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By Polo Field on December 18, 2012 - 13:30

Hey Agents!


Now that Operation Blackout is over, many of you have been asking what's coming next for the EPF. We're super excited because we've got some BIG ideas, and we can't wait to share them with you! 


Here are some rough sketches of something we're working on:




Look interesting? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any cool ideas for new EPF missions... We'd love to hear what you think!


Waddle On, Agents!


-Club Penguin Team


Blake (sheldon5956):





Hey! I think there should be like a traitor in our midst!! Also you should have another secret meeting room for EPF agents. You could also do multiplayer mission. It would be really cool to do missions with my friends.

Please post this!!!


what they realy need is an under ground HQ with laser secrity and hand-scan.they also need penguin super power party where penguins get 3 of ten super powers and members can have as many as they want.non-members get to customize their own super suits.


That is a good idea.


Yeah that would be awesome!!! but i think people should decide if they want to be evil or bad!!!


they already have a group for good,evil,& even both! to get into the secret base for both,go to the pizza parlor,if you are a member & you have a jet pack,go to all the shelves and go up until you are in the secret tunnel,doge all the lasers and snow balls,then make your way through the tunnel.


I call good group


i hope the EPF base gets fixed soon so i can do missions again!


Me to

Yellow Puffle:

I agree with new characters for the EPF as well

Good Idea


Good Idea Barry360


therde should be new groups but there should also be a mission where all the puffles are missing


A new look for the phone the base and more than one way to get into the base but you could put in good vs evil and more PSA Missions. Oh Oh and more gear that's free for non member agents please!!! That would be cool


I agree. my idea is ... maby the EPF could have Its own newspaper?


Yeah! Like the RPF!


i think so too maybe a group of peinguins from the game can be villans or heros


I agree with you. Club Penguin EPF needs new members to join, and at the same time have new villians appear, personally i would like a twist in the story, example good penguins become villians , as for example. It would be super cool to see the Director becoming a villian and controlling Club Penguin, but its nearly impossible :( Well, waddle on, CP!


I like Barry's idea. Maybe there could also be a potion making lab and more non member stuff!!


good idea what if herbert left came back with millions of polar bears and took over club penguin again but then a mysterious group of penguin ( not epf or psa) came took the polar bear out of club penguin ( including herbert) the epf throw a big party for them then some penguins join the group and we find out there leaders are CANDEACE A NEW CELBERTY CALLED COFFEE ( BROWN PENGUIN THAT WEARS COFFEE STUFF HAS BLUE STAMP) AND ROOKIE ? rookie tells all of club penguin he is not a rookie and it is just his code name and he is clumsy and he is real name is bob spinner.


i like you idea


or a new villain and he could be Leo the leopard seal


ye there should be a bad and good were they give you tests for which one you are! and they give you weapons like trap nets tranquillizers super strength and all that kind of stuff!!!


Yay! I hope there will be more missions and field ops. Especially more gear so we can defend ourselves from Herbert so he doesn't do any more damage to EPF anymore. :)


hey! there should be sign up for an evil penguin group. Also, EPF should find a new headquarters!


I think they should fix the old headquarters it has been damaged for an age. What happened 2 that place anyway!?


You should have a mission about finding the phone.


yeeehh new villans sounds cool! but i think this villan should acully be good at being a villan not like herbert .i also am dieing for some new missions mabey there could be an opisit ice age where we would have to save club penguin before it was to late and everything melted.or mabey humans could come to club penguin and try to take over or somthing.


um ya love those ideas just wondering about the FISH catalog some poeple havent had a chance to look in it so maybe put that in


barry's idea is very good


yeah that would be fun if like there was this massive fight that lasted weeks :D


no we should not add new groups because then it would ruin the whole idea of herbert being the biggest super villian,


good idea but i think herbert sould create a memory eraser and erase garys memory and become evil and we have to save him


you should create group missions for more than 1 epf agent


cadence0703 here, you should add herbert's revenge and what date is the elite penguin force going to be ready


i think there should be a mission were everbody works together! etc .

chris :

hope if we beat up PROTOBOT i hope

from hawkeye7c


If you add a good guy vs bad guy thing people could become a agent but instead of system defence system hacker or something and we can check your mission to destroy them and we can get cool weapons and special gear and there can be a big fight thing like that good vs bad and for a elite puffle evil puffle sidekick or whatever and then let the puffles fight each other with like there special thing i hope you add this club penguin it be cool


That would be really cool if you could work for herbert and all the bad characters! Thank you.


Maybe you could even have some missions where all the penguins have to work together to defeat herbert... That would be sooooo cool!


you should rebuild tube transport and PSA(penguin secret agency)


nice! add new ideas for the EPF MISSONS!


yes great idea. you could also have a news box to see what missions are coming up next.


when will epf be fixed


How can I do a mission now. Or can I even at all?


you should add some gadgets for your igloo


yes I know


i think i would like to see a new villin come to town


I agree you should do that for fun


That sounds SOOOOO cool!! Then everyone could chose sides!


I am new here and I want to do some missions because I just started in may soooo... are any new ones coming out?


Not to be pushy but would u PLEASE get some more missions quick! i have been waiting and waiting those agent missions were the only game i loved to play.


yeah great idea more agents.We should have a new girl agent and a bad one that would be cool

Enter nickname:

that's a good idea

Kool Kat:

Ya i totally agree! Add some new missions and some new characters! Maybe you could make a game where you have to defeat Herbert also! (Or defeat the new bad guy). Another idea, if you can, is to make a period of time where Herbert has captured a good guy, and the mission is to get them back. Or you could make another one off a Tv show or new movie that comes out. Lastly, I was thinking that you could make a section where it is Lego themed!
Kool Kat


That looks very interesting!


I know, right?



The Beatles:

Sounds Awesome!




Is that a Chef Penguin in the picture below? Pizza anybody?


I'll take a medium pepperoni please. ;)


I'm starting to crave some pizza!


Oh can i have a small extra soap pizza! I think you should have a training room.





Cute pies:

omg ur xs go off the page! XD


and i'll have a large fish pizza

cody and rex:

one pepperoni pizza up!( hands pizza) here,(gives EPF badge)(whispers)from the director


Hi Businesmoose.


I'll have an Extra Cheesy pizza! xD

Kat Tx:





i'll have a double shrimp with seaweed! :D


Try saying that 10 times fast! LOL :D






one fish dish pizza please


you know what this means... the pizza parlor will be the secret entrance for the future of epf


Kingtoad I'm just saying it doesn't really mean the pizza parlour will be the secret entrance but it would be cool if it was the entrance


Maybe a huge training mission in the mountains would be cool! Oh, and a training stimulater would be cool!

O 2551:

ya,that would be cool


Cool idea and i really mean COOL! LOL!


thates a realy cool idea. espeshaly since the EPF hase a training base there in one of there games.


yeah i like the pizza parlor entrance,and it could lead up to the mountains with a bunch of EPF construction. Once its finally finished there will be another room witch is a training room.You go in and turn the hollagrams and graphics so its like the real thing,and there will be a new one every week.

If you miss one it will be put in your spy phone,so when you go into the room a box will apeer . it would say (would you like to play a missed game?),and earn these things called credits.

you can trade them in for cool EPF gear!!!

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


i think you should have lots more misshions and let the director/antatric and gary be in the new hq epf

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope you like my idea waddel on


i think you should have lots more misshions and let the director/antatric and gary be in the new hq epf

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hope you like my idea waddel on

Dj Stores:

I love the way you draw those little penguins with no flippers. It looks cool, make a guide to draw those one day. I really do wish I could work for Club Penguin, you get to see so much awesome stuff!
Waddle on penguins, and protect the island...




Awesome, hopefully the EPF can rise again!


Looks like fun!Waddle on CP!!!!!!!


make the base look like rockhoppers ship


Wow! That looks cool!


Where is it going to be?
What is it going to look like because the sketches are not much help.
What if there was a new villain that comes from the equator?


I saw a drawing there of the spy phone with the words "New Mission" on it. Does this mean that we are going to get new PSA styled missions?

Lu La:

I hope we get the psa type of missions again!


I hope there are new PSA styled missions. I really like those.


I don't really, but I like the glitches. Its fun. There might be a mission WAY different from Operation Blackout!


Yes they do look interesting. I had this HUGE idea about Herbert inventing a mind-control ray so we have to defeat G and destroy the ray to save the island!


I like that idea ijscube1

O 2551:



Hey,that's a great idea!


Why just G? How about ALL the mascots? (Including the DIRECTOR!!!): )

Spike Hike:

Love this one!!! Awesome idea!


¡awesome idea!


say that's not a bad idea. I love being at battle with herbert!!!!!!!!!


Whoa. Wait one sec. DEFEAT G? Oh boy. This is gonna be awkwardly epic.


agreed. But shouldn't Herbert destroy us (not completely) and G gets his memory back and G destroys Herbert? That would be fun. So the first time Herbert beats us and G beats Herbert? So add me i am Kujhawk. :)


that would be SO cool!

Sandy Bogdan:

I like that !



Also i think herbert would accidentally break the mind control a,d G would be like SUPER EVIL and since he's REALLY smart he would invent something to destroy CP OMG that would make me worry for months in fact ime allready scared that its gona happen THANKS ALOT IJSCUBE1!!


WHOA WHOA WHOA ime still trying to stop stressing about Operation blackout so quit stressin me ppl

99 Flippy:

Brilliant Idea! Toughest opponent yet!


GENIUS!!! Add this. Not just G but the ENTIRE ISLAND!!!!!


I would like it where you would use you penguin for a EPF Misson! Like throwing snowballs somewhere or walking though mazes without getting caught!

What do you think?

- Extreme37387

Cheeze Mad:

Have Herbert's Plan Backfire at him!


Haha! Good idea! ;)I hope it will come true. Like he controls the agents mind then it does it to him then hes our friend!


Yeah, or he acts like a big oaf! lol


'Big oaf'? LOL. That would be so awesome, and we can make him go back to the Arctic Circle!


He always acts like a big oaf! XD


Hey guys! We should be able to make our own missions and members can share them with other people! Non-members should be able to play other peoples missions and make their own, but not share. Before they are published, you need to know that its possible to do! Give us supplies we can use, or we can collect with our EPF badges, or let us make custum supplies! Let us choose a back-round for each room need to enter and let us name the mission!

Jane Icegem:

Hey ALL penguins shood be abel to share them!


You have a point Jane Icegem. Non-members should be able to share with friends at least. Good thinking.


^^^^THAT SOUNDS SO AWESOME! If that came true I would NEVER leave the EPF Command Room though(Not that that's a bad thing)


I think all the ideas are great, but what if we have a mission where there is a smuged ripped note from the director saying "they are back. help."and there is no one to help you. club penguin is completly deserted. you need to follow mysterious clues that lead you to places like the mountin, rockhopper island, and never befor seen places.


I think all the ideas are great, but what if we have a mission where there is a smuged ripped note from the director saying "they are back. help."and there is no one to help you. club penguin is completly deserted. you need to follow mysterious clues that lead you to places like the mountin, rockhopper island, and never befor seen places.


This guy's comment is pure epicness.THAT IS A GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2004lala, that's a terrific idea! You are awesome! I really love how you are thinking of the non-members! They see so many members walking around with really cool outfits and puffles and they think they can't do anything. You want to have them see that they can do something amazing for the island. You totes rock!
Plus, your idea sounds like really cool! I'd love to make my own missions. I really hope that the Club Penguin team makes this happen. The kids are going to be so happy! If you guys make this happen, you will be amazed by our creativity. Field Ops will be even better than before (not to say that the ones that u guys made weren't good... XD)!
Waddle on, CP!
P.S: Is the VIR room coming back? Playing the PSA missions just doesn't feel right when you aren't playing them in the awesomeness of the EPF base!


Now your not the only one Pixieluver21, but thanks for all the support. I was so shocked when I got 5 replies and 4 of them being supportive. ;) Thanks again,

From, 2004lala

Jade Aaa:

Wow! It would be amazing if we got to make our own missions and to get to share them. That would be even better! I hope Club penguin does decided to use this idea as we would have loads and loads of fun.

Sandy Bogdan:

I like the idea , but I think it could be hard . But CP is a good game , so they can do it !

cute pies:

yes! yea! wooo hoo!


Yep very cool.


hey guys is herbert going to come back with the probots.


Cool! I cant wait to see what's in store for EPF. Please let this through. This is my FIRST EVER POST!!! Waddle on CP! (\^0^/) --CP Rules! Also can't wait till the Holiday Party!


Congratulations on your first post, Snake!


Hi Businesmoose!
Congrats Snake!


since penguins have been wanting to go to rockhoppers island for a while what about if you guys make a epf mission where rockhopper is trapped in a temple and penguins need to go and save him! maybe the reward is a map to rockhoppers island!


i love your idea pequa6 ! that sounds awesome


Oh yeah awsome.


That is the best Idea i have ever herd.


that sounds awsome may be herbert finds a map that rockhopper had dropped and its the map to rockhopper island and it could be herbert who traps rockhopper

Jade aaa:

Wow that would be amazing. I would love to go to Rockhopper's island and perhaps meet Rockhopper myself!

Mr. giggle:

That sounds awsome! After all, rockhopper hasn't been traped yet, and the prize sound cool.


i toytaly agree. rockhoper hasn't hade anything realy super cool hapen to him. he deserves to somehow be involved with the EPF. espeshaly in a mision.


Pequa6 that's 1 of the best ideas I have ever heard and something to add to that is the map lets you go to rockhopper island that is a brilliant idea




it look interesting,like some sort of new mission or HQ


maybe herbert gets revenge and tries to blow up club penguin but e-p-f saves the day by turning off the bombs and sending herbert back to the antartic


Maybe we can have a mission where Rockhopper spots a polar bear and the polar bear pretends to be nice but he captures Rockhopper and he is Herbet's friend and the polar bear has a pet crab like Klutzy and the friendly crabs become friends with Yarr and free them and NOW there is TWO polar bears other than Herbet and of course we help penguins! Pinkey2209 out :)


I got a new mission idea:
Gary and Aunt Artic (the director) "say that there have ben strange activity happening at the island and say that Herbert hasn't been doing anything since he destroyed the HQ "then they send you and the other agents to search the island to find anyone or anything acting suspicious then after the agents meet up in the forest to investigate some strange footprints and then Rookie said that he heard some strange sounds coming from behind the ski lodge but all that you find are several scales and lizard prints.


Nice idea but the noises behind the ski lodge and signs that a "monster" was there sound familiar... ;D
I agree that we need a new villian though.


i like that idea Boxyten :)


i agre that totaly sounds like how we found herbert. but i like the new enamy idea.

best anisa:

or mabey they find penguin foot prints instead and an evil type of spy phone but with the letters efp (the evil force of penguins)!!
please let it be approved i have never been posted


Ok, so G could mention that an Agent has been missing lately and only shows up for meetings. You thing Herbert might have something to do with it. So you go to his lair and discover a mass meeting of villains planning to DESTROY Club Penguin! And the Agent is telling them your plans!!!!!


Wow. Hmmm, I'm Guessing There's Going To Be A NEW Villain. Perhaps It's A Penguin Who Has No Friends, But In Some Cool Party We Stop Him And Become Friends With Him! Cool Or What?



Agent KOKE:

I Think You're Right, We Will Need A New Villain. We're Tired Of Herbert!


I agree Agent KOKE! We need to send herbert back where he came from! His plans to warm up his HQ have almost destroyed the island countless times! We need him out! Send him somewhere else! Fiji, Bali, Australia?! (It is really hot here at the moment! And if we had a new villain, I think it should be a Seal, not sure what kind but there is a type of seal which actuallly eats penguins! They could try to turn the island into a holiday retreat for seals where the island is full of restraunts that sell penguins!!!! Its a bit dark but it would be pretty cool!


I like Herbert, we dont need new villian.


A NEW villian you say? Brill idea!




i think a new villian would be nice, too. i can make a great villian! i have my own army of icy penguin frost bites! i also have an idea for a new mission.

agent pooh2:

here are 5 villains we can use in missions protobot,scorn and the three test bots


yeah maybe an evil penguin or a robot or a gigantic puffle



I could be a gigantic rainbow puffle


So interesting! :)

Best wishes.
~Perapin :)

Lu La:

I hope the PSA type of missions come back, they were awesome!! I think that is what the pictures are of! Merry Christmas Polo Field and friends!!


The PSA missions were great! I remember waiting for new ones to come out, lol! I think it was really sad when the EPF took over, and missions were a thing of the past, but now hopefully we can have a bit of that old style back! :D


My idea is you should set up teams(Spies, Defenders, Trackers, etc.)


I think that's a really good idea agenco


they did set up teams i am a comm

PS:they get to send messages to are spy phone what about talking back and to other online agents like mail but freestyle and for agents


I miss the PSA. :(


Herbert trying to ruin the holidays. That will be cool.


Go to Command Room? The command room is coming back!?! YES! :D :D

~ Pup1one


I think that the command room is going to be the room name for the new HQ.


As neat as this all looks... I was wondering if the Elite Penguin Force could have their headquarter built on the back of the island (behind the island mountains). It's a secluded area and it seems perfect for mission training. A new building and a new spy phone would be brilliant. Anyway, if the building remains the same or is rebuilt similarly to the previous headquarter... I'm fine with that. As for the phone, the same applies. Thanks Club Penguin! You sure have done a rather marvelous job in re-designing many places such as the town and plaza, and I'm sure your ideas for the future of the EPF will be just as impressive!

Waddle On!


well i think that it wil be under or at the back of the pizza parlor because you see a penquin with a pizza maker hat


That's a good guess. Time will tell.


There should be PSA styled missions. There should be a mission that settles how herbert escaped in January. I know that there were too many anivils, but on one of the feild ops when we were investigating, the recycling center computer showed that some one had tampered with Rookie's order. But who? I really want to know. Here are some of my other ideas:
Alternate demension
More Elite puffles/ elite puffle useage
Herbert finds a way to get rid of all of the agents in a PSA styled mission and he takes over Club Penguin (Again) But the agents come back after escaping (again) and save the island (again)
Just some ideas I thought I would share.


¡I know who do it! In the video about behind the scenes of Club Penguin, in one computer was Herbert, Klutzy, a giant Protobot and an strange blue crab, maybe was the crab. ¿what you think? ¡waddle on!

Agent M:

Yeah, I do think we should have more PSA styled missions. Those were really fun, and I liked the fact that you could do them alone, and interact with the other agents. Hmm, in fact, you should make the Operation: Blackout situation in a PSA mission! That would be cool, because we wouldn't have to be crowded with other penguins, and we could do it in one big mission! That would be cool! But I think our penguins should be able to interact with other agents (Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Gary, etc) and Herbert more. Anyway, I hope Herbert doesn't come back anytime soon. I think he's mad at me for foiling his plan, again. OH well, Waddle on! And protect the island!

Agent M
Agent Mike45661
EPF Agent
Herbert's Enemy

Agent M:

Yeah, I do think we should have more PSA styled missions. Those were really fun, and I liked the fact that you could do them alone, and interact with the other agents. Hmm, in fact, you should make the Operation: Blackout situation in a PSA mission! That would be cool, because we wouldn't have to be crowded with other penguins, and we could do it in one big mission! That would be cool! But I think our penguins should be able to interact with other agents (Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy, Gary, etc) and Herbert more. Anyway, I hope Herbert doesn't come back anytime soon. I think he's mad at me for foiling his plan, again. OH well, Waddle on! And protect the island!

Agent M
Agent Mike45661
EPF Agent
Herbert's Enemy

Sandy Bogdan:

I like it !


There really should be a new evil villain. Maybe a mountain lion or something.

Agent KOKE:

I Think The New Mission Will Be Based On Operation Blackout! Waddle On!


My friends and I have an amazing idea we would love to share. We will mail it to you. Unfortunately, I have barely any time during the day to spend doing it. It could get to you soon, its probably not going to get to you soon, it may never get to you. But, if it does we hope you'll like it.


What we should do is we travel in a plane and we crash land on Rockhopper Island and we find a bunch of red puffles and we find a special one and he becomes an Elite Puffle and Herbert captures him but then we fix the plane and we fly to Herbert's lair with G and we fight Herbert but then he sends out a wave of robots but we destroy the robots yet Herbert steels the plane but we hitch a ride secretly and we defeat Herbert and build a jail in the plane and we put him in it. Then the puffle turns into a rainbow puffle and G does tests on him and finds a big power source inside him/her and then we bring him into all the later missions. Pllleeeeaaaassseee post! This will be my first post!


Nice ideas bomberd1!


The drawings look very strange. I can't seem to figure out what they mean, but I know I'll find out soon! :)


what if we leave the epf like we did the psa and get a new agency like MPF (mega penguin force)
and we get really wachy missions


I think most of them should be with Herbert! lol! Maybe JUST the Director gets Kidnapped in one! That sounds good with new EPF stuff! P.S. Love the ideas!! Waddle On CP!


I just hope the EPF will rise again.

mary clare16:

how bout if a new villian (maybe a pirate) came to distroy cp because hes mad at rockhopper because he took his tresure does it sound any good? tell me if you think so! until next time
ps really hope you read this!


You should make some new missions and put penguins like Stompin' Bob, Petey K, G Billy, Franky, Cadence, I could name everyone! Oh BTW Great job and hi polo and moose! Yur great! :p


more secret entrences


Perhaps that if you make new actual missions the Test Bots return and capture Cadence, The Penguin Band, Sensei, Rockhopper, Yarr, and the Elite Puffles and you have to go to Agent PH and she's left with the Elite Orange Puffle and Elite Brown Puffle (hint hint) and you can USE THEIR ABILITYS! Meanwhile the Test Bots hide on Rockhopper Island in the "Temple of Gears" and they make minions and a huge settlement in RH Island. Then you help G upgrade the Migrator by finding pieces on Club Penguin Island to make it travel at SUPER SONIC SPEEDS to get to RH Island!!! The mission stops when you see ninjas on the island talking with pirates and you talk to them and they say that they're here to help save everyone captured by the Test Bots because RH and Sensei were captured too. So in the next mission it picks up from where you left off and the Test Bots are destroyed in part 2 of Test Bot Mayham! Thanks for reading my story of what you can make in the next mission! I hope the CP team is inspired by this!


AND THEY CAN TALK NOW :D (just an idea)


You have such a good idea Chingu123 :) Waddle On


can Herbert and Klutzy turn good and become agents? and plz plz plz I NEED to know the voices of ALL the CP characters like Rookie and PH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YES. I. AGREE. We're tired of Herbert! His plans always result in an epic fail. I also want to hear the EPF's voices.


what! you wan't clup pengwin's wors enamy working with the EPF! thats only hapened like once and it was becase herbert almost sunk the island!

Amythyst Kat:

LOL i remember that it was kinda funny but stupid at once. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD


It would be cool if we could step into a door or tube and be disguised :D


I have a new mission idea! Aunt Arctic could go on a secret mission and with her gone us penguins would have to take a challenge to take on her "high position" in the epf while she is away. :D


GREAT IDEA!!! Add in that this so happens to be when a bunch of evil polar bears attack!!


maybe on certain days the director can come out. WALDLE ON CP


I want to ask when can we play old EPF games in fun stuff? Please answear.


Do you mean the psa missions? If you do they are already up. Make sure you go to the Fun Stuff link at the top of the page and scroll down all the way. There should be a picture of a red penguin agent with a jet pack. I don't think that the field ops will be posted up. I hope I helped :)
Waddle On!


I'd like to be new missions and heavy as well as interesting and some free stuff and clothes for epf agents Thanks.


Yeah they should make a mission where Herbert turns nice when he meets a girl or friend!


this is my first time on here and I can't even find the word games so that means that well I really don't know what that means but I really like typing so I guess that there is one thing decent about this web sight oh okay well then guess there is nothing else to say right now so well then bye bye!!!...


I say, Protobot and Herbert meet up again.. And make Herbert have technology power ups, and make a huge robotic Herbert, about the size of Protobot, and they go in to destroy CP, but the real Herbert, with his new upgrades secretly goes in while everyone is distracted, and in some way, make a brown puffle, and orange, join into the E.P.F (elite puffle force, for all the epf puffles), and they have cool names like the others, and Herbert takes the brown ones, to hypnotize them, and to build stuff for Protobot and Herbert.
And name it
~Operation: Destruct Nation~
If created, give credit to me, Patrick45739 :D
Btw, Business, if you see this..
You should add a new party called
The Business Polo Moose Party!
Puffles can have moose hats,
Penguins can get free shirts with Businessmoose on one, and Polo Field on another.
And the puffle shop has a moose on it, instead of a puffle :3


Based on what I see in the picture, a new mission is on the rise. Something goes missing from the Pizza Parlor, and the command room gets a new look. Am I right?


I think there should be a mission where we have to help redesign a new spy phone, HQ, and uniform so Herbert won't hack into the phones, break into the HQ and won't reconzie us

Gary Thunder:

Oh that is so cool! I hope in the new EPF HQ will have a secret agent catalog with new missions! Another great thing is that Gary and Rookie would be their daily! Well... maybe! Sincerly, Gary Thunder

Bri 8:

i think there needs to be new- more secret passages, like there used to be, and maybe some nonmember agent suits :)


you should have more enemies.

party penguin:

you should make a new spy phone and a room that has a lots of gear and stuff

epl 500:

New mission, huh?


we should have our base in the ocean on like a big iron boat that can sail around the island over looking it and have a telaporter on the beach under that create in the snow and it can have snowball cannons!!!! p.s. plz post iv never been posted


I would love to see the puffle training room in online cp!!!1

Grande Yoda:

Is any of these ideas about the EPF have missions in PSA missions style?

-Grande Yoda


it looks cool cp it looks like you select a mission and you walk around cp when you find something interesting it goes into the suitcase bag thing i cant wait keep going cp :D


My mission idea:
All EPFs are gathered fixing the EPF. Gary need these objects: A flashing light, a hammer, a stuffed toy, some orange puffle fur, and a extra cheesy fish pizza! He needs them for a robot-penguin that will help fix everything. A grumpy penguin and his gang come in but you will make it! When you get these things, he tries the robot out. Uh-oh! He knocks over paint and screws! Then he knocks over a bottle of water! It spills on him! He wrecks some papers and turns evil! "You are the only one to help!!!" Shouts Gary who was saving the computer and some very important files! ........
At the end he gives you a robot arm!


what about a mission that klutzzy becomes an elite crab and helps us defeat herbert? that would be really cool!
what do ya think? ;)


I hope the vr room will be back. Maybe we could travel to our
e.p.f. base that we had before operation blackout! Maybe we
could also in that room play old feild ops to earn medals and
buy e.p.f. gear. I would like that because I only have 3 items.
Waddle On CP!!!


I think it would be cool to see missions like the old ones back in the PSA days. I've been missing those since it was destroyed by Herbert!


i totaly agree.

Pinguim Mj:

So Cool!

Mr Rapolas:

I think we should battle Herbert again next year using Operation: Hibernation.


will it be like psa missions? i was on when psa missions were coming out!


I think that it should be underground, with secret pods that you control to get to the epf base. Also, when you go off on a field op, you should get specific gadgets that you can use. maybe some JAMES BOND (PENGUIN BOND) type of things, maybe spy cars!!! THat would be awesome!!


When will u start up Epf missions? Me and my frends miss them!


Is it going to be made in 2013? I'm excited I love the EPF , to bad it blew up :( By the way MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


I cant what I have a Idea what about you bring back the super villains and they team up with Herbert and the EPF Team up with the superheros? Also this is my first post


aaah! im going crazy!!! marvel heroes vs marvel villians!!! what a great idea! that comment was so exiting to hear that i almost fainted! plz add the avengers and the RE-vengers XD


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...................... How about a mission with Cadence! It could be like this.................................................. Cadence................ one day was dancing. She got hungry. So, she went to the pizza parlor. yummy.
A giant shadow came out of the kitchen! :O The shadow snatched her and tied her to a rocket. It would shoot her to Hawaii! fun. But, it would shoot her right next to a volcano!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH! U can choose the rest.


OMG!I want a new villain. XD Looks SO cool!


One of the pics said new mission!


IS THAT A SPY PHONE DRAWING????? O.O WHEN IS THAT NEW SPY PHONE COMING OUT???? (i think that drawing with the new mission saying on it, if you look more closely it says on there at the top: phone.) WHOOOOPPP!!!!!!!!!!! C.P. JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER! (sorry i was excited so i put on caps.)

Agent Diana05 Over And Out!

P.S plz post!!


I have 3 IDEAS
p.s is there going to be the old ones
are there going to be secret paseages that you need your spy phone to get in?


I am happy about that but will the EPF open? Also I thought we could have a training room?


Will there be any missions like the PSA missions were? That would be great!
Waddle on Club Penguin!


that would be totally epic rosie! :)


Hmm, interesting!. The EPF should put the Club Penguin Globe so that when it appears "Red Dot", there should be trouble or the EPF should put "ALARMS" at the EPF HQ!. Is it a Good idea CP Team???


i think that you should add a new villan like dr madman he could be trying to make everybody really sad so he could tell us he wont let us be happy until wee make him our ruler


Yeah a training mission would be a great idea! I hope these changes come soon. Make the training missions replayable


Can't wait for the EPF to rise again!
I've got a few different ides. There should totally be an EPF store with lots of different outfits and accerseries (Maybe even spy phone cases!)
It would be really cool if there were different levels of EPF agntes and you could raise levels by each feild op you complete.
Also, wouldnt it be cool if all the gadgets you can use on your phone when you do missions could be on your phone all the time? You could hide stuff all over the island and have to use your phone to complete the task!
Those are my ideas. :)
Agent Pimila1 over and out


Or maybe we can customize the phones, like color and diffrent prints and stuff


I think you guys should do a mission where... Maybe Rockhopper loses his puffle, and then we find him on the Migrator? i just came up with it so it's not good XD. And we should get coins when we finish missions. Waddle on!!!


yeah and that means no EPF gear unless you pay by coins but its fine with me maybe their will be a mission where the pet shop gets a power cut by protobots return!

Fluff sue:

I love your idea!! :D I think maybe at the end of the missions we should get a special puffle! :D


Awesome!!! I'm so excited to see the new epf!!! :)


good idea 2004lala! B)

I like Barry's idea that there should be good and evil teems! ;)

waddle on!


Are you going to fix the VR Room?


idea 1: herbert tries to blow up rockhopper island, but the epf short circut the wires and stop the plan.
idea 2: a new villain come from a different part of the planet to destroy the entire island (like operation blackout)
idea 3: a misunderstood penguin tries to stop the epf and teases the director (like crazy) but is stopped eventually.

polo field, i know you guys are working very hard, and i hope these are very good ideas.

so untill then, waddle on.



use one of EPF emenys i forgot the robot man guy


is the one you are talking about the game the elite penguin force


you should make a evil hq.


Maybe you could add a feature that's interactive, like Agent D or G calls you by your screenname. I also the there should be a new enemy, like the rumored RPF, (a.k.a the Robber Penguin Force) or Herbert could team up with a penguin/other polar bear.


you should make a lot of high-tech stuff




Okay, so i think that when you are in a room there will be secret spots, that EPF agents can click on but they have to find them first. After you find the secret spot it gives you a mission. Waddle on!


I think there should be an epf resting room/hangout with a hottub, a dance floor, a teleport to rockhopper island, some tables with food kind of like the pizza parlor but with hot chocolate and cookies or brownies, a arcade for boys and a spa/ salon for girls


Rexd620, thats a wicked idea, well done ;D


Wow! I can't wait! I think it would be cool for an EPF mission to have Herbert try to get to the Iceberg to sail away from Club Penguin, but he can't go because Club Penguin would need to Iceberg to drill and play Aqua Grabber.


I think it would be a cool mission if they made operation blackout a mission and like a mission where you try to destroy Herbert.


Can the missions be like the ones from the PSA?


Interesting! There should be new characters and new villians and new missions!


So true. we should add new characters and stuff. Like that one penguin on the newspaper during operation blackout. And more gear


I have a mission in mind. There was a penguin named Ubel, who wanted to join the Penguin Band, but the Penguin Band didn't let Ubel join them because they thought they had enough members. Ubel thought he didn't need a band to sing, so he sung songs by himself. Ubel sung songs by himself and published them. But nopenguin liked them. Ubel got mad and turned evil. Ubel kidnapped the Penguin Band, Cadence, and every other singer in Club Penguin and froze them with a Frost Bite. Ubel forced everypenguin to listen to his songs, even though they're really horrible. Herbert heard about Ubel and was impressed. He asked Ubel would he like to team up with Herbert and Klutzy. Eagerily, Ubel agreed. Ubel, Herbert, and Klutzy made their own band and sung their own songs, and forced everypenguin to listen to them and like them. If they don't, they would be completely frozen by a Frost Bite and would never escape. BTW, Ubel means "evil one" so that's why I chose that name.


Maybe add the old crab from the epf wallpaper?




We should do a Mission were Herbert captures G and The Director and you and:Dot,Jet-pack Guy,Rookie,and PH have to find a way to save them ON YOUR OWN! Wouldn't that be cool???






I get what your trying to do here :) Your doing more missions with a type of 2d platform gameplay.


Maybe for one mission, Aunt Arctic/ The Director sends you and Rookie up to the EPF antenna (the ski hill direction signs) where a massive storm is zapping the antenna, damaging the EPF signals.
You try to use your spy phone to help repair the antenna and insert a storm-free force field projection gadget invented by Gary but some lightning zaps you, the phone and the powerful gadget causing you to be sent into the spy phone!

While you were repairing the antenna, Rookie was trying to help using magic tricks (which did not work of course) and because you have been warped into the phone, Rookie thinks he has accidentally made you disappear causing him to feel guilty and try to fix your spy phone in memory of you but instead of fixing it, he accidentally creates hazards inside the spy phone!

boy penguin1:

I have a great idea! The new EPF HQ could be hidden underground and tthe only way to get there is if you go to the plaza and go through the man hole then you have to enter a secret code that only agents can see on there spy phones and then the hole pool and underground turns into a HQ.

Red aju:

These new EPF missions look awesome! I really hope it keeps some elements of the old PSA missions. Maybe you should do something about Rookie, like he is double secret agent. I mean, he looks really suspicious, right? No? Only me? Alright then.


well whats the green puffle sketch back in the far back? and whens the color white coming out?

many man2:

maybe the new e.p.f base should be located at the top of the tallest mountain !


Maybe you could do a mission to repair the epf facility and stuff and limited time only


Well, maybe the team should make one of the missions going back in time when Gary made the time machine and its gets broken when you arive in the past. Then you find Gariwald and ask him to repiar the time machine. hat would be an inventors dream.

P.s I'm refering to me!



I think we sHOULD HAVe A HUGE BASE WITH A PIZZA RESTRANT A TRAING ROOM A catlog room where you can buy gear and disqises(LIke a chEF HAT) and have a meeting room and have garys lab and a watch room and a miision room and alot of smaller bases all around the island with tube transports to the main one thats it


all penguins should be able to get a super suit and members should be able to get ultimte and mega suits in the comand room p.s please post p.s.s im a member p.s.s.s cp is the best game ever :D

Enter nickname:


I think it's going to be fantastic. I also like the sketch with the warning sign. It's quite interesting




YAY NEW MISSIONS FINALLY!!!!!! What about where we rebuild the Sport Shop or the PSA comes back?


Hey! First of all, you guys rock! Secondly, I was just thinking about the EPF missions and the Field ops etc. and I thought that it would be so cool if an EPF agent was a double agent working for Herbert (or a new bad guy like other penguins have been saying)! Because if there was one, it would totally change EVERYTHING! Because then Herbert/ new bad guy would have access to the latest spy phone, they'd be able to know if the EPF were going to launch a surprise attack, the new advantages the EPF have, they might even be given an elite puffle, (speaking of those awesome guys, can you pleeeeaaaaaaaaase bring out a new one!) it would be total chaos! Wouldn't it be awesome!
But if there was a mission like that, the agents would have to know about her and somehow figure out that she was up to something, like for example, they might have to go on a mini mission to train her or something? And then when they do figure out, what happens next?! The questions go on like how Herbert/new bad guy got her working for them, why she works for him, what is this strange penguin's history, have they come across her before? It would be amazing, it would completely change the EPF's plans! Literally! The traitor might actually change their plans to lure them into a trap! And now I am babbling on, but anyways I am so excited about it! And can we pleeeeeaaaase have more missions like the PSA!

Waddle on!


I can't wait to see whats going to happen:)


How about another major operation?


for the next simulation in the holograph room you could make it look like what the ski village looked like during the operation

Hawaiigirl 2 :

The sports shop should come back.


New missions?


"does the room still stay the same?,"and don't even think about it,"i think there should be a thing that lets you choose what position on team epf job thing you want,"and girl penguin get to choose if they want there penguin to be girl or boy,"girls get to have eyelashes like rare penguins and get to do a move like the moves rocky does on her player card,"and boys just normal,"and stuff,"etc,"the rest of us will think of more stuff."
- Shera54321
P.S.Please post and respond,and other penguins might want to read this.


Hey everone my friend thinknoodles is out sick so i'm replacing him so we are havein a pary on the server fog than alaska finaly yeti i'll get on 12-20-12 3:00 penguin standerd time for u peps that don't know what penguin standerd time means it's where the snow forts time clock is see ya at the party bye
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cp

Enter nickname:

Cool I can't wait in till I get older so i can work for CP!



just call me J:

Make a Elite Puffle Training Area. Then we can train our puffles.


wow i can't wait


I think the EPF agents should get a plane and you can
fly over club penguin! That would be awesome.


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