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By Polo Field on February 14, 2013 - 12:27

Hello Penguins!


Last week, we asked you tell us all about a movie starring your penguin. Here’s the rundown of the movie Blublukiwi would make:


My movie would be about a penguin and her friends are adventuring aboard the Migrater with, of course, Captain Rockhopper! When things were going good aboard the ship, a giant squid splashes the Migrater to an amazing island! The island is covered with beautiful trees with fruit, beaches, and adventures! The island is home to a tribe of penguins called the Maka Taka Tribe. All the penguins they meet have incredible talents! They play unique games, play music, dance, and create! They also have colors, incredible colors! Some of the penguins have stripes, some have polka dots, some are neon, some are camo, and some have regular colors. One of the penguins was out adventuring when he noticed something terrible! There was a valcano, and it was ready to errupt! Will the penguins ever make it home? Will they be able to save their new friends as well? I going to call the movie "The Mysterious Island of the Maka Taka Tribe."


Wow. That’s definitely a movie I’d go see. I’d even join a tribe of pirates in line at a midnight showing for it!



So... now that the Hollywood Party is rolling, what do you LOVE about it? Tell us in a comment!


We’ll feature one of your answers next week. The featured penguin will get their moment in the spotlight AND 10,000 coins!


Until then … Waddle On!


-Club Penguin Team



What I love about the Hollywood Party is the limo with dubstep puffle.


I love the really cool animated things on the movie sets! There really detailed and terrific. I feel like I am in a real movie set! The Snow Forts look amazing. I love the green screens to! Pop stars feel at home here!!


My favorite part is everything the hippos are always exciting even non members but my most most favorite part is my fellow penguins.waddle on and on excitement thank you for reading.


i know how do you where is the button to click the camera

pelly cool1:

me too!!


We need to have another Hollywood Party next year!

William 2010:

I like to play hollywood party to get things


This party is amazing i want to find gary and Aunt Gary, i can´t wait to be an alien. :D


OMG Total typo lol god job!!!!


haha ikr


Aunt Gary?


what i love about the party is the limo you get to ride in! it makes me feel like a super star! my penguin pearlbelle is always followed by the press and she has zillions of fans!


Aunt Gary? Who is that? LOL


I know right!?! I can't wait till the 21st so we can get awards!


i think the best bit is the limo


My Brother & I can`t wait till the 21st too. My brother is a director and I`m a superstar! We can`t wait We can`t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!


i got a bronze one today. can i still get a gold or silver one


I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyy would like to know where gary is going to be......... could we have some times and servers like you did with rookie at the fair?


it took a long time to get the awards but finally i got all of them and it took me 2 hours to get the last one but lastly i remembered that just log off and go to the one with less people playing an fast you will finally get a award and when i knew i was happy and mad


SAME!!!! least I met Gary, but Aunt Gary...Arctic is still to be found!!!

~Waddle on!


YOU FOUND GARY?!?!WHERE?!?! I have been looking every where!!!!!!


LOL. PS. Who's Aunt Gary???


lol u said aunt gary its aunt artic

Waddlez Jr:

I think you mean Aunt Arctic, and yes I want to see her too


do u mean aunt arctic ? or did u mean gary? wait- or did u actually mean aunt gary!?!?!

william 2010:

I have to play club penguin


I really like all the items, and the awesome features that come along with them! I like the Digital Camera where you can take pictures by throwing snowballs, and I also love the Gold Letterman Jacket's move where you can slide on your flippers with jazz hands! Awesome job, Club Penguin!


I love the set with the class rooms, basketball court and how everytime you score the score borad changes. The larrerman jackets were a nice touch to it all. I really like the limo that was awesome with a hot tub (with a disco floor bottom), DJ, coffee, and most of all the Dubstep Puffle!!!! The town was sooooo cool with the fouten and TVs with all the lights. I also really enjoyed the Gift Shop with the fashion run way!
It had sewing and desining with a salon and teh juge table. The Coffee Shop was pretty amazing along with the Pizza Shop with the waterfall and path ways of water and the fancy seats and Dj!!! Can't wait for more to com ebut until then, WADDLE ON : )




How Did You Get Into the Limo? TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!


just follow the penguins


where do you get the camera?


i love the hollywood party it is the best thing ever on cp.

Cute Coffee:

well what i love about is the limo its sdo fast and its so cool with dubstep in it he makes it SO FUN and i also love eating pizza while watching some fish swim arouon and i gotta admit the studio A is prety awesome


Stage A is pretty cool! I too love eating fish pizzas while seeing fish swimming underneath me!


i cant wait for the rest of the acts!!!


I really love how the limo travels from the town to the snow forts to the plaza and then starts over again and you actually get to sit in the front seats! Waddle on cp!


I Enjoy the hollywood party and i wish i was a member to make a film and if you put any poll the end of 2013 for favourite party i will choose the hollywood party and wish to meet sensei to make a stamp .
Waddle On :D ^mask2002


Good Luck Mask! im sorry your not a member but i guess you can ask cp if you can make a movie too! good luck and happy v-day! :D


Thanks :D

Thalia K:

I like the fact that lots of members will have the chance of a lifetime to be a STAR! (Friend me)


It's epic!

Dr pepper341:

probably my favorite part is the limo and the dance floor mixed in with the hot tub. and of course my favorite part of ALL the partys...



My favorite part of the Hollywood Party is .... well...... Everything! You can make movies, get awards, be famous, and get costumes! Seriously I don't know what to pick!

I Mawsome:

I know, right. CP better do this one again.


I am liking this new party but this is not one of my favourite parties. I think that to make it better you should have a vídeo of some penguins showing some clothes and the penguins could vote for the clothes wich they liked the best so the chosen clothes could be free for everyone. I think that there should also be more free clothes for everyone. With these little changes the party would stay awesome. Thank you for reading my review. Keep playing and don't forget:



Pumkin Pie96:

What I love about the Hollywood Party is that the penguins can be superstars and star in the plays. I like the fact that we can earn swag for our penguins.Penguins gotta have swag! You guys chose the right party for us to expeirince!
Until then ... Waddle on!
-Pumkin Pie96


I love everything about the party! It is sooooooo cool how you can go in the limo to different places. I love the pool! I cannot wait until the other movies come. The award show looks so cool! Plus, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR mascots are here. Can't wait to meet Cadence, Sensei, Gary, and Aunt Arctic. And non-members, they can become too cool directors. I mean, what is a movie without a director?
Best party EVAAA!!!


Well, there are so many things I LOVE about it! Here are some of my favorites! The trailer is AWESOME. I love how it goes different places if your in a rush. I also love the new fashions. THEY ARE SOOO TRENDY! So my style. My last fav is the style of the coffee shop and pizza parlor! They are SO MY STYLE! I love them. This is one of your best parties yet.

Keep up the good work!



I love how there's new special dance clothing items for members, the limo's inside,can't wait till the action stage is out, I like the new looks for the coffee shop,pizza shop, and clothes shop, and I LOVE the jumbo TV for your igloo!


The Hollywood party is totally awesome. I love that we can get free items and have some fun in giant LIMOS!!! I love everything to be honest. You guys did a awesome job at this party. I am so glad everyone gets free items i still feel a little bad that non members don't get as cool stuff. But I hope everyone has a great time at this party. This so far is my favorite party ever!!! I hope you guys make more parties like this. Waddle on Club penguin team!!


The Hollywood Party is so epic!! The fact that we can be the star of our own movies rule! And don't forget the Limo:It makes stops at the Plaza,Town,and Snowforts! :) Coolest thing ever.Thanks CP!


I am liking this new party but this is not one of my favourite parties. I think that to make it better you should have a vídeo of some penguins showing some clothes and the penguins could vote for the clothes wich they liked the best so the chosen clothes could be free for everyone. I think that there should also be more free clothes for everyone. With these little changes the party would stay awesome. Thank you for reading my review. Keep playing and don't forget:




I just can't wait to meet Sensei, Gary, Aunt Arctic, and Cadence!! Plus I'm really excited for the Penguin Award Show!!!


That you can be a superstar!:) ~Logweb Question:The camera at the middle set isint working why is that?


Well I can help but which stage is it in?


hi polo fleld



candy :

my favourite part guess or not ill just tell you it is ... THE LIMO! The puffle is sooooo adorable! Well thats my favourite thing.
Club penguin
cLub penguin
clUb penguin
cluB penguin
club pEnguin
club peNguin
club penGuin
club pengUin
club penguIn


I think it's brilliant, the best part is riding in the limo


Ok, I just need to say..... I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!
All the cool decoated rooms! Now THIS is a party!


I LOVE waddling around, taking pictures of superstars,
Meeting famous penguins like Aunt Arctic and Gary, and getting autographs!
Also, Its fun to go to the stage and act out scenes
This is a REALLY good party!!!

Waddle On CP!
PinkPanda12 is out, PEACE!


captin red22:

I love being a star or director even if your not a member you can still can have fun. Also I really love the dub step puffle.



carlos s5:

THIS IS THE BEST PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mr Oswald:

I love everything in the Hollywood Party! But if I have to choose one thing it would be the limo because it has a pool, a DJ table with my favorite puffle Dubstep Puffle and if you're a driver you can hang in the driver's seat and drive the limo! Great job Club Penguin with this party it is so AWESOME! P.S Waddle On CP and keep making partys great!

Pepp Dj:

how do you get a pink camera?


Happy Valentin's Day Club Penguin! What i LOVE about the HollyWood Party is the fact that EVERY penguin in town can have clothes,because most of the time the non-members get no clothes and its really annoying and unfair to them. Club Penguin,all im sayin is thank for making All penguins~members and non-members~happy! That's why my valentine's day was awesome! And that's what i LOVE about the CLUB PENGUIN HOLLYWOOD PARTY 2013!!!
~ Thank You For an Awesome Valentine's Day!

Ps. again.............................................Happy V-day Club Penguin!! :)

Hawaiigirl 2 :

I love taking pictures of famous penguins! I also love acting with my friends in CP High 3!




hi XD happy valentine's day!!!(im hyper from candy O.o)the items wont load for me o_o dang o_o but i love the limo,snowforts,
club penguin high 3, the pizza parlor, and the coffee shop, and the gift shop.whoa! i AM hyper o_o well, again happy valentines day
<3 ;)
cp rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
;) <3


Happy Valentines Day Club PENGUIN!


I love EVERYTHING! My favourite is acting in movies, directing movies, and riding in the Limo! I absoulety love the Limo! It makes me want to be famous.


I love all the cool sets! My favorite set would be the high school theme. I like it because it's like "High School Musical". My favorite movie is "High School Musical"! Oh and one question, how do you get the camera with the pink strap?


what I like about the Hollywood party is everything you can do almost anything you can be a pop star or a stunt man or the giant space squid you can go in a limo best of all you can be a movie star

Bebe One Two:

I just LOVE the party itself! I feel like you guys did an AWESOME job. I can't wait to attend the awards! I wonder what the golf cart and other items will look like... I'm SO glad I stocked up on coins, yesterday! Can't wait! :)
~Bebe One Two~

Jazi J:

I love it because:
1 A lot of people want to be actors/actresses or directors and some don't really get a chance so this is the next best thing, and
2 It's a great way to have fun!!!


I like everything...but what I like the most is difficult to choose...OH, I know, the limo! I mean that thing is awesome, kind of reminds me of the Santa Sleigh Ride because, of course, you're moving different places in a vehicle. I also like the pool and comfy seats in it. And the best part, the DUBSTEP PUFFLE!! That puffle is so chill and epic, and he's my favorite part of the limo! I myself adore Dubstep and when music in that limo being made from the Dubstep Puffle is being played, it definitely makes it the best part about the AWESOME Hollywood party!!!


My favourite parts are Meeting cadence sensei and Aunt arctc!!!Also Going on set And being in a movie!!!!!I Love how stuff like th epom poms are back!!!!!And You can get cameras And be super stars!!!My favourtie Is the penguin play Awads!! You can enter To win an award Like a real day in holly wood!!!!!! Ok Well Bye CP !!!


I love this party everything is awesome but my favorite thing is to act the stage looks GREAT,the costumes are WOWING,and i'm going to act out every scene. WADDLE ON


My FAV thing is getting to act in the movies,get items,fame and getting to walk the red carpet! best party EVER clubpenguin! other things:

Riding the limo!

Being a star!!!! (Who cant LOVE being a star!?)

More items (better!)

bringing back some OLD items!! (we love old items... !)

Gettng to be in the spot light

and getting the GOLF CART! (17)

Clubpenguin, i have been playing since october 2011 and already love your partys,but this is the best yet! really hope i get that 10,000 coins!

Storm ex1:

I personally love the limo! It must have taken forever to draw out all the animations. But My favorite parts would have to be the penguin movies and the award show.


My favorite part of the Hollywood party is the limo. It's the first time I have seen an actual moving vehicle on club penguin! My friends and I meet and sit in the tour bus. It is so much fun because everyone is making jokes and talking.

puff puff698:

THE HOLLY WOOD PARTAY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love EVERYTHING!!! When I logged on my mouth just... like ... opened! I was so amazed! I love how you can take pictures of people! I think whenever you take a picture you should get 5 coins or something. But still everything is awesome!
My movie would be of me and people who bully me. I wont be able to stand up for myself so every day I would lock myself in bathroom stall and cry. All the bullies would call me crybabies and stuff. But one day I meet a girl, Chickripot. She sees me crying and asks whats wrong. I tell her all about my problems and she listens. The next i come to school and see her fighting with the bullies who bully me most of the time. Then those bullies stay a far distance away from me because they know if they bully me they'll get in big trouble with Chickripot. Chickripot then always stands up for me and defends me. We become bffs and live happily ever after!
Awesome, right?
Puff Puff698 =)

Dodo Kitty:

What I love about the Hollywood Party is that I get a chance to be a star with my friends!! I also love how I can win an award on the 29th and my friends will be there to cheer for me! And I will cheer for my friends when they win thier award too! I love the most about the party is I can express my imagination by acting out on a film set! I also can't wait until the other stages come out so I can act more! Another thing I love is the outfits I can dress up in to match the theme of being in Hollywood! My favorite style on clubpenguin to look like a star is the tuxedo's (They are Awesome!). I hope everyone has fun playing clubpenguin while the Hollywood party is going on! Have a Great Day!! your penguin friend, Dodo Kitty (p.s. WADDLE ON!)


I love everything!!!! It is so awesome! I can't wait for the other two stages! It is awesome! I can see the aurora australis from my igloo! I'm so excited to meet cadence,sensei,gary, and aunt arctic! This is gonna be awesome! If I had to pick a favorite thing about the hollywood party I would pick .... ALL OF THEM! It's our chance to shine! We can be movie stars! I'm so excited to get the Return of the Space Squid stuff and the High Speed Getaway stuff! This is one of the awesomest, epic-est, amazing-est,
party-est, music-est, BEST party EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is about you can be a star of a director, because you get incredible things, and you can be in three movies. But if you want something that I like more is the limo, because you can travel in it, and meanwhile you're traveling you can talk with friends and enter to the pool, that's what I do more with my friends, have fun in the pool, and it's very funny to see the Dubstep Puffle in the DJ and when it jumps out the limo and you see it waiting for you. (Sometimes you don't enter to the limo but it is always waiting).


My fav part of the party Is...EVERYTHING!!!I enjoy that the beta test for card jitsu snow is on its way and that the new movies that are coming out.But my fav part is meeting Cadence,Gary,Sensei and the most Aunt Arctic.This is the best party yet.(But I think the Puffle Party Will be alittle better.BECAUSE WE CAN GET A RAINBOW PUFFLE!)Nice job Club Penguin! I guess there is nothing to say but..Waddle On!

cjvan04 out


Well it's SO EPIC so far but i love the limo that comes and you get to ride in it! I can't wait for the stage to open with awards! P. S the pizza parlor looks epic keep doing thease parties!


Wow, I would go see it too! Not only does it have great plot but whoever wrote this has a great imagination!
Good job!



Mtr Tiny:

My Favorite Thing About The Hollywood Party Is Definitely The Trailer, I'm Being A Photographer For The Club Penguin Times And Getting Pictures Of TONS Of Superstars, SO Much Fun, The Hollywood Party Is EPIC


jackie 147 2:

I love the party because i see lots of penguins and i'm having fun.

Lenny Thai:

I love the CP Limo! Why you ask? Well, first of all there's the DUBSTEP Puffle!! Dub Dub Dub.... DUBSTEP PUFFLE! Second of all I always wanted to ride in a Limo! Third of all, theirs an Awesome Swimming Pool, a DJ station and last but not least..... the awesome driving area! I also drove the most famous Penguins in Club Penguin history! I drove Sensei, with the most wisest words, I drove Cadence, with the most awesome music I've heard, and Aunt Arctic interviewing me on the spot! It was a GREAT experience!


I absolutely LOVE all of it!! I cant wait for all the stages to open so I can be in all of them. I also like the limo. Its a great way to get you where you want to go, and to chat with your friends and swim at the same time! Another thing is that I love is the outfits. The outfits are absolutely amazing. I have all of them! Plus, I love taking tons of pictures of celebrities!

Waddle on CP!!



too bad im not a member
My penguins name is Fe111 anyways

J E N N Y 4:



So far I love this party and everything about it! If I had to pick only on thing it would have to be how you dance in stage A to earn a background! I think that is awesome and makes me feel like I'm actually in the movie CP High 3! Now I'm not sure what penguins will have to do in Stage B or C but I'm sure I'll like it! Maybe you will have to explore outer space for stage C. I guess we will have to wait until the 17th! Thanks Cp for this awesome party with 4 mascots to meet!

P.S. Thanks Businesmoose for liking my igloo today



I liked it, i really liked being a director and i wanna meet Cadence again! i also REALLY wanna go to the Space Movie thats the one i wanna do most, i liked it how dubstep was there to, i think my faverite room would be the Return of the space squid room i saw it in that sneak peek so i wanna go there, one of my faverite plays at the stage was The Space adventure so thats why i like the party, also i liked the Movie camera item thats my faverite item at the party right now. Bye and Waddle on!

Little Yoda1:



What I love about the Hollywood party is about, the sets in the studio. Its just that, I love making videos & my dream is to make animated videos like the Club penguin team. Right now, im trying to find characters for my video that im going to do. Thank you for changing my lives forever. I really appreciate it.

- AlexandriCP
Just a normal Club penguin player.


I love everything!!its so cool!a camera,superstars,a limo!!its epic!movies to star in,people to direct.thanks cp!WADDLE ON


I love everything! From the Limo to the movies to being famous! I also love the amazing rooms and decorations i wish i was there! Thanks for all the fun parties and entertainment! Keep making Club Penguin awesome parties and additionsto the island!


hey i really like the camras so i can video tape all my friends in one big and CRAZY high school movie it would be called troble in cp high and have ALL my BEST friends in it and the leading roll would be Wristband119 she would be a chearleader and i would be her geeky friend that loves superheros and the story would be all about to stop bullying


That sounds like a movie I would see for sure! Good luck on your directing, and thats great that it will be about stopping bullying!


The Hollywood Party is great so far. I can't wait for the action and sci-fi movie. Those movies are more my style. I also can't wait to meet Gary, Cadence, Aunt Arctic, and Sensei. See you on set.

Waddle on,
- Raventalon2


I forgot to say my favorite part of this party. I'd have to say the Pizza Parlor and limo are the best rooms in the party.

Waddle on,


i love the limo that drives around. its so cool. without a doubt this is the party ever

pink sherbet:

the best thing is everything music clothes limo decorations etc


my favorite part of the holly wood party was meeting cadence today and the limo with the swimming pool in it that was really cool

Inuyasha Rld:

I love of course... EVERYTHING!!! Becoming a star or a director of a movie set and takin photographs of all other famus penguins.The limo is a great feature for this party, especially riding with... DUBSTEP PUFFLE. Also these films are great and i bet that the action film set will blow everyone away!!! And just today...... I MET DJ CADENCE!!!!! Tht's wat got me pumped up over the limits for this EPIC PARTY!!! Plus if I would win the award show, i wuld hav my team of great friends stand with me and the award fur all of us, cuz i couldn't hav won the award all on my own, plus my friends supported me evry step of the way, and tht's how i wuld support my rise to stardom. NOW WADDLE ON CP!!!


Well, my favorite part that I LOVE is starring in the movies. It's the only way to be a SUPERSTAR!! I really want to star in "High Speed Getaway" and "Return of the Space Squid"! They both sound fun! Also, I can't wait for strolling down the red carpet for the Awards Show! Hope I get a place! WADDLE ON!!!

I Mawsome:

I love being a director. It gives me the chance to show off my amazingness even though I'm a non-member. It's also a free chance to boss peoples around!


I love how there are different stages to be on! Also, I enjoy how we can snap pictures with the new cameras and get items for doing it!

Waddle on CP!


Hey Polo! I like ALL of the rooms! I wonder what the Stage looks like... But I LOVE the river in the Pizza Parlor! I also like how you can take pictures of the stars! I like how ALL the members are superstars! But if I had to choose, I would say I like the limo the best! I like the Dubstep Song, and Puffle. I also like how you can ride, play, and travel at the same time! But all in all I like the whole party!


It's so hard to choose! I love the limo, the clothing, the set! *sighs dramatically* Just about everything XD
Although, my absolutely AMAZING outfit is finally complete with the Brake A Leg Cast! Basically; i'm a cheerleader with a broken leg XD
I broke it while trying a dance move on the set of Club Penguin High 3, witch happens to remind me of High School Musical?
Anyway, great job CP!

unicorn plum:

AWESOME LOVE THE HOLLYWOOD PARTY SWEET EPIC PENGUIN PARTY p.s. im learning about penguins in school LOL signed unicorn plum


The best part? EVERYTHING! This party is amazing! If I had to pick one, though, it would be the party decorations. The attention to detail is just AMAZING! Waddle On CP!




really great job! i really enjoy the new music,clothes, etc. !!


I definitely like the films and the cool gear.


this party HAS to be one of the........ BEST PARTY EVAAAA!!!! i mean... really! A LIMO, AWSOME PIZZAREA,COFFEE SHOP FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE GIFT SHOP IS AMAZING WITH THE RUNWAY!!!!!!! its SOOOOOOOOOO faboo! for now, my fellow penguins, WADDLE ON!!!!! :D ;P


If I have a movie about my penguin this is what it will be. Me and too of my best friends Nick9949 and Legos2400 were going to make the worlds largest cookie with a growth ray. But then something goes wrong! It turns the giant cookie into a giant penguin eating monster! But then you guessed it! Gary he makes a shrink ray to put the cookie back where it belongs! All lived happy ever after.


And the movie will be named... THE GIANT COOKIE!!!

mighty pant :

What I especially like about the hollywood party is that everyone gets to join the fun!!!!! Non-members can't be super stars, but they can get the exclusive camera item!!!!! The limo is EPIC. I love to say hi to Dubstep puffle, and I like the music that plays! It's always fun meeting celebrities, like Aunt Arctic, Gary, sensei, and cadence!!! I thought only Gary, Aunt Arctic, and sensei were coming, any way, thanks for the surprise!!! WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey everybody!

I love EVERYTHING about the Hollywood Party!!!!! I love the items, the stages (by the way I cant wait to get into the other two stages), and the rooms (mostly the AWESOME limo, with the pool, DJ table, Dubstep Puffle, and the coffee stand)!!! By the way how do you get your camera to look like your taking pictures like you guys did in the sneak peak.

Until then...Waddle On!


Hey Polo Field,

Now that the party is in full swing I would like to say this: I love EVERYTHING about the Hollywood Party!!!!! I love the items, the 3 stages, the awards show, and the rooms (mostly the AWESOME limo, with the disco pool, DJ table, Dubstep Puffle, and the coffee stand)!!!

Until then...Waddle On!


The entire Hollywood party is AMAZING! I love all the rooms, they're so creative and they definitely shout the superstar look! I really like how you can meet so many different mascots, it's been FOREVER since more than one has shown up at the same party! I just loved being able to meet Sensei, Cadence, and Gary, and I am super psyched about meeting Aunt Arctic especially! The new outfits, the new furniture, definitely the new pent house igloo, they are all just super cool! I can't pick my most favorite part! I am really hyped about seeing the stage once the awards show begins, what will it look like? I can't wait to see that all this party really has in store for all us penguins!


i love that we can be superstar, because i love acting, and i love fashion, specially when we get to mix and match, and i love the costumes.



I think the party is off to a very good start! I love the new clothes, especially the hairdo with the crown, it makes you feel like a princess! I also thought the limo was super cool, I really like the hot tub with the dance floor. I can't wait till the awards show!


What I love is that I get to be a director, and I've always wanted to be one. It's so cool, especially about how I get to take pictures of celebs like paparazzi! I also love the limo that shows up, because I can get more pics! This party is so awesome!! This is my most favorite party, second only to the music jam. I also love how you brought back the Dubstep Puffle. He's awesome. Waddle on, CP!

PS:The only thing that could make this party better is if I could meet Gary, Aunt Arctic, and Cadence!


What I love about the Hollywood Party is directing the movies as a director, acting in movies as a superstar, and causing special things as a stunt penguin. I am going to be a director for Penguin High 3, a stunt penguin in High Speed Getaway, and the main role superstar in Return of the Space Squid.
Until then...
W A D D L E O N C L U B P E N G U I N !


My favorite part.....Hmmm............EVERYTHING!!! It's so amazing that I have to choose everything!! If we had to choose one thing,then I would need to skip it!

Enter nickname:

i like the limo


It is so hard to choose my favorite part of this party. But if I had to I would choose the limo. The hot tub was a great touch! I also like the fact that penguins can be in movies. Set A is totaly sweet! This may be one of club penguin's best partys yet. It's extra cool how the pizza parlor has all that water, and the clothes shop's new runway and DJ! Thanks again for the awesome party! Waddle on!


Ow and I love the limo so much and the fashon show and the penguin awards it will be coming soon so excited anyways you rock clubpenguin plus I love the pizza parlor with the water fountain! But,I like THE WHOLE PARTY OF COURSE!!! =]




I love everything about the party! The music, the lights, the effects... and the dubstep puffle limo! I like how to rooms are designed and being a superstar! But the best part is about meeting new friends. And thats what I did!


OMG what I like about the party is well, EVERYTHING!!!
My most thing that I LOVE is the limo with the Dubstup puffle!!!
Can't wait for the awards and meeting CADENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


I am just really excited about...... EVERYTHING! From meeting stars, such as Candence, Gary, AND Aunt Artic! Being in the spotlight, ready to shine on CP! And don't get me started on the fashions! They are totally in trend! It's going to EPIC party!


I love already the limo and the cast of the Club Penguin High School. I like it because I get to play a beautiful character of a cheerleader and becoming a basketball player who is awesome at guarding people.


I'll love..... EVERYTHING! The limo's so cool, the Island Is now a movie set, AND I absolutely cant wait for the Awards Show! It's my first time being in such an EPIC party where I CAN be the star of CP! And the way how I think it, "Everyone is a superstar!"










My favorite thing about the hollywood party is that there is so many cool items to collect and wear and making cool movies

defenitly the best party!




I love the Hollywood Party sooooo much!!! I think that's it's one of the best parties ever since the Ultimate Jam!!! My favorite part of the whole entire Hollywood party has to be hmmmm... being able to be famous!! I also love the limo because of the music and because of the look inside. :) WADDLE ON!!!!! :D


The party is AWESOME!!! What I like about it the most is the limo. I also like the decorated rooms, the hollywood snowforts, and thew stars uder us ( I don't know what they are for though).


Polo Field, what I like about the Hollywood Party is all of the Stages. But, my favorite stage so far is Stage A.


My favorite part of the hollywood party would probably be well I don't know!!!!! Everything is so epic. I love the acting and the directing. I can't wait for the next set to open. My BFF GirlyCow815 and I have already had SO MUCH FUN!!! We did some modeling in the gift shop, acted in the movie Club Penguin High 3, then we hung out in the limo and did some swimming, and we ended by hanging out in her penthouse igloo. We can't wait to meet the four mascots, Cadence, Sensei, Gary, and Aunt Arctic. We haven't been so excited since Operation Blackout. So I think that my favorite part of the hollywood party would probably be hanging out with my friends and becoming super stars.

Mariowill :

that is awesome this is the best party yet well besides the operation blackout!!! can you keep the limo?? because I go to snow forts the town and the plaza a lot too you are the best club penguin


the HOLLYWOOD party is amassing want to meet gary


The Hollywood party has everything, I LOVE it. I can't choose my favorite room. I like that we get to meet 4 famous penguins. I would like to meet Sensei the most because he rarely comes out of the Dojo and he is my second favorite character, my first is Herbert. I like the musicin all the rooms, but I like the music in the limo best. I LOVE that we get to be superstars and get awards like real superstars. I can't wait to get my award. This party is ICE COLD. You should make another party like this again.


The party is AWSOME!!!! One of my fave parts so far is TOTALLY the limo. I love the inside and the way it drives u around Club Penguin. I would LOVE IT if there always was a bus driving around CP when club penguin was normal.

Anyway, Waddle On Cp!!


the thing that i like is well decorated rooms and THE ROOMS THAT are not in normal club penguin.THIS IS BEST PARTY EVER SINCE I STARTED PLAYING CLUB PENGUIN


Ok, I'll tell you what Ilove about it:

Waddle on!!


I really love the party! It's totally amazing! I really like the pizza parlor and of course, the snow fort transformation! Since I love Dubstep a lot, I really enjoy the Dubstep Puffle Song! Everything is picture perfect!


What I love about the Hollywood Party is the amazing dance moves you can make when you wear the costumes from the stages. Can't wait to see how the others ones dance!

mettalic2 :

what I like about the Hollywood party? EVERYTHING! I have my camera, black and gold cp shirt, plus a new spaceman suit! I LOVE IT! after I checked out the new plaza, I never wanted to leave! And in this new amazing party, everyone is a superstar! and I LOVE the new lake in the pizza parlor! I CANT WAIT for the new awards! My igloo is featuring the Hollywood party, and if you want to come by, my penguin name is mettalic2. I think the new neon lights are GREAT! Waddle on cp!

Cliky Minty :

I love playing with friends starring in movies! :) The new costumes are great we LOVE dressing up in them!


I love how everyone gets to do their own thing and shine like a star for once! I also love the decorations and the limo!! I just love how you guys made everyone have a chance to be a star!!! Best PARTAY EVA!!!! Waddle On!!!


The things I like about the Hollywood party is.... That we can become superstars and star in three kinds of movies, we can ride in a cool limo, we can get awards for the best acting and everyone can buy items for free! There's so much I love about this amazing party and I never been to such an amazing party!


Wow... This party is so totally awesome I don't know where to start! I gotta say, I have TWO favorite things! First of all, I love the high-school stage! Sometimes I will be an actress, sometimes a director! They way you designed the whole room is just plain EPIC! It looks so real! Okay, the second thing I like is the cool limo that drives around. I love how it can take you to the Town, Snow Forts, and Plaza! And once again, you totally out-did it on the artwork! When I'm inside, I enjoy using the free digital camera you gave us, and taking pictures of all the super-stars! Thank you for all the effort you put into making this party AMAZING!

Waddle on!



The Thing I like the most out of everything at the awesome Hollywood party would have to be The limo.
Iove sitting with my friends at the cafe and dancing to the djs music!
I always catch the limo to my place instead of using the map because it's so fun!
Dubtep pufffle is also onboard And I always wait for the limo to come!


Aye Aye penguins! i be missin' ye all.
The party looks like a great blast!

From Your Captain,



I love the thing that we can meet aunt arctic and cadence and gary AND sensei.i just love being a superstar and walking through the red carpet but the best is the movies i just love the club penguin high 3.

Mermaid Kl1:

What I love is that I get to be in the limo, dance with the Dubstep Puffle, take pictures of superstars and be a director. Although I'm not a member, I love the party!
Pls answer mine...


I really enjoy driving the limo around, taking superstars and directors to their movies. And in my free time, I like being a director! I mean, you can't have a movie if nobody directed it!


I LOVE ALL OF IT! It is an EPIC party! I relay like the Limo that takes you around CP! I hope it comes back next year!
once again:


Pixie Penigu:

The party is rocking on and it just keeps on getting better and better!
I loved the limo driving around Hollywood hotspots and the studio was awsome!
The Dubstep puffle seemed to be having a great time at the party.
I like it when lot's of penguin's take pic's of me....
Cant wait to hit the red carpet!!


I LOVE the limo! I like how it REALLY drives you to the town,snow forts and plaza! Another thing I REALLY like is that there is 4 mascots visiting! So fare I met Cadence Gary and Sensei. I met them a whail ago. I just need to meet Aunt Arctic! Also I CAN'T WAIT for the penguin play awards! I haven't seen it in the 3 years I have been playing Club Penguin. I LOVE acting in movies! I REALLY wanna act in the stunt one!


I love the way how you guys combined real life movies with the party, and the fact that you put out 4 mascots for us to meet. Since a lot of people haven't met Aunt Arctic or Sensei, I thought that was a great idea. Another thing I'm glad about is that there are lots of non-member items. I saw a penguin today saying "luv my new clothes!". The clothing design is cool too! Tons of members were wearing the Gold Letterman Jacket. Even me!


The thing I love the most about the Hollywood Party is that we can become a qualified director. It took some time, but it was worth it. I also like how we can become a superstar, just waddle on to the stage and show off your moves! My third favourite part is that we can get in a luxurious limo and ride around the island.

Snow 1204:

I love the limo it's truly a way to ride in style, I also love the outfits talk about fashion!!!!! But the best part is the red carpet where you can strut your stuff and show off your style!!! all in all great party CP cant wait to see what you have in store next!!!!!


i love meeting CADENCE, AUNT ARCTIC, SENSEI, AND GARY! love the sets. since this was my first time going on to a party like this, i didn't know what i would see. now i do. AWESOME MOVIE SETS! TALK ABOUT STARS! AND FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE gifts!


I really love how you guys worked on redesigning many rooms for the party like the Pizza Parlor, Coffee Shop. It is also great to see four mascots waddling around the island in one party.. I am also glad that there is a limo car with an awesome dubstep puffle ferrying penguins to Town, Snow Forts and Plaza. Thanks Club Penguin!

Waddle On,

Dhi228 :)


Hey Cp!

I Love this party because you can change in to a superstar and that cp brought back Dubstep Puffle
and the new thing i love is the LIMO!!!
that was my fav

well bye cp

super steven:

my favorite part of the hollywood party is when we get to into the limo and listen to dubstep puffle song and i like the quest to get all the mitems. wear the camera and take pictures of penguins. if you dance with the clapboard in your hand you do a special dance i dont know about the movie camera yet because i didnt get it yet. i like the new jaket when you dance with it on you do a celebration. and instead of trowing snow balls in the movie club penguin high 3 you trow a basketballl. i also like meeting the mascots too. and i cant wait for the penguin awards show 2013. thats all.

---super steven


polo i think the limo is cool i love all the rooms and the dubster puffle i also like the play and i love cp


Club Penguin creates each party the best they could, and for me, the best thing in the parties is... EVERYTHING! But if look at the Hollywood Party, the thing is different. It is the first party to have 4 mascots, which makes them easy to meet able. This is the thing I like about it. The second thing is that Club Penguin is making non-members superstars (directors) famous, too. If they could earn awards, that would be awesome. Hollywood Party can be the best party of 2013!


My favorite thing is, the limo! It's so fun and I love he dubstep puffle! I also like how there are sound effects for the background! Like for the fountain in the town and the cars in the snow forts!
W A D D L E O N C P!!!!


i love everything!!!


i LOVE all of the cool items and decorations!!!ecspecially how the limo moves around to pick people up and drop them off!it is so cool with the pool and the front seat,the restraunt and bar, this party rocks!!




1. The Dubstep puffle and the limo especially the pool!
2. Like how you get to make movies and earn items!
3. All the members get to be superstars!
4. The items


I love that we are able to be movie stars I like the movie sets too


Hi guys! I LOVE everything about the party!
I think it might just be my new favorite!
I can't wait until I'm a superstar!
Until next time,




I love all of it, especially going to new places!


My favourite is the limbo it almost have everything a disco,pool,coffee stand and even dubstep puffle is their


I LOVE the Hollywood party! I think it's the best party yet! But I think the best thing has to be the awards show because you get prizes and you get to walk on the red carpet and strut your stuff!



What I like about the hollywood party is CHEESE!


What I like about the party? EVERYTHING! I like how you can take pictures, pose, and flim what ever you want! The limo comes by, and brings you to the places! I like how the limo drives in, it shows a sign to get in a join the party! Also, at the movies, how they are sectioned off on what movie to see/filming. IT'S an EPIC party!!


I love the HOLLYWOOD PARTY! I love the way the limo stops off at different locations and there's a POOL in it! I can go swimming with my friends while drinking highly expensive coffee and listen to DUBSTEP PUFFLE, although my fav CP song is GHOSTS JUST WANNA DANCE, I still love listening too it! I can't wait until I can go to the awards ceremony and get awesome bling! (Although I think keeping that ring on my finger would probably mean i have to go to a hospital for breaking my arm, but hey! It's worth it!)


I love the sets the costumes the limo is awesome you can ride it and actually go places on it while doing it in style plus the dubstep puffle and I lovee the pizza parlor and coffee shop its tottaly ice I love cp also I love how the stage looks on the outside cant even imagine whats on the inside cant wait for the awards hope I get gold love the outfits and the snow forts how you made it look like stages awesomeness love cp till next time waddle on


The Hollywood party is amazing! You guys never cease to amaze me!!

I especially love the fact that we can ride in the limo and go to different parts of club penguin, like the town and plaza. It's amazing with the pool and bar and the DJ table!!! And I also adore the new look of the rooms. The fountain in the town is spectac. But what I really love the most about this new party is hanging out with my friends and acting like superstars; dancing on set in Club Penguin High 3 and doing totes crazy stunts! Then afterwards posing for our many adoring fans taking pictures! Using our coins to buy trendy outfits to dance at the Nightclub in.

I hope that the rest of Club Penguin has as great a time as I do during this party!!!


Well i love all of the party one of the reasons why is because you have to wait for the next set to open and imagine of how it would be and what to expect.Another thing i love is well duh the LIMO it is amazing will the bar and the puffle and the pool and especially the SLIDE FUN :D and i like of how their are different genres so everybody can enjoy like the highschool drama shows sport and everyday life.The action movie shows people who have adventures and like new things and the Sci-Fi movie is awesome because it shows a fictional movie with amazing stuff and the awards to celebrate everybody.Also not forgetting to get to go to your igloo and Businesmosse igloo it was cool to see them both so later Polo field and all the other penguins WADDLE ON :D


I LOVE this party! I feel like a superstar cruising in a limo! I really love being a director....SOOO FUN! Thanks for this since I joined in 2011! And yeah....the Dubstep puffle rocks : )


I think that this event is all great! These cameras and microphones, and of course many celebrities! Cadence dance with me dancing to Club Penguin High 3, Sensei will give me the courage to jump by parachute from a helicopter, and Gary will examine the causes of the aliens arrived on earth and asks me to investigate these strange creatures. On stage will enter the star as Aunt Artic or Cadence, great fame stars as Sensei and Gary will be writing screenplays famous all over the world! For me, the coolest thing is that I can play as a star to go on stage or at the Gala Awards, in a white limousine I can hide from paparazi, the life of a star is not easy, but what a pleasant ... ;)

Waddle on / martyna02002


I love EVERYTHING! I can't pick a favorite, but the limo is pretty cool, and I have never been to a party with FOUR MASCOTS in it! Also it's EPIC how you can act out plays! Everyone is so fashionable, I think I need more film for my camera! Anyone got some? This is tricky to see, but the path in the Pizza Parlor even has fish under it! So many non-member items too! My friend is a non-member, and she wants clothing items so bad!


I love that you can be a part of a movie even if you're a free-player! I also love all the awesome outfits in the Penguin Style Catalouge! AND that members can be SUPERSTARS!!! I hope there are more parties like this... waddle on!


Heya Club Penguin!!!
I LOVE the Hollywood party! it is so cool! I love the limo!! But when I was looking for something nice to wear to the party, i had nothing!!
club penguin could you make a non member dress for the awards party??


I love being a photographer. I invited my penguin friends for a photo shoot in all the decorated rooms. My favorite photo was when I had my friends put on too much make up! It looked hilarious!


I love the party It’s totally shmashin, rocking the cool penguins and amazing hit songs. I’m always ready to kick it backstage or chill in the coffee shop. This party is a never-ending roller-coaster that I know will go so quick. I love to catwalk in the Clothes Shop and grab some pizza at the Pizza Place! I love rocking with the famous ones. When I'm done I like to kick in my hot tub in my awesome limo. Looking forward to accepting my award on stage, already thinking of my speech. If I had to pick a favourite thing it is THE WHOLE THING!!!


Aunt Gary 0 . 0
XD who is Aunt Gary?!


My favorite part would be the limo! It's really cool how when it comes there's a little dubstep puffle on the roof! Also when you go inside it you can see it moving and you can talk to other penguins while you're on your way somewhere! It's also a great place to advertise an igloo party! My other favorite part is the movies you can star in! It's also really cool how there's an awards show!


i love how you can go to the limo and nice decorations ! i love how it feels like your actually a super star and it feels like i'm actually in holly wood! i like the stages but i would totally love if you could make the holly wood party area bigger.


Hey my webbed feet friends, I love the new party, definitely the best yet, I love hitting the hot tub in my jumbo limo then heading to my set so I can steal the show. I love chillin in the pizza place and resting at the coffee shop, I like to kick it to the club with all my rocking party penguins, heading to the dojo to rock with my old pal, Sensei, I love discussing the latest newspaper with none other than Aunt Arctic. I love the cameras and turns out, they love me too! Everything about this party is PENGUIN PERFECT! Waddle on and hit the stage!


I LOVE the fact that during the 2013 Hollywood Party we can become Super Stars, cruise in the brand new Limo, rock out in sets, meet famous mascots, direct movies AND even go to an awards show in the party! It's awesome because not only can we ROCK OUT TOGETHER, but we can get to be FAMOUS TOGETHER! I, along with many others, think this is the best party ever! Great work, Club Penguin!


i love everything i cant pick one. i love the limo,the movie,the red carpet,pizza place and so on i love everything in clubpenguin i got to meet cadence but she never accepted my friend request though :( but i, love being famouse but sensei did not add me either but at least i got to be famouse and a star and that is all that matters :)


My favorite part of the Hollywood Party so far is the limo. This isn't any ordinary limo. It has a POOL, a Stage, chairs and tables.
You can even drive the limo! My Favorite part of the limo Is the pool. Its my favorite because there is a dance floor at the bottom and it has a slide! Its the perfect place to hangout! You should definitely check it out!!! Thanks cp!!!


I like everything in the Hollywood party. From becoming famous to get penguin awards, this party is ICE COLD!!!!! I still can't believe we get awards like REAL superstars, I thought I was dreaming once I saw the trailer. I can't choose my favorite room. You guys did an ICEY job decorating! I can't wait to meet Sensei because he is my second favorite penguin, the first is a grouchy ploar bear. You should make another party like this again. THIS IS THE COOLEST PARTY EVER!!!!


i maniy wanted to say hi so,



I like the stages best. The clothes are cool but I also like the limo. ITS AWESOME! Maybe I like the limo best. Can't wait till the awards show and we get to take pictures of penguins. Waddle on Club Penguin!


Why the guy that is saying CHEESE is with a green star?


I wish more rooms were decorated


This party is amazing! I have Gary and Aunt Arcitic's backgrounds already! I'm just waiting for Sensei and Cadence's backgrounds!
In my perspective this party is the best I have ever seen (excluding Music Jam) I cannot wait for the new film with the aliens! I'm also trying to get the Directors camera but I can't find it. This party is really superstar !


This party ROCKS! I've been a stunt master, a cheerleader, Rode in the limo, (Love the dubstep puffle.) Ate some cheese, and of course, HAVE FUN!. But I think my favourite thing would be Exploring the island to see all the decor' I love neon, so I look forward to seeing neon signs.


! Your friend~Rem556


What do I love about the hollywood party? EVERYTHING! I love the music,the dubstep puffle,the stages,and all the above! The oufits are cool too! But I have to choose my number one favortie would be the dubstep puffle limo! Mostly because of the underwater disco floor and of course the music! PARTY ON MY PENGUIN PEEPS!


What do I love?? EVERYTHING, of corse!


What I love about the hollywood party would be the limo, a chance to meet most of the characters, the design of the pizza parlor and the clothes shop and the movies! This party would be the best party I've ever expeirienced! Thank you Club penguin for the wonderful ideas!




how do you become a director? i am stuck with the camera


I love this party. Its by far the best club penguin party ever. I love the sets, the outfits, the activities, the rewards. Everything about it is brilliant. I think its fantastic that there are four mascots to meet rather than one. I think its great how non-members are directors and they'll be able to be in the award shows as well. I'm really looking forward to awards show and I would like to thank all of you people at club penguin for making fantastic parties. keep up the good work!!!! ;)

Dome C:

Hey Guys! I think I will really enjoy the Hollywood Party, but I haven't been on yet! Question: Why do some people have gold stars where their penguin is standing? Does it have to do with the Bling-Bling Necklace? Can some one answer my question? Well,
Rock on, Club Penguin!

/Dome C\


What i like about the party....... EVERYTHING!!! I like everything because first up you let non-members do some awesome stuff like being a director and the members get what they paid for and get to be awesome superstars!!!! And don't get me started on the limo its so FAB a cute puffle, a cool pool, and a place for friends to chat.!!The pizza shop and the coffee shop RULE!! Don't forget the clothes shop even though i'm not a member i still get to walk down the runway in my outfit!! The best part is it's SO FUN!!!! CP ROCK ON!!!!

Round Beak:

I think the Hollywood party is great . Especially the awesome LIMO!But I have an idea what if penguins could send their ideaof a plush to Club Penguin then you guys can make their idea into a plush.

Jas 1:

This hollywood party rocks! But how do you take pictures?
Jas 1

Jas 1:

What I love about the HollyWood party is the Limo. Where do you get the new camera?


the new hollywood party is a brand new experience.You get to be things like direstors,actors,camera men etc.Its like a world full of
movies.In real life you never get to things like this, not even in other virtual game but for games like clubpenguin you get a whole new experience. thanks for viewing this. these are my opinions on the new hollywood party.till then waddle on!! : )


The limo gave me an Idea! There should be a bus that drives all around CP dropping penguins off at all the place on the island. But there could be a boat to take you to the iceberg.


I love all of the Hollywood party! The best part is probably all the costumes you get on the movie set, but I also really enjoyed getting a ride in the limo. It's really cool we can snap pictures and get items for it. Even non-members can become directors! I wish the decorations could be permanent. Hopefully I'll get to meet some penguin celebs during the best party yet! Even if I don't, the party is still awesome. The special dances that the costumes allow you to perform look really cool and the igloo items look really good in my iggy!! Definitely five stars. Waddle on - Frostyguy4

Kool Katz3:

My favorite part of the hollywood party is being in a movie!


I love Everything about the party! Especially the limo with a POOL of all things in it! Awesome job guys!!!Keep it up!!

Jilly Can101:

Wow, that movie sounds great! Anyways, I love everything at the Hollywood Party! I'm glad there are items for non-members and members! Plus, all the rooms are so well-decorated for something I call Club Penguin Hollywood! I feel like a real star when I visit all these places... The red carpet, the flashing lights... The Club Penguin High 3 set looks great, too!
But, most of all, I'm SO excited about the Penguin Play Awards! And again, the items for non-members are awesome! That way, we can all have a chance to be stars!!
Waddle On, CP!


Awesome! But how much fame can u get?


I love the Hollywood Party because it's like the Penguin Play Awards, I was here for all of the Penguin Play Awards and I loved them all. So this is like a flash back for me. The reason I love the Hollywood Party is because of all the cool sets and things you can do. I also love how they added the limo in, that's really cool.


I love it so much and I love the clothes except how do u take pictures?


I would say I like about...
EVERY THING!,the cameras,the items,but most of all I like...THE PARTY!!!


when are the famous penguin online where please tell i wanna meet sensei please


I love the limo! It is my favourite part of a great party! I also love the camera that lets you take pics of stars:)

Waddle on!


One word...EVERYTHING!!!


Hey CP!
I have to say that this is the best par-tay yet!
I love how you can get all those cool costumes and I especially love jumping of the building!
It looks so real! Of course, I love the limo too and how you can relax while waiting to get somewhere.
It would be super cool if you could see the limo moving around the different places on the map so that you know where its heading!
Also, love the stunt suits action, breaking through walls is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time Club Penguin, you've really out done yourself!

Waddle On,

Mr Funny29:

When the Limo leaves Club Penguin, I'm really gonna miss it. I wish Club Penguin would make buses driving around Club Penguin and picking up penguins. That would be so awesome!!

Waddle On! Mr Funny29


how do you get interviwed


Hey CP!! I love the HOLLYWOOD PARTY!! Everything is soooo awesome! I love how i get to spend time with my friends and be a star at the same time! I also love the limo and the director part! I think the picture taking is the best because, its a time people get the chance to shine and enjoy being them....and getting alot of attention! I can't wait till the 29th,I'm sure the awards will be AWESOME! i can't wait to cheer on my friends and they cheer on me! Its the best ever!!!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!


I love Set A and Set B and I cant wait for Set C to come out! I like the effort you put into it and I LOVE IT!
Waddle on CP


I loved when we all went in the limo and had a swim with our buddys and did fantastic performences at the stages at snow forts but the best bit was looking at the beautiful night sky with all my friends at the iceberg :)


Gauri 124:

Well..what I liked about The Hollywood Party is...that there is glitz and glamour everywhere . I also like that we can take pictures of the stars! I always wanted to be a superstar and Club Penguin has given me a chance to be i would like to thank you Polo. In all I liked the whole party.... :)


I love the limo with the puffle. Sometimes I be him by going to him and talking. I also love the MOVIES!! I like Club Penguin High 3 because it`s college. Everything is perfect! I love the CP Awards! I know it`s not out but it will be cool and awesome! I wanna meet: Cadence, Sensei, Aunt Arctic, and Gary. I love the backgrounds, costumes, and way more! Let`s waddle on so we can find out new things! The other movies are so awesome too. High-Speed Getaway is sooo crazy and has a lot of stunts like jumping out the window. The Return of the Space Squid has the cool squid costume! I love it. I love/like being a super star. Being a director is cool too or not. But you can take the camera then do more stuff to unlock more items! Next Hollywood Party should had all the rooms decorated... I will love all Hollywood Parties!!!


how do you direct a film?


Firstly, i have to say that the hollywood party has to be the best one yet! You get to dress up like movie stars and live the dream of a popstar! You can also be a director! I love how you can take pictures of stars with your camera! Catch a ride in the limo and raise the roof anywhere! this is a AMAZING party! Fitting in with the movie stars there are sets to practise your acting and make your way up to a movie star! Not only do you have your waddling see everyday kind of friends you have mascots waddling around the island! So keep a good look out! I love the fashionable clothing and the new catalougs are just out of this world!!!! The new rooms are really colourful and i love the star under your penguin! I must say that you have done really good with this living the dream party! And i almost forgotwell done with the free items and the amazing dramatic scenes in the studios!! finally, i hope you understand how rocking AWESOME the HollyWood party is!! Waddle on!



WOW I LOVE THE LIMO IDIA I think it should be in club penguin forever!


I love it when we got to jump out of the building! By the way the prehistoric party was fun too! I liked it when you got those free costumes and backrounds . . . it was for non members too! It was fair for the non members and members! The part where i told about the prehistoric then the other thing The other thing was the hollywood party


Well i love everything, the limo with dubset puffle and a slide into a pool and a reastrant thing, i also like the new clothes and the camra and microphone and speaker, i aslo like the basketball cours and the class room and the hall way, and also theres the police car and hellicopter and i LOVE the part where you jump off from the building!!! I love what you did with the town and plaza and pizza palar and gift shop and i LOVE the new igloo items and clothes! I love it how you can do a speaceal dance with the member clothes! I forgot to mentien about the alian place, I love it there because they can make a weird laughing sound, I also like the space ship and the crash place and the inside of the space ship!!! :) :D I like it how its twilight all the time for the party aswell :D! I aslo cant wait for the red carpet to roll out!! :D I also cant wait for Aunt Arctic, Gary and Sensi!
Well I think thats all i can say for the party so...

Fluff sue:

I love how independent all the penguin's are!- We can make up and be any character we like.. It's so cool! I also love how different the Snow-Forts looks: It's like a brand new penguin thearte! :D




Hi Polo! I'm LOVING the Hollywood Party! The sets are amazing and I like the outfits. All the decorated rooms look fantastic, and cruising in the limo is sweet. I have said hi to dubstep puffle, I give this party a 10/10!
Waddle On CP!


Here's my description of the Hollywood party: This is how Club Penguin was meant to be played.

Thanks for reading!
My penguin name is: Spooneroony



I love the star studded party [holly wood party] as everyone has their chances to be big where as in real real life we might not all be quite so lucky.Everyones acting is so lovely and youve go your friends along side of you and supporting you so thank u CP for the hollywood party.

Furno Dragon:

hi polo! best party i have seen! (other than the marvel super hero takeover) good job on it! i love how you can act in all diffrent types of movies! my fav is high speed getaway.and also like how you can ride a limo! i hope you make more cool partys like this! waddle on cp!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love the party I like everything about the party! I like the movies, the Limo, the igloos, the costumes, well everything!


I would live in a limo!


I would call my own Movie 'The best day ever'. It would be about a red penguin who drives a limo. Her first place is the Beach,then the Ski Village. The director says her to teleport to the gadget room and G tries a new invention and it makes her limo quite fast! It stops when she stops the engine,and it turns into a boat when near water. After she gets out and drives to the Ski Hill and zooms back home and she says "It is the 'best' day ever."


I just love the limo and music and clothes and furniture and well...... everything!



I love the Hollywood Party for the designs of the rooms. Also, I LOVE basketball, so great job with the high school design. Also, I like how the awards are going to open soon!


What I love about the Hollywood Party is the movie sets. They really show Club Penguin's technical side as you "make" movies and take part in the roles. My fave movie set is High Speed Getaway. It's really cool and chock full of stunts!

One more thing: I can't wait for the Awards Show! I'd say it'll be Awesome!


so cool!
I like the awards show coming up!
Waddle on
And meet new friends!



I love everything about the Hollywood party!! I love how the pizza parlor looks like! It really makes me have a better appetite! I love to play as the director at the movie stages! It's like the best day ever when I find a great actor there! I love to get autographs from some stars! Every time I would take a picture of them and then ask them to sign my flipper in sparkly permanent ink which is awesome! I love the cheese emote! Very funny! It brings the fun to taking pictures of my friends with my camera! And this is what I think is the best of all: THE CP LIMO! I really love the Dubstep Puffle song playing in the background and the cool puffle with headphones riding with me! I also love to slide into the pool and have a good time there! I have one word to describe this party: EPIC!! :D


I love the entire party but I have to say my favorite part is the limo. I love how you can ride to the plaza, town, or snow forts. The DJ booth is pretty cool and I also like the restaurant part. The best thing about it though is the hot tub with dance floor bottom. I also love the little slide that leads into the hot tub. Thanks Polo you nailed the Hollywood party!


Mary Sue1:

I love everything about the Hollywood Party! But if I had to pick one thing, it's definitely being in all of the awesome movies! It's so much fun! You get to jump off of a building in the stunt movie, fly in the rocket ship in the sci-fi movie, and cheer on the team in Club Penguin High3! It's so cool! After I finish all of my movies, I like to chill out in the limo! Disco swimming, anyone?
~Mary Sue1


Hey! My favorite part of the party is the AWESOME tour limo, where you get to ride all around CP! It's super cool and I just really LOVE it! I really love how they're's a pool in it! It's just like my dream limo! Have fun everyone! WADDLE ON CP!


I really love the cool new emotes and the movies sets are totally awesome. the movie sets make everyone feel like they are in Hollywood! Plus, the nonmembers can be directors and the members can be superstars! I really like the awesome costumes and props and nonmembers and members can use! My favorite emote is the cheese emote, because it is so funny and it makes me hungry! I can't wait for the next Hollywood themed party! You never fail to amaze me Club Penguin!


Hey Polo,Moose,Daffodaily,And Everyone else! I Love EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE ROOMS! They Are so cool! The River and Fountain In the pizza parlor is so cool. May be I will win an award at the stage! Hmm, what does the stage look like? For the members igloo items, I think they are so awesome! The limo rocks! One of my friends pushed me into the pool! This party is the best!


My favorite part of the Hollywood Party is everything. Going into the limo, seeing all of the artwork, ( You guys did an amazing job!), starring in my own movies, and becoming superstars!. I can't wait for the awards, really hope I come in 1st.
This is almost as the Fashion Show last year, but this is totally better. Hope you guys continue making awesome parties, just like this one


Sweetsassy J:

The thing l love most about the party is ... hmm... EVERYTHING! But my favorite that l just love a tiny bit over all of them is the Album Release Party! lt was so fun. l got to meet Businesmoose. Waddle on! l hope to see you someday!


i like everything in the Hollywood party its just the best party ive been to thank you for making this party



waddle on cp team :)


I love the limosine, and the sets are super cool! But I can't stop going to the clothes shop and buying new dreeses and hairstyles-anything that looks AWESOME. I love walking down the runway! I guess I like everything about it, from the pizza parlor to the extreme action film set, are mind blowing! I'm just really really really really really really excited for the awards. THe thing I'm working hard towards is not only getting an award, but the limited-edition members' penthouse igloo! ROCK ON CP!!!! =D


The best thing in the hollywood party ...well is pretty much everything.i love the fact that we wait for something special to appear which is
the limo that goes to the plaza and snowforts.I love what you guys did to the pizza parlor.It looks so cool,and you included a DJ.I also love how we get to star in movies.The squid coustume ,stunt woman or stunt man coat,and jacket from CP high is awesome.Don't forget the Dubstep puffle on top of the limo.I adore the dubstep puffle.I love the emotes.Especially the cheese one.I get the joke.Like when you say cheese to take a picture.Thats histarical.I can't wait for the awards ceromony.I love how you get to take pictures of the stars and reach your way to become a high quality director.I've been playing cp since 2010 and this might be the best party yet. This was chelsea65773. WADDLE ON!

Jilly Can101:

Hey, Club Penguin! My favorite part of the Hollywood party is.. well... EVERYTHING! I love how there are items for non-members, so that everyone can be stars!! Plus, I like how all the rooms are decorated with elaborate Hollywood designs, and each room has a spunky tune with it!! But, I especially LOVE the non-member and member items! That way, we can all be superstars!
Make way, the Club Penguin Stars are coming through! LOL!
-Jilly Can101


I really love this new party because of the room decorations and the multiple stages. I absolutely think the waterfall and flooring in the Pizza Parlour is amazing. The stages with the movies are really cool, but my favourite is Stage A because it reminds me of High School Musical. I also like the red carpets outside that are ready for the Awards Show. I'm super excited for the Show, and I can't wait to see the winners. However, the coolest part for me is the limo that you can ride around in. I love the hot tub with the slide in it, and I love how it can take you to different places. I really hope they do the Hollywood Party again!

Waddle on,


Is it true that Candance was online! When can we see her next?

Kendall A423:

For one thing, the HollyWood party is A-MAZING!! I love how i could be an actor in all three movies, and become a superstar just like that! I loved that it was avalible to everyone to play, and i totally adore that you guys would be so generous so that 4 mascots can visit during the party! I love all the outfits that you are giving out, and i almost have every outfit from the party! It is Amazing, And i think this is your best one yet! I can't wait for the awards party and except the gold award! (probably! ha ha) See most of you penguins there!!


My favorite part is that non-members can buy cloths and I like how we have those stars under us if we are a member, now we can really feel like superstars!


My fav part is the van.Go Dupstep Puffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waddle on!


I like the movies and decor and all but what i really like is the limo! i love making a splash at the pool and getting some coffee. My favorite thing to do there is hang out at the DJ table and hangin' with dubstep puffle. HE HAS AWESOME MOVES!




The things I like about the party is everything. I like the mascots, stages,rooms,clothes, and everything else. I like the whole party. It's epic. My name in club penguin is Seeoa


i like the party but i cant get a camera???


What I love about the hollywood party is EVERYTHING!!! If I had to choose a favorite, it would be the limo because I think it's cool that you get to ride around and be picked up at different places around the island!! I also like the pizza parlor with the river going through it and the incredible booths which look very comfortable. But what i like most of all is the party!!


i like when you get to go to the three plays get costumes expisally the squid costume pizza palor on water is also awesome ' plus hitting the red carpet and the limo brings ideas to everbody ' at least dubstep the puffle is awesome ' and also awards like gold grammy the cellphone'and ring and finally the fashion show .

pinki meagan:

its awesome!!! but im having a little bit of trouble finding the camera im already a full super star why cant i find the camera? WADDLE ON CP! and please reply!

Disco Mickey:

I like almost... EVERYTHING! But I really like the limo and the Dubstep Puffle! I really want to meet Cadence and Gary the most!
The items and furniture are amazing and the rooms are well decorated! My favorite movie is the Space Alien movie! The studio looks awesome and I like how you have to emote! I'm a derector and superstar! It's really fun to take photos of people and I like doing movies! I always wanted to go to Hollywood!

Waddle On!


I love this party so much! I love how I can bacome famous and walk down the red carpet, star in movies and have people take pictures of me and interview me. And if I ever get tired of being in the spotlight, I can go behind the cameras and be a director or an interviewer. Its a great time to make new friends, find new hobbies and ride in a limousine!! I have never been in one and so now I have a chance to, and i get to ride with the dubstep puffle! This party is so much fun! Thank you clubpenguin team! Waddle on!


this is good


It's just amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the way they have set up the court amd how i wish i could win but it's all right
but it is just amazing they have made this party just amazing :):):):):):):):):):):)


I love hanging out and chillaxing at the pizza parlor but I enjoy directing and being in the most action packed movie more!But my favourite part is...ALL OF IT!The hollywood party has not got many decorated rooms but I still love it :)




The thing i loved about Hollywood was the camera ! with the help of the camera we can take pictures and our progress increases too! we get many others things too.

Pengsway (my penguin):

I love it all except, how do you get the camera with the pink strap?!





is there really a camera with a pink strap? i only have red...




I LOVE the idea of getting awards it feels just like im a big star from hollywood!!!!!!!!!! Not just the awards i feels like the total vip treatment!!!!!! getting to star in AMAZING movies , being able to ride on a cp limo , and i get to actually walk on the red carpet!!!!!!!!! so in conclusion, i love how you have made me feel the total vip treatment!!!!!! thx cp , waddle on !!!!!!!

Mini Fry 5:

Hey Polo! The Hollywood party is AWESOME! The sets are amazing and look like real movie sets! It's so funny to watch all of the penguin take pictures of famous penguins as they pose and smile! My favorite part is the limo. The music, the pool, the DJ booth, the restaurant, and the famous penguins are simply perfect! I love going to the pizza shop and the coffee shop to eat or drink like a famous penguin! It looks really nice! The Hollywood party has been a HUGE success! Thanks so much for putting it together!

Waddle on!,
Mini Fry 5


I love the cool catalog with the AWESOME outfits and the different interactive studios.
I also love how the whole island is decorated, not just one party room.
waddle on

pelly cool1:

Hey Polo and or Mask, how do I get that big director video camera? Please answer cuz u guyz r awesome!!!!


I really like the items,movies,and hanging out in the limo with my friends.Also,I really like the new igloo upgrade inspired by the Hollywood party.Everything is FANTASTIC!Waddle on Club Penguin!

khushu pet:

Hi Polo! In my case you have to ask what you didn't like about hollywood party,lol . I loved the decorated rooms, the sets,stunt jackets, pretty dresses. The members can be superstars and have awards also but this time non-members can also have a lot of fun by directing movies(which i loved a lot), winning prizes and getting a ride in limo. CLUB PENGUIN IS SO, SO, SO MUCH FUN ! And thats what i like about it. :)I love and enjoy almost every party in club penguin. how much i grow up ,but i swear i will never leave enjoying club penguin


I Like Just About Everything In the Hollywood Party.One Thing Though,You Keep Picking The Same People For A Bronze Award When Some Haven`t Even got It Once.Can you Think About Who Has Already Got The Award And Who Hasn`t Please.

P.S.I Have the Award It`s Just When I Went to Support Some People Earlier Today Others Were Upset And saying "They`ve Already Been picked!",Its Just Sad Seeing People Getting upset About It.Please Sort It.

P.P.S.I Hope This Doesn`t Upset You It Just Has To be Said.



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