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By Happy77 on September 20, 2012 - 10:00
Greetings Penguins!

In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked what igloo items you'd like to see in a future catalog. Here's one we like from Smarticles52:

I would love to see a playground set. (swings, slide, teeter totter, merry-go-round) That kind of stuff would be AWESOME!!!!!!!
Hope the clup penguin team can make it happen!!!
P.S. What about a roller coaster???

Waddle On CP!!!!

Fair in game.pngThe Fair has started! And I've seen a ton of you playing games and earning tickets. So, this week we want to know: What are your top tips for earning Fair tickets?

We'll pick one comment to feature in our next Reviewed By You. The lucky penguin will also receive 10,000 coins in their account.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team



The easiest way to earn tickets is the Puffle Paddle and Spin-To-Win.They give you really much tickets!By them i got all of the prises with 2000 tickets.You can always play a game that is your favourite!Every game has alot of fun.
-Waddle on



Hi Happy77! My favourite tips on earning tickets would be to play every game twice a day! For puffle shuffle, keep your eye on two puffles rather than three! I would also sometimes get my mum to play Memory Card Game because she is really good at it! Waddle on CP! You Rock! -Jjoeyxx


To get loads of tickets I play games that give you a good amount, such as Spin to Win, the hammer game and Puffle Paddle. The good thing is that they don't take long to play and you get loads of tickets. I like to save up until I get something like 500 tickets, and then spend!!!


Hi Club Penguin Team!
The fair is great! I think the easiest way to get tickets is to play the Memory Card Game. I love all the different parties but this has to be one of my favourites. I met Rookie the other day and he's Brilliant! I read the magazine too. The Club Penguin Team work REALLY Hard! They Rock!
Oh and WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN! - Jollyjem7


I think my top tip to all you penguins for getting tickets would be play them as many times as u can. P.S. please post this
P.P.S i love u Happy77!!! :)


I would say that Puffle Paddle is a easy game to play to win tickets, that and it is my favorite game!! YOU ROCK CP!!! Waddle on!


My tip is play Spin To Win you get lots of Tickets but if your rubbish at it i would play Ring The Bell you can get 25 tickets really easily :-)


Loving the fair this year, great job, Club Penguin.


Every year, the Fair has been terrific, especially this year!
To earn lots of tickets, I practice and practice playing each game. When you are a master with some of the fair games, you'll earn lots of tickets!
Waddle on!


Hi Club Penguin!

I think that the best ways to earn tickets are playing Feed-A-Puffle, which is my favorite game.
Whenever I get frustrated at a game, I go and enjoy the puffle circus!
The faire is my most favorite party!
Waddle On CP!


My advice would be to have as much fun as possible! Keep trying different techniques as well! I recommend you play 'Spin to Win' and 'Feed-A-Puffle' - They're a great way of earning tickets!
Waddle on!


Hi Club Penguin!
I think the best ways to earn tickets are:
1. Memory cards, and
2. Spin to win

P Pinkybelle:

I like the puffle memory game too, and the puffle paddle game!

Alex Ctl:

I would say puffle paddle and balloon pop earn you the most coins, but the actual best games are the ones you love and are good at. Everyone has a few, so waddle around and find yours!
I also have some few tips for puffle paddle! After you reach 148 in the score box, the game gets a bit trickier. And try to keep more than one puffle paddled at a time. That earns you more points! I hope this helps....waddle on! :D


I'm really quite new to the fair!
I have studied all the games really hard to put on my CP blog and found out that the Puffle-O game gives the most tickets as well as spin to win!
I feel that everything about the fair is EPIC!


Hey Happy77! I think the top tip is play Puffle Paddle alot of times. It is a simple game and will be lots of Tickets to be one! Waddle on club penguin and to you Happy77!!!


I think puffle paddle is the best way to earn tickets because I won 200 tickets in one game

waddle on cp team!


My tickets wouldn't save? :( Is there any chance i could keep all of my tickets? But anyways,
everything else is great! especially the prizes!

Waddle On Club Penguin!

P.S. I like the "Waddle On" catchphrase! Where did you come up with that?


I believe that the easiest way to earn tickets is by Feeding the puffles (at the cove)


My tip is on FEED-A-PUFFLE with the brown puffles when they jump up use the puffles Os qucikly and for the orange puffles keep on clicking until it good and for red watch out for tounge and for blue just relax and play.

ninja pro169:

puffle paddle as long as you can keep one puffle going the more bounces the titkets try it it works


I think The bestest tip is to NEVER GIVE UP! then you will get your desired amount of tickets, if your patient

baby mariods:

the fastest way i know is puffle paddle if you are not good at it try spin to win


Some top tips for earning tickets are to remain focused. Don't let anything distract you! Make sure to get a high combo for more points. Don't rush it, slow down and learn how the game is played. If you make a mistake, don't worry. Keep trying and you'll get plenty of tickets! You should also play feed a puffle. You can get up to 500 tickets if you play the game correctly!


Awesome! I think my top game for earning tickets is puffle soaker. Even though its kinda long, you get a good payout if you don't hit penguins so I think it's worth it. Also, if you need tickets fast, I would recommend the test your strength game cause it only takes a few seconds to get your tickets from the game and its also pretty easy.

P.S. Thanking the Club Penguin team for all there hard work and new features.


tymek sk:

I think the easiest way to earn tickets is the Feed a puffle and Puffle paddle. I like these games!!! I love Fall Fair and Fair games.


On Puffle Bounce bounce it higher and you will get a bunch of tickets!
p.s. I have never been posted

Fluff Sue:

The best way is by trying hard, be careful but quickly. My personal favourite games are puffle paddle and feed a puffle.
By the way I met rookie the other day, it was wonderful, but when I tried to get the background it wouldnt work :( but at least I got the stamp and I know I did meet him!



Hi Clubpenguin!!

Wow! I love those furniture ideas! I hope I see them in the catalog soon. My top ticket-earning tips would be to play Puffle Paddle!! The game is so much fun and earns a lot of tickets when you balance more than one puffle. Check it out Penguins and Waddle On!!!!!!!



well my tips are to concentrate an try your best!!! you earn tickets if you try! waddle on CP i love ou Happy77!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shu ma:

Im pretty sure that the best way to earn tickets is by playing SPIN TO WIN,,u can get 25 tickets in about 3 seconds , and thats 500 tickets in just 1 minute,and in just 5 minutes u can get 2500 tickets!!!! that means u can buy all the prizes from both booths!! I MEAN WHAT IS THE BETTER WAY TO GET TICKETS??!!?




My method for getting tickets is playing Puffle Paddle,Spin To Win and Ring The Bell. :) Try play these games alot of times to get tickets quickly!! Hope this helps.


I think that my top tip to get tickets is playing Puffle Paddle or Spin to Win, because I'm lucky!
P.S. I'm your fan Happy77!


On feed a puffle I would feed alot of puffles for tickets and take a try on grab and spin


Hey! The fair has been a lot of fun! My way of getting tickets is by playing Puffle Paddle. That game gives you more tickets than usual games. Also Puffle Paddle is still fun!
Waddle on Club Penguin!

Home School:

When i play the fair games, i just try my best and i keep trying until i feel like i did good enough.


My tip would be play puffle paddle and feed a puffle in just both of those games i bought all the stuff in the fair

Got it it:

My tip is to keep on constantly playing minigames!


You get tickets, You just have to play a game that you enjoy and have fun.... :D

P.S. Only been posted 1 time so please post this :(


roller coster make that happin not just members but all players


play feed a puffle and then wait till the white puffle comes than you get 16points

C is for Children all over the world
L is for how much we Love puffles
U is for how fUn it is to play
B is for my Bffs
P is for Penguin who we dress up
E is for Everyone who look for rookie
N is for Never ending fun
G is for Great parties every month
U is for yoUr a star happy77
I is for Imagination
N is for i wonder if what the Next party will be

baby jitsu:

hey happy77! i think you should simply play games with skill try your best and DONT GIVE UP! believe in yourself and keep trying! if you loose learn from mistakes and try again! hope this helps! it worked for me! WADDLE ON!


I say try your best on any game and when play puffle shuffle pick 2 puffles to follow u will win every game then!!!!!!! WADDLE ON CP!


The best way to earn tickets in the fair is playing Feed-a-Puffle at the Cove. But watch out, some of the puffles are sneaky! :)


The best way to earn tickets is playing "Puffle Paddle" and "Feed-a-puffle".
P.S. The fair is the best party ever!!!!!!

Waddle on, C.P.!!! -penguino4322


Play the one which is right for you. It changes a lot for me so if you pick your best one and then later you find your getting worse then just decide again. P.S. I meat Rookie!!!


The Fall fair is my favourite party of cp so i earn as many tickets as i can whilst it's around.
The easiest way to earn tickets is to play fair games that you LOVE playing! (although that is a hard decision to choose just one!) For instance, i love playing Balloon Popper and Puffle shuffle. When you play a game that you like playing, you seem to want to keep playing it, and that racks up your tickets.
You'll have that Balloon Hat and Toffee Apple in no time!
What's your favourite game Happy?


Hey my tips to get a lot of tickets is to probably play 3 or 4 times a day, but u dont have to. WADDLE ON EVERYBODY AND I WILL SEE U AT THE FAIR


i love feed a puffle i been around 2 fairs and they are fun love you club penguin



The Fair Is Epic. Bumper cars, Every thing


My favorite way to earn tickets is to play Puffle Soaker, Puffle Paddle, or Feed-a-Puffle and get a really high score.


I usally like play Spin-To-Win, Feed-A-Puffle, and Puffle Paddle. i earn LOTS of coins playing them. I do NOT like Ring The Bell. I don't like it because you earn very LESS tickets. (5-25 tickets per game)

Hope these tips are helpful! :)


My top tip would be to clean up your room so your mom will let you have more time on the computer to play the fair games!


There are tons of games that win you tickets! For example: Puffle Paddle. This game gives you tickets each hit, plus you can prctice on your wii! I also suggest that game with the Puffle guessing, It makes you smarter too, by remembering. The spin game, is a big win, but hard, I admit. It doesn't matter what game you play, lots give you lots! Even bunker cars, you don't get tickets, but who cares? The fair is about fun!
There is also many stamps at the fair too! I like to hang with the farm animals. But, it doesn't matter what game you play, as long as you have fun! Happy, can the nonmembers atleast have a car? it's not fair, and they won't get to do bunker cars and it's fun!


How to get tickets are play games like puffle paddle,shuffle puffle,feed a puffle, spin to win and many more. but the best way to ge tickets are to have fun playing the games to try, eving if your not good it is good to try the key is to have fun.And dont forget to cheque out the hole island to see the way it looks and dont forget to go see the great puffle circus.


My major tip is to play puffle paddle it's fun easy, fun and scores you lots of ticket in only a few shots. Just hit the puffles up and down, when I play I just aim to get a really long streak on the first puffle but every has their own way of playing. The game where you hit the target at the Dock is a great way of earning tickets, it barely takes a minute and you can get up to 25 tickets. Another great one is the 'Spin to Win' game because you can get any between 1 and 1000 tickets, it's also super nerve racking when the dial is spinning. See ya later, Jasema.


Hey penguins! Want to know a secret about earning tickets? Well, to earn tickets to get awesome prizes from the prize booth all youneed to dois play the fair games. I understand that some fair games might not excite you, but if you don't like a certain game, move on to the next one. Personally, my favorite game is the Puffle Shuffle or Puffle Paddle because it's not only fun to play with those adorable puffles, but also you get alot of tickets. Hope this helped! Waddle On!


Hi Happy77! i think some #1 ways to get tickets is on puffle shuffle, or the memory game. the memory game is super easy because all you have to do is pick random cards, and after you find a few, it just gets super easy from there. It also gives you LOTS of tickets! Waddle On!


well for me i get a lot of tickets from playing puffle paddle i get 200 each time i play


My tip is to play Puffle Match where you have to find the right puffle under one hat. I think that gets you alot of tickets. I also recommend playing Puffle Soaker. That game gets you alot of tickets fast! I hope I helped! Waddle on CP!


hey club penguin players,
i think that the best game to play is puffle shuffle.
because all you need to do is keep an eye on your colored puffles!
and make sure you get the right ones because then you get lots of tickets!

well waddle on club penguin!


If you like a game you play it alot right? Well if your favorite game gives you lots of tickets then you can certainly get lots of tickets! Also you can play puffle paddle ball or spin to win to get lots of tickets! I hope my comment helped! Thanks to all who read!


i would say feed a puffle its gives you lots of tickets when your done you have like 200 tickets


playing puffle paddle for some time then go to the splash game and then you got a whole lot of tickets


To get lots of tickets you can play spin-to-win multiple times and feed a puffle. If you keep playing these a few times you can earn tons of tickets in a short amount of time


Ok. I think the best whay to earn tikets is to play puffel pattle. Becoulse if you can get you puffle to stay in one spot whill you are playing you wont have to keep moveing you mouse around and you can just keep it in one spot. Trust me when I did it I got over 300 tikets whall keeping it in that one spot. But when I ended the I got 400 somthing tikets. Ok thats all. (: :) WADLE ON CLUB PENGUIN (: :)

lil tyke98:

spin to win,puffle paddle and memory mash are the easiest way to get tickets!!!



~~ lil tyke98


the easiest way to earn tickets is to save up and spin to win but, puffle paddle is another good way too! i say if you want to make money or coins always do your best and dont give up!


The best way to earn lots of tickets fast is Puffle Paddle. When ever you play that game there is no limit to how many tickets you can earn! You can earn at least 150 tickets at the least when you play that game! I love it! This is one of the best games to play at the Fair! Waddle on!

lil boo bo 1:

i think playing the spin to win is a great way to earn coins cause if you get 50 tickets on each three spins you would get 150 tickets thats awsome!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!WADDLE ON!!!!!!!

Ms Faith:

Theres a bunch of great games to earn tickets at! But, my choice would probally be puffle paddle or that one were you spin the wheel (im going to say the wheel of fortune ik thats not the real name but still its a show that has to do with a wheel lol) Those are some of the best ways to get tickets in my oppinion! Waddle on cClub Penguin you guys rock!!!!!XD


Club penguin is awesome play it now click the button cause they have a new fair event a easy way to earn tickets well is to focus and well i dont think its about earning tickets i think its about having fun and do what ur good at THX Happy77 sincerly Lola3181 P.S Big Club Penguin Fan right here :P


I think that these games are the best games because they are easy and you get a lot of ticket of tickets.

1.)Spin To Win

2.)Puffle Paddle

3.)Puffle Shuffle

I think Spin To Win is easy because because the only things to do are spin the wheel and cross your fingers. My advise is that to spin the wheel hard because i keep doing it and it grants me luck. Puffle Paddle is easy because all you need to do is to look at the puffles and pretend your hitting them. My advise is to start slow then fast. Finally, I personally think Puffle Shuffle is easy because all you need to do is to track the puffles inside the hats. For the advise, I would normally just keep track with my fingers. If i ever get lost, I would just guess.


I played feed a puffle until i got 3000 tickets and then i went around and bougt evreything i could and then i just played the bell because it is super fast so i just did that like ten times and that was the key to getting my tickets for the prizes..... click the camera at the ski village for a backrounD.

woooooooooooooo go circus


This fair is great just like the others. Always fun , awsome, and meeting freinds too.


the way i got all the prizes i wanted was playing these following games...feed a puffle,spin to win,and puffle paddle!


i think the best way to get tickets is to play these games feed a puffle paddle puffle these tow games are the best i hoped this helped you waddl on p.s club penguin is the best


I know one more way to get plenty of tickets! Play the Puffle Hat booth! I played and got 1740!!!! I think? But if it wasn't it was close! Anyways don't give up and try your best Never Say Never! I hope everybody has a great time during the fair! And its pretty cool that the fair started on my B-Day! I only spent a little time but its really cool!
Waddle On!
Newton1496 the B-Boy!

wolf hunter6:

Hi club penguin my tip on getting the most tickets is the Puffle Paddle think about the first puffle the more times you hit it the more tickets you get and the longer it last the more tickets you get.


playing puffle paddle, and the spin wheel thing, those i think are the best ones!


i love all the club penguin events but the fair is the best of them all if you are having a hard time trying to win tickets i thin you should play spin the weel or puffl paddle they are both pretty easy and you win lots of tickets too! waddel on and find your game ! i hope this helps you get tickets ps i love you happy77


In puffle pattle focus on 1 puffle


Well, if you really want to earn ALOT of tickets, try playing Puffle Paddle. I got about 1200 tickets just in ONE GAME!!!!!!!!!! When another puffle comes into play, keep track of it but DON'T let go of the previous one because the more times it gets bounced, the ticket number increases more and more!!! If you want to earn tickets FAST, then try playing Ring the Bell. Aim until the hammer is on the bullseye, then release when the power meter shows green. You'll earn 25 tickets just like that!!!


Go to the cove an play feed the puffles you could get 200+ tickets.I have done it it is quite easy.


hi happy77!
My best tip is to play puffle paddle,just tr to get atleast one puffle on the air

mary clare16:

i think spin to win is a good gane to play but dont go over 100 or you wont get anything so try that :)
until next time


Go to the beach and then you'll find a games that feeds the puffle. play it, I got 134 tickets so two times 268, PLAY IT.:)


I say the best way to earn tickets is to play feed-a-puffle and use your puffle Os on the puffles with the most tickets and try not to miss much.


The easiest way i get Tickets is by playing puffle paddle or feed-a-puffle! When i play puffle paddle if you play it for a minute or 2 without losing the puffle you earn like 500 tickets! If you play feed-a-puffle for 1 or 2 minutes you probally get about 300!
P.S. I hope this helps you like it helps me! Waddle On Cp!


I like to play Ring The Bell! Its easy! And The Tickets add up FAST! And if you Master Feed a Puffle, that will give you LOTS of Tickets Too!
Waddle On Club Penguin!


Now,for the tips,play can get over 487 tickets if you "KEEP THE COMBO",aim carefully at the black,red,orange,white and brown puffles. play a few games while 'KEEPING THE COMBO" you should have enough to buy all the avalabile prizes.AND REMEMBER DON'T JUST AIM CAREFREE YOU ONLY HAVE 100 PUFFLE-Os. Hope this helps,oh and you can get a stamp by feeding 50 puffles without missing a puffles mouth.


i would mostly use the game hit the bell spin the wheel and also puffle feeder but the hardest game to was to pop the targets balloon thing i dont remember what the name was whatever u guyz are the best for creating tmini games on cp also put more items to win with tickets itll be awesome thnx WaDdLe On Cp


Hi Club Penguin!
The tips I would want to give for the fair is take your time, and do the best you can! Don't push to hard because the pressure can cause stress and stress causes frustration and.... well... it just keeps going on! Just be you and do your best! you will have tickets in no time!
P.S if you are looking for a good game to get tickets really fast with, i suggest Feed A Puffle at the Cove
Waddle on CP!


Hello, I have 3 tips for u.

1) Play the easiest games first.
2) Play the games ur good at.
and 3) Don't play a game u ALWAYS fail at. If u cant succssed at a game no matter what, walk away. Don't stress yourself out.

Well I got 12 days to enjoy the fair. I might as well start enjoying it.

Until then......WADDLE ON!!



My fall fair tips!!!!!!!
1.practice all the games a lot so you can get better at them
4.try to do very well on the games so you can get more tickets with mean more prizes for your penguin!!
5. lastly if you believe you can do the best in the hardest game (for me its piffle paddle!!!!).

Well c ya in cp


Hi Happy77 And Billybob! when i saw the Music jam 2012, it was so amazing! i thought club penguin couldn't get any better then this! but it did! i LOVE club penguin and so do my sister and brother. :)
waddle on cp!


Here's a Tip from me on how I get MY tickets quickly! One on the games that REALLY helps me out on earning tickets, would have to be the game where you feed the puffles. Even though it seems really hard it actually is really easy once you get the hang of it! Each puffle has a different amount of tickets you get once you feed it. And each puffle does there own thing like spinning or jumping or maybe even closing and opening their mouths to be tricky! But even though it's a little hard, it gets you A LOT of tickets! You can find the game at the cove, But here's some more games I recommend: Memory match, Balloon pop (well at least thats what i'm sure its called), And Puffle paddle! I hope this helps you out! WADDLE ON! P.S. Happy77 do you have a favorite game on Club penguin? :D


A great way to earn tickets is to play all the games, and find out which one you like or are the best at the most. You'll find yourself playing that game over and over- and BAM! Tons of tickets!


My top tips for earning tickets would be playing your favorite games and playing the games your best at. I think if you play your favorite fair game, you have lots of fun and if you play for a while, you get tons tickets while having tons of fun. I think if you play the game your best at, you get tons of tickets even if you don't play for that long. My favorite games are puffle paddle and puffle feeder. There also my best, so I get tons of tickets playing that! P.S. the fair is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on!!!!!!!


hey cp! my # 2 ways to get tickets are: playing puffle paddle, playing spin to win!


Hi may five tips for earning tickets are these two:
1. Play puffle paddle heres the trick: you start of with blue when you here a buzzer sound that means a new puffle is coming soon so remember buzzer!
2. the magic hat game the secret is: remember the white puffle yeelow and red try to rmember where it is go for yellow then yellow the red then yellow then red then white i think thats the starting patern. thats all i got but i arned a LOT of tickets so try it out waddle on!


The easiest way to win tickets is play feed a puffle that is the game you can win the most tickets in. Here are some secrets about the brown and yellow puffles.Just click on their eyes and you will feed them and they can get you the most tickets like 3000. Waddle On Club Penguin

Bvb Chick1:

hey penguins!!! The best way to get tickets........ Is........TO............H.......A......V..........E.........FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MORE FUN YOU HAVE THE MORE TICKETS YOU GET!!!! WADDLE ON MY PENGUIN BUDDIES ;D


i think that feed a puffle is its so fun easy and enjoyable u rock cp rock on!


hello i love cp its awesome its the best game ive ever played and ive played alot of games under line alot
and i chose feed-a-puffle




My way to earn lots of tickets is to play feed a puffle and finish the whole game.
I got over 400 tickets in one game! I LOVE THE FAIR!!!!!! WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!


my tip is to play that puffle game at the dock
or do puffle paddle at the forest (you might get some at feed a puffle)
ok so Waddle + on = Waddle on


My tips are for Feed-a-puffle and puffle paddle because in feed-a-puffle,you gotta be smart and know the puffles moves and i mean ALL the puffles!The trickier the move,the more points you get,i always get about 500 tickets in that game!And in puffle paddle,you focus on the puffle,not the paddle,i get 200 tickets on the one!Well there are some tips,WADDLE ON

Triple H9311:

The fair is going great.I have been on Club Penguin for over a year now.You guys have been amusing me greatly for this time and I love it! great job to everyone in Club Penguin. WADDLE ON!!!!!!!


I think the easiest way to get tickets is to play Puffle Paddle, Spin To Win, Memory, and Puffle Shuffle. Another way to get tickects is to play the games you llike the most because you get better at them everytime you play and pretty soon you'll have everything on thoses prize shevels!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!! P.S. I love CP so much I've only been on for about 2-3 years now and I play it almost every day!!! Keep it up CP Crew!


hey i think the o-feed a puffle-o is the most easy way th get tickets cuz i played it the first time i the fair was even in town!!

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp

bell bella 8:

what i think about the fair is its awsome. from my decision i think memory game and spin the wheelis the easiest for me. for the memory it is 60 tickets and for spin the wheel you can get as much as you can.mostly just for playing those games i got at least 400 tickets. so know i have about 600 or 700 just from playing the carnival the carnival.
waddle on fellow penguins


My tip is on puffle shuffle.I won more than 200 tickets by kepping my eye on 2 hats.If it is not the puffle on those two hats then its the puffle on the other hat!!!I hope you use this tip...Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Ella Pinka:

My tip would be to play the game you're the best at or the one you like the most. My favorite is Puffle Paddle! I just love juggling puffles in the air! WADDLE ON CP!!! (P.S. please post my comment. Thank You very much.)
Ella Pinka
<3 Club Penguin! :) ;)


Some tips to do good in earning tickets in the fair are:

1.Be focused, don't let anything bother you while playing

2.Always feel confident, don't feel doubtful

3.JUST HAVE FUN!!!!!!!



Great tips to get tickets are to play Feed a Puffle and Spin to Win. For Feed a Puffle you could get 300 - 400 tickets on it! Make sure you feed them at the right time, like for the white and brown puffles. When they appear, make sure you give them a Puffle O right when they jump out of the hole! For Spin to Win, keep spinning, but don't get over 100! Those are my tips for getting many tickets!


puffle paddle is the fastest and easiest way to earn TICKETS!

waddle o
waddle o


My tip for earing tickets is to play "Spin The Wheel" Its earned Me Loads Of tickets Thanks Club penguin Waddle On! -Quickninja99


My tip is to play games you love and get good at them aet tickets and have fun.

PS This is my first comment.

Waddle on CP

Vader Darth6:

I think that the Puffle Soaker is a good way to earn tickets!! Because when you are done you usally get about 70 to 80 tickets per game. Once i got 100 tickets!! Well thats wat i think. p.s. plz post.

Kendall A423:

I love the way that the club penguin team has it so you can keep your tickets when you log off! I love the puffle circus! You guys did a great job! I think the memory game and feed a puffle would be best to get Tickets! Sometimes when you first try it, it seems hard, but if you try really hard, You will acheive it!
Waddle on club penguin! You're the best! All smiles!


You should play the balloon pop its fun and easy just keep on playing.From playing 2 games I have 500 tickets that I don't need to spend. Waddle on;] cp


Play Puffle Paddle for ages and try to juggle lots of Puffles it gets you more points!!


there are a few fun ways of getting loads of tickets. step one: find a good game that gives good coin amounts such as puffle paddle.[puffle paddle gives you more coins each time you hit it] step two: play for a long period of time unless the goal is to do it quick. step three: keep trying even if you re not the best at the game. if you are not try playing another game. i hope these help!


Wow CP is awesome with fall fair items and new items in rooms but i need to tell you sell you something wait i shouldnt tell you ok fine I LOVE CP IT ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heres how i get lots of tickets i play every game at the fair I see which ones are easy i play the easy games not the hard one i see what game gave me the most tickets and I keep playing the same game the gave me the most the game that gave me the most for me is feed the puffle


I would have to say the easiest way to get tickets is to play Feed-a-Puffle. I like to feed the puffles until the brown puffles show up, then I only feed brown puffles or higher. You save puffle o's and get a high score. Hope this helped! WADDLE ON CP!!!


Hi Happy77 (and club penguin team!) the best way to earn tickets are to play memory game and puffle paddle they both get u a lot of points!!!!! Hope to see u at the fair!!!! Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've been to three fairs, and the part I love most so far is that you can save your tickets like you can save coins this year! Hope this feature is for all fairs afterwards because I hated when we lost our tickets after logging out!


How is the fair going I'm going to check it out on September 21st. I hope everyone is safe, and having fun!!


I think feed a puffle is the best game. You can a lot from it! You should also try puffle paddle you can get a lot of tickets from that!


I hope the fair is fun!! I would love it, because other penguins say it is really fun.


Hmmmm That's a tough one. Try Getting extra spins in "Spin to Win". I earned like 350 tickets that way! Waddle on CP! PS :3 Love that curly moostache!


Hi! Happy77 will rookie be getting a new giveaway background during the fall fair? If so it would be cool to see some type of fair, circus tent kind of theme. Thanks for the latest updates on CLUB PENGUIN, WADDLE ON Happy77


Here are some cool tips for earning tickets: Play your favorite game (you won't get bored and you'll get a lot of tickets if you play for a long time), be patient (if you don't get many tickets after you played once, just keep trying and you'll get better at that game) and have your friends come over for a competition (play the same game on different computers to see who earns more tickets or who can last longer!).


i would love an iland igloo would u plz do this


When its the fair,my strategy is to SAVE(actually you can also use this strategy with coins too)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You shouldnt spend any ticket until you get at least 600 so you can get every prize and still have some left over for when more prizes come out!But the best way to get a lot of tickets is to have fun!If your not having fun you wont get many tickets.WADDLE ON CP!


Happy77, I just want to say one thing: THE FAIR IS AMAZING!! I think the best way to earn tickets is to play the game Feed A Puffle. All the puffles give a fair amount of points when you feed them. Plus, it's a fun game that anybody can win! Waddle on Club Penguin!!!


Personally, I think the best way to earn tickets fast is either by playing Puffle Paddle, Puffle Soaker, and maybe playing Spin to Win, if you're lucky enough to score 50.


The easiest way to earn tickets? Well I earn tickets fast by playing every game, besides isn't the Fair all about having fun and trying new things? Sure, some games give you more tickets but the games I get the most tickets from are the ones i enjoy the most like the Puffle Paddle. It's always fun to get a lot of tickets and prizes, but the best way to earn tickets is have fun!


Dear Happy77,
My tip for earning tickets is to keep on practicing and have fun. When you have fun in a matter of time you can have a hole load of tickets(accepted if you spend it all:]). P.s. don't get frustrated you will get the hang of it. P.SS. The new ticket system really helps because you won't loss all your tickets when you log off. Waddle on.

P.SSS. I never got posted :(.


in the air game i made it go to high at space and i won 900 hundred tickets


a roller coaster would be great especialy if you could use it as an animation


i love the carnival its also a great place to make friends by having fun and waddleing


hi cp team i like to say is that never give up! all the games are fun! :) waddle on!


Hey cp! i have a few tips for the newest penguins around
~Play every game, every game has its difficulty and points. the highest points to search are the forest, the mediums are the snow fort secret rooms and the cove , the lowest points to get (not including puffle shuffle) are in the dock
~Try your best! I got 300+ in puffle paddle just for trying hard! Try hard for rewards.. or in this case fair prizes!
~Have fun! no matter if you get the lowest tickets Just have fun!
Hoped this helps you guys! WADDLE ON!


wow i took my pookie to it its prity cool


ok my tips are feed a puffle
2.get all the puffles
3.never give up
4.HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fair is all about having fun and trying all the games! If you really want to know how to earn a lot of tickets then go to all the games and try your best on everyone, but dont forget to have fun! If you really are enjoying yourself then you should have no problem winning a lot of tickets. ENJOY THE FAIR!!!!!


the easiest way to earn tickets is play spin the weel and memery or feed a puffle there fun games and easy most of the games are hard too be at they are all fun though hope you have fun at the fair ITS A LOT OF FUN hope you can read this i only buy stuff when i have about 600 then i spend all of them


My best tip is try play all of the games, then keep playing the ones that are easiest for you until you get lots of tickets! The ones that I think are the easiest are Puffle Soaker, Puffle Paddle and Feed-A-Puffle!
I LOVE the fair SO much! It's my first one ever on Club Penguin and I'm getting a membership on the 25th!

Keep On Waddling!


yea that would be a good idea


My way to earn lots of tickets are to play, Feed a Puffle or Puffle Paddle.Waddle On!


My tips for me are: Play Puffle Paddle and Feed the Puffle, my two favorite games. After I get the hang of them (since I haven't played them in a year!), I set goals for myself like get more than two puffles at once bouncing in Puffle Paddle, for example. Then I go around and just play some games, and try not to spend to much on prizes initially. Sometimes they put out more (better) prizes after a few days, and also, if you spend all your tickets in one place, you have to re-earn them.

Those are my tips for getting lots of tickets!

PS. Using these tips, I got over 1 thousand tickets in about 20 minutes.
PPS. Twice, because the first time I spent about 900 of them on some prizes.


i get a lot of tickets is playing Puffle paddle because every puffle you hit you get a ticket and its really easy to play try to hit to hit the puffle i like to paddle to puffles at once sometimes its hard but a play it a lot and a win over two hundred tickets thats way i play it to get tickets.
BYE CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps club penguin is the best game ever please be a member because its awesome!!!!!!!!


These are the best ways to earn tickets : Play games that you are extremely good at. For example with me, Puffle Paddle and Spin to win. Play games that gives you a good amount of tickets. And if you have enough to get what you want, (If I were you, redeem all your tickets for all of the items so you can be whatever you want to be in the future) just go ahead and get it. Have a great time at the fair! :) ~ Bdon6


I think that puffle paddle and feed the puffle puffle o's is the best for earning tickets.And spin to win can be good but sometimes not.Ring the bell earns you barely anything.I gues the balloon game is quite good for earning tickes.Dont get up me if I don't know the names of the games.Anyway waddle on!


Dear CP,
I think a good way to earn alot of tickets is to play Feed a Puffle and Puffle paddle. On puffle paddle, you can get a lot of points-hint: try to keep at least one puffle steady at a time. When you play Feed a puffle (my favorit game!!!) , feed as many puffles as you can- hint: don't try to just get the puffles with the most points, just feed as many as you can, the game will last longer, and you'll get more tickets!!!
Have a Great Fair!!! =), pingu69888


To get tons of tickets I play games that give you tons of tickets and I just keep playing them over and over.


feed a puffle it so easy when you want alot of tickets

Speeder 4:

I think that Feed-A-Puffle gives you the most tickets. Try to feed the black puffles, they give you the most coins.
P.S. when will there be different igloos?


Play what is the game which is the easiest for you then you get a lot of tickets!Like Puffle Paddle which is pretty easy so you could earn a lot of tickets!


I agree with dinammar! Spin to win and puffle paddle gets u the most coins each time! But also feed a puffle gets u alot


The easiest way to earn tickets, is by puffle paddle, I spend as much as up to 2 hours on it, very addicting.
Also the spin to win is easy and gives you allot of tickets. xx
Thanks happy77, hopefully you take my comment under consideration as the winner. :)


I would suggest playing "Feed A Puffle" and "Puffle Paddle" to earn lots of tickets.
The reason "Feed A Puffle" is good is because of these tips:
-Feed the jumping ones first, then the harder ones, then the blue ones
-Harder to hit puffles give more points the blue puffles

How about "Puffle Paddle"?
-The game is endless
-Concentrate on the most hit ones, they give more tickets

Using this I got up to 5000 tickets!!!

Waddle On Club Penguin!


I try to make a ton of tickets by playing either Puffle Paddle, Puffle Shuffle and Spin to Win!
The trick is for Puffle Paddle is to hit the puffle a little bit at a time. When the other puffle comes, try to hit one puffle high and one low then swap!
Waddle On!

jjhsajhfliufa 1:

I would say the memory game or spin and win.
waddle on!!


Well,I think my tip is the most easiest way to earn tickets is playing the most easiest game likepuffle shuffle,memory card game, also puffle paddle and if u keep playing the fair games like everyday im sure you'll have at least like 1,000 or even more hope this tip works!


alypie 10:

hi happy77
I think that the games that you get the most tickets in is your favourite.Some of my favourites are the memory game and ballon pop.In both of those I got more than 100 tickets and now i have more than 1000 tickets.All you need to do is find your favourite games that get you the most tickets and keep playing.
waddle on cp!


I love to play puffle paddle, at firs its hard but then I got used to it and got about 1000-2000 tickets


in puffle paddle the puffle that gives the most tickets is the 1 u start with


Fair Games- Tickets-


-walk your puffle to the game an
your puffle appears in the baloon

Water Puffle Shoot Game
-Don't blast at penguins
-Press the down arrow
key to avoid obsticles


I like feed a puffle the best because it earns me millions of tickets
waddle on CP team and Happy77
[PS:what happened to the other blog writer]


first i play all the games and which ever one is the easiest i play that and earn my tickets that way! Ps:


the reason y there is tickets in the fair beacuse we have new things to use instead of members getting everything


Hey Happy77! I think that the Memory Card Game and the Puffle Shuffle is the best way to earn tickets! Waddle on CP!


I suggest playing puffle paddle and just focusing on one puffle instead of trying to juggle puffles and it's a way to earn coins fast.


To get tickets quicker, all you have to do is make sure you clearly understand the instructions for the fair game your playing. Also, you can play your favorite fair game over and over to get better and better at the game to win more tickets! Hope this helped! Waddle On CP!!!!!!

epl 500:

I remember last year me and my friend would play Puffle Shuffle. My friend would watch one puffle, I would watch another. For example, there is a red, green, and black puffle. My friend watches the red, and I watch for the green. If the game asks us to find the green puffle, I'm watching it. If they ask for red, my friend has that covered. If they asked for black, we'd just pick the one we weren't watching. Then we'd go on my friend's account and do it for them. Really quick way!!!!

Ook Pook:

My faveorite fair game is puffle paddle. My faveorite thing about this fair is that people without memberships can buy things at the fair. It makes them really happy. I know because my friend from school told me. I hope you keep the fair but please make more events and better clothes. Thank you for creating club penguin and listening to me.


i just wanted to tell you that the best way is having a goal and math to add it all up.See your score st every game and figuare it out like this if I get 25 tickets on the puffle swich then I get 50 tickets on the weel and your goal is 200 then play the weel 4 times have fun, Cool54864

Pwnd 543:

The fair is AWESOME!!! You guys should check it out.Theres alot of games and lots of prizes.My favorite part is the Puffle Carnival! HAVE FUN N WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


to me the easy way is with feed a puffle it is very easy just by shooting puffle o's at there mouth to me there is no game more easy as feed a puffle I
mean really PUFFLE PADDLE it might be easy for some pepole but if you have good memory you should try one of the memory games if you are fat at moveing the mouse you should play puffle paddle but a lot of pepole are not fast at moveing the mouse you should try feed a puffle here are my reasons why i think it is very easy it's simple easy to put the puffle o's in there mouth thats why i think feed a puffle is easy and a fast way to earn tickets


Well CP my top tips are play LOADS of fair games to play and it's super fun! Some games you earn 200 tickets like on feed-a-puffle,puffle paddle and way more fun games. WADDLE ON CP!!!



I like to play Ring The Bell! Its easy! And The Tickets add up FAST! And if you Master Feed a Puffle, that will give you LOTS of Tickets Too!
Waddle On Club Penguin!


My top tip is that you play lots of games that can get you tickets like feed a puffle, puffle paddle and lots more and try to survive longer too!!




I play the Hammer Game to whip up a few hundred tickets quick.

Waddle on Club Penguin Have Fun!


To earn lots of tickets, I practice and practice playing each game. When you are a master with some of the fair games, you'll earn lots of tickets! Remember Pratice makes Perfect


I think you should persevere, and never give up!

lego train56:

to my the games you can get the most tickets on are puffle shuffle, puffle paddle, and feed a puffle.
waddle on clubpenguin!


i think that it would be spin to win


The best tickets are at the Puffle Paddle. I've gotten 200 tickets at a time on that game.

Lego Man118:

The way I get so many tickets is doing the game Puffle Paddle. I only focus on one puffle and let the other ones fall :)



Hey penguins
My favourite event on clubpenguin is the fair,
My easiest way to win more tickets is playing puffle paddle,
most of my clothing item in my inventory is the fair items
they are pretty cool, and thanks for allowing Rookie to join us this year.


You can get LOTS of tickets by playing Puffle Paddle, Spin to Win, and the memory games! I played these games a LOT so I got tons of tickets and I got EVERY PRIZE!!! Plus, JHF! ( just have fun!)
Waddle On!
P.S. Hope these game suggestions help!


My top tips would be...

1.Practice at one game until you are a master (this will give you tickets any way)

2.Once you master one game move to the next and when you master this... (etc etc)

3.When you master all of them, play them and get all the tickets you could want! -zippyzam


The best way I earn tickets is by doing feed the puffle. I would take my time my time for the puffles that go spinning around and around, I would wait for the puffles that shows their eyes then jump up and I would wait for the black puffle to open his mouth.
I got three hundred an something tickets.
But I think that puffle paddle better because you keep doing the same puffle and I think it's the best way to earn tickets even you will keep doing it until your mum or dad calls you.


The easiest way for me to earn tickets easily is, to play the games I am well at and, play the games that give away alot of tickets for prizes. Waddle on, CP!


Puffle paddle is best because i got 718 tickets out of it


my tip is Puffle paddle because it gives you more tickets


we should do that non members can buy member items a day

starie 2002:

i think feed the puffle and puffle paddle and spin the wheel are the easiest games to play becauese i got 250 tickets from each of those games!!!!

WADDLE ON CP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


these are my tips:
first of all look around and decide what u want to buy.
next play spin to win or puffle blast



Mr Stuffy9:

well some of the fair games dont give yo alot of tickets but id have to say a new game could be added like a merry go round where you squrit puffle cut outs off of the horses but if you hit a real puffle you lose 5 tickets from the score and the grand prize is 150 tickets with 100 tickets added on for the jack pot penguin


have you been to the cove? well the feed a puffle game really gives you alot of tickets
so does puffle paddle. just remember play and have fun!
-waddle on CP you rock!


the easiest way for me is to play puffle paddle


I definently recomend playing games like puffle paddle and spin-to-win. they get you heaps of tickets!


Sometimes, it's nice to play Spin-To-Win over and over again. I'd say the top game is Puffle Paddle, though. It's easy and helps you get more tickets. If you have a friend at school or a neighbour, you can VS them at a game of Puffle Shuffle, and the person who gets more tickets, wins! You can do it with other games too. It's a fun way of earning more tickets. Waddle on CP!


hi im just giving u some ideas for furniture items! i hope u can mjake it happen!
playground set
bathroom set
garden hose
basketball court
tennis court
thx! hope u can make them happen! i wish u could bring in lots of old furniture! because its really annoying when u really want something and its not out anymore!thx cp! club penguin rocks!it would be awesome to actually work for cp!


For me puffle paddle, puffle feed, puffle socker and ballon pop! I hope they help!
Waddle on cp!


I'm having the BEST time at the Fair, Btw I HIGHLY choose Puffle Paddle, Here's a tip: Don't lose the first puffle EVER and you'll get more Tickets!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CP AND THE CP TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON FOREVER CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Club Penguin!
My thoughts on the best way to get as many tickets
as possible would probably be,
1) Puffle paddle
2) Spin to win ( but you've got to be good at it though)
3) The memory game.
I hope this helps all you CP fans!
Waddle On friends!


i think that puffle paddle and spin to win give you the most tickets! anyone know when rookie is coming =( never actually met any famous penguins only been in the same room! and couldnt click on them because there was a big crowd! thx!

Agent 33337:

Are you gonna release top hats in the fair?


I have been to 2 fairs with membership, and I think this one is by far the best! My favorite game is Puffle Paddle, you earn lots of coins and it's super fun! Oh and is the rare teddy bear coming out this fair? :P I hope it is!


I think a good way to earn tickets is to play puffle paddle or feed a puffle( if you know how). The fair is awesome I can't wait for the red wheeler next week! Waddle on CP(and Happy77)!


To get loads of tickets you could try puffle paddle. Or even the memory game i think its called something like puffle shuffle. But i don't know.


a great way to earn tickets is play feed a puffle
i got loads from that game WADDLE ON CP!
P.S what about the new blog


I think that playing Puffle Splash gets you the most fair tickets.


i think that the feed a puffle, paddle puffle and ballon pop are the best. I earnt 2013 tickets in 20 mintes


I really really enjoyed the fair! On the 19th I was like I cant wait the fairs on tommorow!


My top tip is if you are not a member all you have to do is play all the games. You don't need to even win it and you will get lots of prizes!!!!!!!!!


I LOVE this year's fair!I also love having some advice for you(below).

The best way to earn tickets is to play a game that you are skilled at,and you like to play.
Or,if you are not particularly skilled at any game,play a range of different games.
What I like best about the fair is that now,for the first time ever,you can save your tickets until you use them!


How about a theme park like roller-coasters,log flumes, merry-go-rounds, best thing of all up and down air rides and so much more so how about it


you don't need ten tips only one,play them all depending on how good you are you'll get about 600 tickets like i did.
from lolly132


hi club penguin team i think the easiest way of getting tickets is play the MEMORY CARD GAME :D


it is so amazing thier is lots of games


Hey Club penguin! Mariohps here,
My tips are...
1. Play your favorite game and the one you are best at.
2. Try all the games and see what on is your strong point


I think that the easiest way to earn tickets is to play spin the wheel,feed a puffle or puffle paddle.


A really good tip is playing Puffle Paddle. My tip for Puffle Paddle is is keep as much puffles in the game as you can, as i recall, the more puffles you bounce, the more points you get, which mean more tickets!
Another really good tip is to play puffle shuffle. I'm really good at it. All you have to do is memorize which puffle is in which hat and memorize it. But you need to be really fast on memorizing. It's quite hard, but i bet all of you smart penguins can do it! Good luck!


Play games that give you tons of tickets in a short time. For example Puffle Paddle.

Mr Funny29:

It would be AWESOME if the CP team could make penguins have credit cards! So they buy a credit card then they can use the credit card to buy things if you don't have enough coins. But you do have to pay it back when you recieve a bill from club penguin.


My favourite way to earn fair tickets is to play spin the wheel I always get lots of tickets. I also like to play puffle paddle I am quite good at that one too! :)


weel hi i would just like to say have you ever met rockhopper and yarr i think that the fair and all the other events are great fun also club penguin is amazing. anyway i hope you guys enjoy the fair



joey 55431:

the best way to earn tickets is from the game puffle paddle and the game feed a puffle i earned over 500 tickets from them!


well hi i would just like to say have you ever met rockhopper and yarr i think that the fair and all the other events are great fun also club penguin is amazing anyway i hope you guys enjoy the fair




The circus was fun! im still looking for pins,backgrounds and cloths to make my penguin funny and awesome!!!!!


Well my thoughts are find a game that you like and are good at and keep trying your best and if you dont feel like playing something like puffle paddle just play spin to win!
-Waddle On!


puffel padel and spin the weel gets a lot waddle on


Hi penguins! Today, I am going 2 share with you my tips and tricks!
My first and only trick is: to play what you enjoy or play best in!

My best game is puffle paddle. I earned 1000 tickets from there!

nooh 275:

Puffle Paddle I think gives you a lot of tickets.
A good tip is to focus on one Puffle.
Waddle on!

ultra man425:

My best tips for tickets is play puffle soaker its a fun game and easy to get coins i mean tickets.


if you want many tickects the best idea would be play alll the games in the fair and waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, i think puffle paddle is the easiest game i earned about 400 tickets!


I love the puffle paddle game and I usually play that.Last time I won 1116 tickets!


Just play the games you like so the more you play the more tickets you get.


i would say spin-to-win becase i won 500 coins

this is my first fair and it is so awesome so far because cp made it and thats why it rocks so much

waddle on cp

p.s can daffodaily5 visit during the fair to do a report on the great puffle circus


My top game is spin to win. You get lots of chances of winning a super ammount of tickets. My tip is to keep a close eye on what your playing, use skill and believe in yourself!


I would play feed a puffle,spin to win and puffle pad


Hi CP,
THE FAIR IS FAIRTACULAR and the games are also fairtacular all the puffles are great at the Great Puffle Circus and All the prizes are so fairtacular im going to get them all!!!!
Oh and Waddle On CP!!!


i think the best game to earn tickets feed a puffle once i earned 250

blue 431:

i always play all the games im realy good at the strength test

Hey Cool Me9:

puffle paddle, its REALY easy & it gives you heaps of tickets. My record is like 400 tickets in 1 game so have fun at the fair CP :D


Hello CP!
By far the best way to collect as many tickets as you want, is definitely.... *drum roll*
PUFFLE PADDLE!! I've been to the fair a lot and it's true XP This is game is sooo easy, by just paddling one puffle I got 100 tickets XD the more puffles you paddle the more tickets you'll get!! I tried it with two puffles and won 450 tickets! XD Hope I helped!


Hey Penguins, if you want to earn ALOT OF TICKETS you need to have fun and love what your doing! Remember nothing can stop you from earning some tickets! WADDLE ON CP AND HAVE FUN FELLOW PENGUINS!


Hello Club Penguin team,
I love the fair. It's so cool! I think the best ways to get tickets are to play Spin to Win, Puffle Paddle or Feed a Puffle but you can play any game you want to earn tickets.
Waddle on!!!


the way i get awsome amount of tickets i play puffle paddle and feeding puffle game great ways just use a startegty and remember puffles they help and there so gosh darn cute


You should just look at the secrets on the newspaper.
Rookie tells you what you can do to earn more tickets.
These secrets are very helpful! Thank-you club penguin team!

tweety 102:

The fair has been excellent and amazing i think you should play your favorite game and try your hardest then you get a lot of tickets i hope everyone likes the fair because i know i do waddle on CLUB PENGUIN


I think the easiest way to earn tickets is to ceep on playing 1.Paddle Puffle. And 2.Spin To Win!


my tip would be to play spin the wheel because you can win alot of tickets with just 1 click

best girl13:

The best game is Puffle shuffle it is so AWESOME!! i can't believe i got 2000 tickets from it. :D

syed hassan7:

the fair is kinda amazing but the thing is...........if the racket is free why isn't the clown suit
neither the mustache or the hair but its AMAZING

syed hassan7


well I got every prize with the Spin-to-win game so yea its cool spin to win is AWSOME :] waddle on cp

Reddy Orange:

fair was very fun!


come on club penguin team you've gotter pot my comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
otherwise i'll be quiting club penguin for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Best Way Is To Waddle Round CP And The Game You Think Is The Easiest And Earns You Loads Of Tickets

E.G. Memory Card Game,Puffle Paddle

Then Have Loads Of Time Buying Your Favourite Items From The Ticket Booth (Outside Puffle Circus,Forest)

Hope This Helps You



My tips:
1.Play Puffle Padle a lot(It gives you lots of Tickets).
2.Play Feed-A-Puffle a lot(Remember the Pink,White,Black,Brown,Orange,Yellow and Red puffles are tricky).
3.Puffle Soaker,Ballon Pop,The Memory Card Game,Ring The Bell And Puffle Shuffle are quite tricky.
4.For lots of Tickets play Spin The Wheel lots.
Waddle On(I hope this helps you!).


Puffle paddle is the way to go if you want to earn tickets and spin and win because if you get 80-90 your score is doubled and if you get 90-100 they are tripled! With puffle paddle if you keep all the puffles and don't let one fall you can earn loads of tickets! This year you don't lose you tickets when log out (which is great). The prizes are so cool especially the green clown suit.
Thanks for all the fun and prizes.


my best way is to go to the Snow forts then go to the other games
Balloon pop is my favourite way to earn tickets and the easiest way to all you need to do is charge targets into cactus' and you win about 2-10 tickets for every target my tip: press the left click for super wind!!!


my tip is always go for the best ticket earning games and always try your best




The best way to earn tickets is to play Spin to win.


the best way to earn tickets is play more and spend less


i think the best way to earn tickets is to have fun if you find a game your good at and you have fun with it thats your ticket to earning tickets waddle on club penguin :)


Hi! this is wowo90947 i got 910 tickets because the easiest way to get it is by playing puffle puddle and fees a puffle


For Ring the Bell, you don't need to be highly skilled, you can get 100 tickets in 4 rounds if you get a perfect score, which is very easy to get. Then save up and have fun, check out all the games and find which one is best for you.


hey club penguin
every year i enjoy all the games at the fair. This year's fair though has been the best! Top tips for earning loads of tickets are to practise and practise any game you like the most and to keep focused on the game you're playing. My favourite game is Puffle Paddle where i enjoy seeing the smiles of the happy puffles bouncing on the paddle stick. I would also recommend Puffle Paddle too as a mini fair game to earn lots of tickets as well as the game Feed the Puffle. They both are very fun games as well as very rewarding. As the quote goes "Those who work hard will always be rewarded."


Hi Happy 77 my best tip is to save your tickets first and then spend them all and also different kinds of games like feed a puffle and puffle paddle.





i want teddy bear so badly

k 20 10 2:

I tip for getting much more tickets is play Feed-O-Puffle(at the Cove). It's easy,fun and you get lots of tickets. Although you can only feed 100 O'Berries, I think there is a timer too. Once I got up to 500 tickets! There are many puffles you can feed that pop up from a hole.
Here is list of the puffles and how many tickets they give you:
-Blue= 2 tickets
-Red= 4 tickets
-Brown= 6 tickets
-Yellow= 10 tickets
-Orange= 12 tickets
-Black= 14 tickets
-Pink= 16 tickets
-Green= I don't know.... (could be rare!)

When your box of O'Berries is looks like flat and empty, don't waste it all. You it wisely, like only feed the the puffles give you more than 12 tickets ect.
Hoped this helped! :D. WADDLE ON CP!!!


the best way to earn tickets is to play feed a puffle because iwon 200 ticks in it!!!!!!!!


Hey :D
My tip for earning tickets is play and try all the games!
You will have so much fun that you will forget about the tickets and you will get tons!
What that I do is playing the "Spin To Win" Game to try double and triple my score by getting 80-90 or 91-100.
I think that this is the best way of earning tickets. :)


I have 1000 tickets because of puffle feed I think thats a great game!

James Lee2:

Hi Happy77,
The easiest way to get tickets are to play Puffle Paddle or Feed A Puffle at the cove.I played Puffle Paddle last year for at 4 times and got at least 2000 tickets.


Well i love to have a nice FUN game of Puffle Feed and you can earn around 400 TIKETS!!!!!!



ice nice 101:

I think you should make a game where a puffle has three hats and he puts something in it and he mixes the hats around .
You have to find out which one has the thing in it!

GO CP!!!


I love the new fair!!! its amazing how you can play games! and get some cool prizes! like I loved the night life one but this! I would rate it ten out of ten!! and five stars! it even has a new dance floor in the night club!! and a pizza contest! I just love it!!! ITS AWESOME!!!!


I just can't stop earning tickets! Like I only just want to play a game but I just get like amillion tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!


The trick is to test all the games and find out which one gives you the most tickets. It's kind of like me when I was testing all the games in Club Penguin to see which one gave me the most coins. I found out that Aqua Grabber gave you about 800 coins in two games. (without collecting the average-sized pearls.) So anyway, try Spin to Win and Puffle Paddle. I think they're the best.

Waddle On!


I think the fastest way of earning tickets is to play puffle padel because the piffles will multiply until you don't have any

Hiya Guy:

I think the best way to earn tickets is to keep playing the games you are good at and don't spend your tickets once you earn them. You need to learn to save your tickets.



Hi Club penguin team/penguins

The fair is great I love it and the best game to win ticket is the meomey game or the puffle paddle once I got 187 ticket in the puffle puddle

Thank you

Waddle on Club Penguin


I dont need the money i just wanna give tips
1.Puffle Feeder
2.Puffle Paddle


The easiest games are puffle paddle, puffule soaker and spin to win.They are really super cool games and give us lots of tickets .All games at the fair are awsome
-waddle on

mei 1 mei:

I think that spin to win is the best game to earn tickets because not only that you only need to use your mouse and click easily, while waiting for the wheel to stop you can do other things! But sometimes you are not very lucky.... :( Waddle on CP!!!!!


It is scientifically proven that people are good at the things they love.
This means that the best thing you can do is play the fair game you like the most. It really works. For instance, when I was pressed for CP cash, I used to play the fishing game to earn faster--but after a while I found it dead boring (no offence!!!). But now I play Smoothie Smash, and am earning money by the thousands, just because I like it. Waddle On CP! Hope you find my comment handy!


I love the fair the i love all the prizes we get puffle paddle and spin to win are such cool games


ithink you should play feed a puffle puffle paddle spin the wheel and whatever the other games you earn a lot of coins on


I would say the best way to earn tickets is to play Feed A Puffle. That gives you lots and lots of tickets. Another way to earn lots of tickets is to play games you are good at I would say!!


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