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By Polo Field on December 26, 2012 - 12:22


Hello Penguins!


We've seen a lot of you baking cookies, transforming, having snowball fights, and getting into the holiday spirit. When we asked what you were most excited for at the Holiday Party, here's what Julesbug323 had to say:


Coins for change! I hope everybody that has 10,000 or more coins will give it to coins for change!! I am looking forward to changing into a Frost Bite!!! Cannot wait till RockHopper comes!!


We're stoked to see so many of you donating to Coins For Change! What cause did you donate to during Coins For Change and why did you pick it?


Leave your comment below and we'll feature one in our next Reviewed By You. The featured penguin will also receive 10,000 coins!


Until then... Waddle On!


-Club Penguin Team



Wow Club Penguin! It's unreal how many coins all the penguins around the world donated this year for Coins For Change!! I donated 10,000 coins to each cause this year like I do every year on Coin For Change. I donated to every cause because everyone of those is important to people in other countries that are less fortunate then we are, even in this country! :) It's so awesome seeing that those kids and adults will get what they need, because of what you guys at Club Penguin HQ are doing. I will definitely be donating lot's of coins again next year. :)

Until then! Waddle On.


Rockor king:

I choosed protecting the earth. Because protecting the earth is a matter of everyones future. As we humans destroy it, coins for change is a little way to say sorry for our deeds. I know its lots of others categorys but this one aint only for the poor, the rich, or me. Its for the whole world. I wish the whole world sometimes could have one of these coins for change booths up, So everyone can donate.


This year's Holiday Party has been EPIC!!!!! I think it's the best one yet! My friends and I donated so many coins to help others in need. (but also for the frost bite, reindeer puffle, and race car)

Keep calm and waddle on!!!!!!!

Fluffy297 :

I donated to Protect the Earth because Everyone should care,love, and respect the nature and environment! If no one had cared, then we would not even be here! Try to donate to schools,hospitals,day cares, or nursing homes. Every donation makes a BIG difference in someones life. All we can do is have hope,care,and be kind.


I helped the animals because I like animals they are pretty to me. We need to be nice to animals so they will be nice to us. I helped the earth because the bad air kills a lot of animals and the animals are cool and we should not hurt them because we don't know what we are doing.


I like donating to medical health, because build shelters and help the Earth humans have to do. So, when I donate to medical health, I help all 3, because humans have to be healthy to build shelters or plant new trees. I hope i get the 10000 coins, so i can help medical wise, Earth wise, and shelter wise.

Penguin name: Carl95


dear club penguin, What I chose to donate towards was helping endangered animals because i like helping the earth and animals they shouldn't have to give there life or home for us. It also reminded my quilt i got Christmas saying some ways you can save the earth. Sincerely , pumkin1690


I donated to all the causes! I donated for protect the earth because we shoukld have a good clean envirment for us and the animals. I picked build safe places because some kids cannot get cozy in bed when it rains or be glad they have a roof over there heads and i wanted to help them. I picked provide medical help because some sick kids are put into hospitals all day and i think they should be cured. How could i simply donate to one great cause, when i could three?!


Coins For Change helps many different kinds of problems all over the planet. I donated to all of them, providing medical help to kids, because if they don't get medical attention quickly, they could be very, very sick. I also donated to building safe places, because without places to live, we would all be homeless and very cold at night. Protecting wildlife is important, too, because so many animals around the world need attention, such as panda bears and other kinds of animals.

All of these are important in the world, so it's perfect if we could all donate to all the causes. Problems in the world are caused by lack of medical attention, protection of animals and other wildlife, and building safe, strong places such as schools around the world.

Waddle on and meet new buddies,


z man k:

I hope that anyone who cares about making a difference reads this comment. I have only given to Provide Medical Help and Build Safe Houses because I, like everyone else should, care about helping actual PEOPLE than plants. Please, while you still can, donate to a cause that helps people.


I donate to all three because all of the causes are so great and important! But the one that I donate the most coins to is Medical Help. I do this for two reasons: 1- My mom is a nurse, so I feel bad for the ill. 2- Some people don't get to have useful medicane, so can't get well. I hope peoplekeep on donating! Waddle on! - Fairymagic3


I choose to build safe places and schools, providing medical help to the people and save the Earth


The cause I donated too is Protect the earth and the amount of money I donated was 50,023.62 and the reason why is because this is the cause that I have been donating too since I started on Club Penguin i was hoping to get that 10,000 to donate a 1000. to each cause next christmas


I donated to the Medical Help because many people around the world, especially in Africa, have no medical service. But, every year, I donate to different causes. Thank you so much Club Penguin for being able to make a change in the world. Waddle on!


i donated to the cause medical help because i don't think childeren are gonna be able to go to school when they are wounded
then help build houses and schools because it's needed
and then for the the environment °°D


Well,Coins for change? You know,I really care about people. Donating coins,is my favorite. Even if I love to buy new things,I mostly like to help other people. Sadly,my brother and sister dont have an account on Club Penguin. They are too old for it...But,I donated ALL of my coins to coins for change,because some people really need help! Even though the frostbites,puffles,cars,and all costumes are awesome,Coins for Change is still about donating coins. We can ALL change the world,with this. I really like the idea of the party,I really do! It's so nice,warm,cozy...It's just so great! I love this. I really love coins for change. If I would have over 10,000 coins,I would donate them ALL to coins for change. People need our help. The party has something Important in it. It's donating coins. I mean,we arent MAKING them to donate coins,we justwell...I cant say offer but,help is needed. Many humans need help. That's why I like coins for change the most. Im looking forward to it Every year.

And as always...Waddle on club penguin.



I donated alot to Provide Medical Help and Protect The Earth cause both can work together for example PTE (protect the earth) can find hurt animals and PMH (provide medical help) can help them feel better.



I mostly donated to protect the earth because it's the only home we've got. I did donate to the others but not as often.


I donated to all of the causes. I feel happy because whenever I donate, it helps people's lives.


First of all I LOVE the holiday party this year. This one is definitely the best one yet! Second of all I'm am donating to all of the different causes I think they are all important. But i think I am donating most to building safe places to live because it has had the least percentage of how many people are donating to it. And like I said before I think all the causes are important so I think they all deserve to have the most coins donated to it.

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Donated to all of the 3 of the coins for change. I thought it would be nice to support every single one of them so that we could help anyone in need.



I donated to medical health and clean waters. I think it is important to keep everyone one healthy . I also think that clean waters means we all will live longer. I hope you reply to this saying that you think it is important. Coins for change, change the world, 1 coin at a time. Keep coins for change for ever. keep up the good work


Dear Club Penguin,

I think coins for change is a great way to donate. If I was in sandy I would hope for a mirical from C.F.C. If I were sick, no clean water, a home, I would hope for coins for change to help. You are known as Club Penguin, to me it is known as "The Givers".


My goal (yes that means I haven't donated yet, but plan to) is to donate 10 000 coins to each of the three categories.

For the Environment- I want to donate because . . . well . . . Earth is our home. And we hurting it by the minute. So I want to put all my efforts into this and help our Home.

For the Medical- This is kind of personal. I've had family members with severe diseases. They've gotten well over time and I'm really thankful for that. So, this is the time to give back. I want to help others get better . . . and that feeling of helping . . . is so good and pure.

For the Safe Places- My hometown has been hit by natural disasters. Okay so maybe this might not relate to Safe Places, but still . . . many are recovering. And I want to help. For the people I know and for strangers.

So . . . thanks Club Penguin! Thanks for giving me a chance to help! WADDLE ON!!! :D


i donated to mostly Protect The Earth, because i love nature, but not just the environment i also donated to Build Safe Places/homes and Medical Care. I believe that the world needs help with all of these, not only the one thing out of the three. Why i donated mostly to Protect The Earth? is because if we don't care for our environment then it will all go , just as easy as that! All the future generations will not be able to see the beauty of the earth the way it is now or was in the past!! But always remember "if you love something take good care of it!!" Thank you for your attention and yea........Waddle On! ~apple7071 :)




Happy Holidays! Change the world!


Coins for Change has been a really awesome experience for me and everyone else in the world. I donated to all three causes cause we all need to be there when most of us aren't. I hope to all a great New Year as well. I wish for everyone in the world to have a great 2013 cause we need to make this the best year, better than 2012. Anyways, all of you better have fun next year.

Happy New Year,

Waddle On, Everyone!


I just donate everything. Every time I see the pot, I select what I didn't select last time over and over. I think that's the best way. From Luna Tuna1

99 Flippy:

I donated to the 'Save the Earth' catagory. This is because we only have one planet, and we need to keep it as clean, safe, and happy as possible!! I hope that everyone pitches in and helps to make our world fun and healthy!!!


I've donated A LOT of coins.
And speaking of Rockhopper, I've bumped into him like 5 times so far at the party!

Waddle on CP!


I donated to every cause because I knew all of the were very important, and needed coins to be donated to!


(I can't tell if my comments have been posted or not!)
I donated to provide medical help because I think it's important to help people!
And we take medical help and clean water for granted.
Some people don't have clean water and I would like to do whatever I can to help them.


I donated the coins for all the purpose.
We should save the earth so that we can live by breathing the oxygen given by the trees.
We should even go to school to improve the knowledge and become great person.
We should even take care of our health by going to the hospitals whenever we are not well.
So I donated for all the purpose.


Well For me i donated for the 3 of them. Why?
Because They Would Change the sad faces on this world into happy faces
and did you remember when we donated coats last year? did you see there faces? they were happy right? YES THEY WERE!
So this year let's make them HAPPY again by donating coins for change.
and don't forget also to smile penguins!
Waddle on ;)


I donated for giving medical help because poor people don't have enough money to buy enough medicine and they suffer from diseases. They die from that everyday from drinking polluted water (by the way I donated for protecting the earth too), starve, and lived without food, but we didn't realize that they die even NOW. I also thought that we are lucky for the penguins who didn't get membership because we have a healthy life unlike the poor, so I donated for giving medical help for 10,000 coins for that!!!!!!


building shelters because its very inportent to lerln and a safe home because some famlys live on streets and nere trenes and roeds

we cant let this hapen any more the more coins the safer!

snow long for now!

by snow and fun(or snowy)

Princess Ma8:

The Christmas party has always been my favourite party. I love the fact that we get to give coins for different causes and help people (and animals) all around the world. Every year I save up and give 10,000 coins to each cause because I think that all the causes have an equal importance!! Waddle On Club Penguin!!! xxx x


I did all of them!
most of my coins have been going to medical help, because there is loads of ads about starving children children needing water, so whenever I get the chance, I DONATE!


For me i help endangered animals because i wanna know their info


I have donated to all causes!! Cuz if you think more about it, there all like a working parts of.... a plant!!! Let me explain, we need to protect the earth so that all those safe places u guys are going to build will have a nice enviroment around them.... right? and also for the endangered species. And without those safe places there wouldnt be any other place they can get there medical help. See? any way u put it, all of those causes need each other so they can work. There like a working team!!! (thats another way to put it). And thats why i have donated to ALL causes!! WADDLE ON CP!!!!

Sweet445 Iam:

Coins for change is awesome!!! This year I decicided to donate mostly to provide medical help. I donated to it because the is not enough things to help people who are sick or injured in places where there is a war going on. Keep on donating, everyone! We can make a difference!!!


I donated my 10000 coins to help build homes, schools, and hospitals. I believe that people need to have a provided building in order to live, learn, and gain medical attention.


I donated because i saw the video of coins for change,I understood that Club Penguin is doing a very good deed, that's why I donated and. the amount i donated was about 50,000.My money reduced from 61,000 to 2567!


I donated because i saw the video of coins for change,I understood that Club Penguin is doing a very good deed, that's why I donated and. the amount i donated was about 50,000.My money reduced from 61,000 to 2567!


I donated 10,000 coins for protecting the earth because i love animals and plants


Well I CHose to donate to Medical Care as many people need that vital care provided but they don't have it. Why? Money is the answer. More money needs to be endorsed into helping people to have clean water and other vital necessities. So I wanted to Help!


I Have Been Donating To Build Safe Places For Kids And There Family So They Feel Safer! Coins For Change!!!!!!!!
Don't Forget To Donate I hope Every One Gives 10,000 Coins Or 1,000


I pick to donate to Save the Earth because my favorite animal is an elephant an my brother's favorite animal is a rhino. We are deeply saddened by all the poaching that goes on in the world, so, when Coins for Change rolls around we always donate the majority of our coins to Save the Earth to try to save the animals on the African Savannah and the African Savannah itself. Waddle on CP and keep donating!!!!! -Poodlepunchy


Dear Polo Field and BusinesMoose,

I've decided to donate to each cause because I feel each area is just as equally important as the other. I desire positive results in each category. Here's a few reasons why I've decided to donate to all causes.

I've donated to protect the earth because earth is being harmed. I've done some research and I was shocked to find out that Rainforests used to cover 14% of earth's land surface; now they just cover a mere 6%! That's just awful and I feel the need to restore our Rainforests again. Trees help us by giving us oxygen, and in return we give trees carbon dioxide. It's a cycle, and if that cycle is destroyed then we will be destroyed.

I've donated to provide homes because a large amount of people in this world are homeless. It's terrible to know that some people don't have shelter. I imagine that my actions will give them the comfort and warmth that they need and protect them from harsh weather conditions. I just want those people to be safely inside the comforts of their own home.

I've donated to provide medical help because I want people to be provided with medical help when needed. Over 40 million people a year do not get medical care when they need it. That's a stunning amount of people! I hope to make sure that those people are in a healthy condition so they can enjoy doing the thing they love doing.

Those are a few reasons why I've decided to donate to each cause. Ranging from protecting the earth to providing medical help, each is important. No matter how big or small the change is, change is still change... And it is good to know that you have just made a difference in this world. :)



I think medical help and "protecting the earth" because I heard of "global warming" and I want animals to be safe. Also I want people to not be sick because it stinks. Remember my penguin name is Poohbear58


I always donate to Protect the Earth. As an owl lover, I want to preserve these beautiful birds and the rest of the wildlife on Earth for the next generation. Global warming is also a big issue, and the only way the polar ice will stop melting is if someone (or somepony or somepenguin, whatever the case) decides to speak up and make a difference, which we can do here on Club Penguin by donating our coins. All the Coins for Change causes are important, but my personal preference is Protect the Earth because I care so much about the wilderness around me.


(First post) ive gave thousands of coin to all 3 most popular cookie with me is definatly the frost bite cookie. waddle on cp!


I donated to every category!


i only doned to 2of 3 because your life and the earth are the 2 most important things you will need.


I was disappointed that you didn't put the coins in the lighthouse this year. But the reindeer puffles are so cute!


I did medical care because all over the world there is stomach flu and the flu and many sickness and with the coins they can help find cure for the people who really need it and it can help the children since i have seen many children who need a cure for a sickness that is why i have donated all my coins.

king ping780:

i L


clubpenguin team you should make frost bite puffles!!!


yo yo jazz:

i bont 5'000 to each cause they all are good ones i cout pick. i been saveing up for this. it so much fun. love x-mass and the part.
yo yo jazz


please make frost bite puffles!!!!!!!!!!


yo yo jazz:

i bont 5'000 to each cause they all are good ones i cout pick. i been saveing up for this. it so much fun. love x-mass and the part.
yo yo jazz


I think it's a great way to make people more aware of problems on the planet... And how little things can help big problems if everyone contributes. Because of this, I supported all three causes and I just hope that it will raise awareness for them. I'm changing the world one flipper at a time!


I donted to all three! I really enjoyed baking cookies and donating coins this year it was so fun!!!! I can't wait til next years Holiday Party! Waddle On!


i love this coins for change. i chose build a safe home because there are a lot of kids that dont have homes. ps i dont know how to change


I donated over 20,000 coins to all three! I did building safe places and medical help to help victims of tragedies (like Superstorm Sandy for example)around the world, and to help others in need. I chose the environment because there are many species in danger, and there are many animals in need of action including the Right Atlantic Whale.


why do we donate cash? does it actually go anywhere?


I got a stamp for donating 10,000 coins and for donating 5,000 it was really cool I don't even remember all the coins I donated, but I donated most of them to medical care. I chose medical care because I feel bad for all the children who cannot get medical care and I want to help them any way I can. I don't exactly know where all my coins go but I know I helped some one and that makes me
happy. Thank you for the coins for change program.

I hope all you guys have a great day and enjoy donating your coins as much as I do.


I want to protect our Earth, our people, and our animals in nature.


One thing I like about coins for change is that you get to help the world.I have worked so very hard to get 10,000 coins for the cause I liked the most. I have played so many games and saved up monthly paychecks to donate and I achieved my goal.I donated 10,000 coins to save the earth because I love animals and the planet. I was so exited to try and achieve my goal and I did. Thank you Club Penguin team!


i choose protest the earth because i know there are some endagerd animals in the wild like cheetahs,lions,tigers,african penguins,and more animal's thats my thing waddle on cp :)


I donate my coins to 'Protect the Earth' because our Earth is under global warming due to deforestation, pollution and all. I feel a great desire to do whatever I can to save the planet. If we think carefully, the other two categories ARE under Earth, so I believe that protecting the Earth should be the first cause we should donate to.

Now if I get 10,000 coins for this comment, I will immediately go to club penguin and donate all these coins to protect the Earth, and you can mark my word for that.

Lauren Jr:

I love all the causes and donate to them all but my favourite cause is protecting the earth because without earth there would be no us and without us there would be no Club Penguin!


I gave coins to protect the earth because when you want to go outside you always feel happy and calm and i want the earth to have more trees and grass and flowers and all those good things for the earth.It's also nice to take care of the animals in the wild all those things we can all change into a better life.

P.S. My name on club penguin is avenger90142


I donated to all of them, since all are amazing causes and giving some coins to each will definitely help.


I chose To help because of the recent disaters The Massive hurricane sandy,Tsuanmi in japan,Was in isreal,And alot more
I want to help because of these and for the others who need help

Wadle on!



I donated 10,000 coins! I'm so happy I could help! ^v^ Until Jan. 2, donate and change the world CP!


I think it is amazing that from one place ( CP) we can change the world!
I donated most of my coins to Medical help because if people are not sick, they can help save the environment and they can build safe places! I still think saving the environment is important, along with building safe places, but if we aren't sick, we can help more with the other causes.


Hey all of u awesome guys on the CP team and everyone on Club Peguin! I have donated most of my coins to environment because I love animals and want to protect their homes, but im planning to give some more of my coins to the other two causes because I think they are all equally as improtant!

Waddle on Club Penguin!

Jenny0210, over and out!



I had a wonderful time at Coins For Change!!! It was so awesome because we got to be in the holiday spirt and give our coins to the cause we choose and i picked ... building safe places!!! I chose this because so many kids and familys dont have a nice home to live in from harsh weather and thats really sad. : ( And with Super Storm Sandy lots of people dont have homes because there houses have already flouded. So THX so much CP for letting us make a difference in the world and to save the earth and to make sure that every sickness is gone. : )


i will donate to save the earth because without trees we cant live or get fresh air and animals cant live without air either.
save the trees so animals have homes that they can live in. donate coins to help the world.


I donated 10'000 coins to help build more houses,schools,ect.





Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR dear penguins. I hope everyone had great holidays and great presents. I have donated over 19000 coins and I've got 2 holiday stamps. Mostly I've donated for the PROVIDE MEDICAL HELP category because a lot of children and adults all around the world die because of diseases like cancer and malaria but also to the other 2 categories . I hope Club Penguin will help a lot ill people and our planet with this and other editions of Coins for Change.

And until then...Waddle On!


Can You Do A Festival Of Chocolate This Year?

From Penguin Pop765


i pick all of them i donated only 5 times but i helped all of them a little bit :) it only my first chrismas in club penguin and this year has been amazing because i started in june and it has been awesome


i help all of the three because i want make everybody on the plant to be happy!


I think it awesome that we've donated over 80,000,00 coins!I donated at least 50,000 coins for "Protect the Earth" because of all the endangered species.I absolutely love animals and nature and I would do anything to save it!Thank you Club Penguin for giving all the happy penguins a chance to donate!Plus,it inspires other people to help!
Waddle On Cp!


dear CP team,
you guys should have a contest to see who can donate the most coins to coins for change and the winner gets 10 exclusive prizes next year!


I had a hard time choosing so I picked them all..... I think in total I donated around $9000. I used almost all the money I had for it because I know it goes to a good cause.


i donated the most to building safe places because i believe everyone needs a safe place where they can live, have fun, and most importantly be safe! waddle on!!


I donated to help medical help. I read that many people wrote that they donated to all 3. This is very nice but I did not do it because I feelt this was the best cause. I there for donated many times.


i donated to the lest% of them all


well i donated to bilding places probley because it was the lest donated and i think it good that club penguin is doing coins for chane and we are giving coins but we are picking what club penguin is donated the 1 milion dollers to but still it a good cause to donate to

PS i hope whoever gets the 10000 coins will donate it coins for chane that what i would do

keep up the good work club penguin

waddle on and merry crishmas

Fruit Loops9:

i did protecting the earth. The earth is so important. i chosen it because we need to tackle global warming and provide habitats for animals in need. All of the choices are very important but overall i think protecting the earth is the most important.




lol did anyone notice that polofeild in this blog and the previous blog he is wearing artic white!Ps the newer players should be able to get artic white or they will fell left out :(

Pink Fan2:

I picked providing medical help. My great grandma died from cancer, so I wanted to make sure other peoples grandmas or great ones, won't have the same problem.



Even though I can't do a lot, I just LOVE the earth and want to make a big difference. I hope my donation goes to help those that need help. If I get the 10000 coins, I will probably donate at least 5000 coins to hopefully make a big difference. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.


I donated 5000 coins so far to protect the earth. Im working on trying to do 10000!
The cause I donated for was helping the earth because I love nature and animals. I would do anything to protect the earth.
Also because it had the most votes. I guess lots of people like that because they like animals. I hope I can donate about 10000 coins to Coins For Change. I'm also wondering, what did YOU donate coins to? I also donated to this because lots of animals are close to becoming extint like Panda's. And we can all change the world by helping animals get more healthy habitats.
Also so we can live on this planet for many years and the earth to have no danger. Together we will save our planet!!!!!!!!
Well Waddle on Fellow penguins!!!! Remember to donate to Coins For Change!!! : )

60 Rose 60:

I donated to all of the causes :D I decided to do that because I believe that all of them are important for our survival as food and water. People are cutting down forests and that really needs to stop, because animals are going extinct because of it. Building schools is a great cause, because thousands of children don't have the opportunity to get good education. Creating more medical care units is as important as the other two - hospitals and doctor's offices take great part in keeping us healthy. I hope that more and more penguins will decide to donate to Coins for Change every year. :)

Waddle on CP


i picked save the earth. with out trees we would not be here playing club penguin but i still love giving coins to all three . i love animals cp you do an great thing for us . when i first visited wildlife park i feel in love with animals and i love love animals go team penguins i also pick up rubish to save animals did you now turtles eat plastic bags thinking they are jelly fish so dont drop any rubish from your wild life lover jolene567 p.s 2012s last day bye for now in 2012

Poke Girl2:

I think saving the Earth is inportant! Animals need our help! I want to help save the animals. Please help the Earth!
I also think we should donate to the people who need medical help. They need people to help them. I want to help them get better!
We should make safe places to live in. People need shelter and I think we should donate to help make homes safe!

Happy Orla:

Every year I always donate a lot to medical care since I started Club Penguin (along time ago!).
I donate to the others as well, but me and my friend, Gasp1307, both like to the same ones!


We are so lucky to have homes health care and Computers to play on this life saving game! i think medical help is best because a lot of people in Africa are dieing all the time! Go and donate a fast as you can i had to earn 20,000 so i could donate it and now i have no money but who cares better help than be a selfish penguin!!!!!


Worzelmoog :-)


Hi Polo Field!
I chose all three causes! All of them are important for the world, I only think that Coins For Change should donate more than it currently does to the world, the world still needs more National Parks, Rain forests and Woods. Some people can't afford homes or medical help...
so Coins For Change should act more... twice a year?



I do not mean to brag but Ishould get the 10,000 coins I donated 5,000 coins for coins for change!!! Please can I (sheldon5956) have the 10,000 coins.



I donated to help build safe places. Look out the window! People who are homeless have to stay out in the cold wether in the Christmas season! We need to help them have a nice warm place to live. Waddle On!


Hey cp i think its awesome how everyone is helping out with coins for change
i donated my coins to all three bc what happened with sandy a lot of people
need a lot of new thing.speaking of new happy new year I have a suggestion
to make for the new year can u guys make a non member clothing catalog
in the gift shop. bc im a non member and as much as i luv the free stuff at partys
i think we should have a non member catalog 2 and u guys can put hair and
shirts and cool things in there i think i would b a great addition for cp
thanks so much happy new year

Posts by Puffor:

I donated to all of them! We need health care, good places for people to live, schools, (education), and especially, personally, I think it is most important that we have a green planet. Because, so far the Earth is the only planet we have! If we keep polluting it, no more clean air, food, oceans, coral reefs, trees, rainforests, animals, or even clean water!



I donated over a thousand for each cost. Especially the safe places one because of the tradegy that happened.


Has anyone else given 10,000 coins to CFC? Because I have!


I donated 25,000 coins and more for protect the earth. At my school, we bought 2 acres of rainforest in Columbia and I thought: Protect the earth over and over in my head!
Waddle O
Waddle On
Waddle On!
Waddle On
Waddle O


I picked provide medical help because just imagine if it was you that was sick or injured. I donated about 8,000 coins total. I am very proud of all the penguin that donated all their coins and not just a little bit. Thank you Club Penguin for all the fun in 2012. Can't wait for 2013! Wonder what's coming next!


i have donated about 20 thousand or more coins to coins for change! I think that the cp team is doing a great job coming up with new ideas ever since happy77 and billybob left.


I donated coins for medical help because I want to help others who need help so that they can live happy and healthy like us:)


I chose to donate to all three causes because I had a lot of coins and because its such a hard choice because they are all important and it is helping so many people in need. Why not help =D




Sticky face :

I would give 5,000 coins to the people in need.


I donated coins for all the three causes... I also got a stamp (top volunteer)!! I believe that all the 3 should be taken up seriously... we need to protect our planet if we wish to survive... i would like to live in a peaceful environment such as the club penguin (though its virtual i feel more alive).


How can fake club penguin money change a real persons life

COOL dude 2014:

ME and my brother were really looking forward to COINS FOR CHANGE and finaly it came. Me and him donated every coin we had, we mostly donated our coins to PROVIDE MEDICAL HELP. Well if you still have coins left i think you should donate to PROVIDE MEDICAL HELP because in Africa they are very poor they do not have water, food, and there are very less hopitals and doctors over there. Well......... I think you should donate to all of them.


all three!!............All 3 need our help, the environment, medical and safe places. I LOVE DONATING TO COINS FOR CHANGE AS THEY NOT ONLY MAKE ME HAPPY BUT THE CHILDREN WHO ARE POOR ETC ALSO HAPPY!! IT MAKES ME FEEL THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT...........


I donated 1,300 coins through cookie buying and the 1,000 for all 3 of them! Why I did this is because, with Superstorm Sandy over, some people don't have a home, electricity, or medical equipment. My school donated books to schools affected by Superstorm Sandy, which I take as changing the world.


this was my first year at club pengiun and i really loved it. i always donated my coins to the environment, building schools and medical care. in total i donated $9,900 to these causes. next year if we do this ill donaed $18,000. (at least ill try)


I donated to building safe places for 3 reasons. 1. to help people in the school during the shooting act 2. I had to many coins and i needed 2 spend them 3. to help people have education and homeless! :)


I did wildlife because i am a serious animal lover. Protect, save, and help the wildlife! From, Pokechimp3, Puffle Owner.


I just gave 75,000 coins and I can't wait to give more! (It's true-I'm not kidding!)


I have donated to all of the causes. They all deserve as much coins as everyone can possibly give!!!


I donated ten thousand to all of the causes, because when you donate, you help something you want to save.




I picked the health to make hospitles and to make more health clinics!I picked that because it makes people more healthy and more safe because they know a hospitle is near by and they can get help when they need it.


Recently I had seen a commercial on TV that was to donate to help kids in need of medical help back at them good ol' hospitals, but since I'm young, like most of the those kids at the hospital, how was a way for me to help them out more then just giving them the money in my piggy bank. With some help from Club Penguin, not just me, but all of us kids can now donate in a very simple, but life changing way. That's why I donated to Medical Help, because of those kids that weren't so lucky, now have a better chance, and maybe one day be able to give back to the world, like us.


Recently I had seen a commercial on TV that was to donate to help kids in need of medical help back at them good ol' hospitals, but since I'm young, like most of those kids at the hospital, how was a way for me to help them out more then just giving them the money in my piggy bank. With some help from Club Penguin, not just me, but all of us kids can now donate in a very simple, but life changing way. That's why I donated to Medical Help, because of those kids that weren't so lucky, now have a better chance, and maybe one day be able to give back to the world, like us.



I've donated coins to protect the Earth for Coins For Change this miraculous holiday season. I donated to protect the Earth because I want to keep the rich, amazing forests and natural features on our planet still standing. I want to keep Earth's wonderful features happy and healthy, don't you? A second reason why I donated coins to protect the Earth is because I want there to be many fitting habitats for the outrageous wild creatures out there. The final reason I donated to this cause is because I desire to keep all majestic animals from being endangered, or even exctinct. Protecting the Earth is a cause you should donate coins to!

Waddle on and happy holidays!


I love coins for change and i donate to all of the causes because it feels good to help others and you can have fun while doing it


I donated almost all my money to Medical Health because there are so many people in this world that are sick with bad diseases and I wanted to help them get the right medicine to heal. Even thought the other causes where important I chose this one.


I have picked every single one about five times! I am an animal lover, studious person and would like to become a doctor when I grow up. WADDLE ON :)

love bird29:

CLub pebguin is an amazing place and I just entered the world! I have to say this place is full of generous people who care so much about the future of the world! At first I thought people were doing it for publicity but then I met some penguins and they told me about the holiday season! I have to say, the talk had such a effect on me that I actually donated all my 10,000 coins!

I hope this will make a diffirence beacause of all the effort that we put in! And when we see the smiling faces of helped children we all will get a proud feeling saying " Yes it was US who made the diffirence!"


i chose to donate to protect the earth because i think that if we do not protect the environment around us then how can we live in school we were learning about protecting the earth and i chose rainforest did you knwo that they cut down 2 football feilds of rainforest per second due to deforestation and logging because of this poor animals are being extinct only 6% of rainforests are left in the world that is why i chose to protect the environment i think it was great how we even as kids can make a difference each year (:


I donate to all of the causes because they are all very important I can never wait for coins for change and I wish it was always on it would be the coolest that way gtg donate more coins


Me and my friend picked to help fund medical support because many people out there are injured, sick, and wounded by scars and diseases, both common and fatal. So, we are very lucky to still be healthy.


I love to donate for medical help because its hard to not think about the thousands of people around the world dying of diseases.


i picked health beacuse my friends mum had cancer and i like helping the hospitals


I donated for all of them.All of them are important,but i think medical care is the most important


I helped a local hospital for christmas.They deserve a present too right?I dontated one thousand coins to medical care each day!The fun thing about donating to coins for change or anything,is that after you do you feel really good inside!


I agree with Didi Pengy! When people start cutting down the trees in rain forests the trees disappear and eventually so will the animals. The number of tigers in the world have dropped alot since people are distroying their natural habbitat. If it keeps continuing (like Didi Pengy said) the people in (lets just say 100 years) there will either probably be no Tigers at all or very rare, in maybe 200 years there probably going to be extinced like dinosaurs (just like Didi Pengy said) But... The other causes are super important too because if you help with medical care then you could be saving someone's life (could be) and with safe places you could make it so people can have a safe home instead of having to live in the streets or something. So there all important but to me I think protecting the Earth is the importantest.

izey211 and mover211:

I've donated every single coin I have to this foundation it's such a gracious thing to do for the earth. Many things have changed over the years. I think everybody should donate because it goes to a good cause.

The rainforest are disappearing. Medicine is being wasted. Medicine comes from the rainforest (if you didn't know that). Sandy destroyed many places in October. Lives were lost. So donate to a good cause. Really every little donation counts.

I would like to thank all of the penguins who have donated to Coins for Change. Your doing a good thing for the world and I appreciate that. I'm a caring and sensitive girl so please don't let me down. Thanks for your help.

A caring person,
Izey211 and Mover211

( I have two penguins)


i did all of them because everyone deserves some help and or change


I donated to protect the Earth because that is what is most important because as long as the Earth is protected we can continue to live and go to school and whatnot. Plus Earth is home to millions of beautiful creatures.
Waddle on!


I donated to the medical because I have a grandmother that has cancer and I want others to get their treatment and etc.

Franken Stin:

Well i of couse did them all but i really wanted to save the world and build save places!!But i didint forget about the animals!! i have the coolest dog ever at home!! My favorite cookie was the puffle! i loved how when you danced it turned into Rudolph!! i encorage you to eats as many cookies as you can and do COINS FOR CHANGE. because all of you are lucky to have homes and computer.some kids are homeless and dont have familys and no food or friends.think about it! what if that was wouldint be able to survive!! a bunch of kids are dying because of that! so we should help them.and give them the nicest give you could ever give to them! who agrees with me? so think. we can change the world just with a penny!! donate to coins for change and save kids lives,help endangered animals and save the world.!! whos with me?COINS FOR CHANGE! COINS FOR CHANGE!! thanks club penguin for coins for change!!

Your Friend,

Franken Stin


I gave to all of them... But my favorite one of all would have to be the build safe places one had to be my favorite one and the one I gave the most to! I love the build safe places the most because I think it is important that people have place to live and so that more children can go to schools. I'm trying to get at least 10,000 coins to each of them, but I only have a few days left. I wish that coins for change would be open forever! But now that the party is coming to an end I am trying to dontate all my coins in on time :) Till then....




-Love Penguinme123, (Not my real penguin name)


well I did 10,000 coins to provide safe places because my friend got a house attack and I was crying because that happened and I wish that she will be happy with all the coins I donated. And I did medical help because I used to be one of those kids who got hurt a lot, but thanks to all the helpers with first aid. And I hope that whoever gets my coins lives a healthy, happy life!
Thanks to all the nice penguins who donated. I almost gave all my coins to coins for change! Well, Its been a great year so,
Waddle on and have fun!


I donate to all the causes!

Gilly 1500:

The best way to donate coins is to transform into Toy Car which will transform penguin into car for 10 minutes and donate 100 coins.After 10 minutes , we should again transform into Toy Car and donate 100 coins .In this way we will keep donating coins and remain Toy Car for a long period of time.My passion to donate coins was to break the machine which noted how many coins were donated.


I think that if i had to pick it would be protect the earth because there are endangered animals all over the world and people that litter every day in my community and its bad for the earth and its not good for us either so if people would stop littering, cutting down trees, and using lots of water the world would be a better place and waddle on!

Private G2:

I donated to the environment, as this ensure that the beautiful scenery and plenty of animals can be observed and enjoyed by not only us, but our friends and family in the future.


I so love donating to coins for change, I always donate to providing medical help because I know some people in the world are catching diseases that doctors in their area cannot cure and it will cost alot to send them to another doctor which could be on the other side of the world!

Hi U 1:

I Donated to all of them!
Cause It's not very nice to take a side of what to give to
Every single coin I collect is going to coins for change right now and I wish you could donate all the time and not just at xmas


Hi U 1


Did we like break the coin counter?


im a non-member and i have a lot of coins and nothin to spend them on so i just donated 10,000 to all of them


i did them all when i chage in to a car ilove to rase over cars!

Icy Feet1233:

I donated to Protect the Environment, because the earth should come first. It is our home and if it isn't fit to live in we have no home.


I donated to all the causes because I'm rich!!!


I gave coins to every cause. I hope the money goes to kids around the world and different endangered animals. I have at least given 10,000 coins to every cause. I gave coins to safe places because I want to give shelter to poor homeless children, I gave coins to medical help to help sick kids heal, and finally I gave coins to protect the earth to help endangered animals live. I hope everyone gives to coins for change like I did. Thank you CP for Coins for Change. It means a lot to me to save the world. Waddle On CP!


I donated to all of the causes because they're all good to donate too, they all help make the world a better place! :)

Waddle on Club Penguin! :D


I donated to all of the causes since i think you should build better homes and buildings.and you can save trees and help animals.and last of all you can help people in need of medical care.

waddle on!


coin total is broken,but why is it broken?!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? this is awesome and cool!!!!!

Mochabel :

I donate ALL my coins to health for others because of all the sick and diseased people (and penguins) in the world and it make me want to help. I everything eles is important but I think of all the sick.


I donatet 20 000 for everything beacease i care and i have lots LOTS of money P.S. i have more 200 000 coins not kidding.


I did all of them! I donated more than 5000 coins!


i did all of them because
* we really need to protect the world
* we can help provided help to other people with med and stuff
* we can help other people by providing safe places

waddle on club penguin .


I donated most of my coins to save the earth because how hard is to play fun games, earn some coins, and click a button?? By doing those simple steps you can make a HUGE difference! And como'n guys we live on the earth! If we don't treat it right then we will have no safe place to live on (and what would we do without CP) ;).


I donated over 10,000 to medical health and over 5,000 to build safe places and protect the earth! I donated to medical help cause there are many poor children all over the world suffering from various yeah


i wanted to help animals in the world because i love them a lot!! So i picked the environment because animals can't live with out a home, right? Like, a bird can't live with out a tree to live in and if we keep tearing down forests the they won't have a home.
That's why i chose the environment. T o help and save the lives of animals.


i donated fr alll of it


i donated a lot of coins to protect the earth.
i did because lots of animals are becoming a low population such as mexican grizzly bears, golden
toads, and western black rhinoceros, and much more. sone there will not be any of those animals left. so even if we are just kids we can still make a difference in the world, so with everyones help these animals can be on the earth for lots of years.



Hey Polo Can You Soon Make All The Stuff Free On The Clothes Catalog For Non-Members My Cousin Needs Clothes We Have No Code For One Party Please!!!!!!!!


Happy New Year everyone.
I picked to save the earth and donated like 5000 coins.
Everyone keeps littering.
And also i love animals!




hey everybody it's chaaggconroy! Ibelieve how much we all gave!
waddle on


all beacuse i like to protect the earth and i also like saving the ill and i like building houses and...... i love..... cookies!


Donate peeps! DONATE!


i donated to help the environment because everyone is tearing down trees, doing iligal animal captures, poaching, and lots of other horrible stuff. in school i learned about a orphand orangutan. it was orfand because of poaching.

Gentle Owls:

my sis, rockebelle, donated over 20,000 coins to CFC. She is amazing! Add her everyone! She's so epic! :)


I donated to all three causes. Why do we have to choose one? We could be helping sick people,helping animals and helping kids learn by building schools! ~Juilet


dj poppy3:

i helped out every one because i had loads of coins then but i gave the most coins to the environment because i love helping out nature and wildlife. I love the Christmas parties club penguin hold they are no doubt the best online party because you can dress up give coins and even make cookies in the baking room its amazing i even bought a coins for change t-shirt i only bought two though.I think coins for change is a great idea because it helps out people who need it most and the membership cards you buy goes to them too i'm sure next year will be even more amazing because everyone on club penguin will take part they will dress up (i hope) and make cookies its gonna be brilliant next year coins for change really does save lives.



clubpenguin rules:



I use protect the earth so that there is no more polluting.




I think this is a good cause. I want to help.


when do you donate coins because I've been trying


i hosta family competition to see which cousin get 1,000,000 coins first and then when it comes to coins for change we donate every single i hope everyone can do the same waddle on


It is so sweet that kids from club penguin are donating to coins for change! I hope we donate enough. I love to see smiles! :)


hey polo, i just made a smoothie and i just keep thinking of coins for change.


I donated over 200,00 coins last year so I just want to say a massive thank you to the CP team for giving us this opportunity to make a change to the world that we live in. Until then:


rickie boo:

where are do you donate the coins 2013?


i couldnt donate because whenever i tried i couldnt click the donating thing can someone tell me do you have a problem like this?
i really want to donate


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