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By Polo Field on December 18, 2012 - 13:30

Hey Agents!


Now that Operation Blackout is over, many of you have been asking what's coming next for the EPF. We're super excited because we've got some BIG ideas, and we can't wait to share them with you! 


Here are some rough sketches of something we're working on:




Look interesting? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any cool ideas for new EPF missions... We'd love to hear what you think!


Waddle On, Agents!


-Club Penguin Team



New Every

New Mission
Operation: Jet falure
Gary has a jetpack and it goes out of control and we lose him so we have to find him. Members can play mission only.

- Ezlego


It would really be an epic mission if there is a field ops mission that is like the PSA's whereas it is a first person kind of mission. I would really like that. Plus and addition where, after the mission is succeeded the epf agent will get a wearable item i.e hairstyles or gadgets.... That would be really awesome. :)


I think there should be some new missions I made a list of new missions
1 anti heroes: They are all the penguins except they are evil
2 Weapons against us: all of the EPF weapons have been taken over by Herbert


I think when the new EPF HQ is made, the EPF missions should be like the PSA missions. First person (Or penguin should I say?) story that you can interact with the agents like Gary and Jet Pack Guy again. Well, if you we're part of the PSA, you know what I mean. xD

Waddle on everyone!


our new title for the agency should be the ultimate penguin force and one mission should have swordplay against herbert .


Dear CP Team,
Why don't you make a EPF furniture catalog?Also here is my idea of a party/mission:
Right before the party starts make Protobot meet able. :)Then bring back the festival of flight back and have Herbert and Protobot team up!Then have Protobot use the island lifter 3000 to move the island and the EPF have to battle a army of killer robot crabs!Then(just like Operation Blackout)there are 10 security terminals and you have to do the same puzzles that you guys did in Operation Blackout!And then when you have gotten through all 10 security terminals you have to battle Herbert,Protobot,and a bunch of Test Bots and bring the island back where it is supposed to be and the award is a Protobot background and a Protobot costume!
P.S.Please post this because i have never seen one of my comments posted.


P.P.S.It should be called Operation Wrong Flight.


You should have ranks for epf members depending on how many field ops you have done. You could have novice agent, intermediate agent, advanced agent, expert agent, and professional agent. or something like that.
(p.s. please post me, ive never been posted)

btw is the new entrance going to be in the pizza parlor, cause i saw a cheff hat on a penguin in one of those pictures, or maybe it'll be in a new restraunt?

can't wait to see the turn out!

WaDdLe On Cp!


I mostly imagine that the epf will look like more high-tech and
more holographic


I hope we can do MORE Operations like Operation Blackout and Operation Hibernation (Even though I did not start playing Club Penguin that time


I think there should be a copmuter file with epf news and missions on it for every penguin. Good luck club penguin team!!


What about there would be a robbery and we have to chase the robbers AND look for clues on where they are going! Then we go into their lair and see where their next attack is! Then we send more agents there then BAM! Mission accomplished!


It Seems Like Its Our Old HQ From 2008!! And......Some Special Equipment On A Table.


you should have a mison with like "herbert cousins"


or a mishon with all of them traped and you can use like elite puffles and stuff PLZ REPLY


mabey you should have like a "cloning" table or something like a "trap" house get what i maen?

plz reaply.....realy



sunny sarah/sunny sarah2:

hi,i was thinking of a mition whene you could like "invite friends" plz do it PLZ PLZ PLZ-bye


I hope the F.I.S.H catalog comes back


Herbert can get a lot more help, or that he will compete for crushing the EPF.


Well i love playing the missions, i always go to see if there are new ones. I think the best missions are ones where we have to find parts to build something, figure out puzzles, or something creative.

-A race to do as many tasks as possible
-Eye spy
-New bad guy
- New concept? adventure with candace? Something underwater?
-Rockhopper appearance?
-New items at the end like clothes or something for the igloo?
-Possibly an escape game?
-Something new :)

Just offering ideas!
- Love Tina Tundra

Amythyst Kat:

the sketches show EPF missions in my opinion!i think it could be awesome to make a mission based on Operation Blackout! if it was based, but not quite, like the ads for it, then i think it would get a whole lot more users being members, which is always good!


krazy kool:

do a very special epf mission called Puffle Population. It will be about how many puffles there are in club penguin and now club penguin doesnt have enough space for all of the puffles. What the epf agents have to do is help out aunt arctic build on a new ice berg floating to club penguin. The building would be called Puffle Pound. Then penguins could have more space around the island and still buy puffles, but in a different place.

:) smilie :

do a mission on a new puffle. make this puffle ultra rare and it could be an invisible puffle with a black outlining. This puffle is one of a kind, and someone is out to get it. Not herbert, not the epf agency, but rockhopper. He loves treasure, so he is trying to get the best one of all, the new and only puffle. This puffle is almighty so dont make it mad. It is extra picky about everything. But will it allow rockhopper to take it, or will it do something else. Anyway, its up to something...something evil. we just dont know it yet!


Hi guys. I think we need a new EPF. We fill it with 24 24 hour CCTV cameras. Then we add more computers. One for Field ops. One for training and one to contact other agents. Even famous ones like The Director. You get a tube which takes you to Herbert P Bears lair to defeat him. Back at the EPF their is a lounge where agents rest BUT their is a secret entrance to Gary the Gadget guys HQ.
What did you think?


Wow! But I like Club Penguin to be taken in an other dimension- The enemy's dimension!

jtp uk:

I would love Gary to invent a time machine the 'time trekker'


what if klutzy 's family of crabs will also be a villain or a seal or a orca

N :)


new missions



harry josh 1:

you could have to hit targets around the room to get in HQ

waddle on cp

P.S. Never been posted before, please post it!


you should be able to call people on your spy phone


Hey what about you bring back the F.I.S.H. and P.S.A. and E.P.F. missions be together as one like P.S.A. Field Ops And E.P.F. Top Missions wouldn't that be awesome :D


we should have a time matchine


I'm a player. You should make it the "game" style, like the old PSA missions, not the field-op style.
WaDdLe On


make new enemy plz


i made a design for the new Spy phone and HQ


i think the elite puffles should have more power

choc chip11:

There should be a christmas one where Santa gets kidapped by EVIL penguin elves and we have to get him back in time for Christmas eve.


N NOW THEY R FINNALY HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


guys i got one! how about there is a new member working with the epf (not exactly NEW member) on a mission finding real golden puffle. he is the main guy of the pizza parlour. his name would be something like linguini. he was gary's old friend and has been a spy that looks over herbert's works. he discovered that herbert is going after the REAL golden puffle and he wants us to stop herbert! please look at this comment and if you can; make this a mission!!!!


There should be lots of new evil characters that team up with hebert and new and old agents should try to stop them. It should be really hard.




how to defeat herbert; EZ. CLUB HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think that the epf will have to do missions like robberies and all stuff like that using owners of the stores that come in. A notice will appear when they get into game, every mission they complete they get closer to building that elevator thing that takes them to the mission board .There is new missions to try get herbet off of club penguin and other mission like herbet does an experiment an klutzy and he turns huge and goes on a rampage and turns on herbet and herbet will have to join epf (temporarily) to get klutzy back and as a sidekick as one of the huge missions.


Oh why dont you have something like for epf only there are rooms in epf base where you get your own epf room , and other agents like jet pack guy have one two and you can see them, they will assign special missions for you! each mission will almost be releated to themself, like gary ( fixing or destroying machine that went wrong) or dot ( testing disguise that goes terribly wrong) and stuff like that!

Blue Sapira:

It would be cool with a new mission where you find a new puffle, maybe one thats white and red or maybe a grey one!
Maybe you can keep the puffle if you are member.
It could be an agent puffle or something.
That would be awesome!
thats all, thanks.


What Will EPF Now Be Called, All The Names I Know Are EPF And PSA


I have been coming up with the idea that Herbert teams up with someone else and breaks the iceberg. Then he throws it at the lighthouse wiping two big places out with a shock wave.


Everyone else say we need new bad guys, But I think we should stick to herbert.


Change EPF to ADA (Advanced Detective Agency) it'll be soo much cooler and will have nicer outfits too!


There should be a mutant puffle with a mind-control beam that wants to take over the entire world, and has an army of alien zombie nyan cat slaves.


A mission where you fly a plane would be cool , or one where you train a rookie


What`s EPF?????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And where you do it???????!!!!!!!!




I have 2! Mission 12-Ski mountain meltdown where Herbert tries to melt CP or Mission 13-Spy Phone Steal where all spy phones go missing because Klutsy the crab stole them and the EPF find a brand new Spy phone 2000 which has lazer beams and everthing! Plus Mission 14-Powercut Passege where a new member of Herberts Gang who steals the electricity on the spy phone 2000 and Rookie's lost cousin helps you!


look it would be awesome to have new characters and mystery brother of herbert


New characters would be ace! I wonder if the brother of Herbert would be good or evil? Hmmm




Maybe the EPF could have the agents Dot,Rookie,Jet Pack Guy,and Gary train the new agents with the new training room


Nice!!! :)


i like rainy409 ideas but meet all the maskots and get jep pack guys jetpack and garys digues box and dots glasses and roookies proppler hat!!!!!! =]


you should make a mission with a holiday theme for ex: herbert tries to do some research on the cookies and tries to catch the raindeer puffles and the frostbites with a machine!

Greenie G:

I LIKE THAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree but what if he finds out how it works and make it last forever and he changes what you turn into like he can make one to be like he changes into gary or rookie to try to get in to EPF or he can make like a mind control kluzty cookie where you turn into klutzy!


I've been thinking, when the first EPF command room turns dark, the T.V. shows some stuff then I see an entrance in the Forest, the Beach, and somewhere else, I can't remember. I think those should be the entrances, to the underground EPF base! Also a new mission could be named, "Operation Search and Trap" and all you have to do is get some gadgets from Gary then you go to a tall place, a low place, then the Ice Berg. Once you've went to all of those locations (doesn't have to be in order) with the gadgets you will find Herbert, then Gary tells you to go where he is, and Gary sends you a net. Then you go where Herbert is, trap him, and take him to HQ, then mission complete!


that is just like the psa mission i forget the name i think it was like seek an find


Would you play a game and trap Herbert? Or would it do it for u?


that's already a mission


thats a great idea but one problem Herbet? cannot we make another villian i mean herbet is getting old it would be nice if there was a new fresh villian maybe the RPF people would like that and maybe the RPF leader is the brother/sister of the director that would be a TWIST


i like your first idea about the epf room turning dark and the t.v showing some kind of dangerous message.


sounds great :)


i think a group of bad and good and herbert try melts club penguin
merry chritmas


i think they should melt clubpenguin too
not like that would be very good though


I think Herbert should team up with one of rockhoppers enemies to become the evil force trio (with klutzy of course too!) they should plan in secret and attack club penguin with a mind control device! Herbert and his team could control the mind of some famous penguins forcing them to work for him and being able to get all the information he needs without being noticed. But when destruction is headed cp's way and everyone has been mind controlled there is only a small ray of hope, the ELITE PUFFLES! People could become elite puffles and there could be a mission to sneak into the device to destroy the circuits inside because they are small! :)

Waddle on!


i think thats a good idea and all epf agents know of the ex agents named rpf the bad epf name is rpf and rpf trys to destroy epf and if my thing goes up read it


I love this idea! They should do it


I agree with that but what if he makes a HOLE enimies not just rockhopper enemies but also the probots!


What if there was a double agent? Someone who we would never suspect? Or a classic tale of betrayal, deception, and false accusations...


OMG! That is an epic idea! Plot twists of a double agent! That would be SO COOL!! But who would it be? I love all the characters and couldn't bear to part with them, especially Jetpack Guy. He rocks!

The 444:

That sounds so cool!


nice. i like the idea of a pengiun betraying us and capturing him.

Bb 17:

I Like ALL of the ideas but CP TEAM should make an good person secretly evil but we don't know it then he be trades us and he goes to his secret lair with his EEEVVVIIILLL sidekicks and bad guys that would be SOO fun And the evil name should Be like Oshie Or Oppa Oshie Would Be The Side kick and Oppa would be the leader.But first Oshie Acts like a good guy and Oppa Is The Leader so Oshie Would Bring info to Oppa Sounds Good? Try it CPTEAM till then


~Bb 17


it would be awesome if Herbert planned something that involved going to space!!! Maybe he would push the earth closer to the sun so everything everywhere would be warmer but ice is the only thing holding club penguin together!!!!!!



I think a misson should be about the head master being taken and we have to help and find her, and there should be Holiday missions! One for Christmas should be like How The Grinch Stole Christmas but named How Hebert Stole Christmas! Haha that would be cool! Please add on to me! Any other great idea's?


Sounds great! Maybe we can have some other Club-Penguin wide operations, like operation blackout, but only maybe Herbert has teamed up with a rouge EPF agent and are trying to take over the island using mind control!

Amazing Fire:

Looks really cool! Not really readable or understandable, but... It still looks REALLY cool! Waddle on Club Penguin!


Hi,I think we should do a secret half puffle and half penguin villain for the EPF and There sould be half crab half penguin minoins


I agree with Bobby99311.

That would be an awesome mission.

orange yeah:

i'm so exited. i'm happy operation black out is over. whats coming next? DUN DUN DUN!!!


oooh! i got an idea for a mission! Ok, Herbert steals all the puffles (pet shop and wild puffles) and the secret agents (including your penguin) get 6 new untrained puffles of any color you choose and you may have to toss puffles so they can make it. and if one of the agents puffles or any more puffles get captured u have to rescue EVERY puffle which are locked up in a cage. also have you noticed when you pick up a really cool gadget or item you can't keep it? well every day u play this mission u can get an item to keep for your penguin to have at the end of the game (you get to choose!) i think this should be an EPF game because it seems fun.

Waddle On!


P.S. can u please post? im not certain if my ideas/comments have been posted


I think it would be cool if we could have special things to train for like we could train to swim,or run and stuff like that.That would be awesome!!! Plus I love your guys drawings. Keep up the good work!




I think we should have one final battle with Herbert where we defeat him for good! And make it even more epic than the rest of the battles. That would be so awesome!
(PS: Plz post I've never been posted.)


This is so cool i think it would be cool to have so thing to do with Herbert since he has just almost destroyed Club Penguin. It would be cool to have something like rebuilding the HQ and/or to find Herbert again. Hope you like my idea Club Penguin Team.
Love Pocorn12 :) (Waddle on)


I think herbert should bury the place with snow and we have to dig it back up with no supplies like the mission with the tunnels.


I think you need to add the Sugar Rush gang from Wreck it ralph and let them become EPF Agents!


after all this time.yes


I think there should be a mission where Rookie doesn't mess up, but saves the day! Also, in the PSA missions there was a robot penguin in G's lab. Maybe Herbert could steal it and use it to spy on EPF since it looks like a penguin and we wouldn't know about it. (Sorry if the robot penguin has already been used ((I still think it's a good idea!)) ).

Waddle on!


it was used on club penguin elite penguin force D.S game

Big A5293:

Everybody is right Herbert is evil but it has been over done he should start a luge of villains bent on destroying the EPF


I think that the EPF agents should find out that Herbert isn't working alone (beside Klutzy). Maybe like evil looking penguins or other polar bears. Then they find like a book that tells them to instead of taking over the whole Clup Penguin, they take over pecie by peice, like they try to take over the Stage or something.


I think herbert sould call more polar bears from the artic circle AND ATTACK CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squeaky Slip:

That sounds like a great idea! When does it come out? I can't wait to see!


you should make some EPF missions since the PSA exploded


You should do it to where dot, jet pack guy, rookie, gary, and the director have evil twins, and the twins join herbert.


i thin you should make a secret place where all the EPF penguins like Gary could be and if you found the entrance you could get stamps and you could find out secrets


I thought that one of the special missions we should have is when Herbert tricks all EPF agents(except for the commander(Aunt Artic!)
and makes the agents not trust each other and in order to help fulfill the trust, all agents have to come together(groups of 3-5) and do puzzles, if there is not up to 3 penguins in a group you can't do the puzzle! This would require teamwork and trust......
Waddle on Club Penguin!


I have been thinking, for Christmas, Herbert wants to stop Santa from delivering presents so he gets puffle cookies and other puffle treats and captures the reindeer puffles. The puffles are trapped in a secret hideout where Herbert also tries to capture penguins then put them under a big machine which gives Herbert full control of them so that they can wrap up presents of coal for all the other penguins. Herbert thinks that the panguins are naughty so he gives them coal! Some penguins help him, some try to run away and report to the EPF agents. The EPF have to find the puffles and free them, hack into the machine and somehow let the penguins have control of themselves and Herbert instead will get coal from Panta(Penguin + Santa) ;P


I think you should make a mission where the three robots come back and try to destroy the island!


I think bring up the marvel superheros and get them to work with EPF.
And some new gadgets would be cool like a drawing pad that can turn a drawing to life!
I hope this will help!
Waddle on!


I think what EPF needs are these : EPF missions(that are not field ops) new gadgets for members and non-members and finally, a gadget for all with a special snowball.


i have an idea there could be a computer where you could go evil or bad and if you go evil you go to a evil hq and do evil missons i would love that and the computer could go in the epf base.


Is This A Good Idea? (Not PSA Or EPF) SPF (Standard Penguin Force) But For More Advanced Agents It Would Be APF (Advanced Penguin Force)

Is It Good?


Jet Hornet:

We Could have an animal thats not a penguin or a puffle that could be a mascotc for some sourt


i would like new missions on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you should add some mew spy gear!!


I just thought of a great eveil dude and that guy is kluztys dad and becomes herberts sidekick!!


i think there should be a new missions like on where you can actually be trapped like in the the thing you become an agent.
that way, they become more entertaining and fun.
plus make villans like a penguin, a killer whale, a leapord seal, and you can actually make a hq fo them. they would be called the VPF, the villan penguin force. then, you can actually meet them, too!
it would be SO EPICLY AWESOME! XD :3
please think about dis idea, cp

the silly hulanator:

Make a misson about opration blackout!


I just want to say that the igloo backgrounds are still like the nightime version from the blackout.


Mabye you should put in the final battle with herbert for a misson.


I was thinking you can add a training room for all the penguins to train for things like operation blackout.


I think santa should go missing and someone try to rune christmas and epf try to save it


Well...... a lot of people are asking for card jitsu ice/snow so....

Herbert could try to warm up the island (HOW is up to you) So you can become a snow/ice ninja to keep things in check, then the EPF agents can sneak into Herberts lab while he's distracted, and finish the job!


Maybe we could get coins for completing field ops. Or if we could design our own elite gear and special dance for others to use that would be cool. Maybe we could use medals OR coins to buy elite gear. For system defender you cud make new cannons, and more bots. u could create a new villian. these are my suggestions. now if you will excuse me i have a holiday party to enjoy and coins to donate. see ya peeps!


That's soooo COOL!!!!


maybe herbert kidnapped sensi and hypnotises him to do card jitsu on everyone! even if they have got a white belt. this is a good idiea because sensi is very popular and he is very powerful because he is master of all kung-fu!!!!!!!!!
leave a reply if u like this idiea!


rookie gets hipnotised by herbert to secretly shut down the EPF! herbert then takes over CP! well almost takes over CP because......

The E
The EP
The EPF s
The EPF sh
the EPF sha
The EPF shal
The EPF shall
The EPF shall d
The EPF shall de
The EPF shall def
The EPF shall defe
The EPF shall defet
The EPF shall defete
The EPF shall defete h
The EPF shall defete hi
The EPF shall defete him
The EPF shall defete him!
waddle on penguins!


maybe you should make it look like an igloo which you enter and you have to put a code in and the code is epf and all the missons in another igloo

it is just a thought


I think that Herbert finally gets captured, a ninja attacks every one and rescues Herbert then you have to track them down you finally do and it turns out to be the sensi who rescues him, because the sensi is brainwash by klutzi.
What do you think?????


when are we going to fill th light house

snakebolt :

i think we should have a new command room, new designs, new entrances and a new undercover place like a new everyday phone facility called the everyday penguin fine- dining regional tenement. the E.P.F.R.T. ( the elite penguin force recon team) WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think there should be new agents and i think it would be really funny if herberts mother came to stay in one new mission and i think the island should nearly sink like in the ds game!!!!!!! i cant wait for the new missions!!! waddle on cp!!!! cp ROCKKKSSSSS!!!!!

zizzle8383 :

can we the holerday party


How about a new name for EPF Everyday

Plus, the new mission: Operation Jetfalure

Gary has a jetpack but goes out of control so you have to save him- Only for members.

Plus a new penguin villian- Evil madmax


I think you should have a mission where lots of the agents begin to go missing and then you have to find them.


Underground Command room

Pinky Puffle:

Maybe herbert could get more evil villains and call the self's the UAD (Ultimate agent destroyers.)There could be a mission when all red puffle could turn into crabs and join herbert but the agents turn the all back. Ninjas could also get involved in missions (Normal, fire, water and snow.)

santa dude:

Where is G gonna stay?Because the EPF command room has no Gadget Room.Why don't you add one?



what about you get to create a machine useful to fly using wings metal and glass or anyhing else!


Wouldn't it be cool if Herbert would invent a ray gun and the mascots turn against us,and we shall ally with Herbert to protect Club Penguin? Just like in one mission.PSA was ol' styled,I hope the CP team will bring a new EPF style.It would be just awesome!!

Waddle On!


hi cp team! ive been playing for years and i would not be playing without my freind adamthedoor! i was thinking maybe u could make a mission about epf captures klutsy and herbert tres to save him and then epf capures him and then we would have saved club penguin! that would be cool! and i was thinking maybe u could make a party theme about my fav video game kingdom hearts! its a game with disny charicters like dolnold duck, goofy, micky mouse, tron, jack sparrow, (wallie is not one) mulan, aladin, alice, herc, (even some final fantasy charicters) peter pan, jafar, ursala, beast, and lots more! and maybe they can make a club penguin world on kingdom hearts! the main charicter is sora! i love that game! its soo intristing! and can you please please please pleaseeee! make a kingdom hearts party! im both kingdom hearts and a club penguin fan! if u do make a kingdom hearts party, i will give u a million dollors! just kidding! and make sure to make a keyblade item because thats soras wepon! go club penguin and kingdom hearts!! and go sora and tazboi! happy holidays!

JJ ford:

They should make a new lab.


i think in the epf head quarters there should epf penguins and gary working to fix the epf head quaters!


id say a new enemy sounds cool but they need a name! any idea's


There should be a mission where Herbert's herd is in danger, and you and Herbert have to join together to protect his island from an evil wolf named Gardows W. Wolf.


How about the space of the EPF is sling shot in the air by Herbert and it lands on club POLAR BEAR!!! then we need to make it back to club pengin safely with the prisoners and bring them to there islands!!! duv this game!!!!! waddle on c.p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Connor Adam:

You could do a misson when Gary, Dot, Jet pack guy, Rookie and Aunt Artic [The Derector] get effected by herbert when they got frose.


You should totally make some news Field-ops! I've got some good ideas spinning around in my mind and I'm anxious to spill the beans! Haha! Like the game beans. I keep thinking of making an investigation on the cause of Herbert's making in the 'Death-ray' as I like to call it. I've got some others I'd like to share, but I really would like to talk to Polo Field or Buisnessmoose in private about them. I can't wait till we get some new PSA missions. Oh, I know this is off topic but would you mind checking out my outfit? FYI-My username is Sundancesun!


i think there should be a U.W.H. under water headquarters. and a under water city. then a evil penguin takes over epf and we become U.W.G. (under water good ) and we have missions with new penguin mascots and fish mascots

p.s. waddle on cp


i think one mission should be an agent is brainwashed and turned evil by a new villain and is commanded to go undercover to destroy EPF and you become friends with the evil agent. Then when you get to the new villain's lair you get knocked out by the evil agent and your captured.

that's all i can think of right now but CP i hope you can make this better in some way

Waddle on.

hi bye lie:

when Herbert is ruined the island again! with a crashing robot and its club Herbert again. I would like to do it in jan 20.




U should do this idea I have:
Do a really cool computer up in the new entrance to command room that tells you if theres a mission thats new and sort of like PSA missions except you see your penguin from the back in delta or alpha suits. If their wearing girl clothes, girl items, then thier gonna be looking like an alpha. Same with boys. If you aren't wearing anything, you pick alpha or delta and pick agent, tactical,comm , tech , or stealth. then the wear that headpiece that it includes.


It would be cool if you had to save Rockhopper's ship from sinking or something.


i hope the graphics will remain the same though, not like those in CP vids.
Just saying :P
and i hope Disney doesnt change CP too much k?


Wow! I can't wait!!


I would like to see some new faces for E.P.F like a good twin brother of Herbert and see Directors face.Maybe a huge monster could come out of the ski hill or something like that.I hope to see my plans.


Maybe we can do the M.E.P.F (MEGA EVIL PENGUIN FORCE).


Hi! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about the new EPF stuff! I have to admit, though, that everytime I look at my EPF phone thingy, I frown cause' there arn't any missions for me! I love being an EPF agent! I wear my earpeice thingy and say "Come in, Agent!" Ha, ha, ha! Ok, before I forget what I'm going to say, I'd better say it. What I would really like to see more teamwork situations. Just simple stuff, like multiple penguins getting on something to get it to open or something like that!


The island tootally needs some evil penguins to team up with Hearbert, the EPF has beet him to much. He could use some help trying to win a battle so that it would be more interesting.The EPF should also start an organization to help fix the HQ. Wadle On!


You should do a mission where Herbert finds out how to make a giant mechanical snow yeti and he uses captured piffles to run it. The agents have to rescue one piffle of each color.


I think you should have us search for materials on cp to build the PSA while also catching bad agents(because Herbert bribed them).


Hi Polo Field! Are you bringing back PSA-style missions for the EPF? That would be awesome! I have lots of great ideas:
1. Herbert captures Gary, Dot, Rookie, Jet Pack Guy and PH . . . and releases lookalike robots to wreak havoc on the island!
2. A new agent joins the EPF . . . but it turns out that he is really another robot built by Hebert to infiltrate the EPF!
3. The player is about to foil another of Herbert's plans . . . when suddenly, Herbert is captured by the Ultimate Protobot 10000 as part of Protobot's plan to destroy the island! The EPF and Herbert have no choice but to work together to save Club Penguin!
4. The Test Bots return . . . and get reprogrammed so that they help the EPF!
5. Agents should be able to call more Elite Puffles on the Spy Phone instead of just Flare . . . including new Orange and Brown puffles!
By the way, I just wanted to say that you, Buisnesmoose and Spike Hike are doing a great job running Club Penguin! Billybob and Happy77 would be happy to know that the island is in good hands . . . or is it good flippers? Happy Holidays and Waddle On! :D


I think Herbert should team up with another polar bear and a evil chicken, ( I have chickens and think they are evil), I also think there should be a new agency the PPF Protection Penguin Force and the new command center should have several rooms one for each mission


There should be a group of penguins that hate parties and everything herbert does and call themselves the ACPF Anti Cold and Parties Force or APCF Anti Parties and Cold Force


i would like to see the Ultimate Protobot make a re-entrance. Or something where G is turned evil by a bad penguin. New EPF missions= TOTAL AWESOMENESS =D


I was thinking of a second Snow Race or something, with the same items, since its winter, and some people may have missed out on it. Or it could also be a mission where you organize a search party with the other agents and have to find Herbert's location.

luke 997:

i think there should be a thing lke a old psa mission and we should get your orders from the director directly


i loved the missions and to replay them so one day i went on and i havent been on in 2 years so i went to go play the missions which was my faveoite part about club pengin and it was all on fire! my firs account was in 2003 and i miss the old clubpenguin with the sports shop and the secret dressing room and also the carnivales and a bunch of other things! th eimprovements are good lik i love the dojo but i wish you added things nad didnt subbtract them! thankyou for taking your time and reading this and also my other friends thought this too! thanks you so much and i hopr it was a bunch of help!


THeir should be a whole crew of evil cyborg penguins! like a cyborg G rookie Dot jetpack guy and the director
It will be EPIC!


I think that herbert just wanted to be a penguin thats why he wanted to take over because he thought that they were so awesome and fun! So maybe herbert can like become friends once we like put him behind ice bars (penguin jail) and then he tells us that he was just jelous of us then we all become friends or somthing like that... I dont know but its an idea!


will there be a Herbert proof base this time? Because he has 1. destroyed the PSA's base 2. destroyed the EPF's base. will we chatch him once and for all!!!!


Isn't that sketch the command room from about 2004? Because that TV and chairs look familiar,any one agree with that sketch and me?also club penguin team could answer my question,I appreciate your help and votes!


I would love new missions maybe like 10, I've beaten them all.


I know!What if Herbert got spies that are penguins and the EPF get's new characters.And a new secret agency like back in the PSA, we didn't know there was an EPF until mission 11,and for Club Penguin, we should make a robber agency like what others called RPF making the EPF get 2 enemies (or 3 for the Ultimate Protobot...) and for Club Penguin make another room and make the rumour of the Iceberg to tip true!We should get more free items for non members and members and for members only for EPF gear.That would be better for the non members.I hope this and the other penguins advice gets taken.


I agree with the multiplayer missions.In a mission i suggest it would involve someone's life.(Like Herbert has a family he ran away from.)And the Everyday Phoning facility will be changed.Something other penguins may enjoy like for example,the Pizza Parlor.Famous and good for secret passageways.And penguins who want to be part of the EPF will get the same test and a verbal test like "An agent must always be?" like the PSA test.And a new character,the Director who will be there in the missions personally.Still a dark figure of course,and how about a new party involving other disney characters?


Maybe if you make an event where HUMANS came to Club Penguin to stay there not knowing there were penguins who can make clothes and buildings!At an unexpected time before March 2013.


A gigantic box to cover the iland!


Why not recreat the PSA?


Why not recreat the PSA?


I am super excited for the new EPF. And I think there should be more than 1 entrance to the new EPF and I don't mean the spy phone I mean there would be an entrance in the hidden lake and in the coffee shop. And maybe when you join the new EPF you would get an igloo item that allows you to enter the EPF. And I think it would be very cool for a couple of penguins to be evil. Not to be rude but its a bit lame because the only villains are Herbert,Klutzy and some robots ( but at Operation Blackout Herbet had an army of crabs). Plus new missions would be very cool. And I really want them to add loads of new gadgets because Gary has a really cool job but there are not really any gadgets. And my last thing to say is at Operation Blackout how did all the agents get the gadgets because Gary was frozen so how did we get the gadgets? (When I say we I mean the EPF agents) please reply

Waddle on CP -Jacka10


I think in the new EPF you can buy all the elite puffles and they should add an area like the EPF training area and a Elite Puffle training area and they should add brown elite puffles and orange elite puffles and give them 2 ability


the broken down E.P.F room is getting kind of boring now because you cant do any new missions!


ps: the going back to passed E.P.F rooms was really cool!!!!!!!

pps: I like the ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please keep herbert! He's a pretty good villan,and I really wanted to meet him and get that stamp and background,but I missed it.

Slippybilly THE EPF!:

MORE AGENT'S!!!!!!!!! plz

We'd love More Agent's
Awsome one's But keep the current ones
Daffy Duck lolz
Let us AGENT'S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The EPF shall Rise again!!!
Everyone needs agent's right now!



yeah. we need a penguin bad guy.

red ryan11:

You should make it where there is no base and the EPF live in a cave and try to survive.


ok guys! (plz post this comment because i have been trying for so long)

how about this:
"operation blackout did not work out for herbert and he decided to come back and do something small..................... he took away all the PIZZAS! all the penguins were grumpy and missed the meaty delight! it is up to the EPF to snatch back all the meaty pizzas. the pizza cookers couldn't make anymore as herbert also stole all the ingredients!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will the epf solve the hunger of cp?!?!?!?

doctor 1235:

ive got two ideas 1.a new evil organizeation called P.E.A (penguin.extermination.agencey) is arising on cp.
2 (this only works if number 1 is a mission) Mysteriously there is a new EPF agent BUT p.e.a sent him to infaltrate the EPF!

by the way the leader of P.E.A is a squid who wants revenge on club penguin because penguins eat squids on pizza.
his name is kodos.


I was thinking about making an evil robot penguin like the test bots as the villains. Maybe G could make it as a robot agent and then Herbert reprograms it!
(Oh an one question, Whats the new base gonna be like, or is there even going to be a new base?)


u should make epf newyears party with a blue and black hat


have one where u get turned into a puffle I <3 puffles

Little chop2:

I think we should have a new mission called "Operation: Renovation". It's when the EPF agents have to go find materials to build the EPF but, suddenly you run into an "old friend".


Can you make a giant boat with gears and things for EPF which you buy things even with out a membership?


I had a good idea for a EPF mission!

Name: Friend Or Foe? Part 1

Plot: Herbert builds a device that changes him in to anything!
Then a new penguin joins the EPF and suddenly becomes leader of the team, (in herberts revenge)
But is he actaully a penguin? And is he Friend or Foe?

I havent thought of part 2


i agree to you. this sounds REALLY exsiteing if this mission was here.


Hey can you fix the HQ? I really want to do some more field ops! Thanks!

Waddle on CP! :D


I think there should be the Director there.Everbody the is a EPF agent get s this ID card you show it to the Director and you get to go in to the misson control room.If you are not a agent you have to pass a test and you have to get at least 3 perfect.Also on the card you have to pass the test again in ourdure to renew your card.!


i think there should dethily be a new villan what if herbet needs a sidekick so clones him self and cloned herbet kidnapped the real herebet then the cloned herbet cloned himself then 10000 herbets take over club penguin and the epf stop them


i think we should have a mission of the blackout but retold a different way like herbert finds out what the Epf was planning and instead of being a blackout he liked the sun so he trys to melt the ice berg and cp and recreate it to make it his forest with crab servents!


Maybe make a mission about G's robot going AWOL and tries to take over the island and every mascot gets to be in the mission including Herbert and the Director and it can be co-op.
Hope you like my idea. Peace out ;)




I'm a penguin in the EPF, and I think that Herbert needs a new evil minion(s) to help him with his plans.

Enter nickname:

WOW! Theres some art for ya! AMAZING ARTWORK! But what evil skeem is Herbert planning for us next? I DYING to know!



Sandy Bogdan:

I thought about a time machine . You can continue my idea .


when is the new HQ coming out cause im really excited my username on club penguin is happy3th



Hi Fellow Penguins!
I think that we should be able to choose if we are good......or bad. Like when Operation black out was here we could use Hebert Chat. Maybe someone wants to WORK for Herbert. Please Reply! Waddle On!!!!!


I think that a new mission should be herbert making a small return, letting all of us who missed blackout try it again except with a link from the epf phone. Also letting everyone try out the good old psa missions! (letting this last for 5 days) all of the doors that open each day should stay unlocked the whole time.


I think we should have a group of rouge agents that are evil and they were once apart of the EPF! Then, EPF agents would have to battle them. This could be a series of missions to defeat the rouge agents!


me and pingutux4 would like to have more multiple player games or co-op missions. definitely some new testbots or protobot missions.
system defender is the best


How about doing a mission of a new evildoer called spikes he is a penguin that has a robotic hand.He pairs up with Herbert to steal a phone from an agent [ the player] and they call EPF to trivk them into a trap.Then the player or penguin has to save them.


I would like new psa missions.

club cuty:

i am emailing a whole script in. it is about the epf team acting a bit strange and you have to find out why!

Greenie G:

Hey Club Penguin Team,

I love Herbert but he's the only villain we have!
I say we need more bad guys!
And that Herbert should come back and be a BOSS!!
And the PSA should let Dot come and meet us!!(like Rockhopper and you get a photo with them you know?)
I have the video game for EPF on my DS and met Dot, and she is AWESOME!!!! TALK ABOUT GIRL POWER!
;D Sorry I'm just excited!!!
Stay~Smooth~!!! ;)

LOVE yours truly,
Greenie G


I believe you should have good and evil and let other penguins try to take over club penguin and capture other penguins and not let them leave the bad penguins igloo


You guys should really maybe do something with proto-bot or maybe Clutzy could have made a mistake on accident and didn't mean to be bad! oops! :-)


Alright so you bring back the PSA. (But like that's gonna happen.) Then, do something with that weird super grow corn recipe that Herbert made and whatever you do DON'T MAKE HERBERT BE PUSHED OUT OF THE PICTURE. (If you know what I mean.) You also need the next mission to have something to do with the Director and maybe add a new character, but NOT AN AGENT. The agents we have now are classics and in today's Club Penguin classics are treasures.


I love the EPF. It's the only thing keeping me with Club Penguin. On that picture i saw a green puffle, a blue, and maybe a red , suggesting they might be new puffles that you can use just like Flare. I like the idea of new villains and maybe one new EPF agent, but overall EPF is perfectly fine. Which is why i don't see why you keep blowing up the HQ's. But if you do have to change things, add NEW missions. Field ops aren't fun. System defender is fun but not as much as missions. And if you do have missions, remember Proto-bot and the Test-bots, my favorite CP villains.
Remember, agents, be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready


I think there should be a British telephone booth, and when you step in the floor moves downward! For already EPF penguins, the booth would lead you to a hallway, with doors on the side leading to field missions, an EPF game, teleports, and maybe a secret room. For non EPF penguins the floor goes deeper, where a Operation Blackout themed test would take place.




Maybe we have to fix the EPF HQ?


I think that in a mission Gary The Gadget Guy could be trying to get some of the EPF files when he finds some of the PSA files but it turns out that there was a old base where Gary The Gadget Guy ant the Director and Jet Pack Guy trained so they go to there and that is the new base.
I have a idea of the team getting put into 2 good teams The EPF and The PAF Penguin Action Force.


rockhopper kidnapped. find him.


new additions too spy phone


I think there should be a evil guy named seeweed monster penguin he looks like a penguin but he is coverd in seeweed!


how about you make ben 10 as a penguin and Albedo as a penguin just ideas.



Two words: RECON TEAM
Oh and a new villain, more evil than Herbert!


I Have a cool idea why don't let agents create their own missions on System Defender and then they can share it on Club Penguin for other agents to solve


i wonder if we can make a mission for just for herbert to get off our island and help him find a big nice warm sunny all the time not to hot but not to cold and put him there and there so he can be happy he not the bad guy we are for trying to stop him from the waves mistake he just whants a warm place to live right he gave us a story on how he got onto club pengin island right so y not help him out ? and pls post me i have not been post befor


Well I think we should have a BPF Burglar Penguin Force & plus we should probably let the non members be in this. Because what can the non members ever do they watch member walk around in there cool clothes & stuff so why don't they get to ever save club penguin or where cool stuff it just doesn't make sense.

crasher pen:

New missions! and when do field ops start again???


i think they should be missions and field ops


im think of a whole league of villian like C.L.O.N.C. on moshi monsters (I NEVER WAS POSTED)


Could there be a mission where Herbert and Scorn team up to destroy epf and the knights together?


well i think that cp should have a blizzard and it wont stop snowing!well herbert should come up with a robot named bizzard but when the blizzard machine starts it makes it really hot and we have to try to stop it!and the epf shoud have to go under cover as snowballs and snowman to find the blizzard machine and stop it! i know this is a lot but i stayed up thinking about it and it is always snowing so why not have a blizzard? IF YOU DECIDE TO GET MY IDEA PLZ TELL ME ! OR IF YOU AGREE! OH and ps it should have a hottube and spa and LAZERTAG YEA LAZER TAG WOULD BE GOOD TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think there should be a new secret angecy. Because in the operation blackout evryone new about the EPF. But the EPF misson are exiting. I CANT WAIT!
waddle on.


i think that we should have this screen and when you turn it on you pick a server and pick a locatoin and you can see whats goingon in that room. And on our spy phones we can talk to Gary Rookie ''Drector'' and Dot plus Jet pack guy.And other agents.Plus just a thought in every room or place we should have a secret little place and penguins cant see you but you can see them. So what doyou think? Ive been playing club penguin for about three years and EPF will rise agin.


Here are a few ideas:
-We should be able to make our own gadgets
-More than one field opp a week (Maybe a new one every other day?)
-More mini games, not just system defender
-Maybe another crisis, like when all the puffles disappeared?
-Have promotions, depending on how many field opp's you've completed (more coins)
-We should be able to get special EPF furniture
-Like everyone is saying, another enemy! Herbert is PATHETIC! (Maybe a rouge EPF agent?)

Thanks for listening!
Waddle on!

zizzle8383 :

Now that Operation Blackout is over
we make the epf have herbert sheld
can we have a party of black out ending


i got a great idea like a gary and the rest of the top agent like dot tell the epf that stoped herbert in operation blackout and aunt artic comes out as the director and tells them about the new team of agents that dose not work with epf that is rpf lots of agents know that rpf is not part of epf and is evil rpf is not epf and the mission name is epf vs rpf and the epf makes rpf tell where herbert is but rpf teleports out
and blows up the rest of the epf but g tells them about a new epf named the mega elite penguins

The 444:

Maybe we could head down to the North Pole to find Herberts friends and family,like his neighbour Barry! We could uncover some secrets....Operation North Pole!


i think there should be a new epf named mega elite penguins and herbert calls in the evil epf rpf rpf started in june during the super hero party it mixed the vilians side with epf but evil and rpf starts to work for herbert then mega elite penguins or m.e.p captures one but he teleports out but he drops a note that says plan rpf brain wash penguins and epf wich is scratched out and then says m.e.p but g makes an invetion for the next mission then in the next mision alot of epf agents and the rest of cp is brain washed but five agent find dot as a tree the fives agents arent brain washed and neither is dot so then the finish g's machine and turn into the elite puffles then they stop herbert and rpf but herbert gets away with rpf and then all cp goes bak to normal p.s i made one of these but i added this to the rest so just add these together


I am thinking maybe a new lab for G. Like the gadget room. And a new catalog for non-members in the HQ.


I think we should be able to go to the wilderness and see Herbert's old cave and maybe make the Test Robots return for a 3rd time.


can there be a new agency called the investegation mystery ageny? IMA for short.please post this comment on blog!
more ideas below

herbert stopping club[HSC]
gary's left agent secret [GLAS]
icey penguin agency [IPA]
agency privicey place {app}
secret agency noisy tasky agency[SANTA]


Add more evil characters besides Herbert and the crabs(ex. Klutzy). They should be in a group called ACP: (Against Club Penguin).


Omg! This looks awesome! I can't wait for this! :D
Waddle on!

- Omppu3


I think the EPF should have multiple entrances + a new spy phone.

For the new phone, there should be an app that allows you to say to Stinky423 "Hey, come join me in command room" or you could type out a message yourself. This way a penguin doesn't have to be on the same server to tell him/her something (besides cards)or they don't have to be in the same room as you.

P.S: There should also be something in the Field-ops where you can bore under the earth to search for stuff or a flying probe gadget to see what a certain polar bear's up to...



I think there should be a mission sort of star wars themed, and you can do the missions with your friends and there can be costumes too! <3 U Club Penguin!

Karate Indi:

get herbet to have an evil brother


I think that it should have security cameras in every corner, have a metal door, a conference table, a desk next to the door and a white board to share thoughts. Also some decorations like a clock, a bulletin board, and some plants. Although i do like the ideas that you guys came up with it will be sweet!


How about make some more agents working with the director but those agents are actually very eeeevilllllll.
and maybe those agents are sooooooo evil that they decided to work with herbert and crash the clubpenguin island.and then give herbert all the sunlight and the eeevillll agents will build another evil island?oh!and of course we will try to stop them.


maybe u should make a EPF pass for the agents so that if they want to ask questions they can show penguins their pass!(to let them know that they are agents)


I think you guys should add a new cool underground base+a secret entrance for the new base not the OLD base!



Maybe the penguins can help build the EPF when you guys figure out the sketches! And members can buy construction worker outfits
and we can have an igloo contest to make the best construction site!! :D


Ooh! and maybe there will be a battle between herbert and club penguin and if club penguin wins they can send herbert to the zoo!oh!i have so many ideas!plzz post them so i know what others think about them.


heres what i think whats next for the epf
1) the command room should have new things. like a coffee maker, computers, spy gadgets,and a touch screen tv
2) I think there should be more secret agents, but are secret and penguins dont know about, like cadence, penguins dont know if shes a secret agent or not
3 ) I know Herbert is getting unpopular and all that, but what if penguins team up with Herbert and Klutzy.
4) I think there should be more missions,like from Operation Blackout, where agents find all the secerty termals.
5) I think the epf should be renamed to the spf( super penguin force)
i hope you like my ideas for the epf. i also made up a new party/misson called Operation: heat wave. its about when Herbert rebulds his solar laser and instead of a blackout, it causes a heat wave. Herbert still has his fortress, but the heat wave effects the entire island andthe epf has to try to stop Herbert from melting the entire island before its too late


Can we have an evil penguin who uses nunchuks as his weapon. He will work for herbert as his second in command but after herbert defeats the epf the evil penguin attacks him and throws him in to the ocean. Then the epf will fight him. I also would really like to see more of the director. Her identity is no longer secret and i would like to see her change from a shadow in to a more active agent. |I would like to see more of who she really is. Could you please develop her character more


I hope their are missions similar to the PSA missions. I have this idea of a mission where Herbert steals cloning technology from the epf befeore destroying it. He makes a clone but it turns out good not evil. he sends the clone over to the new EPF or another force. they think its Herbert and captures him. Then the clone covinces them hes not herbert. Now we have to get the cloning technology back from herbert and have adventures and some short tasks on the way. After I thought of this it seemed like a video(like the ones with rockhopper and the puffle trouble one).
PS:sorry if u think its too long or just wierd


I think you should make a mission where the island turns black and white and none of the penguins know how.



Wonder Toes:

I am sort of new to club penguin and I was wondering when we will have
more missions after the blackout??

Agent 45:

I like the idea of a "Crab Kingdom" - a network of tunnels below the island which you have to infiltrate when the crabs start causing trouble. I think the crabs would make great enemies, as a group separate from Herbert and Klutzy - you could have a crab king, and an army of them taking things and causing trouble.
Moreover, I rather liked the format of the PSA missions. I think it would be nice to maybe build up a first-person-view map of the island, and have a series of weekly field ops set within this, with the occasional mission in the third person. I also think that to make things simpler with the field ops there could be a sequence of them, like a very short version of the PSA missions, telling a storyline but stepped so that one becomes available every week.
In terms of the EPF base, I'd like to see different rooms for the Stealth, Comm, etc. sections connected via. the turbolift.

My tiggy:

Maybe there's a marvle misson when there's super villins and we have to use robots to defet them


i think there needs to be new missions because they have not made a new one since the last HQ. i also think there needs to be a new bad guy because the old one has been defeated.


hiya, cp team you should do something like herbert says that if you don`t let Gary be on my team then i WILL destroy the EPF again and all the penguin look at each other and they can`t decide so well you decide what comes next .



I think the next missions should be like a choose your own adventure so it turns out differently for everyone.


how about herbert steals somthing (like puffles) from the pet shop!!! or the entire pet shop?


i think there should be a secret roon in the new epf and each month it transforms into something new as a gajet room or a training room or even a candy room


I think the EPF should split into 2 new groups called GPT and EPT (good penguin force and evil penguin force) because most virtual worlds that have quests/missions usually have the choice of good or evil, and i always wanted to join Herbert and try to take over club....... oh sorry i got a little carried away. i also think that the missions should take place in game with NPC's of characters that can be set off when you choose a certain mission like in the music jam party when there was a countdown to see an NPC that looked like Candace and gave the same stamp that she gives you, but she didnt give you a background! and we should also get coins, items and even stamps for completing missions


I think the phones should be able to go every where including temp. places

p.s.can there be secreat agent suits for nonmembers

p.s. sorry for my misspelling


this is want i want i want gary kidnaped by herbet and gary leavs a riddel and it leads to next one then gary and maby the first one to solve all the riddels with no cheats gets to be a new member of the eddit penguin force




im so happy for this time


How about you and the director are walking in the wilderness then herbert ambushes you and the director. You escape but the director gets captured and taken to herbert's base. then later on whenever you are heading to herbert's base while you are walking the director appears. but now evil because herbert tricked him into joining him then you must fight the director on tallest mountain. and if you win you become the leader of the EPF but if you lose the director takes over Club penguin. But becomes good again. ( plz post )


Herbert should make a ray that makes everyone evil. Like penguins,puffles,rookie,jet pack guy,dot,ph,even the director! All of club penguin would be wrecked. Mascots running from anyone evil. Then G's robots should reactivate and work on another (much bigger) pro bot. Then it will capture anyone good. If good wins there should be more places and games. If evil wins then club penguin should have herbert as director. The EPF would be called EPT for Evil Penguin Team. Who will win?

pinkie lane and megamichael6:

Hey, me and my brother think there should be a mission about sensei gets kidnapped by herbert and gary sends us on a mission to save sensei.


Add COOKIES!!!!!


Maybe you can have more elite gear for non-members? Cause members do like tons of things Reply if you agree.


I think you should make 'a good person' and 'a bad person'. I mean like the 'bad person' can be a penguin or even herbert (but herbert always loses and we know that even if no one does anything still herbert would lose)and the 'good person' can be like a 'NEW' character
who can be a penguin who is from the E.P.F and our side. So you know it becomes more interesting and even you can add more.
Well that was my opinion! Thanks!

p.s-I have never been posted before,so please, please, please post my comment !!!!


By the looks of one sketch in the photo... The old EPF Command room is coming back.Like from the CP Video game Of The EPF.
CP Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


can you please make a mission when Rockhopper gets stolen in a by Herbert and we need to save him and we get the prize and the prize is you can add Rockhopper island to that penguins map hope you make it so much!

Isa bell179:

you should let us be able to train our puffles to be agents!


Aunt artic is captured by an eagle and you need herbert to help you get her back [you can make a new EPF video game]

Lobster 87:

what if herbert did something typical, like hijack g's inventions? then he could accidentally blast himself and, i have no idea, clone himself?? then he'll have to join the epf to fight the evil versions of himself or something.
personally i feel sorry for herbert. he's a bit of an idiot and in the end he always loses. i'm not sure about klutzy, as all he really says is click click click. o_O


i think herbert should hypnotize the director into being bad and the epf has to change her back.

cool man:

I think it should be when robots atack club penguin..

100 Watt:

Maybe Herbert has a sister ?


You shoukd make herbert have a tem of polar bears and we have to defeat them bfore they take over the island and make it a polar bear paradise and we will be their slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe you can make a mission about the player stuck in a island.


I think a new villian named EEEVIL COMEZ Or SEDONT OR SOME THING LIKE THAT and he goes to club penguin and takes all the coins and puffles of club penguin ( including Aunt Artics puffles ) and traps the puffles in cages and puts coins in boxes and Rockhopper,Gary,Aunt Artic,Dot and all thoes other penguins are trying to figure out what happend and the beach will become a study room for all penguins and a boz filled with free clothes for everyone and the clothes are white lab coats. and the town will have a telepoter to the fight range to try to fight the villian and it will be attacking with a water shoot rthingy like the thing from the medival party and the mission will be called ...........


Those ideas look interesting, but when will there be more field ops? I think club penguin should have a contest where penguins submit their ideas and the winner's designs will be combined into the new EPF head quarters. Herbert should really consider making a jet pack boat and sailing it to an uninhabeted island of Hawaii.


Yaaaaayyyyy! I am soooo exited!


That's so cool! I think you guys should add more good guys, and have a new villain! I think if there is a new bad guy, it should be something, like another Crab, (not Klutzy) and he could find some animal (like Herbert) and do more evil things. And make more missions!

Reddy Orange:



20 new missions


I Think You should put Aunt Arctic As a new secret agent. As For Herbert, In Saint's Patrick's Day he should be disguised as an evil Leprechaun.


Some people tell the identity of the EPF to people who arent even EPF.But this is BIG.It WILL rise again so many times I ask the people of club penguin to spread the identity of EPF to members and non members so every one gets to be EPF.Some people like Herbert like mim2005. But there must be more enemys like Herbert and Klutsy.So that means more missions and more Field ops.At first I thought Herbert was a though guy but then I found he he was kinda weak.But some day he will find revenge on me.And belive me it will not look preety.Sorry Herbert!

(p.s. Please post me, I have never been posted)


Why not make herbert bring HIS OTHER FRIENDS to help him-operation polar bears


My EPF Mission Idea Is Herbert Takes Gary And Aunt Artic And Then You Have To Save Them With Rookie Jet Pack Guy And Dot :) Enjoy WADDLE ON CP


there should be an evil penguin league.oh,and add new good characters too.<3



Same thing with me Abby Doodle!!Great ideas!!But we still have to keep System Defender.


i think some bad guys should steel all the puffels and the epf have 2 get them back!


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