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By Polo Field on December 26, 2012 - 12:22


Hello Penguins!


We've seen a lot of you baking cookies, transforming, having snowball fights, and getting into the holiday spirit. When we asked what you were most excited for at the Holiday Party, here's what Julesbug323 had to say:


Coins for change! I hope everybody that has 10,000 or more coins will give it to coins for change!! I am looking forward to changing into a Frost Bite!!! Cannot wait till RockHopper comes!!


We're stoked to see so many of you donating to Coins For Change! What cause did you donate to during Coins For Change and why did you pick it?


Leave your comment below and we'll feature one in our next Reviewed By You. The featured penguin will also receive 10,000 coins!


Until then... Waddle On!


-Club Penguin Team



My sister and brother and I are doing protect the Earth so we stop global warming and protect endangered animals for a better place!


i gave fifteen thousand coins for health care and thousand coins each for the earth and safe places.

Thnx CP for this awesome chance for us to help!!!

Till then Waddle On............

Thursday,December 27,2012-13:00


I only donated to medical help. There are some kids who are VERY sick!




W i cant bOWelieve we have donated so much! i donated all of my money to coins for change and i had a lot of money!



I did too! I have so many coins and I don't use them.

Anyway... Waddle On!




Me And my 2sisters and 1 brother are soooooo happy about coins for change!. you see. my and my siblings will do ANYTHING to help the earth or helping others with homes problems. so when it comes to coins for change we donate everything we can and spend most of are time on club penguin during the holiday party to get TONS of coins!!!.
i hope u guys (cp moteraters or ppl who read) this understand how much i care for the earth and for others and i hope everone can understand my view of coins for change!!.


I am so happy about it too! I couldn't be more stoked to donate money to help the earth, find homes, and give medical help.
WADDLE ON CP! -Alwin5 :D

Surfa Sista:

That is so awesome!


Thats great! I am glad to donate coins for people with no home's or food. and im glad that the Non-Member's get a rare color! :)



conway2003 :

i donated 10,000 pound and i think your right. I think we all should give coins to people who have no home's or food. and i think we should give money to hostibal's because then patients will get better.





how do you get the rare color?


how do you get the rare color?

harry gray:

nice one!




The cookies for change idea is BRILLIANT!!! I love being a race car and making cookies to change the world! I mean, who dosen't like making cookies? Especially to change the world? Keep coming with the ideas Club Penguin and please try to get the EPF up and running soon! Until then, WADDLE ON!!!


i like donating for the poor.


i like protect the earth because i want to save the coral reefs and help make more forests and less power plants near them


I think that's a great cause but I donated to medical! It means that I could have saved someone's life out there in the world. Knowing that makes me feel like I'm really doing something worthwhile! It makes me feel like a hero!


i think thats a great idea i donated 10000 coins yeaterdy i played all the games in cluyb penguin to donate aol i have i hope it works
i think that club penguin is the best game i had played for years!!!!

Sasha Brook:

I chose to provide medical help. Every day, tons of people get injured. A lot of them don't have medical insurance. If we choose to provide medical help. the next time one of these people get hurt the have medical insurance to rely on. I wish we could help them every day, because sometimes when I think about it, it's very sad to know many people get serious injuries, don't have medical insurance, and probably die of their injury. That's why I want to help these people.


so cool idea i think u deserve to win!


Hi I'm Purple7258.What I am doing is that I'm gathering all of my coins and trying to get to at least 5,000 to 10,000 coins to give it all to the world!And if I win,I'll donate everything!I really,REALLY want to help.So far I'm donating 100 and 500 to all the causes.I really want to help the homeless,give the homes and food and water,help support the animals,and do whatever I can will to do.I think this Coins for Change Program is a marvelous way to let all the penguins of club penguin to pitch in and help!!GO!!The party starts NOW!!!!!


well my sis and i donated for all of them and the forest the most because we love the forest and the animals tress and ponds with fishies and duckies in mother earth.


I kindly chose to donate coins to protect the Earth for Coins For Change this miraculous holiday season. I donated for this cause because I want to keep the rich, amazing forests of our planet still standing. I want to keep the Earth healthy and happy, don't you? I also donated to this cause because I want there to be many fitting habitats for the majestic creatures out there in the wild. The final reason why I donated to protect the Earth this season is because I desire to keep the unique animals from being endangered and exctinct. Protecting the Earth is a cause you should donate to!

Waddle on!


Hey everyone! The coins for change machine broke! :( And the reason is: everyone gave TONS AND TONS of coins! Glad everyone did what they said they would! :)


I did it for the hurricane sandy victims.


i have 9 brothers a mum and dad and me donating enviroment


well I cant rember what I picked but I picked something but everybody it is special to donate to your favrate corse but what I did I remberd now I picked every sigle one so please donate for coins for change and there os one more word for me to say to every penguin who donated thatnkyou.


Thats a really great thing too do and i donated to all of them and i now its changed peoples life


cool clubpenguin


it is so sweet for kids to be donating coins for coins for change. I care for all children to be happy! I am also proud of people trying to save the earth from Globel Warming. This year, we know people will be happy! :)


I donated to ALL of them! I feel it's all of our jobs to help the earth, help build safe places, and provide health care for the ill. I can't believe we donated OVER 10 BILLION COINS this year! Wow! That's really a big difference that we made this year! -Hermey12 :)


das eneny 1 know what the totle is so far?


i made all of those donations too! ( although i mostly voted for building safe places ) anyway waddle on Hermey12 : D


i donated 10 billon coins to sheleter and for the people who were in hurricane sandy thats why i donted to the sheleter i hope this coins help people around the world in need.


I Donated to build safe places. There are some kids out there who are homeless!




People and kids need a house to live in donate more coins

cm punk105:

me too! :)


I agree! Well said. We did have a huge impact on coins for change in 2012!
-great comment!


That really makes me smile Hermey12 you are so right! Waddle on Hermey!
You are changing the world.



i donated all 40000 of my coins and i kept donating all coins i get:)

wadddle on cp


did we pass one billion the coins for change meter is broken

Snowangle penguin:

yes ^_^ we should celebrate with a happy dance!!!!!! lol


Yes so many penguins donated their coins that the amount reached to 1 billion and over! The meter is broken because it can't count to 1 billion, so BOOM!

nick boutros:

i'm so excited about meeting rockhopper. And knowing my 10 000 coins actually helped someone made me feel great but i loved turning into a frost bite it was so cool how you could freeze people.Waddle on everyone!


I think we just clogged the coin counter because all of them are broken and dripping with coins

Pumpkin Cutie:

What Cwoin Cwounter?

Lucky Cass:

I donated to helping endagered animals and wildlife because I keep hearing about people cutting down trees and also hearing about animals turning extinct so I think it would be very helpful to the animals to have a safe environment !


I like to donate to endangered species because a ton of them are becoming extinct and it's really sad because we need animals for food and company so that is why I donate to endangered species : ). -gregory2468


i donated to build safe places because i want all my coins to go help people build safe places for those who are poor and has no money and those places will help them survive the winter and stay warm!
I hope i will change someones life!



I agree with you.

The best cause is Building safe places. Next year I hope more people donate to it.


Building Safe places isn't the best cause what about Protect The Earth? We must save the endangered animals so later on in the future other kids or adults could see the animals plus we could save all the endangered like the perigan falcon who got off the endangered animals list because of all the people who donated..Also soon people will stop killing the earth and start caring for the earth but we are half way there (or a quater way there) so lets try our best to take care of our earth until the very end!

Waddle On CP!!!



Building Safe places isn't the best cause what about Protect The Earth? We must save the endangered animals so later on in the future other kids or adults could see the animals plus we could save all the endangered like the perigan falcon who got off the endangered animals list because of all the people who donated..Also soon people will stop killing the earth and start caring for the earth but we are half way there (or a quater way there) so lets try our best to take care of our earth until the very end!

Waddle On CP!!!



I donated to all three causes. I don't see why we have to pick one! All 3 need our help, the environment, medical and safe places! All for the reasons that they are even there. Coins for Change is amazing, and changes lives and the world, but it mostly would change ourselves, make us kinder, and know to feel sorry for things or people less fortunate than us.


i donated for all three causes too!i care a lot about our world.i donated over 300 coins .i feel happy.



I donated over 1000 coins cuz i have no idea what to do with all my coins so i just donated almost all my coins! :)


That is great Jjoeyxx! That's really inspiring!
Waddle on Jjoeyxx!


@Jjoeyxx I completely agree! Why pick one? I hope you get picked for the reviewed by you!


I chose donate my coins to Provide Medical Help. This is very important because so many people are dying from many illnesses for no reason. We need to stop this by building more hospitals and finding more cures for diseases. Together, we can make sure more people in this world are staying healthy. I truly believe in this category :)

Bo Bo Joe:

I feel the exact same way! I donated about 32,000 coins to that cause and my best friend donated over 50,000. Everyone in my family supports this cause as well :D

club cuty:

i donated for provide medical help as well because it's sad when people pass on for nothing. i want everyone to live a happy and healthy life!


I picked building save places because we help build hospitals ,houses, schools, playgrounds, and so much more. Thats why I picked building save places. Also my name on Club Penguin is Seeoa.


me too! i picked that alot! because some ppl dont have homes. i know what it would be like if i dident have a home. waddle on cp team and seeoa!


I agree with you Batman24614. A few months ago a hurricane hit the Northen East side of the U.S. and a lot of people lost their homes. But it wasn't just the hurricane itself, the hurricane hit a storm in the ocean turning Hurricane Sandy into Superstorm Sandy! There was a lot damages and a few blizzards including a crane in New York snapping at 90 stories above ground.


I also picked safe places so children can go to school and get an education!


I also picked safe places so children can go to school and get an education!


Building safe places because think about how many people there are in the world and how many houses they need.Even though it's the lowest option I donate every time. Remember my penguin name is Speedy2020 and waddle on!


I donated to provide medical help, as lots of people in the world don't have access to hospitals and lots can't even afford to pay for the medical help, which could mean life to them.


This is one of the best causes.


I strongly agree with Sleddingman.


I donate to coins for change because I want to help other people and make them happy.I animals to have a better habit to live.


I donated for Save the Earth because there has been a lot of cutting down trees and pollution that is causing glaciers to melt which puts arctic animals in danger!


I am very exitced' for "coins for change" evan though i have about 300 coins on my account I'm still donating! WADDLE ON CP!

Cheeze Mad:

Me and my Buddies are going on rockhopper hunts to get his new backround And have donated Thousands of coins to coins for change! can't wait til' Prehistoric party!!

Davey Jones34:


I hope you and i meet rockhopper Cheeze Mad


I donated to "protect the Earth" because i love animals and i think they should live in their habitat and so people will not destroy it.

waddle on cp!!!!!


Building places because there is so much people in the world that need homes and I wanted to donate my coins because of that and everyone needs a home to survive.


Happy Holidays Everyone! I always donate mostly to Protect the Earth because I love animals and I already raised 50 dollars for animals in need. I figured by helping out by donating my Club Penguin coins, I would be doing even more. I also do my best every day to help the earth in different ways. Ex: Turning the water off while brushing my teeth. Waddle on and keep making a difference!


I donated to providing medical help because I've been sick and it's nice to be able to go to the doctor and get help and know that you're safe. If I hadn't donated to that one I'd donate to building safe places because it's important to have shelter, it can help keep you warm and dry.
Coins For Change was awesome this year, I loved how you could see your donation as soon as you donated it! Though I wish the Lighthouse had filled with coins like last year--that was awesome!
Please post this, I've never been posted before!
Waddle on,

Secret Belle:

Yeah, I think that the medical help one is the most important, too. We have all been sick and it stinks, but we can go to the doctor and get some medicine, yet others can't. Some people don't even have safe drinking water , so I think that this is a really important cause to donate to. The building shelters one is great to, shelters can keep people safe, warm in the winter or fall, and cool in the summer. It's also very important to donate to the protect the wildlife one, because of all the pollution that we humans are putting into the air, animals are in danger. Remember, this isn't just our planet, it's animals too.

So all over all, I think that all of the causes are equally important, so get out there and donate your money to all of those causes!

(P.S. Plz post me, I have never been posted before!)


Well, it's hard to choose a favorite... but I chose to donate to helping the environment. Of course, I donate to them all, but I am most passionate about helping the planet. I am even help offline by picking up the trash I see on the ground. Together we can make a difference! I am very excited that we broke the board! I can't wait to see the results!

Keep donating and waddle on! ~Chingu123 :)

com ball1:

I think your right Chingu123! THis was very cool that we broke the board and of course the money thing. I say helping the evironment just like you.


This time, I've made sure to donate to all three! I know that every single category is important, but they all deserve the same amount of coins (Well, at least in my opinion.). But this coins for change event is better than all the rest because when you give coins, you get to transform in return. I love being frost bites and reindeer puffles! Until next time, WADDLE ON CP!


Like everyone i can't wait till Rockhopper will come again!!!
The cause that I most donated for was (and will be) building safe places.

I hope that we'll make a lot of new Christmas records during the... Unnual Holiday party!!!

until than...



I picked the houses because theirs a LOT of storms and the people and kids who dont have a home would not survive in that storm or cooldes ,so i felt like helping them by donantaing some coins to help the people who dont have homes and now with the all the coins we donated thay will have a house to live and be HAPPY!!!!!!!! by Annysnow! :)


I donated to building safe places. If safe places are built, then people will get sick less often, because of the sanitary rooms. :)


I love coins for change too! I donated to all of them because i couldn't pick just one! Almost Every day I donated 100 coins to each. If you add it up, I donated about 300 to 500 coins for each! I am so excited! And I love the new color, White! Waddle on cp!

club cuty:

I donated to coins for change. the cause i chose was provide medical help. why i chose it? well, every now and then hospitals and medical centres don't have the equipment they need. i decided to donate so they can buy the medical equipment they need for their patients!

Cliky Minty :):

I think it is AMAZING that the Club Penguin Team does this! I ALWAYS pay for membership in the Holiday Party and I normally save up coins. My goal every year is to reach 10,000 (I did this year)!! If I am the featured penguin...I want to give it to coins for change if it is still on! CLUB PENGUIN TEAM...YOU ARE AWESOME! :)
Waddle on :)

~Cliky Minty :)~


I mainly donated to the environment, because of all the endangered animals in the world who are losing their homes. If the endangered animals aren't protected then they won't be around in the future for others to see! Also because the endangered animal, the Snow Leopard, is my favorite animal.


Happy you asked Polo Field! I am most exited to donate to the " protecting the earth" cause because I think indangered animals need more help let alone their habitat. Coral reefs are colorful and nice to look at. Plus, if coral reefs get damaged, that would just leed to yet more amazing critters becoming endagered. Waddle on everyone!


Wow! This is exciting. I spent almost all my coins for this. My cause was for all three. Sometimes I do mini games then use the coins I got there on coins for change. I like the cookies the best. We can change into awesome things with them. Thank you Club Penguin!


I donated to all the causes! They all inspire me to help the world, and work together with other people to make the world a better place :)


I donated to all three causes! All the unfortunate people should be helped and they should have warm places to live and good medical facilities. Also, the endangered animals should be protected and global warming should be stopped. Kudos to Club Penguin for setting up donation stations to help the needy! The Holiday Party is rocking and awesome and everyone is enjoying! Thanks Cp! Waddle On!

miss cute918 :

I picked to help nature. I picked this because I think its important to take care of nature because if we don't all the trees will be destroyed. :)


I donated coins to medical help. I picked it because I know how many people need caring and help. I help people however I can and whenever.

Waddle on guys!


I donated my coins to Protect the Earth because I love animals and don't want them to go extinct. My favorite animal is the Giant Panda and it is going extinct because it's habitat is being destroyed. I also donated to this cause because it keeps beautiful places around the world like coral reefs safe. I am most passionate about Protect the Earth but you can't go wrong with the causes Build Safe Places or Provide Medical Help because either way we are all making a difference for the better.


I like your reasons but personally i would donate to Provide Medical Help because if we are well we can save the animals and we can build more safe places.
Waddle on!
P.S . I like the giant panda


I am very glad to see people donating so much money. I'm glad that it is going to such a good cause. I hope every penguin will donate something.It is such a good cause, especially that we can make a difference in someone's live.


I donated over 11,000 coins to Protect the Earth and now only have 4 coins now! I picked Protect the Earth because I feel bad for all the forest fires and lumberjacks cutting down trees. Especially endangered animals like the Panda Bear.

mary clare16:

yeah i did some school work on pandas their are less then 1000 in china its really sad i hope all our coins help!

mary clare16:

i have been donating all my coins to build safe places because they have the least amount of coins so until next time


I have been donating to Proecting The Planet with all my coins, as I have done for years. I think it's most important because without protecting the planet there would be none of the other causes!


I donated all my coins to Building safe places because people are the most important thing on the face of the earth. Waddle on :)


I have been looking forward to Coins for Change and now its here!! I just love the feeling of giving and I know that my donations help change the world! I have now donated all together at least 10,000 coins and plan on donating more. Waddle On CP!! Let's all make a difference!

Jilly Can101:

Hey, CP!
I donated to mostly medical support, because my family members have suffered through many things like cancer, and severe injuries. Because of that, I want to be a doctor when I grow up. So, that's why I donated to medical support!
Waddle On CP, and keep donating!! :D


Hi Jilly Can101
Like you i have seen my family members suffer. I have suffered too. If you look at my point of view i think you have done a great thing.
I am also giving all (most) of my money to medical help. Add me but until then ...




I donated coins for save the world because I think the world is getting polluted and global warming is getting worse.The world needs our help and we can save it .waddle on.


Every year I think the most important coins for change donation cause is providing medicle help because people and chidren in some arries of the world suffer serias illneses from durty water need help so they dont have to suffer the disses


I dontated to help build safe places! I really want to help those affected by Superstorm Sandy. They lost power and houses and I hear that Superstorm Sandy is one of the most expensive disaters ever! I'm so happy we do Coins for Change! Its a great way we can help!


i donatint to bild safe placeis because not mennd pepple did it and pepple need homes and schools and outher things like tht so hope lots of pepple had fun donating so Cya !

By: Chloe8911 :D


i donated for safe places for the people who lost everything because of the storm waddle on cp!


I donated 10,000 coins to medical help, 5,000 coins to building safe places, and 1,000 coins to safer environment.
I donated the most to medical help because I want people to be healthy first so that there are many more wonderful people on Earth so all together we can build more safe places and help save the environment! Everyday I went on I donated at least 100 coins so I probably donated more than what I mentioned above.

Waddle On!


Hey Polo !
This is what i have been doing for Coins For Change. when it started i had lost of coins so i donated all i could. Also I ould play all sourts of games then donate them. I donated to every place about 1,000 dollers at least. this is what i did to held the world :) bye

mighty pant:

I donate for protect the earth because the endangered animals in need can be helped before starving people or people who need homes or school because there is tons of humans and we don't want any extinct animals.


I donated for all causes. My friends were having a fight yesterday. They were trying to figure out which cause is more important. Well, I told them: "All the causes are important!"
Like in all the other Disney movies, all the kids learn about love, friendship and caring for each other. Especially during the Coins for Change party! :)The Club Penguin Team had a wonderful idea making all this "donating-for-causes" awesome... with transforming into a toy car, or a reindeer puffle, or even a Frost King! :) Genius! ;) But... I just realized something... Donating for all causes makes everything snow-tastic! :) Well done, Disney and Club Penguin Team! :D

Waddle on! ;) And don't forget to donate more and more... Let's try having more than last year, more than 10.8 billion coins! If we work together, we can do it! That's for sure! ;)

P.S. My penguin name is Teodorutza. ;)


i agree to you because the cookie bakery is good fun

all the causes are inportent as well mr harry3 cant coose the cause he will donate to!

p.s my penguin name is snow and fun


Hey CP team I am trying to donate as much as I can to coins for change.I am trying to donate as much as I can because Coins For change makes me think about how lucky I am because I have a house,family and friends that love me and I for one want to provide all of those things to everyone who needs them.go coins for change!

Baby Mario13:

hi cp team! i had donated to protect the earth because i have feelings for all forest animals and sea animals and considering the fact that there are many oil spills that cause ocean animals (sea otters specifically) im just trying to have a better future for all the animals. Baby Mario13 out! oh, and P.S. Arctic white is a really cool color!


The cause that i liked was getting homes for people because people need shelter.Shelter is one of the basic needs..That is where people get into institutions by their family.


I donated to all three! I donated 5,000 coins to Provide Medical Help. Some places don't have hospitals to take care of sick people. I want every place in the world to have a hospital. I donated 10,000 coins to Build Safe Places. Some people are too poor to send their kids to school or even afford a home. I would help build schools, homes, and safe places for everyone! Everytime I bought a cookie, I donated the 100 coins to Protect the Earth. Some animals are going endangered because of humans messing up their habitats. I would like to help those endangered animals. I also wanted to donate all three causes.


I think the coin counter thing broke because a lot of penguins are donating lots of coins!

Waddle on!


I donated to the Medical cause this year - I always donate to Medical, I find it the most helpful cause :)

Until then... Waddle On!!


I always donate to build good homes for people in need because that category always has the lowest amount of people donating to it. I also think that is is very important thatnbpeople have homes, especially in winter. In all, I have donated at least 10,00 coins and plan to donate more! Waddle on CP and remember to donate to Coins for Change!


I chose medical help because there are many people around the world that are sick and need help but the hospital/ shelter doesn't have much money to treat them.





i voted for medicine becuase they need it!

Bubsey Good:

I picked medical help because I have many friends I know with cancer and I want to help them.


What cause I donated to is all three. I donated on all three because they're all important and because 1.There are less trees in the world and without trees we won't have oxygen which is really important for us that's why I chose to donate coins for the trees and 2.People that are homeless needs people that supports them some doesn't have families so some people needs our support were already lucky because we already have a family,house,and food so at least we need to give support on some homeless people this is why I also donated coins for homeless people. 3.People that are disabled needs our help because some families have kids that are sick or is disabled but doesn't have enough money to pay for their child's medicine so that's why I donated to health so families would be able to pay for their kids needs.


I Chose The Medical Help Cause Becuase My My Mom Helps Kids Who Have Problems And To Me Medical Help Is So Important I Want To Be Just Like Her Some Day


I donated to all the causes, but the first cause in which I donated 10,000 coins in was for Medical Help, because a big part of saving the earth, is saving the people.

monkeyman 98:

The holiday party is GREAT! Im happy to have the arctic white color its SUPER cool. I donated my coins to all of the causes because i love this time of year! I love helping people around the world and i hope we get 12324342408957973402807428570238031249850 coins donated this year maybe even more! Waddle on for ever peeps!! -Monkeyman 98


I liked coins for change and i managed to donate more then 10,000 coins! Iiked transforming into a car.


I would pick coin for change because its helping the world helping kids and helping families across the world its been so nice to help other people and its a party on Club penguin and its just like Christmas and Christmas is about giving not getting and please give coins to coins for change and helping those in need.
And Waddle on Club Penguin!


I am soooo excited to be one of those cute reindeer puffles!!! I always love to donate lots of coins to coins for change! It feels great to know that you are helping to make a big difference in the world Waddle on CP!!


I donated 100 coins to all but when I get 10.000 coins im gonna donate them all to help animals because I love animals and I have 3 of my own (:



ummm i noticed the counter was broken is it Herbert a bug or did we donate too many coins?


I donated to ALL of them because I couldn't choose! But my favourite was protecting the earth, because there's many endanged animals like the Blue Whale. It's known for it's humongous size. I donated about 30,000 coins so far! I try to convince other penguins to donate, too. One time when I was a Frost Bite, I said "Donate or I'll freeze you!". At that moment I turned back into a penguin. So the "freezing" part wasn't in effect. Anyway, Waddle On!!!


I donated to all causes, but I've mostly been donating to Medical Help and Safe Places to balance the donations a bit more equally because they're all so important. But I realized I would need to have maybe another 10,000 coins to do that! I've tried by supporting my favorite cause with the special t-shirts and signs to hold up! :)Best wishes Club Penguin! :)

Em Prin:

i donated 100 and 500 coins for coins for change because i really wanted to make a difference and i didn't have 10,000 or more coins! I think it's funny!
~Em Prin

Kk Kylee:

I just donated because I love to help others and, well, it's just so fun! And I picked Provide Medical Help, and why I chose that is because I don't want other people to be stuck in the hospital, while I'm on my Mom's computer having the best time of my life! And when the Holiday Party started, I went all over the island saying, "Dance To Donate!"


i chose to donate to protect the forests because i really like forests.


I donated to Provide Medical Help, because there are so many people on this planet that simply aren't getting proper medical care.


Donating coins for coins for changs feels GREAT. I can't wait for coins for change 2013! WADDLE ON!


Hi Polo Field and Businemoose! what caused me to donate is I just love helping people and making a true diffrence in the world and would do everything I can, in general... I picked ''provide medical help'' because I would basicly help someone out there ALOT and thats what I want to do! Club penguin is making a HUGE diffrence in the world because of coins for change.So f you have any extra coins please DONATE!!!! Wadle on CP!!

happy nugget:

I gave a 10,000 coins to each cause, it was really hard work, but I can't wait for people and animals alike get the money! The cookies were a brilliant idea, THANKS ROCKHOPPER, and they let me give even more to these causes! I love giving coins at this time of year!


I also did that because I thought every cause was important. I even donated 10,000 coins!


ive been donating to Providing Medical Help because alot of kids and people in differant countries have a condition that the doctor can not cure with the equipment that he is using because he doesnt have enough money to buy the right cure to his problum.

Me donating to them and alot of other people donating to them aswel will help them to aford more equipment and help more sick people with their problum.

Waddle On Club Penguin And Remember Keep Donating


I Donated to Health! I think alot of kids/adults are getting hurt this year. I think its VERY important to help people, Animals, and even to just keep the world clean! I hope YOU donated! Waddle On Cp!

- Saprita


I Love Coins for change. Its like your helping people from all around the world.
its nice how they put a special charity in a special game.


I love Coins For Change, I had more then 60, 500 coins and donated it all, to all. But I found our Medical Help wasn't doing great, so now I support it.


I picked medical help because I could help children all around the world.


Ive been donating a lot of coins to protect the earth! Ive donated 5,000 coins to it at once! I also want to see Rockhopper! I love to transform into a Frost Bite!


Hey all you penguins out there.I think Polo Field is right.We have been making a lot of cookies this year.


i have been donating to provide medical help because some people are really heart


I donated to Medical help because my parents come from Africa and a lot off the money goes there.


Well I donated to all three of the causes because there all just as important. Any coins I got from games I would donate most of them to coin for change ! (I've Donate Over 10'000 Coin) Waddle On


I'm really excited about coins for change! I mean, Club Penguin is such a thoughtful, wonderful site, having penguins donate to Coins for Change for people in need. I really hope that people donate coins to help the world become a better place. And I just want to thank Club Penguin again to remind them that they're one of the best sites I've ever known. Thank you Club Penguin!


I chose Medical help because, everyone should have a good health. I dolnated all of my spare coins to it. I felt good after dolnating and that is the best gift you can get!
Waddle on,


All of it really! I loved coins for change, it just warms my heart!
It is all for people who need the change, so DONATE
I hope everybody has there 10'000 coin donation stamp!
Even 5000 makes a difference, so DONATE!
And also people have the pleasure to turn into Frost Bites, Reindeer Puffles and cars.
You do that, you Donate. Rockhopper's visit was pleasant and I love how you can play the game then donate!


Well, I chose Build Safe Places. Because in many places there are not enough schools, or well not enough safe places!! I hope EVERYONE donates at least once because of all the penguins ONE time could make a HUGE difference. ♥♥♥


I donated my coins to all of the causes, as they're all VERY important. I've donated to Coins for Change every year since I first joined Club Penguin. I think it is Club Penguin's biggest event of the year! It makes the world a better place :-)


Well, I donated for Protect The Earth. When I read books about environments I always see things about disasters made to the earth by humans. A lot of animals are endangered and waterways are getting dirtier and dirtier. I thought we MUST do something about it so when I donate I usualy donate for Protect The Earth. I saved up to 13,000 and something coins and I donated for Protect The Earth with all that! And also, if you donate for 10,000 coins you'll get a CFC cap!


I'm donating to all the coins for change causes! I think they're all important!


I chose 'Build safe places' because it is important to have shelter to survive.


Hi! My favorite part of the holiday party is also coins for change.I earned money on the Puffle Rescue app ao I can donate to ALL of the causes. I donated about 3,000 today and twice that during the whole party.


I donated a lot of money for Building Safe Places, because I think it is the most important. So many people, not just in places like Africa, but in the West, too, don't have anywhere they can go and be safe. I think everyone has the right to a safe place to live.


the three options because it helps nature protects animals and trees, build safe places to protect people from any dangerous phenomenon of nature or anything else,medical help people get sick less.


I donated 5,000 Coins to Build Safe Places because some children doesn't have a place to live on their countries!. That's why i donated 5,000 Coins to help build Safe Places for the children to be safe.


I was amazed when I got on today all of the penguins broke the coins chart because so many of you donated a lot of coins. I donated coins to protect the wildlife because I really care about animals and I don't want them do be harmed.


Oops i meant Puffle Launch in my last comment


I picked provide medical help to help the victems of hurricane sandy,and to help very sick people.


i donated lots of coins for protecting the earth


I wanted to protect the world because the trees were going to be cut down and air comes from trees and wood does too, so we wouldn't have any air, and we would barely have ANY houses.


I donated all of my coins towards building safe places so that children would be able to go where they need to go with a roof over their heads and protection from weather. It makes me sad to know that there are people outside with nowhere to go.


I donated to provide Medical Help for people all around the world. I truly love this one, because people all over the USA (Not just other countries need medical help) have been affected by SuperStorm Sandy and other natural disasters and are in need of medical help, and aren't able to get electricity. It warms me inside when I think that these coins will help people. I am currently saving my coins so I can donate to medical help, no cookies needed. Until later.....


i want to help animals by donating coins for protecting the earth


I see many people donating to protecting nature; so I help the other two causes, but i still donate to the nature cause :)


I donated to all the causes! I chose all of them because I want places to be safe,educational, healthy, and fun.


I actually donated coins to all of the causes because even though the coins are not helping me, I'm helping other people and places. So all of the causes are really making a difference. And I donate coins every day!!!!


I want to help endangered animals also save animals naturals habitats example:rainforests and reefs also stop oil spills in the ocean thx.


The main cause I donate to is building safe places for kids because everyone should be able to feel safe in the world even if they don't have that much money.


What caused me to donate to coins for change is to help kids around the world to have computers clothes a house Water and other stuff I donate to the medical in coins for change and the house one I picked the house donation because hurricane sandy and medical one for kids who need it. Everyone needs a smile on their faces!!


I donated to all the causes. because I wanted to make more safe places for people to live, to help provide medical help to people in need of it, and to make the earth a better place for everyone to live in. waddle on!! and have a happy new year!!


I donated to all the causes because they ALL need help reaching their goal and its fun watching the percents go up as you donate coins to each cause!


That is awesome! Waddle on and have a Merry Christmas!


i did medical help its nice help people. ON CP


I love giving, giving, giving! I have given all my coins away at least twice, and I love doing it! I donated to 'Protecting the Earth', because I love animals so much!

Waddle on!

yy oh oh:

I donated to help protect the earth i'm so happy club penguin gives you the chance to help the world!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I donated to each cause a few times (like at least 500 each), but mostly I donated to the Environment, because I think endangered animals are pretty much not able to not be endangered, so we should help them by donating and helping them. Plus, the same thing for trees. I really hope we can make a huge difference! Waddle on CP! :D


I chose the build houses donation because, I wanted the people who's houses were destroyed in Hurricane Sandy have a Merry Christmas. I also chose medical help donation because, I wanted the sick people to have a Merry Christmas, too! I even chose to donate to the forest animal donation because, there are so many animals who need OUR help! So... keep on donating and keep up the good work!!!!!

Until then... Waddle On!

Yaya Wu:

I donated for protecting the earth and I picked it because I don't want the earth to get polluted and I don't want the forests to get smaller so animals lose their habitats
Waddle on!


I picked to donate to medical help because I've heard of kids that have had really bad sicknesses. I know what it's like to be sick- and I don't like it. So why should anybody else have to have that happen???????? Just think, being really sick AND not having a doctor, hospital,
or local medicine store! And that's why I donated to medical help. :)


I donate to all of the causes!! I usually just donate one of the causes, I think it was Building Communities and Shelters. I picked that because I thought people just need shelters and communities, and education. Now I just donate to all of them because of the cookies!!! Best idea yet!!! I also have all the Coins For Change stamps!!


I used coin codes and book codes to make 30,000 coins. i donated 11,000 to each cause!
im glad that we all made a difference and i am so glad that club penguin is doing this.

Merry christmas, Happy hannukah, and awesome kwanzaa!,



I picked nature the why I did is beacause with out nature we woudnt be able to breathe nature needs help.


I'm loving the holiday party. I'm gonna keep donating coins until I hit 0! Hope you guys loved the party too!

- minilla2

Max 7727:

All three of course! I think all think are very important because every animal needs a safe place to live, some humans humans cant get up and use the computer to play club penguin, and finally having a safe place would be much much better then having a HUGE unsafe house.
This is one of my first times donating but i love doing it. I think its really cool how you started this cp.
Waddle on!

Max 7727:

I think donating 10,000 coins would work for me to donate so please pick my first comment...
Max 7727


I think Coins for Change is a great organization that is easy to do. It gives us penguins a Chance to make a difference in the world. I donate at least 1000 coins to each cause. I hope that each penguin can donate something and make a difference in the world.


I chose to donate to "Provide Medical Help" because I want to prevent diseases and stuff from spreading.
I donated to all the choices, too.
I got surprised when the board broke and started Donating Even More!
Waddle on CP!


I donated to save nature, because I feel like now that humans have electricity, we destroy everything in nature which is animals homes. I hope that together everyone can prevent that, and we can help save the world


I donated to all the causes, especially the build safe buildings one. I wanted poor people to find a home and get some education, too. It must be harsh to live out there in all weather conditions!


I dounated over 10,000 to each and I cant belive we have broke the bord all ready .COINS FOR CHANGE ROCKS !!!!



I donated to all the causes for coins for change, but I think I donated the most for medical care. Their are many childern, infants, and adults who are sick and can't afford medicine or surgeries to cure them. My grandma is sick and if it weren't for the amazing doctors in America I don't know if she would still be here today. I dont want anyone to lose someone they care about very much. Thats why I donated the most for medical care.
Sweetcello :)


Yes, I agree.


I donated to providing medical health because, I am from one of the places that was listed for the descriptions. I think it's important because there are people in the world that don't get the medical hep that they need. So I try to donate a lot of coins to try and help those people. If people don't get the medical help they need, safe places to live don't need to be built because nobody will be there to live in that place. And protecting the Earth, how can we if everybody is sick? So providing medical health is the foundation to the other two. Thanks for looking at my comment!

Fuzzy Bird13:

I donated tons of coins to the environment because I really care about the environment and I want to save the endangered species and really help all those poor animals out there! CP has made a good different in the world, so thank you for that! Waddle on CP!


I donated 10,000 coins I think twice and i donated one to Medical because I feel bad for children and adults with an illness or disease and wanted to show I care by donating 10,000 coins. But even 100 coins is enough to show you care and I hope every kid reaches out to others and donates as much as they can.

Waddle On CP


Fire boy1602:

I would donate 10,000 coins wildlife safe homes and medical care because they are the special needs that we have to get in order to survive so I think we all should donate every coin we have to make our goal and to save our planet


this is awsome i got artic white evrey one just donate


I donated $10,000 to Nature (the symbol with the tree). I donated it to that because I like animals and nature. I also got the stamps!:D



i donated to the three causes, because all help kids around the world and give coins make you feel good and happy :)


I chose to build safe places because I thought that people need a place to live, a place to learn stuff and to buy stuff all a person wants is to have a safe place to live and stay with their families. So penguin try to think about poorer people than urselfs!


I donated to protect wildlife because a lot of animals need help.

Apiom Rlues:

I love the Christmas party!!! and the new arctic white colour!! i logged in everyday just to get the gifts! I've loved the party so far and i love being a reindeer puffle! i hope the coins i donated help the charity's. Christmas is a time for giving and club penguin teaches all who play it that.

I hope everybody had a brilliant christmas and have a excellant new year!
waddle on!


I donated a BUNCH of my coins to all 3 of the causes, but I really like to donate my coins to Building Safe Places, because I think that if I get to live in a house, go to school, and go to a hospital when I'm sick, then other kids my age should too.

Bird Pingu:

I mostly donate to Providing Medical Help. I like it because it is good to know that my 100 little coins could go and save someones LIFE! Their life is more important then any coin or item I could possibly earn! Happy Holidays!

~Bird Pingu


My fav party is always the holiday party because i love the decorations and you can donate coins to help nauture,homes,and help kids that need help!!!!!!!!! WADDLE ON PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


i picked to transform into a rain deer puffle cuase i think there fun and cute, and i picked to donate to help protect wild life because i like animals and i dont want them to become extinct the only thing was i wish i could donate more because i don't come on much. : [

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp
waddle on cp!


I donated to Protect The Earth. This is why I donated: If we didn't have trees we wouldn't breathe!
Also I love plants and animals. My favorite animal is the dog. So everyone: Protect the earth!!! And have a happy new year!!!


Haha! that made me laugh. Breathing is important!


Hey clubpenguin! I donated 5,00 coins to build safe homes for kids around the world.Because I think it is inportant for everyone to have a safe home to stay at I am very glad that Club Penguin Is donating coins for change around the world.We can all make a difference by helping out a little.


Hi Polo and Moose,
I donated at LEAST 100 coins to all causes, but I also donated 10,000 coins for the Earth. Beacuse some people are the ones who are wrecking it and have a chance to stop it :)
Which is great! But I did donated to all of them because all are important :D
Did you guys see that the meter is broken? LOL
Bye for Now


I donated my coins to Medical and Housing. To me, those are the most important because they can save lives. I've been playing Treasure Hunt A LOT and donated all my earnings to Coins for Change! If you ever see me playing it, feel free to join me in a few rounds. : )Also, when I get my check for giving tours, I'm going to donate all of it to Coins for Change. Come on guys! It's the holiday season! Let's not be selfish and do all that is in our power to help others around the globe.

Waddle on!


I donated to help with medical care. I donated because I don't want other kids in the world have broken arms and getting the flu and that stuff with not getting it checked out. I also donated because if they don't get it checked out , they might die from flu and might have a broken arm for a long period with LOTS of pain . I hope my donations help , thx for creating Coins For Change! It is super awesome we can donate coins to help with causes around the world. Coins for Change is the most wonderful thing the CP team ever created.
~Ray2323 the #1 Coins for Change fan!


That is awesome!
will you be my friend in CP??


I donated coins for medical help because, there is a lot of hurt and hungry penguins out there so, i want to help them by donating coins,also it is the season for giving.



Thats awesome!


i love coin for change its awesome and fun because you get to donate coins for a change in the world i donated to protect the earth and animals 1.because i love animals and i want them to be safe
2.because the world needs more trees (alot have been cut down)
3.because alot of animals home have been destroyed and they need a home like all of us durring this winter
4.because their is alot of polotion from cars and its destroying the earth so much the earth cant heal its self

so thats why i picked to protect the earth.

Toy Castle 7:

I picked saving the earth because that is one of the most needed votes and causes to be picked for wildlife and nature around us!


well i picked medical help because at my church we are raising money for filters that will provide clean water for up to 50 years to kids in Uganda and it touched my heart! and then i logged on to club penguin to find out we had the same idea!
so i gave around 50 dollars for my church and i gave around 20000 coins to coins for change and even thu i lost money i gained a feeling so much greater that money cant even compere!
thank you so much for helping everyone with club penguins coin for change!
waddle on and happy holidays cp!


That is SO awesome, sunoco!!! I would like to friend you on Club penguin!
I also gave all my coins to provide medical help!!!

Zoe Beth52:

I chose (and am continuously choosing) helping the enviroment. I do it because it is a very, very important issue at the moment. Global Warming is causing horrific events like melting ice caps and Hurricane Sandy. In fact, Global Warming could basically flood the East Coast. Air pollution ruins the atmosphere . And, to top it off, almost 50% of the earth's fresh water is polluted, and cannot be fresh again. We need to mend as much of what mankind has done or we could become extinct. Or we would have to find another fit planet to live on. Yes, medical research and building safe places are important, but I believe helping the enviroment is the most important.

Waddle on!

Zoe Beth52

Zoe Beth52:

Saving animals is important, too. Even the not-so-pretty animals have an important job in this world. I have also donated a smaller portion to the other causes (smaller than what I have donated to Save the Planet, 1,000 coins), too thought. But I stand by what I said.


Not only pollution but poachers too. Why some people (Poachers) want to see these poor, helpless (not to mention cute) animals go extinct is totes unbelievable. I also donated money to help with medical stuff, to help people in africa get water wells, stuff like that, anyway im with ya girl, or boy. :P
PS. Please post this i've never been posted before


i donated to ALL of them its nice we can make a difference in just the click of a button WADDLE ON!


I've Donated 10,000 Coins i think twice now To Help The Nature,
Well because i want to see some parks up in here
Maybe A Large LARGE LARGE Tree So We Can Put
Christmas Stuff
And Also The Kids Are Happy About Parks
If I Can Donate To Nature I Should Donate To The Last Two..................
Build Safe Places And Medical Help
But I Would Pick Nature THE BEST


I have donated more than 10,000 coins and it feels good to help change the world, but I donated it all to
help protect the Earth. Earth is our only home and we should protect it. I think we should do this because
we need to keep our world clean and green. Isn't it nice to see green plants and graceful animals?

And remember to always waddle on!


Is it not also AWESOME to help other people?
saving the earth, building safe places and providing medical help are all great causes!


i donated to protect the earth because we need to save the environment or we won't have a beautiful planet to build schools on or to have medical care on. Overall I've donated thousands of coins and in real life I've donated real money too.
Save the earth and waddle on!


I agree, clover7373, but...
I donated to provide medical help for these three reasons:
If people are well, we can build safe places,
Not many people can just drive to their local doctors - they have to walk miles to get any medical care at all,
If people are well, we can worry less about ourselves and more about the planet!


Exactly what I was going to say! :)


I agree that saving the earth is important
but so are both the others!!


Question: We're stoked to see so many of you donating to Coins For Change! What cause did you donate to during Coins For Change and why did you pick it?

Answer: Well, I had many coins and I reached the max so I decided to donate to each charity. I donated 15,000 coins to Protect the Earth because there are many endangered species out there who are dying and I feel sad because of this. I also donated a minimum of 5,000 coins to the other two charities. I donated 10,000 to Build Safe Places and about 7, 000 coins to Provide Medical Health. I donated many coins because I feel that those who need deserve it because all humans were created equal and to help each other. It really doesn't matter what race we are, it only matters that we're our own species. That's what matters most. Next year for Coins for Change 2013, I'm going to donate double the amount of coins I donated this year because I believe that all humans were created equal and we all must help each other out!


If i had 10,000 coins to donate to coins for change i would donate about a third of it to protect the Earth because without trees we would all be dead. Another third would go to building safe homes because some people don't HAVE HOMES AT ALL and if we ignore it the problem is just going to get worse and worse until everyone is like that and people would hunt for scraps on the ground! The other third would go to providing medical help because with out it none of these other things would NOT HAPPEN AT ALL!!!

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!! :)


I have donated to all the causes since they are all great causes, but the one that I have been donating the most is Medical Care. A lot of people have resources near by their home for health issues, but some in the world don't have what we have. Donating these coins help many people with health issues in different parts in the world. We can see a change in growth for many people. Also, thank you Club Penguin for making Coins for Change happen. It really helps a lot to this great planet. A little amount goes a long way.
Waddle on!

P.S. I love the holiday party this year. Great job CP!


i donated to ALL of them and i donated the highest amount to all of them so i hope we got over 10,000 coin for


I dont think cutting trees is a good idea because animals lives in forest and likes living trees like Birds,Eagels,And other flying animals thats why i donated shelter instead because tahst where everybody likes to live!


I donated to all three of the cause because in this world, all those pollution already made Global Warming and could make the animal extinct. We need to save the endangered animal so they don't extinct. It would be sad not to learn them. The second one is Providing Medical Health. In some places, disease would spread around. If there is no doctor or any members of the health team, disease or any other illness would spread. We don't want a lot of sick people. Everyone should be healthy. That is why donating coins and build more hospital help most people. The most important thing is build more shelters because in this world, most of the people are homeless. They have no food to eat. No safety. Important thing is no family. We want everyone to be happy, not sad. So that is why I really think Building more houses is way important than the others. Oh ya, if you have a shelter. It will give you a less chance of being sick than homeless people.

Pearly87564 and Megan4561:

You're right... We got so touched because what you said is dedicated here in our country. Because in our country, there is a typhoon/hurricane (but typhoon is more known here)that striked provinces here in our country. The typhoon's name is "typhoon Pablo"
After that typhoon striked here in our country, many people died, they have no food, shelter, clothes and many more. So Club Penguin Team , PLEASE help the victims of this typhoon. They will be happy if you'll help.

Waddle On!

~Pearly87564 and Megan4561~


I donated to all three because Its important to protect the earth, help the sick and build safe places.




I like the fact that you can get presents! It makes me feel good and Club Penguin has some great gifts! I know that when I just look at them!


I decided to give my coins to Coins For Change because I really felt like it was a nice thing to give to those who need it the most. Also, it is better to give than receive.

Irish Guy78:

I donated to better medical help. I donated to it because in real life, I donate real money to it because my sister needs medical help all the time. A group of people help her and other people, so I get to meet other disabled and disadvantaged people like my sister.

Waddle On!
~Irish Guy78~

jackie 147 2:

I like to celebrate the holidays by going to my grandma and grandpas house.


Hi polo field!
i donated to medcal help. Now i want a pizza. Anyone wnat some? Here are the signs / codes.
:D = Cheese pizza


i love the new colour white!


I have donated for Protect The Earth because I love nature and plants. Also because we do not want to see tree stumps everywhere. I have one question for the CP team. Since CP is a computer game, the money is not real. So how do we make a difference?Anyway waddle on CP!


I donated to build safe places and protect the earth so we can save the people and the animals that are sick


I have donated to all three because I feel that we need to build hospitals and schools so people can get better and get good education, to help the endangered animals and help protect the rain forests.


I donated over 1,000 coins because I wanted all the Children on earth to feel safe, to have a place to learn, and to help the six children.


i donated to medical help because it helps the most!


i am donating for every cause by doing so in each order every time i donate. If i were to select the provide medical help option when donating then the next time i donate will be for protecting the environment and the next time would be for helping build safe places for those in need and so on.


im excited for coins for change Its hard o pick a favourite! but ive donated for all of them once or twice the best one would probally be medical care because its FLU season!!!!!




I donated for Medical Help because their are people over the world who are in need in Medical Help. Most devloping countries are in need of Medical Help. By giving more coins to Medical Help will save lives all over the world! We will help countries like India, Hati, and Chad. I think Medical Help is a very important cause to donate to! Thats why I did!


I donate to provide medical help!

I donate almost 10,000 coins , I started donating 100 and 200 coins each day and I could keep in count how much was I having but I think that's the total of all coins I have donated, and I choose this cause because there are many people who need health to life and need very important care to survive, and also I got alot of attencion in this cause


I donated almost 30,000 coins (my entire penguin life savings!) to save the environment!! I love animals and we need to help save their homes and habitats so they wont go extinct!! Waddle ON!!


I picked Medical Help. I donated ten hundred coins because there kids all around the world who don't have a life like us and they're sick and have problems in their life, we need help those children so everyone can be happy!


Club penguin you rock my family thinks that is great you guys are sending money to kids in guys are big role modals for me I really super love club penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


i donated to protect the earth because we need to save animals and build homes for them. if not where woud they live.and also we need to make the earth more beautiful come on join me.what do you say.try to donate all coins as you can. help us.try to get to 100000000000000 coins. its posible.and if you want give real money too. remember donate to help. i think you guys can make a good team.donate a lot.


I donated to protect the earth, because if the earth isn't here anymore, or ends up being a waste-land, then there wouldn't be any natural resources to live off of, and the toxic air would be too dangerous to live in.


I donated to Save the Earth. Well, at least my 10,000 coin donation. Mainly Save the Earth though. :P I did it because I <3 nature!!! Waddle on!

Count Drac99:

Man, I just love the Holiday Party! I'm so excited to meet Rockhopper and to donate, and I love the items for non-members! Just what was needed! I donated tons of coins, and I donated them in order to "Save The Earth." I chose this category because I live in a place where the beauty of the environment is important, as well as just plain awesome. I would love to see less smog, and more clear skies and beautiful sunrises, as well as green trees and plants everywhere. I love my planet. Save the Earth, it's the only planet with cookies!
Eat cookies and Waddle On!


I gave at least a thousand coins to save the enviroment because of the Amur leapord! This animal is the most endangered animal of all! I hope in the future there will be more......lots more!


i donated more then 300 coins. i donated for medical care .
i think that was the best one of all
what you you penguins say?do you think the medical care was the best?i liked the earth one and the one to protect homes.


I love the holiday party and it is my 2 one. When I first came to the holiday party on the 20 i thought of coins for change and i remembered it form last party. Coins for change is so cool and were helpful for the world. I donated coins for change for safe buildings because i thing that it is very important. Why i picked buildings i love buildings and I thing they make us live. I also donated 500 coins for each kind of coins for change. Thank you for reading my post. waddle on Sphynx17fire


I will talk about Buisnessmoose i add him :)


I donated 400 coins to Help The Earth. Also, ( and this is only for Polo Field ) why can't CP make it where we can STAY Frost Bite and all the other transformations only where we can't use powers? PLEASE TAKE CONSIDERATION BECAUSE ALL THE PENGUINS I'VE SEEN THINK THE SAME!

Sincerely, Clubbguin ( A.K.A DJ Clubby G. at the Dance Club )


I choose All of them Because They are Important.We Need to Protect the World So we don't have a Global Warming and Adding more trees so animals can live in trees.We Need the Medical Help Because Some Persons In the world have no Money, They having sick too.So we donate this one for making Kids No Sick.Building Safe Places are Important too,So They can build a safe schools and houses.

All of these are Very Important,I donate 1000 coins for Protecting the world. In Building Safe Place And Medical Help, I always donate on these are 100.I always Donate in Building Safe Places and Medical Help.


same here


i chose all 3 because i love animals I love helping people get better and I want to help make safe homes for all the poor people so thats why I chose all 3


I've donated to all of the Club penguin "Coins for change" causes!

No matter the membership perks in the gift shop or the perks in the house catalogs! I've used all of my Club penguin money on the Coin for change causes! I believe this is a great way to support the earth, and save the environment you, perhaps live in! Providing medical help to those who don't even have any. We all walk into a hospital and see those hurt, but what we don't know there are millions not in that hospital that are wounded. And I believe building safe homes is a great idea! We can save all those who dont live in a "No place like, home" Area.

I believe, I believe, I believe that Coins for change saves lives!



I donated to protecting the Earth because it is so sad to see heaps of animals being endangered and I hope that they wont be extinct in the future. :'(


I thought that I should choose all 3! All of them are nice, buiding homes for those unlucky, saving endnagered speices and habitats, and last but not least keeping our hospitals in the money they need and upgrated!






Every day I go on club penguin play games and donate my money the second I get 100 coins or more! Keep on donating!!!


I chose medical care because one day at school my class watched a this guy give a speech about how in Africa they are going through an AIDs epidemic.He told us all these sad stories about how people were dying cause of it ;( So I decided to donate my coins to that cause.


I pick Medical Help and Build safe places because i want to see kids can go to school , happy , and healthy . I donate gifts today at Kidzania .
We want to see happy and cured people . So , here's a tip : Save water wisely and eat wisely ! Because , kids in haiti and africa were starve and thirsty . If we waste it , they die on hunger and water . And for constructors in Haiti and Africa , Build stronger houses and buildings ! And i hope this tip will helps ! And for all penguins here , DONATE lots of coins ! I DONATE over 10,000 coins ! Make sure you ALWAYS donate EVERY day . Waddle on , Club Penguin !

Lilly Bug 23:

I don't see why we have to pick one we need to save the enviorment because if we keep littering and cutting down trees we will not be able to breathe or survive. We need to have safe places because not everyone can survive the heat or the cold and cannot pay for a house. We also need to provide medical help because some people do not make it to the hospital in time even with this cancer going around.

- Lilly Bug 23


polo and moose i picked Medical Help becuse i dont care about all the fruit cake or gifts its about helping other peeps i donated and all of the sick boys and girls i want to just help waddle on!

18 polly 18:

I donated to protect the Earth because that helps not just the earth but also the animals. WADDLE ON CP.
P.S. Can you list some times when Rockhopper will be on because I want to meet him.


I donated to help the Earth because I really care about our wildlife that we have and about the things that we can expand on like schools, hospitals, and everything else. If we don't save the earth, we wont have any more wildlife or schools or hospitals or anything like that. I donated 5,000 coins the first time, and 5 1,000 coin donations later. I hope we make a difference and save the earth and the beautiful wildlife and other things that matter to us. I hope this comment gets posted, because I never get posted.
Waddle On CP!!!



I donated more then 1000 coins this year that's a big difference from last year!I did all three of them and still had time too transform into frostbite and reindeer puffle and meet Rockhopper .Also the winter party is one of my favorite party's from the puffle party and the halloween party this year.


I picked medical help because I wanted to help sick children around the world.


good job


every time I got up to 10,000 coins I donated it all to coins for change I donated to protect the earth ,medical health and to build more houses and schools for people who need them and I am still donating coins until 2012 coins for change is over
waddle on cp


I chose two of them, the first one i chose was protecting the earth. I chose it because many people don't really care about the planet their living on so it makes the earth really bad. The second one is the medical care one. Many people who are injured can't live very long when accidents happen or they get unhealthy.This makes his or her family sad.So want to donate so I they can live longer! :) :) :)


I have donated to every cause more than 2 times :) But there is one that I have donated alot more,Save the Earth,because the Earth is our home,without it we cant live,without it there would be no buildings and no people to heal,so that's why I chose Save the Earth.
Waddle On!


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