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By Billybob on October 17, 2012 - 15:28

Hello Penguins!


I hope you're all as excited about the Halloween Party as I am.  The office is buzzing today, it's going to be amazing!  


I wanted to make sure you heard it directly from me, after 7 incredible years at Club Penguin, I'm going to be moving on.  I'll be around for the next few months to make sure everything is all good.  Then I'll be focusing on building some cool stuff for schools.  I hope I'm able to help with learning the same way I have been able to help build Club Penguin. 


I have had such an incredible time being a part of Club Penguin over the years and serving you guys everyday.  The Club Penguin Team is better than ever, and the plans we've made for the next year are awesome!  My friends Polo Field and Businesmoose will keep you updated with all the latest behind-the-scenes updates here on the blog. Even though I won't be working at Club Penguin anymore, I'll still be around and logging on to hang out.  


You are the reason I've done this for so long and I am so thankful you've let me be a part of your lives.  You are what makes Club Penguin special.  Never forget that.


Until then… Waddle on!


- Lane (aka Billybob)



Hi Billybob,

I've been playing Club Penguin ever since August 4, 2006. It's sad to see you go but I wanted to say thank you for being a part of the making of Club Penguin. Even at 17 I enjoy playing the game and helping numerous penguins. :)


im sorry too good job begging first


ur cool this website is awsome thanks its fun i think some penguins should get more penguin clothing or stuff same but yeah without that it becomes, u know boring


well i think that people who arnt members should just enjoy i know i do. btw eat and find love at the pizza parlor that place is the bomb.


@Trainman1405 wow! you have been playing for a LOooong time! i'm only ten!!!
@Billybob wow... so sorry... that you are leaving...... I'M SURE YOU'LL MISS ME!!!!<3, Snowyman80 (AKA YOUR FAV PENGUIN XD)


That is so cool to hear you say that! I'm around that age too, and I enjoy beating games for my little brother. It always makes him smile. It's pretty awesome that so many people came on CP so early, and stay on so late :)


i have been playing club penguin from 2008


me too i have been on cp since it started
im sad that ur leaving
i feel silly thinking that ur gone
cp will go crazy without u
Billybob club penguin will never be the same without u

Cutypy9 =( =)


me too


Thank you BillBob,I appritiaciate wat u are doin.Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


BYE BILLYBOB i miss ya lol


I feel the same way i have been playing club penguin since 2006 also. We are gonna miss you. Thanks for everything!


Dear Billy bob,
I know that you are not in club Penguin today but I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done over the years I started playing cp in November 2012. I had no idea what anything was but overtime I fell in love of what you did. I wanted to say thank you for making my life so specail. Signed, Cherrydog2




thats a really nice comment you sound cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3


Billybob is not any penguin, he is a hero of cp.
As always, waddle on, Billybob.


I agree its been preety good having Billybob. Sadly he has to go and he was everyone's favorite. But hopefully he doesnt stop there just working for Club Penguin has been great for him. But maybe he will move on to something good. (:


im 11 and i enjoy the game i wish ill have time wen I'm like 18 :( but i love club penguin even if i didn't have any time :)


Even though I've been on Club Penguin since 2010 I've always played Club Penguin with my best friend. I will miss you alot even though I've never meet you on Club Penguin.I've always wanted to though.I wanted to say Congrats and Goodbye. Love Zoey583


Hi Billybob,

it's so sad to see you leaving club penguin but all of us penguins will really miss you!


yah. i agree.. its sad to think about you leaving! well.... thanks for being part of the team!


I totally agree, Trainman1405. It is sad to see someone go. I am 10 years old now. Almost 11. I still love to play CP. Thank you for your hard work Billybob. Enjoy the rest of your new life!


Are you a beta penguin Trainman1405? If you are, that's totally AWESOME!


well i havent been here very long with this account but you Trainman1405 are right because i had an account before this i thank you for your time, thanks for being here for billybob
we will miss you!!!!


Hi Billybob,I want to say thank you for making Club Penguin a better place and stop people for bulling.I hope I'll see you agian.Your one of my favorite characters!See you soon! :D :) <3


oh thz and im just trying this but thx you so much


i agree
:'( it breaks my heart


Hya Billybob,

Ive Been On Club Penguin I Think For Two Years Now Its So Depressing To Hear That U R Going. So My Last Words To U Is To Have A Wonderful Year
- Your Fan Sandra389


Hope to see you agen. I would of loved to be your friend on Club Penguin but your alredy my friend in the hart. Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eamonn K:

Wow your been on for a while ;) but im so going to miss billybob ;(


I love the music you are so awesome!


yeah lane you are AWESOME! i will miss you!


Hi Billybob

ive been playing since last year. is the best game i ever played. i keep on playing every single day . i never stop playing in my intier favorite game on is cardjitsu.ill never forget you

monday october 21 1:34 oclock.


i hope u make club penguin the best online game ever u need to make everything acceptable for everybody in the club penguin universe mostly all the things in club penguin are only for members they should be for all penguins if u are a member or not u should be able to buy anything u want in club penguin to costumes even to should make more stores in club penguin so people can buy more than just clothes and accesories it should be more stores in club your best and do wat the people want and make all of these things happen.


its nice to know that there are people playing cp that are older than me, im almost 13 and i really enjoy playing!!! Even though cp is really only for kids ages 4-12 i will never grow out of it. Club Penguin is just one the thoughs games that never gets old!!!!!!!


I ditched CP for a whole year since some of my friends said i was too old and since my membership expired. I came back just weeks ago and never saw a post from Billybob and Happy77 again. I checked out the archives and and am sad to see u go. But anyway, WADDLE ON CP!
:) M28

Loki Terry:

Thank you so much Billybob! - you mean a lot to us and thank you for everything!! - Waddle on!


Thanks for this amazing 7 years! I have been in Club Penguin since 2006 and it is a great shock to me see you leave!
I hope I will be able to meet you in the future, and good luck on your upcoming projects.
Best Fishes,


It's sad to see you go, however, I would like to be the first to wish you well in all of your future endeavours!


Aww! :( Well if you change your mind...Come Back! :) Even if you don't, Enjoy the rest of your life! :D


I think it's great what you're doing and if you think its the right choice then us penguins support you 100%. Although you should tweet whenever you come on. You DEFIANTLY will be miss ALOT for all of the things you have done to change the world. We hope Coins for Change will be more successful since the day it was introduced. Please visit often.

Waddle On, Have fun



We will all miss you! Enjoy building things for schools!

Wwe Vs Wwf:

I will miss you Billybob! You were a great person and you made Club Penguin special! I hope you enjoy helping schools and maybe you could visit my school soon? ;) But I will miss you Billybob. :')

Carter T:

awwww im really gonna miss u Billybob!! Please lets hang out sometime! Im Carter T. If u dont want to friend me its okay. Your one of the best penguins on Club Penguin!! Bye Billybob. We all will miss u too. And were not just what makes Club Penguin specail. Its what YOU make that makes US specail. Remember That. I will Really Miss U ALOT!!! Bye!!!


Thank you for everything Billybob we are all happy for you. I wish you luck on your new journey. Thank you for everything you have done for us!


Max Mystery:

Thanks for all Lane I will miss you i hope you the best in your future. Keep Working Hard my dear old friend :´)


Shocking news! I understand everyone needs to move on and it's always for better. I've been playing Club Penguin since the year it was released and truly, I've enjoy CP every day. You along with Rsnail, Screenhog, and the Club Penguin Team have created and developed an amazing game. I honestly don't know what to say... This is not a goodbye but a see ya later because I - WE know we'll all see you soon :) You've always been THE penguin in the island and well... We'll miss you! Good luck on your next project and HEY! Glad to hear you're going to work on building some "cool stuff" for schools :D Can't wait to see what that's about ;)


Congratulations, Billybob:

You made kids smile in web, now you will make them smile with proyect on school, you were, are, and will be my hero FOREVER!!!!!!


Well, I understand that everyone needs to move on. I love what you and the team has done to the game!
Waddle on!


I'm gonna miss you BillyBob. I joined in 2009. Anyways.. We'll miss you lots and lots...
CP forever.

Waddle on!

Pink Honey13:

Hugs );


Hi Billybob have a Happy Halloween on Club Penguin, and i am as excited as you are for the Halloween party!!!






Its very sad that you are leaving billybob.
Everyone will miss you, i am crying right now because you are the best.
It was a fun time hanging around with you.
I Will never forget the way you helped me with my math skills.
your friend,


Same here


Dear Lane, We will all miss you and wish you could stay. After being the Co-Founder of club penguin I have admired you the most. You've been through thick and thin and have been very Patient with all these problems. Lane Maryfield, YOUR MY HERO! I've only known about you for a few years but I still will Miss you. I have many Questions: Who Will Take your place? Will you still visit the offices? Will You visit America? We will all miss you.

Love and best wishes,


i know, right? its so sad that billybobs leaving cp! :( PS. we will miss u, billybob! :)

star cat:

ur leaving I WILL MISS YOU BILLY BOB!!!!! and thanks for everything that you did for us on clubpenguin

best wishes star cat


thats cool that he helped you with your math skills.


I will never forget all of the times i saw you in the band, Or when you came to the Dance party. We will never forget you. And we know, Your will never forget us... :(

- Remember us... Bombzyz

Agent 33337:

It's going to be quite sad that your leaving i hope you have a good life and thank you for being on club penguin i will miss you bye billybob


You are right we will all miss him in our own ways. Even though i never met billy bob i'm still thankful for what he has done to club penguin and the environment. Thank you Billy for everything, and have fun building those houses. We wont forget you.

- HelghastCommander out


Dear Lane,
It is extremely saddening to know that you're leaving.
you are the best Mr.Merrifield!


i too will miss you
it really was fun having you around
wish you the best and i will never forget the years and days that you worked with clubpenguin
i have read all of your blogs and i will remember them and remember you
good luck and wish you the best
we will miss you


OH WAAAAAA! WHY LANE,WHY! We'll miss you so much


That si nice the way he helped with maths skills


Me too. Thank you with helping me with my typing skills.


Yes its very sad that he is leaving. But he isn't all about Club Penguin. But remember: everyone makes Club Penguin. :)


Awwww. Billybob is leaving? Well Billybob, I have a special note for you: Oh Billybob you made Club Penguin happy for 7 years straight! I hope you have an amazing time building things for awesome schools! I will respect Buisnessmoose and Polo Field thesame as I did with you Billybob. Thank you soooo much for making Club Penguin a great place where penguins can waddle around and meet new friends. We love you Billybob!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. What schools are you going to help with? Maybe Buisnessmoose or Polo Field can say in the next
letter. :)


Yeah, thanks for helping and guiding penguins through the 7 years that we have been around.
Club Pengiun has developed so much since 2005, and I will miss all the hard work you put into making this game.
We will miss you.


That is so sweet. I can't believe billybob is leaving too!
Your friend - HollyBxxx


Yeah we will miss u Billybob. Thank you for all of the wonderful party updates and everything. -Gary62036


Dear Billybob
I am very sad to hear you will be leaving. I agree with Mrzap100. We all will miss you. It has been fun playing club penguin and i will always be know as penguin girl and came to for all club penguin questions.

Your Friend


Aww Lane i wish you didnt have to go! :( but from all of us here... WADDLE ON LANE!!!!!!!! WADDLE FAR!!!!!! WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!


I am going to miss you billybob (Lane)!!!!!
That was such a touching note from you!!!!! You are so kind and helpful, now you are going to be even more kind by building stuff for schools!!!! When I first started playing on club penguin (2 or 3 years ago) I never knew it was going to be so enjoyable with lots of fun updates and cool parties, and great friends (like you).

But there is one thing I would like to correct in your note:

You (billybob/Lane) is what makes Club penguin special.

Thanks for all your years of service,


From juliapeingui (one of your BIGGEST fans)


Very nice to say Mrzap 100. I also really cant beleive that billybob is leaving!! Sigh. Club Penguin just isn the same without you. Bye. But one more question. Can you be my buddy Billy Bob? How bout we keep in touch? Thanks! Waddle on CP!!!

Tiki Liki and Dazzler1998:

This is the 2nd most tragic thing that happened this year after the cheating scandle of Edward and Bella.. Of course we have met your penguin a few times and you will be missed dearly. And it was so fun hanging out with you of course. And i just know that since creating club penguin you have helped kids around the world with manners and meeting new friends around the world.. You will be missed dearly from myself and other penguin family members!!

You will never be forgotten and hope to see you again on Club Penguin!!

<3 Waddle On<3

Tiki Liki and Dazzler1998

P.S good luck on your new adventure with building things for schools around the world.. And once again WADDLE ON CP!!


I can't believe you're leaving. We will always miss you Lane. You'll be in our hearts forever.


I agree. : (


thankyou you warmed are hearts billybob you rule i feel like crying just the thought of you leaving makes me tear up you made club penguin special and we will miss you!


You took the words right out of my mouth, I really agree.


Mhmm. *Sniff* we will all remember you. I hope you have a fun time helping with schools!

Lenny Thai:

Who will be taking over CP when you leave?!?!? Please tell me!


Well Happy77, Polo Field and Buisnesmoose are blogging. Thats all I know


Squidzoid. XD


I don't know Lenny Thai but I'm hoping it will be someone cool and who will help make cp a better place :)


The EPF agents will handle and guide the CP.


NOOOO!!!!! We'll miss you! I hope that sometime you come to visit and good luck in the future! WADDLE ON CP even without Billybob!


Well i'm a bit sad that you're quitting Club Penguin, but I hope you enjoy your next job.
Goodbye, Billybob. :(


Oh, Billybob, I am going to miss you very much! I hope I can add you someday online. You really made Club Penguin amazing! I hope that you be good at your new job, and thank-you for making CP!


That is soooooo sad!!! I have been on since club penguin since it first started and you were there every step of the way. I never even got to meet you. Good luck on helping schools! You will be missed greatly! Bye.


Hey BillyBob!

Thank you so much for helping out with Club Penguin so much!
We will miss you on the Blog!


Goodbye, Lane. I'll miss you.


I will miss you Billybob and i hope you come back again i am your biggest fan WADDLE ON!


i hope you come back too! we love you billybob!


:o Well, you choose what you need to, and it's your choice. Cp will never be the same without you. We'll miss you! Good luck!! :D


Dear Billybob,
We all will miss you very much!!!!!
Waddle On,

beaky bob123:

aww we will all miss you thanks for creating club penguin best of wishes for ur future


Wow Billybob its been good having you here.You have really been a great friend.


Sorry to see you go, Billybob. Hope you're successful in your next milestone! Waddle on!!!


wow well good for you! have fun at your new job!


Awww you are leaving. I hope you do well at your new job, good luck!

~Waddle on Billybob :*(


Club penguin is the best website i ever visited its sad you wont be working here anymore and im glad your still gonna stop by and say hello on cp best of luck club164 (aka stevenator 3


DONT LEAVE!!! Awww. Goodbye. D:




Awwww. it's been great having you here billybob! I wish you LOTS of good luck at your school stuff! take care!



I've been around since day 1 at the beta test party. Billybob, you were like an idol to me with what you were able to accomplish during your time at CP. I hope you continue to succeed with what you will be doing. It has been fun.

Waddle on Lane!


We're going to miss you Lane! You've been such a big part in club penguin and the way it is now and I hope that club penguin will be just as good without you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for all the years of fun times..Billybob ;)

Bye Lane. :)


So long friend. Good luck on that new program! I am truly going to miss you.


I'll miss you have fun meeting Gariwald!!


Aww! Bye Billybob! You were my favorite member of the Club Penguin Team. I've been with this site for a while. Going on Club Penguin I will think of you. Farewell and safe travels!

WADDLE ON!! FOR THE PENGUINS. Good luck Lane. Good luck.



Cool5194(a.k.a iBeta):

I agree! I'm going to miss Billybob too!-Cool5194(a.k.a iBeta)


I am soooo sad right now! I totally agree with you, Rose6190! Billybob was the best!


rose im sad to


WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will miss you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you have a fun time with your new job. Please keep visiting CP because if you don't I'll be extremely sad. (And today is my B- Day) I will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Red4:

Happy Bithday Awesome71! :)

Blossomer 101:

Happy bday!


oh me 2!!!! i almost cried when i was reading that!!! oh and btw happy b-day Awesome 71!!!!!!!!


Happy birthday! :)


Well, happy Birthday :) I'm really happy for Billybob! But even more sad :(!

caralyn101 :

happy birthday!!!!!


Happy Bday and i know its sad!


I agree! I will miss him!


happy birthday


Oh really??? Happy Birthday!!!


happy birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday Awesome71!! And dont worry its all for the best!!


Ill Really Miss You BillyBob CP wont be the same without you.. PLEASE DONT GOOOOOO!
(U said october 17 is ur b day! Thats My Dads b day)


Lane must move on. We love him.
He can still visit if he wants to.
Happy birthday Awesome71.


my birthday is on April 17!


You are so cool Billybob! Thanks for all of your help for those 7 years!




Aww! Billybob, we're really gonna miss you from the Club Penguin Team! We're all going to miss you so much, and Club Penguin won't be that much fun without you! :'(


I am proud of you Lane aka Billybob.
have a good

cole 128:

i agree dont make him feel bad but we will miss you. see you on club penguin


we will miss you lane


I hope you come around Club P alot even if your NOT WORKING AT CP ANYMORE. :(

See you some time Billybob!

DJMJ234 ;) ;) :)

Choco Late9:

I'm sure the Halloween Party is going to be awesome like it always is! But it is sad to hear that you are leaving. I never got the chance to meet you online after all of these years but I hope I'll get that chance when you come back to visit :) Good luck where the future takes you sir and keep waddling!

Blue 4penny2:

Neither did I but Lane is the whole reason that Club Penguin is what it is today. We'll miss you!
Waddle On!
-Blue 4penny2


I never met him either too!

... I didn't Know what that was.

... there it is again

I'll miss you Billybob!


I'll miss you so much billybob(Lane) good luck on the job!


You Make Me Happy Billy Thanks Waddle On W A D D L E O N!


You rock Billybob. Thank you for doing all the wonderful things you've done. :) Waddle on CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thanks Billybob for everything you have done in Club Penguin you'll be in my heart forever thanks for everything you have done im proud for you.

Ozverni :

Aww thats very sad. You used to be the world of blog writer right? My car was named Fester SlidingZone and you commented on a few of my silly comments, remember? You will be very missed by me and all of clubpenguin. Good luck with building school stuff and we all miss you already!

Waddle on Billybob :_(


Hey Lane. I'd like to say it was super cool that you created the best virtual world, Club Penguin. I understand that you must move on but before you do, I'd like to say thank for putting all your effort into Club Penguin. I appreciate everything you have done to make Club Penguin a better place for kids to waddle around and meet knew friends. I'd also like to say that I wish you good luck with the new company you have created! Thanks for everything! -Jadwazzan24


I am going to miss u soooo much! I wish u could stay! But education is important, I guess.


I Guess it IS important too..

Jerry 15:

It sure is WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thats sad. . . moving on. But I hope you find good things in the future! Thank you for working for Club Penguin. I have enjoyed this website for a long time. Thank you for making it the best you can. Good luck in the future!


Bye billybob! We will NEVER forget you. You made club penguin what it is today. We will love and miss you. You were a very good owner of club penguin. Until then, Waddle on lane.


I thought that was a lovely note!
I will miss you Billybob!
I hope you like your knew job!


Hey Lane or Billybob,

I just want to say a couple things about this situation. Firstly, this is a great opportunity you are taking up by doing this. Sure you may be upsetting kids as they watch you walk out on them, but everyone has their own decisions to make and I sincerely respect that. Lastly, I've been playing Club Penguin since 2006 on various penguins. I've never read such a post like this that makes me feel so disappointed about someone who I've never talked to (aside from saying "hi" in game a couple times) can make me feel.

It's extrodinary what you and the Club Penguin team have done, and I'm sure Businesmoose and Polo Field will continue to do so. Thanks so much, and enjoy your new career. You will be missed by everyone. Everypenguin I should say.

Waddle on :(


Lane or Billybob, I've been waddling on since... almost 3 years now. I've had 2 penguins since I joined CP. Although many things have changed through the years one thing I remember is that you were always there. You where always giving us the latest sneak peeks, creating the best parties I've ever been in but most of all creating a place where kids from all around the world could gather and have a great time. We will always remember you.


I can't wait for the Halloween Party to begin. I have been waiting for a while. Its just around the corner! Thank you so much for making Club Penguin the best it can be. For so many years I have enjoyed Club Penguin. I will keep playing on this website for many more years to come! Thank you so much and good luck in the future!


Awwww... I'm gonna miss you so much billybob :( *Sniffles*
Waddle on CP!


I really wish you wouldn't leave. We love you Billybob and nothing will change that. Thank you for helping to create Club Penguin. I hope you'll like your new job. Bye, Billybob. WE WILL MISS YOU AND NEVER FORGET YOU!

Peace Girl73:

Thank you so much for everything you did! And thanks for making us feel like a part of making Club Penguin. Maybe the CP crew could make a farewell party for you! Never Forget this:
You are why many of us who have played for the whole 7 years keep waddling on the island. And I think I say the same as everyone who has. I want you to remember that. We will miss you!!!
Waddle On, and not entirely away,
Peace Girl73


awww!! we will soo miss you!!! you have done a AWESOME job blogging, thank you so much!!! you really have been great! thank you Billybob!




I cant believe your not going to help Club Penguin anymore.Well you have been an awesome penguin and I hope you have a fun time working at that school,and I will never forget you BillyBob I think you have been an awesome writer just like Aunt Arctic is.


Oh well. I understand what you gotta do. Sometimes, you just have to move on. Everyone's gonna be sad, but this will tell us about the CP future. Businessmoose ,Polo Field and Happy will be awesome blogging! Good luck with your future lane! (Billybob)

cool 4041:

i go with what you said


yeah what he said


Earthydude, We all agree we will miss Lane\Billybob so much. Good luck Billybob ~Zippyzam


Well, This is shocking. I'm going to miss the good times when I'd check the what's new blog, and I'd see a post from my favorite penguin, Billybob, and you'd always have a sneak peek of something new, or some cool inside information. I hope you do well further down the road, just don't forget your friends here at Club Penguin! We'll miss you always, Billybob. Always. :(

Whisker Cat:

man that is true billy bob forever!


Good Luck in your future jobs.We will miss you but most importantly I will miss you.come back to cp soon Waddle on Forever Lane


Billybob, you have helped club penguin come SO FAR! Beleve me, I would've never bought a membership if it wasn't for the cool backstage stuff from the "The Party Starts Now". Which makes you the most BOSS person ever. We will miss you!

Ninja'sEatBEEF (a.k.a LittleMj2)

P.S, Billybob is the most BOSS person ever!


Awwww... we will TOTALLY miss you!!! : ( We thank you for all the help you've given to Club Penguin!

WE LOVE YOU! -0abs0 and friends


i need a bucket right now! wa-ha wa-ha wa-ha wa-ha

Camofladge 6:

I will miss you alot Billybob!!! I think everyone will!! You have been a huge help to Club I will miss you ALOT
Good luck on your School Project!!

Waddle On Club Penguin!!!!

Enter nickname:

Awww.....That's super sad... But i guess you'll have to go sometime later... And i guess that later is now... oh well... GOODBYE BILLYBOB!!!!
WE'LL NEVER FORGET YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Awww..... I JUST sent a freind request to! ):

Cr Beak:

Awww... I'm gonna miss you! You're my favorite blog team member too! Well, for the last time for you, Waddle On Billybob!

party fan000:

Awwwww..... :(
Waddle on!
Good luck though, billybob

wwe peguin 2:

We will alll miss you!!!!!

Jets Pizza:

Awww. I quit now, just like you :)


Aww, thats sad. I'll always remember you Billybob! You've been working with Club Penguin for a LONG time! Good Luck this your new job! At least you'll be coming off and on every now and then! :D -Maluka12345

penia 623:

Awww... well bye. :)


I will miss u billybob,even though I dont know u.come on CP any time.Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue 2 H:

Will you still be in the club penguin band? LOVE U.





Blue 2 H:

Will you still be in the club penguin band? LOVE U.






This was my childhood. I am so sad to see you go... I've been playing Club Penguin since February of 2007. I can't believe your leaving now... when I was younger, I would go on Club Penguin every single day. Seeing the new events and decorating my igloo was my favorite. I miss those times but I still love to do them. My brother had shown me this website when I was younger. And wow, time has passed. When I was bored or sick or in a bad mood, I would go on Club Penguin... and that was all because of you. What you have done was outstanding. Thank you Lane Merrifield, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLUB PENGUIN!! :)


hey its me again. Sence my friends play at club penguin, I will be telling them what you said. would...come back. im going to be missing you. you and everyone will be in my heart. You should make a last video about happy times we had in club penguin! That i will remember. Dont erase this massage. In the future, when i feel sad, I will always read this massage to remember you guys.
waddle on!


That's real sad mate! As my good old friends Alphonse Capone/Caponi used to say: "He who helps gets a great life and loads of happiness!!!!!!" And that is actually one of his! Billybob, may you had a great life!!!

It's really shocking that your join' cos I thought that you were just arrivin' and like it's like I've got it all wrong and that! But mate may you get like blessed and that coz you are going to kinda, you could say, do great commuinity work! So best wishes and TA-RA! *_* -_- *_* -_-!!!! is awesome!!!!!
So is Club Penguin...
Stargazer 726!!!
>_< >_<xxxxxxx>_<>_<


I think we should be thanking YOU! For everything you've done for us. And i bet everyone is sad you are leaving. Every single penguin on this island will be sad that you're leaving. I will miss checking up at the blog and passing on sneak peaks to my friends at school! Thank you for everthing. We will all miss you. Forever... and ever.... and ever! From Cloverlucy and all her friends. :( P.S. Club Penguin is the best website EVER invented. Don't feel that you are letting us down for leaving. Waddle on!! WE LOVE YOU BILLYBOB!! :)


Awwww.. thats sad i hope you have fun helping schools!! rock on billybob!!!


I've been here fr more than 4 years. It's always been great here and YOU also were part of that great. It's sad that we must say farewell to you after all this time, but it's amazing how you're going to do that work, you're a kind and compassionate person, I and the rest of CP Waddlers wish you the best in your future :)
Take care.


Dear Billybob
Ever since i started Club Penguin i had a dream that i would follow in your footsteps as i love writing and club penguin (of course!) and it tear jerking to see you go!

Bye Bye!!!


Hi Billybob,

Wow! You're leaving?! Awwww... the blog will never be the same without you! (No offense Polo Field and Buisnesmoose) What schools are you helping? Well, i've enjoyed your blog posts for two years now, and i'm gonna miss your friendly hellos to Club Penguin. Will you appear on the island for good-byes? I hope so. You've done your duty well, you should be proud. Help the schools, and remember us penguins! And make sure to check in for the Christmas Party!!! If you can, of course. I plan to raise LOTS AND LOTS of money! We will miss you and always remember you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I'm crying on the inside :) :(

Waddle On Billybob! I will try to carry on Cp traditions! :)

~ Shea26439 ~


Hey billybob.. Sad to see you leave. I've been playing since 2010 and I love my experience. You've made so many children happy, through donations and just complete fun :) I'll miss you Billybob, and I hope you remember that club penguin is all one family :(

Bye D: Enter comments


you cant go. everyone loves u. it wont be the same. without u. im not your friend on clubpenquin. but i want to be. lately ive been trying to stop bulying on clubpenquin. i hope u help those children well. God bless u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i hope you can come on Club Penguin and waddle around every now and then so we can add you as a buddy on .. I really want to be your friend on club penguin. Please visit my igloo on club penguin Billybob aka Lane.


I have came up with a party. Its called the puffle lympics .I know the olympics passed already , but that does not mean you have to have the parties around that time. I hope you have a chance to read this message. Until the next post waddle on CP !


Hello Billybob! I got some questions for you !
1. Why didn't you tell us about Herbert with a map in his hand near the tree in the first few seconds of the video ? Is it like a ''surprise'' for us? :D
2. What's with, you will edit Club Penguin or something ?!


dear billybob,
i have been playing clubpenguin since the beginning. I remember one time I wanted to make a game called monster town, a rip of of clubpenguin so I could be famous like you. I now realize that its not about being famous but in fact doing what you love with people you enjoy. My membership ends in January so I think its time for me to move on too. I remember looking back and remember becoming a water ninja within the first two days, becoming an epf agent with my little brother the day the epf was released, and just having fun. I also remember how it bought my family closer together. First it was me and my cousin then eventually the whole family (except the parents) were playing. So I just want to wish you and the team good luck.

Until then, waddle on

Katniss and Rou:

Seven years is alot. People look up to you, one of those people are me. You mean a whole lot to me. I will remember you, Billybob. I will never ever EVER forget about you. Your my hero Billybob. You always have, and always will. I will miss you. :'(


We will miss you Billybob!! :( :(


Dear Billybob,
Me and my brother started playing Club Penguin since 2009
you were(are) an awesome player blogger penguin ect.
You have been on since Beta!(wow)
I'm sure EVERYONE will miss you and I mean it.
you will always be in my heart
So long I will miss you very much I feel like I knew you so personally
when I only knew you on Club Penguin

Don't forget about us (please)



I'm gonna miss you Billybob have fun and hope to see you on Club Penguin ;) Have a nice time we'll all miss you!

Lie Lack:

Ever since 2007, when I joined, you have been amazing. You always kept me informed on all the latest stuff, and let me say, BillyBob...
I never met you on Club Penguin, but I WILL miss you. Good luck with your new projects to be working on! They sound really cool. :)


I'm gonna miss your posts, I've played ClubPenguin for a long time and I hope you have a nice life!!!!!!!! BYE BILLYBOB!!!!

Whisker Cat:

i will miss you been running club penguin so well! its my favorite game! if you do move on i wish the best of luck from me to you!
this is very sad but again best of luck! if possible please come back soon!

billy bob forever!


thank you Billybob for making the club penguin safe,fun,and exiting .I will miss you Lane even though we didnt met in personal and in club penguin i will really miss you.Billybob you are a part of the team always and even the agents remember that.

bye and club penguin team and the epf will miss you.

good bye!!

by your fan


Thanks BillyBob for your service at Club Penguin. It's sad to see that you're leaving the team, but its nice to hear you'll be doing new things to help people. I hope what you do to help people learn will be as successful as your what you've done to help people have fun. Keep an eye on us!


Very sad news... We will miss you very much! I hope you can still log on every now and then and visit us! Good luck in the future!

Cool 39:

My first penguin was created in 2007, so I've seen CP grow so much, and honestly, I'm gonna miss you! Good luck with the rest of your life, and Waddle On!


Lane Marrifield
All the Penguin will miss you specially me.
Before CP I was only a little child that only have 2 friends. I was alone. I only wanna say I'LL MISS YOU A LOT. Please loggin CP frecuently.


:) :D


Oh Billybob I will miss you dearly and I heard Happy77 is leaving to I will miss you both very very very much so so so sad to hear that well goodbye I am glad you have had a great time here you two were the best bloggers ever! Bye

From Slippy89825


Dear Lane,

Nothing will ever be the same with out you,
Best wishes

(P.S Good luck at your new job)

Obi Wan456:

Wow... Just wow

I have enjoyed every second listening to you talk
I am very sad to see this honorable member of Club Penguin and Disney leave.
I cant wait to see what you do next.
I will hope that we can see you again soon!!!


That's really depressing news. I've been playing Club Penguin since 2005. It's sad to leave friends behind. Like one of my friends, Mysteryemma. We'll all miss you forever and always!
Waddle on~


I'm going to miss you Billybob! Thanks for all the hard work you put into Club Penguin to make it great! Good luck in your new career!
I'm afraid I must say :Waddle On (forever)



Take care Billybob, take care. :)

-- Bionicler898 / Neogoldman2


good bye billy bob ive played sines 2010 and im 10 now and cp will never be old for me thanks for all your work bye )';';';= ----Technickgear out bye (sniff)

Shark Norris:

I'm 11 yrs old and I've only been playing CP since last year, and I've had fun. I can't believe you're going away. Make sure to visit every once in a while... goodbye, we'll always miss you. CP will never be the same again! (Say hi to rsnail for us!)Waddle on!


I'm best friends for life with you Billybob! :)

~Perapin :)


i miss you billybob please come back club penguin needs you the are in the midle to destroy it i ll miss you :'(

pingu mad 456889:

ive been playing since 2005 the betaparty and i saw you lane merefeild aka billy bob ill miss you!


Waddle on, billybob! I'll miss you :)

helmet the pig:

:'( I will miss you everyday on cp

well you're helping others

everyone who knows you and that includes me


just a message from a user who knows but never met you

we want you back

but will you return someday?


ohh billybob i just spent hours to find and see if you wer online i never knew that you left!!!
plz come back to cp once you have finneshed what ever you are doing!!!!



Hi, Billybob. We are not the only ones who make Club Penguin special. YOU are mostly the one who make Club Penguin better. I am a big fan of Club Penguin. I been playing Club Penguin since 2007. Now, Club Penguin gets better and better and YOU are the reason why Club Penguin is so special. I hope you can give everyone chances to meet you. Your one of the best workers in the team. You will be remembered, YOUR the one who put everybody in this fun online game. Club Penguin isn't good without you..


Hi billy bob I'm very sad that your leaving I will miss you VERY much thank you for being part of the team goodbye! I will miss you!


you will be missed by all!


i dont want you to leave :,( well it was nice metting you

Taffy Pengi:

You probably don't remember me, we met a while back in 2007 when Disney took over Club Penguin, and I was one of the people you met when they changed it! And to think it's been a WHOLE YEAR (!!!) since you left is just, wow, I don't know what to say. We miss you. Your my inspiration, my hero. You took your own side project and made it into one of the biggest online games in history. I hope that some day, I can come back to this and say:
Billybob sent me here.
All the best,


dont miss him too much Cause he said he will log on from time to time


ok so yore leavin huh? stay!!!!!!!!!!!i am airJames And i started in January 2007 with the festival of snow.

pink puppy4:

sorry butt i cant log in to club penguin.


Dear Billybob I know you might not be around to here this message because you're probally helping schools. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've done to club penguin and the team. I started playing club penguin in 2009, I can't believe how much this game has grown over the year's. I'll always remember you for everything you've done to make club penguin how it is now. Thank you. By the way if you're still reading this message can you please freind me one day.

Telly Tv:

Thank you for everything billybob. I have been playing club penguin since May 2007 and you have done a great job for all of us since 2005. I'm impressed with the game as when it was first launched it was like the only virtual world. Since you have just left polo and business mouse have kept club penguin good but it's not as good since you worked for C P! We will miss you and we wish you the best of luck! Please friend me. Until then, WADDLE ON BILLYBOB!

True Bboy:

Bye BillyBob ;( sad to see you leave us. thank you so much for playing with us!

Mr Goat:

Thats why i didn't see you while i'm waddling around as
always... you've quit, huh? :(
WE'LL MISS YUO ALWAYS! Thank you, Billybob. ~ Mr Goat

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