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By Billybob on July 5, 2011 - 11:50
Hello Penguins!
In our last Reviewed by You post, we asked about your first memory of Club Penguin. You said you were excited to meet new friends, discover games, and adopt a puffle for the first time. Many of you received warm welcomes from other friendly penguins that helped you.

Erica777 said:

Hey CP i'm so glad you asked that question. The first time I logged into Club Penguin I was very young. I remember standing in the town just wondering where I should waddle off to first. Suddenly a bright blue penguin waddled up to me and said "hey you new here". I shyly said yeah how did you know. She said I looked confused. I asked where you can get the best refreshments. The blue penguin grinned and said "thats easy it's the coffee shop. When I walked into the coffee shop I knew by all the friendly faces and different people that I was perfectly safe on my new favourite site Club Penguin :D.

P.S. I want to thank BlueJunieB for being the first to add me as a buddy. YOU ROCK

Thanks for sharing your story, Erica777!

blog_110705.jpgThis week, we want to talk about helpful friends like BlueJunieB. Tell us about someone that's been helpful to you, and why you think they should be featured on the blog. Make sure you're nominating someone other than yourself.
Send us your short review as a comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is chosen next week, we'll give the penguin you nominated 10,000 coins as a gift!
Until then... Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team



Hey CP. Just wanna say thanks for posting my comment on me and BlueJunieB. BlueJunieB deserved that. I just wanted to tell all you guys that when I told her penguins all over the island knew our story of our friendship. She gave me a HUGE smile and told me we were gonna be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. But BlueJunieB isn't the only true friend. Treycoates is a penguin that puts a smile on your face when your sad. He helps you find all the secret pins and is always happy to see you. Give credit to Tretcoates and BlueJunieB. In fact give all true friends a big hug this week and tell them they are what makes the world a better place.


When i became a member i didnt know how to buy furniture. My sister audrey88808 told me to click on the tapemesure in the cornner. Then click on the magazine. Thanks audrey88808! You totally rock sis!


Whoa! So many comments! I nominate my friend Slidoo. He is the best penguin ever, he is extremely funny and nice. Even though I don't know Slidoo in real life, I think we are close friends. If I did know him in real life, we'd be best friends :)

Waddle On!

#1 Fan...
Ferdthebird, will always be waddling around ;)


hey cp my first friend was zima3 i first got on then right away i asked to be my friends soldierboy 3 p.s i never got posted before


When i no one on i see Kaila827 and she shows me new pins.

Jewel 260:

When I adopted Olivia (livvy), my little red puffle, I was so excited that I was able to adopt a puffle, And then she turned out to be the best friend a penguin could have.Merci,Livvy. Thank you.


i really have to say that club penguins been part of my life.i feel as though im surrounded by so many friends and i feel happy yeah ! i enjoy every minute playing and being here! oooooooooooo! i ve got a lot of friends. thank you club penguins bye!

Fireboy 321:

I want to nominate Reburner23 because we arrange to meet up and he doesn't appear anywhere then I just wander around and there he is out in the middle of nowhere. He's always messing around with me. We're always telling each other secrets around the island and we alwayssend each other postcards. Please give him a tip.

Emily Rose61:

Misty802 Is My Bestfriend! We Get Together Along Really Well She helped Me Figure Out How To Play Clubpenguin (:


Hi Clubpenguin !! Once I Created My Penguin And Logged On To Club Penguin, I Had No Idea Where I Was! So I Waddled Around Looking
For Someone To Help Us ! Then, We Found A Friendly Tour Guide ! The Tour Guide, Was Named Lulucandy144 She Showed Me Around And She Was The Best Penguin! Thank You! WADDLE ON CLUBPENGUIN! Meet New Nice Friends Too !


i love cp


My best friend, is DudeAlex2, hes a funny delightful penguin, who i always have fun with, EVERY TIME I SEE HIM! Ive known him for a while now and its just great to be around him and have fun with friends! We normally go around talking to other penguins, and having pizza. This is, my BEST FRIEND!



Ive never been posted and think Dudealex2, is a funny, friendly, welcoming guy who I meet at the attic when i begged him to go! He was so sweet and went there, and we made great friends! He has been there for me ever since, sharing laughs, having fun, making MORE friends, and i really want him to know i am greatful to have a friend like him!


Ronnie 007:

when i started cp i had no friends but troy645 came and made me a cp fan


I stared CP 3 days ago, and I already have one hundred friends. It`s really nice of people to add you as a buddy.So, thx everybody that a
dded me it`s a real pleser. Also thx CP for creating CP!!!




i love clob penguwin


Thanks Erica777!


My first friend was a girl she took my on a tour around Club penguin She was a member I said how fdo you get cloths and she helped me bye saying Be a member! And a became one but it expired Thx Good Old Friend!


gokufighter add me on cp I think MyMelody was very helpful. She was my first ever buddy and she showed me all around CP. For my birthday one year, she put on a show with her puffles for me and invited her friends over and we had a party in her iggy. Shes super nice and a agreat friend. Waddle on Cp and My Melody!Hey, that rhymed!




there should by a new game called penguin race it is going to be held at the stadium you can race foes and frends the control is the mouse

PS1 happy happy penguin!:

well how do you get the fire men costume??


well how do you get the fire men costume??

alexia lili:

iluv club penguin!so far 3 friends...cuz im new so i dont know much but i am good!!!GO CLUB PENGUIN!thx people or penguins!!haha!


, If I has to choose one awesome penguin, that has been an amazing buddy is Mzsoozi. We always have fun together. We help each other find famous penguins. Sometimes we even come up with our own days, like one day we created a twin day, where we dressed liked each other. Ten penguins even joined in! We go sled racing and play find four. She’s fun, helpful and the best friend a penguin could have.


Island party is aesome


Hey guys!

Love the Adventure Party!!! Its awesome...............WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had a freind that helped me no how to see what and where Evrything was I felt so happy I was so lucky to have such a freind I never had any freind like him he is my best freind ever he is very good at finding pins hes very good at games mostly thin ice THANK YOU JOEPOTTER123 :)


My favorite buddy is Jessica5057. She was my first buddy on Cp. I remember when I was new to the island, i was really confused. Then she came to me and said are you lost? I said I was new, and then she answerd all of the questions I had. I even saw this one hat I really liked, so she helped me find a job so I could get that hat. Thanks so much Jessica5075, your the best!


ages ago someone was hanging around me its purple per3 and she wasnt a member so i helped her around (because she is new)
we are still buddys but we are really BFFE'S


If anybody been to Rockhoppers ship and played Treasure Hunt should LOVE it and for the people that don't have the key, it is in 'Rockhoppers Journal' no more info for that. (Until I find out more things that I would liketo share)
+ THE ISLAND PARTY IS COOOOOOOOOOOL and I love new partys' because new partys = more stamps and I LOVE collecting stamps.
Plz post because I have never posted before




My friend Sellotape1 has to be the most helpful penguin she gave me a tour and added me as her buddy so if i'm stuck ever again that penguin will come and help me just like the first time!



ozzie 2711:

islend prty and bx demension is cool


I Have A Friend She Is Soo Sweet Shes Fun And Creative She Always Has A Helping Hand!! Her Penguin Name Is Sweetie Mint!


My favorite penguin is Cole Pearson. Cole Pearson is always so helpful to me. One time I needed help with one of the missions and he said he would help me and he did! I hope I am as good a friend to him as he is to me.


Hello! When I first started Club Penguin it was in 2009.It was kinda hard because I didn't really know what I was doing.But soon I got the hang of it,and told ALL MY FRIENDS about it,so then they joined and I helped them out and they just LOVE it!


Awwww,That story is really touching:}



meet a latina:

Wooooooooow Thanks for da info

love this:

Not what I was looking for but great anyway! Congrats!


Tansypansy is a really nice penguin she helps me out on stuff. Her other penguin is Briony 1. Another goog friend is Kirby something sorry I forgot the numbers she's really nice,we play games together


I'm glad I'm best friends with yellowduck4 I've be friends with her for a long time good thing I was there to help her around club penguin when she first started even though she's not a member like me I treat her like one some people don't like hanging out with nonmembers I like hanging out with them well waddle on !!!!!!


I remember when I met Jane25rocks she made a awesome campground at her igloo, and she was very nice to me.


Jane25rocks! she is so cool... she helped me find the mineshaft once she also makes cool iggys like a camping one, a gym one and a rainbow land one!


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