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By Billybob on July 5, 2011 - 11:50
Hello Penguins!
In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked about your first memory of Club Penguin. You said you were excited to meet new friends, discover games, and adopt a puffle for the first time. Many of you received warm welcomes from other friendly penguins that helped you.

Erica777 said:

Hey CP i'm so glad you asked that question. The first time I logged into Club Penguin I was very young. I remember standing in the town just wondering where I should waddle off to first. Suddenly a bright blue penguin waddled up to me and said "hey you new here". I shyly said yeah how did you know. She said I looked confused. I asked where you can get the best refreshments. The blue penguin grinned and said "thats easy it's the coffee shop. When I walked into the coffee shop I knew by all the friendly faces and different people that I was perfectly safe on my new favourite site Club Penguin :D.

P.S. I want to thank BlueJunieB for being the first to add me as a buddy. YOU ROCK

Thanks for sharing your story, Erica777!

blog_110705.jpgThis week, we want to talk about helpful friends like BlueJunieB. Tell us about someone that's been helpful to you, and why you think they should be featured on the blog. Make sure you're nominating someone other than yourself.
Send us your short review as a comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is chosen next week, we'll give the penguin you nominated 10,000 coins as a gift!
Until then... Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team



Ella was the first penguin who added me. She showed me around when no one else didl.


Hey CP!
I know u want to talk about helpful freinds so
i also had a helpful freind and that was timpen2
i realy had a grate time with him around and we used to play games alot!
i wud be really happy when he was online.
PS - this is my first reweiwed bu u post
waddle on CP


My nominated penguin Is Emicoco1. She a nice penguin. She is a committed EPF Agent. She is nice to ALL of her puffles and most of all, she is good buddy.


I had no friends and then I meet some friends name maibonnie and monkeyboys they ture my life on cp
so awsome thank you some much you you toooo


When I first started CP like everyone else I didnt know anything. My bff Roseflower65 I go to school with her she told me how fun all the games! She told me were the places were. Thats how I know Roseflower65 was a great help and a best friend!


My two best buddys on club penguin is surfinpeach4 witch is my real friend in life and my real cousin taylorcat2 ! cant wait to see you back online!

P.S You can find me on adominable!

Mango Smango:

My most helpful freind is Paintboy100, Because he has a whole website about club penguin that helps me learn cool things about club penguin! I am so happy to be freinds with Paintboy100 because he is well known on club penguin and I am lucky to be on his freinds list!


my best friend on club penguin is lulu61917 because she is very nice and ive known her my hole life!


I loved adopting my first puffle, jaxon he is lots of fun, I cant wait for the next puffle I hope its gray, GOOD JOB.


When I was at my friend's house, he showed me around Club Penguin, and let me play my first cp game, catchin' waves! I want to say thanks,

jazz boy124:

thats easy cory35003 he is my best buddy on cp and in real life to!


(Please post me, I never been posted)

I wanna thank my friend Alvin A 10. He really gave me a flipper in the new places Of Cluboenguin. He helps me find pins, rare Items, free items the lot.


I would nominate Zora1616 because she is always helping me decorate my igloo and helping me find pins. She is fun to hang out with and we always visite eachothers igloos and give eachother different design ideas.
P.S. I have never had anything posted before plz post :)


Lookey200 helped me out last september when I started and he helped me learn alot of stuff and now I know more then him ( and he is my best friend in real life) thanks Lookey2000


A helpful friend of mine is naenae. she showed me around clubpenguin. And once I asked her where to get a pet. She said, "That's an easy one at the Pet Shop. That's where you get puffles. naenae was a realy helpful penguin. That's also the day I got my first buddy. Waddle on cp!!

Ben 10 64:

When i Had A buddy In Club Penguin her name was Bubbles and when i meet her she was so nice AND we did everything together and I felt good That i had a friend like her!! BUBBLES!! WADDLE ON!!


My story is when I first cam to club penguin I had NO friends and was not sure what to do.And this guy called jimberson came to my and started to make me laugh and we`ve been friends ever since!


I think it was when i met Reesepuffs14... She was also a big help too me for helping me solve my problem! And when i am sad she cheers me up. Thank you for making my life happier Reesepuffs14! (P.S. Never been posted before please post!)


Thanks I am really glad you asked that! Well Icycle50636 is a super friend she goes to places with me and when she first added me she was so kind! Waddle on club penguin! PS. Thanks Billybob!


I remember when I met vonhas and mario17056


the first buddy i eva had was tannaguin


waddle on cp


I think ape fan02 should be on the site! Because he's nice, loyal, and awesome! He's one of my best buddies on Club Penguin!
He's one of my best freinds in real life too!


The first time I logged into club penguin it was a week after I got my computer in February. I had know idea what to do when this black penguin came and said" wanna be buddies?" and I said "sure!" I was so happy my first buddy was penguin tnt.

Agent Shaan1:

when i first came in i thought evrybody was going to luagh at me i was really shy even to go to my iggy but i guy came up to me and said want a tour then i knew what CP was thx Luke2574. Waddle on!!!


Madi858 is so nice she was the first penguin I ever ment my first friend and my best penguin we hang out a lot we play conect 4 and sled racing we have been best buds sence the first day on club penguin u rock madi858

Mighty max2:

Hi cp! The first time i logged on to club penguin i felt very confused then a red penguin waddled up to me and he said are you new here?i said were can you play the best games? the penguin said its in the night club the penguin was very kind and showed me there because i was very confused were i went.

I would like to Thank super5ov

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!


when i first came on in 2007 its was cool i checked it out then i met carline he was fun to play with i checked the places they wore cool my first pets name was will hes red P.S I NEVER BEEN POSTED

ben harker:

I would like to thank benjaminger because he was there wen i got lost.


i loved he idea of new friends


how come when i was playing card jitsu it said i was idle for 10 minutes right after i got done playing? please write back cass24idy


Hi Clubpenguin! My favorite penguin is Resses11! He's actually my best friend in real life! Whenever I'm feeling down, he always cheers me up! Thanks Resses, and thanks CP!




i'd love it if you posted silky3000, she helps me: earn coins (in 2 player games), helps me in scavenger hunts, she was my first buddy, gives me more mail than anyone else, and best of all just being there for me!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!


well my best friend chelsea1504 is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


My first true friend was mcdude.
we used to go around town and enforce safety. good times. now im back to my quiet retirement, rocking out in my igloo.


I would like to nominate my best buddy,Jewel0427. She is always looking new adventures for me and her. One of my favorite adventures was looking for DJ Cadence during Music Jam.You rock,Jewel0427!


Hey everybody! One of my very first friends on CP was Herkimer9. He's also one of my best friends here. He helped me become a ninja and has always been there for me (most of the time we we're laughing). Herkimer9 and I always like hangin' at the Cove and the Beacon. He should be featured on the blog for the amazing person he is. Thanks for all the fun buddy!


i think buddy2750 should be on the blog because he is a very nice friendto me and he lets me pick what multiplayer game we play together. and he showed me every one of the basics of club penguin when i first joined.


waddle on club penguin


My helpful friend would have to be Finflamer he is the one that showed me cp! And we have been friends ever since! (i have been on cp for 3 years!) Your awesome Finflamer!!!


CP is a really nice site my friend Zooo05 was really nice to me when i found him he`s really nice to me like those other penguins

user name:Jillian 349


My best bud is frosty39449 he is reel cool!




i got to say my nice friend 5alive1 would be it.we are really good friends.


great story! I am nice too!But I can't free chat at all:(.Maybe I can edit to free chat o3o


Over the years I've been on Club penguin meeting new, helpful friends. But the most helpful to me is my first buddy, Conversekidz. She is always there for me when I need help. When I can't figure something out, Conversekidz always has the answer for me when i don't know what to do. Thanks for always being there Conversekidz! YOU'RE THE BEST!! Waddle On CP! ~Tanyusha~

32rocket (aka Santa ninja):

I love my bff, Treetrunk2. He has great ideas and fun things to do. He always luaghs at my jokes. His igloo is huge and i love to play in it.




I remember when i first came to club penguin when my friend told me about it now i have lot of fumusin. me and my friend walked our puffles together when music jam came me and him jamed out on guitars in the light house i love sharing this stuff oh if u want to know more about my awsome friend come talk to a penguin called Popcicle1286 wadle on cp! :) :) :) :) :)


well i want a gift shop where you can send friends gifts so that you can be friends forever because my frind has been very nice to me



THANKYOU; tommy:)

Adam 8103:

I nominate Coolguy 9786.He has helped find many pins,characters,and helped me with stamps. He was also my very first buddy and the nicest penguin I've ever met on Club Penguin. WADDLE ON CP AND COOLGUY 9786!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillan 349:

I would like nominate my friend Zoooo05 we do alot of things together he helps how to defeat sensei he`s just the bestest friend EVER!




I think all of my friends are helpful.But,my most helpful is Gladitor009 he always says"How are you today?"He so nice.Also,Kris is very helpful I accendly slipped and fell at the Hiddenlake and he helpped me back up.Then I started to sweeped and he sweeped also!


My first and best friend is Raymond K. He has always been there for me and always will. Almost everyday he sends me a postcard that says Best Friends Forever. I will never forget you man, cause you were the one for me.

Thank-you Raymond K
for being my BEST FRIEND :)


a guy named rockey4678 he helped me with alot of things like card juistu and then i got my membership and i went to card juistu fire and he was there and helped me with it


i think my best buddy would be buziel as he is always kind and helpful in every shae and form


Definetly my BFF online and offline QueenPeanut! She is so helpful and nice we go to eachothers iggy's and have major parties! When she was new i helped guide her around and we always have the best times!


My first friend was Doodlebop119. She was a very nice penguin and still plays sometimes. We luv to play together! I really don't remember most of my first day now, but it was really fun. I have a lot of friends now! Plus I'm a member. Doodlebop is my all-time best bud.
Waddle on,

Hunter 52200:

my bff is IP127 when I met him in the coffe shop we had a cool time


I think my buddy stone27 is a good friend to me because I know her in person and she is really nice to me.


P.S. I love you CP!!!


my best freind is oli600 he is a great freind who always wants to play games and hang out at epf i know him very well ive known him for a year or 2 he is a great freind evryone should be his freind thanks oli600!!!


Hey billybob, My first buddy was Tboyext8 He showed me around the island He gave me a tour but, sad thing is i dont see him anymore!! He was my only buddy that was nice,helpful,grateful and many more nice things....And i grateful for Tboyext8!!!!! And if you see this Tboyext8 this is how i support you forever!!! 90fit2

am old timer:

i dont remember my first day on cp but i have helped others! always see if u can help someone ever day. there r lots of things u can help with like how to buy puffles or clothes or giving a tour. WADDLE ON CP!


the person who helped me was lightblue87 helped me out when i got buteerflys in my tummy.she showed me around the whole of clubpenguin she is my best friend!


Dear CP I have a bug for u. In water card jistu it wont let me choose the card that i want and it also wont let me move HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Penguinoe1 you were my first buddy on club penguin! You tottaly ROCK!!
Thanks so much!


I say i have two i was throwing a penguin party i have to say Rose


My best freind on CP has definatly got to be th 56, he was one of my first freinds and he was the one that first challenged me to a game of Card Jistu, now, he is a legend at the art, and it must be my mission to beat him! elddaW nO Waddle On! :D


I think that my best friend Lilly73052 Is the best ever because she got me hooked on CP and she helped me get around! now we go around and help other penguins who seem lost or in trouble!!! :) elfis1


Hi cp i would like to nominate my best friend on cp Nemomagnum i would like to nomimate him because he always helps me when i have truble finding my way around the island also he always helps me find rockhopper and the other famous penguins around the island Nemomagnum is my best friend


i remember the first day i was on clubpenguin it was also the first day bigie the penguin was on we bumped into eachother and asked me to be his friend he was really nise and we are still friends to this day.

Petal 8:

Hey, Glad you asked that club penguin, my first friend was Emperor 8869, he helped me out alot, when I was new and I first logged on to club penguin, he said, 'Are you new?' I said yes I am, he took me many places and showed me diffrent things (like new pins). He was my best friend on club penguin! Waddle on!


my friend Spiderman810 is going to be the winner i now it because he my best friend EVER he help me get more coins he help me find a pin and he took me on a tour around CP plz nominate Spiderman810 (my best friend) bye CP!


Well my best best best friend is Tom93746 because when I first met him on-line and his 2 sisters they are Rosie1204,Pebbles48560 I know them all in real life they are all my best friends (THANKS Tom93746,Rosie1204 and pebbles48560) P.S YOU ROCK (WADDLE ON CP)!


that is a hard question since everyone is so nice, out of them all jman104 has always helped me around club penguin. thanks for everything waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


My BFF is Adopt91. We do everything together. Play,dance, and waddle around. We always go to eachother's igloo. We like to play hide and seek too! She's really nice. But she's just one of my very many awesome and helpful friends! Oh, and Adopt 91, if your reading this, YOU ROCK GIRL!


my first friend on cp was jws44. he is so nice he always helps me find the new pin, he cheers me up when im down and he is very funny. whenever there is a party he helps me with the puzzels and finding mascots. he has helped me meet every mascot at least once.thx for being a wesome friend jws44!! waddle on

Kendi Bendi:

I think my best friend Ava is the best and shes helpful to me because shes nice to me and we stick together. Thanks, Ava! Waddle on cp! =)

P.S (Please Pick me I have never been picked.)


A helpful friend showed me around once he saw me wondering around the town center. he was my first buddy. B5B5B


I think ALL the tour guides are helpful, they always help new penguins, or penguins who forgot things. Theres nothing wrong about tour guides they can explain anything. I also like people like pooklool87 who helped me find m way back to my tour guide!


hi pelople I am alvin9357 and i would say I like this game.


I logged into CP lots of times but I really did not know what to do. A black penguin gave me a friend request and I became best friends with EliteAL. That was 2 months ago. Now we decided to become tour guides together it was EliteAL's idea. He even helped me with my pin hunting!

Thank you EliteAL
This is for u

Waddle on CP!

cp rules67:

Mine is Ella12403


Ive been waiting all my life and i finally found a true friend on cp!!!we have alot of fun together like pizza, we went to each others igloos, played card jitsu and said VERY nice things about each other!!!!!!! we agreed to be BFFL! He is a new penguin on cp and i offered to help show his way around !!!!!!! his name is Banana crazy!!!!! waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!


My favourite buddy is embo6 she is really nice and we have loads of fun on cp.

PS:Im a big fan of cp!


hmmmmm?Mine would be my friend Av48 because he always helps me out when i need him. Another reason why is when im al be my self he plays with me. One other thing about him,he was my first friend.
I hope other penguins are making new friends as well.
waddle on cp.


id like to thank my friend jokkey because he was the first penguin to see me and talk to me so i was really exited to have a friend so thanks jokkey#W




wow, the first time I was on CP a tour guide gave me a tour of the hole island the Town to Dojo! I loved CP and I still do before I knew I was in the PSA protecting CP and going way over the call of duty


Quackerz 010:

Minnie 630 if u are reading this u are the bestest friend ever and u taught me all agout club penguin ur the bestest friend ever :)


Someone who plays fair, has fun, and generally is nice to penguins, showing them where to go, lending a helping hand, etc., is someone who should be talked about in the blog. That kind of penguin really influenced me the first time I waddled through Club Penguin.


The first time someone helped me was when i asked to see the best play a penguin called Ecco15 and Ezoey she showed me to the stage now she's my buddy and my friend in real life!!! I'm glad we have friendly penguins on clubpengiun because it makes me want to go on clubpenguin more!


my best friend is bear1! he is my brother and he showed me cp and ive been on it since 06. my favorite thing was when the lighthouse was finally open!


My clubpenguin best friends are Ggeeff34 and Little Red 2. They are always having a good time on cp and we like to dance around everywhere and they help others to!


Hi CP! I would like to nominate 3 people they are:
Krisey 9 and......
Mrs Cold 2
because they are such good freinds!


this doesnt have anything to do with the question, but could club penguin make a puffle park? my puffles are getting a little chubby


my first friend Named lily i think Well She was so nice To and shes a greatest friend i ever Had U rock well Waddle on ps all My Friends rock!


Hey Billybob! My first day on CP was on a Halloween party, and I didn't know where to go! Luckily, my friend Shofi07 was online and she gave me a mini tour. Thanks Shofi07! You are a great buddy!


I would say out of all my friends, I would have to say, Sasha84768. She is so sweet, and she treats me like we were friends in real life.

waddle on,


I think Coolguy5111 is the BEST friend that anyone could ever have!! He is always there when I'm feeling down and he's sooooooo nice! We always go to the pet shop and look at our favorite color puffle : green. We have SO much and common and I hope we are BEST FRIENDS forever! Coolguy5111 is the BEST!!!! - Lisette25

the 2nd:

hey cp team tcbag is my bff and i wannna thank her for always being there for me and playing malanca and find four with me! She suggested different styles for me and we always walk are puffles togther-each of us wearing our 'i love my puffle' t-shirts!


waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would nominate Sammy G 1234 and Kigehh. They are great friends of mine and we stay together everytime we go on CP. They are my Best Friends forever.

Waddle On CP!


My best friend would be Icecop2 because when u need help hes ALWAYS there for u!


If I had to choose someone it would be my friend dice88.He was the person who gave me a tour, sent me my first friend request, and showed me where the best games are.I will never forget him.If you are reading this dice88 thanks!You were the best friend I ever had and I hope to see u soon.Waddle on ClubPenguin!!


i love clubpenguin its so fun! what i think is most fun would be the games and meeting friends like my friend penny11900! were great friends


i would like to nominate bluegirl6411 she was the very first buddy i had. she guided and gave me a tour of clubpenguin and even showed me to some of her other buddies.. we r still buddies now and hang out all the time on clubpenguin. i hope u give the coins for being so helpful



I have to nomante my friend Caringirl she is my good friend . She is so nice. If anybody Has to win Its caringirl


thanks to zoge3257 for showing me everything on CP

Peaches 505:

Some of my friends on cp i know in real life. so they are awesome friends! but i wanna talk about some i dont know in real life. that best buddy would be Friend. he has a bunch of numbers after his name but i cant remember.


I think soccershot13 should be nommonated because one time a big group of friends were meeting on club penguin and I had nobody. Soccershot13 asked me if I wanted to join and I said yes. I made a lot of friends that day. Soccershot13 also helped me at a lot of other things. I like soccershot13 a lot and he's best friend.


Thanks! I am so GLAD that you asked that question CP! I really have to nominate my best friend ever, Razz88 for being my first true friend and it will always stay like that. Waddle on CP!

Ellli1 >.<


Hi Club Penguin, my best friend here is Iluvbently!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes funny, creative, and nice. LUV U BENTLY


Well I Would Say My Sister Alice677 Because Shes Such A Nice Sister And Very Very Helpful She Makes Me Feel Better When Im Well Lets Just Say Mad Or Sad So Thats My Helpful Person. YOU ROCK ALICE677


I would say my best friend Soccerbo10 he's been there since I started playing Club Penguin because he was the one who showed me Club Penguin. Even though now he has moved to another state where I live we still keep in touch on Club Penguin thanks for showing me Club Penguin Soccerbo10!

icy fresh01:

i would like to nominate hazzaj16 a few weeks after i joined cp he was realy nice and helped me out i hope he gets these coins he earned it!

Billy Bob60:

when i first logged on (September 19 2010) a nice friend named Lous124
showed me around kind of like a tour gide then when i got my first membership
i was playing for 3 HOURS!!! i loved it.


Hey CP, my best friend who helped me was ayman27 she is my cousion she helped me by inviting me to clubpenguin ,showing me around telling me everything i got use to cp and THANKS AYMAN27 I LOVE CP THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!:)


Hey CP my 2 best friends from club penguin are King The Liz and Nany king the liz is an awesome friend he always show me all the new updates on club penguin. And nany and i are always building fashion shows they are always big hits. My 2 best friends rock!!!
P.S WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!


I will nominate my first buddy, Shiner1rules. He was my first buddy ever. Now, I have 1 and a half pages of buddies,but he is a great friend n_n !!! (by the way, that is a smiley face!) We helped each other obtain pins, we had fun times!!!!! So,please give him the coins!!!!


I think my best friend beatbox100 is really cool and helpful he told me where to get hidden items and gifts in the cloths catelog so i think he should be fetured in the blog

Sama Curly 1:

I would like to thank Alooyo00 for helping me get to know CP.I still remember the day we met.I was lost at the Town until he waddled up to me and was the first to add me as a buddy.He invited me to his igloo and taught me more about CP from games to places to buddies.Now we are close friends.

YOU ROCK Alooyo00!!


when I came on there was a blue penguin playing find four with me.
one day their name changed to 'lovely somroya' or something like that.....


N WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Hey cp the person who has been so very helpful to me is my cp bff nancy3536.Its funny because we are bffs is real life!!!Waddle on cp!! :D


I figured thing out on my own.... sometimes you need to be independent and do things on your own.... but I know a buddy I had once. her name was Partytime. We always matched clothes! Waddle On!

Jay 889:

the most helpful person was probably Jay 998. She is my best friend who deserves to be known. She first introdunced me to CP and showed me around. Please post this ive nvr been posted and i rlly want Jay 998 to know how much she means to me.


Ct Rn 728:

It was my first day in the medevial party and i felt invisible then my first buddy gave me a tour,made me EPF and they gave me three parties + 20 buddies thanks so much!Waddle on!!!


my best friend 07pink07 is the most helpful person i know on cp. she helped me learn about cp. we met about 2 years ago and were always together. shes definitely my best friend! :D :D


Well when i started a penguin which was the color purple said are you new and i said yes how did you know?.She said because i looked confused.She gave me a tour and then explained what a tour guide is.Thanks fayesmith you are great.

Anna Montana:

this is my 4th day and yesterday i got aa tour from my buddy rocket
i don't know what i would have done with out my bud!


Hi CP! I would like to tell you about an orange penguin I met when the new game bits and bolts came out. He told me tips and how to use the game, then he told me his name was dannydane and we became buddies. So if your reading this you dannydane thankyou for making my day!


My best friend on cp is Dizzi3365 she has been a big help to me so thanks alot Dizzi!


I dedicate Fair Dust and Kat Kewl for being my first best friends ever. They were always kind and fun and helpful when i had a tricky question.


Mine was 123hereibe. He helped me when i was new and showed me around! He still helps me sometimes.


Thanks for asking that question. The most helpful and first friend I have is danelle 10. When i didn't know what to do she would always be there. She got the job to be a tour guide before me. So she showed me around the island. Thanks danelle 10. You are the best!

Football me:

A helpful penguin to me is my second friend Pedro red because he helped me out at the very begining!
Please choose him !!!
Football me


I'm nominating my friend Jolly622! She always helps me figure out which styles to wear, how to decorate my igloo, and always goes out of her way to help me make friends and earn stamps! She always stops what she's doing to help other penguins! Now I think that deserves a spot on the blog! :D

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool! Sounds like Jolly622 is a super helpful penguin who always thinks of others.


i would have to say my best friend on cp is dylon100 he is not a member (i am a member) but we dont i also know him in real life he is so nice he showed me cp !!! ps please post this he deserves to be noticed!!!! waddle on dylon100 and cp fans


Well I found out about CP in 2009 and it's all coz of my cousion Owen
and he has really really helped me out on Cp for the last 2 years but Im helped him too
so I really want to give my cousion a real big THANK YOU!! for helping me.

PS: Thank you to obo8 for being my first freind and helping me out.

Waddle on CP.


I would like to nominate my cousin Hockeyburger. She introduced me to CP and helped me find my way around. Thank you Hockeyburger!


My helpful friend was Dawgs123 He introduced me to Club penguin. At the beginning he told me how to get into the boiler room, how to get the grand pearl in aqua grabber and also helped me find Rockhoppers key to the captains quarters. Thanks Dawgs123!!!

Dp arial 7:

I have been on CP for as long as I can remember and I had a lot of friends but I would love to nominate my BFFL on CP Cute Pony103, please choose her it means a lot thanks! Waddle on Club Penguin! *__*

Happy Meig:

My best friend Happy Shelb always invites me to her igloo for cool parties! We go out for coffee and pizza together all the time! We have fun playing soccer, ice hockey,and conect four together! Happy Shelb was one of my first friends! You rock Happy Shelb!!!!!!!


i have a best friend called tazt2010 and we love playing card jipsi and we both love puffles and we both have a collection of puffle keyrings


i would like to nominate agarcia5161 for being one of my freinds that i know in real life and for being on club penguin with me most of the time

masta gi:

My friend Piplup10004 is teh best bud evah. he's supah helpful, and he's always there for me.


Hi Billybob!I joined ages ago, but I will never forget my first ever buddy! Batboy007 makes up his own jokes to tell me, AND told me about how to earn coins and how to buy items. I would of never learned with out you!!!!!!!!!! You so great Batboy007!
Burger009,,, :)


I would really like it if Leo58 got those 10,000 coins because when I've been sad he always makes me laugh to cheer me up. Even when he was a member and I wasn't he was still always there for me. So if you could give him those 10,000 coins I would be really happy. :)


i really liked Star749 for helping me see the island and introduced me to the iceberg!!!!!!!!! she had to go so we never became buddies.


My helpful friend named ZooZoo25. He help me to use the map and buy a puffle. We have great time to eachother we found pins, we play games, we swim in the sea, we swim in the pool, we buy clothes and we decorate stamp books. He is my best friend in CP. Waddle on!!!


My best friend is Prittygirl57! She can dance and make me laugh when im sad she can make anyone smile and can bust a move anywhaere!!! I would like to give Prittygirl57 a reward for being the best friend! My name is Cdscratch4

Club Penguin Support Team:

Nice! Prittygirl57 sounds like a rad penguin to spend time with!


I nominate Goldie88 for being the first penguin i added to my buddy list and the first penguin i ever met!


My best friend is Puffergirl shes always there for me and she is really funny! We have so much fun together playing cp games and chating! All I wanna say is thank you Puffergirl for being the best friend i could ever have! You totally rock for that!


my friend is steven7798 he showed me around cp he is my best friend ever!!!!!!!!! p.s pleese post i have never been posed:(


orengfeet helped me figure out how to beat sensi ! THANKS ORANGFEET

Club Penguin Support Team:

Awesome! Congrats on defeating Sensei, Nj56!


Hey cp! My first friend was kendra345. She helped me do everything and was always by my side. Also, she was friends with me even when i didnt have a membership. I think she deserves to be on this blog and she rocks! Waddle on cp!

Girl 1857:

.......well club penguin iam glad you asked that? because i have lots of penguins that have been nice but the best penguin would be Evad1 because when i first logged on f o r the very first time she was a tour gide and she showed me around club penguin and told me about it and we became best friends forever and thats whos been helpfull to me. until then......waddle on cp

1 funkychick:

Heyy CP cool question. Well lots of people helped me but I think it was bartman5 cos he showed me lots of fun stuff he showed me how to turn my furniture and to make it different.
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When i first logged on to clubpenguin for the first time i didnt have any friend and i didnt really know lots of things to untill this girl named pinkyrocks123 came over and started to talk with me i was thrilled that all the penguins on here were so friendly she introduced me to her other friends and even invited me to her igglo she also helped me when i needed help because i was new and i didnt know much im really happy oon here and always will be thanks u pinky and thank you the way if you need a hand dont forget me.
Waddle On


Hi Billybob. During the Halloween party 2010 was going on, a purple penguin came up (it was my first couple days on club penguin) to me and said you must be new here. And i said Yes i am. We are now best friends! :)!!!! Waddle on cp!!!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Wow, the Halloween Party was probably an awesome way to begin your adventures on the island! It's great to hear that you and this penguin are still friends.


HELLO CP!!!!!!! i would like to give a thank you to my 2 bestest friends on clubpenguin LuLu12344 and Ali521 i wanted to say thank you for beeinghelpful when i get hurt or chearing me up when i am sad!! THANK YOU LULU12344 AND ALI521!!!!! hope i see you guys soon! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


My Most Helpful friend would probaly be Mazo 2001 because when my first membership ended and all those other members delted me she didnt she said it doesn't matter if your a member or not a fruiends a friend!


My best friend on eCP is yoda yx he always dress's funny and a friend who is very helpful he is no.1 with potatoguy284 with the same talents.!!!!


the first time i went on a penguin said ''hey, you look new''. then we talked walked and shared stuff.shes my best friend on club penguin now. thank you Avery.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool! Sounds like Avery gave you a great welcome to the island!


Well, One time i was new to club penguin, and someone came to ask me to be their friend, and i said yes.


i love ur story i remember when i first started i forgot my first friend on cp but any way i like to thank my friends on cp because when i first got on they supported me by showing me around but i would like to mostly thank mistergnome for supporting me to play cp
thank you mistergnome your a great friend


my best friend,beastly91,is an amazing friend
he'll always stick with me till the end
we have so much penguin fun
since our penguins were oh so young
we play catchin waves and aqua grabber
we play missions to stop herbert and his crab-er
cuz we're best buds to the end
and il'l always be his best friend

waddle on,CP and beastly91


I remember when I got on to Club Penguin for the first time. I didn't know what do to next until a penguin named Reds93001 came up to me and waved. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do until she asked if I wanted to go to the Dojo for a match. After a few games I started to make new friends and collect stamps. Now that I'm a member, me and Reds93001 hangout in my igloo for rock'n roll parties! Since then, I have always been on cp everyday, buying new stuff and reading the newspaper. Big thanks to Reds93001, and WADDLE ON! Go CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

A rock'n roll party sounds like a lot of fun! I bet you and Reds93001 have a great time on the island together. Make sure to check out the Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades catalogs for cool items to add to your igloos!


The first time i logged on i starded in the town wondering aroung and then a penguin came up to me and said do you need a tour and i go shy yes and then he gave me a tour and i said thanks his name was rich2001 and now even when im on hes on so when we see each other we hang out i and he was the first best friend i had thanks rich2001. He even says that im hes first best friend.




Club Penguin Support Team:

It sounds like Konner77 gave you a great tour! That's awesome that you're still friends; waddle on!


My first day on Club Penguin I was confused. I had no idea how this place worked. Then, a penguin named Mikhaela2825, came over to me. She said, Hey, your new here aren't you? So am I. After that, we both finally found our way to the Ski Village and took a tour together. We became each others first buddies. Ever since, we've been BPFF's (Best Penguin Friends Forever!).


It's so cool to know that cp is really nice and has a lot of nice people on cp all of my friends are nice and really cool i wanna thank cool sun14 for always being a great friend and i wanna thank all of my other friends for being great friends thank you cp waddle on!


Well I would like 2 thank Bubblicous Z because i know her in real life and she is the one who showed me this website! She taught me everything i needed to know on clubpenguin! WADDLE ON CP!


I would like to introduce my Best friend on Club penguin. Her name is Reddaisy. She would always listen to me, help me, play with me, and she would tell me interesting stuff on Club penguin. She has been my friend for months. She's been a super awesome friend to me. Thanks Club penguin and Reddaisy!


Hi CP thanks for the question even though its really hard to pick who my best friend is but now I think I know I couldn't just pick one so I decided to pick two penguins and they are Bethan1213 and pinkdude19.


My Best buddie is Cndrocks* because is always funny dresses up funny and always lets everyone join in on the game we play together!

*I cant remember the numbers*

P.S Please pot I have never been posted in my whole 2 years here.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for sharing, Kaycool61! It sounds like you and Cndrocks have a great time on the island together.


hey CP i only started club penguin in only 6 weeks ago and the first person came up to me and said hey do you want to be my friend? i said yes please and then every one started asking if i wanted to be my friend and i said yes every time ok and that is it so bye Thanks!

Purple 61978:

Ah, Ruleo.... The penguin with a heart of gold!

Waddle on!


Hi CP ! I would really like to nominate my friend silly246 . when i first logged on i was confused and he really helped me by telling me where i was . He absolutely ROCKS !


The person im nominating is puff9101 because when i first started i didnt know how to use the map so i had to waddle around everywhere really slowly. I noticed everyone had really cool clothes on but i coundnt find them. Then all of a sudden a red penguin asked me if i wanted a tour so i said yes he showed me around. I coundnt have done it without him thanks puff9101. YOUR THE BEST


hey i would like to introduce my first friend on cp her name is sweetpopz123 she was kind to me and she showed me around


i nominate my closest friend 123angelina.......


That's the most easy question you have ever asked! Its Goodkitkat99! She is awesome! We always find the pin together! We're a great team.


Well, My bestest penguin ' Tommie64' Is very special to me because he is kind and he allways helps me out all the time. Even when we are on a Quiz he helps me. He is so kind. If i could I would reward him something like 20000 coins.

P.S Thanks Tommie.


I first came on cp me friend Quarters helped me out by giving me a tour. Thx Quarters your a true friend!


the first time someone helped me out was when i wanted to know were games were and how to play them and a penguin waddled up to me and said wanna play a game i said i didn't know were they were so that penguin helped me out so much and there name was surf11 so i added them to my list.

waddle on cp

Club Penguin Support Team:

Awesome! It sounds like you and Surf11 had a great time playing games together on Club Penguin.


I would like to thank my best friend she said to me that club penguin is an amazing site so I joined and now i love it!!!!!
she showed me around and told me how to make friends online and now I have loads of friends and i always knew i would make much more!!!!!!!
ROCK ON CP!!!!!!!!

(this is my favourite site :D )

ps. that friend that i made I've known her since i was little and still do now!

Thanks Lornylew01!!!!!!!!!!


When I was on ClubPenguin I was in kindergarden and i was very nervous though! I thought how to move.Then a penguin walked up to me and said "Do you need help?" and i said "Yes" so he showed me stuff around clubpenguin so I would like to nominate to Skylee145 :D


hi i think u should nominate my bestest friend Sweetoothgal she was soooo welcoming when i arrived she even showed me how to be an EPF agent


Hey Billybob, i would nominate my new friend bob16980. on my first day he gave me an awesome tour of the island. i learned so much that i became his best club penguin friend. Please pick bob16980, he was a very kind and helpful friend


My friend Fluffy8696 and I have been friends forever!!! When I made a sad face the 1st time I logged in because i didn't know where anything was or what anything was, Fluffy8696 helped me around the town by being a tour guide even though she wasn't one yet! I hope you win Fluffy8696!!! Good luck to all penguins nominated



Well,Id like to thank my Buddy, Luky635!Shes been my friend for mostly about 2 years already!So.... I first met her when I was a non-member in Club Penguin.So sh showed me some stuff and I was really excited to play games on my newest favorite website,Club Penguin!Thanks so much Luky365! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN! ~Mario28037


i remember seeing a blue penguin with shorts and a black tee shirt he waddled over to me and he asked me if i wanted some help so i am saying thanks to winoli3 waddle on club peenguin


hi cp i think my best friend brodway11 is really nice she allways helps when i am felling blue she helps alot.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks M123 Violet! It's always nice to have a good friend to chat with.


I remember the first time on CP a penguin helped me it was a girl and it was pupul. It gave me a tour around CP then it became my friend it was called 999em. She was a member. We are still fiends!


I think my buddy, Brennan104, should be on the blog because he has been my awesome buddy since my first year on Club Penguin. He is extremely helpful, kind, and always makes me laugh and cheer up when I am sad. He is a true friend to all that meet him.
Thanks for being the best buddy ever, Brennan104!
I've been hoping you would ask this question!


i think yellowbird was the bestest friend on cp she helped me get around she always played with me always what i wanted to play we are bpfs (best penguins forever)


I want to nominate a really good friend on Club penguin, and her name is Clue98! She has been with me through hard times and always sticks up for me! She is funny and sweet also! She is the best friend any penguin could have! Thanks so much Clue98!


hi cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my best freind is nazk because he helped me so much and showed me around. I just want to say thank you to him


I would say my friend tiger559 because he's awsome.He was the first penguin to stay with me and play games with me.
P.S: please post ive never been posted b4.


I would like to talk about my friend KikiGreen for giving me a tour and being my best friend, I was new and I asked her " Um excuse me, but can you give me a tour?" KikiGreen said " Sure thing! Come with me and you won't forget places if you do ask me". And that's why KikiGreen is a great friend.


my favourite friend are shy28 and 1josef0.1 josef0 was my first friend on cp and shy 28 is so helpful i dont know what i would do without here
i am glad she is my friend.


Hi Im Madam102 and I am nominating Sophie2613 because she is a great friend to me on club penguin and at school, she tells me all of the club penguin secrets and helps me earn coins so that I can buy really cool clothes on club penguin! Sophie2913 really is the best friend anyone could ever have! Waddle on CP!


I would like to nominate my best friend Piiiiiiiink because she is the most helpful penguin you will ever meet and she is very kind because I was very lost and needed to find the pizza parlor but I couldn't find it so I asked her where it was and she said to follow her and she will help me and give me a tour. And that is why Piiiiiiiink is a fantastic and kind friend.


I've met so many helpful penguins, But if I had to name a few, my first would be Oceany Pink, Sadiekitty and Mount Girl. They are my best friends on Clubpenguin ever since I met them! They help me a lot and they are just great!


well id say my friend vansse123456 she showed me all the place and it was awesome she showed me cp too! and i love it!! p.s please pick her please

Sophie 214:

I am nominating(drumroll).......................My best friend, Ruby6800!!!! She had been on CP longer than me so if I was stuck she would help me. I tried to help her too, of course!!!! We give eachother hints to where the pin is, if one of us cannot find it, and stuff like that. We are even best friends in real life, so that makes it even better!!!!!
Waddle on CP!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool! It sounds like you and Ruby6800 have an awesome friendship! Enjoy your time on the island.

brooke 10:

my friend lily53360 is my best friend in club penguin she always plays with me and when i am sad she helps me i am so glad to have her as a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


my best friend Sandy605 helped me around cp. She even gave a tour of cp.she told me about how to play sertain games.she even thought me how to make friends on cp. so when she thought me that,she was the first penguin i added


Someone who has been helpful to me is my best friend Jazz361130. We do everything together and if something ever makes me sad, then he'll always cheer me up. He's also nice to other people. If we're waddling through a room and someone is sad, even if he doesn't know them, he always helps them. He is the nicest penguin in the world and always helps anyone in need.


mybest freind p86476803 has helped me find pins and helped me become a ninja and has always wanted to play games with me......p.s if this gets put onto the blog send it to p86476803.waddle on cp. :)


Hi Cp! I Want To Thank Maxylewis SO MUCH! I just joined CP and I didnt know where to go, I wanted to go dance, Because i loved to dance. Then, A Red penguin named Maxylewis waddled up to me and said, Oh Thats Easy! He Added me, And took me to the dance club, And know when Maxylewis and i turn 1,000 Years old on Cp, We will celebrate each others 1,000's birthday! THANK YOU MAXYLEWIS!!!


Hi! If I had to pick just one awsome person, (typo) penguin I would absolutly have to pick one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world of Club Penguin, (drum roll please) ausiebird!!! I nominate him because he helps me solve problems like, I'm upset so he cheers me up. I can't find a pin so he helps me look.And sometimes I'm just bored so we play a game.WADDLE ON CP!

Biddi Lou:

I would like to nominate my best friends in my real and virtual life. Hollyconway and Rama7765 have helped me through everything and explained things that I don't understand. Rama7765 helps me keep up with my pin collection and Hollyconway told me what membership was. I'm so glad to have them as friends. Thank you Rama and Holly!

Flip5707: of my helpful buddies would be matermcqeen.I'm glad he is on my buddy list!


My Friend Sade1114 is an AWESOME friend! During the party were you got the brown puffle he guided me. We always go get pizza. I beat him all the time in sled race! :D He is my best friend on club penguin. He always has fun with me! He is super friendly and nice.

P.S. Sade1114.If you see this thanks for being the best friend i've ever had on Club Penguin! :D


I Want to thank Candyapple6 For being such a great friend! I helped her when she first came to Cp, And she's helped me with The adventure party quests, The easter quests, The halloween quests And more! I just wanna thank Candyapple6 Like how she Thanked me for everything. We are buddies for ever!


I would like to say my friend kimp2001 for being such a good friend. She always knows how to cheer you up and make you feel better. She is such a funny,nice, and awesome person! YOU ROCK KIMP2001! I think kimp2001 is the nicest person Iv'e ever met! She is the best!


Hi Club Penguin, I just wanted to say that CLUB PENGUINS ROCKS!!!!!! And that my friend Limelime99 is very helpful. When i was new i didnt know anything about club penguin, But she explained where games, places, and my igloo was. Then we became best friends, Now I am helping new penguins on club penguin learn their way around club penguin. Well, WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


when i first started playing with my friends during one of the midevil time's party, we were in three big groups getting paired up by a penguin in their igloo for an awsome game, i got partnered up with a friendly pengiun named zia, we dressed the same, we were intrested in the same things and we always had on dangly braclets, zia and i are bffs. when one of us are sad or unhappy about something we always help each other see the bright side of things. zia will always be there for me or any one when they needs a friend.
thats why in nominate ZIA

waddle on with your buddys

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for sharing! You and Zia sound like great friends who always have fun together on Club Penguin.


my buddy thrvo is very nice and is helpful. thanks buddy


I remember the first time I cam onto club penguin, i met a penguin called mimwimble. she was very kind to me. she cheered me up, she told me cp secrets and helped me on aLOADS of things. she is my oldest buddy and she still is my buddy!



id like to thanks Bobby Joe18 for being a very friendly prerson.when i first joined i had no idea where to go or what to do. Bobby Joe18 came up to me and said hi. I said hi. she put a hat on then she said that she was a tour guide. she said she could give me a tour. i said how much money is it. she said dont worry its free. she showed me every place in cp! Since then weve been bffs on cp! Thank you Bobby Joe18 for helping me and your my BFF! THX for being there and i cant wait to see you again tomarrow! WADDLE ON!


My best friend is Poochy17893. She has been my BFF 4-eva!


My helpful buddy is Maggie048!! when i first got my club penguin she showed me around and told me about everything you need to know!!! I didnt even know who rockhopper was but when helped i knew about everything there was to know about him!!!!!!!

Waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J E S S I C1:

Hey CP! I am nominating my BFF Samar6! When I first arrived at the island i was kinda shy and I didn't know what was going on because it was Music Jam! I started waddling around then I met her. She was wearing a bright blue shirt and a tour guide hat. She gave me a tour of the island and explained everything to me. Now when ever I see her on CP we talk and play a couple of games. I will never forget her. Waddle on Samar6 :)


With all the great penguins, it's hard to choose. But, I have to say, my BPF (Best Penguin Friend) is Lamby0213. Her and I are friends at school and she showed me this wonderful world of Club Penguin for the first time. She showed me how to get coins and where all the puffles are. Since she was a tour guide, she gave me a personal tour of Club Penguin. She taught me how to redecorate my igloo, and helped me to become a ninja. Now we play together almost everyday on Club Penguin! Waddle on CP! And I just need to add one more thing......Lamby0213, YOU ROCK!


Hi, Im Camprock111.I would like to thank lulu1999puff for being a great buddy.She was one of my best friends when i was on cp for the first few times.So, Thanks Lulu1999puff!


Hi CP! I have 2 best buddys Pinkie 10 and Purple5500. Purple5500 told me about the Dojo.When we met she sent me mail.Then she told me how to send mail. Then i sended mail to her.After that we became best buddys ;) ! Pinkie 10 told me secrets of CP. Pinkie 10 and i made up clubs together. i am glad to have a friend like Pinkie 10. Those are my favorite penguins on CP. Without them it whould be diffrent for me on CP. 1000x thanks for those penguins :)

Club Penguin Support Team:

Great story! Sending postcards is a fun way to make new friends on Club Penguin.


Hi CP!! I'd like to recontize to 2 very best feinds on CP! His names are Chris5150 he also has a sister thats super nice to me too!
there both soo nice there the BEST!!
Waddle on cp

Tyler Brake:

I'd like to nomenate my buddy for ever Thelastair or as i call him Theostar he was the nicest penguin ive ever met he helped me earn coins by playing with me on the sled race and find for. He helped me earn my belts and still is helping me.


me and my bff skittles2427 came at the same time on cp. about a week later we meet fishy3years and fluffy54322 then we knew every thing! know we are tour guides helping other penguins around club penguin!

thank you skittles2427 fishy3years and fluffy54322 waddle onn!

( iv'e never been posted before so please post this )


My best friend Rosamaria0 is an awesome friend. She is kind, sweet, and the one i go to for advice about CP. She always gives me the latest syltes before i even go on but she tells me exactly what i should get. I hope this gets posted on the blog because i want everyone to know how important she is to me! WADDLE ON CP! YOU ROCK!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool! Rosamaria0 sounds like a really caring and helpful friend. It's always fun to pick out new clothing items from the Gift Shop with your best buddies!

hello kitty:

Dear club penguin I would like to nominate my friend Sonny Club for being there for me and playing games with me.Also she would play Card Jitsu with me and sled racing with me.I don't want to win this contest for me I want to win this for my friend Sonny Club Waddle on!


The first time I got on cp I was in the town and I met my first buddy who showed me aroud!
P.S. Thank you Luarie78588


Its hard to decide but I would have to choose my sister Sorenjr and Kirby1270 because my sister plays both of them! When I logged onto clubpenguin I asked my sister if she could help me. So Kirby1270 showed me around and I was surprised to see all kinds of diffrent penguins. Some penguins rocking out at the Night Club, relaxing at the Dock, trying to tip the Ice Berg, making music at the lighthouse, sipping coffee on colds days at the Coffee Shop, and sooo much more! I would really thank Sorenjr and Kirby1270. They are the best friends (and sisters) ever! Waddle On CP!


My favorite memory in clubpenguin was when i started clubpenguin.When i was on for the very first time i didnt know what to do.I got confused because i didnt really know clubpenguin that much.Until a penguin waddled up to me and said'' Hi are you new here?'' I said in a very shy voice yeah i am new here.So he asked me'' you want me to give you a tour around?''Then i said sure.He showed me around and also he introduced me to some of his friends.To this day Tom11657 was my very first friend.


I would like to nominate Sbeach 12 she is so sweet and my bff on club penguin. The minute I met her I knew we were gonna be best friends!

rocky red11:

my friend is maxxx99666 hes awesome i love to have him as a friend


When i went on club penguin for the first time (at age 5) there was orange penguin and took me everywere around club penguin. after a short time i stop playing club penguin now (at the age 91/2) I started plaing club penguin again,beacause my friend from school convinced me to start playing it again.She was playing it for years now, and helped me around club penguin



my friend would have to be fluffy1775 she is my friend in real life too she helped me i helped her!



Hey CP! I am so glad that this subject was up. My friend Scrufflin helped me when I was sad or needed help. I'm really close to her and I just want to say thanks.


Chiko Bloo:

My best friend on club penguin is Blark1. He is very cool and he always helped me win games. He also helps me decorate my igloo and shows me around.. blark1 is a great friend and he is fun!!!! I nominate Blark1!


id like to thanks Bobby Joe18 for being a very friendly prerson.when i first joined i had no idea where to go or what to do. Bobby Joe18 came up to me and said hi. I said hi. she put a hat on then she said that she was a tour guide. she said she could give me a tour. i said how much money is it. she said dont worry its free. she showed me every place in cp! Since then weve been bffs on cp! Thank you Bobby Joe18 for helping me and your my BFF! THX for being there for me! WADDLE ON!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like Bobby Joe18 gave you an awesome tour around the island.

First Aid 1:

Hey CP i want to nominate my BFF Bombee i think she should be put on the blog because she is a wonderful friend to me. She is always there when i need her to show me my way around CP! She is also a ninja, dj, secret agent...shhhhhh and a great best friend!

You are great
Out of this wourld

Rock on CP
Out of this universe and beyond
Careing to all penguins


hello club penguin as we have been talking about our buddies i have to say that my favorite buddy is.......678GOODBOYS!!!!!!!!!!


when i first logged in to clubpenguin i was really exited. The first penguin i added was my big brother.Huter40 he was on there and he said your penguin looks good or nice and i said thankyou.Then he said do you want to be friends? and guess what i said yes

lil big blu:

my friend lil bi brad is my best friend in club penguin he always plays with me and when i am sad she helps me i am so glad to have him as a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agent Pengy9:

I do not have a best friend, but I do have an extremely good friend whom I'd like to nominate, I believe her name is Donaddog161. Our friendship started when I gave her a tour of club penguin around christmas. We have not seen each other for a long time but keep in touch by sending postcards. Thank you for asking CP and waddle on!



I will nominate my brother Nomad8 for helping me when I didn't know anything about Clubpenguin.


the first time i went on clubpenguin i was so happy i met people went to places it was a blast thats all P.Splz post and when i grow up i want to work with you guys!!! i heard there was a foos table! hey happy77 and cp team you guys are the best website makers ever your number 1


I remember the day I made my club penguin. I was a my friends house and we were swimming. we got out of the pool because she said she wanted to show me something. We quickly ran up to her computer and she showed me the wonderful world of CP. At that very second i was in aw. All of these penguins from all around the world. EVer since that day 3 years ago Ive gone on CP everyday to feed my puffle and buy some pretty cool stuff from the gift shop, stadium, etc. Now my first buddy Crystal comes on everyday to play with me. THanks Crystal!!!


Dear CP i would like to nominate my friend FlubFlub. She does not go on that much but the reason why is because when i first logged in to clubpenguin she said to me hello Anyaru! Are you new? then i said yes can you help me? FlubFlub said Sure i can help you with anything just ask me. Okay?!. then i said can you show me were i can sit by the fire cause i am cold. Then he said sure. Shetook me to the ski lodge. I got all warmed up there. Now i go to the ski lodge every time i get cold. i would also want to thank FlubFlub for being tere and being my first buddy to go to my igloo. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!


HELLO CP!!!! My cousin Jellybaby (I forgot the numbers) showed me around and taught me how to play. Soon, I fell in love with cp!!! Thank Jellybaby!!!!

Klinky Pinky:

Hi! Klinky Pinky here! When I first started Club Penguin I had no idea where to go. Then, one penguin came up and asked if i was new. I said yes and asked where cool spots were. She gave me a great tour. Then we went to her igloo. When she added me I was suprised because usually members dont ever really talk to nonmembers. This great friend is Coke130. I know that if I have a problem that Coke130 will have my back. Coke130 was my very first buddy and will always be my buddy. She is the one to trust. THANK YOU COKE130!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Klinky Pinky


The penguins that helped me most on cp is timmytoes2 Christos2 Pjshurm02 and most of all 2lulu4. They were my first buddys on cp i never forgot them.ever. they were always by my side. Pjshurm02 and timmytoes2 helped me keep up on the lastest things. 2lulu4 helped me keep up on the new trends. Christos2 helped me get through all the rough spots in my life. They are the best penguins you will ever meet on cp. Just try to find them. Their like famus penguins. Hard to find. No seriuosly their hard to find. And that's who are my best buddy's are. Well until then W




I nominate GIJOEYODA because he was realy nice, and added me as a buddy first. He also taught me how to talk! Waddle on!

Rocket 2008:

Roxy 2358 was not my first buddy but in tribute she is the best buddy EVER! thanks!



kidcv is helpful because he helps me with alot of stuff like give me coins,help me have fun thanks kidcv


Hey Club Penguin!

The Penguin I Will LOVE To Nominate Is... MARIGOLD1234
She Has Been REALLY Helpful And Nice. When I Was New, She Let Me In One of Her Tours.Her Tours Were Different From The Other "Tour Guide Penguin." She Went EVERYWHERE On The Map Showed Us How To Play EVERY Game And EVEN Showed Us A Few Hints. She Was Very Nice!
Thank You Marigold1234!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Wow, Marigold1234 sounds like an awesome Tour Guide!


Club Penguin is what my friends told me about i joined ,and all these penguins threw snow , chatted and spoke i was like how do u do that but my friends told me and i thanked them because i go on club penguin every day now!!! And the other great thing that club penguin did was Tour guides after my friends told me about that stuf i visited the spy room ski village you know and i stood there typing help what do u do here by the way i was at the !!Dojo! so any way the guide said about belts and now im a black belt now also a ninja thx alto Billy bob and CLUB PENGUIN STAFF!!!! U ROCK


My best friend is Asasa3092. We both hangout and talk to each other.




Hey CP my is nice,awesome,and thoutful.She is the best friend you could ever have.We are like sisters.Her name is maggieandcat.


hey its kanani1234!!! i cant wait to answer this question. when i was new a light pink penguin named Maddie608724 said "hey u new here cause if u need help ill help u" i said "yeah do u know where like some sort of mall is around here and where a dance club is???" she told me about the gift shop and the dance lounge. after i said " thank u for the directions." she said " your welcome" we became friends that day. i invited her to come along with me she said " sure!!! " that day i got a new friend!!!! she made my penguins life much easier!!! THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love kanani1234 (dedicated to Maddie608724 thank u BFF)

Ernest Girl:

My good friend Cool3668. When I ever had trouble with another penguin, she would report the person so I feel more safe on Club Penguin. And whenever I looked glum or sad, she would cheer me up by waddling around the island together. If posted first time!


I remember my first time in Club Penguin! It was a while ago! I wasn't a member, and I was very confused. A nice purple penguin came up to me then, and asked if I needed help. I said, "YES PLEASE!". Suddenly, she was giving me a tour through the whole island! She also told me about Rockhopper, puffles, buddies, igloos, and even membership. That's when I bought my very first blue puffle! A few weeks later, I even got membership! Since then, me and my brother have been happily going on Club Penguin all the time, thanks to Valentinesda! Valentinesda, your awesome!
Thanks so much for helping me!
I love Club Penguin! :)


When i first made this i was 7 and all i did was add everyone i saw haha.


Hi! my first friend was umm oh ya quackers1010 shes my best friend outside of cp i didnt know it was her but she said"Hi are you new let me show you around and we can chill at the pizza parlor" i said"sure!!!" after a while we where buds the next day i told my friend(outside of cp) all about it and thanks quackers1010 waddle on and plz post this i have never been posted!!!!!!


hi cp i now a penguin that follows me every where i go his name is Ddr10 so i think hes my best buddy because hes so nice so i think you sould do him so waddle on cp


I remember the day my little cousin ask what i what doing on my laptop, i told her that i was playing a game called club penguin, she ask can make one i said sure as long as you follow the rules. We made a penguin and i left her in the room for 10 mins, when i came back i found to see her taking care of her puffle, i said do you like club penguin, she said no... i love it!!! And that was the time showed my little cousin club penguin.

p.s. thank you club penguin for making a game my cousin loves.WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I remember when I joined Club Penguin, I just became a member. Then someone walked up to me named Vater12 said "Hey Zombieman, you need a tour?" So I said "Sure." nervously. He knew I was confused. So he showed me around Club Penguin island. He told me everything there is to know. Even the Dojo & the Ice Berg. Then after the tour. My best friend called me and said that he did a tour with this person named Zombieman581 and now I know that Vater12 is my best friend's penguin & my first ever Tour Guide.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool story! Vater12 sounds like an awesome Tour Guide!


I remeber when I first came to CP I was 7 years old and my close friend showed me around THANX MARIA!!!


I am so glad to have a friend like delighla2. She is a new penguin but when I met her we became instant friends. I've helped her around and she has helped me. She's so awesome!



My friend browneyez she is SO nice on my first day i was wondering what to and where to go then this brown penguin came up and said you look lost can i give you a tour? and i said of course , after the tour she gave me a post card that read will you be my buddy then we were friends forever. and heres a little shout out to browneyez Thank You SO much for being my first friend and my best friend! ~ WADDLE ON CP~


Hi there CP! The first penguin I met on club penguin was my real-life friend, she introduced me to CP on my birthday and she showed me all the great places to go and the different games I could play. She even helped me find my first pin [it was a cup of hot chocolate in the coffee shop]. I never would've discovered CP without her, and I wouldn't ever have had as much fun as I am having!So a big thanks goes to Hsiny! Thanks so much!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Awesome, thanks for sharing! Collecting pins is a lot of fun and a cool way to remember different events on the island.


i nominate teddylovrz8 cuz shes always there for me and she never leaves my side and never will she is my friend on and off line and shes just an amazing person she is kind and generous sweet and gentle whenever you ask me who i think is a real friend you know i will say teddylovrz8!!!!!

Waddle On Cp!
P.S. Thanks So Much Teddylovrz8!


Hey, Cp i would like jgb1116 to be on the blog he is the best friend a penguin could have
He plays games with me
i know him in reality
he is funny

PS can u post this i havent been posed yet


my first buddy is rapid900 hes great and funny and a good buddy and his other buddys are great


If I Had To Give Thanks To My Best Friend On Club Penguin It Would Have To Be iceball208. She Was My Very First Buddy And She Was The One Who Told Me About Club Penguin In The First Place. She Was Also Very Kind To Me On Club Penguin And Told Me Where Everything Was. Together We Can Tip The Iceberg And Other Things. She Also Backed Me Up When I Was Feeling Sad. :D Thanks For Making CP A Wonderful Place! You Rule!!!

apple buddy 5:

I have a friend that is always their for me.her name is libby785.I was new on club penguin and I was lost and didn't now how to use my map. so I asked for help and she was the one that help me she told me how to use my map.And we spend time together all the time.thanks libby785!


my favorite frined is probally a penguin named Laboogie! He is so funny and random! He wears crazy costumes and lots of other things! Weve benn friends sice about a month after i joined cp. He is so awesome! WADDLE ON CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool! It sounds like you and Laboogie have an awesome time on Club Penguin together.


hey cp the first time i logged on i was so shy i didnt know where to waddle off too i just was standing in the town and this brown girl penguin mailloux1717 said hi to me and showed me around i told her i was new and at first i didnt know who she was but then i found out she was my step sister she was my first buddy i love you mailloux1717 your awsume!!! thx! theres my story. <3 u cp!!!!!


Once I logged onto CP, and was alone. I didn't have any friends, and I was bored because I had no other penguin to hang out with. So I just sat there on the iceberg thinking of what to do. Then a penguin named Shad00n came up to me and asked me if I was okay. Before I knew it, we were playing "Connect 4" in the lodge. Afterwards we went to the Pizza Parlor. Thanks Shad00n!!!


my best friend is puffles76 she helps me a lot by helping me find all the pins and she was the first one to be my friend and she goes on every server i go on and always colmpent my igloo. WADDLE ON CP -lego0098 :)


Wow that's such a awesome story! My friend came over to my house and helped me out my first day. The first mini-game I played was PizzaPatron2000 and I ended up saving enough to get a blue puffle my very first day!

I'd like to make a shout out to the CP team for keeping Club Penguin fun and safe! Thanks everyone!!! <3

Club Penguin Support Team:

Sounds like you had an awesome first day on Club Penguin. Enjoy your waddles around the island with your puffle!


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