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By Billybob on July 22, 2011 - 13:29
Hello Penguins!
Last week, we asked you about your adventures with your friends in Club Penguin. Our team was absolutely thrilled with your stories! Here's what Lily2722 told us:
My favorite adventure was way back in March, The Expedition party, when we were lost in the forest, but to my surprise, once you finished the leafy maze and fixed the contraption, we sailed across a lake and came to the Brown puffle's hidden cave! This was definitely my favorite party!
Totally, Lily2722. Finding the brown puffle was definitely something to remember!
blog_110722.jpgSpeaking of parties... The Island Adventure Party is here! So this week, we'd like to hear your stories about pirates, mermaids, castaways...What is your favorite part of the party?
Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team



awsome!!!! my favorite part is simply dressing as pirates, mermades,and castaways! its so much fun playing with friends. Waddle on CP!! p.s when are puffle hats coming out?? - pufflecuti-


my favorite part of the adventure party so far was finding rockhoppers cream soda!! i was so happy when i found it!! thank you for such a fantastic adventure here in cp!!!

p.s. please post this!!!!!!


My favorite was when i was a mermaid at hidden lake and crabs kept playing the game and also mermaids had to safe their mermaid friends from the pirates! It was totally fun!!! And now i found the cream soda awesome!


I loved the battle ships. It was so intense with canon balls fly bye my head. I thought it was cool when I saw that when the cannon ball hit the deck it made a leak and you had to fix it with your jack hammer. I loved raiding the other ship and attacking it. I like being a pirate and loading the cannon. Thank for listening. Waddle On. from Vath123


My favorite part of the party was meeting Rockhopper TWICE today!! I got to talk to him and have an adventure with him!
Waddle On!




Ha ha! Im pretending to be a castaway that found his way to the forest, builded a home there while feeding penguins stew and helping them on their quest! Thank-you club penguin. Keep up the tremendous work and WADDLE ON!!!


i liked when we had to help find rockhoppers cream soda I LOVED THIS becuase it was exciting and fun they gave you clues on where to go next

Club Penguin Support Team:

@Peco8991, your efforts are appreciated; the Adventure Party wouldn't be the same without cream soda!


Thats hard to say i love it all!But my favorite is the two ships battling!Yarr Mateys!I even saw somone say FOR ROCKHOPPER!I dont want the party to end!I wish club penguin was like that all the time!!!Its so cool!The pizza parlor is decorated really nicley but i still like the battle ships the most!Until then............WADDLE ON CP! P.S(please post this i have never been posted before!) -Panda7865


i soooo agree with Lily.i think that the Expedition was sooo totally my favorite ever!sure it took me a few to get the machicne working but hey!

Fire ball93:

Hi C.P I have just bein playing with all my puffles and i noticed that when they go to do somthing like go to sleep in their beds they go back to the old version and i am just saying it will look really cool if they could do stuffthe way they look now instead of changing back to the old look then change back.

Waddle on club penguin team


during the ship battle i made my own team -thee orange we freed any captives


Well my FAVORITE part of the Island Adventure Party, is being a pirate! My friends and I split up and battle! Also I like being a beautiful mermaid and watch the battles! And I love going up into the trees and listening to those pretty birds! I love the Island Adventure Party! Waddle on Club Penguin!


My favorite part of this party is all the decorated places... they really look like a pirate town! :D Keep up the good work CP!!! and thanks for all of the great parties! I bet they take forever to plan! Waddle on CP!!

Kenze99 :)

lil big blu:

I like the adventure because rockhopper is ther its really awesome with all the pirate penguins and snowball canans thats why i like the adventure party lil big blu is my username i cant right my pasword




I'd hav to say that my favorite part of the party is definitly the mystery of the stolen cream soda!!! Its just so awesome that Rockhopper is here and he gave us a mission. I'm pretty sure we're all having an amazing time with this puzzling party!! It's so fun and really creative cp!! WADDLE ON :D


I Love The Mermaid Cove Game! You Get To Play The Game And Win The Coat!


My favorite part of the Adventure Party is the ship battle it so so so so FUN thanks CP for awesome party's in the past!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beau 4:



It looks so cool i can't wait to go on it

Waddle on (Please reply)


Heey club penguin this is my first adventure party and its so fun ! My favourite bit is the Cream Soda Scavenger hunt because its really fun.

I also love the mermaids and ships battle.'

Waddle On,



my favorite part of the party is... hard to say. it`s all so great! i like all of it. but if i had to pick a favorite it would be the ship fight. it`s so awesome! from your fan, rachelroot

lil big blu:

I am sooo excited!! I didn't think that the adventure party would come back!!! thanks C.P. and waddle on!! I love the Battle Ship Room. Its soooo fun being a Pirate my favorite part of the party is DEFINITLY the 2 ships fighting with snowballs! its SOOO cool & interesting!!!!! i love it! thanks for always letting me have a BLAST when in on cp! WADDLE ON

Leon 23233:

Hi CP I love all cp partys!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite part of the adventure party is when I was on one of the two boats battling because me and my friends pretend we are pirates fighting the enemy. PLEASE POST THIS I WAS NEVER POSTED BEFORE!!!!!!


The best part was when we had to find the cream soda it was AWESOME. My favrote part was when you had to fix the ship.The adventure party was awesome


MINE? Well u came around the right corner! As i said i loved crab outfit (Blue Crab) AND, LOVE THE DECORATIONS!
BUT, MY VERY MOST LIKED THING AT THE ADVENTURE PARTY IS........CREAM SODA HUNT!!!!!!!! i almost met rockhopper too!
THE FREE ITEMS ROCK.... EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have any of you seen Rockhopper lately? PLEASE tell me where he is if you have. Thx!


If you ask me, the best part is finding the sodas!



G Girl6:

Well, My adventure as a pirate was with my friend Super Girl336 We Were Pirate Babys And We battled the red ship! It Was Fun!

Waddle On!

From, G Girl6


Oh my gosh i would just love a penguin prom! Penguins could rock out and have so much fun! By the way tell all the penguins out there to keep waddling and have a blast!!!!!! Now let's talk about I Thank yo 1,000,000 times!


Hey Cp Crew My Fav. Part Of The Island Adventure Party Was The Cream Soda Quest And I Found Rockhoppers Cream Soda And Also I Pretty Much Liked The Whole Party It Is So Awesome Oh I Forgot To Mention The Igloo Catolgs Are Awesome Too!Thank You For All The Best Parties!

Until Then Waddle On Cp!!!!!

~ Snuggles1218


Everything about the adventure party was AWESOME but if I had to chose a favourite part of the party I would chose meeting Rockhopper!
I always enjoy listening to his stories!


I would have to say that my favorite part of the party is definetly the mystery of the cream soda!! It is just so awesome how Rockhopper came and gave all of us a special mission that has to do with the Club Penguin history!! PLEASE!!!! post Ive never been posted!!!


Totally the part where the pirates and captains go to battle i'm always on the pirates cause pirates are my favorite thing eva.It's fun because you out snow balls in a cannon and you shoot the other teams ship and when you shoot water comes out and you have to get them back together when they do.This is my favorite part.

Bebe 01:

My favorite part is the quest.I had fun trying to find the treasure!

Bunny Keeper:

How do I acess special features of the game without a membership?


I love making the ship again its so much fun! But whats with the crabs? W A D D L E O N C P !


My favorite thing about this party is having the pirate Rockhopper join us in the pirate adventures. We're lucky he saw our invites in the sky. I have been searching for Rockhopper during alot of parties. I'm sure I'll find him in this one. Rockhopper makes every party more exciting. Thank you Rockhopper!


My favorite part is the mermaid cove because I get to hang out with my penguin buddies and pretend to be mermaids.


My favorite part of the island adventure party was the ship battle because you got to be in a crew of pirates trying to sink or almost sink the other ship. Another reason I like it is because you got to work as a team with the other penguins so that your ship doesn't sink. You also have to be very coopertive with the other penguins on your ship. That is why I liked the ship battle the best.

cool man 409:

my favorite part of the island adventure party is the missing cream soda. I like all the clues and espesealy the crab part at the hidden lake. I kinda got fusttraited at that. But it was spectackalar!!! And the ship battle, that was awesome but i couldent see my penguin cause of all the other penguins. untill then.. waddle on cp!


This is my first adventure party and it has been a blast so far!!!!!




cheeko cool1:

The adventure party is so cool!!!!!!My favorite part of the party was finding the cream soda! WADDLE ON CP!

Julia 444:

My favorite part or the adventure party was finding the missing soda barrels, because it was fun trying to help rockhopper find his soda barrels back. My green puffle and I did it together, which was the best part of solving the quest. I also enjoyed meeting rockhopper for the second time and getting his new background.

Waddle on.


my fav part of the party would have to be the cream soda adventure its soo fun i like it because u can put together rockhoppers ship do the drums with the birds and dig for the cream soda. i also like dressing up as a crab and playing the game with the crab
the adventure party is my fav party


[P.S. plz post this i never get posted before]


my favorite part of the adventure party was the pirate ship i love it XD
there is two ships the yellow and the red
first i thought that it is blue and red Lol i just couldnt stop saying go blue blue will win XD
and people like ??? its yellow duhh LOL
i hope i could renew my membership to have more fun (it ends sunday XD)
waddle on cp !!


My fave is the ship battel! And when you have to find the lost cream soda!


i love the mermad cove because its so cool


billybob when will the eye patch come back in club penguin? plz post i've never been posted!!!


My favorite part would defintley have to be playing the crab game and buying a blue crab suit! Its confusing but fun! And going to the ice berg, feeding the sea creatures with the fishes! I've been seeing crabs walking everywhere! I wonder if its Klutzy? Come to think about it, whats herbert up to?

Penguiui 1:

Ahoy!!! I love being a princess on the ships and seeing rock hoppers ship and playing treasure hunt. WADDLE ON CP!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Ahoy Penguiui 1! Have you uncovered a green gem in Treasure Hunt yet?


The adventure party is better than last year. Last year there wasn't a scavenger hunt this year there is. I was thrilled while trying to find the cream soda. The hat goes with my golden jacket. I also liked that you could play a game to win the gold jacket.
Waddle on Penguins


Um... whats is gonna be I dont know what if only I did know whats going on! anyways something about mermaids?


Hey penguins! My favorite part of this partywas battling on the pirate ship! WOW! (plz post this plz!!!)
Well until on waddle on cp


Hey CP! My favorite part about the Adventure Party is the ship battle because the cannons are awesome, and all the people dressed as pirates and captains. I just wish it comes back next year, I had lots of fun!

Waddle on!

P.S. Thanks for the stuff RockHopper!


my favorite part is the ship battle. you have to fix the ships and load the cannon. the pirate ship has two big cannon's and the other has three small cannon's so each do different damage


I like the adventure party and i think that the best part is looking for rockhoppers cream soda, I haven't finished it yet because i dont get the bird bit but i guess its meant to be triky! My second faveroite party was the puffle party i especialy liked the circus it was really great!
Waddle on Club Penguin


Hello Cp, im glad you asked that! well i would have to say that my best thing to do is try to find the cream soda!! me and my friend iluvbacon391 and me did it together it was alot more fun doing it with her and i felt so happy when i got the cream soda! thats my favorite thing about the party!
waddle on cp!


This is the best party ever i wish it was on every day it rocks waddle on CP!

Edge 2307:

I was there




maxx martin:

its awesome ive even found the cream soda already


the party is awsome


A penguin in a Party igloo was singing a song i know so i added him and now me hang out together ALL the time!!!Thx Candy Bar!!! (PLZ POST THIS,I'VE NEVER BEEN POSTED!!!)


What I like most about the party is getting to meet Rockhopper. I've already met him and it's a really cool expierience. It's a cool expirience to meet any character. I've found six characters in the last two parties so I'm really excited about that.

maxx martin:

i'ts awesome im even found the cream soda and all the pins


my favorite part was doing the scavenger hunt for the cream soda it was somting i would never forget and i want to thank cp for makingthe island adventer the best party i had in my life i am glad i joined cp


p ps does herbert even know klutzy's gone out on a pirtate party?


I love this island adventure party. Is this the first one? I started club penguin 5 months ago, and my most favorite thing in the Island Adventure Party is actually the adventure! I love mystery's and searching the cream soda was very mysterious. I can't wait to meet Rockhopper!!
Plus I love the blue crab, the migrator... WELL EVERYTHING!!

May Rose1:

Ahoy Cp!
Well, Yesterday I Came In Contact With Come Quite Incredible Creatures. Like Colorful Birds, Musically Talented Clams, And Some Crazy Cool Plants. But, I'd Have To Say My Faviourete Part Was The Mystery Of The Missing Cream Soda, Because Rockhopper Was Actually Giving You Clues, And You Got To Run Into Some Tricks Along The Way. Thanks Again Cp For Putting This All Together.
Have An 'Ice Day,
-May Rose1


This party is awesome so far!! I finally figured out how to finish the puzzle of clues!!! Waddle On Cp!!! : >) (PENGUIN)
( U Never Mention My Answers, I Sumit some every time.....)


Love the adventure party i acted like a captian so i was all like ARRRRRGGGG. i love the adventure party espacaily the pirate vs navy!

ps Ive never been posted up on the blog and i have a really cool home check it out!


Twinky Wire:

Well Billybob, My absolute FAVORITE part of the Island Adventure Party was going on Rockhoppers Ship and playing Treasure Hunt with my friends, but i do love the mystery of The Missing Cream Sodas that was GREAT!!!!!!! Then again Club Penguin always has great parties. Keep It Up Club Penguin! Twinky Wire


My favourite part of the party is all the puzzles I like the quest for the creamsoda and my favourite part is communicating with the birds because it is really challenging. Waddle On Cp!!


The Lost Treasure
The captain lost his treasure! So his pirates looked all day for it on an island. They couldnt find anything! The captain was in his room trying to think of where it could be. He saw something under his bed. The treasure! he said "Arrrg I sould remember where I put me treasure next time!".

Club Penguin Support Team:

Awesome story Mereea! Do you think Rockhopper just misplaced his cream soda? Or do you have other suspicions?


I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I'VE BEEN HERE A LONG TIME.... AND THIS IS REALLY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the game in the hidden lake! I like that its a challenge not for the 'crabby'! And I love the pirate battle! But my favorite part of the Adventure Party is the wild goose chase for rockhopper's cream soda! But I love the party as a whole (especialy the music!) and hope for more fun parties soon!
Waddle on CP!


My Favorite island ADVETURE would be................ In the battle room fighting against the NAVY and most of all new CLOTHING ITEMS FROM ROCKHOPPER its fun being a pirate i just noticed that! Waddle On Cp!


my favorite part is the ship battle. I vs my friend and I won. I also liked the part where you build that ship. Id like to thank rockhooper for the great outfits


My favorite part HAS to be the mission it is more fun than finding paper boats well actually I liked finding paper boats too! I love all of the pins and when i get the clue its so fun to try and find out what it means.

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool! Thanks so much for your feedback, Gir078. Hope you enjoy the rest of the Adventure Party.


my favorite thing is when rockhopper needs us to find his cream soda!! and we go on a scavenger hunt around the island!! waddle on cp!!

NS 8979:

Loving the Island Adventure party. Now I can finally dig for coins! The Medeival Party was good too, I usually was found hanging around the dance lounge being royal guard. Much more fun than being king.


my favorite part of the adventure party is the pizza parlor because it has a great decoration items like picnic tables



My favorite part of this party is the two ships battle! It gives a thrill to my mind about a live battle, and also the treasure hunt for captain rockhoppers cream soda! I was so excited about the gift I got when I complete it! Can't tell you what it is! Waddle On everyone!


I love the new pirate theme of the party, especially the mermaid. The new games are so fun. Going on Rockhoppers ship is really cool.I have been on rockhoppers ship before but the hunting for the cream soda and doing all those tasks it's just so fun.I hope the theme next year will be the same.PS,clubpenguin is the best.

Club Penguin Support Team:

@ Zoeviolet1. It's definitely fun to explore Rockhopper's ship! Have you had a chance to play Treasure Hunt yet?


My favorite part of the Adventure Party is where you search for the cream soda, and you get to build the ship! It's a challenge, and I LOVE to be given a challenge. The first time I tried, it was really hard, but once I got the hang of it, it was fun! I love the whole Adventure Party, but that part is my favorite!!!

Waddle On!!!!!!!!!
Katie4200 :)


My favorite part is being a pirate with my friends! Going on the battleships and playing! And just well having fun! We tried to find the missing cream soda! And it let us to Rockhopper! So we got s signed background! We had so much fun being pirates and we never want it to stop! This is the best party yet. Waddle On Cp!


My favourite part was being a pirate finding me treasure arrg! I also liked being a mermaid, swimming in the sea . And I loved being in the migerator, it was so much fun!
Waddle on!


That looks so cool when you actually go on it!



My favorite part of Adventure Party was finding the cream soda! It was a fun quest, and best of all, I didn't give up! I asked my friends for help, so I won't have a hard time and another thing I liked about the party is battling on the ships with my friends! I also liked to sit and listen to the birds in the Tree Forts. I just LOVE Adventure Party! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Awesome job finding Rockhopper's cream soda, Snowflynn! Sounds like you're having a great time with your friends at the Adventure Party. Waddle on...


i loved seaching for captain rockhoppers ceam soda especialy when you go to the tree forts with the birds.


My favourite part is defintley the quest for the creamsoda and my favourite part of that is communicating with the birds it was quite challenging and loads of fun!! Waddle On Cp!!


This party is gonna be so much fun. Espically hunting for it we'll most likely find out who took the cream soda. Cuz all of us penguins are smart.


i LOVE the PARTY like, finding the cream soda THATS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love spending time with my friends at the party we would help eachother find the cream soda also build the boat . I also like being a pirate and fighting at the boat thats FUN!!! The funny part of the party was dressing up as A blue crab thats REALLY Funny . I loved THE PARTY


Hunting for rockhopper and the ship battle

Club Penguin Support Team:

@ Macfish. It sounds like you've been having some cool adventures during the party. Waddle on!

Fluffy 58923:

I love the Adventure party!! It is soooooo much fun! I even found the cream soda and met rockhopper because of my hard work! It was so kool. I LOVE CP

WADDLE ON (Fluffy 58923)

Mario 925:

my faverit part of this party is the blue crab suit. its really funny!!!!!!!!! ther very rare and cool waddle on CP PS ive never been posted plz post this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Adventure Party Is FANTASTIC! It Is So Fun At The Ship Battle! Im On Yellows Side As A Princess I Get Captured A LOT So My Fabulous Prince Can Come Save Me. Red And Yellow Dule On Yellows Ship A Lot Over So I Have A Blast. Until Then...


This Was My First Isand Adventure On CP! And Im Glad That I Can Spend It Here With All These Penguins!!




My Penguin-Kitty6369:

Wow Billy Bob and the rest of cp this party is GREAT my favorite part is building the ship! i love having a friendly battle against my best buddy's! And I Would LOVE for it to come back next year with a bran new adventure for us! cant wait for next years puffle too!



Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for your feedback, Kitty6369! Glad to hear you're having fun at the Adventure Party. Waddle on!

booogly woo:

hi c.p. editors and creators!!!!!!!

ive been having a few problems with the tresure hunting game,
i can only go on it once and then i have to log out to go on it again!
its a real pain since i love the game soo much.

ive also not been able to play some games like pizzatron and card jitsu.
i hope u can fix them. its not working for my sisters popcorn13304 and dogs go dogs.

until next time,
waddle on C.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i half to agree with lily2722 my favorite adventure was the brown pufle one i named mine brownie and my 2 favorite parts were: 1. adopting brownie and 2 getting the life jacket


My Favorite Part Of The Island Adventure Party So Far Was Doing The Missing Cream Soda Mission. It Took Me A While To Figure Out Where Those Birds Were ( I Won't Tell Where They Are!) And Find The Final Part Of The Mission. The Reward Was Perfect For This Party! I Also Liked Being A Mermaid In The Hidden Lake. Waddle On Adventurers!! ~Surfer74887


my favorite thing is meeting rockhopper


My favorite part of the party is the ship battle. Of like the new items too!
Please please post comment i never been posted. please.


Hi! Please have the Island Adventure Party go on a little longer! I love it so much! My faveorite part is on the BATTLE SHIPS! I love being a brave pirate! Its fun saving people and fixing the ship!! ( :) Please Post!! )

Your fan,

Ps: Love The Island Adventure Party!


I would say that my favorite part of the Adventure Party would be the decorations. It is the BEST decorated party yet! It is amazing how good the buildings look! They look realistic and the jungle feels like you are actually in it. The birds in the forest are really cute too!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool, thanks for your feedback, Skylarbean! Which room would you say is decorated the best for this party?


i love the forest room
its like ur in a jungle and i also the the ship battle room and the tree house room those rooms are great i love this party.waddle on

cammi sammi:

i LOVE doing the ship battle! its soooo cool and fun! go red boat!

waddle on!


aka: *cammi sammi*


i just think the adventure party is so cool i just love cp so much i wish the parties were on everyday i cant wait til the fall fair in September!


My Favorite Thing About The Adventure Party Is Meeting Rockhopper
He Always Has Stuff We Can Buy For Our Igloos Or Ourselves To Wear And We Get To Find Gems I Never Knew That You Can Find A White Gem And Get 100 Coins! Peace! :D

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for sharing, 0Pickles1! We hope you enjoy the rest of the Adventure Party.

Co Lika:

Hm... I would have to say that the two ships battling is the best part. I always end up gathering a bunch of penguins in the middle of the two ships, where we then chant, "WE MUST HAVE PEACE!" I love the adventure party so much!

Waddle on!
Co Lika

Please post I've never been posted before!


Wow this is the best event I've been to!
Even better than the Music Jam!
Woo hoo!


my faviorte part was when rockhopper came and the stolen cream soda adventure

agent girl16:

Well my favorite part about the party is......For me.....Is the awesome costumes!!!!From the pirates to the mermaids.......The costumes are awesoem!!!


Hi Im Super Excited About The Party This Year I love The Island Adventure Party Its Awesome Please Pretty Please With Cherrys On Top Can You Make The Party Longer!!!


I love the adventure party! My favorite part is the battle room where the yellow and red team fight! My favorite team is the red team. I also liked quest to find Rockhopper's cream sodas! It was so cool actually following a crab...or is it Klutzy.. The Pizza Parlor has like, a whole new design!! I love it! Waddle On Club Penguin! Be Adventruous!!

<3 Carly82904 <3

Club Penguin Support Team:

Wow, you sound like quite the explorer, Carly82904! We hope you enjoy your waddles around the rest of the Adventure Party. Do you think the Pizza Shop should be redecorated?


My favorite part of the adventure is the partys. The music jam was AWESOME and I even saw candace. Plus this party is awesome too I wanted to catch a glimps of Rockhopper but I didn't its ok .

Waddle On CP


my favorite part of the adventure party is looking for rockerhoppers missing cream soda REALLY FUN!!!


I wonder what party will be celebrated in August or if there is even a party


well mine is trying to find the cream soda bottle for Rockhopper


I it i cant believe this . I love being a pirate. On the battle ship it feels like i'm real pirate on the battle ship.It's so fun!I love blasting other ships it's ubelieviable! I love just playing having fun it's really nice. from niolo23 waddle on CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for sharing your pirate tales with us, Niolo23! Enjoy the rest of the Adventure Party...

Pinkrocks 17:

My favorite part is EVERYTHING!!! This is my 1st Adventure Party! This party is awesome and I am trying to find Rockhopper during the Adventure Party! Waddle on Happy77, Billybob, and Lily2722! I love Club Penguin! :-) (please post!)

tiuno bruco:

The adventure party is a blast. The secret treehouse and the pirate ship battle are awesome but my favorite is finding the lost cream soda barrels. It is hard to find the cream soda barrels but I am sure you other Club Penguin penguins can do it. Once you find the cream soda barrels you may feel full of victory but make sure you dont brag about it. You may get banned!

Fuzzy Bunny123:

My favourite part of this adventure party
is the Pizza Parlor, because it's different
and it looks nicer this way. The pizza parlor we usually
have should not come back, instead we should keep
the adventure party pizza parlor! It looks more...hmm
royal to cp1 Anyways, cya later, I'm going to go talk to the birds!
Tweet tweet!!!
Waddle On, Rock On, Party On!
~Fuzzy Bunny123


I love every part of the party, but, if I had to choose, I would pick looking for the missing cream soda for Rockhopper! I'm having lost of fun looking for the clues. I'm halfway finished, and I can't wait to finish and find the soda!
(Please post I've never been posted.)

Moe Moe 9:

My favorite part of the party has been the scavenger hunt. (WAY better than last year, thank you!) I liked fixing the ship and digging for treasure! I also liked feeding the squid and the giant plant! Oh yeah, and the crab game was funny! I put on my blue crab suit (that I just bought) and had fun! Thank you club penguin for this awesome party!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Glad to hear you're enjoying the party, Moe Moe 9! Waddle on...


I loved the creme soda quest!! I really like creme soda so it was TOTALLY worth it. It took me a while to solve the ice burg part cause i couldent see the squid shadow. In the meantime...



I was playing with the battle ships with my friend chukle12!
Waddle on!


i love the new game dig for treasure!its soo much fun and i kept playing it and finally found the blue jem!!i had a whole bunch of coins now.thanks for the idea.Waddle on cp!!

P.Splz post this up plz plz plz plz!!ive never been posted before


My favorite part of the adventure party 2011 is the ship battles, i love helping other people on the team but i do the drilling AND the throwing the snowballs in the holes to fire at the other ship. and whenever i get bored, i just head to the cove and go to the boat and i start having fun


In one of my favorite adventures was when a vampire came and said bow to me or else and nobody bowed. so he captured me one of the many mermaids. So the hero of the sea rescued me from him it was a great adventure especially because the people were saying this is way better than cable Waddle On CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Wow that sounds like quite the adventure, Molly122! We hope you have many more adventures during the party. Waddle on!


i love this party wayy better than the music jam!



Ed 11:

I like the cool scavenger hunt


My favorite part of the party are the Battle Ships because it takes a team effort to win! You have to have the workers to repair the ship and then you have to have the people that either throw the snowballs or stand on the snowball launcher!!! :)


Hi billybob, i hav a fact i have three. 1: I want to ask why theres loads of crabs around the island.Is herbert planning something,or is it just something new and exciting for the adventure party? 2: I went to the Iceberg and saw a GIANT looked like the squid from aqua grabber.What is it doing at the iceberg? Is it gonna cause something to happen,or is it just to entertain pirates? 3:This final question is not about the adventure party.theres a rumor that the festival of flight might return this this true,or is it just to trick penguins? Thats all my questions. i already posted a comment,but i found these questions stored in my head, and decided to get rid of them.
p.s. i want to report about the beta site.Fluffy the Fish is my favourite game! and rollerscape has a bug.when i clicked level one,the game froze.thats my report on the beta site.


i love the quest for Rockhopper's cream soda

The Dude9001:

Dear Billybob,
This is my first adventure party on Club Penguin. My best party ever on Club Penguin The 'Ship Battle' is so fun being pirates and attacking to the other ship! My best part was to meet Rockhopper the best part of the part when I read the Club Penguin Times that Rockhopper is arriving oh my god ! I was so happy :D the best part of my life on Club Penguin. Wearing the new clothes in Penguin Style is so fun :D. The Missing Cream Soda quest was so fun!! I loved it! East Or West Adventure Party Is The Best!


I really think my favorite Adventure Party moment was at the ship! i was on team yellow and stealing cream sodas from the red was the best part and chasing people i will never forget that moment Waddle on Club Penguin!


My favourite part of this party is ... looking for Rockhopper.When I met him in the last year's Adventure party,I was really happy.
I want to meet Rockhopper in this year's party,that's my main goal now.I also want decorate nice adventure igloo and throw a party.
Waddle on cp.


one day my friend Gojecor and i went to the dock in search and we met a new friend to help us find it so we headed off to the ice berg to find a clue it told us to go back to the dock we built the boat and we found a clue to go to the birds


My favorite part of the party is the crab comstumes i had a crab party at my igglo and had so much fun doing


My favorite part of the party was: finding Rockhopper's cream soda it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the two ships fighting with the cream soda barrel and tea pots on the ship flying. It takes a LOT of hard work. I also liked the quest when i got the hat. And i also found the emerald on the Treasure Hunt game. Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The best part of this party is probably waiting to get into the ship battle. i waited ages!
i tried logging on and off and it was full on nearly every server!
When i finally got in, my laptop was on a go slow cuz it was so full but who cares?!?! it was awesome!


Well i like being the red team, because they are pirates and pirates is the adventure heros well in my fantasy they are. Anyway i like them because they have the forest and they fights,battles and grabs the GOLD! I also like the yellow team because they are more royal!


Well my favorite part of the adventure party would probably be the ship battle because its really exciting and im always a pirate. I have never ever been on the navy. I don't know why but I guess I just like being a pirate.

P.S. Its really hard to meet Rockhopper. I've never met him.

Waddle on CP

My Penguin name is lilypad7655


i am loving the adventure party! my favorite part about it is searching for the cream soda, i liked it so much because while you were looking you could play these games like feeding a mysterious shadow and also get some really cool pins! that's my favorite part of the adventure party!


I love the whole thing!!! I think this is the best adventure party CP did! i like when you have to find rockhoppers cream soda! And how ROCKHOPPER IS AT THE ISLAND TO! I CANT WAIT TO TRY TO FIND HIM!! I also like all of the crabs! they are so funny and CUTE!! Well CP W A D


monkeyman 98:

Well my favorite part of the party would havet to be the ship battle beacuse its just sooooooo much fun battleing against the other team its just so awesome but i wish non members could do it so it would be more of a challenge! untill then waddle on cp!


My favorite part of the party is finding the cream soda.I like it because you get pins,a pirate hat,and you get to do fun games and stuff.Also I like the ship battle.I like the ship battle because you get to see what an actual ship battle is like.


my favorite part of this party is when I and other penguins battle in the ships!Its sooooooooooooo cool!Thank you club penguin for putting such a cool thing!WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!




My favorite part of the party so far is probley trying to find the cream soda and the piret battle because you had to solve puzzles and you got pins while trying to find the cream soda and the piret battle is fun and you have to fix your ship and load the canons its like your a real piret.I saw tons of pirets on the ships and mermaids on the rocks.Mermaids are always every were and all the pirets are on the ships.


My favorite part would have to be finding Rockhopper,the ship battle,and hanging with my friends.I hope you guys make more awsome partys.Waddle On!;)


THE ADVENTURE PARTY IS SO AWESOME!!!! my favorite part is whenthe spanish navy and the pirates are having that big ship fight its AWESOME!!!!! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!

Fizzy Dizzy8:

This Party Is Like Soo Cool! Especially the ship battle!!!!! Thanks CP!


My favorite part of the Adventure Party was The Cream Soda Hunt! Me and my friend Ninjakitkit went to the Pizza Parlor, Then Iceberg, Then Migrator, Then Dock, Then Tree Forts, Then Finally Cove where we found the Awesome Pirate Hat! The pins were great too! Anway Billybob and Club Penguin, Waddle On!


Orange Ice2:

My favorite part is the cream soda mystery! and I'm not going to ruin it for anyone who didn't do the quest yet....... maybe it was klutzy who stole the cream soda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The cream soda scavenger hunt and the blue crab costume


wow this party is great but I have a question can you pretty pretty pretty please do a new pufle party like the brown puffle you could do a stripped puffle or a polka dotted puffle or a gray puffle it could be the sensie's puffle! like rockhopper has a red puffle! waddle on cp! : )


I thought it was pretty fun to find the cream soda. I REALLY like the tree forts, where all the birds are.

However I'm not a member and I really wanted to join the ship battle and be able to buy fun costumes for the party, but that was really the only downside I found.

I'm glad this party came back because it got even better. I even got a new hat from the cream soda hunt! :D

Waddle on CP!

PS Please post this. I've never been posted!

Shark Chick:



i love it now that im a member


that was so awesome the cream soda hunt was so fun and the ship battles where just so amazing and meting rock hopper


I am haveing the very best time at the adventure party this years is the best adveture party club penguin has ever had!!!


Please post this I have never been posted


I love the two ships fighting the yellow ship is my team I love yellow so much.The red team looks like they tried to build it there best it looks a little crafty he he he.Waddle on CP


Theres so many things to say i dont know wich one to say. Well i have seen so many brave pirates and castaways even mermaids there exploreing the island and once you go in the pirate pizza porlar you will be shocked to hear some news! Or fight in a red or a yellow but realy theres no winer so have fun but dont get pinched by a crab! Intil then waddle on cp!


my favorte part is rock hopper

Kiki The1st:

My favorite part of The Adventure Party is playing Treasure Hunt. It takes teamwork to win the game. I could do it for hours!
Waddle On CP!!!!!!


The battle ships are so awsome! I always fight for pirates because they look awsome and they are awsome! Its the perfect time to show spirit and adventure and team up for an epic battle. Also you get to meet Rockhopper and hes awsome with his red puffle! But the main part is to have alot of fun and work together on the treasure hunt and ship battles and never give up!


my favorite part of the of party is the battle ship because I like to repair the ship and I always be the captain and I also fill the canon and all of the other pirates are really nice to me and sometimes I switch to the other side. Also I like Rockhopper's rare item and I also found Rockhopper and his backround and his stamp! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brody 633:

Yay lets party i love the ships there sooooooooooooooo cool i like the yellows ship and were all a team working to beat the other team but I Like both were all part of a team the snow launchers are my favorite part of the ship.I found rock hoppers cream soda the pizza polar looks cool and i love the night club iv been danceing. I like rock hoppers ship and the catolog. I think this was the best party ever and i like the dock cause this block fales on the ship i know how to bulid the ship.


I like the pirates, they're so cool and the mermaids look beautiful. The Igloo Upgrades look SO awesome! The Pirate Battle is epic, it should have epic music on it, too sad I'm not a member. :( Anyway, it's my most favorite party! I was believing to be a true pirate. The scavenger hunt is so hard, you need teamwork. I wonder where's Rockhopper? Anyway, Wabble on, CP!


I adore the scavenger hunt! I think the ship build was the best part.


My favorite part of the party is the pirate battle ships.Mermaids have hide-outs all year long,and us pirates need something too.I love battling against my friends and repairing the ship with my jack hammer.I may be a girl, but pirates are awesome!!!Until Then, WADLLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!


i will defentily look for lots of puffles and pirates and mermaids,and adventures


my favorite thing is the ship batle
it was cool.and the missing cream soda.
i cant find it. he must left it rockhoper

Gorgeus girl:

I love the party. I've met lots of interesting penguins dressed in wonderful costumes on my adventure to find Rockhoppers missing soda. The decorations are fantastic, i'm going to keep searching for Rockhopper, i hope i find him. I want to thank Rockhopper for bringing the brilliant gifts when he visits, a party isn't the same without Rockhopper. Also, thanks to the Club penguin team, whom without this party wouldn't have happened. THANK YOU!!!

C Wolford23:

Adventure party is awesome. I cant wait to see Rockhopper, well if I can find him. Anyway, thanks Club penguin for the adventure party. Its one of the most fun i've had. Waddle on cp!!


My favorite part of the adventure party is definately the night club because it looks SOOO awesome and the music is amazing!
I LOVE this site so much!!
Waddle on!

haley 449:

My favorite part of the party HAS to be the ship battle! I love going on and watching all the excitement unfold! There are I'm always on the blue/yellow ship. It's so excting to be on the team, especially when we're doing what we do best. Having fun!


The Island Adventure party is definetly one of my favorites so far.I went to the hidden lake and found a party of mermaids having fun,swimming around and sitting relaxing on rocks.When i joined in I had a blast.The pirates this year are awesome.Lots of snowball fights and role playing.The costumes are the best as well they are all so adventurous and really a pirates wardrobe.I loved the scavenger hunt a little tricky but fun. Fixing the boat was hard with everyone trying but i loved it
Waddle On CP


I LOVE getting new pins for my inventory, so this party has really hit off!


- Pepsimax4u

P.s. PLEEEAAASE subscribe me I've never been subscribed before =D


I really like how you have to figure out where the cream soda went, almost like when we had to find Captain Rockhoppers puffle!
Waddle On Club Penguin!!! ;)


my favorite part about the island adventure is following what the scroll and finding the soda at the cove and having a captain hat and i thought the fun part was that playing the drums and with the birds it was fun but yet confusing


I had a party in my igloo and invited all of my friends and told them to dress like mermaids or pirates, than, we had a fashion show, the rules were that you could wear anything that was from a pirate or mermaid outfit but you had to mismatch the outfits so that they were not the same as the picture in the penguin style catalog. It was a blast! That was definitely the best part of the party for me,

-- rosepuff13

Darth fall:

i love playing on the ships and battling penguins also the hunt for the cream soda was brilliant i love the adventure party!! also searching for rockhopper is fantastic!! its gonna be hard to beat this party


rock13687 here this party is a blast, and rockhopper is here! Im so happy!


My favorite part of the party has to be finding the Cream soda. I helped Rockhopper and earned stamps on the way. I loved looking for clues. It was not only a hunt, but I could also make friends on the way. We would work as a team and look for any clues. They helped me in my adventure. Finally when I found the soda I was glad to get a thanks from Rockhopper.


This is my favoritr party I even met rockhopper!

Aqua Dude64:

I have 2 favorites! My 2 favorites are the ship battle and the cream soda barrel hunt! I love following the clues and doing the challenges and getting the pins like the bird challenge and the eyepatch pin! I also love going on the ships and fighting the other penguins by shooting snowballs out of the cannons and drilling to stop the leaks! Until then WADDLE ON CP!!!


Arr, my favorite part would have to be the cream soda mystery it was so fun! and I also liked the crab challenge and the blue crab costume. This is my favorite party yet!
Waddle on cp!


my favorite part of the party is finding rockhoppers treasure and earning loads of pins and a hat


I luv pretneding to be castaways in the forest and treeforts!


My favourite part of the Adventure Party has to be the boat fight I can pretend to be a reckless pirate "aghhhhh" or a loyal navy officer and I can also fight against all my friends it has been the best party ever I can't wait for the next one




My faorite part of the party was when my friends and I gathered at the ship battle and fought to the finish. My army and my ship were very damaged so we used the jackhammer to fix all of the leaks we spotted that was my favorite part.







The adventure party is my favorite party of all! I love trying to find the missing cream soada. The ship battles always give you somthing to do, like drilling holes or throwing snow balls to load cannons. There are always fun things to do in the adventure party that also give you coins! WADDLE ON CP!

Amber Nj:

What is my favorite adventure in the adventure party? Well all of them of course! but if i could pick a favorite i would choose to dress up like a friendly blue crab and bring the medievel party back! I love how you decorated the hidden lake. I was excited because the hidden lake doesnt get decorated in meany parties.

Waddle on cp!!!!


My favorite was the island adventure battle ships because you have to work really hard to try to win! You have to repair your boat, throw snowballs, you also have to drill in the correct places, and stand on the cannon launcher pad. Its really hard but really fun too. There's a lot of other stuff you can do but this is the most fun!

jesse z89:

My most memorable moment of the party was when my friends and I battled pirates together!! It was so much fun!! After repairing the ship a couple of times,we went to the Pizza Parlor to enjoy delicious seaweed pizza.It was an amazing day and we hope to have more like it!!


I love the pizza parler. Its awesome there is beautiful coins a stage to dance on and everything! But I love the original pizza parler best its fun to get back to the basics. Waddle on C.P! :D


Dear Club Penguin,
My favorite part of the party is the BattleShips.I like the BattleShips beacause there is alot of action and adventure,and everyone is trying to help out their teams to win the battle! Thank you Club Penguin for reading my Commet Thank You!


Island adventure party is great! I like all about it! I like Adventure partys pirate theme and places, and search for the missing cream soda was entertaining. I wish that also next event is too so funny!


Hello, my favorite part of the event was, EVERYTHING! I loved how almost every place was changed into pirates, mermaids, and the cast aways. I loved how they gave us signs to lead us clues like a real pirate! We even got pins for everything we did (: Fixing the ship was awesome! And it was adorable how the birds were made :D I loved absolutely everything!


I love parties! You get free stuff, play special games, and get new outfits! I liked this one, but I also liked the Halloween party and the Christmas party. The Halloween party was fun because of the contest. I didn't have enough coins for new furniture, but I still liked the ones that won. The Christmas party was fun because of the costumes. You could be a reindeer, elf, Santa Claus, and more! :) Waddle On!


i'm having so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


My favorite paartvof this Island Adventure Party is seeing all the party rooms, having to do all the free stuff witch is really nice for them to do and meeting Rockhopper and Yarr!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle On!!!!!!!!<3

yodude zack:

I didn't know it would come back cuz I thought it was one of the those one time parties to enjoy it while it lasts this is AWESOME!!!! I'm going to be a traveler who is on the pirates side! WADDLE ON CP!!!


my favorite part of the party is the fort in the forest. its sooo cool because theres lots of birds there,its really big,and the plant that you feed snowballs to. i heart the Island Adventure party!!!! (please post this i have never been posted before)



My favorite part of the party would be finding the Cream Soda Barrel!!! It was really tricky, but i loved it!! It was a challenge.


This is cool its very hard to complete to find the cream soda so you ll get a prize from rockopper he well get very happy so happy that he wants to be a buddy with you


The adventure party is soo fun. Beetween the pirates and captians i can decide. I also found the cream soda for Rockhopper. My favorite costume to wear around this party is the mermaid outfit, its so cool! Thanks for the awesome party, i hope we have many more.




Ernest Girl:

My favorite part of this adventure party was the Scavenger Hunt! I loved speaking with the birds, watching Klutzy, and earning prizes along the way. This year the adventure party was bigger and better then any other party. Thank you, Club Penguin!


i do not know that rockhopper came to club penguin

Vikey Bear:

My favorite part of the Adventure Party is definitely Searching for the Cream Soda. I was like "Grrrrrrr birds!" but eventually i got the last clue from those birds and i found the Cream Soda at the Cove. And i found i really cool hat that i can't wait to show to my Penguin Friends! (X


I love the crabs, but is there somehting suspicious there? Is Klutzy appearing? Uh oh! Somebody call the EPF!


im having soooo much fun thanks CP. the ships the mermiads the pirates everything the party rocks!!!


Definantly and always The Migrator (a.k.a Rockhopper's ship) My friends and i always played pirates. WADDLE ON CP!


My favorite part about the adventure party is The Snowball Fight but its not that fair that only members can go on the ships. If I had to make a change in the party I would let everybody on the ships!


I think that the adventure party is cool and i have noticed that you can get free items at rockhoppers ship that was my favorite bit but i read it in stowaway adventures at sea the book and this is the BEST PARTY EVER because i love adventures and i wonder if rockhopper is anywhere anyways




My favorite memory had to at the Halloween party in october when me and my friends and we got spooked , just a little , well ok a lot it was so amazing i had a great time Club Penguin is like a family to me and when we have a party everyone join in it's just the way i like it.


I think club penguin has had better party's when they went all out! like the music jam or medieval party this was not cps best work!!!!


My favorite part is having fun with my friends and having fun on the boats throwing snowballs at each other.I also like looking at the rooms and how they change each party!Waddle On Club Penguin!:)


The best part was when i first logged in thats when it exactly started!I even have proof because even the migrator wasnt their!!!!Well thanks for this party!


My favorite part of the adventure party is trying to find the cream soda.It was chalenging.I had to ask help for one part. It was very fun looking for clues and trying to solve the mystery.But in the end i did get a reward.A pirate hat i thought i would never get. Im also glad i got pins in search, im not really good at finding them.

my penguin name is mancott1.ROCK ON CP!


i love the adventure party its awsome amazing too and the migrator billybob its awsome and the new free item the pirate bandana its awsome i think the member room the ship battle is awsome plz bring it back next year its awsome and the tree for plz bring it back too i hope i get it WADDLE ON CP!!!!


i love the blue crab costume in club penguin because you can play that shell game in that hidden lake with the crab.but since im not a member anymore on club penguin,i cant play the shell game anymore.i wish it could be for non members and members.anyways my favorite place in adventure party is the pizza palor.i like how it looks in adventure party!i wish it could always be adventure party.i wish that because adventure party because its always a blast!i hope u guys add extra days of adventure party like what u did to music jam.waddle on clubpenguin!


My favorite part of the adventure party is definitly the crac mix and match shells! it was really hard at first but as it went it got easier for me and i finished!! waddle on!


I loved the Adventure Party It was great with having a battle in ships with snowballs to going on the hunt to find Rockhoppers missing Cream Soda and going on The Migrator to play treasure hunt so for me that was definitley a Adventure Party to remember!


My favorite part of the party is everything! Pirates, Mermaids, and castaways are waddling around the island! Me and my buddies were pretending to be lost at an island at the forest! Trying to find our way out, we had some trouble.. but we had a blast at the same time! After playing " lost on a island", i went out to search for Captian Rockhopper. I Found him, and Yarr! He thanked us for finding his cream soda! As a gift, he gave us his backround! It has only been 2 days of partying, and im already loving it!
Waddle on!

- Floergirl


I love the adventure party...the tiki dance-club is cool :)!!! I also like the scavenger hunt, it's cool doing all the riddles!!!

WaDdLe On Cp!!!!

-Pinkie (please post never been posted before!!)




My favorite part of the party is defenitly the Battle Of Ships! I love being both teams!



Alyssa Miley:

Well,I was at the cove and I saw a boat with an arrow pointing out into the distance. I decided to explore a bit so I went there and...wait for it...I had walked into a ship battle! There was the navy ship v the pirate ship. Being a pirate lover and a massive Rockhopper fan I joined the pirate
ship. It was an amazing yet risky sight,so I fired the cannons and jackhammered over the holes. Then a penguin with a captains hat came up to me and said " Great job Matey! " Then a puffle bounced on my shoulder. I recognised them both from somewhere. Then it came to me.
" Rockhopper!" I yelled.
" Whoa! Calm down. I will lead us to victory. You are a skilled penguin. Here, have a Signed photo. And be assistant captain."
I heard the other ship captain yelling at us.
" Here are your orders," Rockhopper said,"Take care of the cannons. Yarr will look out for danger and I will run around doing all I can to help.
After a daring hour of getting soaked throwing lots of snowballs and other pirate stuff we won! Captain Rockhopper lead us to victory!
Ever since we have been the best of friends.
The End!
The Migrator and ship battles are my Favourite bits.
Waddle on CP!

Red Cherry07:

I liked the missing Cream Soda Mystery best! Waddle On CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite part of the Adventure Party is totally the 2 ships fighting and in the middle where you can switch teams or that is just for the mermaids.I usually be the workers or the mermaids.



i have to say fight other pirates at the pirate ships is my favorite part of the party even though i rockhopper broght somenreally nice clothes and face paint battleing other pirate was my favorate.


I love rockhoppers rare items. they always exciting and i like finding the hidden items.


This party is my second favorite party on CP after the Medieval Party in May!!!
Waddle on!!! :)

RYAN N 46704:

WOAH!!! thats a tricky one mmm... well first i love all of the party so thanks to everyone who works at club penguin
but i personaly like the ship battle because its so competitive who ever came up with that idea rocks!!!
but i love the adventure party 2011 and i love every one on club penguin the adventure party is the best party so far i know
how much effort people at club penguin put in but thanks once again until then WADDLE ON!!!!!!!
RYAN N 46704


My favorite part of the Adventure Party is definitely the hunt for Rockhopper's cream soda. My buddies and I teamed up and completed the hunt together, helping each other along the way. We all got the cool pirate hat that we discovered as a treasure. The important things were that we found the treasure, helped each other, and most importantly, recovered Rockhopper's missing cream soda. Rockhopper loves his cream soda! WE LOVE YOU ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite part of the 2011 Adventure Party would have to be keeping an eye open for Rockhopper! I haven't found him yet, but I'm pretty sure I will soon!


my favourite is finding the missing cream soda by far! I love collecting the free stuff on the journey, and i thought the most fun, but most challenging was building the pirate ship!!!!!!!!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favourite part about this adventure party, is not only being able to be mermaids and pirates and castaways, but I`m also LOVING Rockhopper`s gifts and the quest for the missing cream soda! I have found the soda and received an awesome pirate hat I can wear for ship battles!



P.S. Plz post my comment!!

Alex Tj:

My favorite part of the adventure party so far was probably searching for Rockhopper, because I searched for hours on end, and I finally found him!


My Favorite Part of the party is totally the ship battleing because you get to see whos ship sinks first! i love to repare the ships with the hard hats and drills with my best friends. i also like the tree forts! that is so cool! you can feed the tiny plant to make it bigger and you can pretend to be a bird in that birds nest! i love the adventure party and i know this party witll be a Party to Remember Forever!! WADDLE ON CP!!


My favorite part was playing with my friends and being a pirate,also I thought that the quest was fun also it was fun looking for the soda I mean who comes up with this stuff untill then waddle on.



My favorite part all of the Adventure parties is always having an adventure! Sometimes my friends and I dress up as mermaids and pirates, go onto a nearly empty server, and play on the Pirate Ships and in the Hidden Lake! I also like playing games in Rockhoppers' ship! Waddle On!

P.S. Thank you for all you do CP!


My favorite part of the party is the Battle Ship room! I fight for the yellow team, and keep our ship from sinking! Also i can just sit on the beace and enjoy the show from a safe distance. Another thing that i like is the scavenger hunt! It is so cool to have gotten more than one pin that day. But most of all I liked the WHOLE entire party the most. it is the best party i have been to on Club Penguin





i like the ship battle because its fun and cool how we have two teams and they fight to see who wins and i like that because its fun to have a little friendly fight. i like best about the party is caption Rockhoppers ship how it has free things and a game that i think is very cool.what i really love best about they party is that i get to explore with my friends.well Waddle on CLUB PENGUIN!!!!



I really loved to solve the missing cream soda! I guess I do like adventure parties! It was a cool adventure to solve the mystery.

P.s.I met Rockhopper for the first time during the party!


There are so much things to love about the Island Adventure Party!!!! But my favorite part is the missing cream soda!!!!!!! It was so fun to find the missing cream soda.The clues were FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!They really kept you thinking!

Please post this because i never got my message posted!!!!!

Atchka. Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Adventure Party is absouloutly BRILLIANT!!! I think we all love being pirates and mermaids.
My favourite part..........mmmmmmmmm, its DEFINTLY a hard one! I love everything, but I would say my favourite part is the decorations, such as changes in the pizza parlor,the cove, the plaza, the town and the Dock. Places like them. I really like everybody coming together and helping each other to find clues and stuff. The atmosphere is GREAT! arrrrrrrrragh


You did a great job with this party, cp. My favorite part was easily the scavenger hunt. It was great to search the island using only the slightest of hints... the job for a true pirate! I loved helping Rockhopper and the prize was awesome. Thanks for all the fun. Waddle on, cp! Captain Ultimos2, out!


The adventure party rocks and guess what i met Rockhopper! It is soooooooo good! Thanks for reading my comment

waddle on!


I love the ship battle room. Everyone has to work together to fire the cannons and ment the leaks in the ship! I really like the adventure party it is one of my favourite so far :D

Waddle on!


My favorite part is the adventure on finding Rockhopper! its so much fun! Just like another adventure for non members! I like to gather some friends and with the pirate crew we set off to find the real captain, Rockhopper! I also like the missing cream soda adventure. I remember when we did something like that last year. Keep on the cool ideas Club penguin!


My favorite part of the party was the battle sips because me and my friends go and battle each other! I load the cannons while my friends repair the ship


i love mermaids!once upon a time there was a loyal person called cleo as penguin her life was normal then one day she saw a mysterest island called mermaid lagoon.cleo dipped into the pond and before she knew it she was mermaid! this story is to be countined......



my favourite bit is the two pirate ships fighting. its soooo cool!!!!!! and i keep seeing penguins pretending to be rockhopper


My favorite part is getting to waddle around with all the cool pirate decorations! I wish we could keep the ship battle year-round! And another part that I LOOVVEE is getting to meet Rockhopper! I met him on the first day! I love the adventure party, and I hope that Club Penguin decides to bring it back every year! Rock on Club Penguin!!! :)


I like fighting the navy and then finding Rockhoppers cream soda! What shocked me is that I wanted to be a mermaid and a crab but I decided to be a pirate! How shocking is thatI My favorite has to be the bird room that has to be a fan favorite because last time I was on there were 20 people at least in the room.


The adventure party is fantastic and amazing, I lov seeing people dressed as the theme of the party! I also think its cool that you get free items!


I love the the party but i cant seem to


My favorite part of this new adventure party is you get to explore club penguin dressed as a mythical mermaid beauty, a dreadful pirate, mysterious pirate or elegant captain. Each character is an inspiration to me and fellow penguins. They let us show our true selves while having a blast! Thanks cp for letting us do so.


I remember last year we had a great pirate party.I also met rockhopprer.It was so fun and me and my friends found the brown puffle.What I really like about special accasions is that we get to dress up as watever the accasions is about.


i love when you get to chose a side one at the cove and one at the beach


My favorite part of this years adventure party has to be the scavenger hunt for the cream soda. Mmmmm. I love to dress up as a pirate and and try to find Rockhopper, although I've already found him THREE times, it's still fun to find him and see if he has a new background. I think this years adventure party is the best so far. Anyway, Waddle on CP!


my favorite part was finding the cream soda THANKS CLUBPENGUIN TEAM 4 MAKING THIS HAPPEN :)


Hey CP! My favorite party of the year is the Puffle Party! I just loved it! At the time, I had all the puffles! So I got to take all the puffles to their rooms!
My favorite room was the Orange Puffle room. I liked all the boxes!! And the Orange Puffle is my favorite! I've had the same Orange Puffle ever since I became a member!! Anyway, the Puffle Party was my favorite! Ps. Plz Post This. Thanks Cp! Waddle On!!!!!!!

stars shine3:

oh i looooooooooooooooove aid-venture 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its so fun and pretty chalenging!club penguin i love u!!!!u rock your so fun!!!!!!!thanks for bringing it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoooohoooo!!!!!!!!! ;D

rexy 2009:

I LOVE ISLAND ADVENTURE I EVEN MET ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!! yes I can't wait until next year until then WADDLE ON PC





When I logged in to see a totally transformed island, I jumped right in! The Adventure party has lead to stories of pirates and sailors, and usually I was in them! I've had the most fun searching for Rockhopper in every room, but I haven't neglected playing as the red team's pirate princess! My adventures took me to creating a pirate igloo!

Miss Goodnes:

My favorite part of the party is the 2 boats battling against each other. I also like about that place is the pink rock where mermaids can just sit there watching the battle. GO PIRATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON


I love soooooo many things about this year's (and last year's!) Island Adventure parties. I think that the wildlife feeding going on at the Iceburg this year is really cool. After I found the clue there, my friend and I had a fish-fight! It was so funny! There should be another one next year, and every year!

Waddle on CP, and Island Adventure Parties!


Well My Favortive Part Of The Party Was The Battle Ships!It Was Fun.Alot Of Fun!So I Dont Want This Party To End Because Its So Much Fun.So Waddle On Cp Everyone!! And Rember Have Fun At The Party!!


i love that we get to find Rockhopers cream soda barrel waddle on clubpenguin




Cool! Hey can you guys bring back hoodies? I LOVE them! Ooh, you should make a white hoodie, brown hoodie, yellow hoodie, all that! You should put that in the august catalog! ;)


my fav is everthig it is so cool lets go to this party


Pirates ARRRRRRRRG. Going on a pirate adventure and throwing snowballs from the cannon was a lot of fun. I hit the target every time. I like to be a castaway on an island that has caves so I can find lots of treasures. CLUB PENGUIN RULES!!!! ARRRRRRRGGGGG.


I like dressing up as a crab and playing the find the gem game! The prize for winning the game was really cool! Waddle on Club Penguin!!!


My favorite part of the party has to be the search for rockhoppers cream soda delivery.I love the pirate hat it gives you once you complete it!I also really like the ship battle you can join into at the beach.It took alot of teamwork from my friends and I to defeat the red ship.I am having so much fun!!!I can't wait until next year!


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