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By Polo Field on March 18, 2015 - 19:59 | Comments (414)

By popular demand... it's time for another edition of "Ask Polo!"

Ask me a question in the comments below, and I'll do my best to answer as many as possible. :)

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By Daffodaily5 on March 15, 2015 - 08:08 | Comments (184)


Penguin of the Week had some technical difficulties last week, but don’t worry – it will return this Thursday! Before that, I thought we could have a get-together. Sound good?

Daffodaily5 Meet-up!

Since the Puffle Party is coming up, why not bring a Puffle along? I hope to see you there!


-Club Penguin Team

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By Megg on March 9, 2015 - 18:55 | Comments (258)

Hi Penguins!

For those of you hearing rumors of a Puffle Party coming later this month, you'll be happy to know that what you've heard is true! Not only that... it will be the Puffle Party you know and love, with an expedition twist – woop woop!

Here's a write-up from the team about the story surrounding this year's party. To make it more interesting and mysterious, we've left out bits and pieces for you to try and fill in:

Before this year’s Puffle Party begins, players will discover ______ has rebuilt the Ski Lodge as a new ________! In the _____ there is a large fishcake that is being saved to eat during the Puffle Party. When the party starts, PH announces that someone, or something, has broken in and eaten the fishcake… but who... or what? Players must first __________ before they head out into the wild. Once there, they will be able to access rooms with ___________, that ____________ and coax out new and different wild puffles. As they draw the puffles out, players realize that ________.

Say what? The Ski Lodge is going to be rebuilt?! Why yes it is, and we've got a little concept art to show you:

That's all for now! Don't forget to comment below with your best guesses as to what we left out of the party write-up.

And stay tuned for our sneak peek video – Mystery in the Ski Lodge!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team

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By Daffodaily5 on March 5, 2015 - 06:55 | Comments (545)

Geepeach is rocking some old school style in Arctic White. The T-shirt, the cape, the cave igloo decked out with puffle furniture... he's a puffle superhero! I've heard he's also a mini-game expert - all his friends go to him for tips!

Penguin of the Week

Do you know someone who should be Penguin of the Week? Nominate them in the comments and tell us why! Winners receive 10,000 coins and the POTW background.


-Club Penguin Team

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By Polo Field on February 26, 2015 - 13:28 | Comments (240)

Ready to make epic tunes and share them with all your music making friends?

Our SoundStudio app is now available for download from Google Play™ and the Apple App Store!

Here are links to download the app:

iOS: Sound Studio App for iOS

Android: Sound Studio App for Android

After you've had a chance to make some music – come back and let us know what you think!

Waddle on,

-Club Penguin Team