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By Billybob on June 7, 2011 - 23:38
Hello Penguins!

The team is putting the finishing touches on some new stuff for June! Here's a sneak peek at some things they've been working on:


Plus here are some dates to remember:

  • June 9: New igloo item catalog
  • June 16: Music Jam = party time!
  • June 23: New member ninja items at the Ninja Hideout
  • and more...

So what are you most excited about this month? Can you guess what's in each of the pictures? Let us know in the comments!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



Wow cant wait till all that to happen!!!! Rock on CP


i cant wait

RYAN N 46704:

im looking foward to the new items in the dojo which i think is snow ninja!
and the music jam will be awsome!

thanks ones again ryan n 46704



I think the music box might be a new room the penguins in clothes i think is the music jam party and the dojo might be new items available at the dojo.

Waddle on Club Penguin Club Penguin RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

crazy clover:

I think the first picture is of penguins dancing at the music jam, the second is of the dojo, and the last one looks a lot like a toolbox but i have NO idea! Plz post my comment!!!!! Plz! Waddle On Cp!!!


I saw the ninja hide out on the photo,the music jam,and on the last photo i saw new penguin homes and styles


ive heard that theres a new ninja suit called a shadow ninja? Its sound exciting i cant wait. And the music jam party also sound cool.
Waddle on cp!

bo bo 76:

i think its gonna be awesome ive getting every touch ready for music jam and now more!!!!!!!!!!


awsome stuff!
ive collected nearly everything in the ninja hideout catalogue and they are brilliant!
i cant wait till the next batch of items!
and another party, music jam and new furniture items!
Club penguin are the best here! awsome!
Waddle on everybody,

Haydo 11:

This is the BEST!!

G1 David:

i cant wait for the music jam!!!! i think candas will be at the roof top of the night club


I think there is gonna be a new item in the dojo catalog and it shall be a............KARATE MAT!!!


Cool idea!


I cant wait till all that happens in june, Im so happy and my friends and my sister is too! ROCK ON CP!

frosty roger:

i cant wait to go and see the new ninja stuff in the ninja hideout and by the way the first picture is the dojo and there like a path leading to it
and the second one looks like the catalog in the gift shop or I think its the dance club and the therd picture look like the dance club aswell with a speaker





Seems awesome! Can't wait! ROCK ON CP!


definatly the ninja stuff and music jam!!!!! hope the penguin band is there i really want to meet them rock on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please post me i have never been posted before :-)

Slipper Jr:



Like what lukejacques said Shadow ninja, oooooh :D cant wait to see!

10news rox:

Yup! that's a snow dojo alrite! Can't wait!


It's not a Snow Dojo... Do you have any other guesses?


I'm really exited!!! I've bought all of my music jam clothes and I'm ready to PARTY!!! Waddle on!


Glad you're excited! Waddle on!!


i think that the penguins from the right is the music jam party,the dojo is maybe new stuff for member ninja and maybe a new snow dojo,and the house its new better igloos catlog and Upgrade igloo catlog. Club Penguin is the world's most fun game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear BillyBob even though this is not about what you wrote can you please post this? Anyway when members are changing there music to there igloo I can't decide the song I like.Because after a party on CP there are new songs that sound better than the song I have.I want to keep the song that I already have because it will become a rare song.So the main thing that I am asking is.In the future will members get to keep as many songs as they want forever while they have membership?

Mary Ann3:

Billybob,I know what the pictures are!The first one is either the Penguin Band or Night Club Rooftop.Second, mabye a Shadow Ninja or new items in the Ninja Hideout catalog.Third,new items for the igloos.It must be one of my suggestions.And,Billybob,I have a question.I can't talk,look at my Spyphone,go to my igloo,can't see names,can't see friends,can't see map,cant do anything but waddle.Can you help me and everyone else?

Sincerely,Mary Ann3


I have a very heavy hunch that the pictures are this: The first is the Music Jam Party(Yay!). The second picture is an adventure up the mountain to a new part of the dojo to get our SNOW amulet. Or, we're relocating the dojo(either way, I'm really excited!). The third is a new house, A amp house. (It looks really awesome, by the way.)

~Your Penguin Pal, Piles.

Pingoo P1:

I think the picture with the 4 penguins with clothes on may be new clothes in the clothes catalog or some thing new in the treasure book.
I think the picture of the dojo will be the next thing Herbert will attack.The last picture might be a new video game in the dance lounge.

Waddle on CP !!!!!


i know what the new ninja item oh and the ice ninja is already there you have to master the fire and water elment first then the ice will open up and the items are ninja sword and numchucks and ninja stars and more you have to find out your self


im really exited cant wait


I think the picture of the penguins hanging out is new clothing items. The dojo photo is for snow ninjas coming out. And, I think the photo of the loud speaker is for this year's Music Jam Party! I really hope im right!

Maxx 9:

Hmm... maybe the dojo picture might have something to do with a rumored "Card Jitsu Snow". There are 3 elements on the amulet... the only one left is snow. Also, there is a close up of a "snowy" moutain

Waddle On, CP

~Maxx 9~


that is defentaly card jistu snow


I think the picture of the dojo could mean that they are remodeling it. That would be so cool!! The speaker could be that they are adding new songs to the dance lounge or upgrading the dance contest game. The picture of the penguins might be the new catalog but the floor on the picture is definitely the night club floor. Whatever it is thats happening in June, Im super exited!!

Water Master:

What do you mean the Ice Dojo exist? Billy Bob does the Snow Dojo realy exist if so will some boddy tell me how to get there? I realy want the new nija items because I have all of the other items.


that looks like the old dojo


WOW wonder what they are


the first picture is of penguins at the music jam the second picture is of the dojo creating the snow dojo and the third picture is of a new furniture item. PS. if the snow dojo already has came out and i didn't know plz tell me i want to be a snow ninja!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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