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By Polo Field on January 3, 2013 - 09:26

Hello Penguins!


Can you believe we actually broke the Coins for Change board?! All thanks to YOUR donations!


In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked which Coins for Change cause you donated to and why. Here’s Hermey12’s answer:


I donated to ALL of them! I feel it's all of our jobs to help the earth, help build safe places, and provide health care for the ill. I can't believe we donated OVER 10 BILLION COINS this year! Wow! That's really a big difference that we made this year! -Hermey12 :)


Yesterday you got a sneak peek at the January Penguin Style catalog. Now we want to know: What new penguin styles would you most like to see this year? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll feature one of your answers. If you’re picked, you’ll receive 10,000 coins!


Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team




It sure was funny seeing the coin board broken! I think a cool style would be a girl with curly blonde hair and a furry brown dress. Then, maybe for a boy, brown short hair and a brown vest! :D


I like your boy ideas

lion king901:

so love both your ideas candance

Peace Out452:



i want girls clothes lol


Nice fashions! I hope I see them in the clothes catalog. :D


D I LIKED the star Tshirt from sdeevin


i really want to see the boas again. also, i want to see more of those hairstyles like the ones in 2011. waddle on lol!


Me too! Especially the rare pink one


yeah! boas plz! it would make EVERYONE happy!!!

mc penguin 6:

yes yes! club penguin needs more boas. also club penguin needs to have the flutterby and the befluttered back on sale this year!


boas boas boas!!!!!!!!! waddle on!


Could furniture from 2005 be in the catolog just one i mean?

Brooke 1983:

we NEED boas! And white, black, and the red diva sunglasses! also, pom poms!!


I agree with Brooke 1983. what I have always really wanted, are the white diva sunglasses. I always wish that the rare pink boa would come back, the tiara, the magic wand, the old hoodies, basically everything from 2011 back to the start of Club Penguin! :D Waddle On!


YES YES YES! All of those I need except the white diva sunglasses! PLEASE get Boas, Diva Sunglasses and Pom Poms


i agree
all of those diva sunglasses


im so happy i cant wait when the new catlog is out

from boss

Smiley Sam 6:

Can't wate for the next cataloge, and i can't belive we broke the coins for change score board!!.

From Smiley Sam 6




I like your idea Nanette710.


ikr :D


yes i agree that would be cool!!!! -Icedragon189


I know1


i just want more shoes




i really want the tuft, the sunstriker and the right stuff back!! please and also all the hoodie colors, and the red backpack pleaseeeeeeee

sweetie402 :

im not a member


For girls, There should be a make your own dress, where you can chose a pattern and color and paint it on. For boys this could be done with shirts or jackets. There should also be a make your own hair where you pick style, color, and decorations. It would be nice if the hair was non member!!


I like that idea too plum36913!


me too


i really want you guys to come up with a pink sweater with gray jeans with brown boots and a pink headband


i like that idea.i just want that non-member.that would be cool and cute


That's a great idea ! Good thinking ! I hope your idea has a chance to be picked.


i love your idea its great!


maybe you could come up with an idea where you give them a picture of you and then make a penguin that has hair that looks alike and clothes that look alike....


thats a great idea i thought so too


YH!!!!! that would be awesome, plum!

awesome 169:

That's a awesome idea they have the make your your own jacket though but that's fine maybe a design your own vest but anyway cool idea!!!!


OMG i totally agree with you plum36913!!!!!!!! I would love if there was a make your own dress i can make SO much fashions that will look great on my penguin!!! And make your own hair... LOVE IT!!!!! You have made me want these things you suggested SSSOOO BAD!!!!!!! Hopefuly it will happen!!!!


I like the idea, but the shirts and jackets should be for girls and boys, because not every girl likes dresses. Also the hair is a pretty awesome idea!


That's a great idea plum I would love to make your own
Dress and hair!
Plz can we do the cp penguins who do the catolge!
I think everyone would love that!
Flower2251 :)


I agree different designs and colors every month. That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ink 4:

Cool idea that would be awesome to make dresses, shirts, jackets, and hair :D


Yeah that would be good :]

Waddle On!




Ya plum that would be awesome

lilly luna:


Rayan pink:

Really good idea I think we should do that too


It would be so cool if there were hair for non members. and there should be girl dress non members too.

Hello world:

Amen thats a great idea plum36913


i so agree with plum36913 we should definitely do this for april 2014!!!!!!!!


kamo lots of kamo i love kamo so kamo LOOSE pants and sweater for boys and pink kamo tights with normal kamo shirt with pink kamo hearts on it


What's a kamo???

Ink 4:

Kamo is green, bark green, puke green colors splashed on clothes they help you not to be seen in the woods ;)



dats how u made me feel, duffles, just plain confused. p.s. I'm not completely sure wit kamo is either


it would cooler to see you get eaten by a terex and then a shark


i really like that style


It feels go good knowing you helped someone out this year! I feel like a really good person! Thanks cp for letting us donate! Waddle on!


I would like too see a girl with blond hair with a shirt that says something funny same for guys! Our shirts should say something! Or a girl with brunette hair in a pink and purple dress and a guy with blond hair in a warm jacket! Waddle on CP!


I like your idea cadence44831!


its in the clothes catalouge


I think it would be really cool if we could dress up like famous penguins. Or we could have a dress-like-a-famous-penguin contest!! We would get to dress like cool penguins and then see who won! We could also decorate our igloos like the famous penguins. For example if you were to dress like Gary, you would probably wear a lab coat, some cool glasses, and a funky hair-do. You would decorate your igloo to look like a lab or something. Gary would judge who looked most like him and had the igloo most like his and the same thing would happen for every famous penguin!!!!! The winners that looked most like famous penguins could get 10,000 coins and something from that famous penguin!!

Please Post This!!!

foofoo aziz:

i think a sensei outfit for boys and a wedding dress for girls


its true how they broke with all the money and its cool that lots of penguin gave money to help the earth or people and build homes for people in need


I am really liked the wavey lose blond hair and the brown fuzzy dress



i would really like to see the tuft wig for boys come back. I 've been waiting for a long time so hopefully its comes back!


Lol me 2! I wonder if you can time travel 2 other places. I It would be good if u could. I think the best clothes range a great idea! I Waddle On!


I think it would be great if you guys would bring back the feathered boas ftom the puffle party... It would definently make a lot of penguins happy. Also, it would be cool if you guys had a rare item party where you bring back some of the old rare items... It would make a lot of people happy! Thanks!


In the next clothing catalogue it would be cool for the black sunglasses to come back because everyone likes them but they can't get them.


i really want the white diva sunglasses and the black Hoodie i was waiting for years but it won't come out please let it come out

mermaid :

I would like to see two of the tiaras. The feathered one and the regular one. It would be so cool!


3-D Glasses! Those would look good on me!


3-D glasses are not new, they already exist on CP


I Think there should be a new wig! A boy's wig a short one,And we also need a T-Shirt Maker,where you can decorate your own ones!


Me too! 3-D glasses are COOL!


i like that idea seannehila!!


Those would look awesome! Good idea.

Red 46:

I have this item!! Its amazing


that's a epic idea and maybe the stage could become a cinema


I agree

Canada Post:

Yes! what a perfect choice I could agree better myself!

Enter nickname:

Yeah, there should be 3D glasses. Also, there could be a heart-themed outfit with:

* Body Item-a pink, red-heart-covered dress
* Feet Item-pink t-strap shoes with red hearts on the straps
* Head Item-blonde hair with a white-and-pink hairband
* Hand Item-a red, lacy valentine
* Colors-the penguin in the catalog should wear it with pink or red 'cause it would look good with those colors

PLEASE release this in time for Valentine's Day in the February catalog, CP team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Awesome idears!


yeah that would be awesome for the February Valentine's Day catalog

Waffles Club:

I believe this is a very good idea indeed! Valentine's Day is just next month and I'm sure penguins will like to show their love by wearing heart-themed outfits!

This idea is really great!


Yeah that sounds amazing!!! It would be totes cool


I think there should be an outfit for girls and boys for February. So for the boys,

Body: A red shirt with a white vest
Feet: White and red sneakers
Head: Neatly combed hair
Hand: A red rose
Colors: They should make the boy red and the girl pink

Anything else? Reply to me saying what you think should be different!

P.s. I love the girls February outfit! Your really creative!

Missrose5 :

u know not all dudes are like that..... i should know............ XD!!!!!! a rose would be cool though..........


Good Idea!!!


That would be cool for the February catalog!
But don't forget about what the boys should wear!




Oh yeah! 3-D glasses! Poifect!


Yes !
3-D glasses !

Rocket Blaze:

Guys, 3D glasses have already been made ;)


yeah, one of the first items on club penguin.


They already have 3d glasses.


they used to sell them


I gotta say: 3D glasses...swag.


Cool 3D glassses!

Beetle Boy 4:

They've allready come out!


yeah 3 D

Camofladge 6:

Hehehe, you do get 3D glasses but they are ultra rare xxx




uhhh 3D Glasses whaoh those where seen last in like 2009

Ink 4:

That would be awesome to have 3 D glasses and I would love to have the flying hats like the green puffle


I would like to see more hi heels and computers! those were soooo awesome! Also I would like to see more bling-bling outfits, bling is MY thing! Thank you cp team for all you do!


I want to see bling-bling outfits too, especially the boa! It would be totally cool if the boa is on January's catalog!
Thanks so much cp team! I hope you consider the bling-bling!
Waddle On!!!!


i like that!.


I liked it to!


I totally agree Annabelle24 love that idea!


This year, it would be cool if the fashion show presented a game where you could make clothes for the runway. Also, during the party, members could make outfits for themselves and purchase them! :D WADDLE ON!

P.S. Never been posted. Plz post!!!


YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE GIFT SHOP TOTALLY NEEDS A GAME LIKE THAT!!!!!! XD


I Like Your idea! I Think Member should make there own outfits and then Purchase them! That would be So Cool! :D

Ink 4:

I love that idea ;)


wow what a great idea id never come up with something so brillient




That is such a cool idea how did you come up with that? That would be really cool right people! COMMENT IF U THINK WHAT AQUATOSI'S COMMENT WAS COOL

Alex 8992:

OMG! such a great idea Aquatosis! Id love a game like that!


I really agree aquatosis!

Katie wazzup:

good idea!!!!!!!


I think there should be a new Shirt called " the Shiny Fire" and It is a shiny red hoodie with black flames on it. Or a item I made in my fan art called "the Penguin Boogie" and it is a boombox with a jacket attached to it. The boombox is grey and the jacket is a black hoodie with red fire on it. Also you should make the color Arctic White in the catalog!


P.S. when will server jumping come out?


I would love to see lots of funky clothing e.g Leopard prints of clothes that would totally be AWSOME and I would love to see stripes in clothes cuz i love stripes :)

Cha Cha20789:

Also, i gave a TON of coins! I donated 1,600 to all three! And then i gave 10,000 to provide health care for the ill !!
I'm very proud of myself, and thanks to everyone who donated!! Waddle On!!!!


I'm hoping to see some red head hair because there like are two red hairs since I've been on Club Penguin and it seems like there is like practically only blonds SOMETIMES. I'm also hoping to see some SPARKLY OUTFITS! Now for the shoes....I'm hoping to see nothing too pointy in the front like the green ones for when Herbert took over but you know something like flat foot like the pretty shoes for this catalog that were the beige ones that were flat foot....that's just my opinion. I would also like to see maybe some pretty purses or maybe some necklaces. Although that would be for girls. For the boys I can't really say. I've noticed a lot of them wear those spiky hairs. So I can't really say for the boys but that's just kinda a guess for boys hair. I've seen a lot of them wear those make your own sweaters.... although I wear those too so...Anyways it's for both but I would like to see some of those maybe in different colors or patterns like instead of the black puffle fired up maybe the purple or pink puffle blowing bubbles or doing jump rope! Hey that might be a good puffle party outfit...although I didn't go this year....ANYWAYS! Maybe for the boys shoes maybe just tennis shoes or something. So WADDLE ON!!!!


Time to exit the stage, ODer costumes. It's time for.... NERDY COSPLAY :D I would like to see a little bit of Doctor Who, Minecraft, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, Skyrim, MLP FIM [lol], Star Trek, and anything else you can think of.

love, Smartygirli [also known as wilfrerocks867]


I think your right Snokone, there should be more red and ginger hair styles. I also agree on the pointy shoes and i think we should have convereses! It would be cool if we could have more necklaces and i hope the white diva glasses will come back!

P.s bring back the 3-D glasses!


just saying not ALL girls like necklaces and purses and all that stuff! like me, i like skateboards and stuff like that!
so yea........... no offense. but i like the red hair idea!im a red head on CP........ lol


Hiya Polo Feild clubclub1120 here!

First off wow thats amazing!! i glad all of us contributed i would like to see some new jackets that have the penguin mastcots on them! also it would be cool if during the summertime we could make our own swimsuit design! and during earth day you should make tees that say protect the earth or i help the earth or even protect the world together!


Waddle On CP!!!



I'd like to see an outfit that has a t-shirt with some shoes, a bag, sunglasses, and a cool hairstyle that's all dinosaur themed to match the party comin' up! I hope you like it!

Waddle on fellow penguins,


This year, I would like to see all types of penguin styles! I would like to see normal penguin styles, rock n' roll penguin styles, and some penguin styles from the previous years of Clubpenguin. It would be so cool to see how Clubpenguin was like back then!
Waddle on CP!



Ice dragon25:

Yes, id love to see the old club penguin styles. Especially the 3D glasses. Those were awesome! Even though I was here for my first time in 2010, I would love to see how epic and creative the years of 2005-2012 would be! I would just love it.


yeah lets do that! I agree with Matt10023 it would be cool to see old CP! plus,a bunch of people are making videos about saving old CP. so,lets say thanks to matt10023 for his wonderful idea!

(nat<3) also known as club78992 on club penguin!


peppa 43:

i would like to see two clothing catalogs,one for the non members and one for members.It will make the non members feel like their not being left out. Peace for this new year and waddle on




Hey Polo!! Wel I think we should totally bring BACK items that were sold on the first years of club penguin!! Just saying! You know like for some penguins that have just arrive and have being here for only two years or so... (like me) Most penguins didnt experienced wat or how was club penguin in the past!! So I think that bringing items from the the first years of cp would totally be cool!!! WADDLE ON!!
-Naomilola1 :D

handsome hal:

I think you should make a fish bowl costume! And you also should make a swimming shirt for boys and a blue bikini for the girls! And what if when roll over the penguin on the catalog it dances! That would be so funny!


Yes your right they should bring back the styles from the past so we would see how it was like. I want the flitter flutter hair that's my favorite hair :)It will look good on me.And For the boys It shall be the brown hair some of the people from 2008 have it .And now today The same people have it in 2012 like in the server Parka some boys have that hair and girls have the flitter flutter hair


I know! I have to but on a different account

sting 26 10:

hospital people bank men or bank women cyclopse an evil robot flying monkey and swirly glasses and a jetpack and also a waiter


O_O whoa! That could be the April Fools catalog! I love how you said "and also a waiter." Waddle on!


Those should more be their in the Halloween catolog because those are monsters... just saying


Great response, Hermey12! I really like how your dedicated to all three charities! Anyways, you know what I wanna see in the Penguin Style catalog this year? You guys should add a whole page on penguin poses for members so we can express our personalities! Also, you could even add facial expressions on the next page, and they'll be for everyone! That would make me so happy! Thanks! ~Chingu123


old items would be good! and rare items!

yy oh oh:

so agree which you!


well i wuold like a girls hair style life it should be red flaming red colour the hair would be long and flaming red and the dress would be like a fire .


I would like to see some fun party outfits! My puffles, friends, and I always love to throw last minute parties and it's great to have a cool outfit to throw on! It would also be cool to have some nice party shoes for all that dancing we do at the nightclub. That would be awesome. WADDLE ON!!


i was first comment well since i think we having a dino party so im guess there may be lot of fur stuff a dino costume and maybe a dino feeder like the reindeer thing at the forest

Miss Pokea:

WOW!! TEN BILLION COINS!? That is so much I can't believe it. I hope in the catalog I see some party outfits! ;D I've been meaning to get a colorful hoodie lately... Maybe some party hats like every year but all together. And maybe JUST Maybe in the catalog some neon green sneakers! X3 Bye for now and waddle on!

~ Miss Pokea


Hi club penguin!! I think 2013 penguin style catalogs will be great. I'd love to see some great "playing in the snow" like outfits! It would be fun to waddle around with. Rainbow outfits would be great, too! I can't wait to see the cool new parties and outfits for 2013! ROCK ON Club Penguin!!!


I would LOVE to see a catalog that only focuses on one thing! For an example, It could be about technology and you could sell telephone costumes, Laptop costumes, and more! That would be fun.

-Oarca- :)


candy clothes and candy paty or ice cream suits ( i ment zany party)


Well, for the Prehistoric Party clothing items, it would be cool to see caveman clothes, and those giant sticks they carry around, and the "Make your own hoodie" thing would be replaced by "Make your tunga", I think the thing that cavemen wear is called a tunga :P


LOL that's great! Make your tunga! That's so funny! Keep the brill ideas coming! Waddle on!


I Think What I Would Like To See In The Catalogs This Year Is More Clothes That Shows Out Club Penguin, Like Ive Been Seeing Lots Of Penguins Wearing A Blue Shirt That Saids Club Penguin And I Think Thats A Cool Shirt.Thats What I Would Like T o See In 2013.

Until Then Waddle On ~Shreddar13 :)


FOR GIRLS: something like fur coats and party shoes, cool hair, i pods, typical model glasses and maybe some added sparkle? curly hair, straight also new colors for hair too. PARTY MODE: black and pink shoes, hair in ponytail and some kind of short sparkly dress OR my style of party, a hoodie and sneakers and i pod and thingy i mean brown hair.. CASUAL MODE: you guys should make something like a pink top and jeans and trainers.

FOR BOYS: something like sport t shirts, trainers, spiky hair, i pods, cool glasses. spiky hair, flat, colors new too. PARTY MODE: hoodie, red sneakers, cool glasses, cool hair, boom box. CASUAL MODE: hoodie, sneakers glasses spiky hair.

i hope you at least post this if u do thx.


Wow! We dontated A Bunch Of Coins This Year! In the New Style Catalog i would like to Hoodies again becausse i Really Love Hoodies! Hoodies go with Almost Any Thing! Thanks Cp Team to Bring Back Some rares! Also Keep Waddleing On! -Pinklove8023 Cant Wait For The New Catalog! :D


I Would like some candy outfits that we could eat mmmm would we be sweet! hahah!


well i think it would be nice to have a Puffle costume almost like the Puffle party or... this would be cool.... FROST BITE COSTUMES!!! we would not be able to do the actions (unless you think so!) but other than that we should have Dinosaur costumes... the big party is coming up and i am so exited! Imagine all the decorations!
but over all... i think it would be very fun to have more items with actions this year! its so fun walking around the island doing fun and creative combinations of moves! well... thats it, any ways!





I'd want to see space and alien costumes for a space party, oh and a spaceship igloo






I think we should see new things not just returned things like maybe we make a new theme of the clothing catalog not the same ones like in the Marvel Super Hero Party it was a new idea a new theme! What i like most about Club Penguin is that it goes with real life like if an event happend in real life it happens in Club Penguin i think we should start with new all NEW! maybe a new catalog people like renewing not just the same thing over and over new party's new catalog's new penguin's new theme's!!

Difference is a good thing and making a difference is the best thing :)


Hmm... that's a tricky one... oh I got an idea! I think you should make a orange wig for girls and its being blown to the right by the wind! You could call it "The Windflower!" Thank you Club penguin for making 2012 an awesome year from your friend Ethan80561 :)
Waddle on ;)


Wow I can't belive that we brock the coins for change board!
Waddle on!!!!!


I'd like to see a mixture of Club Penguin fashions put into one. Why not go crazy for the April catalog and add Halloween, Christmas and party items into one look? :D


futhure vs past!!
robots vs prehistoric!


HI CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that we should have an old timey party so we need like 1800's idems!!! 1800's cIothing idem's would be so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that it would just be the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you like my idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think a baby dino costume would be nice


Hi cp! I would love to see a Scottish style! The reason being most of my family comes from Scotland and I love it there. It would be great if there was a kilt and some bagpipes! Waddle on CP!

green n cool:

in the new penguin style i would like to see new unique styles that have never been seen in any catolog on club penguin, you could have a fancy carnival theme going on or a more formal theme. that would be great.

waddle on...


I would think that fab fashion should be a topic of this years clothing catalog! What I mean by "fab fashion" is like real live famous people should be chosen by the CP fans and those famous peoples clothes should be featured in the catalog. Big stars like 1D, or Selena Gomez styles should be included. That would make 2013 the most fashion filled year ever!



i loved it


i want more 3d kind of stuff those styles would be cool for boys

P.S i hope i win

WADDLE ON!!! ^SHAN12010^ :)


Hmm... maybe a skater look! Helmet hair (and a helmet for hand items), knees pads, rad shirt, cool jeans, and rockin' shoes! That would make this years clothing shop coins raise the roof!


I think there should be costumes of all the famous penguins


but some people would maybe impersonate them. and it's bad impersonating. but still, I want Cadence's scarf and head phones. lol

Lil Champ 27:

i agree with you
waddle on


i think we should have a space party and dress up as astronauts and planets and aliens

S a o Popo:

Hi club penguin, this isn't really a style but I think that it would be really really cool if Club Penguin created a way for penguins with other accounts to give their clothing & furniture items to other penguins!!! I personally think that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Waddle on cp!!

1 23t45:

you can use this idea in the summer any time how about a cruise ship party it will be amazing

P.S. please post i have never been posted befor

waddle on :)


LOL CRUISE SHIP NICE AND HALARIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What I really want to see in the Penguin style Catalog this year is more fun styles! I loved the December Catalog because of its fun clothes. I really hope this catalog will be even more fun! Happy New Year(a little late! : ) ) and waddle on!


I would really like to see Mp3000 Players in many colors! I would also love to see The Earmuffs in many colors too!
Please make this happen!

Waddle On Penguins!


This year I'd really like to see some items that haven't returned to the island in a while. There's some really cool items that I missed out on before, and it would be great if they could return so penguins could waddle around the island looking super fabulous (:


Mayebe a Trex costume for the dinosaur party.


id like a crazy outfit. first comment :D


I would think for the Dino party outfit, maybe you guys can a leopard print dress? with matching shoes! and make paws with them. I think it would be cool! Waddle on club penguin team! :)


You should make 2 kinds of clothes books in the gift shop. One for Members and the other for non Members. I would like new hats! Like the CFC one, just with a different color. And a purple messenger bag! with tshirts and sneakers!


What I would love to see the most is fun, goofy, cute, clothes and hair styles.


I think we will see lots of party clothes.


i think pants should be added because i thinks pants would look cool on a penguin. oh and WADDLE ON!!!!!

Amalia 16:

Hi CP team!
I want to New Penguin Style much of music note clothes...And snowboards with funny animal/puffle picture clothes.
~Amalia 16.
PS:Waddle on!

Angle Noor:

i love cool styles so plz i hope there are lodes
and an idera for next penguin style catalog "if we have the puuffle party we could have like awsome puffle care costmes like a puffle hair an outfit for girl and boy and a dress or top with puffles on!"
waddle on


I think we should have random clothes from all over the year so we could combine different kind of clothes to make the perfect outfit.


I agree with Hermey12 too! I donated to ALL of them too! Oh, yea about the Penguin Style catalog I think you should make a coin costume for Coins for Change! I think that would be awesome! In one of the catalogs i would be pretty happy! And proud.Coins for Change is a big oppertuinity to help the earth even though its my 1st year doing it it ment a lot to me.That were helping the Earth,helping build safe places for those in need,and helping those that have really bad illnesses.Like I saw on a video Take Action,Lets Change The World!

Waddle On!
-Penguiny1345 :D
P.S. You are changing the world! Lets keep doing that!


I would like to see creative stuff! I would want to see Tuxedos,Uniforms,Mailman Uniforms,and pirate items -cokeman6212

hen ray:

This relates to penguin style a lil'. We should be able to wear hair AND hats! I've wanted that forever! Club Penguin please make it possible. I'd be so happy if you did!


I would most want to see this year in the penguin style catalog would be the avengers again that was really awesome!!!!!!!! Waddle on CP.

Enter nickname:

I think myself, July! :D


I would love to see boys as Justin Bieber and girls as lady gaga and all our fave celebs xx waddle on


i would like to see some new EPF things! I would also want to see a epic dance suit.



Mickeyrocks4 :


Snow 1204:

I think a futuristic sort of style would be kinda cool or a sort of colorurful sort of theme that would rock too!!!


Wow! Maybe we should have dinosaur costumes...?


i love to see girly sunglass


i love to see girly sunglass


I'd really like to see The Tuft come back. Everyone loves that wig and it would be great if it came back. Also, we haven't seen colored hoodies in a long time. It would be awesome if those came too. Everyone loves hoodies! Waddle On!
P.S Please post!

Red 46:

Hello Polo Field! The style I want in 2013 is a very modern, with clothes that create a visual of the future! I also want clothes that resemble ancient Greece and the Roman Empire!
Hope you like the suggestion! A happy 2013


I think I would want to see new items that go with the next party.
Waddle On CP!


Hey Polo!
I loved the idea of all penguins being able to buy clothes!
Maybe you should make a shirt that the penguin could draw in it, pick the color and draw the stamp... It would be nice to have a shirt that no one else does!


Yay! I've got so many ideas! But I think that a plant costume would be cool, something like a fern or even better, a moss covered logs with tropical plants. Oh, I was thinking about a Dreamworks Party. The rooms could be made to look like diffrent places in Dreamworks Movies. Say, the Dojo would be a Kun-fu Panda room, the forest for Shrek, Ski Hill and Ski village for How to Train Your Dragon. And in each room there could be a catalog with some costumes to go with to go with the movie, Maybe a Toothless and Stomfly, a Hiccup costume would be cool too. For Shrek, Shrek, Donkey and Fiona. A Po costume for the Kun-fu Panda room. If you could do the Marvel Superhero Party Club Penguin, I KNOW you can do this!!!!!! Waddle on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow we broke the chart!

Waddle on!

AdamL Rox:

I'd love to see some more punk rocker styles this year! :)


I would most likely want to see more winter fashion. See, this winter, I'm trying to keep my penguin fit for winter but still look good! Or maybe you could make an outfit that lets you do a special dance even if you are wearing shoes or something. Oh, and some good dresses and boots too! And maybe some eyelashes for those female penguins (like me) who really need some that don't look like unibrows. Well, I have tons of more ideas (mermaid tail that allows you to actually swim, rocket shoes) and I don't have time to post them all! ;) Anyways, waddle on everybody, and have a great 2013!

Ink 4:

I would love to have the old items back :) like 3D glasses, mermaid costumes, the hats that let you fly, and the BIG glasses that don't really fight my penguin's face :D


i would like some original items

Waddle on!

Pen Quen22:

The penguin style i’d love to see is modern and it would look like a real life style.It would be for a girl and have brown hair tied back ponytail and falling at her shoulder, white square sunglasses for the face, a purple t-shirt that it will have grey stripes and a jean and shoes like pink All-Stars.Do u think it's good or not?


I would love to see some a really crazy outfits because I'm a really crazy person so that will show off my personality a lot! I also want to see some movie themed or disney themed costumes like the marvel super hero takeover ones ,that would be great. -Funkyjsd:D


Hey Club Pengun Team, I can't believe we donated over 10 billion coins this year. That's a record!! And I would really like to see the "Christmas Scarf" item :D


I would actually LOVE to see the Letterman Jackets and the original diva sunglasses brought back! Waddle On!

yy oh oh:

well i think for the Dino Party (WHICH I CANNOT WAIT FOR!) we should be able to dress up like volcanos,dinosaurs and cave men/girls PS: i also think that G's time machine should brake and we need to find the missing pieces!!!!!! tell me what you think Cp!!!!!!!!!!! and Waddle On!!!!!!


Well the style I would like to see is something stylish and comfy to hang about with your friends but look glamorous at the same time and some cool colours like pink,blue,red,purple and black those colours are awesome and such a trend-setting outfit colours. :)


Well penguin style I think it would cool new items that have never seen before as he used Spike Hike tie dress tree


Well, Im glad You Asked! I have Been Wanting the Red Diva Sunglasses and The Dark pink and blue boa for a while now! Also i would love if you could bring back the colored high tops (with the white tips?) and the different colored hoodies! I have heard that other people like items like the tiara the sombrero and the blue snowflake shirt. I LOVE all of the rare items and wish i could have them all!

Waddle On Cp! Have A Great New Year! :D

P.S. Please post this. i've never really had a post before!


Snoffy i want the same things as you lol. Ive been waiting and waiting..


Costume Coin


I think a great style for all penguins would be a snowflake outfit for the winter, a flower for the spring, a sun for the summer and a leaf for the autumn!
Also we could have DINOSAUR outfits to fit with the January party!


?well the prehistoric party is coming up so why not make cave man items.


I would like to see army weapons and gear


I Think that a cool outfit would be the girl on the cover.. they make a lot of people buy them..


Please bring back the letterman hoodie's but in different colors. (orange , white , the ones you haven't realesed. ) I really want a letterman jacket. I also think you should make a new year hoodie!


Please bring back the letterman hoodie's but in different colors. (orange , white , the ones you haven't realesed. ) I really want a letterman jacket. I also think you should make a new year hoodie!


Well, I cannot believe that!! It is so awesome!


A brown bun with the bangs down like I saw on some penguins would look cool on girl penguins. Only 350 coins


It would be very nice if you added CRYSTAL COSTUMES! Everyone is just waiting! : D


I think I would like to see the chef's hat and apron appear again. Mostly because I think Club Penguin will have a great year in 2013. I think that this would make 2013 an even better year for Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!! Waddle On!


i would like to see lots of colourful and lovely crations this year like 3-D things and lovely hair that is currley for a boy and a girl. thank you! :-) - martyna1036


I think it would be awesome if there were a few outfits that brought futuristic looks to club penguin! So you could have super high-tech space suits and hover boards! Waddle on CP!


Well, I can't belive we actually broke the board! I donated 10000 coins for the Coins For Change, and a hairstyle that I would really like to see is, hmmm.. a penguin girl with a long braid with the hair colored brown, then the outfit may be Farmy Style, like a blouse with stripes and buttons with pants/jeans, (the outfit include the pants or jeans too so it can look pretty) then boots, like brown furry boots.
That would be awesome!
Waddle On Cp!


Hey Guys!
I would love to see 3D glasses and the colored hoodies again! THEY ARE AWESOME!

Jonah Simm:

I would like to see an Element Master Ninja Costume! It would be so cool! I could be the master of all elements! I've always wanted an Element Master Ninja Costume!


I think there should be a slingshot, a squirt gun, A dollar Chain (Like this kind of dollar: $!), 3D Glasses, sunglasses, some new baseball caps, some CP swimtrunks, some EPF gear, a big red puffy jacket ( I have a big red puffy jacket LOL), red boots ( I have red boots too!), and some colored hair. Hope I get posted! Ciao! :D

cute coffee:

hey polo field

i would really like if u put a elf costume in the catalog and a tasmainian devil

P.S love the blog and the game


I like REALY is the green grid hoodie !

Thu man:

Dear CP,

I would like to see a lot more of the older Club Penguin items, and a few newer ones. Also, for the non-members, I think you could sell them things like Puffle shirts and hats, sneakers, and cool hair-styles. And some more PSA items would be nice, since the EPF doesn't sell items for money. Thank you to team Club Penguin.

-Thu man


Most of them, but I'm just thankful for what Club Penguin has to offer. Thank Club Penguin, and...



Please make a Toucan suit for everyone (All accounts). That would be awesome to dress up as a cool tropical bird with a colorful beak and colorful tail.

Also, for Earth day, you should make the Rockhopper Penguin suit for Everyone, and make a new Magellanic Penguin suit (Everyone) so we can support them.

That would be awesome!


I think there should be a costume for a body item with a coins for change thing that is broken. Shows that everyone donated alot. With 3-D Glasses! That's awesome


I would like to see more swimwear, flip flops and more new items!


master 8713:

School close like backpacks notebooks pencils glasses! [EXTRA Maybe for the Furneture catalog there can be playground stuff]


i would like to see is nerd costumes and bring back the superhero costumes


I'd like to see some different color hair. I think we should be able to create our own hair! We already do it with furniture and clothing. i think we should get different styles of hair to choose from, then pick a color! I'd like to see that in the Penguin Styles catalog. Then I think that some clothes should come with other jewelery like earrings. That would be cool.


I would LOVE to see some diva glasses in the penguin style catalog! They would look super cute with a pretty wig and customizable T-shirt! :D


my style is glam.i would choose a cute pnk dress that has flowers and sparkles. a gold and purple michorphone.vilot red high hills.your welcome.


i would love to see some non-member glasses and shoes my outfit isnt complete without some shades

Lego 1003:

I Lego 1003 would like to see an I HEART MY PUFFLE SHIRT for the new puffle for the dinosaur party and a lab coat maybe even a time travel shirt. Your friend Lego 1003!


I think it would be great if the catalog had more functional items. By "functial", I mean items that allow you to do special actions (such as jet-packs, propeller caps, boomboxes, etc.). Or maybe a new penguin colour?

Agent P 404:

I'm so glad so many people who aren't as lucky as we are are all getting food and care! Thanks Club Penguin! As for what I'd like to see this year! Well I'm so glad your letting nonmembers spend the coins they have now! I definitely want to bring snowdrift back for nonmembers, you know, to celebrate the new color, along with some other white or silver things, and I'd also like to see some snow suits (you know what I mean). and there should be more wigs for nonmembers (those aren't that common). Well I have more but it's a lot, so thanks for reading, and waddle on!


I think it's really awesome that together we broke the CFC Board. The Holiday Party last year was really the best Holiday Party Club Penguin has ever had. I can't wait to see what this year's parties will hold. Some new items I would like to see in the game would be more hats for sure. You could also re-release some items from 2006 - 2007 that we haven't seen anymore. Items like the green toque, and blue toque are really cool, and I know many penguins who have never seen them or had one of these items would love to get one. There's also many more item ideas that could be possible. You could make a shark costume, and for the next Holiday Party this year how about you make a Coins For Change Logo Costume for our penguins that we get for free when we donate? Many penguins liked that idea, and I am sure people would wear it during the Holidays. Hope you like my ideas.

- zonnie


Happy New Year. I would like it if you guys put back the black hoodie back and some cool sneckers.


Id like to see flying type of styles this year.


I would like more costumes with speical actions.And, like the Marvel party, i would like more parties and costumes to do with other games and films.Also, seeing as i could puut it in, i hope the new HQ will be really cool!
As for the clothes, i would like something to do with the upcoming dino party.A tribal costume perhaps?
Also, could we have the ability to turn into a dinosour in the party?

WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(P.S thank you for all your hard work club penguin team!)

Coolberry 6:

I would like to see more of the older styles because those were the styles that brought us here! All of the outfits you guys make are very chill, and I can't wait for the new catalog!
Coolberry 6


I like to see blue puffy dresses for the girls with white coats/jackets and a pair of blue sprikly slippers to match! Please


I believe that Club Penguin should bring all the old stuff back in the catalog for others to purchase and not sell the really old ones. I was always looking forward in buying rare items and having every single item Club Penguin released, but I know that I would never have every single item ever released. Anyway....



Cool 4041:

i would like the black hoodie! :D


i'd love to have some of the old sunglasses back and the old hair and hoodies, theres loads of thing i really wanna see!


Considering its 2013 I would like to see a shirt that says 2013 with decorations and I would like to see more creative wigs and afros!!!!!!!!!!



A penguins at work puffle care apron where if you press D you have a puflle on your shoulder and you feed it puffle Os and it goes off and another comes on


I would like to see some 3D glasses and mascot items like jetpack


I really like things like the 3-D glasses, snorkels, boas and the really cute sunset (orange) and white edged sunglasses. I like really cute and simple styles and cute and sassy styles. I loved how the coin machine broke. I've liked the past styles of 2012 most of the time.


do more superheroes! the superhero take over was awesome and you should do another!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sun glasses and a lether jacket


i think because of the dino party i think we get to dress like cavemen and cavewomen but i want to see some previous items from the past years too =) Superthree12


I want biker jackets and helmets and instead of cars MOTORCYCLES that would be cool.


oh yeah! a motercycle?! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!! BRING EM I NEED ONE TO COMPLETE MY GHOST RIDER COSTUME!!!!!!!!!! PLZ BRING EM!!! IM GOIN CRAZAY! lol jk but plz bring em waddle on


how abot a laptop like a puffle or a specehl free fire ninja outfit


I think that style would be a good gift or costume to represent currency Coins for Change 0 something special to remind us all that we did in 2012 ...
Goodbye and happy new year to all!


i want all the items there awesome


Dolphins 19:

I would have to agree 100% with seannehila! The 3D-Glasses are a highly demanded item due to their look! I love them! Would also love to see the black sneakers to return!


I really think anything is fine as long as there nice and cute!
Thanx club penguin team for all the awesome clothes that you've made they're all so....... AWESOME!


I would like to see that black coat with the puffle on it, and 3-D Glasses! Their and AWESOME combination and I hope that I can get them! :D
Don't forget to waddle on!


I would like to see Gangnam Style outfit :P


I think there should be special outfits that agent Dot of the EPF made that are one of the kind and may not show up again for a long time. Also I think that she could make things to blend in to your surroundings like a tree, bush, or even a igloo! You could hide under the disguise by hitting the sit button. Like you could with the box costume from one of the parties that Rookie attended.


I saw the Coins for Change board, and was like, "Yahoo! We broke it. Too much money." It IS a good thing, right?

I would love to see an outfit like Veruca Salt's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Brown, wavy hair, a silver mink coat covering a fushia dress, and pink heels. The model woild be a peach penguin. My theory of Veruca's color style: she's young and rich. She likes pink. Why do rich youths always like pink? Rosa541@


i would like to see a really cool brown hair style and a skate hoodie with cool jeans


honetly i would like to see more of the jackets, and sneakers, and pony tales!! im a tom-boy and i like the simple things nothing that u would see on the red carpet like u , no offence, have been kind of realsing lately and to me i feel like the girls outfits have been kind of reveling ( in my taste that is ) and my friends think so to. ya so i would like to see more jackets and shirts and things like that kind of what cp used to be like :)
<3 much love <3 , Violetp9


WOW! It's 2013 already! With a new year, usually comes new things like new clothes. Right? I actually would definitely want older items to come back. Especially the old sneakers and hoodies! -Puffball :D




I would like to see pants!!!!

like some trousers and some jeans and lots more or some different colored hair.

maybe even in your inventory you could have lower body items!


i would really like 2 c a cave man outfit that would be cool! oh and a bone 4 your hand that would b cool 2 waddle on (:

Fruit Loops9:

I would like to see more moving costumes like the ice cream shirt. Its really fun to wear costumes and have fun at igloos! Another i would like to see is more hair styles!

Enter nickname:

I'd love to see a cat costume 'cuz they're cute! Loved seeing the broken coins for change board, so funny!


I Like how our donations put the scoreboard into a broken state, that was cool. The styles I would like is the tiara and boa's return and rare items return like the old coats and shirts and classic hats. I would also like to see vests and winter new fancy dresses for girls and tuxes for boys. and maybe some winter items for the upcoming months and spring yay!!


I would like to see more bracelets, and maybe some ballet stuff like tutu's and those ballet shoes they wear. The hair, well, I think it should be like a bun with a sparkly, plaid, headband. I'm really glad that EVERYONE can have clothes out of the catalog because now my sister can shop for clothes, too! -Snowtiger202

P.S. Waddle On Club Penguin!

Enter nickname:

The style I'd most like to see is not really new, it was featured in the Adventure Party - Temple of Fruit in August 2012: the pineapple costume! Please, I'd love to be able to buy it becasue I didn't get the chance to during the party. Waddle on!

Popcicle 35:

Hi! This is Popcicle (Pop-CHIC-le)! I am looking forward to the dino party! I would like to see some overalls and items such as laptops, Hawaiian shirts, some bling and chains, and maybe even leopardskin or zebra!


(Plz post this comment CP) Hey guys I was thinking that maybe you should make a "KEEP CALM HOODIE" The phrase could say KEEP CALM AND WADDLE ON! I hope you guys pick my idea! Oh yeah! Can you guys please bring back the checkered shoes back! I really like them! KEEP CALM AND WADDLE ON!


I would LOVE that item!


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