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By Billybob on June 23, 2011 - 14:21
Hello Penguins!
Last week we asked you what your favorite part of the Music Jam was. Here's what Zoeyice said:
Hey Club Penguin! I love the music jam! My favorite part is how there is so many different styles of music. I also love going to penguin's own music jams at their igloos! Oh, and I love how the Penguin Band floats in this year and their rocking new threads! Oh, and I hope to meet Candance and the Penguin Band. Waddle on!!
Thanks, Zoeyice! Glad you're enjoying the party.

blog_110622.jpgFor this week's Reviewed by You, we'd love to hear about the very first time you logged into Club Penguin. What did you like the most? Tell us about your first memory of Club Penguin!
Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team



when i strted i thoought it was lame but then is started to explore and it was awesome i went to the book room and learned about famous penguins anyway go out and explore the amazing world of clubpenguin


When I first got Club Penguin, I waddled around, and met 2 new friends. The first item I got was the pin.

Sarah 5 5 5:

when i first joined and i met so many knew friends and got puffles and meet rockhopper and all of those guys and seeing partys! its was the best day ever when i joined WADDLE ON CP
P.S. please post this is have never been posted before!


I remember when I first registered for Club Penguin, about 1200 days ago and logging in to find 500 coins, that was awesome. I also remember my favourite party, St. Patricks Day 08' with the giant hat for the free item. That was cool :D!

Waddle on !!


The first time I logged into Club Penguin in 2008, the first room I saw was the Town. Since I was brand new to the game, it had a strange feeling but at the same time it was cool too! Since then I've been making friends, playing games, waddling around, buying stuff, decorating my igloo, becoming a fire ninja, meeting Gary, and much more, and loving every second of it!


I loved how everybody was so friendly to me . Waddle On


I remeber when the stage was being invented. When i started Club Penguin, my favorite thing to do was play Thin Ice. I hope you keep coming up with more great ideas! Waddle on!


i think the club penguin memories is help full because it reminds penguins about the past in club penguin i think it is help full


my first memory was when they sent me the post card it was so cool i saw my friend go on at her house and i decided to make one too!

waddle on cp



I remember when the stage just came out and the white puffle arrived! Clubpenguin is my favorite game ever! Thank you for making me so happy because of Clubpenguin! The Music Jams over the years have been so different. I hope to meet the Penguin Band and Cadence again. Once again, thanks!


i liked the coffee show theme song i think other places should have a theme song too


Hmm... Thats a hard one! I have so many great memories with Club Penguin! But a really good memory was when i first got to be a member! Then I got to buy things and go to secret party rooms that we have when Club Penguin has partys!
Well Waddle on CP!


~DUDET184 IM A BOY!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I loved seeing the town! It was so amazing! I also loved how I got a welcome postcard


when i first came to clubpenguin i met 3 penguins that became a member with me now we are all 3 time members plus most of my school freinds had a clubpenguin account but most of them left but im still in contact with them so clubpenguin rocks!!


wow the memories make me feel happy again


I remember when I first came on Club Penguin. It was only two years ago! A friend showed me around and I remember being sad for I wasn't able to get member items, being the only non-member next to my friends and not being very popular. But now I've grown up!
Waddle on CP!


The very first time I logged on to Club Penguin, I couldn't wait to be a secret agent, and a ninja. I went to the Dojo first, where I practiced my card-jitsu, then I ventured the island. I had so much fun! Waddle on CP!!! -Mooshoo926


when i first joined club penguin, it was 2008 in the christmas party. I didn't know how to play. But i followed tour guides, and friends, and
i found out how to play. Now, club penguin is so much fun, and now i help new penguins! i will never stop playing club penguin!
Waddle On!


My first memory about club penguin is card-jitsu. It was the first game that I played on club penguin. In fact, that was the game that got me into it! I loved it so much that I wouldn't stop playing the game until I was a ninja. That game is still my favorite. Waddle on!


my favorite memory is the puffle party because i met cadence there!!


There is so mush i love about this party.Its my fav.well the best is that theres so mush muise and so many free iteams and a new place.
to bad it those not stay and every year the theme the that place stays


I remember the frist time i played Club Penguin. My friend told me about Club penguin, and i made an account and gave it a shot. When i made my account and started playing, the medieval party was going on. I didnt know what to do or where to go! I started exploring the island, and got lost a couple of times. Thankfully there were some nice tour guides who helped me! Waddle On CP!


Hi and the very first time i logged on i was very shy and i was a member and it was the music jam party last year and i played all the time and this is fun


Now that is an amazing comment! I cant believe that that penguin could fit that much detail into one comment. I couldnt even believe it got posted! I have never been posted before. Until Then WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN FRIENDS!


hi club penguin, ive been on club pneguin more then 1,000 days, and what i really loved was allthe old free gifts from the old party's, like the old parot u could haveon ur shoulder!! or the blue hat with the fuzzball at the top!! it was so much fun!! wddle on club penguin!!

yoshi jump:

I remember when it was the first aniversery of club penguin and there was a huge cake!!!!

thanks if readed Yoshi jump.


When I first joinrd ClubPenguin I got a hat in the forest and met some friends ahhhhhhh goood memories :)


My favrouit memory of club penguin is making new friends and adding them on my buddie list and going to tour guides tours! This was how i got to know about club penguin. I hope that all the new penguins will have as much fun as i do!!!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ac Dude:

I first joined club penguin in the early years


The day I stepped onto the icey island, known as Club Penguin, I knew I would love it. There were so many sights! I waddled around until I stopped dead in my tracks and there was the glorious Pet Shop! I HAD to have a pet puffle! I played Hydro Hopper and saved up 800 coins! And on my very first day I owned a blue puffle that I have owned for two years.


I joined Club Penguin in September! My penguin's natural color is lime greenI didn't go in the Gift Shop, because I didn't know that they sold CLOTHES and such. I wasn't playing Club Penguin ALOT, like I am now. I think that the game gets better when your a member! In October, everyone was excited for the Halloween Party. I remember that the song "You Rock!" was REALLY popular throughout September-November. I got my FIRST membership, in early November! I've been wanting it for a WHILE! That very day, I spent ALOT of coins! I got my FIRST puffle! It's a white Puffle, and it's named Ice! You can still see it now! Thank you for creating, and making my day fun! Waddle on kids, waddle on.


My favourite place was the pizza parlour i used to pretend i had a job there! Waddle on!

Maddie 133:

My first memory of going on Club Penguin is my favorite. I made some really nice friends. The first place I went to was The Stage, and I went into the top chairs and had a playful snowball fight with three other penguins. That was my first day on Club Penguin, my first memory, and my favorite Club Penguin memory.


Memories!! The first time I logged onto Club Penguin is when it first came out! The minute it came on I signed up ASAP my favorite memory was the water party when the crazy crab at the pool broke the window and cp had a water party! It was so fun espically the snowcones and bonefires we had together! The ice cream apron was the best! I hope we could have a water party again! I will always remember that memory and I hope it remembers me! Thanks Cp! Waddle On -Bluepeach3


Well, my favorite memory would have to be the water party with the giant octopus and we got free rubber ducks! It was an awesome party I loved it. I also called all my friends to celebrate so we went to the pool to go swimming, it was SO much fun! I hope we could do that again it was awesome. I also thought that maybe if we do celebrate this again that we could maybe get free dolphins? I don't know, think about it!
Another memory of mine is when I first came to Club Penguin. People started adding me right away! And I thought this website was fun so I started playing it every single day. I love this website I really do. I really hope other players like this website as much as I do! :D

Waddle On~


My first memory was immediatley finding a friend! We still hang out together! She is the BEST..!!!! WADDLE ON!


Hmm... My very first memory was the 2005 very first Club Penguin Halloween Party!!! I loved all the decor!!! I can't belive how much the parties have encressed sence the first Halloween Party!


I liked that the halloween party was goin


hi my first club penguin memory is waddling into the town. i LOVED it as soon as i saw it! i new club penguin would be sooooooooo much fun! and it is!it's the best!

waddle on!


candy bar:

my favorite memory is wen i made my first friend friend her name it wont let me say so ill say it like want a is her name
i miss her wen. i saw her again a long time after she took me of her buddy list.i also thought looking at books and exploring was the best
i love playing games and meeting new penguins.make more like this there the best


well i wanted to become a ninja its so cool and a EPF agent

Sgt Radar:

The very first time I got on club penguin was awesome, there was a christmas party and everything. That was when you could type in numbers and stuff. Cp is awesome, I liked the club penguin in the past where there were four diffrent age groups, but i guess everything has to change. i love cp, and all my friends. WADDLE ON!

fur ball 124:

i liked the overall look of clubpenguin!!! it was very inviteing and welcoming


My favorite memory of Club Penguin was when I logged in for the first time in 2007. I remember I did not have many buddies, I asked around for help and very soon I knew alot about all the places on the island. The first party I remember was the water party of 2007! It was great and now that is my favorite party ever on Club Penguin. My Club Penguin memories will always be with me so when I am older I can look back on what was made into the best website in the whole wide world. forever!!!!


When I first logged in it was I think November or October of 2007.It was way different from the way it was now!There was no stage and the dojo was hidden on the map.Also there wasn't a community garden or recycle center and no mail.What I most remember was getting my first pin,the UFO and helping build the stage! Waddle On Cp!


My favroite memory of club penguin is making new friends on the first day!
Waddle on cp


I started playing CP at around Fall 2006(i'm pretty old). My memory was when the Lighthouse had its grand opening! I was so excited to finally step my flipper in the Lighthouse. The Penguin Band even played at Lighthouse stage! It was fun watching them play and we also danced to the beat. We even got a free item: the sailors hat. I even saw through the telescope. We also could start walking our puffles, which was awesome!!!! I would never forget this memory and this was my favorite. Anyway, Waddle on!!


The first thing I ever noticed that I thought was so cool would have to be the pet shop, stage, or the nightclub.I love the nightclub because I love music and I love the colors the lights make.


The first day I logged into Club Penguin, I remember that day as if it happened yesterday. It was full of colorful balloons, the fair was in the town, penguins were laughing playing games and there were a lot of them changing their tickets for prizes! I remember that I was very excited to get my first ever hat, a crown. It was my best day in Club Penguin, a day I will never forget!! Waddle on!!!


Can you plz tell me how to get the rainbow puffle


My fanvorite memory on CP was when I first joined in 2009. When I first went on when I was at the Town. I say of penguins and I didn't know what to do so I asked one and he said,"If u r new try asking penguins for a tour around Club Penguin." That was my favorite time on CP!!!! WADDLE ON PENGUINS!!!!!!


my first time logging in was two years ago i logged onto bunny hill the day before the fiesta. it was the best day of my life. as the years went on i made new penguin freinds and met mascots like petey k. the first event i did was go to the dojo and become a ninja.


The first time I logged on to Club Penguin was in 2008. At first I was a light blue penguin. There wasn't a big-themed dojo or anything. The dojo and iceberg weren't labeled on the map. I really liked the ski lodge the best. I also really liked the pet shop. I waddled around everywhere and soon knew were everything was. I really liked Club Penguin back then.


hey wen i first logged in i liked how i was a penguin that waddled around and all the nice penguins ( : and i didet know wat to do but then i figerd it out and loved the game like now


My favorite memorie when I logged into clubpenguin was when I saw how many people had already joined. Since then,I have met so much nice friends,including my puffles.My second favorite memorie was when I saw all the places that you could go.Those are my favorite memories.Waddle on.


What i liked the most is when i got a letter saying Welcome to Club Penguin! i was so happy to be greeted like that. My first memory was when i had my first friend named maricar i also had another friend named crystalstars. maricar crystalstars and me were best friends. having friends is fun. that's why the motto is WADDLE AROUND AND MEET NEW FRIENDS. Waddle on CP!

Izzy R D:

i remember that i thought its was so cool how you could buy clothes for your penguin and puffles! Even if you are a non-member cp have so much to offer!


Well my first Club penguin memory was back in 08 when I first joined it was during the save the migrater project and the aqua grabber was finish it was very nice I even first appear in the Beach.It was always good days and sometimes I wish to go back for one day.Waddle on CP!!


the first time i logged on cp was about 3 years ago when there was the cheerleading play in the theater and it was blue agenst red


Well, the first time i logged on to club penguin I only remembered a few things about it because i had played it as a little kid. I noticed it had improved a lot and i was amazed about how smoothly things were running !! But once i started playing it again i knew it would awhile before i stopped again!! Waddle on CP!!!!


i remeber when i first got on i went to the town i saw colorful penguins and i loved it

waddle on cp yeah

Izzy R D:

i remember that i thought its was so cool how you could buy clothes for your penguin and puffles! Even if you are a non-member cp have so much to offer!


The 1 time i cam into clubpenguin was the privates pary was on think :/ that was an awesome i played it for 3 hours! but i wasent a member but now i am! :)

cp ideas:

The very first time I logged into Club Penguin, I felt alone. Even though i did, i soon made my first friend! She was a non-member too. I was having such a good time, i didn't even notice that i had two new friend requests. Soon i had discovered more and more about little things that some penguins didn't notice. I hadn't even been on Club Penguin for an hour! I logged off soon.
penguin name, Stawberyswet.
my member ship just expired!



Wow! Thats tough! I have some rockin memories on club penguin but my BEST one is either the time I met Candence or the time when I got the 25 penguins in the dance club stamp! My first memories was finding my first pin at the ice berg, a ice cube about 2 years ago. They were my first and fav but I hope to be having LOADS more!!!


The first time I logged on club penguin, I was amazed by the puffles! I thought they were so adorable!

Icy 69004:

The first time i logged into club penguin was when i was in 3rd grade and my friend showed it to me! What i did first was get a puffle because they r awesome! Next i went to see what was on this amaizing island! Once I found the dojo, I worked so hard to be a ninja! That is what i did the first time i went on club penguin and now i can never get off of it because it rocks!


Sorry about the blank one.. Anyway, the very first time I logged into Club Penguin, I was extremely excited. I didn't know what to do first!! Go to the Docks, the Lighthouse, the Gift Shop, etc. What I liked the most was the Sled Races!! I couldn't stop playing them!! I finally stopped about an hour later, when my dad called me for supper. Thanks for posting, as I've never been posted before. Thanks!!





Hey CP i'm so glad you asked that question. The first time I logged into Club Penguin I was very young. I remember standing in the town just wondering where I should waddle off to first. Suddenly a bright blue penguin waddled up to me and said "hey you new here". I shyly said yeah how did you know. She said I looked confused. I asked where you can get the best refreshments. The blue penguin grinned and said "thats easy it's the coffee shop. When I walked into the coffee shop I knew by all the friendly faces and different people that I was perfectly safe on my new favourite site Club Penguin :D.

P.S. I want to thank BlueJunieB for being the first to add me as a buddy. YOU ROCK


That everyone was waddling around and a postcard came and said "Welcome to Clubpenguin" I was so happy! And a few days after that I got my very first puffle. It was red I was of course a cheerleader for red and now i'm a blue cheerleader and I have a membership 100 out of 100 friends I have a black puffle named Storm and I just bought a new igloo... I really need to settle in my new igloo. I have three igloos I have lots and lots and lots of dresses and lots of hair and I have lots and lots of shirts and lots of shoes! Haha (I am really girly!)

black fire08:

well when i logged on it was in 2008 and i was during the christmas event man i loved it it was awesome i loved cp ever sence i logged in my first memory was getting those cut little raindeer antlers lol ilove cp the second memory wasid have to say the AWESOME penguin style catalog so thats is my first memory


Play Pin:

Well, my friend had introduced the game to me in 2007, and I had begged my parents to let me play. Eventually, I got on and my first pin was the rain drop pin that was in the dance lounge hidden in a plant. Good times, good times.

that 1 pingu:

the first time i logged into club penguin was a couple years ago. i had to have been 6 or so and didnt really get the point of the game. but i wanted to play the game so badly, i made a couple of profiles. now im older and sure glad club penguin is still around!
long time player,
that 1 pingu (not my real name)


When I had first logged onto Club Penguin, I couldn't believe my eyes! It was even BETTER than my friends had described! When I had first logged on almost four years ago, there was a swimming party going on. I waddled over to get the umbrella hat, then I went into the Pizza Parlor. And what do you know, I found a butterfly pin on the piano! That was an AMAZING day that I will never forget. Club Penguin has made so many good memories for me! Waddle on my good friends!


Well, my first memory was October 2008 during the anaversery.First I went upstairs and then got Rockhopper's key,then went back downstairs and got the cake stamp.So my memory when I joined Club Penguin 3 years ago was the first 2 stamps I got that day.





I was quite surprised when I first logged in!I thought it was just a game!BUT...NO it was'nt!Club penguin is like a whole other world.But for penguins of coarse!What I LOVE about Club penguin are the puffles!When I was exploring the island I walked into the pet store.When I saw those cute little"puffs" I loved club penguin!Like I said it just like a real world! Waddle on! Emma


I remember when my best friend showed me club penguin! I was so amazed by how much fun i could have oin the island! I soon found out that i loved playing aqua grabber since i earned so many coins to buy new things and i could go and play with my pink puffle! My first memory of Club Penguin was a good one!

Waddle on CP!


my favourite part was all the music and clothing catalog thx CP for the wonderfull party waddle on!! CP


Wow! Thats tough! I have some rockin memories on club penguin but my BEST one is either the time I met Candence or the time when I got the 25 penguins in the dance club stamp! My first memories was finding my first pin at the ice berg, a ice cube about 2 years ago. They were my first and fav but I hope to be having LOADS more!!!


i liked seeing the puffles for the first time i wonderd what they were at first then i red more about them and now there my favorite things on club penguin i always buy one when i have coins and i love the new way to take good care of them. i also love walking them and watching them dance i hope to see more people maybe even rookie with a puffle waddle on! thanks


I remember the annual music jam just ended and i bought my first puffle


my favorite memory of clubpenguin was the puffle party. it was so fun celebrating all the puffles around Cp! i brought my green puffle outside during the party everyday and we would go to the green puffle room and dance around. when we stop dancing around we go on jet pack adventure. i loved each day of the party!


The first time I logged on to club penguin, I thought it was the best. There was so much to do: become a ninja, join parties and meet friends. It was the best thing ever. But the best thing I saw was all of the penguins having fun. Waddle on Club Penguin


My favorite part of logging on to CP was taking a look in the better igloos catalog. all the differrent furniture items and all the creativity made my spine tingle. its amazing to see what a team with so much imagination can come up with to put in an igloo although i wish some of these old furniture items would come back to the catalogs. that would be awesome! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!


Wow! Thats tough! I have some rockin memories on club penguin but my BEST one is either the time I met Candence or the time when I got the 25 penguins in the dance club stamp! My first memories was finding my first pin at the ice berg, a ice cube about 2 years ago. They were my first and fav but I hope to be having LOADS more!!!

Dj Wazzer:

My very first memory of Club Penguin was when I first talked to some other Penguins! They were so friendly and polite and I instantly knew that Club Penguin was a nice place to be in! I also remember playing a game with the Penguins I met. We had a Sled Race! It was so fun! The Penguins were so welcoming and I will never forget that very fun day! Waddle On!


the town and the night club.I just was so new to it now i go
on club penguin all was fun!
your frend james01223!


i loved it but my favourite part was partys a people iggys but now i have been a user of for 3 years i have partys of my own.

king henri5:

i remember logging in on the first day on a penguin in 2010 it was near the puffle party my first pin was the goldin feather imet alot of fun penguins and knew id love this for a long long time and i still do


The very first time I logged onto clubpenguin I remember I landed at the dock. Lots of friendly penguins sent me a welcome note in the mail. I got lots of friend invites and soon I became a penguin logging on every single day. And before I knew it I was a penguin for a year then two years and soon three years. Waddle on! -cuddlebear86


the first time i logged in it was amazing but some thing were confusing but aventually i learn about all the stuff now im a membemer and have all the puffels _rockergurl19

Penguin Memi:

Well the firts memory that comes to my mind r my friends.
;) I luv u all club penguin


I First logged on to Clubpenguin in about second or third grade and I thought whoever thought it up was a genius! I loved the puffles and just being a penguin! I loved it!! I love the parties the costumes and being a secret agent and a tour guide and i knew I wanted to work for clubpenguin and I still do! I l have enjoyed clubpenguin for all theese years and i will for many years to come!!

Keep on waddling club penguin!!!!

~ Astero1000

Hope Hi 2:

My favorite thing. Hmmmm. Let me think.
Oh yeah the first buddy I got! Her name was Lukylulu2. And Logging in the first time I liked seeing the WHOLE entire island. Seeing all the thing that you made for all of the whole world. That is really nice. Soo seing the WHOLE island is my favorite thing of logging on the 1st time.And the puffle shop I still have my first one. Ha Ha!
Thanks for making CP for the whole world :)
-Hope Hi 2


Hmmm, My best memory would probably be...Oh! On the Medival Party 2009! Me and my friends had fun being dragons! Alot of penguins joined our group of dragons and we asked others too. And the best part, we had our own castle! It was fun having the time of our penguin lives.

Ice Bum:

When I first made a penguin, I felt so welcome when I loged in. The first game I found was Sled Racing, I played a two-player game with a really nice penguin, and I had SO much fun! We have been buddies ever since, and to this day, Sled Racing is still my all-time favorite game. Club Penguin is my favorite website!

Waddle on CP!!!

Waddles 6116:

When I first logged into Club Penguin I knew I would have tons of fun!! All of the nice penguins are so welcoming and willing to give me tours! I knew I would have a lot of friends since everyone is always smiling and very friendly! Club Penguin is inviting to everyone! I don't know where I would be without it!
Waddle On Everyone!


When I first logged on, I remember the time Christmas Party 2009 came. And my first buddy I added. His name was Himoc. Thanks for making Club Penguin a happy place!


I made my first Club Penguin account about 2 or 3 years ago. My friend told me about it so I gave Club Penguin a try. I couldn't think of any names for my penguin, so then I thought of sports, because I love sports. And that's how I got the name. My friends on Club Penguin call me Sports. I remember I made 3 friends on the first day, and I was really excited, to get pins, play games, get backrounds, experience events on Club Penguin, make friends, and of course, become a secret agent and tour guide! Now I continue to have fun on Club Penguin and and make new friends! I hope Club Penguin will last forever! WADDLE ON CP!


My favourite part about when I joined Club Penguin was how the team greeted me so warm heartedly. I felt as though I really belonged and that I could be a part of Club Penguin! I want to thank everyone of my friends for making Club Penguin so much fun and for welcoming me when I joined. Thank you Club Penguin! :)


Hey Cp! I've been a member of club penguin for about 3 years and half or so, and i remember when I first joined club penguin there was the water party and it was so much fun! Since it was summertime it felt, I don't know refreshing? My favorite part of the water party was the iceberg, it was a whale! Then I did get a little sad that they didn't bring the water party back because it's my favorite party.




- JESSIE 1279

My CP Report:

That image in this post is really cool! Please make it into a postcard on club penguin!


The first day on club penguin for me was July of 2010(Im almost 1 year old!!!) sadly, I wasnt here in the beggining of club penguin but I was glad to join! thanks for letting me be part of the Penguin Family!
Waddle on CP!


the first time I ever logged in was in the 2nd year of Club Penguin. After a day of grade1 all my friends are talking about this game called Club Penguin. I walked up to them and said, 'Whats Club penguin" they were blown away Bobby crid of club penguin said, "Dude you got to sign up" so I listened that night I typer in www.Club I created a penguin named Junkbot2 the water party was going on it was so awesome I asked for a tour and 1,456 days later [at least theats what I think] I'm a pro that was the first time I ever logged on Club Penguin





hey club penguin commenters im so siked that the music jam is out out even though im not a member because u do more stuff on cp but im so happy because a few hours ago i saw CANDENCE its was so cool i got a stamp for my stamp book for being in the same room as her i even got to see her for a few seconds because there was like hundred of penguins saying to add me as a friend and following her but i got to click on her penguin to see if i could send her a friend request but replacing the friend request button was a button that said free gift and it was a autograph of her with a background that was so awsome!!!!!so bye club penguin! :) WADDLE ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!


My first memory of club penguin is my very first MUSIC JAM! it was my very first party ever! and i joined waay back in 2007....i think. i felt so welcomed becouse o many Penguins would welcome me. and i also remember when you could save the post cards you got sent! and we all got a free mail bag! i love that bag! and when i adopted my first puffle was a very speacial day :) i still have him now :) I LOVE YOU MOJO!! Rock on cp and keep up the good work! Even if my comment doesnt get posted i just want you to no that what you are doing (by making this site i mean) is an awsome thing!! you have kept kids entertained for years now! and this is the best site ever! i go on it everyday! thank you cp!!


i have all the stamps thanks to club penguin kids are learning lots go on club penguin are the club penguin cheats and help your self to become a go on but you dont have to become a member you could just be a star there is books games and more things you earn stamps dont fortoget. so if you see anna 322 become my friend and give me 10 coins please please please people i will give you if you write a meseage a nd your club penguin name and then and become my friend okay people 10 years a become a club penguin from anna 322

My monkey 3:

Hmmm... my first day of Club Penguin, I can remember lot's of people being really nice. And I remember the Dojo was hidden on the map, and the mine shack was also hidden, plus, there was no recycling center. I remember just barely missing the music jam party, where you got the shirt that said: Music Jam! I'd have to say, my favorite memory was..... Digging up the Dojo! I remember getting the mining hat, and drilling, and drilling, and drilling... And wondering who that other guy was... ThenI finally read about him in the news, and founf out he was the Sensei!

P.S. Sorry about the long comment.


I liked everything but first when I arrived in the town what I like most was the looks of the Gift Shop it looked so amazing i went in and looked in the catalogue and saw a really cute set of clothes a dress a pretty wig and a purse they all had pretty autumn leaves on them and the reason I wanted to buy them was my birthday was In autumn i love all the pretty leaves gold brown green they were so pretty so I earned all the coins to buy the set of clothes and when my dad got me a membership I were so happy I felt like the happiest girl In the world! and I had all the coins to buy the set of clothes so when i put my membership on I went to the gift shop and bought the pretty clothes they looked ever so pretty on me and thats what I liked at first on Club Penguin!


My Mermory Is When I Threw My First Snowball. It Was Fun Because I Threw It At A person Who Said Snowball So I Threw One.


My favorite memory in cp was when I had my first puffle. It was blue. I love taking walks with it and playing with it. YOU ROCK CP! I LOVE YOU!!!

club 98:

My favorite is just being able to be pn clubpenguin and making all new friends. I really like that you can discover new things to do everyday and new parties.Earning coins,,playing gamnes is alot of fun.Everyday is my favorite day


my fovrate moment was meeting candace and penguin band and rockhopper and getting two animal costumes and getting a membership and getting my frist puffle it was red and getting a guitar and going backstage and the roof for the frist time and the box demsoin i love you cp and you rock waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


my first memory of club penguin is when my friend showed it to me. But my best memory is when I got my sister to join. another memory is when i got my first puffle-blue! then I got some more. Anyway...WADDLE ON!


My first memory of Club Penguin was the first play I saw which was The Quest for the Golden Puffle. I liked Club Penguin so much that I got my first membership 2 days later. This all happened around May 2008. So I am very happy with Club Penguin and I hope tons more people join! Waddle On CP! -Master47

Hug Bug 101:

My favorite memory was trying to become a ninja so I could wear the mask and black belt. I just kept trying and trying until I got it. When I did I was so happy! And it wasnt easy, their were alot of really good penguins out there that knew how to play better than me. But that didnt stop me!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!:)


my memory was when i log on to clubpenguin i had no clue what to do so then i ask somebody to show me around and they did but what was wiered is that there was a party i and a lost the penguin that was showing me around so i walk in the dace club and there was a lot of penguins and they were all scream candace candace and i said who is that and no one answerd then i clike on her and she was all dressed up and i was like she looks pretty so then that day on candace is my favorite penguin now


Hi cp! I dont really remember when i first logged on, but i do remember the the Iceberg and Dojo were hidden on the map and nobody knew about it! I also remember that there were only the red, green. blue and purple puffle. They are soooooo cute!


hi my penguins name is dude9399 and my penguin is 1163 days old! when i first logged onto clubpenguin the first thing that i dine was find a pirimid pin.
clubpenguin is one of my most faveorite sites in the whole entire world<3,ROCK ON CLUBPENGUIN

Puppy Luvor:

Hehe, I have so many memories I've been here since club penguin was born! but my favorite memory was when the stage came out! I love the stage because you can act out who you wanna be and you can buy costumes and dress up!


Wow, looking back, I have been a member of the CP community for 6 years now(since 2005), ya 6 years!!!!!! My favorite part was probably the opening of the Pizza Parlor, i luv the fact that you could go and "eat" a pizza with friends, it was sooo exciting. Take note that I remember this from my old account, my account now is newer.


PS. PLease post this i haven't had one of my comments posted my 6 years.


In 2010, when I first came on Club Penguin, I went into an amazing world! Making new friends, playing games, having fun with puffles, and more! Later, I realized that Club penguin is one of the greatest websites ever made! Thank you very much for making such a fantastic website that everyone around the world will enjoy. Good luck on making new updates to make club penguin better!

Waddle on,


My favorite memory about first logging into Club Penguin was being a cute little penguin earning coins saving coins and buying colors backgrounds and growing up in Cp. Seeing it grow and change every single day.Waddle On Cp!!!!


My firat mwmeory of clubpenguin was when I found my first pin at the stage- the dodge ball! I also made some very good friends who are still my friends today. I also remember I bought my first clothes and they were so cool! I have been playing from 2008 (I think in August i started) and...CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS!



MY first memory of CP was when I first logged on I think it was ....... 2009? i first logged on and i was clueless and friendless. i didnt know what to do and i think my first game was ummm ....... uuh bean counters and now that game is different wow . WADDLE ON CP ;)


I remember the day I became a PSA agent. I was in a hotel for the weekend without computers and I really hurried to drive back to my house, I didn't really knew English so with help from my parents I took the quiz. Suddenly I didn't saw the "Spy Phone" so I logged out and in and then I saw it. I was so much happy, I stayed awake until 12:30 p.m just to solve the mission until I really needed to sleep. In the next day, after I back home from school I solve all the missions until 7:00 p.m..


I was dazzled by all the places to visit on the map. I couldn't decide where to go first!
When I got to my igloo, I saw the furniture catalog and just had to buy princess furniture and became a member straight away. I also bought several of the puffles - my favourite is the pink one!
Waddle on Club Penguin!


when i first time logged in onto club penguin,it was looking like a place full of fun and a beautiful paradise.and it did prove to be a dreamland for me in the days i play club penguin.the wonderful features that can be accessed......,just awesome.that was the best day of my life in club penguin.thank u Disney!.


When i first loggged on i wanted puffles. I wanted a blue, red, purple and green puffle. I had to earn alot of money to do that, but a finally did it! I also remember when i went to the second anversary. I loved the big cake! (only if i could eat it!) P.S. never been posted!


I joined Club Penguin on the 30th June 2007 and I remember getting help to choose my penguin name. I remember buying a purple dress and a tiara and I bought three items for my igloo. Which were the pink wardrobe, the pink make-up table and the coat rack! I also remember my first water party! I just logged on one day and Club Penguin was decorated for the water party! Since then I have really enjoyed Club Penguin.

Snailpinky. Waddle on Club Penguin!


I first waddled into Club Penguin in about December 2008. My first memory was the Christmas party. It was so cool and I got to go on the Migrator, and help raise coins for Coins for Change. I got this cool hat that I still wear. Today my favorite party of the year is still the Christmas party! Waddle on CP!!!

Wass Up 6:

When I first logged on it looked like so much fun. I played with my cousins online and they were the first friends I had online. What was also cool and different was that that first pin was a box and the plaza didn't have the theater. But one of the things I thought was cool was that the hair styles were in a separate magizine then the clothing one.


my memory of cp was when the water party was happening and i landed in the snowforts and i got the umbrella hat and then i started waddling around i went underground to the pool and there were the water wings! i got to the plaza i got the ice cream apron! then i was at the beach and i got the shell necklace it was tnhe best day ever!

Huia Who:

Love the party. Also love scavenger hunts. It would be great fun to have one to collect many different kinds of instruments during the next Music Jam party. What do you think?


Hi Club Penguin! My first experience was I think in 2008. I was an orange penguin, and it was St. Patrick's Day, which is when I got my 1st EVER free item. I went on because my friends and I organised to create an account that day. It really was a fantastic day!!! Thanks Club Penguin for those happy memories :).

Yellow Beak1:

When I first log on to club penguin there wasent much penguins,but now there's A-Lot of penguins and there wasent lots of games and now there's more awsome games.

waddle on!!!


Hey CP, I first logged in two years ago, when I logged on it was the day before the Carnival. Everyone was busy so there wasn't really anyone to show me around, but then I found a nice tour guide that offered to show me around. He showed me everything then explained everything that was going around on the island. If he hadn't I would've been clueless. The next day was the funnest thing ever! The carnival was a blast!

Munchy Man:

The first thing I remember about CP was when I first logged on I found a Teddy Bear in the middle of the pool. I had no idea what it was and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever lol because it's not every day you see a teddy bear in a pool. One day I just decided to walk up to it and see what it was and it turned out to be a pin! Since then,I have really enjoyed collecting pins and I no longer wonder why there was a teddy bear in the middle of the pool for a few weeks lol

Slippy Jr3:

When I first logged into Club Penguin it was April 13, 2009. It was the month of the April Fools Party and the Easter Party. I remember creating my account because i was bored and had nothing to do. Then, I started loving Club Penguin like I do now. My favorite memory is when I was trying to play for as many days that I could because I wanted to be old enough to be a secret agent.


when i first created clubpenguin was because of one commercial. and when i first logged on i had no idea what was going on. i didnt know what i could wear and what i couldnt, how to make new friends, and i got frustrated when i saw a shirt i liked tried to buy it then said i had to be a member which i soon was! WADDLE ON CP, WADDLE ON.


The thing I liked most about my first few days on club penguin(One thousand two hundred and something days!) was the clothing. You could get dirty socks and antlers and even a robot penguin suit with green eyes! Please show this on the website beacuse I have not had a single thing on there in my one thousand two hundred and something days! Until then,waddle on!


When I logged in on Club Penguin for the very first time was sometimes during the summertime..I was a pink penguin. My favorite memory was the Water Party it was very fun! I'll never forget those memories!! :)

Waddle On Awesome Penguins!

Soccer Head:

Thank You so much CP for asking this question! My first day on Club Penguin was in september 2010. I remmeber waddling into the Town wondering what I could do in this new place. I asked a Penguin about CP, and the penguin told me all about it. Afterwards he told me that he was a tour guide and I got a special tour. After we finshed, i got a buddie request from the same penguin and I accepted it with joy. My very first buddie! I had a lot of fun that day and I will never forget it! Waddle On CP!


I joined Club Penguin a few years ago and am now over 1500 days old. When I first joined I remember it was hard to find a name that nobody else had, so I made one up randomly. My first Puffle was either my red one or my blue one. My favourite memory is probably when I joined in with my first ever party, a christmas celebration where I found my first pin, the holly wreath. Happy memories. Sigh.

Till next time...










My first memory in clubpenguin... Hmm. That would have to be all the fun games that I played! I first played Ice Fishing, because another family member or mine was playing it. I decided to try Clubpenguin out and see if it was really Thaaaaat fun... It was. Clubpenguin is a great website for kids, including me to play.
Thank-you for all those fun-filled years!


Today, my penguin is 1282 days old! I was watching a T.V. commercial for Club Penguin, I tried it. It took so long to find a name! Finally, I came up with zolu2!
I loved it; I was a expert in a few days! My most memorable memory from then was finding Rockhopper! When he came to Club Penguin I did everything related to him! Finally, I found him! I was SO HAPPY!



my memory was when the nightclub was being built it was just a shop and a coffee shop with some lil tables between and then thje nightclub was replacing the tables!


when i started it was july 1 2009 it was great the stage was just built and my couin told me about cp and at the stage there was rubys ruby my first pin was the sand casle that was at the mine and the ruby. WADDLE ON CP!


dear club penguin, you rock. the first ever time i logged (which i think was at the beggining of the year) on club penguin i thought that it looked really good,then when i explored the island i uncovered some new places and new friends. this is all a wonderful experience to meet other penguins from all over the world and experience fun games, cool places and over all just have fun!!!!!!!!!!!
from me C


When I first started playing, Club Penguin wasn't a part of Disney yet, and everything seemed too simple. All I did was play games and earn coins! But now, I have lots of friends on cp. I especially love the new parties. I even remember what my first items were! My first color was peach, my first pin was the baseball in the boiler room, and my backround was the island in the sunset.


The first time I logged into Club Penguin was awsome. My favorite part was meeting new friends and playing games with them. I actually got an account during Music Jam, and my penguin officially became a whole year old recently! Waddle on Club Penguin!


There are so many numerous ways to describe Club Penguin, but one specific memory was when I waddled with new friends. It was really exciting as my friends and I explored Club Penguin, played games together (Mostly Sled Racing), & chatted to get to know each better. Wow! I love the memories of the past. - Waddle On :)

-By: Jazzyiskool


Well, the first time i had a other penguin. I don't remember the name but, as soon as i saw club penguin i loved it! i loved it so much i begged my dad for a member ship. my first time logging in as a member i was amazed at all the fun stuff i could do,i bought lots things after i played games. i remember club penguin without all the new advanced things. I love club penguin and the 2 first times i logged in where amazing!


When I first logged on Club Penguin it was FANTASTIC!!!!! Everybody was so friendly, helpful, and fun. The first place I went to was the pizzeria, their pizza was fishtastic! I am so glad Club Penguin was created and I can't wait for more things to come!

Until Then
Waddle On


my first time was 2010. my brother did it so i did it too. it was really fun when i saw it. i had a membership in the middle of the time i had the account. now i know everything that is anything in cp. i LOVE this place so much.
plz post I've NEVER GOT POSTED


umm for one of the commenters... there is no rainbow puffle. ^.^ although i wish there was!! :D I remember the first tiem iwent on CP... which was december 2006 :)


My first memory of Club Penguin, was when i wanted to be a member of the PSA, but as soon as i could, i found out about EPF, i tried out, and i got the job!
Thanks Club Penguin, you make me be able to just sit down, relax and play all day long!

-Dadcat8,:) :) :)




When I first got my account, my Mom gave me a membership right away. I remember going to the gift shop and buying pig-tails and a yellow dress with a purse :)


when i logged in janurary i was new and a baby. i started with five hundred coins. i am rich right now.


i was surprised about the new welcome so i hope cp gets cooler









Ahhhh, I remember when I first started Club Penguin. I really wanted to play, but my dad didn't know if it was going to be safe or not. So, he read all about it, and saw how safe and kid-friendly it was. He gave me a one month membership to see if i liked it enough to continue! Well, I loved it. All the things that were there seemed so new. But, compared to what is there now, the seem kind of old. But, all of my Club Penguin memories will always be in my account! I love you Club Penguin!!!! Thanks for all the good times.


My favorite memory in Club Penguin was when I first joined! It was when Rockhopper came. I didn't understand who he was, or why everyone was so excited. When I met him I was excited!! So I will always remember Club Penguin, and I will always remember it in my heart!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

That's awesome that you met Rockhopper when you first waddled around on Club Penguin! Keep an eye out for him at future events!


The first time i did club penguin i was totally clueless what too do.i didnt know anything about club penguin.So then a tour penguin waddled toward me and asked if i needed a tour.of course i said soon as i knew every thing,i became a tour penguin.i want to thank that penguin(or person)


hey cp, if you get this on, thats awesome its my first time on! anyway the first time i logged on to CP, a whole bunch of pengiuns walked up to me and said, wanna be friends? I said yeah thanks! now i have 99 friends(i always have room), and i am an active member. Thanks to other penguins and my own family and friends, i know club penguin like the back of my hand!


I remember my first time in the late 2008. I first got involved because a friend told me about it but now people are all around me and chatting and I have loads of friends now. If i had not of found out of Club Penguin I'd still probably be twidiling my thumbs at home! And now some of my best mates Shon, Halt, and Mollee.


My first memory of club penguin was when it was the sports event where there was a race starting from the ski villiage ending i think in the plaza where we would get a medal.i also remember exploring the town. it was such a great experience and many variables have changed.


my first time i joined club penguin was about a year ago and i thought it was gonna just be a prank but it was so cool i play everyday on it and my first memory was when i had earned my first pin and postcard it was so nice of them to greet us like that

plz post ive never been posted before




lol, so funny hahaha


i like whan they gave out the hats i had fun with it it rocked!

Loki Terry:

I have a friend, his name is Apple2426. He was nice to me when I didn't know anything. I was very a young penguin and he showed me around and treated my 5 day old with respect!!

BoBo girl1:

I remember that my brother showed me club penguin and I liked it!
I started to play it a lot!
then my aunt and uncle bought me a membership so I could enjoy club penguin more!
I first made my penguin right after music jam last year.
I made lots of friends on club penguin!
ever since then club penguin is the best online game I have played!
thank you for making club penguin!


when i first loged on i was freaking out that no one wanted to be my friend so i went to the dance club and as soon as i got there i had five friend request and i was like wow and every time i loged on and talked to people they would add me and i would go to there igloo and we would have a party!!


the very first time i logged on to club penguin i had no idea where anything was and i loved going to ski hill and racing that's how i made heaps of buddy's then when i got to the bottom i would go into the ski lodge and relax by the fire and play find four! and the first puffle i adopted was blue and i named her fluff

Slippy Shoes:

i think that this will be awsome! and the best thing is,my summer holiday has started so i will not miss a second!!!!!!!!!



when i first started to play cp i was not use to it then i played more of cp an then it became my most favorite game on cp.

happy feetz:

My favorite memory about CP was when i first went meeting new friends. That was the best first day ever. ROCK CP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

taio cruz116:

when i first log in i think that things have changed when i first got my first penguin and its hard to remember things about my first penguin and i forgot the password but at least i have a memory of my first penguin


you have a bug when you play puffle rescue the person keeps going fored


CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I first started clubpenguin, I was in the town. Soo many penguins were crowding me saying Hello! I was happy. Then someone told me about a pin. An old friend showed me the pin in the boiler room. It was a compass! Then I got a membership. I did more and more things that day. It was fun!


When I stared cp,I was in the plaza.There was a party.


my favorite memory waz when i first joined the epf it was hard at first to pass the missions but then i learned to pass it and i had so much fun now i send postcards to my friends so they could be agents too :)


the first time i played clubpenguin.. i was happy. i was waiting for a world of magic.

Red Wattle:

When it was December, I made a penguin. The place I started out in was the Dock. Club Penguin felt like a big place. I was very excited about adopting a puffle.


Randee4 here! The first game I ever played in CP was Hydro Hopper in like late 2009. It was AWESOME!!!

Still lovin CP!!! WADDLE ON!!!


I want rainbow puffle=(


When i first was in clubpenguin...i was so shy that i didnt know what to do.Was i gonna meet friends or have a tour.But then something got my was a penguin calling my was exiting.thanks to clubpenguin i get meet new friends

Noah Legend:

My friends told me to come onto this website and I loved it. My first memory was the dojo. I worked very hard to earn blackbelt.
Waddle on Cp


please please please bring chearlading dreses back please ASAP i really want one i was to late though please!!!! read this and look into it! thanks your friend 7mina7


my first club penguin dan was magical someone gave me a tour i made loads of freinds!


club penguin is Sooooooooooo much better!!!!!!!!!!

thankyou so much club penguin team!!!
the minute i logged on it was AMAZING!
so much better than last time ,ITS AMASING thanks to you guys
from pookypants


dear billy g i never been in a video never


my memory was when everything diffent change. the old items and the old cp, No one likes the new cp. I also like them football can u please bring back some old items

kmils said:

i love clubpenguin so much! it is really fun to play. i remember when i was new to clubpenguin i didnt know anybody yet. and my cousin was showing me around clubpenguin i think it was 2008 our 2009 it was a long time ago then i knew clubpenguin i had so much fun! going on clubpenguin. and now i go on clubpenguin everyday. thats all i had to say for now. WADDLE ON CLUBPENGUIN. PLZ POST THIS COMMENT I NEVER BEEN POSTED BEFORE bye:)


club penguin is awesome!!! waddle on!!


Just after I named my penguin Elford, I logged on it was in town there were lots of penguins meeting me! then opened the map and I went to the beach to make my first buddy!

j o s e:

i remember about when the penguin band came i was sooo happy!!!!!!


I remember when I first started it was in 2006 and got the sun pin.

Epf Larry:

on the first day at club penguin i came across a room to dress up in called "The Gift Shop" and then after I left the room I saw Christmas stuff everywhere. it was a great day back then.


my 1 time at cp was wen you had a new game it was befor the dojo was here it was puffle go go puffle go then came puffle luach it was cool


my 1 time was the pet shop was here it had a game it was go puffle go then the dojo was here it had no puffle but in 2006 a puffle that was black hit the dojo then in 2009 the dojo had falling wen red air came


the very first time i went onto club penguin was when i saw the club penguin comercial on telivision.

moshi 98246:

my first time I went on club penguin was a 116 days ago it sowds like not a long time ago but it was and i have 1221 conis Im saving up for a halloween costume in 3 moths :D Im so excited but first t is the music jam.


I started clubpenguin the day before the earth day party my favorite memorie was buying my very first puffle fluffy he was red I love him.


well I have 5 favourite memories. My first favourite memory was when I was making an account, my second favourite memory was when I got my first clothing item ( head item hair), my third favourite memory was when I got my first puffle ( the blue puffle). my fourth favourite memory was when I got my first body item ( the red cheerleader dress)and my last memory was when I went to the music jam and adventure party ( they where the first ever party's I went to)
oh yeah and my very best memory was meeting Cadence!
P.S I still listen to The Party Starts Now!


I first played club penguin on the first day of the marvel superhero takeover(which was next june!)It was last year and I can't wait to go to the Apill fools and knight's quest AND princess's too!(and the mestevl party!)so I hope you guys will be back!


my favourite memory was when my showed me the summer party OH! and my first card-jitsu victory!


which was 3 months later

Enter nickname:

In 2005 before Disney bought it for millions of dollars.


meeting my best friend


When i first logged into clubpenguin i loved every thing about it but like any other penguin i was a little confused what i liked most about it was the games there just so fun to favorite is probroly mine cart because its fun and it gets you alot of coins but i really like all so yeah thats what i think




I remember i got a membership right away i played for a long time. I was so happy.

Enter nickname:

THe first time when I created a penguin I landed up in the coffee shop that was my first room and I don't know why there were so crowded with penguins with "hey Gary " " rookie Gary " and I don't know who Gary really is I thought it was some game and so I just wandered on the island and when I got experience then I found out that he was a mascot and my first stamp was the rookie one.I am really lucky.

penguin 4100:

When i came in cp first i thought who are mascots and stamps and on my first day i made a friend,i like cp too much and will try to be on every party and now operation puffle, i told my friends and the school and many friends try to log on cp and i have 334 friends! Thanks so much cp its my best game ever, i promise i will never leave cp,Waddle on clubpenguin .


Club penguin is boring now

Enter nickname:



I remember when I first joined Club Penguin,it was a lonely place,the next day I came on it was bought by Disney and they made it worse.


I'd love to share my experience in a comment. I'd gone on to other virtual worlds before, where almost every possible thing was for Members. Even when you had to adopt pets. But I saw that you could get two free puffles! I saved up my pocket money and just rushed to get a 12 Months Membership Card. That time I was a bit familiar with the game, but searched online and came to know more. The game rocked before, is currently rocking, and will keep be rocking! :D I love you Club Penguin!


Did you know I always wanted a Kirby takeover? but disney doesn't own kirby T-T WHY?? and the free stuff will be like a Kirby hoodie or a Meta Knight sword!


omg omg idk how to do it!!!!!!!!!!!

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