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By Billybob on July 5, 2011 - 11:50
Hello Penguins!
In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked about your first memory of Club Penguin. You said you were excited to meet new friends, discover games, and adopt a puffle for the first time. Many of you received warm welcomes from other friendly penguins that helped you.

Erica777 said:

Hey CP i'm so glad you asked that question. The first time I logged into Club Penguin I was very young. I remember standing in the town just wondering where I should waddle off to first. Suddenly a bright blue penguin waddled up to me and said "hey you new here". I shyly said yeah how did you know. She said I looked confused. I asked where you can get the best refreshments. The blue penguin grinned and said "thats easy it's the coffee shop. When I walked into the coffee shop I knew by all the friendly faces and different people that I was perfectly safe on my new favourite site Club Penguin :D.

P.S. I want to thank BlueJunieB for being the first to add me as a buddy. YOU ROCK

Thanks for sharing your story, Erica777!

blog_110705.jpgThis week, we want to talk about helpful friends like BlueJunieB. Tell us about someone that's been helpful to you, and why you think they should be featured on the blog. Make sure you're nominating someone other than yourself.
Send us your short review as a comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is chosen next week, we'll give the penguin you nominated 10,000 coins as a gift!
Until then... Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team



i love club penguin!


i want to shout out to sammy32651 for telling me about CP and helping me around!!!!!!!! waddle on CP!!!!!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!!!


This is so cool! I remember when I first joined. But the only thing i remember about that was that I started playing club penguin June 2009
PS can you plz upload this because I have never have before. Thank you! Waddle on 4ever Club Penguin


I Remember when i first got on i didnt know what to do so i whent to the gift shop and bought a couple of things and now i was a very rare Penguin the first thing you should do is buy stuff first! WADDLE ON

Puff Fluff 4:

I Really Felt Warmed When Whiteknight46 "Adopted" Me From The Pet Shop.
I'd Gone To The Pet Shop Because................... Well....... No One Was Noticing Me. I Was In Hope Of A Family, Or Someone Who Cared.
Thanks Whiteknight46. Thanks. :)
Your A True Friend. (And "mumu")

Puff Fluff 4


Hi CP!! i think that i would have to nominate my best friend on club penguin Etneiz01 he's really nice and we've been friends forever! !Whenever i'm feeling blue he always comes and makes me feel better. thanks for the awesome question!!
kiwie8 :D


thats sweet oh hi im chloe nice to meet you


your sweet


i would thank my first buddy Pechu12


I'm going to talk about


thank you so much erica777

Agent A1:

My best friend Anthon10 is always helping me meet the Famous Characters that are available. He comes onto the server I am on and tells me where they are. The way he knows is that he searches everywhere for them and ends up finding them. I am so happy Anthon10 is my friend.

Club Penguin Support Team:

What a great friend to have! Thanks for all your searching, Anthon10.


I remember the time when i first came on a penguin walked up to me and said wanna be friends?I answered sure!Everyone had clothes on and i didnt and i didnt know why. Then i found out you had to be a member!!!!Please tell new penguins that you can be members. If you read my comment,thank you!!!CP U ROCK


i would say cj the dj because she help alot in music jam and she also followed me Hahahaha!




Well, i remember my first buddy i had was named Cloepinky221. I still have her as a buddy now! She was super nice and guided me through everywhere. She told me how to play the games, and showed me my first pin! She was very helpful when i logged on. WADDLE ON CP!

Little tyke2:

Hey CP! My best friend on here is Paramore123! She was so helpful. I remember sort of stading around wondering what to do. I wasn't a member and felt very nervous. Then I saw a group of non-members and Paramore waddled over to me. She said "Hi! You look scared, are you ok?" I told her I was new and she looked after me. But after I got my membership, I never saw her again. i really miss her and I hope that she sees this comment so that she knows I am thinking of her and that she is still my best friend and I am so thankful to her and I wish I could see her again one day!
waddle on, cp :')


I remember when i was at the old sport shop. A penguin like me was confused when I found it destroyed. A penguin named Darthwhite, who also was my first buddy, said,"I will show you". He lead me behind a curtian and there was the destroyed HQ.I was confused. He said agents worked undercover on the island, and their enemy destroyed it. I joined right away. If it wasn't for him, i would not be the great agent i am today! Thanks dude!


I think that my best friends Efcboy3 and Pgiun1867 are some of the most helpful and fun people I know. Theyre always hanging out with me and helping me with things I dont know, because they have been members of Club Penguin longer then I have. I think their names should be posted on this blog. Waddle on CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Helpful and fun are some awesome qualities in a friend. Let's have a round of applause for Dash224, Efcboy3 and Pgiun1867.


the first time I went on cp it was the medieval party I thought it was cool and I asked people how do you get a membership card they told me in game stop my first best friend was ioup1 he helped me get around places cp is the best thanks cp team waddle on!!


Squidy2008 is a member of Club Penguin who has helped me a lot. He told me how to find famous penguins, how to win games, and how to earn stamps! Because of him I a an expert of Club Penguin.

Sereena Lee1:

I was young when I first joined Club Penguin. I was shy and afraid. Then a brown penguin with came up and asked, "You new?" I answered yes. The brown penguin gave me a tour of Club Penguin and showed me his igloo. 2 years later, that brown penguin and I are still friends. I feel good knowing there are such nice people on Club Penguin. Thank you.


Someone that's been helpful to me? That has to be my best pal, Distrocktiv7. Every time I'm feeling down, he would be there to cheer me up. Every time I needed help finding something on Club Penguin, he would help me out. Every time I would be bored, we would compete against each other on Dance Contest, Find Four and other games we made up. He's always been there for me and without him, I wouldn't even play Club Penguin. That's why I think Distrocktiv7 should be featured on this blog. Thanks for everything, buddy!! :)

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool! Distrocktiv7 must be an awesome buddy to have.


My First buddy's name is Troyella I asked where i could play Find Four and then I had no one to play with.Then She asked to play!Now That's my helpful buddy!


i think sensei was helpful to me. the reason is because he told me facts on how to be a good ninja, and now im almost doen with my water ninja progress!!! he is so cool! sensei, you are awesome!!

waddle on sensei and cp fans!!



When I first logged on was about September 2010. I wondered how Club Penguin works the first place I went to I can remember was the Stage it was Fairy Fables.To be honest I made the biggest misstake ever I forgot about Club Penguin.I logged on again in March 2011 during the April Fools party.And im really sad because I did not log off right and lost the mail costume.Right now Club Penguin is my best site!


i have a penguin friend from school his penguin name is gariepy we had loads of fun we went sled racing and we both showed off are igloos than we went to go surfing when he had a silver surfboard and i asked him wear he got it and he helped me find it THANKS GARIEPY FORHELPING ME ;)

Club Penguin Support Team:

It sounds like you two have some great times together! Thanks for sharing, Wadle70962.


i had my first friend it was zygis1 but my sweetest 2 friends are cool freddy1 and liliana96674 they are the most friendliest friends shout out to cool freddy1 liliana96674


Well my first day on club penguin i was really confused but a penguin helped me. I remember him wearing a strange black hat with a question mark on it and he gave me a tour, later on he explained that he was a tour guide. I am very glad that penguin was there helping other penguins and making club penguin a happy place.




i think that bella4760 is a very helpful penguin. she helps me with a lot of things like when i need to earn some money she tells me what games i should play. and sometimes we play sled racing together. she is very fun to hang out with. Whenever you need a helping flipper count on bella4760! she will always be there 4 u and me!

Waddle on CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Nice work, Bella4760! It's great to know you're always there to help other penguins.

dreamy pinky :

well I know that this has nothing to do with this, my penguin cant talk because when I try to make him it doesn't work 1 reason is there is not a little speak line at the blue box were it has emotions and stuff and 2 when I press h&o it automaticly goes 2 ok and hello if someone from the club penguin team could help my penguin talk again I would appreciate it so please please please please help me I am really sad that my penguin can not talk anymore so help me figure it all out.


im very glad about this blog. i remember when i first started cp last december and i walked in the pizza parlor and a purple penguin waddled over and said''lets go grab a seat and have some pizza so now we are friends online and offline she was my first buddy when i started cp i am soooo thankful for her.her name is kira1027 untill then waddle on!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Great story! As huge pizza fans, we love hearing how many friendships have started over a slice.


i had my first friend it was zygis1 but my sweetest 2 friends are cool freddy1 and liliana96674 they are the most friendliest friends shout out to cool freddy1 liliana96674

Rico 67309:

When I first started club penguin if was probably the most exciting time ever on the computer, I was a little confused at first but then a friend of mine, Zupoite, added me and showed me to the cupcake pin and all of club penguin! He was a great friend to show me around all of the beautiful island of club penguin! Waddle on CP!


I would like to thank Julia 444 for always helping me because when I first logged into club penguin, I wanted a tour and i asked people for tours, but Julia 444, was the only one who was helpful enough to give me tour. She showed me around the entire island and i remember asking her if there was a game for people who like music and she said" Of course there is, it's right in the nightclub and it's called DJ3K".

Club Penguin Support Team:

Special thanks to Julia 444. We're grateful for all the amazing tour guides around the island. You make it a better place!


I nominate Emilypip. Why? Because she cares. She knows how to make you laugh or make you feel better. Shes one that you might go to for advice or for secrets. She has a AMAZING fashion sense too. Shes always ready to have fun and make new friends! I think that she should be nominated for most friendly freind! She is a very helpful friend to me! : )

Thanks Emilypip!

Izzy Xo4:

I think the most helpful penguin I've known is Jmann93. He's always helping others and he's really cool, it would be awesome to see him in the blog :)

Club Penguin Support Team:

There you go, Izzy Xo4. Jmann93 has been featured on the blog!


when i was new my first buddy puffle803209 i think it was because she doses not go on anymore but she said hi welcome to club penguin i was very nervouis but first i bought some clothes and got pizza i hope i could be like my friend. thanks.


I would like to thank one of my friends named Sparkle61432 helped me alot! She told me that she had made an account on Club Penguin. I said I'm going to make one right now! So I did. I waited and waited for the code to come in and finally it did. I went right to Club Penguin to have fun. I will NEVER forget the time I made that account. Sparkle61432 showed me around. I love Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Support Team:

It can be pretty overwhelming when you first arrive on the island. Thanks for being so welcoming, Lovely6655!


when i was new i was obsessed with CP. i still am!! and im like bluejunieb alot!
i do see new penguins and try to help them. i give then a tour and give em some secrets and hints to the games and stuff. soon we become really good friends!!! i love cp!!!!!!!

cute stuff57:

well i had so many helpful people on clubpenguin! one day it was my second day on clubpenguin and i was waddling around clubpenguin and i wanted to get coins so a ask a green penguin and she said "the pizza game 3000 is a very good game.Its at he pizza shop" i wondered hmmmm where is that? i ask her and she said over here!After that she showed me very game! clubpenguin is an amazing website! I LOVE CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Great response, Cute Stuff57! Pizzatron 3000 is one of the very best games for earning lots of coins.


the first time i ever llogged on in 2006 but i lost connection alot so i had to make a new one in 2011 but SOMETHING HAPPEND it was tottaly different there was a recycling plant and a carpet in the pet room and no sports shop but one day i logged in and i just thought i should just never play again but ass soon as i was gonna exit a little guywith a white hat said would u lik a tour an THAT started a new beggining


I will nominating my brother Littletias as he found Club Penguin and told me that he thought I would like the Game and bought me my first Membership :) THANKS for being a GREAT Big Brother :)


I know u
Plz add me one cp


well i have two friends patt44478 i dont useally see her but i want to thank her for being so kind to me when i first came and my second friend is clovis721 she is so kind!!!!!! she does everything with me we camp at the forest or swim at the cove shes awesome
P.S i would do anything to see patt again :) WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


When I first came on I asked green penguin. Where can I get a pet he said at the puffle shop. His name Dewey 821. So I nomonate Dewey821.


I joined Club Penguin when I was in 5th grade. My first friend was A Chance. She gave me a tour around Club Penguin. When I felt ready to waddle off on my own, I did so! A Chance was my first buddy, she is a great friend!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Great story, Lalalove127. And thanks to A Chance for helping new penguins explore the island.


My Friend Veda123 helped me when I didn't know what to do when I first joined Club Penguin.She told me where every thing was like the dojo on top of the montin. she told me wear all the hidden items were in the catalog . She helped me with everything!

That's Why Shes my best friend!



Hello Club Penguin this is who has been helpful to me. One time I went on a server and I went to the dock and someone said ''Rockhopper is on his ship''. So I went to his ship and I looked for Rockhopper on his ship and I heard ding! I had got his stamp. Then I saw Rockhopper he was saying ''Arr ye mateys'' Then he left the room so we all were looking to see if he was still on the server but he was gone! That was the best day of my life on cp!

Waddle on!


I think the first time i logged onto club penguin was when i was 7.
I was brand new to cp but suddenly a penguin by the name of Vans137 waddled over to say hi.
He sent me a postcard saying[Be My Buddy].He was my very first Buddy.
I would like to give a big thanks to Vans137 .Also a big thanks to Bob9434 for helping me around the island.

Club Penguin Support Team:

That's awesome, Lanse3. Postcards are a great way to welcome new penguins to the island. Let's try and fill up the inboxes of new players!

that 1 pingu:

Dear Club Penguin, like Erica777 said, I was younger when I tried playing CP and I was lost when I did play. I didn't start playing again until sometime in early May, and I remember that one of the first people that added me was my best friend in real, who goes by the user Coolwater277. I had started playing before she did, but we helped eachother out! She was definitly a big help to me. Thanks Coolwater277!


My first time on Club Penguin was about two and a half years ago and i didn't quite know what to do or where to go so i just waddled around until i first went to the Pizza Parlour. There i met this penguin called Hermony3 i think and this other one Yatoo5 which added me as a buddy first. They deleted me now but i'll always remember them.


Easily my best friend, Lisca56! She was the one who told me to join! When I first logged on, she agreed to spend her computer time on club penguin, helping me, when she could have been playing all of the fun mini games! She even used to ring me, and give me hints and tips! Thanks to Lisca56, I now do the same to my younger cousin, cheekychap!




I would like to thank Republic1000 for showing me Club Penguin. We like to meet on Club Penguin and have fun together! If he did not show me Club Penguin, I would have not expirenced the great parties, activities, suprises, and of course, the wonderful penguins that keep CP alive! Thank you Republic1000!
Your Good Friend,


I'm glad you asked! There were lots of helpful penguins like S Cargo2. He trained me for being a black belt on Card-Jitsu! He even let me win so I can be a ninja faster!!! Waddle on Club Penguin! And S Cargo2, you rock!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

You know someone is a great friend when they let you win once in a while! Thanks to Gondai and S Cargo2.


When I was fairly new to Club Penguin I met this penguin and he showed me all arond the island. It was great!! He even showed me the swimming pool. It's so nice to have someone to show you aroaund when you're new. Thanks Raincc1! Waddle on!


My best friend in the world is Deynie. We met when we both was new in Club Penguin. We explored every room with each other, we played games and had a great time. Deynie is my BFF now! Every party we are togheter, exploring what is new, looking for famous penguins, and so much more! Deynie, you made my time in Club Penguin twice as fun! Thank you! :)

rocky 105:

I remember the first day i got on club penguin . I remember it like it was yesterday . One day i was with my friend and he told me about club penguin . I wanted to see what it was like and when i saw what it was like i was fascinated . i had so much fun that day . go CP !!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for letting us know, Rocky 105.


i remember the first time i went on cp my friend walked up to me and said are you new here?
i said yes he was the first one to add me.
then i got my membership i got cool stuf i still have my night armor from 2009 i miss my friend he forgot about cp.
waddle on cp
p.s cp rocks!!!


tht was a lovely story when i first went on cp i had no idea wat to do i was sitting all along when a penguin walked up to me and said r u new here and i said yea and i dont know where to go so he added me and i said ur my very first friend and he said really so i said yes really then he said come to my house and i loved it it had nine puffels i said its awesome so he said thx and when we went to my house it was small and bere no puffels or furniture. his name was coolman99 and we were best friends ever sinse then he deleted me when i was a member.


I want to nominate U Quickster. He's fun to hang around with, and has stood up for me before when a rude penguin started calling me names. He wasn't my first buddy on CP or anything, but I don't find him online often, so when he is, I'm thinking: " Yayyyy!!" And then I click on the question mark to see where he is. I think he should be featured because, as I said at the beginning, He's fun AND helpful. Waddle on CP!!!!


I've had this one friend when I first got my account and hes still my friend on Club Penguin. Icc87. We don't talk to eachother that much but we're still good friends. And I'd like to say another friend Blazer779. We love to laugh and he helped me find my necklace yesterday. So I feel like I've got the right friends.


Well my three friends Wilkes2000, Snoglober, and Alessi07 were super nice to me. I played games with them like Card Jitsu. I showed them my puffles and they did to. I also got to see their igloo. The last thing I did with them was explore new places. Their the most friendly penguins i've ever known. Waddle on CP!!!

Naamals 47:

I think sachdev1 helped me the most because i didnt know how to play cart surfer.Now thanks to him i got all the stamps in cart surfer!P.S can i be posted i never been posted before


I would have to nominate.... My sister conily12. She helps me find pins, helps me figure puzzles, explores parties with me, stands up for me. and we also do really fun stuff like order chesse pizza!
Oh and of course I have to also say that my friend Limeboy11 is awesome!


Club Penguin Support Team:

We want to give lots of penguin the chance to get their comments posted, so thanks for taking the time to tell us about your amazing sister!


Well i remember that i was all lonely and i didnt know what to do so i just sad down and was sad Suddenly Strawberery a red penguin came to me and asked me why i was sad! i said i was lonely so she ok ill play with you and i was really happy SO THANK YOU STRAWBERERY!


I nominate a really close buddy in club penguin and real life. Bluecar54. Funny to think of it, but its so hard to find just the right words to explain him. He is into cars and playing gazillion of games on club penguin. He dresses funny even though he isnt a member and he deals with the changes even if he doesn't like them. No matter how many times we get mad at each other we end up becoming friends and waddling on here and outside of club penguin. :D


When I first logged onto club penguin a peach member gave me a tour of club penguin.The Penguin that showed me around club penguin was named pretty we are best friends for ever i helped her when i became a meber and helped each other on partys.


Well my three friends Wilkes2000, Snoglober, and Alessi07 were super nice to me. I played games with them like Card Jitsu. I showed them my puffles and they did to. I also got to see their igloo. The last thing I did with them was explore new places. Their the most friendly penguins i've ever known. Waddle on CP!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks, Bakugan2244. You've got a great group of penguin pals.


When I started I meet this tour guide name rayray and he showed me around. He was a member but i wasnt so he stayed by me and never left my side. Thats why i want him on te blog coming up.
Keep Doing The Great Work Rayray!
Thanks Again!


The first time i logged into club penguin i ended up in the town and then a light blue penguin wearing a tour hat came up to me and asked if i needed a tour i said yeah and he showed me everything on cp and he told me about every room too


my first time on cp i met a penguin who was brown she said hi i said hi back then she showed me around. she told me all about cp. she told me about the mail and how i would get something when i clicked on it. i got a bag. even though i was a nonmember and she was a member she said my bag looked great. i wish i could rember her name. its been two years and now i am meeting new friends and helping them.

muddy ducy:

My big sister showed me to the world of clubpenguin and i beleive she should be nominated as she showed me around and helped me. I loved the game, she even bought me a membership for my birthday, shes always helping me. Sometimes she draws penguins for me to colour in, and she loved my puffle in a box thats why i think my big sister should be featured. I love you big sister!

(Her penguin name is pinkmim)

Club Penguin Support Team:

Whoa, Muddy Ducy. Pinkmim sounds like an awesome sister!


hmm a helpful thing was when i was lost on clubpenguin and then a helpful penguin came up to me and said do u need help i said yes she gave me a tour and we came best buddys!


great question hmmmmmmmmm.....
i've made a lot of friendly people here on club penguin but my first
in thoughts would have to be NAS3 she was my first buddy and
i and her only joined about 2-3 years ago she my buddy on and
off club penguin thanks club penguin and thanks NAS3 for every thing
you all ROCK! waddle on cp, fairytopia71


hey guys i lost my best friend on clubpenguin untill a green penguin comes to me and says u lost ur best friend aww i told him yeah and he said dont worry hes probably really mean and he also said ill be ur best friend i said thanks we were best friends forever !!!


WOW awesome story i was young too when i started and i was shy too but then i asked my friends and they told me they wet on too so that really made me feel really safe on cp and i still ask them today !!!!!!!! thanks P.S ive never been posted


Hi CP! I am so happy you chose this because now we can reward the penguins who have done a lot for us and stood by our side. I would have to thank 10icy01 because whenever we need each other we are there. Wether it is help with a field op, starting a band at the lighthouse, or even just talking to each at our igloos, she has always been there.


I remember when i was new I really wanted to be a elite penguin and I kept asking and asking and then.A penguin named james james1 sent me an invite and he showed me all the missions and he was the first one to be my friend.YOUROCK

Club Penguin Support Team:

Agent James James1 has done the EPF a great service by recruiting Sweet5674. We salute you!


hi I am yo5770 I remember the fist time I got on cp tooby59 helped me around and then we got to be friends I asked where is some food he told me follow me I said ok and we went to the pizza parlor and went to his igloo


When I first became a member I was totally lost! There were so many cool places to check out and awesome things to do. Then my BFF (LX112) came over and showed me all of the best places like the ninja hideout, the gift shop catalog, and the EPF headquarters! Thanks so much LX 112!!! You're the best!!!:P


WOW awesome story i was young too when i started and i was shy too but then i asked my friends and they told me they wet on too so that really made me feel really safe on cp and i still ask them today !!!!!!!! thanks P.S ive never been posted


ooh when i first logged in i was young and i just thought ''umm..where shall I waddle??'' and then i clicked on the map and clicked plaza and got to the pizza shop and said ''i am new here!'' and then a purple penguin with neckalece came and said ''want a tour?'' and i said ''suree!'' and then we added each other and became BFFS her name is 8ellie i think...but anyway YOU ROCK


Hello fellow penguins. I would like to tell you about a penguin who has been nothing but nice and friendly to me on clubpenguin. I have logged onto clubpenuin for over three years now and i have never met anyone as nice as Hipg23. She is truely a remarkable penguin. One time there was a mean penguin who wouldn't leave me alone, and my friend Hipg23 came to the rescue. She show kindness to everyone!


I'd like to thank flower86 for everything she has done for me related to club penguin. She was the one who showed me cp in the first place, so all of the fun I've had for years is all thanks to her. She taught me about pins, igloos, the map, the secret agency and so much more. She is an awesome friend and I really appreciate everything shes shown me. Shes my bffl (best friend for life) and club penguin brings us together. Waddle on Flower86!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks a lot, Flower86. You've helped make Luluabc a happy penguin.


I think my good friend Dwidgit1 should be featured because he's a very helpful person and penguin. When I thought I knew a ton about CP, he showed me things in CP that amazed me like not getting coins in Jet Pack Adventure got you even more coins. We also help each other with things like finding pins and getting better at Card-Jitsu.Waddle On CP! From, Finnalien


i want to nominate Blueletket. she's my sister, and she helps me in real life and on CP. i dont have a membership, so she bought me one as a present. since I'm not a member anymore I can't decorate my igloo, but she lets me stay in her igloo so that I have a place to stay. She is very nice, and she helped me meet new friends.


when i first created a penguin it took me a while to understand everything but then two penguins walked up two me and said hello i asked if they could give me a tour guide Roctopus87 showed me everything. i even know him in person he goes to school with me. he was a big help to me Purplemoon07 and the other penguins name was puckit3.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Not only is Roctupus87 a great friend, they also have an incredible penguin name!


i think my best buddy on club penguin, tetemeow She is always giving me tour and helping me gets stamps and other stuff she plays with me and sher is my best buddy


when i loged into cp the first time i was kinda shy in tell i ment a penguin who was so nice to me i rember it like yesturdayhas come up and said wonna be friends? i said sure and we r best friends to this verey day i whould like to thank my frienD UR A AWSOME FRIEND ;D WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks for asking, I think my most helpful friend is Ruben1013,I think he should be featured because he always tells me where the hidden items are in EVERY catalog and he always makes me laugh when I feel sad and also he helped defeat herbert and the Hydra I try to help him in water ninjas to, me and Ruben1013 make a great team!
-Codyfire8 P.S Thanks Ruben1013 for being my best friend ever


Well my first buddy was keylimepie28. She was so fun to hang out with and I had so much fun with her. Keylimepie28 if you are reading this I just want you to know I miss you, and you were my best friend you rock but you just stopped coming on, and I think she should be on the blog because she deserves it, and she might know why, and to those of you who know Keylimepie28 you are very lucky to have a caring friend like her.


i remember when i first logged in clubpenguin a light blue penguin named dophinecrew helped me find rockhopper by the way ide like to really thank dophinecrew thank you thank you soso much rockhoppers my fav!!!

P.S please post never been posted


Well, I guess mine was DuckQuack.... During music jam 2010 i was in the lighthouse i was so so confused!
then Duck came and said hey you are new right?
I said yeah how did you know!
He said when some one dosnt have a pin or anything i know!
He showed me around i really knew club penguin!
he tought me games and what stuff you cn buy and were!
thxs Duck!


Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for making the island such a welcoming place, DuckQuack!


Well The Helpful Friend Of Mine Is Blizzard1206 Because I have Been Best Friends With Him Sence I Joined,And Because He Really Helped Me To Show Me Some Of The Places, And he shared some tips for me, Like You Could Only Buy Stuff If Your A Member! And There`s Monthly Parties!! And Sence it Was The April Fools Party, He Showed Me Some Stuff Like The Box Deimension, The Dock (it was painting stuff and i got a free hat!) And more exciting stuff! Thanks Blizzard1206! ~Jennifer1337


Billybob,is friendship inportant to you,and why.To me friendship is like a garden,it keeps growing everyday.Also it feels nice when you make friends,because you know you have some one to trust.Thats my question and I hope alot of questions from alot of penguins so until then Waddle On


My freind Marcusant9 helped me when I first started out in Clubpenguin he Added e told me where things are he was very helpful


Thanks for finally asking that! I have been wanting to tell somebody about a penguin named Marinecore2 for so long! He is my best friend in real life, CP, and he's on my football team! I know this isn't the question but I actually helped him. How you may ask? Well I was the one that showed him CP! Thanks for reading, Waddle On!


Well,my favorite memory is Music Jam,because a real life friend of mine,taught me how to play.He also let me use his account,he was logged in Music Jam,now that I unlocked the drum sticks,I do love to be a drummer,


(Please post me,I;ve never been posted before.)



i think that Hik Hike should be on your blog because she was the first penguin who actually cared enough about me to give a half an hour tour of the whole entire island. Thank you Hik Hike! I hope you read this!


hi club penguin me and noodle204 were playing club penguin and we were just talking and all of a sudden on a envolpe a number 1 popped up and i clicked on it and noodle204 sent me something and the not said "best friends for life"


when i first joined the wonderful island of club penguin there was this red penguin with a question mark hat he said are you new here. i told him i he told me about all the places in club penguin. it was called a tour.and so i soon became a tour guide just like him. i would like to make a shout out to swishiee the very nice tour guide


Well During Music Jam This Week I Fell Off Stage In The Pizza Parlor. Then A Penguin Named Mhrocks1234 Helped Me Up. She Asked If I Was Okay. I Said " Yeah, Good Thing I Didn't Brake A Flipper!" We Both Laughed. Then We Had An Extra Large Fish Pizza With A Drink Of Cola! We Became Freinds, I Was On Her List And She Was On Mine. Our Faverite Hangouts Spots Are Rooftop Dance Club Coffee Shop And Pizza Parlor! Shes My Only On On My Buddy List Now! But I'll Find More! Waddle On Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Support Team:

That's a great story, Pinky6097! Laughter and an extra large fish pizza are a great way to start being buddies.

Betul Nj:

At first I played CP I was in 2nd grd now I'm in 4th grd I've been playing this for 2 years.
Also when I first started playing I was a member :). Now let me tell you how I knew this game and got used to it.
Once upon a time:) Now I went to my friends house and she told me CP also I got used to it by playing and playing. Her penguin name is Yazgaga. Shes very nice and she was my first and first buddy. :)


hey betul nj! i know ur my friend and all! so id like to meet u at my iggy! can u plzplzplz come!


when club penguin was recomended to me i was very nervous but pengueno25 helped me out alot. he showed me how to do stuff i was very touched. he taught me how to do feild ops when i became a agent. he told me how to find the best food and refreshments. he helped me out how to be a ninja. and he taught me how to do everythinng i wanted to know. thankyou pengueno25


When I first logged on to clubpenguin, someone added me. Then i got mail!! It said "Welcome to Clubpenguin!!!!!! From, Kittenblue. I looked at who added me. What a Suprise!! It was Kittenblue!!! She waddled up to me. "Hi!!! We're friends!!!" "Really?? She said yes. The next day at school, my friend said that she saw me on clubpenguin and I had no idea!! She has been helpful and she has been there for me!!!


Great question Club Penguin. The first time I waddled in to the friendly town of CP, I was thinking, "What a cold place, i'm in the mood for pizza. I asked the most friendly penguin I could find and said, "where is the bet place to get pizza". She said, the Pizza Parlor. I waddled over there I walked in and so many penguins welcomed me. This is my favourite site!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

The Pizza Shop is definitely a great place to chat with new friends. Thanks, Rascalreeces!


I have many helpful friends on Club Penguin. But there's one special friend who's helped me a lot. And that is Tigerb49. He has helped me by helping me find secret rooms,earning stamps,finding hidden items in catalogs,and just being a great friend.Thanks Tigerb49!

P.S. please post this I've never been posted before!! WADDLE ON CP !!! :D


Awww. What a nice penguin. I wish I had a buddie like that.


awww.... that was nice. on another site, i met the first person who i added 'rayboy100'. and we're still really great friends(:

DW Rocks712:

The penguin I would say was the most helpful to me when I first got Club Penguin was Mack107 because Mack107 is my best friend on club penguin I would like to thank her with 10,000 coins because she introduced me to CP and she showed me around and told me tips she came to the pizza parlor with me and told me how to play sweety moad in pizzatron 3000 Please give her 10,000 coins


When I logged into cp, nobody liked me and i felt lonely. So my brother showed me around when he found out I got an account.
Thanks Darkmon2!!!!


The first time I joined club penguin I didn't know where to go first. Then this purple penguin came up to me and asked to be friends I said yes and added her. Then she asked me if I'm new I said yes and asked for a tour. The purple penguin gladly took me on a tour. Years later I became a member and the person stopped playing club penguin. I am so happy that I made friends with them and will never forget that wonderful penguin for doing that. Thanks!


I would have to say my best friend Agenthunter4 has been the most helpfull penguin I have ever meet.She has been helping me with the famous penguin stamps.She was also the first penguin to ask to be my firend.She has always been there to help me with a hard game.We tell eachother where pins are and also how to earn stamps.Thanks for being a good friend Agenthunter4!~ Jessie23012

Club Penguin Support Team:

Wow, it sounds like Agenthunter4 and Jessie23012 make a great team of collectors. Thanks for your post!


I would like to nominate Gzdude1 for being the first person to even talk to me when i joined about a month ago. he gave me a tour of the island took me to his igloo and even helped me with my blue belt. he was so nice and helpful.
Waddle on Cp!


that would have to be pinky675. she stood up for me and made me laugh. we even started a band.we have been bffl ever since cp started. i remember one time at the pizza parlar a person was pretending to rob us. we both said at the same time but we dont have purse. i hope maybe someday i will meet her in real life im sure we will be friends forever. scratch that best friends for life. i hope you read that pinky.


Well my first time on cp was with my cuz she was super nice and helped me make alot of friends i am so glad that i have friends on cp you guys rock everyone who reads this rules (if i get posted please post me!!!) and you guys are the people who make cp the most friendly and best place one www.! keep doing what you do! And most important keep on

keep on doing what you do cp!! you guys rule!!

muse lover:

Id nominate poppuls because hes always been there for me and never let me down and I met him on the iceburg and I was really sad so he came over and cheered me up and not only me,almost everytime he sees a sad penguin he tries to cheer him/her up and also he offered more than half of his money to coins for change! So that's why i think poppuls should be nominated! And he can be everybodies best friend!!!!

waddle on cp!!!


The first time i was on was when everything was Christmasy. I was very lonely so i always sit in the corner then after a while my sister came on and asked to be my friend and i accepted i asked "where can you race?" my sister said that i can go to the ski hill so i followed her. I was never shy after that!


Thanks to all my friends that added me. I hope you read this, so that you know I'm grateful for being kind and welcoming to me. Waddle on Club Penguin!


Hmm.... Good Question. Well that would be My brother Cats1020. He was very helpful When I was young and new. so my brother showed me the different places, how to use the map, and what all the symbols ment. He also should be put on the blog because he was the kindest person ive had ever met on cp! I hope Cats1020 sees this.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cats1020, this one's for you! Thanks for being a great brother.


Hey club penguin the best friend ive had on club penguin is probbly a boy called Meluis hes been my friend since the moutin exspaditon and now were like penguin BFFS

M Said so!



My best friend, masibc was older to club penguin and i was new. I started in the dock and she was a tour guide and she asked if i wanted a tour and I said yes so she showed me around after she was done her shift we waddled around together we waddled in the gift shop and she wanted my opion on clothes so i watched her try on for a bit so did I and we become best friends forever!

K DogLuver K:

Hey CP! I would like to nominate 951654skye. This is because she was the first penguin to ever speak to me on Club Penguin and she helped me find my way around for ages. We are still friends on CP even after 3 years and she still helps me when I'm stuck. Hopefully, I can finally give her something back if this comment gets chosen! Thanks 951654skye for everything!! :D

Club Penguin Support Team:

Hey there, K DogLuver K. That's cool that 951654skye was the first penguin to talk to you, and you're still friends years later!

Icee Tee:

When I first got on I was confused what to do. I finally figured it out with Icee and Me. and its pretty weird coincidence that my name on here is Icee Tee and his is Icee and Me. Anyways Thanks Icee and Me! :)


Well, My friends are the ones who mostly need help instead of me,
But those non members are the ones who give GREAT HELP
so if there is any trouble with any thing, Just ask those non members what you want
and they will be happy to.
and they also make great friends to members,
non members and to each other.


I would like to nominate Slorbill Jr because he was the person who first told me about clubpenguin. He has also helped me find items and various locations in my early days. Slorbill J, you rock!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for introducing friends to the icy island, Slorbill JR.


I want to thank my friend Flippy428. She was my first friend on cp. We figured everything out together and became a member around the same time. i want to nominate Flippy428


the first time i logdin to pc i didnt know how to play a game so this nice pink penguin named abbytylor3 helpd me play a game thank you abbytylor 3!


My frinds need help more than i do because ive made this my hobby
but those non members gave me great idvice when i started out
so ask those non members any thing and im certan that they well respond


i remember when my cousin (he was really my cousin) rickyapple added me and told me about cp. he also told me how to use it and then lots of penguins were looking at me and i was embaressed.



Hi! My most helpful penguin would be, Icyflippers4.
Because she was really nice,and we did alot together.
It was fun! I think I met her on the 2nd or 1st Mountain Expedition,which is my favourite event! We were IceFairies or something,Ice queens, it was awesome! Fun Fun Fun!
Cya Cp! Waddle On, Rock On, Party On!
(Please post, I've never been posted.Thx!)

Club Penguin Support Team:

Icyflippers4 sounds like a great friend to have. Thanks for posting, BlueSmurfs5!


my friend djcandy199 first tought me how to play cardjitsu fire. She go'es to my school i would like to thank her for teaching me this very fun game.




my friend johna4 is such a nice buddy.when i don't have anything to do he always has something fun in mind. He's been a great friend from the start and still is my friend. i think johna4 deserves 10,000 coins. waddle on cp!!!!!!


Well when i first got on club penguin a red penguin named redheart told me hey do you want to go to the dance club? i said sure after that she showed me all around club penguin! thanks red heart


I would like to nominate my best friend pedpepper 198 because he has been really kind to me. When I was first new he helped me! He showed around and so told me everything bid thank you to redpepper


I would have to nominate lime2 because she was so nice to me when I joined. She gave just me a tour of club penguin, and sent me an epf invite.She also helped my friends lilmuffy and EggMcMuffin when they joined. she showed me all of the games, and she also taught me how to play them. lime2 also showed me all of the advantages of being a member, so I joined my first day, and I , and all of my friends have had reoccuring memberships ever since. Thanks so much lime2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle on cp


I would say my best friend Pifpif was very helpful to me when I first arrived at Club Penguin. She showed me all the games, shops, and even showed me how to adopt a puffle. We played so many games together, danced on the dance floor together, and even adopted puffles together. Then, we both figured out that we are best friends offline too. She is so nice and helpful to me online and offline. :D
Waddle on CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks, Jcutiegirl. It's great to have a friend who can show you the ropes.

Holly K:

The first time I went on club penguin some one called Yevett5 said hello to me and she became my first friend.Gess what the next day at school I said who goes on club penguin? Then my bff at school said I go on club penguin and she was Yevett5!


Well CP, it is a great thing to ask for the blog. But I would like to nominate someone called Icesy Pink because she was the one who helped me find pins, helped me hunt for hidden items and much much more! She is a very great buddy to have. And a very helpful one!
Waddle on penguins! (And hop on puffles!)


Hello CP!
I would like to nominate a penguin named Trez229 because this penguin is friendly, kind, and just plain awesome! Trez229 helped me find some pins, some field-ops and helped me out whenever i was in need. Thank-you Trez229 and thank-you CP for letting friendly penguins onto the island.
Rock on CP!


When I first joined Club Penguin, I had no idea where to go! Suddenly. I saw a penguin with a hat on holding up a sign saying "TOURS HERE" I kindly asked for a tour. Unexpectedly, he told me to follow him... so I did. He gave me a tour around all the areas you could walk to in Club Penguin. I forgot he's name, however, who ever it was... thank you!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Three cheers for Tour Guides!


My best friend is Rebecca88980. She was the one who introduced me to club penguin. We always called eachother so we could go on at the same time so we could be buddies. She is the best friend ever!!!!!!

Please post I've never been posted.


Hi Cp. i would nominate my friend Chessnut4593 because she always helps me and hangs out with me! You rock Chessnut and Club Penguin too!


I would like to thank FunnyToots for being super nice to me and helping me all the time and caring about me all the time. he is very nice and he is nice to everyone that he meets. so thank you FunnyToots :)

waddle on CP.


I would like to nominate my best friend paddygrath because we have discovered famous people like the penguin band together and we are always hanging out. I met paddygrath the day I discovered the berg. He was alone trying to tip the berg with nobody helping. Pretty soon after i joined paddygrath, he asked me if we were best friends and I said "YES!". We hang out to this day.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for sharing, Pie99344!, Paddygrath sounds like lots of fun.


i would love to say a huge thank you to granpa80 for being a great pal and also moshi32 the nice penguin who helped me out when i first arrived on club penguin it was greatfull of him


Hey C.P. I meet my first friend at school in 2nd grade his penguin name is nelsito5 he was my first buddy ever I love him as a friend.Sometimes im on the phone with him and we play with each other.Its so fun hanging out with him.Thanks Nelsito5 Waddle On


I always go in to the Pizza Parlor to be a peace maker. I help my friends by getting their black belt. I love giving tours and making new friends. I always lend a flipper.


I Want to thank Marigold1234 for helping me when i was new at club penguin At The April fools party she gave me a tour and told me jokes and even stayed with me the whole day even though she could have just went off. THANKS MARIGOLD1234. I would like to give her 10,000 coins you rock!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Marigold1234 sounds like she's a very funny friend!


I nominate my best friend Ilikepops. He's always really fun, cool, and awsome to be with. Whenever he's on, we have loads of fun-especially during Club Penguin parties like Music Jam, Medevil Party, or Adventure Party! It's always the best being with him. When I'm feeling sad, he's always there to turn my frown upside down. Thank you Ilikepops, I'd like to thank you for helping me through CP by honoring you with 10,000 coins. ;) Thanks.


wow i love cp iv loved it fo 5 years I remember when i first loged on i had so much fun i met 2 of my brothers on there its so fun now my 4 brothers and 2 of my 3 sisters are on it and love it i first joinded october 2005 im 8 now so i was 2 when i first went on!


Hey CP i have to thank my penguin friend Cawee330 for being such an AWESOME friend!!! she helps me out when i have any type of problem!!!!! PS PLEASE POST I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW HOW AWESOME CAWEE330 IS!!!!!!!!


The penguin i want to nominate is HighBarry because she was the one who first told me about club penguin and showed all the places that you could waddle around the island!


P.S. please post cause i've never been posted b4!


I would have to say my BFF, Quitter9. She's been my friend ever since I started Club Penguin, and is reallk cool and thoughtful. Please post this, she deserves to be mentioned!

Thanks, Cutecub x


my most best friend is dhalia(her penguin name)
she not member but i am but to us it dosen't matter. her frist time on cp i showed her everything. so i love my bff i know her in real life too


I would like to nominate my best friend Bubbles1507.She is my best friend in real life.She's really fun to hang out with and to talk to! Thanks for being my best bud Bubbles! Waddle on cp! ~Candysez

Rocky boxer0:

When i was new on cp i felt like not talking on the chat bored until a blue penguin that was a tour guide walked up to me he said welcome to clubpenguin its a safe website he told me i was in ski village but i cant remmber his name so he was my very first best friend buddy penguin!!!


Well... i've had lots of friends! but the one I remember most is bella8910. Well... they showed me around and showed me awesome games like

hydro hopper! They were a member at the time, But they were so kind to ask if I could be their buddy! Now i'm a member and if a non-member

penguin asks if they can be my buddy, i'll say yes.



I think my best friend on CP is Cocoswim because she was the one that told me about CP! I really like her. She is nice and helpful. She is the best and first buddy I had on CP! Thank you Cocoswim!


the most important and helpful person who helped me was peachespie. They deserve to go on the blog more than i do because they were such a great friend to me. They showed me around when I was lost and they added me, they were my first ever buddy. They also sent me my first ever post card. PeachesPie is a non-member and is one of my best friends, sadly I haven't really seen them very often and I hope I see them soon!


I'd have to nominate by bff ppfrost! She is always there for me and whenever i'm sad, she always asks me what's wrong and tries to cheer me up by doing something really funny!! she's the best and she deserves alot for that!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would definitly nominate my friend Blue10811. She always tells me where I can find the pins and field ops. She has never let me down.I would definitly choose Blue10811 for someone helpful.


my best frend on cp is disneyluver2. i found her one day at the stage when she was sad because she lost a frend. i felt bad for her so we went to get some pizza and we played all day long! now were good frends. specal thanks to you disneyluver2! WADDLE ON CP!

Bananaguy 21:

one friend that helped me was Momobanana because he helped me find a lot of the hidden games were,we played CardJitzu fire together [I won] he was in my class at school and showed me the cool moves in cart surfer and he was a great friend.


One of my best buddies is probably xj3551cax she has some way of knowing when I need help because as soon as I'm in a real fix she comes online to help me. Another great buddy is Emzx1,she was one of my first budies,we have been great friends right from day one and she loves pizza! Also,Nikhil2003 was really helpful on my second day of CP he showed me where to go sled racing!
Waddle on CP!


When I was first on cp i was 7, and i was standing in the stage, someone walked up to me and said "Hi!" So then i said hello, and then she was showing me all the emotions, and what you can do. I want to thank Waddles because she was such a nice friend. Waddle on cp!


My best two friends of all are Norm44 and Geofootball. I would like to thank them for helping me.PS COULD I PLEASE BE POSTED!!!


oh oh oh!!! the first thing i ever did was when i met my first buddy: roxy48850! after i met her i became the very best penguin i could!


Well this question is kind of easy because when i first got on club penguin i didn't know what to do either but then a bright orange penguin came up to me and said hi. His name was Cruzzy then a smiley face appeared next to the mail i said yes and then he showed me all around club penguin like a tour guide but the best part was when i went to school the next mourning Cruzzy revealed himself as my best friend. We have been friends ever since on club penguin and in true life.


I would really love to nominate The Scoobs as he is my bestest friend ever on my first day in Cp he showed me round and then invited me for a coffee in his igloo and as he was a member i was chuffed because members do not usually interact with non members so i was really delighted when he asked me to play sled recing with him hide and seek and it with me!
He is also the nicest penguin ever because if anyone is rude to me he will tell them to leave me alone which to me is very very kind.

This is why i would like to nominate The Scoobs. (my very best buddy)


hey Billybob, while Music Jam was still going on it was my first day at CP. I didn't know a soul. I felt really alone and really confused about what to do. Then a penguin named Pinkiehopper came and we started to chat. She was the first person that made me laugh on CP. We were dancing on the mats in Town and I was laughing so much my sides hurt. Thanks Pinkiehopper!!! Waddle on!!


my cousin mikly129 always helps me practice my ninja training in the dojo and I helped him. Now we're both ninjas and i just wanna say YOU ROCK MILKY129


I have two friends, Cloey36027 and Elmer ( I forgot the numbers to your name sorry!) whenever they log on they immediatly come to see me and catch up. They dont just forget like everyone else does. Cloey and Elmer, thank you both for being such great friends!


I dont remember my first friend but one of my best friends is Deexter hes really funny and one of the coolest penguins ive ever known (i would say theccc but he quit 6 monthes ago :( ).

(plz post this ive never been posted)


I would have to nominate my best friend on club penguin Powen2 for being such a kind friend to me while I was trying to find my way around and learn where everything is located in club penguin!!


hi guyz i'd like to nominate my best friend on cp bubbles2930 because she/he?? was my first friend ever and gave me a full tour of the WHOLE island and i always try to meet bubbles at every party i can because she/he?? is a really good friend thanks so much bubbles2930!!


my best friend sunset0704 was the first person i met and she helped me with things like showing me around the island and she has been a member longer than me on clubpenguin.btw YOU ROCK SUNSET BFFS FOREVER!:)


Hello CP I think ive met my BFF forver Miley46142! when i just started Clubpenguin she way VERY helpful she is there for me whenever i need her! We go on at the same time always im happy to have her shes the best! She was the first to add me i said Ur the BEST! She said Thank you ur very nice!


My first time on CP was great this friendly brown penguin walked u i was so shy my flippers started to wobble thanks to my friend i got around CP!



i would like to nomiate my buddy fresky28 we have been friends forever and we will always be. When i first met her i ask her do u know where the best place to eat was she said the pizza parlor and i said thanks and do u want to come to eat with me and we became friends ever then.


My best friend Seaweedy is the most amazing person I have ever met. Whenever I got upset she would come over and tell me it would all be ok. Then she would smile. Just one smile made me feel better than ever. It was like a medicine that worked in a millisecond. I just want to say thank you to her for making me smile. It means the world to be.


A helpful friend named Osvaldo121 showed me how to get a miner's helmet. We both became buddies. Now we play games and he helps me when i'm blue.


I remembered one time when i logged on club penguin I saw a plain purple penguin with no background no pins so I looked at her stamp book and she had no stamps at all so i asked her "Hey you new here?" and she responded "Yeah" so since I was a tour guide I gave her a tour.From then on she I was her first buddy and we became best friends. :)


I remember the first time I logged in to Club Penguin I was confused of what to do first earn coins meet new friends or go explore! But then these two friendly penguins came to greet me they could tell I was new because I was just standing there looking around wondering what I should do first!we will be friends for life Teaser1234 and Teaser124!


My best friend is rocker7777.We always have fun together and when i made a igloo he helped me get people and i got the igloo stamp!


I would like nominate my BFF, Zar zar5 for helping me because when i was new, i was really nervous and had no idea where to go, and then she came up to me and said, Need a little help? i said sure. and she showed me everything!
Ever since then I've always loved her as a friend! Waddle on!


I've been on Clubpenguin over 3 years but I still remember the first day I went on. A blue penguin named Brrrrr29 walked up to me and said do you want to be my friend. Of course I said yes. But she turned out to be a great friend. Not just in Clubpenguin but off of Clubpenguin. I want to give Brrrrr29 a special thanks. :D


kaykay and me=]:

she and me are helpful friends

Jacob 1133:

i had mane fands on cp but the one that i rmaber most is bobbyryan2 he is a grat frand!!!


HI CP !...
ON CP !! :D


I would like to say my best friend is Manqua he is my best friend on Clubpenguin and first frend I EVER had. When I first met him he was very helpful and he showed me where the best places to hangout were. We then went to the Pizza parlor and we had a good meal. Then we had our own party at his igloo! Manqua is my best friend and will always be. YOU ROCK MANQUA. Waddle on CP!


i really love to nominate Smoothie S she is funny,friendly and a good companion we met in the dance club we started chating and boom she was my bff.YOU ROCK Smoothie S


Well, when I first made my penguin, a really nice penguin named Suave came to me and asked me if I was new and I said yes. So she showed me around and played games with me and I had a really good time! Sadly that was the first and last time I saw her. :( But thanks to her I made lots of new friends! And when ever I think of my best friend I think of her.
Thanks Suave!

bubba 0126:

i have been on cp for a year and a half when i first started i was exploring when somewonn said "want to go play hockey?" I said yes we played for a while and they sent me a freind recuest. i said yes i found out his name was browser1 we hang out a lot. thanks browser1 WADDLE ON CP :D


Once I Met A Nice Penguin On CP Was A Few Days Ago On My Bday And She Was Nice To Me And She Welcomed Me And Said Happy Bday And Then We Went To Her Iggy And Dressed Up Like Animals We Had Fun Then We Both Logged Off Because We Had To Go But I Will See Her Soon


a penguin helped me when i asked him whats wrong he made me stand out and make new friends now i have over ten friends
ths Axel


i would like to thx Lol Yo for being a amazing friend. The reason he was an amazing friend was because he gave me a tour when i didn't know my way around.


I think my brother was very helpful.He let me beat him every time on Card Jitsu,until i was a ninja.(mrmoe2)

Cutie xyzlc2:

Zack4812 is my choice! He`s always so kind and helpful. His igloo is always decorated for the season, and his clothes are
always the new in-fashion. he loves to make videos, play games and earn stamps! He`s an expert at earning stamps!
He has most of the stamps and likes earning stamps with his buddies.
He`s also my best friend!!


I love making new friends that inspire me,like me,appreciate what I do and most of all I LOVE penguins that LOVE puffles.


My best buds are Luca Luca and BrayBray1771 He's my best friend at school too.(I can't tell you his real name)...


i have a very nice freind and his name is ds3r hes a celeberty and a nice friend waddle on


I have three best friends on Club Penguin! They are Silky 25, Sam Joe10, and Hotpink27208! Silky 25 is always there to put a smile on my face. Sam Joe10 and I talk all the time! Then there is Hotpink27208. I'm blue and shes pink, so I'm cotton and she's candy! We are cotton candy! I love to waddle around and meet new friends, but these will be my best friends!


Hey cp can you give me some advise on how to make a friend?


if i had to choose a helpful friend it would be dogs rock124 because shes sweet kind and helps me when needed so please put her on the blog thank you


big go go:

I want to nominate stormcloud47 he told me about cp waddle on




Dear CP,
I was so excited when I knew i was getting a club penguin!!!! At first I was like where should i go, what should i buy, what should i play?
so i decided to just make new friends i am thanking sparkles my very first friend! And on the first day I was introduced to the puffle party I made so many friends now so thanks to club penguin i have a new hobby!!! I also enjoy penguins now!
thanks cp,


i love this game


I totally nominate one of my best friends, Soawesome27. She is always there for me when I need it most!!! She is so kind and patient with me. She is the best kind of friend anyone could ever have!!! Waddle On CP!!!




I want to have my old friend Pippy20721 nominated. We're friends on Club Penguin and in real life. He's a great friend and I think you should feature him. He's always around when I'm feeling down. He's been my best friend since kindergarten. Also, you should feature my other friend Badbat2. I can say the same things about him. Those are two people you should feature. (Please post. Never been posted)


My friend Squiggles667 always asks me whats wrong when im feeling blue! We do everything together on club penguin and usually go on at the same time. We are always having fun on this awesome website! Waddle On!


my first freind on cp is maxtalor8. he is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is the only one who comes to my partys. i tell him secrets about cp. :):):):):):):):):) waddle on!


Hey its mollygirl40 here and when i stared club penguin i was so little! i was in the cove and there was a penguin standing there with a sigh that said, "Tours Here!" then i asked "May i have a Tour?" then she said "Sure!" she showed me around and now i know everthing about Club penguin! " Thank You Jenna! your my best friend!"

Waddle on!


Club Penguin, I think that every penguin (or player) in Club Penguin are all the best friends and helpers. I think that the tour guides and the special agents help alot, too. Every player deserves to be reconized, in my opinion. Waddle on, CP!


One day I was feeling down, but this is penguin named Jimberson came over and talked with me. He was really fun and he had so many good ideas for Club Penguin. I hope someday he can help Club Penguin be a better place!




-Sonicsims : )

Cool Kid1085:

HI CP!!! my BFF Cammy54134 was a real help! she showed me all the places on club penguin and told me all about club penguin!


Thankyou CP for this fabulous offer which I can use to give Potter 91 a gift. He has been a very good friend of mine. He helped me meet Rockhopper and Cadence. He also helped me by telling me how to play different games and he helped me earn the ninja mask. Even though he is a member, he is the nicest penguin I know in CP. Thanks Potter 91.

Waddle On CP!

chicken girl:

i remember my first day on cp.i like adventures so i went every where! i felt alone and sad. but the next day my cousin Avery came over. luckly he had ben playing for years and tought me the ropes to club penguin.but i also owe it to my other cousin Landon.he has been playing since around 1999 and told me about club penguin. chicken girl.


I nominate my sister. Her name is crystal487 and she joined club penguin a short time after me. Before her i didn't know where to go or what to do on club penguin! She helped me meet some new friends and have a good time on club penguin. Now I have a ton of fun with my new friends...and my old ones =)
Thanks crystal487!
You're the best sister ever! <3


Hey CP! One Day when I was little, me and my Best Friend were on the computer. She showed me a game called Club Penguin. I didn't know what it was, or what to do. Her Penguin name is Ace Nerd 321. She is very special because, she helped me make a penguin on CP. She showed me what to do, where to go, and much more! I found out that CP is Easy, Fun, and Safe. Now, my favorite site! Thanks Ace Nerd 321!

Dggg 56789:

my first friend on cp mopygon helped me and showed me around club penguin and helped me earn my ninja belts waddle on cp!

10news rox:

I think Lord Quinn should get 10,000 coins! She was my first ever friend on club penguin.
Once I was waddling around on my first day and i saw a penguin holding up a TOURS HERE sigh
it was a penguin name Lord Quinn! .I asked for a tour I said "Can i have a tour?" She said "Sure!" so she gave me a tour of the island and than showed me the newest pin. We have been friends ever since! Thanks Lord Quinn.


my most helpful friend would be cookie13500 i actually know her in the real world too! shes my bff and always helps me through tough times.


P.S i have never been posted before.


Cheese4586 is a great friend infact my best friend and i nominate her because she was the only one that would actually talked to me and she guided me through life in club penguin. You should definitly choose her because she is the nicest penguin ever!!!!!!!!


I want to nominate lily159 for being the best friend EVER!!! She showed me the way of card-jitsu and card-jitsu-fire before I even knew of the dojo's existence! Plus she is on a lot and she is always up for a game of card-jitsu-fire. I really hope you guys pick her! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!

lily boodles:

id have to say that it would be my best friend iceyshiva she was my first friend and is always making her igloo funny when im feeling down when i first met her she was wearing the same outfit as me she asked to be my buddy and i was so happy she will always be my bff

waddle on cp

ps please post this


i like to moninate cp 134 she is aways there for me she helped me become a water ninja.



Well my bff helped me so much!
She told me about cp!
I am so glad she did!!!!!!!
Her name is Emmalouise30!
We are bff in real life too!
We are not friends on cp :(
But shee knows i want her to be my buddy!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roxas 952:

My first friend was Hevanne she was SUPER nice with me and old she showed me amazing things I didnt knew there are awesome penguins MY FRIENDS ROCK!!.Though she didnt logged on for a loong time so I met other friends MY BEST FREINDS EVER IN CP ARE: 5jayfeather5, Derekx54 and Rocknroll407 you rock guys hope you reed this :D.




I think btrizmylife1 is the best friend EVER!! She ROCKS!


i would like to say that exstaticpengi would be able to be nominated on the blog because she is so nice shes been my friend on cp for a long time and in real life for over 2 years! cp u rock waddle on!!!!!!!!!

The Bulb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

I think that the very best memory on cp ever would have to be camp penguin. The first party i ever went to, it was so much fun and i had such a good time! It was the best ever!!!!


HI! I never been posted so please post this!
I would love to honer this to Aqua365. As I walked into Club Penguin I was so shy.I didn't have any clothing,puffles,or friends!
As I wander In the Cove Aqua365 said "Hey you have the same name as me almost!" Then I said "Ya!"
I really wanted to be her friend but I was to shy to ask her. Then she finally added me. I still have her as a friend since 2005 till now!!!!!!!!!

Bling 987:

Well I was confused, didn't know what to do so I basically waddled in every place. Until someone asked if they could give a tour to me so I said yes.


On the first time i played club penguin i had no idea how to walk.
but i cant remember what my first buddy was anyway so.
but my best buddy is this dark blue penguin named "jakeeo".
hes my most and most fun bud i ever had on CP.
P.S jakeeo, again your my best bud in CP.

Wild One2789:

My very first buddy was Crazymatt7 or 77 we were in the Underground Pool and were having fun with the stepping piano then we became friends I also thank Sparky5349 for showing me around Club Penguin and making it one of my favorite online games.Thanks Sparky5349!


my best buddy on club penguin is oshiana2.i met her when at the ski village she was asking me where to go first and i said wanna be friend firt and then she said sure and then we"ve been best friends


My best buddy is Mathhee86 on my first day on cp Mathhee86
saw me and waddled up to me and said "You new?" and I said yeah he said he was new too !
We have been buddies ever since


I would like to thank Sawney3 my big bro because I forgot my penguin name and password but me and him were CP friends so he helped me bring her back so BIG thanks Sawney3. P.S. Pleas post this


My best friend is Stig 4 because we are best friends and we go to the same school.I introduced him all about Club Penguin.I also have another friend at school his CP Username is James39582.We are best friends at school.


this game is an auswome and i would like all of you to be my friend on club penguin i wold love it and my friends are joyjoy13 , lulukitten and spare 13


Lollypop A:

I think that Ht7369 is a very helpful penguin as they gave me my first tour when I was knew to Club penguin also he showed me the benefits of club penguin and that made it an even more fun experience. They told me all around the island and now I have the ability to do the same to more new people. I hope that even more people can be like Ht7369.

Lollypop A


my best friend was akkio when i was young i went to the pet store she said HI! ARE U NEW? i nodded softly she added me and before u new it it was to years later i still have her as my buddy secondly is my cousin DARK MOON! thanks cp if u put me on i will be proud but once again you know it WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN.COM MAKE FREINDS PLAY GAMES AND SMILE MOSTLY!


My best friend named Carmenlane is an awesome friend on Club Penguin.
She always helps me find the new pins and is always willing to help me do the field ops.
She was my first buddy on Club Penguin and I would NEVER think of deleting her as my buddy.
Carmenlane gave me a tour when I first joined Club Penguin.
She is very helpful and kind.
Thanks Carmenlane! - Siefr


I would like to nominate my friend Lubulo1 as a really great friend to me when it was my first day on CP! I didn't know anything about CP, but then I met Lubulo and she showed me around and also showed me what to do!!!!!!!!!!!! :)



Hi cp i think i should nomitate my awesome friend Bandrocker10. He has been an awesome friend to me on cp. I love my friend Bandrocker10 becuase he likes me playing with him which i love to. I hope you have a great time Bandrocker on cp. Thankyou Bandrocker10 for being such a wonderful friend to me!!



kiki pie:

i'd love to nominate my bff (best friend forever) becaus she helped me learn every single place in cp
ps:please post never been posted


well my friend would be whitehalo1 shes the best! she swims with me an we sled race and we like to be mermaids i love her



Timmy04 is my best buddy! Altought I told him about club penguin!

Mr Rupu:

I wanted to thank and shout out to Lollyhead3 because he welcomed me to club penguin and we had a great time together on my first day. We played heaps of games and he gave me a tour. We had a super fun snowball fight and he introduced me to puffles. I liked them so much, I brought one for myself! Thank you Lollyhead3!

Pingpong 55:

When I first logged on to Club Penguin, my friend from school was there. At school he told me his penguin name. He showed me all around the island. He told me that there was something secret in the Everyday Phoning Facility but did not tell me what is is. Eventually, I found out the secret. He also told me it used to be the winter sport shop. Without him, I would not be using Club Penguin the way I am now!!!!!!!


i think everybody is helpful on cp unyil then P.S CP was the best idea ever



My best buddy would have to be mileyfan1507 because she was with me all the time when we both joined the island and explored everywhere
together also she was my first buddy thanks for being my buddy mileyfan1507 you rock!
Waddle on CP!


Charlie was really nice to me when I first joined she sent me lots of post cards


My two best friends are Darlee and Zomie8001. They are awesome!! Darlee is nice and kind while Zomie8001 makes me laugh. We always have fun together!!! They will both be my best friends for a long time!!! :)
Sunshine2707. Waddle on CP!!!!


my first freind was summer075 shhe was the best frend I cold EVER hav.




Hey CP! I would like to nominate my very special friend on CP loonatic3. Loonatic3 has been nice to me ever since I can remember. She invited me to her igloo, then we played find four at the skilodge and after that we went to the coffee shop so we could have a break! I think that is why Loonatic3 should win.
Waddle on!


My friend Pinkertiara ALWAYS helps me if I'm not sure how to decorate my igloo. She's the best - she even once created a giant pyramid.. and I'm not joking! It was actually an Egyptian Party, where all penguins had to escape danger, like in the Quest for the Golden Puffle! That's where I met :D If Pinkertiara had not invited me to the party then I guess we would have never met! Thanks for listening to my story!

Salong, farewell,

~ Missygirl156


My first day on clubpenguin I was happy but confuesed. A penguin helped me. It was a member. After he showed me everything we became freinds.I forgot his name.



I would jus love to put out morrow out cuz she was my very firsst friend on Cp. Ever since dat day we be doing some Ops Mission for the Epf together and we even started our own little team to work with.



Hey, CP! I'd like to nominate Mr Pongo 337. We met two years ago and we're good friends. When I joined Club Penguin, I was really lonely and I didn't have any friends. When he came along, we made good times and he made me forget that I was even alone! We are still friends to this day. Mr Pongo 337 is special, and anyone should be thankful to be his friend. Thanks, pongo!


I think that Glubo 2 should be fetured. he has helped me alot since i started club penguin. He helped me find pins, tell me where famous penguins are and tell me where free items are. He should be featured on this blog.


my friend Banana22816 is the bestest friend in the whole world and she is always online when i feel down. a big shoutout to her


I think you should nominate Mariofan4. He is the most helpful friend anyone could have on club penguin he is silly at the right times and helpful at the times when its most important. He was my first buddy and still is!! Thanks!





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