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By Polo Field on December 26, 2012 - 12:22


Hello Penguins!


We've seen a lot of you baking cookies, transforming, having snowball fights, and getting into the holiday spirit. When we asked what you were most excited for at the Holiday Party, here's what Julesbug323 had to say:


Coins for change! I hope everybody that has 10,000 or more coins will give it to coins for change!! I am looking forward to changing into a Frost Bite!!! Cannot wait till RockHopper comes!!


We're stoked to see so many of you donating to Coins For Change! What cause did you donate to during Coins For Change and why did you pick it?


Leave your comment below and we'll feature one in our next Reviewed By You. The featured penguin will also receive 10,000 coins!


Until then... Waddle On!


-Club Penguin Team



I did protect the earth, because we need a beautiful planet so we can have a nice enviorment. I donated 10,000 coins on cp and i also got two stamps, and in real life i donated 50 dollars and remember WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i donated to all three of them because i think they are all equally important. To help protect earth to keep a green and beautiful environment. To build safe places so everyone can feel safe everywhere they go. And lastly, to give medical help because some people are really sick and need medicine and all sorts of stuff but if they dont get it they might be put at some sort of risk. I truly hope this helps earth!

Always love CP!


I donated to absolutely all of them. I think it is important for all of these causes should be donated to. I donated to the protect the earth as I feel it essential to help protect the earth as global warming is causing trouble towards animals and the wildlife. Earth is our home and we need to save our environment. Medical help is vital as health towards our community should be considered highly up in our society. Finally building as places are good for public as our community also needs more hospitals and better and safer places.


i donated to beilding safe places becuse my brother and sister valinteer at a homless shelter and i donat lots of my toys to the kids there. and i donated to medical help becuse i have a rare disses two. and helping the envaiorment is very inportent to me i always conserve energy. and try my best to make a diffrents waddle on club penguin!


ps my penguin name is princesspopw


I donated to everything because people dont volunteer for building alot and when they do, there isnt enough money, people pollute the water so we end up drinking dirty water(one person's water was so dirty they could set it on fire) and people litter so much and dont plant trees and they treat the world terribly and if we dont treat it good now, we will live in a trash land in the future


I donated to all of them. I feel every cause is worthy of receiving money. All of them support wonderful causes and can help the world in many different ways. I donated more to providing medicine. I feel that this medicine can and will save the lives of many people throughout the world.

waddle on
waddle on C
waddle on CP!


i donated all of my coins


I donated to protect the earth because... Well, I just love our Earth!

Waddle On CP!

- Pinkmermaid1


this have been so much fun and i think next year it is going to be better (i like to be green!)


wiy did you say that


I donated to save the forests. I did it because I love forests, animals and their natural behavior.


Some how I'm trying to donate to all cause but instead I end up loosing my mind and accidently clicking on protect the earth for like a thousand times XD.When I logged in today, I stared at the count on how many coins we all donated we broke the meter and I was laughing like a mad man!We really broke the record this time!But what is more important is that we are doing the right thing.

Waddle On CP!

- Pinkmermaid1

Cwecwe 11:

I'm donating to help save the Earth. I love animals. I also want to help stop global warming. Besides, the first step to a better existence is a better world. Waddle on!


I picked protect the earth because its our home and we need to keep it clean. In totally i have donated 30 000 coins to change.
Everybody start saving the earth and stop throwing litter on the grounds. Save the planet and...




I was waiting all year for Coins for Change! I donated 10,000 coins to environmental help because many animals are endangered, and they need a safe place to live. If we don't act now, they may be gone in the next 20 years! Lets hope our donations count, and that we can save these poor animals and trees. Everyone, support Coins for Change!

Pinky Peng3:

I donated to Medical Help. I think we take our good health and medical resources for granted. There are so many kids in the world who don't have good health and can't access or afford the medical help they need. We could save so many lives for kids around the world. Every coin makes a difference.


I donated to the Protecting The Environment to help stop global warming, I donated to Providing Medical Care because if I can have medicine to make me feel better, than other kids around the globe should too! Finally, I donated to Build Safe Places, because I feel that everyone should feel safe with a roof over their heads. :) I gave $5,000 to each cause, and I hope to donate 10,000 in total to each cause. Until then, Waddle On! P.S. Thanks to the Club Penguin Team, for making such a great place for kids everywhere to play on. Hugs, \('')/ -Maple2012


I donated mostly for building safe houses and medical help. I voted for them because a lot of people around the world need nice houses to live in and medical help because I don't want people to get sick much!


I HAD alot of money,because i use it for protect the earth because i love the earth and ifwe had no animals like cows we wouldn't have milk. And if we didn't have trees we would have no air, pencils , paper desk and alot more.SO DONATE FOR COINS FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!



I picked every category because wanted to help build houses,protecting forests and to help save endangered species and I have so many coins but i didn't do it cause I am so stocked up on coins its because if you donate you can make a difference. anyways
Donate! and Waddle on Cp
-Pangogoy :D


I picked providing medical help because I have been living in India for a year and there are so many people living on the streets who are missing a part of the body or are really sick. With the amount of coins that some penguins are donating, I think we are going to make a huge difference in people's lives. THANK YOU!!!


I donated more than 30 000 coins for protect the Earth. It's very important to protect it!!! It is the "Gold Of Earth".We need to help it, because when the animals , plants and forest dissapear, and global temperature increases , our childrens , what to do?(and our penguins)
Protect the Earth ! Happy Holidays !


I donated to all 3 because all 3 causes are important and i have donated over 200,000 of my coins waddle on


I donated to all 3 because all 3 causes are important and i have donated over 200,000 of my coins waddle on


I donated to help medical causes i donate every time I can.And hopefully some money will go to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.


I mostly donated to provide medical help because some people have houses and apartments but they cant afford medical help if their sick. My penguins name is Pinknickjr10 and I hope you had a merry Christmas and waddle on club penguin!


I made a snow dojo igloo and I donated to the enviroment. Did herbert get any coins?


I decided to put my coins to providing medical help. I help out at the doctors office after school and I think they need it a lot, but I also think all of the causes are important


i donated to save the world with it troubles i love animals i don't want then to be gone for ever so i gave lot of coins . i also want kid to have homes so they don't get cold and have a bed to sleep on. and i want to make lot of hospitals so people can stay alive and be happy . if i could count all the coins i donated i would say 99999 i also donated real money to the red cross to save animals to make homes and to make hospitals so the world would be better. even know coins for change is almost over still donated money and help the world. with your help we will save the world we will change the world.

naterundgren out


Hi polo and businessmoose! i donated to all of them! i'm so happy, (;


i really find donating everything is so important, i can't bare to see the poor people suffering like that, ):
i'm glad cub penguin made coins for change! this year was my first year of coins for change!


I donated my coins to medical care because I think it is the most important cause! I think it is important because kids in other countries don't have doctors and medical care to help them if they get sick! That's why Coins for Change is so important! Happy Holidays CP!!


I love coins for change! I'm a non-member so there's not much for me to spend on. I always look forward to coins for change and always have more than 10,000 coins! I usually try to donate to all three cases equally but the 10,000 prize goes for protecting wildlife I really want to protect wildlife and it's so sad to know that there are less than 5000 tigers left! I love tigers. They are awesome! Thank you club penguin for putting coins for change! You rock!

Super bird7:

I did build safe invirements because i don't want the animals to in stink


I wish I could meet RockHopper so I can say hi and I want those 10,ooo points for coins for change so I could hel those poor people because they dont have what we have.WALDDLE ON!


wow i think i made 1,oooo coins just for donating waddle on ~


i have donated for all of em! i hope i have done my part in helping the earth,people and building more safer places.coins for change has taught me to help people in need.clubpenguin,you are doing a great job, keep it up! by the way,maybe buisness moose,maybe a blue tie will fit ya?just wonderin! see guys keep up the great work!


I donated mostly to protect the wild habitats. If we chop down all the woods, where would we have animals? I love creatures, big and small, so I'm determined to protect their home. Some animals help us spread seeds, such as birds. so if we don't help the earth, where would our paper be for work? Thanks Club Penguin for caring for our beautiful world :)


What I find really awesome in the Holiday Party is the Dock's transformation! Everywhere, there are fights going on between Fire and Ice, and I love going to different servers to be on a different team every time! I also loved being Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! I also loved donating to Coins for Change in different ways, such as turning into Frostbites!



I have had my penguin for five or six years now. I have never been a member but still love to play all the games. I donate to Coins For Change because this really does help the world. I have donated over 10,000 in the past two times alone, and plan on doing this again next year. I love Club Penguin and can't wait for the new year. Waddle On.

halo 323:

ive been donating to all three options but im going to miss being a frost bite so cp team can you keep the bakery plzzzz WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I donated to ALL of them!! Because they are all so important to other people and animals. We should all care for others and the world!



I Donated To Providing Medical Help - Mostly I Did This Because I Want Everyone To Get Better

Waddle On!


The first one I donated to was building schools, homes, playgrounds Etc. I think it's most important for humans to have a decent education and a roof over their heads, but also we all need to keep our spirits alive by having FUN!!!!


wow buisnessmoose and polofield you both are so like the most awesome penguins ever me and my mom think medical help why have homes and safe animals but yet they might still be full of diseases and lots of germs packed in them ^_^i mean really medical help saving children saving lives so i tottally vote for medical help

p.s. never been posted


I donated to all of them!
But the one I mostly donated to was Medical Help. Like providing water to those who can't afford it themselves. We can't survive without water!
Honestly, I don't know why most people are donating to protect the Earth, yes it is important, but most people are doing it because of animals. Just because they are cute and cuddly. Don't you people think that HUMANS are more important? Come on guys, there are people out there dying because they don't have enough water and all you care about is animals...
Please don't think I hate animals, I love animals! But its annoying how protecting the Earth got the most votes... -.-


I donated to all three because I wanted to help all three of them and stop the bad stuff happening
I really hope we can change the world with coins for change!

Athar :

Well i donated to bring a change...
I always have a dream that i will keep everyone happy and because of club penguin my dream has come true!!
I thank you all guys from the bottom of my heart
I have about donated 11,000 coins I guess
Thank you people and Happy holidays and Merry Christmas


I had a bake sale

for my local charity


I'l choose protect the earth because the earth is vital to us!


I'l choose protect the earth because the earth is vital to us!


I donated more than 10,000 coins in all of them, because all of them are very important, and not just to me, but for other people around the world, too.


I did donate to them all! But most I donated to medical help, cause lotsa people need it. And there will born more babies! Whitout medical help will not born more people and there will be lotsa ill kids and adults too. Thats why I donated most of my money for medical help. Plus: I think that nature and safe places are important too. In Halti they dont have much trees and plants and the food comes from them. People need safe places, cause schools are for learning and if there are earthquakes safe places ARE safe. (smile)

Waddle around and donate @ CP!



I love to give coins for change and i wish it was all year long. Adding Frost Bite was making coins for change more fun.
I've donated over 5000 coins from all the time i've been on club penguin. WADDLE ON


I'm donating to medical care because so many children and adults in the world's poorest countries have to drink dirty water,which can sometimes lead to something very bad so i'm giving up all my coins for these people adults and children alike


Right now I've donated over 20.000 coins to protect the earth and I'm gonna donate even more! Cuz if I can't protect the earth who can???


I chose to donate to nature because i want endangered species to thrive again.

Beetle Boy 4:

I donated as much as I could to building safe places, because I've seen what some children in africa have to live with. I also found it's best to donate by eating a cookie because you donate a good amount, and you get to have fun with it!

Waddle on!


I am continuing to give to medical because so many people need the help but can't receive it as i know from experience!!! I am also giving to build safe place's because lots and lots of people need a safe place to stay/live/go in case of natural disaster but aren't able to and it brakes my heart knowing how much they need it but not many people are stepping in to help!1


Well, I donated to all three because who doesn't want a world without safe and secured homes, medical help when you need it, and a beautiful environment? I think all causes are important, no matter how small or big it is. The world needs us, and the world is not just something you leave for someone else to change. These causes can donate to people just like us. It could be a kid in a hospital, or even your next door neighbor! The earth cause could someday help YOUR grandkids' pets, and wouldn't you want your children to have a wonderful family? If you were suffering from a disease, wouldn't you want someone to help you? So do the same for others. The holiday season is the perfect time to give, so deck the halls with coins! Waddle around and meet new causes!

pengwii josh:

I donate for protect the earth the most because I care about the earth and its animals


I donated for all things but more coins I gave to earth. :)


I donated to Build Safe Places, as everyone deserves to have a roof over their head and a good school for education. We have donated so much this year, which I can hardly believe! Waddle on CP!


I would like to donate equal amounts for all the three causes, but I have very less coins, so I will try and try until the last day of the party and as much I have, I will divide it equally and donate.

Pink Bunny10:

All of them! I think they are all important. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


I donated at least 10,000 coins to each cause and I am passionate about donating to all three causes. I love CP and I think you did a really good job at making the Holiday Party 2012. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Waddle on!


P.S. Was that comment the winner of the reviewed by you post???


I like to donate to all of them because every coin counts, a chance to save animals, people, the environment. And if you donate to medical help, you could save someones life. If you donate to helping environments you can save trees and animals. If you donate to helping build shelters you could give someone a home. All that into just a couple 1000 coins! Give the gift of happiness this year, with Coins For Change!
Give happiness to 100,000,000's of people this year! Help people, recycle, do everything you can to help!


Hi, Club Penguin,
I am delighted to attend this AWESOME Christmas Party, especially to donate money to children, people and animals around the world. In the past few years I have donated a lot of money, maybe 100,000 coins in total to the coins for change. I personally thank Club Penguin for all the efforts that you have placed into giving us the best safe virtual place to play and learn. Club Penguin is a brilliant place for everyone as it gives us opportunity to be friends with and learn so many things about people from all over the world. Thanks to Club Penguin creating the Coins for Change we can help so many people, animals and children all over the whole wide world. I thank Club Penguin for that, and I hope that Club Penguin will keep on doing this because it can help change the world into a better place for everyone. If we think a little bit deeper, and look a little bit closer at the world we will find that around the world there are so many things that need to be taken very seriously and carefully, and some of them are helping people and animals. We have to do it but not just here virtually but also in real life. I have nothing to ask but to help build shelters and schools, preserve natural habitats and provide medical help in Coins For Change. I am honoured to be part of Club Penguin and help everyone especially change the world into a better place to live and be for everyone. I am very passionate about helping make the world a better place and me and my friend are doing fundraisers for charity already. This year I have donated 10,000 coins to each cause in the Coins for Change.I think Coins for Change is a really good idea, because it can help people and animals all over the world, and I think it's very nice and kind too, as it would make the people and animals really happy. I really love Club Penguin, I have been on it for nearly seven years I think, and I always will love it. When I grow up I want to work for Club Penguin, that is my lifelong dream. Club Penguin is the BEST website in the UNIVERSE by FAR!!!
Waddle on!

~Superduper53 ( #1 coins for change donator)

P.S. Did Julesbug323 win the 10,000 coins for the Reviewed by you: Holiday Party 2012 post???


I LOVE coins for change! It's great knowing you can help people and the earth with your coins. I saved up for AGES but I managed to donate over 10,000 coins to building safe places because not as many people chose to donate to it and I believe it is as good a cause as any other. I also donated about 2,000 coins to medical help and about 500 coins to saving the earth, I think. But I chose because of how popular they were, it's important to help people aswell as animals, even though they may not be so cute and furry!
Lets change the world!


I donated 10,000

Mr Cooky1:

I donated to the medical help cause because I want to help sick people all over the globe get better, and to help find cures for diseases as well.


I Donated To All Three Of Them.The Most Popular Charity Lets Say Is The ''Protect The Earth''.I'mTrying To Donate To The ''Medical Help'' And ''Build Safe Places'' More.Many Kids In Africa Haven't Got Water,Food And No Doctors And Nurses So For Me I Think We Need To Help That Charity Best We Can (''Medical Help)!! Also We Should Try To Donate To ''Build Safe Places'' Because People In Less Fortunate Countrys Have No Buildings,To Stay Warm In Winters Like Us.

We Can Make A Difference!!!
With Some Of Our Penguin Coins We Can Save A Endangered Animal,Or A Kid In Africa!!!

Together We Can Change The World!!!


I donated for protecting the earth. I love animals and nature and we should respect it. It has been our home for millions of years and it wouldn't do for it to be destroyed.


I DONATE TO ALL OF `EM! i am like a millionair! i had much more than 10,000 but now i have hardly any left.What a suprise! and u might have heared of me waddler452 cause i always email u the club penguin team



I donated for protect the Earth because if the Earth is protected, then the Earth will have safe places and have lesser sickness.


I donated for every cause, and because im a nonmember and I have a lot of coins to spend, I donated every little coin!


Hey there, Polo Field! & everypenguin!
I love the idea of Coins for Change, it is truly awesome!
This year I donated all of my coins to Protect the Earth. I started off with over 50, 000 now I have 292 :P I think I went a bit overboard, but I really think that the money is worth it. As penguins (humans) we destroy the Earth at an ever-growing pace, and I think that we should put a huge effort into our Earth, or it won't be around long! I do think the other two causes are important, but Protecting the Earth is a greater responsibility for us!

Sorry if this was a bit hard-core! :)
Merry Christmas, happy holidays and Happy New Year!

Waddle on, Club Penguin!


Well I Donate To ALL Of Them But Personally I Want To Save Endangered Animals And Protect The Earth But They're ALL Worthy Causes So I Encourage Everyone To DONATE TO COINS FOR CHANGE !!
Waddle On Cp !
- Burberry5


I donate an equal amount to each of the causes because I think they are all very important and need to be dealt with and sorted out. We need to protect the Earth and save the environment because this affects the plants and animals living there, which means they could die out and there would be no more. Also medical help is vital to some people living in places of poverty and other situations. We shouldn't just leave them to die.


I Donated 10000 coins to Provide medical health so we all can live!!!! I also donated another 5000 coins for protecting the Earth because its the only Planet that us (and the animals)live on! Finally I donated 100 coins to build safe places,if we Dont have safe places we will be homeless and be cold at night.


I'm hoping to donate 10,000 and get a stamp and I want to give as much as I can


Thursday,December,2012 - 11:47


I donated to Medical Help because there are so many poor children who need help to survive.

Waddle on!

The 444:

I donate to Build Shelters,because everybody needs nice warm houses,which will prevent illness. Every building has a purpose,and they all make life better!


I agree! I donated to that one too because of the same reason! (by the way I was trying to make a tree:D )

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!

| <>< <>< <>< <>< | ><> ><> ><> ><> |

~ Alley2014 ~

Lil Champ 27:

I donated to all . Donating is a very good thing it makes others and us both happy that is why I donated all .


I donated to all three causes because I cared about all of them
and it was hard to choose so I decided all.

Waddle On CP! ~julie59693~


Protect the earth! Alot of marine animals are being threatened by Pollution,Hunting/Whaling,Human Disturbance and much more!!

p.s.I'm studying to become a biologist :p

Didi Pengy:

I donated most money to protect the Earth.
So many animal and plant species dissapeared in recent years,and I'm happy too see that,even if we are only kids,we can do something to CHANGE THE WORLD!
We must learn to protect the environment their turn,our kids and grandchildren will live on it,and they sould have a nice and GREEN planet too...right?
It is said that forests are the lungs of the planet and they're also a good shelter for a big variety of really wonderful animals...if that natural habitats dissapear,the animals will dissapear too...the creatures that live in the present,and which seem common(like lions,parrots,tigers)over the years will be seen like...dinosaurs! (I didn't found another comparations to match).
Everyone can do something little to save the planet,protecting the animals,cleaning the nature,and more...only to want it really.
...anyway that does not mean that the other causes aren't important .


Im With you! I donated Most of My Coins to protect the Earth Too! I feel the same exact way! I Cant belive my most favorite animal(Pandas!) are endangered! It makes me feel sad..... WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!


I did all of them! I think we need a good share of the environment, building schools and medical care.


i did all of them.
I was not able to choose one because all of them were equally important.


omg me too

Kirre pingu:

I donated to all three! But most protect the earth because i want to protect the rainforests, the red panda and the tiger.
But i have a question cp team: How can you transform game money to real money? If you don't do that, how are you doing it?
Waddle on and donate coins for change!


It is like a vote to see who gets how much money what.


I have been wondering the same thing for a very x 1,000 long time, and it would be nice to know.


I love coins for change! It's a very simple way for everyone in club penguin to make a difference! The cause I mostly donated to was building safe places because of all the storms we've had like Hurricane Sandy and all the people who's houses have got washed away or severely damaged need a home especially because it's very cold this time of year. Keep donating!!!


I love coins for change! It's a very simple way for everyone in club penguin to make a difference! The cause I mostly donated to was building safe places because of all the storms we've had like Hurricane Sandy and all the people who's houses have got washed away or severely damaged need a home especially because it's very cold this time of year. Keep donating!!!


Your Right About That I Mostly Donate To Build Safe Places Every Year For All Those Kids In Need Of Homes And School.
But I Have A Question To The CP Team: How To You Take Our Game Money And Turn It Into Real Money? Or Do You Give That Much Money Based On How Much You Donate Can You Comment Us Back On That?


i donated loads of coins to the earth


i donated loads of coins to the earth


I donated it to protect the earth because im a earth loving person and animals are dieing from people cutting down trees and putting new places up and because i love animals so much I gave all my coins to coins for change so i could help the earth .


I Donated to all of the charities because, I feel everyone should be given what they wish for this is why i donated because i enjoy donating coins to people around the world who cannot feed their family or build homes and schools, animals should be protected throughout the world as well!




I donated to all three! I want to save the Earth, but I still want many kids to have homes, schools and playgrounds. But they also must have hospitals. I had over 100,000 coins and I donated soo much I have a bit over 90,000. That is a lot of coins.

Hotrod Doyle:




i donated for proctect the earth because i LOVE animals and plants i even have 2 dogs myself
waddle on

Evie Mcphey:

I sent coins to all of the causes! I'm SO happy that I could help make a difference in the world!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!


I donated to the medical help cause because people are suffering in places and need medical help. I also donated to the protect the earth cause because some animals are in danger and are loosing their homes .




I donate to all the causes


i donate to all of them! I looooooooooove animals and worry every day about them losing homes! they are like us. can you think of you losing your home? we also need to heal the ill because they could really need to get well and just think, some of the ill are kids our age! i even know a kid that survied cancer! we need to give homes and build schools. everyone dervers to learn! everyone (even pets!) dersvre a home!


Hey im a penguin i donated 10,0000 coins i got these 2 cool stamps they said epic donater extreme helper :o and there both red stamps the hardest to get




I donated to a mix of all causes because they're all equally important. Helping the earth is important because of climate change, Medical help because there are so many sick people in the world and building safe places because there are always natural disasters that strike when you don't expect them so they ruin your home or you don't have one in the first place. Coins for change is important so remember to keep donating. waddle on cp


I choose to do most of my coins for medical care because people die because of sickness. I did the other two as well. Protect he earth because too many people are littering and polluting. Safe place to live because of Hurricane Sandy, the earthquake that happened in Japan, and many other things cased people to lose their homes. Plus there is people who didn't have a home in the first place! There is many reasons to donate.
Choose your cause, donate, and Waddle On-


I donate to all of them because they are all as important as each other and it will help the environment, make homes and help sick children.

Kendall A423:

I donated to every thing really! But the one i was most passionate about donating for was the medical help that i did for 5,000 coins. I did it because there are people out there in hospitals wanting medical help for there sickness and other things too. In hospitals, they get as much help as they need, and i hope coins for change gives that money to build hospitals and help kids and adults with there sickness


I donated for provide medical help.


ive ben helping for safe places becausethink of those poor peple in the cold. its to bad im the only person in the famly that plays club penguin.I have a queston does coins actoly help the earth?
help t
help th
help the
help the p
help the po
help the poo
help the poor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jackie 14114:

I like donating to all of them because some people dont get to have health care or maybe they are homeless. But I like to donate mostly to help the earth because I want to help endangered animals be better than be extinct! I donated 5,000 coins to help the earth! I hope there will be no more extict animals!





I donated for medical care. I always love doing this every year because I know that my coins will help people around the world.
Waddle on c.p!

p.s do you think we could make coin for change last forever. Not the cookies but just the coins.


I donated to Build Safe Places because many people around the world are homeless and don't have clean water, but if they got a safe place, it may have the ability to get clean water. Also, I donated to Build Safe Places because it can go to building hospitals!


I have given my coins to build safe places because that is currently the cause with the least amount of coins so far. I have donated at least 27,000 coins for that. Waddle on, and Merry late Christmas!


I had over 10,000 coins, and I donated all of them, and I am still earning more so that I can donate. I can't donate to just one cause, because they are all important. If we don't protect the Earth, we will have bad living conditions and may even end up extinct. It is important to protect all of the wonders of nature. I donated to medical help because it is important for people to have clean drinking water and safe food. It is also important that there are safe places like schools and shelters, or libraries. I have donated evenly to each cause, and I hope that everyone will donate and help change the world. Waddle on, CP!


Club-P, I read the two hints for a party in this weeks newspaper. Time flies G saying and G making a scientific anouncement next week. Could the next party be a.... time travel expedition? Until than, Waddle on!

Racer 58390:

I want to protect the Earth because I want there to be more places to live and I want to plant more things to protect the planet.


I chose Providing Medical Help. This one is the most important to me, becuase with your coins, you could be saving a person's life with a vaccine, antibiotic, or many other things. This is very important in places where there are no hospitals to give them check-ups or treatments that could be life-saving! In fact, I have only donated coins to Providing Medical Help. :)

Cly Mvp:

Dear Businesmoose and Polofield,

I donated to all of the causes because I wanted to help around the world. I really love animals so I donated to help the Earth and our community and environment to save habitats around the world. I also donated to provide medical care around the world for kids who don't get medical attention like we do sometimes do, so that's why I donated to that cause. In addition, I also donated to bulid homes because all thos families out there that don't really have shelter to live in.

Cly Mvp:)


I try to donate to each and every cause because this is an awsome opportiunty to help those in need so why just help one cause? I want to put all of my change into each cause that way other people out there have what they need. I'm so glad I can help those in need!


In my opinion, the best charity to donate to is the "Protect the Earth" one! I've already donated about 20,000 coins to it! The reason that I think the "Protect the Earth" is the most important is because, without a healthy Earth, the other two would be a waste! You need a healthy Earth to have good homes, or good medical protection! Also, with Global warming becoming a big threat and Pollution being the cause of it, we should try harder to protect the Earth before trying to help the Medical help and Building new homes!
Waddle on!
From, A Penguin who cares, Agentx12345k


I donated to all of them because they were all of our needs to live. Without saving the earth we could not have animals and even our own species. Without shelter we could not be safe or cozy. And without medcial help we could not cure deadly diseases. I think if donate enough coins we can help provide all of these but until then WADDLE ON!


Well I feel sick a lot and I dont want that sickness that happened to me happen to clubpenguin so I decided I should do them all protect the earth, make safe places to live, and help with medical which I like best because we need to make clubpenguin a good place a happy place.


I donated to medical help because my grandmother died and i dont want anyone else to die :( :).


I donated because I felt like I was making a difference. I donated to protect the earth so we can help the polar bears (even if Herbert is evil), whales, and all other endagered spieces to help protect them.


i chose helping the animals in the wild life i love nature and every time i go hiking with my dad back in INDANA Laffeyet i loved that place but my mom moved to NYC. but the good part is theres a lot of walking so it feales like im hiking.


I donated to all of the causes, but mostly Build Safe Places, because there are many damaged houses and people that are homeless. I thought that was the best cause to donate to. I donated to Provide Medical Help because many people are very sick and have horrible sicknesses. I also donated to Protect the Enviroment because more and more trees are being chopped down everyday, and they give us oxygen. Without trees, we will die! Those are the causes I donated to, and I don't know how much coins I dontated (I ate a lot of cookies!)!

mike green6:

I donated 10,000 coins to all 3 of them at the least. and the most i donated to was to provide medical help because alot of people around the world are injured. Then the seconed is shelters, and third was to help the earth.

mike green6

yy oh oh:

I donated for the Earth because we would't have a place to live on, or any animals to keep and protect i think you guys are great to help people and animals around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi! Well, I love donating to all of them, but I liked donating to save the Earth one. I also do the others alot, too! I love helping people and really have fun getting the coins and donating them!!!!

Thanks Club Penguin!


i donated to helping the earth becase i wunt to help the earth!

waddle on!


I donated to save the environment the most because the planet is being destroyed. im not sure but i think an actual fact is that every five seconds an area of land the size of a football field is taken away from rainforests by people so they can use the land for other stuff. IM NOT SURE but i THINK its true. i think i saw it in a book. SO TAKE THAT INTO CONSIDERATION. if the planet dies we die with it. unless we go to a space station. that would take a lot of space stations. Very long story short, if the earth dies we die along with it and all the animals. I REST MY CASE
i hope anyone who read this comment paid attention to it. THE WORLD IS BEING DESTROYED but we can help. by encouraging people to stop destroying it. i am now gonna be quite.


I have been saving coins for almost 3 months to give 10000 coins fr donation.I have donated to all three categories.


I hope everyone donated at least 10,000 coins! I was so happy when we broke the meter

Rishab Kar C:

I have donated 12,900 coins.I am an Indian.I see many people begging for money.They can't eat one meal also.I saw people living in slums.Seeing this thing I wanted to protect themselves.I thought what to do?
Then I saw many T.V. commercials of Club Penguin.I made an account.There I saw that many penguins donate coins.I also started donating. I became more happy.I donated coins for all the 3 uses(Building safe places,provide medical help and for protecting the environment.

Thank You CP


I think that all three categories are important, but the one I donate the most to is medical help because everyone deserves to be happy and healthy. With so much illness and disease in the world, the least we can do is donate to medical and help people around the world to not get sick and live long happy lives.

waddle on!


i have been donating to all the causes because there all good causes,helping the earth,giving coins to make cures for sicknesses and donating coins to help build houses.all great causes.





i have donated all my coins


I donated to all of them, but I have donated the most to "Provide Medical Help." I chose this because I want to help kids who are sick and need help. I also donate to Coins for Change because I want to make a difference!

Waddle on Club Penguin!


i love the holiday party i like donating my coins to help protect the earth its been an epic year on Club Penguin and i cant wait to see whats next in 2013 can we have a video that celebrates all the fun this year WADDLE ON!


I donated to providing medical care and safe places for those who needed it. I feel that we need to help these needy people before we help the environment, that they are vastly more important than the environment.


I donated [and still donate] to building safe places. And in real life I donate to Heifer, and this year I donated some toys to an animal shelter. I also donate to the other causes.


I donated to help protect the environment, help build safe places and medical help. I hope I still have more coins to donate!
- Waddle on! -


hey club penguin! i chose protect the earth because ANIMALS are Dying and lots rainforests are cut down and we are loosing fresh air. trees ,animals and everything is starting to die the most cutest animals are dying like the panda ,the snow leopard,the c lownfish,and the lemurs in madagascar all of them are being eaten by others animals! IN THE FUTURE we wont see the most cutest animals who lived P.S. clubpenguin why dont u add another new color in the prehitoric party on clubpenguin what about grey penguins and rainbow color and please make white puffles for everyone! i beg u cp nonmembers get only two puffles with no awsome dances plz make 1 more puffle for nonmemebers too?


I have been donating my coins to Providing Medical Help because I am fighting Diabetes and I realize that there are medical problems like and worse than my own. I want to try to solve all of the world's medical problems, and if just donating coins will help I'll try to collect as many as possible before Coins for Change is over!
Waddle on CP!!

Skyler Lee:

Dear Polo Feild
I Picked Provide Medical Care And Build Safe Places. I picked It because in school we are learning about other countries that dont have a lot of medical services and safe places like shelters and schools. i want to make a difference in that. i donated about 2,000 coins i think! I hope that in the future it will all change and that the other countries will have safe places and medical care they deserve. After all it is the human rights!
Popstar9071 server: zipline


My favorite cause to donate to would be the medical help. Playing games is NOT hard to do. So we can all save up to donate to any of these causes. Why I like to donate to medical help is because it provides hope for the people sick , and give them hope that they can 1 day get rid of their sickness.


I always try to pick all of them.All of them help the earth,medical care,and to build safe places.Those are all good things to donate to.So,I donate to all those.

Take Action We Can Change The World!

Waddle on!


Well i donated to all 3 of them I think its very important to build safe places because there are a lot of dangerous people around the world so its very important to build safe places I also think its very important to protect the earth because there is A LOT of people who litter and that don't even care to save the endangered animals but in coins for change we can save the environment! I finally think that we should totally donate coins to help the ill because everyday families suffer because their family members or their children pass away because of cancer or other terrible sicknesses so its very important to donate for coins change thanks WADDLE ON!!


I donated for all of them! I had 95834578 coins and I donated all!!!
And I mostly donated for ones that had less coins.

- Black31664


I donated to every thing - medical help, safe homes and protecting nature. I donated because i just wanted to save the world. Medical help i donated because i knew some people needed help and attention from diseases like cancer. Building homes was because i knew some people are homeless where i live and i knew they needed homes. Protecting nature i donated because we need the trees more than paper and that we get the amospthere ( dont know if spelled right ) from nature.
We can save earth one step at a time!
- Kate2513


i voted ( and will ) vote for all three! i dont just give coins because we transform ( although its fun ) but because of all the lives we can save and animals we can help and places we can build. christmas is all about giving! : ) come on ppl lets not be selfish with are coins ( we can still save a few btw ) its are duty too help the world change. ( p.s when i go caroling everyone says i should get out harshly when i was only trying to make them happy lots of ppl are being selfish on cp : - ( *sniff* thats how sad they make me )


I donated to all the causes! I feel that we need to help grow this enviorment: 1.Build Safe Schools,Homes, and maybe even Shelters!!
2. Protect not just our Enviorment , our Earth!! 3. We need to provide the right Medical Care ALL THE TIME! So if an emergeny happens,we have the right tools to fix the problem!!!

Thanks Club Penguin!
Oops! I Forgot! Waddle On Till' You Can't Waddle No More!!


Well i donated to all 3 of them I think its very important to build safe places because there are a lot of dangerous people around the world so its very important to build safe places I also think its very important to protect the earth because there is A LOT of people who litter and that don't even care to save the endangered animals but in coins for change we can save the environment! I finally think that we should totally donate coins to help the ill because everyday families suffer because their family members or their children pass away because of cancer or other terrible sicknesses so its very important to donate for coins change thanks WADDLE ON!!


I chose ''Protect the Earth'' because everywhere nature is being torn up. Just because we have to survive,it doesn't mean all the other wild animals don't have to. It is unfair to the animals because we are invading and taking apart their habitats.We should really protect the earth because if we don't,all the animals would die out.We should start right now.Start little by little;it can make big changes!


I donated to the Medical Help and Provide Homes. A lot of homeless children are over-
looked and neglected and need medical help NOW. I help out at a kitchen
for homeless women and children. Thank you Club Penguin
for promoting giving to others!!
Waddle on!


i liked helping people in need and i'm working on a big donation help people this Christmas i gave 1,000,000 total in the past 2 years waddle on and give coins to people in need :D


I gave a lot to medical help.Beacause no one should have to go through pain that does not have a cure.


I donate for protect the earth to keep animals safe!


I donated to Protect the Earth because it helps to prevent our earth to get to another end.

4602riley and Liza523:

I donated to all three. When I was urging penguins to donate, I had a chant to convice penguins what donating to different sections would do. It went something like this:
Make the world a better place! (for nature)
You could save a life! (for the Red Cross)
Nobody should be iglooless! (for building new homes, or igloos, and schools)
I alson said smile if you've donated before. Almost every penguin smiled!
As you say,

4602riley and Liza523:

I donated to all three. When I was urging penguins to donate, I had a chant to convice penguins what donating to different sections would do. It went something like this:
Make the world a better place! (for nature)
You could save a life! (for the Red Cross)
Nobody should be iglooless! (for building new homes, or igloos, and schools)
I alson said smile if you've donated before. Almost every penguin smiled!
As you say,


I like coins for change because it help the envierment And kids how need care for them as are brothers and sitsers


I actually donated to all of them. I think medical and shelters is good for the people hit by sandy and for the old people who need prescriptions also hit by sandy and lost those things.I did world because we need protection on animals going extinct and the melting of the Arctic. I did homes also for the sandy because this Christmas some people had no where to be just in the rubble of their house. I hope you had a great Christmas. -Dora4424


I'm donating to Build Safe Places this year because of what happened with Hurricane Sandy, and other bad things that happened around the world. By building safe places, it will help thousands of kids who have lost their homes during times like this. I would like to thank those people who have saved peoples' lives by risking their own. If you build safe places, schools would be safer from criminals, and homes would be safer from natural disasters, causing people to live long, and know they are safe. We can make a difference.


Gary should invent a new coin total board because the one at the moment is broke as too many coins were donated and wrecked it.

4602riley and Liza523:

i meants Provide Medical Help instead of Red Cross sorry i didnt knoe what it was called but now i do


i look foreword every year to donate to help the earth because i think animals should have a safe and loving home and the animals you guys protect are amazing and i wanted to help you guys out. and i spend most of my time to pick up garbage round the aria. i like to make every year better! and if i have coins left over ill donate at least 100 coins to build save places and provide medical help for the kids that need it. because some kids don't ave a Christmas. i think every one should have a Christmas!! even if i don't win ill still donate every penny of my money!!! keep up the hard work Club penguin!

bugs bunny77:

im donating for coins for change im gonna donate to help kids and familys around the world i hope that i be the featured penguin waddle on


I mostly donated to Health for people and houses for people because people is better then envirourment. and I know alot of people in heracane sandy don't have houses. And people with deases need help with health. So help people and waddle on!


How do you turn CP's coins into real money???

I did'nt have much money so I saved up and got a lot of coins to donate 10,000 coins to Coins For Change!

Wadddddle on!

Fairy Girlie:

I'm donating for protecting the environment because we won't have supplies to make medical care, neither wood to build safe places.After all we done the damage and this is one of the ways to repay and revive our stocks.

But it's not only about donating! Doing simple everyday tasks can help too! Like not throwing away waste, hunting only if necessary and just spreading the word to other people.

All the causes are important so here are some things you can do to help other causes as well:

Not wasting water or food
Helping people in need if you can
Donating to charities
Having clean food and water
Not wasting the electricity - use the sun light if possible, not keeping the light on when its not needed

So start now! Everything counts!


Fairy Girlie:

I'm donating for protecting the environment because we won't have supplies to make medical care, neither wood to build safe places.After all we done the damage and this is one of the ways to repay and revive our stocks.

But it's not only about donating! Doing simple everyday tasks can help too! Like not throwing away waste, hunting only if necessary and just spreading the word to other people.

All the causes are important so here are some things you can do to help other causes as well:

Not wasting water or food
Helping people in need if you can
Donating to charities
Having clean food and water
Not wasting the electricity - use the sun light if possible, not keeping the light on when its not needed

So start now! Everything counts!



I Donated to Building Safe Places And Medical Care, For Super Storm Sandy Recovery. Hurricane Sandy Hit The States Around Me, But Never Even TOUCHED My State. I Want To Help The Places In Need.
Happy New Year Clubpenguin!


I donated to protect the earth only because, it's unfair how pepole cut down rainforests, and destroy places where animal's live

- cecerocky108


I am donating to all of them and almost all the coins I get to go to them. I think this is so nice that CP is doing these things. I will continue to donate until I can't any more. Waddle on CP. Donate on.


i donated to medical becus i want to help cancer

Mtr Tiny:

I donated to providing medical help because many people aren't as lucky as us to be able to go to a hospital or a pharmacy to get medicine for their sickness. and you wouldn't believe it but I donate over 175,000 coins to coins for change! (I started saving up when Operation Blackout ended) and I'm glad that I could make a difference and remember my name Mtr Tiny


Coins for change 2012 was awesome!!!!!!!!
i donated to medical help cause i really want to help the ill.

Waddle on and keep donating Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donatng coins for coins for change is awesome because you don't have to use real money. Club Penguin is awesome! I love coins for change. I love donating to building homes because it makes a lot of families happy an safe. It also makes it so theres a lot of people on the earth. Change the world and waddle on!


i want to help all of the kids so that can have a happy life and place to live i want to help them a lot and i hoep you do to SAVE THE KIDS so i picked all of them thank you club penguin thank you bye for now cp i like you a lot


You should make a video where a penguin is in the bakery with his blue puffle when a penguin mistakes the puffle for a egg. Then the penguin is trying to drain the cheer meter. Then the puffle goes through the cookie multiplier and out comes 5 blue puffles bouncing around the penguin. WADDLE ON!


Coins for change was a great idea and i have already donated almost all of my coins keep up the good work and dont forget to eat those cookies


I can`t donate , so I want to help other donate . I was in an igloo , and there I saw a Coins for Change station . The penguin that lived in the igloo said that he got it last year and I wanted one I to . Please give away Coins for Change Stations again ! And if I could have donated I would have donated for ``Protect the earth`` because I love the nature , and I want it to be clean . Donate and waddle on !!!!!


I chose to donate to all three causes as much as I can, as equally as I can and as often as I can!


I Donated to Provide Medical Help, Because I have a Pacemaker, so i need this battery to run my heart, so i know what it is like to think you might not have enough money to save you ;( Everyone donate to medical help! It is obviously the most important cause, and its the cause that will help A LOT more than the others! Waddle on!


Hey guys i donated for EVERY cause i donated about i say 7 THOUSAND coins when i joned cp i saw a video that said coins for chage 2011 after it ended i said wow ti'll this day we made the world a better place . Big and small flippers or feet anyone can change the world! we have to belive! we broke the coin vote it went OVER a million but the world still needs hospitals and to help endagerd animals and more schools and playgrounds we CAN change the world don't forget WADDLE ON


I donated to protect the wild animals its good to keep them safe:) I think we should be able to send gifts:). waddle on!


im really loving the party but the best bit is that you get the couler WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS SO AWSOME




I donated 10,000 coins! And i gave it all to medical help thank you Club penguin for donating all that money for children who have not had a real Christmas or a normal life. Waddle on!


I love all of the causes, but im most passionate about building safe places. I have a pen pal who doesn't have anywhere to live, so im trying so hard to provide a home for her and all the others who need one.


i gave it to every cause because all of the things are important.there are some children in the world who dont even a roof to sit under.if you havent donated please do dosent matter that you cant give alot just like tesco says every little helps.

Dancer 1011:

I donated to all of them! It feels really wonderful knowing that the coins are going to a great place , waddle on <3


Check out Rose5210's Igloo! IT.TOTALLY.ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I donated a lot of coins to each but I donated most of my coins to Protect The Earth because I love animals and I might of saved an endangered animal this Holiday Party!


I have donated all my coins to all 3 causes. I love being a car!!!!!! I'm so excited to see how much money CFC ends up.


I like to donate to every cause because I think the earth is important and everyone deserves to have a home.

Jessica 8992:

I donated 5,000 coins to the help build safe places cause. I donated to this cause because there are so many people in the world who need homes. Many people have lost there homes in 2012 due to hurricane Sandy and i feel bad for all those people who have lost there homes. That's why i donated to that cause.

Waddle on!

Jessica 8992


i donated to builed safe building becaues i care abot our eviermite.


I donated to every cause. It was a hard choice to decide which to donate to. I mostly donated to protecting the earth. I'm even wearing that shirt right now on my penguin. I choice the earth because it is suffering. Global warming, pollution, destroying habitats, and all that is going on right now. Hopefully, everybody donates what they can give because I want to see this world as a better place.


I donated to building safe places because there are places out there like Afganistan where there are hardly any safe places for children and there familys. That was a long sentence!
I'm geussing we donated over a billion coins because the coin machine has broke. Wow, we have all done a great job!
Snow long for now!


I have donated I-don't-know-how many times to helping the enviroment.Why I hear you ask.Because I love animals and it helps Rainforests and Jungles.And most importantly:it helps endangered animals!!!So please donate to help the enviroment.It could save the life of some of your favourite animals.Thank you for reading this post.:);)


I donated to Provide medical help because there are so many kids and adults out there that are really sick and if they arent treated they could lose their life :( But i am glad we have raised so many coins! :)


Sup guys! It's me again. Anyway, I've calculated the number of coins I inserted into the Coins for Change bucket and may I say, the number BLEW ME AWAY!!! On December 24, my number went up a lot because that ONE day! The number was (in total ) : 43,800 coins! Do us ( the Club Penguin Team) a favor and waddle On!
~posted by marioFan7589


Well, I donated to all three! But I'd say that the most I'm concerned about is the protect the Earth. If the Earth is not taken care of, we wouldn't have space to build places or time to dedicate to injuries. That's why I decided to donate over 10,000 coins to protect the earth. Come on penguins, and help me make a change in the world!


I donated for build safe places. I donated because there is lots of pepole who dont have homes, and really need them! They just end up on the streets with nothing. I always save a bunch of coins for coins for change to try and help. I also like to donate a little to the wildlife to protect endangered animals and plants. WADDLE ON! -love8112


coins for change is a thing i want to change the world to make more children around the world education and happy life we all wont to change the world to have best to live with but is no easy to help but club penguin can make a litle change around the world to make children happy


I didnt have many coins,but I managed to donate 5000 not all together because I couldent afford it that way so I did at least 200 a day!Thanks for reading,waddle on!

Greenie G:

Hey Penguins,
I have been on the fence about which to Donate to because there is such good CAUSES!!
But sence the start of all the Festivities I have been donating to Help Protect The Earth.
And acually in real life too! You see I live on a mountain, a dry-desert moutain and all my life Ive loved protecting the earth almost all of my book reports for school were about the earth and so I have always wanted to help the earth get better.
Just yesterday I planted my first Tree on my mountain!
And I hope everyone gets to plant a tree this Coins for Change season!!!

Waddle On Penguins!!!!!

Love Yours Truley,
Greenie G


i donated 10,000 of my coins to medical help. people around the world sometimes can't get help for there health, thats why were so lucky to be healthy and safe.


I donated to all the causes I could! They are all great causes and I couldn't decide on just one!!


I donated to Medical Help, and Building Safe places. I think they are very important because more and more people are dying from illness' every day. People need homes to stay safe in and they also need libreary's and schools to get an education. I think we did a very good job donating to all of the causes! I had an awesome time at the holiday party! can't wait till next party!!! Waddle on CP!!!!

<>< ~Alley2014


i was reindeer puffle and i pirvoide medicl help i love puffles
i knew that helping people stay alive was the point of helping people aroud the wrold


I donated to all of them because I think all of them are very important to people and to the earth. I am so happy that we donated so much. People should donate because you can change someones life. Donating makes you feel like you have made a big difference.


I donated to all of them I love the earth I want to do all thats what I like


I donated to help animals because we need people (or penguins lol) to stand up for the animals and take care of them before they become extinct. I am proud to donate and support this cause, and I hope you will, too. WADDLE ON CP!


I donated to all causes! But my favorite one was building safe places........ Well we need to build safe places for poor people to live in!!


i donated to protect the earth because we need to protect the earth so we can build houses,schools or any kind of building and we need a planet to have medical care. I've also donated the coins to help save endangered animals. I've donated more than 10,000 coins and i don't know how many in real life money. So save the earth and Waddle On!


I donated to medical care because
There are so many sick children
Out there and we need to help
Provide medical care

Shadow Rider :

I always pick the animal one. Forgot what its called. Sorry, lol. Might be the environment? I'm not sure but I wanna say I love animals! Especially cats, kittens, lions, tigers, wild cats, etc. My favorite kind of "pet cat" is the Bombay. Pure black! :D !!! Omg... SIDETRACKED!!! Big time. Lol! Anyway, WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Clone 1237:

I have mostly donated about 15,000 coins to protect the earth because mostly in my science class they explain me that nature is getting deleted by us humans =D

Protect nature and waddle on!


Because my dad's a 2nd genereation doctor, I donated to medical most of times. Its also a miracle right before christmas, my dad went on a medical mission in asia to help with operations for almost a month.

pingu 372:

I donated to all of them because they are all important but my favourite is protect the earth

waddle on club penguin

- pingu 372


i donate to protect the earth beacause schools closed down and alot of people going to the hospital so i donated thousands of money for the the earth and feel beter


i donate to protect the earth beacause schools closed down and alot of people going to the hospital so i donated thousands of money for the the earth and feel beter


cp is awesome


I donated to building safe places. This is a special cause because there are many un-wealthy people in places such as Ghana, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea who don't have safe places to live. Please donate to this cause.

Waddle on club penguin.

P.S. Can you please add food next year for things such as refuge camps in Cambodia. Thanks


I am donating most of my coins to provide medical help because my uncle has a rare disease and he is having trouble getting better. I think donating to all three causes is very important. It doesn't matter how many coins you have donated. As long as you have made a difference in someones or some a animals life, that's all that's important. This really inspired me to donate 5000 more coins to each cause. This really helped. Thanks Polo and moose. Merry Christmas!


well, I CANT REALLY CHOOSE!!!!!! I donated to EVERYTHING!!!! YOU HEAR ME?? EVERYTHING!!!!!!! and besides, we can change the world, no matter what. we, we the penguins, of club, in order to form a more perfect website, establish protection, insure awesome places and new penguins to provide for the common penguins, secure the blessings of mouse clicking to ourselves and in prosperity to ordain this post. I think what I wrote is awesome. I did it once before. well, I don't care if you don't pick me, I just care about those kids and people who can now have enough funds for medical service, help the trees,( my mom says im a tree huger) and help those who need scholor ships and help those who will live better lives. I SAY UNTO ALL THOSE WHO PARTICAPATED IN THIS CONSTRUCTIVE PROGRAM TO HELP PEOPLE, THANK YOU. GOD BLESS US ALL, AND KEEP EATING COOKIES, AND KEEEP DONATING. I REST MY CASE.


WADDEL ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Club Penguin,
Make sure that coins that we donate don't go to helping Herbert. Thanks!


I donated at LEAST 10,000 coins to each cause but I think the most important cause in protecting the earth because by helping the earth, we also help people as well. Although I still think providing medical help is important so doctors have the right technology to cure strong diseases. I can't believe we donated over a BILLION coins!!! Now that's an accomplishment! I hope everyone has a happy new year!!!


Polo may I ask why the sign is broken? If we have donated too much then lets just build a bigger sign!


i have donated 11150 to medial help and to
PROTECT THE EARTH!!! happy holidays pink! :)


Can't wait untill next year's Coins for Change!


I donated for all of them! We need to protect environment because it is really important to us, we need medical help because we need help if we get injured, and we of course need safe places. I have donated 500 to each because i have earned a little of coins this year. I have also donated 100 again to each by transforming into a car. I hope we donated more than last year!!

Waddle On, CP!!


I am thankful that im on Club Penguin and I even have friends who care for me when I was new here at early 2012. Im just glad Club Penguin allowed me on Club Penguin. And I don't care for coins on Club Penguin, I care that Im on Club Penguin. I almost gave ALL my money just for people to have safe places to stay. Thank you Club Penguin for making 2012 the best Penguin year ever! From, Superash4310


I did all because I thought they were important to donate for. What's the next party going to be about?
Until then......................


I did build safe places because it was in the lowest %


I donated to protect earth because i LOVE earth, animals, nature, and wild so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I've donated to all of the causes, but I donated the most to provide medical help. I think it is unfair for someone to die from an illness that could be easily treated because they couldn't receive medical care

Rose Cowgirl:

I've donated 10,000 coins to Building Safe Places. After what happened on December 14th in Connecticut, I realized that there should be safe places for people to go in case of anything ever happening to them. I also donated to Provide Medical Help, to help people who need medicine and hospital care.


I don't just choose one cause to donate to, I choose all three! It's important that the world gets more medical help, schools and houses and protection for the environment. I've currently donated more than 10,000 coins to Coins for Change.
In whatever region you're in, whether it's the USA, Germany, Spain, France, the UK, Brazil, Russia or anywhere, we can all donate to Coins for Change both on Club Penguin and in real life, and together, we can make the world a better place!
Waddle on, Club Penguin!


i donated to help protect the earth. Because people are doing stuff to the earth that is very bad so we we need to make a change to make them stop that.It is also very bad for the animals because it can destroy their homes .We need to protect the earth.


I've donated to all of them. All of them are important, and they all back up eachother.


I donated 5000 coins to save the Earth and build safe places and another 5000 to medical health.
Im from Chile and here in december there is a Teleton for helping handicapped kids. In my school donated lots of money to them


I donated over 40,000 coins!! I've been saving up all year, and I donated to all the causes!!!


I voted for all of them because if i only voted for one i't wouldn't seem fair to the other ones!So i wasted all my coins on every donation but i don't mind that's why they invented games to earn more coins!!!
P.S. I think we broke the coin meter...thats a good sign because that means we donated A LOT of money!!!!


I have donated to every cause with over 1,000 coins each! But, the cause I have donated most to is to Provide Medical Help since I want to be a doctor or dentist when I grow up. Everytime Club Penguin has Coins For Change, it inspires me to do more helpful stuff around my community!! I have even donated real money to The Salvation Army, Red Cross and Vinnies. Good Job Penguins, Keep Donating more and more!!!!! ~Violetrocks9 :)


well how can you just choose one?!?!?! i did them all but mostly protect the earth because i love animals and trees! if you saw the movie the lorax than you know the earth might tern out like that one day if people keep cutting down trees! people keep hurting poor and sometimes endangered animals which is wrong!! that's why when i am older i am building an animal sanctuary a vet clinic and a huge garden that anyone can visit and even buy some plants.

waddle o
waddle on
waddle on C
waddle on CP
waddle on CP!

<3<3<3 pangels0002


i have donated for the 3 of them cuz the three causes are a way to help people and animals. just that makes me feel good!! i have donated 10,000 for save places, 5000 for medical help and for protecting the earth!!...i have now the half of coins i had before but doesnt matter cuz it is not about buying clothes and igloo stuff it is about helping people, animal and the earth!!!


i have donated for the 3 of them cuz the three causes are a way to help people and animals. just that makes me feel good!! i have donated 10,000 for save places, 5000 for medical help and for protecting the earth!!...i have now the half of coins i had before but doesnt matter cuz it is not about buying clothes and igloo stuff it is about helping people, animal and the earth!!!


I picked Medical Help to donate to, because I think it is very important to help people that are in need. I also saw that it provides clean water to people too. Clean water. I can't even imagine not having clean water. how important it is! yet there are people who don't have it.
I guess that's why its important to give to save the earth as well :)
also, when you give to save the earth you help protect coral reefs, those are amazing and do need protection.
and providing safe schools and libraries and houses. that's amazingly important too.
looks like I will have to earn more money to donate all the causes!!


I picked provide medical help because it helps people in need and it provides clean water to people who don't have it.
clean water is so important!
all the other causes are great too!

The Lorax 2:

Polo Field is white.... weird....almost nobody notices....


I love coins for change because i love playing games and always have so much money and nothing to do with it. This year i donated more than 100,000,000 to medical help! To me, medical help is the best way to help, because medicine and clean water help save people's lives! And nothing is a better gift than the ability to help save lives. Thanks you Club Penguin and Coins for Change for the best gift this year!


Well...I really donated to all of them,but I mostly did to help nature and animals.I donated 1,000 to medical help,1,000 to build safe places and 1,000 6 times for nature and animals.Yes, I did have a ton of coins but it`s right to help something that is not me.Also, do not be selfish.I donated to animals and nature because I really really care for our envirement.I donated to provide medical help because somebody could be really ill, and their family loves them so much.I also donated to build safe places so people can have some shelter for storms and stuff like that.I am proud that Club Penguin does this every year, and I just want to thank them for that.

P.S. Whoever wins the coins, I hope that they will donate all the coins.Beacause that is what I would do.


I donated til I had no coins left! I jut want to help EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.


I donated to Protect The Earth because it's sad that some animals might be extinct one day. There is not a lot of places left for some animals to live so we need to save room. It's really exciting to think that all the money we donated will go to the cause we chose. Thank You for making Coins for Change.

Girls rule23:

I picked build safe places because I know there's a lot of kids who don't have homes or schools to go to.
I also have idea if you're willing to listen: Can you leave out a coins for change bucket year-round?


We over flowed the coins for coins for change!!!


I donated to all three! But I donate to Protecting the Earth, because I've been noticing that we are getting more pollution, and we need to protect our animals and nature, or else we won't have a world to discover. I'm working on making money on Dance Contest, and Puffle Launch. Waddle on! U guys R awesome, and u rock!



i donated alot of coins to all of the charities!!!!! i think its awesome that all these people are donating their coins. mostly i donated to protect the earth, because the earth's plants and nature is the key to making medicine and providing medical help, and also building safe places to live and have education. Keep donating and waddle waddle waddle on!!!!!!!!!


I donated lots of coins for the party!It was so awesome that i never thought of wasting coins and kept transforming until i had 850 or more.It inspired me to keep on being nice and donate even more coins next year!Save the earth!Waddle on!


I donated all my money in cp and I used it all on every each and one of them.


i donated to all three causes because i thought it would be better to donate to each cause and for each cause i have donated over four thousand coins and me and my brother keep playing games and donating we really love to donate and ever since i started playing cp i donate as much as i can like whenever i log on im playing games and donating coins coins for change is one of my favorite things to do its just really fun and when you donate coins it feels like you have made a huge difference and even when coins for change is months away im still saving up coins i really enjoy donating and its a really good thing to do it helps the environment people and places and animals its a great way to help


I love the annual coins for change, and I want each year better than the previous one. But something was different about this year, I wanted to donate until I dropped. So I played games to win coins and then I donated those coins. I donated to all of the causes, because each one is individually important! I did this like clockwork, and I'm proud of what we did this year!


i love coins for change because we make coins into cash so we can help people around the world

Choco Milky:

I donated to all three!! I donated 15,000 in protect the earth and 5,000 in build safe places and 5,000 to medical help....
and it takes me to donate 25,000 of coins to all of the three.....Ask me why i donate 25,000?? well i want to help everyone in the wold and give them safe places , providing medical help and most of all protecting the earth.....
and always remember that when you help somebody or everybody........ it will give back to you


I Donated ALL for 1000 EACH


I donated for Protect the Earth because I think we really need to make a effort for less pollution. Global warming is being caused by us burning Fossil fuels (things like coal, oil, and gas) that is nonrenewable! We should start using energy like Solar, Wind, and Water instead. By donating to this, I hope for a real difference to help protect the earth!

Cp Rocker:

Dear Club Penguin Team

Me and my brother Are Donating On Protecting The Earth Because I have read lots Of Almanacs And I Saw That More Animals Get Endangered And Extinct and The melting Icecaps And The risk of floods Get Higher So I donate On Protecting The Earth And Because I Live In a Tropical Country So Its All I can Say Thank You
(P.S. If I Get Ten Thousand I shall Donate It All)
Thank You Cp! :)


I donated for medical help for kids who deserve it and build safe houses because its not fair for people and kids don't have homes its just SAD seeing then without homes!!Who ever get the 10,000 should maybe donate next year in the holiday party cause remember helping kids and people is helpful and gives them a smile on their faces!!!

- Mariamaryi


I chose to donate to Provide Medical Help. I chose this cause because some of my family members have been sick in the hospital throughout the holidays and I want them home!! I really would like everyone to donate to Provide Medical Help. Even if you only donate 100 coins, every donate can make a change! That is why it is called coins for change! Thank you!

King Kong207:

our world can be a better place, so I donated many coins to all three causes. I may be lucky, but I hope other can this year (2013)!

King Kong207:

our world can be a better place, so I donated many coins to all three causes. I may be lucky, but I hope other can this year (2013)!


All three!
Provide Medical Help(1)-All people don't deserve to die of illness. If anyone in your family is sick, donate to this cause! You can save other's lives!
Build Safe Places(2)-Kids need education, so this donation will really help with that. Also, it can help the poor find a home! And, you can even build safe places for animals that are endangered.
Protect The World??(3)-Endangered animals are all across the globe. YOU can save these animals and their habitats. You can even save yourself!!
And don't forget: YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Donate to coins for change NOW.
D !!!


I chose medical help because we are the futre and if we don't help our genoration with healt then there will be no future lots of more dieasies and mor people in povertty.


How does our coins change into real money?


I lost all my money to coins for change! I love them. It only come ones a year and may donate only ones a year!


I donated for all causes, but I donated for environment the most because that's what I love! I swear I'll have donated 1500 or more to it by 2nd Jan!


I (johncena8641) donated for all kinds. And i really like the way Club penguin made the "cookies for change" thingy. Club penguin,i appreciate your work .




I had donated 10,000 coins because I wanted to have people all around the world to have help. As time goes by, they wil be ok. Also "Time" gives me an idea....

CP Lover 1:

I donated for ALL!


I donated for all 3! i think thats the best thing i can do for the earth.


The reason I donated for Providing Medical Help was because, there are poor countries that have sick kids. It would be terrifying to see kids die from sickness. Without kids, there would be no future generations.


I donated all the money maby one million im not shur to helping animals I love animals I hope that most of you have been trying to help the animals or am I the only one who wants to help the animals ? I hope not so merry christmas and happy new year!

ice slosh:

I donated about 20000 to them all but i was mainly giving the most to provide medical help because all them people dying as they have a problem like cancer or swine flu.i just want them to live there life,so i picked provide medical help so that the doctors can get more medicen
to heal people i also gave more money to them to help provide more stuff like xrayers and other stuff to make poeple live there life!

Penguin Name: ice slosh


I donated to each cause at least once but the one I donated the most to is providing medical help for others because my parents are doctors so I know a lot of different diseases people have to face and how they are really nice people. It also has helped me realized that some good people are more exposed to deadly diseases and might not be able to afford the medical help so Coins for Change is a great opportunity to help those people out and I hope others we see this as well! Until next time, waddle on CP!


I donated to medical help. There are really sick kids and if we can donate to them, we can help them recover.


I will help to every kind of causes because it help to everyone in the world.But the most i will do is saving the Earth because there are mostly about 400 whales in the world.Mostly every animal is endangered in the Earth.If you donate it will help everyone including you and your family.Just one coin will help one person or even more person.waddle on club penguin.:)ps help change the world and keep recycling and changing the world.


I Did Protect The Earth Because I Want The World To Be A Very Happy Place And I Have Been Donated A Lot Of Coins! I Hope My Donations We Can Make A Happy And Healthier World!


Im going to donate all of my coins to health enviroment and building safe places if i can


im so glad that alot of people donated this year i donated between 100,000 and 200,000 im so proud of my self for doing that last year i donated alittle more then 100,000 i worked so hard for these coins just to help the kids and im also glad that cp donated more then 10 billion coins GO CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D


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