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By Polo Field on October 24, 2012 - 12:47

Hello Penguins!

We're proud to present the first preview of "New Horizons", a documentary on the history of CP. We started working on this documentary back in June 2012, and we're excited to finally share a portion of it with you.

Learn about how Experimental Penguins, Penguin Chat 2 and Penguin Chat 3 eventually evolved into Club Penguin from both former and current team members. Special thanks to Billybob, rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo, Happy77, and all the other people that have helped support this project:

As always, we'd love to hear what you think. If you'd like to hear about other parts of Club Penguin's history, let us know by leaving a comment below! 

Until then... Waddle On!

-Polo Field, Businesmoose and the entire Club Penguin Team



Sounds cool Myamarie1, but if we returned old items, it would not be "rare" anymore. Though it would be nice to have some!


i have to agree with myamarie1 it would be cool to see it like penguin chat 3 anyways like step one to a hundred so just really think about this. like it would be a party each day would be different like step one to when the party ends step a hundred. like the menu would be different our things puffles penguins and more would be different. we could get rare items! so just think about it

HappyBoy 66:

Wow! That Was Cool! Are They Gonna Change Club Penguin? I Saw Those Final Pictures.


Comment for any ideas what club penguin should add even though im not in the team
I am thinking of a lot of ideas
-Club penguin Pool with hydro slides


Ever since I joined Club Penguin in May 2007, I've ALWAYS loved Club Penguin history!

tweety 102:

Wow that was such a good documentary about club penguin through the years i liked it Thanks Waddle On


Is it just me that is geting the idea that something big is going to happan to CP?


that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cooooooooollllllll


i cant wait for club penguins new update thank you billybob ,happy77 and all of the club penguin team and i hope all of the new members of the team enjoy club penguin as much as everyone else on club penguin

WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a suggestion:
Maybe have jobs that we can get like jobs at the cafe(and actually get paid), maybe be a fashion designer, an explorer who finds puffles and stuff, jobs at the pizza palace, more missions in the EPF(I think Aunt Artic is evil because she let out the secret in the newspaper when we all know that she herself is an agent! She betrayed us!), be a pufflesitter for others, be able to be a DJ at your house by advertising the party for coins and so on. Please read this comment and take it into consideration. I LOVE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Agree that would be super Awesome!! And maybe if u like the party pay the penguin!! Waddle on!!


You should make a club puffle and it is just like club penguin but you see the puffles life as either a stray or adopted by a penguin


I love the new designs for rooms at the end! I can't wait to see them online! :D


This is awesome!! I never new that Club Penguin began with Penguin Chat!!!! I can't wait till the next part comes out!!!


awesome but i was hoping for the halloween party of 2005 to be shown




Nachoz Rule:

Wow, this is very very interesting to watch. I've been a member of Club Penguin for five years, and I think it's really cool to look back to Penguin Chat and see how much it's evolved. I do remember playing Penguin Chat a really long time ago. As for the sneak peak at the very end, I realized that you seem to be redesigning all of the rooms in Club Penguin. I sort of have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it's making the game more modern-looking and neater... but on the other hand, I kind of like the simplicity and charm of the original rooms, that have been around for 7 years and we've come to know and love. I love how you can see the simple backgrounds when you open the doors in the Pizza Parlor. I love how walking through each and every one of the rooms makes you remember how it was decorated for parties. You've already redesigned the Coffee Shop, Book Room, Dance Lounge, Dojo, and Beacon, all of which were fairly good additions, but I think it's time to stop. Some of Club Penguin should be left unchanged so people can enjoy it on nostalgic levels. I know you probably won't post this comment as I'm giving constructive criticism, but I'd just like to leave you my thoughts. I think that the Club Penguin Team does very great work for most things but this is just something that I'd like to say.


Awesome video! I Wish i could of seen what penguin chat 3 and experimental penguins was like! On another note at the end i saw some new designs for the rooms! They look really awesome if that's the upcoming surprise, Then i cant wait!

Until then,

Waddle on cp!

P.s Cp just keeps on getting better!


Wow, this is really amazing. The new Club Penguin looks awesome. There is only one thing that makes me feel sad...Billybob and happy77 are leaving. They really worked hard to make this the best game ever. I hope happy77's kids become bloggers. It will be nice to have some more memories of those who left. :) Waddle on CP. And a final goodbye to billybob and happy77!


I love this video :) I'm looking forward to Part 2. Didn't knew that Club Penguin started out with such a cool style, I wish I was one of those "players" there but I was a young child back then. xD
I appreciate the work and effort the team has put in just to suit our "needs" :)


OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! Hey, CP, guess what? When I grow up I am gonna work for you guys as an ARTIST! So, we will meet in about twelve years!


resele the penguin couler white please


This video is groundbreaking! You should make it like an hour long and release it in theaters or on TV because it is so good! Two thumbs up! Waddle on New Horizons!


I cannot believe how far Club Penguin has came the new changes are going to be Awesome!


Beaultifor!I love CP,and i never go forget :)!


ive always wanted to be a web designer like you guys its so cool to see how club penguin started


Wow! i think its gonna be really awesome how you guys are gonna change club penguin ."the next led of the journey"


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been playing since 2006 or 2007!!!!! I never knew that club penguin started up as a mini game!!!

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!


That almost made me cry! Thanks for making Club Penguin.




OMG now I know lots more about CP than I did before ( and before I knew everything from the puffle personalities to the rare parties to the rarest items)! I really wanna cee more, but I have to ask, at the end, I paused twice and I saw the Town and the Plaza. But they looked TOTALLY renovated! Are these plans for the future, or designs you did not like? Hope you answer back,
Supersr8 :)


I saw the pictures of the clubpenguin-totally different-at the end! Is that going to be real?


Who was the first penguin on club penguin? Just wondering c:


When is this coming out?I wanna see it!

Agent Crash:

Hey I loved Club Penguin when I first heard of it which was when I was 10 or 11 I played it every single day and it came this far so many changes since then till now. I hope when I'm 18 or older I can be with the Club Penguin team someday But from now on Waddle on!


wow cool vidio that was awsome!!!

Rock Out3606:

This so amazing!!! I liked how it showed whats coming next like i the next year! I can't wait!!! Can anyone from Club penguin team respond to me and tell me whats the next party?


It is really amazing and hear warming to see and hear from all of the Club Penguin creators and to "go back in time" and see how Club Penguin used to be before it became, in my opinion, the best website on Earth. It will make me sad to see Billybob and Happy leave us, but I cannot wait to see all of the new and excited things coming up in Club Penguin. :) As always... Waddle On!

Lego Guy22:

Amazing job, I've got to thank all the people on the team for making this game how it is now... and soon to be! Sorry again to see you going Lane, but still thanks for all the help! Im definently going to go on once again a see whats new! Like Always, Waddle On!


one word. WOW....., okay maybe 3... i can't belive we, US KIDS ( and teens, pre teens, and others) can make that big a diffrence on adults, to make a entire online WORLD! for us!!! you guy SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ROCK!!!! THANKS SO- and when i say this, i think i speak for every penguin here, SOOO MUCH!! YOU'RE AMAZING!!!! all i can say now is wow. waddle on cp.

Red 46:

I love this video! My penguin appears in it at the time it appears the coffee shop at 7th Birthday!
Thanks for everything! I love CP!


that is a great video.
when is part 2 out?
i want to learn how HERBERT came to be.
how did EPF come to be.
i want to know everything.
i heard of CLUB PENGUIN when my friend was over and there was a commerical and she helped me set up an account.
i love this world.
i get to be something i am not.


I know.
I don't know.
We needed a villain for the old agency, the PSA, so that's when he came to be.
Herbert destroyed the PSA's HQ complex, so then the EPF, who was working as a partner agency became the main one.
I don't know so I can't tell you.
I forgot how I found out.
Just wait for Operation Blackout~
Same, I enjoy that. Though some people still portray themselves as human.


idk but i cant wait for it


Woo awesome most increible CP video in the history.


nice. thats so cool. clubpenguin used to be called penguin chat!! its not just about chatting, its about having fun all over the world!
i kinda wish that for like one day on clubpenguin they would let beta hats. for like ONE day. that would be epic. my favorite thing about that video would be that well its i liked the entire thing!!!!!!!!! until then see ya next time! WADDLE ON YO!


awwwh why do you guys have to change club penguin i like it the way it is! : (


I absolutley agree with you. Old CP was awesome


What????????????? I like it how it IS, not WAS! Isn't this STYLISH?!!!!!!???


Hey guys i want to ask you something. when did you get the idea to make club penguin?


I've been playing clubpenguin for as long as I could remeber. This just brought me back. Thank you guys so much for being apart of my childhood :)!! Waddle ON!!!!

Small Potato:

Awesome! Very cool. It's interesting to see how my favorite online game came to be.


Wow that was cool penguin chat to club penguin fantastic

Jilly Can101:

Wow, this was amazing!!!!
I've enjoyed Club Penguin for such a long time, but looking at this....
Just WOW!!!!!!


Totally awesome!! You guys rock!! Rock on and keep up the good work!!

Sam O9:

Wow, that, was, amazing!! :D


Waddle on cp!


OMG... I Didn't know cp used to be a white world before! can someone tell me if that whate world thingy is still there? I'd like to try it out!
Waddle on cp!
From: snowglobe136


wow i like how they got the name!


This video almost made me cry but, this video really instpired me to make my own website im almost done it and i will let uu know what it is called im still thinking of a name if u guys could come up with one for me i would like to use your ideas.Thank You!!!!!

Roxy 1500:

YEAH!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Club Penguin is awesome! Woohoo! Yeah!
Well, thanks a lot, because without Club Penguin, I would be bored on rainy days. Or on early mornings.
Thanks A lot!


thank you club penguin team. Thank you.
P.S this video is lovely cuz its kind of emotional if you think about how club penguin has evolutionized itself over the years! :) thank you CP team

Mrsonichedge :



I'm so excited for part 2!!!!!! Looking back in history is so cool to see how Club Penguin changed so much!

Waddle on CP!

Easter Egger:

WOW Great Job Guys!! This Thing Is Really Good!! Club Penguin Is Soo Adicting!!!
Waddle On!

Lolo 70679:

OM G, i love the video i wish i was there at the time club penguin was made, i just wish you can do it all over again the clothes igloo items just for one mouth. because everyone wishes for the old club penguin to come back for a while. and any ways i love the video very creative at the end of it was really cool! :D


I love the documentary part 1!!!!!!!!
I cant wait for the full documentary!!!!!!
I hope Club Penguin in the future will be more exciting and fun.


I love this video and i love clubpenguin ! this is the best website that has been made ! and i will never forget anything about clubpenguin! i cant imagen who would not play it ! Waddle on cp!!!!


wow that was so cool. i cant put words for it you put a lot of work into this i only came to club penguin last year so that was a bit new. i loved the vido i hope to hear from you soon untill then waddle on : D


Wow. 7 whole years. It's been 5 for me. And just seeing all of the new updates, and changes, it makes me a little sad. I miss seeing the older version of Club Penguin. But in reality, no site is like that. All sites eventually change. I really was interested at the end, when all of the photos flashed by quickly. It's sad to see people go, but that's reality. To Club Penguin, who has truly, truly changed my life. I'd do anything to get to meet all of you guys. This is such an amazing video. It really shows how much Club Penguin has evolved. I just can't explain how much it has changed my life. Thank you so much for all of the parties, puffles, penguins, but most of all, fun.



Club Penguin is 100% my favourite thing in life.
When I grow up I mite even work for team Club Penguin.


At the end of the video you guys said you were gonna bring new stuff in. When is this gonna be out for us to explore?


I love this vid. Old clubpenguin looked really cool. Could you make it a tiny bit like that

Faith H L + NG CP club:

Cool! That video kinda shows me alot of what you guys did! If we're correct, did you guys state that you're going to launch a new part of Club Penguin? Now that will be cool! That video inspired us to start something new, and we're going to start a blog! You guys are truely amaizing! That Part 2 is killing us until WE see it!
Faith H L, NG CP Club Leader, and NG CP Club,
~Faith H L, Pandalover23, G C5, Samipd, Allygrs, Austin Mood, Verbolten, and Pinkwinx.


now i want to play all the originals


Wow! I can't wait to see the next part. I wonder what it will be about. WADDLE ON CP!


Wow! That was amazing! It felt like I was taken through time seeing the beginning of Club Penguin! It was amazing!


This is so awesome guys! i love Club penguin! please keep it around so when I have kids they will be able to have as much fun on it as I do!


wow.that inspired me.that was SO COOL! i started club penguin just this year.and im starting to learn everything about it.also im really
proud to be playing this online game right now. you guys are so special to me. i wish i were there right now with you guys.


Im Very Sad Because Happy77 And Billybob Are leaving Clubpenguin

Any Way I Want To Thank Them For Making My Childhood

PS : I Never Commented PLZ Comment This


Yeah i agree. it's sad to see them go, but they must be really busy! :( besides i'm almost done with CP.


I love this video! When is part 2 being released?!


cool video i now know all about the history of cp!


Wow! that looks like hard work in the office. Thankyou sooo much for making this website because its absoloutley amazing and a fun adventure world for kids! :D


i used to be one of those people who hated the new cp team because they got rid of rsnails but now i see that you worked with him!!!!
yay for cp


Hi club penguin team, i just wanna say how greatfull I am to the club penguin founder. Club penguin is my number one priority when i go on my computer because I LOVE IT! Its imaginative, creative and FUN. I have also made a great friend on club penguin, her name is RosaIceberg, we love hanging out in our igloos and going to get pizza. It just shows that different children around the world can make friends and be happy together without having to see each other in person. I heard about club penguin in my class, some boys were talking about there puffles disapearing, and i did'nt have a clue what they were talking about. So I searched puffle on my computer and there it was CLUB PENGUIN! As soon as I created a penguin in 2008 i could'nt stay off it! Club penguin is a magical place you can waddle around and met new friends! Please dont ever shut it down it's the best thing that ever happened in my I.C.T life lol.

Waddle on icicle1357

racer 58390:

this is cool the history of club penguin awesome i never realized the psa was like that but the epf is powerfull i got club penguin epf herberts revenge and club penguin elite penguin force


That was what you call cool! Well done to everyone who starred in that video you can go for a break now. Keep waddling your way to the top guys.


Ever since I've played Club Penguin my favorite animal became the penguin so then I started reading books about penguins and buying any type of penguin toy especially the club penguin ones then I started to create books and note books like Club Penguin exsisted using my knowledge of club penguin That is why I planned to go to antartica when I'm 24 years old (since CP's birthday is October 24) and live there as if club penguin exsisted with the Penguins that live there.

Thank you Club Penguin


This was great! I wished I joined then.


I love the video. And Clubpenguin is my LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really like it.


AMAZING THE BEST VIEDIO IVE EVER SEEN IN MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cool video guys! probably the most creative person in the video is Lane.I cant wait for all the new experiences

P.S penguin chat lol


I Really like this video. WADDLE ON

We Have:

Epic video guys! Wow club penguin really started off cool then awesome then sick then ace then epic! Can't wait till part 2 ( I really hope it comes out in cinema!) I think club penguins ace! I am a GIGANTIC, BIG, HUGE, GINORMOUS FAN! I can't remember when I started playing! About 3 years ago, 2 ? I love the parties, me and my pals are always laughing and giggling about them.... Such as "Hey remember when we were in that maze and you did and epic fail and got lost!" I wish I worked for cp! Waddle on!

We Have

Sophia Snow:

This all looks so incredible!! So cool to hear the history of Club Penguin!!!! Thanks so much Lane/Billybob, rsnail, Happy77, and the rest for bringing such an amazing, safe online world that is so well-done, professional, and fun! I will never take your hard work for granted! And also, thanks for making it "all about the kids." We sure appreciate it.

I caught some of the pictures that flashed by at the end and am super-excited about some of the updates that are going to be made in places on ClubPenguin! The new rooms are going to be so fresh and new!

Can't wait to see it all unfold,
-Sophia Snow


Why did you take down experimental penguins, penguin chat1,2 and 3 can you bring them back. I have an idea for a game too remember the game that was going to be in experimental penguins you know SNOWBLASTERS can you put it in cp


That's so cool!! And whole Club Penguin is getting graphical update if i saw right!

Waddle on Club Penguin!


WOW!!! Club penguin is updating!!!!!!!!




graser 94:



EPIC vid CP Team!!!! You should make the whole thing into a DVD... WADDLE ON!!!


WOOOO! Club Penguin keep on waddling!


dear cp,
hi yall! its ur number one fan sprinklegal4 and im here with a VERY imporatant question! i was wondering, is there ANY way we can go on the original games penguin chat 1 2 and 3 and experimental penguins? if so PLZ reply to my comment and PLZ post! me and my friends would LOVE to go on those websites! i tried to look them up but... it says experimental penguins was down and penguin chat 3 was.. well.. i never had the guts to see if it were real! so PLZ POST POST POST this and REPLY PLY PLY!

Ur number one fan, sprinklegal4
p.s dont say im crazy! i REALLY want to see them plz post! but sometimes i am crazy!! :)


I have played CP since 2008 and It will allways be close to my heart. Waddle on CP!


XD ive been playing since 2008 when my bro showed me its allways close to close to my heart too! Waddle On 12an1!

Ally Light:

Haha! I joined 2008.... This video is very interesting,I'm excited for part 2 & 3

Enter nickname:

Club penguin has gone so far now!
i found out how club penguin started now!

club penguin makes me feel so much fun....just saying that word!


AWESOME!!!!!!! since now I know how c,p started it will give me something cool for my sort of fake web show on club penguin.


i joined in 2011 it was great so far but new rooms will be great thanks all staf of cp


yay! once again club penguin is gonna change.i'm so pumped with this event.waddle on club penguin(aka penguin chat)


this is such a touching story and ive been on since 2009 and today im 700 days old! waddle on cp!


this game will be clos to my hert. WAIIDL ON CP.

Dreamy Darla:


Thats awesome cant wait to see part two!!!


Ive been playing for a while to and its the most fun thing ever. i love club penguin and i love this video(:


This video is very inspiring to me and others in the clubpenguin community. Club penguin will gradually get bigger and better seeing it now that this is just the beginning of clubpenguin? This teaches many people with learning new skill and helping them get ready for the real world. I have to say that this game is one of the best things that can brighten someone's day! WADDLE ON!!!


Hi Cp! That Was Really Cool And As I Was Logging in Herbert Said "The Island Is Doomed!" I'm So Excited To See What The Cp Team Is Going To Do Next!


This game is the best!I play this everyday!I'm your biggest fan!
Thanks for making this game so cool!


Kinda long video I think But AWESOME Video
P.S. I think they are the creators WADDLE ON CP ♥


I have played penguin chat 3.There wasn't a lot of stuff to do.But it's amazing of what
you have made today.A cool place to talk with friends!I have over 200 friends!


thank you for making this online game you are cool i hope you never close club penguin because i love this game you are awesome


wow your 99th video!! on your 100th video how did you make the 100th sparkle thing??? its cool did you edit!!??

Blue Kazoo3:

This video was so touching :') I've been playing Club Penguin for a while now, and it's very interesting to see how much it's grown over the years. Thank you so much for everything :D

As always,

~Blue Kazoo3 :P

A N N A 1:

Love it. The whole thing was just amazing. From back in 2004, to now in 2012. I think that it was a great way to sum up Club Penguin. That video just showed everything I love about Club Penguin back to the Beta Testing. I love that video and please, continue it.

Thank you, your friend,
A N N A 1

Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On!


The game club penguin is probaly the best game EVER!!!!!! I really want a new game in club penguin like catch the coins like when you enter the minigame you have to collect has many coins or coin bags as fast as you can and if you get 300 thats how many coins you get!Oh also i would love for the color white to be added for color of penguin in gift shop.

Waddle on club penguins!


wow cool whens part 2 coming out plz tell me

waddle on cp


club penguin rocks once i started playing it became my most favorite website and i made lots of friends


I do have a penguin on club peguin and her name is watersue800 and I'm glad that you thik for the kids I think that ever kid in the the world should know that ;) so dose my pug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like the part wen the penguin was in that truck and I was about to cry


There talking about Club Penguin Memories. Present, Past and Future.


i love CP. LONG LIVE CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


long live club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ice man 2465:

I love club penguin, but I want to know more about Gary's uncle. Where did he get his mansion? Why does he reasearch ghosts?Why did he turn himself into one? And why did his mansion appear out of thin air with ghosts in it on halloween night?


Now this video doesn't wanna make me grow up T^T


I Started Cp In 2010 So I NEVER Knew so Much About Cp! THANK YOU CP TEAM FOR MAKING THE BEST SITE EVER P.S Plz Put The Diva Sunglasses Back In Stores!


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe that cp was Experimental Penguins in 2000!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lane, Holly, Dave and others for a AMAZING game!!!!!!! I ave always loved cp since year 5!!!!!! I LOVE YOU CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You guys are amazing. You helped make my childhood so much, I felt like a part of this community. I remember when I first started by the end of 2006. My cousin was the one who showed me, and I thought this place was magical. Penguins are exotic creatures, so that's why I joined. I learned some Club Penguin history by 2007 so I knew what was going on. After my old penguin ended I made a new penguin called Drlan, by 2008. I loved everything you did to make this the world's greatest game. I remeber meeting Gizmo once, even though I never knew who he was XD. So now, I may not play as much but I will always love this game, even if it ends. Thank you for making my childhood marvelous. ~Drlan. P.S please reply polo, I remeber meeting you with moose once XD


i have enjoyed every minute of this!!!!!!!!! And would like to have back those days. keep doing whatyour doing waddle on.

kayla :

i have enjoyed every minute of these exciting adventures!!!!!!! keep doing what you have been doing for the past years. waddle on.


I've played CP since April 2007 and this is very interesting to see! Great work! :D


OMG, THE NEW PLACES LOOK EPIC!! Though you guys should make the pizza shop look more fancy and luxurious. Anyways, the video was EPIC!!

butterfly st:

please make part 2!

dj vif:

So touching.


Ive played Club Penguin, well since the beginning and it warms my heart to see what you Club Penguin workers go through to keep the game alive. I did not think that the game would make it this far, but WOW! I was wrong, this game is very advanced and I now I know that you guys at Club Penguin work your best to keep us players happy. I just got to say you guys working at Club Penguin, and of course Billybob ROCK! This game is the only thing I look foward to, somedays I like to come straight home and play this. I plan one day to become a Helper or Moderator of Club Penguin. Well, if you read this WHOLE thing... It really shows me you care, I feel like family the way you care so much. Thank You! WADDLE ON!



I agree with you Bolpix. Cause these creators are working sooo hard to keep club penguin,the ruling game safe and fun!!!

Everyday I sit with my sister and we see the amazing sights at club penguin! Even in the car I play a club penguin app from app store called puffle launch!!!!


i just want to say thanks to the creators and employees of Club Penguin, for providing a fun inter-active safe world for us all!


omg! at the end i kept pausing really quickly!!!! LOVE IT!!!


that was so touching it almost made me cry .it was so interesting to hear the story of cp :)

waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D jacksonf123


Wow, I Can't wait for the New Journey on Club Penguin! I Can't wait for all of the rooms and more Creative Ideas! Club Penguin has made More and More Updates and They Will Never Give Up. They're Club Penguin and they'll do whatever it takes to Have more Fun Updates and More Creative Parties! Thank You Club Penguin. I Loved Club Penguin Beta Test, that was in 2005, I Loved it.


Cool video!!!!! :-)


OH MY GOSH!! If you pause the video at the end super-quick clips it shows the new-Gift Shop, Pizza Parlour, Town and Plaza!


Great video! I loved it and can't wait to find out what the wonderful creators will think of next! Waddle on CP!


omg that was epic wait for part 2 its going to be awsome well lol and waddl on GO CLUB PENGUIN TEAM brandonxyz1


There will be a new BIG update soon!!!
Waddle on CP!!


Eeep! I tried to pause it at the end when it showed little clips of whats coming and it looks CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! ( But in a good way ;))
Waddle On Cp!!!


If these people never thought of club penguin what would a huge hand full of people be doing right now? What would you and me do in our free time? Or what if it was not "club penguin"?


In 2010, I started to play club penguin, and I had the funnest time EVER on club penguin. I'm just wondering whats gonna happen?
If it's club penguin 2, I'm gonna scream in my house (LOL). I think that Club Penguin is amazing, and I wish all my hope to you guys for making this far :) .


I feel like crying. I've been on Club Penguin since September 2007. I will never forget the day I first arrived to Club Penguin. You guys keep making it more awesome every day, week, month and year. I love you guys so much! :')Waddle on CP! Waddle on forever!


It will just never be the same with out you guys and if one of you guys left it will never be the same...And if you never created Club penguin I would never see a good game and friends to make with.And you know what I think I have some ideas hmm GOT IT MAKE A CLUB PENGUIN VIDEO GAME FOR DS AND 3DS!


cool video!


I wonder what the older cp was before.
ill miss u guys cuz of the vid and thx Lane!


7 years have passed from now from 2005, Experimental to Penguin Chat until now. Rocket Snail to Disney, it had been a long journey for Club Penguin...

sweet kitty9:

aww very sweat ...thankyou clubpenguin..i really love it i get to meet with my very best friends.and all of you to also love clubpenguin because we get parties


I have played cp for maybe 1 or 2 years and i always loved it please never close thi sight down!!! if you did i would have nothing to do ll day haha no really when ever im bored CP HERE I COME!!! please please never shut it down! btw this is great your really awesome guys!! remind all of your workers of cp that i think that they're awesome! and keep up the good work! :'D


At first I was a little hesitant about the new room updates, but after rewinding those last 3 seconds 4 or 5 times, I must say I really like the new room look. It has a much more modern feel to it, but at the same time its still the Club Penguin we all know and love. Well done and I can't wait to explore the new and hopefully improved Club Penguin!

Waddle on!


this is a great video thankyou for this awsome website

Ms Faith:

Wow.....That was amazing guys I almost cried XD


Wow! I can't beleive how Club Penguin has changed. I have been on it since the start and am now 14 and enjoying it even more then ever. Thank you Club Penguin for making the best virtual world on the internet! I really appreciated the video, and it reminded me of earlier times on the island. Waddle On!!! :)


so that is how club penguin came to be


club penguin is my heart since its my only thing i can lean on apart from my parents. also great video i have wondered how you thought of changing penguin chat over the years i played club penguin wicked awesome done dazzel loved everyone on club penguin


Wow!!! Never knew this stuff! Can you cover the history of puffles??? :)

Waddle on!!!



COOL. Almost makes me want a time machine...
o.k. yeah, I want a time machine. just kidding.
My question is: how do you choose certain famous penguins like Aunt Arctic?


lilly bug 23:

i will enjoy seeing wat is new in cp because u guys have worked really hard and we have loved and honored all of the wonderful things u guys came up with u all have inspired me and made me enjoy all of the things u guys have created i hope u guys come up with somthing good...wat am i saying it will be good!!!

Diva Dj:

Hey I have a question. I joined club penguin when it was quite popular and I have heard about old club penguin. Is there a way to access it? I wanna see what all the fuss is about.

Enter nickname:

I don't know how you can get to the old CP, yet I remember what CP was like in late 2008. All penguins were basic and had pointier beaks. Puffles were much more basic, as you may see in parts of the Puffle Party and Puffle Circus.


Club Penguin is the best game in the world for me! I cant stop playing it and I never get bored for it so ill play it for ever so....


Hello polomoose, hapy77 and billybob! I just wanted to tell you cp rocks! All of the people (penguins!) I know play cp!! you've done an awesome job.

Cano 234:

Judging by that cliffhanger at the end of the video. Will the Club Penguin Improvement Project (CPIP) Be Coming Back For the Beta of This 'NEW' Club Penguin? Waddle On!


I love c lubpenguin it has been my friend since 2008. I have a question for CP team. I am a non member so could you please keep dresses for non members in gift shop and furnitures for us . We could enjoy a little more. Don't think i don't like it is just a request.


boy ltu:

yep penguin chat 2 and 3 is very awesome :)


you should make a snow party

aaan1234: gosh!! I have always wondered how CP came to be. It is really interesting seeing the history of CP. :) I cannot wait to see Part 2!!
Thank you so much for making Club Penguin. Each Year and Holiday it gets better and better! :) And the events you guys come up with ... oh my god don't even get me STARTED!! Excellent job, Club Penguin Team. :)

You've just been rocking all these days!! :) :D I love CP!! :) :D




Hi guys kitty5926 ur ultimate number one first fan I have played cp since 2007 and I love it so much! but im with sprinklegal4 CAN we still get on those sites?

plz post me!


hey club penguin
well i wanted a favor
can you make a beta test for the penguin chat also so we can expereince how it is
please give my regards to all the moderators and club penguin people
your's big fan


Ive played cp for years its the best online game ever i thougt cp was just a lagh at fist but its not its a awsome game WADDLE ON CP!!!!!! LOL oh one more thing lane get the new vid up :D

Suzy 97006:

It is so cool how they came up with all those ideas and i have been on club penguin for only a year and a bit but it will never get old


That was amazing to see how the new club penguin looked! I think you should called Penguin chat," Penguin City!" And I really want to have a beta test party in cp.

Waddle On!

Snow 1204:

so thats how it came to excist incredible :) keep up the good work and club penguin :) WADDLE ON


i like the vid. Is the new party november 15?


I love this vid!!! I 've played cp since 2010 and i love it. cant wait to see the new ideas you will come up with !!


wow!in 2010 i started CP after my freaed told me about it and i was like i have got to try this thanks lads



What server do you guys play on?
I really want to meet you guys and WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cp is the best

Marine 7123:

I love the video! But at the last part it showed some new kinda rooms of the regular ones. Are these improvements for the future or something.


The video has variety of updates beta-tests/other-tests they are all making tests if people don't know, they are testing they are not sure if it will be kinda fit in. They have cool updates daily and REALLY awesome. By the way, awesome video.

112 Yoshi:

I've played Experimental Penguins before it's kinda cheesy, but it's cool! But sadly, the site is doooooooooown! :(


That was inspiring :O :D

Waaddle on! :'(

pie pen:

very interesting. What's next on cp?


When I was first in Club Penguin, I got some fun there. I met the penguins, I also enjoyed earning coins and I'd really have some fun to explore. Until now... I still have my Club Penguin account. Thanks for making this website to us. I've really have some fun.

jtp uk:

please can you do a club penguin history party where you can explore the long lost world of penguin chat


I really loved the video can't wait to see what you got next till then waddle on!! ;)


I love the video!!!i have played cp forever!I want u guys to have another beta test party!!!cp will always be close to my heart.
As always waddle on cp!!!


I've been playing since Late 2006, or maybe March 2007, somewhere around very early 2007 I believe. I love Club Penguin, but I do miss old Club Penguin... those were the days. :)


Cool video. I loved old CP, but I love new CP too. This is cool!


I will miss you billybob and for the Club Penguin Team, keep working hard. because when you do your job, your doing another job. Making kids happy.


that that amazing i never knew what they would make next so it was always so fun that party the cloths the places it made me cry probably because i was close to the screen


all the new updates look awesome maybe you should also update the games :)


i like that video but what does beta test mean.waddle on


I love the video. Me and my friend always go on club penguin and have fun. Thank you for making CP!

Waddling on,


i remember that, my older sister was on penguin chat 3 and when club penguin launched she was so psyched that I had to try it, we shared an account for a year then i got my own, this is my second account on cp and i'm so proud that i have been a part of club penguin since the beginning.

waddle on cp

Safty Guy 8:

Hi Clubpenguin I Have Always Wondered How Clupenguin Can Change And It Has Changed A lot Since I First Started Playing It On The Year (2008) But The Most Event A Liked Was The Fruit Event I Hope You Guys Bring That Event Back Because I Am Sure A Lot Of People Liked That Event.

-- Good Bye Clubpenguin And Happy Halloween And Anniversary!

-- I Hope BillyBob,rsnail, Screenhog, Gizmo, Happy77,And All The Other Workers Of Clubpenguin Never Leave

P.S. I Love This Event !


Hey CP-Team,
I LOVE CP and i'm REALLY happy that u have make this video!! THX U I LOVE CP!!



I kept on stopping at the end to see all the new designs


Make Card-Jitsu snow!


How do u bcome a moderator? I really want to work with Club Penguin or something like that.


i love cp and i love love love the puffles so cute i whish they where real
i think its would be cool to let the non members have a page in the catolog every month.
waddle on :)


wow im excited!but it made me cry a little i love club penguin and ive been playing for three and WOW has it changed so good luck :,)


I'm speechless..... unbelievable..... you went through all this..... just for us? You guys have to be one of the BEST MMORPG creators IN! THE! WORLD!!!!!! I'm happy for all you've done for us so far! I wish I could help... hey, maybe I could! You know the batty puffle? Yeah. About that, I was thinking of making that a new puffle species! Please post this and please reply and please use this idea!!!!


K rose789:

i miss old cp i wish happy and billybob werent leaving

Tinker Blink:

History of CP is sooooooo awesome and cool


Wow....That was kind of amazing!
I had no clue how CP was made. It makes it even better to be a penguin.
Im amzaed that anyone could have ever come up with such and amazing idea!
I like CP becuase you listen. You all treat kids like you care. Thats wonderful.
Its inspiring to see dreams in action.
Waddle on forever,


I agree Pimila1, it's incredible how the CP team created the snow covered island we all waddle around on =D.
And like you said,
Waddle on...forever!
Love Emzpopxx <3


Me and my best friends (in real life and club penguin) really like playing this game,
i really liked seeing what club penguin looked like when it first started. I joined in 2010 and it
was really great. I really like seeing what it was like before i joined.

Waddle On Club Penguin You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenny Topps:

I think that you guys should bring back some of the old items back to Club Penguin. Because some of the clothing items there aren't really relevant (Pizza costume for Example) I'm not saying that this is bad to have new items, it's just I really miss some of the old items. I Only really see people with the new clothing on if they have just joined Club penguin. People who have been on CP for a while wear all the old items. I hope you get this :) Yours sinsirly, Jenny Topps


I agree with you. To me if you have old items you should feel like you've been a part of clubpenguin for a while. But when you have new items only your journey is just getting started! So i agree.



Rose Crash:

This is the best video I saw! :D I've played Club Penguin since 2007! CP will always be AWESOME no matter how old I get! <3


can't wait till part 2


Pande13 here,

I just want to say, everyone that is working to make club penguin better, keep on doing it! No website is as good as this one! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH CP TEAM!!


awesome vid! At the end though... Is that stuff gonna really be the new update??!?!?! The dock and dance club and all looked cool! But i like the way clubpenguin is anyway :D

Waddle On CP!

Summer sky10:

The new club penguin looks really cool and cant wait for the big update! I never knew how club penguin was created and named but now I know how much the Club Penguin Team have to work!

Agent Summer sky10!

Wee Em6:

I've played Club Penguin since 2006 and I have to say, it has changed a lot! That looks like a great place to work! It looks like so much fun! The artists are just amazing, anyway, Waddle on!


Wow!, I heard loads of comments and videos about how the old Club Penguin was, I wish i joined earlier,everything was different about the old Club Penguin, the clothes,items, I think Club Penguin will always be one of the biggest online game on the internet! :)
waddle On! :)

Ying yong5:

This video is awesome! It's amazing how passionate you guys are about club p and you've put so much work into it! You should definately do a video about the creation of puffles and the creation of penguin celebs like Rockhopper :) JKW!!! (just keep waddling) xxx


I love club penguin and I'm proud of Lane he is a clever man and I hope Club penguin goes on forever!
The guys that work there are just amazing and all I need to say is do your best and have fun!!

Waddle on Billybob AND Happy and all the Club Penguin team!
From Icy81462!


Hi, Im really sad that you and happy are leaving :(
BTW when is the white penguin colour coming out?
Also when is part 2 of the video coming out?

Waddle On! :)




I Think You Guys Did A Great Job on The NEW Rooms! Also I Think The NEW Art Design is Awesome!


I <3 this video, I think it's brilliant that we can see the original concept behind the legendary Club Penguin!! And for any of the bloggers/CP eam reading this, thank Lane from me for creating this. I <3 U CP!! Waddle on...forever!

fuffey 92:

omg were the pictures at the end like what cp will be like in the future? cuz if it would then i kept pausing it and it looks FANTASTIC!!! like its like.... UGHHH I CANT EXPLANE IT its like so awesome i want to play on it RIGHT NOW i like the new pizza parlor and the snow forts and benches everywhere it just looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!


Nice Video!
Im so excited for the updates at the end!
I can't even contain my excitement!


I'm so glad I've been part of this. Thank U soooo much!
Waddle On!


"WOW"i really liked the film i also like playing around and exploring club pengiun more and more! waddle on cp




i would never know that they had a game called penguin chat 3!!! cool! at the end i saw that you have some new rooms they look great but i will miss the old rooms like the coffee shop. who knows what awesome parties there are next? WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mia Angela:

WOW! I saw you video, that looked so cool! I started club penguin in maybe 2009 and i never new it stated so little! I can't wait to see the next leg of the journey!


i cant wait for new ideas for club penguin its going to be awsome!!!!!!!! :)

E Man3501:

All this is awesome! I can't wait 'til part 2! WHAT IS THE REVEAL!





I've had an account for 5-6 years now, and I'm no longer a member, but I remember some great times on this thing. I remember having parties and tipping the iceberg and getting excited about new stuff, it was really great in that it was like a safe social networking site for younger kids. I get nostalgic every time I go on it again. Club penguin is awesome :)


Wow. This is amazing. Before this though, I have studied how Club Penguin evolved from Rsnail's (Lance)small world, to a huge online world. It's so amazing. I wish I could make a game, but Flash is to expensive.. Anyways, Club Penguin has made me happy for a long time, ever since I first made an account in 2006. Since then I've made multiple accounts (its hard to keep track!) and I plan on staying with ZeroKitteh. I remember some friends in school talking about some thing they found called "Club Penguin" back in 2006. What was Club Penguin? I found out, and it changed my way of using the computer forever. I love you Club Penguin! Now I'm in 6th grade, and I still play around on Club Penguin whenever I can. It's changed so much! Especially puffles! They blew my mind when I saw them! Or the Lime Green color celebration! That was so fun, with the (empty) dojo being decorated in Lime Green. Or dig out the dojo, when I was so amazed to see a new character. Who was this penguin? Then card jistu came! I loved that! Now, I can't WAIT to see what you come up with next! A new empty room like the dojo was? Then, a new famous penguin appearing? You guys made my life so much more fun!




Guys, you did great with this site. I have been a member since it was first released, and now that I'm 19, I came back for nostalgia sake. Some things are different, yes, but it still has the heart of what CP is suppose to be! This is so interesting though! It inspires me because I would love to work with art or animation to something big like this some day!


I loved the video! At theend when you were showing the pictures really fast,I paused the video and got to saw the town and the pizza parlor and they were totally EPIC! I can't wait for all the exciting things that are going to be coming this year! Happy Halloween Lane and the rest of the clubpengin team!


Cool video! What kind of new things do you mean?
Is it like new rooms?
New games?
New items?
New parties?
All of the above?
I'd really like to know!

Waddle on Club Penguin!


I like the new job amd club puffle ideas. I think we should really get payed and stuff. I think in club puffle; the puffles should talk too.
I think penguins should be able to do more actions then dancing, waving and sitting.
Also, why did you not make a white penguin? Just make its belly black or something.
Besides what I said, everything else is fine. Except for what is for members and for what isn't.
I think the video rocks. Waddle on CP!


Wow!I didn't know that Disney put so much work into this!I also can't belive that we are going to take the next "step".I never thought it was
called "Penguin Chat"!I love Club Penguin because I can meat new people from,maybe,ya know, the other side of the world!And it's really


I cant wait until the new club penguin comes out! I haven't been playing club penguin in a while, but know that i know there's a new club penguin... I think cp is the NEXT BIG THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



P.S I'm going to play club penguin until im 100! and i'm only twelve! ;)

Pixie girl3:

Wow, I have been on club penguin for a year about and i had never thought it would take this much work to get all these peices of the isalnd together
Hey I JUST noticed how did the team come up with the EFP's? And there Quest?, Herbert, and Kluty!?


Club Penguin is getting BETTER?!?!?!??!? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!??!?!??!?!??!?!


I remember penguin chat... You have inprooved so much since then and its quite AMAZING!! I started penguin chat when I was really little and it was my absolute favorite game :) Club penguin is very fun and its fun to look back to the history... Great Video!

Pinksy W:

I will really miss you guys, but i hope club penguin will go on forever. I started playing club penguin when i was about six or four. I am eight right now and i am gonna turn nine soon. But look at club penguin now. I hope it wins a award for something like: Award for most people playing on website or Best penguin themed website. I like the new penguins waddling around like Polo Field , Businesmoose, and Spike Hike. So for now waddle on club penguin i will miss you!


I want to know about herbert. Why doesnt he like the cold?! HES A POLAR BEAR!!! How did he meet Klutsy and team up with him I WANT TOO KNOW THE ANSERS IF U AGREE SMILE LIKE THIS :)


well, wow! It must be amazing to work on a project like this, always moving forwards and having fun in the process! I can't wait for part 2 and of course, whatever the future of Club Penguin might be!

Agent p 0910:

It MUST been awsome to be in theBIG update!!!!


Hi! I loved the video very much! A quick question, do you guys think that the buildings at the end are going to come up? Because I clicked on pause just in that exact moment and saw the dock...WOW-I mean, I also got to see the pizza place and they were awesome!


WHOA! Mind blown! I've always loved learning about history and documentaries, so please do share more about the history of CP! Thanks you guys for puttingso much time and effort into this.
I think it would be cool that on one of your big CP Birthday Parties, you could have the option to go on the orgiginal Penguin Chat for everyone! (members and paid-members alike) I would LOVE to hear more about how it first go started! Cheers!


I AGREE! that would be INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Like seriously! oh my goodnesss!!! :DDD plzzz doooo!!!!


Woah! That is so cool. It's amazing how club penguin got so big from just a little idea. Waddle on!


#1 fan CP the new version better be good guys! ;)




Thank you for making Club Penguin! I was so touched of what you did before it came out.
As always...

Waddle On!


I've played CP known as Mell18 since February of 2007 and played before that as another penguin I have long since forgotten. I have never regretted coming back to see how my beloved childhood game has changed over the years and I still enjoy joining in on the fun of both the traditional and new parties alike that always seem to be going on. I still remember logging in during my first party, the Festival of Snow, and being amazed by the different ice decorations, free clothes to dress your penguin with, and of course that great pirate ship the Migrator! I thought the island was under attack! By the looks of those pictures that flash by so quickly, CP is going to once again have some major renovations! I'm liking the look of those stone paths rather than having to walk on snow all the time! Keep up the good work CP! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

A and C1:

WOW that is a really interesting history! It was cool seeing a ninja with a sword at the beginning! That was awesome! Waddle On! :D


Wow that's really cool to see how far club penguin has come!Thanks for sharing that club penguin team!


this is like the best cp video EVER!!!!


Thank you everyone for making club penguin without it I would be really sad.


One word... WOW!!!! can't wait tell part two!!!! plz throw a party in 2013 like avengers or the first party you guys have ever thrown. plz read this if you do thank you:)


Caden858 here! Hey guys! You should make a rare day! It's about all of your life on Club Penguin ( CP)! + you should make Club Penguin 2 & make it really awesome! It would be awesome!

'Till then, Waddle on! =)

P.S Please post this!


Hello Polo field nice to see you, this is a nice video! I didn't know you guys had Penguin Chat! I am totally shocked right now!
C is for cool for the icy place for the Arctic!
L is for likeness for all the penguins to come!
U is for you and the penguins!
B is for best and the island that has penguins!

P is for penguin that live on this island we are on!
E is for epic for the EPF spies and their elite puffles!
N is for nice of all the penguins and their igloos!
G is for great for the epic mascots on club penguin!
U is for unique for the penguin style and clothes!
I is for Igloo that all the penguins live!
N is for neat for all the penguins and puffles!

Waddle on!


Oh my gosh! I want to see the update so much!!! :D


Thank you so much for making CP! I love it so much!


hey club penguin! loved the video! i just wanna say an idea, what if the next part of the journey was to make 2 more underground rooms and 5 more rooms above ground? i know its alot of work but that could be the next step to expanding club penguin?? adding more rooms? mabye one of the new buildings could be a city hall with its own penguin council?? just an idea! keep up the good work! - titan4u


That was a great video!! It was great to learn how CP evolved into the amazing world it is today. I want a job at CP headquarters! It looks like the best job ever (especially "cause its Disney)! WADDLE ON CP TEAM!!!!!!


omg that is cool are you going to up date clubpenguin that will be cool and it is amazing how you started off you guys are amazing


hi there i joined club penguin since December 12 2010.So i really enjoyed club penguin so thx to the people who made club penguin so i cant wait what is gonna happen on club penguin in 2013 so i hope it will be special and thx for creating club penguin...


I'd like to have New Horizons 2 with a sneak peak of what might happen in the future (e.g. New shops, New island etc)


Hello everyone i'm Ycac!
When i was little i want to work on your website!
And my memories in club penguin was when it was 2008
i got pins,stamps,games and friends!
and what i learned in club penguin?
To spell community,to communicate well with others,and to type fast!
This is a great game for all kids...i wish in the future club penguin
will be a great hit,like right now..
Waddle on CP!


Cool Video!
But, Hey CP!
I'm so excited beacause the new disign!
It's Gonna be cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!
Waddle on!


Ive Been On Club penguin since late November 2009 and been very happy with all the stuff that is around and im glad you called it 'Club Penguin' because all those other names sounded boring!
Waddle on Cp!!!


I like the new look of the rooms also in the awsome official guide it show a new area with a fountain whill this be included in this new design?
waddle on


oh gosh i love this vedio and tanks to the team of cp i love u cp

Cutie Bibby:

I've played Club Penguin since December 2011, and out of all my time playing, it has become my favorite game on the web! Waddle on CP!
P.S: I've voted Club Penguin for the BAFTA Awards 2012!


You could make a party that's like Herbert in a big robot trying to destroy cp like the marvel super hero takeover=D. I hope this comment makes a party that all penguins will like (please post)




i want too heer more

Double dive:

Future Journey and New EPF Rcon Room


hmmm.... are the pictures near the end what we might see in the future

Pink Puffle:

Oh My! At The End The Video Shows What Club Penguin Is Going To Be Like Later In The Future!!!!!! Pause It When Its Quickly Scrolling Through All The Zones At The End !


uh hey club penguin team! I play club penguin and i loved the halloween party!!! But.... will you tell about how you guys came up with the membership part in part 2?


How come we get to ride Snowcats (is that what they are called?) on penguin chat but not on club penguin?


i have played club penguin for all most a year now.i first played club penguin in the puffle party 2012 and i have lots of memories of all the parties and if i could change anything i would change nothing.waddle on cp!!


I've been on CP since 2009 and trust me, I never thought Club Penguin started with experimental penguins and then on to Penguin Chat. I wish Billybob and Happy77 never left. This is truly the best thing on the internet and I would always put it as 1st choice when i go on the web. This video was very interesting and has taught me a lot about the history of CP. I'm sure Buinessmouse and Polo Field will be just as good as Happy77 and Billybob. Great work from the Club Penguin Team. :D

WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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