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By Polo Field on January 3, 2013 - 09:26

Hello Penguins!


Can you believe we actually broke the Coins for Change board?! All thanks to YOUR donations!


In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked which Coins for Change cause you donated to and why. Here’s Hermey12’s answer:


I donated to ALL of them! I feel it's all of our jobs to help the earth, help build safe places, and provide health care for the ill. I can't believe we donated OVER 10 BILLION COINS this year! Wow! That's really a big difference that we made this year! -Hermey12 :)


Yesterday you got a sneak peek at the January Penguin Style catalog. Now we want to know: What new penguin styles would you most like to see this year? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll feature one of your answers. If you’re picked, you’ll receive 10,000 coins!


Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team




I would like to see like disco cloths and some more boots, and for the boys sneakers and vests. :)
Thank you Cp Team For The Best 2 Years I Have Had here!

Waddle On Cp!



I love summer! Everything from the shades to the sunshine! I'd love to see a cp style that brought the color and fun of summer into winter clothing, all while still having the coziness that winter coats and snow boats bring! Waddle on! :D

Hot pepper54:

I would like to see more boas and stuffed pets like the stuffed bunny


I would like to see some white cute sunglasses like the ones at the Fashion Show and like boots that look like uggs!!! Also it would be nice to see some cute sparklie dresses!!!! Like Annabelle24 said!!! Thx!-Sophie8856! Or -Bella:)


I Would Love To See Black blue green yellow sweaters!!!!!!!!!And The blonde And Brown Hair With The butterflys in them And star necklaces Purple boas Coats hats scarfes Etc!!!!


I agree with your idea, that would be amazing!


Hmm im only 5 years old. so I LOVE CP ITS AWSOME WADDLE ON And i love 24Gummybear hes my friend.

Saturday, March 9 , 2013, 9,o clock


i love you guys even if your do make an unmembers can buy ii hope youcan do more!


Hi i think thats amazing. We broke the coin total


I would like to see some white cute sunglasses like the ones at the Fashion Show and like boots that look like uggs!!! Also it would be nice to see some cute sparklie dresses!!!! Like Annabelle24 said!!! Thx!-Sophie8856! Or -Bella:)

Antonito 100:

I would love to see some penguin and dinosaur plushies as hand items this year such as the ones we could find at the Gift Shop during the Holiday Party as decoration.


I would like to see a pink lei in the catalog :) It would look so cool on penguins!

Jeelo Jello:

Hey Club Penguin Team! I was wondering if you could bring back the 3D Glasses and the Sunstriker wig in the catalog!

From Jeelo Jello


You should make converse for boys and girls and also some hats or a necklace we don't really get to see those that much. We definitely need to see more sunglasses and iPod's. You guys might also wanna bring back all the old clothes that was used in the past penguin style catalogs so new players are able to buy them.


Hi, I wish there was very colorful and extroverted styles in this 2013, a type of clothing that I like very much is the clothing that was used in the eighties or nineties, at that time the clothes were stunning, colorful and fun, I also like hair types from that era and the instruments they played and how were the items of houses and colorful lava lamps.


I would like to see lots of dinosaur costumes in the future! Right in time for the dino party! It would be really cool for Club Penguin to turn into Club Dino for the upcoming party! Waddle on CP! :D


I Would Like To See Diva Sun Glasses With Pink Boa And Some Red Curly Hair. that would Look Good On Meh!

Spy P 123:

An MP3 tuch pad!

Egleb :

Wow Club Penguin , I can not believe we actually broke the Coins For Change board ! By the way I noticed that there are three different types of The Flutterby wig and some different hoodies . It would sure be amazing if one page would have all three wigs and hoodies ! Also it would be fun if you could mix up some outfits with new and old items. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do for us and for poor children out there in this big world!


Wow the coin board broken? I couldn't believe that's possible! For the penguin style catalog how about the tiara and a cute dress for girls, for boys how about a rad jacket thats black on the whole jacket and a puffle with crossbones like on RH's flag, then for the hair I would say a sway of black hair. Thank you Cp. You've really made a diffrence in my life how great the Coins for Change (CFC) is.


For me personally, I don't really mind what penguin styles there are. I love all of them! But if I had to choose one, I'd choose a more unique, funky and different style from the rest. Like a Lady Gaga style. Hahaha! It would totally make penguins stand out. In late 2012, there were some costumes/outfits that looked VERY different so I think you should try to put more of those in the future catalogs. That's all I have to say, thanks for reading! Hope you take my idea in account!

Until then, waddle on!
- Kenfit5

Bella Pickle:

I'd love to see some bright neon colors to kick off the 2013 catalog! I also would like to see some more hats!

Waddle On!


Hello There Club Penguin Team...My suggestion is use more old items like the Brown Fedora,Aviator Glasses,Black Pirate Boots,The Tuft etc...Thank you!

Dan Blacky:

I agree with you, santalun8000, but i also think there should be some mascot items in the February 2013 Catalog too. I totes agree with you, though. I think the red glasses that Rookie has should be in the catalog. Also i want rookie's red propeller hat and his purple beach T-shirt -- i want everything that Rookie has. And everything Gary the Gadget Guy has. Bye, Comment Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey CP :)
You know what I wanna see? I WANNA SEE GLASSES AND BRACES :D!!! Why? I have both of thoes and i think they would look GREAT on a penguin! I also want to see PINK! PINK LOTS OF PINK :)! Oh yeah and earings :) sunglasses to and lots of pretty dresses! For da boys they can have really cool hoodies and cool hairs :) PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your pal,
Sprinkles A.K.A sprinklegal4


i would love those t shirts with the knot at the bottom with a tang top under it that would be soo cool and I would love flats i would also enjoy the golden locks that were in the december 2012 catolog this year the one with the baby blue shirt , well the same hair just in brown. and maybe mini jackets.

doctor sub:

i would like to see more costumes like fireman outfits, doctors outfit, pilot outfit, chef outfits that would be super awesome
really cool backpacks with designs,t-shirts, cool jeans and flip flops
purses!!!! lots of purses, different shapes, colors and sizes
and colored hairstyles like pink, green, purple, red


You might think this is a little bit kid-like but i say Mickey Mouse costumes! Also i LOVED the herbert costumes from November and i think we need them back. And we need a page that only EPF Agents can look at. Thats all i have to say.

JoGuy04 Out. :-P


actually there was already a shop for epf agents only on your spy phone theres a shop where you complete missions and get little credits
then you go to that store and buy things like work outfits!


I'd like to see those over -sized glasses! Those would be so cool to wear!


FROM ME=LS1111111111

School Fun5:

It would be really cool to have a Star Wars t-shirt because a lot of people like Star Wars and, now that Disney owns Star Wars, they have the right to do it. Every gender likes Star Wars, too! Maybe even a light saber to go with it, or a mask? Thank you for all your help CP in what you do! Especially the new free items page. Could you please put the one you choose on the free items board? Please, Please, Please!! Us non-members make up a lot of Club Penguin, and the Coins for Change board without us. So can you please put the one you choose on the "free" board!!! That was a fun holiday party and I cant wait for dinos roaming the island! :) - School Fun5


that sounds awesome, I love star wars!!


That sounds awesome! CP, you better choose this one!


Waddle on!


wow you guys did brake the board so thats given me an idea for this years december clothes book maybe a coin hat a coin shirt and drees with pitcures of coins and the same for pants also for the next theme a dinosaur costurme and i hope all the penguins like my ideas.


I would like to see space suits hair and shoes! :D


omg dis is so col!!!!!! i cant wait 2 do it omgggg!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D WADLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


we (pixie180 and ottawaice35) want there to be harry potter outfits and wands because we love harry potter. we want there to be a harry potter or 1 direction party. thx!!!!


I would like to see a Club Penguin Hoodie in the catalog this year.


I also want to see make your own styles! like you choose anything from the catalog and combine it to make your own outfit that would be cool!!!!! :D


I think there should be a girl penguin in a two-layered shirt a sparkly necklace and straight hair with a headband.
for a boy there should be a green suit with a striped tie.


I would like to see some old classics.Also I think there should be in catologs things that match the party but then just casual things.But I would love to see maybe a girl outfit that has a rainbow stripy dress,orange curly hair and the accessories.


Seeing Old Style Is A Good Idea! For The Penguins That Just Started Club Penguin


Waddle On!!


Hmmm I would like to see some bling dresses and then some cute fancy shirts for the guys then maybe a bling dress like maybe brown with some bling only a little or some spikes you know for like back in time and maybe bring back the flutterby hair styles and the guys could get a ripped black shirt with some spikes on it and maybe brown spiky hair!


ive always wanted to see 3 things in the catolog and one thing free (it was never in the catolog)
Ive always wanted to see a dress with all the puffles on it. ive also always wanted to see a hunger games outfit for all of the main characters (katniss,gale etc). also ive always wanted a brber outffit a girl and boy one with scissors in their hands its pretty cool. and the free item for new years every year there should be new years glasses like year there shoul be 2013 glasses next new year there should be 2014 glass and forward.



I would like to see a camera in the catalog to get a stamp and some girly stuff cause im a girly girl.


1 Word: SPARKLE!!! Maybe Some Skirts And Hats With Shiny Stars. I Remember At The Puffle Party There Were Boas And I LOVED The Hair With Curls! Especilly The Brown Puffle Hair That Was My Fav!Also At The Fruit Party The Tropical Was Good For That Season But Now You Need A Fit For The Season!


Ps: Your Ideas Are Awesome!!

Waddle On!!


Sorry Forgot To Put Boy Ideas:So Maybe A Hat For Winter With A design With Black Also The Jacket Can Be Blue And The Words Can Be In Black "Waddle On" For Both Genders Blue And Pink Ear Muffs And Mathcing GlovesBoys And Girls Can Handbags Or Back PacksAny Couler You Guys Pick.


~Ps Keep Up The Good Work!!!

Battleboy 1:

I would love to see a hand item wich is a pizza box and a neck item wich is a sign saying CLUB PENGUIN wich goes round your penguins neck.


cant wait till clothing items come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe some glasses that says 2013, or a shirt that says, Welcome 2013, or both :D.
And for a hand item, a little box that says "Fireworks"
I'll comment again soon if i have any other suggestions.


I think you should bring back some old items, you know from 2010/2008, things like The Tuft, The Black Hoodie, and Black Sunglasses!

Thanks CP Team!

-Adventurer65 :)


Since we will have the Dinosaur Party. I'm guessing a dino costume and that will be EPIC! And maybe the clothes like PH has.


!!! :)


i would like tech clothes


i would like tech clothes




I think a penguin with brown hair and blonde tips. Her outfit is a dark purple tee shirt and jean skirt. Her necklace is a purple puffle. Also, her shoes are brown furry boots. Her other accessory is a pink computer
for a boy black hair and blue headphones. He has black glasses and a flame shirt with black vest. His pants are black. His shoes are dark blue converse the color of his headphones!


I would like to see all the old stuff that was on cp when it started :D If you could make that happen that would be great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I would like to see prehistoric costumes like a boy dressed as a caveman and a girl the same but as a cavewomen and to dress up as dinosaurs would be awesome!!! For the upcoming Dinosaur party!!!! WADDLE ON!!!!


love to have all suits of halloween!!!!


I would like to see some old items come back like:

The jean jacket, 3-D glasses, tiara, mittens, scarfs, hoodies, everything from 2005-2010!

I have most of the items but, I stil need some of those items :D

like, if we bring them back, it will give credit to all the amazing artists at cp HQ :D


This year I would like to see some old items come back, that would be very neat! Or something very elegant for a girl, like a ruffle skirt. Maybe something funky too! For a boy make like a coat or leather jacket . A cute purse or a beret with hair for a girl. For a boy short brown hair. Or for a girl side bangs.


in fact i want new pets to play with puffles!Introducing the poshilings!


This year, I would LOVE to see video game character costumes in the catalog e.g. Mario Hats, Sonic the Hedgehog Masks Etc. Also, I would like to have more casual clothes in the catalog (something like hoodies and jeans) and more T-Shirts! They go well with my penguin! :D

Best Fishes,


A snowman hoodie would look cool! - Waddle on!


A snowman hoodie would look cool! - Waddle on!


LOL THE BOARD BROKE. I want to see a 2013 mask. It brings such New Year fun! I also wanna see a Willy Wonka costume.
He's the best!


A jacket that has rhockhoppers picture on it and a hat that has jet pack guys picture or any character on those too.


Wow! Ten billion coins, that doesn't seem possible.
Maybe the cookies helped us donate better than
last year. As for ideas for costumes, I reaaaaaally
liked the waddle on hoodie. Maybe you could make
something like that. And I have an idea for a music
party. You could have a make your own boom boxes
page. And for the holiday party you could a reindeer
puffle boom box. (I really like boom boxes, but I don't
have one)-:
that's all my ideas!

Waddle On!!!!!!!!!!


OVER 9 BILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to see some more diva Shades! I got my membership late so I don't have any diva shades :( I would like a girl with a blonde bun and a furry black vest with a few golden necklaces. Thanks Cp Team. WADDLE ON CP ! ~Bubblez624~


There has to be somethin for everyone: like high heels for girlys, animal costumes for sillys, muscle suits for boys and MOST importantly....
SOME TRENDY TOMBOY/GIRL TRENDS!!! also i would ADORE some way of refunding or trying out the clothes because some of the clothes that i have bought look good on my player card but not so good when im "waddlin" round the island. However the thing i would die for on club penguin would be a way of dressing up as a famous penguin such as PH or gary but make it look slightly differen so there are no impersonations.


I think it would be cool if you could bring back the 3-d glasses and other older items. I would also like custom Jumpers, T-shirts, hats and shoes. And maybe a rainbow, a gold and a silver outfit. And a page with toys of all the mascots.


Hiya Club Penguin Team! In this year's catalogs, I would really like to see more stylish non-member items e.g. Medium length brown hair, wigs, cool outfits etc. I would also like to see MORE FREE ITEMS! :D

- Blugofreezer :D


I would love to see those old CP varsity jackets and sneakers, you know? Oh, and it would be great to bring back those "Diva Sunglasses" and Boas, that's all you see the CP girls wearing these days! I've kind of been missing dresses in the catalogs, and every time you guys put dresses in the catalog, you'll see me wearing it 24-7! Thanks so much!!


I would like to see a cream colored dress with red straps and a red sash with roses on the side of the sash. I would really really like that because I would soooooooooo love to wear it! And maybe sparkly red heels to go with that. I agree with Annbelle24 bling is sooooo kewl!


I Would Like To See New Penguin At Work ;D


Super hero costumes! Everybody loves super heroes! :D And super villains as well!


Me I would like to see a cloth that can fly and we can walk and easen we can fly while we are walking!
It would be very cool. and Happy late Birthday Polo Field!


I really can't believe that all of us penguins made a difference to change the world and (NOT SURPRISING) broke the coin board because all of us wanted to help others.In the new fashion catalog I would like to see some cave people and maybe some dinosaur bone costumes or even an archeologist costume! Thank you for a wonderful party and I'm so excited about the new prehistoric party later this month!!
---- Cecelia85362


i think a good item would be the blue lei and a secret would be a cool battle sword waddle on (: !!!!!!!!


i would love to have a full pajama set from footy pajamas to sleepin gear!waddle on!se you soon i hope!


Hmm... I don't know what to choose! They are all great and i just cant wait to see the surprises in store! Although, I would like to see some light blue earmuffs to match my puffles! I could be walking around with my own yellow or white twin! Waddle On CP!!


A sneakers ! I Like this, and i don't have, it my dream to have the sneakers


I think you guys should make a lei collection with many colorful leis.


i want the white diva sunglasses and the black diva sunglasses there so cool! i wish i had them because the black diva sunglasses you could only unlock that was a long time ago, P.s please bring them back:).


a boy with blond hair blue and back t-sheirt orange shoes and a x-box remote


I think we should get more fancy items and cowboy stuff!I play Club Penguin every day!Waddle on!!


Super hero costumes and super villain costumes!
"Waddle around and save your friends!"

Yoshi Taco 1:

They already did a super hero and a super villain costume in a party.


it would be sooooo cool to have more awesome hair styles! a item i woud like is maybe a layered lace top for girls with a tank top under neath! and if card-jitsu snow comes out this year maybe some ninja-ish c lothes for that!
W ☮ A ☮ D ☮ D ☮ L ☮ E
O ☮ N C ☮ P!!!

Spursman 620:

I would like in the catalog a tuxedo with a bow tie and for a girl a sparkly dress.

Waddle on CP


We should have a crazy fashion show in one of the April fools party rooms with crazy dresses like Lady Gaga's! I'm not a big Lsdy Gaga fan but crazy outfits like that would be hilarious! Waddle on!


Hey Club Penguin Team! I want to see more hand items on Club Penguin that we can hold on our flippers! :)I'm not the type of penguin with clothing as that makes my penguin 'look bigger' and I like to be smaller than others. :)HEHE!

~Perapin :)


the 3d g!asses and red cap and marios pants and a new item can you put a dino costume


It just makes me smile that all my friends on Club Penguin have worked so hard to acheive giving 10 billion coins! In fact, I just can't STOP smiling. A style I would like to see this years is... a style created by you! I"ve noticed that alot of penguins on Club Penguin wear almost the same thing, like for an example, girls wear either a ponytail or a butterfly clip wig with sunglasses. This year, I'm hoping to see fresh outfits with a collage of color. Make it crazy. Make it bold. Be your true self! That's how I see Club Penguin, a free for all website. And it warms my heart to know that all the coins everyone has donated goes to good causes. That was my Christmas gift this year!


I like whatever club penguin throws on to the clothes racks. Everything they come up with is brilliant! Oh, by the way thanks for letting everyone buy clothes this time. you have been very kind doing that.
Waddle On,


i would love to have some of the old items back like pink boa's,
and other stuff back and more of the old hair like the red bow hair,
3-D Glasses, and more shoes because i have less shoes so yeah
laptops too like blue one and pink one and green one
I have a Question too!
The other day i saw penguin wearing dress and mask
was that a old item?
Wow the board broke that's so amazing before i thought it was bad
because it broke but it's great!


I would love to see a dog or cat costume because alot of penguins pretend to be a dog or cat. For the dog you could have a chew toy and the cat you could have a little bell. Also it could have a collar with it! Waddle on!!!


I think there should be a secret boys clothes. A green shirt with a red Puffle on it and aqua pants with rainbow shoes.


This my first year I came when the Puffle Party and I had a great time this year. I thick it would be cool to see ty-dye shirts and short blond hair for boys thanks.


release a DJ outfit and release another more realistic alien costume please


I think you should put a guy with brown boots and a turtleneck shirt and a cool hair style like the front up and the back down for his neck it should be a cool necklace and for the girl it should be her hair down and for the shirt it should be sparkly and for the neck it should be a fashion scarf, for the feet it should be high heals I hope you choose me! ive never been chosen


i want to see earmuffs and a tiara and some other things that was in 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010:)


I would love to see a bowl of noodles that
Has a special dance and it looks like
You are sitting down and eatting a bowl
Of noodles (I got that from thinknoodles)
And a bar of chocolate that has a special
Dance (again) and it looks like your eatting
The bar of chocolate.




Ha,Ha! Bowl of noodles! : D


well, i think maybe tomboy outfits would be nice. cuz bling aint my thing (no offense annabelle 24)and more clothes for non members. i have another penguin and it makes me annoyed. (:



I would like to see more colourful outfits on the Island.
Also, I can't believe that we broke the board.
Also, we should have 3D stuff.


I would like too see... well nothing! all the styles over the last 4 years ive been playing are awesome!!


well i would like a big puffy prom dress with stright hair and for the boys spikey hair and some ll star shoes and a dress tie and you guys can make a prom theam party and do all that i think that would be fun! ;)


Mine would be either Diva glasses or a new jacket! Or maybe even a laptop!! (different color) That would be great! Keep up the good work guys. (; -Spazita


I would like to see a rare clothing item i think that would be cool, i also think that the clothing items for everyone could have some free items anyone agree??


hey clubpenguin i have a BETTER IDEA! what about the boys get short orange hair and black puffle shoes that has their tongue stinging out of em and a T-rex shirt . and the girls get hair called the repunzel and high purple heals and also a chameleon on her shoulder! also the speical dance one will be a dino costume when u press d button and he will boogie like a dino!


I think that for boys I would have short brown hair wigs, running suits, a shirt with a puffle and a penguin, a hoodie that does back flips when you dance and a pair of striped snow boots. And for girls, a pair of head phones and a yellow wig, rainbow ipods, a shirt with two penguins dancing on it, a shirt that when you dance you do a hand stand and snow boots. For the EPF: a black suit and when you dance Klutzy pops up and you put a net on him. And a hat with the EPF logo. Well, bye and happy 2013!


I would like to see more scarves because the weather is getting cold! They are very trendy and I only have a few! Also a couple bathing suites would be cool. Another thing is A tiara, I love the way tiaras look on penguins but I don't have one :( This catalog was great though, I really enjoyed it! Thanks for reading my post guys!


I would like to see a volleyball outfit, or a volleyball because I LOVE volleyball! I would also like to see some purple sneakers, like the ones that are orange, red, green, blue, and yellow.


hey clubpenguin i have a BETTER IDEA! what about the boys get short orange hair and black puffle shoes that has their tongue stinging out of em and a T-rex shirt . and the girls get hair called the repunzel and high purple heals and also a chameleon on her shoulder! also the speical dance one will be a dino costume when u press d button and he will boogie like a dino!


I would like to see more scarves because the weather is getting cold! They are very trendy and I only have a few! Also a couple bathing suites would be cool. Another thing is A tiara, I love the way tiaras look on penguins but I don't have one :( This catalog was great though, I really enjoyed it! Thanks for reading my post guys!


I'd like to see some of the skater hats return! I think it would be cool if you made a red one or a black one!


l would like a big puffy prom dress and stright hair and high heel shoes and for the boys spicky hair and a dress tie and dress tie shoes. You guys can make a prom theam party thig I think it would be fun;) thanks for doing all this coll stuff for us!

Mackenzie 90:

I would really like to see a girl in a white fluffy jacket and white furry boots, with a pink sparkly skirt with sunglasses and curly blonde hair in a ponytail with a light pink MP 3000 and a hot pink scarf! (that would look really cool!)


cool i just saw it

Mackenzie 90:

I would really like to see a girl in a white fluffy jacket and white furry boots, with a pink sparkly skirt with sunglasses and curly blonde hair in a ponytail with a light pink MP 3000 and a hot pink scarf! (that would look really cool!)

Enter nickname:

I would lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve to see cell phones! how about an icecube?

Mary Sue1 :

So you know how my brother and I came up with the idea for the non- member part of the catoulog, thank you for actually going through with it! Even though I'm a member, some of my friends are! Thank you! Oh, and my clothing idea was this outfit with a purple polo shirt that has pink hearts, pink wing warmers, white flats, and dirty blonde wavy hair style with a pink streak to the left side of the penguin's head, a gold chain necklace with a pinkish purple heart hanging down the middle, and the same looking type thing as the necklace as a charm bracelet with a pattern of pinkish purple heart, hot pink heart, pinkish purple heart, hot pink heart, etc.
I hope you like my idea!
~Mary Sue1


maybe we should have the heads up 3000 from herbert's revenge


I want to see more items that are less expensive, and also clothes that members and nonmebers can buy. I am new to club penguin, so I dont know a lot about it. I'm very excited to see the new catalog

Keep it up CP team!
Waddle on!
(PS I agree with Anabelle24 Bling is the thing!)

Sally Oh1:

I Would Really Like To See A New Coloured Hoodie! Like Maybe For Girls, A Baby Pink Hoodie? And For Boys, A Grey One? Or White!
And I Would Also Like To Find A Bird :D 'cos I Like Birds!

Thank You CP Team, You Make CP A Better Place :)
From Sally Oh1


What ill like to see is a new colour of the squary shoes n a new plain colour jumper (but it has to match), also a brand new bracelet with some thing to do with dinosaurs (for the new party) and some crazy brown hair, also a dinosaur head necklace!

that is the style that i'm looking for!
until than...


Baby Mariods:

Are we like twins or what?, cause I see that you put down the same style of clothes that i'd pick!






i also thnk there should be 3-d glasses there should also be some different colered eyeglasses


A Coin Costume could be VERY cool, That will show how rich you are that you able to buy a Costume of Coin! You are probably the most rich guy if you bought it! :)


spicy 1998:

I would want to see new wigs and wigs for the non-members too and new clothes that have a special dances. I think it is great how you decided to make a section for non-members


Wow, there are so many amazing outfits Penguin Style has had over the years.... And speaking of that, I think there should be a page or two that brings back old outfits that Club Penguin has had buyable over the years, starting from when the first Penguin Style Catalog was created. (I think in 2005) And for penguins that have already purchased those items, you guys could do all of the new clothing ideas like shirts that represent each game in Club Penguin on a separate page. (If that hasn't already been done) -Crosby85305 :-)


I would love to see some fashion for the white color! Maybe like a black dress or shirt and some new hair? Also, I'd like to see more fashion for the boys: A shirt with a dragon on, maybe like scorn, and maybe a full outfit, like a red shirt with black flames and some blue shorts? Waffle on, CP!


I would like to see some more stylish secret agent outfits and maybe some cool hoodies. That would be cool. Stylish and cool at the same time. Oh yeah! Hope this helps. You guys are awesome.


Hi club penguin it would be awesome to have greek outfits or pretty dresses even nice hair to go along!!!!!!

but what ever it is your outfits ROCKS!!! :)


I think it should have a great and amazing robo dino suit for the prehistoric event.


i would like yo see a mermaid costume i woulds also like if u put dinosour costumes for the dino party


I think we should get cool clothes that go with our new color, Arctic White. Maybe we can have girl items and a button on the top that brings you to those items, except for boys. Maybe new hats. I would also like a shirt that says "I heart CP". That would be cool.

Thursday, January 3,2014 - 14:04


I think there should be a costume for all of the party transformations. Like puffle party would be the puffle transformation, halloween would be a ghost transformation, and this one would be car, reindeer puffle, and frost transformation!


I really like the new penguin styles coming out, as I've been playing since 2007. What I really would like to see is more high heels. I want more posh- modern fashion, with a bit of an old conservative zing! I feel that we need to update our player cards. We need to organize our items. For each category we should have a subcategory. Ex: Category- Head Items; Subcategories: Wigs, Hats. Club Penguin, you are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work!


id like to see a cycling suit and the stadium to turn into the veledrome !!!

Canada Post:

I would like to see 3 penguin styles this year for 2013 and they are 3D glasses because they stand out your look better by the blue and the red colors. The brown messenger bag because all of us like helping Aunt Arctic with the newspaper and helping her deliver it so we need a strong bag to hold all that including some postcards which would make the messenger bag a perfect style. The white dress shoes because they make a big fashion for the island and they are the best when it comes to the EPF. If your looking for a unique feet item to dazzle your look more then the white dress shoes are the perfect style.

Thank Club Penguin!

-Canada Post


I want more hats! Like the red one you get when you first get on!


puffle slippers


good idea wow best girl stuff in cataloge (buys butterfly tsirt)


I would like to see rare stuff!Also,I think we might see some outdoor-cold outfits!Like coats,boots,and stuff like that.

Carson :

Hey Polo is there always gonna be free iteams in each catalog?


I would like to see more shirts based on games around Club penguin. Then, people can wear the shirts of their favorite games or what game they are going to play! Keep making fun things happen!



You know what I'd like to see? A keyboard clothing item that you could just pull out and start jammin'. (: I think that would me neat! Thanks so much for all that you do in Club Penguin!


I would really like to see something that includes dinos and cavemen, based on the prehistoric party we're about to have! It would be awesome to dress up as cave-penguins, and dinos too, with an additional club to hold to top off the whole outfit! Thanks Club Penguin Team, you rule!!


i dont know what i would like to see!!!!!!!!! you guys probley have much better ideas then i do but i think i would like to see clothing that make do somthing


I would LOVE to see clothing items with Puffles on them; maybe a I Love My Puffle Dress or T shirts! I would also love to see multicolored hair and maybe some braids? :D


That's great, Hermey12!!
I think non-member girl penguins should have a stylish jacket, girlys shoes, and a ponytail/ flat hair.
Boys should get a sweatshirt, hair, sneakers, and some handitem.


well for the girls something that means winter and fun maybe a cute hoodie with super cute jeans . but im not doing this thinking friend JN201 is helping me for the boy idea he thinks a black jacket with a black puffle for the shirt with some jeans. also for girls i think untied shoes and a purple jacket with some leggings for the hair earmuffs with brown hair. now my friend again JN201 thought for the boys vans with a beanie with brown hair.


I would love it if you guys can put a conch shell necklace for the boys 'cause I have a conch shell necklace and I think it will look good on my penguin as well as it looks good on me. Also could you guys put a grey T-shirt with guitars on it 'cause I also have it and I think it will look good on my penguin as well as it looks good on me. Later ClubPenguin Team!



i would like to see a guy with hypnotizing glasses with pranks and stuff


i would like to see a guy with hypnotizing glasses with pranks and stuff


I think we should get more hoodies! And, for girls, we should get different colored versions of the blonde Flutterfly, that has the brown and black already. Also, more types of diva sunglasses and stuffed animals like the teddy bear and stuffed turtle. I wish we could get more old clothes, too!
Waddle on, Club Penguin!!! :D


Great idea Lilly! p.s. When I said "flat hair" in my post above, I meant flutterfly hair. Just wasn't sure what is was called!

Racer 58390:

i want to see best fashions that i like

cute a cute:

coloured hoodies plzz and other colors of mittens :D


I think some techno outfits would be cool as well as some from Tron Uprising and Star Wars. The ones from the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam,Marvel Super Hero Takeover,and Holiday Party 2012. Thanks for wonderful times CP.


I would love to see more of the old stuff that was on Club Penguin. 3D Glasses, Helmets, Hoodies, etc.


I think it would be REALLY cool if there were outfits inspired by celebrities, like Big Time Rush, One Direction, and Ross Lynch, and there were outfits for girl and boy penguins for each celebrity featured! I LOVE Big Time Rush, One Direction, and Ross Lynch! <3 And it would be AMAZING if there was a party for it, the whole island decorated like Hollywood or something like that, and igloo decorations, but just the outfits would be amazing too! That would be SO COOL! :D

Waddle on Club Penguin! :D


One Direction would be cool!


I would really like to see more classic hoodies! There's the old orange hoodie that hasn't returned since 2009, and I missed my chance to get it! I would really appreciate it if you made more hoodie styles and brought back the orange hoodie!


Also, the catalog is supposed to come out today. What time exactly? Because I just checked and it's not there. I really can't wait for it XD.
Waddle on, Club Penguin!


3D glasses and gangnam style suit


That would be so awesome.


Maybe a dog outfit or a house outfit. Maybe a new trend like Justin Bieber or One direction!


We Did it Club Penguin!!!! and you did to

Thank you!
Happy 2013


I Think You Guys Should Make A Brown Jacket With 4 Pockets And A Zipper Sideways (for girls) For Boys, You Should Make A Hair Style That is Similar To A Celeb's Hair!

Shadow Rider :

Nicolewob100, yeah I'm totally with the girl one. Wish they did it! :D


I would like to see some new outfits for spring, like a flowery dress or for boys hair with a cool cap! Waddle on!


Oh my god that is a lot of coins that we all donated!!!.Well i was thinking to have dinosaur costums and dino stuff because we are going to have a dino party!!!. I cant wait!!!!.well if you can not do that then you should make more brown hair you should have like prom dresses because they always have proms and parties.i just want to say one more thing you guys are so helpful and i am thankful what you do in club penguin thank you.


I would like to see more special dance moves!
Waddle On! ;]


Well since its going to be Spring, what about you do a Spring Style to let the colors out. Maybe a flower dress might be nice with a flower headband. But not make it too much flowers, boys need something too like new shoes that are colorful or a new sweater. You know. Something like those will fit in style. I sugest you look through a Fashion magazine or watch a fashion shows and that may give you an idea. Oh and since Groundhog day is coming up ( my birthday ) You should do like a brown style to fit in with the nature.



i would love the 3D glasses to be in the catalog its my favourite Face item of all times

My Favourite items are the Green Propeller Cap 3D Glasses Jet Pack Black Hoodie Silver Wristwatch and Black sneakers i them to appear in the catalog


in the mideviel party i would like to see a ogre and a tree trunk costume to spic things up LOL


I think you should put some coats, cars, and skates (and maybe some new hairstyles)
Oh and also, will the items that we're asking to put on be for non members as well as members??
(I still can't believe we donated over ONE-BILLION coins!)


I would like to see black hoodies, the blonde hair with the blue butter fly in it, and cell phones. Those were so awesome and i hope you add the cell phone in the catalog. It would be an epic 2013 catalog!


rainbow puffle and grey color fits me!

Bo Bop:

when will the catalog come out?! It's supposed to be updated tonight, right?! somebody respond!!!


Hey cp well I know this allready passed but I want the beflutterd and like a blue party dress and some party hats to start off the new year!!!!Oh and some blue high heels!For boys how bout some black hair a blue laptop that says Club Penguin and some red high tops!
I soooooo love cp!!!Waddle on and allso cp is a great game!Please post you never post my comments :)


Penguins should dress up as spaceships, pyramids, or trains! Swag.

Stormy Boy 7:

What i would like this year is some new items with awesome dances and a gold and gray and rainbow color for your penguin. Speaking of Gray how did Sensei get the color Gray?

-Waddle On


I think we should get the color gray too great idea.


I was surprised that we broke the coin board broken it's like we broke the record.I like something new for Club Penguin like the fashion style anything beautiful and cool.And thanks for improving Club Penguin throughout the years.
Waddle On! -Haku23


I think it would be cool if you made Star Wars costumes IF there is going to be a party of Star Wars party. I think you should also make a disco ball costume (which would be funny!), Bring back the 3-D glasses, Some TRON costumes IF there is going to be a TRON Party, A new penguins at work (I think it should be a mechanic), A Tablet ( It should be small though) A Jet Pack, and Rocket shoes.

I would be happy if you made them.


Oops it was suppose to be it shouldn't be small though. And I forgot one more thing! The color gray!


that would rock awesome idea


O.K. That's a REALLY good idea but what do you think the girls will think about that? SOME girls might not like it...
SOME will. BUT, bringing back the 3-D glasses and machanic (i don't know how to spell it ) is a EPIC idea. why would one have, a tablet, a jet pack, or Rocket Shoes?


cool if it was on may the fourth


maybe we should make something new how about a theme for the party there maybe some coats here are the items i think that should be released the time travel coat,the time travel ponytail,time travel gear,time travel hat,time travel boots , brown furry coat , the rocker,
black shoes and finally penguins at work this catalogs penguins at work should be time trekker driver the items for it are time travel hat,
time travel gear and time travel boots


You should have more music and bling stuff.And you should see if sometime you could make a character of austin moon just like cece and rocky.


that is a really good idea flopper138


yeah austin moon rocks


I Think it would be cool to bring back some old items. I would Love to see the tiara, and the real boas again for the girls and for the guys maybe those sport jackets. Oh and maybe the colourful sweat shirts (Green, yellow, orange, etc..). It would be nice to get the old items back in the catalogs instead of flashy things. No Offence to anyone who likes flashy things.


Yes. I think we shoul bring back old items. What I would want is some of the the old instruments back like the violin, the trumpet, the purple bass, etc.

Ryan b 123:

That would be super nice


I noticed that! It's pretty cool!


I thought it would be really cool if you made a Phineas & Ferb party and there was a Perry coutume!!
Happy New Year- Braez


I Want to see pre historic items, because on the cover of the new catalog (Club Penguin Blog has a picture) it doesn't seem like any pre historic items, And this is a pre historic party right? So wouldn't it make more sense?? And I Agree with Maddy62420! More old Items would be nice as well !


I want a lot of items back. I really want the Flutterby and the Befluttered and the coloured hoodies back. I also liked these bangles that I had on my other account. I would like those back as well. I liked the Vibrant, Sun Striker, Sidewinder, White Diva Sunglasses, and Fuzzy Brown Boots. I also agree about the curly blonde hair and fuzzy dress. Please bring these items back CP and make this happen. I would appreciate it.


I would like to see any outfit! Everyone has a different style so it doesn't matter. I love all of them because i always change costumes/outfits when the catalogue changes or when there is a new party!This will be epic cause i will be wearing it in the dino party!


Full and absolute DITTO!


i would like to see diva glasses or sunset diva glasses i think they would look good on some penguins some realy want them there soo stylish style!!!


Yeah! Bring Back The white diva glasses! I Love them! I realy want them! Also the brown Fuzzy Boots! I LOVE THEM! Make it happen. PLEASE! It would be such an Honor! Thnxs!


I'd love to see curly red hair, straight blonde hair with bangs, or another style with a feather in the hair!


How about a snowman costume (for next Christmas) or a TV costume? Or maybe even a human costume!


I would love to see the grass skirt , Hawaiian lei , pizza or coffee apron in cp again (:


I think it would be cool to see a long flowing red dress and long blond curls. For the boys items, there should be a suit and dark black just-above-shoulder-length hair.



I would like to see more mp3 players and more new hoodies!!!!! i love hoodies!! I think it's awesome! I would also like to see more awesome car-cra outfits!!! waddle on and Happy New Year CP!!!!!


There are so many club penguin items I would Love to see but if I had to pick it would probably be the blue graduation hat like polo fields

Agent Tut:

I would like to see black sneakers with the old black hoodie and nice brown hair. Cool is my favorite!


i think maybe orange hair would look good on a penguin


i think maybe orange hair would look good on a penguin


id like to see some hair thats like a mo-hawk and at the top blonde,middle red,bottom black.and for like the face id like to see golden shades that at the top they say :2013.and as for the clothes id like to see(for boys)a tux but,instead of white,we put blue and for the bo tie it should be red,and a jacket of black and red and in the middle it should be a 20 and under it, 13!now (for girls) id like to seea ball gown thats silver and a red dress with high tops


I would like to see the propeller cap! I want one so bad! A jet pack would be cool too!


This is out of question but i would like to see i know club penguin i dont work for you but i want to say i have a good idea for a party it would be Sports Party 2013 Almost Every Room Would Have a Sport Theme To It


Maybe for a girl a blue skirt and a pink t-shirt with a few cute accessories and a phone and with long blonde hair. And maybe for a boy a green t-shirt with a brown vest on top and dark blue jeans with short brown hair and a phone. ( Jade22469 : D , : ) , )


Maybe for a girl a blue skirt and a pink t-shirt with a few cute accessories and a phone and with long blonde hair. And maybe for a boy a green t-shirt with a brown vest on top and dark blue jeans with short brown hair and a phone. ( Jade22469 : D , : ) , )


Id like to see more cool hair styles to do with the music party we can do a mowhawk and you can choose what colour you would like!
thanks for all the great times of 2012!

Friday, january 4,2013 - 10:08


For this years catalogs i would like to see more funky hair style for the girls, for example blonder hair with neon highlights! id also like to see more pages where we get to make our own clothes like the hoodie page in the December 2012 catalog! but with shoes or shirts :) WADDLE ON


i think you should bring back older styles as well as new styles because penguins who were not on CP yet could get old items as well as get brand new items, also get different colors of hoodies like a rainbow hoddie or a artic white hoodie



I think I would like to see those colored hoodies! Those are so cool! I also might want to see some cool new hairstyles, maybe something like blonde with a pink streak! That would be EPIC! Waddle on!


I would like to see some more spiky hair and mohawk to come I really like mohawk! Also I want see the 3-D Glasses it will look cool on me! Waddle On!


Hey CP Team I just had this epic idea to get CP more popular! Ok I was thinking you guys could make a TV show! I mean, you already do little cartoons, it may sound hard but, I think it would be a huge step forward. Plus, if there was a cartoon cp would get more popular and you could get more cash for even BIGGER stuff! Plz think on the idea! Thx! (B


I would like to see old Club Penguin catalogs in the Prehistoric Party! Such as, if we can go to the future, maybe a 3-D Beta/Party Hat? When we go to the OLD OLD times maybe a catalog with clubs and cavemen stuff! Then in April or the April Fools party, maybe an April Fools Rookie Hawaiian Shirt? Anyways, to the new styles, I would LOVE to see WORKING portable time machine clothes that could take you from Club Penguin the day you use it to Experimental Penguins! I would love to see THAT!


WADDLE (And skate,bounce, and drive) on Club Penguin! : )


I'd really like to see the wig that EVERYONE wants "The Tuft" Penguins that do not know what it is its a cool brown spikey hair. I really want it and so do other penguins! I'd really like to see colored hoodies again. Most people missed when they came out. They are so cool and some people didnt buy them. And plus, they havent came out in a long time. Waddle On CP!


I would REALLY like it if there were cool high-tops that were for everyone, not members. Oh, and if there was a Toontown shirt!


I think some sports uniforms would be cool. Like a baseball jersey a bat and cleats.


I love almost all the outfits club penguin has, but I like the summer dresses, swim suites, and sunglasses the best. Also I wish I could buy more jewlery like earings. Thanks CLUP PENGUIN FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO
WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!




A cool funky rainbow mohawk with a furry blue vest and bright blue boots!!!! It would really fit my style.


The coin board is broken! Thanks everyone who helped make a diffrence!
In the catalogue I think that you could bring back a few old items maybe?
Thanks Cp team!


I think i would like to see more snowboards,vests and penguins at work clothes. I like clothes that show off a different dance than other clothes that match the same dance.Thank you all for having another great year on Club Penguin, and lets make another Great year. And of course... Waddle on, Club Penguin!



well how about a girl with wavy brown hair with a black bow in it a sparkly dark blue dress a sparkly sky blue purse that said happy new year and to top it all off gold high heels that said 2013 on them. and a guy with strait brown hair 3-D glasses a tuxedo black boots that said 2013 and balloons that spelled out happy new year.

~pangells0002 over and out


A new cute out fit that is blue with torn jeans, fierce hair, tots cute neon pink sneakers, and a charm bracelet or two. My kind of style!


I would like to see some more Technology and EPF gear, like maybe some more laptops. I also liked how during the Music Jam you released items closely resembling Mascot items like G Billy's bandana and it would be extraordinary if you did the same for all Famous Penguins. I would also like to see some scientist gear and maybe some EPF Puffle hats!


My style will be a girl with longer brown hair with a lacy vest a t-shirt underneath that and jeans. for the boy blond spikey hair with a t-shirt under a vest and some brown pants with pockets underneath. i would LOVE to wear that style around town. Waddle on!


ok now its a boys turn
i wish that they would sell a jet pack for at leat tenthousand coins.
ivebeen waitingforone my entire time being able to know jetpack guy from the missions.
(wich was acouple of years of go)
that and a cool tye dye shirt that says cp rocks!!!!!!!
(wich it does!!!!!!) :) :) :)


i would love to see more hairstyles for girls and dresses high heels and ipods or computers
does any one know when epf buliding will be fixed ???


I think some sorts uniforms would be cool. Like maybe a baseball jersey, a baseball bat, and cleats.


I would like there to be different hairstyles with highlights and braided and pigtails. for shoes there should be high tops . I would also like to see more colorful dresses and outfits. Also more way to make custom sweaters but don't stop there make way to make custom shoes and dresses. Also make more jewelry , sunglasses and mp3 players .


I was thinking of a red Angry bird for a boy with brown bushy eyebrows and a pink bird with three pink and purple feathers on top of its' head for a girl.


I think we should have clothes like the major stars on club penguin where we look like Cadence and Sensie, or we should do super heros agian or maybe futrue looking clothes. Also [the best idea for last], I think we should dress like humans. :o




Well,for the next clothing catalog, i would like some school outfits for example:some nerdy outfits,popular girl or boys outfits,teacher outfits,some school uniforms,and/or some school band outfits.Thank you for your support and as my fellow penguin buddy would say WADDLE ON!


I couldn't believe we broke the coin machine broke! It surprised me! I also want a sparkly dress that you can change its colors and a shiny tux suit for the guys that you can change colors. I also want that you can change the colors of cloths and make different hair styles! The suits are for New Year and the rest are just for fun. Oh and you cold also make dino costumes for the dino party.
Waddle On!
P.S.-And a happy new year! :)


Dasiy 7654:

Polo I like pink dress and purple dress please.Dasiy 7654

oz checkered:

hey polo and businesmoose,

i want some black sunglasses i want to wear so i can be lookin' like the dudes at the stadium and i can be one!

all the best,

oz checkered

p.s. it's great we overloaded the coin amount! i also need to say that i miss the holiday party. :(


Old items, pokemon, minecraft, doctor who, and other nerdy styles C;


I feel like club penguin should start trying to follow some fashion styles happening in real life. Espadrilles, tribal patterns, big sweaters, and pastel colored hair are all styles that are recently considered fashionable. I knew if I saw something like that in the catalog, I would buy it!


I Would Like To See Golden Shoes, 3-D Glasses, And A Shirt That Says" Club Penguin Rocks!"

Waddle On Cp!

-Moris234 :)


golden shoes would be awesome!


I wish there were costumes from fairy tales like Cinderela and Rapunzel and other stuff!!!
Waddle on CP!


I would like to see more styles like the ones sold in the Ultimate Jam! Those look good on me because I really LOVE music! Those were the best outfits, in my opinion! Music is awesome!


I think that Club Penguin should really add some more current fashions in! Triangle patterns, oversized sweaters, skinny jeans, and tees with some really cool prints on them are totally in right now. I would love to see this in the catalog, and I would buy it if I saw them in there!

Ipod Boy70:

I REALLY REALLY want the 3-D glasses to return to CP! I saw them back in '10 but I wasn't a member then and when I got my membership they were gone!
WADDLE ON ALL!!!!-Ipod Boy70

Fresy Kitty:

It's awesome that everybody can help persons playing Club Penguin and donating her coins. I would like see also more high heels but with brightness, and some dresses of zebra, leopard and colour pants that will be awesome!. Thank you for help the world Club Penguin!.


i think that for a girl maybe a pink and purple dress with sparkles and a snowflake on it with a matching purse and heels, and for the hair maybe blond wavy hair with a headband that matches the dress.


I would like to see the fashions from the 1700s. They are sooo epic! I just the fashion from these days!!!


Sorry about the last sentense! I meant I just LOVE the fashion from these days!!!


I would like to see the fashions from the 1700s. They are sooo epic! I just LOVE the fashion from these days!!!


Maybe the Sunstriker, with a blue polka dot shirt and some boots and an umbrella!


thats pretty awsome

i was happy when we get a millions of coins to donate


thanks for asking! i all ways wanted too tell you a outfit i wanted! well i was thinking of a warrior cat costume from the novel and the
cat from it would be fire star! just telling you that you should read the books there so good!


I would want 3d glasses a cool hoodie a dinosaur costume and a rocket boots its okay if you can't make thoses thank you for all you have done!


I can't believe that we broke over a million coins this year. Oh and I this is what I'd like to see for the penguin style: Girl: A penguin with curly brown hair, sun glasses, a t-shirt with a pink and white polka-dots, a blue skirt, and baby blue shoes. Boy: A penguin with punked out white hair, a surfer necklace, a red surf shirt, and a green surf board.

I think these will make perfect clothes for the summer. ;)


I would like to see some of the older clothes (white and brown glasses etc.) I think it would be cool to have some of the older clothes back.


So that's why it was broken! I would like to see some sports team things like jerseys for NFL or MLB teams for EVERYONE please!


I would like to see more like checkered shoes and like maybe a tie dye pair of checkered shoes that would be epic. Also a epic t-shirt with all of the CP mascots and a pair of 3-D glasses THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!!!!

Your Flippered Friend,

Zack27267 :)

corn pops8:

I would really like to see (and wear) the old hoodies!! I think they are cool and I only got a chance to buy the black, pink, and waddle on, so i would really enjoy wearing all the other colors too! I also want to see the 3-D glasses (this is a request, not a suggestion) so please you would make my day! Oh and I kinda want the sunstriker head item.
WADDLE ON -Corn pops8


a pizza hat!, or a hat that looks like a puffle, or maybe a blue ninja suit!!!!


I always wanted a blue or red hoodie. Also, I would like to see more items from the past, like a green scarf or blue sneakers. And letterman jackets. Also, more shades.


I think 2013 glasses, a warm jacket, another color of the laptop, or maybe some shoes and I wish they would make Michael Jordan shoes because many people wears socks and shoes of Michael Jordan.


I would like to see some more Hoodies, EPF Items for Igloo, and especially Coats and Jackets!Thanks you CP Team for an Awesome Year!


can you please bring back the older hoodies (red, blue, green, Yellow, black, pink, purple, orange) that wold be awesome im sure others would be HAPPY! + I only got the black, pink and waddle on hoodie so I am getting tired of warring them I want the ones I mentioned please bring them back and the 3d glasses would be nice to have to. Oh and the sun Striker :) Hotdogry1

You Rock Cp Team :)
Waddle on!

PS I am curious to see what the preastoric party's going to be like!!!
^ I not sure how to spell it


Maybe a darth vader penquin.That sounds awesome!


I like to see brown hair with headphones with a black hoodie oh polo feild what do you wanna see in the catolog!


It would be cool if there were outfits molded after famous people, say, Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. That would be so awesome!


I think the best catalog would be the back in time to 2005-2006 stuff becuse evryone want to be so rare and some penguins just started now and want to have the stuff from the older times. i think you penguins will agree with me :D And i agree with Hermey12 (Please add the 3D glasses) XD!!!!!!!!!!! - maxibugsy XD!!!!

Wicked Mia:

I really hope to see Diva Glasses or White Diva glasses come out! Everyone wears those and I really want one. I really want to see boas and colored hoodies. For boys, they could have the spikey hairs like "The tuft." Most boys wear them and it would be nice for guys who dont have it to see it come out. Waddle on!


I'm not a member but if I had a membership again I would really like some colorful hoodies to come out. Or maybe "The Tuft" Ive been dreaming for it to come out. Also for girls the diva glasses or colorful boas. Waddle on!


I would like to see like a cute dress like whit sparkles on it whit a cute belt and flats and whit a cute hair like that has highlights my opinion lol


I really wanna see some colored sneakers. Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, And the rest. Also some colored hoodies. I'd really like to see the diva glasses and boas come out again! I really want to buy them!


id like to see all of it but im happy that there are going to be cloths for everyone so that it is all fair,

One thing i would like to see a robot that walks that would be fully epic and with the robot you can walk it and charge it when it goes flat it would be soooooo cool,

And congratulations on breaking the record on the boared-_-

Waddle On CP


Night Sky 1:

To: Clubpenguin Team What does the knew home page look like? If its on Friday January 4?


I really want some color hoodies like a few years ago or some cool hair like "The tuft." I REALLY WANT IT SOO BAD AND SO DO ALOT OF PEOPLE!!! :D Anyway, I also would like to see diva glasses white diva glasses or colored sneakers. WADDLE ON CP YOU ARE AWESOME!!


I would like to see more musical and bling-bling thangs!


RED LEI OR blue lei


Well it is a new year so....................... some new styles like colorful shirts, some hats and new hair-do's ( dont know how to spell that) anyway for shoes boots! That would be cool, i love boots!



RED LEI OR blue lei


I would love to see brown braided hair with blond highlights and like black shorts with a teal shirt with yellow ribbons on it for a girl and black slick hair for a boy with dark jeans and a orange shirt that has the blue letters CP on it! = )


I would like to see more hoodie colors! Like blue, red, ect!!! Waddle On,


I would love anything you guys made and earn money buy it,love it!Waddle on CP!!!!


i think the penguins at work should be the new years ball on a pole droping that would be realy cool becouse they have not done something like that


This my second time posting a comment yay! I would like to see some more hair do's,jewerly,hand items like computers and some nice shoes or high heels and some galasses and other face items also clothes it would be awsome if some of the clothes are dresses and bling-bling outfits everyone loves bling-bling outfits. Thank you CP for this update when I heard about this I was really happy. THANK YOU SO MUCH CP!!!!!!!


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