeat him. I also like that Herbert's crab, klutzy, sometimes helps me defeat Herbert.



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