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By Polo Field on February 7, 2013 - 11:08

Hello Penguins!

One week to go until the Hollywood Party starts! In our last Reviewed By You, we asked what you liked best about the Prehistoric Party. Bookgirl1998 had this to say:

I LOVE dinosaurs so I this party is AWSOME! I love that you can change into dinosaurs and even if you aren't a member, you can still feed them, look for eggs, and collect the dinosaur outfit! My favorite dinosaur from this party is... ALL OF THEM! Only thing I really want is to meet Gary (I haven't meet him yet!). I hope you guys keep making cool parties like this! :D

If you didn't have a chance to meet Gary in January, you'll have another chance to meet him at the Hollywood Party! Speaking of the Hollywood Party...

If you made a movie starring your penguin, what would you call it? And what would the movie be about? Tell us all about it in a comment! We’ll pick one comment to feature next week. If your comment’s featured, you’ll get 10,000 coins to spend however you like!

Until then … Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team



If I made a Movie I would create A film named "Mamu and the Golden Penguin" and it would be about a penguin named Mamu35 who goes on an adventure to find a golden penguin then it comes alive it try's to destroy the world and shadow guy and gamma gal would save us then The gold penguin Becomes a Bat and Fly's away never to be seen again...


Random yet awesome =3


If i ever made a movie it would be called belle12910 goes camping and it would be about belle12910 and her friend destiny146 go camping and alot of comedy and epic fails happen.When they cross the lake,they destiny146 drops something and then they look for it and it takes them 10 hours to look for it.Then when they found it,they just throw it out and go home. that would be my movie Lol.
Waddle On!


penguin life


Q: How do you give a boat?
A: To someone else!



Q: How do u brake a leg?
A: You go to a movie as an actor!!!

nice guy 41:

how do i do missions


On the Fun Stuff page there is a button saying "Play PSA Missions" right below the button saying "Download Mobile Apps." Click on the "Play PSA Missions" missions button to go to a page with a list of PSA Missions, Simply chose the one you want and click the Launch! link below the description of your chosen mission


go to fun stuff scroll down, and hit PSA missions


i wanna do missions


My movie would be called "On Thin Ice" the movie would be about a young penguin who gets into some very fishy business and will need to tread carefully to make her/his way out of the slippery situation .


My movie will be about super stars...
who get invadid by allions!!!!


That it on COOL idea! :-)


If i made a movie then i would name it " Seven years passed", the plot is that my penguin Cloudy has found Garys Time Trekker in his lab, Cloudy was anxious to see what it has to offer. Cloudy would travel back in time to where Club Penguin all began. He enjoyed the life of Club Penguin all over again and getting all the clothes items and meeting all the mascots. He was questioning himself to see what would it be like in the future. He time traveled 5 years into the future and saw Herbert running Club Penguin. Herbert got his revenge and all the EPF agents are relocated and now its up to Cloudy to save everyone....


I want that to be real as it is a super idea! :)


Awesome Idea!


id make a seaqel to your movie and the bat/golden penguin comes back to destroy the island with help of herbert they destroy the island with a sinkinator to sink the island!!


my penguin name is BigBen434


If I was in a movie it will be called "Ghoustx123 and the Mystery Puffle" and it would have a penguin named Ghoustx123 who finds clues about a mystery Puffle. Then he found the Puffle was evil and Ghoustx123 tries to find a way to save the island when the evil Puffle tries to destroy the island.


A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't decide what i would make as a movie. there are so many ideas i have. i would make a movie called " Runaway Puffle". it would be about a puffle named, Pablo. he would run away to alaska. on his way, he meets friends who help him escape his terrible life. his owner, Tyler, will stop at nothing until he gets his pufle back...


its like that spongbob When gary Ran Away And Spongebob Diddnt Give Up On Him


If I were to a movie starring my penguin I would call it "Hidden'' sounds pretty cool huh?! It would be about a girl whos life was never normal. She had many visons and tjings happed when she was mad or sad. Soon she learns shes a great wizard and meets other penguins who are wizards as well. They all set out on a quest to test if they will be a good wizard or a dark.!


If I made a movie, it would be called "That Girl: Water Girl." It would be about a girl named Meiwe15 who was transformed into a girl who is water by a witch's magic spell. Meiwe15 goes through an adventure and making new friends on the way. Faces the witch by learning spells from a secret Sensei. Will Meiwe15 get back to normal....


If I made a movie I would call it vivianstar4 and the mysterious school of magic. It would be about a penguin that went to a school of magic and would become a wizard. she would fight bad witches and wizards and would save the rainbow and would become the most famous penguin of all the end.


I would name the movie: The Penguins Shadow. It would be about a penguins shadow that ran away from the penguin and the penguin has lost his personality and she's trying to get it back.


If I created a film it would be called "Skylar and the mystery of Seven Super Penguins" it would be about me where I am trying to find 7 mascots like Cadence, Gary, Rookie, and 4 others .

~ Lj228


i think a movie should be about a groupmof penguins that get upducted by aliens and have to fight their way out


i made a movie it was about two best friends that knew each other since thay were two and one day her friend moved away and she serched all over club penguin and the whole world to find her best friend she found her and then she moved back with her and she was really happy so then they moved to a different house now this is the scarey part they house burnt down and her and her best friend were split up they both went into different ambulances and then theres a part two


I would call it Julesbug and the golden puffle! It would be about a penguin named Julesbug323 who found a secret tunnel leading to the land of oddly colored puffles.One of the puffles would be different from all the others.He would agree to come with me IF I helped him find his family.


I would make a movie about a penguin who takes a trip to texas, but the train he was on blows up, so he takes a cactus and makes a cactu-plane and flies back to club penguin just in time for "a humbug holiday".


if I made a movie about my penguin I would make it about a normal penguin who discovers that she has the ability to talk to puffles and her and her puffles would have to find all the missing penguins that have been captured by Herbert so he could enslave all of club penguin to make an evil army to take over the world. she is the only one that can save club penguin from Herbert. I would call it "Me and the puffles"


I would make a movie called "Island Terror" and it would be about a tornado in cp. It would star EVERYONE IN CP!

snow and fun:

not me and my bff mr harry 3

it happened on ice berg sever but me and my bff are on moutian sever so we are not in the movie



I would make a movie called "Island Terror" and it would be about a tornado in cp. It would star EVERYONE IN CP!


wait! you did too of the same comment! i win! i win!

snow and fun wins!

snow and fun:

what me? my penguin?


Lawl xD


I loved the Hollywood party. It was awesome!!!( even though I didn't see Victoria Justice! ) ;)

Waddle On!!


! Club Penguin In school, it would be students who come together in a great adventure and mischief in school, and face your mistakes, and learn to live '!
! Cool no?

opal rose:

you mean like the breakfast club?only it would be the breakfast club penguin.


AWESOME!!! It would be GREAT!!


ikr the hollywood party is going 2 be epic. I just know it! :) B)


cool !


i know right!


I would star in a move that teaches penguins how to stay alive if they get lost.It will be called "Penguin Vs. wild" and be on at 7:00PST
Hope you can watch it.
Waddle on


that sound awsome!!!!


LOL mine is about me and my purple puffle Disco!


This party will be awesome i just know my movie be about a penguin task force who has to fight of the squids of doom : p


that would be awesome


Ha ha! Penguin VS. Wild, that would be just as good as Bear Grills's show! ;D


how and when and where is ur movie cause i wanna see it!!if its not a real movie and ur joking that'll [cheeks get red]


My movie would be about following the life of an ordinary little penguin who really want's to meet the penguin band but can't. So he run's away from home in search of the penguin band and after many hours of searching he meets the penguin band who give's the little penguin music lessons. The movie would be called Musical Blues.



i think this movie would be a sad story and i think i will cry when the penguin runs away. XD XD


It would be called The Secret. It would be about 2 orphan penguin brothers who find out their parents were royalty and soon become magical, ancient civilization rulers.


I would make a movie and it would be called '' The SUPERstar " because a girl wins superstar of the year... ( Cadiekat ) but she is a secret agent. But then the world gets destroyed by Raynbow Kat and then Cadiekat saves the world but no body knows! But out of nowhere some angel penguins make Cadiekat magical and after that she marries the Prince Of Club Penguin!!! It would be awesome! Waddle On Penguins!!




Lol! That sounds cool! It also sounds like one of my favorite book seires, The Wingfeather Saga. It's EPIC


The extreme penguin, a penguin trying to save the day along with danger!

Kreab :

Hmm , if I was the director of my own movie , I will call it Looking for a Job , the movie will be about me (kreab ) looking for a Job in Clubpenguin , I will start from the gift shop , where I found the boss ( the owner ) and I fail in this job , then I go to the coffe shop , and I found the same penguin ( the owner of the gift shop ) and I also find him in the pizza parlor, etc ... , and I fail in everyjob , and when I go to my igloo , I find a treasure and become riche xD


i like that one!


same! good comedy!


Pretty cool.


xD That sounds like a funny movie.


If I was in a movie, I'd call it; Operation: Puffle! The EPF is under attack and Rookie (suprisingly) finds a tuft of fur, he tells Gary and Gary puts it in the Furensic Analiser 3000 and it says . . . It's a puffle! Gary puts a microchip in it and . . . It shows the location of the puffle, only to find, it's in Herbert's base! The puffle takes over the EPBF (Evil Polar Bear Force) and only succedes in stealing the Iceberg (hidden on your map) and Herbert uses it to go to Brazil, and I'd say: Poor people in Brazil!
- Ryam812


If I could make my own movie then I'd call it the "Penguin Strikes Back" and it'd be about a poor penguin who was abandoned at birth and wanted to go back and find their real parents. In the process they meet Gary on the island and he gives them a super cup of coffee! The penguin turns into a tracking device and runs faster then all the puffles put together and finds their parents. In the end they find they're parents were Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper and they all write a news report together. The end!


Wait one second, there married? I cant wait till it comes out! Are you the director or the abandoned penguin? Nice movie!


No, Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper aren't married. Wouldn't it be awesome if they were? What would suit my role better, being the abandoned penguin or being the Director? Thanks for your feedback


I not wait for HOLLYWOOD party ! furniture catalog and clothes are COOL !



WOAH! i don't think the same famous penguin has ever come to two parties in a row! as for the movie i would call it martial arts mystery and it would be about a group of ninjas that train in the dojo and go out on a quest to uncover the secrets to the ancient art of card jitsu (and find their kidnapped sensei along the way) at the end they would have to fight the card jitsu snow monsters that you mentioned and then they unlock the ancient dojo of the senseis learn to then master the ultimate martial arts secrets even further than card jitsu goes! do they have what it takes to become a sensei? only time will tell.

iwt 422:

Cool! I just hope there is alot of fire ninjas! Because I love fire ninjas.


Wow! That idea is wicked! You make it sounds like a real movie review... except u forgot the "In theaters November 18 in 3D"
Y did i choose Nov 18? It's the day i first came onto CP! You should see my movie review if it gets posted.


I would make a movie about The Dr vs. the Giant Dino with Wings. I would be a Dino Trainer... I would call upon Dinos to help me battle it!


I would name a movie 'Super star gone super smart'.


would name it, "Hollywood Adventure: CP Style"



I would call it Holly-would. Like how on the cover it says does crazy stunts. It would be like a "would i do this to perform?"

Love Icybumblebee


I'd probably call it something like 'Penguin Bully' or something like that , and would make it about bullying to make more kids aware of it, and if they're a bully to stop doing it RIGHT NOW!


awh yeah! i agree. i wish bullies would stop bulling me! : (


OMG!!!!!!!!!thats a good idea!!!!why didnt i think of that?XD


I am sooo gonna make a movie and id like to call it ... WHERE NO PENGUIN HAS GONE BEFORE ....... and its about these penguins that find this superultramega teleporter and they accidentally transport themselves back to the first day of cp and they cant get back to the present day clubpenguin!!!




my one is called attack of of herbert is about when epf is to fix the command room ang herbert losed for lasted time


i would call the movie around the world in 60 penguins about a penguin that travels around the world


I would call it Ninja Time.It would be about 5 ninjas who have to beat a super strong bad guy.Oh and this is Alexblade4. :)


if i had a chance to make a movie i would make it about my time in club penguin and how you guys changed some of my thought about things. it would be called one flipper at a time!hope you like my idea

waddle on cp! kitkatkait1 peace out! <3

Kendall A423:

I would star my penguin in it's own club penguin original movie!! I would call it, Herbert strikes again 2: HollyWood, red carpet. It's about how Herbert trys to attack club penguin again, but on the the red carpet!!! It's awesome because all my friends can be the penguins, and my best friend could be herbert! ha ha!!!


If I made a movie I would call it "Life of a Star" and it would be about me going all around the world rocking out and spreading news about Club Penguin!


Awesome! :D love it


id want to make lots of different movies that are funny and nice and mabye even a zoo movie! WADDLE ON CP!


If I was starring in a movie it would be definitely called The Glamor Girl beacuse my penguin is always wearing the latest sparkly fashion! :D




Hey guys!
If I had a movie I would call it The Super Gamma Ray Of Evil !

Desc: Herbert has just broken out of his cell and has already thought up a master evil plan!
The Agents have to stop him from firing the SuperGammaR 3000 into club penguin!
Will they EPF succeed or will Herbert and his minion Clutzy?

Waddle on!


i should call my movie puffle towers
and i want puffles in it.
its a agent movie




if i was starring my penguin in a movie, I would call it picture perfect! I think it would be about a penguin who's a photographer. When she takes a picture of something and puts it in her blog, she gets famous for it. She's on Tv and everything, but then she realizes that friends and family come before fame.


If I could make a movie with my penguin, I'd make one about going to Hollywood and filming a movie, but Herbert would be there and try to mess everything up! WADDLE ON! :D


i would call it epic revenge where herbert would flood the island with barly any civilisation
because all the penguins are in there igloos and in the end i capture herbert but klutzy sets
him free and he hides away waiting to strike again!

WADDLE ON CP !!!!!!!!!!!!


I'd make a movie called " " where my penguin and other penguins, at start, be some agents that do their job: keep Cp safe. But soon they find a strange map that leads to more relics that made CP: Staff of the Snow, Amulet of the nine Puffles and others. Their quest to find the artefacts is not easy, the other agents think the artefacts are evil so they keep trying to stop the relic-seekers. The secound obstacle is that some creatures of the Icy Age got into Club Penguin and want to conquer the island. The relic-seekers didn't gave up, they fought the enemies with no fear. As they find the relics the map shows the way to an unknown place. The artefacts began to change the island: the rivers got healthier; the snow got better and the Puffles started to be more playful! As they find all the relics they go to the secret place and find the relic-master named Blizaron that tells them that the leader of the agency is evil and wants to rule CP! Luckly he knew how to open the place where the enemy was: the agency HQ's right speeker! The relic-seekers go to the HQ and tried to convince the agents that the enemy is bad. They didn't had luck: the leader already gave the agents an order: find and capture the relic-seekers. The relic-seekers defeated the agents found the enemy leader and realised that he had the Relics of the Fiery Age! The good agents used the relics to fight him. But when my penguin is the only one standing he grabed the Staff of the Snow with the hope that it will lead him to victory. But the Staff of the Snow revealed it's real form: it was the Staff of Blizardon! He used the staff and defeated the leader. After the battle the leader was reveled, he was Lavire, the king of Elmonia. The agents saved CP from being captured by Elmonia. The relics' power was all but consumed until they feel people of Elmonia step into CP. Finally my penguin was promoted as "leader of the agency" and opened a new case: find a way to Elmonia.

PS: W-A-D-D-L-E-O-N-C-P!!


Wow if i had a movie for my penguin it would be about super agents


I would call my movie 'Wadds Great Adventure' it would have me travelling to the islands around Club Penguin. I go with Rockhopper ,the EPF and all the CP bloggers. We find Herbert... dancing to Herbert Style!


Hi polo,for me it will be a scary movie with screams!!!! a lot of scary things!! bye polo

Waddle on!!


and the name of my movie will be "scary,paranormal"


I would make a superhero/spy movie where the spies thought that the superheroes were supervillains and the superheroes thought that the spies were evil spies and they fight each other for absolutely no real reason until a real supervillain comes and they fight it. I would make it so that it is a cute little puffle who gets them to realize that they are on the same side.
Waddle On!


If I made a movie it will be called When I started club penguin , its about me my history of club penguin and my friends.


if i made a movie i would call it the great "chase" and it would be about about a teenage penguin who has something very valuabe that everybody want but doesnt know it!!!!!! until next time waddle on :)


It would be called 'Miss Brightside' and it would be about a girl who is known to be different than all the other girls because she likes more boy stuff like video games, but secretly she is a certain famous penguin (Cadence) in disguise, and soon everyone finds out...

Cliky Minty :

I would make a funny News Report but not just me, my friends too so they have fun! It would funny! :D I would use the Jumbo Tv, that would be A LOT of GIANT JUMBO fun! :D
~Cliky Minty (:


If i could make my own movie i would call it just a girl it would be about a shy girl and she would have a great voice and love to dance and she would me Cadence and get her very own record label and become a super star I love things like this so that is why I can't wait for the Hollywood party.




If I were to make a movie, I'd call it Midnight Mysteries. Basically, a group of 5 penguins are playing truth or dare in the evening and one courageous penguin (me) chooses a dare, however his friends think of a challenging one to put him to the test. The dare was to sleep a whole night in the boiler room. The penguin who was dared is really scared but determined to complete it. So he does. Later, the boiler leaked and flooded the whole place with gas. The next morning, when the gang came to check on him, they found that he was missing. Then there is a big search but no one could figure it out. In the end all the penguins have vanished at midnight until the gas leak had stopped spreading. They were all back in their spots and the gang saw a can near the boiler saying 'Vanishing Gas, property of Herbert P Bear'. They all then figured out that Herbert replaced the boiler heating gas with vanishing gas.

I hope this sound like a good movie to you and I can't wait for the party to come.

Thanks Polo Field,



If I made a Club Penguin movie, it would be called "Ninja Night". It would be about the Snow Ninjas, the Fire Ninjas, and the Water Ninjas getting into an argument so big, that not even Sensei can stop them. So, he goes to the Shadow Ninjas to seek their help, but they won't get involved into a fight that doesn't concern them. Sensei goes back to his Dojo to find that CP is in great danger, and it's all thanks to the Ninja fight. A young Shadow Ninja then sees the destruction, and helps Sensei; even if it's against his/her Ninja Tribe's rule. Also, they gain help from penguins like Gary and Cadence.


My movie would be called the case of the missing Diamond! It would be about a rich ladie who hosts a party and all her snoby friends came. Then at midnight the lights went out for 60 seconds and went back on and her neckless was gone!!! I am not makeing a movie on this because i dont have the material but i hope i get the 10,000. _ Firebird1189


If i could make and star in a movie i would name it just a girl it would be about a girl who loved to dance and loves music and has a great voice she becomes a star meets Cadence and gets her own record label how cool would that be!!!!!!!!!!
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!! :)


the movies name would be:my penguin's life. the movie would be about my penguin and his friends.It would tell how i became friends and how they helped me.
waddle on


The adventures of Polo Field, Businesmoose,Spike Hike and Liamk8. What a movie. Oh and the return of Billybob and maybe happy 77 or screenhog even.

Pen Quen22:

If I made a movie, I would call it: ' The artist's adventure'. Well, this movie would talk about a 13-yeared old girl that her dream is to become a great artist. In her road, she will meet a lot of new friends, which will her help, but also many difficulties very tough to pass.And she will learn that when you trust your friends, they will help you to reach your target.


If I made a movie, I would call it The Club Penguin Experience and it would be filled with all of my most memorable experiences that I have had on Club Penguin since I started in 2007!


If I made a movie, I would call it The Club Penguin Experience and it would be filled with all of my most memorable experiences that I have had on Club Penguin since I started in 2007!


I've been on Club Penguin for less than a year, but I've had some pretty memorable experiences. I'm an EPF agent, a tour guide, and I took part in Operation Blackout so far. Club Penguin is AWESOME! Waddle on!


I would call my movie The Takeover when the EPF and herbert battle for Club Penguin but this time herbert wins! then I would make a sequel called The Takeover 2 where herbert fires the Mind Control 3000 onto Club Penguin and everyone would be under herbert's control except for me and I would have to sneak around the entire Club Penguin to find herbert's base and when I do I will have to battle herbert but who will win? only time will tell

Cathrin 1231:

Hmmmmmmmmmm, picking a movie with my penguin in it , and what to call it,hmmmmmmmmm, I would call my movie, Cp isle like youve never seen it and it would be about why I LOVE Cp in 20 different ways


My movie would be set in a high school and it has singing and dancing in it. It would be called 'Dreams Can Come True' or if i could do another it would be about horses and how people trust them, it would called 'Trust '. -gabywildcat xx (Please show this!)


If I made a movie starring my penguin, I'd call it the "Rampage." Y'know, cause my name is rampage6666


If i made a movie and my penguin was starring in it , I would call it club penguin secrets and it will be about what happen to me on the first day i was born that change me and it not just about me , it also happen to others on the day of brith .Because of herbert giving us something that change our life but better , but what about the old life of yours or me . I want my movie to be alot interesting so people could see the movie and/or read a book about it .


I would like to do a movie about oporation blackout staring me and my penguin that would be a very good action movie


I would call it "Crazy Ups And Downs Of A Penguins Life" because my penguin goes through things good and bad and its all pretty crazy how it happens.


Well, I can make a classical Movie called *Club Penguin High School Drama* Maybe I doing one! This is a drama story about a girl who isn't popular, but then she GETS popular! Check it out soon! ;)


Oooh wait, I better do *The Fire Kingdom* It will be lots of drama, ull see! Coming sooooon

s bob rocks:

i whould love a movie called the only ones it whould be about a penguin named s bob rocks and he was the only penguin and puffles left on the island


If I made a club penguin movie, it would be about my penguin, Dynodov, and it would be called Mountain Top. In it, Dynodov learns a horrible truth: Herbert will destroy the island unless someone can stop him! But where is he? I'm glad you asked! He's on the tallest mountain in club penguin, the one that few penguins can climb! With the help of Dynodov's friends, a talking white puffle named Esther and a blind red puffle named Louie, can she save CP? Or will this be the last climb Dynodov ever does?


i would call it party party and it would be about this penguin who always threw partiesand everyone came until an twister came to his iggy and it got blown away poor iggy and his friends felt bad so they helped him fix it and after that he threw a huge party in his friends honor for helping him the end

Pumkin Pie96:

If I had a movie star penguin it would be a boy.It would be so handsome. My penguin is so cool.I hope you like my entry. W A D D L E O N


I'd call my movie:
a girl named holly would find me (Richard1222) and we are agents.
we will go on CRAZY stunts and we'd have to beat herbert!


Hi!!!! I can't wait for the Hollywood party! If I made a movie about my penguin it would be about my penguin going on an adventure and she gets lost in the wilderness where she has her horse to ride and she has to use her nature knowledge and her skills to find her way out. It would be a fun movie to make!!!!



Incase you didn't like my first movie, here's another one:
The Return of the Living Sled (Dun dun dun!)
Dynodov is a happy, ordinary penguin who doesn't beleive in the living sled. Until one day when she was at the bottom of ski hill... BOO! The living sled is on the loose again, and who knows what it has in mind!? Can Dynodov send it's plots downhill? Or will the sled have the last laugh?


I am really excited for the hollywood party! And if i made my own movie in club penguin i would call it "PengTrap", and it would be about my penguin getting trapped somewhere and i would find my way out.

Good job cp! :)


If I could make my own movie I would call it "The escape". It would be about a girl who is sent away and has to find a way to get home. With the help of a few friends, of course. Can not wait for the Hollywood party!


The Story Of A Puffle


If I were to make a movie I would call it Card-jitsu Masters: Power Unleashed. The main character (me) is a student at the dojo who has mastered the art of the regular ninja, fire ninja, water ninja, and snow ninja. When he has defeated Sensei and mastered snow, suddenly he gets transported to (what looks like anyways) space! There he meets the "Old Masters" who are the guardians of the elements. He is told that he has been chosen to protect the amulet of power (the Card-jitsu amulet.) He then gets teleported back to the dojo and tells Sensei what happened. Sensei is suprised at this and teaches the main character a new technique he developed (a high powered energy beam shot from the tip of the flipper.) Meanwhile a new threat is emerging, an old master named Malice is jealous of how a young man can achieve so much more than he can. Malice creates a powerful weapon called "The gauntlet of misery." He is fueled by his rage and starts attacking Club Penguin. The main character appears and tries to stop him but Malice escapes. The main character is conflicted and doesn't know what to do, so he trains extremely hard to perfect his new found power. He challenges Malice to a duel, and they clash almost endlessly in the skies above. Malice is frustrated and destroys the dojo with an energy wave. The main character is filled with emotions from all the penguins on the island and transforms into a "Super Ninja!" (Golden ninja suit with armor) Malice is shocked and is afraid. The main character figures out why Malice is upset and convinces him to stop destroying things and to work out his problems with the Old masters. There is peace but there may be a time when the Super Ninja is needed again.

Spy Guy 6:

I would make a movie called Steel Penguin!! It would be about me as a super hero in my Iron Man costume! I would fight either herbert and klutzy or the DOOM BOT!!!


If I had a chance to make a movie it would me an Action Film named


About a hobo who finds a secret military base in a desert and gets specially trained for dangerous missions. His code name is 'CHAIN'. He fights villains and Herbert's FATHER.

What will happen next?

Will CHAIN win?


My movie would be called Dorky vs Popular.It would be about a dorky penguin named Lisa and a popular penguin named Brittany.Brittany challenges Lisa to a contest after Lisa pranks Brittany.In the contest they have a singing part a dancing part and a best dress part.In the end Lisa ends up winning the contest and she is now the popular girl.



WOW!! i cant wait for this party! if i could star in a movie....... it would be called hmm let me see? OH YEAH ,THATS IT! i would call it the action of cupcakejacks its gonna be an awesome movie! ill be parachuting out of helicopters! and i would have to save a prince, and i would hire any one o just ask if i do ever make the movie :D


Well actually I made a short movie today with 2 friends!! It was called: Lost in Noginson. It was all about 2 people who went on a space ship, the space ship crashed so they got stranded!! They found at first they were in now where till they visited a town called Noginson, In the town they meet lots of penguins. They asked one penguin if they can use their car to get home. The penguin said "okay", so they drove the car back home. And thats mainly how it ended! Hope you liked this story, Bye bye!

kibbles rock:

The movie would be called "My Life as a Puffle" and it would be based off of the..........PUFFLE PARTY!! P.S No puffles where hurt during the making of this film!:3

Dr pepper341:

i think my movie would be about my igloo and then a space alien sucked it up in a space ship and i had to invent a machine to turn me into a superhero so i could find the alien and fly after it dont you think that would be a great movie?

P.S. plz post becuz ive never been posted before!!!!!! :)


Hi clubpenguin team! Hope you got my other comment about the movie that I made that is called: Lost in Noginson. The movie is all about 2 penguins who get lost in a city called Noginson! Its a short movie though, but I still think it is pretty great! Anyways I'm out for now. See ya!!


Moshi Man8:

My movie would be called "Adventures in the Penguin World".

It would be about a penguin who had all of his puffles stolen during the night. Now he must adventure the penguin world and find the theif.


I would make a movie called "Game Over". It would be about these two penguins who are addicted to Astro-Barrier. Then, when the arcade is closing, they decide to hide so they can play Astro-Barrier all night. Once everyone left, they come out and press start. That's when they get sucked in the game. They need to be all 40 levels in order to escape. When they are still trying to beat it, a penguin comes in the arcade (when it's open) and turns it on. They start all over AGAIN, and the penguin who turned it on is now controlling the spaceship they are in. Well, you get the idea. In the end, they get out, but they say, "That was fun! We should do that again with Thin ice!" Dun dun dun... And then the movie ends and says "TO BE CONTINUED".

Waddle on!


If I was in a movie, it would be about me in the EPF and Rookie ( obviously ) broke Gary's new device, but Gary dosen't know it. He asks me to help, but shockingly, I'm slightly more clumsy than Rookie! When then ask Dot, and she dosen't know how to work it either! Finally, we ask Jetpack Guy to help, and it just got worse! Meanwhile, Herbert is spying on the EPF and notices what we're doing, so he had a plan to try and capture the device, and recreate it to destroy Club Penguin! Will Herbert take over CP? Or will Rookie have to tell G the truth?

Waddle on in CP! ( If Herbert dosen't destroy it. )




I would make a movie called, "A Star Has Been Born". It will be about a poor penguin girl who has a dream of living among the rich and famous. She worked hard, and tried out for a movie. She got the part as a simple diner waiter. Even though she got a simple part, her dream came true... SHE BECAME THE MOST FAMOUS PENGUIN ON CP! She started out as a small part in a movie, and she climbed the ladder of victory and became famous. The moral is, you can do anything if you just work hard! :D


wellll if i made a movie i willl callled happy tample returns on cp


I would call mine, Adventure Penguin

Penguin Flinn and his yellow puffle, Rake, go on crazy adventures and meet Marcelinea, a crazy rocker penguin, Princess FubbleFun, a science loving candy penguin, and battle the Glich! An evil penguin who wants to destroy all Pizza! Not to menchon the beatiful Flare Princess, who Flinn falls in love with!


I would make a movie of all of the plays at the stage, like quest of the golden puffle, ruby and the ruby, penguins that time forgot just all of them.




I would call mine, Princess

It's bacically about a Princess and stuff!

Cha Cha20789:

If my penguin was the star of a movie, it would be named The Cha Cha (mostly because it's in my penguin name!) and it would star me, DJ Cadence, and the Penguin Band! It would be about the road to fame! DJ Cadence and the Penguin Band singing and dancing, and my story of meeting them, and joining their crew. I think that would be an awesome movie!


If I could make a movie it would be called "The Secret Of The Puffle" it would be about puffles and they would have a secret but if you watched shhhhhh! don't tell anyone! Remember it's a secret! Just a random question, I've been looking all over the internet to see if you wull be able meet herbert again as a mascot and i can't get an answer,will I get a chance to meet him again?



If I made a movie, I would call it "Masters of Card-Jitzu". The movie is about 4 ninja who fight penguin skeletons and penguin snakes. They try to save the world from darkness so Club Penguin isn't takened over by a evil penguin villian with four arms, a purple belt, armor, lasers, red eyes, and a skeleton helmet and he looks sooooooo creepy like a big giant monster!


If I had a movie starring my penguin, I would call it "Lost in The Big Club". It would be about 5 penguins that don't even know each other and they have to go to Town, but on the way there, they get lost in the Big Club (aka Club Penguin) and on their journey, they find each other and team up to some how find their way to Town.


If I was going to make a movie it would be about a penguin who is actually sensei's son but he didn't know it. He would travel to the dojo and become a ninja and he had a element that nobody else had it would be wind and he could turn himself into a tornado. It would be so cool and awesome. He would have to defeat an evil penguin that had the power of darkness.

Gshep Girl:

My movie would be about this new penguin coming to CP and finding new friends and having a fun adventure but the story has a twist... The penguin and its friends would go hiking one day and find this old shack. They end up making it into the dojo and the new penguin ends up being the Sensei. (played by Sensei himself)


If I would make a movie it would be called "Big Hearts". It would be about my penguin Coconut41078 stopping another penquin from bullying her best friend and showing how kindness is the only way to treat others and make new friends. WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN WADDLE!!!!!


I would call it, Ninja Penguin and her side kick Ninja Puffle! It would be about two friends who use there Ninja fighting skills to defeat villains like Herbert or Protobot. One of the scenes would be Ninja penguin and her puffle would be lurking around the Plaza almost invisible to any other penguin when suddenly they see Herbert trying to steel puffles from the Pet Shop. Then they jump into action and quickly run into the Pet Shop hit Herbert with some Card-Jistu hot sauce so he was distracted then grab him and hand him over to the EPF.

Lily41516 :):

If i was in a movie,It would be with Penguin Band and Cadence! I would play the main character,and the movie would be about music, and friendship!

P.S. When is the Gotta Have A Wingman music video coming out? Im so gonna buy the album!

~Lily41516 ;)


What i would call my movie would be; The Star.... and then i would make a sequel! The Star 2: Planet PoloMoose!


I guess I would call the penguin movie "Penguin Wizards of The Beyond"! It would be about the adventures of two penguin girls who discover that they're wizards. The movie is based on my favorite book and movie series, "Harry Potter" by J. K. Rowling! And the lead penguins would be my penguin and my best friend Cuteypie208.

~ Purple54688


Gee, this is a tough one. If I were to make a movie, it would be "Club Penguin Reality", because I like to see and do a lot of reality. It should definitely be about Club Penguin, given my experience that has been going on a long time!


I think we should do a movie about 4 middle school students Charlotte, Fiery,Sarah,and Adam which find out they have ninja super powers which they use to save Club Penguin! Charlotte tells her best friends Samantha, Trinket Sparkles,Tricky Mysterious, and Nunya their secret. But, can Charlotte trust them?

tiara Gelinho:

Well, for me no matter what movie it is, but the fun penguin! no matter if you're an actress director, star. What matters is that you have fun! So I think all penguins liked everyone!

Am I Online on February 16 at 14:00 Boreal HOCP


I am SUPER excited for the Hollywood Party! If I could make a movie, it would be named The Missing Trophy! Because I would also follow the theme of the Hollywood Party, and it would be about a glam, famous penguin named Tryful, (me) and right before The Famous Penguin Awards come on, the very valuble trophy get stolen! Then there's this big adventure (including Tryful) to find the trophy! And in the end it finally comes together, they find the robber, Tryful receives her award, and they all live happily ever after!


If I made a movie I would call it "The Storm". It would be about a category 5 hurricane. Who's path was right trough the island. It destoyed the island with the hurricane's strong wind and rain. At the end the Town,Plaza and the igloos are destoyed but, the Penguins survived and so did the....memories.


My movie would be about a secret spy because i love mysterious and action movies. It would be called "The Return Of The Mystery" and i would have have aweome and loud music for the background since it would be an action movie1
Hope you like it


I'm thinking of a Basketball game when you wave to shoot but,if fin touches the other penguins fin,its a block.Fans who can have foam fingers.A snack bar with popcorn and fruit and also a DJ.I hope you like it,it'll be EPIC!!!


If i were in a movie i would probally call it " sprinkles and the monster middle school" it would be about a GIGANTIC middle school that is secretly a monster that can SMASH CP!!! well hey, it is a school, right? and school is VERY scary :) ya know math... the middle school monster would throws GIANT numbers everywhere!!! i hope i can make a movie like thi sosmeday ( yay)!


Hey Polo Field! I would make a move with Ocean6100 and me. It would be called ''The Life of Two Normal Penguins''! But it looks like I will be a superstar anyway! I think it is a good idea to have so meany mascots is one party! I hope I am right but the mascots are, Sensei, Gary (For the second time!), and Cadance! That is good because I have not met Sensei! Here is the story line for my movie! Ok, There is two penguins, (Me and Ocean6100) they get lost in the wilderness! Then they camp for 4 days, and go exploring! Then they find a remote, and press the button! Then the Time Trekker appears! They walk is and start pulling levers and pushing buttons! And they go back to 1979! There was nothing is sight but plants! So they explored and explored, and came to the ocean. There was a beacon and... the Migrator? Mountain717 wanted to get Rockhoppers backround, but Ocean6100 wanted to go back to the Time Trekker. So they got to the time trekker and went back. And they were happy! The end! Like it?


My Movie would be called The Only Way
This is because Club Penguin is a way to have fun with friends or even meet knew people. In The movie a penguin named Franky would always have a hard time at everything and the only fun he would have was with his friends. Then he finds out that Herbert has taken his friends to his Secret Liar. The young penguin must become strong and be brave but to do this he must become a ninja. He works hard for months studying the ways of the ninja when he finds his true power which Sensei admires his abilities and helps him with his job to save Frank's friends.Now using the help of Gary's Spy Phone they track down Herbert for a huge battle against good and evil for the sake of one person's friends. After Herbert and Klutzy are defeated Frank shows his real power which is that Friends Help Other Friends. The World Is Saved but while Frank and all the other members of Club Penguin partied in the Night Club, Herbert disapeared into the darkness.
I Hope You Really admire this Comment because This is really a true message Friends Help Other Friends.
This Is 5kyle and Im Out:D


So... What would i pick? I would do a comedy movie about this one penguin who is seeking "true love" but ends up on going on this adventure to save a princess and meets a bunch of wacky, funny and wild friends who tell him legends and stories and they end up saving the wrong princess and have to start all over again!! :)



i would call it ''B-ball champ''. If you Polo Field want to see it it is at my igloo it is me and Mn4545! Goooooooooo team Red!


If I made a movie, i would call it Up In The Sky's: Ski Lift, it would be a horror movie (not TOO scary but scary) and it would be about two best friends that get stuck on the ski lift and the seat belts fall off and there's a pointy rock under them sneak peek: so one almost falls but the other catches her (there's gonna be a lot of stuff like that) and a lot of dramatic phrases like "Stay with me!" or "I will not let you fall!". So
Waddle o
Waddle on..........

WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!


If I made a movie it would be called Sandals, and it would be about how me and all my cp friends ( in the movie we dont know each other) go to this place on vacation and we discover a lost island!! then we all go to it everyday and eventually find out that it is ANTLANTIS!!! Then we all become famouse and are Bffs for all time!!


Will Sensei be visiting?


It would definitely be action and it would be called the pengi games :3


i would name it life of a penguins island being attacked by a polar bear named herbert


If I made a movie, I would call it Club Penguin: THE FUTURE It would be about this penguin who gets taken to the future and a masked penguin appears guiding him in the future and how go back in time


The movie I would make would be called "Club Penguin Adventures". The movies would be a series, and they could be in a set. It would be about a Time Runner, a penguin who can jump through time. Unfortunately, Herbert has taken over, and now this Time Runner has to set things right! The penguin will fight monsters, use magical weapons and tools, and somtimes get awesome armor! A tempral disaster is on the verge of destroing all of penguanity, and this mythalogical hero will have to stop it! Herbert will be appearing frenquently in the movies too.


Is the puffle party in march??????


Hi, Polo Field! If my penguin was in a movie, the theme would be...puffles! My BFF and I love them! It would be a mystery of how my puffles and I were secret agents and we had to solve a crime. The movie would be called "The Mystery of Club Penguin. What happens behind the stage!" I want to meet Cadence and all the other penguins! I hope I can! :D


If I had a movie about my penguin, I would call it "Dance Party!"


Now even more sneek peeks!
Sounds like SO much fun being able,
to meet more than one star at the party!
I totally can't wait for this party!! Seems EPIC!
Thanks Cp team for hard work!
Waddle on... ~ljl2112


My movie would be about a penguin and her friends are adventuring aboard the Migrater with, of course, Captain Rockhopper! When things were going good aboard the ship, a giant squid splashes the Migrater to an amazing island! The island is covered with beautiful trees with fruit, beaches, and adventures! The island is home to a tribe of penguins called the Maka Taka Tribe. All the penguins they meet have incredible talents! They play unique games, play music, dance, and create! They also have colors, incredible colors! Some of the penguins have stripes, some have polka dots, some are neon, some are camo, and some have regular colors. One of the penguins was out adventuring when he noticed something terrible! There was a valcano, and it was ready to errupt! Will the penguins ever make it home? Will they be able to save their new friends as well? I going to call the movie "The Mysterious Island of the Maka Taka Tribe."

Lagoona 383:

You won it!


It would be an amazing action movie called: A love of Spy + Super Star. It would be as well, a penguin spy who has his alter ego of a photographer, is the fate of Super save a Hollywood star! He had run risks enough to defend its identity and pricilpamente the Super Star!


My movie will be about my friend Culew and school.And so the teachers are CRAZY evil! So it is up to Culew to save the day!


i would soooo call the movie the stars that forgot time! munch diffrent from the penguins that forgot time, it is when i see a fairy and she'll grant me three wishes. i pick i will be famous and i will be a super star. then the fairy grants me the trid wish that i dont want! her wish made every single thing go back in time! will i espape?????


my movie will be called transformation it would be about a superstar who gets turned into a puffle whle working with gary and tries to get turned back while getting chased by puffle catchers but they get her and she has to escape being adopted.


It would be an amazing action movie called: A love of Spy + Super Star. It would be as well, a penguin spy who has his alter ego of a photographer, is the fate of Super save a Hollywood star! He had run risks enough to defend its identity and especially the Super Star!


If you made a movie about my penguin it would be called The Great And Powerful!! It would be about my penguin solving E.P.F. crimes and saving Club Penguin from Herbert! I would have a secert code name and everything! I would have a sidecick too! My puffle Laughs!!! Ohh and my penguin would have super powers!


Sweet! "I luv this!" as Cadence would say.


I would make an epic superhero movie! It would be called 'The Incredible Penguin Crew', when club penguin superheroes team to fight off a new super evil penguin villains, named the 'Sinisters', trying to take over CP! And the other heroes would get captured and I have to save them and stop the new evil penguins!


I would call my movie The Perfect Penguin and it will be about a girl who cares for others, helps friends, and is smart. She goes on a journey around the island to find things that aren't meant to found, like treasure! you will have to hear the rest late its a surprise!





I would make a movie about adventures in Club Penguin, what kind of adventures they had, what dangers they faced, and what things they did. I would call it " The Adventures of Club Penguin". I would also include special behind the scenes videos showing how we made the movie and that.

Waddle On!

- Sedat2003


My movie would be called Aly vs. Herbert which is me against herbert and it would be about : herbert finds a way to club penguin and has a weird machine that turns penguins into polar bears and puffles turn into crabs and its our mission to turn back to normal and rescue the other penguins


If i made my own movie it would be called "The connection" where a penguin goes back in time to all the past parties but then when he accidently alters the time continuem, he gets stranded in the year 2008 at the start of the penguin games and has to win the round-the-island race to earn the Magic Medal which contains the three gems of awesome (Gem of Laughter, Gem of Fun and Gem of Teamwork) which can take him back to the present day, all he has to do is win it in time and make "The Connection"!


If I was in a movie, I'd want it to be called, "The Blackout" and have it be about Operation; Blackout, or I'd make one about the prehistoric party and call it "Dinosaurs!"

Flash 790:

Mine would definantly be a pirate movie.


If I made a movie staring myself it would be a mystery (It would have some funny parts in it too). It would be about a rich man who owns the biggest collection of rare dimonds. One day all of the dimonds go missing. So they call on Melifacent the Greatest Detective ever and he will solve this mystery. I think everyone on Club Penguin should be a part of it, even with celebrities like Rockhopper, Aunt Arcitc and maybe even an apperance by Herbert P. Bear . . . All I know is it would be a great movie. Anyway, WADDLE ON CLUB PENGUIN!


the movie would be called the penguin end would be about the world ending in club penguin


i would call it the adventurous quest starring COOL COOL 65 about a hero who tries to save the world by going back in time where robots try to destroy the past of club penguin so it is never created! But COOL will destroy the robots and sensei will make him the new sensei for eternity and train new penguins for new elements and for the squeal COOL and his friends will have to destroy the new recruits of robots!
I'm so excited for the Hollywood Party to come out, you guys are awesome keep up the good parties! Waddle on Polo Field and BusinessMoose!


If i made A Movie It would be Called a penguin with a dream It would be about
A Girl Penguin Who has a big Dream To go to hollywood and become famous
she sighns up for penguins got talent and wins her dream!!!!

Waddle on!!



I think my movie would be a lot like the night of the living sled, only it would be The Week of the Living Surf Board! its about a penguin named spyninga123. One day he goes surfing, but his board breaks! So when he goes to buy a new one, he passes by a surfboard, and when he looks at it agaoin there is a note taped to it writen in red that says "ONE MORE WEEK" but there is nobody around but him. When he gets back to his igloo, he sees the board watching him! He tries to tell his best friend, Cameron50473, but he doesn't believe him! So everywhere spyninga123 goes, he can see the surfborad, and when a week goes by, the board is ready to attack! spyninga123 runs from it all the way to the beach where he hops on a surfboard and rides a giant wave all the way to rock hopper island, with the surf board close on his tail! When he finaly gets to rockhopper island, rockhopper and his band of red puffles capture the board, and rockhopper and spyninga123 become best friends!


The case of the missing puffles it all starts on night at aunt artics house sleeping the next morning all the puffles in town are missing then guess who cames in the wonderful fantastic epf they tell all cp herbert has all the puffles and all the penguins try to find herberts cave what will happen next ???


If I made a movie I would name it The Club Penguin Times.It will be about all the Club Penguin partys from2007 to 2013.I think it would be AWSOME.


If I had made my own movie and my penguin could star in it, it would be called crystals brave adventure and I would travel the seven seas with my great friend aunt arctic!


If I made a movie it would be could The True Story Of A Penguin it would be about when I started Club Penguin and all the awesome parties I was at such as the marvel super hero party and the Operation Blackout and all those other parties!!!


If my penguin could be in a movie, it would be called Operation Blackout: The Story Behind the Catastrophe.

It would be about how the entire disaster happened! I already started writing it in my journal! The EPF goes through a lot of crazy happenings throughout the story, like getting their phones hacked, getting hit by a shrink ray, and a new invention by Herbert, the Turn into another creature inator 3000! So far, my story is turning out awesome! The only bad thing is you guy's can't read it! I wish you could, but I still have a lot of writing ahead of me. Thank you for reading my comment!

p.s. PIE IS AWESOME!!!! CHEESE GATORADE!!!( I have no idea!!)


I totally agree! I LOVE PIE!!!!!!!!! Waddle On! :)


YAYY Im soooooooooo exited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'll make a action movie with supspence and romance and the name of it will be who's there its also part of a spy movie.


Hello team i would make a movie called the "IPA" (Intelligent penguin association)
it would be about a group of penguins that try to save the island from a attack of villians!


If I was in a movie, I would name it Rico The Red ! It would be about a crew of Vikings on an EPIC journey for the legend of all legends, Ice Cream Island!! It would feature , Gary, Rookie, and of course, all of my best friends!!

A young penguin would have a dream of the map to get to Ice Cream Island. He would gather all of his crew members, including Rookie and Gary, and set sail to a uncharted island! On the way, he would meet pirates,aliens,mermaids, and a Ice wizard! Waddle On CP!

Hershey Bug:

I would make a movie of a penguin that goes on an adventure far away from Club Penguin. He would meet diffrent animals like tigers, moneys, and humans! Then he discovers not everywere is snowy. When he discovers he cant live in the inviorment he maust trust his friends to get him home. I would title it The Unartic Adventure.


If i made a movie starring my penguin it would be called My Penguin Funnest Moments.Belive me there are ALOT of those.=D +_+ O_O ^_^ @_@ *_*

Pony Eee:

My moive? Well, it would be called Pony Eee the movie, of course. It would be all about my wacky adventures on club penguin, from the 2007 Water Party to present day Club Penguin. I would share the memories of the old Pizza Parlor, Sports Shop, and not to mention the PSA! It would give newer players a chance to see what it was like back then when Club Penguin was still a newer game and was run by the one and only Rocket Snail!


If I made a movie I`d call it "The Poison Stone". It`s a strange mystery movie. There was once a stone in the woods. One day a mysterious snake appears and bites the stone. Years later, a detective tries to find out the mystery of the stone with the help of his friends. But what they didn`t know that the stone had poison inside it!

What do u think CP?


lol first comment nice

Bloomcicle :

OK well at least fix the girls grammar a bit, i know she must be a kid, but if you did that she might notice the mistakes and learn to slow down, or check her grammar, mistakes are: ''I LOVE dinosaurs so I ____this party,'' that's one of them, (I haven't ''meet'' him yet!) i think she means, ''met'' not meet, i know your being nice guy's but at least edit something if this happens again ok? Why shouldn't you? "/


if i had movie i would call action awesome because it would be so awesome

lilly3 4 6 2:

my movie will be about a girl named lilly3 4 6 2 whose trying to survive throughout the world trying to find who she really is by taking an adventure out in sea.and comes back realizing that who she really was, was masked behind the mean, awful person the entire time.


If i got to make a movie,it would be called The Return of the squidzoid 2 and starring with Cadence,penguin92958,Rocky,Ceci,Gary,polo field,businessmoose,spikehike,and aunt arctic and the main part of this movie is when everyone visits Hollywood but suddenly squidzoid return on his revenge and destroys Hollywood so its up to penguin92958 and cadence with shadow guy and gamma gal tos ave hollywood before the awards take place.


If I were in a movie it would be an AWESOME one! It would be called: The Great Escape. It would be about a 9 year old penguin, that goes back in time. Back when there were no electronics, or cellphones. When the wars were going on. And then, suddenly thats when world war one came. It was the Blackhawk Birds against Club Penguin. The Blackhawk Birds were very fierce and energetic,they were also very rich. The Club Penguin Tribe couldn't even afford some weapons that were best for wars. That day, the war started, I was stuck in the Neutral Zone. I had to cover myself with my flippers, so the ashes wouldn't burn me. Finally, I found a tiny little shack just a mile away. I knew I couldn't get that far. But I started crawling there anyways. I crawled fast enough that I got to the shack! I opened the tiny door. Inside were some penguin skeletons, an ice fishing whole (with the fish that you can eat), and some pillows and blankets. The good thing was that I could just reach down in the ice fishing whole and grab some fish! :D I quickly grabbed a blanket. When I was in the Neutral Zone, I found this little notebook and some ink with a feather. So I grabbed it. When I opened it I saw a whole bunch of weird writing!
TO BE CONTINUED..........................................................................................................................................................................................................


If my penguin could star in a movie it would be called "the escape from the alien high school" so basically it is a combination of action, stunts, high school, and sci-fi so its going to be really awesome where my penguin some how winds up on a alien high school and has to escape it before they capture him and turn him into an alien so he has to get out with nothing but his bare hands and the tools in his backpack but the real question is will he make it?


My movie would be about a penguin kingdom. But the the princess named Pecky is captured by herbert. Also, there is this very pore penguin who lives in a hut. The king says who ever finds the princess wins a million dollars! The pore penguin never heard the king say the prize! The pore penguin always loved Pecky and wants to rescue her, so he packs and goes on a jorney, but he must fight to save the princess! Finally when he saves the princess and the king offers the million dollars, the pore penguin doesnt take the reward and says he did it out of the kindess in his heart. Oh yeah the movies called"The Fight For Love".


If i was making a movie, i would call it Main Street. It is all about how there is a huge storm in club penguin, and Laurjar, (Me) And five of my other great friends would save the island, soon to be known as honored penguins! It would follow many stories of us going thorough great challenges and duels. And all of course, on the main place in cp, The Town! But through many challenges, our frendship would break - and all our other friends would help us become friends again. And of course later it would become at stage play. Like the night of the Living sled did. I've been thinking this up before this blog post existed. Wow. I love club penguin!!!


Hi club penguin team i would like to call my movie the flying penguin it will be about a movie that a penguin who like to fly because it was born of a half penguin and bird so it can fly so anyways this flying penguin is trying to teach the other penguins to fly
Thanks i hope that my idea make you like it
Waddle on


if I had a movie I would call it operation: puffle and herbert would steal all puffles from club penguin
and hypnotize them. He will also be able to have the puffles turn into ZOMBIE MINONS and they would try to takeover club penguin with
their leader herbert! then the whole EPF and shadow guy and gamma gal stop herbert and the director reveals her secret twin when the battle is over, they also find a cure to the puffles wich is classified and only PH and Gary know about it.

Staring: Starlet4 as one of agents, Aunt Arctic as director, Herbert as leader, PH, and Gary

waddle on cp! ~Starlett 4


A movie I would direct would be called "Battle of the Pairs". There would be five penguins with their puffles battling against each other for the Grand Prize... 1,000,000 coins and the most awesome party ever! OR...
"Agent Puffle 'O7 ". A top secret agent (similar to jet pack guy) that protects the island and defeats evil with their trusty sidekick (a puffle) DJ.


If I had a movie starring my penguin I would call it " The Mysterious Mysteries Of Pinky Penla And Her Sidekick Sharky242" I would call it that because in it I would be a detective, where as my friend who I mentioned in the title would be the helper of me, Sharky242. Well, I wish good luck to the other penguins!

Waddle On!


If I made a movie it would be called Interviewing the Stars, I would interview Cadence, Gary and every mascot! I would ask them everything and then I would play with them and learn about their experiences in Club Penguin!


Hmm thats a tought one! XD. Well if I made movie I would call it The Awsome Friendship. It would be about four friends that one day then got into a be fight but at the end they make up and they were awsome bffl's. Thats what my movie would be about. :)
Waddle On Cp!!!


If i made a movie I would call it "What Not To Do On A Mission" I would be the head agent replacing Dot because she is on vacation. I would fail at missions. Those would be things to not do on a mission.



Enter comments hey cp i would call mine the penguin and the hump hopefully it will be about whats inside of you that counts not the outside


Love the new things for the not members!!! keep it up, __ Sharpay.


hmm...if i could make a movie of my own it would be called (The Secret Of Snow Ninjas) there would be a girl named bloom1004 and she finds proof that snow ninjas are real! She Tells Her Friends But The Dont Beileve Her So She Looks For The Lost Dojo Of Snow Ninjas She Finds It And Gets Attacked Then She Tells Everyone Some Beileve Her So She Brings Her Proof And Everyone Beileves Her.THE END


i would call my movie esacpe from puffle tower of doom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would make movie about a boy who got abducted by Aliens and then the boy becomes an Human Alien after when he comes to earth he falls in Love with a Beautiful Human Girl!! I would call it "Love Abduction"


It would be "Hollywood Fever" It would be about, Sensei and Gary got penguinnapped and Polo Field, Spike Hike, Businesmoose, Loustik005, Chattabox, Deamama and me. We all teamed up a found out who did it. It was someone in a mask to small to be Herbert P. Bear. But it was something no penguin would ever thought was a penguin but know one know who! It was the Easter Bunny! And then at the end, there was something AMAZING! It was a PARTY!!!!! With all the mascots and everyone have a BLAST!!!!!!!

Waddle on,


If I made a movie, I would call it"Penguin Dance Stars"and it's about four penguins and all of them are in a town that does not allow dancing or singing. So these penguins are trying to get people to dance and sing again but penguins are getting in the way of it.
Hope you like.


If I made my movie, I would call it Eggfall, and it is a parody of Skyfall, starring James Bond. The movie is about my penguin, Ashan 22 ( or by his nickname, Agent 22), on a mission to save Club Penguin from Herbert when his plan is to use a giant egg that will blow up the island into an island paradise for him. It's up to him and the other agents to stop him before Club Penguin says aloha for Herbert!


Hmm. If i made a movie I would call it ....... The Adventures of Club Penguin! It would be about all the AMAZING things that happened on Club Penguin! (and there was a lot) It would be AWESOME!!


If I made a movie I would call it "One penguin club" about a penguin who eventually lived in the USA and didn't now about club penguin, so she found new friends and lots of enemies in her new school. She also would fall in love with a male penguin who was leader of the football team and most popular, also the villain would be the most popular and famous. And that she would meet new friends and pals to be with. Maybe at the end she might be popular too!!!!


I would make a movie about me (Tehdudette). The movie would be about my life on Club Penguin. It would where I was born, where I work at, and much more. It would be named "The Life of Tehdudette".


It is a hard decision, my favorite types of movies are comedy and adventure or action movies. My penguin would probably star in movies about all of my memories on Club Penguin, there are so many memorable moments I would have no problem making them into a movie for my penguin to star in!
Waddle on!


My movie would be called stars it would be about a girl that has a awesome voice but nobody thinks she could be a star then some steals her voice to win a contest and the girl tries to get her voice back.


Kinda like The Little Mermaid, with the voice stealing?


i would like a movie called trapped in the mine where herbert stealed all the spyphones and traps all EPF agents(exept the director)and evenchuly the director reveals it was a test.


id love being fam


If I made a movie, I would call it A Penguin's World and it would be filled with all the stuff about CP and my BFFs and my awesome experience I still have on there!

Waddle On Superstars,


If i made a movie, it would be about how someone managed to get together enough people to tip the Ice Berg....and they did!!!! Like the rumor, everyone would get the stamp and the GOLDEN PUFFLE (AWESOME!!!!!) and it would be so cool!!! My movie would show actual tape of the Berg tipping, too!!

By the way, is it possible to actually tip the Ice Berg?!?! I've always wanted to. And is it true that you would get a Golden Puffle and the stamp?!?!


Hello Penguins!

If I can make a movie I would make a movie called The Mystery Superheros Vs The Giant Pizza Blob its about a penguin about to eat a pizza at the pizza parlor and just about when the chef is about to make a pizza the dough becomes human and goes crazy and destroys the half of club penguin and then two mystery super heros start saving the day. Well thats all from me today please post!

Waddle On!!


I would be in a movie about three elite penguin force agents on a quest to stop a new villain from using Gary's time trekker to stop the epf and psa from ever happening.


if i made a movie i would name it The Long Lost Pearl it would be about a group of 3 penguins who go on a under water trip to find the pearl that was lost in a war and the prize would be 10,000$ if they return it to the history museum.While there on the trip they go through 6 tasks like:sharks,corals,ice,a squid,a wall of doom,and a course of jelly fish,once they finish they found they have lost one person.When there searching for the lost member they find him next to the glowing long lost pearl.At the end they win the money and cure from there injuries and donate some money to the poor and live happily ever after.


If I made a movie I would call it The Secret Of The Penguins. This one reminds me of my friends! There would be me and my friends. One of them was rikki73, my BFF in real life too! We were all dancing at the night club. Then suddenly, One of the friends dissapeard after the lights turned off. We wonder where she went. It turns out that Herbert captured her! Then they all use their friendship powers to save the day. The End.


Another movie would "ninjas of time and space" where there are these new ninjas who are evil and want to take over the dojo, but there is a ninja that has powers who yet learn so he goes to sensei so he can unlock them.


i would make a movie called in the cold and in the hot seat this would be about a penguin that has to drive across the earth in three days


my movie would be about a penguin who loves video games and one day he finds a weird console and gets sucked in the game and has to fight a evil villian to get back to clubpenguin


If I made a movie about my penguin, I would call it "The Adventures Of Magicguy216". I would be a super hero kid. But, every crime-fighting super hero has to go to school. Then, I will take on school and deal with all of the bullies so my school can be a happy place.



i would put stunts in it and someone in the movie is worried


I would call it "waddle on!" and it would be about.....
A regular penguin (me) and maybe a few of her friends and they would try and fly.
There would be a lot of stuff that stands in their way but they overcome it all and they fly. (maybe using a plane or something)
Sounds good, right? XD


P.S. I love the sketch on this blog post!

Dodo kitty:

If I made a movie, I would call it "The Great and Fun Club Penguin!" and It would be about all the Great and Fun adventures all penguin can have in club penguin! It would show the parties, games, puffles, ninja's and e.p.f agents! That's what my club penguin movie would be like!


If i made a movie it would be called "Johnny and the Mullet" it would be about how a penguin named
Johnny and he would be fishing.Then all of a sudden he feels a pull his line it's really strong so he falls in
the fishing hole.When that happens he sees that the pull was a Mullet, but this Mullet is different it can talk...


I would make a movie called '' runway funway''. And it would be about a penguin {ME} and she get's a call asking her to try out for a movie. When she makes it she goes to fame. She get's a chance on the red carpet, she get's to meet Chris Bosh N.B.A. allstar, and most importantly....... she get's the award for best fashion girl! And then when she goes back to her life of fame it ends well.... because she misses her old friends so she gives up the life of fame to go see her buddies. And all is well. Hope you liked what i wrote bye!


I would also make one called "Teenage Mutant Ninja Penguins" One day, Sensei finds 4 penguins, Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael. Sensei decides to keep them and train them. Years later they become Teenage...Mutant...Ninja...Turtles! They think the world is full of joy, until they find out better, pizza arrives! After they've had their yummy snack, Shredder arrives in the city trying to destroy everything in his way!!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Penguins
Coming Soon To A Stage Near You

*Rated A for Awesome*

p penguin 33:

My movie would be called the final battle! Its about the final battle against herbert and the director will reveal his/her identity and up to the epf agents to save club penguin and the world!


If there was a movie starring my penguin he'd save the island from aliens!


If I starred in a movie it would be called "MY LIFE, FASHION" about ME, and all the about the tips to be a superstar! I think it will be a great movie because of the Hollywood Party! Cannot wait till the party!

Waddle on!


If I could make a movie it would be called The Star Princess, and it would about two best friends who work in a surf shop, and get the chance of a life time, become pop stars, and together they meet new friends, fall in love, face rivals, and live a happy life with their family. It was inspired by a book i'm writing!

pink lemon09:

I'v actuly made a club pinguin movie, it's called ''the puffle thef'' I lalf every time I wach it IT'S SO FUNNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


id probably make a romantic action comedy like "Fighting for love."or "The penguin games" in Fighting for love a villian would steal gary or the penguin band or even cadence(penguin band best choice)and in the Penguin games you would have to dance till your penguin falls if it falls you lose and you lose youre special items and coins Lol cool right hope you choose mine


If I could make a movie in club penguin, I'd probably make it about a snow day! I would call it CPSNOWDAY and it would be about some kids who get to get out of school early and go on some crazy adventured! I've been playing CP for about three years along with my brother and its been an awesome experience. But to be honest, I have ben dreaming about CPSNOWDAY! Waddle on CP!


If i made a movie starring my penguin I would call it The EPF and it would be about destroying the ultimate protobot once and for all.


if i made a movie I would put in tons of penguins.What kind of penguins club penguin penguins. IT would be about one penguin who meets every famous penguin. And then he would become famous from the other penguins. It would be called Mr. Famous.


My penguin movie would actually be a TV show and it would be about my penguin's daily life, but exaggerated so that it's funny. I would make an episode where one of my friends guest stars. In that episode, she would yell, "WAITRESS!!" at the Coffee Shop and my penguin is blown away she yells so loud. I hope I can make it for real. That would be fun.


id also make a cool cooking show for making famous club penguin recipes like candy pizza or candy cocoa or heres my favethe super vegan seaweed pizza with a very special candy topping thanks


The movie I would make is The Life of Yankeeblue23 and it would be about my journey in the best game ever, Club Penguin.


I Would Make It A Cool Love-Adventure Movie Called "The Ice Of Life!"



My movie (Staring my penguin)would be called Fashion First! It would be about a penguin (Ryannemily) who is part of the fashion world and she loves making fashion designs, and one day the best fashion designer (In all of Club Penguin) bullies her about her fashion designs and herself and she has a little competition against the bully and thousands of penguins are seeing her designs. But during the way who is the theif who steals the penguins designs?(The penguin that the designs got stolen from was Ryannemily who's me and it dosent get stolen from the the theif) What a mystery!


I would make a movie about my penguin Kyle,teaming up with his previous accounts to discover why he forgot their passwords,and they travel to the first day of Club Penguin,the beta test party!! Kyle becomes the coolest penguin when he collects the beta test party hat,and everyone dances with Cadence.


if i made a movie for Club Penguin it would be called "Penguin Wizards of the Beyond"! it would be about two penguins that find out that they're wizards and they have adventures. it would be like "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" (with a beginning thats like the first Harry Potter movie)

~ Purple54688

Amy 54324:

Well If I Had To Name My Very Own Movie It Would Be Called "The Penguin And The Golden Rescue"!
It Would Be About A Penguin Saving Saving A Friend And They Have To Go Through Many Things!
And Everyone Else, I Read Some Of Ur Ideas And I Think They're All Amazing!
But I Didn't Want To Copy.
Well Good Luck To Everyone!


Title: Rookie versus the moose

Story: Rookie, an unsuspecting EPF Agent, has wondered into the wilderness. Rookie finds a moose and instantly dislikes it. The moose attacks Rookie and Rookie attacks back. They end up eating fish pizza in the pizza parlor and become best friends. =3


if my penguin was featured in a movie, the movie would be about faries and stopping littering and pollution. it sounds silly but my penguin would be average until a fairy penguin (like twee) comes and gives her magical wings and powder. she then goes on adventures around the world making the world a better place with her magic powder. do you think its a good idea?? the movie would be call WINGS. Waddle On! ;)


If i created a film it would be called "penguins for ever" it'll be a guy who is a penguin (me!) he loves clubpenguin and he is/wants
to be an actor and he wants to be a superstar and find a movie to star in but until he gets in a little trouble with his friend padja1
and they gets lost and the movie starts in 60 hours and they go on for a adventure and meet up with crazy stuff . then when the movie is about to start in 21 hours they see the island of CLUB PENGUIN! THEY GET so exited they find a helicopter. the helicopter
was abandond and so on they took it and flew into club penguin and fly into the movie set luckily it was outside not inside because if it was inside they would crash. then the movie started.

p.s items/igloo items will be avaiable for members and nonmemebers
if this dose get in the party i don't know want the heck the items ill be so clubpenguin will have to be helping me
waddle on superstars! ;D

Little Yoda1:

My show would be "Sky Fall" A show about a rebel agent who is in hiding from the Epf because she blew up the HQ with a laser bomb!
She has to find the Psa group for help. " Will she find the Psa group? or will she be cought by the Epf? find out on Sky fall"

At 6:00pm PST

Hope it sounds cool! XD


Ummm Dude!! The PSA is a old Agency that got destroyed by Herbert and It became the EPF!! So the PSA no longer exist!! >: (


Well, I would make a movie called, "The adventures of Legoathlete!" It will be about all the parties I attended and all the mascots I met.


i would call my movie the Unexpected it would be about were a girl penguin is a regular penguin then she becomes a princecess and she meets a prince .


i would make a movie about the blackout but an evil penguin lary (gary's evil twin) steals gary and gives him to herbert.the three agents billybob,buisnessmoose and polo field have to save him and FAST!!!!!!!!
if i were to name the movie i would call it THE PLAN OF THE COOL GUYS.



Well, if I could choose a movie name it would be... A Fishy Alien Attack! In this movie, my character, funny34650, and a couple of my friends waddle about Club Penguin having fun every day. Little did we know that aliens from Mars will attack! The only way to save CP is to find Gary. He invents a gadget to take them back to space. All they were looking for was a new planet to take over! Gary saved CP! We all had a great time dressing up like aliens for the rest of the day just for fun!


If I was a movie star my movie would be called THE EPF STRIKES. It would be about all the battles the EPF has had with herbert.


I would call it CP Adventures!! I started in 2009 and would put all my greatest adventures in it!! I would put the first time I got a puffle and walked it. It was just so cool that time. Maybe I would put when I discovered CP and how I thought it was EPIC!!!
So thank you guys for making CP because I love interior designing and I love CP!


i would want to be in night of the living sled 4


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