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By Polo Field on January 2, 2013 - 10:32

Happy New Year, Penguins!


Ready to get the New Year started with style? The new Penguin Style catalog comes out later this week. Check out the cover!

You read that right… The new catalog will include a page of clothing items everyone can buy. Very cool!


Also, we had to move our weekly launch to tomorrow evening, Thursday, January 3. So that's an extra day to keep earning coins for the new items in the catalog!


Until next time… Waddle On!


-Club Penguin Team



Good,great going to enjoy,
FYI i left a coment early when this had 0 comments and now if this falls as a
comment i will be be some 870... Person to comment but overall ur ll rock.


I think its awesome letting non-members get something to. Club Penguin is getting better and better all the time. Great job penguins, with donating coins.AWESOME!!! Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Icey6334




i want to see designer clothes for cp clothes many disney ones too!


wow this is great cause i have another penguin thats not a member and i love this!


Oh, gosh! That's really cool! I'd like to see a feature in the gift shop that left you shape, color, design (text, pictures from a file on your computer, graffiti,ect.), and then name your own custom hat/hair! Then, you'd have a button on your player card that people could click and they could see your custom hat/hair, or even buy it, for the price the creator chooses. (50-1000) That would be really cool


i wish there was a make up your own party! waddle on.




this is awsome!!!! next time have a mega catalog that has every different hairdo like the sunstriker i know a lot of penguin who are always trying to get there hands on that.


i want them to put in the catalog for april fools this year a clown costume where when u dance water squirts out of the hat or a rookie costume for holloween :)


Im happy that nonmembers can buy clothes for their penguin !!!!!! :D


This is so great!

I am a non-member and that is the most important thing happened to me in Club Penguin.

This catalog means that the Club Penguin Community really thinks of all players not only members,
I look forward for making some of the puffles go to non-member players.

This will be Great!

Thank you Club Penguin.


what i would like to see is, THE DIVA GLASSES. everyone is wearing them, and i got on like 6 months ago and they have never showed in the catalog. I would be great full. Another idem but its not as important. Could you bring back the straight blonde,brown, and black hair? The one that all the "populers" wear. if you dont know what i mean, just log on to a server that is almost full, you should see someone wearing it. Thanks for your time


Yes i know right everyone has those even like the orange or green sun striker hairdo i wish they could have those back

Roxy peacock:

I love doing fun games and coins for thingy its cool to be a penguin ha ha ha


For non-members you should have a pencil and notebook to sign autographs along with a pair of sunglasses.


Can there be a black hoodie and bunny slippers for non members in the next month catalog.
That would be soso cool!


Hey CP! The catologe is out now, and I noticed, there isn't a page with a special item. ( For example, a shovel or fire fighter outfit) Anyways, I was wondering if the page with items for Non-members took the place of that. Please write back!


Thanks alot you made my ugly penguin totaly BEAUTIFUl! Like if you keep this up i will totaly like tell all of my like friends!
List of People I Got To Play Club Penguin:
And Thats all so keep it up with the clothes for everyone!


i would want club penguin to bring back the old colored sweatshirts and the shoes that look like converse because i missed out and i was upset and i wish they would let us keep the emotions from some parties or make new ones but i like what you did

Thanks Club Penguin.

lovely pet:

this club pengun done a great job even v r on this even v should get thing not only member i would like to expect more things from clubpenguin to non members

G Hans:

I know a good hair style.... a big bun that twirls like crazy so it will be a casual look!


i Am a Member So i Don't Have To Buy Non-Member items instead Of Gett
ing Member items


OMG! It so cool! Too bad its already April. Could have done it earlier when it was out! Too Bad. (-; LOL


Tomorrow I am going to safe up so much coins that no bitty can cleat.


AWESOME!! also that's good because my membership expires a few months earlier




i am so happy all those non-members can now get clothing without waiting for the next party!!!!!


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