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By Happy77 on August 22, 2012 - 14:29
Greetings Penguins!

It's been a little while, but I've got a new Reviewed By You! Last time we asked what your favorite summer activity is. Here's one of my favorites from Ginny7891:

"I really love to do lots of things, including reading, going to the bookshop or library, visiting family and friends, tubing (which is hanging onto a tube and have a motorboat pull you around, like Hydro Hopper), swimming, and a lot more things that are so much fun!  My favorite two would have to be visiting family and friends and reading.  It's always nice to catch up with people, even if they're in books!  Have a totally awesome summer, CP!"

reviewedbyyou_healthyliving.jpgThis month, the Club Penguin team's been finding ways to make healthy choices. So we want to know, what do you do to stay healthy? Healthier dinners, playing sports, or maybe something else?

We'll pick one of our favorites to be featured in our next Reviewed By You. The lucky penguin will also receive 10,000 bonus coins in their account.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team



WOW! That looks really fun!
waddle on!


I can't have certain foods like wheat, so to make up for it I have to eat more from other food groups - like fruit! That and ever since I was little my mom has always purchased organic foods. Because I was raised eating healthy, it's really easy for me. I have fruit at night before I go to bed and in the morning my mom makes these green smoothies in the blender with foods such as spinach, strawberries, mangos, peach, kale, and more in it. It might sound gross, but when sweetened with honey, it tastes pretty good! This is how I eat healthy.

Fun fact: I've NEVER eaten fast food!


That's an awesome fun fact! :D


all i do is play soccer football baseball and eat healthy foods thats what i do and i eat fruit


i play Club Penguin XD Walk On!


WOW! That looks really fun and sounds really fun! i play a sport, its soccer.. its a really good sport because you get a lot of exersize and you get lots of water. my favorite healthy meal is salad with some water!
waddle on!


To stay healthy i play hockey with my friends. I also like to run and jog! I eat bananas, apples, and a lot of other fruits! I also love to swim! I swim a lot of laps in the pool! I like to stay hydrated and drink water every day. Milk also is very good for your bones. I love to drink milk. Apple juice and orange juice are two healthy choices and are great for drinking!

Karate 2:

mine is biking and sometimes crashing into garbage cans by mistake


I do nothing... haha.

I cycle to the Beach I guess...


That is pretty cool! Waddle on CP! :D


I try my best to stay healthy as it's very important especially when you're older! I eat healthy dinners and have healthy snacks like smoothies, fruit or milkshakes. It's nice to have a treat every once in a while, like some chocolate or possibly a takeaway - but I keep them limited. I learn a lot about my body and how to keep it healthy in Biology in school so that's what encourages me to eat healthy. :D

Waddle on!


That looks fun!! When I want to try to stay healthy I Exercise, Run, also at school we do workouts in Gym like stretching, skipping, high knees, and sprinting!! I love to eat Fruits and Vegetables. Im also sooooo excited about the Adventure Party! I will eat more Fruits and Vegetables just for you Guys!! :) ROCK ON CP YOU GUYS ROCK!! :D


I love playing basketball and soccer.I LOVE all kinds of vegas like carrot,pumkin,oranges,apples,grapes every single vege insep brussel sprouts.


I run 600meters and exercise every day!:D


I dont do much to stay healthy,but i do eat very healthy,Almost every day i have 2 fruits,then I have a very big thing i LOVE to do!!!! Wait for it wait for it.......SWIMMING!!!!!!!!!! i know swimming is very frustraiting sometimes but its so soothing.sometimes i wake up and my sister BEGS for me to swim with her well im adicted to club penguin so hounestly i say no.but other times when i have the effort i just got to swim. It makes me feel like im finaly Free! please post!


I do lots of healthy things to keep my body fit! I do a 3 hour class of dancing one night, And all the other nights I play Just Dance 3 on my Wii, which really pumps me up. I also eat healthy meals and excersise regularly!


You must be a fabulous dancer! :)


"I really love to do lots of things, including reading, going to the Dock or library, visiting family, Playing Soccer, Baseball, swimming, bicking, Surfing, and a lot more! My favorite two would have to be visiting family and playing Clubpenguin. It's always nice to catch up with On the game. Have a good summer, CP."


Well, to stay healthy I eat lots and lots of fruit. For starters, I had myself a fruit smoothie the other day that had seven and a half portions of fruit in it! Then of course I go for long walks with my grandma's dog in the forest and I walk two kilometres to get to my grandma's house. I also stay healthy by playing Club Penguin, because they taught me to eat more fruit! Waddle on! :D


Sounds great! Thanks for sharing and waddle on :)


All I do is play soccer and eat food :P


i always eat fruits and play sports like soccer or baseball
and have a good night sleep
that is all


I play golf almost ALL the time. that and i LOVE fruit.

Crazy 4 Toad:

Im always running around the house and I LOVE Apples so they way I stay healthy is excercise, apples and when I get to swim in our pool!

As always CP keep it up!

Waddle On!

-Crazy 4 Toad


i eat lots of fruit and i do lots of sports and i do lots and lots of exercise and and play zumba on the Wii thanks for your time
Waddle On!!


Eating lots of fruits and vegetables, drinking water, doing anything that keeps your body moving and active. Plus being active can be really fun.
Waddle on CP!


So like eating certain amount of certain food groups like wheat dairy, protien, vegetables and fruit. Also being active some say video games are not active but playing clubpenguin game day on the wii is very active! The best way to be active is playing sports!


I like to run, eat healthy snacks, and play basketball sometimes. I also like to play with my friends all the time. Waddle on, CP!

P.S. I can't wait for the Adventure Party!


I find it REALLY important to stay healthy so I am doing 4 sports right now and I also try to Fruits/Vegi's as much as I can! I also can't have ANY suger! I like Running, Eating, Playing, And stuff like that! My Favorite thing to do is Play Chess, Spend time with my family or Read!


Since school is coming up, I decided that instead of packing an artificial flavored juice or a not-that-healthy snack, like potato chips, I'd pack real fruit juice, and many fruits. It's so much yummier, & healthier! I hope other penguins decide to the same when they read this! I will also enjoy eating a fruit while I play CP on the upcoming Adventure Party ;)

-Love you guys!



All great suggestions, and all of you are correct in your own way. But the way I stay healthy is probably playing sports. I love plaing sports and I would suggest many sports if you want a way to stay healthy. Waddle on CP!!! ;-)


I wake up every morning, do all of my chores. Then I do a work out program for a little bit. Then I will go on a bike ride, or take my dog for a walk... I like to eat Vegetables and fruits, and try not to snack. That's it. Waddle on CP!


i might try that some time...waddle on CP XD


I stay healthy by running a mile at our local track everyday! Even though it gets tiring and difficult at times, it has helped me become more fit! It also makes me drink lots of water, so I am reasonably hydrated.
Waddle on!


the way i stay healthy is by not eating sugary foods that are greater then 5 grams of sugar and my mum makes organic foods for dinner.



Did you know bannas help with cleaning shoe leather?


I stay eating healthy and and healthy. My parents Would always go to the store to get organic food like oranges and bannanas and other healthy food. My mom dosen't get carrots and apples cause i am alergic to them. I always try to keep healthy so i have a long and buitiful life! I also eat alot unlike my sister who plays cp (Mookie123)thanks for reading this:)~Carmushroom


Running is good exercise but only works on cardiovascular, not your metabolism. Your metabolism is what turns food into energy; I do a workout of weight lifting, push ups, pull-ups, and leg crunches while eating healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. This builds muscle and increases my metabolism so I can eat more calories and this makes my life easier. WADDLE ON!!!


There are lots of ways that I stay healthy. First of all, I'm not a big fan of soft drinks... all I drink are water and juice! Second, I exercise everyday for about 15 minutes. It is better to exercise a little bit every day, than exercising for a long amount of time but not doing it often. I'm also confident of trying out sports. And, I love fruits, veggies, grains, and more! Instead of eating something like chocolate for dessert, I eat grapes or bananas or pineapples. The list goes on and on. Be healthy!
Waddle on!
Oh, and I can't wait for the Temple of Fruit party. It will be a fruit-tastic event!


I like to stay healthy by eating a healthy breakfast at home when I wake up in the morning, and praticing some dance moves. I also like to have a race with my friends & I even like it when I win! I wish I can teach my dog how to swim so he can stay healthy too!


Hi Club Penguin team! These are my tips to stay healthy.

1. Eat good foods like protein fruits and veggies because the more good food you eat the better you feel.

2. Excersize. There's all kinds of ways to excersize such as swimming or taking a bike ride or even just walking your dog.

3. Sleep. For kids my age and younger the right amount of sleep is 10-12 hours of sleep. For adults the right amount of sleep if 8-9 hours of sleep.
I hope those were good tips!

Stay Healthy and Waddle On!


P.S. CANT WAIT FOR THE ADVENTURE PARTY: TEMPLE OF FRUIT!!!!! (and what does herbert have to do with this!?)


Being heathy is VERY important. Hmm, I like to eat fruits and veggies, i aslo stay active by doing sports like baseball and basketball, and bike riding,. Sometimes me and my family run around our neighberhood.


In school i almost always play basket ball with friends.Can you please post? I've never been posted.
Waddle On CP!!!!!!!!


Im always trying to stay healthy. One thing that could do that is fun is X box. X box has this game where its all sports. Soccer, Volleyball, Football, and many more. Also I heard on tv that apples are very good for you. They help keep you going. I eat an apple every morning for breakfast. Hopefully my advice helped. ;) Waddle On!


Tips on staying healthy: drink water, eat fruits and vegetables, staying away from junk food and soda, don't drink energy drinks and coffee, get plenty of exercise, take vitamins, eat everything natural, get protein but don't get too much protein because its bad for you just like anything else,calcium, vitamin c, and vitamin D. Exercise for 30 minutes, three times a week. Eat good fiber foods so you can stay away from bad carbohydrates, it will lower your blood sugar level too. Don't eat fatty, lipid foods, it's all bad carbs. Good fiber foods are: beans and whole grain. Here's a few health tips to keep you healthy. Until Then, Waddle on CP!


I eat all the food groups my birthday just passed and my mom made a cake that looks like rockhopper!!!
and it is made of fruits (toppings) and we bought 6 month membership so I can play temple of the fruit
and more upcoming partys its awsome!!!


That Rockhopper cake sounds delicious! Happy Birthday! :)

Kendall A423:

My family loves to take bike rides every afternoon to stay healthy! we once biked 2, 4, and 6 miles on bikes, and there's 4 of us! I love staying healthy, and i always make healthy food choices!


I make healthy choices by eating healthy and (Subway) play sports. (hockey cause i'm canadian and it's my favorite sport!) Also, make sure your puffles are healthy also or else you might not find em' in your igloo! Making healthy choices are important so stay fit and be active!



What I love doing to be be healthy is jogging around my house and eat fruits to keep healthy.That's what i do ;)


Hey CP! Here is what I do to stay healthy, In the morning I have a whole wheat waffle and my mom slices up a Banana and puts it on top it tastes SOO good. In the afternoon. I have some watermelon sliced up, along with some Kiwi, I put it in the blender and I have fruit smoothies for lunch! At dinner I have some grilled chicken with vegetables! And finally, for desert I have a BIG fruit salad with tons of fruit in it! After all that I sit down, relax, and play Club Penguin! :D


Wow! that looks like fun! I like to play soccer. and ever since the fruit themed party was announced i've been eating fruit every day!




To stay healthy, I swim. Swimming is really fun! Fact about me: I've been swimming for the past seven years! I also do gymnastics with my friends. Gymnastics is hard to and you need to stay hydrated so I drink a lot of water. I also eat tons of fruits and veggies. (that's why I eat vegetables every dinner.) It's fun to exercise! Especially when you're doing it with your friends!


I try to stay heathy by ALWAYS eating breakfast (like cereal and a pear) so I'll have a bunch of energy to go bike riding with my friends. Of course we always bring water to stay hydrated so we can keep on riding! Pedal on CP:-)


the ways i say healthy is walking to and from school as often as i can which helps the envirorment i do kung fu and hiking the best ay i have found to stay healthy is to eat healthy foods and enjoy outdoor activities


I like to stay healthy by eating fruit and veggies, (Yum!) I go to my karate class 3 days a week so I have to stay healthy to keep motivated! I have so much fun doing this because I've made alot of friends this way! I always remember to eat an apple a day. (To keep the doctor away!) W-A-D-D-L-E O-N C-P!


The way i stay healthy is to always try to have a healthy dinner.It may sound hard,eating healthy every night,but isnt.healthy food isn't always plain.If you have a large variety of foods every meal(healthy foods) It really tastes good and never gets boring!

waddle on,CP Team



i love to play all the sports and eat fruit vegtables and going outside to do lots of fun things with my friends


I stay healthy by making smoothies with my friends every day! These are the ingredients for people who wanna try! ;)
Honey (For the sweet taste)
And if you want you can add an extra drink to it! My favorite is OJ! It turns out really good, and its fun to make with friends! The only bad thing is.... BRAIN FREEZE!! EEK!! I also like to swim and play basketball after our sweet treat. :
Waddle On!!


Sup CP Team!!!!! To stay healthy I do many things. Here are some tips:
1:Eat veggies and fruit. and don't eat to much candy.
2:Don't spend all day on the computer. Go outside and get fresh air.
3:Be active. Join sport teams.
4:Have Fun!!!! Make being fit a competition against your friends, family, and neighbors.

Stay Healthy!!


Awesome! I love to go swimming.waddle on!


I think a great way to stay healthy is to play sports such as soccer, basketball, and my favorite... SWIMMING! Another good way to stay healthy is running and maybe race your friends! Also, eating fruits, meat, vegetables, dairy,and grains can make you healthy.Those are some ways to become really healthy!


What I do to stay healthy is I really like sports so I play:Football Basketball and a little Baseball. I also like to walk my dog (I sometime pretend my dog is a puffle lol) And those are just some of the ways i stay healthy and active

Waddle On!!

chilly P7:

Hi! I like to play soccer,,etc with my friends. I also ride a skateboard,bike,scooter,and pogo stick. I also eat lots of fruits and everyday at recess i play tag with my friends. I really love to play sports so staying healthy isn't a big challenge. Waddle On!


I go outside with my friends pretty much every day we love playing together and we some times stop have some water and some fruits and
veggies.And I have a summer journal that I write in it every week.Its so much fun.

Thanks Waddle on


I like to eat celery. Everyday i go out and do some vollyball! Some times i read books,play vollyball,and somtimes play with my toys! I like doing volly ball the most!


what do i do to stay heathly? i do dance lessons durnig the school year and swim team during the summer. i also eat mainly bananas, stawberrys, and plums for snacks (i would also eat apples if i didn't have braces ) , some sort of bread for breakfast, and a sandwich(of any kind) for lunch. Oh, and lots of water!


For healthy activites i do White Water River Rafting, Swimming, Hourseback Riding, Basket Ball, and Soccer!!! Thse are all ways to stay healthy!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!! Have fun!!!!!


I do competitive swimming and to train I run, do situps,pushups, and of course, SWIM!


I stay healthy like at breakfast I eat cearal I eat waffles. I go on the tredmail and exercice. I do biking alot in my naborhood and play badmantin with my family. I go to my friends house to play around. I always eat bread . I love cheese sandwichs. Strawberry,oranges,apple,mango these all are so good i've always eat them. I will always make healthy choices.


i play football and it really pushes me to the limit and i eat a lot of fruit


Wow! I love all those things too! Anyways, one thing I like better than summer is being healthy. Two ways you can stay healthy are excercise and healthy eating. To excercise you can bike, take walks, skip rope.... It helps you lose weight, and it's fun too! To eat healthy you need to eat healthy foods more and eat sugary sweets less. And that is all there is to lead a healthy, happy life!


well to be honest i love doing karate i started at the age of 5 or 6 but i really love it because its a good sport and it helps you with discipline and i am also a champion and my great achievement in karate is being a world champion and also i love eating healthy its good and i excercise all the time so and i enjoy club penguin!


Hi CP,

The way I keep healthy is by doing exercise like bike riding and jogging!!! I eat fruits like pear, strawberry, grapes and bananas, but my favorites are pear and strawberrys. I am not a big fan of vegetables so eat the ones I don't mind like carrots!!!!

This is how I stay healthy Waddle on CP!!!!!!

mc cool 213:

If we want to be healthy, we must eat healthy foods like vegetables, fruits and cereals! But the most important is always exercise a lot so that we won't get sick. Always remember not to eat too much Junk Food because its bad. And I hope this information is helpful and waddle on CP!


I always love going outside and having some fun, while staying active, of course! I love to ski in the winter, its my favorite sport ever! In the summer i enjoy bike riding along lake-front and forest trails, camping, and, of course, swimming!


Some ways I stay healthy is eat healthy salad vegetables fruit Subway, and I also do Martial Arts (I'm a yellow belt with 1 white stripe) And today at school I had red dots on my right hand (I write with my right hand) So I went to the nurse and she said it was marker. When I told my teacher me and her laughed. Remember Club penguin! Eat Healthy! Play Healthy! And stay Healthy!
Waddle on Club penguin!



What I would do to stay healthy is to make healthy eating habits , like watching how many calories you eat. I like to go outside and do the most exercise I can get. My favorite sport is archery so i use targets and run and try to shoot the targets while i'm running. at school i get a basketball and go on the basketball courts. I also get a football and toss it around on the field or play a two touch football. I like baseball, soccer, tennis, hockey, kick ball, swimming and any other sport you can name!





i make healthy choices by eating healthy playing outdoor games like soccer football and bike riding. i brush my teeth when its time like after every meal. so its really important to be healthy and please post my comment so other penguins can see this any ways waddle on club penguin.


Well to keep myself healthy i play alot of vollyball in the evenings. It is a fun sport! I also run on the treadmill for my vollyball training! i also eat alot of fruits and vegies and always stay active! Waddle On CP!!!!


wow, I love to stay healthy in many ways. I am 13 years old and not once have i eaten red meat. i havent gone to McDonalds or any of the other fast food restaurants if i ever do, i would make sure its a healthy place. I also like to play basketball, lift weights, and run! Its a fun way to stay healthy. Heres some other facts about me: I haven't had a coke a cola or any other type of soft drink in my whole life, i eat fruit and vegetables.
Did you know:
that a person can survive by only eating fruits, vegetables, breads, seeds, and water, you dont need meat.


well i eat very healthy i eat lots of fruits :D which are my very fave food :D and i love swimming and going horse back riding too :) WADDLE ON CP!


To stay healthy, I will eat a fruit or vegetable, and go play on a skateboard, ride my scooter, or practice karate. I like to swim a lot, and sometimes I will just go play with family, because nothing is more important than exercising with friends or family. I also like to go play with my friends at school or online. You rock CP! I hope you like my tips.


I play soccer,basketball and tennis also every time the night before my soccer games i eat mangos that helped me get 2 goals and before my basketball games i eat cherry so i like fruit its very yummy in my tummy:)


Hi CP , The Way I Keep Healthy Is Eating Fruits And Vegetables ! I Especially Like Carrots . I Like Lots Of Sports, I Probably Skateboard Like 4 Times A Week For 3 Hours ! Penguins Are Probably Fat From Pizza XD .. Waddle On CP And Eat Healthy :) -Greenpenggy1


Hey CP for me to stay healthy I play lots and lots of sports all year round!!!! in the Spring I play baseball, In the Summer I play football (soccer) and soccer goes all through the fall, And in the winter I Ski and Snowboard and then repeat. I also eat lots of fruit and I do healthy portions on my food all the time. I also play outside alot to with my dog and cat. thanx CP for all the great tips cant wait for the adventure party!!!!!!!


I have decided not to drink soda anymore. Not drinking soda give you a huge boost in energy and it saves your body. I am also trying to eat healthier every day by eating better foods with higher protein and less sugar and fat. I am also drinking more water so that I can flush out my body from salt and other unhealthy food items that need to be flushed out! Fruit and Vegetables are a big one. Even though I don't like all fruits the ones I like are still enough everyday!


Hey CP for me to stay healthy I play lots and lots of sports all year round!!!! in the Spring I play baseball, In the Summer I play football (soccer) and soccer goes all through the fall, And in the winter I Ski and Snowboard and then repeat. I also eat lots of fruit and I do healthy portions on my food all the time. I also play outside alot to with my dog and cat. thanx CP for all the great tips cant wait for the adventure party!!!!!!!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!


I choose to eat healthy every day by starting off with a healthy snack, like an apple. For lunch, I usually have a sandwich filled with my favorite healthy choices. I really like avocados, too. In the afternoon, I choose something nutritious like peanuts. For dinner, I like to have meat and chicken with a side of veggies.I also play soccer, which is a good exercise for me. I like to have something from every food category each and every day!


I only get soda and fast food once a week, and I only get the best junk foods. My favorite fruits are mango, kiwi, apple, peach, all berries, and pineapple. I also like carrots, artichokes, eggplant, and cucumber. Helpful Hint: Try to eat a couple of FRESH fruits and vegetables a day. Waddle on, CP!


i go to tae kwan do and in the one i go to the instructers act like it is a serious game not a job.they belt test when you are ready (they ask every 2 months) WADDLE ON!




i eat lots of fruits and vegetables. my mom also makes these cool smoothies it has milk, bananas, nuts and it is healthy to eat. I also like to play soccer and basketball and i like to do work outs like push up, sit ups, and jumping jacks cause exercising is really important. but eating healthy and exercising isn't the only way to stay healthy. You also need to wash your hands regularly like before eating or after you can home from school so you wont get sick. Stay healthy and waddle on cp!


I stay healthy by eating lots of fruit. I also do a lot of bike riding, and since I live in Australia I do a lot of sports like
AFL, soccer and rugby. I'm also a fast runner and I just made it to regionals in the running competition and
because of that I practice running. Thats a win-win for me! (Because I get faster and I get an excersise too XD)
Waddle on CP!


Hey Club Penguin!!!,

It's Hobbes50750 And I Just Want To Say That This Summer I Really Enjoy Riding My Bike Because Where I Live There Is A Thing Called "The Bike Path" That Goes Through Our Whole County!!!!! Sometimes I Ride My Bike From 10:00AM - 10:00PM And It's Soooooooooo FUN!!! Me And My Friends Come Up With Fun Games To Play, So Our Day is ALWAYS FUN!!!!! Meanwhile I'm Eating Healthy Hearty Meals Because My Mom Makes The Yummiest Meals EVER!!!!! Because We Almost Never Get Takeout. I Also LOVE Going To The Pool To Practice My Swimming. So Those are Some Of The Ways I Try To Stay Healthy This Summer. Waddle On...


I love this, its a great way to make kids my age like to exercise everyday for staying healthly, fit, and having fun!

mary clare16:

me and my mom and my sister are going to start eating healther and i practice basket ball with my brothers in case i want to play on a team

and stay healhy! :)


I usually swim everyday to stay fit. I dont eat that much junk food and my mom always makes me eat lots of fruit.


I love to play soccer with my friends in my back yard, explore the woods, and swim at the pool! I love playing soccer, so me and my friends made up a new game where you have to pass the ball to each other without letting it hit the ground! It is tricky! I like getting together with friends on CP for a soccer match at the stadium! Go Green!


I can not get certain foods such as wheat, so to compensate for that I need to eat more than other food groups - like cows! And since I was little my mother always bought organic food. Because I grew up eating healthy, it's really easy for me. I have cows at night before going to bed and in the morning my mom makes these green smoothie blender with foods such as spinach, strawberries, mango, peach, cabbage, and more of it. It may sound disgusting, but when sweetened with honey, taste pretty good! That's how I eat healthy.
Fun fact: I've never eaten fast food!


I run around our block for 5 times everyday and I play soccer on Saterday and out in our backyard with my brother I also eat apples, oranges, bananas, pineapples ,lemons and strawberrys. I also drink very fresh water.


I want to eat that food you made last time! It looks really yummy!! :P

Ali Girl1:

well uh.. um sometimes i go walk around the zoo and bring fruits and other healthy foods.I love to go to parks like this one park that has a giant spider web


I stay healthy by being active and eating right my eating choices are with nuts they give you energey meat also beacuse it gives you the energey you need for being healthy i go to two hours of swiming everyday not monday on monday i do two hours of gymnastics I love it so much it makes you feel so good about keeping your body healthy

STAY HEALTHY CP! - Rileyjae13

Ping Pang162:

I stay healthy by eating a lot of fruit! I love fruit, and it's tasty and good for you! I also like to swim and take my dog out for a walk!
Waddle on, and stay healthy, CP!


i like to bike places and swim for a few hours a day. i like to eat healthy snacks like, watermelon, grapes, cantalope, bananas, pears,tangerines, etc. i also like to run around with my friends. being healthy is fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waddle on cp


I find fun ways to exercise and eat well! I love dancing to my favorite music, and I love walking around and going on adventures with my dog! I've also learned that exercise is way more fun with the support of your friends! As far as eating goes, I am sure to have plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. I love making up my own healthy recipes, and I try to limit the junk food, but I know that any food is okay in moderation!


I make healthy choices by eating fruits and vegetables (I don't like vegetables much .-. But I eat it anyway!) I play sports such as Hockey, Basketball, and Soccer. I always make sure my puffles eat right also. I never give them pizza, only apples and puffle o's! . I always eat organic foods from places like the nearby Farmer's Market and I rarely eat fast food. Making healthy choices are important and benefit you and the others around you so stay healthy and be active and not lounge around in front of the tv all day.


I made 2 other comments about how I stay healthy but I forgot to say something else about me........A Fun Fact!The fun fact is that I love swimming but I actually started swimming when I was 3 years old!So I been trying to get healthy since I was a baby! =D.Bye Now!Waddle on Cp!


I stay healthy by eating a banana every morning, walking to school and walking back home every day, and eating a big bowl of salad before dinner.


I stay healthy by keeping active! I love to play sports with my friends and go on walks or bike rides with my family! I also like to eat healthy so that I have plenty of energy. To have a healthy diet you have to eat foods from all of the food groups. :)


i do soccer and gymnastics and i love it


I swim a lot to stay fit and eat lots of fruit,ask my parents to cook healthier dinners,and the occasional sweets with low fat and friends and family are starting to do it to.I find it fun to swim and tasty with all the nutritious foods!That's my healthy choice and I hope others do it to!
P.S. So exited about the fruit themed Adventure party!It's going to be tasty!
Make sure to stay fit and active and eat healthy!




I made the cross country team! I have to run 4 miles everyday. It takes a lot of effort, but if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.


being active is importing


well what i do to stay healthy is swimming at least 4 to 6 laps in my neighborhood pool and walking my two dogs at night and eating veggies and fruits apples bananas of course breaks and all but this i just started and its just hard doing it (i read a book before i go to bed) this is always the same. sometimes i take day without this schedule but this is what i usally do


allllllll i do is ride my bike and swim walk run and lagh


I do a lot of things play basketball,football,soccer any sport really I also hardly ever eat anything unhealthy I go over to my friends house and we play in his backyard I do a lot of things!




10 percent of the time I eat fast food and don't exercise. 90 percent of the time I eat healthy food and exercise. Make sure you eat your fruits and veggies all the time! Also, make sure you exercise everyday!

Waddle on and have a happy day! ~ Knb2002

dhruv 431:

fun is gooooooooooooood.


since rockhopper came im starting to eat so much fruits like dragon fruit or kiwi fruit.


I stay healthy by exercising as in swimming. I swim in my pool alot and me and my friend always swim in it too. I also do stretches everyday such as backbends and splits. Plus, I also LOVE to eat apples! I dip it in honey so I can get some sweetness into it while eating healty. Even though the peeling on it has fiber on it I dont eat that part. One more thing, I eat Cheerios for breakfest so that another way I stay healthy.


I stay healthy by swimming at my local pool, playing basketball, or running 4 miles!


Hi happy77,
I love being healthy.I always play my favorite sport: badminton and my favorite fruits: strawberrys,apples,oranges,mangoes and watermelon.My favorite vegetables: ladyfingers or okra,corn and carrots.Well,sometimes i eat fastfood like Macdonalds,Pizza and Subway.


Exercise is complex for me because I use a power chair ( wheelchair). I was born to soon. Still I love to get down on the floor in my room and move around to my favorite music. Also, I am saving up allowance to by a bounce-house for the back yard. Even though I can't stand i can play around on my knees like my little brother do in them.


I am going to regionals, on September 3rd. Why? It is because I am so good at running, I come first and second, in 100m & 200m. It is a great way to keep healthy, it encourages you to eat well, because you know if you must do these sorts of things, you must eat healthy as well.


i play soccer and i love to play with my dog truffles, binx, bunny i eat healthy too also i love running and bike riding its one of my favorite things too do!


Fruits are healthy so i put strawberries in my cereal. I also like running,jumping,and doing other sports.So be healthy!!!!!



Well I have a apple a day and 800ml of orange juice all together in a day. So That make 5 a day. I also do Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming and I might do Judo soon!! As I eat so heathily Its very rare for me to be ill. I also ride on my bike and my scooter. In swimming somtimes I do diving. Waddle on CP!!!


What I do to stay really healthy is put everything on the seasons in the year I do to stay healthy. I eat as much fruit as I can and not a lot of sweets, I do exercise, I run, swim, play basketball (At school), and that is all!
Waddle on!

3 happy cool:

To stay healthy I eat my favorite two fruits which are apples and grapes. Also to stay healthy I like playing sports such as, basketball. Remember a healthy person is a happy person XD WADDLE ON CP! :)


I like eating vegetables which is healthy and i always eat my breakfast,lunch and dinner.I always sleep at 9.30 p.m. which will make me more energize whenever i wake up.And i exercise EVERY SINGLE day.I love being healthy because i can exercise,play with my friends and more stuff to do! Whenever i am sick,you can only stay at home,take medicine's and sleep.Its better being healthy rather than being sick.I always have a great time being healthy and i can play CP all the time! :D


i play rugby and run ever day


I exercise for 2 hours 1 in the mornig and one at night. I also LOVE to eat fruit! My favorite is strawberries! WADDLE ON CP! P.S I also play Softball!


To stay healthy I do sports such as badminton, swimming, netball, tennis and basketball. I also do P.E twice a week at school. I take 2 dancing classes every week- jazz/modern and ballet. So to keep healthy I mostly do physical things.




phili chili:

on friday nights I play hockey with my friends just like I do on CP but not on ice. I do cross country everyday for my fitness and I eat healthy (although sometimes I eat pie) WADDLE ON CP!


I hear that if u eat 4-5 SMALL meals instead of 3 big meals its healthier for u beileve it or not ;) WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i love fruits so this will be fun i hope other people enjoy it


i like to go skiing in winter but play tennis in summer and go swimming waddle on!!!


i stay healthy by going out for a walk with my mum an eating my fruit and veggies . FRESH ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waddle on cp


im always healthy! and i play a ot of sports like swimming


Well i don't know if this counts, but i read A LOT which makes your mind healthier.
But also i take classes in drama and sining and ballet
(ps please post)


to stay healthy i eat my 5 a day and i play soccer with my soccer team


im really on sport im in karate lessons i play football and sometimes basketball


I do alot of running everyday even at school and I eat alot of fruit and veg and I go on my trapolen with my friends what do you like to do out side on a fav sport is hockey (we have hockey in scotland) I always give my puffle healthy choice.I had a idea why not make a healthy eating stamp for the Adventure party.

- pinkyari


the fruits and sports.The sport i like are rugby because of all the takles and kicks andthe fruits i like are aples because their nice .bananas because their a tropical fruit and last but not least ............. an apricot becase thier sweet.waddle on club penguin or should i say cp.

Disco Taz:

I eat fruit like apples and grapes and i play gaelic football (irish sport)


my way of keeping healthy is playing sports because I play alot of sports with my friends like soccer,gaelic,tennis,basketball and loads more


I normally keep healthy by exercising with a pink puffle.


Hi Club Penguin.
I love fruit and i love playing sports. I hope that other people will love the new things as much as I do.
I love doing P.E. and it is so fun when we do tennis and rounders. On a Saturday moring I do tennis for an hour while other people just mess around.


I love eating fruit! I eat my vegtables too (but they dont taste as good!) and i ike to run around the garden with my dog and i play on the trampoline a lot.I also go swimming once a week and thats really fun!

Waddle on CP!

~ candycat651


I LOOOOOVEEEEEE playing Soccer, AFL, Cricket, table tennis and Tennis. I also eat really health foods. I eat Fruit and vegetables. I don't really have junk food often.

mamma mia189:

I excersise for two hours a day and then keep my energy levels up by drinking water and eating fruit


my favorite way to stay healthy is to eat lots of fruit and my favorite meals... vegtables!I also like to stay active by riding my bike and playing with my friends in the playground.I also like to get tons of stay happy, stay active, stay healthy.


to stay healthy i often like to do running at school i also like to climb and do tricks on my scooter

i usually eat quite unhealthly but beacause of all the excersize i do i burn off all the calories.
waddle on cp
p.s how do penguins stay healthy? ;: (


To stay healthy I play a lot of sports such as hockey, swimming, soccer, netball, running and archery. I eat healthy all the time too!


I kick off the day by drinking a glass of fruit juice. Then I usually play a sport (tennis or swimming in the summer, netball or hockey in the winter). I then come back and maybe draw something and spend the rest of the day outside if it's sunny or if its wet I may play Club Penguin for a bit.


Me and my friends always love playing soccer with each other after school. Also i take karate classes with my master twice a week. Also my mom makes fruit smoothies every day for us to try.It's really nice also when i stroll around the park with my bicycle. Well being healthy prevents you from any sickness and helps make you become more happy. Waddle on my feathered friends :D


well the way i get healthy is eating lot's of fruit and plenty of exercise like bike riding with my family and friends or jumping on the trampoline.i eat plenty of pineapples.but you have to get lot's of sleep to help your body charge up for the next favourite sport is stilting.waddle on cp =D


To stay healthy I go cycling as much as possible, have my 5-A-Day and usually when I have to go somewhere that's close, like friends house, I either walk or run.


to get healthy i usually play sports like: running,basketball and soccer. And to get healthy by fruit i would eat: bananas, apples and


i love to ride my bike and go on the trampoline its really fun i do it everyday and i have my five a day every day i like grapes and strawberrys the most! i stay healthy by going swimming once a week and going to a sports club




I love going on long bike rides going up hills is really hard but keeps you healthy and when I go back down hills. i look at it as a treat for working hard to go up the big hills.
Waddle on CP!!!


i eat all im given exept kiwi, thean i go on a 5k bike ride twice a week!

waddle on cp


when you go walking first start off with walking for 4 minutes and then jog for 6 minutes.
or go swimming or exercise trampoline or stretching before a walk

p.s. jog on!!


i love tennis it always gets me int shape i also love jogging around my village but the best has to be skiing and canoeing it's brilliant.


well i think the thing you need to do to stay healthy is eat fruit play lots of sport and believe you can stay healthy


i like playing football because it helps me get my legs moving


It is very hard to keep heathly i do many cycling running and basketball


You can definitely stay healthy by exercising each day and staying hydrated with water!


i keep healthy by goin on camps and sailing and by keeping active and playing lots of sports.


I think everyone should stay healthy. It's easy and fun! You can ride a bike, eat any fruit you like, or just take a stroll in the park. It also includes playing with your friends. Being Healthy is a BLAST. EVERYONE should try it! Let's all be healthy!!! Waddle on!!!


I love eating fruit, hanging with my friends, and learning new activities! Also, my big sister has statred teaching me gymnastics!


I stay healthy by riding my bike almost every day and this week I have been playing tennis. I love eating fruit too! Fruits are one of my favorite foods to eat! WADDLE ON CP!


i love to go outside and play imaganare games


I stay healthy by eating fruits and veges and playing sport! :)


Hello penguins!!
to stay healthy i eat lots of green vegetables and meat!
also i play football from 6-8 am
and i do lots more!
thats why im strong and healthy like my own penguin!

Waddle on!


i go skating in winter and i run for 15 mins around leyton or if its raining i go swimming on fridays and wensday

ice cone620:


Hiya Guy:

One of the things I do to stay healthy is that I will run on the treadmill when watching T.V. When it goes to a commercial, I take a break and stretch. When using the computer, I do as many push-ups as possible when something takes a long time to load. Also, I eat at least one thing from every food group (except sweets) every day. Well, I'm done here, so WADDLE ON!


It's really Nice that Club Penguin is inspiring young kids to eat Healthy and stay healthy! I actually LOVE it!A Great BIG improvement for Club Penguin! Wish All of you Luck CP TEAM! :D

-Philippines :D


Hello people of CP! I have an awesome way to stay healthy! everyday you should go and play outside with your friends and family! Which includes your neighbors to friends at school. Or if its playing a game of football to just having fun outside! so just stay fit CP

Waddle On!


My way of staying healthy is doing gymnastics and swimming.


I normaly wake up in the morning and i walk my dog to a field and go round it then i go to the sports center and do 1 hour of swimming then i go to the gym and do my gymnastics then i have a run to my grandmas and grandas then come back then i always have veggy soup or pasta for dinner and for puddind and breckfast i have a fruit salad

Alejandro ss:

I play basket ball, footbal,l im a vegetarian i have 3 dogs and 2 cats


well you have to sleep early because of school,have a balanced diet and exercise for about 1 hour everyday.those are my tips on becoming a healthy kid.
WADDLE ON everyone especcially you cp


I like to stay healthy, so I never get sick as often! I would always eat my fruit and veggies everyday. I do dance class after school, it gives me some energy to learn. I love reading, its fun to look in books and see what will happen next! Sometimes, I like to do homework then eat some fruit, my favorite are apples!


I love to play soccer and baseball. My favorite is soccer because I love getting dirty!!




that sounds cool i can do that i will write dowen in my book eat healthy WADDLE ON!!!


Its always nice to eat healthy food every day! Getting some sleep can realy help you to stay healthy. And please make sure you eat many fruits it is so good!!! And you don`t have to post my comment if you don`t want to. All I want to say is to have a great and healthy time!!!!!!!!!

Waddle on CP!!!!!!

cool duda:

I eat fruits with every thing,I dont drink tea with milk I squeez a bit of lemon to get a better taste!!!!(It tastes lovely)


for me to stay healthy i get plenty of sleep


Hi happy77 that's rowing right
it looks like cap-tine rock hopper sailing the seas


I love eating fruits and veggies and taking a bike ride with my friends almost everyday.


wow! this will rock! it looks awesomely fun. did you know that bananas have full of vitamins? i love fruits anyway because they're healthy. waddle on, CP!


in the summer, i love to bike, roller skate and paddle boat at my local lake. i love to roller skate on the nicest days. i also go to my local pool to swim. but, out of all my favorite summer activites, mine is having our yearly block party, a block party is when you close off the street and have a party outside. im out there until the block party ends. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There are many things that I do to stay healthy. I practice karate. I love to dance. I also attend camps during my summer vacation. The camps I did were soccer and fencing. I even did a robotics camp to keep my brain healthy too. But two of my favorite things I do to stay healthy are my mom makes me and my family healthy meals and I love to play outside with my friends.


I like to eat fruit its good to have our 5 a day and like playin Hurling its a native Irish sport in my country.


awesome.Temple of Fruit adventure party going on,so eat fruits.stay healthy.




be active, sporty and eat lots of healthy fruit and veg (and swim it strengthens the legs and arms)


I try to play outside EVERY day for 30 minutes. And I also swim almost every other day. At night my family eats a healthy dinner and when I go to sleep, I like to get the right amount, oh and once every month, my grandma takes me, my sister, and cousins out to Lake Erie! It's so cool!


I play football over 7 hours a week, and I have loved vegetables since I was a little kid!


i stay healthy i go swimming every day my pool and once a week go for a 1 hour bike ride,also my mum always make healthy dinner and at lunch we always have salad in the summer.( but in winter we have pie a lot too)


im very healthy i juice fruit and veggies every day WADLLE ON CP!!!!

snippy 60524:

I eat lots of cream biscuit and the eat meals it is an indian style because i am india!! :)


Hi happy! I usually take my poodle out of walks and jog to school in the mornings, I also make smoothies, my favorite is banana and blue berry! I also play volleyball and thats a work out! I might get on a travel team, so thats always a good excercise.

Waddles Qam:

Some of the things i like to do in the summer to stay healthy is get up early and take the dog for morning walks,or run through the sprinkler.I, personally, LOVE fruit salad,i eat ALOT of fruit! also love riding my bike,swimming in the lake,and hiking in the mountains or just climbing! So, that's what i have to say about staying healthy!!


I love to read and talk to my family. Also, my favourite fruit is apples because they´re so juicy. I love to swim and go outside and play. Waddle on!


I stay active with cheerleading! We usually run laps, stretch, do jumping jacks, and many other things in cheerleading. It's also a great experience to always be with your team. We have an amazingly fun time each game/practice, and that makes us happier and healthier. Cheerleading can also make the crowd happier! The better mood that everyone is in, the healthier they can be! Until then, stay active CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)


I like to bike ride play basket ball soccer and walk.


That seems like the right thing to do in your day




my ways of staying healthy are,biking,swiming,basketball,eating lots of fruit and lots of vegtables and never eat a lot of candy only sometimes!





Hey Happy77,
I like to go tubing and swim...Its so much fun! Plus i love to hang out with family and friends! And always remember Summer reading!


To help me (and of course my family) stay healthy I would have very low-fat healthy dinners! Like different things each night so we get all of our protien. My family and I would go bike riding, running, and swimming (like we usually do). Sometimes after school I do a workout with my mom to stay fit! Eating fruits and vegtables will keep out body healthy and give us all of our vitamins and minerals.
Waddle on CP! Stay healthy! :)


To stay healthy, I run about 1-2km and do 10 sit-ups everday!:D I also eat lots of fruit and veg!:)
Waddle on!:P


My way of staying healthy would be eating and excersizing! I would eat plenty of fruits and vegtables everyday, but not eat them all day! I would have to eat meat sometime! Excersizing is very important to our bodies, so we can stay in fit and active! I would always play with my brothers and sisters outside each and everyday, and just running/biking/playing games etc. will be awesome excersize!


Sometimes i eat junk food but everyday i make sure to stay healthy i go bike riding with my sisters all the time they support me and give me healthy fruit all the time not just the i love them its because there healthy to we have lots of fun times my sisters even get me to the bus
Well thats not allot of walking but thats all i have!


A way I stay healthy is I watch my eating choices. I always look at nutrition facts, go towards leaner, healthier cooked meat, and drink water instead of soda or juice. I also make sure I eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid fried foods.

Uncle John92:

Staying Healthy makes you big and strong! Since School is coming up, I think I've decided to pack Oranges for my snack! Oranges are my favorite Fruit! Whats your favorite?


I try to keep myself healthy, by managing how much junk food I take in! I only have fast food once in two weeks, and I always drink water! I don't even like the taste of coke, and other soft drinks! But one thing is for sure, I always try to be myself!

Have a lovely day....


To stay healthy I exercise alot like going in my pool or playing soccer. Usually soccer because its my favorite sport.


Hi Club Penguin! Well, to stay healthy, I am part of a dancing club that I go to twice every week! We have lots of fun and I'm training hard for an exam soon! I also eat alot of juciy fruit - particuarly strawberries! And recently me and my mum have been making strawberry, apple, orange and banana smoothies! Yum! Remember - too much chocolate can harm you, so grab some fruit and you'll be back on track! :)


I am not a sporty person, but I do much activities for fun, like it should really be. I extremly love doing theater, because you get to express your emotions through not only acting, but also singing and dancing. I also feel very comfortable there because the people there are a lot like you. But anyway, the other activities I like are.... well actually school. The first reason I like it is because you have to eat a healthy breakfast, which then I know I'm eating healthy. School aslo makes your brain healthy! And lastly, I really like to travel, hang with my friends, book club, and swimming! Thanks for reading! WADDLE ON!


I love strawberries, bananas, mangoes, lemons, melons, milk, oranges and loads of other healthy things, so I have about 5 glasses of milk daily, 10 strawberries, 6 bananas, 5 mangoes, 5 lemons,2 melons, 7 oranges, and have a pizza once a month, and a sweet once a week.
I have lots of milk because its full of calcium, which makes your really strong!!!!!


That sounds just like my summer!Rock on cp!!!!!


I like to eat lots of fruits and veggies because I love them all. I also like to get a bunch of friends and have races with them.I also play beach volley ball, and in winter I love going Ice skating and skiing. Theres a sport for every season. :)




Even though I sometimes eat fast food, I try to stay healthy. I love to swim and eat pears every night. Almost always for dinner, I have lots of rice with vegetables and meat. I love to jump rope and play piano too. Waddle on CP!!!!!
(Fruit and Veggie Fact: My favorite fruit is a pear and my favorite veggie is a potato.)


Yeah i play football and when my dad gose to the gym i go on thoses bikes


the things that i do to stay healthy is play lacrosse, dance,eat kiwi, pine apples, and play kick the can,(somebody guards the can and the other people go and try to kick it before they get caught) i also have veggies, and run around my house, fruit salad and alot of other WADDLE ON CP!


I stay healthy by doing swim team (although my leg is now sore from it) and i also do tennis


I like to take walks with my friends, and go to parks.
Sometimes I like to play tennis with my family (:


I have my 5 a day everyday. I also do a 2k jog (from my house and back). I also don't spend as much time on the laptop I only spend half an hour each day!

Waddle On CP!


I do some sports like basketball, soccor, swim team, and i do horse back riding! they are all awesome!!! and i eat healthy a lot!! Oh and i love running!! Also i did the 5k run for the little kids and i got 3nd!! I got a ribbon for 3nd place!!! I got a lot of ribbons for swim team!! I did swim team for 2 years now or 3 years, I dont know witch year!! Well waddle on CP!!


One of my favorite summer activities is swimming and reading!
I love this site. its wonderful how many things you can do in summer.
such fun things. thanks for listening.


What I do is every year, I play basketball and I have a video game called WillFit that checks my weight. I also have a vegetable garden and fruit trees.


staying healthy to me means saying no when someone offers you candy or soda instead grab a nice tasty apple.thats what staying healthy means to mean.


That looks so fun!


I think that u shouldn't overwork yourself to stay fit but can do so simply by following a daily routine of light excersise


wow that sure looks fun!! i love the outdoors and love to jump in the water and just have fun!


I always eat some breakfeast with some side of fruit or berrys then i go play outside for a bit and get lunch soon i walk my dog Molly and go back home to a snack of some berrys i love berrys soon as it is its a good dinner with a side

Cheeky One1:

Wow! that looks epic! x
I love spending my holidays outside - me and my neighbours play club penguin outside its so fun! x
I also love to walk and when i went on holiday i went swimming in the sea and surfing like on cp! x
enjoy the party everyone and waddle on! x

Fish Breth:

Hi Club Penguin!

I love to do lots of thing to stay healthy. This summer I enjoyed taking my dog on long walks, playing soccer and basketball, running, swimming, not eating junk like chips or things with a lot of sugar, and by exercising in my own home on an elliptical.This summer has been really fun so far and i plan to continue staying active for what's left of it.

Have fun and stay active this summer!

Waddle on!.


What I do to keep healthy. Drink innocent smoothies. THEY ARE DEE-LISH!!!! And in the winter I go skiing. Its and AWESOME sport!!! And when I'm older, I will keep healthy by going for the olympics! Waddle on cp!!!


Im allergic to wheat so I have to eat lots of vegatables for me to stay healthy.


stop eating desserts eat more healthy foods


i stay healthy by doing lots of sports. i do cheerleading and at home i roolerblade ,swim ,and just have lots of OUTSIDE!!!!!. everybody have fun and - WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i like to cycling every week


to keep healthy i exercise daily. I either go to the park and ride my bike, walk around my town, or just play in my back yard! I also make sure to eat from all the food groups. fact: i don't tire easily and i'm always moving! Whenever i exercise, i always add something goofy to it so its always interesting!


this is the help for change this is when you stay healthy and strong
waddle on cp


I stay healthy by takeing my dog out for a jog,eat plenty of fruit and soon im going to join gymnastics so that will get me really active!


Woo hoo! I love to swim if I would spend all the time in the world swimming... if only our compuers were water proof... mabey...


I actually play Wii to stay healthy! I do the Clubpenguin Game and Just Dance 2! There are other ways too! Like eating a banana instead of the tempting Licorice.Or nibbling a handful of nuts instead of chips! Don't forget,Swimming,Biking,and even just walking work well too!


I play lots of sports but in winter i go swimming and in the summer i go for a run or play tennis. To help me do all of these sports i make sure i eat healthy. It includes eating five fruit and five vegetasbles a day, 1 mars bar a week and maybe a slice chocolate cake at the end of the week.

waddle on CP

Greedy Pingu:

I love to swim in my local swimming pool. When it's warm enough, I go to the beach and surf - a bit like Club Penguin!
I also like to keep healthy in the way I eat. One of my favorite meals is a banana sandwich!
A fun fact; All my Club Penguin Puffles are named after my favorite fruits - Orange, Apple, Lemon and Lime!
Waddle on!
- Greedy Pingu


Recently I've updated my Wii Fit regime (over 80 calories lost today), got back on the exercise bike for the first time in years (about 100 calories lost on that) and made low-fat sausage rolls with pizza mix for pastry, that only added up to 33 calories each of 18. So generally, I've started calorie-counting and am paying attention to cycling and jogging exercises while I try to lose all the weight put on during the summer. Here's hoping I'm no longer 'at risk of overweight' by the end of next month!


i love to eat fruits and shoot my bow and arrow a lot! Archery is my favorite sport! Waddle On CP!!


I LOVE fruit and i play baceball with my dad and I swim and Go to bed at 7:00 or 8:00 or 9:00


Woo! That looks very fun. I wish I was there.

Wabble on!


I make healthy food choices and if I do have something unhealthy I exercise every day to balance it out.


I keep healthy by eating fruit after lunch and supper, and a lot whilst I wait for my beloved rainy England to brighten up!!! Also I run around every break at school, and visit friends on my bike in the holidays. WADDLE ON CP!


I camp alout in the summer so me and my friend will be ussally staying active by riding bikes running swimming playing batmington playing soccer and catch.
have an active summer Cp


Throughout the year I do several things to stay healthy.But this year I am limited for I broke my wrist so I can't do much but that doesn't stop me.One of the things I like to do is walk everywhere I possibly can.Once me and my dad walked five blocks to go to a party store.I also eat many vegetables and fruit.I don't think I have ever had a meal without a fruit or veggie before. Another thing I do is cut down on fast food.I just started this this year because I read a book called Chew On This! about the fast food industry.It is very interesting and it tells you many things you might not know. Have a good summer CP and stay healthy too!!!


i play soccer but i can play with my step sis my dad my brothers (3) my sisters (2) and my uncle. i like playing soccer because i can play with every one in my family. Aug. 22nd was my birthday and i had practice with my team it was awesome. i never eat much fast food on the soccer days and i can't drink pompon those days either..

family fact: uncle almost went pro :)


I joined a cross country club and I have to run a mile or two every Tuesdays and Thursdays and on Fridays I do a normal mile around a nearby park. I also eat a variety of fruits such as apples, oranges, waternelon, bannanas, necterines, and peaches. Also I eat plenty of salad and always maintai my portions or else I get scolded by my parents. ;). Finally I also do at least 15 push ups a day and started to eat more vegetables other than carrots.


I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I also drink alot of milk and water. I like to stay active by playing outside and doing sports. Waddle on!


Every day,I eat tons of fruit and keep fit by excercising,biking,running,etc.
I have never eaten fast food in my life,and I don't plan to.


wow that picturere is really
healthy W



Well, I'm in Cross-Country now.I've been in it sinse 6th grade, this summer and also this year in 7th grade. I'm also in riding my bike and riding horses (no I dont live on a farm. My parents work on one ). I also did Track this past spring ( I did long jump and triple jump ). WADDLE ON CP!


When i moved to Canada I was told to make healthy choices so I decided to take part in sports, eat food that makes you strong (like vegetables} and have an hour to play and exersize!

I think we should stay fit and healthy so we can have more fun!


To stay healthy I like to play lots of sports. You can play volleyball which I like and also basketball ( I like that too). As long as you are staying active and fit you are going to be healthy and feel good too.

baliy 62043:

hi. i love staying healthy. i am in karate and we do a bunch of push ups. i am in prep cycle(preparing you for your black belt test) and we do twice the push ups than the lower belt ranks. on the first day we had to do 1000 jumping jacks. no joke. my instructor told us we can have junk food every night after prep cycle and we would just lose all the pounds we gained from eating it. i i am sticking with healthy. my prep cycle team is trying to make it a tradition every saturday after prep cycle to go to red robin. the first time i got a chicken sandwich!

n and stay healthy


I have always liked fruit, plums are my favorites, cherries in second, and being around water is one of my favorite things, so tgtswiming is easy to get me to do, its my favorie way to exersise, with runing behind that, i very active so i belive im very healthy but i read Trainman's comment and idk if i could live like that, LOL, anyway Trainman, great comment!


I think swimming is the best!


i like to swim in summer and play soccer in the winter snow boarding is what i do! in my family we only eat fast food once a month no more no less for snacks we eat fruits and veggies lots of healthy stuff whole wheat cereal,tofu (rarely),and sushi!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!! BYE HAPPY77 BTW NICE TRAILER!


You can simply be healthy, but that doesn't mean to fill up on cookies and pizza slices! School is starting for me very soon, and my school is starting to give out healthier eating choices and I think that is very good! I play soccer and basketball, and I do swimming in my heated pool, so I do many sports. Anyways, waddle on Club Penguin! P.S. Please post, I have never been posted!


I love eating vegetables, fruits, and I love to swim, play soccer,mini golf,tennis, and sometimes field hockey. Im really active and thats how I stay healthy!(:
Waddle on!


Hi happy in school in third grade i played kickball at first few months then i played soccer mostly i was bad at first then i practiced then i was super good then bad again now i take tae kwon doe the school is dynamic martail arts now i am faster and stonger so i think i am better and i sometimes play just dance 3 wii and wii sports resort and wii sports


i always try to have my 5 a day even if its fruit or veg and im always outdoors !!!

Agent X 3766:



I stay healthy by going to bed at 8:30 PM and waking up at 7:30 AM. You know what they say, "Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man HEALTHY, wealthy, and wise!!!" I also only eat organic foods and whole wheat foods. Secondly, I always have Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!!! I also jog every day and take martial arts 6 days a week to keep fit. (Just like Card-Jitsu!!) Lastly, If we always keep fit and healthy, we get to play Club Penguin Every Day!!!! (but not to much!!! being on the compute all day every day can hurt your eyes and thats UNhealthy!!!!!)
Fun Fact: I have never eaten fast food!!! ( McDonalds, Burger King, etc.)


Hey, CP! You're totaly right, because I don't even remember the last time we had a reviewed by you! Well, anyways, what I do to stay healthy is to swim in my pool, play with my friends ALL the time, I just LOVE to run ( I ran 2 miles with my mom, my brother, and my sister and my brother is 16 and my sister is 14 and I beat my sister and my mom!) , and I eat healthy all the time! Well, I gtg, Bye!



I'm trying to work on losing weight,so I'm trying to eat less junk moe fruit and I've lost 2 pounds!!!! I'm happy!!! I play soccer and swim.


Staying healthy is a lot easier than it sounds. A lot of times when we think of fruit, we think of boring old apples and oranges. But in fact, there are more than 2,000 different types. Sometimes I go to the grocery store and pick out a new fruit that I've never eaten before, like dragon fruit or starfruit (which are are both really good). Next time you go to the store, you should try it too! Waddle on CP!


To stay healthy i usually go on a bike ride with friends or family. Also i drink lots of home made fruit smoothies.And lastly I play outside a lot with my neighbors


I don't really do much , but I do activities in the summer to keep me active. I do swimming in the summer, which is A LOT of fun. I also do day camps in the summer, which has really fun activities that keeps you active and works you out. I also do sports camps like lacrosse and soccer. Of course, I have to eat a lot to make up for the burnt calories.


For me staying healthy and growing strong is a huge thing I focus on! I make sure to eat fruits and to exercise everyday! I love in the summer when I can swim in my pool :D!


One of my ways to stay healthy is to eat every food group per day, playing volleyball, walking the dog, hiking for a mile or two each way, jetskiing and soon i'm going to start achery. And that fruit smoothie? Sounds AWESOME!!! I'm going to soon try it one day........


I like to stay healthy by walking my dog! I walk for about 2 miles each day and it is really fun but tiring too! I also like to go swimming and play badminton, which is my favorite sport. It keeps me active through out the day. I also always eat fruits and red and green foods, since those are the healthiest. Also I limit my fast food.


To stay healthy for me I eat at least 2 fruits a day, drink a lot of milk and water, exercise in the morning and night, and the really importent thing that I do is to stay active and have fun at the same time because a lot of people think that you can't have fun exerciseing but you can have fun exerciseing if you get really in to it like I do!
Waddle on cp


To stay healthy i wake up in the morning and go run a mile with my dogs and after that i get my friend and we go for a walk to our school and run around the school yard. Then when we get home we eat lunch. For lunch we have fruits and veggies! After that we go for a walk with my dogs to my school and then we run with them around the school yard. When we come back we go for a bike ride for about an hour an a half. After we get home wehave a snack because were hungry. We have more friut and then my friend goes home and I go to a walk with my dogs aain to keep yhem healthy. Then I take a break.

Peter 0722:

I like to run around with my friends and after I eat strawberries and bannas
waddle on!

Shy Suzy:

One of the ways I stay healthy is by playing my favorite sport: Softball! I train in the summer, which helps keep me healthy then, and also, get me prepared for the season! I am also doing Fall Ball, which is twice the fun and excercise! Don't think of excercise or being healthy as work, make it fun! Play a sport, exercise, or eat healthy! Thanks CP! Wadlle On!


To stay healthy I go to bed early so I get a full night's sleep. I also eat three healthy meals a day with my family.


Whenever I can I play 2-4 hour's a day with my neighbor's



at my house we have giant trees i climb them all the time i love to eat
POTATOES(sometimes i put cheese in my potatoes its tastes nice i put sweetcorn in it other times)
i run around the street sixteen times a day its cause i want to be a olympics for sprinting


Wow i wish i could do that! To stay healthy i play soccer. I love CP !!


Hey CP to stay healthy I eat alot of fruits and vegitabels I drink alot of orange juice so I get alot of vitimin C and since I dont drink milk I drink orange juice with added calcium.I also ride my bike alot , I go for long walks and use my wii fit.Also I eat alot of home cooked meals and I eat liver so I get alot of iron.I also take a vitimin that will give me all the vitimins and minerals I need.

Waddel on CP


Everyday Morning I drink milk.


What I like to do to be healthier is to exercise at least once a day. Swimmy, running, bicycling, even walking! I also eat at least two servings of vegetables and fruit everyday because its super healthy! As the saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

waddle on CP!


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