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By Billybob on August 31, 2011 - 14:39
Hello Penguins!

Last week we asked you to tell us about a secret agent that's gone above and beyond the call of duty for the EPF! Rosie92853 had this to say:

I totally think that Tif000 is the best epf agent because she completed all her missions right away and she is always trying very hard to complete the feild-ops,and when she sees other penguins asking for help with the feild-ops she helps them,she never gives up when doing system defender.Mostly i think she is just very helpfull and good at never giving up! Waddle on cp!

We always love to hear about penguins helping others. Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty, Tif000!

blog_110831.jpgYesterday we mentioned that we're just about finished our very first mobile app! So for this week's Reviewed by You, we want to know... If you were to make your own mobile app, what would it be?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle on!
- Club Penguin Team 



WOW IM THE FIRST ONE TO COMMENT. and thats cool billybob the first cp app!


Yea I Would Make The CLUBPENGUIN ultimate apps :)
Please Post This And answer uf u want


Hi Club Penguin! I think, for a mobile app, it would be fun to be able to play the games. Like Puffle launch, or Pizzatron. Then, you could transfer the coins to your account, like in the ds game. If that was the app, I would definitly want to buy it! <3


If I were to make my own mobile app it would to fly to fly so so high!!!! Because you know penguins cant fly and i would want to make a app that lets me fly:) ik its silly but it would be AWESOME!


If I were to make a mobile app, I'd make it an "all in one" thing - everything you could possibly need in one spot. I actually do coding from time to time for computer apps, but I've never attempted a mobile app! Maybe I'll try that some day... :)


oh goody i never been on a club penguin app puffle launch will be good waddle on


i am sooooo going to get that app waddle on cp =)

Abby Dabby1:

Wow, thats a tough question. But I would probably make a mobile app game where you make your character and go on all these adventures around the world! I love the Club Penguin app, it's my favorite! Waddle on CP!


Cool!!!! I hope i get to meet her:) Hey is the app for iPods too?


so cool i think it should be a go anywhere club penguin on your phone.PS NEVER BEN POSTED BEFORE PLZ POST ME

secert spy 4:

if i hade to make a mobile app it will be a app to play any game on for free and it will also be the the internet so you could play any game for free so if i had to make a mobile app it will be this app waddle on clubpenguin.


id have an app that you can make and print out and publish and sell books and any thing else that's paper.


hey club penguin,
i think that the app will be very cool, Can you tell me what the app is about?



Easy, i would say it would be a club penguin app but EASIER to use, and better quality too lol.


if I had my own mobile app for club penguin, I would have you log on to your penguin and waddle around by tapping the screen. Thats what I would put in the app.


Its really cool SOOOOOOOOO awesome cp ! Please make some more


Well if I was going to make my own app, it would be a clubpenguin fan club!

secert spy 4:

i will pick a app to play any game and have internet on it to play any game for free on the go so thats the app i would do waddle on clubpenguin.


i love the idea ROCK ON CP


I Think It Would Be Great To Have An Ice Fishing App Cause Ice Fishing So Fun!


Hmm Well if i mad an app it would be a homework app, that
somehow and someway it would help you with your homework.
Because If You Agree Homework is sometimes very hard
than this is the app you would get. If I only made an app.
Also This App Would Help You Learn.So Thats it!!!
Hope You Enjoyed C ya!!!


umm I have nothing to say so um whats up


If I could make a mobile app, I would make a business app. Heres how it works!
If you have a business and need to go somewhere you can look on your phone/electronical device to see whats happening at your business/store.
There would be a camera in your busineess/store. One that is solar powered[incase power goes out] and the other would be regular.[connected with wires and stuff]. Thanks! WADDLE ON!

Sweety Cutey:

well my app would be find free things on the go (the app would be free to).


If I could make a mobile app I would make it be a mood tester. You would put your thumb on the screen, it would scan it then tell you what your mood is!

Waddle on CP!

Club Penguin Support Team:

@LuLu2285 That sounds exciting! Or would it be calm? Or happy?

Blackout 245:

I would create penguin jump.It would be like doodle jump but you throw snowballs and deafeat herbert monsters and protobot monsters and bad pepple monsters.

Waddle On Cp!!!

PS.Plz post this because I have never been posted!


i would make an app to carry around my puffles and take care of them like a virtual pet game! plus get rare puffles and exclusive puffle furniture!


if i made a app it would be cp updater it could tell u anything . and it would help cp kids update on wat going on .
plz post meplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i would be so happy plz
cp rules waddle on
o and i love cp
ps never been posted
and im zuli5329plzzz

Club Penguin Support Team:

Good idea @zuli5329plzzz! Are there any things you wish we'd talk about more on the blog?


it would be a kitten game no why becuase i LOVE cats just are SOOOO cute loving and fuzz cuddles and there just....... i can't say i just can't it would be about taking care of cats and cute little kittens so so so so cute just cute is my thing love the cute little things XD :3



i have never been posted

Club Penguin Support Team:

We'd love to hear more @jango23805! What would your dream Spyphone App be able to do?


If I were to make my own mobile app it would be a puffle jumping to a box and get it in the box before a bully would come. and in the box would be a good friend. Becuse it so nice to be good friends to others and penguin ofcourse. So this app is for all those people who are being bullied. WADDLE AROUND AND MEET NEW FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. plz post never been posted


If i made an app it would be about how to play games on Club Penguin if their new. It would really help them and it would cost nothing! Hopefully they will buy it and finally have fun with all the games and earn coins. Have fun on CP!

sonic cool4:

i think it would be something about club penguin like an app which would have club penguin music, places and parties. and you could edit your igloo


Probaly A Coin Colector Maze! Waddle On Cp!

Club Penguin Support Team:

From one maze fan to another, thanks for posting @Angelgirl777!

Dj Wazzer:

If I made a Club Penguin mobile app, it would be an interactive app about different rooms in Club Penguin. You could go to places like the Town and Plaza and go into different rooms like the Stage and Nightclub. you would be able to tap on different objects and it would tell you what you can do in that room. I think this would be a really cool app! Waddle On!


If i were to make a mobile app,it would be a animal game where you take care of animals on a game and you get to feed them and when ever you adopt a animal you save a real animal in real life. or it would be a cooking game where you cook a variety of foods and they show the recipie so you can make it yourself.


The kind of app i would make would be a 3D app that looks like your actaclly in the game and i you get hit by something like a snowball it get on the screen and you have to swipe your finger to get off the snow.
























what about a jet pack so u coud fly around clubpengiun that would be awsome.(P.S. please post this I have never been posted before)


Nice Job Tif000!

Club Penguin Support Team:

@Sonicblu99 Thanks for your comment! Tif000 definitely earned it.


If i could make an app i would make an app where you could make apps! (= that way whenever you want to make one o have a good idea fo one, you can always do that! Waddle on CP!


Well,if I could make my own mobile app,it would be about Club Penguin vs Herbert,and there would be secret missions,and a rainbow Puffle that could help you track down Herbert with its rare but powerful powers!And at the end,we would capture Herbert,but someone would forget to screw in a tack and he would escape!


If I were to create a mobile app it would probably have to be this game where you could drag different instruments to this character. When you drag it to the character it starts to play that specific instrument. You can also choose a different style. I would make it free, but I'd add a package of different instruments to it for $0.99.

Oh and I've never been posted, also I'd love to buy your app for my iPhone 3GS!


I would make an app that you push and you are ready for school and or work and then press it again and you are at work faster than you can say herbert hates sherbert.

Club Penguin Support Team:

@DuckyWucky26 Great idea! I'd use that every morning on my way to CP headquarters.


If I was making a mobile app then i would make it for coloring puffles, it would be called Puffle Colorer. I would make it because i LOVE puffles and i hope u guys make more puffles!! I would recommend making a Hot Pink Puffle!!

Waddle On CP!
Penguin68991 :)


My mobile app would be a utility tool for literature, with it you would be able to preview any book you want as long as you had the title, series or author. Plus it would tell you where you could buy that book with a locator tool for finding bookstores, libraries too. Lastly it would go to the writing side of literature, giving you ideas plus a miniature Word to write down your own ideas.

Rosita Blue:

I think I would make an app that can show you different ways of excercising and plays music while your exercising to keep you entertained.You can also make your excercising schedule and your goals on a calender included in the app!After all I am a person that likes to commit to be fit and healthy!

Club Penguin Support Team:

That's an great idea. Thanks, Rosita Blue!


i Would make a club penguin clothing designer app for the dsi and i phone. it would let u make your own clothing for your penguin to wear on the site!!!!

also I say my friend wich i will reveal in a later comment is my bff Foreva!!!!!


My mobile app would be 100 videos of how to help save children who don't have homes or school and save animals who need care and food and water





Hmmm! I always thought if I were to make a app.... it would be Club Penguin! But I cant do that..... So I would have to choose to make a song writer!! All you would have to do is make a topic and pretty much watch it make a hit!!! That would be sooooooo cool !!!!!! I'm always trying to write songs and storys... but its hard!!!! So I would totally do that!!! Talk on CP!!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Very creative! Thanks, Kamy1030.

krystal 95:

oh i understand the question now ok if i made my very own mobile app it would be a videogame where you can create a space world and where you can create your very own universe and you can make little shops and things like that i always wished for that kind of mobile app. ok well thanks for listening cp until then waddle ON -krystal 95


I would make an app that has tips for fashion. It would be helpful to find affordable but also stylish clothes!


i would make an app that allowed you to use the phone as a remote for your gaming console!!! This way people won't have to buy controllers.

Club Penguin Support Team:

That sounds handy for when batteries need to be recharged too! Thanks, Mark90000.


If I would make my own app it would be "How to Train Your Dog". I just got a little puppy and i had to do all the training. I would look online but there wouldn't be many suggestions. So i went out and bought a book. That helped a lot. Now my dog knows Sit, Stay, Come, Lie down, and Up. So this app will be about helping a new dog owner teach his or her dog new tricks and to have a great relationship with your dog.

Waddle On CP!!!

Love y'all!


The app that i would make would be ! It is ClubPenguin with free book downloads there's no such thing but still that would be totally awesonme. Please post this i have never been posted before.





I'd so make a paint app. I love to draw so I'd make one I just don't want a sneaky polar bear stealing my parent's Ipads


i think she a really great agent. i want to be her buudy so bad. shes sounds like a nice epf agent she must be a really good friend

Club Penguin Support Team:

@mfir Thanks for sending in your comments for Tif000!


If I would be able to make a mobile app, I would make a Club Penguin game for EPF agents. You do a quest, and when you find Herbert, you meet the Director, etc. That would be soo much fun!


If i would make a CP app, I would make it about the EPF, it`s really fun to play as an agent. Everyone neeeds to get a chance to be an agent.
Waddle Around! :D

Crazy Linux:

I would make a social network mobile app for Club Penguin! It would be really AMAZING to have all my Club Penguin friends in a social network designed specially for it! It could have everything a social network has, such as profiles, events and others! We could say what we are thinking about, have our own profile and also a calendar to book events on CP! JUST AWESOME!


WOW billbob you guys rock you make great things and videos you guys are doing great keep it up and exellent job Tif000
have a great day billybob and Rosie92853 AUGUST 31 2011 wait I want to say the beta teem and you Billbob Rock your awesome


If i could make an app it would be called "Penguin Pets." It would be about taking care of a baby penguin. You would take care of it feed, wash, and brush it.The app would be free. You could train the penguin. Every time the penguin learns some thing new it will grow up a little. Once you get to level 30 you will win the game. Then you can have a penguin baby to take care of!!! <(")

Club Penguin Support Team:

@halebale2002 Cool idea! What kinds of things would you want to teach the babies to do?


i would make an app for a game creator




If I were to make a mobile app it would be recipes for lots of different foods.There would be foods from diferent countries.You could also pick to have a small or large meal.You would get to choose to have breakfast,lunch,dinner or a snack.I think that app would be very useful!

Club Penguin Support Team:

@dash709 Mmmmm... a recipes app sounds great!


I would probably make my own game! Like a test game. (:


If I were to make an app, it would be the "Back-Up App". If I needed help against Herbert, by a press of a button, I would have back-up!



If i was to make my own app it would have to be a shark tracker. Thats because it would be safer to go swimming in the ocean without having to worry about sharks. I think thats what my very own app would have to be.ROCK ON CP AND STAY SAFE AT COVE!


i think the app should be like a chat place

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks, Doglover2401. It's cool seeing how much penguins like to stay connected to their friends.


Hey cp I think that if I made my own mobile app it would bethat if you say something out loud and put your finger on the electronic you are using, it will scan your finger and tell you if you were lying or telling the truth! Waddle on cp! btw my penguin name is Madsylish01

Lemon Sips:

My app would be a pet shop app that tells you all about the animal you would want to buy and where to buy them! For instance, if you wanted a rainbow lorakeet you just have to type it in and it will tell you all about them and where the nearest pet shop is!

Waddle on CP!!!!


wow that was on of my friend's friend, Tif000!!! that's cool plz post this thanks byez! meowzerzzz!!


Its very nice of Tif000 to help the people with missions. And i cant wait for the mobile app i wonder what it would be


Well... If I were to make my own app it will be about like a detective solving games. So there would be like little hidden notes or fingerprints on the screen. You'll also get to design your detective. Also there will be some training for your detective to unlock levels, the training levels are like little mini games.
P.S. Waddle on CP!!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Intriguing. Lots of good ideas here, Ruby72527!


Wow! Good job Tif000! Hmmm if I could make own app? Lets see i think i would make one about when Herbert takes over Cp! But we stop him and he never tries to take over Cp again! I think it would be AWSOME! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If i could make a mobile app it would be to go chat to a of mod club penguin, and have them help other penguin out!



Good Job Tiff000 Im gonna take advice from you and a few tips.Your my penguins role model and insperation.Kepp doing good ever though i dont know you.

Your friend,
Candy5885 <3

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for your post, candy5885!


It would be an app that helps you find your TV remote! Unless they have already made that.


Well, if I made my own moblie app it would be all about club penguin fashion! So, maybe a fasion show about the penguin style catolog!

queen cat 6:

i think i would do one that lets u have ur very own virtual world where u choose ur job, house and what u look like too!
u can open and run ur bisness or run for mayor or even presedent!
but most importantilly u choose what u want to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I were to make my own mobile app, I would make a puffle app. It would be the mouth of a puffle and when you speak the puffles mouh would move. So you hold it in front of your mouth and then when you talk the puffle mouth talks for you!!! Every puffle can have its unique mouth!!!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool idea, jena626! I wonder what a puffle's voice would sound like.


If I could make a mobile app, I would make one about the fashion in club penguin. I would constantly update it for the latest fashion trends in club penguin!

moonie 1:

id make one that could allow you to multitask with other apps. And it would be free!!!!! That would be awesome.....


If I would make an app, it would be a club penguin gift shop app. You could buy clothes and it syncs right to your CP account. You would type in your name and password and then start buying clothes. Until next time, Waddle On!


Mine would be the bacon app. It smells like bacon and the screen would show bacon. It would even track the nearest place to get bacon. It would be the best app ever!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Delicious idea, yerm. My mouth is watering!


My First Mobile App Would Be A Fashion Or Dress Up App Because I Really Like Dressing Up Really Fancy


Hmmm for an app??
Well that's a big promotion, you know, to have an app!
Well what I would do is to have be a whole island, and you could build whatever you wanted, such as igloos pet stores shops and sutff like that.
You could also add friends, and other people could see your island too.
That's all. Peace and popcorn Club Penguin!!!


I would make an app that gave you patterns to design cute cloths and other stuff!!! I love designing cloths so thats why I think it would be fun.
(: hope you agree!!!


if i could make any app it would be an endangered species app so that i could locate and help find endangered species everywhere



Grace Wow:

I think a app that helps you whisper to friends! You could talk about missons without telling other peguins!

Waddle on!!

-Grace wow :)

Club Penguin Support Team:

Cool idea, Grace Wow! I'm sure it would come in handy for EPF agents keeping things on the down-low.

castle 101:

i think tifooo because she is caring, sweet, and is good at her job. keep up the good work tifooo


If i could make a mobile app i would probably do it so that (using the phone's camera) could look around using it and it would look like if it was animated! so i could take a picture of myself and see what i would look like if i was animated or what my house would look like or what what my friends would etc. i would totally buy that app and im sure that lots of others would too

Club Penguin Support Team:

That sounds incredible! Thanks for sharing, pizzapop81.


Hello. If I made a clubpenguin app, it would be one so you could check on your puffles while your anywhere! I would also add new games that you could play and upload coins to your account using your phone! Please post!


If i were to make my own app, it would be an app to teleport to anywhere in the world!


It would have to be a app on gadgets a app were you could design a almost 3D model of a invention youd like to make and sent it in to see if the public approve of your invention!


Id say a game were you could create your own game like

EXP........ One were you could fly over the world or even the galaxy, or hmm well i guess anything.

But any ways good job club penguin team and waddle on Club Penguin

Cant wait to get the app.

PS waddle on Club penguin

Pizza Boy257:

A Good App Would Be Tring To Capture Herbert Then At TheEnd Of The Game On Club Penguin Herbert Shouldbe Captured With Everyone Playing The Game And He'll Stop Tring To Destroy Club Penguin

P.S- Billy Bob Please Put This Up! Comment If You Like It!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Thanks for posting, Pizza Boy257! If Herbert stopped trying to destroy the island, what do you think he'd like to do instead?


If I had my own mobile app, it will be called Cp Rulez and have news about cp and other things.


i would amke an app where u can stick the headphones up ur nose it there were scents that you had to guess!!!!!!! XD

Club Penguin Support Team:

Great idea, kate! Hopefully people have those little headphones and not the big ones that fit over your ears.


well mine would probably be about cp like maybe make an app that is a FAN CLUB for cp. like we discuss what we should do and maybe some bugs than need to be fixed and some suggestions for cp. i think that would be so cool.i also think it should be free because its like i said a FAN CLUB!! THX CP PLZ POST ME NEVER BEEN POSTED!!

Waddle On Cp!!!!!!


a snowball fight app where u shoot snowballs a cannon and u can upgrade it and launchs rockets!!!!!

please post i have never been posted


I would create a "Party Searcher" app, it will find any parties that are going on so I can attend to the party too!

Club Penguin Support Team:

Sounds like a great way to have fun with friends. Nice work, Summer32416!


I think it should be a game app and also a blog app. Have games from Club Penguin and also can take quizes and talk to eachother.


I would make a horse round-up game and I would make points for each horse rounded up. Thanks for this update about the mobile app! I can not wait for it to be released!

Jay Jay 35:

Yaay Hope Its Up Soon!! Well Probably Somthing To Do With Horses Haha I Love Horses! Waddle On CP!!
Jay Jay 35


i would make one on how much cp rocks!!!

Ashligh 2000:

My app would be a balloon that you can watch in slow-motion do all kinds of things. You could stick a pin in it, roll it, blow it up, etc :D or you could even put the pin inside it with the water and watch it float around. :D

Club Penguin Support Team:

That would be awesome to see! Thanks for posting, Ashligh 2000.


The app i want is the attracon app it will telloport you to the a attracon in the iland if thare is not a attracon on the iland you will be telloport to the command room.


mine would be a quiz. XD it would give you questions and based on your answers it would give u the perfect out fit to match ur personality.

waddle on CP!


if i were to make an app of my own i would make one to help the epf track herbert! then we could foil his plans.


If i was able to make my own app i would be sure to make it about what i like to do and what others might like to do, i would make it my own... It would be colorful and creative, my style, and me but most importantly my own.


I if i could make a app it would be one were you could adopt a pet and name it and feed it and care for it!

Millie Julie:

I would make an app where you take a picture of yourself and then the app takes your picture and turns it into a cartoon! Thanks for asking, waddle on!!


my idea is an app were you pick a color of penguin pick the clothes. Then after you do that those first two steps you pick the color of the puffle you then add it with the penguin. and when you save it you get coins depending on your rating. then you can go and buy more outfits with the coins you can buy more outfits or backgrounds.


Hmm.. My own mobile app. Well I have a really big imagination, and I like computer games because whenever I'm bored, my laptop is right there. But there's never been a game that was exactly what I wanted. So I wished I could create a computer game, I had soo many ideas! So, first, I'd make my own computer game, and then make it so that you could download an app for it and play the actual game where ever you are!! Waddle On!


a puffle app that you can feed wash and sleep the puffles without using club penguin

Pingpong 55:

I would make an app called Find It! You type in an item and places to buy it would come up. Even food. For food, it would list restaurants and stores to buy it at. That is my app idea! Club Penguin Rocks!


well she is pretty good at field ops. if i had to create my own app i would make a special i would definitly make a car app!


My own app would be a animal helping app you can choose an animal and help them from being in danger or almost extinct because i love animals. please post this i have never been posted before!


If i were to make my own app it would be called ultra jumper. It would be about a penguin who got lost on an iceberg. He saw a way back to Club Penguin but he couldn't get the without jumping gaps. He would run and jump till he got back to Club Penguin. So that's what my app's about. I hope you like the idea.



If I were to make a moble app that you wou;d have a vertual paddle ball game


great job Tif000!


Hey CP if I could create a moble app I would make one where you had to feed the animals in any place like a forest, an ocean, the mountains, or the desert and you wolud have to feed the animals that live there before they go away. They would, depending if the animal was fast or slow, would go away quickly or slowly and every round the animals would speed up. Now that, would be fun. Thanks CP, Waddle on my fethered friends!!


That's a great question Club Penguin team. if i were to make an app it would be a mood detector,just take a pic of your self and it will tell your mood

Catch ya later! -Lolliepop146-


a fashin app


if i made my own mobile app it would be come on and make your own jokes make as many as you want!!!!! please post this comment i have never been posted before thnx in return!!!!!


I would make one called The Awesome button
Here's how it would work! It's easy! On the app u press the button and it says you are awesome and you know it! It's good for when you think you are not awesome because it makes you feel better and it's the best!

A Penguin221:

I Would Make A ~A Penguin221 Tracker~ App So People Can Find Me On Club Penguin!!


Hi!!! I think that if I were to make my own app, I would make an app where you could type in anywhere in the world and be teleported there immediately! It would be just like the spy phone's app!


i would make one about bunnies saving the world from giant bananas. first a metireorite (i cant spell D: )hits bunnyland and then the bananas
jump out of it. you would have to A) Eat the bananas B)K.O. them with hot sauce. when the game is over, the bananas melt into mush. that would be epic :D


I would make an app called Club Penguin Racing. You would choose your character,you would have a choice of a go kart, or a cool car.,
For example, my penguin is Iceberg279 and his cool car would be an iceberg.

Please post!!!!!

P.S. I REALLY NEED COINS!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I were to make a mobile App, it would be to do a lot of art and designing, because on club penguin you don't really get to do that. S that's why I would make a club penguin art app. Plus, I really like art, so it fits my style. Thanks! I really woud like to win that 10,000 coins! Sounds cool!


Wow Tif000! Nice Job helping Other Agents! My Way Of helping People Is Mostly Doing Alot Of Tours! Its Also Cool That You Get Payed For Giving Tours And Helping the EPF Every month. Well Thats All i Wanted To Say! Untill Then... Waddle On! P.S Please Post!

Andy 53701:

If I made my own app it would probably be an app that talks about and gives tips on how to protect the environment. I would update it every week and it would also have a list on it that says things you can do to help the environment. I think that helping the environment would be a good app because it would teach everyone about protecting nature.

C !!!! P


If I made my own App it would be to change anything to a different color! Maybe if you want a certain Furnature item to be a different color you can change by just tapping a simple button!


my mobile app would be about penguins meeting kids and the kids love the penguins but mean foods try to get the penguins so the kids have to save the penguins. put the foods have powers and at the begining you pick your power and u have to use you powers to save them and you can all so play on a team with your friends.


My app would be about gerbils . because gerbils are so cute.And I got a pet gerbil . her
name is Cutiepie . Cutiepie is 1 year old. She got a new cage yesterday and it is awsome !
It has 3 floors .And and there is 5 rooms. Cutiepie is so lucky. Oh and my app will be about
gerbil facts. It will be all about gerbils .Waddle on cp have a nice and fun summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FROM julie59693

Kiki The1st:

If I were to make a mobile app it would have to be a very creative game. You would run your own store and you would choose what you want to sell. It could be a bakery, a clothing store, anything you can think of. And here's the best get to make whatever you sell! So if I made a clothing store, I would design my own clothes. I would also make the app free so it is fun for all! Waddle On CP!


I would probably want to fly be in visible or super quick or a hamburger making set


My one mobal app it would be where I get my own spaceship and get to shoot done aliens atacing cp. p.s.plz post iv never been posted bofore:)


I guess it would be that I could bend all four elements(fire,water,air,earth).





I would create a food recipe app!!! Who else likes food? Right!!!




jet fire621:

I would have a app to help penguins make new friends so that all theshy penguins woud have a chance to mare new friends.
I think it would be very usefull for new penguins.:}

Rose a bell2:

Mine Would be where there are puffles and you can make your own puffle like with clothes and you can make it diffrent colors and patterns!
and you would play as the puffle this would be good as a app and as a new world at club penguin Also PLEASE GIVE HALF OF THE COINS IF I GET THEM TO Rose54790!!!!!!! I Never got posted!!!!! And Please do a puffle world or puffle clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I made an app you would be a person called Agent Z. Agent Z was on a mission to stop someone from shrinking people with a shrink ray, but he ended up getting shrunk. So you would have to use a remote controlled helicopter to fly around the world and stop the bad guy from shrinking people. It would be fun and have many facts about other countries and their customs. I would call the app Shrunken Around the World. Waddle on CP!


if i could make a cp app it would be you could ur own article in the cp papper


If I were to make a mobile app, It would be an app where you can make your own cartoons! Like you can pick a backround and characters or make your own, and then choose what you want them to move to, then again, and again, till you have your own cartoon! its great for people who love to doodle or make flipbook cartoons! Waddle On!

P.S. I have never been posted, plz plz plz!


it would be AWESOME if you could turn a normal phone, into a secret agent phone


ps never been posted


I would make one that lets you make a car for your penguin. You could drive it in "driven like you mean it" a club penguin new game. P.S. my name is teqliy.


I would to make an app that would let you create your own piece of Club Penguin clothing! You could make it and let your penguin wear it. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!! :D


my place would be called Party Place!

you will allways party!

waddle on cp


If i made a Mobile App i would make it so you can call your friends and talk to them on the Mobile App and have a Puffle translator and some fun games. Also It should have like a EPF thing every time you beat Herbert you meet All the agents like Rookie, Gary, Jet Pack Guy,And of course The Director.



Great question! I would make a "Lets have fun spying app" You can see a friend on the radar on your ipod and you can see a video of what there doing! You can draw on the screen to show your friend things, see different colors and highlights, and type messages to your friend and even more! Waddle on, and have fun spying! (In a nice way of course =)


I think you should make a dress up app.
You can dress up your character or make one


i think there should be a chat room app but thats just me waddle on cp!!!!!;]


i want a pizza app, cause i really love pizza :) and it would be an app that smells like pizza and looks like pizza lol virtual pizza rocks. WADDLE ON!!


If I were to make my own app, it would be teleporting into places. This sounds silly but if we could teleport into Club penguin that would be AWSOME! No viruses for this app. You could get a free teleport. If I would choose to teleport places, I would choose a magic mirror. Waddle on CP.


i would make a app where u could learn how 2 draw penguins and then u could translate what u drew on tht penguin to ur REAL penguin with WI-Fi. it would be complicated but cool.


If i made a app i would make a world where you can chat with others and make places like the pizza palor.

Waddle on!


If I were to create an app, it would be : Puffle Scratch. That would be sort of a matching game where you have to take care of a puffle and play Memory Match at the same time! Wouldn't that be SO cool?


if i made an app it would be a magic wand that would do everything you wish P.S. this never gets posted so plz post WADDLE ON CP!


I would make an app that when there's a dollar or a cent on the ground, it would detect where it was so you could get some extra money! I would use it all the time and people who want some extra cash could use it!


If I were to make a moble APP I would make one that could turn you into a penguin wich probaly would be imposible. But ill keep trying! R O C K O N C P !


Pennypal I love that idea.
My Mobile app would be lime game so when you see a lime you touch it and then it dissapears so how ever many limes you slice thats 1 point then if you hit a lemon that 20 points.If you hit an orange you are out and start over. You only have 3 strikes if you hit an orange you strikes are full. Try not to fill the X X X! :) Good luck if that becomes a game I luv u CP.
~Hope Hi 2


I think it should be an app that lets you talk to puffles because i don't know why my puffle is always sending me mail.


if i made a app, it would show where your friends are without checking on its 3D map of clubpenguin and i would make a warning app, so you can know if the room is full. also i would make a app that shows where you have been all around clubpenguin!

Mcdoodle 619:

If i were to make my own club penguin app it would be an app that says if penguins are online or not. It would also tell you the server and room that penguin is in. It's like a mobile buddies list except you can track everyone.
P.S. Server and room location wont apply for characters

Cool B7:

Mine will be the coolest one yet! to travel beyond the iceberg! to the highest hilltops! travel beyond the caves and to the ends of cartoon world! and put a flag up to where you get to!
when you get tired, you can start a campfire and sleep!
and you can have all kinds of cool kites!


Hey cp,
i was just looking through the comments and saw a idea that i really liked! its the one by mcdoodle 619, i would definatly buy this app!!! seriously, that is a great idea from him, and should be the chosen one!


cp of course! its the best thing thats happened to me!!

from eggy249


I would make an app to make people fly.


Well If I Could make an mobile app it would be so you could grow plants and have lots of Green Spirit!


HHMMMMMMMMMM lets see if I were to create my own app i would be were you could fly because i always thought penguins could fly then one day I found out they couldnt so my app would be were all the penguins could fly and there would be lots of miny games. One of my miny games would be were penguins would hoola hoop in hoola hoop compotions =P There would be plenty more games too!


Maybe an educational app to help me with equations, with Gary explaining the steps.


if i could have a mobile app it woud be a app that is set in spase and pen gwins leant to read but we have to the book I HAVE NEVER BEEN POSTED


If I made an app, I would make an app for helping people. So if people had any problems, they could just go onto my app and email the problem to me and I would reply to them with help and advice. The app would also be full of learning stuff like maths and all the stuff we do at school to help children with their learning. That is what my app would be if I was to make a mobile app. :)


If I can Made an app, It Will be a game that we can earn coins with it and then we donate the coins we earn them to help Poor People That Can't Afford Food, Water, Clothes, Etc. Like Coins For Change


if i had a app it would be called mouse eater! you would play as a cat and try eating a whole bunch of mouses before time runs out!


i would make an app that yyou can watch tv and when you cant find your remote you hit "control my tv" then you can use your app to work your tv! like a universal remote! i think that app would help a lot of people when they are on the go or cant find their remotes! that would help me a lot too! i would make it a free app so people would not have to pay for the awesome app. well i guess ill see you next time! waddle on cp! you rock cp team!


What's the app called? I can't find it. :(


if i made a mobile app i would do a mood put your finger on the screen and it will scan your finger and tell you
what mood your in.

P.S.i have never been posted before so plz post my penguin.


If I were to make a mobile phone or tablet application, I would make it into a app that ran flash for games and virtual worlds such as Club Penguin. It would need internet access - of course! and would have a menu bar where you put your favourite flash based games and you could play them whenever you logged onto the app. It would cost a few dollars or pounds.
Waddle on CP!!


That's a prettey hard question, but I lost my iPod and I can't find it so I would make an iPod locator like a metal detector.


I think the mobile app should be an I spy game.
waddle on CP.


I would make a island creator app, so you can make your island, have towns and it would be multi-player so you can invite your friends and chat on your island!!!



a good app i would pick would be a jetpack app where you can fly while having a other neck item on


If I were to make a moble app it would be a hipnotiseing app. The screen would be black and white and swirl around. You can have some one like ur teacher look in to the screen and than you can say something like "You will give us no more homework for the rest of the year!" And then poof! No more homerwork fo the rest of the year!


if i could make my very own Mobile App, it would be the Pie App. i L?VE PIE! SO SO SO MUCH! O O O!!! i got it! you have your penguin, and the penguin waddles around rooms trying to find a pie. when u find the pie, you gotta eat it! :) and your could have stuff to put on the pie, like whipped cream, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, ect. I LOVE PIE! my motto on cp is "eats pie" my favorite pie is pumpkin! (fyi)
~ Shannon566
CP ROX MEH SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I made my own mobile app,it would be called Roller Squid.You would have to create a track for the squid on rollerskates to go on.After you create the track,you pick a squid and send them down the track.But you have to guide the squid to avoid obstacles,and to get bonus points!If you get to the end of the track,you get extra points,and a new/better pair of rollerskates!Waddle on CP!!!


it wod be good if we had epf radeos


I like yall coments


i want it


weel i would say its a app that will let you do missons and make you ge clothes and help round people

Pinky Hamo:

Hmm.. I would probably make a Dress Up app, where you can make your own models,get money by playing mini-games, buy clothes from the mall,make your model walk on the runway and dress up your models!! WADDLE ON CP!!


What no I don't get it!


If I had to make a mobil app of my choice it would probably tell me whats going on in club penguin before anyone else could know. Its a very good system for me considering that I go on club penguin everyday I would be able to know when partys are happening and where. It would be so awesome to be the only penguin who could have that but we all now fiction is fake so waddle on cp


If I were to make an app, it would be to create customized Club Penguin pictures!
Like when you click and grab items and place them on the penguin,igloo,background,or even your Puffle!


i think that Rosie92853 is the best epf agent because she completed all her missions right away and she is always trying very hard to complete the feild-ops,and when she sees other penguins asking for help with the feild-ops she helps them,she never gives up when doing system defender. Mostly i think she is just very helpfull and good at never giving up! Waddle on cp!


I would love a library app where you could find any book on your phone and also read it on you phone!

ROCK ON C.P.!!!!!


Really if i were to make a app it would be to transform into a penguin and go into club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it would be super awesome thank you for asking i hope you guys show it soon!!!


If I where to make an app I would make it so that the penguins could fly!! and they could go REALLY high! And they can fly with all of your puffles! and then maybe after, stop at the coffee shop to take a nice break for some blueberry s'cones and coffee!


If I had my own app it would be a dowload and create ur own outfits app.Were you can create ur own clothes and download them to CP and then enjoy or create ur own furniture your own style!


So if I ever could have an app... I would choose maybe Puppy Playground!!!! Where you make an awesome playground and when more puppies come more points you get and you can get cool stuff with points like a puppy swingset or a slipslide! You can even adopt stray dogs when they come!


i would make this one that is half penguin and half Mario and you would be able to race a car and 1000 levels and all of the gadgets


well if were to make one mine would let you see the whole world in one touch name the states and other acctivetes it would be fun and you can make music videos and short films that would be fun


If I were to make an app, you'd select it, and it would digitize you into whatever website you wanted. Example: I would select the app then say, "Go to Club Penguin." It would make me a CP penguin. I would have my phone with me. Then I could experiene life as a penguin. It would be your account, and you could go back to the real world. Just say, "Go to the real world."


a free money app!!!!


Wow hard question i think i would make a cooking app but you could make the same food that you make in the game in real life.





if i would make my own mobile app,it is me telling everyone to play cp!!!!


if i made my own mobile app, it would be something that lets you make your own garden on club penguin. you could use it as all natural food for your puffles!! ? W O O D L E O N CP!!!!!


If i had to make a app it would be for animals.What you would do is play a game with animals and everytime you finish it money is being raising for saving animals in home shelters and animals that are being hurt.So they will always find a good place to be.


Well that would be tough.But I would have to say..........A app that would make people look like club penguin people!You just aim the part of the phone and it will show you what they would look like if they were a penguin.I think that that app would be AWESOME!
PLEASE poster i have never been posted!!!


If I made my own moblie phone app it would be about Drawing and letting your Imagination drawn your own world of magic, Realty and Fantasy that would be awesome. You could also be able to draw your own houses and own Charcters and you would go on adventures and everything and I would give it a name like: " Let your imagination run Free! "


i think that if u made an app it should be a kids game that is fun and very hard to beat. mabey u can make an app based on the ds game herberts revenge.




Oooooh, I would absolutely make an App that had a little button that looks like the Teleport icon on the EPF Spy Phone and you could be transformed into a penguin and be sent to Club Penguin!!!!! Oh, and P.S. I haven't been posted yet (Yet!!!!) so PLEASE post!


If i created my own app, it would probably be a soccer one because i enjoy playing soccer and it would be cool to play virtually :) Waddle On CP!!!!!!!! PS please post ive never been posted!!


If I were to make my own mobile app, I would make an app that lets you be an igloo designer!! You can go to your clients igloos and redecorate them to their liking with their coin budget. You would also be able to go to the one and only, Club Penguin Furniture Store!!!


I would create a mobile app that would be like Smurfs Village,except you would raise donuts!XD

P.S Please post


I would make an app that could tell you what people are thinking! SO if you wanted to know what they are thinking or what they are dreaming of you just go to the app and put it within 5 feet of their head!
P.S. I have NEVER been posted. NEVER
Waddle On! Club Penguin!

Cloe Moe:

I would make an awesome calender app! It would plan everything, From your clothes to your day to your hair!!! I would love an app like that. It would be called Ultimate Planner. :)
Waddle On CP!


if i made a mobile app i think it would be a money press so you could print your own money

bob 31047:

Hi i'm sure you know me I email you guys a lot. If I was to make an mobile app it will be club penguin on the iphone so you can play cp on your iphone or ipad I think that would be cool so when I go on trips i can bring it with me and I can play on the plane or in the car!!



I would make an app all about drawing and Taylor Swift and singing and guitar tips!!!


If I were to make an app,I would make a charity thing where each time someone gets the app they make an account and each time they play a mini game on it their score would equal how much money they donated to charity!That would probably be to cool to ever be invented,but it would be so awesome if it ever did because it would make a difference!


I would make an app that lets you change reality. Just a tap on a toolbar and drag it over and there you have it... a *Input Whatever You Want Here*.


if i could do a app i would make it an app you forgot to fed your puffle and you run to your igloo dodging obstacles fast enough toget to your igloo and fed your puffle in time. WADDLE ON CP.


I would create an app to explore parts of the world we don't know about!
It would be like a virtual tour of the whole country it would really help you in school.
It will help you learn about what people in that country do, you can take a picture of
yourselves and wear that countries clothes!


Hi,my penguin is Rnblovie.If I had my own app it would be all facts about puffles!


I Don't Know. Maybe A Miniature Golf Game?



If i had my own app it would be a create your own world app.You could pick your own clothes and character.Walk around and earn money from your job.Walk around meet new friends!You would have your own house that you can decorate from so many stiles.
That would be my app.
Waddle on Cp!


My app would be one that you pick your puffle and take care of it! You play games to earn money for food! You would also be able to put your puffle in the OLYMPICS!!!!




If i had a moblile app it would be and app to teloport equipment and gear to you. (PS:please post never been posted before)


I make a super chicken app! It would be sorta like Mario bros, except you would have to jump on foxes or snakes. Powers you could get: super speed, mega wing, super pecks, and extra seeds (lives). You would have to collect eggs and instead of a star, it would be a golden egg. LOL it sounds weird, but I think it would be fun! Please post!!!!!!! WaDdLe On Cp!


My app is named Sled Dogs. You get on a sled and race other sled dogs. You race through really cool levels. The last levels of the world have bosses on them.


I Think It Would Be Cool To Call Or Text Someone Sorta Like Your Friends It Would Be So Awsome Because You Have To Go Somewhere To Talk To Them If We Had This We Would Be Able To Go Wherever We Want ~Demi211~ Waddle On


If I could make a mobile app, it would bea game where you can raise different animals in a home of your choice. You can build a home and adopt and raise pets when theyre young, and then when they're grown up you can sell them to people or keep them!


i would make an app where you can do a club penguin dance thing with all your fav songs! [real songs] plz post this iv never been posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waddel on cp!!!!


if i made an app it would be skateboarding penguins cuz skateboards ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lucky oreo1:

I think there should be an app where you can fly!


I Would Make An App That Would Lets You Teleport To Anywhere in The WORLD! Including Club Penguin! Its Would Be Easy! In A Push Of A Button You Would Be In Another Place!

From Starlight 02


I would make one to teach you about anime, Japanese cartoons. I love anime and this app would be perfect for me!


If I made a app it would probaly be a shopping app. You can just type what you want to buy it can send it to you in 20 minutes from your purchase and it would be 1$-10$ even phones! I'd like that for myself! LOL ~Kaynikh14 Waddle On CP!


If i made an app it would be a game where you can build your own city and you are the boss of the town. You help protect the city by stopping bad guys. You also would get coins by playing games that you made. You would get cool stuff if you got lots of coins. It is a game of your creation. Rock on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I made my own club penguin app I would make penguin climb walls on buildings so you could exprlor new rooms and I would also include jump a penguin could jump and I would also include shrink so youy can make penguin diffrent sizes!WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN


if i were to make an app it would be a hotdog app i know it sounds really weird but hotdogs are my thing :) Waddle On Cp! Smilies! Love, Mickey

Maya Laya:

My app would be a "Make Your Own Tv Show".!!!

45 78b:

If I could make an app it would be a good deed app so if you do a good deed you would get 300 coins.


if i had a clubpenguin app i wloud make it so you cloud box, and golf, and play tennis,!!!


it would be a homework app, that
somehow and someway it would help you with your homework.
Because If You Agree Homework is sometimes very hard
than this is the app you would get. If I only made an app.
Also This App Would Help You Learn.So Thats it!!!
Hope You Enjoyed C ya!!!


My app would be one where you can design your own clothes for your person and you get to cook your own food for your person and have your own house and furniture to upgrade and design!!




I would name it clubpenguin rocks. So everyone knows how much effort you put into this website and how much ClubPenguin cares about you. On this app there would be Club penguin updates and how the website was made and they people who have to work day and night to make this website go!


if i were to make my own moblie app it would be something about singing and bloging posting want u want but i would love to make my mobile app come true plese let this happen



I liked what EVRY penguin said but I had to just pick a few (sorry if you didn't get picked.)
So I liked popcat8109,Shannon566,snowgirl1079,Mcdoodle 619 and last but not least Super pizza.
I thank everyone for writing and posting or trying to post.
So i'll pop by once and a while so WADDLE ON CP!!!!!! PS:i've never been posted so pls post me!!


If I were to make an app, I would make an app that tracks people. the camera feature takes a picture of who to track. You can track up to six people, on different squares. It has a power to program its eyes as cameras. If youre doing something for someone, or getting away with something, this is a must have app. I would make it free.

A Dino Girl:

Hmm... tricky. Well I guess I would make an app with all the latest books for all ages because I love to read.It would be awesome!





Hi my name is Rose2468 and if i were to make an app i would do a cookie carnival what be would do is make cookies and then we would make a cookie giving outfit then we can give other penguin's cookies and puffles too!!! That would be fun!
Oh do you like my new song?......I eat peanuts with heather Then i cried! Cause i ate peanutbutter!!!!!!Tell me if you like it!!!!!


If I were to make an app it would be a show or movie app and it would let you watch some shows or a movie and no cost for it. It would have a little show for about 10 minutes long and you can share it with the whole world which is optional. P.S. please post.


It could be like a maze game where you tilt to move the penguin forward, backwards, and to the sides. You also have to avoid certain obstacles.

JOE 180:



If I was a mobile app I would be all in 1 app. Homework, calendar, email, dictionary, safari, and of course CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle on CP!


i would make an app to be able to talk to famouse people and you could text them and mingle with people also be able to video chat.


The App I Would Make Wolud Be A Invisble App Simple Use The App And Your Invisible!!


If I could make an app it would be an animation app. How to use it is to take a picture of something and you can change the colors,draw on it, and animate it any way you want. It would be awesome. Oh and Club Penguin, I made my Club Penguin when I was 5 and now I'm nine and I've been going on Club Penguin forever and every time I get on CP just gets better and better. Well, thats all I have to say. Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!


If I were to make my very own app, it would have to be Villain-time or Hero-time. Were you can Facetime with your favorite Super hero or Villain! I think it would be very fun! Like talking to Darth Vador, or Spiderman on facetime! I think that would also be a very creative sucessfull app! I hope that my idea was good enough to get posted! Bye! Waddle on cp!


I Would Make An App Called Club Penguin Baseball. You Would Make Up A Team For Your Penguin.

If You Didnt Want To You Would Join Your Buddys Team.



My app would be a designer app. You could design clothes, houses, kitchens, and bedrooms! Love Ya CP!


If I made an app, maybe a guide to Club Penguin? Or maybe a complete history of Club Penguin. Or both. It would be very helpful for new penguins, since when I was new, I had no idea about some of the things on Cp, all for the very reason I didn't know what happened in the past! And a basic overview to Club Penguin. Looking at the characters too.
Waddle on Cp!!


THIS IS THE ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTIONS CP : agents in the HQ are being very fashionable one day and by accident they lean on a button and BOOM they're in OUR world you know kittens and puppies and weird other stuff.... they try to fingure out stuff and its like a big weird agent mission! xD i think cp would luv it! PLEASE POST I NEVER POSTED EVER!!!!!!!! waddle on cp ;)


If i made an app it would be a club penguin hockey app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when u scored a goal you got to pick which dance you would do.
(P.S.I am doing this for my little brother and his birthday is in a couple days and getting the coins would make a perfect present, PLEASE)
(P.P.S. the app idea was my brothers idea)
-waddle on cp


plz plz plz lison to acdc11000 bc that one is asome plz ~pinkytail2 the nice girl.


i would make a fan app it will be awsome really awsome


P.S i forgot please say "nice job to Tif000" for me please i would really appreatiate it :D


If I were to build my own mobile app, it would be called Driving Frenzy. It would be a 3D game where you get to drive around in a car in popular cities around the world and try to find coins or points. And when you get enough of them, you could buy new cars and unlock new cities. Also, the app would have LOTS of minigames with it. Waddle on CP! ~ irishgirl880


Well, I could make an app that is a lot similar to Club Penguin, but this time, making a world where puffles interact with each other. It may seem bad in reality, but in theory it seems like a good idea, doesn't it?
Waddle on!


hey cp! i would make a game called pass the pickles its a fast food place thing and whenever someone plays it will donate food to the poor and a zoo game and its called zoomainia and every time someone plays it will help animals in need.


I would make a Username Genarator app, first you would take a pesonalty qizz and it would genarate a cool userna,me bassed on your awnsers. I wolut make it free, but you could buy a "Charter Looks" genarater add on for $0.99. I would make this app because when I first joined club penguin I could'nt come up with a cool name, i realy wish i could change my username.

Koolness 1:

i would make an app of penguin mountain climbing because everytime i go to parties my penguin tries to climb up the mountain she always go behind it! and this is why i want a penguin mountain climbing app. waddle on cp! :D P.S I NEED COINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would make an app where you can design your own clothes for your penguin! It would be fun to know everyones individual style when they do it! It would make this app because I love fashion! It would be your own line of clothing! Always love CP!


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