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By Polo Field on January 3, 2013 - 09:26

Hello Penguins!


Can you believe we actually broke the Coins for Change board?! All thanks to YOUR donations!


In our last Reviewed By You post, we asked which Coins for Change cause you donated to and why. Here’s Hermey12’s answer:


I donated to ALL of them! I feel it's all of our jobs to help the earth, help build safe places, and provide health care for the ill. I can't believe we donated OVER 10 BILLION COINS this year! Wow! That's really a big difference that we made this year! -Hermey12 :)


Yesterday you got a sneak peek at the January Penguin Style catalog. Now we want to know: What new penguin styles would you most like to see this year? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll feature one of your answers. If you’re picked, you’ll receive 10,000 coins!


Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team



King Ben 7:

Dear cp,
I think we should have a clothing catalog for old items to remember the time when club penguin started and how for they have come.
I think club penguin is awsome and maybe all penguins could see how far we have gotten.

Rose Lilly:

I think we should have a celebrity style cataloge. you could have Gangnam style outfit, Selena Gomez outfit and many more. It will be great because anyone can dress up as their favourite celebrity. - Rose Lilly


I think a really good penguin outfit would be t-shirts with a dinosaur on it that says "Hi club penguin!" I also was surprised that we broke the coin bord!


I know this is weird, but I think you should make cool accessories for your penguin like hair bands, eyelashes, freckles and things like that!

Waddle On!

Cookie Facts:

I would like to get a theme for each month.
For example, for the Music Party, we can have rocker jackets and some cool hair with instruments.
For winter, we could have scarfs and coats!
Whatever the theme party is for the month, we can have items for it!

Waddle On!


i would LOVE to see a lot of dino costumes and some cavemen i would love to see those oh, and i would love to see flashy and blingy things so i can stand out.


I would like to see a golden blonde low side ponytail and a plain pink hoodie and a plain black hoodie no designs on either and a purple sequin top and bright purple tennis shoes for that outfit. For boys I would like to see brown hair with side swept bangs and a black leather jacket with a red top and leather red high top shoes. I also think it would be cool to have a feature where you guys make jackets we can wear over our regular outfits. One more thing please please please bring back the plain colored hoodies and the white pearl necklace and if possible bring back Marvel superhero takeover please I like their oufits. I hope I win my user name is Black Zoe 16 but on screen it shows as P120109260 but as usual ,








Waddle on C P !!!

Alex 8992:

I would like to see a disco catalog. I think it would be cool to get a little funky on club penguin. I can imagine a bunch of disco penguins walking around Club Penguin now. you can even make Bell Bottoms! I'v been waiting for so long to share this.

Thanks for letting me share my ideas!

- Alex 8992

Cool P Gal:

There should be a jet pack that flies, a drill that can dig into a secret underground room, 3d goggles, and x-ray glasses that let you see through walls. You should also make a coin suit so that the more coins you have the larger the suit gets and the larger you get. In the clothing catalog there should be a place where you can make your own shoes by choosing the style, design, and color. There should be the same thing for hair.


I cannot believe the amount of coins we gave away is over £B13, WOW


I think it was a EPIC idea to make clothing items for the non-members! There are some really cute things foe them too like the pig-tail wig, and the Butterfly T-Shirt. Also, the members items are awesome! I like them all! Awesome work on the clothes!


I think you guys should take some of the old CP clothes and just like the t shirt designer let the penguins design fashion! It would be very fun to let the penguins make their own unique styles. You can have different fabrics, colors and clothes of course! For hair, I think you should go bigger and brighter. Neon green and orange would look nice to make any hairstyle look fun! It would be fun too if you let the penguins design their own hair too. Please write back!
- 01Taylor03


I think a good idea would be sparkly boots! Also, can you bring back the brown beehive with the bow? You had it when wigs first came out. For guys maybe a nice vest a computers.


i would like some robot costumes,that would be,they have wheels on their feet and little light blasters! and more animals costumes!I love those! like a giant bird, and a shark costume and an elephant costume!and some futuristic clothes!that would be cool!

P.S.i have no idea if someone else has any of these ideas.if so,sorry.


hello!!! I am dying to see the colorful hoodies come back. They were such a big hit and everyone now wishes they bought them. I wasnt a member then so I hope to see them soon. Also, today in the new catalog there is a green shirt with a mini vest on it. Maybe we could deign like how we have : Make your own hoodie. we could do : Make your own vest.



well i cant believe we brocken the board but it was quite funny.


I want to have ROBOT clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would love to see more animal costumes like tigers and wolfs as i think they would be very popular among other penguins. A bird outfit would be epic too maybe a parrot or eagle. But what ever the club penguin team makes im sure it will AWESOME!

P.s i think we should bring back the white diva sunglasses!


love the free penguin star shrirt . I wear it even tough I am a member.

waddle on!

Cha Cha20789:

Wow, the catalog is awesome! I'm soo glad you brought the Pink Purse, The Funster, and that pink butterfly tee back. I had the Funster already, but i'm really happy about the other two. Well, i guess since that catalog is already out, i'll tell you what i want for the February catalog! I saw people wanted some red hair, and i thought that was a pretty good idea. Also, you should make some dresses. Like really elegant ones. I remember the Penguin Awards, and i didn't have a membership, but that PURPLE DRESS! It was gorgeous!!! I'd like that one back, but i'd also like to see something new and same amount of style. I really like this catalog though, especially the outfit with the skull on it. SO CUTE. Anyways i've been rambling long enough so, WADDLE ON CP!!!!

Ana 18009:

Really?!?Wow! I guess that even somthing as small a a single virtual coin can change the world :-) I'd love to penguins have differe
eye color for a party. Like maybe in the dino party we discover an ultimate source of power that only penguin with true hearts (good guys like the EPF) can see it and each penguin who wants it has to go on a quest
to find it but its acually somthing like super powers and there are different colors of powers (example: u get purple eyes if u find the purple gem.)and maybe another penguin wants to take over club penguin and tries to tap the epf in the dino age so they dont save cp like every time and somthing like that :-P

Thnx for reading and plz allow this comment to be seen cuz I really have alot of ideas and I'd love to share :-)
-Ana 18009


I would like to see you guys bring back the older Club Penguin outfits! I really want a pair of nerd glasses!


Hi, Yea that would be really cool.

I'm looking for a bunch of penguins that would like to participate in the asking of getting the plain sweatshirts back to cp, i was wondering if you were interested. if you are, simply post a comment saying, "Hi, i was wondering if we could please bring back the plain sweatshirts,: then u say "I LUV CP" and thats r u interested??




WOAH :0 Has that ever happened before?

Night Sky 1:

Thank you so much for a sneak peek! I love the new fashions you guys made for everyone! im so happy! XOXO Night Sky 1 to: Clubpenguin Team. Happy after new year!


I would enjoy having an 80's theme. Something very colorful would be nice for the upcoming seasons. Even a disco theme with Candace involved! Many people enjoy the 3-D glasses so it would also be great to see them again in an upcoming outer space or video game theme!


I think that we should have a scarf with with a nice hat and a nice warm sweater with shoes for boys and girls.And the same thing would last the whole year.But I think that the color would be based on the season or month that were in,so that way the outfit would be changing colors all year in every catolog, so everyone would have a chance to get it during the whole time of the year.The best part is that it´s for nonmembers and members.Thanks for listening,id be happy if that were on the catolog and i hope you think so too.Waddle on Club Penguin :D.


I would like to see like slick and cool tuxedoes, crazy unpsidedown hairdoes, fabulous dresses, like a dress as your own favorite character for instance we could see outfits for sensei and aunt artica. A new pengyin working should be like an igloo builder.

Waddle On.


I would like to see some of those cheerleading pompoms back again because I really liked those!
Also, maybe those Diva sunglasses - they were truly the best!
Maybe bring back some boa's - especially pink!
In the upcoming year I would like to see some new hairstyles for girls that look good and look good when you wear it around CP!
Waddle On!


I would like to see costumes that glow in the dark. Like during the day they look like ordinary clothes, but then during later times in the day (Penguin Standard Time) they glow!

year of the horse2 0 0 2:

I think there should be a snake costume because when it is February 10 it will be the year of the snake according to the Chinese zodiac calendar. Or there should be cunning outfits because year of the snake people are suppose to be cunning.

If you don't want to use this idea that is fine with me since I am not year of the snake. It would be nice if you chose a similar idea to year of the horse in 2014.



For the music jam coustumes I think it would be really cool to drees up as different pop stars like miley cyrus or talor swift


A secret agent theme would be great to get all of Club Penguin to help bring the EPF back and defeat Herbert and Klutzy!


I agree with Maddy62420, we SO should bring back some of the old items! We just HAVE to bring back the White Diva sunglasses, the OLD boas and maybe some earrings which you can mix and match with outfits... Maybe for boys, you could have some more shirts with trousers because I liked those.
I want to see more dresses but a lot less sparkle because some things are just too sparkly sometimes - no offence to the people who like sparkly stuff.
I also agree with FuzzySlip11, there SO should be a Make Your Own Hair Style part in the new catalogue!

Tu Tu 994:

Wow, we donated so much this year! (I'm gonna have to try really hard to get all my coins back after all the donating!. Anyway maybe we could do like a hip-hop style because of all the amazing songs that came out last year like GANGNAM STYLE. I was thinking for a girl maybe we could have a bright green vest and a crop top t-shirt which could be bright pink and in the middle it could say 'CP'. For the shoes for girls we could have baby blue pumps which could have a musical note on it. For a boy I was thinking a red Gilet which has a gold zip in the middle and on the top left and right and bottom left and right (maybe). For the shoes I was thinking navy blue trainers. I hope I have helped. Great work CP, good luck for the future! :)


I would WISH to see all the old and rare items back because when I see a penguin with a super rare item, I always waddle up to them and say,"OMG YOUR SO RARE!" And I'm a full member so that will be nice to grab some new rare items.

Wishes and Fishes,

Mengi Pengi:

I Would Think It Were Very Good, If You Created A New Way To Create Your Own Clothes, I Like The Old System, But If There Was A Newer One, It Would Be Good, Like Create Your Own Headband, And Things Like That. I, Mengi Pengi Is No Longer A Member, It Ran Out In December, But I Am Not Sad About That, It Dosent Just Matter, What I Got, But It Matters What Other People Got. It Would Also Be Pretty Nice For The Members, If There Was A ''Potter Party'' Many Of The People I Know, Likes Harry Potter, So There Would Be Wands To Buy, But If There Is People That Dosen't Like Harry Potter, I Should'nt Bother. If You Create The New System, It Would Be Great! I Like Club Penguin, And Coins For Change Too. It Was Really Nice When The Machine Broke! I Did'nt Know That There Were SO Many Coins, Maybe We Should Have Used The Lighthouse For Storing Them? Like Last Year. Best Hopes And A Happy New Year! Bye! -Mengi Pengi


I think that there should be medium length curly blonde hair with a aqua blue headband, with a pearl turquoise necklace, and a pair of sunglasses, with a white dress with different color polka dots, and a purple purse. And for the boys, brown kinda spiked hair, with a white shirt covered by a black vest, with a MP3 player, and different sunglasses and a white scarf. I would be supper happy if you did this idea!
PS I have never been posted, please post this! :-)


I'd like to see more of those girl hairs with the beanies. The one that is blonde with the pink, with the pink peacoat? I want that. Also, i want those really old jackets with the connected mittens that usually had striped shirts underneath? Like, there was one in pink and purple, and one in red and yellow, i thimk there was an all red one, and a green one. There was around 5, i just want like 2 of those back. I had the chance to buy them in 2008, but i wasn't too smart back then haha
Waddle on cp


You mean the suede jackets? Oh those rock!! I'd love the green one back!!! The lavender gown would be perfect for Febuary too!!


i think we could do costumes of the mascots, like we can dress up as Gary and all those ppl.
My idea could take place on cp's 8th b-day

think its a good idea polo?

Shadow Rider :

Yeah the outfits have come out now :D - they're pretty cool! Loving the tops. :D Waddle on!

P.S. Whoa, Load of comments here. :D

Shadow Rider :

Cool, do you guys - I'm talking about the CP team - read the comments? I saw comments about blue dresses and its in the Treasure Book! :D


I think sparkly dress with pink ribbons in hair and heart on top of dress half on bottom


Really funny how our donations broke the Coins for Change board. ☺ I really love the clothes in CP, but I want to make some suggestions. Maybe some rocket boots! That would be super cool! :D Or maybe an option like, 'hair' and 'hat/headband'. Then we could have 2 head items and we would look really good. Hey, maybe we could also have more brown hair that looks stylish. Ooh! Maybe a black-white striped dress, matched with a brown ponytail with white highlights. Cool! Well, I have tons of ideas, and I don't have time to post it all! ♥

Waddle o
Waddle on
Waddle on!
Waddle on
Waddle o


There Should Be An "I Heart CP Shirt", Which Is A White Shirt Simular To The Orginal "I Heart My Puffle Tee" But Instead Has Light Blue Sleeves And It Has The CP Logo On It. That Is An Idea That I Always Wished It Could Be Shown! I Know That UK Has A Code For The CP Shirt, But This Shirt Is WAY More Different. Plz Make This Idea! I Want My Penguin To Show CP Pride For Herself :)


What I think club penguin should do is make some safari costumes like a safari conductor, lion, rhino, and giraffe! And maybe even a party to go with it!


*I would like to see some modern types of clothes like the ones they wore in the olden days.

*Or probably a disco them were it is very baggy shorts Afro hairstyle and maybe some big glasses and for the girl she would have a bob hair hairstyle which is blue or purple or green tight clothes and again some long pants or a long skirt and to mach this theme club penguin could have a disco party and cadence could show up.

*and for the non-members there could be like wigs um watches some party hats some stylish clothes and lots of accessories

That's all the ideas i have but from now



emperor pegi:

I think you should put items from The penguins that time forgot stage play. And some clothing like survival and search, costumes and NEW items!


I for one would love to see a lot of multi colored figs for and a lot more detailed outfits. You guys should check out my penguin and iggy. Waddle On CP


i will like for girls,blonde curly hair cute desing jeans white shurt wiht a white furry jacket


Everyone I know that plays Club Penguin, wants to buy a hoodie, 3-D glasses, and so, so, many other cool things! I think that would be totes awesome! Also thanks to everyone who donated coins to Cons for Change! I'm so happy that we helped so many people!


In the Penguin Style catalog, I would LOVE to see more of the old stuff from when CP first started. That would be SO EPIC! That way everyone could wear some older clothes like the people who have been on since the beginning! Especially the hot pink and dark blue boa!!!! WADDLE ON!!!! =D


i would greatly encourage some 2013 outfits!!! you know, whats in these days... school and party clothes i think are the best choices. also, cant forget the nerds out there! there should be a catalog all about space movies. maybe watching Planet Y and maybe even with the 3D glasses! and thanks again for letting me now about the sweatshirts. i know you guys work so hard! thanks again for your listening ears! just a suggestion. you don't have to pick it but if you do i would be so happy in buying all of my own ideas. thanks again!!!


I will like to see a girl with curly brown hair, a gray hoddie, black and withe converse, an i pad or a book, and a necklace that have the club penguin initials, and one page where you can design your own necklace, another one where you can design your own shoes, and one where you can design you own hand item.

-Dani47531 :D

pink sherbet:

hey,CP team. This year in penguin style I would like to a black or silver sparkly hat and a furry vest that has streaks of sparkles.i also think neon colored shirts would be more thing, i would like to have jeans of all colors.
Waddle On!

pink sherbet:

i forgot to say pajamas and slippers.

Jilly Can101:

I think it would be really cool if each section of the catalog had a theme to it!
Like, for example, one section could have the theme of fancy, and that section would have fancy clothes!
Waddle On, CP!!!
~Jilly Can101~

Cutie Bibby:

I think that's a great idea!
Waddle On Jilly Can101!


I would love to see more dance outfits! I love everyday items in colorful rainbows like a neon hoodie or long, neon orange hair for girls. Boys could have AWESOME skate boards or bikes (with a helmet of coarse) and jeans with a rockin' graphic tee. It would be AMAZING to see matching puffle outfits to match penguins too! That would be brill-awe-cool-some! (Brilliant, awesome, and cool combined!) Thanks! Waddle on! -Mrpluto975


I'd like to see items from the past!

Cutie Bibby:

Me too!

popo po:

Honestly, there are many things i want to see, like a jean jacket, a really coll dress, more hairs.... but what would be really coll would be if u could chose a hoodie, t-shirt, shoes, hairs, hats, dresses, jackets, etc. and design it to look like what u want by choosing color, text, and design, Then being able to share it.


WOW!!! I'm so happy we raised all the coins! Something i would like to see it teenage-looking penguins, like in the clothing catalog. Some of us are starting to get older and taller. So please consider my idea! I'm very proud of us! Club Penguin will always be awesome. 2012 was great, so 2013 should be even better! Thank you so Club Penguin Team.! For all the party's, puffles, clothes, and all the great times we had together. I hope we say thanks to Club Penguin. Waddle On :D


I think you should have a section were you can dress up as sensei or rockhopper or any other penguin celeberty.


I would like to see some older wigs, like the sun striker wig , animal print clothes,pogo stick for penguins, and better figure-skating gear.HAPPY NEW YEAR CLUB PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!!



but what happens if you donate more?


i think you should do a male penguin with long brown hair, a red shirt wit black sleeves and a black puffle on the bottom/middle corner, with a gold necklace with a gold puffle at the end, and black and red shoes. that would be awesome to see.


I would love to see some classical kingdom royal clothing! Like tiaras, dresses, princess shoes, prince robes, etc... That would be so awesome!


I would LOVE to see some new hair on CP. also if maybe you can add more free clothing/hand items/and hair to CP. you know for non members. so i hope i win. thanks for reading!

nat<3 also know as club78992 on club penguin.



Why not a hoverboard? The special dance will be your penguin floating in it.

Lime Jewel:

There should be the penguin hair style catalog again!! It was here when i first started playing club Penguin ( which was a long long long time ago ) And I think there should be more cool looking hair styles of all colors! I like the ideas where members could have their own create your own hair style and color idea (that would be awesome!) BUT THE MAIN IDEA THAT I HAVE IS PEOPLE/PENGUINS SHOULD BE ABLE TO BUY HATS AND WEAR THEM WITH ALREADY PURCHASED WIG/ HAIR ITEMS THAT ARE NOT ATTACHED TOGETHER. SO THEN WE CAN CREATE NEW HAT AND HAIR IDEAS! (YAY!) Anyway, a lot of new penguins have also been asking me where do you get the sunglasses or shades, which is VERY POPULAR in club penguin (everybody needs a cool pair of shades because normal penguin eyes are kinda scary). So maybe we should bring out sunglasses too! thanks waddle on!


I think it would be awesome to get more unique penguin colors like Gray, teal, maroon, lilac, neon colors, etc......

Private G2:

I can't believe it! We actually helped contribute to help people and nature all around the world!! Rock on, Cp. Oh, and I'd really like some cool retro 70's 80's costumes , so we could all BRING BACK THE GROOVE AND DISCO!!


You should also have some prom outfits soon because I see lots of people having pretend proms and it always looks fun but there's like never any fun and pretty dresses in the catalog. Maybe you could even throw a prom party too!


I know that this isn't the question that's being asked but i think we should introduce a new famous penguin to club penguin. The new famous penguin should be a girl, and she should be like a famous sports penguin. She should have blond hair that's curly and is in a high side ponytail and whatever type of outfit would be fine. This is just an idea of mine but please consider it! It would be really cool to create a new famous penguin!


hey guys we did 101% on this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no seriously that adds up to 101%. thats not possible. you can't have more than 100% cos its PERCENTAGES! LOL!

crash 127:

i would choose a cool boy hair style and amazing shirt with boots and a beautiful glasses


Hmm, well, I'd like to see more hoodies. Like hoodies in colourful plaid, gingham or tartan that everyone can buy. I mean, it's the artic. It's cold all year round, you know. :D


i would love to be in the catalog scientist stuff !


I would want to see a swimsuit that isn't a bikini or anything! And new animal costumes like cats or dragons. \(^.^)/

sonic toad:

how do u make these stuff only on thursday its cool


I absolutly LOVE THEM!!
it was like a suprise when i open the catergory

Choco Milky:

i want some red shiny hat with yellow emo hair in it , and some shades , and red down stripes suit with black shiny red pants , and red checkered shoe

Jade Aaa:

I am hoping to see some older items in the catalogue. Some items that were made right back at the start of cp. I also think it would be a good idea to have so more make your own items. For example a make your own dress feature for the girls and a make your own shirt/tie feature for the boys. I really love the idea that members can now buy clothes too. Great idea cp.
Jade Aaa


rainbow colored penguin

Brave Inca:

I think that there should be clothes that suit the time of year but at the end of the catalog there should be this really unique outfit, one for boys and another one for girls!!! But...they should have one of those hidden clothes things and have the exact same outfits but for non-members!!! That would be awesome!!!


i think that u have to add a dancer coustme for girls it will be like this

- bown hair with a purple flower on it

- red dress

- red gloves

plz if u added it o something like it make it fo non members


well i would really like to get an orange boa i have always wanted one but never come across one i also like sunglasses and i think a pink computer for the girls would be awesome!!!!! and by the way i think it is really cool that we can get clothes for non members

waddle on!


i think next year will be even more fun then last year!
this year went
waddle one cp!


What i would like to see is
1. Cool items that make penguins look cool. (Eg: White tuxedo)
2. Some items not so rare for non-member at least
3. Cool sunglasses
4. Some funny ones too. (Eg: Clown face)

Thats it


i would LOVE 2 see some lord of the rings costumes! (that would b sooooooo sweeeeet!)


Hey o4 here and i wanted 2 share my clothes ideas. So i think CP should have New York Giants fan gear they should put some basketball uniforms in the catalog and maybe like tee shirts that have gary or rockhopper faces on them. P.S. my bff luvcarebear usually wears some wacky stuff so make sure to check out her outfits. And check out mine 2 (ladybugo4) the o is a letter


There should be more stuff for penguins without membership!Maybe some shoes,dresses,t-shirts... :)


i think that we could have a disney party and the clothes are like mickey mouse and freinds also disney princess and heros like aladdin

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I donated to all causes, but I mostly picked to Provide Medical Help, because South Africa doesn't have any clean water. AND I like all the penguin costumes. Until the next new Penguin Style Catalog...

...Waddle on!


I would like to see a create your own Puffle Costume and Puffle we could Do that For the Puffle Party


cool we broke the board and i think robots or airplanes cause we did cars and sleds why not airplanes


I would like to see the return of older items and new items at same time. Also I would liked themed catalogs like if there was a baseball party we would have baseball caps and letterman jackets and then just penguin style.





Hi Cp team,
I think we should add a lot of unique colors. Neon's,Retro,and colors like that.I wonder how sweatpants would look on a penguin.I think you guys should just have fun with it to.Mix and mach.I love your ideas anyway.
Waddle on!


I think black hair with a butterfly in it with a purple floaty dress


I would really like something super fancy. Like for girls, you could do ball gowns and fancy cocktail dresses while for guys you could do a white tuxedo or a suit. Waddle On CP!


I really want the white diva sunglasses to come back, they've gotten really rare.


I was thinking maybe an animal themed catologue. Lots of animals like cats, dogs, farm pets, sea creatures or even fairy tale animals! There could even be a party for it!


Hello, Club Penguin Team! In 2013, I would love to see old items return again, such as The White Diva Glasses, and The Pink Boa! As for some new items, I would absolutely LOVE to see some glittery earrings, and also customizable hair would be awesome! Thanks for a great year! Waddle On!

~~SmileyGurl :)






I would love to see some clothes that were in the past because those clothes were SUPER cool and I wasn't a member then. Like the clothes from like February, March and April 2012. But good job on the clothes for this year. They are TOTALLY awesome! I also like that you gave non member girls a chance to have hair for their penguins!


I think that we could have a new dino costume for the dino party:D I also think we could have different fashions for the music jam party, like famous singers hairstyles, like Elvis or Michael Jackson wigs. Also, during the Puffle Party, we could have balloons with puffle faces on them or puffle costumes for penguins like last year. I can't wait to see what other new fashions you guys dreamed up. Happy New Year to all of you! Waddle On CP!

- x435 :D


For this year I would like to see some 3-D glasses for the members and non-members and also cool shirts for the non-members and hair or wigs.

Crasy daisy1:

I think there should be brown hair with a purple polka dot dress for the girls and black hair with a blue jacket and white t-shirt with jeans for the boys. There should also be pink high heals for the girls.

Not given:

I would Like to see sparkly purple tank tops and purple tennis shoes and diva sunglasses plz bring those back and the plain colored hoodies could you please bring back those I missed my chance to get them but please bring back plain pink, plain black, plain purple, plain green, ect., and the golden blonde low side pony tale. For boys brown hair with side swept bangs and a black leather jacket over a shirt with a blue flame and red high top shoes. Two things to say it would be cool if you gave us skinny jeans and the ability to wear jackets over clothes . I just especially want you guys to bring back the plain hoodies diva sunglasses and the golden blonde low side ponytail . My user name is Black Zoe 16 but oddly on the screen it shows as P1 and a bunch of numbers tell me if you need the P1 name and hope I win, which I probably think is not going to happen but








Waddle on CP !!!


blonde spiky hair and a white bikini with tan flip flops.


I would absolutely LOVE if club penguin brought back the boas for the puffle party again! Thanks!


i want more hair for evryone and 3D glasses on sale they are awersome!


We should have the tuft back and all the rare items and we should have black glasses from the fish catalog and red untied shoes and white diva sunglasses and the vibrant and spikester and rocker and sun striker and flutterby






I would like to see new Medieval costumes! Maybe a really long, beautiful queen's dress, or a warrior princess dress! And for boys, a prince costume, or an outlaw! And you could dress up your puffle as a little dragon or a princess or prince!

Waddle on, CP!



i would like to see the 3D glasses or the black red ect. sweetshirt.

Mobius Strip:

wow i cant believe we broke the board :]
and for the clothing..well, i would like to see clothings from different countries. like maybe a toga (that would be really cool :D), or a sari or something. for one month, there should only be clothing from different countries in the catalog, and i think that everything should be offered to non-members too (since im not a member because i dont spend that much time on cp.) hope something like this happens!

waddle on :D


That is epic! I didn't log in for a couple days after the holiday party and when I saw the coin meter broken, I cracked up! I can't believe we donated that many coins! It would be cool to have some of the really old items come back, like from 2005 or 2006. Those were my favorite items! I'd like to bring back the 3D glasses, the Astro Barrier shirt, the Mario overalls, and for the prehistoric party, a dinosaur costume! Those would be epic! Waddle On CP!!!!



i would like to see old styles and specialy the beta hat





PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING BACK THE FLUTTERBY FOR THE GIRLS (THE BLONDE AND BROWN!! THE BROWN ONE CAN BE A SECRET) AND THE DIVA SUNGLASSES WITH A COOL NEW SWEATER!!! I WANT THE BOAS BACK TOO! !!! It seems like im not the only person who wonts the flutterby and the boas and stuff back so.... i really hope we get these things in the catoloug! i realy want them. For boys we could have a cool flippy hair lol i dont know im not a boy. i guesse boys could have some flippy hair with headphones and music shirt? :) lol i really dont know. BUT SERIOUSLY BRING BACK THE BOAS THE FLUTTERBY AND THE OTHER HAIR LIKE THAT AND THE BOAS WITH THE DIVA SUNGLASSES PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
(sorry for the long comment!!)


i agree lolz4ever2!
ive wanted the blonde flutterby for years!
even though im a boy!


boas, flutterby and 3d sunglasses!!


i think there should be these totes adorable outfits:
*a cute dress im talking pink with cadence on it!
*a hair style for brown penguins called big time pengy (lol)
*a shirt that says sweetieboo13 rocks (just kidding it should say pengy for pengy)
*a hair style called the one who has it all
*and finally.................................A TEXT MESSAGE JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i hope you penguins agree with my totes adorable fashion suggestions!
ttyl and WADDLE ON


Well old items that I'm sure everyone will like are: Black Sunglasses, The Firestriker, The Sunstriker, The Tuft. (Not sure about girls 'cause I'm a boy)
And for new items: Glowing Ball of Light (Hand), Magician's Hat with Wand (And you pull a bunny out the hat when you dance), Skipping Ropes (Hand), Portable Piano (Musical Instrument for Lighthouse).

Waddle On!

-Arcanitez :)

Disco man 369:

So happy to dress up my awesome penguin


I most like to see creativity! Anything to show of Club penguin style!! Clothes,hair,and acesssories that penguins can use to express themselves and show off thr style! I also want to see realy cool costumes for the parties ones that will alow penguins to realy interact with the party and with eachother!
Thx!! :)
~ Browneyedkia


Are there going to be nonmember furniture items we can buy?


What I would Like to see in the catalog this year, is Brown, Curly hair with a pink, shimmering bow, which could be called, 'The Curl',
Along with A pink, fuzzy Puffle designed Scarf, And A Fuzzy, Purl Outfit Called 'The Purled'


I would like to see the original pink boa come back i have been wanting it for so long! Also since I'm a girly girl There should be the dark red diva sunglasses and the letterman jackets are way over due. But i think it would be cool if the penguin team made some more aviator shades! That would be awesome! I hope the cp team can bring those items back and make more new clothes! -Iamcool61 :)


Wow! All of these comments are great! I think cubpenguin should do two different catologs, One for the non members and the other for the members! Also I think it would be nice to go "Nerdy" on clubpenguin. Like Glasses, T-shirt with collar and stuff, Sneakers. Also I think we should have a 80's Theme! Or Futeristic theme! Sorry thats alot. Thanks! Waddle on Cp!
<3 Saprita

Miss Mado:

I think all of your guys sugestions are cool but if C.P. brought back old items like the 3d glasses like others have said or something valentiney for febuary?Waddle on!:) ~Miss Mado


I know that this is KIND OF off topic, but I would actually love to be able to customise our player cards and be able to change the colours of our clothing items. It would be even COOLER if we could do the same thing with our igloo items and be able to organise how our igloo items were sorted. Same with our player cards. ANY WAYS a clothing item I would love to see are some colourful vests, like a combination of pink and purple or green and blue.
Waddle on!


Little side note to my previous comment... I am somewhat displeased because I remember when the cowboy scarf was a free item from the cowboy party. It used to be rare, and now it is not. You should remove that because I want the scarf to still be an item. All the same I love that you guys have a page of items for non members.
Waddle on!

Hot pepper54:

I want to see more coloured boas,and also more stuffed pets,and bring back the stuffed bunny in the penguin style.


All of you have so many comments on this! I'm really surprised. I don't want to say my penguin's name so thats why it's Mystery. I would like what you decide, or not if they are all girl clothes. Oh, and by the way, CP said that the Holiday Party ended January 2. What happened?

Enter nickname:

Dear CP I would love to see solid colored hoodies such as pink black and purple. I would love to see the blonde and brown flutterbly and the white pearls I would also like to see the golden blonde low ponytail that goes to the side I forgot what it was called though. Ooh and could you guys make an outfit with a sparkly purple tank top with skinny jeans and purple tennis shoes. For boys a black leather jacket over a shirt with a blue flame and red high tops. Also brown side swept hair for boys. Please post this comment and my username is Black Zoe 16 but it shows as P120109 I think but I hope I win!


I would like to see Popstar or Japanese Tech (Vocoaloid sort of fashions) or just fashions that look hi-tech! It would be cool for the music jam, or anytime when you want to party! You could make things also like ear mics (Mics that people nowadays that dance and sing at concerts wear instead of holding a microphone). For like, a popstar party or something!


I want to see the black sun glasses and the tuft to come back into the catalouge cause i always miss out on those things and they are my favourite items. For my sister she would probably like the feathered boas and all of the items in the march 2012 penguin style. Maybe the orange hoodie would be cool! Oh and ipad and white MP 3000 BYE CP


I would LOVE to see a Mickey Mouse Ears Hat like they sell at Disneyland and Disney World. Those would be so cool!
Thanks Club Penguin Team and Waddle On!
P.S: Thanks to all the penguins who helped break the Coins For Change board! I donated all my coins!

Yoshi Taco 1:

For a boy that has brown hair and a blue t-shirt with black shoes.


Forgot to say maybe we could like have a really awesome rock party this year instead of a music jam like a kareoke and you could make t-shirts and hoodies with your favourite song or band name on it! Example my favourite song is stereo hearts so it would be a t-shirt/hoodie saying STEREO HEARTS in funky letters and you could make your own icon like for stereo hearts I could put a big stereo on it.
By the way I cant believe we raised this much coins. I donated about 37,200 coins this year!!! If I make a game like this I would do the same thing and add in lots of my money!!

Enter Nickname:

Do not bring rare items back, that will defeat the purpose of them being rare, and would make many rare penguins upset! Like how they brought the bandana back. I would rather like to see some cool new styles!


Hi club penguin team!!! The holiday party was awesome thanks! What i would like to see more this year would be make up. i got the idea from the holiday party, because you guys were selling some eyelashes and i thought they looked pretty cool. I didnt get a chance to buy them because i didnt have enough coins but hopefully you guys will be making some more this year. Thanks for everything you do clubpenguin team, you rock!!!!!!


I would like to see a penguin with some sunglasses, a brown vest, a orange baseball cap and some orange shoes


Please bring back the original pink boa! You should bring it back during the puffle party in the penguin style. That would really make me happy!


i chose all of them too!
well, i do it like its a very important gift.


I think we should have a party dedicated to fashion.The clothing shop would have a small runway,but there would be a HUGE runway at the docks and there would be fancy judge seats and the clothing shop would have TWO clothing catalogs-one for members and one for non-members.(but that would be temporary.) I hope my idea helped in the party department!!!!!!!(:


i think everyone would love to see some of the more "different and interesting" fashions on club penguin. why not a pink jumper with silver buttons and accessories? it would go great with a slightly curly platinum hair style!


For penguin style, I would love to see english equestrian style clothing. Horseback riding is my favorite sport, and I would be thrilled to find horseback riding clothing in penguin style! For example, club penguin could sell riding pants, riding jackets, helmets, boots, show ribbons. Club penguin could possibly sell a grooming tote with horse brushes in itThis is my main wish for club penguin. My best idea would be for you to sell a horse costume where the penguin rides the costume horse, and when you press the D key, it activates a gallop feature. To get out of the gallop feature, you would press the D key once again. I've always wished for riding clothing and this would make my wish come true.



Next month can u put every rare item in the section where its clothes for everyone? :D


I think for the new penguin style you guys should put in some coats and mittens and earmuffs and winter things. Also you guys should put in some rare things to because that would be really cool!!!!



Hey CP! The catalog is great with the new things for non-members!! Also you guys gave members MEGA-COOL OUTFITS!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you guys can put dino costumes for The Upcoming DINO PARTY!!!! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!



Penguin Style sometimes shows the best outfits, such as amazing dresses or casual t-shirts. What I would like to see is something that girls and boys would like to wear all the time! It would have to be casual- like a black t-shirt, because black is a nice color, but the t-shirt could have part for the girls, like very tiny little diamonds, put on the edges for a pretty style. For the boys, maybe a skateboard or something sport related, because both girls and boys like sports!

I remember that when Penguin Style had simple hairdo's, like the Flutterby. It was simple, brown, and pretty for the girls, maybe the Club Penguin Team could create a wig for the boys and the girls for both of them to love to wear, like black and a light shade of pink, and a maybe a orange streak.

That is all my ideas.

Waddle around and meet new friends!


P.S I cannot believe we broke the board, that means many people love donating and helping others!


Thank you club penguin it is nice to see all of the hard work you put in the new catalog club penguin is growing I LOVE it. It is cool to know that members can also dress up in cool items and enjoy them! The new catalog even brings back some older and rare items and some are even on the non member page! Thanks Club penguin


I think you should maybe do some retro party outfits that are neon and are just kind of fun and wacky with really fun and cool hats headbands etc.If you would do that idea you could also do some glow bracelets too!And maybe even a party!


bring back the blackhoodies and black sunglasses and spikey hair!


I donated to the endangered animals cause because I have a love for animals and I want to save them from exctinction.

dr amaan:

hey cp . ive got some ideas -
hair - blonde , spikes (think it'll look killer)
face - 3-d glasses (ive seen some penguins wearing it and they look AWESOME)
neck - a black tie ( think it'll look good)
body - black hoodie with green flames ( no doubt it'll look awesome )
feet- green untied sneakers( will match with the body item)
hand - a white laptop
hair - straight blonde hair with a blue butterfly clip. (cute)
face item - black shades(will look good for boys too)
neck items - gold necklace with ruby .
body - pink dress with a red ribbon on one side
feet - pink untied sneakers.
hand- a big white bag
hey cp it would be awesome if you would release a blue head visor cuz i just loved the green and red visors
dr amaan out


fr the party u can put the dino costume ,a time traveller outfit , outfits made frm leaves or animal nonmembers leave or animal skin costume will be fine


I think it would be cool if the mermaid costumes came out again!
By the way- Penguins wanting 3D glasses they have allready been out!


Yes it was very funny that we broke the coins for change board! Anyway for the girls it would be a dress with flowers on it or where they could make there own. For a boy i was thinking a shirt or jacket that is green and has saggy trousers which are black and also if they could make there own. Also i would like the camera and the 3D glasses back and more shoes.

WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bea button:

id love to see new food costumes and animal costumes! id love to see a dinosaur costume for the upcoming party and a piece of pie costume soo the other penguins can eat me! LOL! and these would be brilliant halloween costumes!!! i would LOVE to see tthese kinda costumes around!!


The club penguin clothes catalog is an important part in club penguin. Its the items that brings changes to one another in one sort of way. That could be being a girl or a boy perhaps or even what costume suits you. Items like these that have these characteristics would be great in a way to differenciate from one another. ~possum2001~


it would be awesome if u could put in some old/rare items in just for those new penguins who realy want old/rare stuff


Hi CP! I use clothing to express who I am, as well as to dress my penguin! I would love some teen age fashions, and Scottish items!!!! For example, I would like a variety of tartan scarves, a kilt and one of those flat hats with a pom pom on top! And i would like a blue knitted beanie with a flick of brown hair at the front! Waddle on CP!

Flippy Green:

I think the latest style should be dinosaurs, being yourself and some other funky stuff! ; ) Or if you don't prefer those ideas you could do some kind of puffle styled costumes and ultra rare rockhopper, aunt artic or any other celeb costumes....

But it's up to you guys! Decide out of these ideas

From Flippy Green P.S Good job on the other stuff


I donated so many coins that now I have 0! If I was gonna count the total of coins I gave I would say 10200 coins!!! I dont care if i have no coins cuz i could earn them! - Musicwave1

Stone Heart:

We did boss this year!!!! A cool style would be, like, an epic, hardcore party themed cataloge!!!!!!!!!!


i want to see puffles for free if that makes sense and a viing helmet blue and red


I Would Love To See The Boas Come Back Because They Give Elegance To Any Outfit So I Would Love To See Them Come Back.


I would like outfits that look like famous people, or penguins. We could have meat dresses for Lady Gaga and for famous penguins, a pair of headphones, pink and purple hair, wrist-bands, and tennis-shoes. I would love to dress up like Gary the Gadget Guy and make my igloo into a secret lab!

Waddle on, CP!


Well, I'm not gonna be to picky but, we could have a super-festive easter egg costume that could come in two different colours! And, maybe like we have that epic new free items area of the catalog we could have a 'Seasons greetings' part of it too where we could have have shoes, t-shirts and dresses for every season! Waddle On CP!


I would love to see old items from the previous years. If I had 10,000 coins I would buy any of the cool fashions and show of my cool looks!


Hey Polo Field! I'd really like it if i could buy more ninja items and more EPF items!!! Also, I wish for more party themed items and clothing!!! I want to add some pizzaz to my penguin!!!!


Flippy Green :

I Think We Should Have...Hmm....Some EPF,Celeb,Puffle Styled costumes and clothes that people would appreciate!
And something you would wear is you were being yourself, And of course The Prehistoric Dinosaur and Cave Men+Girls or shall i say Penguins.And Random,Colourful,Neon Outfits would look nice! Looks like i am quite Chatty...Oh and ULTRA RARE OUTFITS WOULD BE AWESOME!

Well Hope you liked my ideas..Its up to you!

>Flippy Green

P.S I Love the new changes and colours you guys made!
P.P.S Keep thinking of those Brrrilliant ideas!



well i think everyone can get a shuirt with star and two ponytales the girl on the cover and i think thats al i know


i think it should be a bright pink hoodie with with straight blonde hair with highlights of purple and rainbow shoes


I would love to see more of the double layer shirts! I put scarves on with them and my friends love it! i about five and would love more. And thanks for the non-member clothing. I told my frind about you, she made an account, and wanted some of MY clothes. I had to explain we give gifts. She was dying for clothes and now has them. But a two layer top would be awesome!!! Waddle on CP!!!


3-D glasses and a mohawk!


2012 was AWESOME!!!!! I'm so excited for 2013! Here are 4 other suggestions I would like to see in the penguin style this year:

1. a blue jam cap for the Ultimate Jam

2. a Penguin Band hoodie for the fair

3. a blue monster costume for Halloween

4. a blue parka for the Holiday Party


Hey Polo Field! Just a reminder that Kunal07 is really Kunal01! Sorry about the mix-up!! Waddle On!!!!


i think there should be the brown diva sunglasses and other older items. Old is gold after all! It would be really cool to see costumes from all different Disney movies. That would be really cool :)!

Ice Pop85194:

black hoodie, purple hoodie, and other colored hoodies, black sunglasses, the sun striker, flutterby, fire striker, the tuft, the shamrock, and new dresses. I would also LOVE to see Victorian type dresses The coins for change board being broken cracks me up btw!


i so agree with the items you want to come back Ice Pop85194!


I cant believe we actually broke that board! All thanks to teamwork! And for the cool styles, I think for the females, some l o n g red hair, a choice of any color barrette, any hair products, along with a turquoise shirt with light blue cover up, and some jeans. Also some dark blue boots with light blue flower sketches on them. OH! How can I forget? How about some glam to go with that? Hmmm lets see. OH! How about a turquoise that fades into light blue, that fade into a dark blue necklace! And a bracelet that matches that. ALL ABOUT THE BLUE! Oh! And about the cover up. How about a bow in the middle of it? Why not? Like I said, ALL ABOUT THE BLUE! And for the males, hmm lets see, let me think about that one. maybe a dinosaur themed shirt where you can pick what back round you want and what dinosaur! For pants, some jeans the same color as the background of the shirt. Followed by some boots/shoes that are brown. The hair, well/ some black/brown /blind hair. Maybe add a hat that matches the shoes.


a pink dress with some black flats and a pink purse and for the hair a blonde or brown hair with a ribbin on it


I think we should have the rare items come back because i really want the 3D glasses . also there should be a catalog for non members.
also i think we should get this potion so we can turn into dinasours then after the party is over we can still turn into dinasoars
sorry if i had bad spelling PEACE


What we should have is,
* A design an outfit.( where you can design new outfits for penguins and sell them in your igloo!)
* A lot more casual outifts, and more options for non-members
* More oufits for the current party ( Like More Dinosaw clothes at the dinosaw party)
Thanks for all the nice clothes we can have.
PS I love the new design of the penguins in the latest catalog
Waddle on,

Jai Sky:

I think we should have a T-shirt with a picture of the peguin band on it (Four sqaures different color, scruffy rock hair and a new guitair that says PENGUIN BAND on it.


It would be cool if we could have some celebrity clothes worn by proper celebrities such as yourselves or singers dancers them kind of people and some clothes that could have optical illusions! That would be cool, I donated 5,000 to each medical buildings and enviromental causes. :) Waddle on!



I would like probably something stylish and cool for example awesome scarf or hoodie. The best thing is that i know nomatter what items it will be in catalog they will be AWESOME. I have been playing Club Penguin since 2007 and i trust you guyz

Faith Minnie:

I think that solid color hoodies should come back , the dark brown diva glasses
And the solid color sneakers


Why don't you put themes for fashions, like sports, games, and stuff!

zoom zoom103:

I would love to see a boy shirt that has sparkles on it with stars and some boots that r purple and Hollywood sunglasses :)


I think I would like to see a girl with long black hair with purple highlights with a cute black long-sleeve for winter with a puffle scarf. She would also have purple vans or converse.

Chaos 0:

I think they should bring back the rare Astro Barrier T-Shirt! I heard it was in the Club Penguin Guide book and it says it was the most rare clothing ever!


yeah i like the February and runway ideas!



all of them epic awesome cool rad i love all of them.
till then
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on club
waddle on club penguin
you guys are AWESOME! :)

jane 78654:

i love then so so mach :D


I think CP should make a hair dresser so all hair styles will be available in all hair colors.


I think there should be a permanent section in the catalog for everyone! My idea is that there should be a design your own hat, T-shirt and shoes, so everyone can be creative and stylish!

-Kushbo :)


Id really love to see the 3D glasses come back again because I think they're really cool!

Also you could make t-shirts where you upload a picture onto them and buy them so you can have your own personal t-shirt!

holly mcthrilly:

I'd like cp to have a camera, a water lily red dress, a magic wand, a star necklace, some pom poms, some blonde, stylish hair and something to keep cp warm in the cold. We can't forget the boy penguins so post a comment now!




I would like to see some animal costumes. We've had puffle costumes, a herbet ( polar bear) costumes, a Kutlsy (crab) costume, a fox and a couple more but I would like to see EVEN more. Like bears and tigers and horses and frogs and ducks.
Maybe you could make up some animals and call them somthing like penguinsoruses? It would fit in with the next party (kind of) and it's great since we just donated A TON of coins to save the trees and rainforrests.
Waddle on animals of the world!
Waddle on CP!


I think a good outfit for girls is long blonde hair with a headband and a light blue dress with a jean jacket. Then I think there should be some mokesones and a friendship braclet. Then a pearl necklace and for the boys there would be shaggy red hair and a shirt that is red and has a gray skull on it. Then a pair of red and white sneakers and to top it off is a green laptop and dark sunglasses.
-Thanks CP
Coins for change was a bomb!!!
Thanks again


i have got an idea what about a make your own accessories for 600 coins that would be awesome. Thank you missyb218 out. :-)


i think you should have a lot of different colors of hair, shirts, pant/skirts, shoes, and dresses so penguins can make their own cloths
for nonmembers boys/ girls.


i love the outfits my favorite is the hippie type one for girls at is like leting your inner self flow out of you. Who wouldnt like to look hippie? peace out .


I think the catalog is awesome its so nice of you of thinking about the non-members those that really want some clothes of members so that is a nice thing to do at least for one time . If you put some items for non-members on the next catalog you are gonna release then it would be a huge celebration for that


cool it was asome the party becase we could become frost bite race car reandia puffle
elf hat peter pan shirt 3 dontat shirts and i am a meber


beta hat is asome

Cutie Bibby:

Maybe later on in the year you should bring back some old items. I've noticed you've brought back some old items recently like the Bunny Slippers, and a lot of people seem to like some of the clothes from old CP a lot more than some of the new ones.

Waddle on!
P.S: The new clothes are still really good, its just that some people tended to enjoy the old ones. Thanks to all our Penguin Style designers!


good idea bibby! i REALLY want some hoodies and boas back!
P.S. if u have time i already have black and pink!

Cutie Bibby:

I forgot to say you should bring back The Suede Jackets and the Letterman Jackets.


I dont know like maybe I want the 3D glasses and boas and the spikester and the coffee apron and saftey vest and hard hat
I cant say them all BUT RARE STUFF


I would very want to see old penguin items like the boas and the white diva sunglasses very bad!!! i really want to see those 2 things very bad PLZ!!!!!! P.S. u dont need to post me


one direction style clothing


those are great ideas everyone next time i hope there is a part of the catalog where you can take a picture of an outfit in with a camera feature and then it makes the outfit for you


Im thinking further ahead puffle party maybe? We should have like a puffle for a party game ( they have the puffle and they take care of it for the party :D ( im a member so i think its a good idea for the penguins who aren't) Yay)over 1500 pts one basic puffle ( red or blue ) and i also think for the puffle party some characters we can see that we dont usually like Gary and Cadence i haven't been in cp long and i think they are good ideas. Ps add meh Waddle on cp pps its my B-day on the 11th So where i am tommorow :D.


I think we should ask nintendo if we could use their mascot to have a mario party and then make Mario & Luigi costumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Id love to see the flutterby, since i love this wig. I have the flitter flutter but if the flutterby will appear in the next catalog ill be really happy. Waddle on cp!


I DID Donate Quite A Lot But Unfortunately Over The Past Years I've Donated More! DX


i would say you should put out the plan hoodies again and black sun glasses most of all the turf

Ink 4:

i think it would be cool to have a girl with brown wavey hair and a peach shirt with a brown puffle in the middle on and some black flat. i think the boy should have dirty blond hair and a blue holister looking shirt on with some blue jeans and shoes that look like covner you can pick the color ;)


I would really like the 3-D glasses back or the purple/green/orange hoodie back. That would look great on my penguin! :)

Mud Bud 4:

I would like to see the coffee shop uniform again and also some stuff for the tom boys out there cuz a lot of the stuff is really glitzy. I would also like more animals costumes too plz. THANKS CP TEAM!!! :)


I think there should be the Penguin Play Awards and the fancy outfits that go with that event. All the dresses and tuxedos from that party are still being worn today! Waddle On!! :) ;) -poodlepunchy

Mr. Ming:

I think you should do that shirt idea. I'd love to see that!!!
Waddle on!!!
~Mr. Ming


A big coat with large spikey shoulders. And maybe a tail for your penguin or dinosaur suit!!!!


I would like to see more sports gear and a page in the catalogue where you can make your own sports gear and another for things like soccer ball!


Hi Club Penguin!
It Would Be GREAT If You Could Please Put In ''The Befluttered" Just For Me!
Ive Wanted That Item For A !!!LONG!!! Time!
Thank You!
From Bobmunday.

PS Please post me i've never been posted!


Yes it is me again!
I was also wondering if you could bring back the colored hoodies!
like the purple black pink red blue yellow green!
i would like that!
I purchased 3 of them when they were in the catalog 3 years ago!
i purchased the...

Green Hoodie, Red Hoodie and my favorite one out of those three The Black Hoodie! :D

Waddle On CP!


maybe we should have costumes of mascots to literally look loke them!


i think a shark costume would be great




I really, really, really want the boas back... i wasnt on cp then but thats the one thing i have been waiting for my entire cp life! all of the colors....also the pink dress with black polka dots and the green dress with white polka dots... BOAS PLEASE!!!!


Maybe the Penguin Style Catalog can use all the clothes from 2009, they were really good clothes-and I missed out. :-( I also got one idea,
maybe they should put in outfits for gymnastics and swimming.

Sundance Sunny:

To be perfectly honest, I think it would be epic if we could do "Create Anything You Want!" as a style. We couldlook through all differen types of styles from previous clothes catalogs, and then totally re-create it! Lets say there was a hairstyle you saw that you wanted a ponytail on, with a different color. You could take that hairstyle go through 3 steps, and then have a cool new penguin hairstyle! (Step 1: Pick your style, Step 2: Pick a color, Step 3: Pick any decortions you want!) But of course, it would cost some coins! I'd put it in a budget of about 400 coins to 600 coins, if it were me. I also think we could maybe do a theme of, lets say fancy. So you could totally make a brand new tux or dress! You could go as far back in previous themes as you wanted! Please post this, I think it's kinda cool!




A Reindeer Puffle should Be a pet and toy



p.s please release sunstriker wig XD!


well..... plum i like ur ideas but I WANT MORE BOAS!!!!! PLZ IF UR READING THIS PLZ


It's amazing how every year we are able to get so much donated to the cause. And i cant believe we broke the board with 101%!


QT Pie 90501:

I think you should bring out those neat puffle costumes and box costumes for those penguins who missed those parties. Also, I like the idea of clothes for everyone, and me and a few friends have been thinking that you should make the floor items in the igloo item catalog for everyone. Plz Consider!
I will always luv your website.
-QT Pie 90501


Totz cool


I think we should have hamburger costumes in different colors. Then depending on the color hamburger your penguin is wearing, it can do a certain type of dance or activity!(:


i would so like to see some of the old things like hoodies, tiaras, boas, white sunglasses, and furry brown boots! thanks for reading!


You, have an AWESOME sense of fashion!!!!! I totally agree!!!!


Hey CP!!!
I would like seeing more boas, the tiara, and maybe like some cool sunglasses like the star shaped one. Also, a hoodie that says CP would be cool.

From: Your feathered friend, Woxer798
Ps: Add me!!!




The Tiara is the awesomest thing in cp!!! Along with the fishing vest, blue and pink boa, and the diva sunglasses!!!
So, like, bring them back please and i'll be the happiest penguin in cp!!!
Oh, and the lavender gown!!! ;D

From: Gabbychik, add please.

coool j:

plz bring back those items i do agree with gabby same with the FLUTTERBY WIG i want it so badly ive been waiting for it to come out so i can get it its my most favorite wig on cp so flippers crossed and waddle on!!!


I would like to see everything from 2005-2012 so all the people that joined this year and last year can see what you could get in those days I would also like to see lots of summer stuff LOL like the Underwater Party that was cool I wish you could bring it back XD


i think their should be converses and vans, and bring back the boas

Rayan pink:

I really think we should have some of the old things back and I think for girls we should have lots of hair that comes with bows,design your own dresses,hair,bows and also I think we should have skirts too that would be really cool and more pretty hair and shoes.For boys I think we should have loads more cool hats and those cool shoes and hoodies and 3D glasses back and maybe if we could have some trousers and design your own beta hat would really be cool and design your own boy stuff like I said with the girls and more cool sunglasses for girls and boys and maybe we could have something were we can dress up as famous penguins that would be fun too and.I hope you agree with me. Waddle on penguins!

mc penguin 6:

i want the flutterby and blue sky dress to come back soon in 2013 fingers crossed hope it happens


I think old club penguin styles should come back like the tiara for girls, bathing suits from 2007-2008 and like i don't know a lot of old things!!


my user is snoopy323.i think there is gonna be a pearl necklace,black hoodie and sneakers.


i love this idea <3


I would love to see some boas and any diva glasses and leopard print stuff for girls and boys brown spiky hair and hoodies and 3D glasses . And mabye some other stuff like tie dye stuff and dark blue laced base ball pump shoes. WADDLE ON .


I really wish that the White Diva Sunglasses, Diva Sunglasses, Black Diva Sunglasses, ALL the hoodies and letterman jackets, maybe bring back the Flutterby and the Befluttered! Just please bring back some of the rare stuff! OR Make a rare party! where everyone can get rare items, like everything turns into a 2006 Club Penguin! Thank you! I also like to thank one of the staff for listening to my idea!!! :D


This time the style should be some cool new hairdo like cadence.I suggest that there should be some nice hairdo for the non members too.



Hey guys, we should be really proud! WE BROKE THE COIN THINGY! That is pretty impressive! I think it would be really nice if cp would bring back those plain black sweatshirts in all colors, maybe for summer because people have really been craving those and i think it would be nice having those, they do look really nice! and the butterful hair for girls. and the straight spiky brown hairs for guys! Oh well,



Pink Jaz 7:

In my opinion I believe the ultra rare ballerina gold tiara NEED come back to the catalogs for a limited time!! It would be so awesome to see everyone wearing it and the pink earmuffs should to come back! Or even Club Penguin could make a rare items catalog and hide the catalog different places each month. The items in the catalog should cost a lot of coins to make sure it stays rare!!

Obi Penguin6:

I think we should get back the ultra rare beta hat that was given at the beginning of Club Penguin. Or maybe you should bring back the pink toque that Aunt Arctic wears. Also, you could maybe bring back the red hard hat. A solution to these problems is that Club Penguin could maybe put one or two of the old rare items and make it hidden in each monthly catalog, and make it a worth a lot of coins to maintain its rarity.


I would really like to see all the colors of hoodies back in the club penguin catalogs. Waddle On! :)


Hi! What I think is that there should be a bunch of rare stuff from the catalog. The items should be from 2009 and under! Also, I would appreciate it if they had the diva glasses in the catalog! Maye a design your own shirt place where you can customize your own shirt? Hmm.... there are a lot of ideas! I know Club Penguin can't ( and by can't, I mean CAN'T ) put this item in the catalog as a secret item.......... ( or "sparkle" ) and that item is the tiara..... actually, I don't really know why Club Penguin won't bring that item back. It's kind of sad because everyone wants that item! ( like me ) I'm really, really, REALLY glad that Club Penguin brought back the boas... but I wish they would bring back the tiara one day. Another idea I have is that there should be some items that are related to swimming... like maybe some swimming suits or that life guard tank-top? Oh, and also that scuba diving mask! Hmmm.... Well, that's about all the ideas I can think of!


They should bring back the black hoodie.I would love to see all the hoodies come back.It will be EPIC!!!Maybe for the April 2013 penguin style.Waddle ON CP!!!!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the tiara back really hidden! And Old Boas Hidden Too!


I really hope thet bring back the original boa !! Its AWESOME and I want it so much!!


Can you bring back the original pink boa and diva sunglasses? I want them so much! Also, more of the rare items would make me ecstatic !


Stuffed bunny, original pink boa, red diva sunglasses


Hello. And Bye.


I'd like to see the blue lei return :)


I would love having more hair for girls and dresses please! Maybe for a dress, it would be either purple and sparkly, or pink with only one shoulder strap. For hair, long and brown/blonde either in a low ponytail, or down


Hello im wish the catalog 2013 have cool cloths and plz put in catalog boa thankyou you are best club pengiun :}


Hi im wish 2013 catalog be cool and fab and plz put in catalog boa thankyou you are best club penguin :}


PLEASE bring back the boas and the ballerina costume!


Hello. And Bye.


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