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By Happy77 on August 22, 2012 - 17:29
Greetings Penguins!

It's been a little while, but I've got a new Reviewed By You! Last time we asked what your favorite summer activity is. Here's one of my favorites from Ginny7891:

"I really love to do lots of things, including reading, going to the bookshop or library, visiting family and friends, tubing (which is hanging onto a tube and have a motorboat pull you around, like Hydro Hopper), swimming, and a lot more things that are so much fun!  My favorite two would have to be visiting family and friends and reading.  It's always nice to catch up with people, even if they're in books!  Have a totally awesome summer, CP!"

reviewedbyyou_healthyliving.jpgThis month, the Club Penguin team's been finding ways to make healthy choices. So we want to know, what do you do to stay healthy? Healthier dinners, playing sports, or maybe something else?

We'll pick one of our favorites to be featured in our next Reviewed By You. The lucky penguin will also receive 10,000 bonus coins in their account.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team



I love to get my exercise, on thursday i have hockey goaltending (i did it for the whole summer) and soon it will be on mondays and fridays,
I also love fruit, that's why i thought the fruit temple is a good idea! WADDLE ON CP

Rosie Rai:

Having a healthy and good life isn't always about eating the right food and doing lots of exersice. It's also aboutcleaning yourself aswell. you could be the healthiast person in the world but be very dirty.

It is ok to have sweets sometimes. they give you energy. but eating them too much isn't a good idea.

I have to say that sometimes vegatables are a bit yucky! so close your eyes and pinch your nose, then eat.... you can't taste it! well you can taste a little bit.

exersise is inportant. if you havn't got much room in the garden always try further away on fields. or in your home!


hey CP! my favorite way to stay healthy is the Paleo diet. it is where you don't eat grain, sugar, legumes (like peanuts, bean, ect.), or dairy if it's not whole. i feel SO good while on it!
i also enjoy fencing (yes, with the swords (: ), and swimming.

I hope everyone enjoys the last of summer!

waddle on Cp!


Healthy Food Sounds great! Im Gonna Start Eating Healthy Starting Next Week LOL waddle on CP


I do a sport every season Lacrosse - spring swim team - summer soccer - fall basketball - winter


wow!! That looks really cool i wish i could do it


I play alot of sports like cheerleading, softball, track, and cross country. I also do soccer at recess in school for fun. I also eat healthy. I eat pretty much every vegetable and fruit and my favorite food is mushroom.


To keep me fit and healthy I go boxing training five times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesday I go running for 5 miles and on Thursday I'll post the Club Penguin Cheats and then go out running for 3 miles. It's a busy life for me so that's why I'm glad I can settle down and play Club Penguin.

Waddle On!

Bella Pickle:

There is a lot of things I do to stay healthy, but here are a few.

Each day I try to exercise at least 40 min, to an 1 hour a day, I ride my bike, run around, and play lots of soccer.
I try not to drink lots of soft drinks, so I drink a lot of water!
I also love to eat healthy I eat 5 different fruits and veggies a day.
Then at night I get 9 our 10 hours of sleep!
I love to try new healthy foods, and getting active as much as I can!



i eat lots of fruit and veggies because i dont eat meat. we go to the smothie place every week or so and get smothies thare very good
i all ways get the strawberry banana and yogert it might sound gross but its good!!!!

fun fact wen u get growing pains in ur body the banana well help them fell better apples help a little too


I love riding my bike, and going swimming! I always have a healthy dinner on a Sunday evening! I usually go swimming on a Tuesday after school! When I'm at my grandmas house I love to ride my bike!


To stay healthy, I like to swap food. Cookies? Trade them for cucumbers ( I LOVE CUCUMBERS ). Pizza, lets go with a salad! I also like to go in my backyard and run with my dog. We have races and we swim in my pool!



I like running around outside with my dog and throwing the stick for her. I eat lots of protien and fruit (from da blender :P). I also like playing with my remote helicopter (chasing it around with my dog) but, it flew into a tree and I have to wait until it falls down.



I Want To Do That Its Seems FUN! :D


I like running around outside with my dog and throwing the stick for her. I eat lots of protien and fruit (from da blender :P). I also like playing with my remote helicopter (chasing it around with my dog) but, it flew into a tree and I have to wait until it falls down.



What i do is play in my backyard for about two hours. I love playing basketball. I also do track, soccer, and swimming. After i am done with working out,I play my xbox. I have xbox kinect so i play like those dance games and like hole in the wall and sometimes I do yoga! and then I take a walk around my neighborhood and after that i take a nice shower and i eat my favorite fruits. I love pinapple, apples, kwi, oranges, pears and so many more! I also love all the vegetables!! WADDLE ON CP!!!


The fruit party started and that makes me want some fruit. Yummm!! Fruit and veggies are a great part of a healthy living. There are a lot of great foods out there that taste great and are good for you. Just playing a game of catch is a great way to stay healthy. Or go to a nation park, go camping, or even just eat right. These are just some of the many ways to stay in shape and healthy. Also ask your doctor for recommendations on what eat.


What do I do to stay healthy? I go into my basement and walk fast on the tredmil for 40min and i eat bananas, starwberries, and apples everyday! My mom will make me chocolate chip pancakkes for breakfast with whole wheat, fiber, protein, and peanut butter! Also, if i want a treat i eat brownies for 100 calories!

I hoped you like my comment!



Have a nice day!




I do sports every day and every time


i eat lots of different fruits and vegetables.Heres some that i eat:apples,grapes,pears,bananas,strawberries,carrots,green beans,onions and tomatoes(i dont know if its a fruit or a vegetable).I also go outside as much as i can,playing basketball,soccer and badminton.I always wash my hands after i go to the bathroom and before i touch or eat food.
I hope these are some really healthy choices!!!



my favorate fruits are mangos, bananas, strawberrys and of cause pine apple.
i wish that whole club penguins friends wold eat those


eating heathy and playing is so fun i love grapes and runing i cant wait for a new school year too


My family does a lot of things to stay healthy. We go on walks in our neighborhood or go on awesome hikes. We play sports, exercise, and eat healthy snacks such as apples and peanut butter or carrot sticks and hummus. Waddle on CP


i like making snowmen in the winnter but in the summer i love to go canoing

Ella L:

I do ballet,jazz and tap, gymastics and soccer,basketball.


hi cp i do many healthy things everyday i go outside i eat fruit like every day i also plays lots of sports i eat my protein and wheats i also read alot i finished a book in almost 3 days i have smoothies all the time they are good i also swim alot its fun
my mom makes the BEST smoothies ever i cant wait for this party mmaybe ill eat fruit while playing

waddle on cp u rock :):):):):):):)


I dance everywhere in shops, EVERYWHERE! and my mom tells me off for dancing to much but its worth it!


We should have a clubpenguin marathon and we all run around the island! But we should get an hour outside at least each day. Eat right, exercise right, feel right! KEEP WADDELING ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What I do to stay healthy and fit is play a lot of sports. I love to be active and spend time outdoors.
If I get bored I usually start doing pushups. I know, pretty weird.
But also, I try to make good food choices instead of poor food choices like sugary things.
Did you know sugar is worse for you than fat? Its true!
Stay Active
Stay Fit
And Enjoy Club Penguin!
Love, Trees44


Hi Club Penguin! I like to stay healthy by playing sports: I do dancing and basketball for an hour every Sunday and it really keeps me healthy and happy! I also eat healthy: I make sure I eat fruit every day and not much juice, maybe in the morning but mostly just water. I also keep my brain healthy by reading every night and studying schoolwork.

Stay healthy!



Do you think video games are bad for your health? They aren't at all! To stay healthy, I play Club Penguin: Game Day and Just Dance 3 on my Wii. I also eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Sometimes, I play basketball out in the driveway. I eat fruits such as apples, bananas, grapes, and many other healthy choices. Soccer is my favorite sport, you get alot of excercise and water breaks! Keep making healthy choices! Waddle on Club Penguin! :)


i like to swim,ride my bike jump on my tramp and eat healthy foods WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!! :D


I stay healthy by eating fruits and vegetables and watching what I eat. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I do Zumba with my mom and sister to stay fit and healthy. Zumba is dancing and exercising at the same time while having fun and is great for all ages. My mom is like a health freak making us eat as healthy as possible but letting us eat some treats ones and a while. This summer I went to a camp that made us be active and exercising. It was really fun. I never mind eating healthy because strong bones means a strong body!

ice flake2:

What i do to stay healthy is i exercise every day in the summer (walking,swimming,playing at parks).In the winter i go sled riding on my hill (its a huge hill and so step its so step to come up i fall sometimes hehe)..I do gymnastics during the fall and winter monthes for my exercise.For food in the morning i always have a healthy breakfeast!Usally eggs and toast or pancacks with fruit (like and orange)or waffles with honey and fruit.For dinnner i always have vegtebles and fruit.I have meat to go with it and some times rice.(I dont eat it always fruit for dinner though only if it goes with dinner).There you go my way of staying healthy=D


i go snow boreding it the winter and play baceball in spring


I really love lots of meat oranges apples and melon and i wont forget honey dew melon thats how i stay healty. Oh and i wont forget for my dinner i eat chicken lam and other meats. Please post ive never been posted before. Waddle on CP!


i love furit alot im so glad you made this party i love to play baskball baseball tennis I JUST LOVE TO SWIM and i love smoothies so much i think this furit party is one of the best partys ever make more of this party waddle on cp


I don't like to exercise much- so I do something that I don't THINK of as exercise! Every day at about 5:00 PST, me and my dog go in the backyard and play tag, fetch, and soccer! She is really little, so we have to use a tennis ball, but she is SUPER fast! We have a lot of fun, and I think the great part about it is that you are having fun while you are staying healthy! See ya later Club Penguin-gator!


What I normally do to stay healthy is that I try to swim at least twice a week and a little soccer every once in a while. I love to do archery also.
I do my best to eat lots of fruit and vegetables even though they look terrible, they taste really good. I try to play outside all the time and not to eat a lot of fast food. I also drink water rather than soda and wear lots of sunscreen. Waddle on CP!!!


hi,i do not like to eat vegetables because they r bitter.i like to eat fruits because they r taste.

Orange Bello:

i eat well i do sports i love fruit (manly from club penguin)


Hello club penguin team.To keep myself healthy i swim, i play soccer, i play outside mostly all day and i eat alot of fruit. waddle on!


I play basketball and soccer i never have soda and i never go to fast food places unless i get something healthy to eat for dinner i eat pasta and turkey burgers and chicken


i think a good way to stay healthy would be to eat healthier things, so next time your craving ice cream why not go for a nice fro yo there twice as healthy and they still taste like ice cream or next time u want a milkshake go for a smoothie

Starfire 777:

My mom only buys organic food and so I hardly get junk food and I love eating fruits and I really really enjoy veggies! I swim, ice skate, roller skate, roller blade, play tennis, and I also do tae kwan do. I really like running!

Waddle on, CP!


I've tried tubing but i was to scared i thought the lake was full of sharks LOL :D


Well, there are many ways to stay healthy. I'm not really fond of sports, but I still love certain ones like Swimming and Cycling. I love fruits and this month I'm going to love fruits even more than I did before because of the fruit party! Anyway, different people like doing different things to keep them healthy. Boys in my class LOVE sports.(Especially Football) My way of keeping healthy is eating different foods from different sections. You shouldn't eat too much of cakes, crips, doughnuts and those king of foods with lots of fat in them. People who eat lots of that, should eat more healthier stuff like fruits and vegetables and other food from different sections. But there are many ways to keep
healthy, and you can choose your own way.
I hope that helps!'


I love working out its the best thing to do to get fit!! Also, sprinting but, with hurdles!
A never thing is to tell yourself no, when you want a soda or sweets. Its ok to have sweets everyday just workout and take care of yourself!!!
You will feel more happy too!!!!!! :) STAY STRONG!
RoCk On Cp!


There are so many things to do to stay heathly. some things u dont even know your doing is heathlier! Some things i like to do is have a healthy snack, like a apple. And also being outside instead of being inside all day get a chance to go outside and hang with friends! thats always good not just for you but you are having fun too! the most important thing is to have fun while staying healthy! waddle on cp!


There are so many things to do to stay heathly. some things u dont even know your doing is heathlier! Some things i like to do is have a healthy snack, like a apple. And also being outside instead of being inside all day get a chance to go outside and hang with friends! thats always good not just for you but you are having fun too! the most important thing is to have fun while staying healthy! waddle on cp!


I luv to play tennis I like to read play with my dog eat fruits and salads swimming is probly my favorite though Waddle on!


I love to ski, but thats only in winter. I suggest get a dog, like a beagle or another dog that you can take walks with to motivate you to walk more!
Stay fit


i run and sing all round girly girl realy im into carrots peas sweetcorn things like that




i play outside run aroud and ride my bike for one hour





Ben The Pen1:

WOW im gonna totally stay helthy thank Happy77




i think the best way to stay healthy is to exercise and eat right my family has a big garden so i eat a lot of veggies my favorite is carrots and my dad says fish is pretty good for you to good thing i like fish


I like to skip, doing excercise doesn't have to been just a sport it can be any thing energetic, like I do dancing and play games is also a good thing to do. Waddle on CP!


Being healthy is very important in my opinion. I always eat healthy foods like apples, bananas, oranges, plums, etc. I also enjoy playing sports like Taekwondo, bowling, and baseball. Those sports are really good for you and fun! Taekwondo is my favorite because I'm almost a black belt and it gets intense sometimes! I like that a whole lot. Or sometimes my friends and I like to play Just Dance 3, Guitar hero, or Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii! It's really fun and gets you pumped up! Waddle on CP! Stay healthy! -Rico57816.


To stay healthy I ride my bike, swim, run, eat healthy, dance, & walk! -Karanacool


i go on the trampoline and read.


I love fruit, and LOVE innocent Smoothies! I even had one this Morning!
My favourite thing to do to stay heathlthy is to make my own food! Nothing is more tasty than something you've made! I also love to make fruit salads!

Waddle On cp!


WOW! i wish i could do that. it looks awesome.



during different times of summer, we do different activites, like when it is very hot we do water themed activity. on little bit cooler days we play ball themed activities, like soccer or tennis




I like to do all sorts from Swimming,to Dancing,Carrots,to strawberrys,But my favourite thing has to be playing Basketball with my friend!!!Have an AWSOME summer!!!:)


I like to do stuff with my friends (like biking, mountian biking, hybrid biking and ,well, biking, i guess..


I think a healthy choice would be to eat fruit's or vegetable’s every night with your diner. Or instead of lying on the couch you could go out side and meet more of your neighbors. You could do both. Also a other thing you can do is just get together with your friends and play a sport. Or do a other activity. This is april88985 hoping to win 10,000 coins signing off. Good by


I play basketball everyday and I run around the house.


Hey Alison1314 Here, Really Healthy Is My Middle Name!
(Not Really My Middle Name Though :P)
1) I Go To 5 Hours Of Karate A Week Sometimes More
2) I Walk More Than 2 Hours There And Back From Karate A Week :)
3) I Go Swimming LOADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) I Make Sure I Eat About 10 Fruit / Veg Over 2-3 Days
5) I Always Drink Fruit Juice Instead Of Fizzy Drinks :)
I'm Sooooo Excited About This Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For me to stay healthy I play softball and go swimming. I also take my puppy for nice long walks everyday 2 times a day, I even go for a walk by myself. I ride my bike everyday up and down my block never in the street that's not safe even up and down my big driveway it's like a hill! But it's a good workout. Then I also rollerblade I'm not very good at it but I still try and pratice makes you better. My mom and dad make healthy dinners but the one that is my favorite is my moms Salad with Baked Carrots and Apple Slices. Instead of eating unhealthy food everyday my mom and dad came up with a solution every Saturday we will be able to get "outside food" but were not allowed to have any "outside food" before Saturday which my brother and I don't mind at all. Last but not least I have a nice bottle or two of water a day it really helps you have more energy than any sugary drinks. One thing that I learned about soda is that it has so much sugar that once you drink it you have to drink more of it that's just what it does to you, nothing beats water so why replace it. I'm proud to say I've not drank any soda in a year because it's not good for you and it's not good for your teeth especially mine I have braces.


I don't have a lot of time to be active becase I got a new baby sister (FINALLY!) But I do eat healthy. I love carrots, and fruits and other veggies! Fruits include: blueberries, strawberrys, (it may be un healthy, but I LOVE dipping my strawberrys in cool whip!) apples, bannanas, watermelon and much more! Veggies include: carrots, celery, corn, green beans, peas and much more! I also think that Club Penguin is in a way considered healthy, don't you?! When I do have time to be active, I enjoy playing soccer with my cousin. He has a penguin acount too. We love going to Zipline together and meeting eachother at igloos, or mabey even the dock! So excited for the new party hope to see rockhopper. WADDLE ON CP!


My ways to keep healthy are exersising, eating the right amount of foods,playing sports and never give up !


my mom and dad dont allow me to get chocalte and that kinda stuff alot, so im REALLY glad i like veggies! (and fruit) my favourite food is actully cumcumber! (next to corn, that is) well its been a fun time.... only one thing left to do..... WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi Happy77! flipflop0949 here. what i like to do is skipping, running, jumping, footy and any other things except bikes. When your out in the garden playing around just think " i need to keep healthy," just find something to keep fit or find something to eat. waddle on.


I like playing almost all sports including even ziplining, rock climbing, and hiking! I like eating healthy foods, and excercicing in different ways, like doing a marathon, or going to a gym. Waddle on and have a great summer!!


How I like to stay healthy is to walk my dog Chipper, ride my bike,play on our trampoline (we have a big trampoline in our backyard),ride my bike, and occasionally my Mom lets me walk on her treadmill (despite of how tall I am for my age, I'm not the best runner). I like to eat healthy too, and we almost never have desert. I can't have some foods (especially most deserts) because I'm allergic to tree nuts (AND THAT DOSE NOT MEAN PEANUTS!!!)so that means that I can't have walnuts, pistachios,pecans,cashews, and even coconut! but I can have peanuts. And some of my favourite things to eat are fruit like peaches, pomegranate, and pineapple! Stay healthy!!!:D

Try it!!!: We try new fruit almost every week!
Like the star fruit, mango-stein, Buddha's hand, kiwano melon,and passion-fruit!


I stay healthy in LOADS of ways! I am in a swimming club that races for galas! They are a set of loads of races where different clubs compete! Also, my mum makes sure I eat lots of fruit and veggies but to be honest I LOVE them!!!! weird huh? So stay healthy cp and enjoy yourself this amazing summer!!!!!

Waddle On


I have a lot of thing to help me get healthy

1. I play soccer and basketball to help my strength and to help endurance.

2. I eat many different kind of fruits to help my immune system.

3. In the winter time I go sledding, skiing and ice skating.


Hi Ginny7891,
This is how I stay healthy!!!
I go swimming, (I just learned how without a life jacket), I play Badminton sometimes and I horseback ride every Tuesday! :)
I recomend picking my sister "P caribbean" to win those coins because she is quite healthy here's why!
After she had something like take-out fast food or something she feels that she should have something healthy after like,
an Apple something! And Indoor Rockclimbs!


i like to ride on my skateboard and i eat alot of fruit. i'm a skater


I swin during the summer and winter, and I play outside, rake leaves, shovel snow in the winter, and add and build my backyard fort!


It's really fun staying healthy! My school is two kilometres away from home. I walk to school on my own, i always get there before the school bus :)) I always eat an apple at lunch, and lots of other fruit over the day. I live near a forest, and to get there you have to ride your bike over a sunflower field! I always do that trip on summer weekends! It's wonderful and helps staying healthy too! Waddle on!


I mostly eat healthily but I love road cycling and I ride out my street very often. Plus I am also erlergic to Wheat plus Gluten and Dairy so I basicly have to like fruit and veg. KEEP ON EATING HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTHY!
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For me to stay healthy I roller skate four times a week for three hours or more a day, I play soccer three times a week for fourty five to one hour and fithteen minutes, I swim everyday in the Summer for one hour each day. I also run around ALOT with my friends.And once in a while I dance to music or use a hoola hoop or jump rope. When i jump rope i always have a competition with my friends and who ever is the last one still jumping rope wins, I always win my most i did was for ten minutes!!! I eat lots of fruits and vegies and milk for every meal so three times a day. And the meals in school are really fatty so i always bring in my own lunch which is always healthy a apple, carrots, cucumber, tomato and so on. Fun fact: I NEVER go to Mc Donalds and Burger King and i never will!!



i eat healthy go outside and put myself into gravity falls which takes alot of running perform concerts dance put myself into total drama revenge of the island pretend to be an EPF agent in real life play disney all star party that takes energy with running and jumping i swim golf and archy ( bow and arrow ) i can shoot 2 at a time and play with my cats and thats how i stay fit and healty WADDLE ON CP :)


hey cp that looks awesome, i know some people who dragon boat race it looks fun, i cant have certain foods like flour or dairy so i have goat milk instead! i also cant have sugar so i replace that with honey, my mom is the real hero for me because she cooks all theese cool and yummy foods, i do lots of stuff to stay healthy but the diet im on is probably the healthiest haha i think one of the things i do would probably be swimming because i used to be on a swim team and its easy for me to move fast through the water


i do lots of sports its lots of fun!

1. playing basket ball
2. playing base ball
3. swiming
4. tennis
thats all the sports i play! and i eat fruit carrots corn sub peez and thts it!

waddle on! - mykiernan

p.s please post never been posted!


I like staying healthy by playing archery with my sister and jogging/running.

Waddle on, CP!


hey cp! i always read a book or play video games. but sometimes, i go out and play with my friends or ride my bike. i just hate being inside all the time. everyone should be out and active, even in the winter. so dont be a lazy pants. just go out and enjoy life while you still can. bye


That looks really fun.Good job staying healthy. WADDLE ON CP.Also Waddle on healthiness


I love fruit mostly lots of them.There is one i really want to try Dargon Fruit.It looks pretty good.Also my favorite fruit is the banana which I think has a good source of Potassium

blue secret:

What i do to be healthy is alot things like.......... Playing with my pup , At school i jump rope or run in the grass field,play soccer. and my favorite is dancing ! now for eating i like to eat alot of veggies or fruits like mango,kiwi,banana,strawberrys, thats how I keep myself in shape



I eat healthy but cutting down on sweets. I eat my veggies and fruits, wheat, and I get plenty of iron in my diet. I am also in a 'Healthy Living' Club. We learn how to live a happy and healthy life, for instance, we made smoothies, at the county fair we had a food booth, and we teach people to be healthier. We also do some community service, like, going to a nursing home at Christmas time and singing Christmas carols, I even played some songs on my trumpet, and going to the Ronald McDonald house and doing crafts with the kids there, that made them very happy.

Waddle On Club Penguin!

P.S. Be Healthy!


I play basketball everyday so I can stay in shape. My mother cooks amazing meals with very little fat and I sometimes eat homemade goods such as apple cake! In the evening I Drink mashed fruits sweetened with honey. I also play with my sister for a social healthy relationship.

Pengun Peach:

i dont like fruits... but i like strawberrys potatos and carrots!! i play Club Penguin Game Day! on my Wii and i play dance off and its fun! :) and i drink water almost all the time! sometimes i go swimming and its really fun because were i go swimming theres a water slide! i play tennis sometimes i play something called: Football at school sometimes and i play Club Penguin (Cp) and one question! Can we have old club penguin back one day?? waddle on!
Pengun Peach


Well one of the ways that I like to do to stay healthy is that I like to play lots of sports! In the winter I like to play hockey! I also play indoor volleyball with some of my friends! I also do extra skating activities to keep my muscles strong and to help my stamina(sorry if i spelt that wrong!:) In the summer I play tennis, baseball and beach volleyball! Another way that I like to do to stay healthy is that I eat healthy foods. my favourite healthy snack to make is a peanut butter banana sandwich! YUMMY! anyways those are some of my ways that i like to do to stay healthy! WADDLE ON :D!!!!

Polly Penge:

I try to be as healthy as i can by going on my trampoline and swings a lot. My dad always takes me and my sister on (what feels like) realy long walks and bike rides even though my sister complains i enjoy them!!!

I always try to eat my 5-a-day but don't always manage it! I like to eat oranges, strawberries, melon and grapes the best!!!!

After doing all this eating healthily and exercising, i don't always have time to come on club penguin........

........but when i do i have loads of fun as it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!

WADDLING ON from Polly Penge!!!!

P.S I like exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love to stay healthy.I play on my trampoline also I eat properly like cucumbers,apples,peaches,bananas,grapes,lettuce,watermelon.I love watermelon! I swim at the gym sometimes it is fun! Sometimes I get my friend and do tricks on my trampoline.Thats it.
PS ive never been posted


I actually do A LOT to stay healthy. First when I wake up I ALWAYS eat cereal and milk with a bowl of like peaches, plums, mango, or grapes. After breakfast, I sometimes run a couple miles with my dad for fun. For lunch I usually have something tasty and healthy like salad or a sandwich. I also ride my pony in the afternoon which helps me stay fit.


derek jeter 2:

i love baseball football hockey and i love to fish and work out


I was born a junk food eater but now for breakfast I usually have something kinda junky but I make up for it by having some kiwi and carrots (I know they don't match). In the summer I LOVE to play soccer in winter you ask? I like to play ice hockey or figure skating ( I know pretty girly). I also take my little dog out for walks to my school because we all helped out to make an skating rink by donating money and in the summer peopple take their dogs there to play cuz' that's when its just dirt so it's perfect for the dogs and us!!!


To stay healthy, I always practice ballet! It's my FAVORITE DANCE EVER! It`s fun and healthy! I go to dance class 3 times a week and go to the same dance studio as my best friend tessajr2! I also love to excersize and eat fruits! My favorite would be cherries! I think they are sooo tasty! But my favorite sport is defenitly hockey. I play hockey all the time at school, but its summer break! school starts back up in a few weeks ;( but i miss my friends SOOOO much! Fun fact: i eat over 12 fruits a day! to make sure i stay healthy!
p.s thank you SOOO much for making the fruit party! now my little sister will finnaly eat her fruits!

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!


Well...What I do to stay healthy is exercise after I eat something unhealthy! I also do karate, so that keeps me fit too! I Also love staying
fit in fun ways! I swim! Jump on my trampoline! Talking the family dogs for a walk! Witch is fun exercising! I also love eating
tons of fruits!!!


I like swimming,scuba diving,fishing,riding bikes,and also i enjoy playing cards jistu on cp.


Every night for dinner, I ALWAYS have a glass of milk!! It's awesome and good for you. I also have been eating alot of peaches this summer because this year they taste AMAZING!! I also love to swim this summer, because it's so hot, swimming really is alot of fun and good exercise, from playing marco polo to diving in the deep end for toys!! Anyway, it's great for everyone to have fun outside this summer!! Here's one fun summer tip if it's really hot outside:
Take a plastic glass and fill it up with yoyur favourite fruit drink and put a popsicle stick in it and put it in the freezer (ahead of time) for a couple hours so when you get hot you can have a fun refreshing drink!!


So far all year, Me, My Sister and My Brother go for a bike ride. A few day's ago we tried a long hill. It was fun! There was a short road half way up with a dead end, so we could "take a rest from going up a hill" while still peddling! Then we continued to the top, and go all the way down. (I want to see what it's like in Fall!) ??
?Pumpkin84004? Waddle on Club Penguin!!™ (And may the chill be with you!)

Girls rule23:

The way we stay healthy at our house is always making sure at least one thing that's healthy always in the pantry or fridge. It makes it all easier!


4 times a week I go swimming. I often stretch, run and skip before swimming. I also use Wii Fit a lot to try and keep my going as I have a lot of energy. I horse ride as well on a Friday so most of the time I don't stop exercizing. Did I mention I also go to polarities on a Thursday. I was in the school Netball team before I moved to High School and I hope to be in the Hockey team as well. To eat healthy, I have a balanced diet, and try to have the least amount of sweet thing's as possible. I only have a take-away once a month!
Waddle On!!!!!!!


Well for dinners its best to have half a plate of vegtables. Exercise is good too!! I do cycling and do trampolining with my real friend Josmic01!


Hi there CP,

I stay healthy by playing sports and excersicing, I do Tae-Kwon-Do,and dance and soon im gonna be in gimnastics so i love cp and its fun and this is how i like to stay healthy.





Dear Cp!!
I Love you Game And All!
To Stay Healthy Means That Means I'm Refreshed And ready To Go
I Stay Healthy By Sleeping Healthy Means i take 10 full hours of sleep
I Eat Break feast A Big One Because Break feast is The Most Important meal Of The Day!
I Play Everyday At Least 3 Hours Of sports including Swimming Athletics Gymnastic and basketball football That Way I Say Fit And Healthy
After That Well I Live My Day!
i Have To eat 5 Pieces Of Fruits And Vegetables Its A MUST!!
I Don't Eat Allot Of Junk Food
I Wash My Self By Taking A Bath And Brushing My Teeth And Wearing Clean Clothes Cuz A Good Hygiene Is Always Healthy!!
And Yup That's It
A Healthy Person Is a Happy Person!!! Love You Cp Byee
Waddle On!!!


Well, I agree too! My mom and I went LA Fitness this summer and we also went swimming too! Plus my brother thought me tennis in summer too! :)


Cool I can do that!


wow! i love that sport any way i am heathy :) :D


I Eat 2 Salads Everyday and I do Gymnastics 20 Hours A week All year around! Waddle on healthy CP!


Hey club penguin,
A couple ways i stay healthy is by is doing Monday and Wednesday Yoga night with my older sister (she is 18).My mom also makes milkshakes she adds all kind of fruit with milk i also eat a ton of fruits also i try not to become stressed because that is NOT healthy and can give you high blood pressure and even Diabetes i go bike riding and try to stay outside a lot and get some fresh air or me and my older sister just turn on some music and jump around and dance all day! i also play ALOT of sports ex. Soccer basketball Lacrosse and swimming my dad takes us to the park ALL the time ... anyways those are MY ways of staying healthy so waddle on clubpenguin


I love to dance!!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!


That sounds like soooo much fun! I do soccer and swimming.





Remeber eat atleast five friut a day have a happy day on club penguin and remeber


To stay healthy, I try to eat lots of good food ( I love green beans!!) I dance for 6 hours a week in competition. But I also have to stretch and warm up practice so I can still do well in class. I Sprained my ankle and I'm wearing a brace, but if I wasn't working hard, I wouldn't have it. So Im not sad. IM PROUD!

Stay Healthy Cp!


Hi, what i do to stay healthy is this! I eat healthy things like fruits and vegatables.Also i eat things from the four food groups every day.I also drink a lot of water.For excercize i play a lot of sports.Here are a few of them.I play cricket,badmintin,soccer and other sports.Finally for sleep i get plenty of it i get tewelve hours of it like kids are suppose too.


W ater Polo
A n apple a day keeps the doctor away
D on't stay inside too often
D o have a great time outside
L ooking forward for more hang out time with friends
E at healthy

O ranges have great vitamin C
N ot too long on the computer

C razy fitness workout with family
P umping my spirits up

Staying Healthy brings Confidence to anyone whos willing to maintain it.
Shoutout to the CP Team, bringing us such wonderful activities.


i love to dance and run outside its a fun activity for the outdoors and you should eat helthy to to keep your body going and drink plenty of water


Hi, what i do to stay healthy is this! I eat healthy things like fruits and vegatables.Also i eat things from the four food groups every day.I also drink a lot of water.For excercize i play a lot of sports.Here are a few of them.I play cricket,badmintin,soccer and other sports.Finally for sleep i get plenty of it i get tewelve hours of it like kids are suppose too.Also my birthday just passed it was good!


Well, to stay healthy, I play football with my friends! And eat some delicious fruit, too. Sometimes I ride my bike with my brothers and sisters, And I also like to run! I even put out some hurdles out in my backyard. This might seem weird, but I like vegetables, Haha! Stay healthy CP!


i really love to play soccer and i drink loads of water i have never drank any soda and i love to eat healthy i wish other people would do the same


I love to do martial arts to keep me healthy! I'm a green belt in my karate class! My friend is a red belt and he's even younger than me! I do other things to! I love to climb trees, swimming with my friends, and theres alot more stuff than that! If I told you everything, there would be a giant list! I love to eat fruit! I grow fresh, organic grapes outside of my house! Organic grapes are the sweetest grapes you'd ever taste! There are many fruits out there that have wierd names such as " Star fruit!" and " Dragon fruit!" Well....thats all Cp! Gotta waddle!


I do many things to stay fit, such as eating fruits and veggies, having at least five glasses of milk a day, etc. Also, I swim, take skating lessons, play soccer and I have eight pets, all of which love to play. (I play fetch, chase, and hide and seek with my puppy) Also, if you enjoy hockey, there are many places that can let you join, like Ice Works. To keep your brain at work, reading is always fun- pick a fantasy, mystery, nonfiction and fiction book, a comfy chair and vola! Also, nothing keeps you from not getting baseball or football with friends..

Mary Sue1:

We don't have a swim team at my pool, but we do have one at my school, but sadly only in the school year. So I came up with other ways to be healthy (like climbing to the top of my 30 foot tree in my front yard! You guys have so many awesome ideas to stay healthy! Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stay Healthy Live Longer! Be Fit and




I like alot of different foods. And at my school they are doing a program where you can help Pre Kers with disabilities. Im so signing up for it! i here alot of other kids want to do it too!


i have to stay heathy because i have diabetes my favorite way to stay heathy is doing gymnastics and karate i eat apples,salads,cheese and veggies this may shound weird but havn't had candy in seven months! when my counsins come over we take long walks with my dog and play on my trampline thanks and waddle on!


Well Since Its The Holidays Ive Been going Swimming Once A Week I Go On My Scooter Most The Time Most Of The Year If Its Cold And Snowy To When Its Bright And Sunny (Which Istnt Normal In The UK)! So Most Of the Time I Would Say Cold And Snowy To Warm But Wet!


I eat healthy dinner every day. It has to do with protein and grains. I also love sports!!! one of them i love is soccer. When my cousin visits, we play baseball or sometimes football. When i visit my cousins house, we play basketball. Im really good at beating my other cousins.And thats how i stay healthy. Waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I like trains


I like to stay healthy by playing football. I really enjoy it a lot hanging out with my friends in practice and meeting new people in games. I also like to eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and more, and riding my bike with my friends.
Have a good summer CP.


I have an idea that would make kids eat their vegetables. For example,if you were from Ireland,you could make your dinner the Irish Flag. Used potatoes for the white,carrots for the orange and broccili for the green.
Waddle on CP!


Hi!! This is my motto to being me:Eat healthy,Be Active,and Junk food Can wait!:I love to do anything outside only if you i be active in this game or sport!!


In the summer, i like to go cool off at the pool with the kids in the neighborhood, play Kan Jam, and go to the beach.
In the winter, i like to play in the snow, go to the gym, and make fruit smoothies. GO CP!!!!!!


Hey Club Penguin Team! I stay healthy in lots of ways! I have been on my schools running club for three years, and we practice every week. Once i ran a 5K! (3.1 miles) I also do dance class alot, which is alot more exercise than people think, because we stretch and do very intense exercises. Also, I dont only exercise my body, I exercise my mind, which needs to stay as healthy as your body! Just using flashcards or doing little math problems daily can help your mind! Waddle on CP!


To stay healthy, i participate in my school sports and exercise. I like playing soccer (in many other places they call it football), Basketball, and Im trying out for the track team. Soccer is great in real life and also on clubpenguin. Basketball is one of my favorite sports because it involves jumping to get a layup and/or a jump shot. In Track, you get to run to your heart's content and my running coach says I am able to run 20 miles per hour on this special treadmill. I use my running to get to my class on time. The best exercise of all is exercising your brain so you can learn more and be able to show it. The last exercise i do is with my hands. You can get a great workout on your hands if you type about how you stay healthy. Waddle on CP and have a pleasant last half of the year


I stay healthy by playing All Star softball for 2 hours every day which means running, using my arms and a lot more!



The way I keep healthy in my brain and body is I swim at the gym and work out. I also do lots of energetic chores at home like watching kids and other things like that. The way I keep my brain healthy is I read my grade level books to keep my brain energized.



Well, I love to swim. Since I would like to become a swimmer when I grow up, I go to the lap pool regularly and swim about a mile each time I go. Swimming is great exercise because it works your whole body. :)
Another thing is Horseback riding! Horseback riding is awesome because it works your muscles you never thought you had! Also mucking out stalls and carrying tack is great, too =)

agent h:

i eat 5 fruits a day and i also go to karate and my dad is a gym teacher and he teachs me stuff every day and i also can lift wieghts which my body is really fit and healthy.


How do I stay healthy??? I start by staying hydrated on WATER. Anything else, like energy drinks, are just flavored sugar water that will crash you later and make you tired. I defy you to find one major athlete that drinks anything but water, no matter what advertizements say.

Molly Golly:

Wow i love the temple of fruits, I love Fruit, all Fruit, i just love it. But im not so keen on veggies, i like carrots corn on the cob and a few others . I go cycling with my friend who is also on club penguin (POpsy). I also LOVE swimming but i dont do it very often, i do it at school.The other day i made a yummy smothie,(i wish i had some now)!

Wind 10001:

i do swimming so when i go to a swimming pool i know how to swim also i do running activity games like tag hide and seek tag and other activitys.I play tennis too with my friends when we go to the park,when we do tennis usally i do it with teenagers that are my friends we have so many fun.Waddle on!


Watch out CP ! Now, with the Adventure party going on, there is going to be LOTS of fruit ! Eat healthy, make sure to get active (and of course fit in some time for CP!) Enjoy the adventure party ! I know I will ! :D


There's lots of ways to stay strong and healthy but I'd say staying active is most important. I would try to play sport everyday around 20-30 minutes everyday a week, then maybe take a nice break by eating some fruits like strawberries and watermelons. If I was in a rush and had a busy day, I would take a walk around ten minutes just about anywhere! Also, I suggest you stretch your body a bit every ten-fifteen minutes when your working on the computer for a long time, so when you suddenly start exercising again, you won't hurt yourself.

Waddle on Club Penguin! Hope this helps! ;)


i run a least 1 mile 4 times a week


For me its a very hard choice to choose between chocolate and all the naughty stuff or the healthy fruit stuff ! As i train for swimming and practice doing my flute an hour a day its normally fruit for me because if i have chocolate or doughnuts i could gain on weight and then i would lose my focus on getting to my goal of becoming who i am. Its very hard not getting chocolate or delicous treats but ive learnt my way of coming around it and i usually get chocolate once or twice a week depending on what i have done to earn this delicous treat so i guess we should all be lucky with what we get and enjoy it while we can!



hope you had good summer cp also fruit party is good cause if you eat fruit you will stay healthy so BYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! CP OUT PEACE


I stay healthy by going jogging every once in a while with my dad. I play sports and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. My parents encourage me to keep trying and NEVER GIVE UP, I have lots of fun. Don't be afraid to try new things fellow penguins, and remember to stay healthy!
Waddle On ClubPenguin!!!

Sally Jc:

I love to go on my grandparents boat, swimming, reading, and singing. Have a great summer!!. Waddle on!!!


that looks super duper FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


What I do is I Eat Fruits Like Oranges, Apples, Grapes, and many more! Most of the times I run around my neighborhood three times! But I take a rest though. I eat carrots most of the time. They are good for your eyes. But my most favorite fruit of all is Cantaloupe! Its so sweet and tastes like Candy! To me you all should taste Cantaloupe. But, You should all eat fruits and vegetables. And you all should stay safe and healthy!


We eat lots of healthy dinners. My dad makes really good fry rice. I love dancing. It's so fun! Me and my mom try to bike ride every week. I love going to the beach. I love playing in the sand and in the ocean. Those are just some of the thing I like about being healthy.

the duendune:

all i do is eat fruit and play water ballons




I say let's waddle on!

Hope Hi 2:

Hi there! I really enjoy playing soccer. Also my Father coaches football so my family is into that. Me and my family also swim,bowl,play golf, and LOT'S more.But you can't do that without eating the right foods. My family HAS to eat 6 meals. It's what you have to do. Fill yourselves with the right foods and eat more. I always have a busy scedule! First go to school, then go to soccer practice, then practice my instrument for school(the SAXAPHONE) take a shower,do homework,watch one TV episode, Then go to bed. Waddle on
~Forever a friend Hope Hi 2


well I need to know if there are gonna add food in to club penguin I want to have food in this GAME they are talking about fruits so they must add it. Right? :(


I run a mile every day!


I think the better way to stay healthy must be exercising.


i stay healthy by jumping rope and doing push ups and eating healthy in the summer i swim and do a lot of jumping like a monkey in the park!


I love to soak and swim in the sun! It's so fun swimming under the seas of fresh and salty water. It's like a whole new underworld in the sea! (Of course, I talked about so many times.) Being healthy is FUN! Waddle on CP Team! Just stay HEALTHY!


i play and exersize everyday 1:00 till10:00

Hsm Sharpaie:

I eat food that has less fat than other companies would and I ride my bike and play tether ball daily.


How do I stay healthy? Every morning my mom makes me apple juice from pure apple juice in her juicer instead of apple juice from the store with all that sugar and other chemicals, I go play baseball in a league in spring and fall, and swim with my dad or mom like once every few days!

Jonah Simm:

To stay healthy, I take taekwondo. My mom gives my fruit EVERY DAY, and I drink lots of water!

Blue Topaz11:

what i do to stay healthy is go outside as much as possible, eat healthy foods, walk my dog, and join school sports.


I do a martial art called mma it means mixed martial arts i THINK it includes karate kung fu and thai kwando (--- i soo spelt that wrong... anyway my point is that i LOVE martial arts it keeps me healthy it is fun it teaches me determination and it makes me feel safe on the street.
waddle on cp


i love apples


My family and I run a fruit stand, so I eat lots of fruits and veggies. I love to swim, so I stay pretty active. I go camping a lot too. The last place we went had a bike loop so I biked a lot there. I fell and scraped my knee pretty good though. It still kinda hurts. When I'm not out and about, I like to go on the computer and give my fingers a workout, by typing. Waddle on CP!


The way that I stay healthy is basically my entire life! My family and I always cook healthy meals instead of going out to dinner, I spend more time outside than anywhere else (sorry clubpenguin, you'll have to wait!), and I always make sure to hydrate and wash my hands. (the flu is much worse than laziness!) I hope that one day everyone can be active and healthy! Waddle on everyone!! ;D


reply to trainman

i can eat wheat and i love spinach smoothies!, i told people at my school and they said ewwwwww!. but i dont mind!!! :D



I stay healthy by playing sports, my mom signed me up for soccer, I practice every time we go to the park, I eat lots of fruits to help me with my soccer skills, but in all, I play soccer, basketball, track (in school) and many more! my mom fed me fruits when I was little, and now I play sports and I'm getting good at it everyday because sometimes I practice at my house with my cousins because we all have an extra curricular, mines is soccer, my 7 yr old cousin's is swimming, and my 5 yr old cousin's is Karate! can u believe he takes Karate at a young age? really cool! Its really fun playing sports, and the healthy foods I eat are very yummy! sometimes I make them into smoothies, I usually have a strawberry banana smoothie at home though :) really tasty :)


Although I may not do a lot of things, I do plenty of stuff to stay healthy. My family recently decided to eat healthier, as in more fruits less cookies!!! I also take dance classes and horse back riding classes, to keep me fit and ready for the next day. I'm more of an outside person, so I like to go riding on my bike on a nice day or go walk my dog around. And those are a few things I do to stay healthy. Waddle on Club Penguin!!!!


What I do to stay healthy is play basketball and lacrosse and also eat healthy foods :)

Pengua 10:

I choose to eat avocados as a healthy food because when you eat avocados it's like you ate dinner! And surely, I drink a lot of water after. Speaking of foods I like vegetable/fruits better than sea foods.My activity is playing, I get sweaty easily. I do lots of stuff like playing, exercise, etc. I get a good amount of sleep.

Waddle on! I love Cp!


To stay healthey I do work really hard when I'm at gymnastics practice for 3 hours and i try to eat heathely whenever I can.


i stay healthy by exercising daily in the morning and playing outdoors in the evening i also eat lots of vegetables and fruits
i rarely eat junk food ( just like my puffles who stick to carrots apples and puffleos ) and i also keep my brain healthy by reading lots of books
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!! (ps when i say waddle i mean walk don't drive or have someone drive u around!)
and stay healthy!!


WOW! My Favorite Healthy thing to do is Go Wake Boarding Wih Friends!


Hi Everyone!
A good way to stay healthy is...
Mainly eat healthy and count those calories! Excersize helps too, but eating bad THEN excersizing? Won't work. My family is losing weight with help from my mom who is teaching us how to eat right. She taught me how to make eating right and getting enough excersize fun! Here's how:
.make healthy foods into an everyday after-school snack
.join in as much excersize camps as you can!!!!!! =)


I just started school and one of my favorite things in school is resess I play with friends and my new playground is AWSOWME waddle on cp.


I'm a very active girl, and apart of me being so active is by running. I run just about everywhere, even in my house. Waddle On Cp and stay active and healthy. P.S I'm going to go log in to the adventure party.

Jack Bills:

I stay healthy by running long distance


i only do karate and eat healthy


I think what something healthy for you doing is riding a bike, swimming, basketball, and eat LOTS of fruits i LOVE junk food but i need to stay healthy and i changed alot by being healthy. And one of my most favorite sports is....... Football :) and remeber stay waddling please post!

Hotdog 6348:

I dont know where to start! Ok let me see! Well for me to stay healthy i will eat fruits and vegtables. I will also find time to play sports such as soft ball, soccer and other things to! My mom and dad and I walk around this track! It is nice and big! I bring my dog and walk the outside of it beacuse no pets aloud in the track! I listen to music on my IPod and jog and walk around! It makes my body stay in shape! Well more next time! Waddle on and have a great rest on the summer! Bye!

Angel 2222:

Well there are LOTS of fun things to do to stay healthy, one of my favourite healthy things is to lots of cool activities like playing basketball, playing catch with a friend and eating healthy foods, on of my favourite healthy food is an apple. I hope all of you penguins have healthy activities you love to do, Until then...
Waddle On Club Penguin!


Most people who want to stay healthy eat healthy.I CAN'T DO THAT!!! I eat like everything in sight!!! But I'm healthy because I exercise a lot.I love playing basketball,soccer,swimming,dancing,and i just LOVE competing in races and triatholons!!!


I eat fruit constantly. I also swim in team,dance and my favorit food is broccli


I stay healthy by eating a banana every morning, walking to school and walking back home every day, and eating a big bowl of salad before dinner.


I think exersice is a great way to get healthy like a sport like soccer or football and eat healthy like a salad or fruit(not penguins dressed like fruit)and always go outside and play with a neighbor for an hour or more or take a bike ride or a relaxing walk.There are so many ways to get active!


I always eat junk food in moderation. I like fruits and veggies. I also stay active.

I Lilly I:

Well what i do is:
Sport-Running,i have weights i practise on the trampoline i do flips on a swing
Food-I drink energy drinks apple juice orange juice smoothies i never eat sweets
thx for ready waddle on cp
Bye from I Lilly I


I used to love fast food, and then I realized instead of french fries, I could have popcorn sprinkled with parmesan or instead of ice cream, i can have frozen yogurt! Be healthy and


I like to stay healthy by eating fruit, drinking fruit juice and playing with my dog.

Dancin Danni:

I have a very hard time not to eat unhealthy foods. It is very tempting for some people and penguins... I do 100 jumping jacks throughout the
day like before breakfast, lunch , and dinner. My family is very healthy. We will go for family walks everynight! I eat apples, bannanas, squash, tamatoes, and beans. I love to swim and run. I really hope I can be in the Olympics someday. The fruit party makes me be inspired to do all of this stuff!
Waddle on CP,

PS Stay healthy!

Laser Blast:

I love fruits! Especially the Pineapple and Watermelon and I want to thanks Club Penguin for choosing those two fruits. I love to play Basketball and Baseball in my free time and i usually eat my three fruits and two veggies everyday. I also like to workout a lot to stay in shape and eat my fruits to stay healthy.


Wow, that looks super fun! I love kayaking! And swimming, and track, and boxing, okay I like lots of sports!


There's many ways to stay healthy.
You could...

-put up a healthy diet like fruits and vegetables
-stay active by running or doing workouts
-limit your time playing or using your computer/laptop
Well there you have it. These are just some of the ways to stay healthy.


I like surfing the waves.


I love playing soccer! and basketball and football........... WADDLE ON!!!! :)


Hey guys! It's iluvdogs22! Here is a FUN FACT!~ If you rub a banana peel on your Mosquito bites,they wont itch anymore! Well, I Gotta Go! Bye Penguins! WADDLE ON!


My favorite sport activity that keeps me healthy would have to be soccer. I've been playing since I was little,but it does have a few "kicks". The sport I play isn't about winning it's about having fun and staying healthy. So you got stay hydrated and eat plenty fruit and vegtables.
P.S.don't give up if you get knocked down get back up!


I try only to eat fruits and veggies.I like to eat pinnaples!


I try to eat healthy and make healthy snack choices. I also work out and tumble and play outside a lot. It all pays off! You can have fun exercizing and staying healthy! Just find a fun activity that gets you moving and there you go! Hope you find yours! Waddle on and BE HEALTHY! ( waddling helps you stay healthy too ;) )


Every Thursday I Go To Swimming Lessons Its So Fun And I Love Vegetables So Much Im The Only One Who Eats Them And I Always Go To The Park After The Park I Go For A Walk Around The Lake Near My House I Usually Ride My Bike My Sister Rides Her Scooter


Being healthy isn't just about what food you eat and how much you exercise (even though those are pretty important!) It's also about washing your hands and brushing your teeth more often! And to help others stay healthy you can cover your cough and sneeze! A fun way to stay healthy is by doing it with friends! You can play outside with them! You can even make your own salads and smoothies! Hope this helps! :)


I stay healthy by playing sports such as basketball!I know most people dont like to run but if you run every day for a month you will start to like it ,ive never been that healthy but once i started running and doing track i thined out,but i still had to take my vitamins everyday so i can stay healthy and be able to run.I think everyone should give running a try its really fun sometimes...:D


Wow! I love all the fruits and veggies they're good and good for you! This is a party everypenguin will be talking about for a long time! My mom buys healthy fresh fruits and veggies from the store. Mmmm, and they taste so good! It will give you the power of energy to start your day!Sometime I even get to try veggies that my grandfather grew they are so ripe and yummy!
a Flippertastic rest of your summer ;P


I like to stay healthy by eating some or all of my veggies on my plate. I go outside and play with my friends, we even play some of the games Club Penguin has, we create our own versions, though. Puffle Rescue is my favorite. When we take a break, we eat sandwiches, with a little bit of veggies with ranch dressing on the side. Sometimes, we even play EPF missions. (Shhhh.) We make up our own little fun stories like if Herbert's back or if one of Gary's Inventions has been stolen. It's awesome. Afterwards, we go on our bikes and take a little tour around the neighborhood. It's so fun!

Waddle On CP!




eating,playing,relaxing,running,taking care of myself,and be independent......


In the summer it's easy to stay healthy! My favorite snack is a refreshing piece of fruit. (which is also why i love the party!) Also with the weather so nice it is great to play outside and get lots of excersize, both on land and in the water! It's great to stay healthy!


i am a fussy girl. i don't like much fruits but i like berries but straw berries give me a rash. i all so like chocolate fruit. even through i have not tasted it i know it will be yummy. my mum won't give me anything that has colours in it and i do lots of exersise as well


i think the other healthy thing should be a treat once in a while! maybe a bag of crisps once a week,because you do not want to be too thin either!

P.S, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!


CP- These are Some of the ways I like to stay Healthy
1.exercise at least 1 hour a day. If you do that it will make you strong. But mainly Healthy.
2.Eat healthy at every meal (it's ok to have a not-so-good-meal once in a while.) Doing that will make your body stronger and healthier in general.
Those are some of the ways to stay healthy


I play lots of sports to stay healthy, like swimming or playing Basketball. But I really like to go to YMCA. It has a ton of cool sports there, even rock climbing. [Is rock climbing a sport?] YMCA is the best place to stay healthy. The workers there even give you nutritional tips to stay strong and have a healthy body. Waddle on CP friends!!!


my two favorite things to do to exercise is go swimming and playing basketball, because swimming is really fun and u get to cool off on a hot day and basketball is just a fun and energetic that u can play almost everyday! ;)


to stay healthy me and my family eat super healthy, we swim together at the lake,and my dad and me run together. Me and my brother play sports and are learning how to box (our teacher is our dads girl friend). ME and my brother play softball/baseball with our stepdad and l;ove playing with our dogs.ALL TOGETHER our family is very interactive with the outdoors and dont spend much time on the computer like right now but when we r on the computer we are on clubpenguin. thanks sky


i luv fruits and vegies i do yoga and exersize every day


Dear fellow penguins,
I am very happy and pleased with Club Penguin's newest adventure party by showing us kids why eating fruits and especailly staying healthy is very important. While we are still capable of presevering our dreams it is important we understand and know how big of our lives is delt with the proper food and exercise. I have recently been diagnosised with type 1 diabetes and knowing before that I could have maybe done something to prevent this from happing never really crossed my mind till it actually happend and that's why I want everyone to know with a proper and fit lifestyle,you will feel more stonger and able to presue anything you want. Be in charge of your furture! Now, what I do is very morning I walk with my mom, exercise, and also through chores I have become the mind of my own life and of course through healthy eating with very meal, my blood sugar levels are where I want them to be and with insulin I have been able to show the difference of what being fit can really do for a long and healthy life. Stay healthy.

Thank you.


I would like to add a fact to my other comment: I have NEVER eaten at a fast food restaurant in my life. today is my birthday and I turned 11
so that means I have never eaten "junk food" in 11 years.
Thanks CP for making a party for eating healthy. So other kids can realize that being healthy is very important.



mike angelo:

Dear happy777,
How do i stay healthy? I play 5 sports and eat a variety of fruits every single day! Also I always play outside. Even in the rain you will see me dancing around in the puddles. I'd also like to hear how other penguins like to eat healthy. Waddle on CP! -Mike Angelo


i just started soccer


To stay healthy, I take dance classes every day. I also eat a lot of fruit! When I'm not dancing, I love yoga :)

Waddle On CP!


Hello Penguins! im altinemv and im going to tell you what i do to stay healthy:
1. i always sleep on time so i can wake up early and eat breakfast
2. then i have swimming lessons, my teacher tells me to bring healthy snacks and water so i bring a banana, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a jug full of water
3. im wearing glasses so i eat carrots and drink carrot juices, i also like fruit salads and gelatin for deserts + i when i have ice creams instead of chocolate syrups or sweet toppings i like to put instead gelatin or fruit flavored syrups sometimes fruites


Oh my gosh! I usually eat an apple EVERY DAY when I come home from school. I also walk my dog, and have a dinner that ALWAYS has veggies in it. I LOOOOOVE apples, pears, pineapples, and SO much more! I LOOOOVE swimming, and playing Dodge Ball in P.E. WADDLE ON CP-EVEN THROUGH THE AWESOMENESS IN MY LIFE THAT'S HEALTH!!!!!!


I play soccer,basketball,softball,volleyball, dance,and I do gymnastics. I am VERY athletic. I have a healthy breakfast,lunch,and dinner. For dessert I eat fruit maybe I will have ice cream once in a while.i eat lots of fish,I eat my fruits and vegetables,I eat yogurt,and get LOTS of protein. I go out in nature and run around my yard with my friends. I play with my dog and I also walk him. I also ride my bike,at school we have gym,and at recess I run around with my friends.


Kendall A423:

I love staying healthy all the time! By eating fruits and veggies, (Yum!) biking, karate once a week, and sports! My favorite fruit and veggie is corn and watermelon! I also incorge my friends to do the same thing.



My favorite healthy thing to do is dance because I have been dancing for eight years now. It's a great way to make new friends, plus learn some really cool tricks!

Waddle On CP,



Well, I think the most healthiest way to stay healthy is getting enough sleep so you can have energy for the next day.

Until then,
Waddle on CP!


To stay healthy I do lots of things! I do about 50 sit-ups in the morning and same at night during commercials while watching a little TV (that's about 100 sit-ups) everyday for my core. I'm not like other girls, I'm really sporty so I use that to get fit while others do dance. In the summer I swim laps in my pool I do about 5 sets of 2 laps which is good for arms, legs, and shoulders. Also I love to run ! I'm always wearing running sneakers, no other kinds ! I'm a softball player (first base, pitcher, and clean up batter, that's forth batter) so I have 2 practices and 2 games a week. We stretch and run to warm up so we don't get hurt there. But you cant be healthy if you don't eat healthy ! I eat lots of fruits, low-fat snacks once in a while, and it sounds gross, but raw or frozen veggies like broccoli ! Stay healthy and waddle on Cp !!


I Love This Party! It Makes Me Wanna Eat Fruit Again! During The Party, I Hope Your Getting Healthy, And Ready For School Again!
Here Are A Few Things You'll Need To Stay Healthy!

Fruit (2-4 Servings)
Vegetables (3-5 Servings)
Grain (6-11 Servings)
Dairy (2-3 Servings)
Protein (2-3 Servings)

Hope This Works! Waddle On Cp!

P.S. Plz Post This! I Worked Hard On It! :)


1.i wake up realy early next I eat 3 fruits for breatfest ,)
2.I go to karate,wrestiling
3.Have lunch (Meat veggies fruit)!
4.i go and swim
5.i go and Run
6.I also go to gymnastics! ;)
7.i go to the park! about 8 times a week Lol
8.i go golfing alot!
9. (ik this isent for health lol but i just wanna make it funny) SCREAM AT MY SISTER XD


to stay heathy i play games like tag. and play sports like basketball and i eat food thats good for me like apples and such


I love swimming (like REALLY LOVE swimming) and I love (just as much as swimming) broccoli!!!!!!! And plus I love playing ball and I never eat those filled with sugar breakfast cereals! I love whole wheat cereals with a pinch of cinnamon!





i go outsid and play foot ball


What I do to be healthy is to play soccer, swim a lot, jump on my trampoline, run, and lifting weights. It's not only making me healthy it is also fun. Sometimes I may do my own yoga. I especially love to dance. Dancing is very fun and it also makes me improve mobility. I do so many more things but I can't list them all.


Hey Happy77! Its me Angie0111! I met Rockhopper today! And what i do in Summer is:

1: Every year in Summer , I go to Ecuador

2: In Ecuador it NEVER snows! Its like an everyday Summer!

3: In Ecuador since it NEVER snows i go out a lot! I like to go to places like Rey Park it is in Ecuador ONLY

4: By eating heathy i eat soup the name is in Spanish but it has cheese its a good thing to eat because its good taste and heathy at the same

This is my way of eating heathy and what I do in Summer as a matter a fact im in Ecuador right now!


I think one way to keep healthy is getting good excersise! An average 8-10 year old shoud get at least 30 minutes of excersise a day. One way I get excersise is jumping on my trampoline. I also like to take walks around my neighborhood. Is there any way you like to excersise? Maybe it's swimming 10 laps in the pool every day. Or maybe you like to walk the neighbor's dogs! Whatever you like to do to stay fit, is sure to give you a healthy body. Excersise is awesome! Make sure you get yours!


this is what i do. i eat 3 food groups picked randomly every day. MAC AND CHEEZ IZ AWESUM!!! WaDdLe On Cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, there are many ways people stay healthy, and it differs from person to person. This is how I stay healthy--
1. I eat healthy. Haha, I don't really mean to, but I LOVE fruits and vegetables. Is that weird? Here are my favorites: Watermelon, oranges, apples, kiwi, carrots, peppers, spinach (I know...weird...) and potatoes (Sweet or regular).
2. I exercise. I run a mile one day, rest the next, and then get back to running. I also try to do push ups, sit ups, and maybe a few crunches.
3. I get FRESH AIR! Hey, it's healthy just to get fresh air! Everyday I go play outside for at least an hour. It's not very healthy to stay inside watching TV or being on the computer all day :)

Now remember, eating fruits and vegetables is great, but eating food from each food group is also very important.
Also, don't push yourself too hard when you exercise. Rest your muscles to prevent cramping and other pains.
And lastly...HAVE FUN!

~Mouthrunner :)


I love to play volleyball with my team. It makes our arms strong and we have to move around a lot. Another thing I like to do is go on early morning walks with my dad. A couple of times we saw an owl- one time sleeping and the other time hunting. The second time we followed it along a dry creek and we were able to find it again! I also love eating fruits and veggies and trying new fruits and veggies (asparagus- loved it!) Half of my plate I try to fill with veggies and I eat as much fruit as possible. Waddle on, Club Penguin!


Hello Club Penguin! To stay healthy I usually skate, swim, and play with my dog (my favorite outdoor activities) and I eat healthy foods such as fruits, veggies and fish. Also my mom signs me up for many summer sports so I don't sit on the couch all day and I go to the park with my friends too! Waddle On CP!


I play a variety of sports, and balance out my eating. I also drink plenty of water.


Not many people seem to think horseback riding is exercise, but it really is! I do it every week. Sometimes I do things with my legs or arms. For example, while you're riding you must hold out both arms. Then I also do this thing called two-point, which is the jumping position that you see jumpers do. That can really burn your legs when you do it for a long time!!
Waddle on!!

Junior Mint7:

Hi CP!! I stay healthy in many ways. I have a gluten intolerance so I dont eat much bread. Also, this summer I decided to start have a salad every day! Also, I dont drink soda or sugared drinks and I drink a LOT of water! I take my puppy on a 3 walks every day and I get at least an hour of exercise besides that every day!! I love to eat healthy and exercise!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


Hey club penguin,I stay healthy by doing lots of stuff like eating good foods and playing sports. But I think those are not the only ways to stay healthy,for instance taking a bath,brushing your teeth and even sleeping is good for you! so that's how i stay healthy!! :)

Good Luck Everyone!!!


how i stay healthy is in many ways,actually!i run and play outside and do creative things with just pieces of nature!and now i get lots of scratches,cuts,scabs,and much more,so to help that i eat lots of fruit!especially oranges!i also drink fruity juices too!when i feel as if my eyes are having trouble seeing i know that my vision isnt well so i should eat veggies,so thats what i do!i make sure i get plenty of sleep,but on school days its difficult so i go to bed earlier.actually i should say my dream it has Rockhopper in it!well ill say this,i managed to stow away on Rockhopper's ship!it was sooo cool!!!and heres somethings that are REALLY important to me.i like to brush my teeth,for not so long ago i had lots of teeth problems,such as five fillings,three teeth pulls,one cap(silver tooth)and more,it hurts so i suggest you brush your teeth alot!and my favorite healthy phrase is "get up and play an hour a day"Waddle On Cp And Stay Healthy :)


i like canoing its fun hahaha


To stay healthy I swim. But because swim season for me is only in the summer, I try to stay in shape during the school year. Every morning and every night I do twenty-five push ups and fifty sit ups to stay in shape. I like pretty much all fruits and I'll eat pretty much every vegetable, and I love to eat healthy so I'll be snacking on a banana or a granola bar. But for me another important way to stay healthy is to get out side in soak up some sun.


I do sports like sailing, windsurfing and surfing a lot. These are fun and great exercise at the same time! I also try to eat healthy dinners like salads and brown rice with stirfry. I eat fruit and vegetables for snacks... Carrot sticks are nicer than they sound :D
Waddle on CP!

anya yeddy:

Hi CP! I like to stay healthy by eating LOTS of fruits and veggies. I could eat all of the fruit on Rockhopper's ship! I also love spending my freetime outside. Its a wonderful way to excercise and have fun, of course! I like to go on bike rides with my friends, Race my friends to the stop sign, (I almost won last time), and play all kinds of games! And thats just SOME of the things you can do outside! I hope you enjoy some of the same things i do, and see you later, Cp! :)


i have snacks when i come home from school such as a chicken wrap


Whenever I get on club penguin it always seems that I'm eating fruit! I love eating fruit!!! Its just like candy to me I like to run a lot too! running is my favorite sport (Track) because running makes me feel pumped! Waddle on cp


my favorite healthy choice is eating helthy.Like fish yum chicken,fruits,vegtables and baby back ribs haha i would love to win that award because someone got my old password and spet ALL my coins,changed my igllo , and more thx waddle on club penguin!!!


Staying healthy is part of your daily thing, and i exercise by swimming, soccer, and etc. And also eating vegetables and fruits in the morning, and probably to stay strong and be active. Quote by Holmes2012 p.s add me!


I try to be healthy by doing a whole variety of things! During the summer, I ALWAYS am swimming! I also hula-hoop anytime I am watching TV, talking on the phone, or even when having a little snack! I play with my dog usually 20 minutes a day, or more when she is hyper. I also take my dog for a mile walk 3 times a day in the summer and twice a day during the school year! I am allergic to juice and soda, so anytime I am thirsty, I reach for milk or water, and anytime I need a snack, I have blueberries and raspberries.
Enjoy summer while it lasts, CP!


I stay helthy by eating a couple fruits and running and biking and dancing [like ballet and hiphop not like dancing in your room] I also like to go to the park and somtimes play ball. Stay helthy CP


hey thats seems really fun. Since we dont really have a boat or a canoe to stay healthy I eat fruits and veggies my favorites are carrots, apples, oranges, corn , and honeydue. I also stay actice like I play soccer year round (even in winter) and i walk my 2 dogs. I also just hang out outside.

Fun fact: My favortie thing to do is just relaxing outside drinking a smoothie or water (well in summer)


Trainman1405, it's great to hear you like to eat healthy! I had a bit of trouble getting used to it. lol! I used to eat McDolalds almost EVERY DAY but then we found out how unhealthy it was and we haven't eaten any fast food since. My parents make me fruit juices alot, and they are really good! Some, like the apple, carrot, and spinich are not the best, but I really like any that have pineapple in it. Heathy on CP!


To keep my body healthy I drink HEAPS of water,eat lots of fruit and vegetables and also Martial arts is really good!!!

Waddle on CP :D


I keep my lungs healthy by blowing up pool toys!


I like to dance and run! Its really fun and it keeps me in fit, Im also in tryathalons, and those are really fun because I get to swim, run, and bike and those are all fun summer activities. I also like going to the water park, there are a lot of walking you do there, so its exercise. I love to make salads, and especially fruit salad, its really good! Waddle on Cp!


I try my best to stay healthy. I usually follow a weekly routine.
1) Get a good sleep.
2) Eat lots of fruits and veggies
3) Tumble all morning
4) Dance for almost 6 hours
5) walk
6) play tennis
All of these things are sooooooooooo much fun!!

Happy Blue95:

Hey CP! Here's what I do to stay healthy. Everyday at school, I run a mile. Last year I got a grand total of 168 miles! I also try to eat healthy, and salads are great! Lastly, I LOVE to go outside and play with my best friends. Remember, you don't have to be a marathoner to be healthy.
*Happy Blue95.


I do you know STUFF to get in shape so..... yea thats about it.Or is it? Muhahaha.Oh yea i eat good and you know RUN so NOW thats about it so........ yea.

Agent Vicky9:

Hi Happy77!Because of this new Adventure Party,I decided to eat more heathier things,like bananas and watermelons!
This is the greatest party YET!Waddle on CP!;D


I play soccer.


I play soccer and I play outside a lot.


Hi everybody i will give you all some tips on staaying healthy.
1) Try to eat lots of fruits and veggies.
2) Play a sport that involves running.
3) Drink lots of milk and water.
4) Try out cannoing.
5) Play on a playground.
6) Get some fresh air.
7) Run it keeps you in shape.

Thats all the facts now go out there and have fun!
Please let me win. i dont have any coins!

Waddle on CP . .







There's lots of ways you can be healthy but some of the best ways are doing LESS and MORE of things.
Food is a big part of being healthy. Here's some healthy food ideas:
Eat LESS cake,MORE fruit,LESS cookies,MORE veg. Also you can have fun. ;)
Sports are healthy and fun. Here's some healthy activities:
Do MORE jump rope,LESS watching T.V.,MORE soccer,LESS video games. Simple.Waddle on.


i eat healthy stuff like rice and a beans grapes apples salad but once in a while i do eat hamburgers and hot dogs and fries and i also play baseball

The Abbey G:

Well, to start off my mom and I like to make healthy dinners. Every time we cook we try to find different ways to make it healthier. :) Next, we try to stay active as much as possible. We like to take bike rides, play Volleyball, and go swimming. Well thats about it! Until next Time!

XOXO The Abbey G
Waddle On!


What i would do to stay healthy is excersise well, eat well, and play well. to me staying healthy
gets me pumped up and movin'. to exersise i usaully swim, do gymnastics, bike, and walk. to eat well i
eat at least 2 fruits and veggies everyday! and finally to play well i make sure to be nice and play fair!
you should stay healthy when you can cuz' it gets you fit.


I really love eating potato chips that Mom makes. They're really just potato slices cooked in a microwave so they're very healthy!! (and delicious!!) I also like staying healthy by racing with my dog even though she ALWAYS wins!!

Waddle on CP!!


I Eat Very Very Healthy When I Wake Up My Mom Makes Me A Small Bowl Of Cereal Depending On The Calories
Then For Lunch I Either Have A Yogurt Or A Piece Of Fruit.
And For Dinner I Either Have A Small Bowl Of Cereal Or A Healthy Choice Meal Or A Yogurt.
Then Every Week 1 Day A Week My Mom Lets Me Have Ice Cream Or Cookies Or Anything I Want!
And I Do The Wii Fit Plus Twice A Day After Breakfast For An Hour The Jogging And After Dinner For An Hour Of Jogging.




I Really Like Going To Amusement Parks. They're Not Just Fun, But U Get To Walk Around A Lot And Get Exercise. It Is Also Something U Can Do With The Whole Family. I Also Dance. Dancing Is Fun Because U Get Exercise And Have A Lot Of Fun Moving To The Music And Listening To The Music. For Dinner, My Mom Makes Fish With Corn,Green Beans And Lemon. Its Really Good!! I Think U Should Try Theese Things And If U Get Board, U Can Do Them With Family Or Friends!!!!


(Plz Post Never Been Posted)



hi cp the thing i like to do is going camping going in the pool hanging out with family friends and going on cp
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on!


I like to eat healthy I love fresh fruits and vegetables.My favorites are carrots mangos pineapples strawberries kale and brussel sprouts.Brussel sprouts taste very yummy when cooked in the oven with a little bit of salt.Also it is important to get exercise.How I get exercise is walking my goat.When he is old enough he can carry a pack on his back!But it is also important to brush your hair and teeth.Brushing you teeth can help prevent cavities.Brushing your hair is good to so you can keep tangles out.Taking showers or baths is also good to stay clean.It is important to wash your hands to keep germs away so you don't get sick.I think drinking a lot of water is also important to keep your body healthy.Lastly you should get a good nights sleep so you have energy the next day!
Waddle on club penguin!


Being active. Taking walks, jogging, running, and playing sports. Also, eat healthier! Choose healthy foods to eat. WADDLE ON CP!


Okay, well let me just say I'm not good at sports, but everyday when I have P.E. at school, I always push my self to do the best I can :D I used to stink in P.E. because I wasn't really the most fit person in my class, but practice makes perfect, so I eventually got better Now I'm doing great in P.E. and it encourages me to stay healthy. Now I always drink lots of water daily and eat healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables. And whenever I do have junk food, I limit the amount I have and balance it out with having foods that are healthy for the rest of the day! Well, that's how I try and stay healthy! WADDLE ON CP!


I love being healthy. My family doesn't eat a lot of sugary junk, and when we do it's usually home made and has vegetables or something in it, like chocolate chip zucchini bread. I'm trying to learn some gymnastics because I think it's fun and it's a great way to stay in shape! I got tired of being able to run only 400 feet without stopping, so I'm going to do my best to improve that.


I stay healthy by going jogging every morning with my dad and my brother. (The longest I have ever gone is three and a half miles.) I dont really like sports but what I like to do is ride my scooter and do tricks.I also like riding my bike.I like to play outside on my free time. I play hide and seek with my friend and my brother.(Man! They can run fast!) I like to climb trees too,especially the high trees. And when I'm done with school(I'm home schooled) I go straight to my room and play my guitar then I go outside. When I can't go outside because sometimes it rains I go on the computer and play a game that you all know.Clubpenguin! But then worst comes to worst sometimes I have to turn off the internet. I like to eat too, but I'm not aloud to eat certain foods like fast food or too much sugar. My favorite fruits are strawberries,apples,watermelons,and grapes. I don't like vegetables that much but I still eat them. And I like to sleep. I brush my teeth every time I eat and I floss every night.(Except when I run out of floss.) Alright! That's how I keep myself healthy. Thanks Clubpenguin! You guys rock! WADDLE ON CLUBPENGUIN!


The way to make healthier choices is everything! Either you eat healthy dinners, play sports, work on a treadmill, or swim 30 minutes in a pool every day, they're all helpful. Maybe I should go to the pool soon, too! Anyone could also run or jog, take gymnastics, and drink plenty of water. Hope these tips help! (I want to make an igloo during the winter.) Waddle on penguins!


hey CP u might not LOVE veggies but the only thing u can do is EAT FRUITS ORRRRRR DRINK WATER were alll healthy if ur not then good luck ppl


i stay heathy by eating fruits vegtables etc.You should also stay active for 60 minutes.Thats what i do to. P.S Dont stay on the computer to long!


I love to play baseball!!! No matter what, ill stay healthy, and maybe be the next MLB baseball star in North America! WADDLE ON CP!


AWESOME i wish i could try that




I try to stay healthy by eating healthy foods and playing basketball and running track.


i love healthy foods such as pineapple apples kiwi strawberries tomato cucumber lemons peaches and blue berries . ps i like my lemons with salt


wow! go go cp! hahah


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