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By Billybob on August 17, 2011 - 09:39
Hello Penguins!
It's been a little while since our last Reviewed by You! Last time, we asked you what was your favourite part of the Island Adventure Party. Suite106 had this to say:
My Favorite Part of the party is the ship battle! You have the pirates with complicated cannons to load and the penguin navy with easy to load cannons. I actually like to be the pirates because I have an actual pirate costume and I like more of a chalenge. I Also Like the different bases in the cove and the beach and the things people say make it better. Rock on CP!
Thanks for all the great reviews, everyone!

For this Reviewed by You, we'd like to hear from members of a top secret organization...
*** Warning! The following information is for EPF agents only.***

As some of you may already know, there's a new level of System Defender launching very soon. So this week, we want to talk about what a great job you do to keep the island safe. Agents: tell us about an agent that's gone over and beyond the call of duty for the EPF!
Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!). We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed by You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to the top elite agent you nominated. Don't forget to tell us their penguin name so we can add the coins!
Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team



My Friend Merissa86 Has Been Very Helpful To Deafeat Herbert. She Has Been Trying To Defeat Him Alot So I Think You Should Give Her The 10,000 Coins





An agent that i know who has gone over and beyond the call of duty is my friend pizza20 because she always does the field ops, missions, and the system defender game

danny wadle:

I think Gary has stole the show because he has saved club penguin from Herbet and his nasty plans and also has been a great penguin to meet.Waddle On Club Penguin!!!

Roxi Rocker:

My friend and i are elite agents and whenever theyre done with a field op they always help me on mine and they have all stamps for the stamp book when it comes to missions and they also have the system defender stamps. Theyre very helpful when im stuck on a mission or a field op. Thats all for now. WADDEL ON CP!

Alyssa Miley:

I would like to thank Buddy2500 and his friend ace. I think they are good buddy's and good agents. Once I was chatting to buddy and he said lets make an EPF unit. And ace always said lets meet at HQ and is always holding fun meeting and mini missions.
Waddle on cp and thanks to all agents!













Hey Club Penguin! There's a lot of penguins out there for the EPF, I don't know what to choose for my friends who does the most EPF work! There's so much people in Club Penguin that does EPF work! Well, thanks, and waddle on! ;)


I think I have been doing a excellent time going undercover as a secret agent! Every morning or so, I head to the EPF Command Room and see whats going on. Please post this or...


I think AkKa101 is a great agents because she did every single mission and does the filed ops every single week. Plus she did anything EPF/ PSA!


i love what is gonna happen on cp so far i am wondering what new stamps are coming on syestem defender waddle on cp!!!!


awsome that is awsome
p.s p[lz post i never been posted :)

Agent 1034:

Me and my friend got a team of agents together to catch robbers at the Pizza Parlour. We go there a lot and catch the robbers and keep penguins safe. We love doing this job and its really fun we sometimes do it for hours! The agents i nominate are:
Thanks for everything CP



avatar ang12:

i say all of them even all off all of my friend agents.

agent avatar ang12 signing out.




i nominate dorian1584


Dear cp I love being an EPF agent! Its so fun.. If you wait long enough the screen changes to some really cool epf stuff and information. I think im a good epf agent beacuase my friends and I usally go undercover to see whats going on and try to give helpfull hints on feild opps to beginer agents!


i am an epf agent and it would be awesome to be honored by you and i dont have much coins so it would be nice to win 10,000 coins. I try my best to keep club penguin safe. my penguins name is cristia02. I am on club penguin all the time. I think its nice your doing this.once again my penguins name is cristia02.


i nominate buziel as he is my mentor aswell as a top elite penguin force agent who has completed all the missons and got all the special rewards he has also helped me complete all the missions. he has also helped many new users get into grips wwith the game. waddle on cp!!!


Gary, of course! Gary has trained, and has become the best agent yet. Well, him AND the Director. But either way, I just think that Gary is our top agent for the EPF! Without him, he wouldn't have formed the PSA, which then got blown up by the popcorn accident, which then the EPF replaced it! Good job G!


Great just what the world needs!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that ddluva1 is a great agent because she gets the job done,she know who to talk about and how to catch them she does not hesitate, and she says to me,"my hard earn work goes to my puffle." her puffle means the world to to her she has had her ever since she started Club Penguin.Thats why i think ddluva1 as the winner for this competition!!!!


My best friend Raymond2213 told me he had almost 40 badges in his career total. He says being a secret agent is awesome and he plans to keep it up for a long time. He makes a good point... Being a secret agent is awesome. He says "Anything to keep the island from sinking!" He likes earning badges. But he's not just a cool secret agent he's an awesome friend to! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!


I would like to nominate Santa 972 for top agent because this penguin has put others before himself. He is always tyring to finish the field ops, and has finished all the missions needed. He has played System defender and has stopped Klutzy and even Herbert. He helps fellow club Penguin members get stamps, and I am proud whenever he goes out of his way to help penguins in need. Please nominate my friend!


Hmmm, the way i keep the island safe and go above and beyond the call of duty is,

1. i always do the missions over and over again till it gives me the prizes because thats when i know i have done the mission right!
2. i am always on my red alert to find and stop Herbert
3. i also keep a good eye for new recruitments





I think my my budyy r2d2015 has gone beyond the call of duty because he helps other agents by telling them were the nearest fild op is
and how to do it and he also tells me when todo system de fender and help me do my psa missions.




I love epf missions although i have done them all and my favourite parts of the adventure party were when i met Rckhopper twice :) :D and the field ops are really intreasting and i can't wait till the new epf system defender level and the new ski course for G's festival



Wow! Y'know I know this agent that goes over the top in EVERYTHING having to do with EPF. Her username is Ashanddel. She is always in touch with EPF. I think the EPF is great! Its a good idea to have penguins from everywhere monitor each others so we can all be safe!

Until then... Waddle On!



thats good i love doing field op but im not quite sure if im going to be a top agent i am an agent im allways helping people arround in clubpennguin once in clubpenguin when i was on duty i thought i heared some one say wheres thye field op so i came over to him and said do you wannto know where the field op is he said yes and i said follow me and he follwed me so i showed him where the fiel op was

anyway y penguin name is puppypaws846


can i be an epf agent too!


Well,one week there was a blue penguin. He had on this agent suite and was doing all this stuff like computers and tracking devices. He looked like a really good agent. And,if he is hes probley the best.waddle on cp

Fria 269:

The best EPF agent I have seen is Chill 314. He looks around club penguin patrolling all the time. But Chill has never seen one penguin taking one step out of the rules of cp. He is also as great tour guide and entertainer.


i think that Icemastercp is going beyond the call of duty for epf. he has done all of his missions and available field ops, got all stamps for system defender! Plus he gets angry when there is no new field ops uploaded! He really deserves that 10,000 coins. Trust me.

Until then... Waddle on CP!


Well I think an agent that really has been up and beyond is mt best friend lexey12346 well she's been quite a good agent, she said to me one time I am doing tons of missions and since shes been such a good agent she should be the one who's getting the coins shes been so hard worked she should get rewarded! rock on cp!


My bff Spongechey is the Top Elite Agent. She beat most of the missions. She does all the Field Ops. Please pick Spongechey as the Top Elite Agent. She is ALWAYS on some kind of mission! She is like a HUGE EPF fan! Really as her bff I need to do this! I moved away a few weeks ago so I want to do something nice.
<3 Bellastine

vader darth6:

billybob,i think that G goes beyond the call of duty. he invents things for the island and for the E.P.F! until then waddle on cp


Dear Clubpenguin ,
I really cant wait for the new level of system defender, because i always go on it and ive completed every singal level ,so im really looking forward to play it when it comes. And can i just say that ive completed all the missions and i still play them 24/7. Can i just say that Clubpenguin has some really nice people ( and me) looking after it, and that the EPF is a really good place to go to because you can go and do some really exciting mission's or an adventure for the EPF. Thankyou for listening. P.S, EPF, you RULE.


Wow! I cant decide . wait i know one agent!!!!!!!!!! DOT THE DIGUISE GAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was the one who saved, me ,rookie , jet pack guy,gary. she saved us from herbert from popcorn . SHE HAS GONE BEYOND THE CALL OF DUTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




i have 2 good agents and i hope it counts!
1st i have champ and 2nd is me
champ does lots of missions and hes good at them
and i play system defender VERY offten

or is it the other way around?............

i almost forgot!
waddle on cp!


Dear Billybob,

Whenever a penguin is not playing fair I try to teach him or her that
not being fair is not nice. I always try to make sure every penguin is
safe when we are under attack or even when we are not under attack.
I try to help penguins that are lost, or cant find the way to a special
place. I make sure everyone is having fun

The End


Hi my code name is Agent B I`ve almost done every field op and system defender game, I love Club Penguin I think that the system defender is the coolest game and I can`t wait til the new system defender level is coming out.This is top secret penguins like fish Lol Agent B Out.


Jumbo Monkey Pie is the best agent ever! :)

my vote is...:



I have a friend named Security.Every time I see him he is making a security team for the EPF.he has helped me out in some arguments I had with other penguins,and he has been a real help.Thank you Security,and Waddle on Club Penguin!


juffure is a great elite agent not only has juffure completed all the missions and feid ops but has helped and given tips to other penguins aswell. juffure is allways there for you when you are in trouble or need help in anyway i think this is what an being an elite agent is about not only compleing tasks to save the day but helping others to do the same.


I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gary the Gadget Guy


Helo cp 1 of the things that the epf is trying to do is to try keep this poler baer out of club penguin.His name is hebert p bear.lets go back in time and see the 2010 popcorn explosion.That was cosde by Herbet.remamber the erthquike the was cosde by Herbert too.But theres more then one problome.And that is all.Ps the poler bear is vegatarin.


wow thanks billybob i hope this system defender level will be good rock on billybob

Waddles Lou:

My best bud Annie Louise is an awsome agent. Though the goings can get tough we always stick together and help each other through. She goes above and beyond on the island and at home. even though we may fight i want her to know i'll always be there for her and we'll always be there for you!


I think my friend Kelsy08 is one of the best agents on club penguin. I have three reasons why. The first reason is because she checks her field ops everyday. She also tries to help other agents discover the field ops. And last she was the one who helped me become an agent and she was the one who helped me make my penguin. Thanks. I don't think she cares about ten thousand coins but it would be nice.
Waddle on club penguin!!!!


I think Pinkie2645 should be the top elite agent she's completed all of the missions. She's a non member and I know she will be the one. ~ Ipod365 p.s please post my comment Iv'e never been posted


Well... I Say Us Agents Have Little Drills! Sometimes We Have A Little Robber Or Herbert Drill. So When The REAL emergency. All Of Us Work Together! So We All Go over and beyond the call of duty for the EPF! I Say If We Work Together We All Can Do Something!

zc bee:

wow! thats awsome wadlle on cp!! :)




hi guys i love epf i do the missons and field ops i just love epf and i am waiting for the new system defender level
so waddle on cp


Hi CP I Know a penguin who really is the top EPF My Friend Pengjamie7.Pengjamie7 knows how to to do every missiion she even had to help me with mine!Pengjamie has the video game too please give her the 10,000 coins to her she always playi9ng games and we never really get to do stuff on cp.



All the new things about system defender are fantasticly planed and i can not wait to get more stamps well rock on CP!


hi cp i have been making sure a certain polar bear doesnt bug anyone until the waddle on

ps. please post ive never been posted

Volley ball2:

I think Jasmine45632 should be nominated because she goes around the island making sure everythings okay if theres somthing wrong she goes to hq and reports it and they will help her take care of it thats why Jasmine45632 should be nominatd :)


Oskarin1305 Is The Best Agent Ever!!!!! She Does All Her Feild Ops! She Finished All Her Missions!! She Is The Best Agent Ever!!!!!! Please Give The 10,000 Coins To Oskarin1305!!! She sometimes Even Spends All her time in the EPF Command Room Holding Meetings on how to catch herbert!!! Please Post This!!!

P.S. [ I have never been posted!!!]



My Friend jennifur7 went over and beyond the call of duty for the EPF. After she played system defender for the first time she trained for a while so she would be ready for the next time the EPF was on red elert. I hope she gets 10,000 coins for going over and beyond

Waddles Lou:

My best bud Annie Louise is an awsome agent. Though the goings can get tough we always stick together and help each other through. She goes above and beyond at the island and at everywhere she goes. Even though we may fight i want her to know i'll always be there for her and we'll always be there for you! The EPF is on your side!


That's awesome!!! your still awesome as always CP!


i love the EPF because everytime i log into cp the first thing i do is i look at my spy phone to see if i got any messages or if there are any field ops going on it always gives me a rush when I always Defeat Herbert


Lots of people have nomonated agents for this, but not many of them have the skill and determination as Pikachu3004. Whenever there's trouble, he rushes right to the challenge. He won't give up until he finishes whatever task was assigned to him. He has helped Club Penguin more times than I can count, and is the best agent I've ever seen. Thanks Pikachu3004!!!


Well One day I Did My Last Mission And Any one who needed help with missions I helped them and sometimes I get stuck and sometimes I get or dont get help so what im trying to say is if you do something nice for some one you will feel great and if some one is mean dont be mean back just say that doesnt matter just have fun on club penguin thats all that matters (plz post I've never been posted before) Agent Gingerkm Singing Off


I think that an agent who has gone over and beyond the call of duty would be someone who puts the lives of others before there own. Someone who never puts his or her guard down for one second to keep the island safe from dangers. finally, someone who goes all out to be the best that they can to be all they can be, the best agent they can. That is an agent i think goes over and beyond the call of duty.Waddle on CLUB PENGUIN!


Dear club penguin,
I really cannot wait for the sled party and the new
system defender!


P.S plz post me on the blog ive never been posted!
P.S.S theres also a bug were when you click play now theres
just a blue screen. plz fix it!


I think that G has gone beyond the call of duty for the EPF, he gives the agents their missions, he builds new inventions for the EPF, and he has helped us through all the PSA missions. Waddle on CP!!


i love cp


My friend 98yamy is a great EPF agent.She helped me when I got "hurt".She helped me "capture" bad guys.We had lots of fun!!!

(P.S. I've never been posted before!)


I Angela14526 has made everyone safe from a criminal! It Was a Regular morning at the coffee shop.I Was having a latte ( With sugar ) when a penguin was stealing all of the other penguins coins! I got up and whipped out my EPF Badge and arrested this penguin! I Got everyone's money back and all of CP was safe... for now!

P.S. Please post never been posted! Thanks! :)


Ella45381 is a great agent! She always does the field ops and has alot of the gear! Shes super excited for this next level of System Defender! Waddle on!


One of my Friends Bionicle127 was a GREAT Agent! In system defender he did a good job destroying those bots! The mainframe didn't get destroyed ay all!


I would like to nominate my best friend Cheesewars01! When he gets on he always help out with the epf like telling people the wrongs and rights of the island and keeping the penguin safe! Please pick him!


ArryPotter is an amazing Agent!! He is on my friends list, he is nice to everyone,and plus, He is Always at the Command room!!! i Think he should get the 10,000 coins because of his hard work!!!


Cool!!!i hope im one of the top ten!!! thats a lot of coins!!!


I think it would have to be 1234juju. He and I went on a mission to find Herbert across the island, and he went beyond the call of duty to rescue one of our friends that had dressed up in the polar bear costume (pretending to be Herbert) while I stayed behind to guard him and the other penguin from any attacks Herbert or his henchpenguins might make. :) That was fun.


Agent Bella0606 is always on the way to ffinding the field ops. She does'nt always find them (which is alot of times) but she does make sure the island is safe. If she sees a problem then she is on the move trying


Zinx79, when I was upset he came over and talked to me. I made an Ice cream parlor and no one came. But when Zinx79 said it was a great ice cream parlor penguins piled in! Hes a great agent and I totally think you should add 10,000 coins to this hard working agents. Waddle on cp!

P.S. Please post!


My Best friend Kadekat237 went over and beyond the call of duty. When she got the call from Herbert and the pro bot she went around the island to make sure everyone was ok. After that someone said they saw Herbert and Kadekat237 checked the area. She really deserves 10,000 coins


I have an answer for the Agents Only question. Here it is: Reddawn is the penguin who is a real good agent. Why??? Well he Transformed his igloo into an HQ and searched the island for Herbert. He got a whole gang of penguins to join including me!!!!
D I love being an agent! Thank u for making CP!




My Friend Rex11411 Is An Awesome Agent (AAA) He Has Lots Of Medels And Awards And He Helps Me To Complete Them Too! He's A Great Agent! I Dont Know Where'd I Be Without Him! (Please Post This! I've Never Been Posted!!)

Hilber Boe:

Skippy20 Has gone WAY over the call of duty MANY times every time hes online he makes a new mission to do looks for Herbert and tries to find his base and stuff hes barely ever normal Skippy instead hes always agent Skippy and hes just so cool he has gone so much over the call of duty!!


I think that Cutegirl1457 has been a top-of-the-class agent to keep CP safe. Every time a call for help had come to attention, she was there to do the task that secret agents are there for. She is always prepared, and always alert for any problem that needs fixing. I really do believe that she deserves this more than anyone else in CP I know.


I think the penguin who should get the 10,000 coins is Rockyrox134 . She is an awesome agent

Rock on cp!!



I can wait till the new level of System Defender it sounds awsome.P.S please post ive never been picked oh yeah hi billybob im a big fan.


i think beccaloo25 is a very good agent i think Shes always working hard




i think the best epf agent is rockyrox134



i think that the secert agent thing is fun but a serious job to keep the island safe. and i think my penguin freind cakkey2 has gone above the call of duty for the epf!

rock on cp! :)


Momdad12 she always does all her missions and field opps
I think she would be absolutly great!


I think Prns is the top elite agent because:

1) He has helped me with all my missions/stamps
2) He has always stuck to the rules
3) He has yet not cracked a code (or puzzle)

- 555black88-


EPF agents keep this island safe from all dangers like herbert and his crab they EPF agents will always do our job and nothing will stop us from doing good thing and keeping the island safe


I think Boaktear2 is the top elite agent because he knows the task means buisness. When he gets the field op he's like a jet. He'll fix any job any time. I can tell you that he's done more missions than me. He's a lean mean steel machine. When you need help he's the man to call.




Wow, Awesome!!! Waddle on Cp!!!!!!!!!


I like System Defender because it's challenging yet fun at the same time and I like the feild ops because its fun finding the spot and doing these puzzles.I'm not in the EPF for the coins I'm in it because i like keeping the island safe and to me thats the greatest reward yet.


This agents name is Zowey30000 she is one of the best EPF agent in history. She goes beyond the call of duty. She once had to stop a penguin from bossing everyone around telling them to play soccer and this bossy penguin would throw snowballs at everyone even Zowey30000. She does every single EPF field op and she also has played every single system defender game. She is the ultimate agent, no doubt about it!


I think the BEST AGENT IS ...... DRUM ROLL PLZ ....... Eagleeye14. She is the best ever!!! I introduced her to CP, and right when she started she was a natural at being an agent. Go Eagleeye14!


i think grace101 deserves it


An agent i think that has gone over and beyond the call of duty of the EPF team is my bestest friend... Emm321. I have seen her help alot of penguins in need including me. ( Which is how we met in the first place) She has given every feild opp and every mission 110%. I recommend you chosse her for this outstanding award.


hot dog:

club penguin elite penguin force is awesome and cool what is the message?

Doctor Pond:

wctaylor1 is a top elite agent because she goes to the command room to listen to other agents ideas of what to do, contributes with her own ideas and helps sort out any misbehaviour around the island. When some penguins were being mean, she was the one who stop the penguins. They apologized to the penguin and her and left the room. Please pick her; she really is a hero to all penguins out there.


i think evry agent helps in there own way some mite do all the missons some mite play symstem defende.
i hope we get more agents soon and i hope all the agents work hard to look after the island
waddel on cp


I Would Like To Put Forward Thomas68014 Because He Is Always Enthusiastic About New Field Ops And New System Defender Levels And He Thinks EPF Is So Important. I Think It Is Important To Him Because Of All Of The Great EPF Work And Missions He Does, When Ever He's On I Have So Much Fun Being EPF. Waddle On CP, EPF And Thomas! Keep Up The Great Work
(PS Never Been Shown Before)


I like the EPF because you can do missions and because you can keep the whole island safe!


Well I would say Redbeard3456 we tackle any mission with bravery skill and compassion not to mention a certain polar bear thats caused more problems than you think so there you have it Redbeard3456 is one of the most commited agents you can find


black fuzz luver:

on cp i am a EPF agent and i always play system defender and i always make sure that there is no feild ops and so is my friend she always keeps the island safe like me!


being an agent is awesome!!!


I know a secret EPF agent. I cant say too much because hes a secret agent but his name is Tarpon sun and he has been an agent since january 2008 and joined in December 2007. He is a very good agent and i work with him to foil herbert and klutzys plan! Together we keep the island safe. Tarpon sun and me love helping others and protecting the island. he has finished all the PSA missions and has all the PSA stamps!OH NO I SAID TO MUCH!! waddle on club penguin!


Hi Cp! Well I think everybody has been going over the beyond!


the EPF hero i know would probably be me when EPF has meetings im the only 1 who battles RPF ppl ( Robber Penguin Force ) RPF is located at the boiler room i should know cuz my friend Shuriken D was a RPF agent so i always battled him it was fun to see him fail!
Bye! - Lexi79

Bubble 1566:

Billybob plz check out my igloo!!!


Recently on club penguin im was chatting away in the pizza place when suddenly a robber came and tried to rob us. Luckly D11fss came to our rescue he gave us our things and put the robber in jail. This why I nominate D11fss. I bet u guys out there think the same.

PS he accepted my friend request so he's really nice.

Thanx CP


me! i did a lot of missons before the epf and now i have lots of medals to prove it too! and i have beaten all missons!




Rookie has gone over and beyond the call of duty because he not only finishes his missions and jobs on time, but also gets time to make it the the April Fools Party! Which means he is organized and clever. Also he has that AWESOME SUPER COOL PROPELLER HAT!!!!! It allows him the fly faster than Jet Pack Guy's jet pack and can reach stuff high in the air!

Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!


I nominate Cuddepuff12, were close friends in Club Penguin and in real life.
She always reports penguins being rude, and calling other penguin names.
She always writes comments but never get posted, so I'm nominating her.
Se introduced me to Club Penguin actually, she gave me a tour.
Then she recruited me to be an agent.
We helped each other in System Defender Levels.
So thats why I like to nominate Cuddlepuff12.
(Please Post This For My Friend)


I think Gary works the hardest! He creates all of these awesome gadjest. And he made the whole island go up into the SKY! I really think Gary is the best EPF agent by FAR! No contest. :) Lets hear it for Gary!!!!!! Come on, Gary the Gadjet Guy! :D Keep waddleing on Gary!


Emma Well 1 has gone OVER the call of duty. They once defeted 200 robots in 1 level

Rock on cp


we an keep cp safe by making freinds.
ps please post me i've never been posted before.

Tarpon sun:

i have an EPF agent to share with you! his name is stub990 and has been an agent since 2009! he is the best agent i know! he has worked with me to foil herberts plans! please post this i have never been posted!


I think my friend smartguy426 is a great EPF agent. He protects the island all the time. Whenever he gets on he keeps the island safe. One time when him and I went on a mission we dressed up as Rookie and Jetpack Guy. Other Penguins asked us where we were going we said "its classified information" and ever since then we have been protecting the island.

Peace Agent:

The all time best EPF agent is Zobro. He is just an awesome penguin. He dresses like an agent and well is a really nice guy he has finished all the PSA missions TWICE! He is super dedicated to his job. He is the ultimate secret agent.


I would say my best bud on club penguin, Tweekly, has gone really far with the EPF. She has defeated every System Defender level, and I bet she'll finish this new one with ease. She's a whiz on the PSA missions too, she helped me finish all of them. I think she's the one needs to be recognized for her hard work and her detirmination. Waddle on CP!


I would say Rookie. Even though we hardly see him and he's clumsy, he has helped the agency by learning crab language! Thanks Rookie!


My name is karek1234 and i think Me and Connorg60 went over the top of EPF


I think my friend Ac dc54375 has gone over the call of duty because he has beaten every level in system defender and has been in the epf since it started, after a certain polar bear destroyed the psa...


I cant believe its so soon ive seen alot of agents around I cant name one though I keep forgetting names of penguins I see and meet I only know the computer agents well Rookie Jet Pack Guy Dot Gary and the Director.

P.S. This is good post I always forget knows though!

ard magh:

*for EPF agents eyes only*
Wow that sounds really great and fun cant wait


i think that nerdydude900 exlipt40 and have worked as hard as we could.WADDLE ON CP


well, I think that penguin should be sophie2335 or olivabat!
they are my friends and they have finished all the missions!
I have never heard of a field op they didnt do!

waddle on cp,


I think it should be December9705. She never misses a field op and helps me when I don't get it. She's also completed all the missions, and I'm sure she won't miss the new level of System Defender. I hope she's nominated because she's my best friend! Thanks.

agent ally:

well club penguin i know alot of great penguins who keep the island safe and one of them is me
and what is this thing about the RPF i was on club penguin today and people and starting RPF it means Robbers Penguins Force i dont know what that means


I think a very special penguin that has gone above and beyond the epf standards is cocoapuff309 this penguin is very loyal and supportive of the epf. All of the penguins missions are completed and the penguin has recieved all of the awards and medals from the missions. cocoapuff has also joined the tour guide team. This a penguin that has earned and does deserve the reward of 10,000 coins.


i think i am doing a great job at the epf! and my freind tyler8013. so you should give my freind coins and me too!
waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s please post i never been posted

Big foot 335:

Spike1619 is the best he completes all field ops he even dresses up like a agent all the time


Toasty1222 is an agent that always goes above and beyond for the EPF! She's always doing her job as an agent, and does her job right away! There is nothing she can't handle as an agent of the EPF.


jet pack guy is cool he is stunning i think he should be a mascot to he not like rookie he is even better . until then waddle on

Miley 509:

Ariamont is an agent who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She has completed evrey mission and is always there if there is a crisis. She is keeping this island safe! She also has completed all the field ops and system defender levels. Shes always online making sure people follow the rules. She really deserves 10,000 coins! Go Ariamont!!

Redpingu 4:

I like rookie cuz he is allways funny and it makes me laugh!!


i think the best would have to be either Sammicheer or me because we both have completed the test with ease and we have beats all the system defender levels and all the missions and we have done well on the field ops so yeah


I am glad that there is going to be an new level because a have all the stamps in System Defender so I am so excited


Blondie9952 is that agent!B.helps fellow penguins,is ALWAYS nice,ect!


The agent I think that has gone over and beyond the call of duty is Spudsy2, he has held special meetings to talk about Herbert and Klutzy and he has completed loads of misssions and is always kind to everyone!, He is a good friend to me and helps me if I have any problem!


An awesome agent know that I know is Reds93001. She helps direct penguins to the place they desire, sort out fight that happen all over the island, and help out at some penguins who have trouble figuring out puzzles that goes on in parties. She even helped me find out where I could get some EPF field op medals to trade for equipment. She is one hard working penguin, so I hope she gets the 10,000 coins she earns! Waddle on Club Penguin! :)


I pick bella1079 because she is my friend and she has done all of the missions correctly and perfectly over and over again. She is an eager one to do new missions and sometimes finds them hard but eventually gets them in the end. So thats it really so i say pick bella1079 because she is the best elite penguin agent there is!!!


I'm really excited for the new levels f Systum Defender! TTYL! Waddle on CP Waddlers!


i,pinkierocks2,reccomened my friend, madison19068.she has helped new penguins when they asked i need help with the epf mission,she has completed all psa mission and SO many epf missions. she deserves this. her duty to work for epf is so strong she goes above and beyond working for them. I really reccomened her=3 agent pinkierocks2


i have to say maid6 has protected the island in millions of ways and times he does it to protect cp not for coins but for fun and keeping people safe thank you maid6!!!!!

Waddles 5 09:

LuLu Hip 56 is the top epf agent. she has completed all the missions, tries to complete EVERY field op and she helps me in missions that I don't understand. she is alsoo my BESTEST buddy ever!

waddle on ~ waddles 5 09

and please post this.x


I want to vote for me teddy47662 and all the EPF because we all protect CP. We protect when there is a battle or even on a regular day basis. so vote for me and the whole EPF. WADDLE ON CP


I would like to nominate captinpingu because he has completed all missions and got the ds games and completed them and has completed system defender and field ops.

Spartan 2552:

WAZUP i just wanna say dutches 18 is awsome she completed every thing i saw all of the gear from the elite gear catalog


Well I Can't Just Recommend 1 Of The Best Agents......I Have To Recommend All Of The EPF
Agents In CP!

C U Waddling Around Penguins!
Waddle On CP!



Hotdog 6348:

I Think Pinkie2645 Should Be The Most Popular Elite Penguin Agent Beacuse She Has Com Pleated All The Missions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shes A Non-Member But I Think In My World Shes The One


i think fire8860 has gone over and beyond the call of duty for the epf because she always plays system defender and she dosent always do any missions. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi cp i loved the part when we were fighting on the ships IT WAS SO MUCH FUN but bye for now waddle on cp Bye!!


Definetly jakerobert1 he has gone up and beyond duty with the system defender and all field opps possible. please give the coins to him hes very special to me hes my bff.

cuddly pink1:

I Know a really good agent called ms cookie4 shes always up for a challange and shes really funny and friendly and isnt to serious and likes to have a laugh. she hasnt gone beyond the call of duty yet but i know if she was put in that situation she would defiently be up for it just like me!
from cuddly pink1
keep up the good work agents!
(plz post i have never been posted befor!)


I think Connor22 should win it. He's the best secret agent there is. And he's the best friend there is. We've gone on a lot of adventures and missions together. I actually met him through the EPF He is the ultra top secret agent there is. He's one of the bravest agents around. Plz CP you have to choose him.




My friend Pingping9398! She is the best at missions, she has done almost all of the field ops, and loves protecting the island from Herbert!
Sometimes we also help each other out when we can't solve a field op. She's a great friend and agent!



I totally think that Tif000 is the best epf agent because she completed all her missions right away and she is always trying very hard to complete the feild-ops,and when she sees other penguins asking for help with the feild-ops she helps them,she never gives up when doing system defender.Mostly i think she is just very helpfull and good at never giving up!

Waddle on cp!


hiya cp i would like to tell u about one a bout my friend pbuffle1 she helped me be a epf and she help me with missened and to top that shg done all missens and do all sistum defance and she is a great friend plz pick the p.s pls post never been posed befor walddel on cp

Xander Manz:

Hello Billybob,
I defiantly recommend my buddy Bigleif, whenever we are at the EPF HQ he is always leading in a good way, when he found herbert he got his blue puffle and they tried to catch him, but they failed.
Well I hope that those coins go to my buddy Bigleif because he is a super agent :D
- Xander Manz


Hi, i would like to nominate myself and my friend jencheers, we are both the best agents we can be!


I think that Roso331 should win. She has completed all of the missions, all of the system defenders, she knows where herbert is at all times, she knows pretty much all there is to know about Club Penguin. Plus, she loves helping other penguins and she loves to protect the island from any danger.


I think I am a good agent but I know an even better agent. I think the best agent is JetPack Guy0. He was with the PSA and the EPF so I choose to nominate him.
(Please post never been picked)


I do go to the EPF room but i dont always go beacuse i spend more of my time making sure nobody is breaking the rules-Sorry! i DO do field ops my opinion i think Roy15 is a good agent and maybe KatTix
Waddle on!


I have all the metals and Im done all the field ops and missions


I think t should be Icee66666. She just is so sweet and helpful.


hi cp i nominate Kandycandy1 because she's done soo much fo cp. she's helped people by telling where the new field ops is because they can't find it. and she's also defeated all the system defender levels (except for the new level which hasn't come out yet!) i hope you get this message and pick her!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!! I<3 CP!!! PLZ POST THIS


I think it should be every agent. Every EPF agent has a specialalitly. It's not very fair to just pick one. Everyone is the best! Waddle on!


i nominate parker157 because he has helped other penguins with things, backed up other agents, helped keep cp really safe he has broken up fights too he is the best agent ever
waddle on cp



Cp, i would like to nominate my friend shadow26312 because they have just gone above and beyond what is needed, no penguin is more important then the next, so it is important to have a few penguins who really go the extra mile, the field op's, read and review the messages, and most importantly, whenever there is a problem, he won't just waddle away, they will take charge. That's why shadow26312 should win!

AGENT 4 MARK 64204:

Well thats very good because i am always up for a chalenge with sistom defendending! i always have a plan A and B if they dont work i have a back-up plan! AGENT 4 MARCK 64204 out . beeeeeeep

hey im lexi:

my friend notebook77 is amazing shes my neibor and she helps me on club penguin AND in real life! im not sure if shes an agent, but i know she likes to help everyone! ;) ;)




I think EVERY agent is awesome in their own ways remember there are different stations like tech and field agents. So there really isnt the title "The Best Agent" Because every agent is a great agent. So i think that every agent has their own ways,like we all have different beliefs,different hair colors,different eye colors.Its wat makes us special. Another person might think different,they might think there is a good agent nd if they do,Its ok i respect your thought.



hey Billybob i think Gary is the best agent ever in the world.


i think my best BFFs sambosy and gjb pink should get 10,000 because there're both as good as each other in every single way and if herbet even thought about anything bad they be at hq really quick! and i think if any one should get the coins it should be them.

waddle on club penguin!!!!!

PS:i have never been posted so can you please post me thank you cp!!!!!

Surfer beak:

my buddy maggie wadls is the best she completes like everything in on try.


The way i try to keep the Island safe is by making sure everyone are the rules on Clubpenguin i always do my missions but if the island is in trouble i get a couple of friends and we make Clubpenguin safe again i try to do my best keeping the island safe . WADDLE ON CLUBPENGUIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know someone whos the best elite agent i know
well its jetpack guy but i dont think that counts for him so i would like to say my friend flippy
hes so awsome and hes a great friend and i hink hes a great agent too. WADDLE ON CP


I think that Diana191 and me are good agents cause when ever someone is sad we suggest that we go over and ask whats rong? There would be a new cheerleader and she says im not on the cheer team and i have no friends so we added her and we were all friends Names:Alisah178 And Diana191


I love being an EPF agent. Its so fun helping penguins and solving mysteries! I remember when Herbert ruined the HQ with popcorn! It took a long time to eat but I do love popcorn... I bet the new System Defender is going to be really good!
Waddle on CP!



and i know a great agent his name is dpl12


This is cool I can't wait! thank you club penguin Team have lots of fun on club penguin!!


I think 123jgb is a really kind EPF agent. She is really nice and is always helping others. When nobody else would send me a EPF postcard 123jgb did. 123jgb is a really nice EPF member and friend.

Waddle on CP


I Think I Pick Ninasky She Is Nice And The Perfect Epf Girl! And I Vote For Her Cause Shes A Wonderful Agent! And Shes A Great Friend And We Have Doing Missions And Doing System Defender Also we have been defeating herbert and the tickky crab they are the worst CP ROCKS Love U! P.S Please Pick Me !


I have not one, but two penguins to nominate. Husky2006 and AquaSlushie, these two elite agents are known to be helpful in cp and Husky2006 is always on missions, AquaSlushie is commonly found searching the island for field ops, both are always ready and prepared to help the island. You guys are great agents and some great friends and I hope you keep up your awesome work as agents!!!! :D

-RMC (also known as Penguistic!!!)

W D L O P N U N !


Hi cp the best ageent that i think is Redbeard3457 he always completes his missions and helps me with mine sometimes he is great if anybody deserves the 10,000 coins its Redbeard3457


I love system defender! I have all the stamps. So I get double coins :).Making sure the island is safe from bad animals like Herbert and with his partner Kludzy!!THE EPF ROCKS!!AND WADDLE ON CP! YOUR THE BOMB! ;-)
BTW never got posted! and my name is Sparkle2124!


i would like to nominate myself and my friend morrgie3 for playing system defender


Hi, the agent I think has been above and behond is Miley4755. She is like a leader of the Penguin Force. She always works as a team and she never gives up. She used to be PSA too! She was there when the PSA EXPLODED with popcorn! Ever since she has been more determined to fight Herbert. That is why she is my nominy for best agent and BEST friend.


- AGENTS ONLY! - the penguin i believe has gone beyond her/his call is Safety Pal11. This penguin never stops trying to do a field op and he never asks for help unless he truly needs it. i also sometimes see his black puffle coming along too! He also helps other penguins that are having trouble locating where the field op is! He's honest and the thing i like is he's not serious! He's funny and a good friend! :) WADDLE ON CP!


i think jet pack guy is a good agent he always is perpared with is jet pack and one time when i was testing a gaget for gary i got traped in the wild then jet pack guy came and saved me.thx jet pack guy. waddle on cp


I'm BFF'S with od girly in clubpenguin and real life and i think she plays games and does field ops she's a great friend and i nominate her. She's a great friend


I have a friend named jakiechan16 he is very nice and he works so hard to keep the island safe one time he said to me do you know were the new field op and he asks me when ever im on and hes on and when ever theres a new field op! thats alot of times


I know I already posted something, but after I really thought about it I really think Agentman7 should. He is on almost all day.:) He also loves solving mysteries and keeping the island safe. WADDLE ON CP!


The following message is for Elite Agents only.
The most awesome agent ever is Doodlebop119. Doodlebop119 TOTALLY deserves it, even if you think it's just some regular penguin. Doodlebop119 would LUV THE COINS.


i would say samuelti because he has many of the badges of the missions and system defender ! he is a good agent and friend !
he is great ! he helps find pinz field op locations ect.


I personally think you should nominate my friend Soapy530 because shes been a agent for so long and she loves to keep clubpenguin safe! I also think you should nominate Soapy530 is because she wants to stop Hebert P bear and klutzy! She is also excited about the new system deffender cause she thinks it will help out more penguins everyday by protecting our island!

Thankyou for reading this! ?


Im not trying to brag but I think i make a pretty good agent. I have all the system defender stamps so far all the psa awards and ive finished both the DS games! I try to make sure I dont miss a field op and look around for new penguins to recrute in my free time. My favorite outfit is my look featuring Flare the elite puffle because he is cool and quiet. To sum it up I love being an agent and work hard to be the best one I can be!
Waddle On CP and all you EPF agents!
(P.S. Please post this!)


I think blueiceky and i anikan130 are top agents because, we have not missed a single medal.


i cant wait for the new level on sytem defender its going 2 be cool




cool i cant wait untill the party its gonna be extreamly fun!!!
i rememberd i had that idea for the penguin games and a beta party so i will like thoes too!
P.S please post ive never bin posted before


I vote cally68680 because he always gets me stamps and he helps me with missions and field ops sometimes rock on CP


I think most penguins that are very good at being an EPF. They are doing a very good job at what their doing. I'm an EPF and some missions can be hard. Like I say " If you like something you must never quit, even if it is hard". Now if your an EPF I say if you get stuck on a mission ask other EPF penguins. You could even come up into a team, and help each others. Waddle On CP and EPF penguins.


i would have to say... my sister and my best friend: Conily12! She worked day and night to protect the PSA and now she is working just as hard to protect the EPF! and so am i.








Hey CP Team! I Think When Your A EPF You Do Your Duty And Protect The Island From HERBERT! Get Him Out Of Our Systems Along With Kultzy, Test Bots, And PROBOT! But Whos This New Villan? And What Are They? I Hope They Arnt To Hard To Defeat!

Big Blue H2o:

My buddy Matthew722.He goes beyond and above to help me and other friends.He cheers me up and I know I can trust him.Matthew if you see thisYour rock and thank you for all of the times youve helped me!
Waddle On,
Big Blue H2o


You guyz should give my friend Icy7644 the 10,000 coins because he's really nice and we teamed up to stop Herbert a lot of times!!!
PS. Plz post me I have neva been posted before!!
PPS.He loooves playing system defender a ton!


My agent that inspired me joining the orginization is Dot.She's master of disguise,our best detective,and shes beyond call of duty with skills,strategy,and technolegy.she rocks!!!!!!!


I think Eep should be awarded he always helps out the agency and helps new penguins, Or new ones who want some help!

nikki bluepants:

my buddy wintergabby is the best agent in my opinion. he is the nicest, most helpful, and intellegent penguin. he turned a sad penguin with no friends into someone with 100 friends. this is why i nomonate him.


Well im Agent Fuzzy52783 and i have gone on a LOT of missions as an agent! But my FAVORITE mission was when Herbert attacked and almost DESTROYED the EPF! But us agents were able to stop him with our super awesome smart skills! It was so FUN, AWESOME and EPIC! Well waddle on penguins. And Agents rember this, Be Resourceful, Be Remarkble, Be Ready!


hmm,i've seen many agents around these places,but i can not decide,all of these penguins are very good agents,so id have to say everyone that will always be at the call of help! I hope some of you agree with me! (ps. plz pst my dear moderators)

Alex4221 0:

Hi CP, I would like to nominate my friend Sarapurple20 because she LOVES being an agent and she is always trying to find the field ops and is always helping others find them! Thanks!


P.S. please post I have never been posted


I know an agent that has saved the island from numerus things his this agent is very classifide of info I tell you but he'll let me say his name. Agent Cdscratch4 is very protective of the penguins on Club Penguin! He stops Herbert all the time sorry our connection is......... Breaking...... up.... I am Cdscratch4 and I approve this messege.. ZZT


how do i be a secrent agent.


I want to nominate Petyuri she is a Top EPF agent to me she does everything for cp. She always does meetings for the agents, so that they can discuss whats going on in EPF news. When there is a mission she always completes and helps other people complete the mission and field ops. WHen someone is new to CP she always shows them around and help make new friends. She is such a great penguin.

Waddle on CP:)


epf rules


Well I have been keeping the island save Top Secret: Me and several other agents are teaming up to catch Herbert. Keep up the great work agents!


Wow! that sounds great! cant wait for system defender! the agent i would noiminate without a doubt would be bbalyboy595. everytime he goes on cp its right to the epf and no where else. hes a fun person and likes to have fun but duty comes first and hes very serious about how he handles his comm unit on epf. WADDLE ON CP!!!!


I suggest marisol1495. We are bffs in real life and once she saw a penguin sad. So she said whats rong. the penguin had a birthday and nobody would add her as a friend because she wasn't a member. Marisol1495 is a member so she made her igloo look amazing and made a birthday party for her. And everyone was her friend now! Please give her 10,000 coins!


My bpp (Best Penguin Pal) Aquarools, is the only agent that I know that has completed ever co-op and mission from the psa! she is my hero!

legolover 85:

well, i like to think of myself as a great agent, but i would have to say Gary the gadget guy.

Massett Boy:

Well i think that Bigeeee8 is a really good agent and should be recognized for all his work for the EPF. I'v seen him lead meetings to find herbert. And when herbert tried to flood the island he led everyone he could to the boiler room to be safe. Not only that but he does a lot of feild ops and has completed all the missions. Waddle on CP


I vote in G he makes all the tools

Mocha Mist:

Hey CP!! Mocha here I am here to nominate my best friend Wachadoo. Wachadoo is always watching out for Herbert! She is a very nice penguin she helps anyone who needs help! One time, a new penguin came in and said "I need some more coins were can i get them?" Wachadoo really helped her. Please pick and give Wachadoo the 10,000 coins. She deserves it! Thanks Guys!! Waddle on!


I think adamkelly10 is the best he always helping me with everything like getting stamps and he can't wait for the new system defender! ROCK ON CP!


my friend crinsmin man has done every mission and got every extra reward he even has herberts revenge.he's the one who helped me with cp. i hope he wins!

peteor pan:

Ide say me but not just because i want credit but because i spend most of my time on cp informing agent of herberts latest plans that i find out about and doing field ops and protect the EPF from unprovoked atacks from robbers.Well i spend tjust about all my other time on cp training and looking for clues of herbert and klutsy atacking the EPF.


An agent that has gone above and beyond their agent work is EPF agrnt cakeykinz because he has helped others discover their agent agent talent. He has also exceeded his 50 EPF medals. And just always save the island from Herbert and Klutzy. Cakeykinz has gone above and beyond his duties.


i nominate kj800 he teachs other penguin touse there item and make sure that nobdy say any mean word he keep the island safe


I have to say that everyone is my favorite agent but the best one I think is Great Skates because he is the best friend everywhere and in real life. he is the 1# agent in B.F.A. (Best Friends Agency)


How does ur black puffle get a blue head gear please help me


Annalina3 is one of the best agents I know! She keeps the island safe and sound by waddling around and making sure everyone is happy and safe, and making friends with anyone who's sad or lonely! Plus, she's the first one to the HQ if Herbert tries to do anything.


The way I Really try to keep the island safe Is When Herbert comes I Get People and We save clubpenguin! p.s Please Please Post Me I Am Never Posted...


I am exellent at S D! I think Im a top EPF agent


I think the best agent are all of the agents in cp because we protect cp in many different and same ways!]


i think crinsmin man should win!he has herberts revenge and did every mission with the extra rewards!he once helped out a penguin that was new too cp and taught him some secrets,all the basics and about puffles ! he even helped me pick out my puffle!I really think he should win:)


I vote my buddy Twilight7063 for going above and beyond the call of duty. She was on a chase of a polar bear that WASNT Herbert.....long story.........
She thought " OMIGOSH!!!!! ITS HERBERT!!!!!!" and chased rite after him!!!! She evntualy caught him, and figured out it was just a penguin. Even though it wasent the notorious Herbert, She did her part on trying to save Club Penguin from Herberts wrath!!!!


pirate rock1 she does love the epf agency she always wanted to be a spy and then she found out about the EPF! she knew she had to join so she did, now she's trying her hardest to earn more epf medals she loves it and if it werent for you guys she wouldnt have been rockin the spy life so i beg you to plzzzzzz give her the 10,000 coins

Fi Fi P:

One top elite agent I know is Glowie P.She is always helping me and other elite agents with missions.You should give her the 10,000 coins because she is the best Top Elite Agent Ever!!!

aqua octagon:

i havent been a epf angent for a long time only about 7 months because i met someone named Zane i very nice penguin me and him work to together Were friends forever thats why u should do him thanks I hope u post this

Cj Luke:

Snowy White is an EPF agent that went up and beyond the call of duty. One time, a battle between agents and ninjas was going on, and along with my help, we stopped the battle by giving the ninjas pizza coupons to the Pizza Parlor! We have also done many things, like made inventions for when your flippers get sticky from spreading jam on toast!


Wow! I can't wait!!!!! I vote for evey single agent out there no matter who you are!!


In The EPF you get do cool missions have spy phone have a gadget and save club penguin from Herbert and cuddly have a suit and have a directer and intellects .


I was with my friend tinyshadow4 and he helped me thru alot of the field ops all the other agents stuff. if you ever see him try to be a friend with he is super good agent.


My friend Firewaldo is an awesome agent.He is always helping keep the island safe.He goes on missions to try and stop herbert from taking over the island.He always does the field ops and never gives up.My friend Firewaldo is the best Elite Agent there is.I think you should nominate him for the best elite agent there is.


Hi i love system defender one of my elite buddys is Paolo13 he is aweome. pls post ive never been posted


We have to destroy herbert and his sidekick. Befor he desroies ClubPenguin

Jonah Simm:

I would like to nominate Puger1243, for always lettig me know about penguin robberies, and always being on the job 24/7


im very excited i can't wait for the next level
i hope Club Penguin will be safe and happy


Wicked Duck:

Hey! I love club penguin, and my buddy Darian124 has been doing a great job at being an epf agent, she rocks at system defender, missions, games on cp (almost every one of them!) and she ROCKS at Field Ops, she always helps me out with them, shes a great friend and epf agent, she is my best friend on cp and whenever we see each other, we share good laugh!


Hi CP! I think my friend Flippitydo is a great agent! She always completes most if not all the field ops, and she is always there to help me with mine. She has completed all the missions faster than I could even complete one. But she always helped me. If a penguin is sad she is always there to comfort them (and she adds them as a friend). She is always trying to complete all the levels in system defender.
waddle on cp!


I Think Sally Wigie is really nice she looks out for the island seeing if herbert is coming around she looks for protobots if there going to attack I think she's the best agent there is shes very kind she adds people she dosent know in makes other penguins feel better she's a true friend to have and the best agent waddle on cp!


I Totally the best and hardest working EPF Agent would be cupcake94361 because she is always working on finshing missions or field ops ! And sometimes she even helps me !! thats why i think cupcake94361 IS the bet EPF Agent !! WADDLE ON CP !!!!


HELLO!! im love23235.... i am i EPF agent on cp aka club penguin... i have done every single mission and suceeded! i have done all the field ops missions to.... well the ones you gave us have all been done... i do my best to keep this island safe and stop herbert from taking over club penguin of course!! WADDLE ON PENGUINS AND ALL AGENTS!!! by: love23235


When it comes out I will be so so so so happy system defender is my favorite game on club penguin it is an awesome game!




Hey CP.
What I do that makes me be a great agent, is that if someone is having trouble with a puzzle for a party I put on my Elite gear and ask all the penguins if they need help with it, and if they say yes then I help them.
And I never had a penguin that didn't say Thank You!


I think my buddy stita should win she has completed all the missions shes the best at system defender I have ever seen and she reports penguins that break any of the rules.


I nominate Thomas212. He Is a great Friend He Does His Dutys and makes club penguin the island great! If someone needs help he helps them. Thomas212 has been my friend for a long time for all that time he hasent been mean to not even one penguin. He helps me get into spirtit of parties. he always has a pirate costume on if its the adventure party! He will do anything for the Epf! I wish everyone was like him! Thats Why I notimnate Thomas212!


I would like to nominate my brother Joe5743. He has always cheered me up if im sad. He never lets people down. He's the light of clubpenguin in my opinion. I've always wanted to help him. He's just a great friend. When one of my friends lost a puffle he cheered him up by helping him on games to get coins i really think he should get the coins.
P.S. please post ive only been posted once.


hello i have to tell u i remember when herbert attacked us i played over and over again until BOOOMMMM it ecploded i looked for herbert and then i saw him with kluzty he was ok i also remember all the missions i was looking and looking and looking the missing coins was fun


Dear Club penguin I think that superspygreg should have the coins he's so helpful and kind and very very friendly please give the coins to him


P.S please give him please
P.S.S PLEASE post this massage CP rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like being in the epf my favorite part about epf is the field ops and G because he keeps EPF together.

Wicked Duck:

Hey CP! I think Darian124 should recieve 10,000 coins because, she is a great friend/EPF agent, she always helps with field Ops, she rocks at practiclly all the games on cp!!!!! shes a great friend! thanks!


I would say Pink Rose490. She finished ALL the missions and the secret tasks!! She knows when a real mission on CP pops up, and she can relate real life to missions in ways I never would have thought of! She is the most skillful agent I know, and reminds me, in many ways, of Agent D. She was the one who told me about Club Penguin. Without Pink Rose490 protecting us, Club Penguin just wouldn't be the same!!
Please Take my Nomination, because she deserves this!!

Star Nado:

I think I have been really helpful because i always help penguins that are lost or sad or lonely. If something is wrong with anything, i try really hard to help by doing whatever I can.
Waddle on CP!


New level of Sytem Defender? Sweet! I'm so excited about what it's going to be like.


I vote for kris7125


i think collete 4 should be it shes nice she even showed me how to be a agent. i hope she will be picked plz pick her she be so happy.
kathryn2337 ps ill be graetfull if u pick me thx


i think superdjbro my buddy i a awesome epf agent becouse when i was feeling sad he aksed me whats wong so i told him and he became my buddy


Hi Cp! One of the best agents I know is Charlie 1177. He always tries is best in completing levels in system Defender. He never gives up and always tries to cheer penguins up. He Checks everyday for new fields-ops and searches the whole island to find it and help others do it too. Charlie 1177 is the best secret agent I know!


I would say that swim17 is a top agent as she always becomes friends with the people that wouldnt get the same experience as a penguin with membership. Her penguin personality is mostly like her natural personality when she is not on cp, and i would know as we are the best of friends on cp and off cp. Pick swim17 for top agent she would love that! WADDLE ON CP!


sup clubpenguin? i love system deffender and im soooo exited for the new level coming out at the end of this week!! about the agent i think my buddy blossompiggy should get the award cuz she is alawys particapating in epf things and hangs with her agent buddys!please let blossompiggy get the award i know she will thank you sooooo much


hi i vote sweetybell2 shes a rly nice person when i started cp i had no friends but she was my friendshe awesomme


My buddy Cool55086 is the best agent I know! He likes to make up missions with me and we go around the island trying to solve them!


ill pick hollybirdo1 she cumpletes evrething that i cant!


Whats up Billybob i think my friend Abby26367 is a great agent.She is one of best friends in real life.when i go to her house we solve missions
together a lot of times she finishes a mission that i havent done and then she will help me.


Easy question. Sweetybell2 rules

ghin 1:

my faviorte thing about system defender are the cannons and stamps because the stamps make it a challenge and the cannons are awesome! rock on cp


my buddy A241 is the best. she always gives tours to new penguins, and every time she sees a penguin that look sad she waddles right up to them and asks them to be her friend. she's actually the first friend i ever got! she is always helping out around Club Penguin, and she definetly deserves those coins! Waddle On CP!





I say that my bff Ruff41375 is the best she's always there for me and everyone else


Hi my sister is a great influence to a lot of great penguins she is fun nice and always is caring when anybody needs help on club penguin she helps them. if anyone is lost then she helps them. and of course if anyone needs help to become and angent or already is one and they need help she helps them! i luv my sis she is so great! plz post this she would love to have the money! :) my sisters name:berkleycore


Dear Club Penguin, I am very excited to play the new System Defender. I know a penguin who caught another penguin saying something mean. He comfronted the penguin and told her it was wrong to say a mean thing. I became his friend for speaking up. The penguin ended up saying sorry and went away.


Well Id like to nomiante my friend PixelKing because we alway work togehter to solve cases and he makes up really good plans and hes the one that recurted me and i think he deserves the money also because if thers a bad guy he doesnt tackle him like other penguins do but tells them to stop and things like that and six times it worked!!!!1

Waddle On Cp!!!!!!

Kittys R 1:

I think I am an awesome EPF agent for a lot of reasons. I always help new agents with the field-ops whenever they ask! I recruit lots of awesome agents! I have completed all the PSA missions without any help! I finish all the field-ops I see! I completed the test on the first try! That is why I am an awesome agent. -Kittys R 1

Valiance 609:

I would say Rayquaza153 is probably a great agent because when ever i need him he is there for me.
He is an amazing agent oops! said too much all ready. Want to keep things secret so WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! vALIANCE 609 OUT!


hi clubpenguin, my friend blossompiggy is a really nice,member,agent,friend. so once i logg on and i see her and a nonmember is sad so she goes and asks whats rong and he says he has no buddies so blossompiggy add him and they play togher and he is happy so she should win!im super exited for system defender and hope i can beat it


hello cp team my friend spark95151 be is the agent ever! he help where the field ops are! one a penguin did not know about hidden items the penguin was sad because everyone in room had a hidden item! so my friend spark told him where hidden items are that mas his friend another day spark saw a penguin alone in the music jam party he was a non memeber he was new to cp so me and spark told him about cp i think spark95151 sould be the best agent! WADDLE ON CP TEAM


Hedgy boy:

I think that Kittybird12 should get it because she has helped so many penguins that i lost count! She did all the missions and field opps and she finished before me (and I'm pretty fast). She's also kept it a secret the whole time shes been on. Waddle on Club Penguin!!! From Hedgy Boy.


There IS Lots OF Penguins That Made Club Penguin Much Secure And I Think I Cant Mention Only One Because It Won't Be Fair But Still I Want To Thank Gary The Gadget Guy For The Amazing Idea Of The Great Snow Race .
Well I Think Manny138 Should Win He Is An Amazing Agent


Scout1204 is the best agent!!!!!!! She even had a feeling that Herbert was gonna use the hydro bots before it even came out!!!!!!!
She should get it!!!!! She is very nice. Please give her the reward.


I think im a good agent because i have almost every stamp on system defender. I am so excited for the new level!!!
WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( Never posted before!)


i vote A241 she is so helpful she helped me get in the EPF and is always working to keep the island safe. she's been an agent since the moment you could be one (including the PSA!) and she works so hard and sometimes helps me through my missions when i'm stuck. she's the best so please make her the winner!


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