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By Billybob on June 4, 2011 - 14:50
Hello Penguins!

It's time for another Reviewed by You! Last week, we asked secret agents to tell us about their favorite moment with a certain polar bear. Only secret agents were able to answer this one, as he's kind of top secret. Agent CourtneyR182 had this to say:

My favourite moment with Herbert was when the EPF was born. It is very more secret and more high tech than PSA. I was a part of both forces and enjoyed defeating and ruining Herbert P. Bear's plans and being with the EPF helps me realise that Club Penguin is amazing!
I Can't wait to see whats in store for the EPF in future. Waddle On CP!

Thanks to all the secret agents for their reviews last week. And keep up the great work over at the Everyday Phoning Facility!

Now on to this week's Reviewed by You. The new clothing catalog just got released at the Gift Shop, and you'll notice that there are a few musical instruments in there this time. So that got me thinking... What's your favorite musical instrument in the world, and what do you like best about it?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team





i like acoustic gutair!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the didgeridoo because it has an awesome name and makes a cool noise. it is also cool because it was used in ancient times.

Nanner Fairy:

Bwaaaaooooouuuuuw bwaaaaaauuuuuuuhhhhhhh (thats my impression of a didgeridoo)

- Club Penguin Team

Ice Queen910:

My favourite instrument would be the electric guitar. My favourite colour electric guitar would be the pink one.


the new catolog has hidden items.


My favorite instrument is the voice! I like it when singers use their voice to make great music!


love these instrments!

Ky Ky54545:

I don't know if this counts as an instument but I loved the micraphone! My fav instrument is my voice. I liked it because I can jam out loud. Thanks cp!!


im am so disappointed that you guys didnt post my comment! :(

Mario Rk:

My Favorite Instrument would be the electric guitar! I love how it sounds so Rock-like!

Fea Bea1:

My faveorite insturment would be the double necked guitar.
Wdddle on cp
(please post)

yoshi jump:

I like my gutair because it makes lighning noises and its a electric gutair if you hit the stings it makes rockstar music! I like it soooooooooooo much!!!!


I like the trombone because of the sound it produces :D I like the general design of a trombone and a lot of my friends play the trombone! Hope I get posted :]


My favorite instument in the worl is the piano. I love how soothing it sounds. My other favorite is the guitar. my friend is always playing his and its really sweet

Mocha Cola:

I like the drums and Guitar because there both fun to rock out and have fun!!!


My favorite instrument is the piano, because when you open it up, you can see all the different strings inside. The low note strings are really wide, and the high note strings are really thin.


Wow! the new clothing catalog is very unique!
I especially like the guitar!
I hope the new clothing catalog is enjoyable to everyone!
Nice Cp!


My favorite instrument would be the drums. I like the drums because they have a good beat to them and are always in a band when people play music! just like in the boiler room you can hear beats from the night club. That's why i like the drums. Until then waddle on!


I think the guitar is the best i play it in school and my dad plays it.It just is fun to play and to listen to.I could listen to people play the guitar all day and i am happy that its in the catalog i hope that theres a music party again missed it last year still love guitar! Waddle On Cp


well i really like the drums Ive never tried the drums in real life though but id like to try please post ive never got posted WADDLE ON CP!!!


i love every instrument what you can make a band with! i love teamwork and have my own electric guitar.i love to get all my friends to the lighthouse and lakes some tunes! one of my friends is the singer and one is the drummer. I love to play the guitar. if electric or double necked, i love them. i cant wait for the music jam to rock out with my friends.WADDLE ON CP

P.S Hey billybob can we have a band contest at the music jam? that would be fun!


Wow what a brain teasing question! Well, there are so many great sounding instruments out in the world, but if I were to choose my favorite, it would be the piano. I like the piano because the sound is so natural, and fluid. I have such an interest in playing it because you never learn everything about it!


I don't know... I like playing violin. I have one, and it is fun. But I also have thought that playing a flute would be really fun. I love the beauty of the violin and the high notes (I have picked put the EPF themesong!) but the flute is gorgeous. I can't choose between them.


Y love the bass because y like very much the sound its awsome and y love Club penguin too your the best Club Penguin


My Favourite Musical Instrument Has To Be I Guess All But I Just Like That Music Was Created Isn't That What All That Matters But Maybe The Electric Guitar Becuase Its Sounds Cool And Has Been Used Alot


i think the electric guitar is because it sounds really really cool so i think any instrument sounds goos but the electric guitar sounds the best!!!! Waddle On! d:^)-/-


My Fave Is The Bright Pink One Because It Sounds Really Good And It Has A Great Color! ( Please Post This I Have Never Been Posted Before Thanks!)


i think the drums are awesome :D
waddle on c[p


I love Acoustic guitars.The sound reminds me of the country. Waddle On CP.(P.S. Please post I have never been posted and I need the coins!)


Hey Cp
I like the piano! I find it very inspiring and peaceful! I'm hoping I can take some classes! I'm loving the new catolog!
Waddle On!

Buddy Bop:

My favorite instrument would have to be the guitar!! I have been playing it since I was little and have loved it ever since! I absolutely LOVE this catalog because now me and my penguin can be matching inside and out! I can't wait to see whats in store in future catalogs. Until then, Waddle on CP!!!!



The Shock888:

I really like the electric bass and the keytar, because rock'n roll is definitely my thing! They're totally what make any rockin' outfit completed, and they sound awesome. I wouldn't imagine CP without music....EVER!
Waddle on!
PS. Can't wait for the Music Jam party! :D


Mine is the microphone. I really wanna be a singer when I grow up. I have since somebody asked me what I wanna be when I grow up. I just LOVE SINGING! Waddle on CP!


The Best Is keytar because i play Keyboard and i'm trying to play keytar and its actually really fun.

Agent penquim:

Well My favorite part With herbert was when The battle of doom and PSA Missions The battle of doom had so much action and PSA Missions felt like you were Acually there! It just so amazing

Waddle on CP!


Hi! I am Santa47343. I love CP but it always freezes. Come see me! I just look like G Billy!


I Like the electric guitar because its sounds really cool and it's on Club Penguin!

Waddle On CP!


Hi the instrument I like the best is the keytar. Why? Because, I personaly like pianos and it is hip, cool, and stylish. I also think it looks great with the Orange High Tops


I like all the instruments because they all have a way of showing how their music sounds.That is why Music Jam is my favorite party because everyday you can stop by the light house and play any instrument you want.I mostly play all the instruments at the lighthouse everyday.I love to play all the instruments because they are all different.Always stick to the intrument playing! Waddle on CP!!


My favorite instrument is the keyboard. I like how it is a new part of clubpenguin and how its a mixture of a piano (Which I love) and a guitar ( which I know how to play)!!! Im so excited to find out what new instruments are in store for the penguins who love music!


i love the green key guitar it has the best sound. and i also love the pink guitar.


Hello CP!!!!
My Favorite Musical Instrument Is The Trumpet! I Love The Trumpet Because It Is Unique And
Im the Only Girl In My School Who Plays It!

Also Please Post This Because I Really Need Ten Thousand Coins! :)

Waddle On CP!!!!!!



My favorite instrument in the world is the electric keyboard, not the piano. I like the electric keyboard better than the piano because you get to make awesome sounds,cool songs, and just be creative with it! It's my favorite in the world and I play it at keyboard practice, it's really different because the piano is the one I practice on at lessons. Lots of people play the piano and I like playing the electric keyboard because I can be different from everyone else in a way of music!


My favorite insturment in the world is the drums beacuse they can teach you about beats and that they are really fun to play beacuse they have different sounds in each drum and the symbols sound so cool i love the drums!


My all time FAVORITE instrument has to be piano or electric guitar. I love to play classical songs on my piano, and JAM on my electric guitar. I love the sound of both of them, and I hope those instruments are at Music Jam. Waddle on, Club Penguin!


I LOVE EVERYTHING! A favorite musical instrument for me would have to be the trumpet. My mom gives me lessons on it and I love how the fingering is so easily done. But a challenging part or me getting the high pitched notes. 'Course on Clubpenguin, it doesn't matter if it's high pitched. You're a professional at it the first time you put your beak on that mouth piece. I do like lots of other instruments including the cello but I couldn't post all of them. I play lots of instruments.

Waddle On CP!


My favorite instrument in the world is the bass guitar because it sounds so techno-ish...and you can take it around with you almost everywhere ! I don't play the bass, but my friend does. I play the piano and the banjo. They are still cool, but I like the bass bettter. Until next time, waddle on!


My two favorite are the drums and the electric guitar.I like the drums because they keep a steady beat and the electric guitar because I like the sound it makes and the way it somtimes has a little microphone attached to it so it can make the notes sound louder.

Waddle On CP! P.S., have fun at the Music Jam!


My FAVORITE instrument in the World? I'd say the Guitar I trained on it but seemed to never get it But im still trying My best The eletric guitar is just Too much rock n roll I Like the normal Guitar Thanks Waddle on! CP


I love the acustic guitar! To me it has a beautiful sound to it and can really make me smile! For many years i have wished I could play it...I hope to start soon and show my skills at Music Jam!Thanks CP


The instrument I like the best is the double necked guitar because if you wear it you could stand out from the rest of the penguins. I also like the double necked guitar because it is the most detailed of all the guitars.


My favorite band instrument in the world is the saxaphone because I like jazz music and my friend plays saxaphone. Saxaphone has a great sound of music. I really love the saxaphone.


My favorite instrument in the whole world is the drums. I like the guitar, piano, and singing too but my favorite is drums. The reason I like the drums is because I grew up knowing that, like Justin Bieber, anything is possible. Therefore, I learned that I was a natural at percussion [another way to say drums.] Plus, Whatever you tap is a drum. Even the keyboard on a computer or on a piano is part of percussion. If you listen closly to the keys when you type, you can hear a nice smooth beat if you type fast.


well my favourite instrument is a...............PIANO OR A KEYBOARD!!!!!!!!!!!because on the keyboard u can make up any songs (which i like!)and piano because lots of songs have pianos in it so thats why i like it.(maybe i can come up with a club penguin song that will be cool!)waddle on penguins!!


My favourite instrument in the whole world is a electric guitar because i like rock music and the sound that the guitar makes is kind of cool.I can't wait for new instruments that might come out in the future.


My favorite is the electric guitar. I like it because you totally rock out with it and have fun. I wish the Club Penguin should have more guitars that are in different colors. I like the trumpet too because you can play it really loud and its very popular. Those are my favorite instruments and why. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite instrument in the WORLD is the drums. I love to just make rythems and not follow any certain type of tune. What i like best about the drums is that if you make a mistake that mistake can turn into a discovery of a new rythem! I personally love to make mistakes so i can experiment with new tunes!


My favorite inserment is the drums........ because of the ..............NOIES, LOUD, CRAZY, LOUD who wouldent love the drums

WHO LOVESTHE DRUMS I DOOOOOOOOOOO (please post ive never been posted before)


Well my favorite instuments I would say is the tuba.I like the tuba because it sounds cool and it looks cool on you.
The others are just hand instuments.


I really wish u guys would make a flute or a clarinet. I think both of those instrument r really cool and they are different than rock instruments. If u guys would do that I would be soo happy. Waddle On Cp!! Keep up the good work! (Please post. Never been posted.)

Fu Foo:

My favorite instrument In the whole world is the flute i love the flute it is so cool i play flute all the time i think it would be amazing to see club penguin playing the flute just like me! hope to see a flute Waddle on cp!!


I love the new intruments in the catalog! I hope they will be on the " Intrument Catalog" in the lighthouse!


My favorite musical instrument would be the saxaphone because I play the saxaphone and I am pretty good.


my favorite instrument in the world would have to be the violin because it can make so many beautiful sounds! it can also be used in country music,i'm also thinking of taking lessons in CP and out! I hope everyone out there has a favorite instument! Waddle on CP!


My favorite instrument would have to be the drums because i play them and i have them in CP, the sounds they make are epic and drums is part of my favorite type of music.



I have the girl's outfit..... It's really cool. Only one difference i have a purple guitar not a pink one. Until then waddle on!

Dr Digdig:

My favorite instrument is the clarinet. I play it in my school band. Its an awesome instrument because you can play jazz and all kinds of stuff. It has so many buttons on it too. Everyone should try to learn how because its fun!
Waddle on Cp!
Dr Digdig


I like ALL of the instruments, I like how they have different tunes and stuff. And i LOVE the new red electric guitar pin, cause my first instrument to use WAS the red electric guitar! I hope the music jam party is gonna ROCK CLUBPENGUIN!!! Keep it up the good work CP!!!


I like the black and green guitar.It's a secret item,so you have to look for it.Waddle On CP!!


Dear Club Penguin my favorite instrument is the duble guiter because it has two guitars in one!


This question was a tough one. Out of the many wonderful instruments in the world, I would have to say, my favourite is the violin. I love the sweet sound it makes when its played. I like how it is compact, and how elegant it looks. I really like how it makes any situation seem all formal and fancy-like. So out of many, the violin is my personal favourite.


My favourite instrument in the world is the Saxophone because it has a really nice a deep sound.


my favorite musical instrument is the drum the best about it is that i can hit the drum and play music.


My favriote musical instrument in the world is a guitar(not rock guitar)

Vick Sparkle:

my favorite instrument is the pink eletric guitar but i hope cllub penguin gets a flute


My most faveroute instrument is a guitar.I like this instrument best because it is facinating the way the vibration bounces around inside cerating a high and low sound!WADDLE ON CP!PS.Please post this inever got posted before!


I like the drums; the drums have a lot of different beats and I like how it sounds well all together, and with drums you can also create a beat that someone can dance to! Drums can create imagination for me and many other instruments

Mc twisp:

~mc twisp
Please Post I Have Never Been Posted Before


i think you should pick me because i am the best person at music i know
my favorite instrument is the Key-tar because i the mix of the key board and the guitar because
i like the guitar and the key board so that is why you should pik me

P.S. i relay need some coins because i have none

so keep Waddle on penguins

Tough Speck:

MY FAVORITE INSTRUMENT IS THE RECORDER!!!!!!:-) I like it because it is easy to play and I'm good at playing it. My music teacher spent two months teaching my class to play!!


My favourite musical instrument is the drums because when i go to the light house some penguins make a band and the drums are the most nearly everyone listens to. I love cp and i wish there will be alot of instruments coming soon. Keep up the amzing work cp!!!



Hmmmmmm. I have to say my favorite instrument would be the harp. It's so intringing! The music is beautiful with all of it's humming like the gutiar. Also, this insrument was born in the midevil times like the party we just had. It sounded lovely with the music and the decor was amazing so it's stylish too. Can't wait to see suprises are going to be at the music fest. Waddle on C.P


My favorite instruments would have to be the Saxophone or flute. They are both cool instruments!!


I love the new catalog!! The Drummer outfit is cool.The backrounds are very musical and I love it.My favorite is the boy with the cool hat and nice outfit! Well, I can not believe the music jam is so close! That is one of my favorite party's in clubpenguin. See ya!


i like the guitar because its important to bands a musically rock star stuff.i really wanna play the guitar but i dont know how to play it! i wish everyone else enjoys the guitar too! my favorite guitar in the catalog is the double necked guitar because it looks funny!


My favorite musical instrument is the viola, which is part of the strings family. It is my favorite instument because it combines the aspects of a violin and a cello into one. You play it on your shoulder, like the violin, but your stings are lower sounding than a violins. This makes it the perfect instrument for all music, from dramatic and scary, to jumpy and happy.I even play the viola!


It was so awsome but i never got to diffeat Herbert p. bear


My favorite instrument in the world is the piano! Some of the things that I like best about my instrument is that I know how to play tons of songs from movies! I even know a little Nutcracker! Another thing that I like about the piano is that if you just play around on random keys you can make music!
Until Next Time....
Waddle on CP!


Well my favourite instrument in the world would have to be a keyboard piano because it can sound like any other instruments in the world. You should really make a piano to play because that would be cool.
Waddle on CP and buy instruments!


My favorite instrument is the trombone!! i really like to play even though it sounds like a trumpet!! i actually play it in real!
(please post never been posted)


ok, my most favorite instrament is..............hmmmmm thats a hard question because i love mucsic and i want to be a multitalented musician when i grow up! but if i had to choose my favorite instrament would be the ......flute because that what im learning to play at school nest year!

(plz post ive nerver been posted before)


The didgeridoo is my fave instrument it has amazing sounds,
also sounds like a burping frog!


My favorite musical instrument in the world is the drum because i like to bang things and make it make a sound.I love the new insturments too.I have two favorite instruments n the catalog they are black guiter and keyboard.When i play them it makes a sound and thats what i like about the instruments in club penguin.And i'm a big fan of candace!!!Any way

Pingu Jj:

My best instrument is the (purple) guitar because i used to play one!

P.S the dancing green puffle at the night club and (flare) have not changed please change them

~Pingu Jj


My 3 favirote instruments are the voilin,the flute and the electric guitar.



my favorite instrument is the KeyTar its like a keyboard but with a guitar


My favorite is the lute. It was my first one! I got it at my first medieval party. I would go play it every where. It was when i first was a member. It was so exciting! My favorite thing about it is that it looks like a guitar and that it is only available during the medieval party! I will play it soon! Waddle on! -Peterblujon


my favorite instrument is the drums because i love hearing the beat of them and i really want to play them in a band !

waddle on cp!
- orbeez234


Many people have different favorite instruments. Thats because people have different personalities that make them unique! My favorite instrument is...well I do'nt know if this a instrument is but, it's my voice. I just love singing! :D
Waddle on Club Penguin!


Hey Billybob you want to know MY favorite instrument and why? Well, I have, like, 3 favorite instruments and they are: Clarinet, Flute, and Drums. But my most favorite instrument out of those three is the Clarinet because at our school for grades 6-8 in music class we get to pick an instrument to play and I chose Clarinet and i know how to play Best Of Brahms. Thanks for letting me tell you my favorite instrument. Waddle On CP!!


My favourite instrument is the electric guitar because you can play cool notes and rock out
until then WADDLE ON CP!



I LOVE THE DRUMS OR GUITAR...both these instruments set the tone in a song without a beat on those two instruments...It doesn't sound like a complete song...WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS: Please post this I've STILL never been posted...


I like the pink guitar because it was so amazing to females and whenever i take a single look at it my mind thinks about club penguin when it wasn't disney. Oh those times are beautiful!
The Music Jam Party is my favorite one!
I think it will be the best one yet!


Now I love insturments.My favorite is a black guitar.Black is awesome and pretty and that sounds very good in the guitar.I have it here on cp and its so pretty.


probably voice it's so powerful on it's own or with an instrument. but if voice dosen't count i'd have to say a keyboard it's like so many instruments in one. I bet the music jam party will so rocken I can"t wait to hear all the good bands and music it's one of my favorite partys. To the next time... WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN


This was written on my 8th birthday


I love the Trombone because it is unlike any instrument ever made because it has a slide. it also sounds lower and i prefer lower instruments (no offense high instruments) It is unique like me and i feel if i was an instrument i would be a trombone.i love the gutar and I like it cause I play it in real life why I like it is cause they led the band sometimes and there are so many colors on. i love them thir cool and i love the sound when you play them.


There are loads of new instruments that I've never seen before! I really like the new rocking clothes! I think the whole of Cliubpenguin would be wearing the new clothes! The music jam clothes just keep getting better every year! I'm just trying to say that I love the new outfits! Thanks for the new looks, Cadence!

Bobby 234:

I love the Trombone because it is unlike any instrument ever made because it has a slide. it also sounds lower and i prefer lower instruments (no offense high instruments) It is unique like me and i feel if i was an instrument i would be a trombone.

- Bobby 234

10news rox:

Hi! My favorite instrument is the black gutar because its a hidden item. Try to find it! And also because its reare and its black my favorite colour


Hmm... That's a hard question. I like almost every instrument. My most favorite is the black electric guitar and it's hidden! I don't have enough coins to buy it yet.


My favorite musical instrument is the gutar I like it cause I play it in real life why I like it is cause they led the band sometimes and there are so many colors on CP Waddle On


My favorite musical instrument in the world is.....
Guitar because I really like to say this to remember the words
On the guitar stings. Eat all day get big easy. And also WABBLE AROUND CP :)


I really like the fiddle because, it shows who you really are and, how you feel on the inside! My CP friends say the fiddle is for country folks but really it is just for your own personality!

Waddle on forever CP!!!
-- Fungirls


I really like the fiddle because, it shows who you really are and, how you feel on the inside! My CP friends say the fiddle is for country folks but really it is just for your own personality!

Waddle on forever CP!!!
-- Fungirls


This club penguin rock jam style is great amazing and awesome! But defenitly my favorite musical instament was the hot pink guitar, it makes me look like a star!


I like the purple gutiar because its my favorite color and it fits my personality also i think it represents the true me when i am playing in the lighthouse with my buddies i really like this gutair and no other will do for me. Waddle on Cp! :)


My FAVORITE insturment in the world is the trumpet. I don't have one on Club Penguin, but I'd like one! I play the trumpet.
WADDLE ON CP:):):):)!!!!


i love them thir cool and i love the sound when you play them
panini1129 at 6:12 pm


Well, I love playing piano! I play piano in real life and THATS why my name is Pianoethan! I also like other insturments but I'm not too good. I love piano and I love music! Its so awesome! Rock on C.P.!


my favorite instrument is a piano the thing i like about it is some pianos are able to be carreied anywhere you want and can change the sounds from normal pianos to fireworks and some come with lots of installed music and fun to play with books that teach you to play pianos!

Annabele 3:

My favourite music instrument in the world would have to be guitar because I have so much practice at it.And I have performed in assembly. And I don't realy like blowing into things like clarinet,saxaphone,recorder and all those other things so guitar is best for me.


This is very simple and common but I love pianos and keyboards! They sound really pretty and amazing!!!!! If I had one I would be super happy!
My second favorite is the trumpet, cause it sounds awesome!!!! I can't wait for Music Jam. It's gonna rock the island. LOL. Waddle on CP!


My favorite is the piano! I do it everyday.I also love the drums and go to the lighthouse often.
Rock on cp!

Patrick 302:

Hello! My favorite insturment is a guitar. I like a guitar because they're are so many different types of them.

P.S.Please post have never been posted.

Waddle On CP!


My favourite insterment in the world wouldm have to be electric guitar because you can make better sounds than a normal guitar with it . Also I like it because it comes in more colours than other instraments.


i like my electric bass because i can play so much with it!!!!! ;)


I love the violin! I don't play it but I love the classical sound. I first heard it when a second grader played it and I've been in love with it ever since.


Well my favorite instrument is well,all of them.My most favorite instrument is really the new penguins at work marching band stuff but i also like the other instruments i like the ones that were in last years catalog.i even like the hidden double neck guitar but Billy Bob whats your favorite instrument is it the double neck guitar the marching band stuff(is in the penguins at work section)the keytar the electric guitar or the trumpet

Oreo 5659:

My favrit instrument ever is the piano. I like it because I am good enough to play songs! I think it is so fun to play.
Waddle on Club Penguin!
P.S. To those that play piano, isn't it so much fun?


My favorite instrument in the world is the piano! I like the piano because I think it's an easy instrument to master, and there are MANY famous songs to play with a piano too. Pianos also have a relaxing sound when you play them, and many people like to listen to the piano for that reason.

Ally Light:

Guitar! Because if you know how to play piano its easier to play guitar!!! plus guitars can be in all diffrent shapes,sizes,and colors and you can tune you guitar to whatever sound you want i think its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol




I love the guitar and piano because they can play so many types of music. Jazz, blues, soft melodies... you name it! I play them both, and I think it's so much fun learning about them, too!

Waddle on CP!


i realy like all of them with there music it is all i like i even play a little of all of them in my school i think all of the instruments is great for all the kids in club penguin please keep on making more! (waddle on cp)


I like the violen because I love the pretty sounds of it. I also have a violen on Club Penguin from Music Jam a few years ago. :)

Meme 101 Gir:

I Like All Of The Instruments But My Favorite Has To Be The Maracas On The First Ever Music Jam Party I Have Been Too I Got The Maracas I Like It Because It Was One Of The First Instruments I Had Ever Had On Clubpenguin And I Also Like It Because I Got It At The Music Jam Party But I Love All Of The Instruments But I Like This One The Best ! !

Waddle On Clubpenguin =D !!!!!!


Meme 101 Gir

May 133:

i love the outfits im a member and when i got it im like im never takeing these off lol walddle on cp

master 705:

i love the new catolag i found the secret items i also found a secret in the better igloos catolog and found better igloos keep ut the good work until then waddle on!


WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite instrument is the electric guitar, because it can lead you in playing almost any string instrument! It happened to me once, I was playing the big bass, and a few months later, I was playing the guitar! Club Penguin has really great instruments, and I'm proud of it! Waddle on!


I think it would be really cool to have a piano for my penguin!I really like pianos because they sound very good!I like pianos music so much!Thats why I chose pianos!Waddle on CP!


Wow cool! i like the key board instrument


My favorite instrument has GOT to be the Guitar! The thing I like best about it is how you can tune the strings however low, or high you want it, and how it sounds!

Waddle on CP, just waddle on!


my favrite instrament is a cello because it has great string tecnices


My favorite instrument is the guitar.Because you could play songs .And make sounds.from julie59693.


My favorite instrument is the electric keyboard. I love it because it makes really awesome high-pitched sounds.I think it should be a member item in one of the back stage rooms. I also like the electric guitar because lots of bands use them and those are really successful bands.


My favorite instrument in the whole world would be the drumset, because drums are for the people who love to have fun, and that's me! It's hard to explain, because drummers are special in a way. Drums have a cool beat, too, and that is why I love the drums.

Ps. please post this, mine never get posted!


probably voice it's so powerful on it's own or with an instrument. but if voice dosen't count i'd have to say a keyboard it's like so many instruments in one. I bet the music jam party will so rocken I can"t wait to hear all the good bands and music it's one of my favorite partys. To the next time... WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN


Thanks for asking!I have to say my favorite instument in the world is the drums where theres a strap you put around your neck and play it.P.S.Its also made from africa!

Gracey Rooo:

The voice and drums are my favourite. They can be LOUD or soft and you can make them sound whatever way you want them too! They are both powerful instruments, thats why I like them.
Stay Icey Cool!
GrAcEy RoOo


My favorite isturment is the Recorder(Woodwind).

Also I have a problem.When I try to login the login
thing won't show up and it has been happening
ever since June 2nd and I have 4 BLACK puffles
1 PINK puffle
1 PURPLE puffle 1 GREEN puffle
1 BROWN puffle
1 ORANGE puffle
1 RED puffle
1 BLUE puffle
1 YELLOW puffle
1 WHITE puffle


My favorite instrument in the whole world are drums. I'm very good at playing drums. Not to brag or anything, I was playing drums since I was like five! I wouldn't say I'm the best drummer in the world, but I would say that I might be the best drummer in my whole family. When I play the drums when I'm sad, I feel better. And I feel even better when I play the drums on Club penguin!
Until then... Waddle On CP!


My favorite instrument is the Piano. It really means a lot to me. My teacher says I'm really good. I have been playing for 2 years and I have won an award every time. I also love my singing voice. I know it is not a true instrument, but you really need to be born with the talent to master it. This is why I love Piano and My Voice!

Iceberg 6781:

My favoirite instrument is the Saxaphone. I;'ve been wondering what it would sound like on Club penguin. Do you think you could put it on the website. If you could That would be Awsome. I LOOOOOOOVE Jazz.


Hello this is Oby24680 and my favorite musical instrument is the keyboard I have been playing it for three or two years now and it is my favorite instrument now at first I didn't like it at all but now it is my favorite.One reason is that it can sometimes it can make funny noises and you can play with two people like a duet. =) =) =) =) =)=) =) =) Waddle On Club Penguin! =) =)

Blaster 110:

My favorite musical instrument IN THE WORLD is the Alto Saxophone. That is my favorite instrument because I LOVE JAZZ!!! The Alto Sax. has a unique sound that surprises people. Some people don't even think that it's used for JAZZ!!! The Alto Sax. has many unique notes and sounds and can play a numerous amount of music! The Alto Sax. is also good to be played with other instruments. It goes PERFECT with a band! WADDLE ON CP!!! :D

Tir Unit:

I love violins! They are simply beautiful and hypnotic! They also go with almost all types of music, including rock and techno!

I also love pianos for the same reason. I have a friend that can play the piano really good!

Waddle on!

that 1 pingu:

im so happy we have all these new instruments! my favorite is the acoustic guitar, but i also like that "lap piano" as i call it. (AKA. keyboard) =P anyway, is there going to be any new instruments next month? i hope so!

\ sincerely,
that 1 pingu
P.S. Rock on!


my favorite instrument is the black guitar


I think my favorite instrument is the Piano. I like the sound of the piano and its very beutiful. Waddle On Cp!


hey cp the pink gatar is my favorite ! and the party is almost here and new iggy items its sooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! you dont know how excited i am eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! love ya cp waddle on!

zippy zoom:

this will be fun for me and my purple puffle


My favourite instrement in the whole world would have to be the french horn! I'm planning on playing it in band next year. I think it's cool because a frech horn is thirteen feet if you roll it out into one longe tube. So that's my favourite instrument. Penguins waddle on and make music!


personally id say..........................
(or trompet)
with only 3 valves its small and AMAZAZING!!!!!!!!

waddle on!!!!!!!

go cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jac 1712:

i love the blue electric guitar! it makes that jazz sound. it sorta calms me down. WADDLE ON CP!


My favorite instrument is the guitar because it sounds so cool and its AWSOME because you can make endless types of sounds and i think there should be a way for you to play your instrument in your igloo or in the nightclub that way you really can be a rockstar and maybe even start a band with friends!


Of course I love all instruments! But my favorite instrument in the world, would have to be a saxaphone. Why I love it so much is that it is just beautiful to listen too, and the sax is known for jazz. It can play high and low and it has amazing factors. Plus, depending what your feeling-happy, sad, angry,romantic the saxaphone carries on that emotion to how you play. Thanks CP YOU ROCK! Waddle on and keep on rockin! ~Acw99~ (P.S. Please please please post! I have never been posted before!)


my favorite instrument is the clarinet because i play that and i had the best music teacher ever. i wish we could buy a flute or clarinet at the lighthouse or in the catalog!!! that would be so cool! i would know how to play it offline! thank you so much please post please!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite instrament is the synthasizar it can play aboat 90 instraments. And I think you can record sounds and play them over and over and over. Intill next time goodbye C.P.


My favorite is a secret. I don't tell anyone. My second favorite is the flute and the saxaphone. Because on the saxaphone it can make very low noises to VERY high noises. It is tricky to play, but I like challenges. And the flute because usally it is shiny and I like shiny things. And pretty much the same reasons for the saxaphone. WADDLE ON, CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!


p.s. plz post
- if do thank you soooooooo much

Lucky 19600:


Team Jacob50:

i love the guitar and drums because they go well well with a band. the drums you can pound it and you can get a good excercise!! i like the drums because it gives a big loud beat i love being loud!!! the guitar i love becuase it can make any kind of noise you want!!!


The electric guitar because i love rock! I like when the black and green guitar came out! Waddle on cp!


Well my favourite is a red eletric guitar


I think herbert was nice and all but he has out grown the past and turned to the dark side of the future will he ever be the same?


I think i like 2 instruments the green keytar and a digeredoo because it is from your vocal voice.



I love the trumpet because it is really easy to play and is really fun! It is a fun instrument and you can have fun with a penguin pal! My penguin likes it too! He always uses it when the music jam comes to town. Trumpets are my favorite instruments, i like a lot of other ones, but trumpet is deffiniately my favorite.


My most favorite instrument is the electrick guitar. the best thing I like about it is that I can use it at the beach.


my favorite insturment is the eletric guitar because it sounds so cool and rad!


My favorite instrument is the electric guitar. It really makes an interesting noise and can bring you goosebumps during a great song. The electric guitar can get you pumped. I am happy that you featured it in the catalog. WADDLE ON CP!!


My favorate is the drums they are so fun and the drummer controls the rythme of the band. I can't play the drums but hey we can learn things. Also I think music jam is gonna be awesome! my favorite room is the docks. Rock on cp!(literally).


My favorite instrument is a bass guitar because my favorite type of music is pop and they mostly play the bass guitar in songs so that's why I like the bass guitar.
Waddle on CP!!


Hello penguins i really really like the piano. I really think that it would be awsome if clubpenguin had a piano added in the catalog. i mean it would probualy be really odd but i think it would be a great idea. penguind could have it in their igloo and really get to play the axual piano. Like at the light house the drums, you have to buy drum sticks and then you go to the light house and play the drums. Theirs a piano already at the lighthouse, You should have penguins may be buy gloves or somthing for the piano at the light house and then they can click on the dance signal and play. well , Waddle On Clubpenguin Team!!!!!!!!


Hm! I would have to say i like the guitar best but if i had another choice i would pick the piano. Just a few days ago i just strummed my friends guitar with my thumb and she said it sounded awesome. Maybe i could try playing the instruments?? Well,wish me luck if i do!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!

Zing Zoo:

I like the piano a lot. I just started playing but I really enjoy it. On the piano you can get the exact sounds you want. The piano also can help you tune other instruments. Pianos are also just fun to play. If you are bored, just get your piano and practice. You might think that the piano is hard to play, but it is easier than it looks.


I like the French Horn alot! The notes can go High or low. It is also cool how it has all those twists and turns.You wonder where is all ends.The French Horn is even longer than a school bus if you winded it all out! I can't wait intill the mucic jam! Intill then............WADDLE ON!!!!!!!

saphire 2011:

hey penguins!! My favorite instrument was the double guitar. It was my favorite because is looks like a piano but is sounds like a keyboard!!
i totally wish i had one and i also wish there was more instruments!! remember always waddle on!! hope to catch you around cp.


I wish i was a member so i can buy a instrument.But i have to say they do sound perfect.


I like the red gutiar and the drums.


My favorite insterment is the.......... GUTIR


my favorite instrument is probably the piano. so many songs! so many notes! its fun just to click one note! its nice to know the songs so you can show your friends!


My favorite instrument is the flute, but I like the pink and black guitars too!!! Waddle On CP!!


My favorite instrument is the keytar or the double necked guitar at the gift shop. In real life I like the drums they make you feel like yourself,they are so fun to play and beat them.Next, music jam can you make drum sets for your igloo? MUSIC JAM ROCKS!!!!!!!!!


My favorate instrument is the pink eletric guitar. Pink is my favorate color , it matches my CP jacket and it is the color of my penguin. I love the pink eletric so much!

Waddle on CP!


i like the black gutar because it sounds cool waddle on cp!!!


MY personal favorite in the world is the music box because it has so many sounds of so many instruments in clubpenguin my favorite
is the double necked gutair because it fits my personalty loud,musical,and so adventures if candance had a instrument it would defenatly be the key board!


I would have to say out of all the instruments in this world my favoirte is the piano,because it makes such a beautiful sound!Waddle On Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I like a lot of instruments, but my favorite instrumet is a... guitar! It's a really cool instrument because... the guitar is pretty simple to play unlike any other instruments I know like the saxaphone, and the trumpet. Anyway, the guitar is like a boyish instrument for rock music. I'm a boy and I kinda like rock music.
WADDLE ON, CLUB PENGUIN! YOU'RE THE BEST! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mega Frosty:

My favorite instrument world is the violin because on Club Penguin everyone has a guitar or drums but not many people have the violin. But I have one and I like to show it to my friends and I also play it in our CP band and im usually really happy to play my violin because people will sit and watch us play.


I love the guitar and the base because the guitar sounds cool and the base because my dad plays it.


Hey CP! My favourite instermuent in the whole word has to be either the guitar or the recorder. I like the guitar because I love the different sounds that it can make, and my favourite thing about the recorder is that its the only instermuent I can play.
Waddle on Cp!

Icey Cold89:

My favorite instrument is a guitar. You can express your feelings with the help of the beautiful music it makes! Country or electric, the guitar is so amazing. I'm learning how to play it right now, I'm even working on a Club Penguin theme song!!!
Waddle On!!
-Icey Cold89


Mine is Guitar, because im really good at playing them! i even entered the talent show! My real guitar is pink.
I can play all string instermints! (i wish cp had the Voilion!)


My favorite instument in the whole world is the keyboard. I like the keyboard because you can put what tune you want and its like a piano but smaller and you can change the rythmn. You can make so much diffrent music with it, it even surprises ME!
I can't imagine what other keyboard instruments they might make in the future but until then, I'll waddle around Club Penguin, enjoying the fun of the game.
Until then,waddle on,CP!

Mocha Mist:

My favorite insturment would have to be the green keyboard gutiar! Its perfect for me because I love both the keybord and the gutair. I cant wait till i can buy it! I also cant wait until the music jam it sounds so much fun!


i like the dubul bast gatar and the green keetare


hello my penguin name is kahnya my favotrite insturment is my voice and a guiter because. Your voice goes great with a guiter and plus guiter are played in a lot of music vidoes i dad knows how to play the guiter that is how i love them so much.i would love for you guess to herer me play but this is a comment i hop you like what i have post i you pick that will be great but if you pick differnt penguin on here its ok i wish that great penguin will be very happy.!.!.!.! well all of you have a great day

Spiderman z:

Well my favorite instrument is a piano.
You may think thats hard to play but no your wrong if you practice and work hard you CAN do it. You have a favorite insturment of course if practice you can become as famous as......

.Micheal Jackson
.Katy Perry
.The Rolling Stones
.Iron Maiden

Ring a bell? So keep on practicing!!! Waddle On!!!!!


My favorite instrument is the guitar. even though i play the piano, i like guitar better. Guitar can go from soft and smooth, to rockin and fast. Plus, there are so many types of guitars in the world and colors. ( i cant wait till penguin Band comes!!!!! theyre gonna rock the whole island!! Keep up the awesome work Club Penguin Team!)

Tori Vega45:

My favorite musical instrument is....I have to say a piano because how the piano sounds.It just sounds classic and it makes me feel like playing a piano perfectly but i don't know how to play it but I LOVE the sound.But we sort of have a classic house when people come in our house.
Another musical instrument I like is the violin because...Well lets just say that I like the stick and the case that they give you.(If you play a violin they do)Also I like the sound of it too.

Well these are the musical instrument I like in the WORLD!!!

Please post at show it to the nest Review next week please!! my penguin name Is Tori Vega45 with the space.

charlote 697:

that blog is so special because of instruments and music is one of the most important things in my life but the instrument that I like esl battery as it is cool cool and my friends play mejores battery (included) and drummers of our favorite bands are the best and the battery of the lighthouse does not sound bad and another thing the instrumentosde the store catalog gifts are awesome hope to sell batteries for igloos
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ ARE GREAT


I like the mic the best.I helps you express your feelings and is easier than instrauments.But if mic dosent count,I like guiter the best.I like it because its fun to play!


i say the doblenecked gutar becuse its so cool,it is a hidden item in the new caterlog and it has lots off strings!!! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Electric violin. No doubt about it. Best thing EVER!


My favourite instrument in the ENTIRE world would definately be the drums! I love the way they sound, and I think they are very fun to play!

Bluy Tooie:

My favorite instrument is the electric guitar because I like the loud sounds. Many bands use the electric guitar. You can change the sounds whenever you want by putting your fingers on different strings.Some guitars have very very cool colors and come in different shapes and sizes. One day I would like to learn how to play the electric guitar and play in a rock band.WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


LOL. To figure that out for my is kinda hard. I LOVE the electric guitar, but i ALSO like the violin. If I would pick one though it would most likely be the guitar. The guitar is REALLY rockin'! But the violin is soft and gentle I hope that a LOT of people LOVE the electric giutar. Again, IT IS ROCKIN!!!!




My favorite instrument is the piano I like the Piano because my very pretty voice goes right along with it . And it also has a very pretty sound and most songs I listen to on the radio have pianos in it .Pianos are really a nice color they also go really good with most music and songs . Every Saturday when I go to church I love to listen to the pretty sounds of the Piano.

Waddle On CP!!!


I like the drums because I am good at it.I also like it because it is the heart beat of any band.The drums can be a fun insterument to learn too!It is a very loud insterument that i think every one will just love. :)


My favorite instument is the Piano. I play it, and it has so many different sounds, so I can play most anything! It sounds amazing.
My second is the Harp. I've always been a fan of the Harp, because of the gentleness but awesome sound.
Can't wait for Music Jam!!!! Waddle On CP!!!


I love the trumpet. Iv`e been playing it for about a year.


i love the piano because i am very good at it. i have a piano recital tomorow actualy. wish me luck ;)

waddle on C.P. i <3 you guys

Littel Car12:

my personal favorite instrument is the double guitar. I love the double guitar because it has double tunes to play and it has a unique sound when i play it in the lighthouse.


My favorite musical instrument is the electric guitar.I like it because I play the guitar and it makes a loud sound.I also like the drums. I like them because they are fun to use when your mad.I can play the intro of Thunderstruck on the guitar and the drums.I would also like to say I LOVE the music party it's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!
From your pal,


My favorite istrument would be my voice because you don't have to be good at anything else to use it. If that's not what your meaning though my favorite instrument would have to be guitar because it's just the sound i guess but no matter what we've all got music inside of all of us. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


mine is ........the Drums BOOM BASH BOOM BOOM BASH my second favurite is the drum sticks they can go TAP TAP TAP or BOOM BASH BOOM BOOM BASH


My fav instrument should be an electric guitar! I like them because when ever I hear them play it makes me feel like jumping and trashing the place, what I really mean is that it sounds so kool and it makes me wanna rock! WADDLE ON CP!! YOU ROCK!!


My favorie is the flute.I REALLY like the woody,magicaly sound it makes!! Waddle On CP!! :)


I think I like the piano cuz its speaks my mind like when im sad i can play sad music or when im happy i can play joyful music.Rock on cp keep on rocking like u do.

(p.s I never been posted and i wight to u ever week so plz post me)


I really like guitars. I found the secret purple one, and I LOVE it! Absolutly LOVE it! Well 1 reason is because I really like purple. The second reason is because I like guitars. Good idea for the purple guitar CP! Waddle On! P.S: My second favorite is piano! WADDLE ON!


Well to be honest, I like so many I can't name them all but I'll name one in my top five: THE EPIC THE ONE AND ONLY DRUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like that because "my man" G Billy from the penguin band plays them. Also they are loud. I like loud sometimes but NEVER TOO MUCH LOUD. They are also fun because they make these beating sounds when you hit them. It makes you say WOW! And/Or It makes you think how does it make such a funny sound like that? Well that's all!



My favorite instrument would be the drums because it's the heart of all music, always keeps rythem and beat together!


I LOVE the piano. I play the piano too. By the way, there is a piano in the lighthouse, but you can't play it. Or at least I don't know how to play it at the lighthouse. Can you play it?


Nice hidden items! U got the best items for the cp WADDLE ON!


my favorite instrumint is the electric guitar because i play it in real life at my school


I liked the keytar the double necked guitar(hidden item) and I also liked the black eletric guitar(also hidden). WADDLE ON CP :D


Well my favorite instrument would probably be guitar.Its pretty fun and once i went to my friends house and played guitar!So my favorite would be guitar!The guitar is pretty fun and i have Guitar Hero.I wish i could get a little better at guitar.WADDLE ON CP!


My favorite instrument would be... the violin! why? because it's a simple yet difficult instrument, it's easy to play yet hard to master. It's sound is soft, high, and gentle. those are only some of the reasons why I love the violin!


My voice well the voice its so powerful but if thats not on the charts then id have to say umm the guitar because you can make songs with the guir\tar when your sad, happy, confused, tired, excited i mean its got such vibe


I love the trombone because its a beautiful brass instrument and its easy to play. I also think the sound is amazing
It is a very festive instrument especially for penguins. WADDLE ON CP


i think you have way with words courtney i definetely agree with you


My favorite insturment would have to be the piano becuase of the beautiful sound it makes. I also enjoy the guitar because it can sound calm and then the next second it can be loud and crazy.

11 pollypink:

I love rockin out at the lighthouse with my pals I always play the snazzy blue guitar! Music is so awesome!!



this is so cool i get to be a signer


I like the harp because it has a peaceful and beautiful sound!!!


My favorite instrument is the drums.It brings together all of rock and roll!Hey did you know The Beatles were the first to play Rock and Roll?!I play the drums(not like Ringo Starr)and i love more than any other instrument i play.Thats probably beacause i paly violin and really soft guitar plucking-dont forget the recorder!There just way to slow and calm.I need an instrument(or song)with a fast beat like a Hard Days Night or Born this Way.Have fun playing your favorite instrument!


probably guitar or drums becase their mainly the part that that makes you jump up and down untuil next time penguins waddle on


mine is a drum set i like the beats the ... music the ... ??? acually i dont really no anymore things.


My favorite instrument is the keyboard, because you can play different sounds of instruments on it, like guitars, trumpets, or drums. You also could play songs on it, like a ipod, and there are guides that show how to play songs.It would be cool, if it was on Cp. I know how to play the keyboard!
Waddle on, Club penguin


My fav instrument is the black gutar because all of my friends think i look cool playing with it and having it on! W A D D L E ON C.P.! PS I DONT KNOW BILLYBOB BUT THE PET SHOP IS WHITE TO ME HELP ME PLZ! :) :P :D


I like the electric guitar. I have one on club penguin and one in real life. I am still writing songs. I love guitar so much because its fun playing and ever since I was 4 I loved guitar. you might think playing guitar is easy but it is much harder. music is my life


My favorite instrument is the blue double necked guitar hidden in the catalog,because blue is my favorite color and its double like two electric guitar! Waddle On CP!


If I could pick an instument i would pick the pink electric guitar!I would pick it because, I think its cool and I like the sound of electric.


I LOVE the new clothing catalog it is so cool


Hi Club Penguin,My most favorite instument in the world is the
Electric Guitar-Keyboard becuase I love playing the Electric piano and listening
to my friend playing the Electric Guitar.


My favorite instrument in the world is the harmonica because I'm really good at it and It's my personality.Now I've been playing the harmonica for nine years and I'm the best harmonica playetr in my music clas at school.


My favorite is the maraca because it is easy to use and everyone can play it!


Definetely the Red Keytar! It takes keyboards and guitars to a whole new,extreme,and really cool level! I like the drums as well, but the Keytar's unique flare adds a really cool touch! The specific unique traits of the Keytar including, it's electronic sound,it's really awesome appearance,and, it's not as difficult as some instruments! I usually act laid back about it,and just play random notes! Waddle On~


My favorite instrument is the trumpet because i play it and love the sound of it. *Please Post*

Perry Lala:

My favorite instrument is the flute. I chose the flute because it is very graceful and has a beautiful tone. Another reason on why I love the flute so much is because it is something that you really have to dedicate to in able to master. What I love the MOST about it is a very hard question to answer. I love everything about it!


My favorite instrument is the violin because it sounds peaceful and doesn't require blowing into the instrument. There are also wonderful pieces of music written specifically for the violin. My second favorite instrument is the recorder because it's simple to play, the sound is similar to a flute's, and it's lightweight.


My favorite has to be piano,its majestic keys played to smooth, its godly tunes, its about how YOU play it,it describes you and who you are, it doesn't matter HOW you play it or if your good, people still clap, who wouldn't love to stroke their hands across the keys and make the sounds,I hope this explains why I think its the best,lets just hope the others like this instrument as much as i do,
WADDLE ON CP -Natetheepic


My favorite instrument is the black electric guitar I don't have enough coins to get it yet!!!!!!!


I really liked the part when we got to battle herbert and those dragon heads it was fun.



please post this iv never got posted before.


I love the keyboard. It is such a great instrument. Also some keyboards have different sounds and can be a drum, strings, or guaiter or any other instrument you can think of. The keyboard is peacefull yet daring. You can never stop listening to the great sound. I think a lot more people should play the paino. It can calm you down. I just like it just because it is a beautiful instrument.


i love the pink gutair its so cool i love it WADDLE ON CP P.S PLEASE POST MY COMENT I NEVER EVER GOT POSTED BEFORE AND CLUBPENGUIN IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favoret instrument would have to be a drum kit!!! The reson why is because you could play it if your sad, mad, happy, exsited, exc. So basicly, a drum kit can help any of your good emotions, and stop all your bad emotions. To sum it up, a drum kit goes with any emotion.


I don't know what my favorite instrument is! I love the noises they make, but I haven't seen or heard of many instruments. I like the cello, guitar, piano, drums, trumpet, and saxophone, among others. I love all instruments! waddle on CP!

ultamite coo:

My favorite instrument from around the world is the diggeridoo. Its from Australlia it makes a wierd base noise. Which makes it more interesting

Shaymin 28:

My favorite instrument is the violin. I like it because unlike pianos, you could make any sounds. You can play a note that has a pitch that is in between two keys in a piano! (eg. you can play a note that is in between Bb and B!) You could also make funny sounds!!! Waddle on CP!!!


My favorite instrument is the voice. It's so powerful. It is not like a maraca, constantly making the same noise. Nor is it like a guitar, everyone in existence, the same sounds and pitches. Every one voice has it's own unique sound. And they can be loud, quiet, high, or low. Anyone and everyone can play this instrument. So grab a microphone and sing! Waddle (and sing) on, Club Penguin!


I love the drums! I appreciate the song," I just wanna bang on my drums all day,and party every night!" because I think it says,"You don't have to be proffessionally good at it,just enjoy yourself! It relaxes me when I pick up the drum sticks and just "bang on my drums all day!" of course,instead of partying, I play Club Penguin all night!


Well, I have a few. I play the clairnet, so I like that, but I might play the french horn, oboe, or bassoon. Those are my favorite instruments.

Thanks Cp! You're really great!


the black gutar iz so rare acthuly all of the SOOO RARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IZ SOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT FOR THE PARTY


Is the vocal niose otherwise known as the voice an instroument? Well its my favrorite instroument. Its so cool to know that your a great singer because you can use it for so many things! Like concercts,musical events,charity events. There is a lot more but if i was famous I would use it for charity and tons more!

ice popply:

i love the drums because there so LOUD and sound so cool they keep the beat in bands too i really like playing the drums in the lighthouse ! I love the pink gitar in penguin style though because it looks cool and is good to play its AMAZING !


My favorite instrument is the microphone. The microphone stands for everyone showing who they really are by being brave and singing in from of a crowd or maybe even just your friends. I love how people dont have to be afraid because when it comes to singing there is no wrong answer! Im glad cp made the microphone for this reason!! Waddle on!


my fav instrument is the trumpet because i play it and it sounds great


My favorite instrument CP has is the key-tar, but out of every instrument, my fave is the piano! I play the piano and I want to be a pianist. :)


I think that my favorite instrument would have to be the Keytar. I chose the keytar because I own one and play it at my house. I really like them, and they are alot of fun. I think that my second choice would be the microphone because I really like to sing. All of my ClubPenguin friends say that they would LOVE to hear me, but I can't! Waddle on, my penguin friends!


i just got a idea for a igloo it looks like a concert stage i csn see it all it looks so epic

waddle on cp

p,s please post on page i havent ever been ^.^

applepie 35:

mmm thats hard i really like the pink eletrical guitar its pretty. and i like the black one to.


Hey CP!! My favourite istrument in the world is the Keytar. I really like the idea of the Keytar. I like guitars and pianos so its a combination of both. I think its awesome.

Waddle On CP!!


I <3 luv em' ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lou Ferrigno:

I LOVE the drums because they have a funky beat.When I first started playing the drums,people ALWAYS ask me how I got so good. I just told them to practice and they'll be as good, or even better than me! I love the beat for Club Penguin drums too.I can't wait for Music Jam 2011!!!
Waddle on CP!


my fav instrument is the double strap orange gutar and i have the new blue one so im hopeing to get the green one this music jam


my favorite enstrement is black letreck getar why i like it is because its black and cool and powerfull thast all for today like we say waddle on


I would say the violin is my favorite! I play violin and it's soooooo magical soiunding! I love it because it has a very graceful sound and it sounds angels are singing when i play my violin. I wish I had a violin on club penguin! That would be awesome!!!!!!!!


I think the keytars are way cool!


I think that my favourite instrument would be the flute. Its such a lovely sound! Its light and pleasent to hear.Thanks for posting!
Waddle on!


Hmmmmmm well my favorite instrument in the world would be a country guitar.The reason why is because I am country.But also because I just LOVEEEEEE country music but my favorite country singer is Scotty McCreery.I have seen him play a country guitar a lot.Waddle on CP!


I love playing the flute its very fun but challenging at the same time you cant see where your fingers are. I started playing flute last year a flute that is made of silver is very hard to play it gets dents in it very easily too its also very heavy.

black cape12:

my favorite instrument in the world is the keytar because it has a piano in a guitar.


My favourite instrument would have to be the trumpet. I play this in school and love it. What I enjoy most about it is that it can be a high or low sounding instrument. This is a unique feature because most instruments are high or low. The trumpet is right in the middle. For this reason I think the trumpet is the best instrument in the entire world.


I think back elitric guitar. Great sound of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!



my fav instment is the tecno keyboard its awesome
p.s i have never been picked it makes me sad when you dont put my comment on


My Favorite Instrument is the cello! i played it for three years now and it keeps geting better and better! I love the cello because its so soothing and calm. I like how its so low too, like a whale. That is why i LOVE the cello! Waddle on CP!


i love the guitar its a cool sound and its really unique like me i like it cause well of everything! it would be like my dream instrument i really really really love guitars and i have one im still learning but i really love it it sounds super cool anyway


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