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By Billybob on September 12, 2011 - 22:19
Hello Penguins!

Thanks for all your great comments during our last Reviewed by You! It was fun to read all the different things you'd come up with if you were making an app. Here's an app thought would be cool:

Well... If I were to make my own app it will be about like a detective solving games. So there would be like little hidden notes or fingerprints on the screen. You'll also get to design your detective. Also there will be some training for your detective to unlock levels, the training levels are like little mini games.
P.S. Waddle on CP!!!!

Great idea. Waddle on, Ruby72527!

blog_110912.jpgLast week we announced that we're releasing Puffle Launch as a mobile app on September 15. So we thought it would be good to ask for your best tips and tricks! What advice would you give someone who hasn't played Puffle Launch before?

Write your review as a short comment (50-75 words, please!) We'll pick one comment to feature in next week's Reviewed By You. If your review is featured next week, we'll add 10,000 coins to your account. Don't forget to use your penguin name so we can add the coins!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team 



well i think they should look back everywhere so the color's is purple aim any where you want blue it does it by it self. green move's to side's and red move's very fast so watch. so that's my tip

P.S please post never ever been posted thank you.




when you play always remember that the red canons shoot you to a different canon green canons give you ways to shoot blue cannons spin you and you can choose any directionand the yellow means if you fall you will go back to the yellow canon

P.S waddle on CP


And another good tip is try and get all the puffle Os in the level to increase the more coins your get,and also the more puffle Os you get the better chance youve got the build a puffle launch cannon in your igloo!


Awesome cp



I think you should be able to do frontflips/backflips because you Would earn more points wich = more money




The slow motion cannons in the box dimension levels are awesome! You can control your puffle in slow motion for a better chance of collecting puffle Os.

cute 11 s:

we could tell them some secrets in puffle launch and even tell them the advance instructions

liam white 1:

that would be a good idea and im going to buy it!!


The more puffle Os you collect will increase your coins and a better chance of building the cannons!

1 widdle:

The best trick i have done is aloop the loop!

please post i have never been posted before.

waddle on cp!!


i cant wait to download it


All you new penguins out there, I'm giving you some tips on the game Puffle Launch. Well my best tip is always keep an eye on where the green launchers are going because there mght be some extra Puffle O's for you to get so you can have a complete AWESOME, GOLDEN PUFFLE O!!!
My Penguin Name: KatsieJ


plz could u put in 3d glasses and the black hoodie also some old club penguin items because there cool thx


The game is about collecting rings,jump in cannons and going to the ring goal. If you would like to be perfect do good timing because this is a game of focus. Use the spacebar to go to one cannon to another and the arrows on the keyboard lets you glide where you want to go when jumping/flying. I hope this helped.

Diva dj:

Well this is very good because it will give me help on puffle launch. I'm not very good on puffle launch myself! It's confusing to me. But I hope other people have good ideas. Everybody plays games differently you know!


Well it is.........SO FUN!My advice is that you should try it and firstly get a puffle before you play.

Waddle on CP


Well my advice to is to play it :D



WOW! awesome cp!

club sam56:

well i woud say wen it starts pick your puffle and starts now get all the puffle os and to get to the next level you must get the big puffle o what and you will get points to build a puffle canon and you can put in your igloo!


Well im not really good at puffle launch here are some tips first when you just started playing the game press the spacebar to get ready and be careful dont shot too quick! or the red puffle will fall in the water watch when the grey thing turns around your puffle is in the grey thing try to shot where it is gonna get your puffle in the grey things waddle on cp! P.S never been post before

club sam56:

my penguin name is club sam56


i think that they should know its to reach the goal of the huge puffle o and you got to defeat klutzy in the apple version of the game thank you club penguin for this awesome review xD please post and comment on this because i have never been posted


My Tricks is to Focus and Go the Right Direction. Keep your eyes on the Puffle.
P.S please Post this i have never been posted!


i havent played puffle launch before but u should do the same tricks in cart surfer.


I would give them a demonstration by doing one level and teaching them the main points. I would also show them how to fight Klutzy and how to get Puffle-O's to finish parts of the cannon. Best fishes! ~ Justin78596 :D


I think on this Game "Puffle Launch" we can add this trick that I came out with. You can press Enter shift which could make a puffle spin.Press D then T which stand for Dance Trick it could move its body And you Earn 100 points.

WADDLE ON Club penguin!

Hei Hei7:

Whoa, that is so cool. U guys rock!!! Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. please post this comment because my comments never get posted

From Hei Hei7

gillard 8:

Puffle Launch is divided into 3 categories: Blue Sky, Soda Sunset and Box Dimension. Each of them containing 12 levels which you must unlock one-by-one as you play. Blue Sky is the only category available to Non-Members, though.
Once you’ve collected a certain number of Puffle O’s, you unlock a part of “The Cannon”. After you’ve collected all the parts to the cannon, you will have finished building The Cannon.


This game requires both tactics and co-ordination so if your good at puzzles this is the game for you!! P.S can i be posted i havn't before =)


My advice for the people who have not played Puffle Launch yet is this ;
Its an awesome game and i'm pretty sure you will like it, It is quite tricky, You need skills to master the game but as i played more i got better and better So... What are you waiting for? Try it out!


Keep waddlin' Penguinz ;D


If i had some tricks it would be a teleport launch where you teleport and the other one i think would be talent rocket where the puffle you use can use its power. ps waddle on CP!!!! by voldemort 232

Hot Feet2:

My advice for Puffle Launch is to be quick and concentrate where your puffle is because you never know where the puffle will be. Lastly, practice the same level and others before mobile app :P. Wait, there's more!...Waddle on :D!


Well that,s cool Ruby72527 if you did make it ill buy it as soon as its out


wow this will rock. i will tell a person that the game rocks! and ill teach him how to play

plz never been posted :)



Well that,s cool Ruby72527 if you did make it ill buy it as soon as its out
P.S Waddle On Club Penguin!


My advice would be to make sure you check every possible route when being shot out of the cannon.
You never know where those Puffle-Os could be hiding!
And also, always look around the screen as your playing. You could spot some secret Puffle-O's!
Have fun playing Puffle Launch guys. :D


never leave a puffle o behind and some may be hidden and do not forget to practice


well the tip I would give to a new penguin on club penguin would be try to get all the puffle O's and HAVE FUN!!! oh and I would tell them try to use a different puffle each time

P.S my penguin name is Awesome1801.
Waddle on cp, yeah!


I would give them advice for things like, how to control the puffle or how different cannons can do different things 22 and how to defeat the boss crab. I would30 also tell them about the puffle o's and how they give you coins witch you can cet items from!

-seanybair (p.s please post i hav never been posted before)

Jumbo Prize:

Hi Billy Bob and all other penguins,
WOW what a great idea, well my tip would be just experiment to find all of the puffle O's. There is no time limit and you can't run out of time so take all of the chances you can to get the best score and the ultimate prize.

Jumbo Prize


Ruby72527 waddle on cp p.s please post!


Hi beginners, have you play Puffle launch on Disney Club Penguin? It's a totally awesome game! You should try to play it, you can use Left and right to control your puffle. Blue cannons are static, they can't be moved or controlled and you will launched away when touching it. The green ones can move and use your spacebar to launch, The blue ones can be rotated with arrow keys. You can find out more! just play Puffle launch in Disney Club penguin!


All you have to do is press space bar to launch and the side arrows to control your puffle. The ONLY other time you use the side arrows is when you are on the PURPLE cannon then you use it to aim. Don't worry it's easy when you get to do it. :) WADDLE ON CP!


Well... I would say to them to take it easy, because it is a game that involves patience, quick thinking and stradegy. I would give them some gaming tips and advice on how to beat the game. One thing that I learnt playing puffle launch is that you need to have quick reflexes. I'm no Puffle Launch expert but the one tip that would always give is... NEVER GIVE UP!


the vidio was awsome!!! hey you darvel go get em WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow i really wanna play it
ps please post


Well I think of you haven't played puffle launch before this is my advice stay focused and you always need a lot of perseverance. Try to get as many puffle O's as possible. Puffle O's are the orange circle things that you find oh and try to brain wave exactly what you are going to do as it does get difficult



well the best advice id give someone would be to make sure you dont miss puffle os because puffle os give you coins every puffle o is worth one coin waddle on cp


Hey CP!! Well its not that hard all you have to do is try and collect all the puffle o's and also make it to the finish line and collect all the rocket pieces!! so for people that dont really know its really pretty easy!!!


Here's a good Puffle Launch tip: Look everywhere. If you want to collect all the Puffle O's in a level, you have to keep an eye out for secrets. I know one of the Blue Skies levels that has O Berries beyond the goal! Keep your eyes peeled, that's my advice!
Waddle on, CP!


Always stay in sight of cannons and those delicious puffle o's they keep you in track.
Waddle on CP!


My Advice for people who haven't played before ? Well that's easy ! Practice , Practice and Practice ! It you keep doing it you might one day be the best puffle launch player in the world !


My advice to somebody who hasent played puffle launch before is that they should get that app, it is a changeing game but super fun at the same time. When I get more Itunes cards im so buying it to show my friends!

andy law4:

so its it free on the iphone? please reply

Yahiko Saru:

Dear club penguin an easy trick to master would be stoping youre puffle if you want to stop youre puffle going right press the button left it can be a little hard to master but when you learn how to stop youre puffle you can pass all of the levels :) -never been posted


well this is an idea so what if you meet Gary the Gaget guyup in the air then it puases the game so he can give you tips about how to play and what cool moves there is and how to do them!


Remember, During a boss level, you usually have to defeat a flying machine. Instead of hitting it from the bottom or the sides, you hit it from the top so gravity pulls your puffle down and allows you to do two or even three or even four hits in a row!


Well, i wouldn't have many tricks but i would surely say don't rush a lot as there might be traps for you to fall into like a cannon would be moving and you press space too quickly in the rush to finish.

P.S. I think this new app would be great fun, WADDLE ON CP!


I would tell someone that the objective of the game was to shoot the puffle out of cannons and collect puffle-o's. I would tell then to press the space bar to shoot puffles and score points. I'd say that you can move the puffle using the arrow keys. Notes to the person are cannons can move and there are obstacles that can bounce puffles back of them. Then say that the rest will be explained.




My advice is to never give up if your keep losing in the game because most games some people give up so my advice is to never give up waddle on cp.


ok so the to high to reach places press the left if the object is in that direction or press right if the objerct is on that side this ushually helps some times it fails

java coffiee:

thats cool i agree with ruby72527


well i think a trick my puffle should do is to spin around in circles then twist into a cannon
and that trick whould be done by holding two arrow keys at once!
whouldnt that be kinda cool?!
sincerly, lilycp2002


ps plz post


I would tell them, follow the path of the puffle o's and to never give up on getting to the finish.

Waddle on!


it would be to follow the puffle o's so you can clear that level be cause all the puffle o's lead to the giant ring


Hi i would tell them about soda sunset how tomove out of cannons how to steer and how do deafeat the crab boss, waddle on CP! P.S i never been posted


Cool i can't wait for Puffle Launch!!! I love this game!
P.S never been posted so please post this


my advice is to not give up keep playing and if it gets to hard then just dont get the puffle o's.

tarpon sun:

hi here is what i would say to give advice,''first head to the pet shop and click the cannnon and press yes, next you chouse a puflle to use, then use your spacebar to launch your puffle away and collect puffle os.Also i will tell you what the cannons do,GREEN:goes on differnt sides for you to shoot,BLUEshoots your puffle right when it gets in,RED moves around,PURPLE:you move it


i love this ida thxs for telling use by ........


Still getting it


im exited! for the app my best advise is to be patient before you launch your puffle



PS.ive never been posted plz post


Awesome Idea!


Some advice for puffle launch is that the blue cannons shoot for you, the green cannon you have to shoot by pressing the space bar. The purple cannon you can move and shoot by moving use the arrow keys and shooting out of the purple cannon is space bar. The red cannon moves for you but you have to shoot it by pressing spacebar.


p.s. Waddle
on cp



Mary R0se:

this is super cool plz post this i've never been posted

rad rider2:

Well, the BEST advice i could give someone is follow the O' berries and you won't get lost!



If you haven't played puffle launch before, here are some tips to help you...
- Don't stress, playing games for the first time is hard, but don't give up and walk away the first time.
- Be careful, there are lots of obsticals that try to stop you from completing the game, but try to evade them, and you'll do just fine.

Good Luck




My advice is to ask help from your parents, friends or then just watch tutorials :)

Ps: please post and will this ever be released to Android?


If I could give advice to someone who hasnt played puffle launch before i would tell to collect every single O-Berry that they can. I would also tell them that if you own some puffles you can use them instead of the red one. But most of all i would tell them that when they see the crab boss to go all out on him and save the O-Berry's. That is what I would tell them.


this is cool plz post me i have never been posted


Hello my penguin name is juna889 and if i would give advice to someone who hasn't played Puffle Launch before its would be that always keep an eye out for hidden berries, have a good control over your puffle, have a great timing for launching canons and practice and practice and do more practice.
P.S WADDLE ON and please POST ME i never get posted.


Since I'm on time trial mode of Puffle Launch, I have to do lots of tricks to beat each level in the shortest time possible! So I know lots of great tricks!


My advice to give to someone who hasn't played Puffle Launch before is to watch the trailer and just try it. Be yourself take chances, shortcuts risks... AND DESTROY THAT EVIL CRAB!


i think a trick would be you can blow a gum bubble so when you use it you can skip to another cannon but you can onlu use it 2x per level


I Would explain to them to press the spacebar and Shoot The Puffle!
Then I would tell them to use the arrow keys to bump into objects.
We would play together and teaching at the same time:)




I would tell them that its an agervating game sometimes. But when things go wrong just hit an errow so that the error will go away. It works on
other games too! Like Auqua Grabber, Cart Surfer, and the regular surfing game ( located at the cove! ) These games can be very hard.
So i wish you good luck! I hope your gaming expeiriences goes well!
- That fruit ninja in the corner who chopped my smoothie for no reason


I would tell them to press the space bar when the cannons are right where they should be and have Lots of fun


p.s please post this i never posted before

jóli 11:

use the UP DOWN LEFT RIGHT arrows to move your puffle


If it was someone's first time playing Puffle Launch then I would tell them to be fast and just read the signs, they teach you how to play the game!


I cant wait Im going play all day, but my advice to people who haven't played yet would be always try your best and never give up on a level!
And P.S. Waddle On CP !


Well... One of my best tricks is to always go for the big firey Puffle O Berry because it gets you to finish the level with the level AWSOME!
Another one of my best tricks is I think you should choose the red puffle because its really good at going and shooting in cannons. I also think that a good tip is to let the Puffle get the O berries.

P.S. Waddle On Cp!


This isn't about the reviewed by you, but I had an idea. You could make tricks in Puffle Launch for when you're in the air and those get you extra points. For instance, you press A and B at the same time and your puffle spins. Hope this helps!

Waddle on!


I think the best thing for people that haven't played yet is how to play. Well it is easy you just launch the puffle through every canon and collect the puffle O's. Puffle O's are food for puffles. The more Puffle O's you collect the more cannons you will build. I think one trick is to steer and another one is go back and try again to get the Puffle O's.

The end,


dear cp youre AWESOME
love jubille ps waddle on cp

ice queen 29:

i have a few quesfions about puffle lanch. can i get coins and transfer them to my internet accont? how many levels is there? and can i use my puffles? thanks cp


I would give this cool advice. Whenever you make a mistake in the cannons and fall in the first level you can pass back and forth for awhile then lauch you puffle. Cool right?


i think that is a great idea!!!!!!!!! waddle on!!!!!!!!


I think the best thing for people that haven't played yet is how to play. Well it is easy you just launch the puffle through every canon and collect the puffle O's. Puffle O's are food for puffles. The more Puffle O's you collect the more cannons you will build. I think one trick is to steer and another one is go back and try again to get the Puffle O's.

The end,


dear fellow freinds who dont know how to play puffle luanch i will explain.

STEP 1. pick your puffle to play with.
STEP 2. now choose the first selection.
STEP 3. now use the arrows to move out of cannons. THE BLUE ONE STAYS STILL. THE GREEN MOVES!
STEP 4. when you see klutzy, destroy his thing-a-ma-bob.

THANKS FOR POSTING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would leave signs around like in the original game. That way first-timers will know what to do.

Nerd 850:

Playing puffle launch is all about timing, aim and quick fingers. Remember that there are different types cannons and they don't all work the same way. Also, cacti and pianos are not always bad, sometimes you can use them to your advantage! Bouncing on balloons can take some practice but once you master this game it can earn you a lot of coins, and a lot of fun! PS: WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!:]

Amy 19987:

I would tell them what the goal is and how to get to it! I think i will explain it right now! The goal is to get all the puffle o's from a greedy crab. You can get to your goal by geting to every puffle o and and get that crab!

Mary R0se:

The first trick is the arrow keys. Use them to move your puffle around. But for the iPod you have to move Your fingers to mve your puffle.That's all I have to say. Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!


when you get to level 7 and your stuck between 2 blue launchers (they launch you right after you get into them) press the side arrow pointing toward the next launcher but when you get to the 3rd launch thing(where it launches you back and forth) don't press the side arrow coming back


I would say to take it slowly in the purple cannons. Don't be in a rush just focused and you will be fine. Also beware of the crab.


My advice would be to take you time and don't give up. It can be frustrating if your puffle won't go where you want, but you just have to remember to take your time. And if you fail a level? That's okay, because you'll definitely learn from your mistakes next time!

club yop:

wow that sounds cool i can wait till it comes out


well i think that the best advice would be that when you click puffle launch you have to have a puffle and ounce you got your puffle choose you favourite one click you puffle and a title screen will pop the first level and the signs will take the rest through bye!!!


super syain2:

Hi I think that's a great idea!And also if they can use it on the ipod then that's great because they can play it if they cant be on the computer they can play puffle launch and earn coin's!P.S. Please post I've never posted once!




Ruby72527 That is a great idea, but I think you should win coins from the detective games to custimse your penguin or transfer them into everything else I love.Rock on C.P.


hello penguins if you read this comment well if you did nevermind then well this is so cool! a puffle launch app is so cool i wish it would come out today!


Well to start off I would tell them all the controls and what the cannons do. Also when in a green cannon don't fire to soon! You might go falling into the water! Learn the pattern of everything BEFORE you fire. Oh and also sometimes you can use the cactus and piano to your advantage! Just make sure you land in a cannon and try to get checkpoints! Waddle on CP!!!!!


nice thats a good idea i wold like to play that on a phone! ps please post iv'e never gotten posted.WADDLE ON RUBBY


hi ya i never done this. always slowly move your puffle NEVER move fastly

DJ Jose 1:

i know that trick plz post i never been posted. plzzzzzzzzzz:) but it is a cool trick

Waddles 0926:

I think that penguins should know that if you go in the second checkpoint and the first checkpoint and fall you will end up in the first checkpoint. From Waddles 0926


I'd suggest a person whose never played puffle launch before to try to get all the puffle o's. If you get enough, you get your own puffle cannon in your igloo. Try your best to bounce straight on the balloons and try to get all of the puffle o's. Plus, I love this game and all the exciting new levels! thanks CP!


i think a good game to make would involve all the mini games on clubpenguin and then you can move on to a missions. that is my idea. From purpley64945


DONT go with the flow i would say for example , use the leftt and right arrow keys to angle your shot

little budd:

well, new players, beware of some rackets which is sometimes tricky


hmmmm some tricks huh ? well i think the way is folow the rules and some tricks is umm uses a purple canon


If i were to make an app it would be Cart Surfing because it is fun.


I would advice the person to try it out and maybe ask him/her to look at the video first. I would also remind him/her to to take note of the bean bags and the shark. Lastly, he/she should also read the instructions, before playing the game.
P.S. Waddle On~ :D


some of the tricks are double flip (When in air press left or right and the puffle will flip) thats all i have today waddle around penguins (-;


What you're supposed to do is swipe your finger across the screen and collect coins while you are in the air, but don't go into the water.

That's what I would say because I have not played Puffle Launch in a while.
I love you cp


HI GUYS THAT IS SO COOL I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PUFFLE LAUCH ITS SO AWSOME I THINK ILL GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ POST ME I NEVER BEEN POSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billy Joe3:

If your'e new to puffle launch, I would just take your time or else you'll mess up. When I first played it, I kept falling because I was rushing myself.


ooo nice Queston but I have a puffle lanch trick.If there was a robotic cannon in blue sky ill turn your puffle into the wellbot and if you reach the crab you can bump into it and then the cab will brak and then youll turn back into a puffle

Kwaka D:

Don't try to bust the crabs floating Aqua Grabber to pieces the first thing you do. Its good to get used to the cannons and the game before you do that.


Some cool things that could change is more boss rounds.I chose this idea because people love a good challenge because you could possibly earn more coins and show herberts parthner klutzy that penguins are the boss. Also I think that penguins puffles cound be able to do a 360 in mid-air and earn puffle o's for it.What would also be fun is to have herbert as a boss with klutzy.


my most useful tip would be just stay on track. because if u don't u might fall out of the track or something. also when you are having trouble beating the crab,hit him and then bounce off of a object and try to hit him again. well, that's all i got,Waddle On!!!!!


Wow! Awsome Job Ruby! That Was An Awsome Idea! Waddle On Cp!


my advice is do the corse twice once to see it once for coins waddle on cp

Rock N Lol:

My favourite puffle launch trick is when u fall down and trurn around yourself!!!

jenna pinky4:

if someone whos new to cp or hasnt played puffle launch id tell them,"You have to work out how to get through all the stuff mand be smart" P. S. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat Pat66:

If i were to give advice to somone about puffle launch it would be.....
Watch out for crabs :)


here is some tips for first time players first in the crab level where the crab takes all your coins keep hitting them and last of my tricks clouds could have stuff in it so watch out.

waddle on cp!!!!!


Hi! I've just started to play puffle launch and I can tell you that IT IS NOT EASY. You need good timing skills, but more than that you need patience and an open mind. I position my finger on the spacebar, so I'm always ready to press. Hope you can come up with your own tricks!


If i were to give advice, i would say to try not to hit the balloons, and TAKE DOWN KLUTZY!


my best trick is the slow mothin on the last boss is hitting the plants
wadlle on cp


My best tips and tricks are that if you are just going in circles, just push the left or right buttons. There is usally something you can land on both sides. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN FANS!!!!

Peep Girl5:

For all you new puffle launch players out there- If you first don't succeed, try try again!

Miss wadel1:

I would say:
you press the space bar to fire cannon and use the arrow keys to move, right makes you go faster, left makes you go slower.

The up and down arrows just move you up or down.
The end of the level is a huge berry that puffles like(Its on fire)Hit it to end the level
At the end of the level you will meet a crab that steals the endding, keep hiting him to get the endding back.

Waddle on


well if someone I knew was on Club penguin and never played it before i would tell them to make sure they steered clear of anything in the path.Also i would tell them there are some cannons that you need to know.There are green that turn after every second red that turns around in circles blue that automaticly shoot you out and purple that you have to you use with your arrow keys.p.s.WADDLE ON!!!!!!


If someone dosen't know how to play puffle launch the could see the signs when their playing a level an the do know how to play puffle launch just by looking at the signs.Isn't that easy to know how to play puffle launch? Well if you say yes then you are right.And my name is coolagent1


cool ;-)


on certaint levels you can cut them insted of doing the whole thing like dont go in the first cannon and steer left you might find a new cannon you wont earn as many coins though


dont put all your effort in the first have to be patient.oh and try your best,good luck!


Red Snow2:

Some advice I have for Puffle Launch is if your puffe gets unpaitent and moves around... don't give up! Always try your best and try again. One more thing... try and get the cannons and the most puffle-os! See everyone in Club Penguin! Bye!


I would say that the different canons serve a different purpose. So my tip would be to memorize the canons and what they do. WADDLE ON CP!!!!


i dont know. my kebord always freaks out when i try to play. i hit the down key.its like im scrolling down :(

boingers1 said:

well i would tell them fist that it is really fun!
then i would tell them the derections to shott the puffle press the space bar to turn it well its in the air press the arrow keys.
and collect pullfe o`s. if it lands in the water you have to start over.
p.s. i have never ever been posted p.s. love club penguin.
until then cp waddle on!



- Love Pennypal99


If you haven't played puffle launch, you are missing out big time! Puffle launch is very fun, but sometimes challenging. First, pick your puffle! Then, click on which level you want to play. Your puffle will drop and land in a cannon. Then, you click what canon you want to go to next! Last, keep going until you reach the end! Waddle on CP!!

georg kul:

this is so cool waddle on cp PS i have never been posted so plz post me


id say i would help them out to make sure they know

waddle on!


Well,when you get to the crab you must launch your puffle at him about three times withoout falling.Good luck! P.S. I am downloading Puffle Launch for sure! P.S. plz post this I have never been posted!

Kittys R 1:

Puffle launch is a pretty simple game thought some levels are very hard. I would say level 8 is where things really get difficult. I am still stuck on that! On one level you try to get the puffle in somewhere else while it is moving. I suggest you do it a little before you would want to cause that worked for me. Puffle Launch is simple to learn, but hard to play. Good luck penguins! Waddle on cp!


This is so cool
I cannot wait for this to be released
Waddle on CP

Little K K:

Awesome thats so cool!!!




Well... I would say that the best thing to do when playing Puffle Launch is to have patience. You have to wait for just the right moment to shot the puffle out of the cannon. If you don't wait you will probably mess up.
Waddle on Club penguin!!


well mine is rember each levall so if you lose you can try and try intill you get it


Sometimes Right As You Start There Is The Goal Next To You. I Always Turn And Win! Waddle On CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well...I learned from experience that you will be flying blindly some you have to be prepared to steer in mid air!

master 705:

coin tricks. beet a realy easy level then play it again and try to collect all the coins this will get you alot of extra coins


Hmmmm.... Well, I don't know many tricks but I have some advice.
First of all, try to time your shots. It may not seem that way, but I recommend
timing in a hard spot.Also, when the crab is using the magnet, be fast, but careful!
If you go too fast, you might fall and have to restart, giving away time and o berries.
Last of all, get as many o berries as you can!!!!!!!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Were to prees on the boutens and wich puffle it best




My advice would be if you see the cannon pointing up and nothing is there go up it. I did it once. I got lots of coins doing that and thats my advice for you. Isn't it awesome! So i do it all the time now. Waddle over to the pet shop and do it. Waddle on CP.

Rich Nich:

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D


Good! I Hopes It Be Cool! :)))


My advice .......... UM...... dunno read the instructions!


I think some good tips would be:
1.Try to get as much puffle o's as you can for more coins!
2.If you see a crab, jump on it! You will get a stamp!
3.If you have a puffle, use it to play puffle launch!
P.S Waddle on cp!!!!!!


nice idea


I would say, be pepared beacuse puffle launch is a fun, awesome, and fun game. So be ready! I have six penguins, their names are aekgo01, judy9699, selenago5, rockergo101, go selena 1, and I don't rember this one, but I think it is jillygo929. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

master 8713:

cool i want to know tricks im down loading it on my iphone and my ipad cool huh well


hey ok my tip is if you fall just try try again! never give up p.s. waddle on cp

big bob2187:

I would tell them "to beat a lvl get all the puffle os you can, the controls are the mouse and arrow keys". Also at the end of the game there is a giant machine with Klutzy in it. iIf u destroy the Klutzy machine u beat the game. Last but not least i would tell them "make sure to get it on ur mobile to. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!


I would follow the signs and here is a tip use a puffle that's happy. :)



thats a great idea i cant wait!!!


Puffle launch is gliched when ever you try to move one way it pushes you the other way

Pizza Buddy1:

My top tips would be-
1) Remember, the more puffles-o's you get, the higher your score to build a cannon for your igloo!
2)If you don't want the cannon, just steer your puffle in mid air and see if you get to different places!
3) You also need a puffle too. no puffle=no game!


I think it would be cool if Puffle Launch had bubble gum in it for like a bonus! And if you puffle gets it then you get a high score!


I would tell them what all the cannons do and to keep and dont give up!!!!. WADDLE ON!!


I think the puffle launch app is genuis at first I thought you could play club penguin on our phones but then I got more excited about the puffle
launch app oh by the way im trying my best to be a water and fire ninja but I cant so if you guys can make it easy that would be great


Wally Gray:

If you are stuck on a hard level try to use your purple canon to launch your puffle to the master puffle-o but only if you know where it is. wadle on cp


Well... I would say that new people should know that Puffle Launch is a keyboard game. There are various levels in Puffle Launch. And the levels are in three worlds:Blue Sky,I don't know the second one,and Box Demension. Puffle Launch is very fun! What you do is:Yiu use your arrow keys to move your puffle around except you have to go through many cannons to find the grand Puffle O! P.S first comment!!! And please post me I have never been posted before

saints fan92:

i love puffle lauch its my fav game and now you can play it portble awsome W A D D L E O N C P


If you have not played Puffle Launch before then I will give you a few tips. Do not hesitate when you are doing a really hard part of a level and relax. Another tip is to check where the other Puffle O's if you do not have them all and do not go to the finish yet. Do not give up when you can not solve the level, you will get the hang of it. Enjoy playing Puffle Launch and WADDLE ON!!!!!!!


I think the brown Puffle is the best!


it would be so cool if you can make your own level or make a new one that shoots strate!


This is really cool i'm ganna try this for myself!


i think whoever hasn't played puffle lauch should look for tips in the game for example "push space bar to launch".They should look out for obstacles to like piano's and such.I would just try my best and beat all the levels!!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would say that puffle launch is a great game where you can blow your puffle out of cannons! Its amazing! You are also able to collect puffle O's! After you play the game you get some coins, depends on how many levels you've passed! WADDLE ON! :)


Well, i would say " first off, press the space bar for green cannons! but dont do it too quick or too slow, or else ur gonna get stuck in the middle! " Also,you need too... " use your arrow keys to move you puffle either left or right in the air!" that's all!

Waddle on Cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! been member since 2006!


well i would give the penguin some tips about how to move the puffle and how to get the evil crabs and all about it so if you have a puffle
go and play it and gave fun with bye




Well if i were to give someone advice about puffle launch i would have to say make sure you try to get all the puffle o's so that you can get extra points and extra coins! Also make sure you go to every place in the level just in case you miss some o's. waddle on!!!! Club Penguin rocks!!!!!


here is some advice i would give: when you make turns don't turn until the puffle o's do


Cool! I can't wait until the app comes out!
And here's my hint:
When going on the second box dimension level
go left before you hit the cannon and then you'll see a shortcut!!


Cool! I can't wait until the app comes out!
And here's my hint:
When going on the second box dimension level
go left before you hit the cannon and then you'll see a shortcut!!

From spacewolf

Waddles Cozy:

I think a cool puffle launch trick would be to be able to get speed bost in mid air. Please post this because i have never been posted before.


if u havnt plyd bfore u shod LEARN HOW 2 PLAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Light sea1:

I'd tell them timing is EVERYTHING! For me the green cannons that move are hardest cause'you have to press spacebar at JUST the right moment.



well i would say WHEN you are able to move keep moveing to the...cannons p.s WADDLE ON CP


The advice that I would give would be to keep trying and never give up if you come across something hard. If one way of doing it doesn't work, try to think of a different way to do it, and try to use the things around you to your advantage instead of as an obstacle. A cactus or a piano can be used to provide some extra bounce to get to those out of reach puffle-os. I hope my advice is helpful to all of you penguins!

Furry 1234:

You pick out your favorite puffle. Then you start the game. You shoot your puffle through all the cannons trying to collect puffle o's (which is puffle food) and try to get all the way to the o of fire. You go through all the levels doing that from Soda Sunset to The Box Dimension. Hope you take my advice WADDLE ON PENGUINS.


Thats the best way to help people! i love helping new players to games its the best way to make a friend ship!
Waddle On CP!
Ps: Never Been Posted!


i'd tell him the instructions to the game and i would say dont get annoyed as it can take a while to learn and a lot of practice




If there was a new penguin that has not played Puffle launch yet I would tell them..."Try to get all the Puffle o's it gives you a better score at the end and also try to destroy Klutzy's ship its a really fun game you will see."So that's what I would tell a new penguin that has never played Puffle Launch before.


THAT SOOOOOOOO AAWESOME IM GOING TO BUY IT WHEN IT FIRST COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should do tricks for people who never played it before your soooooo awesome !!!


P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , orbeez234

Plob 5:

Well I would say Practice!!!!!

-Plob 5


I love Puffle Launch. Its so much fun and intresting there are alot of levels in the game. When Puffle Launch comes out as an app im gonna get it asap So I can play it all the time.Club Penguin rocks for its creative ideas lie making puffle launch and card jitsu water and fire.



i think its gonna realy good sweet and i just cant wait and my penguin with puffle luanch is my fav game waddle on cp


i what to know if it is in the game WADDLE ON CP!


I would say just try your best and read the instructions so you know what to do. For me some levels were harder than others but all of the levels that I have gotten through so far have been fun so don't give up! You get coins too!!! Once you get through the firdt set of levels there's like a cream soda or box dimension set!!!!!!


I think that it is going to be cool!!




I would say that its a tricky game and you need skill to complete it all. Its a tricky game to master but youll get use to being stuck. Its best to try and try again and practice on some levels wich are a bit easy then youll probably complete it. If it dosent work try doing a level nearer to the one which your stuck on ( I did this on a level and it worked for me.) I am getting lots better and I am stuck but I am doing it. WADDLE ON CP, good luck in completing it.


My advice for someone who has never played puffle launch before is to read the instructions before you play. Thats the most important advice anyone can give you. And also have fun playing it. And don't forget which puffle to choose. A cool trick that I like is that you can skip some of the canons in a level.


Hey Cp
Im so excited for the puffle launch game I can't wait to try it!!!!!!!



Thanks CP team!! I'm so excited for this new app to come out. for those who haven't played puffle launch i would suggest paying very close attention to the balloons and flying objects. you never know where they will send you.


P.S. plz post I've never been posted before


epic waddle on cp


if I were to tell someone about puffle launch who's never played before I would explain to them what to do and what not to do and I would show them how I play it and then let them have a try! just always remember to the people who aren't really good at things practice makes perfect! Waddle on ClubPenguin!

fire king 7:

i think it would be cool if a ROCKET BONUS was there so that you could complete the level without actully playin the level and a BUBBLE BONUS when we fall in the water we bounce back up and you should put more check points and less obticles


for a person that hasn't played puffle launch before id say if you dont succeed try try again. plus the penguin that got featured i think that the game idea was really good cp should have something like


Thanks CP team!! Me and my friends are soo excited about this new app. If you have not played puffle launch before i would suggest looking out for flying objects. also the balloons, you never know where they will send you flying! Hope this helped! oh and HAVE FUN!


my tips? just be as confident as you can never give up and well.... just do you best. waddle on cp!


That sounds really cool! Imagine if that APP that Ruby said actually would be made!!
Waddle on!

con con:



if i made a app i would do a game called lions its like cp but you will be a lion!! W A D D L E O N C P:)

Cupcake 2202:

I think the best idea is to PRACTICE! When I first played Puffle launch I didn't really understand it at first, but when I practiced I got better and better and I love playing the game so much! I hope this helps!



Aqua Rescue:

I would tell them it is a pretty good game. I would mention the game play, graphics and how fun it is to them. If they are a big fan of puffle's, I'm sure they would want to play Puffle Launch!

Waddle on Club Penguin!

leti 2011:

wow we get to know tricks and tips. cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllll

ellea r:

i love the new app its way cool!! waddle on c.p!!!!!!!!!


Chill out and enjoy yourself! Try hard and you will acomplish! Waddle on CP!!!


u can press spacebar for shooting ur puffle,on green launchrers they move and u shoot ur puffle where u want,the checked launchers r for check points,the red ones are for launching on time they move around,and lastly some r for aim ur self!if ur new see the tips
P.S. post it plz
Waddel on!


i'm loving it cp
for now
waddle on cp




I know a trick well when your playing if there is a piano and if your stuck then move to the side to the cannon and you win!

Joseph Tay6:

Dont rush when you cross the long rivers on balloons slow and steady rins the race (well thats what my teacher said i dont agree XD)


i just wanna say its awsome and fun never played it like this




I guess theres a lot of advice to give! Of course you've got to remember to try and get as
many puffle o's as possible and always aim for the cannons or your puffle will land in the water!
But most important you've got to look after and love your puffle!
Keep on waddling CP!


its great


I would say use every single item availible to win and use corage,skill and do your best.Also,if at first you don't succed,try,try again.

from your biggest fan,quacker03

p.s.Please post me because I have never been posted.

p.p.s.Please can you uptate the toys section.


hi guys i beat puffle launch il tell you what the final battle is its a boss dragon if you beat the dragon and you get all o berrys on puffle launch you get turbo mode P.S ROCK ON CP!


Well I would say dont give up do a bunch if tricks dont spend to much time playing it though and play hard thats my advice

Ps Waddle on CP


if your making more apps then ill like a app that's a cone maze or a spy phone that wood be awesome

i have not been posted


Just be patcent!!!


The best tip i can think of it to adopt a puffle!
Before playing Puffle Launcher, You must know very well how each puffle behave, his favorite activities and his favorite type of food.
Knowing well your puffle's behaviors is the first- and probably most important- step for becoming a great Puffle Launcher!
Waddle On!


huh ? i dont get it the question . what it means ? do we need to say what tip we shoud give to others ? lol :( !
never posted before !


I would recommend the obvious... Play it.


the advice I would give to someone who has never played puffle launch before is a quick walkthrough on how to play, for example to move the puffle around you press the arrow keys to turn it in that direction and u have to try and collect o berries for points oh and u also earn o berries to build the cannon if u get the cannon u can put it in ur iggy!!! (members) so get a puffle and get playing folks!!
ps plz post me I have never been posted before ;)

Beaky Nufc:

when aiming your cannon aim it so it follows the puffle-o's and avoid cacti and pianos.


Cool like to hear some tricks maybe about infinte flying? Best way to get coins? Something like that.


Press spacebar to shoot. If you have to go a certain way, use the left and right arrow keys to move either left or right. Reach the fiery hoop to complete the level, Sometimes you have to bounce on Klutzy the crab to destroy him. I've never done that before.

Hope you like my ideas
Waddle on CP!

From A9204

H the Hero:

Try to avoid anything in the air, apart from cannons, balloons and very naughty crabs!!!



For one of my tips to get maxumimun points is to get all of the O berries before you compleate three level(and to beat the crab if he is there). One of my tricks if you are in a bad situation try and bounce off an object if there is one or get a cheakpoint cannon before you go back to the start.


Hey guys, I love this. So cool! :D


i would say try doing level 1 till you get all the coins and keep playing to get better i started on level one till i got all the coins and i just played it all the time i was on and also try and fire your pet straight in the green cannons so for now waddle on!!


I would tell them the about the crabs that come and try to take your O-berry's and the controls.


When you see a cannon pointing up and nothings there go up it.I did it once and i got lots of coins doing it
ist it awesome! Go to the pet shop today and try it now.It's so awesome right im gonna do it right now.Bye here i go waddle on CP.


well puffle launch is a great game my tip is to stay confident,keep trying and stay confident


well, my advice to someone who wants to play puffle luanch is-PIZZA! ha, ha. just kidding. my Real advice is- don't be afraid to go off track!
sometimes, if you want to get all the levels done first,then sometimes its good to go in a random direction!then you might find a secret way to the finish!
thanks for reading, penguins!
(please post!) waddle on CP . .


My advice is to be patient because it can be quite hard at first ( and even not first!) and to time your moves carefully because there are moving parts! I try to focus on getting all the O Berries and stamps instead of finishing the level. I Cant wait to see what the extreme cannon is like!


i think thayt most people think its all about speeding through the level so u can get to the next one, but i think its important tht u slow down and collect puffle Os. i also suggest tht u look for shortcuts.slow down get puffle Os and most of all HAVE FUN!!!

P.S. plz post NVR been posted!


its such a great game you have to fire your puffle through all the cannons to get pieces for your rocket my tip is you can fire in different directions if you use the arrow keys oh and collect as many puffle o berrys as you can good luck waddle on cp .


i would say:Hi theres a really cool game in the pet shop pick one of your puffles and go play!! its okay if you dont have a puffle you can still play!
(please post me i was never posted)

Tiger woodsp:

its simple and fun and most of all CHALLENGING press the space bar to shoot,if your in a purple cannon use the arrow keys to direct the cannon you have to try and get all the puffle Os its GREAT FUN!!!


Hello cp! A great way to become the most best of the best is to take your time! Yes u heard me correct take ur time get used to the new playing style then go for it. If there is like a practice mode (That would be awesome dudes!) u could learn how to play or in this case there is not one. So just practice each level after one or so attempts give it a good and proper go at it then do the same for the next level etc. waddle on penguins (and polar bears and crabs) of cp!

Ice Cool 7:

I would advise them to not give up, as it can be a challenging game on the later stages, and to scout the level to see where you need to go to get the maximum score, and when you have done all those you will be a master of Puffle Launch!


i would say that you need to think about where your going to go before you hop into the next cannon.otherwize you could end up hitting a piano or something and falling into the water.also you need to time your moves so that you can turn and jump at the right my advice to someone who has never played before is watch and thing before you dou and you blast off through the game!!!!!!good luck everyone!!!! waddle on cp!!!!plz post this i have never been posted before thanks!!!!!cp rocks!!!!




I love it ! =D


THIS IS SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CP U R AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Who am i?:

it awsome!




My advice would be that you should practice your typeing skills. To do this try typeing loads of words. Then when you are really fast at typeing, stare at the screen and type in loads of words without looking at your keyboard. Then go and play Puffle Launch! It is a really fun game but you have to act fast!
Waddle On Club Penguin! :)


A really good trick would. Red Puffle Trick:move your finger around in a circle twice and your red puffle will be spinning super fast. the speed will attract puffle o's

White Puffle Trick:Quickly tap the screen 3 times to make your white puffle breath ice and will attract the puffle o's
Purple Puffle:Slide your finger down and a few bubbles will blow out around the puffle will attract 20 puffle o's

These are tricks for the app that would be really cool

Yo 3001:

Well if i gave one tip the tip i would give is to blast the puffle at the right moment (this is usless if you r using blue cannons) and as everybody knows practice makes perfect so if your not good at first keep on trying and you will sucseed (i hope!) P.S WADDLE ON CP


i would advise them to use the up, down, lft and right key as well


bouncing the puffle off the obstacles, it works almost every time for me. waddle on cp.


i think i would say to them keep you fingers on the keys! also that dont fall or your puffle will lose health. Get loads of Oberrys to build the rocket thingthen you can play puffle launch in your igloo! read the signs to to give you some tips! try to defeat klutzy! on the last levels on the game you may get in a struggle! Well anywaygood luck!

good luck in the future clubpenguin team!

P.S. please post at top!


I say its cool the first time i played it i realised it was so cool if you have trobble with the first level just remember hit the cannons it's so easy to play gets harder the more you go. p.s waddle on c p.


I would tell them to never give up on a tricky level and just keep trying until you get it. Puffle Launch is very tricky but it makes you work hard and it is fun. Waddle On CP! -Tezzy10 :D


I would say first try to complete the game (i'm still trying to) and once you have completed it go back and do all the levels that u didn't get all the puffle o's in then by then you would be a master at puffle launch!!! P.S. never been posted.

sasuke 2525:

thats good idea

sponge dude0:

i would tell them how to play and i will tell them witch buttons to press and some of the secrets i know about it

delena 1436:

Hi, ruby that's an awesome idea!

I don't think anyone could get such a good idea for a clubpenguin app!

Waddle On CP!


Soooooooooooooooooooo Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool I LOVE IT GREAT IDEA





I think if you need to be the best a puffle launch you need to have hand and eye cordination so thats wat I think

p.s I have never been posted please post

waddle on cp!!!!

bluerules 10:

you should add more lvls and puffles because it would be a lot more fun also try to add more bosses like herbert the polar bear or other characters if you do add more puffles id like a silver one or maybe a diffrent shade of green i really think im gonna get this app


Well I have a secret and a tip. Because I dont have any puffles I always get a red puffle when I play. If you do have another puffle try playing puffle launch with it you never know, You might get higher scores and My secret is: If you bounce on the pink balloons for long enough you start to get higher and higher.

Pam pam4:

Well thats hard but i have a trick on the green cannons if you doubble tap the screen he will flip! This mobile ONLY PS can you please post this i never have had my ones posted


my advice is to start by going through all the levels and then go back through them and get any of the puffle o's you missed thats what i did it took me a few days but playing so many time got me a lot of coin :D well thats my advice keep trying.

Waddle on


I would advise them to get to know the game first you know like practice don't be upset if you don't get it right the first time i mean seriously practice makes perfect you should never get upset if you don't get something right the first time i had just gotten the CP Herbert's revenge game and i was desperate at first but after awhile i got really good pls post never been posted lol.


You should try to get lots of Puffle Os so you can make a cannon! It looks really cool in your igloo and also you can play puffle launch from your igloo. Waddle on!

destany soph:

bacicly i would tell them how to play
1 you need a puffle to play doesnt matter what colour
2 green cannons you get 2 choose witch way to go it will turn blue cannons just shoot you anywere without pressing the space and red has a laser thing that turns and you click the space on the right time when it wont hit anything


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