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By Happy77 on October 20, 2011 - 16:37



This one is really good, except when the are blocking the entrances, I would think more to block the door instead of the window. Just a suggestion. Waddle on!


Pretty good... It cracks me up when they start screaming. Could you make this one and the first one a little bit longer in a way? They don't seem very long. Oh and I would think of covering the door, not the window. It would crack me up even more to see a sled coming through a window.
Until then, waddle on!


wow this one is crazy and funny :)

Avalanche 10:

hey! that was funny! well i was not here when you posted it. i looked in the past blogs! bye!


that show was so scarey



Tails Flower T.F.:

5 stars. Amazing!


Why don't you have a new game like something called Penguin Run or something like puzzles?

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