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By Billybob on May 10, 2011 - 23:47
Hello Penguins!

On our last Reviewed by You post, we asked you how many stamps you had, and which one you found hardest to earn. Here's a comment from Alexa1girl:

I have earned 157 stamps!! The hardest stamp for me to earn was probably drill with 30 penguins on the ice berg. It took me such a long time to get it and get in! Because most of the time the ice berg is usually full, so it takes me a while to get inside because penguins are surrounded everywhere! 

Thanks for sending in your comments, everyone! 

We want to do something a little different for Reviewed by You this time. We want to feature an amazing igloo on the blog next week! Has one of your buddies created an igloo that's worth seeing? Let us know their penguin name, and tell us what you like best about their igloo! 

Make sure your comment isn't too long (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one igloo to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your buddy's account! So don't forget to leave your buddy's penguin name in the comments! 
Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team


fred10519 A.K.A smrsho:

i like my friend smrsho's igloo.its like a little garden in his igloo.his name is smrsho.his igloo is the outdoor one where it shows a lake,actuly i think its a river.buts it is the best igloo i had ever's so festive and other interesting stuff. well it was fun talking to you clubpenguin

WADDLE ON CP-smrsho and fred10519

RJ Radio X39:

I have a buddy named Baseballbud0 and I think his igloo is awesome! I really liked how he used bases and a pitchers mound to make a baseball field.


I say Firstplace34 has an amazing igloo! It feels like you're outside! She has an indoor garden which is amazing! I choose her!


Johnylumber's igloo was like awesome! It had over 40 HD televisions. Now Johnylumber and I can watch all the hockey games at once! LET'S GO TEAM BLUE!


my buddy soccerrox734's igloo is totally worth looking at. She's always got the latest and coolest furniture. You should deffinitly feature her igloo.

ENTEI 124:

matthew 2425's igloo is awesome it is a cozy cottage igloo it also has 1 pond some plants a box portal a coach 2 TVs a bunch of puffle stuff and four puffles I wish my igloo was like his! I hope he gets coins he is nice and he is also my best friend. I'm sure this would make my friend very happy sincerely, ENTEI 124

Ethan C R:

On the Roof's igloo is so cool because it has decorations for the medieval party.


Wholy cow!! That is one BEUTIFUL garden there!! Nice igloo!!!


this iggy is what you call AMAZING i wish my iggy was that coolmine is sort of like this butnot as GOOD AS YOURS GOOD JOB


My friend whos is igloo is worth seeing is lion987 . I this his igloo is the best I've seen. I hope you get to take a look at his igloo.

Waddle on CP

tepig 88:

what i like about my igloo is that you can decorate it a lot and keep your puffles in it.


I have a buddy named Blueberreyyy and I really like their igloo because its theme is earthy and grassy with a fish pond and flowers and a nice cosy fire. Please post this! YOU ROCK CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CP IS KING OF INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you should put my sisters Anne3042 igloo in whats new. A cozy green house with a nice forest in the back yard. While shes not taking care of her puffles in her busy house hold, she is relaxing in her living room. How ever she makes fresh tea over her stove and haves sime nice tea partys in her nice hallway with some buddys like me!! Please consider maybe puting her igloo on whats new. Thank you.


I think the best igloo is my buddy Alexman54633. He always has the coolest igloo. What I like most about it is that he has a mixture of new items and old items. He has a ton of cool parties.
(plz post ive never been posted!!!) :)


Parkha8589's igloo looks awesome!!
It looks like a dining room.


I like it cause it really shows that it can be a garden a magic garden or a garden that can be market like for selling food or stuff like that.
Waddle on CP!


I choose Sunset3075 as an amazing igloo. I like her igloo because its neat and not to crowded. Also because it has what every penguin wants and needs. Plus i like her igloo because it feals very homey. Finally because it makes me feal at home when i walk through the door and every time i walk through the door it makes me smile because there is always something different about it. Thats why i choose Sunset3075 as an amazing igloo.


My friends name is rico 9046. What I like about his igloo is the texture and the design of it. I think those are the most important things because you would probably want to make your igloo nice so everyone could admire it! Plus the decorations and floor design are important too!

chloe 729:

I love this igloo. It's so colorful and environmental!

Waddle on CP!!!!!


i like my friends igloo that belongs to german1.Its like a kindom.PLUS it has too flat screen tvs!
I hope that mine gets posted so that he can get 10,000 coins to buy more furniture.well i hope this gets posted.
Angela5 :)


I love the igloo.My favorite thing about the igloo is that there is some wonderful flowers and plants.I wish that was my igloo.


An amazing igloo is my friends igloo, Boorex. What I like best about is that he mixes and matches. For example he has a funky discoball right next to a cozy relaxing fireplace. Waddle on CP!


I know a penguin named Izzydizzy She does all kinds of things in her igloo, Grocery stores, pet shops, fashion shows, camps Even once i believe she did a Secret Underground lodge! ........ Right now I bet shes stirring up some great ideas. So, you may wanna check out her igloo. No matter if its shopping, caring for puffles, Trying on fashions, camping out,``Underground lodging!`` I think your like her igloo!

Sincerely~ your feathery friend Autumn010

P.S I have Been Posted Before Just So You Know

And Happy Igloo Hunting!


I love my friend Liss47's igloo. here is a list of things i like about it:

1. Her puffle beds are in a line in rainbow order
2. Lots of beautiful flowers and plants
3.has a mini waterfall with a fish
4. pictures of all the puffles
5. a tv
6. her igloo is a cottage
that's why i like it !!!!!
waddle on cp! and hi to liss47!


I'm really happy with the new igloos. I love the theme! Even though I'm not a member, I still really like it very much. Also, I have about 50 stamps! It's hard to get them, but I'm trying my best!! The stampI like best is the one where you have to catch a bubble from your pink puffle, I did it! I REALLY like the surfer stamp theme. It's so fun trying to earn them!


whats new 1 has a good igloo because he has a snowglobe and i like to shake it and say "earthquake"!


I like my buddy Cupwin215's igloo. It is soooo cool! What she did was put her furniture into the shape of a penguin and even put the eyes, beak, feet, and wings! You should check it out! ;)

Waddle on CP!!!! :D



my buddy joyce2256 has an awesome igloo!!! shes been getting ready for the medival party and her igloo is a beautiful igloo! she really needs her igloo to be in the next weeks reviewed by you!!!! shes been telling me all about it! her igloo is awesome and i think her igloo deserves to be in the nexts week reviewed by you!


Regina997! Her igloo is very realistic!

mister hex:

my friend Glazor has made a really awesome igloo it is pretty cool


I think Razdaz99 has an awesome igloo! I like her igloo because it feels very homey, and I love the plants all over. The bean bag chairs tie the whole igloo together. Her igloo is not too crowded which makes this igloo one of a kind! There is lots of space for everyone. I
always feel like I’m at home when I walk into the door!


Okay I have a buddy named invader105 his igloo is cool and awesome!I think his igloo is over all the other igloos!Really he has old furniture items that are not here.His igloo is better than mine.You can relax and read a book or just waddle around and have fun!Waddle on club penguin!


I would have to say my friend Igloo112345 it had lots of things that came out when CP first started.
Waddle on CP


What I really like best about the igloos is the color of the wall! I like the color of the wal l because it tells you what the theme of your igloo is. Like pink could be a candy room or a girly room. Waddle on cp!!


I have a best friend named Nickey789. He has lots of coins, stamps, and of course, an amazing igloo! He has lots to do in his igloo. You can rock in a band, dance on a dance floor, lift some weights, or just relax in a nice seating area. My favorite part about his house is the band area. We both usually get a band together and invite a few friends to come watch us rock out. His house is the best!


I Think Frobro 98 Has A AMAZING Igloo! With So Many Randow Items Its So Much Fun To just have A Party And Get Lost In The Fun Mess! I Pick Frobro 98 Cuz He Is My Best Friend On CP! :)


Thats the most amazing igloo I have ever seen!!! Good job to who ever made that igloo!







A two story igloo would be absoulutly completely awesome!!!!


i have 253 but my hardest stamp was to score 9 cards before winning of card jistue. it took me a long time to get it but now i got it and got my stamp and my igloo is kind of rare.

Ky Ky54545:

Hi I love my friend Rocket Nc17's igloo. He has a perfectly cool igloo! It's his style. I want you to pick his igloo because he's my best buddy! Please post this I've never been posted before! Thanks sincerely Ky Ky54545


one igloo i love that my friend did and hes a great desinger cooleyes! cooleyes you are the greatest! -emily


Hey CP! Bengweno here from CP USA. I think I have a cool igloo if I say so myself. It's themed for Earth Day, and is covered with green, green, green! I have koi ponds everywhere along with a garden by the stream and some of Rockhoppers plants. See ya CP!! CPeace out!

Fire Kevin 1:

Violet2sweet's igloo, its so creative like you guys!! Club Penguin Rocks!!!!


i dont know if any of my friends have a great igloo but i think mine is pretty awesome!!! what i like best about my igloo is that it has a dance floor because i love to dance!!!


Its a garden of wonder!! I love that there is so much activity going on that is all about plants,gardens,and flowers.What an igloo! I wish I had one like it.Untill then,Waddle on Cp!!


i have a really cool igloo, mine is from a long long time ago so almost no one has it im sorta the only one who does!i have a lot that other people dont have and im proud that i do because a lot of people come to my parties and dance offs and my resturant is most cool because my igloo is a resturant!im very cool too a cool igloo+cool penguin=AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My buddy, Emily7481 has an amazing iggy. It is not to crazy and not to simple. It is nice and cozy. I love to go in there. When i'm sad i go to her iggy and just sit there on the red couch. I recomend you go there when it is on the map.

She will be in her iggy on friday at 6:00 (PST). Her iggy will be on the map. Check It Out!



I have a friend name Coolryblue. He's a great friend and has a nice igloo. The thing we love to do in there is to sit and watch the fish in his pond. His igloo is amazing!


hi my penguin's name is penngiwin, and i love the igloo picture! i still have my igloo decorated from earthday because i like it so much! i'm very earthy and earth day is my favorite holiday... i love all of the plants in this igloo picture and hope that other penguins are earthy too.


hmm thats a hard one, I guess I would pick my buddy sereintyblaz shes very creative with her awesome igloos.


I have 236 stamps YAY add me on cp!

Waddle On!



Well, i cant tell u my favorite because my friends keep changing thier igloos... i change mine a lot too but only cuz i was bored or somthing.but i like the igloo in the picture!
( PS. please post this. ive never been posted before.)

Lizzy H:

i think an igloo to see is Iceepop9876's igloo her igloo is an AWESOME igloo Check It Out! :) Waddle On!!


My buddy walle07 has an awesome igloo he has stuff for his puffles he has plants he has a little pond and a game puffle launch its awesom! Waddle on cp


This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




rock on cp your AWESOME!



WOW LOTS OF PLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

cooly oh 2:

the PLANTS!so green and cool.its really helping the earth. [please post this ive never been posted before] waddle on CP yours truly cooly oh 2


I just love this igloo, this penguin is an artist! so nice,Also a gardener,so many plants. Whoever it is, good job!

Waddle on!


I really think that Icee39488 has a really cool igloo. It is a kingdom with a library, a kitchen, an outside entrance, a small dark kingdom, and just a place to hangout. You could just sit and have fun or dress up as a knight, dragon, princess, prince, king, or queen.
P.S. Please post. I have never been posted before.


I have a friend her igloo is amazing!! It may not be green but it is a house it makes you feel cozy and at home! Her name is Pinkcoconut5

Cool Sharkie:

My favorite igloo is my friend Max70609's igloo.WADDLE ON CP!


My buddy's name is Azule8 and her igloo rocks its the best igloo every until then waddle on cp


i really think that daina and soapycarlos is cool daina have a chair,table,living room and the rest is cool.and saopycarlos He got a tent camara and a swiming pool. that is so awesome

P.S. Please post.I have never been post befor.


I like my buddy Aderion's igloo. He made it into a forest, and it almost seems like a real forest! We also pretend we're animals in the forest sometimes, and it's the best time, mostly because of his awesome igloo!

Piglet Rox 2:


I would love to vote my BFF Piglet2001 the reason I love this igloo is because it has alot of room, its not to crowded and I love her kitchen because it has lots of food and I LOVE food!! (lol, im random)

Pretty Please look at her igloo it is awesome!!!!!!!


Whow i like that Igloo the most

Hooray for CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


I Think You Should Put My Friend momdad12 igloo!
what i like most about it that its full! theres never a corner that doesnt have an item in it!


I have a question how do u get the key for the door in the mines I've tried it in puffle rescue but it seems you have to be a member:)


I like my igloo because it's a mixture of pretty much everything!


Your house is INCREDIBLE!!! I LOVE IT and the whole nature scene you put together! A perfect place to relax, and please, do enjoy your lovely house!


that iggy is so cool i wonder how much it cost?


i like my buddy Ricco88992's igloo because it has a lot of cool things in it like all the pirate stuff
until then
waddle on cp


I want to say that my friend Soccer Face has the coolest iggy ever!!!!<3 hers is a dock that walks out over water, on the dock there is a place to dine and a bench to sit and enjoy the scene, its beautiful!!!!!!!

justina bieber:

i have a buddy grace girl 24 whos igglo is awesome and she did get readyfor the party because her igglo was a pinkcastle for princesses its awesome and every day i go in there and her puffles are so cute


I wish I could have like that iggy! I want to be member but then my mom said no I am just beging her about that but I am going to try to beg all the time~~~ :)


lizzys igglo is a fun igglo


hi there one of my friends on cp has a really cool iggy for a non-member you may think its really rubish yet to me its nice as he used what was on offer for a non-member and i admire that (his name is guitarkid135)

Cutiepie the:

My igloo is a epic dojo but my bff is pretty amazing! She has a ordinary non member igloo but has over50 likes!!! Prettty impressive if u have less its fine and your a member shes frogfish37

Cutiepie the:

My igloo is a epic dojo but my bff is pretty amazing! She has a ordinary non member igloo but has over50 likes!!! Prettty impressive if u have less its fine and your a member shes frogfish37


Hello. And Bye.


Hello. And Bye.

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