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By Happy77 on January 18, 2012 - 19:25
Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. It's time for the first Reviewed by You post of 2012. Last time, I asked about your favorite way to save up coins in Club Penguin. Blazer2529 shared some sweet ways to earn coins:

I like to save coins by being a tour guide and secret agent! It feels good because those jobs mean helping penguins and the money I get from them helps even more people world wide! I also like playing games like connect four and mancala because I get to meet all kinds of new friends and that means not only am I earning money to donate, but the person I'm playing with is too!

Nice answer, Blazer2529! 

Speaking of coins and donating... Earlier this month Billybob announced the results of Coins For Change. Thanks to your support, we've donated $620,000 to help build safe places like libraries, schools and playgrounds for kids. So for this week's Reviewed by You, we want to know... If you could send a message to the kids we're supporting through Coins For Change, what would you say?

Share your message in the comments below. I'll randomly pick one of your comments to feature on our next Reviewed by You blog post. If your comment is featured, you'll even get a 10,000 coin prize added to your account! 

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team



i am very happy for you and its a great opportunity for schools and playgrounds and im going to donate even more next year!


Blue here! I`d like to say that my friends and I used all our coins for CFC!!! I really hope we did some good.




i hope them kids have happy life's. they look soo happy. Aw, bless them

Waddle on cp

x Jam381 x


hang in there




dear kiddos

i just wanna say that there is more where that came from because im going to work extra hard next year to make sure that you all have what you need and i hope other penguins will do the same

love ya all


Hello everybody that we donated coins to. I hope that all of you like your new playgrounds and I would just like to say it has been a pleasure to donate coins to you. Remember, don't give up hope!

Love from a fellow coin donator on Club Penguin,

Chocolattte xxx


we each share are money to each other and cold days for flippers! coins for change rocks the world has plenty of money for food building houses and health its cool for the world to have money and each other our party is hurting my brain! lets feedback! plz post

Abby Qeen:

It is an honor to be helping you. I hope you are enjoying the new hospitals and libraries.
Abby Qeen


i whould say "hi i hope this moneys helped you and all yourn freinds and club penguin will keep donateing coins to help these couress


i hope we raise enough money for the kids who dont have schools


I would say, " We feel very good to donate money and know that we are helping you, your family, and your friends when I see kids like you smile and they are getting schools and playgrounds, it makes me smile because I know that all of us are helping kids like you that are in need of things like that."



Lets do this every party! I love to help! Even in my Social studies class once I said " I like being friends with everyone and help everyone!
But im serious lets do it again!!!!! Anyway gotta waddle!


WOW! $620,000 that could help sooo many people well done CP P.S. HAPPY77 U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cant belive we made $620,000 i just cant belive it!!!!!!! I mean realy we made $620,000 and if your reading this I want to say your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kids need a safe place at school to learn and kids learn how to read at the libraries but our support was about helping the world. we earn coins from Thin Ice,Go Fishing, Surfing,Acqu Graber and other games but the kids form aronud the world needed are help to rasie coins for schools and libaaries. Thats all. Waddle on club penguin.


Next plz donate to Wings Over Haiti I am part if the amesome assiociation


i'm so glad that club penguin could change the world i'm so proud of club penguin


i think every1 was very nice to give money 2 coins 4 change


Natallie 12:

Thank you very much!


Dear Kids, I hope that you enjoy your new schools, libraries, hospitals, and other wonderful places that you have gotten from Coins for Change. Penguins around the world have teamed up to donate to you guys! The best part is, It happens every single year! You guys deserve all of this!
You are Welcome, From everyone at Club Penguin!

kenny s:

Awh! I Am also a african i miss my friends id give you guys all my money i miss my country:)



I would say hi and it was an honor that i could donat virtual coins and turn them into real coins and i hope you guys enjoy the safe places!


Great Job! but because I'm not a member I can't use the coins...

Dear coins for change,
I hope this money really helps, giving back helps every one! Buy whatever you need.
From a club penguin member,

red guy 99:

i would say that we clubpenguin have worked alot to earn these coins to donate to kids around the whole world.hope you guys with no homes or schools to enjoy all of our coins to you guys we hope you like it remember always have a fun time and enjoy our donation.





hi i am hannah22336 i donated a lot for you to have a safe home and a sweet medical staion.i did a big change and maybe you can too! there is many ways u can get money for your community like a lemonade stand a desert stand or help with a clinic or mostly anything but make sure u ask your parents first for permission have fun with all safe and sound!


You guys deserve so much more than you have right now. I am in a club called the O'Ambassodors. We raise money in my school and send it to places in need of medical care and safe places to be in. I am proud of the people on cp who gave money. I did and im proud of it!!!!! Thanks waddle on!!!!!!!!


Why thank us penguins? We deserve to thank you for helping us out, making our minds fill with delight and happiness. Spending coins for clothing? No, because its just a game. Playing games and earning money? Most of the time, yes. After you earn the money, you don't just waste it to get clothes or furniture items. Instead you save it and think for a moment. And the most important way that all penguins should do, is to donate your coins to the poor, in order to make their lives full of happiness. Sending you guys the coins, improves your lifestyles in real life. I was very surprised hearing about the amount of coins given to you, and it makes me tear with joy. I am very happy that you are enjoying the coins, the playgrounds, etc. And don't thank us. Instead, we should take you for giving us the moment of care and happiness. I declare that we penguins have a moral obligation to assist those in need. I felt the need to send you the money, and felt so good about doing this. I also thank you, Club Penguin, for exposing coins for change, because it is a helpful way that improves the world. I don't care about receiving 10000 if I win this. I came here to say the truth about what i feel and what I enjoy. But if I turn out to win this, I will save my 10000 until the next coins for change to donate to the poor. Once again, thank you!


if i was one of the kids on there i would give the other nice kids there some of mine and at are school we learned about safety and it showed safe games it had webkinz and club penguin for safe games

45 78b:

I would say:I really hope this money will help you through tough times and + you deserve this money!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would write
Dear Kids in Africa,
I loved to donate to you guys.You guys are really impressive.I don`t care if you guys make my pay my coins. this is my favorite event on Clubpenguin.Because I like to donate to you guys.You guys need shelters and food and even medical help.You guys need a lot to survive but so do we.I pray for you guys every single day.You should be proud of your selfs.You guys go through a lot.All you guys need help so we should do coins for change every month!

~boots15209~(P.S. if i get coins from this im gonna use them for coins for change :D)

Pink Ice 49:

All of Club Penguin has been working hard for your community. We all hope that you enjoy your playground! We're still working hard to make a difference in the world!!
-Waddle on CP!


I would say: Dear African kids,

I'm sorry to hear about all the horrible things that have happened to you. I hope all the money helps! If not, then be sure to contact us. We can do it! If we work together, anything's possible! Like my grandpa says "When there's a will, there's a way! If you don't succeed, try try again!". I'm glad that you guys get medical help, places to live and a better environment! We can't take money for our selfs. This is a message to the world.... the littlest of things can make a difference! Just one dollar or even one cences can change a life. But remember, don't get greedy!



P.S. please post i want the kids to have hope!


My message to those kids would go something like this,

I play Club Penguin and I help out with Coins for Change by donating a lot of coins (along with MANY
other people around the world).
My school also gives money to UNICEF, an organization that helps people like you by building
wells and schools in towns.
Even though stuff like that can't help everyone, they're at least helping some people live better lives.
I hope they've helped (or will help) you!

~ Puffle4255


I would say i hope u enjoy those playgrounds,schools,and homes. im sorry that u may not have homes so i hope we can get even more coins next year!


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hope the money helps u in your life


i hope that the many libraries and school have helped all of you kids get more education and i know school can be boring but if you do well you will have a good career/life ps dont bother to thank us all that sent money you deserved it more

love aqua77780


No offense CP, but you're spilling the beans of EPF agents. They're secret agents, so they are supposed to be secret. So could you please stop spilling the beans about them?


That is so cool. I also got a Rockhopper plush toy at Target too!


I just want to say that if we all work together, great things will happen so that everyone isnt poor or hungry, shelterless, or sad. So if EVERYONE donates, we can change the world. Waddle on cp, i luv you! :)


I was so happy to have played games and donate all of my coins to coins for change! This organisation is so awesome! I love to help save the planet! Every coin counts! I donate to coins for change every year! I was extatic to help all these kids in need of houses and proper schooling. I hope this organisation gets more and more coins raised each year. Till then,



Oh I almost forgot 2011's Coins for change was so cool. You rock CP.

renee m.:

i really love coins for change because it allows all of the great penguins to help are world and people in need. i think its great that you get to help are world and get to play and learn on this amazing website. i thank all the penguins who were generous enough to donate. remember to allways walk proudly and walk with your head up.YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaa


If I could send a letter to those wonderful peaple I would say that I hope they they are vey happy and pleased because it makes me pleased to see there smiling faces in videos with there new things. I hope they can stay happy and healthy. Donating all those coins was tottaly worth it. I hope we can increase our donated coins for them every year!


You deserve this money completely. Turning our fake money into homes and education for you guys.

nice girl278:

im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for helping provide medical help,save the enviroment,and build safe places. im happy to help because its a good thing and its gr8 helping the world.i cant believe we made 620,000 dollars for people in need.


Kids from around the globe,hope you enjoyed the libraries, schools,and playgrounds.You deserved all those things.We are glad that we helped you.Waddle on club penguin and all the kids that we helped.



Wow I just love ClubPenguin! Coins For Change is the best! those children need help and im glad CP is here to help! Thank you sooo much


I wish all the children of the world knew how much i care! I love all the little ones and the ones who can't afford to live in a proper environment. I know that i don't know how you feel. But I care more than anything to help everyone in the world! Everyone needs help of some kind and i love helping all the people! I want to help as mush as i can and coins for change is a chance for me to do that!

Thank you!


Dear Kids,
You are very welcome for all the "coins"! We are happy to do it! We love saving up for coins for change by playing games and all sorts of stuff! All of us really hope you enjoy the clean water, playgrounds, schools ext.! And it is all because of virtual coins, Club Penguin, and well of course, Coins for Change!

Bye Everyone! And enjoy everything!


Thanks so much everyone for donating a lot of money this year for coins for change .I donated six hundred dollars to help the earth and i'm sure you donated some money to! till then waddle on!


I hope all you kids are having a lovely time and we are thinking about you LOVE SPOT338

Kiki The1st:

I would say the following: Hey guys! I hope you like all the new stuff your getting! I hope you're doing well and having fun! You guys are awesome! Remember that! :)

Cp you guys are awesome for doing this for kids. Love Ya!



If i could write to one of those kids i would say how are you and nice things like i hope you had a good day then i would say i was a penguin who donated to medical help and that you will be okay if you grow sick witch is really common for poor children well thats it waddle on club penguin!



Tardis Lover:

I would say that I always feel guilty AND grateful that I have such a high standard of living and that we Americns usually take what we have for granted. We always want MORE. We hardly give enough to the less fortunate.


I hope everypne around the world got some help and thanks to everyone who donated!!(:
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!


I would say to the kids:DREAM ON!




give money and everyone will be happy will rise


Help the Earth Help all the people will illness and homeless we need to help then to survive this world i love clubpenguin and i love all kids and i donated to Club Penguin to all of them LIST:ILLNESS,HOMELESS And more so help please to make kids be better :D


ill tell u guys ive only moved from world of cars because there shuting down that websit and so far i like cp . and i donated 3000 to coins for change. w a d d l e o n !


You guys really deserve this donation. You guys have been through a lot since the earthquake. You deserve the donations, you guys needed help rebuilding after the earthquake and you got a school built and people world wide donated to you. You truly deserve this money.


i would love to make the world a better place help peploe and the plant


"Im so gald I could help change your lifes.It make me feel good.I can go to sleep at night feeling good because I helped you.I wish I could help even more!I feel that people should be thankful because some people dont have the stuff that other people have.i love you and everyone that needs help in any way.You can always count on me for helping you because I will always be there to help.Even though we cant see each other I am still in your heart!"


I would say: Hello! I hope you enjoy all of the new schools, libraries, and playgrounds! We have donated millions of virtual coins to help! I have donated lots of coins and I plan to give even more next year!

Waddle On Club Penguin!


I would say to those kids that I really hope you are very happy and grateful the the club penguin team because, these are the people how gave you a change to get an aducation and they gave you homes and also helped you get health if your sick to the docters. I hope they have a very happy live like you should when you get an opportunity like this go after it.



I think I would say:
I helped you and the other kids. If it weren't for Club Penguin, me and the other kids who play Club Penguin, you wouldn't have food, water and shelter right now. That's right. We helped you. But which thing we donated did you like best? The shelter? The animals? The medical care? Please write back if you can!
That's what I would say to them! :)
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love Club Penguin and i love little kids i donated to Club Penguin And I Did all of them i mostly took off all my money for the poor kids and im happy I did that i love helping little kids.


i would say to them ,"you are lucky that the club penguin community donates money to help poor people or communities,me and lots of other club penguin users have earned coins on club penguin and donated them to help you,sick people and those endangered animals,club penguin does this amazing charity to help make the world a safer and better place"i can't think of a better game to run such a helpful charity . thank you club penguin for putting a big effort in this , so always remember to





I would say to the kids Cp is supporting is:
I hope this money will be very helpful to you guys (and gals). And in honor of Club Penguin beating the goal of $2 million coins, I am making a challange for myself. The challange is this: I will donate 100,000 coins for coins for change the next time it comes. It will be hard. I'll have fun. It will be for a great cause. I hope I will get the 100k coins I need to donate for Coins for Change. Wish me luck.



Clubpenguin is so greatly appreciated to help you guys that need help out there!! I think this is really fun to help the people that need help by playing games, earning coins,and feeling good about giving coins to people who need it! Club Penguin is a great website because you get to pay really fun games and earn coins for your own penguin and Helping people wo need it and this is all for FREE ! :)

Waddle on ! :) -Wuddles


Dear Kids,

I hope you liked our money that we donated to you. You guys really deserved it. I hope that money will go to good use and build schools for you. Waddle on!!!


Hello,my penguin name is jasmin923 and i love Club Penguin You have friends and donate i donated almost all my money for all the little kids or people without houses,that are poor and with illness I helped then with the almost all my money on Club Penguin for them on all of them no homes,illness,and poor and im happy i did that.


I hope you like your new Schools and Hospitals!
We have worked really hard to make them for you!
From Playing Jetpack Adventure to Wave Surfer
I am very glad to be earning money for you!
I am so happy we could do this for you!
Waddle On!


I would, say spend the money we have earned for you wisely, and even though you need food and everything, be kind and thoughtful to one another so that one day, maybe you will be helping the world. And little things can make a BIG difference. And always ....... WADDLE ON!


I am so happy that we could help you by building safe places.
I hope you like the buildings that we built you.
I also hope you have fun with the things are virtual coins got you.


I really hope that every penguin out there helped donate at least some coins for coins for change. And i hope they are put to a good use!




I would say: I know you must be having a hard time. Us kids on Club Penguin care about you. You can always be sure of that. I hope you benefit greatly from Coins For Change.


I would write this: Hi!!! If I were you, I would be sooooo thankful of Club Penguin and ALL THE PENGUINS IN THE WORLD! (Vitrual penguins) Everyone helped build your new shelters, playgrounds, and schools, we helped your health, and saved animals all over the world; including the animals in your country, oh, and plants! I feel good, too because I donated my virtual coins so that Club Penguin could donate money to build schools, playgrounds, and shelters,and help plants, animals, and medical help!I hope you're happy because eveen I am happy!!!!!!!

WallE N Eva:

Hi, I'm soo happy we raised enough coins to donate $2 million to various charities! This is my message... I'm soo happy we could help you. I'm also glad that me, my friends and penguins from around the world could help people like you to have safe places to rest, live and learn. The best Christmas present I had, was knowing that my coins would make someone else happy, that, I feel, was the best present of all! Giving IS better than reciving! We can change the lives of others by our actions, and Coins for Change is a way to do it. I think we should all thank the people that made Coins for Change possible. Thank you Club Penguin!...
WallE N Eva

Thank you! Waddle on CP! (:

Airplane 110:


So I donated 1,000,000 coins for coins for change and I just wanted to say that you guys now have homes and schools.

So I hope we can give you guys even more next year!!


Airplane 110


We're al equal. Some people might say we're not, but thats just being rude! You guys deserve this money more than anybody on Earth. We take what we have for granted. Libraries,laptops,homes,school, and cars. We should be more happy and appreciative of what we have.You guys don't take much for granted, we do. We should be like you. And if anyone deserves this money, its you. :)



I"m glad to hear that people and penguins like coins for change and i'm happy that this was posted


u actullay dont have to thanks us because u have done alot of things for club penguin and we did something for u. I HOPE COINS FOR CHANGE CHANGED YOUR LIVES!!!!!!


i did the same as blazer2529 and if i had more i would buy the tee shirts from rockhopper

WallE N Eva:

This is my message... I'm soo glad that me, my friends and penguins from around the world could help people like you to have safe places to rest, live and learn. I feel that knowing my coins would make someone else happy, was the best Christmas present of all! Giving IS better than receiving! We should thank the people that made Coins for Change possible. Thank you Club Penguin!...

Waddle on CP!


I would say.....


Cause hey, if they've found their way to something CP, there's sunshine somewhere. :)
Waddle on!


I would say: "hope you can enjoy life as great as the people that use club penguin. Enjoy all the donated coins that cp donated in the past years. WADDLE ON




I would say to the children: I am so glad I donated now you can have a better life and have more fun because having fun is important and I hope that we helped you and we know we can make a change if all of us penguins work together us kids are the new generation and we're going to help each other one coin at a time! - Peridotgurl


Congratulations! We all did it! With all of our hard work, we accomplished a big goal! I hope the people in need get all the help they could possibly need! Great job everyone! It makes me feel good to know that we put smiles on all of their faces! :)


I would say: I hope the coins for change program helped make a diffrence for you, and everyone else in this world, dont give up never. I think you deserve this, and i hope you enjoy your new life!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please Post Me I NEVER Been Posted Before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think you guys really need that money and it's good that it was sent to you!!!!!!


I'd say
Don't give up no matter what and always try.
Waddle on CP!


Dear kids,
I am so happy the money have earned went to help you and not my penguin! I hope you learn and grow alot in the years to come! I will save up alot of coins this year to help you next year!! Hope you learn alot!! ~Love Army247 :)


if i had a chance to speak to those kids i wuold say:

you guys are so lucky to be supported by club penguin coins for change fund.

next time i will donate as much as i have maybe more!!!

i really enjoy supporting ou guys and hope you guys are very happy on how much was given to you guys this year.

you guys are so lucky to have as much as you do.


I would say cp did a great job helping you guys and that everyone should be happy that we made a better place to live just by donating coins and turning them into real money. As my friend would say, awesome job cp. I'm proud of cp. Really great job cp, I mean it.


I am proud!!!
I think everyone who donated at least 100 coins should get a prize for igloos. cmon happy77 or billybob ! we deserve it

Rocket Net34:

Hello everyone! I think if i sent a mesage to one of those kids we were supporting I would say: Hi! I am a clubpenguin user and I donated coins to help you! I hope your doing great! Thanks hope you feel warmer and safer now! I hope that all of the kids donating to you has made a difference in your life because it has in all of ours!


this is a great oppurtunity to help these wonderful kids and save their lives by building safe places and making new hospitals for sick kids who cant get their medical needs and building safe places so people can have shelters to live in and not be is very fun to do coins for change because its very annual and its a special event that happens to save kids ALL around the world


I doanted 30000 coins and it was hard to get theses coins playing that pizza game and the fishing game it took me a long time i wish i can doante 40000 coins to make it but it ended and i cant wait for coins for change 2012 WADDLE ON


i would say:
im thankful i could help you other children around the world and i hope you can get food water and all the things you need to survive

and i might put some money in it if i had any at the time i hope we sent anof money to help them survive:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D cant wait for next year we can give even more:D:D:D


i have to say that a love club penguin, because of the things they do to help people around the world. i also love to donate because it makes me feel great, knowing that the money will go somewhere it really needs to go. so people in africa, haiti, and everywhere else, you can always count on us.


I think every single coin we donate can make a difference to people around the world! I can't wait until 2012's coins for change donations. We will try to donate more and more each year!!! Waddle On penguins!!!!!


Thank you for inspiring me every day to be a better person, and be thankful for every single thing I have.


I relay think you guys deserved the money we gave and I was happy to give it!

Hotel Piplup:

i'll tell them, "yo guys if you guys want coins ive got some right here!"


coins for change was Awesome!


I save coins by


sssssssssssssssoooooooooooo nice


i love coins for change


i would say you are welcome for the free money we gave you


Hey Cp! I just want to say you can thank us but you guys deserve it!! I love to help people. So you guys dereved the money that Club Penguin sent to you guys to have better homes, schools, libraies and more! Hope that what we donated helped you tremendously!!!! Glad that you guys have better everything now!





i think day really deserve the money so i spent 300000$ it was worth it we need to help their country like were helping ares

mc bluey:



I would say you guys deserve houses,libraries,schools so i really hope you enjoy you places!!!:)


It's awesome that our virtual coins helped build safe places like libraries, schools and playgrounds for kids. Also a big thank you to Club Penguin for making Coins for Change possible you guys are amazing! Keep up the good work.
Waddle on..
From Penguinbin98.


So good for you guys to have lovely toys and other fab things.With love SLIPYFLIP9 . All the best to you.

Donka 6:

I really loved coins for change 2011 because it was a challenge saving up your coins to build safer places.

Bagel 8794:

Hello my name is bagel 8794, for club penguin, and I would like to tell you that over here in our country we've been trying our very hardest to help you guys and we even went over the target!

All the best from Bagel :)


i love helping



I would say to them, I hope you guys all like the brand new stuff you got to help with schools, libraries, and playgrounds. You'll learn so much and have so many books. I love the idea of Coins for Change and I donate every year to help. Look forward to a ton more donations from everyone at Club Penguin.

Waddle on!

Polly Pie 9:

WELL DONE CLUB PENGUIN we raisned alot of monney :) :) well done

Squashy Fire:

I gave away 10,000 coins and wanted to give loads more!I played lots of games and tried to give more but I couldn't.I really,really,really want to change the world.So give away as many coins as you possibly can.The world needs you!Really,really needs you!


I would say to never stop giving up!! Help is on the way from your friends at Club Penguin!! Never. Stop. Giving Up!!!


Coins For Change Been Going On For A Long Time
I Really Hope Club Penguin Made A Big Difference We've Been All Playing Games Being Tour
Guides And Saving Our Money To Donate For Coins For Change I Love Seeing You Guys Enjoy The Playgrounds And Schools
I Really Hope We Made A Big Difference In Your Life


i am so happy we raised so much money to help the world like building safe places, helping forests and endanger animals i do know that probably the penguins on club penguin donated about 200 coins. i hope we can beat £2 million pound or dollars ect next year and well done everyone for donating


Hi club penguin Terms ....
i just want to say to all the penguins on this site for making $2.Million coins for all the kids around the world (good job).
and you to club penguin workers i say you help to ..
and what i just want to say is i hope all the kids will be happy to have.

clean water to Drink )

good food to eat )

lots of clothes to wear )

toys to play with )

schools to learn in )

lots of playgrounds )

and A nice house to live in )

so we should be happy of our self for doing all those things and thanks Club Penguin for doing this ever year on Christmas and more holidays
and WE all hope that so much money change those little kids
i JUST want to say one more time.

Thanks Club Penguin :) <3


thats y i love club penguin


awesome!!!!!!! i hope that nexted year i can get more money!!


I would say you donating money was fun! But not because I like ClubPenguin. Because I care about you and our enviroment!




to all he children aroun the world we helped,

Hello kids I am so pleased me managed to help you and make safe places for you keep smiling and things will get better for you you really deserve the money after the earthquake i really hope you are safe and are looking on the bright side of life

penguin sophie53383


I would write this:

Dear, Children and Parents, Club penguin is the best site to donate money.
You don't have to thanks us, you deserve this much money than we do.
If we were you, we would be thankful to the world and especially club penguin and penguins from all over club penguin.
I hope every penguin in club penguin donated some money.
My best present on Christmas to give you guys money.

That is all I can say.


were all people and people help each other we are like family and the friends for change work hard the penguins the play clubpenguin helped to so we gave lots of money in thats the best prsent to get in christmas


I would say to the kids I started donating when I first made an account on club penguin I always donated at least 4000 coins total it would be an honer to win 10000 coins i would donate half of it to Coins With Change this year or even more

until then waddle on CP


I would say that I hope your lives are better, and that you're really lucky to get money! Also, I am happy to give away all this money to you, it means a lot to change the world


I hope that we penguins made a difference in your lives. You guys deserve so much more than what you have. Giving you guys my coins was that best present I gave this Christmas. Waddle on :)


Hi penguins im so happy we made that much of money to help the kids in need i am always ready to donate things people need thanks

penguins waddle on club penguin


I think 10,000 coins is a great Idea because your Penguin can save their coins for the coins for change in 2012

I would like to dontate in 2012 for the coins for change

love pinker


Im glad that club penguin did the coins for change becuse i really like to help
children in need. Its very sad for them =[ i was delighted to hear that club penguin were
doin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=P


I would say: All the hardships you are put through are horrendous. You have courage and strength to be able to do all the things you must do to survive. I honor you every moment of the day. To realize the things you are able to do and I can't even survive without help. You are my role models and I think you guys are amazing. Don't give up and keep fighting.


pleas don't thank us they deserve that money big time they shuldn't be treated this way so i'm going to keep helping them and no one will stop me.


I would say you guys are I think it is really awesome that I got to give coins to all you kids in Africa. WADDLE ON!


Club Penguin is the place where one day, I hope you too can experience this great world for yourselves.


Cool! My school has donated a lot too!!! But never that much in one time!!! I have donated $365. I am glad you guys have decided to help out!

the divas3:

keep it up CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so happy for other families! I bet they are very happy I hope!


i really hope that they got enough food and money for homes thanks to all the Clubpenguin members and non members


if i could write to the people who coins for change donates to i would say that ... im so happy to see what has happened to ur homes and villages and that as well has we have helped you u have helped me to think about what i have and that you have hardly anything and that u r glad just to have a home i would also sent some colouring pencils and a stationary set with 3 blacks of paper xx


I wish I had even more time to donate coins. Next time my goal will be higher. I hope that we helped out! We made a difference.


Wow! I CAN'T believe we made THAT much to help people in need! I feel good for EVERYONE who helped out... but I just did it for hospital help... because.... well, long story... Anyways I am glad about EVERYTHING about this because it does't JUST help charities, hospitals nature and shelter! But I just don't get it. Do they turn our cartoon money into cash? Well keep super gold coins away from Captain Rockhopper!
And I really want to say more but my puffle is starving!



No need to thank us you guys are awesome and deserve the money!


I think this was a awswome idea. This was a great way to give back to other pepole instead of going to diffrent spots around the world instead all we had to do is get on the internet!!!

shy 8 guy:

it made a BIG change


i really hope that coins for change made a big difference in the world by giving kids and adults the things we have.i spent all my time playing games and donating all my coins for gunna start saving up now for next years.well,Waddle On!

Mrs Dinosaur:

If I were to send a message to the kids I would most likely say: I'm really glad we could help, you really deserve it. I've heard you have some hard times and I'm happy I could try to help. Thanks to Club Penguin and other charities donating to you guys, you can live a little easier lives. I hope you enjoy.(:
Waddle on!


i love coins for change.I save up my coins every year to donate almost all to coins for change.Club Penguin helps.Im amazed at what you did.Waddle on Everybody.


im so happy that we donate sooooooooooo many coins!!!!!!!! i cant wait fur next year!!!


I am sooo pleased that my friends, myself and penguins around the world could help so many people. This donation makes me realize how lucky I am. I hope that this money will help you enjoy your life to the fullest. You are amazing people who deserve this donation. This was the best Christmas present that I could recieve.Thank you everyone around the world for donating to Coins For Change.

James bondo3:

what a great idea i would say raising money is so much fun for everyone and that i now know that children can learn aswell as me its a good feeling inside because now children all over the world can have a new life and a better start and its also great that they get to learn about club penguin. what a great Christmas we had!


I would say that I hope our donation program helped you. I love donating and I care to help donate. I want to make things better and earn a lot of coins to donate. I try my hardest to get coins for donating and I am glad it goes to you. You deserve the money for new things.


i donated all of my coins by playing all game in clubpenguin world i donated about 4000 coins and i saved 300 coins for my puffles and right no i have 154


Congrats everyone! Club Penguin has made a huge impact on these childrens' lives. i want to thank everyone who donated and most of all to Club Penguin for coming up with Coins for Change. As kids, people will underestimate us, but look what we did! Its just amazing! Congrats! Waddle On Everyone!


Wow that's awesome for all the kids who don't get to go any where to learn.


Dear kids

i hope you will start fresh. we did this for you. like i said.


great job everone!


Dear Child, I hope you enjoy your new home/playground/hospital or whatever you and your friends have recieved from coins for change.I hope you have recieved a computer from coins for change so you can play club penguin yourself! Sincerely,Chillsmon


i think its gr8 for penguins to help




I am so happy i could help you. you deserve this. I will always donate to help you!


club penguin is the best website on earth when i first started to like clubpenguin was when i started playing it on my nintendo dsi i just fell in love with it.i love all the games all tne good freinds on cp clubpenguin is the only place were i get to be myself and be freinds with penguins i want to be freinds i just want to say one thing to clubpenguin thank you so much and i love you! your the best website in the hole world or should i say the hole galexy your the best!!! :-]


Hello to everyone we've donated to!! I hope you think we helped because EVERYONE who participated tried super hard to help those in need.
I'm mostly helping for 3 reasons: 1. I know how much they need our help, to save themselves, their family, and their country. 2. It just helps me feel like I've done a good deed, and someday someone will be nice enough to do it for me. 3. I know someone who needs help, and with our help just a little coins can help save them.


I would just like to say that I am very proud of all the penguins out there! Billy Bob's right, flippers or feet we can make a difference! I hope the money we raised made a BIG difference. I cant believe little, virtual coins are changed into real cash,money,dough any way you can describe it! It's just amazing.




PS: I've never been posted. PLEASE post me!!!!


i would say we all worked really hard so we hope you like it

sushi :):

I Am very proud of everyone who donated Just look what we all did. We helped sooo many people we should all be proud. Another thing is that if you need coins play a game that you really like and are very good at playing. Play it alot and your coins will go upppp :).


I would tell them that they deserved every bit of money because they should have every right that we do! This coins for change really did change me as a human being! I would also say that they should pass on the gift of giving and help other children in need! (CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR'S COINS FOR CHANGE!)

Kowalski 288:

I would say: That i had a fun time helping out and really half the fun is knowing that your helping someone in need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I also whant to thank other kids who helped out cause you caint do it alone!!! :D Its also a great way to meet other gracious penguins and become fast friends and thats one of the best parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Waddle On CP! :)


I didn't even know about this until now. I was happy that I had changed a person's life forever. I hope that the next Coins for Change is even better than this one. So don't just spend your coins on clothes, spend them on saving people's lives. I hope that everyone can make a difference in this world. So Save save your coins for the next Coins for Change!


Coins for cange is so fun!!!

Cute Bubble7:

That's great news. I would say; So much has gone on for you and I think that all of you in Hatti are really strong and brave for pushing through. Even though your home has been destroyed, your spirit hasn't. Don't stop, and never lose your will to live. :)


love it keep up the good work..]


I would tell the kids... You deserve this so much. You deserve equal treatment like we do. I hope you enjoy everything because everyone did it to help you have the things you deserve growing up:) I loved donating for the Coins For Change because I don't need this virtual money... You guys should have it. keep on dreaming! you all are my heros:) I hope u enjoy everything because u truly deserve it!


Dear kids,
your welcome for all that you got you guys deserve what we have.You have so little we have so much.

from Midgel10200

Peach Fuz3:

Hello! I hope coins for change has changed your lives in a good way! I hope that u enjoy everything that you now have! We the people here on CP feel soo happy that we could help you! I really hope that u will enjoy everything and that will be the biggest present back that we could ever get! Wishing you the best!

Peach Fuz3:)


I think it is great that ClubPenguin is doing this, they should have this all year


If I could say anything to the children club penguin helped i would just like to tell them that everything that changed thier life wasn't only club penguin it was also them.


id tell them they deserve the money they need it more than any of us theres no need to thank us were all friends tell than waddle on!!!!!!!!

sonic the 20:

you know holidays are not just about getting its about giving im just glad that i could help hati and its children and thank you cp for putting on this event their the reason why this happen and i hope you have a happy new year hati best wishes and lotza luv love, sonic the 20


Coins for Change is awesome because it helps lots and lots of people for a safer, nicer and fun life...
Think of you being poor, not living in a safe place, wouldn't it be terrible?
Now, think about people actually helping you live a safer life. Isn't it wonderful?
That's what CLUB PENGUIN is doing and It's great!
Next year, let's help more people to have a beautiful life :)

Thanks for reading,


I bet those kids are thankful of us in club penguin . What I want to say to the kids are you deserve all the money that club penguin gave you and I hope you get all the things you need for school.They deserve it.And WADDLE ON CP


i love cfc it is so cool and sotra fun


Hey Im Lilly and i just wanted to say that all of us put a lot of hard work into coins for change me and all my friends donated every coin we made got even if its just a little bit. Like I say even with just one coin you can make a change. I wish that all of u guys we donated to are happy even if we are miles apart. ;D


im so happy


We have donated $2 million for Coins For Change this year!
Everybody played games,got mail from the tour and EPF,and read books for Coins For Change.
I've been doing all does stuff.
But also,I've been playing the new mobile app,Puffle Launch!
It feels great to help for the poor with our help and support.
We have the power,and the will to help the poor.
So until next time,save coins and

Blue Blue Bo:

Hi! I would say that you shouldn't thank us too much- it's all to improve your lives, but you guys should be thanking the Cp team for such great work and idea! You deserve it, totally! It's mainly because other countries get different things, so why shouldn't you guys be in the same situation?
-Blue Blue Bo, (A penguin with a spirit to others!)


Friends are for helping each other. That's what Coins For Change is about! I hope you guys like the playgrounds, schools, libraries, and other things we help donate to create! Waddle on! :D


LOL!!! That's AWESOME!!!!


Well, if I had a chance to say something to the kids that CP is supporting, I would say that we care about you.You guys are not forgotten, and that we all want to help support you guys. :)


i would tell the children to stay strong. every year we will donate more and more money and every year, your lives will get better and better. Keep up the good work clubpenguin!!!

Moon Cheese4:

Coins for Change is my favorite thing that cp does. If I had to say anything to the people who need support here's my message to you. You deserve these donations. In fact more than deserve! We're all so happy to help you in times of need. I hope our donations will provide joy in your lives! There's no need to thank us. We KNOW you need this. If something bad is going on, don't worry. There are over a million people in this world who care about you and are happy to help. You are never truely alone. Anything's possible!


I would say that you dont have to thank us you need the money and I hope that you will have a better life because of us.


Thanks to everyone for donating to coins for change!!!





I am so happy that you guys are helping kids. I am so glad that I help to donate coins but it was for a good things. Im glad that all those kids are happy with their new school stuff. Thanks Club penguing


Hey kids! Im Sammy20545 and I know you guys have been struggling and have been having troubles
but thanks to Club Penguin and everyone who tried to make this happen went through some difficulty..
But 6 years of doing this,we have donated around 10 billion dollars!!! We have went through a lot as I speak
for Cp and everyone who helped,thank you. I also thank myself for donating coins just for you guys,so ENJOY!!!!!!!!


You guys definitely deserve this!! I'm happy I could help. We should help each other by supporting on another, and this is the oerfect way to do it!!!!!! I'm glad that my buddies, my fellow penguins, and I could help you guys. I hope we can make the world a better place.

Waddle On!!!



i would say come on every kid should have a good life


I would say,

Hello, I'm Brea2211, from the fun website Club Penguin. In December, Club Penguin has raised a lot of money for you guys to have schools, playgrounds, and libraries built. It has been an amazing success, we have raised $620,000. I just wanted to say, thank you. Why? Because, you guys have made me a better person. to work hard. I have learned that if you want to succeed something, you have to work for it. That is what you have taught me, I am proud! I also wanted to say, I hope you love the new things built, and once again, thanks so much!


Wow! I can't believe we donated that much. I hope you guys like the things you got. You really deserved it! It is really nice seeing you all happy and healthy! I hope you have a good year!

mini vinny:

wow we saved heaps! u guys really need this


If I could say something to any of the people I donated to I would say, " I love helping you guys I am going to try to find more ways to help!!!!! If only I could meet you! That would be awesome!!! I donated at least 6,000 coins!! I wish I would have donated more coins but I didn't have enough!!! Sorry!!! I love you guys!!!" :^) :^]


i hope we get more coins next year like this year i liked donating made me feel good


I would say: I love that we could be apart of helping out and help you.
It's not just club penguin but its everybody around the world that is thinking of you.
I hope that the coins for change has really helped and has changed
your lives. It was really fun raising all of the money to!
Checking back to the lighthouse everyday, seeing how much money we had raised each day!
I am happy that you can have a playground, and shelter, schools, libraries, homes, and so much
Yours sincerely nigel6789


I hope this year we changed your lives.
I hope in 2013 we can wake it even better for your lives.
Enjoy the hospitals and homes.
I hope you enjoy the hospitals and homes that we will build in 2013.
I enjoyed changing the world for you guys.
And I hope everyone else enjoyed changing the world too..


I love being a secret agent and being a tour guide because penguins need help all the time sometimes i need help but that's rare anyway I raised all my coins for coins for change i had 1'0069 coins to raise for coins for change because i'm a busy penguin i play manaclana a million times I play sled race millions of times and do all the games a million of times


If I could write to them I would write:
Dear Children
Us people are donating money on Club Penguin every year, We dont donate for ourselfs or family, we donate for you.
Enjoy your life because you know now, that there are over 10000 people donating money for you!


i would say that you should enjoy everything these coins give for you. Forests to play in, schools, health services. Just, enjoy the gifts! I, and the whole of club penguin (maybe even Herbet, the grizzly bear!) want you to. Anyway, which charity do you like the most? It leaves us with a warm feeling inside. It costs nothing, but you have the cash. Good deal if you ask me!


Dear kids I hope you like your wonderful donation and that it is helping you very much no need to thank me love from Mr Invention


I think it is wonderful that children that have less than us can experiance more and we can all work together if we try our hardest!!!!!


Dear kids of the world,
Club Penguin have helped you over the past few years by getting penguins to donate their virtual cois and then changing it into real dollars. This year we wanted to help you even more so even I went and donated over 100,000 coins this year. Other penguins like me have also been very generous to help you by building schools, playgrounds, hospitals, safe places for endangered animals to live and more. If I worked for Club Penguin I would donate every single coin I had to help you. I always wanted you to have good lives and now my wish has finally come through. This year us penguins helped you the most we have ever helped you by raising over $620,000! I hope next year we will raise more so you can live like us.


i think that cfc was a amazing desion dont you? and it helps others as well!!!!


I earned lots of coins before coins for change came iam so happy that it will help people who need the money hope they enjoy all the things we have got for them. it makes me feel so proud and happy that we can help people who are in need waddle on !!!!


you really need that money you really want that money so we give it to you,i hope you'll have good education,have fun reading and also have a great time playing in those playgrounds too!!!! And to ur family and friends.......i hope they have a better life with that money shared though poor countrys.HAVE A GOOD LIFE KIDS AND ADULTS!


I love coins for change because every time I donate I know I am helping people less fortunate then me. I donate every day of the Christmas season.I feel warm inside when I see how much money was raised to help people around the world. It feels good to help people that don't have as much as we do.


I would give the message 'That you should never give up on your dreams no matter what the circumstances are, everybody has something great to give to the world!'


We are donated really much. I like it. I donated too :)

Waddle on CP! :D


I hope that it made i Chang in the world


Coins for change is AMAZING!!! You guys get playgronds animals and medicen and we get to see how happy you guys are. hope you guys have a good time with all the stuff we donated to!
until then












I think we helped poor people a lot this year and $620.000 that's a lot of money we spent in a team.


I am Just so proud of everyone that donated to these People It just feels so great we are helping people worldwide it just really puts a spring in your step ^_^

Yours Sincerly, bannanaboy86


I would say that they deserve this more than anyone and that i hope they have fun with their new shcools, playgrounds, and homes!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope we get more coins this year to help others in need.
Waddle on Cp! :D


Hello Friends
I am soooo glad that u are happy now.
Giving is really better than getting.
I hope that we have changed ur lives.
And don't forget......
Waddle on
CP Rocks!!!


I would tell them that it makes me sad to see how much more we have than them and that they deserve it all very very much.I hope that you will put this money to good use and make your lives much much better.Each year I give all my coins because I know how much more you guys have than me.Please put the money to good use.


no world is complete without homes,schools etc and you need a good planet to live on and you need to make sure that your safe.don't thank us for we just want to help you


Hello! I hope Coins for Change makes your life easier in many ways. You can go to the school and you learn many things there. You will be happier, healthier and wiser. I hope next year I can see many child's happy face, thanks to Coins For Change. I hope penguins assistance has improved every year and child's are happy. I think the best gift what I can get is smile:)


Hi, I'm soo happy we raised enough coins to donate $2 million to various charities! This is my message... I'm soo happy we could help you. I'm also glad that me, my friends and penguins from around the world could help people like you to have safe places to rest, live and learn. The best Christmas present I had, was knowing that my coins would make someone else happy, that, I feel, was the best present of all! Giving IS better than reciving! We can change the lives of others by our actions, and Coins for Change is a way to do it. I think we should all thank the people that made Coins for Change possible. Thank you Club Penguin!...
WallE N Eva

Thank you! Waddle on CP! (:


i really hope all that money has gone to a really good course!!!!!!!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope all of you are well and that the money we sent is helping change your lives.All the people on club penguin helped to build that money and save you.We all really care for you and hope that in future years we will all be happy and have a nice and caring enviroment.We all played games and gave our money that we could of spent on clothes and toys but instead gave it to you.

I hope you are all living happy lives now.

From puddles84847

hello from all the other penguins that took part in coins for change

cole 556:

aww guys! we should be thanking you for are support of donating, not you. I hope you guys feel safer and a better enviornment!

maria 8910:

I am soooo sorry I didn't donate that much but I donated all I have and I really hope your getting things you need with the coins we all donated . I enjoy this and the time of year because well. ALL deserve presents not just countries that have things and we all should get school and for school . This year we donated more than I can count and I SERIOUSLY hope the coins were used for good things.


i would say
hi we are so happy that you have safe places to live and new playgrounds
all of club penguin have donated loads of coins ever year and we are all saving up for next year
we hope you like everything we have donated for you :)


I would say that you are very welcome, and we should all give as much as we can, because giving is what makes earth a wonderful place.


Hi Club Penguin,
If I could say something to those kids, I'd say 'I try to give away all my coins each year. I think it is very important to give, even if you don't recieve anything. In fact, you always receive something when you give: A smile from the person you were giving to.' I think this message is very important to share with the world.


I Would Say To Them That I Would Be Glad To Donate Coins To You! Maybe You Could Play CP! Giving Feels A Lot Better Than Receiving! I'm Glad At All The Penguins Doing CFC, But You Should Really Thank Club Penguin For Creating This And For The Support :)

~Earthydude (Call Me Earthy :)

Thanks Cp! Waddle On!


I love coins for change because everyone is helping the world! That's why I bought the coins for change donation box from the house improvements. I bought 4 1 month memberships for Christmas because I love the excitement of igloo furniture and how much you have too pamper your puffles. I think that it was very cool that someone came up with the puffles they're adorable!


i like saving money by being a secret adgent to help peaople as well as a tour guide

girbil boy:

i hope you like your safe places and i hope you are very safe in these schools,playgrounds,and libaries

waddle on!


You kids all over the world deserve a good life!


i am so happy that we are going to donate money to the poor

yo yo yo:

i hope you have a good time with your new money


I would say YAY


This is awesome!!! I'm so glad we are making a difference!


I would say that we care for you and we will try to help you by donating money for your schools


im glad it went to a good use and it helped people less fortunate than us i think we helped them out alot im glad it was used for good


It feels great knowing that just a small internet game can help thousands of kids around the world. A lot of us don't notice that we are lucky enough to have a wonderful school, home, food, and water. These kids need shelters and education. Donating all of these coins makes me feel great, and have a warm feeling inside. If these kids and families were here right now, i know they would thank us ! If I had been receiving all of these coins i know i would be so very blessed and thankful! I know every one loves to be sent presents, but really giving resents is even better. Thank you so much club penguin for all the things you have done for all of us penguins.
Thanks again CP !

Love Sydnee705,

Untaimed Syd:

I would say "I'm so happy for you! Im so glad that club penguin could donate money to build schools and librarys! I hope you are doing well!"


I would say I am so happy that you guys can have homes and schools and I belive every person in the world should have a home and live so it's awesome Club Penguin came up with Coins 4 Change!! No matter who you are or what you look like you should have a home. So I'm very happy I can donate for the people in need.

Waddle on CP!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


Hi, I hope we saved enough coins to help helpless children in Africa, Afghanistan and all around the globe. On club penguin i over heard we saved 2 million pounds, not gust for us but the wide world! Next year i will give most of my coins because i care. I hope all the children out there got what they needed like: Playgrounds, Schools, Places to live and Food and drink. And for the other penguins out there: they need our help so next time give coins in! Thank you for reading!

aron 18:

im glad we change the world


I would say "Here is some money for you and your friends because you are not different from us and you guys deserve this more than I do."


hi penguins hermione431 here i wuld just like to say well done and thank you for donating coins i am sure that the people we helped are very very happy and that next year we raise even more coins to donate and once again thank you to everyone that helped i hope you are very proud of your selves for doing what you did well done


I like saving coins and donate i also play find four to earn coins i LOVE donating i donated and im a secret agent a a tour guide! and i think its fun to donate to and to see how many playgrounds or schools or to protect the trees and build houses!


coins for a change is a brilliant idea, who knew that a few penguin coins could change a poor child's life


Sponge geek:

Wow i love CP and now I love it EVEN MORE!!!!!!
I think its just great that CP is helping poor children in different countries!!


I love this idea so much i decided to decorate my igloo for the theme coins for a change. I donated to all the categories and last year i donated 10,000 coins for each one


wow im soooo glad that we helped those poor people!


I am so pleased you have a chance to have fun! It is really cool!

pink cherry3:

i hope u enjoy the skool and other things. u really deserved it. enjoy the money and have a good time!!
waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


im so glad the kids get all they need and the same with the enviroment. the kids deserve the time of there lives


Dear kids,
You really deserve this money! You should get everything that we get! I felt so good donating. It must be hard for you if you don't have a lot of money! I hope we really helped!


we can donate coins in club penguin


Best day EVER! I love saving my coins for new costumes.


Well, if I could send a message to everyone who donated to coins for change it would say this: "Keep up the great work! Everyone who donated to coins for change is really awesome because not only are you donating coins to one thing but to three things! And THAT is a really big accomplishment! Thanks to everyone who donated and I hope 2012 will be a great year for all of you!" Waddle on!


i donated a lot i save some for something but i donated it insted


Coins for Change is a fantastic oppertunity for us to show that we care and you are not forgotten! You deserve all the money you get and hopefully your lives will make a definate change for the better.


did i spend cp money or real money

Zogy 35:

I'm so glad


The children around the world have been suffering and need help. Club Penguin and everyone have been right at their side. Fresh water, food, medical help, playgrounds, hospitals, schools. Help is always needed and we never give up. All of this couldn't have happened with everyone's help. Thank you.
Waddle on...

The Cp News:

Those kids deserve a good education, somewhere fun to play, somewhere to read and relax, somewhere to help them get better! The list goes on and on! They can now have some nice clean water and food, too. So don't thank just the kids, Thank the whole of Club Penguin including Disney! I hope they enjoy their new equipment!


Id like to say a humungus thanks to all the people who donated. I donated over 2000 coins. And I know that some people donated more!


Wow. Coins for Change is a great idea where kids play online to help real life problems...with no cost to the kids or their parents! It's like a tech-miracle!


If I could say something to the kids we helped, I would say:I hope you enjoy the money we donated to help you guys! I am very glad Club Penguin could help and I'm sooooooo happy we could make a difference! I'm really lookin foward to next years Coins for Change and I'm positive you're happy we are helping! Your Welcome to all of the kids we helped!

Waddle ON CP!


I would say something like, "I am just happy that we get to help you and you are getting a better edication and that you are more healthy now." Only because it makes me feel good to help people and make a good difference in their lives.


Penguins worldwide have not forgotten you. There is a reason why i gave my only 10,000 coin donation to Building Safe Places! I knew that i would make a difference in the worlds of the children who have no school or books. I love to read, and i know that if they have not learned to read, they will soon, and may their minds be expanded!


Well, I've gotta say that even though we donated you money you don't need to thank us because you deserved it anyways for your hard working. We really enjoyed helping you lot and it will be really great itf we could give this out to the next generation of kids and forever more! Waddle on CP!


i would say

i think coins for change is a sweet thing to do because lots of places and people need it and when i give coins for change it makes me feel good a lot of damage happened in 2011 and they can rebuild schools and stuff the best christmas present i got was coins for change and cp is the best thing i ever got



Dear kids around the world,
We have donated 620,000 to help your community. We think it should be enough for you to make it a better place to live. We made up 1,860,000 for safe homes, help the earth, and medical help. We wanted to make your lives a better place.



i will have a great time play with u guys an i look forward to playing with u guys and i will donate like u guys did and i will always find a way to help anyone


I would say....... I am so happy that we helped all of you! I love the idea of changing club peguin money in to real money to help you wonderful people! I am very happy that many of you got many things you need for life


i hope that all of the coins fo change went for a good cause


I think it is great that we are helping people and kids that are having hard times.It is also good to know that we are helping people that might not have as much things as us like school and homes.Its good to know that we are helping kids on getting educated enough.

hb bear:

I hope the buildings and playgrounds help you and im so glad that CP does coins for change its so thourtful!! :) :)


i would say: we put a ton of hard work in coins for change just for you! i feel good for the things we did for those people! together we change the world!


I am really happy that we were able to donate lots of coins for coins for change. Not only your helping other people around the world are helping too. My favorite present of all time was helping out with coins for change and helping other people. I think giving is better than reciving because when you give something to someone you make them feel great. Coins for Change was great this year because we donated over $2 million to build shelter, forests, and medical care. we should thank every penguin who donated for coins for change. Thank you Club Penguin!

hb bear:

i hope that all the things that you are able to build now come in handy and its so thourtful of cp to do coins for change dont you?!!! :) :)


I am so happy I can make diffrences in your lives. If I could help for every holiday I would and I just wanted to thank clubpenguin for making a change to their lives because if I was one of those kids I would thank you each and every day for making a playground for the school and saving the trees. The kids that are there are so lucky that they have clubpenguin to help change their lives each and every day one step at a time. Once I even donated 5,000 coins because I wanted to help make a change. If you put this up on the site I will always give 200 coins for each chairtey every coins for change. Thank you clubpenguin for making a change in their lives. I am so happy I could help!



I would say "It took lots of us, and there was not one of us that helped, many of us did." It makes me feel so good that I helped pitch in to make many other kids in the worlds life better!And we don't always have to use our coins for clothes and furniture for our penguin,we can use our coins for coins for change!

Waddle On CP!



I would tell them to know that even though they might have some pretty hard times, there are people all around the world that really want to help them, and are doing there best to make the world a better place. Each time a conflict arises, they must remember that getting through the challenge will only make them stronger!
They are inspiration to us all to keep living life no matter what gets thrown in our way! =D
Waddle on!


Coins for change word... AWESOME!!!. We should do this a lot, like not only near winter, always.


I would say
i'm glad i could help you guys have a better place than you had before and that i hope that everything that club penguin built for you guys that it would be nice.

Lord Rookie:

I donated 100 coins for each thing! Yay for kids who are happy! Waddle on CP! Also tell Rookie i said Hi!


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