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By Happy77 on January 18, 2012 - 16:25
Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. It's time for the first Reviewed by You post of 2012. Last time, I asked about your favorite way to save up coins in Club Penguin. Blazer2529 shared some sweet ways to earn coins:

I like to save coins by being a tour guide and secret agent! It feels good because those jobs mean helping penguins and the money I get from them helps even more people world wide! I also like playing games like connect four and mancala because I get to meet all kinds of new friends and that means not only am I earning money to donate, but the person I'm playing with is too!

Nice answer, Blazer2529! 

Speaking of coins and donating... Earlier this month Billybob announced the results of Coins For Change. Thanks to your support, we've donated $620,000 to help build safe places like libraries, schools and playgrounds for kids. So for this week's Reviewed by You, we want to know... If you could send a message to the kids we're supporting through Coins For Change, what would you say?

Share your message in the comments below. I'll randomly pick one of your comments to feature on our next Reviewed by You blog post. If your comment is featured, you'll even get a 10,000 coin prize added to your account! 

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team



I would say you don't have to thank us you really deserve this money. You guys deserve all the stuff we have you should not be treated different!!!! :)


Every year Coins for change gives money to kids in need and those kids are blessed and special some of you might think your not good enough but you are in every way! And everyway is special!! :)


These kids are seriously blessed and diserve everything there getting! I cant believe how much money we got from coins we got thanks to all of those penguins that made that money!!! last year I had more then 4.000 coins and I gave it all to these wonderful AWEOSME kids!!! You guys should have this money because you diserve all that we made!! We are very blessed that we can do this for all of you!!!! Have a very nice day! and keep safe and healthy and while your at it GO GREEN!! save the earth thankyou!!!


That is the most wonderful thing I have heard


i'm very happy that kids now have schools to learn because some kids live on the streets.i would like to say thank you,clubpenguin!!!!!! :)


Wow! 2011 must've been the biggest donation so far! I'm so happy for all those needy kids!

Pen Pen:

That is SO AWESOME!!! I love the idea of coins for change because it really is going to places like Haiti and Pakistan for a good cause. And these kids all look so happy to be able to get a good education, have medical help, and have a home to live in. I always play lots of games( especially thin ice) to earn lots of coins. I have a tip for thin ice players. The tip is that there is a false wall in the second to the top block on the right side ice blocks that leads to a little circle and when your character gets to the circle, bags of coins will appear. Collect those coins and you will get many more coins. That is how I get many coins. COINS FOR CHANGE TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!



Hello, I hope that our Coins For Change party did make a change in your lives.
All penguins played games, battled polar bears, and worked hard to make the world a better place.
I am very happy to see all of you are enjoying your new schools, and hospitals.
I bet next year we'll do even better!
Looking forward changing the world as long as i'm on it!
Waddle On!


Kids around the world, the Coins for Change program has been going on for years just so we could help you kids. It is so wonderful how Club Penguin made this program. I hope you like the schools, librarys, and other things that the whole Club Penguin has made. It has been wondurful donating. And in the next Coins for Change, Club Penguin will give you even more. I hope you all Waddle On in Club Penguin.


it feels good to donate and give it gives you a chance to be a good person just like blazer2529


I bet everyone was so happy! Im glad we donated more coins than last year and Saved all of those families!

WAddle on Club penguin!



If you're heart is where your mouth is, nothing will be changed. If your heart is where your mind is, a whole lot of people will win. Many kids we helped with Coins For Change didn't have school, when most of us would be glad about that. We have no idea how lucky we are, having a school, books, clean clothes, the whole shibang. I'm just glad that with Coins For Change, we helped as many people as possible!


i would say how are u i hope the coins the club penguin donated where helpful i hope u guys are enjoying what we bought for u LOVE CP FAN PLZ POST NEVER BEEN POSTED


Hello kids I am very glad that all of us penguins could help you through coins for change not only does it help people,animals around the world but it gives us a chance to play lots of games-cooolio5


WOW!!!!!Coins for change is awsome!


sure awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YEAH,It would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are NOT forgotten! We are thinking of you!


congratz kids.hope u will go well!have fun on your new playground too!


If I would send a letter i would say hi friend we are hapy to help you from blah blah your name


I can't think of how much Coins for Change has changed the world. Protecting the wild, medical care, and education are the things that Coins for Change do.


If I were to write a letter to the kids we donated to I'd say, "I'm so happy that you got our coins from Club Penguin and you will get more as the year goes on. We hope you are happy with what you've been given." :)


I would say to the kids i hope you are doing all right. Tell me if you have problems and i would want to help you



I hope the money we donated to you helped you have fun.I hope you guys are enjoying the playgrounds and schools too.I really think you guys shouldn't be treated differently.If somebody says something bad about you just ignore them. Always remember that having big dreams is a great thing to do.If somebody tells you can't do something, then just ignore them. Don't let it bother you and always remember that you can do anything you want if you believe you can do it.NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF YOU BELIVE THAT IT IS POSSIBLE. BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


" I hope you like all the schools and playgrounds we raised money for. We were able to work together to raise virtual coins and help the more needy kids. I hope you stay safe and have fun at these place we were pleased to raise money for you. Waddle on!" that is what I would say to the people we helped along the way


I would probably say ''People around the world,I hope you like the schools,librarys, and playgrounds we have built.I am so happy Club Penguin invented Coins For Change.''Thank you for reading this message.



For years we've been doing coins for change and we do it because we want to help you and protect you. I hope you enjoy the things we have donated to you. Each and everyone one of you deserve it. Next year I hope we raise even more money so you can get even more. ENJOY!!!

Slider Dude9:

i would say that i hope our donation made a difference and we tried as hard as we could. it would make as much of difference in our lives as in yours.


I would say....

Dear kids around the world,

We are really glad we could help you! There is no need to thank us because giving is what people do for eachother! Im already looking forward to next year to give more coins!! Have a happy and healthy year!



Hello, I hope that the money that all the penguins earned can help you in so many ways!! All of us penguins fought off dragons and played find 4 just to help you just beacuse you live in a different part of the world that had to go through that very very bad earthquake that hurt all of you.I just hope that all of the money that we all gatherd just for you!!! :]


I would say, "Live your life the fullest to be successful throughout the year..."


This is really nice of how club penguin has helped and changed peoples and kids lives around the world.Its wonderful to help people and kids, even infants.I hope all this money has changed your lives. Imagine how happy you are on the inside. I myself donated maybe more than 10,000 coins. I hope you have a nice and happy life and enjoy it for years to come and to go.


I really hoped you enjoyed the coins we donated. Each year there will be an even BIGGER amount! I just want to let you know that all of us here at club penguin are trying to help make a difference in the world and we would always help the ones who need it most. That is why we have selected YOU to give coins to make homes,schools and playgrounds. We all care about you so much that next year for coins for change we will all give alot of coins to help our fellow friends! Waddle on on! :)


I will say them! ''Hey kids, do you like this? well because we are working so hard for you! JUST FOR YOU! I'm really happy to give you schools and everything! We want to educate you! Save you! And give you everything we have ENJOY IT! Because soon we will give you more ;) You are awesome!''

Well that's all Happy! Thank You!

P.S. Please featurate my comment!


You totally rock, CP! I would say, you totally deserve clean water, medical help, schools, and the other stuff. We give because we can, and I love helping. I love to see all the generous people out there! Thanks to everyone who donated!


I would say:
Dear Kids,
I hoped you have fun learning, and seeing how kind Club penguin really is. it may be a website, but it is truly your life saver right now. i hope the best of your adventure as this jounery takes you to a wonderful life.
Penguin hugs and waddles,


I would say " I'm glad I could help the less fortunate. Everyone deserves to have a happy life and that is why I donated many coins to each cause."

cool penguin person1886:

i think u guys r so sweet!! you are so nice to donate!





I would like to say : Happy and safe 2012 and we loved giveing you guys Lots Of Safe Places Homes Schools And Hospatals

From Madd33.

(im only seven)

Buddy Boy 10:

im glad we could help out and dont worry well still be donating have a awesome life


hey thats really alot of money! I would say that they really deserve the money and that im happy for them! A months worth of saving coins was worth it!





I would say so do you thank us we thank you for opening our minds(ps post never been posted)and could the penguin team write somethin




I would tell them, Never give up hope! If anything we don't need the money YOU do! I hope you the best of life and to let you know we care about you. :)


I'm Grateful For You And I Hope We Changed Your Lives. Don't Thank Us, Thank Club Penguin, An Amazing Society. I Really Wish You Guys Feel Better With A School, A Couple Blankets, Some Nutritious Food. Thanks Club Penguin. WADDLE ON FOR EVER


i think what we did was a really good to the kids and building schools... i would say you dont have to thank me for doing it but thank club penguin because they had made a difference in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! waddle on CP!!!!!!!!! from lauenandmad


Kids around the world with no good homes starts to make me cry a bit when I see them so I donated my coins and I felt great for the homeless kids around the world so Im going to keep donating and donating and donating coins for them.



If I could talk to those kids, I would thank them. Coins for change has helped me become a better person. I am donating my hardly earned coins to people who really need it.
I wish you luck in your next party club penguin!


Im very happy that have schools and more! You shoud be treded the same! I'm sorry that you don't have places to live and learn. I wish we coad donate more. meby we could donate more! I donated 7000 cones! Il do more next year waddle on Club Penguin!!!!
{plz post never ben posted before}

Ice owl1:

I have to say,You need all this stuff and we need not to be thanked.Because we all help,one time,one dime. I will do more next year!


I Think I Would Say That You Need The Things You Got And Clubpenguin Will Always Help Every Year. I Know A Lot Of Kids There In Africa. Im Going Again In The Summer. Last Time I Went Was Janury 1,2012. They Thanked Me For Donating Coins And Clubpenguin Too. I Would Also Say That Clubpenguin Coins For Change Is A Good Thing To Be Apart Of. I Gave One Of The Kids Who Was About 4 A Laptop To Go On Clubpenguin.

Bye! Waddle On! (P.S Please Post)


What I would like to say to the kids around the world that we all helped is: "I hope that your lives are easier now and that your having fun and that your healthy because we all worked hard to help and we had a lot of fun helping. I hope we helped a lot!"
Plz post I've never been posted before ever.
You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle On!

P.S. I hope the kids are happy! ;D


If I could send them a message, I would say:

Dear children all around the world,
Even though things aren't so great now, things will get better. Awesome people all around the world such as Club Penguin and the rest of America are doing all they can to help. Whether it's by donating real coins, toys, or even VIRTUAL coins, we are doing our best to provide schools, houses, and playgrounds!

To the kid who got the laptop I donated last year.
Have you gotten on Club Penguin lately? Its really fun!


Hello kids around the world!

I just want you to know that everybody is glad to help you in all ways. We have collected millions of coins just to give you the same good feeling we have when we are living well. I hope you like your new schools and hospitals with new rooms and a better environment. We will do it more and more!

From your friend, Gutex!


I hope that all of the children in need got the schools, hospitals, and medical attention they need to survive
Coins For Change started out as an idea then it blossomed into action, an action which we all need to help others
We penguins earned as much coins as we can by playing games, being a tour guide, an being an agent.
Even though we might have flippers not feet, but as we waddle on Club Penguin we make a difference every day.


I would say YOU NEED IT, you truly need it, so we gave it! :) A nice short sentence. :)

From Your Friend
~Perapin :)


Dear kids,
I cant understand what you are going through but I understand you need help you and I are very lucky to be in the world. Thanks to Coins for Change the schools, libraries, and other donations you recieved will help make your lives better. Next year I will try to donate evn more next year and help you even more.
Your Buddy,


dont thank us, you guys deserve this money so you can learn, read, and live safely without any worry. This year I am trying to plan to donate 100,000 coins to each charity. The details are not know yet, or well planned out, but i Will assure you that I will be trying to donate 100,000 coins to each charity. A total of 300,000 Coins!!!!!!!!!! Good luck! and your very Welcomed!


I would say,'How are you? Life on club penguin if fine. How are you? We are happy to donate to you. I hope you getting the right care when you are sick and have a home and school. The endanger animals are being saved. Hope you stay well. With lots of love, Your friends from club penguin."


I would say that they are very brave,and I mean that.Living without a home,school,shelter, I mean, thats a pretty hard thing to go through. You have got to be VERY brave to go through that. I feel like coins for change really helped them. I think that clubpenguin TOTTALY ROCKS for making this posable! THANK YOU CLUBPENGUIN TEAM! I hope we do even better next year! ~~Spent12


thats nice that penguins like me would be more nice than me but im nice too.


i would say we are really proud to help you we wish you got enough money for all of your needs!


i would like to speech.i think club penguin is a very good game its very looks up to other kids. even though we dont know them we can still help them to be happy safe and flippers or feet we CAN make a diffrence.for 5 years you donated:homes medical help and the most best SAVE ANIMALS i just feel glad they are safe and once agein flippers or feet we CAN help kids and even adults. billybob happy77 you are the most nicest person i know i just think we can do this ALL year long.becouse theres more people that need us WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN IM UR 1# fan-zacharycross


I hope we made a difference in many children's lives,we provided medical help, schools, hospitals.
Coins for Change started out as an idea, then it blossomed into an action, an action in which we needed to help those in need
We penguins worked for the coins we donated by playing games, being tour guides, by being an agent.
Everyone single person can make a difference in the world, it doesn't matter if you don't have feet, it matters if you are willing to help others.
We all should unite as one, one by one we change the world forever.
Waddle On!



Miss Pokea:

Coins for change rocks.


I would say that they deserve all this money for the buildings because we have many things that they dont. so we raise a lot of money to give those things that we have to them. So when we give them all the climbing walls and slides and schools they will have fun and also learn.


I sincerely hope that everything, we Club Penguin, did as a community helps everyone in the most ways it possibly can. We try to help people who are in need, and make sure that they can thrive, and make sure they have everything they need to do so. I am blessed to be part of a community that works so hard, and tries as much as they can to help others. Our virtual coins represent hope, and each coin we donate gives hope to one person. The more coins we donate, the more hope we spread throughout communities all around the world. To earn that hope, all we need to do is dance, surf, round up puffles, Tour around Penguins, Fly around on Jet Packs, and much much more. We can find hope in the most unusual places. Gather that hope and donate. I will say again, that I am blessed to be in such an active community, a community that will try to help others in the most possible ways that they can. I am so excited for next year, and I think we can donate even MORE coins to help causes that need them more than we do. Waddle On Club Penguin! Waddle On Coins for change!

Midge 9:

Here is what I would say: Hi,I am so glad that we gave some of our coins to your beinifit. I hope your enjoying the playgrounds and schools Club Penguin has help built. I hope that you'll waddle onto Club Penguin very soon! Waddle On my friends!
~Midge 9 ;)


I would say i am so glad we could help u guys u guys seem to work so hard for everything u deserve this so much i hoped we helped alot thanks.



my favorite reason i play clubpenguin is coins for change.It makes my feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


we really helped the world a lot thanks CP!!!!! XD


Wow,Im Proud Of You Kids I Never Met Some One Like You Amazing Kids I Hart U I find you Guys Determine Because U Love Clubpenguin And you wanna see whats gonna happen next Its Amazing i love love you guys!!!!


Hey you guys go through a lot, and I wish everyone in the world would realize that before throwing their uneaten food in the trash or complaining about getting a shot. We complain about things we don't have when you guys have to live without. I hope people can work together to solve this problem.


I am so happy coins for chnage was a great success! It makes my heart feel happy to donate that changes the earth. I will try to save up as many coins as I couldso I can donate in the end of this year. If I would write a letter I would write:

Dear Friend,
I am so happy to help you! It's cool that we can donate coins! I am very happy to donate my coins.



Here is what I would say: Hey guys! I hope we have helped you through donations.We were honored to help kids like you. It made us remember how lucky we are to have these things we take for granted, and how nice it feels to help the others who don't have that. You guys are awesome, and we hope you enjoy what we've given you.

Club Penguin


I would say Thank you! We were very excited about the Coins for Change! I made a CFC team! We explained to new penguins about CFC and how it can change lives! I was very glad for the preformance Club Penguin made last year! We'll do even better this year of 2012! Waddle ON!


Kids in Africa, Mexico, or were ever help is needed; I hope with the help of these coins you can get the medical help you need, go to school, and play. Remember that you are special to the world and shouldn't be treated differently then kids in the U.S. or Canada. The people at Club Penguin and the Penguins love you and want to help you. I hope one day I hope you can waddle on in to Club Penguin.

Red ranger89:

this is so cool everybodey that was poor in thosecountries i hope youll have a awesome,great,splended 2012 you might even help other parts of the world it would be nice if you could please be nice to each other. sincerley:Red ranger89


im so excided for the underwater expadition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would say that I really enjoy Coins 4 Change because I know all the money goes to people in need and when I donate I get this warm feeling inside because I know I'm doing something to help others that deserve good medical help, housing, and education. Thanks for inventing C4C CP! I trust you 2 put our coins 2 good use!


I would say no problem you need the ccoin more than we need it beside we wanted to help you build house and children care and other more


I would say to the kids: You kids really deserve the money! You all are wonderful children. I hope everyday of your lives are the best they can be. Well yeah. So Waddle On CP!!


I hope all of you are having a great time with your new buildings! We wish you a great new year!

Meap1092 and Club Penguin

Payton The 8:

Hi Club Penguin,
I would say not to thank us but feel proud of yourself. Club Penguin is an amazing site for everyone to come together and join forces. This is changing the life's of kids who are in need. Everyone should feel proud of the amazing world we created!


I would like to say a few things! I really hope the kids out there are happy and takin care of. Instead of living in a bad place, there living in better invirements. so all the kids/famlies are happy! thanks club penguin also for making such a nice thing for other kids. YOU ROCK CP!!!!!!


I hope you guys got all the things you guys needed! We wish we could have done more then this for you! But,right now we just hope we made a difference for everyone that didn't have a education you needed!



Hey you guys deserve the money no thanks are necesary we do this to help you guys we dont care about the thanks we just want you to be happy and live your lives,give you shelter,etc.So thank you for letting us help you and i hope even in the future you guys will be around to talk about this amazing event


I would say this: I really hope the money we donated helped canched your lives and the world. We shouldn't even donate if it wern't for the crazy things people do! We, including me. hope you enjoy your new lives. You diserve it!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN, YOU RULE TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope that you all have appreciated the money that we sent from Coins For Change. I love helping homeless children and I wish I could do it much more often. I hope that everyone who has food,clothing,and a home realizes that they are very lucky and shouldn't complain about how big their house is, or if they don't get something they want. A lot of people complain about these things they have and homeless children don't and are still very appreciative. Every kid is special and should be treated the same way, so believe in your self!

That is what I would say to needy,poor, or homeless children all around the world to encourage them to know that they are special!



Thanks a lot for Coins for Change because it would be a great honour to get coins by playing System Defender and Pufflescape because they give you double coin bonus if you play System Defender and over a 1000 coins in Pufflescape! That's a lot coins you could do if you play them.
And next year, I would like do more in building more hospitals in Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010 and more playgrounds for children to play that are safe, so thank you for doing this support Club Penguin Team for making this a better thing for all of us and including me!

Waddle On for Billybob and Happy77!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would say, you guys are so beautiful, you need this so much, I hope this can stay in your mind forever, we love everyone in the world, peace be with us

giving tree:

See its good to give not to recive because when u recive you thay awh thanks but when you give it feels so good and you no that you did some thing good



If I could send a message to kids in need I would tell them "Always Belive in Yourself...Never Give Up" it sends a powerful message to people all around us and, encouages us to try our hardest.


First of all, I'd like to say thank you to Club Penguin for help us and the world. You made everybody happy. Second of all, when the Lighthouse was filled up, I was amazed! I thank everyone who donated to Coins for Change, even though the amount you donated was small, you still changed the world. Waddle On Club Penguin!


I just want to say that cp creators are very genoris to have a program(wich is coins for change)during the christ mas party,it also makes penguins who donate feel genoris too.In fact I think cfc should be all year long!


Wow! That is awesome! I'm so proud for donating! Sorry for using so many exclamation marks. XD. Anyways, if I could talk to those kids, I would tell them they are the inspiration of so many people to donate, especially me! Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna tell my mom that I just made the world a better place! Waddle on CP! ( I wanna tell you right now that on every following blog I will put ideas for club penguin, but you don't have to use them all).


I would Say,They should have the money for food shelter and other very important things!Waddle On Cp And Happy77!


Children Around the World, I hope that by donating our coins, we made a difference in your life.
I hope when I donated the coins for Medical Help, that getting a vaccine or getting a checkup made a big impact on your life.
And when I donated to put a home under your head, I hope that put a smile on you and your families faces.
I hope we helped you. It felt good knowing that while I opened presents on Christmas Day, I know a child had medical assistance and a roof over their head.
I love Coins for Change, it gives me a nice feeling inside that can never go away whenever I donate my coins.


I would say that they dont need to thank us for it and they have really earned it.


I would say: You are great kids and you are really deserving of the money! I really enjoyed Coins For Change because I know it is the right thing. I really hope you enjoy the money and use it wisely!


secret gazi:

the penguins did so much things to give coins.they worked so much.they worked so much that they did not spend it on clothes to look fancy and cool.the penguins did games to give the coins.some penguins gave all of their coins to coins for change.they almost spended the whole time of club penguin earning coins to give it to coins for change.they tried to do all of the hard work to earn coins and give it to coins for change.they did all of these hard work because they want to do something good and nice.i want to say to the kids that they really deserve the money for edecution.they should not be treated differently than american kids.THANK YOU CLUB PENGUINS!


I would probably say, "Hello students! We did this for you, we don't need anything for change. You deserve this, we are happy that you guys are happy! We are meant to do this, you guys are poor so we felt sorry for you.
I hope you liked the playground!

Sincerely Pengy4546/Kimberly! :)" I feel sorry for them, they are so poor. CP don't stop Coins For Change! Until now Waddle on CP!


i would say "hope this money helps your family!"


we really helped people thoose people are really happy! yo billybob thanks for making cp and im so proud of you kids


Karate Gurb:

i would say that it is nice to spend my coins to a cause not just for buying things i like doing it for a reason the children are very poor so why dont we help them and thats what we did and the kids deserve the money Waddle On Cp!

007 jojo:

I cant connect! please i cant connect to any server please help! :,(


Im happy that we helped the people with bad schools to make it good schools and save city and save monther nature on africa but next donation help better and earn more coins to help more ROCK AND ROLL CP


Everybody should be treated equal. Even people without supplies. I hope it makes them feel happy!!!!!


I Would Like To Say That I Am Glad All This Money Went To Poor People With No Shelter Medical help And of Course The Poor Endangered Animals I Think You Really Deserve this Money
~*-- Scoodlecat--*~
Waddle On!


I would say to the kids:You guys so need all of this money because all of you are awesome kids! I hope all of lives are best as they can be.We will get as much money to you.I PROMISE! We all like giving you guys money.GOOD JOB CP MEMBERS THAT HELP US GET MONEY FOR THESE KIDS!-*


This is my letter: " 1-18-12 Hati, Dear Hati Children. Hi! Im Jennifer1337 Im hoping your liking our coins for change each december!! I am proud to donate all of the coins i can to help make the world a better place. i hope there would be no more natural disasters such as gas leaks, Earthquakes, Radiations, Tsunamis, there are tons of other stuff that i would say, but i need to earn more coins!! Waddle On Kids!!
Your Penguin Buddy, Jennifer1337" I Hope the kids get medical conditions, and houses. i hope the animals will have an awesome life!! Bye Club Penguin, Till Then Waddle On!!


OMG!! That is a lot of money.$620.00 dollars!!!See what all of us can do as a group we raised alot of money and this is because of us and think about all the people we helped!!!Those kids deserve the money!! I save my money by playing a bunch of games before the party and saving the tour guide money and the secert agent money.And these kids all look so happy to be able to get a good education, have medical help, and have a home to live in.See what we can do by working together!!Thanks to Billybob for changing the world we couldn't have done it without you thanks Billybob and Staff!!!





I would say that what we Club penguin player that we do Coin For Change help for kids around the wold and other things that we club penguins do for the wold so tell your friends to join club penguin we can all make a different.

So be proud to be a club penguin!


You kids deserve the schools and playgrounds! I'm just thankful that us penguins could help!!!!


"Hey Guys, i really enjoyed earning coins and i donated most of my coins for this cause. i hope you use the resources well, and you can expect more nest year. :)


I'd tell them you are being loved greatly and tell them how much I wish I could meet them someday. I'm sure they're just like us, but born in a different world. When I think about it, I never really realize how blessed I am to live here, and afford to go to school (even though I'm homeschooled) and have several things I can do in the future. Waddle On, CP! : )


I loved helping in Coins for Change. I save up my money every year and this year I donated 11,000 coins! I have been saving up for this and I am so happy that you reached your goal. When I was on Club Penguin, I met Happy77 and she encouraged me to donate more. Club Penguin really helps me be a better person. I am already saving up my coins for Coins For Change! Club Penguin is my favorite game online. Thanks for all that you do for me. I hope we get more coins next year!
Thanks 4 Everything!

Red Onix:

Whoa! $620,000 was donate that was awesome.Now people are sick and they are Healthy back again.
I wonder I got a Reward.


I want to say this to the children: "I'm so glad to have been able to donate my coins to you. I can't say I know what you're going through, because I really don't. But I will say that it makes me so happy to give up both virtual and non-virtual money to help you guys. And it makes me proud that other people feel the same way. And a special thank you to CP for donating their real money to help these kids!"

Waddle on CP!


I would say to the kids: Im so proud we helped you! I hope you guys have fun with the new school and playground! You guys deserve the money than people here. I love that you guys can finally have school and play at a playground! I hope you guys use the money for something you really wanted your whole life. You guys deserve everything you want. If you receive a computer, please play Club Penguin, it's fun and when it comes to December, you could donate coins you got from playing to help other people in the world. You can even help the world itself! I hope you guys have fun!

-Puddles11488 (Penguin name ;D)


I would say 'I really hope you love all this stuff! I am happy but what really matters is that YOU like it. I hope your doing good in the new school Club Penguin made. And what really matters is that your getting food and fresh water and also having a great family and making great friends!"
P.S. Are you really sending these to those wonderful kids??




This is what i would say in a letter to them " I hope you guys have everything you need the way all the penguins worked so hard for you we played games battled robots polar bears and a crab but the best part was helping you guys! there is no need to be thanked thank club penguin for all they did to help you guys! I also hope you got the right treatments for the sickness and i hope you get to go to school too! you are all wonderful just the way you are!"
From your friends at Club Penguin
the reason i gave to medical help because i know how it feels to treated. Thank you guys for helping all these children! And i hope we can donate more next year! WADDLE ON CP!!

secret gazi:

i would say to the children the penguins did so much things to give coins.they worked so much.they worked so much that they did not spend it on clothes to look fancy and cool.the penguins did games to give the coins.some penguins gave all of their coins to coins for change.they almost spended the whole time of club penguin earning coins to give it to coins for change.they tried to do all of the hard work to earn coins and give it to coins for change.they did all of these hard work because they want to do something good and nice.i want to say to the kids that they really deserve the money for edecution.they should not be treated differently than american kids.THANK YOU CLUB PENGUINS! the kids should not need to thank us for the money. Waddle on!


I have to say...I am so blessed to be where I am today and I am so glad that Club Penguin does this wonderful event during a time of the year things are really hard on some people...and giving back to people who have so little and have lost so much really is great...I wish to not share anything about how much or what I did to donate because this is something that I believe no penguin or certain penguins made the biggest difference on how much they gave...I am very proud of those who gave as much as they could...I have a friend who basically is a non-member and she gave everry single coin to Coins For Change!! But I am proud of everyone...and I would like to thank Club Penguin and Happy 77 and Billybob for keeping us posted and giving us such a wonderful opportunity!!!

Until Next Time....WADDLE ON!!


P.S.- If you want to add me as your friend Faith1314 is my name!!

You Guys Rock!!!


If I could send a message I would say to them that they really deserve this to make their schools and playgrounds and everything else better so that everybody in the world no matter what race or country, they can have a good future :) Waddle On Club Penguin !

red head8639:

these kids need the money even though i wanted it



Even if I donated 60000 coins not only it goes to Africa,it must have gone to other countries like India.Plus in our school last year we donated 19284 pennies to Pakistan.Thx club penguin team your the best!!!!

(please post i have never ever been posted before)




Hey kids this is Bigk53226 I gave a lot of coins to help you Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Awsome. I hope everybody can donate twice as much than last years!
Waddle on!


I would say please don't thank us you deserve every little bit of that money.


I would say: you guys deserve the money. Live your life to the fullest, you are all unique in your own way. Even if you don't know it.Help other people in need.You all have YOUR own talent.Eat heathy food. you are all very cool in your own way.


I`d say: '' You Don`t need to thank us, this is just what we do,so WADDLE ON CP!!!''


I would say, kids you are wonderful and sweet. I have seen where you come from and I just want to say that where you live doesn't make who you are. You can rise up out of all that and follow your dreams. Don't let where you come from stop you. You are amazing.


i love the coins for change because it helps other people that didn't have any money.they should not be treated differently!


I would say: We are so grateful that we could have this fantastic opportunity to support you, and we hope that you enjoyed the new facilities!! Your smiles that we've seen in pictures and videos have prompted us to do even better next year! Keep smiling, because many people DO care for you! Waddle on!

Jennifer 468:

I would say "You guys are amazing and deserve all of these coins that were earned through coins for change! Many penguins donated to coins for change and dedicated their time to coins for change and we all want you to know that YOU ALL DESERVE THESE COINS!

Thank you
Jennifer 468


I'm so happy for CFC did

starfly 775:

Here is what i would say: Im SOOO happy that im helping you out! you deserve stuff that we have! if only i had 1,0000000,000000,0000 computers!

Rcky 45:

Dear CP,
Hello this is Rcky 45 here and i was just saying we did great to change the world.
We did so much important things we help a whole entire country!!!
Rcky 45


I always enjoy coins for change i like giving coins to kids i like to say you have great futures i just LOVE coins for change =D


Martybubles said
WOW that is a lot of money.You guys really deserve everything that we have.good luck!
Waddle On!! :)


i would tell them to play cp than they will have a chane to help them sleves i'm sooo happy your hleping people.
Waddle On!
P.S. piz post i've never been posted before

cakie lakie:


Cool Burl:

Dear, Kids
I hope you have enjoyed your schools and hospitals and everything that has gone to you, and its Club Penguin's pleasure to help you.

P.S. We will always help you kids so never worry about what your future will be like

-Cool Burl


If I could write a letter to those kids I will probably ask them how life has been since they have got into their new school and is they are safe enough. I would also ask them how life was before they had gotten clean water or fresh food. I would want to make sure that they were not sick and ask them if they even had a safe place to live. The most important thing is that they are safe.

My Penguin name is Macy427
Waddle On!


Im so excited for you guys i didnt have a membership at this time but i wish i did i tryed to donate but i coudlnt but im glad you guys will have safe places to have to learn read and be safe just like us im really disapointed that i didnt get to donate but my family didnt have the money at the time im really sorry but ill try next year in fact ill donate all my money so i should start earning if im goign to donate ALOT well now you made a new friend and in fact who ever gets this youll be my best friend see ya later and i think these coing will be going to kids who deserve it and will be goign to good hearts of the children! Waddle on CP


hi its me sweetmustang im here too say our donations helped alot thanks billy bob
for saying the donations bye


Thats great! During coinns for change,I got 10,000 coins and gave all of it to coins for change. Im kinda disapointed that we didn't make our goal,but its ok. We did a really good job. WADLE ON!!!!!


Woah! Go coins for change! Thanks cp your the best!!!!!!

gummy girl4:

I would like to say, You all deserve the money, you are all so wonderful and strong. Keep up the great, fantastic work. If one day i could meet you all, it would be the best day of my life. i never realized how lucky i was until i lost it. i now feel so bad. every year i try to donate atleast 5000 coins to each on each and every coins for change. rock on all of you and keep on waddleing. i think we should make them cp accounts. it would be so much fun to play with them.


If I could say to them is: Without the money you will be nothing but sad but with the money you will be someone that is really happy and you will be educated, have fun, and have hope. Also if you have extra money you guys could get electronics like the computer, TV's, and games.


What I would say is that "Don't thank us for anything.You deserve this and you all should be treated right. I donated like almost 1,000,000 coins to help! I love helping you guys! It makes my feel very good in the inside of me. The more coins we give the better life we all have!" That's what I would say! Waddle on cp penguins!!!!


Don't thank us. We like to play lots of games and have fun AND still be helping out the world. Waddle on cp! And keep on donating!


This is what I would write to them: Hi! I hope we helped you make a difference! I hope you have an awesome time playing on your new playgrounds! I hope you guys are really happy! Everything will get better. I donated over 10,000 coins I earned to help. I will someday start a charity to help build more safe places like Club Penguin (CP). I hope you like the new schools and libraries. Next year my goal is 1,000,000 coins! I promise :). Waddle On! Hope it gets better REALLY soon!


To children all around the world,

We penguins have worked soo hard to get you all of the stuff you now have, and we would like to let you know that it was completely worth it, and that if we had more time, we could do a million times better for your sake! We hope you have a fun time.

~ Club Penguin


I would say this:
Kids in Haiti, Africa, and any other country in need.I know u will enjoy being in school,having play grounds,water and food and other items we enjoy because America is a kind, amazing country and we love other countries. That's y we r here to help u.


I would say i hope you love the coins i donted a bunch to help all you guys and aprove you contruey i heard you was able too build a lot!
P.S How is your new cool playground!


dear kids,
its shame that you don't get what we have. When coins for change comes on i do my best
to save coins for you guys to have safe homes and all that stuff that you don't have and we do have.
but since club penguin has changed the world with coins for change to help you guys who need help
so we donate coins for change to you so you can have a better life like we do soooo wish every year that coins for change will help you more and more and one day you will be like us with safe places.

wishing you farewell,

from bulsy


Great job CP! You help in so many different ways to help the world.






I think that coins for a change is a great idea. It does not only preserve the planet, it also builds safe places for people who are less fortunate. Stay Strong and Waddle on Club Penguin


Club Penguin is amazing! You guys are so nice! I'm amazed how much we donated this year! I really hope everyone that plays on Club Penguin donated! Long live Club Penguin!!
Waddle On!


I would say you don't have to thank us you really deserve this money. You guys deserve all the stuff. Hope you people have a fun time with all the new stuff you have hot from all of us. I would also like to thank everyone for donating the coins to help the people. I could go on forever but I will stop here. Enjoy your new things. Good job everyone, we won teamwork.
Waddle on Cp, Penguin and the people we helped.

Ora Penguin:

I would like to thank the whole Club Penguin team for helping the people around the world and supporting them to live. Hope to have those people or kids to have their best days ever.


The whole club penguin community is very happy to help you guys! I hope that all the coins we donated have made a difference in your lives in a positive way, and the best of luck to you!

Spygirl 66:

I would say: 'You people need this money more then us. You're human, like us, so why should you be treated differently? Why should you get less then we do? You deserve to have the same stuff we have, so use this money to live long, fulfilling lives. We don't need thanks because you need and deserve this.


I'd have to say that I really cared about helping them and loved collecting coins to help them!


I would say You guys really do desurve nicer stuff beacuse you guys have a ruff life thats why i donate to help you hope it helps you alot.


I would say " I'm happy coins for change was able to help all of you! I'm really glad that coins for change is real and not some people trying to get rich. Coins for change is the most unique organization! To tell you the truth I wish coins for change was year round! That way you guys could get more Play grounds, Schools, and libaries! Who's with me?" I don't want the coins. I want to help others! Club penguin, This is to you! You guys deserve a Nobel peace prize! I am serious about the coins I don't want it. If I win the coins, Don't add it to my account. Put it twoards building a school or a libary. It is better to give than to recive.


I would say you kids really helped in a way otherwise why would we do it ? So i am thanking you because you helped inspire us ;)


Hi club penguin! I just want to give a your welcom to the pople that recived the donations. im so happy i got to spend my first coins for change event helping you guys! i look forward to saving my coins all year. ALL YEAR! and on ly buy things i like and need. i hope to dontate 100,000,00 coins to this years event. well, gotta go earn up some coins! bye!


hey everyone,
i hope you got better schools and play grounds now.
i hope there is clean water en good food.
i'll give you all the money you need.


Hi im Eizzy100
My mesage i would say to the kids would be: " I Guys! I hope you like the libraries, schools and playgrounds we bulit for you! Not only was it good for you but it was good for us to, having fun and playing games to collect coins for you. I hope one day you will be able to play Club Penguin to and next year I promise I will donated as much as i can and make Coins for Change the best year ever! I Hope your having fun.
Waddle on Eizzy100

Thats what I would say to the kids :)


The one thing I would like to say to the kids we are supporting is:
You deserve what Club Penguin is giving you, so I hope you like it.


I would say something like this
Hello Guys!
i really hope that money helps you out
it feels awful we are so lucky and you are so
i want that to change!
this money should do well
i hope you have a better life
hoping this puts a smile on your faces
you buddy Ahsoka26 ;)




Hey kids!!! I have contributed all my money for coins for change even though I started out with Club Penguin in the mid-season of coins for change. It was all for you. We wish you to have an awesome and rocking life. We'll start earning out from the beginning of this year so that you can get lots more the next year. Have a nice time kids!!


I'm happy if you get all the money you need for school,medical threatment and saving the earth I gonna save more coins and donate more next year


Thats Very kind not using it for you but to help poor peolple like in Africa Or Kenya or Pakistan.


I would say "Please, don't thank me. I want to thank you because I get the good feeling of helping somebody in need. There is no reason to thank me. You were in need of help and I heard your pleas for help. I responded."


I would say:
You deserve alll this help, so you should not thank us.The money was donated for you, not us.You also should not be treated any different than us!
WADDLE on CP!!!!!!

Dj Stores:

I would say; you guys really deserve this, for all you have been through, it has been the biggest of pleasures paying membership where some money goes to you and donating thousands of my well-earned coins to you! I really, really hope you soon get the pleasures we have, you cannot squeeze the whole population of Africa on to Ireland, so we must make Africa better, same goes with everywhere else your still not getting this. The penguin community would like to wish you the best of luck for the future!


This is what I would say: Hello everyone! I hope you feel safer now in the new libraries, schools and playgrounds. The WHOLE OF CLUB PENGUIN pitched in to help build these buildings and I hope you are OK with everything. You have got no need to thank us because you really do deserve it and in December, 2012, we are going to do EVEN MORE to help you stay safe. Club Penguin cares.


Hello, I hope that our Coins For Change party did make a change in your lives.
All penguins played games, battled polar bears, and worked hard to make the world a better place.
I am very happy to see all of you are enjoying your new schools, and hospitals.
I bet next year we'll do even better!
Looking forward to it!!

disco taz:

isnt it great cp give you all this money to build schools liberies and more

Sam 16123:

What you need is a more frequent donation. If I could get enough coins as Happy77 all of it would go to CFC. Do enjoy this stuff we donate. I could donate FOREVER!!! Club Penguin would have to remove my penguin to stop me!!! Still if they did I would go find the charity containers at my local area!!! All this sums up to WE NEED TO GIVE ONE HUNDRED MILLION COINS A YEAR!!! Flippers or feet, together we can change the world.

Waddle On
-Sam 16123


Hello, I hope your grateful to all the coins I and ALL of club penguin have donated. I raised coins by playing Treasure hunt, mancala, connect four, the books and ice fishing. Well Done to all of Club Penguin.
Yours Truly Dani993




I would say 'I hope Coins For Change makes a difference to your lives, and I am happy to keep on donation because your lives are just as importank as our penguin lives

Waddle on CP!

From A9204


The amount of coins is amazing! When I am playing the games around club penguin,when I finish the game I would waddle on over to the Beach and donate some of my coins to Coins For Change then I feel extremely proud of myself for helping the enviroment and other charities!
And then I renember how much money wonderful,kind and generous Club Penguin have donated through all those years! It really makes me feel warm hearted inside!

Waddle On,You Rock Billybob!


Thank you for helping cp, I would help you guys more!


no man kris6:

I like to play loads of games like cart surfer and pufflescape and hydro hopper but i luv to play sled race so at the moment if i had 90, 000 coins i would donate that much money and i would just do anything to get Africa or all the other poor countries better to make the world a great place and to mmake all the poor countries happy.


Guys we just want the best for you dont thank us in anyway!. Your the important thing here. We are proud we saved up our coins to help you guys. And we are happy your life is better P.S. WADDLE ON CP!!


I Would Tell Them "How Are You? Did You Like The New Places We Built You?".


I would say that we all care about them! And that we understand what they have to go threw. We will always give them money for buying clothes for warmth they need and water to keep them alive! Food to give them and energy for the playgrounds we built! We care about you and want you to have a good healthy long life!! Waddle On Club Penguin!


I'd tell the kids that they used to be poor but then TRILLIONS of penguins from a game called Clubpenguin donated for sfe places, hospitals, and a healthy enviroment.


i think it is great that penguins donate to charity not only cause its fun but you know that all the games and money you save is going to a good cause and i am proud to say to all penguins congrats everyone did a great job and when i went to the dock i saw loads of penguins donating cause kids who need help deservse it and it makes us feel more grateful for what we have
from nomacs
please add i donated 100,000


Hi hope you guys are warm inside from those earthquakes. WE WILL KEEP HELPING!but next year we going for $3million i think thats are goal so keep saving up coins guys.Zc928


hi i think this is cool because most games don't donate money like this ps what is the most cp has ever raised because i will try beat it


i Gave 1000 Coins IN Donation


The Kids deserve something from the bottom of our penguin hearts. Penguins can raise money by the different activities like Mancala, Find Four, Snow Ski and some part-time jobs like being tour guides and EPF Agents. We are always a person together as we play Club Penguin, united as one family as we help the poor people. Keep up the good work penguins! Good Luck! Waddle on!!!

black ice 78:

I was glad I could donate for the kids we supported through coins for change. I am always ready to help others, even if they are people I don't even know and I am glad I help make the world a better place!
Until next time, Waddle on!


That sounds ausome!!!!!!!!!!!


Well...I wish it was Coins for Change every year, every day so we could help everyone around the world!


il say you guys deserve more than us cauze u need them


I would say I feel bad for you and I hope coins for change helps out a lot. I hope coins for change helps you and and Club Penguin will keep doing things to help because its a really nice thing to do. Some kids have bad lives, and you guys really get some help from this and thanks to everyone else who donated to coins for change to help you guys! Waddle On! ~Madi60517

red guy 99:

i would say we realy saved up all are coins to turn to dollors for you guys!




If I was going to write a letter to the people that we are helping
with Coins For Change, I would say...

I hope Coins For Change helped you and your
friends! Say,are you a student at a school?
If you are going to be in school soon,
school is very fun. if you are already in
school, good! I hope you have learned a
lot! If you are not in school,that doesn't mean
you are not smart. That just mean you're not learning.
BUT ANYWAY, you are probably smart. I hope
you have a great day!

A Club Penguin Friend,


Dear kids,

No matter what, never give up. Even if times look hard, there is still hope. Just believe in yourself and you will get through. I wish i can tell you in person! Waddle on Everyone!


Hello Kids of Haiti! Thank you for letting us donate many coins to you! We waddle around and meet new friends everyday! Let's hope you can do that too. Thank you for letting us make playgrounds and other safe places to go to just for you! We generous penguins, would like to thank you for making Club Penguin more fun like we made your places more fun too! Waddle on kids of Haiti!

Yellow 48:

I would say

Dear kids and parents of kids

Club Penguin may of had helped build a new school where you will go to. Here we arent poor, so in turn each year kids or teenagers on Club Penguin donate their coins to help you! I hope this has made your life easier because you dont want you or your kids being really poor. We also helped to plant trees and to give medication to YOU! Or your kids! So I hope you will live safe life thanks to Club Penguin and other people.

From, Yellow 48 and all people in Club Penguin

P.S. I am in Grade 3 and we learn how to write letters in Grade 3.


Hello, kids!

You shouldn't be in the condition you are in, that's why I donated every coin I had in December (which was a LOT. period.) !
well, I hope you are happy!



I really love to give money for people in need and to help build medical help places. So you can do that to you can really help people by doing things to help them. I'm really proud of you for giving money to people that need help. Thanks for helping people you and CP team ROCK! WADDLE ON!!!


here are some thousend coins for your eageacason,house,and for the animols safe plase! :D

Cooly 8880:

I would say: Don't worry, something in your life will change that will make it better. Maybe nicer clothes, a new playground, even a new library! But don't worry, your life is gonna change because of this! $620,000 is coming to the rescue!! Waddle on! :) P.S. I really LOVE that you guys are doing this :) Thank you so much!


I Would say....that they really needed it and i am very glad to help out! I do alot of things like this in my home and at school. They needed more schools, libraries and hospitals and we donated. That's all i can say. GO COINS FOR CHANGE!

~Laurencarly (plz post)


i think we did great!!!!!! this year i hope we get even more coins.




You have to live without many things, that we americans have every day! It is wonderful that you guys got this money. Now, you can have a better country in some ways. I donated some coins and glad I did! I know that I helped make your country a better place. You guys deserve this money!


It was alot of fun doing it and plus after I donated I felt proud for helping so many lives. Thanks for inventing coins for change, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!


If I can tell the kids I will say that I will do my best to help you and I want to give you anything I can and you are really fighters and I feel sorry when I see the poor kids on tv but I know that one day we all will work together to help you


CP Rocks I love coins for change and i love CP Donated 2 million coins that went towards a lot of stuff I love CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like what your doing to help Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


your welcome little boys and girls.we worked hard. it was so fun. we had a blast!bye

Yarr Arr:

You guys are very good people that should be treated propley i hope you feel better be safe and kind.


I would truly sy that donating these coins make me feel good. If i could i would go help clubpenguin but i dont think its possible so anyways. bye! and:





Coins for change is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





If I could send a message to someone I helped, I would say,"I felt so good when I donated money. I hoped it helped you in many ways. When I found out how much money CP donated, I almost cried! I feel so grateful to have an opportunity to help someone in need." CP, you made me feel so good inside!


I hope you will enjoy the money, don't thank us! You deserve the money and I wish for you to enjoy your school and your houses!
And I hope for Club Penguin to keep going and going, so we can really change the world and make it a living home with peace and harmony. :)


that rocks i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would say, I am so happy to have your schools built and homes built . You must be happy too. I didn't know that with that money I just made with games, would make such a big change you.

Waddle On




i would say:
i hope the donation has made a difference and i hope i made an impacted on your life!


I love coins for change I like it cos it helps children around the world and it makes millions of children around the really....... HAPPY!!!!

Waddle on club penguin!!! :)


Well i'd say: We are very happy you got more safe buildings and great school stuff! you deserve it after what you have been through! we have been working hard to send this money..

From A girl from clubpenguin who is a nice person


i'd say i'm really happy to help other kids and their family. they deserve it and i'm just happy i could do something to help them.

beaky bob123:

i am VERY happy you are going to school i know next year i will be donating until then bye


Would $620,000 be £618,000 if it was British pounds because I want to know what the total would be in English because I am English and anyway that's allot of money if I am right! I am glad I could help in coins for change because I want to care for our world!


I hope you like coins for change i think its AWSOME and i love donating coins! I donated over amilion coins! I hoped that helped!


id say that
i love working with you guys its just great
if you want more on december then youll get more you should be treated the same
gogogogogogogogogogogogogo here comes jamaz


all children should be able to play sports, have fun and feel safe.i hope this money helps to make that happen. :-)


i would say that you guys deserve the stuff and you dont have to thank u


Katie 890:

If I could say something to them I would say: "Hello, is your family ok today? It is a bit dull today isn't it. I am so bored and now I can't belive you have to go through all that trouble just for food and water."Thank you club penguin for helping them and making a difference.


We are so happy that you have lots of facilities now in your school. Club penguin is a Kids Virtual World.


I would say that club penguin did an awesome job and that CP should make every day coins for change to help people all around the world! -From your CP fan civicskater3


I'm saying to the kids: You kids really need that money, in a good way! I think it's amezing that we're giving YOU our MONEY! I have helped Coins For Change for 2 years! And I have donated all my coins just for YOU! I hope you like the school,playgrounds etc :)
I'm really our virtual coins are going to good use :)
(Please post I have never been posted before!)

Have fun people!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :D


I want to thank all off the penguin team for making this opportunity for coins for change everyones so generous



Avalcnhe 10:

you guys need the money. its ok our penguins are now poor in coins! it was for a good cause.

gelly bob:

I would say Hi and you kids really deserve that money and we will keep raising more money!


i'd say "I'm just so glad for donating and I hope your happy with what you have now!I just love coins for change it's one of my favorite times of the year because every time we donate we change peoples lives!and I think coins for change is a great way to help those kids and adults in need of food water and other things :) and I love changing peoples lives" i'd say that!love polly4533


my username is bumblbee499
i would say your welcome we only
gave you this money to change the world
you deserve this money you are lucky we did this.


I would say:

Hi I am from Clubpenguin.I was wondering how you use the money we donate too you?
I am a huge fan of helping others and was wondering if you could tell me about your weather you get in Haiti.
I hope you enjoy our coins!
and the
CP Team!


Yeah well said Slippery1181
and all you kids out there who needs money i hope the every single day for you guy will get better and better


I would say: I really hope that your lives had changed.
And I really hope you appreciated it.
Like Slippery1181 said, "You kids really deserve the money",
that's right.
Club Penguin actually saved you're lives.
You should thank CP for this.

And a thank you for donating money CP.
Waddle on!!!!!

I Carly Rox:

Aww You Guys Deserve It! And Instead Of Being Mean & Not Donating Coins & Just Buying For Ourselfs, We Helped You! :) I Hope You Like The Playgrounds, Water, etc.! <3
You Guys Are AWESOME!!!
That's What I Would Say :)
Waddle On!



Its good that you can give our coins for less fortunate people in Pakistan, India, and Africa for kids who die from dirty water. Thanks Club penguin for doing this Its really kind to the african republic and asian people who are not lucky like us well im english and us australins and americans and germans etc etc.

THANKS YOUR SO GENOUROUS CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N20 cola


Dear Children,
We are so glad that you are enjoying your new school and we hope to make to make it even better, through Coins For Change.
Due to our generosity, you are able to have the fun and enjoyment that we share on CP.
We are always eager to help and will hope that we can do even better next year!

Yours Faithfully,

Raven 10:

I would say, I am so happy that the Club Penguin Team is so generous in donating so much money to people that don't have the oppurtunities that we do. I'm also so honored to be a part of this! Thanks Club Penguin for being so nice and having the level of generousity that you do.

waddle dee48:


We hope that we have have been helpful for you needy children.
We've spent alot of virtual coins,but it was definitly worth it!
The staff and us hope that we have made a better life for all of you.
Thats all we wanted to say.

Club Penguin

Cool Yassy:

I am soooo happy we raisedd that much money for all the poor peopl some people now have much better first aid and homes
Cool Yassy<3

jamie kirk:

COOL!! I REALLY like coins for change because i like playing games on club penguin and to help kids all around the earth.waddle on c.p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i really wanted to donate money for coins for change but it was to late but i really hope the poor people enjoy there money we donated



I Know What You Go Through. But Now You Dont Have To Worry! Clubpenguin Is A Really Fun,Great, And Somtimes Crazy Website. Last Mouth Was Our Chrismas Party And We Had A BIG CHALLANGE! So Everyone Helped,Anouced,Supported,Donated For Change For Coins. What I Did Is Making Speech To Donate. But I Was Not Alone My Friends Helped Me! Poco1015 And Zeakie And Moshi478. But Who Really Helped You Was The Most Kindeset Disney Staff Ever! We Will And Alwas Support You!!!

From Your Friends Clubpenguin And Tinker2527

Avalanche 10:

a good way to save coins is by playing cart surfer. you can get alot!!!!!!!! you get even more with a puffle!


"Children all around the world, we all hope you enjoy your new schools, getting better and seeing lot's of endangered animals." "You all deserve
these coins and they should all be used gracefully." "Have fun and we all hope you look after yourselves."


I would tell the kids to not give up hope and to know that there are people in this world who love them, support them, and will do everything they can to make sure that they have a long and happy life <3

Meggy 222860:

Hey Guys, You really shouldn't be saying thanks! This reason because you have given us the best game ever! And we should say thanks for you! You have done to much and those people need that money you guys are the BEST


this is my mesege to the kids:
Hey there little fighters,im Tiger from Club Penguin.You know we all work hard to help you.I want you to have lots of fun in school on the playrounds and we helped the animals that are in danger.Im sure that you are very smart and nice kids and will become realy great people when you grow up.I wish you luck and we will all work hard to make you happy.I only want a favor from you guys i want you to have great fun and to always smile because if that hapens i will be the happiest penguin in the world.Have fun and Waddle On with us!:))))))
from Tigerpingi
(i hope you post it please ive never been posted and i realy want to tell this to the kids)



I would say:
It is so hard to put what I feel into words. We wanted to make a difference. And we did. Penguins donated coins, saving millions of families! I have nothing to say to that, and I respect you all! I wish I was on, I would be on all day, getting coins and donating them. Coins for change should be longer! I don't know how to put the rest. Thank all of you penguins and I truly, I mean TRULY admire you. Waddle on!

Agent Villa1:


we donated sooooo much and look now!
they have slides,safe buildings AMAZING!!!!!!!! and they are happy!!


P.S £2,000,000 donated YAY!


in the new home page all of the penguins are sad looking including:the beach girl,the boy,the life gaurd,rookie,the guturist,and driller
also i found out that in one of the fild ops when it kept saying dont stand still over and over it says that because if you stand still clutsy the crab will click you and in the under grounds and in the underwater room in the doors to the secret underwater cave i looked in there and there wasent the underwater moss key


i would say that we are happy to give you that money and we are glad that you now have the stuff that we have and i hope you are happy now cause i am! from dodo2684! :)


i would say, im glad i could make a difference


I'd say, "I hope you guys are enjoying your school and playground, and even though school can be tough sometimes, I'm still glad I have the possibility to go; and you should be enjoying this time, too! Just don't forget to do your homework for all the fun I hope you'll have! Yours Virtually and Sincerely, Deynie at Club Penguin." --Waddle on! :)


i feel so happy giving so much money to thoughs poor kids and help building save places for them and protecting wild life! it feels so good to know you did something that could help other things and people around the world! Thanks again for letting me help! :)

Rubby 86:

i hope this money helps and im collecting coins still but the longer i do the more i have to help all the children (and grown ups) to have medical help and get to have safe water all so to the poor animals nearly exinted we should help them to


I donated 10,000 coins to coins for change and gotta stamp! I hope I helped a tons of kids and animals in need! :)


Dear Chidern
Its Glad To Know That The Money I Donated Went To A Good Cause It Was So fun Earning These Coins But The Most Fun Part Was Donating it to U It Got me Incouraged To help The Needy And I Kinda Admit The Feeling Rocks So I Hope We Can Always Dontate coins For U Guys Hey And I Cant Wait To Give More Next Year
Waddle On Cp :)


I would like to save coins so when it is coins and change i would raise 1000 coins. I also like playing ice fishing. I live in the Uk. I like to be a Epf agent and a tour guide so i can get the coins. Thank you waddle on.


I would say how are you enjoying the money we raised??You never need to say thank you.I am just glad club penguin do this every year for children like you!!I never miss a year of coins for change!So I will promise to help children who need help every year!!I promise that you will have more fun next year with the money we raise next year!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Please post I never get posted!!)


I think Coins For Change is a great way to find out how other people have no food, need money, and like that we can donate coins for them. Keep Waddling on!!!


dear club penguin i have a good idear do you know the agent spy phone may be you could make it so on the spy phone we could send agent messages it would be so cool hope you like it

izzy the great:

have fun kids i hope you enjoy your skool

Bat Wen:

I would say to the kids in Haiti, for example, that they rock, I LOVED donating for Club Penguin Coins For Change. I love those kids. The video by billybob was ABSOLUTELY touching.


I'm happy that the money is going to good use. I think it is great that we can help kids around the world.


I would say: Hello from the UK! I'am on club penguin and all I wanted to say was there is no need to thank us it is important that you have the money

From club penguin

translated into there language

P.S I would also put in a ten ten gourde/Rubee notes in the envolope

Agent Villa1:



money really? you are just soooo generous Cp!



yo guys coins for change is epic


i would say " It was lots of fun earning coins for you guys!!!!! I liked playing all the games around Club Penguin. Wether i was alone or with someone. i'm so happy that i could give money for you guys! Have alot of fun with all the new stuff you have!


we hope that this money will really help.It would be lovely if you could tell us how you are doing soon
it was a pleasure to help you.
lots of love
All of Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!


Omg!!!! I don't even need coins. I think they should get all of the coins. Waddle On Club Penguin!!!! P.S. I wish that They would just give the coins to them cause we don't need them, they might need it!! Thanks cp.


I would say " You well deserve the money from Club Penguin's Coins for Change program, I hope it helps and that you are safer."

Agent Villa1:

Hi penguins

Thanks for ALL the coins!!! it was a awesome 2011 hope the best for 2012
by the way before we forget the 1st thing we made possible
slides,swings,schools,houses and stuff like that the 2nd thing is to save animals homes by NOT cutting down trees!!!! please help the world be clean!!!! the 3rd thing is medical help!!! we make that possible! so please save the entire world and universe and GALAXY

Waddle On! :)


coins for change is great your gelp people with virtual coins in is epic :) :$

Emery Gem:

I would say," I am so glad we are able to help and improve your life. I've always enjoyed coins for change because it give children like you a second chance to get or do something they really enjoy. There is no need to thank club penguin because you guys definetly deserve every penny!"
With love,
~Emery Gem

P.S. please, please, please, at least post this comment because this one came from the very bottom of my heart and I want people to know how I feel about the situation.



I would say that you truly must know what its like to not have a home and it must be even more a blessing to have shelter than people that have always had a home... I also would say that the Club Penguin team changes lives like yours!


Dear children,
Hello. It is my highest and greatest honor to be supporting you during this time. I hope that everything we've done changed your life. I'm glad to know that our coins are going to a good cause! Many blessings!


i hope coins for change changed the world alot waddle on !


Hi!!!! i am so happy that we can help you by Coins For Change. I hope this money that genorouse penguins have donated to you will be a BIG help, and give you nice fresh clean water. We dont know how lucky we are, Hope that you will soon feel great, all of us hear give you a big Smile! Hope that this helps you!

From The Genourouse People
And Donaters, and the Club Pengin Team




hi, i really do hope coins for change has heled you!!!
i donated about 20100 coins for it because i would hate to live like you do,
i really hope we all help again this year (mayby even better!) and hope its made a change.
next year, hoefully i will give you even more!!!!!
good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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