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By Polo Field on December 18, 2012 - 16:30

Hey Agents!


Now that Operation Blackout is over, many of you have been asking what's coming next for the EPF. We're super excited because we've got some BIG ideas, and we can't wait to share them with you! 


Here are some rough sketches of something we're working on:




Look interesting? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any cool ideas for new EPF missions... We'd love to hear what you think!


Waddle On, Agents!


-Club Penguin Team



Interesting...I kinda don't have an idea but, my favorite agent is 'G'. I admire him because he's smart like me. (sorry if this is not what you wanted.)Waddle on, Newer agent Radiorebel05


How about herbert builds a robot but can not control it and it steals klutzy so he teams up with epf to save the crab


I think you guys shuld make( a )mission(s) where it is exactly like CLUB PENGUIN:HERBERT'S REVENGE


New EPF mission Herbert makes snow rain in in Club Penguin and everyone in Club Penguin must be in the ski lodge and after the snow rain the ski lodge front door is covered with snow and the EPF have to find a way to get out.


there should be a new way to get to the EPF like when the PSA was destroyed so was the entrance so........yea..........



melon pies:

i think you should introduce a snow fox who used to be Herbert's only friend until they got separated. maybe Gary could find her frozen in the iceberg and she would join the EPF not knowing about him. she would be on the side of good of course. name idea, Luna S. Fox

hope you like it -melon pies aka shadow blizzard

melon pies:

i think you should introduce a snow fox who used to be Herbert's only friend until they got separated. maybe Gary could find her frozen in the iceberg and she would join the EPF not knowing about him. she would be on the side of good of course. name idea, Luna S. Fox

hope you like it -melon pies aka shadow blizzard


Yay! A new command room, new game-style missions and more! Hope it is better!


It will come out in 2013
You could let jetpack Guy lend his jetpack in needs of penguins

mike carz1:

what if when the EPF HQ re-opens all the EPF agents had to take a new test.OOH OOH and what about if the EPF has more then one room then the second room would have a secret agent CATALOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just like in 2010. oh and by the way please make the catalog thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There should be EPF missions like the PSA missions (not the field ops) and there should be an enemy you dont have to think about it people have made up something called RPF robber penguin force and there should be a catalog for the EPF like F.I.S.H and there should be an underground room where research is being done and high-tech stuff is being made

Your friend Aaronstark.


when is it going to be released????????


I think you should do more missions like the P.S.A missions!


I think the PSA should come back with the sports shop i really miss hanging out in the PSA hq with my buddies and stopping the robbers from coming in! lots of penguins liked the PSA why did it have to go?? :(

please post me Ive never ever been posted before.

waddle on!


I Think You Should Make A Mission When Your Stuck IN Herberts Lair, So Herbert Goes Somewhere To Check On It. Then You Have To Escape The Room And There Is A Huge Amount Of Crabs And Klutzy Controls Them. I Also Think An EPF Copter Should Come Down At The End And Fly You To Safety After You Have To Outrun All Of Klutzy's Crab Army. I Made It Klutzy For This Because
I Think Herbert Might Need To Be Put Down For A Bit. I Feel He Is A Bit Overused. I Hope You Think About This Idea. I Also Think You Should Add Some New EPF Members. I Dont Have Many Ideas, But A New One Can Be A Great Pilot. I Hope You Consider! Waddle On Club Penguin!!!!!!


I think that Herbert should just give up. There should be a group of evil agents who used to be good agents that changed to bad. The group of evil agents have destoryed Ski Hill. The result the Ski Village is covered in snow. So someone calls for the EPF. You should have to go to the Ski Village and dig it out, and then have to save the penguins and the puffles who got burried under the snow. At the end you take them back to your iggy and give them hot chocolate.

Nice Gal Pal:

I don't think we need more bad guys because the testbots and ultimate protobot were rebuilt by herbert so he can have them on his side. And do you think the VR Room his broken forever or will they build a new one

Yellow Puffle:

I would like to get back to the missions board, can you fix the Tube Transport please.
My Penguin is Rainy7626.

neji x1:

I think you should repair tube transport because Club penguin isn't as fun as it used to be because we can't do any missions.


i think there should be a EPF, or Elite Puffle force, or mission 1 lost in candy land, or for girls evil Dr. Make-up and the spill on Club Penguin, or for boys evil Dr. Hulk and the smash


i think you should get the EPF back soon by making a mission where you capture Herbert and making him pay for what he has done and getting us to mend the city or herbert to mend the city but please bring back the EPF soon somehow because club penguin is getting quite borring without the EPF well atleast for the people who arent members. Please bring the EPF back soon.



Hmmm..... maybe the "Director" could possibly get zapped with an EEEEVILINATOR3000 by a possible Herbett, Herbert's EEEEVIL sister. Then the Director will turn EEEEVIL (sorry I just LOVE doing that), and all the mascots and penguins have to save the Director from turning againt the good side and staying on the dark, EEEEVIL side.



I reckon there should be a new bad guy thats a penguin named Dr.P.Evil and his real name is Penguin Evil. He wants to defeat the EPF and is trying to take over their base. He should be the new bad guy.


I think Protobot should be in a misson. Maybe he could be a meetable mascot. What about the robot crab that's been in some of the sneek peeks?


i think there should be agency where you can do missions with your puffle it would be called EPF 1 it would stand for Elie Puffle Force 1


1. I really like some of the ideas here- particularly the mind ray, creating and sharing missions, lightning/spy phone, and training simulator.
2. I think we should still be the EPF, but it should stand for Experimental Penguin Force.
3. I think we should have PSA-style missions and EPF- style Field Ops and you should be able to do both.
4. There should be some new villains, but Herbert should still be a villain.
5. The VR room should let you do old PSA missions and old EPF field ops.
6. There should be a mission where you work together with real penguins.
7. It would be cool if there were a way to fly to Rockhopper's Island. There would be a mission where you would need to do that to save Rockhopper, and after that you would be able to get there whenever you want.
8. It would be fun to do stuff with the Director.
9. You should get assigned gadgets at the start of each mission that you could use to complete that mission.
10. More System Defender levels would be terrific.


an evil EPF could have an evil drector


I think team club penguin should make a different place where there are harder and easier missions ,so penguins could have more fun. Waddle on!


I think we should have a training place and also a room for the EPF group if you are a EPF. Also a mission called secret of the hidden pizza robber. Waddle On. Like my idea?


I like the old PSA missions. Maybe Gary should fix field ops so we can still do those and maybe a new PSA-ish mission every/every other week


hey i'm so excited...

1.can you make missions like the PSA ones? i really miss those.
2.maybe you can get in more characters. and some of them can be puffles
3. one mission could be about herbert's crabs and klutzy.
4. can there be an evil PENGUIN spy who is herbert's partner in crime?
5. can we save the penguins who herbert has trapped?
6. can you please put the PSA missions back?

4d 8:

change to a EBT Team


hi, im not suggesting plots for the missions, but the things that make a mission AWESOME are these:

1. it has to be really scary

2. herbert should be in it!


4. it should not contain too much of video or too many tough games where you have to fight... it should contain only SOME videos and they should be the RIDDLE-SOLVING type and not the TOUGH-GAME type. AND IT SHOULD BE LONG ENOUGH.

5. It should have some mystery that has always been in clubpenguin solved!!

6. please dont make it like those typical plots where there are evil robots and clones. thats too cliche.

frosty shine:

i would like new missions ......... and ofcourse we need new enemies too ! 8D



new agent called C.A.Moe or agent camo (if u sound out C.A.Moe it sounds like camo).
she has a watch with a laser on it ans has brown wavy hair tied up in an army green band that matches her sleevless jacket, she has a jean skirt andthe epf badge on her top pocket of her jacket. she has a belt with a holder for her spyphone and a small purse type bag thing on it that holds an earpeice that she puts on when needed. She could be a bit short tempered but great at camoflage, she could be head of xtra training for epf agents who are highly skilled and that progressed. :) this is the agent ive always wanted 2 b but kind of am as i based her on me when i feel in a spy mood. this would b my absolute dream name if she didnt get made 4 like maybe a 1 off training mission as it wouold make me feel like an awesome spy when im on cp.
P.S if u like the idea of her plz reply :) it would b nice 2 no if people like her as my mates dont go on cp anymore :(

C.A.Moe ;) good work agents :) :) :)


Omg I really want a new vilin and he would be cheeta and who doesn't like cheetas
Ps.I want very high tech epf phone


what about from phineas and ferb, get the villan, and turn it into herberts evil villan! (but, they have to be toghther because the other
villan is a penguin.) please reply and post me! (i have never ben posted.)


Great Idea!

But I Think A Half Builded Hq Would Better Because It Will Show Builders Are Building Back The Hq

Anyway Waddle On!


I think that there should be like a time travel thing which you can do old EPF things like operation black out for practice in the future
and not just operation black out also the dragons herbert used and maybe even the robot you had to fight in the marvel super hero party and about the marvel super hero party will you do DC super heros next year?


wow this looks like the sports shop might come back epic i wonder what new hq will be untill then see ya

- sonic7668


Sister Ski:

I really miss all those training missions! those were sooo much fun something like that would be good to have

Awesome Boy:

I think one thing we should do is to make sure the secret door can open only when there are no non-EPF members around, or you can make a secret place where most non-epf members won't go


Maybe there should be a mission where you have to use card Jujitsu?


We need more EPF agents.

green n cool:

To keep Herbert being the evil villain in club penguin , the epf could mind wipe him so he doesn't remember anything to do with them and starts his evil doings again.


you could to like what the ds games for club penguin have , were there is a secret training room. you can make it so you can train your puffles to help in missions , i think the missions should involve the actual places instead of the psa missions, separate to club penguin , like a video. like every week you could have missions involving different places e.g: missions involving the sensi at the dojo , cadence at the dance club etc... then it goes onto a mission like the psa's , so every week different missions would pop up instead of playing them all at once. it could be a better thing than just having little field ops.

waddle on



Name: Friend or Foe Part 1

Plot: Herbert makes a device that can change him into anything! Then a new penguin joins the EPF and suddenly the director (aunt artic) gos missing then the new agent is in charge. But is he actaully a penguin? And is he friend or foe?



Herbert could have a brother who comes to stay. But when Herbert finds out how evil he really is Herbert joins the EPF to get rid of his nasty brother

Agent Ido1010:

I Have An Idea Herbert Can Built A Giant Machine That Hypnotizes Puffle's And In The Middle Of The Base (That I Think You'll Need To Solve Puzzles In It)There Is Herbert's Computer With A Very Hard Puzzle That If You Solve It The Puffles's Stop Attacking Cp And You Will Get Herbert's Computer (That Dose Nothing) In Your Igloo
+I Have An Idea For A New Agency For Club Penguin:"C.P.A" ("Club Penguin Agency") And A Agency You Have To Hide In A Specific Room Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Good Called "C.P.E.A" ("Club Penguin Emergency Agency")
+I Think You Should Do A Volcano Eruption Game In The Last Day Of The Prehistoric Party

Waddle On!


Ya,I think there should be a bad group Leader Herbert.It can be the EPF Group buts instead stand for Evil Penguin Force that will be awesome.Then in the summer there can be a war Good EPF and Good Mascots vs Bad EPF and bad mascots that will be epic.


All EPF characters should show up at certain parties.


looks very good my friend


I think that there should be new missions, where you can see yourself, and uncover that Herbert has been turning penguins over to the Malicious Animal Rebellion, or MAR. That would be awesome!


If Herbert got caught but he has some penguins that are evil and Kluzty is missing. and if we see like Dot and Jet pack guy around the Island and the Director goes missing


well maybe herberts gang got trapped up years ago and herbert was the only one that got away. maybe herberts gang could find there way out and try and take over club penguin.


we need a secret training room with enemy dummies and special items for all agents not just members

green n cool:

i think the new entrance to the hq shouldn't be through the opening wall pole in the phoning facility again , there should be a more secret way of getting in the base , like in a location were there are usually less penguins than any other place on club penguin e.g the cave etc..
or you could make the entrance in the same place but not with the everyday phoning facility.
p.s please post, iv'e never been posted before.
waddle on


I think Herbert should create robo-clones of the EPF and use them to try to take over Club Penguin. That would be a challenge.


Can there be a station to be on Herbert's team?


In one of the pictures it has the Sports Shop. I'm guessing we will get the PSA HQ and Sports Shop. But maybe we wont get the PSA HQ back because one of the pictures looks like the EPF HQ. So maybe we will get the Sports Shop back but we will still have the EPF HQ.


I think you should make a mission where Herbert steals all the puffles. If you remember, in mission 9 there is a blueprint with a picture of a puffle on it and if you clicked it, it said : " Hmm, it seems Herbert is planing to do something with the puffles.", but nothing ever happend with the puffles.


Hmm, I agree with you guys. We do need a new baddie. While Herbert is great, his plans aren't all that.. successful. He could use some help. I would like to see an evil Penguin, or even another Polar Bear! Does Herbert have any siblings? What about Gary? An evil scientist would be really cool.

Also, I would like some EPF missions. I really, really miss the old PSA missions. The Field Ops are great, but they're not as involved with the storyline as the missions were. I'd love to see some more interaction between Herbert and the main mascots. Maybe even an animation about it?


Definitely a mission with saving all of the CP mascots like Rockhopper and Cadence and Sensei. That would be so cool!

babushka jr:

I hope we can still play the old PSA missions like before. They were fun.


can the h.q. have a pool for speed, a lazer room for stealth, troubleshooting for probolem solving and quite a few targets to shoot for aim
WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


here is my opinion-
A villain comes to CP. He and Herbert fight.
Herbert loses.
New villain takes over CP.
Penguins are helpless.
BIG SURPRISE- Herbert offers to help !!
Agents surprised.
Herbert explains the new villain as his old enemy.
Herbert and agents work together for the first time.
They defeat the villain.
Penguins thank Herbert.
They go back being enemies

Aaron Steel:

The second sketch is of the new command room! AWESOME!


I think we should have a phone and a GPS and we can fight evil for freedom and we can add up to 1-8 new place's in Club Penguin! Will that be ok? DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!


I think that a old mascot should go away and never be heard of again and we have a new mascot for the new EPF
Also there should be an evil mascot that has there own EPF like the Marvel superhero takeover and both sides have there own field ops and HQs


since im an agent i think maybe we should something that effects all peinguins like destroying something very speciel to us. Something that without it all would seem hopeless utillthe agents came along. and there needs to be some people captured like the head of the epf agents , the gadget guy , and some of the most important agents.
And we would need gadgets to compleete the mission. ><


hi i am here with my bff ella we both love dogs (i have one called essie and ella has one called woody). so how about having one where we have to go and get a real golden puffle statue from hearbet . we get there and a guard dog called nala jumps out on to us and then, we fall down a cliff and ,nala starts talking to us and turns out to be hearbet's slave and, nice we find a old slege and nala pulls it back to hq and, becomes our guard dog . as long as we pay her in chiken

ps: nala is a black and tan german shepherd.


you are probably not looking at this but it would be cool if you have one of the good guys turn evil and we have to save club penguin by defeating the good guy. Or maybe the good guy was made evil by someone. It would also be cool if all the good guys disappeared, I was not hear for the blackout I wish something else epic would happen.

Jr Piplup1:

A human should come with a boat and is trapping penguins and no penguins can be seen and you can get caught and get put in a cage by being seen, the forest and inside buildings are safe. PLUS!!! the human brings cats, so you cant walk puffles!!!


We should do something like the old days where you could make your own choices and you had REAL missions where the island was empty besides you and you went and completed the missions personally, with no distractions. I MISS PSA!!! EPF is nowhere near as fun. I hope you guys can make it interesting again.
WADDLE ON! LoveByKennedy


You should make more entrances


i think we should totally find Herbert and kick him off the island i don't know why the EPF didn't think to do that he never wins we should have some evil penguins instead of a stupid polar bear ! thanks waddle on


ok cool! i think instead of an spy phone we should have a spy pad. i cant wait until the new epf comes out!



Pizza delivery to Herbert to see what he's up to. Cause you how the bad guy sometimes just tells a random guy like the pizza delivery one what there plans are. So after he tells you the plan you open the pizza and trap Herbert but Klutzy cuts the rope and starts to talk and say his evil plan. He will get rid of all of the puffles in CP. and then he traps you. Herbert wants to be the villian so you decide to team up with Herbert to stop Klutzy

What do you think?!?


i got an idea Herbert escapes he makes a robot bear that hypnoties puffles and if the puffle catch you have to restart not allway in the begin you have to find the gadgets to open all doors the in the end you have to defeat the robotic bear that klutzy is controlling you have to dodges the snowballs you need to find snow ball and click the back of the robot back so the bateries will fall . As a reward you get a metal shaped as a puffle.


I think there should be like a mission where the EPF meet dark reflections of the agents created by Herbert...called the Dark EPF. Or Herbert goes back in time so the PSA and EPF never existed...what will happen???? Or maybe Herbert finds...or creates...something more EVIL than him. Wouldn't that be scary? Now lets stop Herbert Percival Bear...or am I working for him?? DUH DUH DUH.......................................


we should be able to do missions with friends


I think that yes they should have a new enemy or two, but that they should have some things which are hidden in previous missions which can be used in another mission to get an elite puffle. And also I think you should have secret entrances all over the island to a underground EPF complex.
Thats all the ideas I have so far.

But the whole idea is so cool!!!
Waddle on CP!!!!



I think you guys should put in a E.P.F. agent blog and a cool club!


Herbert should call some of his Polar Bear Friends and create an army called the EBF! (Elite Bear Force!)
And remember, STAY EPIC!
-The Nugget


wene are u going to do the new hq?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????/


Wow this looks fun! You guys are so imaginative. I would have never thought of operation blackout! Even though my penguin wasn't living there, the fellow penguins said it was epic!!

ramona jenna:

I think there should be missions where we can earn things like clothing,furniture,etc. even for the non-members who can be agents. Also, I think the old agent catalog should be back because alot of my penguin friends on CP say how much they want it back and I agree I loved that catalog.

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!

P.S those look like awesome ideas :) Can't wait


I would like a Herbert mission you fight Herbert and get new club penguin armor like boots,chestplate,goggles and hats
But each time you fight Herbert u get stronger and get each peace of armor
Singed jacksonlarge


WHEN WIll it come out?


What's hapening? I WANT THE EPF BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When is the epf coming?!?!?!

Kf Rules:

I think just more missions in general would be nice! Theyre so much fun and just adding new missions to the current list would make it alot more fun! Although, I think we should include something similar to the PSA missions.


Mabye something to do with an evil puffle or something that you as a penguin find not just something gary invented or aunt arctic lost.


A mission I would like to see is where there is a character who becomes you'r friend but then is really evil so she/he is just pretending to be nice


What if Herbert goes back to his home and teams up with other polar bears?Then he make a brainwashing machine and brainwashes the EPF?Then we have to collect parts for a unbrainwashing machine and put it together like a puzzle.Then time by time fight with the brainwashed members of the EPF and unbrainwash them...Herbert comes and challenges us to a match of his game.First its impossible so we lose then Gary makes a machine to help us...we win and Herbert goes away forever.What do you think?


Elite Pizza Factory

Sticky Upey2:

i'd love to see some more characters that the agents have to find and capture and agents get called by there code name like sor me Agent SU2 as my name initialls!




What's next for the Elite Penguin Force? Well, obviously not fixing their HQ! Can you focus on this first?


i think we should have a group of evil penguins who wants klutzy to be leader of the island and another group who want herbert to rule
club penguin and we get involved in their battle.
PS: please post me nobody posts me


We should have missions that involve the island more that you can acses any time. But involves the real island. Like you have a mission where you have too get a key and yu have a persn walking around the island with it. And you have to beat them at a game to get the key. And we should have more games that are just regular multiplayer


I got a sort of good idea that we can make the closet in the tube transport open.


i think there sould be a misson in the epf command room!!!!! cp rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we should have new epf gear and zombe gards


Maybe the new character could be an undercover agent for Herbert! But we will take her into our force meanwhile she will be sneaking out information and bringing it to Herbert. If you choose this idea, I think the character should be a she ;) And also do not post this comment if you like it cuz you would have to keep the secret that the girl is a double agent. So instead you would just introduce her as a new agent, I promise I wont tell ;)


P.S. I have a great image of her in my head, I could draw her for you ;)

P.P.S. Don't think I'm being controlling and have already made this decision for you XD

P.P.P.S Waddle on!!


It will be good to see a new bad guy in club penguin but i think that there must be a great great battle with Herbert and with a army of herbert like a army of polar bear or a army of evil penguins with a name like "Dark Force" or some thing!!! In which club penguin will be nearly finished and will EPF!! And a new organisation should be formed secretly "Super Elite Penguin Force(SEPF)" that defeats Herbert for once and forever and repair the club penguin!!!!


i hope there is some new villans


How about this-

New Missions- Operatio n JetFalure- Gary used a jetpack but went out of control, so we have to save him- For Members Only

New Name For EPF- Everyday

New Villian- A penguin named- Max M. Madness


i really think they should add another mascot and another bad PENGUIN. I REALLY think you guys should make another puffle or room or something. And maybe from now and forever,you guys should make another game to fit with the party(the game should only last as long as the party)
Thanks for reading!


I'm thinking of a new mission AND party when Herbert and Klutzy try to escape from Club Penguin because Herbert wanted to go to a warm island at the very beginning. He can't swim and he's not going on a ice berg again. So they stole Rockhopper's boat and sails off! Luckily Rockhopper had spare boats but only 2 penguins can go on one and it's very slow. While Gary was reading a comic with the X-TREME JETPACK SURF HOPPERZ and he did the same but without the surfboard and the hopper boat.


new EPF names: nick aaron and everly GENDER FOR THE NAMES: boy boy and girl


How about EPF agents being able to have their own EPF teams?


Hey CP Team, will field-ops ever return?
(i need medals)


sorry about my first commet... but I think we sould have new characters


maybe u can get rpf to be the evil group :D btw WADDLE ON!


a herbert new invention the puffle hipnotizator at the puffle party 2013


I think it should be called UPF. That means Ultimate Penguin Force.


it gets realy boring with no missions so could you hurry please

a.n.d. :

pleaaaaaaaaaaase hurry with the missions it is so boring without them plus you cant even redo missions right now because the tube transport is gone.


I think that in the missions, you can hear the penguins.


i can make out some of it





are yous going to put back up the misson bit


can they have the building repaired fast because it has been 2-3 months already and i want missions for my penguin soon.


Please bring epf back! I love this game, but epf is my favorite thing. HURRY!!!!!!


and an idea for the HQ:
you could have a huge tv screen, where you get missions and a safe next to it that holds things from previous missions that you can go and see!
and to get out of the room you could have a laser scanner thing where it scans you and makes a noise and your gone!
there should also be another room:
GARY'S LAB! it should be exactly the same to in the missions!!


i like all your ideas, i even thought of one.
how about:
"the nightclub is not giving out any more music. something happened with disks. all the disks are lost! in fact the entire island has many penguins complaining of lost disks! we know that herbert stole all the disks to stop all penguins from making such huge noise because he hates noice!"
how's the idea? i really want to do a mission like this!


Make it P.S.A again.


I cant wait! :)

W hat is it going to be?
A nswer please!
D oes it have P.S.A items?
D oes it have cool spy gear?
L et me know.
E ither ill wait.
O r please let me know!
N ice


I've been waiting for new missions!!!!!!
A new villain should be introduced ..... a BIG, FAT, elephant seal!!!!! And his name will be Elli!
Elli want to claim the island of Club Penguin an Elephant Seal paradise so in other words he want the island to be for seals only!
The penguins must figure out a way to make Elli happy but not loose their island!
Elli starts out small trying to make the penguins want to leave! But soon Elli realizes that the penguins love their home and are not leaving. Elli goes bigger setting fire to the Woods! The agents of the EPF must put out the fire and figure out what Elli's next move will be... and how to stop him for good.
A possibility is that Elli meets up with Herbert and they work together, but Herbert gets suspicious and Elli sends him floating out in to open sea on a tiny raft!!! The agents have to split up and surprisingly SAVE HERBERT!!!!!! Herbert sees that the penguins aren't that bad and Herbert and the EPF team up to stop Elli!!!!!!!!!

- sharpieheart!&food_for_thought


I got an idea. We should have a secret entrance to the EPF on our igloo(without membership require).Just like Phineas and ferb
that Perry always have a secret entrance on the houses,any places he has a secret entrance.You Know why I say without
been a member because If there is an emergencys we should go as faster as we can. But I dont agree with a group of good and evil
Is supposed to be fun club penguin Okay! not just been in war okay The only evil guy is herbert okay.I Know his plans always foil
not because hes silly when he wins Isnt because we work on team and herbert doesent have an army to defeat us.And
If they put a group of good and evil I will choose the good side.

Well I hope that you agree with me!

Until then

Waddle on!


I really love the EPF and I really want
It back. Also since the EveryDay Phoning
Facilty I was thinking does this mean the
New EPF will be in a different place
I think that would be a good idea


You should split penguins into to organizations, one called K.O.R.P.S the criminal organization, and S.N.A.R.L.S the secret service.


I think they should make a brand nu command room decked out with awsom spy gear and stuff as well as the same old one. There should also be a group of bad penguins you can join with their own command room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle on Club Penguin !!!!!!!!!!


I have a few ideas that you might like Club Penguin, so please read!
- Herbert should get some sort of group that follows him. (Herbert is a good villan, but if you use him to much without any sort of suprising twist, he will get boring.)
- Have something happen sorta like Operation: Blackout, like maybe have Herbert take over the island again, but not to much or it will be boring and to predictable. (This would be for people on there who had not joined Club Penguin yet and missed it, including me.....)
- Have a a new character be a traitor to the EPF. (This will create an interesting plot twist, therefore, making more people be more interested in Club Penguin and the EPF.)
- Have a few penguins like Jet Pack Guy or Dot or even the Director get taken by Herbert and/or his group. (This will create an interesting plot twist, therefore, making more people be more interested in Club Penguin and the EPF. As said above.)
- Please do not blow up the EPF HQ again please! (Blowing up the HQ to much will get VERY annoying.)
- Add new characters to the good and bad side. (Using the same characters over and over will just wear them out and everyone with get bored of them.)
- Maybe have more Characters online. (This will encourage players to get online more.)
- Easy Way to Fix the EPF without just Randomly have it Fixed: Post something on the Blog/Club Penguin Times saying something about needing help to fix the EPF, (Like with using the hard hats) and slowly over time (Maybe 1 or 2 weeks) have damaged stuff be fixed. (The electricity sparks disappear, cracks disappear, Rocks/boulders disappear, burnt marks disappear, ect.) Untill it's all fixed up and ready to use. (Then you can start your plans for the EPF)

Waddle on!!!!!!!

- Raventalon2

P.S. You don't have to tell me twice to help fix the EPF, already trying to get penguins to help me do it!


Raven is right club penguin can be boring when the HQ missions are not there please fix it immediantley i am kinda annoyed how there is pretty much nothing to do when there are no parties

Cob Penguin1:

I think there should be a mission where Herbert tries to reveal that Aunt Arctic is the Director to the whole of Club Penguin. And you get revenge and stop him by blowing his lair up with popcorn. That'll teach him to mess with the EPF and PSA!


We should have a portall that leads to every place in club penguin and we should have our own coffee room and we should get new missions and a new hq


Am i the only one who wants Proto-bot and the test-bots to return? we've seen so little of them! Club penguin's first ds game, "Operation Robotomy, and May to June 2012. That's all we've seen of them! And for Herbert, We've seen him Missions 3 - 11, second Club Penguin Ds game, Operation Robotomy, Battle of doom (May 2011), Operation Hibernation, Rock-a-bye Herbert, Best seat in the house, The party starts NOW!, Ghosts just want to dance, Operation Blackout, and Herbert style, Also known as TOO MUCH! We need Proto-bot back before Herbert strikes his revenge for like the millionth time! And not just a background role like the Superhero party, I want him active like in the Ds game!


do "Rockhoppers missing key"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For the EPF, like I said before, you could make a new character that is an EPF Agent who can easily save the island.Or maybe even scare the villians of the EPF as a way to block the way of the villians.


when i can play the mission?? i've been waiting for already two months!!!!!!


SAME i dont know how!


how about new missions? anyone interested?


I think that club penguin should make it so when you go into the E.P.F there will be a room where you can only enter if you have a puffle with you it will be called Elite Puffle Force and the Elite Puffle Force will track down hackers and klutzy while Elite Penguin Force can track down herbert! Then club penguin will be a hack free game and cheat free game! Then if it will not stop hackers we should make a hacking tracker device that E.P.F can use and ban all the hackers.

Please post this i spent all day thinking about this please

Waddle along penguins and i wanna say thanks disney for making this game

Cool Blazer:

Can't WAIT! :D


FIB, CAI, PenguinCityAgents (PCA) ......


I cant play missions in club penguin 2013 because the transporter beam is destroyed, and l was wondering when it will be fixed. l really like playing missions but l cant now. lt's so unfair!

Cool Blazer:

Can't wait! :D i'm new to club penguin and didn't get to do the missions. So i hope i can still do the old missions.


i think there should be a new member in disguise that you dont trust and you have to stop him from taking over
and in the end you will find out if he is working with herbert or not.

agent rocet man:



You should add the jail building like from the super hero party and if you go in this door that said do not enter it leads to the new epf hq 2013 :)


You should make ore mission and on like the 14th one, we should finally be able to beat Herbert. Also, You should make a Snow Dojo and make it for non-members if they have the Water and Fire Ninja gems. And also, make it for members too.

iraz27 :

once we get all the jems a secret room shold open up ha


how do i play the missions


I have an idea for a new EPF mission. Herbert could steal Rockhopper's ship and the EPF would have to build a boat to go and get the Migrator back. The hidden task part of the mission could be to find Yarr because he ran away when Herbert came because he was scared. At the end of the mission you could have a ship model for your igloo and for doing the secret task you could get a pirate hat just like Rockhopper's one for your penguin to wear! That would be really cool!

Ms Precious2:

But when will the EPF be back up and running.


I think it would be cool if we could travel underwater with aqua grabber and Herbert gets the island flooded and the EPF tries to stop him. Waddle On!


you should make a folder cabinet or something like a special computer so that we can play all missions ever created on club penguin. I used to play a while ago and LOVED the secret agent missions and now i cant find them anywhere and its really upsetting. I know fellow penguiners would love that as well!!! please!


thare shold be hdf (herbert defence force). and i want ninjas to have sords again +thre shuld be that epf puffle room in the dojo like the originole epf game.


Please hurry up i want to start new missions


When is the new elite penguin force lab opening?


You should make a psa style mission were the players penguin loses their memory and herbert convinces them that the epf are evil and to help him instead, so jet pack guy and rookie have to get your memory back and u have to fight them!!! I think it would be fun!! And g should give them an invention like he used to!!!

Cool Guy:

Can you please add more missions, I finished all of them.
Also you should add some more games in it, all there is is system defender.
The last thing is, you should make it so you don't get paid for only being in the E.P.F. ,you should make it so you can only get paid for doing missions.


you should make it where herebert gets more pepole a brand new hq and the teleporter tubes back


i think you should add more rooms and more gear and more you know detail


you should make a mission where you work with other penguins!


When will the command room be fixed


Should there be a mission where EPF agents find out who director is? I am dieing to find out!


There can be a mission where you have to try and get Klutzy back to his Habitat!


i am now a secret agent but it is not letting me do missions, or i do not know how to do missions. can someone help me?


Hi Penguinluva7,
I am a secret agent also, and I am pretty sure they don't have any new missions right now. When they have a new mission, it will show up on the gadget phone on the bottom left of the page.
Hope this helps!


I think that you should do a mission on where a new villan ( bad guy ) should destroy the stadiam ice floor and that we will have a limited amount of equipment to capture or scare away the new bad guy and fix the floor. I think a good name for the villan would be Boo BearBert herberts brother please reply or add this in the game thanks.

penguin 432576901324:

I want tube transport back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees


I agree. I really miss that :( I also miss being able to view the old HQ. It would bring back fond memories for me when I would look at the old ones :(



mr cool:

when will these changes happen


can you open up the EPF i want to do missions.


when are the missions opening im getting sooooooooooooo bored the missions were my favorite part about club penguin. I know it went along with the Operation black out but lately i havent been going on the website please open it back up

Red Prinses:

lets make a new mission. Herbert and the crab will come back there will be a new villain which will be a monkey. Herbert and the crab will come to the cove and they will sail to the tropics.there they will meet the monkey. they are going to make a secret base behind a waterfall.they will capture G and our the waterfall there will be a trap..when we escape we will release G and capture Herbert and the crab but they will escape.THE END.


i think there should be puffles and EPF go to look for all the puffles there should be about 30 or 20 puffles.but you need to find all of them all over club penguin!To me thats sound cool. but then herbert comes to get all the puffles while you have you back turned to talk to other agents of what to with all the puffles.Herbert takes them to his HQ or what ever he has.(i dont really know anthing about agents i just became one and i havent done any missions) If you want to be my friend on club penguin my name is wolf girl 23. :)


u should do a mission where the agent can only use a puffle to get them through the mission and get to chose what kind of puffle they want for coins but don't get to keep them


well u should make a puffle training school for penguins to teach them and a puffle daycare!!! I LOVE PUFFLES!!!!!


I think there should be a mission including a rainbow puffle for members and non members because the quest for the rainbow puffle is only for members and I think non members should have a go at a quest but instsed of a quest it is a mission my name is curiosity379


Can we have a mission on the rainbow puffle???

kids rule 111:

there could be a mission were all the puffles go missing and nobody knows why and then it ends up as the head agent stole them or the girl that wrights the news paper or even better the girl at the dance club the reason they stole the puffles could be because nobody noticed them anymore and all there employes quit or they just wanted the puffles for them self


I think it should be like the new rainnbow puffles are actually herberts creation to spy on epf so he will know when we will attack. but if we get even close to stopping herbert he will exspose all epf agents to clubpenguin and the rainbow puffle will begin to attack the penguins and put them in some type of hypnosis and he will try to rule the world but we stop him. and then all the epf agents have to go away because they were exposed. and the penguins decide that if epf will keep herbert away . clubpenguin will keep there beaks close about epf . and they all did what they said they would do.


I think there should be like where herbert broke in to EPF and stole all the elite puffles and then you have to train your own puffle and if you dont have one you can get one for free. and we stop herbert and klutzy .


i hadnt been on club penguin for a while and i came back on to complete some missions and the epf headquarters was totally blown apart like. i dont understand why. i miss the missions and i would also like to know why their are so many new things for puffles to do and why you have to be a member to let your puffle into the new play bit made for puffles like. most club penguin users arent members and doing this isnt making them want to be like.


Rainbow puffles are awesome. don't you think? ( puffles is underlined as incorrect.) lol.

pizza :

mabye a new elite puffle that helps you in missions :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


how intrusting


Can somebody tell me why I can't access old Missions anymore.


you should make every place a different holiday and people can go to their favorite holiday! Waddle on!


You should make new missions, new enemies, and more gadgets


i think we should get more technical equipment for members and non members!


When is the E.P.F command room going to be fixed?


Well I think you should do a misson where you have to find a sacred rainbow puffle and then when you return to its natural habitat it wants to saty with you so you get the rainbow puffle. But you have to be a member to do the mission.


I want another element for dojo eg. Fart dojo, Ice dojo, Grass dojo, Ghost dojo and Leaf dojo including new amulet for all dojos




Green Gob:

I think their should be a mission where you can fight with sensei .


i am new just saw the video how to become EPF AGENT
never exepected i would get a mission so fast ...... so bring it on


I think you should have an EPF station for evil like you can choose to be with herbert or aunt artic


I think Herbert shoud teaming up with other villans and kidnap Gary. So you can team up with you friends,the director,Jet pack guy,Rookie and Dot and save Gary and deafeat Herbert and the other villans.


hey, i was 490th person to add comment! XD BUT YEA GOOD IDEAS BARRY!


we should have a mission where herbert tries to trap you and dot and when he does he tries to force us onto his side by hipnotizing you cuz he thinks well be use full and then right when hes gonna hipnotize you G steps up and saves us in herberts hideout


i think we souldhave a sim party

sonic hedge4:

it would be awesome if maybe there was a game in the epf hq were you could create your own mission for everyone to play


Some of the add on's like Rocky and Cece or.... Sensei [examples] should join in cuz some people dont get MEMBERSHIPS to meet them (aka, rocky and cece) - sry to be bratty :P

Lego Wizard:

I think the players should be on a sort of "Board of Directors" for Club Penguin


Go for operation chocolate sauce instead of hot sauce


fix the teleporter in the EPF so we can teleport back to the old HQs


please put more missions!!!!!


Wow Awesome i like it! waddle on Club Penguin..... :)


add more missions


Hurry up and make more missions plz

Cy Crystal:

Wait maybe you should have a new puffle! The puffle spy! Or have a puffle in a mission, i mean everyone loves puffles

Cy Crystal:

Wait i have an idea! There should be a training zone where you can play all the old missions for "training" :) I remember the first mission... i could never get past it...but that was about 3 years ago

Puppykin Punkin :

How do you fix the broken elevator to the mission room? I've been DYING to do a specific mission. Is there another way to do missions? Or maybe a way to talk to G?


I really want the old missions to be playable again. I really enjoyed playing them when I was bored or had nothing to do. When will the EPF be up and running again?


The ultimate protobot and Herbert should make an alliance and rob the island watch your backs!!!


I think there should be a mission for the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) where everyone (not just members) has to use all the elite puffles to ultimately foil Herbert's ultimate plans. O yea, you should also have to learn to use them if you haven't before. Agent FH out!

P.S. several of you know where i heard this, so plz don't say where : a little birdy told me there is a secret door in the dojo leading to the puffle training room. <----------------------------------------------------- HINT HINT


I love club penguin and the missions both of them are SUPER cool.I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us penguins!!!!!!


There should be a mission where the most feared villains join forces you you have to stop them. Can there also be more E.P.F. clothing for everyone not just members.




If dance was easy, it would be called football:

THERE SHOULD BE A NEW EVIL CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Herbert is getting old!!

mixi lixi:

wow can you try keep us updated im really excited good job hope its finshed by end of 2013


i think we should make a mission where herbert meets someone who is also evil and they work together to try to destroy the epf

Rainbow Dash:

I think we should have a mission where we have to sail with Rockhopper to a new island and solve the mission on that island


Yay it would be cool if you could have free spy gear that would be awesome

fredo 2008:

maybe the epf hq could get sucked into the ground by a new bad guy


I think there should be passwords for each force and soon as they come on to club penguin they've got to choose one and not another just one and not again and go to the phone thing and enter the password and go in one for robbers and one for epf!!


I've been really excited about the possibility of a new mission. I was thinking that maybe there could be some ninja involvement, like the EPF and the ninjas teaming up to defeat Herbert. I'm just spitballing, but maybe it could work! :)


How about one of the epf important penguins is actually on herberts side????


defiting g will be hard


there should be a bad guy more bad than herbert


Can you make one new room? If yes the room is a bank.


A new computer for the spy drills!!

Party Sheep:

I think Herbert may come and attack Club Penguin! Then we will have to "Rebuild" Club Penguin!

X MAN 150:



aaaahhhhhhh cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope the new missions are gonna be really cool and i hope there are alot when they come out!!!! the new disguise room is really cool!!!!!!


btw i hope we get psa styled missions again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


what happend to the EPF?
its broken
plz reply

Enter nickname:

find psp


can you add a mission room in the new EPF

superpink123 :

we should put herbert to the side and focus on tusk because he is more mature than herbert...And scary.


My suggestion would be, to have Herbert steal some puffles.


i think that we should capture herbert


i think there should be a mission called "the missing fish" and it should be all the fisher get get there fish stolen by Herbert crab

morrigan 5653:

i think you should put a secret door for the camand room!

Enter nickname:

should let club penguin members to design the new hq


you should make brand new feild-ops for when the best is fixed.


there should be a mission where you have to take over the pizza shop and herbert comes it and messes everything up


I think its cool, but I really wish that you had kept the old missions so we can do them while we wait! I check all the time to see if missions are available. I just hope that it gets fixed soon so that we can do missions again. :) thanks!

epf p:

gary is taken and the epf saves him


i think herbert could make the EPF (evil penguin force)

maybe he could create another lazer that freezes the island and herbert steals all the puffles and sets fire to the whole wilderness and the fire spreads to the lighthouse and every room BUT the EPF command room isn't harmed because it is underground. also, it is longer than a psa mission and takes 2 months to complete


i think herbert could make the EPF (evil penguin force)

maybe he could create another lazer that freezes the island and herbert steals all the puffles and sets fire to the whole wilderness and the fire spreads to the lighthouse and every room BUT the EPF command room isn't harmed because it is underground. also, it is longer than a psa mission and takes 2 months to complete


when will it be back up and running? I think we should have some new characters come in. Also I think we should put the old webpage up for a couple of weeks when the agency opens and starts running.


club penguin team should make a mission where one of the spies are secretly working for Herbert it would be really awesome


Hey what if herbert,scorn,tusk,and protobot all teamed up to take over? like
OPERATION:SAVIOR or something like if you could read this Please
thanks if you read this!


what if herbert became a ninja?-i know its a bad idea:c


I think the idea is great and I think u should make different level missions


it has been over a year since it was destroyed so it better be good.


I have been an EPF for 4 months. How much longer until i will get a mission?


they should make one mission where the director goes missing and during that time u find out the directors real identity... it could be someone we know!

Serrah 300:

I think the EPF needs to step up it's game, at my time, there are 4 different armies. that's ACP, RPF, NACHOS ARMY ( I think it's a funny name ), and my favorite of the 4, EPF.

Serrah 300:

my idea is that you get Herbert a contraption to make him smarter so at least he's more fun to fight. and also make the events include more fight and rescue like the Puffles captured by Herbert and made them to slaves event. I sadly missed it because the adobe flash player was not working. anyways... it would be great if you'd think about making it like a chain and have the events longer, like getting Herbert, then a new bad guy, and then a boss of the others. hope you like the ideas. waddle on.


when will this be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they should make herbret's lair under the icebreg and 35 penguin to drill to his lair.


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