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By Happy77 on July 5, 2012 - 09:00

Thanks for sharing with us who you think is a hero! It was hard to choose just one to feature, but we really enjoyed Boorex's comment. Check it out:

"A hero to me is my older sister! She makes me laugh when I'm sad. She helps me with my homework when it gets tough. She also gives great advice. The thing is, a hero doesn't have to have a power, they just have to be a person you can look up to or trust! Waddle on cp!"

We totally agree, Boorex! :) 


For many of you, school is out for the summer! We'd love to know what your favorite summer activity is and why. Let us know in the comments below. 

I'll randomly pick one of your comments to feature next time and the lucky penguin will receive 10,000 coins on their account. Stay tuned! 

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team



my farovit summer is wen i went to calforitnfa. i love it. i brot my puffles

Hammy 887:

I just love to relax,cill out,watch T.V and to play on club penguin or I play with my brother.we play a range of differnt sports.when the wether is nice we have a B.B.Q. and the whole family comes round and we stay up realy late and play club penguin with my cousiun.

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!


I love swimming, But riding horses or playing volleyball on the beach is a way to have fun and active summer days!! Sun tanning on my favorite beach towel just makes me feel like im on a tropical paradise, or even going to a drive through. I couldn't ask for anymore then club penguin and SUMMER!!!! waddle on!!!!!!!

molly daricy:

my favourite activity for the summer are many different sports such as football, vollyball, soccor, swimming, archery, tennis,horse riding basketball, athletics and many more. I also LOVE going to the beach and going the waterpark. But there is many more activitys i like to do in the summer.


I enjoy playing basketball with my friends all day, being outside is the best thing to do in the summer!!!!!!!
Waddle on CP!


Hello Penguins

Im very excited about the Ultimate Jam but we are talking about summer and. my best thing to do in summer is swimming because I go swimming lessons and i am always excited to go there. Well Thats It For Now Waddle On Club Penguin.

12 carrot 12:

mines going swimming with my mum and my sisters and my little nephew.
and umm wheres the brown puffle?

17 Moonlight:

My favorite summer activity is hanging out with my BFF's



Hey Happy77,
My favorite thing to do during summer is go outside! I like to go outside and jog, play outdoor games, play catch with my dog named Puffles, or just go for a walk outside and think of how to make the worlda better place.
Puffles wants to go outside now! Waddle On Cp!


Lateley, I have taken interest in horse riding. But one of my top favorite outdoor activities is badminton. It would be nice to see it on Club Penguin! Oh, I almost forgot! W A D D L E O N C P!


My favorite summer activity is going to the pool and hanging out with my friends and family. It's a great way to cool down and have fun by relaxing. Licking ice- cream is another way to cool down. Summer is one of my favorite seasons.


My favorite summer activity is going to the shore. I can swim, go to the beach, go to the boardwalk and do other fun activity's.

Waddle on! P.S. Have a GREAT summer.


my fav summer


My favorite summer activities are to go on vacation! :)!


Swiming and watching movies. i like them a lot!


whats up cp crew! I've been having a blast this summer, but the best part about it is being with family. yeah they might get annoying sometimes but they are the best and i love 'em. oh and playing soccer with your shoes off in the rain! (i was at a BBQ with fam. and it started to rain) or going out to get pizza with friends the last day of school is awesome.You have your uniform all messy and are excited for the future.

Maddy good:

My favorite summer activity is going to the beach and swimming with my wonderful family I love


greay summer means going to the beach and having family fun stay safe and i hope you have the best summer ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite summer activity is swimming because it feels like I'm in other world, a world thats cool and wet. When I swim it also makes me feel like I'm a mermaid, a fish, a seal, or even a penguin swimming in the ocean


During summer I love to go to log on to club penguin and see whats new , like the new music jam ! (One time I waited all day and all night to see the Super hero thing on cp )

Can't Wait!


my favorite activity is swimming,basketball,soccer,horse riding.going to the beach,hiking on the mountains,camping on the mountains and sometimes we play baseball in the rain,sometimes i play football and so much more.being with your family is a good thing and u don't want to be left behind and that is the good thing about our parents and our activites too.

and P.S cadence music video was awsome i love her song and it rocked i loved her rap it made so much sence and i love club penguin :-)


I love clubpenguin. That's my favorite summer activity! playing on clubpenguin. lol


my favorite summer activity is hanging with my family because they are lovinng or sometime the can be rough like they say you can judge a book by its cover the only things is we will never stop loving them Waddle on! cp


i love clubpenguin it rocks


My favorite summer activity is track and field. When it comes to activities, I'd choose sports. I like track because it is a competition to see how fast you are. You can always get faster if you try. It's one of those things that is very hard to improve on , if your at your fastest. I like challenges. I like field events because, there's lots of opportunities.

Lime b:

My favourite summer activity is going to the mountains and hiking


In the summer I love going on club penguin going outside go on the bout listen to music practice my karate and reading a book outside and hanging with my buds!


I love playing on the computer on club penguin and hanging out with friends and family!


the best activities r the one that are new to me. my fav summer activity is going on vaca and seeing new places. this summer i went to MS.and went speed boat riding for the first time! to me it was new and fun and i unlocked the speedboat from the 3 month membership! , , , , ps:) I LOVE CP:):):):):) WALDDLE ON CP:)


My favorite summer activity is visiting new places. Last week we went to Michigan & stayed at a lake house. I went tubing and had a lot of

Eat Cake 1:

I love surfing but if i can't do that going on CP is a close second. I mean you can buy puffles, dance, go to the arcade and my favorite, Surfing with your red puffle!!!



Well to be honest, I just love hanging out with friends and family. But of course I love swimming and going on the computer more, who doesn't?
Summer isn't just about no more school for me. I still like do a couple math problems here and there and try to improve my spelling. I'm just happy that i can spend more time with my friends and family.


Mine Is Ice Skating or going horse back riding! its my favorite thing to do or I just go Swimming with my friends or sometimes i go to the park and have a popsicle and walk my dog i also love going to knottsberry farm or disneyland! i also enjoy hanging with my friends at home or sometimes i curl up go on clubpenguin or read and watch television! thats all!

Thanks Cp!
Always Cherry74607

Lorry 13:

Hmm thats hard! I would probably have to say playing cp with all of my friends! I mean its like the best website ever!!! Waddle on cp!


i love playing with friends and swimming!they make you good and healthy.


Very touching I almost cried I wishn I was as cool as her!


wheres the blue puffle?


My fave thing would be going on the internet and playing Club Penguin of course!
-Kate (SirDuckling) MEMBER lll


love the little picture of the puffles they are so cute


i love that i went to camep and i swam alot.


;Well i have two favorites,One:Going to the beach because i get to play in the sand but my sister says naa i dont wanna come so i cant go to the beach but,Second:PLAYING ON CLUB PENGUIN SO I HAVE A RIME FOR THE STADIAM BLUE TEAM!!
:D :D :D :D :D


I live in malaysia so swimming you can do all year so it gets prety boring because i have to train in a pool at the school wich is freezing cold ;however, i love playing basketball ( im not American im British ) because it makes me chuft when i score a basket without it touching the rim i would talk more but words are limited



My favourite summertime activity is swimming at the beach. It helps build muscle in the legs. Plus it's REALLY fun.RIDE THOSE WAVES!!!





vacation. also vacation sometimes is just getting away. even if it means logging on to cp :)

cp rocks! waddle on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i LOVE to go on a road trip around the country

i LOVE club penguin

waddle on merla678

purple medel:

My favorite summer activity is going to the beach because i love to swim and play in the water :D
~Waddle on:)~


I love summer my favorite summer activity well i have a lot but i'm only going to share a few;)
1. Swimming!
2. Hanging out with friends outside or inside!!
3. Having sleepovers!!!
4. Meeting new people!!!!
5. Going to places i have and never been to before!!!!
6. Playing soccer!!!
7. Playing with pets;)!!
8. PLAYING CLUB PENGUIN (that's my favorite part!!)!


My favorite activities in the summer are just chilling with my buds online as well as in real life, enjoying some nice, juicy burgers, playing baseball and watching fireworks on Independence day


My all time favorite summer activity is sleeping in and having NO SCHOOL FOR 3 MONTHS!

~Waddle on Clup Penguin! <3


I love to play club penguin and hang out with my friends rockin out


I like a lot of swimming is awesome it can make you excersise and everything and have a life healty and me and my family cousins and friends love club penguin is awesome i love it>3!!!:)


My favorite summer activity is swimming. I learned to swim when I was five. It is three years later and I am still a weak swimmer but my dream is to learn how to swim in the waves. This year I am having a pool party for my birthday. I can't wait


my favourite activity to do over the summer is to play club penguin with my friends :) and buy club penguin toys with my own money and play with them :) i love my club penguin toys that much i have a big display of them and play with them everyday:).

bye for now cp team, WADDLE ON :)


Mine is playing on Club Penguin I have so much fun even when I'm not a member!


My favorite activities of summer are hanging out with my friends and going to summer camp to make new friends! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole S3:

My favorite summer activity is swimming! It's a great way to be strong! I swim all the time! And I love it! It's also a great way to hang friends! And you might learn something new too! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CP!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite summer activity is spending time with my family, and friends at the pool, and swim like a penguin. Haha. Waddle On Club penguin!


my fave activities are chilln' like a villan (chilln' with friends) and having fun on my own on club penguin


i like to eat play amd go on club penguin


my fav summer activities are being on cp chillin' with my friends and going to park like islands of adventure. My most favorite activity is hangin' out with my family and i love them but i miss school.


hey when do non members get to do anything or buy anything
i think you should make something for us non members


Mine is playing on Club Penguin because I have a Member Ship and Its really fun I love this game


ummm this summer i was sitting aand mostly playing club penguin i like this website vedr very much!!!!!!!!!!! becase i can also get in touch with my friends and enjoy my time chatting eith them and throwing snopwballs at them this the one of the activities i like to do at club
and my favourite puffle is the black and blue one i have a blue one and please create some intresting things for our non-members so many people will come and become a memeber and play at this website and you will also become very famous ansd why i am telling this is some children cannot pay money and buy a membership so please help please jst create something intresting for non memebers also.And my favourite game is cart surfing in mine and card-jitsu in dojo courtyard

thank you
to club from bruce 97756


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