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By Billybob on June 18, 2011 - 13:24
Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked you to tell us about your favorite Club Penguin song. Many of you mentioned the "Penguin Band Boogie". Waddleryan1 said:

My favorite song on CP is Penguin Band Boogie because the sound of the music is ROCKIN COOL!!!!! I also like it because funky and there's beat boxing. I hope everbody heard it before and liked it. WADDLE ON!!!!!!

P.S Penguin Band Boogie is on Dance Contest. So ANYBODY can hear it!

Thanks for your review, Waddleryan1! Glad to hear that you like the beat boxing, too.

As many of you have probably already noticed, Music Jam 2011 is on now! So for this week's Reviewed by You, we want to hear what you like best about the party... What do you like best about Music Jam?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins! 

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



What I like best about the Music Jam is ALL of the stages! There's a stage for everone: Rockers, pop princesses, cowboys, and jazz fans! The Casa Fiesta room is also a great place to have fun and start a conga line! And we can rock out with the Penguin Band at the iceberg. Waddle on!!!!!!!

coco lalao:

are you ok because these game is asome


My favorite thing about the Music Jam is getting to meet The Penguin Band and getting their backrounds.


Hey Club Penguin! I love the music jam! My favorite part is how there is so many different styles of music. I also love going to penguin's own music jams at their igloos! Oh, and I love how the Penguin Band floats in this year and their rocking new threads! Oh, and I hope to meet Candance and the Penguin Band. Waddel on!!

david 20134:

What i like best of Music Jam is the rooftop! Its so cool because most of it penguins dance where is says DANCE.Mostly i like the music maker and floor piano 3000!
Until then WADDLE ON CP



how do u get backgrounds from the band owell other than that it is ace go cp!!!!!!!!

green 58:

HEY HAS ANY ONE SEEN THE PENGUIN BAND???? ive looked all over the island please help.

also and does and one know where cadanc is please tell me if you find them and ill spred the news


Music Jam is totally awesome. I found all the secret items in no time flat. But i'm not telling you, that would spoil the surprise!


I like the Casa Fiesta coz I LUV to play my trumpet with my band while everyone else dances in the conga line! It's great fun!

Waddle on CP!


hey clubpenguin have yall heard of the costumes i voted the horse. having fun at the musicjam party have yall seen candandce yet.i havent met candance yet or the penguin band.the membership roof top party is fun i have the boom box and the hat with the shirt.


What I liked best about Music Jam was the live music at the coffee shop because it sounded like Epic Win I think at the coffee shop. Also I liked it because you can relaxe at a table while drinking coffee with everyone else at the coffee shop.

Bear Bear 57:

I like the rooftop dance party because you can actually meet Cadence there! And you can get the boom box!

Wassup Yo 13:

What i like most of Music Jam is the awesome music and new awesome activities. Every single item in the Music Jam is unique. I love the new awesome threads, i would never get tired of using them. I love the new instruments and the fact that there are free items. The rooftop is a very nice unique way of rockin' out, and the floor piano 300 is awesome!

Club Penguin Member- Wassup Yo 13


i love battle of the bands and the music maker 3000. its so cool. Waddle On CP!


My favorite part of music jam is just jamming out with my band playing the electric guitar. It is also fun to sign fans autographs and get my autograph signed. What i love about music jam is going to the casa fiesta and forming congo lines while i play the trumpet. I also like to hang out backstage and grab a slice of pizza. Waddle on!

Mrs Jonas99:

What I like most about Music Jam are the clothes and outfits, because you can be anything, a drummer, a guitar player, a singer, I mean anything. You can dress up an hang with friends and to get the outfits you get to play fun games.The outfits and clothes at the Music Jam are #1 and you can express who you are and who you want to be through them!!!! Waddle on Clubpenguin!! Rock On!!!!! I LOVE MUSIC JAM!!!!


Hi there. jakie5215 here, and my most favourite parts of music jam 2011 is...





those are the best areas to go for this music jam.



What I like best about the Music Jam is that when I first joined Club Penguin, the Music Jam was on. It brings back memories of starting Club Penguin and making my first penguin friends. It's also really fun to pretend I'm having my own concert and getting to meet penguins like Cadence!


What I love best about the Music Jam is all the music! My own little penguin band rock it out everywhere, traveling stage after stage, with smiles on our faces and instruments on our flippers! Each party room has a different theme and music, so we switch instruments to match it. It's so much fun, and if we're lucky, we might get to rock it out with Cadence or The Penguin Band!

Jammin' on, CP!


What i like about the music jam.

I like the music jam because You can buy unlimeted clothes and hair. I also like it because there are heaps of stages and more contests. It gives you the oportunity to have fun and get more friends. I also love all the different music like country, jazz, girly, rock and heaps more cool tunes. my favourite activities would have to be the floor piano, battle of the bands and music maker. I really like the idea of the Casa Fiesta because i met heaps of my buddys there and did the conga line. I also like the idea of the green shirt, the hat and the boom box.

Until then... WADDLE ON

Pingu Pingey:

What I like the best about Music Jam is ALL the stages where you can ROCK OUT!! My favourite has to be at the Dock where you can make your own music video!! And then when your done with that, you can chill out backstage!!! There really is a stage for everyone too: Rockers, Pop and even Cowboys and Cowgirls! And after a long day of rocking you can dance with the Penguin Band at the Iceberg! WADDLE ON!

Flip Flop554:

I like the way it was designed! it looks so cool and it looks like a tin of ppl are having a blast


I like being with my friends. It is really fun to make a band with them or meet the Penguin Band with them. Also I would take my puffles out so they can have fun at the music jam too!

Waddle ON!




My favorite part is to get to meet the popular penguins like Cadence and The Penguin Band


I love the Battle of the Bands the most. It's the place where you can really rock out, compete against and work together with other penguins, and show off your latest dance moves and music, but most importantly. to have fun! :D I always have a rocking good time when I do Battle of the Bands! Waddle on CP!


Hey Club Penguin! I love how there is so much to do in Music Jam! Member or not, there is tons of things to do. The costumes are sweet and the decorations through-out the island are tremendus!I think that there should be little more free objects on the list next year.I think the well known penguins(exp. Candance, Gary, Penguin Band, Aunt Artic, Rockhopper) should be around more often so the other penguins can feel good about getting more stamps and finding friends. I hope this comment helps make Club Penguin even better! If theat even possable!
Waddle on CP,
Sneeks13(Sneeks13 is my CP account name)

Jessa 1812:

I like the competition between Red and Blue at the Snow Forts! But the NEW costumes are GREAT to! On second thought, the dance competition is really COOL! Or maybe the FREE costumes we get this year! No, my favorite is the Penguin Band! Wait, no, it's Cadence! I can not choose! But in general, i can say i LOVE EVERYTHING!
Waddle on Club Penguin!


I Like ALL!! Conga Dance,Music Maker 3000,And etc
But,My Favorite Is LETS DANCE!!!!!!!!

Amy 19987:

I love the country stage in the forest. My favorite part so far in the music jam is I saw the penguin bands concert! I wonder if I will find Candence! Waddle on!

Nick Jonas17:

I really like the BACKSTAGE!!! it even has a chocolate fountain!!!


I LOVE MUSIC JAM actually this is my first every music jam party!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Its awesome i love the music the makeover especially the coffee shop makeover I LOVE IT WHEN I SEE THE CP BAND AT THE ICE BERG YOU CANT GET THERE AUTOGRAPH BUT IM THERE BIGGEST FAN ROCK ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like the pizza parlor its cool and the new clothing items rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HOPE THERE ARE MORE PARTIES LIKE THIS IN THE FUTURE PLZ CP COULD YOU MAKE MORE AWESOME PARTIES LIKE THIS PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


is happy777 a moderate and is she or he online some times???


The music jam is so awesome, i saw Gumball296 being nice and friendly to everyone during the music jam time. She is very nice. The music jam is so awesome!!!! I cant believe how many stages there are!!


What I love about Music Jam is the new outfits we get! Especially the Peacock Costume for the Casa Fiesta! This is one of the BEST MUSIC JAMS EVER! WADDLE ON CP!






I so like the rooftop you can try to meet cadence or just dance with your friends


My favorite thing about music jam so far would be the snow forts. I love to get friends together and see which team gets AWSOME first. Some times its fun to just watch it too. Its a great party overall though. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


i like the rooftop party and the penguin band:)


I like the backstage at the dock!!!! It is sooo cool!!! it's a fun place for members to chill!!! I am so happy i have a membership... without it i wouldn't be able to go back there:( the insturments back there are sooo cool!!! my favorite is the oil guitar!!! it looks sooo awesome!!! and its so cool how when you have that top (and the hat) you can do the robot.... the penguin can do it way better than i can!!! LOL!!! i suck at it!!! my friend was telling me how you need the backstage pass to go inside and she was telling me how cool the backstage looks!!! when i got home i went on and bought the pass right away!!! i couldn't belive how cool it was!!! Next year for the music jam i would like way more than one backstage!!!

Waddle on!!

P.S. i love the color of the pass way better than last year!!!!


I like everything about Music Jam, but what i like best about it is the ice burg. I go their everyday and wait for Penguin Band ( the world's best band) to come and play music for everyone. While i'm waiting I look at Shirts Rock ( the world's best rocking store). I also practice my dance moves their. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


I loved the Music Jam this year! I loved the stages around Club Penguin and I liked the Casa Fiesta. I hope you make more Music Jams like this! WADDLE ON CP!


My favorite part of the Music Jam HAS to be going to the Rooftop Dance Party and going Backstage! I like the Rooftop Dance Party because when LOTS of penguins are there and the music is really LOUD and the music sounds AWESOME!!!!!!! I like Backstage because you can buy instruments and get a free shirt! The Music Jam is my favorite!


My favourite thing about music jam is the furniture catalog. I decorated my igloo to look like a music concert. I have a ticket booth and seats and a piano and 2 stages and drums.I also like the dock with the back stage and the 'berg with live performances. I've seen the penguin band there but haven't got their autographs, backgrounds or stamps. I haven't seen candece either but I hope I do. I also like music jam because I made a friend while showing off my igloo.Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!!!

sunz (sunny6102):

The best part of the music jam is ALL OF IT ! thank
you club penguin team for organizing such a fun event thankyou a lot

sunny6102 xxx

ps thanks BillyBob!


My favorite part of the Music Jam is the music, of course! I really like the variety of music styles there. From rock to pop, country to calypso, there is something for everyone. I bet the purple puffles are itching to get out there and strut their stuff on stage! I'm also can't excited to meet DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band. Waddle On, CP! :)


hi cp,
i like everything!!!!
but i think the best would be the
music, and the little kind of stage set up in the coffee shop,
i like it because when penguins are drinking their hot drinks its good to be entertained,
oh and it is really really really COOL!!!!!!
and enjoy the music jam festival!!!!!!!


I had not logged onto club-penguin from a long time...

recently i had logged on.... i guess 12 June or 13 June....
the time i saw c p i was shocked to see that it had improved so much.....
i thought i had to take membership ...
i asked my mother.. she said no.... i was sad.....
next i asked my mother on 16 June.....
she felt pity on me and gave me membership.....
the next day i was shocked to see club penguin changed...
i called up my friend who is a frequent player on club penguin....
i asked him why club penguin was changed so much,,,,,...
first thing he asked me is that do you have membership.....
i said i had membership for 1 month.....
he was shocked he asked me how i got membership because his parents had not allowed him to get one...
i told i asked my mother for 2-3 days n she gave me one...
he said to me that club-penguin music jam was gonna start.....
next moment i was shocked.....
then he asked me how much money i had.. i had 20k coins then he told me that i can buy instruments from this money and even new and interesting clothes.....
i thanked him for telling me that music jam had started.....

i felt like i am the luckiest person on the earth to get membership at a correct time.....
next thing i did is i thanked my mom.....

Thanks club penguin for working hard to give the best to us.......................................

Best of Luck to all club-penguin staff and other people for improving club-penguin.....

--- pendent


I think previous years were better, there was a lot more to do. I think the igloos needed better music, like last years anchovie jazz and rock out, those were really cool. A lot of the items were realy cool looking in the catalogs but when you put them on your penguin, not so much. I did like the igloo catalog, some of the new items were awesome like the neon signs.


I enjoyed the Music Jam 2011
IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucie :]:

I like the live music at the coffee shop i work there at cp and I enjoyed music jam a lot over the past few days!!!


Yup, that'll do it. You have my apperication.


I love it so much I wish I would have that game!

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