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By Billybob on May 29, 2011 - 08:41
Hello Penguins!

It's time for this week's Reviewed by You. Last week, we asked what your favorite part of the Medieval Party was. Lotzki1 said:

This is the BEST party of the year! I looove the quests and I like how they are really challenging! The defeating the Hydra quest is an awesome idea because you work together with other penguins to defeat the monster. I also love the decorations! Keep up the awesome work, Club Penguin Team!

Thanks Lotzki1! Glad to hear that you like the Medieval Party so much! And thanks to everyone else that sent in their comments!

This week, we want to hear from secret agents. If you're not an Elite Agent yet, then you may not want to read this next part, because we're talking about some classified information. 

Agents: we want to hear from you about a certain polar bear that has been threatening the EPF for some time. What's been your favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear, Esquire so far? Let us know about it in the comments!

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



My favorite moments with Herbert P.Bear.Esquire was whenever he would send messages to our spy phones and whenever I my spy phone turn blue I would click it right away because I always liked to see if there were any games at the HQ and I kind of like Klutzy&Herbert because he,s the one who started all the feild op anyway.............WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favourite parts with Herbert are when he tells us his plans and about him while we are trapped. He doesen't think we will get out but... we are C;ub Penguins agents and there is no mission that we can't do! So we escape and reveal and tell everything we have heard Herbert tell us!


my favorite moment would have to be when he started showing me this weird chart about warm places and floating and stuff! hes to obsessed with the sun! so keep up the good plans herbert! but im an epf agent and my spy phone is ringing 24:7!


well i think that we should catch herbert once and for all and that we should be victorias and have a better spy phone mayby one that can scan the ground for herberts tracks and clues mayby a scavenger hunt for herberts next plan find it before herbert does and the prize could be a little walking toy robot that when you dance it could walk about and mayby a discount on the agent gear for one week only please publish my ideas

Waddle on ClubPenguin


Well where do I begin???? Actually my favorite Herbert moment was tracking him down in the tunnel it was so confusing but that made it all the more fun! I hope you make even more fun Herbert moments until then......Waddle On CP! :)


My favourite moment with Herbert was when I got trapped in the cage at his hideout, and I got to see the flipchart. It was so funny, but it was kind of scary at the same time. Also, it was very hard to get out of the cage, and I love challenging mini-games. The part at the end of the flipchart with Herbert and Klutzy holding hands was by far the funniest picture, but all of them were hilarious Lol it wAS SO FUNNY

Please post this


My favorite herbert appearance was when he first came to the missions. He was smart enough to tell us his plan ( not so smart of him) to warm up club penguin and live here, But little does he know that it'll melt club penguin. Whats really weird is that Rookie could of taken the spy phone away from him and he wouldn't of gotten away.


I liked when herbert sent all those tremorrs underground. You got to go and make the gift shop float up in the air ! ( with ballons of course) That was my favorite moment of herbert P. bear ! I cant wait to see what happens next, until then WADDLE ON CP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow! Where do I begin ?! Herbert is a very naughty bear, but out of all the little,sorry,BIG moments we've had, I'd probably say the time when Herbert stole peices from the fort's big clock was my favourite time of all times!! Let me tell you how MUCH I love CP !!!!!! I have a ......

puffle teddy (lots)
herberts revenge
figures (lots)
CP annual 2011
CP bedroom !!!

I have LOADS more that is too much to type so all I want to say is ....

ROCK ON CLUB PENGUIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zoomi 57:

My favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear Esquire is when he was about to tell all of Club Penguin about the Penguin Secret Agency (PSA).
We shut down the volume and then put in a video called Night of the Living Sled.We found where he was and went through a corn maze.
He took us back to HQ and locked the doors!We completed a puzzle and got to the Ski Village.Then the popcorn popper exploded.

ROBO 80:

My favorite moment with Herbert has to be.... EVERYTHING!!!! From the video game and missions all the way to system defender. But if i had to pick just one thing ( really hard ) I would have to pick the mission when herbert destroys the secret agency with popcorn!!! I hope there will be more missions with Herbert. WADDLE ON CP!!!

Yh Gi:

My favorite part with Herbert was Waddle Squad, or I think that was the mission's name, when I really learned teamwork and had a lot of fun with JPG and Rookie. ESPECIALLY ROOKIE! I liked how I trapped Herbert in the cage. How dumb was Herbert to fall for a Puffle made from metal with gold paint over it! Why did rookie give him the phone?! Favorite mission so far! Keep' um coming!

Regards, Yh Gi


My favorite time with herbert was in the PSA missions in the EPF command room. That picture above is in one of those missions. It is the one where you test out G's sled. It is fun when you have to use your puffle to help you escape from the trap and you stop herbert.

until then waddle on!

kirby star78:

My favorite moment with Herbert was... ALL OF THEM!!!But if i had to choose one it would be when he was trying to
expose us but then he exploded our lair with popcorn!That was the best part of the mission it was funny, hilarious,
and sucked cause we had to get a new lair...but don't let Herbert win IT'S GAME ON HERBERT!!!!!!!!

p.s If you'r SUPER HUNGRY i suggest you don't do this mission.=S


My favorite moment with Herbert was when he locked my in a cage and I got to work with the black puffle to get out. Herbert never has good plans. Anyway... WADDLE ON CP!


My favorite moment with Herbert is when we had to track him down with corn and when we were watching his every-move on the screen and the he figured it was us. He is one big, naughty bear ,but it is fun to catch him. I love you CP, Waddle on !!!!!!


I liked the mission when agents trapped him in the cage in the night club

(please post never been posted)


my favorate was when herbert tried to heat up the island so he couldnt be so cold
it was so smart of yout to mack the missions hard


my favorite Herbert memory was the very first time you meet him. i thought that was awesome because i knew he was going to be in a lot of the missions and i love his little sidekick klutzy. i will never forget that time when i met Herbert.


I liked, clockwork repairs because I got to look for all the peices of the clock that Herbert stole. I think the Klutzy got in truoble with Herbert because he let those blue penguins have the target, but I don't know what Herbert would have done with it! I like the in the mission after that I got to see why Herbert wanted the big grear! It was smart to give me the black puffle for the mission where Herbert locked me up in the cage! With out that puffle I would have never got out of the cage to stop the rest of Herberts "evil' plans!

Well thank you cp team like you say...Until then...Waddle on! XD XD XD XD

Hi Bud2:

My favorite moment with him was when i finished the corn maze and he was working on his computer. You rock Club Penguin Team!!!!

Waddle on C.P.! Hi Bud2


my favorite moment was all off the missons and and games!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey guys,
my favroit epf moment by far was when herbert filled the sports shope with popcorn. It was swo cool to walk in it. he may have tried to defeat us but all he did was give me some fun memories and cause us to build the EPF!!!!!
waddle on penguins!!!,

secret agent22:

My very favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear Esquire was when I catched Herbert in the night club, with the fake golden puffle.


i loved all the moments with herbert .p. bear and klutzy like in system defender or the missions he might be a bad poloar bear but he might need someone to talk to i love every moment with herbert very
mutch and i never want them to end at all = >

Until Then Waddle On Penguins Of Club Penguin

Love, Jsullivan7


herbert is really hard to beat in the phoning facilty! But i love a good challengeive gotten the yellow dragon aand red dragon statue now i need blue!

gabriel nint:

My favorite part is when he destroyed the PSA I loved the popcorn


my favorite moment was when he trapped you in a cage and tried to get out using the black puffle!


Well my favorite thing with herbert was when us agents found the fur and the upstairs with the HUGE magnet! It was fun solving mysterys!



T man 6679:

my best moment was when he made a flip chart to tell his autobiography also when in ' operation waddle squad ' when we stuck a cage to him using the fabled golden puffle and the electro magnet 3000


realy i have two favourite moments i liked working with the black puffle when i remember finding him then herbert trapped us in that cage me and the puffle used co-operation to escape now i have a black puffle named shadow so thanks herbert hahaha also i liked the moment when i stopped herbert destroying club penguin that was the time he tryed heating the island by the reflection of the sun it was challenging but we defeted him in the end herbert where ready to face you so come on you want some come get some thanks for making all the cool missions with herbert club penguin team and thank you agents for helping me take him down. waddle on penguins and let do our best to help club penguin!


Billybob, I have to say my favorite part with Herbert was when I did the "Questions for a Crab" mission. I finally met Herbert and found out he was the one causing all of the trouble in Club Penguin. I escaped from his trap, got back to CP, and saw Herbert fixing something. When he said he needed "Brain Food", (a seeweed pizza) I went to the pizza parlor, got a seeweed pizza, and brought it back to the lodge. When Herbert was eating, I switched the lever, and when he was going to chop down the ski lodge, he chopped dow himself. Herbert is so gullible


All I want to say is that ALL the moments with Herbert P. Bear have been very exciting. Its fun to work with other penguins to uncover herberts plans! Its a lot of TEAM WOR K! I just love working with other agents! Its super cool! The word TEAM WORK helped us win the battle of the hydras yesterday! YOU ROCK AGENTS. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! XD


Hello agents my favorite mission was when rookie told herbert there was a golden puffle and jet pack guy me and rookie were on a team and we put him in cage. BUT ROOKIE GAVE HIM A SPY PHONE AND HE ESCAPED. but either way waddle on cp!!!!!


My Favorite P art with Herbert P. Bear Esquire was when He attacked the system Defendr and Used THE CENTIPEEDE OF DOOM!!!!!! It was a totaly original idea to do that. Waddle on CP!!!!!

Olive 767:

My favourite moment with Herbert was when he made the flipchart because he is so proud about himself. I love all the missions- I never tire of replaying them! I also think Klutzy is really funny too!
-Olive 767

pranky 57:

i love the last part of each mission because i am happy to know that herbert the bear will come down at the end of it, at that he will never sucseed with one of his plans as long as the epf is here he will never go any further in his evil plans

Sammy 33552:

My favorite part was when Herbert was laughing when you show up after you finish the corn maze in The Veggie Villian because you just pull the plug and he stops laughing. It`s funny how he says "Oh dear" after you pull the plug.


My faviorite moment with herbert is when he traps me in a cage, showed me on a chart, what he did before he came to club penguin, to when he got to club penguin, he even told me what he was going to do with the woodchopper gadget thing to destroy the ski lodge, and after that I worked with the black puffle to get out of the cage.


till now i have found out that the polar bear which has been bugging is up to something.
he has been very ba din the last few day or so.
he even told me that the polar bear might be coming to the mine in club penguin.


My favourite one was the first day we met Herbert.Everyone one was like a Polar Bear?!! On Club Penguin?!!? Its called club penguin not Club Polar Bear!! Hahahaha.Waddle On Cp!!


my favorite polar bear moment was when he started making popcorn!! I loved his popcorn corn field maze and hated the explosion! But without him I could never find epf! The 2nd best moment was the flip graph in the cave! so funnY! Anyway cant wait to foil his next plan! BD


My favorite moment with Herbert was when he had trapped me in a cage and i asked, ' how is it possible that your iceberg tipped? ,and he like, totally wigged out and said, " how am supposed to know!? icebergs aren't supposed to tip!" Ahh, memories. PS: Also because of that mission , i can't say anything bad about black puffles.


Wow.... It's such a hard desision. I think i realy enjoyed when Herbert locks you in th ecage with the black puffle. The black pufle was cute! That was my favorite moment with Herbert


Everytime it is fun to see herbert try to defeat the Elite Penguin Force (EPF) and it is fun to battle him and klutzy i play system defender and i have beat herbert alot to train me to fight his other plans to destroy The EPF and club penguin so i think it might kinda be cool to have an evil person but why the polar bear couldnt it be a epf agent who tricked the agents and got fired and tried to seek revenge well thats all i have to say so Waddle on. And keep your eyes peeled!


my absolute favorite time with herbert was when he made all the popcorn and we had to find him in the corn maze. but silly herbert left soo many clues that it actually helped me. but it was still kind of confusing. i think its funny that he destroys the psa with popcorn, who would have guessed!


My favorite part is that when we still have the PSA and when we were on the last mission! I also liked when Herbert and Klutzy are in the what we called the Hydra Bot and defeating the Hydra bot that was the most amazing part of me and Herbert! Hope there is more to come, Club Penguin Team!!! =)


My favorit moment with Herbert p. bear was when he was going to shout ou he was going to destroy club peguin.Then we found out where he was.After all of the hard work we did he locked us in the command room with the popcorn machine and then and then teleport back to the mine eventually we found the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) with Dot,from JAROW2


Hi! my name is Lc79013a, my favorite moment with Herbert would be destroying his robots
in the EPF room where everyone can play and defeat challenges. If you are not an EPF agent,
just go to everyday Phoning Facility!
That was my fav. moment with Herbert P. Bear! :)


My favorite Herbert moment was when he told the story of himself when he trapped us. His story was pretty funny. Also, when he was trying to teach Klutzy the Hokie Pokey. Most villans don't do that. It was also funny when we pulled the plug on his computer and he said, "Oh dear." I would describe herbert funny and kind of ridiculous.


My favorite moment was when i got stuck in a cage. I got help from a black puffle to figure out how to trigger the chain reaction to let me out of the cage. It was fun amd challenging at the same time. Awesome!!!


My favorite moment with Herbert was the corn maze in the 'Veggie Villan' mission. I had a little bit of trouble finding my way through, but it was really fun and I have mastered it now. I hope that in the next mission, there will be more mazes because I really enjoy them now.


I love being an EPF agent. Herbert P. Bear Esquire was a super amazingly awesome Idea. My favorite moment of polar bear goodness was Herbert's flip chart. I just wonder why he would conveniently have a flip chart around when a penguin waddles into his cave. Whatever the motive behind this moment, It was still my favorite. Also, Just seeing herbert's face after we foil a plot is priceless. :)
Waddle on,

Keswick 9:

My favourite moment from Herbert E. Bear was when we was working on the little vehicle for Clutzy behind the ski lodge. It's great to see that even though he is an evil bear, he can still pull through to help out everyone, especially little, cute animals like Clutzy. It was funny when Herbert and Clutzy fell into the water afterwards though. Keep up the GREAT work Club Penguin Buddies!!!


My favorite moment is when I fooled him with a pizza. Also Klutzy did not even see me switch the handle. Herbert is the most oblivious polar bear I have ever met. I mean he got fooled by a SEAWEED PIZZA!!!!! No one I know is that non-observant.


DEAR CLUB PENGUIN my faveourite time with herbert was when you get trapped in the cage it is AWSOME you have to figure out how to get out and a puffle helps you I LOVE MISSIONS AND STOPPING THE ISLAND FROM GETTING INDANGERD . THE MISSOINS ARE FUN .PS whats herberts problem what we ever do to him?

Inari 1:

The statue at the mine shack always reminds me of the time we convinced Herbert to help us stop the geyser. Even though he got away in the end, I was just glad we plugged that hole before the island sank. I know it's just a game, but I still felt a sense of achievement in plugging the hole when the island came so close to it's end. Of course, I couldn't have done it without the help of my team, or the elite puffles!


Hi there fellow penguins,
my most favourite encounter of Herbet was when he was in grabs of the golden puffle. It was the best mission of the old agent force and i like rookie when he used the magnet.
Although, i did enjoy herbet on the DS lite game, Herbets revenge.


Hi Club penguin,
I have to tell you that my best time with Herbert was when Me, agent Stephen155 and my team had to capture him in the mission with the gold puffle. That day Rockie was so funny when he said that if Herbert had only just a metal fur we would catch him more easily but in the end we managed to catch him. Wait for me to write more messages but until that day......KEEP WADDLING ON!!!!


My favorite time with herbert is when he trapped us in a cave and we needed to find a way out. That mission inspired me to write a report about polar bears for school. Thanks for the support! Waddle On!


My favourite moment with Herbert would be when Herbert fell for the golden puffle, I mean seriously, who believes there is actually a golden puffle (a part from Herbert). Thats also the reason because the idea of there even being puffle would be AWESOME!!!.


Dear club penguin team
My favorite moment is when he came up on the screen and he shouted and then did a evil laugh.
to be honest i think Herbert P.Bear is a good polar bear he just needs to let it out.

yours faithfully

:) ^_^


My faveourite time with Herbert was when i fooled him with the pizza because klutzy ddnt see me switch the beginning to think that klutzy is good and not bad and that herbert is making him be bad!!!!


My favorite moment with Herbert is the time when I tricked him with a pizza...I mean A PIZZA YOU GUYS!!! I couldn't believe he was so SCATTER-BRAINED!!! hahahahah! Well that's my favorite moment...I still remember which pizza he wanted! Seaweed Pizza! hahaha! Well penguins, WADDLE ON!!! :D


i have loads of good moments with herbert but my favourite of all has to be the time he blew up G's lab thing with popcorn, that was really funny!!! my second favorite was beating him in system defender and owning the new robot hidra thing

waddle on
(please post ive never been posted)


My favourite parts with Herbert are when he tells us his plans and about him while we are trapped. He doesen't think we will get out but... we are Club Penguins agents and there is no mission that we can't do! I love the missions although i still dont understand what he has against us!
Best fishes


My fav part was definitely when the PSA was blew up. I know it was disappointing to see the PSA go but at least there was LOADS of popcorn to eat!! I luv popcorn! Also when I fooled Herbert with a seaweed pizza! They both fell into the river all because of a SEAWEED PIZZA!? I never knew that seaweed pizzas were so effective! We should add that to one of the tools to use in missions!

Waddle on CP!

Blue Cotton7:

My favorite time with Herbert was when we all had to through snowballs at the giant dragons to defeat them. My friends and I would always tell each other that we were logging on so we could meet in the coffee shop then we would race off towards home base. We always worked together and would always beat Herbert. We even gave him a cool nickname, Sherbert. The toughest to beat to me was the red (fire) one. Thanks for letting us have good times on this fun website.


My favorite of all of Herbert's plan was the golden puffle. Haha yea, Herbert should know there's no realt golden puffle! But I think Herbert helped me and all my fellow agents. He helped us bond with a black puffle, and helped us with our agent skills. P.S. Herbert stop blushing!


it was soo scary i can not believe i even went up there .i new i had to though cause threre was cracks all over the window but i was ready with a ice cream sandwich in my hand , wearing my carditsu belt, and wearing my hard hat i went to face herbert.


My favorite moment with "a certain polar bear" is when he trapped me in the cage and showed me his "terrible" life in the arctic, and then the black puffle and I worked together to stop "a certain polar bear" destroy the ski lodge. P.S. i love it when you give the puffle a hot suace O berry and make him fly around the room! Its soooooooooooo funny! ;)


My Favourite Moment With Herbert Is This One Right Now. I Love Throwing Snowballs At The Target To Pour That Orange Liquid Over Herbert's Dragon To Defeat It, And Avoiding Being Hit With Red Or Yellow Flames By The Red And Yellow Dragons, Or Being Frozen In Ice By The Blue Dragon!!! Waddle on CP!!

Clone 15:

My favorite moments with Herbert were all the times he made fun of the EPF. For example: "Entirely Phony Facility", "Elite Penguin Fools" and "Extremely Pointless Fowls". :D


My favorite time with Herbert was when he tried to steel the golden puffle and me rookie and jet pack guy trap him into a cage , we almost had the victory on our hands that day! and even if he scaped working on group was a wonderful experience ! Waddle on club penguin !and keep the fun !


I loved trying to trap Herbert in a cage, because it meant payback for when he did it to me! I also loved the build up to that, trying to set up the cage and getting the right amounts of Cream Soda into the containers.


My favorite part was when herbert tried to warm up the island and it started sinking and we had to work together to raise it back up.
PS. why can't herbert swim he's a polar bear. And I liked the misson in system defender were we had to fight herbert.

Madison F:

I love ALL the missions with Herbert P. Bear. I could never pick a favorite because they are all just so fun. After I defeat him I often feel like a super hero and put on my costume to show how happy I am.


Dear Clubpenguin,
My favorite momment is in a mission called: Veggie Villion.
And I love it because you get to see how Herbert blew up the HQ and then it becomes the EPF wich is the best experience of my life.

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Please post I have never been posted before)


My favorite Herbert moment was when he trapped me in a cave and started talking about his plans. It was so silly, I wasn't even paniked when he left, because I was laughing too hard!


My favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear is when he is talking about his life and does a slideshow in one of the missions. It was cool and funny because I didn't know how he got here. I liked asking questions about his life I also liked how he explained how he met the crab. It was so funny! I usually do the same mission over and over again because it was so silly! I also like how he appears on the screens in the HQ and his crab interrupts. Then Rookie asks questions so it is just hilarious! Good job making the missions and keep waddling on the CP penguins!

Gayle 7:

i think it was fun when we found herbert in the cave we had to use our puffle to gelp us out. it required us to use our special penguin sences and escape. we had to be cunning,strong and sneaky.once we escaped we got a medal it just goes to show how much we do for the island without the other penguins knowing. Gayle 7 over and out


I hope you read my last 2 comments. If you didn't, please read this one. Whenever I try to log on, instead of entering a room, my entire screen turns black! All I can do is log off and try again but it never works! Please fix the problem because I can't even waddle around!


My favorite mission with Herbert P. Bear is Veggie Villon . I thought it was fun and cool.I liked it how when you were trapped and you have to get your self out.And I LOVE those glasses.the snow globe is so cute, I love shaking it. WADDLE ON CP


I love the time with herbert when he stole the hydra and used it as an attack on us in the Everyday Phoning Facility.


My Fave Moment With Herbert Was When I Got Trapped In That Cage And The Black Puffle Had To Rescue Me. It Was Really Exiting.


my best part was when he put me in the cage and i got out! i completed the mission and it was the 5 one that i completed! i was so happy and my best buddy ever ninga74 showed me how to do it!!!!!! thank you so much ninga74 you are the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my favorite herbert moment was when i had him trapped in a cage and rookie (being rookie) gave him his spy phone


my favorite moment has to be when Herbert was stuck in the cage in the epf mision waddle sqad

Petty Heart:

My favorite moment with Herbert is being trapped in a cage and my friend (the black puffle) help me getting out by throwing puffle Os at things.


This doesn't look good!

Iron Man4950:

Catching Herbert P Bear in a cage! But not Rookie giving Herbert his Spy Phone and Herbert gets out of the trap.


Herbert is going down!!! /:)




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