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By Polo Field on December 18, 2012 - 16:30

Hey Agents!


Now that Operation Blackout is over, many of you have been asking what's coming next for the EPF. We're super excited because we've got some BIG ideas, and we can't wait to share them with you! 


Here are some rough sketches of something we're working on:




Look interesting? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any cool ideas for new EPF missions... We'd love to hear what you think!


Waddle On, Agents!


-Club Penguin Team


Enter nickname:

Omg I'm gonna love the new Hq. Cant wait!!!!!!!!;)


i think we should make a new EPF base that will be under ground


i think we should make a new EPF base that will be under ground


That is soo cool! I really like it because if you were stuck and didn't know what to do next, this can give you a hint! in fact, the only PSA missions I struggle with are: Mysterious Tremors and Avalanche Rescue. Now, I can get a hint on where to go or what to do. Thanks!


P.S. Please post. I don't think I've been posted


Well first of all, - _
Is this in any specific order? (Raises Eyebrow) 0__0 Second of all, There should be more job type things EX: Gary is leader of tech lead so you will have options at completing missions and joining the tech lead, Dot is in charge of the stealth lead so you can go with her on weekly missions (every wensday) And try to sniff out what the bad guys such as Herbert are up to, and so fourth. Anyways those are my ideas hopefully they can be put into good use :).
Waddle on Penguins!!!
Be resourceful, Be Remarkable And be ready!!


Why don't we make a mission where Herbert is pretending to be Santa Claus or as he would call it "Santa Paws". Also, I think we should bring back the whole marvel characters and actually make them mascots.


That's is a great idea Vine-Man,
The whole I like the idea of "Santa Paws' the name seems similar to a movie I watched called: Santa Buddies. I also like the marvel idea to that would be intresting, I would want to meet Spider-Man how about you?


Hey cp team,
I think it should have secret room's and it should like herberts underground layer but nice not bad that would be cool and everything and you should have a cloth and gadget catilog so you can get iteam's i would love that!
your snowy pall,
Scott775 p.s happy holiday's!


Plan B for rebuild the EPF ? Or Plan C for Herbert take over the island ?


ive been waiting for this question so heres my answer. We should do a mission where we go to herberts parents (we find them)we do stuff for them like wash there home comb their fur do errands we take a a boat (we borrow one) We get his parents to ground him and make him leave us penguins alone. PS they arent grumpy like herbert


can you make it the sports shop again cause i want to swap bodys with my puffle


I think you guys should make a party that we find Hebert's layer and we are able to go in it!
You rock Polo Field for showing us this sneak peek!


I think PSA missions are coming back. Make more bad and good guys. Waddle on CP


I am so excited about this! By the way, I noticed that the mountains on the map of the island are really far away, so I was thinking, maybe there could be another species of penguins there? And if so, what would it have been like for them when we tipped the island? Are THEY sick of our partying? Are they nice at all?! What do they do with Puffles? Do they even HAVE Puffles? If we find them, has something bad happened and they need our help? If we send Herbert over there, will he like them? Maybe they party more than us and he can't take it! Instead of keeping him out of trouble will he come back to get revenge on sending us there? Rockhopper explores a lot so he might have gone there, maybe he tried to keep it a secret for some reason, maybe he thinks it is too dangerous to get us even thinking about going there! It would be so cool!

Waddle on CP!!!!


I have an idea for the missions, O.K. so it's like the computer at club well you'll use that and search around the island for clues then saves the leaders of EPF then herbert captures you then you have to figure out the rest good idea right?


I think all the ideas in the comments and in your picture are great! I also agree that we should have more PSA missions. But i think it would be cool if we could have a mystery section! It could be put in the tube transport, the PSA missions looks quite lonely... The mystery missions can be quite quick and an easy to solve mystery. The PSA missions are also mysteries but i think you could have the mystery mission in books! As well as having... STORIES FROM THE PAST! You could talk about Herbert and his dragon machine, Operation Blackout etc.

: D


I think we should have an RPF room and an EPF one too! Both in the same building.


whats rpf?????

Squeaky Slip:

Yeah! But we need a new villain. Don't you think Herbert is tired?


I'm hoping for another villian because Hurbert is getting kinda old. Maybe a roge agent is somthing. (P.S. Awsomw sketches. So excited!!)


I have been an agent for quite a while, and I have a mission I've been wanting forever. It's when Herbert takes control of all the puffles in the island and trys to capture The Director once again. Instead, he traps Rookie. Then, Herbert uses Rookie to take him to the Agent HQ, where you have to face off Herbert with his puffle army. There, you will have to send someone to distract Herbert (like the brown penguin you have been helping in the PSA missions, who is actually an agent) and shut down his machine that takes control of the puffles. In this mission, you have to find Herbert's new base, travel to the Tallest Mountain, and meet a trio of new agents. Who nows, maybe the agents will be your fellow bloggers. (In Herbert's new base, a new puffle species might be living in there in a secret cave)


Cool! But can you make a different building? The Everyday Phoning Facility is suspicious, kinda boring, and gives away the whole secret. Plz reply back, are you redesigning the EPF?




that is the cooliest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!
i think for a new mission we should have a simulation for battle of doom operation hibernation and operation blackout!
plus the ds mission( cuz not all pengys have ds)


I think that you should have bunch or mission repair the tube transport but have lead to the gadget room and a armoy where any penguins cant suit to defeat herbert as well as upgrade the bases


I just spotted the old EPF Command Room (Not PSA).


Hi. I have lots of ideas. Here:

*Herbert and all the villains of CP can attack!
*You can make operation blackout a mission.
*You can get locked in the HQ and have to escape(Dot's closet is locked to!)
*Herbert and the Proto Bot can make a new villain!
*Herbert captures you and you have to escape!

I hope you can use one of these.



The pizza oven should slide open so you can get to the hq.


I think there should be a gadget room where you can play a gadget building game. Waddle On!


New mission:
Mission 1: Chapter 1: Return of Herbert:
Description: Herbert is getting to his foil plans again! G and all of his agents have to stop him from Herbert! You had been sleeping while rebuilding the EPF HQ again! Now it will be the time for another chance...


I have a new mission called:

Mission 3: Chapter: 3: Garys lost Glasses:
Description: Gary forgot his glasses but its somewhere. Can you help him find his glasses?

Red Sox 5 :

i think herbert should use his army of crabs to take over rockhopper's ship the his island then he stole penguins from cp and put them on rockhopper's island and he named it herbert 's island and it was the epf's job to save rockhopper's ship and island and the penguins of cp before it is too late hope you like it Merry X-Mas -Red Sox 5 waddle on

Reddy Orange:

Herbert has been taken over I would like if Herbert got replaced by a mean nastier evil Robot maybe destroyer bot for 2013
and a new name for psa maybe Club penguin defence force (CPDF) and more secrect entraces at the beach and dock and maybe the corner of the town where the fish building is and make it a new room with a new game.

Thanks CP team

from Reddy Orange.


I see a room called Clones. will we be able to clone oursleves? :O


Awesome thanks polo field (:


i have a suggestion for an epf mission since i'm an epf agent i would say since we know who the director is i think we could work with her on a mission and the mission should look like all of the elf missions all together but it's too easy to solve.


I think the mission should be a training mission. Then the pizza parlor gets robbed by herbert.


I totally agree with every thing! I know this is totally off topic, but my friend Aru814's got a really awesome outfit; I was wondering if you could check it out. I also had a crazy idea the other day: Herbert uses the teleporter thingy from the last PSA mission to teleport you and him to the North Pole. You end up having to escape, but you get caught... The mission ends just as you realize ur cornered by Herbert's minions. The rest is really up to you, CP...
P.S.- You should release a new Wii game, or possibly even a TV show about CP!!!


Wait we can do that but there would be a part 2 of that mission!


Hi,I'm personally on the EPF and i think those are great ideas!


I like the old HP for the PSA agents better I hope it could be just "similiar" to the one in 2007. Maybe you can, Thanks for your help :)


I agree



When Will Card - jistu Snow Come out


It will next year i think


ya when is it comming out ??


Next Year August 13 2013 during the mountain Expedition


In 2013


Hey everyone
I just thought of a idea for a mission. Here it is:

*You could make a mission were there's Herbert chases you in to a trap of his and you need to escape by taking a hot sauce that you find on the way to his trap. Once your'e in the trap you find a table next to you with cup of tea in it and you pour out the hot sauce in it. Then Herbert comes to drink the tea and burns his mouth and runs around the room and accidently runs over the button to open the cage. Once you're free you go to gary and you put in a code.(hint: the code is close to the num 15.)then he gives you a stink bomb to throw at herbert and make him sick. then you get 100 free coins and a trophy
with a herbert on it.
if you like my idea then please leave a comment.
see ya later aligaters


um combine epf and psa?

it might be great for old psa agents


Look ineresting. Maybe Herbert with the Ultimate Protobot attack together(join forces), if the Ultimate Protobot is still here.... anyways,



Is it a new era of EPF missons?


New EPF members and new villains might be coming! New EPF clothes!


why isn't the EPF rebuilded it is like you fokes don't care about it


maybe u should make penguin show and if u can move like u play normally but u can make ur penguin
find the mission like if u get in the mission a find a penguin that has a problem but ur penguin should walk normal
and then u should make like part 2 of the mission or were u left off to continue the mission u were
u should make it like that post me plz.

ur fan Cool80890


i like your idea


That would be cool!


You guys should replace the Everday Phoning Facility with a new book room instead,
with a bookcase hiding the entrance to the EPF.


I think it should be like this.Bad things are happening around the island and no one knows whats going on.The only thing is . . . Herberts not behind it.A new enemy is born.Threat level:EXTREME!!! Name:Zordak Species:Penguin Home:Alternate Universe Evil Plot:With his dark powers,Zordak seeks to rule Club Penguin Mission:Stop Zordak and save both worlds from his harm New Areas:Alternate Universe,Chamber of Darkness Operation:Alternate


Maybe add a new seal/walrus villian! They have special under water missions for you that you need scuba gear to start. They can come on land, but they aren't that good. Also for the HQ maybe have a GIANT Digital Map that has flashing dots where you need to go. For a mission maybe the map dies so you need to find the place for the mission! Also maybe have like a cafe in the HQ and a training room! The training room could have 3D enemies to throw snowballs at! Also a transport room that has like teleporters that teleport you to different places! Maybe a member only teleporter that takes you to a special room! It would be cool if you had a member only room in the HQ that has cool gear on the walls that you can buy! There can be cool thing in the room. Maybe a quick tele to any room too! There could be a GIANT map that is like a blue hologram that shows locations of famous penguins? Doesn't show what server though, maybe only shows if they are on you're server! Or if a friend is on it shows a mini penguin flashing on it. That would be a members only room! For the main room have a large table, fancy chairs, and one REALLY fancy chair on each end! I don't know if this is good or not, I just thought it sounded cool!

Waddle on!


Tippydaug that is an AWESOME idea, but I am not a paid member and that sounds so cool and there are a lot of only member we need some stuff to. comment if this is a good idea


I think that's an awesome idea tippydaug it would be cool to see where ur friends are


i have a good idea how about we do 3 feield op type things and make em kinda hard, so who ever gets the highest scores from those 3 test will be agent of the week and they get prizes maybe if thats ok with you, and also since everyone knows about the EPF we should have a thing that will say EPF tube transport and it will take us to the EPF head quarters and it'll have a traing room and new misssions and if your agent of the week, or month your penguin is up there and the EPF will just look differnt it will be awesome and there should be more EPF games and the EPF should like a badge on there player card that says EPF AGENT i know this is alot but its an idea hope you guys like it ;) P.S Merry Christmas

v e r t u:

hi agents since the epf was destroyed theres a new agency coming soon called SPA the agency witch can be more hidden and herbert proof see ya soon

Master 8713:

1. mission when herbert trys to destroy evrey building in clubpenguin but a new agency comes in to help the epf UPF [Ultra penguin force]

2. Herbert steals all the coins for coins for change and the epf & upf will find all the coins but when they oncover all the coins theres a picture of a sign that says SPF [Super Penguin Force]

3. herbert turns The Director in to a puffle and trys to destroy the epf

4. herbert trys to destroy the epf but he finds a mind control 3000 when he sneaks on to garys lab and mindcontrol the director

5. Hebert steals the migrator and sails to rockhopper island and renames it Hebert Island


Cliky Minty :):



It looks like the HQ will have more rooms!


I think we should get special EPF goggles so that we could see a bunch of EPF stuff that you can only see with them. Like when wearing them you could see secret rooms on the map. Also if you bring back the PSA missions I think we should be able to keep the items that we pickup during the mission and put in our inventory! Also I think you should play multiplayer missions, and be able. To see your penguin like in real club penguin island! Just a few suggestions. I hope you decide to use them CP workers(especially the EPF goggles!).


awesome the goggles sound great!


I think a new mission called operation destruction. And maybe a new agent named Crashed and a new elite brown elite puffle named Cookie


I've got an idea and some details they are
idea 1; we should have EPF missions online which is called polar bears team up and new polar bear could be herbert's mom
idea 2;we should have a mission that has new elite puffles
idea 3 ; there should be a mission called operation defeat two polar bears where you finally trap herbert and his mom
the details are on picture it shows me the spy phone saying new mission go to command room also if look hard in the command room picture it says missions so it means we can replay every new EPF missions
waddle on


awesome but how about shorten it 2 operation polar scare. scare and bear rime geddit????


Sounds Awesome!

I think you should have more non member spy equipment and maybe have a new came like system defender.



A mission where we can go to the space!


Hey CP!
I found a glitch so I can go and play the secret missions in the VR Room. But I think that you will open a new shop (just like the former Sport Shop) and from there we will be able to go to the EPF.

Waddle on!


I think the new HQ should have multiple rooms *levels* for different things,
like pool, hanger deck, and maybe a tv room.


Okay, first of all, I think CP really really does need a new villain.
1. I'm sick of Herbert and his pet crab klutzy
2. Every penguin knows him
4. Herbert is OLD
Villains possible for club penguin
- a computer virus in G's computer that stays a complete mystery
- a mysterious penguin called no name that tries to delete club penguin because, like, he or she is a mad crazy penguin!
- a mad scientist that creates a time machine and messes up club penguin's History

Okay, I had o admit, villain generating is hard, but there are some ideas for new villains and missions.

-- Um21


I Think thats a great idea! Maybe Herbert should have some secret relatives


if we keep one villian only for a long time, it will be even more epic when we destroy him.... stick to herbert!!! he makes an awesome villian.... (and a scary one too)


i think you should make the room more bigger with a bigger conference table at the tube transporter i think u can keep it the same whtever u guys want because i love cp!

99 Flippy:

Cool sketches guys! As for ideas...well.... I REALLY miss the old PSA-style missions.....but I also like the EPF what about the weekly fiield op, and the occasional PSA-style mission? That would be cool! Also, a mission where Herbert tries to find out the identity of 'that agent' would be Superfantastical! Thanks!

Agent 99 Flippy, over and OUT!


how about temples of mischief where famous penguins disappear and and you have to go through different islands and you need disguises and elite puffles to help different groups of penguins will choose a island and o investigate and get bonus items! youlle find a famous penguin in each temple


i like that idea!!
waddle on!


You guys must make the ultimate battle of FINNALY capturing herbert and sending away from club penguin.
With him saying , " Mark my Words I will return." then unexpectedly he returns after a few months.
You must also let penguins meet Klutzy on the island and make more cool spy stuff.
Please bring the white tuxedo too.


Oh, maybe more entrances like in that special video in the previous H.Q, more Elite Gear, a new cover up building(s), a surveillance room, a gadget room, a special agents room, and a vast tunnel system leading all over the island.


Why don't EPF agents Use the Spy Gadget from the first DS game? I thought it was cool.


I wish there were more enemies EPF could deal with. Herbert has become an old character.Not only that I think good characters should be add on EPF side too like Gary.etc.


i think it would be nice if there was a mission about finding the missing gold puffle that would be great!

still then
waddl on-


here's a good idea for it there should be a mission when herbert makes a clone machine and he clones you and you have to stop the clones


Can we have a party called Lets Rebuild the EPF on Jan 15? and we can build a secert Thing like the Old HQ


did you use my idea about travelling to the future and we have to save the penguins and puffles from turning into robots and crabs and the world is all about herbert


good idea !!!


Maybe you could have in game missions instead of the missions where we couldn't even see ourselves and the field opps but it would be more like the real club penguin (not like your playing a game) and maybe we can still get the EPF badges. And maybe you can update the spy phone too (more stuff to buy).
Waddle on (:


maby this guy called herclut came along and he is like a giant evil crab with the head of a polar bear and it tried to destroy loop another e.p.f agent.


are we getting new spy phones? the other ones are getting boring are we getting a new H.Q?


how about this mission you need to stop herbert army of robot or time travel

Good 543:

it would be awesome to have PSA style EPF missions and heres my idea for one.

you are in Garys lab and he asks you to check the Migrator when you go to the beach you find that the Migrator is missing so you call Gary and he sends over some elite puflles to help you out and search the island for clues the last place you search is at the beacon and you look through the telescope and see the Migrator with no sail in the middle of the sea you grab a jet pack and fly to the Migrator and Rockhopper explains to you another villian wants to take over club penguin and he does not know who it was but it was not Herbert then you tell Gary then the mission ends


There must be Herbert hypnoining us and only one to remain normal but this person is shy and afraid but eventually take courage and in some way it breaks!


Do you mean Hypnotizing?


What if the EPF teamed up with Herbert and Klutzy to stop the Ultimate Protobot 10,000! - And bring missions like the PSA! And free EPF uniform for everyone!


How about Herbert controlled the island you know like on blackout or the construction of the EPF

crash 127:

i cant wait to see the new EPF!
if it is coming
i should wait

happy angela:

maybe herbert will become a superhero or new characters will be added


Wow! I love the sketches for the new EPF! It'd be really cool if we got to talk to other agents like Gary and Jet Pack Guy.
Waddle On!


Its cool if you can add VR Room with Operation: Blackout mission.


Maybe a new and improved EPF equipment catalogue


the next operation should be called mutation it will be based on klutzy and herbert mutating them selves with hyper extreme drink that the elite force should eat and destroy the evil gang every two days the penguins will click eat and for every day the penguins will get bigger
the drink mixture will last for 10 minutes


hi guys I think there should be a new mission were Herbert traps Santa in a mysterious island with him so as no one gets any presents unless you quit the elite penguin force or something and you have to pretend to quit the EPF and pretend to join Herbert and then when Herbert leaves you have to show him your EPF badge and burn the bars with a high tech laser that G desighnd and then help santa to his sleigh and you get to get your present and you get to pick what it is and you get it for free! then santa drops you back to HQ on his AWESOME sleigh and you tell the agents what you were doing and the director gives you a special reward! A MAP TO THE SECRET GOLDEN PUFFLE TEMPLE WERE YOU GET A FREE RAINBOW PUFFLE! plz post me this would be my FIRST EVER POST

Atom Man:

that sounds wicked


that sounds awesome. but it won't happen. it could happen bout it is not that likely

Floor Monk:

I liked it until the very end, which seemed kinda far-fetched! :D


wow that looks so cool you should add new famous characters to it



I have a really nice idea!You can make a new command room and a training room!~Mihii~ WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN


OH OH OH! is the F.I.S.H coming back?? I L O V E D that book it was like sooooooo cool to see the sweet things.

P.S If some penguins DONT know who the EPF director is then Ill give you a clue

clue one: its a girl

clue two: she is green

clue three: A certain writer

have YOU guessed?????


aunt artic?


Add a Gary's statue!?!?

Agent Tunt:

why dont you add a training room.Add pitcures of herbert and aim at him


i recon we should relocate the hq and not have it in ski village, do more with the director/arnt artic and also let penguins chose to join a bad side if they want or staywith the epf

Dective Mark:

Maybe there should be a room were you get your missions and a room were you get gadgets.Also it would be cool if you guys added some new equipment to the elite gear.


Maybe a training room for new agents and you should add a way to decorate the spy phone like different colors so we can feel different from other penguin agents.


i was just wondering if all penguins know who is the director,then the missions won't be fun anymore!are u going to do something about it?
an also can u add more missions because i've finished all of them.thnx.

Moo mui:

AWESOME! I cant wait whats coming for the EPF

Waddle on cp!

-Moo Mui


Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaase bring back the clothes magazine for spy stuff? P.S: I`ve never been on this, so can you pleeeeaaaase choose me?




- kapow56


You should make a Elite Puffle Training Room, including special puffle hats


i think you should make new villains
and more rewards i also think you should make more places to go like in a mission an epf agent finds a secret path that leads to a really modern city and its deserted.


Good idea


Whoever said an idea about a training room,great idea,make some new EPF Missions,get Feild Ops back online,and I the only 1 that thinks that Herbert will return? And I have an idea Klutzy,Herbert,The Ultimate Protobot 10,000, The Test Bots all team up and try to destroy the EPF but me and the other agents and a weird 2 legged creature (a human who went through a portal to the island,but penguins have never seen one...yet ) to stop them--Agent A


Maybe Herbert should brainwash Rookie and have him brainwash the other agents, but you and a cool costume ;) should not defeat the agents, but make them fell like themselfs. Like with Gary show him some of his inventions, for Rookie you will do something like play a game of checkers with him or something. I hope you look into this because I go on Club Penguin like every day, so I NEED new stuff to do.




PSA style missions???!!! That's what these sketches remind me of! The mission console, a penguin (at the pizza parlor?) with a talk bubble, I cant wait! I loved the PSA missions sooooo much! But I hope we can still earn medals with this new EPF style, to continue earning the stamps and costumes.

vishnu 1600:

holiday party is tomorrow yay ,I am going to donate all of my coins :)

vishnu 1600:

how about new epf gear for members and non-members??

berry silly:

i can't wait


I think that in one mission, you should meet a penguin and save him from something or other, but then in the next mission, he/she betrays you, because he/she is acctually bad. ;) I also think that we should be able to get more elit puffles, because at the moment we can only use flare, so can we get more in the new update? e.g: blast, loop, pop, flit, bouncer, chill and so on. B-]


Have a phone app where we can call agents of the EPF like Rookie, Dot and the Director/--------, to ask questions about missions or just questions about the're previous expiriences about club Penguin.


awsome! i love the idea of new missions! i feel that the EPF missions from the nintedo game 'herberts revenge' are awesome. penguins will finnally know why there's a statue at the mine shack! i wonder if you guys can come up with more recent missions like whatever has been covered by feild ops so far, that will be interesting. whatever happens i love the idea! you guys rock!! waddle on!


one mission is that herbert is still at large and the epfs gadgets have been destroyed so you need to get items from other penguins to make homemade gadgets while the epf is being rebuilt and once you finish the misson the epf will be rebult


Maybe you could give non-members cool gadgets and let them use it by dancing or waving.


How about you do this one where Herbert gets traped! But then he escapes and you have to track him down. Then when you get to him you have to fight him and when you are finished you get a suprize!!!


Waddle Squad has Herbert to be trapped, but you do not have to track him down, even though he did escape.


Maybe the time machine that Gary creates during the prehistoric party could like, transport us back to before the HQ was destroyed. And then we prevent Herbert from destroying it, and travel back to our normal time. Or we could accidentally travel to the Dinosaur time and, well, yeah. :3


I really want to go to 'The North Pole' which is full of polar bears which want to take over CP!!! One could be Herbet,the worst,trying to get all the sound this time,



Cool Can you put a video about it


i think they look epic can't wait

space 1246:

Does this mean there will be a new HQ?

Pingu level:

As they say, there must be another enemy and Herbert could use a new hiding place. And more of Dot the Disguise Gal

-Pingu Level


I got ideas for old and new missions: Why not use the missions that are in the DS games [except the ones we have already] and Our new mission can be a short Operation blackout huh?



what if dot where a secret agent and she was evil all the time


I would like of you put a secret door in the center of the gift shop (in. The big star)

Please say me if this liked you



Enter nickname:



I've got this idea of a GIANT ROBOT controlled by Herbert and Klutzy, and the GIANT ROBOT destroys the island, that would sound pretty good.


EPF Missions?


Can you guys make a robot penguin which turns into the entrance of the HQ when you click on it?

-Agent Rockerstare

Subhi pandey:

it Would Be The New PSA missions Like Last one

Takacs David:

I bet it's a new NDS game! I don't know what's worse than stealing the sun...


Hi Flipper here I have a great idea! I think If you can try to add more rooms in the epf so it can be a huge HQ with many rooms and many uses. Because me and like others penguins love a lot of new rooms and to go exploring through them. Also make the HQ underground and in a new hidden lake or secret volcano so that it will look very secret and secluded. Thanks and Snow On!!!!!!!




I think there should be a mission where Elite Penguin Force Agents should have to rebuild the Command Room. This should be done in some sort of Mini Game and we have to search the island for parts :)


i have a great idea! you guys could make a misson about how herbert trying to destroy the EPF than the dierector comes and than he says WERE ALL DOOMED than herbert takes over the computer and says HELLO ETILLE PENGUIN FAILUERS! so on and if you pick it you can make it p.s i want credit


i have a great idea! you guys could make a misson about how herbert trying to destroy the EPF than the dierector comes and than he says WERE ALL DOOMED than herbert takes over the computer and says HELLO ETILLE PENGUIN FAILUERS! so on and if you pick it you can make it p.s i want credit

Agent cookie :

LOL Aunt Arctic goes on Vacation and we have to do all of the jobs she is supposed to do! :)


Epic i think it should be called the ESF elite secret force!

Ana 18009:

cool! what if in one of the missions, Gary gets mind-controled by protobot.
just thinking :-P


i think we should do something where you can play the p.s.a missions with other people so you can work together to solve the problem there should also be an option for penguins to bring there puffles in the game to get certain clues and as a prize for completing the hidden mission in that mission should be like a day of free membership to bring there puffles on the elite puffle call please think about it camaflash123 out peace off!!


Hey cp i have a great idea
how about epf missions excatly like psa missions
cause i love the psa missions and i would like some more plz!



I think that an evil Leopard Seal will come to club penguin and capture G and the Director. Then, a new agent , named Zig or something, will give orders. You find the Leopard Seal's fortress and go in disguise as a Leopard Seal. Rescue G and the Director and the Leopard Seal gets away. You follow him and find Herbert! The EPF finally captures Herbert and send him back to the North Pole. We won't need to worry about herbert anymore! Klutzy will go with Herbert. We will only have to worry about the Leopard Seal.



You guys can split sides for like one for the good and the bad so we will have two EPF headquarters and you can add good missions and bad missions . Don't forget to make herbert like statue or something in the bad side . So when herbert comes next year he will be usually in the bad side making planes to destroy the good side of the headquarters .

gigi3679: looks...... intresting and ......... hmmm.....COOL!!!!!!

Dr pepper341:

I THINK that the sketch on the bottom has something to do with the pizza parlor?

wee hee1:

maybe we should have a ranks board so we can see what rank we are and what rank our friends are. the system will work like this; We have daily tasks such as field op ( which is once every week), a challenge to try and find a missing item and to help other penguins. ok so we might not get all of that but, its just a thought


why dont you bring back the FISH catologue


all bad guys destroy epf


Make a specific place where for week a penguin will go there and do a mission in that particular room which could be given to them by the EPF.


the mission starts of with airoplane someines tampering with the lights WHOOSH! plane goes down who could do this?


I think that her bert trys to stop christmas like the grinch.


I think that her bert trys to stop christmas like the grinch.


I got a funny idea just make sure you stand up or you'll fall off your chair laughing!(Herbert would just turn red as a tomato, lol)
Well,Herbert would get so angry at getting beaten all the time he would fly back to where he came from before he went on that iceberg!
And then we could get a new enemy to save the island from!Or(This one isn't funny but its cool)get G to turn evil and we would have to go against him!
Hope you like my ideas!


Jelly 54322:

I'd love to see the return of some old-style PSA missions :)
I remember doing them when there was only the first one and would love to do more. I've redone all of them so many times I could probably quote them haha :P


I just have a question for EPF agents, when will there be more System Defender levels? I mean, I love playing the old ones but I always check to see if the System is in danger and I thought it would be in danger on Operation Blackout. Just would like to see some new levels!!!
-Ellabella855 WADDLE ON!!!!!


we may do a pass word to enter

Enter nickname:

I think it would be great to have a REALLY secret room that is really hard to find then you can tell everyone about it before the last day of the party so they can check it out but I would love a real secret room so its not obvious


u should have it where we can fight herbert in a minigame! like we did with scorn...


i know some ideas to upgrade the hq

more systems (like file computers,gear ceators etc.]

security cams wich fire missiles at eniemies

a new epf laptop instead of a phone

waddya think?

agent lion- over and out!


Hiya EPF agents!
Those drawings looks really interesting. I have plenty of ideas, but it takes too much time to tell them all! ;D
But, I was thinking, is there coming a new nintendo game? 'Cause I really like the EPF nintendo games, and I've got both of them.
But, I hope that EPF can get up and defeat Herbert, again. xD

Waddle on Cp and EPF!

Agent Hensku3


Maybe we should have a new Agency to go with a new HQ. Like the S.P.A. ( Special Penguin Agents ) and the HQ is disguised as a Spa!!!
Maybe we could have a villain who is an animal from jungles or forests or better yet , a Human enemy!!! Or maybe Global WArming could hit CP on an Earth Day Party and the E.P.F. / S.P.A. have to save Club Penguin!!


Well I think we could have some special tool and have a partner in the missions.


Well I think we could have some special tool and have a partner in the missions.


Well I think we could have some special tool and have a partner in the missions.


I think there should be EPF puffle hats and you could pick what EPF puffle you would like to take on a mission with you!


????? i dont get what the drawings are but some thing about new epf room plz dont change the spy phone
oh i just had a idea what if we could met the drecter,dot, jet pack guy could u put the old psa mishones there on cp that would be great I cant wait till tommarow :D i spelled it wrong ^ oops


One of them things looks like the spy phone!


I still think the idea about having tube transports throughout the island would be cool! Also it would be AWESOME if there was a new hologram room with all the rooms that were updated so penguins could see what the island was like years ago!

Roxie Honey1:

I have a few ideas for the new EPF hideout. You could have more than one main room, with command rooms with blackboards filled with ideas!
Please can there be an EPF Event where Aunt Artic and Gary come?


maybe you should have awsome mini games and a misson were you get to go to rockhopper island


you should make a villan agency like rpf(robber penguin force) and make a new hero agency like spf(secret penguin force) and a new agency room like a spf transport room with airplanes.


Herbert Could Hide Some Mechanical Balls In Places And It Makes Everyone Who Goes Near It Goes Grumpy And If There Is Enough Penguins Grumpy The Mechanical Balls Blow Up And Crack The Island And All Nice Penguins Will Be On One Side And Grumpy Penguins On The Other And The Grumpy Penguins Follow Herbert's Command And They Sink One Side Of The Island Then They Come On The Nice Side And Leave All The Nice Penguins On The Ice Berg Your Mission Is To Find The Mechanical Balls And Make A Robot Of Herbert And Then Herbert Robot Gives Them All Smile Fish ( You Have To Fish These Smile Fish And Build Herbert Robot )Do This Under 15 Minutes Or Esle....


hello club penguin i have been thinking well and..... can you make us waddle around in the missions its a good idea that we talk to the penguins in the mission and also herbert and plz make an elite puffle that non members and members can buy too! and....... make a RAINBOW PUFFLE MAKE IT HIDDEN FROM THE PUFFLE SHOP AND PLZ CAN U MAKE RAINBOE COLOR I BEG YOU UNTIL THEN WADDLE ON CP!


Hmm, I was thinking that we could have more organizations. I was wondering if the Pirates could join :) The Pirates are a secret organization which I created, but I can't revel any secrets.. :) Maybe we could all have a specialized class by taking a test based on our personalities! That would be fun :D


hiya awesome,amazing and weird penguins!

thank you for taking your time to read this limited edition opinion since i will not be able to go on cp for much longer and so im giving some lucky person my cp in extange if you want to (got to be member which i am with blonde/brown hair with blue/pink butterfly) i have many diffarent rare items to share so if you want to i know this is weird but go onto moshi monsters since you can talk freely on that and add pompom50064 and i will give you details oh and cp is gr8


Hi, this is my first time doing this so please post it! I think these drawings are GREAT! Is the EPF coming back in 2013? Could we have PSA type missions because they were really good. WADDLE ON AND MERRY CHRISTMAS CP!

Lauren Jr:

Do old EPF missions e.g operation hibernation,etc. it owuld be soooo cool!!!


i would like a mission going to club penguin space when Herbert will try to destroy club penguin in one big fire ball please do that idea! nothing else would be better!


I have idea for new mission.
Herbert attacl
last fight with herbert and the next missions is with new villian

jessie dorito:

i think there should be a mini puffles park


1st a new villain someone from herbert's family who wants to melt cp instead to freeze it
2nd more missions like the psa
3rd a teleporter to rokhopper island
4th no discrimination between members and non- members!!!


who knows?

may perhaps make new commands to do operations in singular elite commandos, tactical operations, undercover operations, covert operations, in order to have more forms, and finally ask hebert alcabo may escape pingui elite force and improved one so knowing that you can destroy it again


EPF mision 1 operation black out

chase 3998:

I think when you rebuild the epf hq you should make it have new mishins and be way cooler.


Well I got an idea. Maybe the new rooms should be JUST like the mission. And a new HQ for EPF. And to make it even more EPF why couldn't you add the phone,fix EPF by then,and a new agent like Tehdudette said.


when will the new mission?


Squid pizza plz we could have a mission where we meet herbert and use the arrow keys to attack him!
Is that a great idea?


Hunt the Star or Bauble:
Ideal for kids of all ages, hide star or bauble decorations around the room and the child that finds the most wins a prize.


Hunt the Star or Bauble:
Ideal for kids of all ages, hide star or bauble decorations around the room and the child that finds the most wins a prize.


Interesting! There should be new characters and new villians and new missions!




i have a good idea for a mission.
herbert and clutzy made a big robot and they are destroying c.p so your penguin most shut down the robot with help from the epf.
what do you think i also have a name for the mission the mechanical beast


I think it would be cool to do a mission where you organize who you bring,who searches where and now we know who the director is (not letting it out obviously its a secret!)maybe we can do a mission with them too!!


I think it would be fun to do a mission where we organize and decide which angent we take with us!And go undercover like we dress up in our clothes from our won inventorys!And now we know who the director is (not telling its a secret!!)maybe do some agent work with them too!!


Hey Polo Field/Bussnesmoose I have 3 questions
1.Will we still be able to play old missions
2.Will the be a new name for the Epf
3. and if there is a new name will we be able to play Epf missions just like Psa ones?

Thanks for reading,



Club penguin your the best!!!!! Love the ideas
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!


when will the new EPF HQ be here?also will cardjitsu ice come soon?


maybe we could ad some weapons and gadgets like the lazer gun,power drill Gary could make them and have a secret cave then we could think of a plan in there then we could make klutzy a good crab




That would make it so much BETTER!!!




I think you should add more secret resistances for the E.P.F... like maybe some new underground place. also can i don't know if it loks interesting ' cos i can't see what the sketches are of!

your penguin buddy,

Peggy Pen5:

I have an idea! At first you have to design your penguin for the different missions (you can change it later and buy new stuff in the catalog). Then you can go to Gary's headquarters so he can explain the mission which is to sneak into Herbert. P. Bear's Lair and work out what his plan is. Next you will have to go to all the different rooms to check if anything sneaky is happening. Suddenly when you are in your bed at night you hear a great, big rumble and.......

-Peggy Pen5

P.S. Please reply as soon as possible to hear part 2 (the Club Penguin Staff).
But if you are not Club Penguin Staff then you can still comment o if you like it or not!

Peggy Pen5:

I have an idea! At first you have to design your penguin for the different missions (you can change it later and buy new stuff in the catalog). Then you can go to Gary's headquarters so he can explain the mission which is to sneak into Herbert. P. Bear's Lair and work out what his plan is. Next you will have to go to all the different rooms to check if anything sneaky is happening. Suddenly when you are in your bed at night you hear a great, big rumble and.......

-Peggy Pen5

P.S. Please reply as soon as possible to hear part 2 (the Club Penguin Staff).
But if you are not Club Penguin Staff then you can still comment o if you like it or not!

Peggy Pen5:

I have an idea! First of all you start to design our penguin, that you will use for the other missions that I post (you can change it later and buy new stuff in the catalog). Then you will arrive at Gary's Head quarters so he can explain the mission which will be to sneak into Herbert. P. Bear's Lair to find out abut his master evil plan. Next check every single room to see if anything sneaky is happening but nothing will so you go back home. SUDDENLY you hear a great, big, giant rumble whilst you are in your bed........

-Peggy Pen5

P.S Please could one of the Club Penguin Staff reply as soon as possible to hear Part 2! If you are not one of the Club Penguin Staff the you can still reply or comment on this.


I think we should have a MASSIVE EPF base underground, and basically, you have to go through a security test for them to check you're an EPF Agent, and underground, there could be a training room, a meeting room, a computer room and a gadget room for G to give you your gadgets, a bit like Q from James Bond. Please be welcome to reply! I hope you see my ideas! Waddle On CP! :)


I spot a new spyphone.


I can't wait to see the new EPF :) I hope its awesome!


thats awesome!!!!!!! hope i will see the epf back soon!




Tyrano 99:

WoW, Nice! Can't wait for it.


Very Cool! Im HAPPY!


We all like you Businesmoose! Good work approving comments! :)

~Perapin :)

Tyrano 99:

I think you should add more characters. one ideia is the dad of klutzy.

Waddle on!

Agent Shadow:

Hey CP what if while on your mission to pick up some stuff from the EPF so other penguins dont get a hold on the EPF technology but sence knowing Cadence for so long she finds out your an EPF agent, so you and Cadence have to work together to stop Herbert from turning the Island upside down..LITERALLY!! once you and Cadence are done with the mission she would join you in the EPF. Thats ok if you dont like the plan with Cadence but I think that Herbert turning the Island upside down is preaty awsome from a club penguin fan fom 2008 -Legodude218


Please add theses to the beta test area :)


It looks like from the two closets sketches that there will be a reception and a new spy phone. They might add all of the elite puffles or give you the new option to buy apps for epf medals. One of the sketches looks like a new command room. I can not wait to hear more.


we could bring back old EPF (PSA) and have more psa missions

Hiccup659 :

What about Protobot and the Test Bots?


i think we can go in a box to hq gary lab and dot lab ok


Hmmmm...hard to guess what i could be...


that new EPF design look's pretty cool waddle on club penguin smackdog2

Atom Man:

i think you should make like Club Penguin is a whole new game with tons of gadgets and such and a new villain that not only hates Penguins,Herbert too. And something that will turn the whole island upside down like giant snowmen or guns that make you small stuff like that.


ok I would like to have more rooms and missions ... oh and in the missions that the operation blackout


Make new missions like the ones in PSA. Can you please do not bring back Field ops. I thought they were to easy. Can you make more levels in system defender. Once I play system all day to defeat the ultimate protobot. It was so fun. If you listen to my suggestions I think the new HQ will be great!



i have a better idea than the psa style missions those ones got boring. ( not that i dont like them ) i was thinking about animated missions like the mini-games we could: jump fight punch pick up stuff and even fly with jetpacks. make those kinda missions plz plz plz!!! (p.s plz post ive never been posted)


I think we should have all the elite puffles from the game and a brown elite puffle.


Wow, those ideas look AWESOME, I can't wait! I was just about to ask what was happening to the EPF, when I noticed this epic blog post! I really want to add Dot, Jet pack Guy and the Director as a friend! Waddle on!



I think that should be a mission or a game for EPF that you can vs someone and i think herbert should kidnaps not anyone like the dreicter or rookie or jet pack guy or dot or g he should kidnaps like me or anyone that is not a famous epf agent


I say that new secret places or islands should be introduced. Also more history on Club Penguin Island and some EPF tie-ins to Shipwreck Island. Also the Everyday Phoning Facility should be renovated into something more better to cover up EPF. The VR Room should be replaced by a new Gary's Gadget Room.

Top Buddie:

new EPF missions will be cool, plus a new bad guy
how about a new rockhopper mission, or one with the jungle part of cp like from operation blackout
maybe a place even further underground than the mine for a recon team base

just thinking + waddle on


they have to bring the epf back


You should make a epf mission called Operation terminated where herbert tries to run a bunch of bull dozers over the epf hq and you have to use the epf puffles to stop him


Was it just me, or did anyone else get a chill run down their spine and get so excited you wanted to scream when the Director said "The road ahead is long, but the EPF shall rise again..." or something like that anyway xD


hmm what could that danger sign be?


a new epf game for the 3ds


That would be cool if there was this new agent to the epf and he had alot of gadgets and spy equipment!


My BIG ideas are to have a new and improved EPF catologue and there would be a HSA - herbet secret agency you can work for herbet or Aunt Arctic, it is your choice and they would have a or 2 every year to have a battle and the winner gets to read some of the lossers secret files! witch eventually could lead up to the downfall of one team but that is up to you CP team!


P.S. I thought of a good one it could be disgused as the best igloo or you could have a secret pasage from your iggy even if you aren't a member!

Ryan b 123:

u should have a new mission and a catalog and you can buy jet packs and lab suits and new E P F mission

have a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Waddle on


I think we should have different kinds of training missions. And the more you do those missions you will be able to rank up.


i think there should be a mission when we have to save rockhopper and the migrator in rockhopperislans!


New Missions!!?? Oh, my gosh! I can't wait!!!


cool! can you please change the EPF HQ


A cool mission would be that herbert made a mind control machine and made the director evil! that would be so cool! but then we would save her and kick herbert off our island!

Floor Monk:

A new city with no sunlight at all, and a cage around it so no one can escape. Meanwhile back at CP, Herbert is turning the whole island into a calypso paradise for himself and his crab minions...


I think we should be able to play missions from Herbert's angle and try to destroy club penguin not protect it. it would be like the opposite


I love the sketches<3
The plan for the new EPF looks amazing.
I can't wait to see the new HQ!!!

I was wondering if There will be new missions and when it all is going to happen?
Soon I am going to get bored of the red light on the EPF phone that just won't stop beeping. Hahah.

Well merry christmas and a happy new year!




ju jitsu101:

WOW!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!


maybe EPF can be a ski shop and cocoa place


hey cp i have an idea! we can make a poton for herbert the spell can make nice but if not we can give him an strong poton or scool.


Awesome sketches! I cant wait for the new things. I have some ideas also:

Idea #1: Herbert makes a rocket under the light house and he tries to blast it away so the migrator cant come to Club Penguin.
Idea #2: Herbert makes a rocket under the lighthouse and plans to fly to a warm and sunny island in the lighthouse.
Idea #3: A new polar bear comes, but it is a nice and helpful bear called Snowy.
Idea #4: Herbert captures Sensesi then builds an army of ninja robots for the crabs to control.
Idea #5: A new pirate comes and captures Rockhopper.
Idea #6: A seal swims to Club Penguin and its name is Slick. It is an evil seal and teams up with Herbert.
Idea #7: Herbert takes over the pizza parlor and builds a giant hot sauce powered robot with a pizza thrower on it.
Idea #8: Herbert build a giant water serpent an attacks Club Penguin from under water. (This idea could lead to new under water gear)
Idea #9: The EPF finally capture Herbert but they cant figure out what to do with him.
Idea #10: Herbert turns good.

Greenguy 9045:

Those ideas are totally awsome




um he alredy have kluzz which has a army carbs. and also this is idea #6.


Hey Penguins!

I think I know one of the pictures, I read it.Lol!
I think it says When there is a problem at the Epf the old Psa phone comes up going MISSION ALERT! GO TO EPF COMMAND ROOM NOW!
and I think I know another one (My mum helped me with this)When there is a problem and your already at the Epf the Epf Command Room the screen goes "RED ALERT"
I would be happy for any replies or this to be accepted!

Thanks for reading,



I hope we get a new villain and new agents so the bad guys won't know what hit them ; )


Why can't we just get rid of herbert. He's so annoying. I just want to chuck him on another iceberg


I have a idea, doofenshmirtz is the new evil in club penguin and perry is the new agent in the EPF


I support you 100% :D


well the agents could be head to head with a army of protobots. they should really do that! what happend to protobot anyways?

Melvin 505:

Maybe there might be one like the PSA missions, but we move around like normal penguins! That would be cool... And if there are missions coming soon, then we may get rewards! We could even meet mascots!

Please Accept Me!(PAM)


Can you please bring back the old missions?


LOVE IT!!!!!


Make it harder and more challenging
I would love to see something like the PSA missions we had
>_< WADDLE ON CP !!!


Maybe you could get stranded by herbert and then go to a island and find a trib of brown puffles with streaks of paint on there cheeks. Then you find some things to make a raft and you swim back with one of the trib puffles to make some potions that-make herbert sleepy and send him back to the North Pole or potions that make him nice and happy. Then you say "Good bye!' To the trib puffle and send him back on the raft. MISSION COMPLETED! (Then maybe get a cool igloo item and please post!)



Club Penguin!


There should be a misson that gary gets hipnotized and starts working for herbert! Then we try to help gary get unhipnotized!!!


All new gadgets like a cloning machine, cyborg penguins, hi-tech rooms/gadgets and maybe new costumes


i'm just wondering: since Operation Blackout replaced an unknown Card-Jitsu related party for this November.... when are you guys going to make the snow dojo? not complaining or anything but people have been wating since the Water Dojo? why haven't you guys made it yet?


I hope it will be interactive like the PSA missions. It looks like it will be.

Greenguy 9045:

I think it would be awsome if there were missions were you go to battle with snowballs.


* we should bring back the sport shop, u dont buy anthing thats just the way to get into the epf command room.


i think you should be able to buy gear with coins and you should be able to buy old gear from the psa aanndd they should have real missions i didnt like the feild-ops thing i mean the missions were fake and repeated them selves the missions should be like the old psa missions and (I just never stop do I) there should be new gear and a extra special new room and all that fancy-samcy cool stuff like that (p.s. i also think there should be epf furniture for sale and more enterances to the epf command room and the test to get in to the epf should be harder) thanks club penguin for all the cool stuff that you do and all the hard work you all do for us at cp-land and things of this nature



ther look interesting i like it but when will the epf be back up?


I think that the EPF should have a new penguin, who always does stuff wrong. And he would have secret room where you can meet him in the EPF command room


Hey there fellow agents,Operation Blackout was totally epic :)
The furture for the EPF remains unknown now that Herbert literally blew our cover!

Ideas for future missions? I remember seeing a suspicious looking silhouette of a Crab
in the background of the EPF homepage...i'm not sure what it was exactly.But i wonder...

Remember agents "Be resourceful,Be Remarkable,Be Ready"

Waddle On!!!


I like the one with the spy phone its Like MISHOIN ALERT
"Mishoin Idea"
You have to do an EPF Test at The EPF Phoneing factily
Gary will wait at the Ski hill (I forgot When you've done the Test. Gary will call you to go to the ski hill)
Ask if he has a jetpack
Fly the jetpack to rockhopper island(Or wait at the beach for 3 mintues for the boat to come)
Dot will be Waiting
Dot will give you a pink puffle. Gary (or rockhopper) in the migrator
Abord the migrator then play a minigame How to play:Press Space really hard to go back to Club penguin
Rookie will call you
hell say to go to the montains Because herbert is captured him
Go to the Mine shack
Rory will talk to you
hell give you a rare item then go to the montains (AGAIN)
Break the cage
Youll recive a EPF badge for your penguin (GOLD)
Next time you do a normal psa mishoin Youll Have a EPF phone
(Plz Post this Idea)


make EPF missions like the PSA and add free spy gear and add EPF 2011 and also make teleporting tubes to parts of the island


You should make a mission where Herbert comes back and tries to ruins coins for change by stealing all the coins and cookies and plans to keep them all for himself and you have to go through a obstacle course and battle Herbert in an epic battle like when he stole the dragons and made them into a machine except he used the old pieces from the sun machine and he copied the data from the ghost transformer and then after you defeat him he tries to transform the coins and cookies into ghost coins and cookies so you have to stop him before he can then you get all the coins back and cookies and after the mission the prize that you normally get it would be some coins and a cookie hand item and you can do a special dance with the cookie that has it make you eat tons of cookies like the i heart pizza shirt. Please take time to consider this because i think it would be really awesome to see a mission like this.

Toniwolff <3:

her's some ideas epf

EPF lock down nobody can go into the epf everyone is wondering why they cant go in. elite penguins will get a message on there spy phone the message will not be clear (maybe something like. .........CANT GET.............GARY....... .........EPF.........LOCK DOWN.......
The real message will be: you can't get into the EPF because Gary and I are making changes we put EPF on lock down) rookie will get this lock down message and take action elite penguins will try to get into the facility only to find out gary and the director are making changes to the epf they will be happy because epf took action to help him. all penguins will get a medal of honor and 500 coins members will get a epf suit or something of that sort i hope you like my idea

~ toniwolff ~

Y Guy:

OK new people ,try old things,make it cool,then I LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make like a underground or place make a mission about golden puffle


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