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By Polo Field on February 7, 2013 - 11:08

Hello Penguins!

One week to go until the Hollywood Party starts! In our last Reviewed By You, we asked what you liked best about the Prehistoric Party. Bookgirl1998 had this to say:

I LOVE dinosaurs so I this party is AWSOME! I love that you can change into dinosaurs and even if you aren't a member, you can still feed them, look for eggs, and collect the dinosaur outfit! My favorite dinosaur from this party is... ALL OF THEM! Only thing I really want is to meet Gary (I haven't meet him yet!). I hope you guys keep making cool parties like this! :D

If you didn't have a chance to meet Gary in January, you'll have another chance to meet him at the Hollywood Party! Speaking of the Hollywood Party...

If you made a movie starring your penguin, what would you call it? And what would the movie be about? Tell us all about it in a comment! We’ll pick one comment to feature next week. If your comment’s featured, you’ll get 10,000 coins to spend however you like!

Until then … Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team



If I were to make my own movie , it would be called , " The Dreams " . As we all know , everyone wishes they could have everything in the world , and also be rich . Well , my movie would be starring a penguin , me ( PenguinaSnow). PenguinaSnow always sees things she really wants , but sadly knows she won't ever be able to get it . She also has one certain dream, she gets everything she wishes , but at the end of her dream everything turns upside down and she loses her family because she turns greedy. One day this dream comes true. But at the end of this part she gets her family back after a long time . She wishes not to be rich again and loves her life . The end! P.S. : I here stories like this all over the world. I thought this would make a good movie. P.P.S : I really want this award <3 PenguinaSnow*


If I made a movie, I would call it Elite Penguin Force: Ghost Protocol, where the EPF accidently destroys a building in CP and now they must say they aren't real and never did it.


If I made a movie, I would call it movie star on stage. Staring the penguin team. With characters Polo Field, Businesmoose,Spike Hike,and frostybiite2. Also own record label and become a super star.


if i made a movie, it would be about my puffles. it would be my first puffles on club penguin and puffles i get until now. i would show the first puffle i adopted, and how much they love spending time on club penguin. at the end of the movie i would show about the director, the casts, and things about how u guys made club penguin. if i could, i would also interview you and put it at the end to show. it would be a great movie. well i think it would. maybe i could make a puffle translator and they could talk about their life....... by themselves. i know my puffles would like it. maybe just not my white one. shes shy. maybe i could accually do that. i have a real camera. when i interview u guys u could talk about some puffle items you made, want to make, and some of your favorite puffle memories and items. i think that would be epic!!! dont u?


Well i would really want a movie about two penguins looking for rockhopper island! And then they find a island that looks weird and they looked and all they found were puffles! Its club puffle! They found a really colorful puffle and he looked at it. Its a rainbow puffle! The legend is true! And then they all got the rainbow puffle and sailed off to club penguin and everyone enjoyed the puffles. The End

Waddle On Club Penguin!


If i made a movie what would i call it?Hmm.Lets see.Ah ha!If I made a movie it would be called!


The summary of the movie is when thousands of evil brains take control of peaceful animals.They then transform into beasts.The main creatures that have been brainified are Scarox, Pyrox, Ogrum, Bruizer, Frost beast, Aquagon, and Dragon Bolt.Now these beasts have somehow found a way to get to Makuhero City.But in the Hero Factory,the heros are gearing up with weapons that will cut through their well protected armour, head visors, and new hero core locking clamps.The heros names are Rocka, Bulk, Breeze, Stormer, and Evo.Well i hoped you enjoyed my summary of my own movie Hero Factory Brain Attack!

Night Sky 1:

I would really like all of the parties that you guys make. Why? because they would be EPIC!!!!! awsome right? Waddle on yo!


mine would be called "The Secrets of Missrose5(not really would be Rose,not Missrose5)".
it would be about me, and it's the first day of school ( darn!). and Herbert trys to destroy the school.
and since im a superhero and wizard (on CP), i save the day!!!! :D and Herbert goes to jail, and hes like,
"Grrrrr!!! U darn penguins!U HAVENT SEEN THE LAST OF HERBERT P BEAR!!!!!!" and he teleports to
the wilderness of CP and we have to find him. but we dont................ thats coninued in the second XD!!!!!!!!!!!

- Missrose5
(hey! i can make the movie O.o i got hypercam) LOL


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thx for posting!!!!!first time!!hehe!! also i got another idea O.o but,ill just make it right now. XD
again thx for posting.



Can't wait for the Hollywood Party!!!!!! ^v^ if I was in a movie, I would call it Harry Penguin and The Coffee Cup of Ice. I LOVE Harry Potter! *v* It would be based of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.


If i had a movie it would be called Lolz Girls and it would be about five girls and their adventures in cp!

Greenie G:

Cool!!!! Am i in ur group? XD


I really would make a movie of a friendship that has expired because theye were fighting over a girl and theyve been fighting alot so they go back in time so they start all over there friendship.

Kallie Jo:

If I could make a movie starring my penguin, I'd choose a sci-fi movie! I'd be able to meet aliens and I could become friends with them. I might even get to fly to their home planet, which would be awesome. I'd probably call the movie 'Kallalien' :D


I would make a movie called the assault of Herbert Jr. Herbert Jr. would attack club penguin and Gary would have to create a gadget to stop him, and the movie would have an unexpected twist! Herbert himself would steal the gadget, but my penguin, mettalic2, would get it back and save the day!

Baby Mario13:

hmm a movie you say? i think i would make a movie about a little penguin who lives on the countryside and wants to get two great puffles but his parents cant afford to get him one. i would call it a boy and the puffles. you would have to see it to find out more! From Baby Mario13. P.S. what do you get to do when your're a member at the Hollywood party?


If I had a movie I would call it Atm40's awesome adventures! It would be about me doing crazy stunts and games and meeting Polo Field and Businesmoose and beating Sensei! it would have me as a dinosaur, superstar, and a ninja. It would have all of my awesome igloos! That would be a great movie!!!

Bat Wen:

I actually have 4 movies. I'd call them, "Indiana Bat and the Raiders of the Lost Puffle," "Indiana Bat and the Temple of Herbert," "Indiana Bat and the Last Club," and "Indiana Bat and the Kingdom of the Crystal Puffle." They'd be based on the Indiana Jones (1981-2008) franchise.


If i made a movie i would call it The Life Of Lila's Big Adventure At Sea it would be where she goes to sea and finds a lost puffle.Then she cares for it and she finds treasure! She also goes to a place call moon berry island and finds her self lost with her pet. Then Lila goes in a forest and then finds her way out. She finally finds her self not lost anymore she looks and sees a herself on a beach! She finds a penguin named ally then they become friends and make a home....The next day she looks at her pets bed and sees her pet is gone she looks around the island she looks at her front porch and finds her pet and sees her pet making a raft.....She stops and looks and screams then she tells her friend and they find a place called fame city and Lila gets her friend ally a house. They go to a place and finds a clothes shop so they go buy clothes then someone gives them a job for the clothes shop! They now find a school called Ministry High school and they think of there parents just at this moment and find a store....She remember her moms face and sees her she freaks and runs up to her and her mother hugs her back tight and her friend ally starts crying and hugs them both. Lilas mom Moves in with her and knows everything is going to be okay and they live happily ever after! The End.....


If i made a MOIVE it wouid be like a james bond moive withstunts and lllllllllloooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttssssssssssssssss of fun.-Danny47844


cant wait to watch all those amazing shows on my jumbo TV!

Vader Darth6:

If I were to make a movie with my penguin, I would make PENGUIN WARS!! It would be kinda like starwars, but with club penguin stuff!! Like penguins being in outerspace! Thx for letting me try and comment! WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!


awesome! :-D. but that was my idea. )-:


If I had made a movie I would have called it " The adventures of Ninjago and the GOLDEN FISH". It would be about a penguin named Ninjago218 and he spots a golden fish while he fishes but it swims away so Ninjago get his swimming suit on with the air tank and dives into the water. The golden fish leads Ninjago to a whole different underwater ancient penguin civilization and how Club Penguin started. Then at the end of the movie Ninjago is best friends with the golden fish and Ninjago will start taking yearly, monthly, weekly, and maybe daily secret visits to the underwater anicient penguin civilization.


If I could make my own movie, I would call it The Memory Castles, it would be about a princess who lost her memory and got it back, but they had to go on adventures to make her remember everything by finding 3 keys, Key of clever, Key of fashion and Key of Memories the final key. then she lived happily ever after in a Beautiful Castle


I would do Igloo of Anebis based on House of Anebis on Nickilodeon! ( I spelled it wrong )


If I was gonna make a movie I wpuld be the star and the script writer! I wpuld call it "A Club Penguin Stunt Boys life!"I It would be about a boy who LOVES skate boarding a lot!But pne day when he is skate boarding near the Ski Loudge Herbert catches him!


I would name it "Penguin Little" and it would be about a penguin who believed the sky was falling. Waddle on!


If i made a movie it would be called house of mysteries it would be about my peiunguin (lilly) and pinkrosah ,blueams,andrewdx7 and we would start our 2nd year of high school and just before we start we find mysteries in the school lol like house of anubis



Dr waddles20:

my movie called " life of a star" it is about me (Dr waddles20) on a trip to become a super star. But first i must see Gary to help me on my trip to become a SUPER STAR. And the CP band helps me too on my trip. But i need Dguy my friend to help me to. At the end we Both become Superstars. THE END


I woulI would make a oporation black out movie when Roseta0928 saves club penguinl and so many secrets uncoverd!


If I make a movie it would be about space heros fighting herbert who is going to freeze the world with frost lasers!! i would call it SPACE HEROS AND THE POLAR PLOT!!! and there would be a twist in it the captain would be klutzy in a suit!! cool right? ok see u later frostfun5 out


I would call my movie Kittycanada And The Ancient Pharaoh! It would be about me trying to find the pharaoh's treasure but when I walk into a pyramid were the pharaoh's treasure but mummies start chasing me. When I loss them, the pharaoh's treasure was right in front of me! But there are traps! I dodge all of them but then, the pharaoh was right in front of me. He started mumbling that I couldn't understand. "Hello pharaoh." I said nervously. Then he said "Hello! May we trade." The pharaoh was pointing at my compass. "Sure. You want my compass?" He started nodding his head. "I want the compass for my special, special lucky puffle ring. " The pharaoh said. "It's a deal!" I said. Then when I said goodbye the puffle ring started to glow! It was dragging me but then it stopped. When I looked up I saw the thing every body thought was a legend, the golden puffle! When I took it home it started to move. Then I picked it up. My friend's puffle in paint! When I returned it, I got reward! She said he was lost and didn't see were he went.. When I got back home, the best reward was, a nap!

The End


I would call mine, The Spy with no Time. He would be a supernatural spy who, he has to fix all the problems created by his arch enemy, Dr. Animo. He starts going back in time and Dr. Animo planned that from the beginning, he planned it that when he did that, that it would create a whole in the fabric of space and time, sent into the Cozmo's, past time and space, and would create a star called Willimous Riderous. But, there is a twist, Every time he went back in time, everything from the future would be recreated diferently, so there was no 100% chance of the plan working. At one point, time rips, tearing everything into an altered reality, the spy's new name is William Holmes, and he is married to his wife, Megan West. Those names I thought of, so plz like this.

Until then . . . Waddle On!

Penguins r cool:

I would make a card jistu ninja movie with sensei.

Red Sox 5:

my movie will be name gone with the penguin its the same as gone with the wind it has the same plot but with penguin and club penguin things also jurassic shark its jurassic park and jaws and cp i really hope you like my ideas waddle on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hmm my movie would be about the night of the living puffels cuz I think it would be cool and I would like to see this and will there be a clubpenguin movie I would like to see that to
waddle o
waddle on
waddle on c
waddle on cl
waddle on club
waddle on club p
waddle on club pe
waddle on club pen
waddle on club peng
waddle on club pengu
waddle on club penguin
waddle on club penguin
waddle on everyone.


I would make a movie called the disappearing puffle it would be about my puffle lollipop and she gets out and causes loads of trouble throught club penguin and im on the hunt to find her and clean up club penguin


:o make a movie? it would be called start to forever it would be about club penguins past to future!!! like the room changes and drawings many more stuff!!!!! at the end i would have a picture saying billybob to be remembered. miss him... WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I could make a movie, it would be an action movie called "The Times" referring to the Club Penguin Times. In this movie Herbert would be invading the Club Penguin Times and printing random, false stories in it about Club Penguin. The EPF agents all go on a fantastic mission to defeat Herbert and Klutzy! :D


I would call it Party Time a game show with crazy party people that would be epic to have as a name!! I love club penguin and Cadence made me think that i don't need to be afraid to sing in front of people i just need to release my inner singing voice. And i sand in front my whole school thats how i was inspired :D Thank Cadence and cp for everything!!


if i made a movie it would be all about how much i LOVE cp!!!!!!!!!!!! all the parties and clothes and igloo items you get are A-MAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and of course i would call it, Club Peungin:try it or try!!!!!!!!

zoom zoom103:

if I made a movie it would be called EPF the movie it would star me , dot , rookie , jet pack guy , gary , and Herbert it would be how we all meet when we were 5 and gary made us join the PSA and in the end he put us in EPF traning school but in the middle of it Herbert made a machine that turned penguins into zombies (actual zombies not costumes) and he contrled their minds and made cp blow up but me , dot , rookie , and jet pack guy stoped him and also it would foucus a little on our normal life at cp elementary school and how we meet our enemy mandy WADDLE ON :)


probally it would be called chrebui and PH on the seek for the silver puffle and also Chrebui the beast tamer





I think my movie would be Clubpenguin rules and why? the movie explains why clubpenguin the best website iv been advritsing it on soo many sites so yeah thats my movie


Well my movie would be: The epf needs new recruits so they go to EPF HIGH! EPF HIGH a high school created just for the next epf agents. But there is also Herbert high! Herbert creates a new highschool for the Bad guys of tomorrow. Well hope you enjoy my idea. So for now ....




My movie would be about how to make it in the big world of CP! It would star Cadence, to tell how she became Cp's Fav star! Also Gary would tell some of his inventing tips with us all! Also Several other pengiuns would talk about making it in Cp! I would call It " Club penguin, unraveled"


i would call it THE REVOLUTION calling club penguin.





If I made a movie. I would call it Club Penguin history and tell about Experimental Penguins, Penguin Chat, Penguin Chat 2, Penguin Chat 3, Penguin Chat 3 remake, old Club Penguin, Club Penguin and the one we have to this day.


I would make a super hero movie with my friend Jr 1700 called Baldy and Jr to the rescue!


If i made a movie i would call it The Club Penguin Life. It would be filled with guest stars the mascots like Rockhopper and Sensei and all the other mascots! It would be about me and other penguins going around the world collecting information about every mascot and then at the end the mascots will surprise at a party that everyone is at! I WOULD WATCH THAT MOVIE!

WADDLE ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a movie! How do you guys like it?
Title: "The Switch"
Description: We all know the famous penguins: Rockhopper the pirate, Cadence the dance queen, Aunt Artic the newspaper editor , The Penguin Band who make great music, not to mention Herbert, the evil polar bear. In an unexpected turn of events, their lives are switched. Now Rockhopper is an incredible dancer, Aunt Artic makes awesome music, The Penguin Band roams the seas as a pirates, Herbert writes articles for the papers, and what's this? CADENCE is an evil polar bear?
The hilarious story of the mix-up between the famous penguins.
By Mozartium


i will make a movie of dinosaur that a old penguin found a dinosaur bug and he use it to get eggs of dinosaur so then there a penguin name jose458 that went to the park but then the dinosaurs went crazy then starting to eat penguins but then he got stuck so he need to find a way out nthen he didi but there where dinosaurs still there.


my movie would be called the invisible agent and the main character would be an epf agent that is also a ninja and stays camoflauge to foil the protobot and herberts evil plans for club penguin and throughout the movie there is harder to deal with plans until its basically a super mission to save the island


If I could make a movie, it would be about a penguin searching for his long lost sister. He would run away from his home with Aunt Arctic and head to the EPF secret room. He teams up with some penguin agents and begin his journey. along the way, he meets puffles, bears, and some penguins that were not from clubpenguin. He gives them a brief review of his quest and asks what they have seen. they all lead him to a trail that goes deep into the forest. Along the trail the penguin sees signs of herbert and follows them. The fur leads of the trail and the penguin follows it into a dark cave. A cage holds a penguin inside. The penguin is his sister! He lets her out just before clutzy comes. They escape and live a long happy life with aunt arctic. The title of my movie would be: The penguins quest.


I would want t,o make a movie about my penguin, Raven, (I know she is Raventalon2 online, but Raven had been used already.) and it would Be called "Herbert's Last Stand".

It would be about Raven and the EPF crew find out there is a spy for Herbert in the EPF. For a long time they think it's Rookie, so they never tell him about missions they are doing and they keep him locked up. Then they find out it is someone else and they say they had revealed enough info to Herbert that he knows what the EPF is doing and is planning to do. So he defeats the EPF several times and then we defeat Herbert, blah blah blah, then we have that cheesy ending that happens on most things like this. (We defeat Herbert and Rookie forgives us for thinking he was the spy)

sonic jr3:


Im going to call my movie...





If I made a movie, I would call it CPUS (Club Penguin University College) or PEHS (Penguin East High School) and it would be about the cheer team , football team, and any other sports competing on game day. At my school, game days are usually on Fridays so if I had to choose game day, it would be Friday. Also because I LOVE the stadium AND colleges so I would prefer that. One more reason is that there are lockers and basketball equipment in the furniture catalog. P.S I LOVE the furniture catalog! ~Bubblez624~


If I was in a movie It would be called, "Undercover"
It's about an alien (me) that comes down to earth and has to be undercover and act like a normal human until his spaceship is fixed so he can leave.


Awesome! I met Gary but I hope people who didn't get to meet him see him! :). What are the other characters we will get to meet?


for this party i might make a movie because of all the cool props/costumes i can use! my movie might be about herbert getting his revenge..... again!

the hawkward moments gurl:

I would name it CP in Time Peril! The Star would be a New Penguin joining the new town that owns a time machine and it goes berserk so The new penguin needs to save the famous Monuments of the world and return them back.


I will call puffel vs carl9s that's action since will be zombie attack for puffels!


If I made a movie I would call it The Golden Wings it would be about a penguin who finds a golden puffle but no one thinks it is true,is it?


If I Could Direct Or Star In A Movie It Would Be Called " The Quest For Everything"! It Would Be Where I Play as A Fellow Agent Of The EPF And There Is A Unknown Villain Stealing Everything From Us Penguins.We All Suspect It Is Herbert With More Tricks,But When We Find Him He Turns Out To Have His Stuff Missing Too. Then, He Teams Up With Us And We All Go On A Quest To Find The Lair Of The Secret Villain. In The End We All Fight To Get Our Items Back And The EPF Finally Forgives Herbert But He Still Has Tricks Up His Sleeve And Turns Out To Be Working For The Villain Which Turns Out To Be The Leader Of The RPF. THE END

Hope This Is'nt Too Long

~lily99638 :D

P.S There Will Probabley Be A Sequel To This Because Its Pretty Long.
Thursday, February 7, 2013 - 22:41


I would call the movie "High School: The Life of a Freshman" It's about a penguin named Peaches and is a freshman in high school. She meets some friends and meets the popular group (or bullies) "The Blonde Goddes." They act sweet towards Peaches and become friends. The group then bails on Peaches and makes her feel sad. They then find out that the school dance is coming up, and one of them may become queen of the dance. They go for the crown and Peaches wins. She then becomes queen of the dance. The End


Hey CP! I would name my movie "Forever Lonely." It would be about a lonely girl, who finally meets someone who she likes. The girl is also an orphan and she lives in an orphanage. Its a sad story, but interesting at the same time. I can't wait til the party!!!!! Waddle on CP!


Hey guys,
I wish i was famous in cp.
And have a happy Valentines day!
P.S.I like your Pictures!


If i had made movie the name would be Evil penguina abuot a penguin that wants to take over Club penguin and Herbert helps the evil penguin named Dr.Evil he whats Gary because Gary is smart and Dr.Evil can use him to make a hole that takes you Rockhopper and Dr.Evil can get Rockhopper and we can keep Gary and Rockhopper in a caje and the penguins can come and get them if thay can.

Icy Jax:

If I made a movie, it would star Icy Jax. I would be called "Icy Cold Chills" and would be about Icy Jaz is exploring the island when he starts seeing weird things. Then he sees a ghost and it chases him. Then they become friends. It would be a great movie about friendship! Waddle On!

A8 Pink:

One more thing for my movie, It will be called ''The Terrible Ending'' I'm trying to make that movie!


I would call it ''The Flower''. It would be a flower eating everything even bricks, steel, and even penguins! Then a strong wind of snow and a hurricane blows and the flower would be covered in snow and then the flower throws up spitting everything out of his mouth and the flower blows away by the hurricane.

By vcvc16


im going to make a ninja movie with sensei and maby some snow ninjas.


i would make a movie called '' Super Star''. it's about a girl ( me !!) who wants to be a dancer but, everyone says she can't dance( even though she can dance). Then she meets Katy Penguin , a famous star. Who says she is the best dancer EVER !!!!! And then she dances with Katy Penguin in her new music video '' Part Of You'' then she is dancing around the world!!!



I will make a movie of a family that goes in the future and finds them in the present so yeah that will be soo cool


I would make a Titanic movie with my Titanic igloo, Club Penguin edition! It would be about the sad story that happened in real life when a ship sinks and everyone tries to survive.

~Perapin :)


it would be the evil puffle is about one day a puffle drank a potion and made the puffle evil but then herbert and the epf join forces and maked the puffle turn normal again


for me i would make a movie called EPF 2: return of the crab!!! ( dant dawn dan!!!!!!!!)
it would be a comedy and a mystery! it would be about how a crabs taking over the world and everybody suspects herbert on the case but could it be herberts pet crab? hmm! or could be the one who noone expects it to be.......... Aunt Artic! And on the way they discover that gary could be the director (even though we all know who it is in real life!) But the one person who can save the world is ................................................. .................................................................................................................................. YOU! But soon every famous penguin is being captured and now u have to act quickly! i wonder who the real culprit is?

Ruby Therese:

If I made a movie I would call it, "The Attack Of Herbert". It's about 3 ninjas named Mary, Kat and Den who risk their lives to save a young tween aged penguin named Lara from getting frozen by Herbert. It's a spectacular movie that many penguins would enjoy.

Enter nickname:

I love cp and the hollywood party is going to be great!

rey mistero7:

if i were to make a movie i would make it about some puffles.and that they were always transforming into a super hero when theres crime THEY WERE CALLED THE SUPER PUFFS. each puffle had a speacail power like the purple would dance sooo amazing she hypnotizes the enemies also the

blue puffle-team work and head leader
red puffle & black puffle-work together with the power of fire
pink puffle-ties up her enimie with her skipping rope
brown puffle-ivents the creations
yellow puffle-distracts the enemie with its amazing art powers
so with working as a team they r THE SUPER PUFFS


I will make A film called CPHSM (Club Penguin High School Musical). I'm a actor called a red team Cheerleader. And i don't understand something....Why did you Club Penguin didn't change The Stage in February 2013?


I would call mine " Super Puffle : Guardian of Club Penguin"
It would be about a normal puffle who fell into a vat of acid and got turned into a super puffle.
The puffle would then discover that everyone on cp, even the mascots, become zombies. {except the owner which is me.}
Super Puffle then find out that Herbert is behind all this and stops him by sounding the puffle alarm and rounding up the puffles.
We change DJ Cadence back to a normal penguin first and get her to play a song that changes zombies back into penguins and club penguin is safe.


If I was starring in a movie, it would have to be called "Is Dabestjoshy, DA BEST?" The whole movie is about me, and it will show how AWESOME I AM, AND HOW stupid I can be. (Well, I wouldn't say stupid, maybe like, terrible or disrespectful...maybe.) I'd say I'm da best for one reason because I chose the right website to play on, Club Penguin! And I can be stupid by hanging around on CP and not even paying attention to what's going on like a party or something. So to close off, a movie just, about me . . . and my teddy named Feddie! XD
Waddle on! -Dabestjoshy


if i made a movie starring me i'd call it Battle of the Talents and its about talented people getting into a fight to determine which talent is the most popular and me, Miga12347 is playing the violinist warrior that tries to stop the battle from continuing on and on and on and on teamed up with two penguins, one with a talent of dancing, the other one with the talent of playing the cello( looking for some actors here!). So Miga and her teammates travelled across the battlefield trying not to get hit by one of the talented players and found a door that leads to the [SPOILER ALERT] so they opened it and suddenly theres like this HUGE WAVE called viruises but the players didnt notice and Miga tried to convince them to stop fighting and team up to stop the viruises. (not gonna spoil it.) WADDLE ON!!


I think a movie starring my penguin would be Club Penguin: Skills of the Olympics. I have been planning this for some time. EPF agents are going missing, and Herbert deactivates all technology in Club Penguin. Soon, only 10 EPF agents are left. Because they have to look like regular penguins, they can't use their EPF skills. They must use "skills of the Olympics", or 10 Olympic events. Archery, javelin, gymnastics, diving, pole vault, power lifting, hurdles, long jump, triple jump, and shot put. And, of course, friendship. Well, the agents must use these 11 skills to stop Herbert and save Club Penguin! Can the agents save the day?


Omigosh I did not get to meet Gary at the dino party so maybe i'll get to meet him we could be bffs![my fav charictor].I AM SO HAPPY I CAN'T WAIT I WANT IGGYS!


I'll call my movie :friendship power and it will be about all the REAL friends I know getting conected and we get to a server that they won't play there just us .the server was HAUTED!By a scary ghost.we tried to get of it but it didn't let us we where trapped in that server we didn't know what to do so we called us in the REAL phones we got an ideas and it was the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP then we use it and the ghost disappeared he was never seen again and now all use that server.the End. If you use the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP you can defet anything.


If I were to make a movie, I would call it -Herbert's True identity- this movie would feature the EPF Team, and of course Herbert! The Agents would be against Herbert throughout the movie but near the end of the film they find out Herbert was only effecting the them, because he has been hurt before, and he discusses that he was good but turned bad, at the very end of the film he becomes Nice again!


I Can't Wait For The Hollywood Party!It's on my Birthday Valintines Day Next week!if i where Starring in a Movie with my penguin i would Call it "Penguins Hit Hollywood" Because Most penguins havent been there like me,and i would be fun for everyone Too! I would be one penguin flying to hollywood he/she dosent know anyone but...they meet new penguins and Become Friends! Thats why i would call it "Penguins Hit Hollywood" :) -Pinklove8023


I think the coming party is awesome as it synbolises club penguins aim and vision.
This is so as during the party, it is very fun and safe and parents would not worry after they see how awesome the party is!
At first, my parents object me playing club penguin as they think im playing a non safe game.
But after they saw club penguin for themselves, they said that they misunderstood club penguin and encouraged me to play more of it.
They even bought me a membership, during that moment, i was super happy.
Club penguin's coming party is the one that i like the most as penguins get to dress cooly and smartly.
It also encourages penguins to play more often.
Thats all i want to say!
Waddle on penguins

PS: Please add me as friend!...LOL!waddle penguins


If I could have my own movie someday(which I will)I would call it "The Temple Of The Puffles".It would be about a girl named Stephanie that thinks she's an ordinary penguin in the year 2005 and is yet to discover puffles.But one day as she is going through her stuff she finds a picture of her and her best friend Josh in the picture. She then notices a strange blue thing in the background. She sets off on an adventure through the woods and has to face her biggest fear of all time, lady bugs. She then finds some odd round foot prints, definetly not a penguins. She sets off camping for days and days and then as she sleeps in a dark cave finds this weird blue thing make her breakfast.She then discover this ship full of puffles.And that's how the petshop was made.:o)


my movie will be about this nerd girl that changes into a supperstar and the name of it is nerd power XD



Ice mice5:

I would call it a new beggining. New begginings are always great to start.


"THE PENGUINATOR" that's how i would call my movie it would be like the terminator but with a penguin in it!!

doctor 1235:

I'd call my movie Space Penguins, it would be about a penguin and his sidekick who go around in space fighting aliens and monsters!

Wii Mario 01:

I got a movie called Hollywood Stunt Driver the set is themed in a town when police try to catch the baddie on this high speed chase the cars do crazy stunts like a car splits in half, cars driving on two wheels then a the baddie jumps over a building which makes the building goes on fire what the drivers don't know that this going to be made into a movie also a motorbike comes in and tries to help the bad guy and tries to stop the police It's a really good movie set and it's in my igloo!

rocet man:

id star in a movie called "the mascot blues" its about e penguin called rocet man and he's the only one who has not met a mascot and in the end he finds out that the one thing more importent than meating a mascot :friends


Hi guys! I would like to make a movie which would be titled as Predators Vs Cp Penguins.It would be awsome if you pick this play.You guys should really seend some alien type Predators and we Brave Penguins would fight them and we could add some stuff that everyone were on their TV screens watching this wonderful fight and the whole country knew that we were fighting with them.I thik this idea is Fab n I hope you people like it too!hat say Penguins?!
Till then WADDLE ON! ;)


i think i would make the qeust for the golden puffle the movie


My Movie Would Be Called "Truth Or Dare" Its About Three Girls That Play Truth Or Dare And They Dare Me To Break Into G's Lab And Try The New Time Machine He's Working On, And I Accidentally Go To The Future Instead Of The Past!


I am experiencing another glitch its just a thing in my igloo it won't let me move some items it might fix I just wanted to explain this too you.


Movie: Penguin Band problems

About: franky loses his voice by eating too much....he also got a stomachache.
Stompin bob loses his memory by thememorytaker3000 by Herbert and klutzy.
Petey k gets his accordion and something is wrong with it.
G billy is sick (he got dizzy) they cannot perform because of these problems

I always like pb, that's why I'm doing this XD

Waddle on!

Pengie W:

I would call my movie kitchen mayhem!!!! It would be about when the operation blackout was on they was building back the clubpenguin stage when they saw clothes from all the old movies and film's the penguins were so excited that they diced to try them on but then...


If i made a club penguin movie it would be called "Waiting for pizza" and it'd be about a penguin who comes to the pizza parlor, orders their pizza and the waitor dissapears into the other room but never comes out then the penguin goes to see why their pizza hasn't come yet and sees that theres a whole other world in there and then they find out the other world is made of pizza but when the penguin goes to look for the way back to the pizza parlor the door is gone but the penguin finds another door made of pizza but its to ANOTHER dimension made of boxes, a few dimensions later the penguin finally finds the door back home and tells all their friends about their adventure the end.


Enter comments
it would be for me an actor called lolu and a place in a forest were we brave dragons


My movie would be called:

It would be about Herbert P bear (because we don't need to keep him a secret anymore...)
and a secret agent that have the battle for Club Penguin. You can find out who wins in Part Ten...

Herbert (If we can persuade him...)
Test bots and Pro bot (Rebuild them so they obey US)
Aunt Arctic (NOT in Director mode)
The Director
Jet Pack Guy
And the rest of them!
Come and watch it!


Hi Polo!
I'm so exited about this party, 'cause I love movies and Hollywood of course.
But, if I could make a movie its name would be "The island of Penguins". It would tell about all of us!
And I'm exited about that G, Aunt Arctic and Sensei are coming to the party! I can't waiiiit!!

Waddle on Hollywood Cp!



OMG, I can't wait for the Hollywood Party! I know its gonna be awesome, cause all of your parties are great! You do a wonderful job!
:) Waddle on CP!


I Would Call It 'Starlight Box' About A Girl Who Is Poor And Her Parents Have Died, But One Day An Old Man Comes And Gives Her A Blue Box And She Doesn't Know What It Is Then Everybody Starts To Chase Her Around The Country Until She Notices That Men Shouldn't Enter Ladies Toilets So Gets Into The Furthest Cubical In The Room And Locks Herself In There Until The Next Day She Runs Out And Enters A Hotel And Notices They're STILL Chasing Her So Shes Stuck And The ONLY Way Out Is To Jump Off 10 Floors So She Ended Up Doing That. She Fell And Fell Some More And Wacked Onto The Ground But Somehow Noting Happened!


Well, I would make a movie called 'Real or Rumor'. It would star KoolKlutz, of course. Anyway, here's the plot:

Setting: School dining hall
KK (AKA KoolKlutz) overheard a somewhat surprising secret by a rough 'n' tough tomboy penguin, named Jane, who was talking to her BF, June. Now, KK is VERY clumsy - especially with what she says - so that's why she's a klutz. So one day, purely by accident, she slipped a jumbled-up short version of the secret out of her mouth. See, the secret was "...I actually love dolls, but don't tell...". But actually, that was NOT what KK said. Instead, she mumbled "...actually, Jane loves Telly!" Her friends, Mimi and Telly, (Telly is a guy) are shocked by this and immediately ran off to tell everyone, with KK just standing there with a 'what?' look on her face. Of course, this eventually gets heard by Jane, but because of the effect of some fuzzy whispers, she gets the final telling from June who says, "WOW! You ACTUALLY have a lovely robot called Teddy-Bill?! Cool!"


P.S. PLEASE POST!!!!!!!!


i would make a movie called how care for your puffle and it would be about every thing you need to know about puffle care.


2nd coment but here is another one:I would call it Quest of to find it.

Its gonna be pretty good.

Description:Two penguins called Thomas and Drake go on a daring quest to find faith and the missing golden puffle but on there way they meet a new friend who helps them on there journey.



I would make a movie called 'the final word' about a book witch tells how to rip a vortex in the universe and control all time and space and has been given down generation by generation but the only rule is not to read to the final word because theres more than what may seem. but when Herbert finds this out he steals the book off 5ecretagent the final trueblood. with the help of his best friend myhappyone ,the rest of the EPF ,sensei, rockhopper, Candace, aunt artic,PH and gary try to stop Herbert and the fait of all the universe is at stake. will they succeed???
thank you for reading!!!


If my penguin made a movie it would be called Trip to the South Pole. It would be about my penguin and its friends go on a boat and get lost in the middle of the sea but then they see an igloo nicely decorated but when it looks nice and tidy on the outside and there is pawprints and crab prints on the outside it is not tidy on the inside..........


ould make a movie about a girl who thinks shes a no body but then jertpack guy (a stunt guy)mes and tells herv about the EPF. she trains and when she is on an job she comes face to face with Herbert!!!! but she uses all her training to snach a buleprint for some floating sun iland thing!


My movie would be called "The evil snowman" and it would be about a penguin called Isak who builds a snowman and then the snowman starts glowing and comes to live!


if i was making a movie i would call it "eighteen valentene!" and its all about oone kid called Ben and he has some friends but Ben is 18!so he will be going to a valantene danceand make big trouble!so i wish you all a great day!you guys are the best!
waddle on!!


"Lstp and Herbert's defeat" .It would be a movie about a penguin called lstp who would defeat Herbert with his cool gadgets.

Water Lilly4:

if i was to make a movie it would be way back to the mid evil party and a princess goes on this big adventure to save her kingdom from the evil lord dark penguin, so she sets off to find the three elements of happiness ( friendship, caring, and love ) i would love to write a whole book about this! you inspire me Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!
~ Water Lilly4


mine would be about a thirteen year old rich girl who is under estimated by boys when she wants to wrestle but when a boy challenges her she losses but doesn't give the next day she practices and practices day after day she practices finally she tries again but the boys won't let her join so she disguises herself as a boy they she asks to join so they let her. she won almost everyone but when she comes to the champion they fight each others and he pulls off a wig she had on then she runs to hall and sits down a boy came out he was a little mad since she lied but he said she was a good fighter and just because she was girl that doesn't mean that she couldn't beat him. so she went back and føught him and she won
The End


I would make one about a normal penguin that has never been noticed. And a famous actor bullies him everyday. One penguin catches it on video. They soon find out that the penguin getting bullied is an amazing singer. The penguin the taped the penguin getting bullied then becomes a musician. Together they become the next big thing!


That's a tough question Polo.But, if I made a movie starring my penguin then, I would name it "A Week with Club Penguin Team".I would meet different mods on different days like Moose Monday,Field Friday etc.


if i were to create a movie i would call it doddle world. it would be about a penguin [roseabella5] who loves drawing, but when their school goes to an art museum a art tornado appers and sucks up all the art pictures in the museum! So roseabella dives into the art tornado and finds herself in club penguin but in doddle form where everything is drawn! She meets some doddle penguins [Pinky winky and Tobias pencil] and together they try and stop the art tornado from stealing all the art in doddle world beore doddle world disapeares FOREVER!!!!!!


I would make a movie about the Elite Penguin Force! I would call it MISSION: IMPLAUSIBLE and I would play the part of the Chief Agent who works hard with a bunch of other agents (You can kinda guess who.) and they help to stop Herbet's new plan, KIDNAP ALL THE PUFFLES AND MAKE THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT!

Waddle on!


My movie would be about a Extra terestrial U.F.O landing on club penguin, The EPF and other heroes would come to see it and out pops ALIEN! My penguin would start a fight with it through out all of club penguin. And eventually we would win and see that it was a baby
needing to get so we took it back to planet 51 and got it home! and all lived happily ever after! :-)


If I am a director, I would cast a movie called "The Club Penguin Chronicles".It is about three penguins, Cheddar Everest, a Scottish prince, Thomas Frostbite, the English 'brains' [he is as smart as Gary], and the main character, Walter Penguina, an Irish 'misfit'.Walter is a freshman in Penguin High[ sounds like Club Penguin High School to everyone, and meets Thomas and Cheddar after being bullied by a popular group which was once Cheddar's friends. Cheddar, Thomas and Walter formed the group known as 'EPF', after their last names.


i will call the move vampier bunnies vs zombie dragons ill be a super hiro in it ! the world is taken over from alien monster animals and me and my friend are epf's and we have to save the world from the alien monster animals .


! XD XD XD XD XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honey Heart8:

I would make a movie called Quest For The Golden Puffle. It would be about a team of penguins not famous living a normal life and then on the news they see people spotting a golden puffle. They want to have billions of money. So they set of to find the golden puffle they have to look everywhere and they do.But... they looked everywhere and they couldn't find it . Suddenly they saw a big rock and they move it and they see a hidden underground....


My movie would be called: Dan's Thrilling Adventure. It would be about a penguin called Dan49844. One day Dan decides to test his new invention: THE GRAPPLE GADGET 4000!!!!!!!!! He uses it to climb the highest mountain in CP. Up the mountain he faces many dangers and has a very good time.

On the top Dan faces 5 extremly evil puffles. The puffles break his invention. Dan has no way of getting down! So Dan belly slides down the mountain, but the puffles build a sled! They have an epic chase down the mountain but Dan gets back safely. As for the puffles they go over a jump and land in a heap of snow.

Dan runs to town and tells the police about the adventure. Everyone runs to that pile. Then Dan relises that if the puffles break out of jail they will destroy CP! The police put the puffles in a break-free cell. CP is safe. WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shadow puppy:

i would base my story on a girl that just dosent fit in. Its called would be called a penguin story it would have two different parts. after a phew weeks at high school she finds out a power she never knew about.


If i were to make a movie about my penguin it would be called: "Time of Club Penguin." In the beginning i wake up with a small case of amnesia so i cannot fully remember my past in Club Penguin. After a small amount of wandering, looking for something that will restore my memory, i receive an important mission from Aunt Arctic/The DIrector from a top secret second HQ which she and the other top spy's (Gary, Dot, Ph, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy) have been using during the repairing of the primary EPF HQ. The Director sends me, Rookie and my friend Dotty373 to a never before seen island near Club Penguin were a mysterious new villain (an evil penguin) is plotting his revenge. Rookie then accidentally triggers an alarm, sending evil robots, mysteriously similar to the test bots after us.

We then get chased into a room containing a very familiar object in the center of the room. The object seems to be an altered yellow tractor from my past but i cannot seem to point my memory towards it. We then here banging on the sealed door behind us and Rookie leads us into the tractor, saying it is an old tractor from Club Penguin's time that Gary has modified to have the ability of time travel.
Before we could do anything else, the robots knock down the door and start pulling gears off this so called "time trekker" until Rookie panics and activates the trekker as a chance to escape, warping us through many periods of Club Penguins time while giving me back my memory along the adventure. We then at one point arrive at the future were Club Penguin has been taken over by the evil penguin and is now using everyone as slaves to make his huge factories and statues.
We are then greeted by an anonymous penguin who then steps out of the shadows and is reveled to be Aunt Arctic. Aunt Arctic then revels that the evil penguin is Aunt Arctics younger brother who had discovered a secret card jitsu element (time) long ago hidden by the ancient warriors and built a dojo on top of a mountain and called himself Ninja O' Dark. Soon he became crazy with power and wanted more so he made a secret agency (known as the penguin secret agency) and hired many vicious penguins along his side until he was defeated by none other than Aunt Arctic herself who then turned the penguin secret agency (or the PSA) into a crime fighting agency other than an evil organization. The title of sensei would then be given to the sensei of our time, Aunt Arctic would become leader of the penguin secret agency and Ninja O Dark would build a lair within and island that he had discovered. In the year 2013 after i and my team had gone through time, Ninja O Dark returned to Club Penguin, stole all the EPF technology and used it to take over. Some days later Aunt Arctic met up with Gary with a plan for him to send the time trekker back to when we were in the lair so we could then use it to our advantage to stop Ninja O Dark from ever taking over Club Penguin.


I had an idea for a movie!It would be named "Opeation:Vacation".It`s about how the EPF agents (Rookie,Dot,Jet Pack Guy and Puffle Handler at lest) take a vacation and leave the island to go to differant countrys and relax.And later they cross paths with Gary who was taking a private vacation.And Rookie winds up the Hero!!!

Sky King10:

the flying penguin. theres a lonly penguin that has no friends. the next day he was dreaming about flying. and he woke up and the penguin flow out without a jetpack he flow and he see's rockhoppers boat and rockhoppercant beleave his own eyes. he saw a penguin flying without a jetpack . rockhopper said oh my sea hoses.and the penguin go to clubpenguin and the penguins see a flying penguin and they rubbed there eyes and it was a penguin flying with no jetpack and the penguins said wow how dose he do that? said the penguin. about two months ago at the halloween party. the costume the flying penguin was bird but he flew and rockhopper see's a flying bird but it was not a bird its the flying penguin with a bird costume and two months later the ice man was trying to get the flying penguin but it was inposable the flying penguin was too fast and one month later the dino party. the flying penguin was too fast for the dino's. and the tranidon cant get him ether.and then 2/8/2013 he was making a book right now. THE END

P.P i say p.p means please post

maybe i will win maybe not


I would make a movie called "The Adventures of Bluefire" and it would be about me as an EPF agent and what ive learnedly and my meetings with Herbert.


If I could make a movie it would be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!!!! I would starr famous penguins like businesmoose and polo in it and show how the history of club penguin is formed from the beginning with rsnail, screenshog and billybob to the end where most of us live happily ever after in club penguin (except when Herbert strikes us again! :0)


I am going to be a director for the Hollywood Party!I've started to make a movie, but I'm still getting actors.It's about a family lost out in a haunted forest.I'm going to make a lake and a boat soon, but that's at the end of the movie.They will escape with a new pet puffle too!


I would call the movie "Adventures in space". It would be about penguins exploring the space, discovering new planets, fighting aliens... At this one scene their spaceship would break and they would be stuck on a strange planet. Then they would have to make friends with some aliens and build another spaceship but still run away from big evil squid-like green aliens and get back to Earth.


if i could star or direct (id rerther star in the movie!!) id call it Stunt Crazy! its about a penguin (me) who loves stunts and tries to coppy some stunts from his heros and is captured on film and gets to meet f his his heros but then one of his heros gets captured by herbert and he and gary have to save cadence one of joshs heros. Joshs heros are: Gary,Sensi,Cadence Polo field and Bussnisemoss


I would make a movie called "Shadow Guy And Gamma Gal Against The Sea Monster"!


hi club penguin!

if i made a movie starring my penguin i will call it


once there was a penguin who was so poor and doesn't have any money . as he was poor was not liked by anybody .
one day he was so hungry and he was finding some thing to eat in his home.
but there was nothing to eat in the house .so he went to the jungle to get some thing to eat..
he went so deep in the jungle but found nothing and he decided to go back home as he was returning he saw a nice smell as something is being cooked nearby he followed the smell and saw a cave he went inside to take a look inside and he saw a dragon cooking soup he went inside and said to the dragon ''can i have some soup'' the dragon replied politely''yes you can have some.he drank the soup and as he was returning to his house the dragon gave him a bag full of 100000 gold coins and a golden compass and said ''take these coins and the compass this compass will help you fin the way to your home as the forest was dense ''.then he take the compass with him and prepared to go to his home as he was going to his home the compass started to glow pointing to the north, he think that the dragon has done some magic with the compass he followed the direction on the compass and as he went the place the compass was pointing
he saw a huge palace, he went inside the palace and saw the shadow of the dragon the shadow said that ''now this palace is your and you can live here peacefully then he lived his whole life happily.


to the clubpenguin team

if you liked the story instead of giving me the coins please make me a memeber for one month


my movie would be called 'The Final Showdown, Part One' its a movie starring me (zipwire) and rookie zipwire finds rookie in a tiny bottle and smashes it open, rookie comes out and thanks zipwire who soon finds out that rookie is his brother. They find a portal that leads to herberts lair, they go in and get caught by a net! Herbert steps out from the shadows and yells "i'VE DID IT!" Klutzzy comes out and clicks three times then in subtitles it wil say 'TO BE CONTINUED...'

CP Lover 1:

Hmmm... Hard question, but if I could make a movie I would call it "The Penguin Underground". The movie would be about a penguin that fell into a hole and lived underground for ten years. Then a group of explorer-penguins would find him and help him to get out. After the penguin came out, he needed to relearn everything!
It would be so cool!
However, Waddle On!


i will name my movie mr.lonley story about a penguin discovers a hidden place and finding a other penguin

nitrowish II:

If I were to make a movie it would be a superhero movie named "The PENGUINVENGERS !!". In this movie all the mascots as well as penguins will fight herbert who will reprogramme all the 4 bots and try to destroy club penguin, but in the end the good will only win.
I love the new parties coming up and want the parties to be exquisite like always. Waiting for hollywood party until then ...... waddle on.


I probably make more than one but I would call one "Keoh Vs The Golden Puffle Challenge"
So Keoh finds an ancient temple but to get the Golden Puffle... there is a challenge the truth challenge if u lie um u fail
Well Keoh goes with the #1 adventurer Rockhopper!Then back on Cp (not the island with the temple)he finds a cute girl named Hugabunny and everyone says oh no because now he likes someone then it goes black and I would make a new movie titled"Keoh:and Hugabunny"


One penguin. All alone (except for complete strangers). In the big city.
One goal. To find the nearest restroom.
Join Chingu on his latest adventure, looking for a restroom.
Packed with action. Adventure. And, romance? JUST KIDDING!
In theaters 2.14.2013.
The Quest.
Don't miss the unexpected seaquel: The Quest: In the Airport


That my fellow penguin,IS JUST PURE AWESOMENESS!

99 Flippy:

My movie would be called 'EPF PUFFLES'. Picture this....

Rookie has done it again. But this time, he's gone too far. Aunt Arctic and Gary have been turned into puffles! Gary is the elusive but smart Grey puffle, whilst Aunt Arctic is the shy and rare Lavender puffle. After Rookie accidentally turns them into puffles, it's up to him, Dot, and Jet Pack Guy to restore their friends to their original forms! But Herbert has caught wind of this news.... And he isn't going down without a fight.

OK That's like, ya'know, on the back cover. OR maybe this one...... 'Family Matters'....

The EPF faces it's greatest challenge yet when it comes face to face with...... relatives? When two new faces show up in town, two more hide. Roxanne and Garnet know about style, what's in, what's out, and how to be cool. But their brothers don't. Aftetr all, Roxanne's brother is slightly... UNRELIABLE (like sinking the island unreliable) ...... and Garnet's spends all his time drinking coffee and inventing things that don't work. So how will the EPF overcome the all powerful wrath of relatives?! Find out, in, 'Family Matters'!!

Yeaaahhhhh soooo.......... I created Roxanne and Garnet! LOLZ! What do you guys think?!!?!?? Would you watch them??!!??!?


if i made a movie it will be called speed race when pucca runs but hits her head ouch! gamma gal helps out but pucca is really hurt will pucca EVER get back on track?


If I Were To Make A Club penguin Movie Starring My Penguin, I'd make a movie called " Attack Of The Giant Herbert!" It Would Be About When Herbert Makes An Invention That Makes Him Giant! Then, He Starts Crushing The Club penguin Island. But the EPF couldn't do anything. However, a guy called Blewberry02 ( Me ) came along and defeated him while using a jet pack! The club penguin island was then saved. And that is what the movie I would make if I were to make my own movie! Waddle on club penguin!


I'm going to make a movie about club penguin shrinking and an evil villain named flamer melts all the snow and penguins will get sick so the EPF has to stop flamer before he meets Herbert!

im going to need actors so reply if you wanna be one!


My movie would be about a penguin who's name is Frank working at the clothes shop who will go to an adventure that he will never forget! He will go into a magical place named 'Troopstar' where everyone are captured by an EVIL GIANT PUFFLE, Orion who took on their kingdom. Frank must help them and defeat Orion in order to go back to Club Penguin. I would name this movie 'The last Warrior of Troopstar'! I hope Aunt Artic likes it! :)


My movie would be a movie about a penguin named Sarah who just got out of school for summer. She is surpose to spend time of her summer at an orpanage but really doesn't want to. She finally finds out who her father is but escaping. Sarah finds out her father is actually looking for her! She travels all around the world. Evenactually she finds him strated on a island crying and sobbing. They both find out what happend. Her father tells her that she was lost at sea and then a person thought of bringing to orphange. That person didn't like her. The End.
Waddle On!


If I made a movie,I would call it..."The Awoken King Dragon".I like dragons,and I like ya.I also know how to dress as a King Dragon!!!It looks really cool!The movies about a penguin who has awoken a king dragon, and he has to find a sleep potion before the world has chaos for 10,000 years.


If I will have a movie starring my penguin, I will call it "The End". It talks about Herbert, crabs, new ennemies of Card Jitsu, all robots, and ennemies of CP. To win this worldwide Club Penguin battle, the secret agents, ninjas, and civilians have to create a BIG union called "CAN"
(The civilians angent-ninjas). So, this is my starring movie. I think you like my movie idea :D
-Waddle on !


And also the name for the movie (the one with the little girl who tries to find her father one) would be: The Search for Family


I would make a movie called " Club Penguin Wihtout Christmas ". In the movie a monster (Its actulay HERBERT) steals all the presents from ALL THE PENGUINS in CLUB PENGUIN . But at the end the elite penguin force gets help from all the icy-penguins and they save Club Penguin once again. (:


my movie will be night of the living cookie part 1 cookies unleashed. if i get a membership i will make it and part 2 more comback cookies. part 3 the big world to them. waddle on!

ps. if i get summeted my username is sammyx5


if i made a movie i would call it baby's in space


who is at the Hollywood party Cadence or Gary? please tell me thank you!

Shadow Flop:

If i can i will make a moovie about ninjas (they are not penguins) i am making a comic aabout it but i really like to do a film...


I would call my penguin movie,``Revenge of Herbert".
The movie would be an action movie were Herbert turns every penguin into babies.
Now Herbert can get anything he wants.
Soon Herbert finds out that childcare is much more annoying than he thought.
Now Herbert has to go into the future and turn everybody back into grown ups.
Soon Herbert is given an award and realizes that that he saved the island.



I would make a movie called Katie and the Great Adventure in the Jungle


My movie would be about aliens that come to cp and a guy named redcap(thats me!) trys to stop them! They come because they want all the pizzas on cp they take the pizzas so redcap gets to go to the alien base witch is on the moon and takes all the pizzas BACK! Then the aliens come back to take the pizzas back and say they mean no harm to cp and that the aliens have no pizza on the moon. So the penguins decide to help the aliens and tell them they can come by anytime for pizza! So then all the aliens and penguins make peace! I would call it Aliens Love Pizza! Sounds cool huh? WADDLE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will make a movie called 'Gary and the Gadget Land'.


I would make a movie about how the brave EPF agents saved our island from the villianous Herbert P. Bear at Operation: Blackout! I would make this because I am very thankful that the island is safe, plus the EPF agents deserve a little fame after saving the island from The Solar Laser! Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal got a play for saving us from Squidzoid, so why not a movie for the EPF? Until then... WADDLE ON!



I would call the movie "The Help" and it's about a poor penguin that dreams to be a star, and because her family is poor, she does not have an opportunity to show her talents, one day a big celebrity is donating his money to the poor penguins like poor penguin then he later find s out that she dreams to be a star. He let her audition for a movie, turns out that even the person is poor or come from the streets can get the biggest award of the night just by dreaming and trying.


If I had my own movie, it would be called, THE MOVIE. The movie ''THE MOVIE'' would be a movie where IM the only actor. I will be fighting GOOMAN10001 and when i win, there is a new fear in club penguin, GOOMAN10001 HAS RETURNED!!! But this time, he is bigger than ever. As again, I fight him and we all enjoy the rest of the hollywood party. i think...



I Would call my movie "Trzmo vs. Forests". It's a movie about a penguin called Trzmo1270 and she has to face all the wild creatures at the forest from Bears to Wolves! The main characters are: "Icy Toes", "Saraapril245" and "Trzmo1270".

P.S Please post my comment i have never been posted before!


I know this has nothing to do with anything but I think Clubpenguin should have a app, We could play games, change clothes, and talk to friends! Kind of like Moviestarplanet's app!


My movie would be called "Penguin Vs Human". It would be about a war between Club Penguin and the humans of Earth. The plot is this humans find Club Penguin for the first time. At first the penguins are happy with visit from the humans. But some greedy humans want the land to be theirs, the penguins aren't happy about this. So fighting brakes out between the penguins and humans, to find out what is the fate of Club penguin, owned by humans or continue to be the jolly place it is?


my movie would be about a penguin who is a knight and ninja and is going to face evil lightning ninja stealing electricity and kidnapping aunt arctic,gary ,rookieand cadence

Pookie Carer:

Hwi Club Penguin, well I would make it about how the Pookies came to Club Penguin, showing the pain, the hardship, the happiness of their journey. Also their search for a mumu. I hope you use this idea!

Waddle on CP!
-Pookie Carer


and i will name it rise of the lightning ninja


My movie would be about a penguin who has a time machine and goes into the future then he sees that grass and shadow ninjas took over club penguin and then he goes back into the past and gets all the water ice and fire ninjas to help him bring peace to the future and that the grass and shadow ninjas stop attacking


I would make a movie called " Puffles unseen!" It would be about me and PH and she takes me to go puffle hunting because she
Needs an explorer like her to travel deep into the jungle! Then eventually we find the legendary GRAY PUFFLE deep in the wilderness, that would be fun!

Oh yeah, my penguin name is ThrutheNite :)

Riffy888 (The second):

Wow! Nice movie idea! Cool.


My movie would called stop Herbert. It would be about stoping Herbert from being king and about PSA and EPF fashtions.


If i made a movie with my penguin in it the movie would be called puffles and it would be about a girl penguin and she wants to explore all of club penguin and she needs to bring a puffle and she brings her favorite puffle whos name is adventure and he is a red puffle.and they go on fun and funny adventures and in the end she becomes rich because she finds a secret room!!


fashion at its limits

Captin Red22:

I would that make a movie about a girl who falls in love with a ninja


I would make it about a really popular penguin meets a geek penguin and they fall in love


My movie would be called "Isabella's Big Solo". It's about penguin named Isabella6351 who aspires to be an actress. When an upcoming new movie is being filmed at the Cove, Isabella6351 works hard to shine in the spotlight!


So.. my movie would be called: "Survivor of Club Penguin". It is about this girl (me) that is left in the wild because her parents get in a crash with her little brother in it too. She learns how to survive in the wild places of club penguin and likes being on her own. Then, a little boy comes to her lost and begs for help. They both go on a mission to get out of the wild for the boy. The girl has to put up with the boy. Then she finds out that the boy is her brother! He survived the crash! They finally get home and live happily. but the adventures still keep coming...

I hoped you liked it! It's kinda long, but I did my best! waddle on!


ill Make A Movie Called Life As A Movie Star. There Will Be Lots Of Fans! With Gary With The Penguin Is A Life As A Movie Star.
Cadence Will Help Him To Make Him A Epic Movie Star. He Will Be On The The Hall Of Fame. Thats I What Would Make For A Movie..

Ben 10485:

I totally cant wait for the party Iv already started filming my new movie HERBER THE MOVIE waddle on cp

moon girl all night :

I would call my movie "allyin puffle" It's all about a penguin named Donna, she thinks she is making a movie so she buys a lot of puffle beds but one of puffles is sleeping in it. (The allyin puffle!) She gets it... And the puffle! buys the rocket and goes to bed. But the allyin puffle wakes up and seeing Donna the puffle lifts Donna hot wires the rocket and flys away..... WITH DONNA!!!

To be continued.....


Hmmm.... I've read some of the other comments and they have really good movie names, but I'll say my penguin will be in Penguin Wars.
(Based on Star Wars) My penguin will be Luke PENWALKER. (Based on Luke SKYWALKER)
P.S Why don't you do a Clapper Board Emote? With the Emote moving, (Clapping)


Bionic Bard:

It will be called ''penguin forever'' it will be a musical about four penguins that meet each other and they find out that they are really good at singing together and a producer funds them. They go on a world tour and they become famous. Until the producer ditches them and they run out of money. At the end penguins fund them and they become famous agin. Three are boys and one is a girl. And the mane charter boy is named Bionic.


Bionic Bard:

It will be called ''penguin forever'' it will be a musical about four penguins that meet each other and they find out that they are really good at singing together and a producer funds them. They go on a world tour and they become famous. Until the producer ditches them and they run out of money. At the end penguins fund them and they become famous agin. Three are boys and one is a girl. And the mane charter boy is named Bionic.



I would make one called love at first penguin eye it would be great at the end they go to a dance party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I was to be in a movie, it would probably be about Operation Blackout, or The Rise of the PSA! Or maybe the start of cardjitsu and the construction of the Dojo.

FK Valencia:

If I made a movie it will be called "Curse Of The Golden Puffle" and it would star Conorp2002,Foureyes6,Green Team and Me! In the movie we would have to go on this Adventure and we would find the Golden Puffle in a cave and run off with it.But.As we would be running the cave would fall apart!

Until then my fellow Penguins!





I would call it 'Dancing With The Superstars'. It would star Cadence! I would totally love to do a movie starring Cadence! Cadence would be dancing and all the other penguins, (Including me), could find out what the true spirit of dancing means! I understand that dancing is very important to us penguins and that we all enjoy it. Cadence is always moving, no matter how! Being DJ, dancing, singing, and much more! Dancing is a true sport, and it would be absolutely AMAZING to have a movie ALL about it!


My movie would be about a cowgirl named cowgirl Rock, Cowgirl Rock lived in Texas and she loved to ride horses,One day she was
moving cattle, Then a hungry lion came! Cowgirl Rock made the cattle stay then she made her horse, Lilly, Run then she chased the
Lion away, then her friends came on their horses, Buttercup, Chocolate and Buck, Then they rode off into the sun set. THE END


If I would make a penguin movie, it would be about when club penguin is surrounded with enormous icebergs and the penguins have no way out...
Plz read Polo Field!!! I call it: "The Island's End".


My actor name ,what I want is: Lana Lee! My film about the a girl, who have a beautiful voice and she want to be a singer, but her mother didn't let!:( She enter a voice talent show and she win!It's a big advanture, with a lot of secret!The movie's name: LET IT B
So keep calm and play Clubpenguin!:)


If i can make a club penguin movie, it would be about when enormous icebergs surround the island, everyone has safely escaped except one penguin, with NO WAY OUT. I call it " THE END OF THE ISLAND".
Plz read Polo Field!!!!!!!!!:)
WADDLE ON CP!!!!!!!!!!


I have comented 4 times!But please can I coment one more time?I would call my movie: Pookie love (pt1):The first day of school!

Actorss: Alaina the pookie (me)(she soon grows up in part 10)+ Drake the pookie (Anyone) Alaina`s mom (Anyone) +Drake`s mom (Anyone) Alaina`s dad (Anyone) + Drake`s dad (Anyone) Alaina`s sister Chloe (Anyone) + Drake`s brother Jake

Description:A pookie called Alaina meets a pookie called Drake.Drake falls in love with Alaina and she falls in love with Drake.They have a nice sleepover.

Like it (I guess no :( )


umm, is there epic space battles or blowing up helicopters?


my movie would be these three shows 1. the deanna show. (a cartoon) 2. the angry ninja puffles. 3. super cp .what one do you like the most please comment back :)


I will call it "Splash" and it will be about a little penguin , Hes name is Rodrick , And he loves to throw water balloons with water colors on other penguins , And then shout "Splash!" One day, He dosen't find any water balloons ! Now he is search the water balloons around the world ! And find some adventures !


For my penguin i did a slick hair do and the navy blue suit with a music player and those purple shoes with black laces!

waddle on!!!


my movie would be about secret agent buof3 and his team of elite penguins on a secret mission to take out Herberts robot army of crabs it would be called mission robot takedown


If I made a movie it would be about a penguin named Jade ( me ) who stumbles across a group of penguins that are like no one else. They are a group of penguins who are strong and independent. They find their own server and call it their home. They have their own style and fight for themselves. They especially like to role play into animals , warriors , even cats. Even THEY have enemies like there peers , old friends of the group who left, their enemy might even be themselves. The movie would be about how the group goes through crazy battles, tests, and who are really their friends. The shy people who come to be the strongest. And who thinks their strong, may have it all wrong. Because the words and actions are what matter. The true heroes would rise up and fight the attackers of the group, or traitors of the group and in the end they win to protect themselves.

waddle oon :P


If i made a movie it would be called Nickboy2002 and the aliens from outer space. Nickboy2002 would go in his rocket looking for the ledgendary planet 51. Then when a moon rock hit his ship. Nickboy2002 crashed in the dark side of the moon. then a alien trapped him. When nickboy2002 was tied up he found a sharp peice of his broken ship. He grabbed it and set himself free. Then another alien tried to attack him and then he used that peice and knocked out the alien. Then he found a portal. He went through and Nickboy2002 returned to the earth.



If i made a movie it would be called Nickboy2002 and the aliens from outer space. Nickboy2002 would go in his rocket looking for the ledgendary planet 51. Then when a moon rock hit his ship. Nickboy2002 crashed in the dark side of the moon. then a alien trapped him. When nickboy2002 was tied up he found a sharp peice of his broken ship. He grabbed it and set himself free. Then another alien tried to attack him and then he used that peice and knocked out the alien. Then he found a portal. He went through and Nickboy2002 returned to the earth.



If I could star in a movie it would be called "It's just unlucky" It's about a girl called Mini who is mega popular at school. One day a girl called Erika gives her a really pretty ring crammed with sapphires. Then she gives her a piece of paper with some writing on it: Hi Mini! Tap this ring three times a day and get one wish each day! Erika. Mini is really pleased. Now she can do practically anything she wants! Mini says "Thanks Erika" and walks off, strutting confidently. Mini wishes for a truck load of things, and lives in style. But one day, she wishes to see what being less popular, or being "a nerd" as she phrased it, was like. So when Mini got to school, people treated her like a total freak, hitting her with their rucksacks, slamming her locker door when she was trying to get out her lipgloss, and generally being mean to her! The next day she wishes for a golden palace igloo, forgetting about what happened the day before. She still gets grief form everyone, and she wonders why. Then, she remembers what happened the day before. "Oh no!!!" she shrieks, forgetting others can hear her. But the next day, she forgot again! This carries on for sevral days, weeks, months in fact! But today was prom, and Mini had totally forgotten! Nobody will have nominated her!!! She to the girl that gave her the ring and says, " Is there any way i can have two wishes a day, just for today?" The girl is bewildered at first, but then remembers. "No can do, i'm afraid" she says, waggling her finger. "It's just unlucky" she said in a soft voice, but it had a sharp edge to it. So Mini doesn't win prom, but gets her normal life back the next day.
The End


I would make a movie about a girl in high school who gets bullied by the most popular girl in school but in the end she would come out on the top I would want to make a movie like this to show that if you try your hardest you'll ALWAYS persevere and make it to the top and I would call it ......Rise To The Top!:D


"The Great Adventure Of A Penguin, Who Discovered Club Penguin!!" That would be the name of my movie and it would be about our founder the mysterious ClubPenguin Penguin who traveled yonder from the Arctic cold and reached Club Penguin!!
The First pioneer and sailor and pilot and astronaut who crash landed in the pacific after an accident on his spaceship where he was the first space faring penguin sent up there by mysterious bipedal thingies called OOmuns, after the traumatic landing our great founder built a boat out of scraps and sailed south till he found other penguins, he quickly made alliances and settled to live with the emperor penguins, unbeknownst to all our hero was genetically engineered to be smarter than most creatures even including the Dolphins whom we all know to be 10 times smarter than the OOmin thingies. after his many homely adventures our founder along wit a group of followers boarded a self made blimp in search of a new home on the way they all got lost and would have perished had they not met upon a school of wise dolphin sages who guided them to club penguin, due to the strange genetic modifications in our unknown founder (who's actions are known yet no one knows his name) all of us are colorful and have made buildings and can speak (in penguin of course.)All this is far more an accomplishment taking into fact that all this happened only 85 years before the prehistoric party commenced!!! due to the lack of writing and all there are barely any remaining relics of his existence but it clearly explains the existence of prehistoric cavepenguin scientists who in fact are the small party of emperor penguins who fell through wormhole and landed in prehistoric times due to rift in space time. By the way did you know that Rockhopper's Great grandfather the jolly pirate What's his name was the penguin who rediscovered the historical story about "The Un-Named Penguin!!"

I'd be the unnamed penguin(our founder) :)
Please please make this story CP history and put it in the game

PS this story still requires some tweaking ,I'm sure be able to fix it up before you put it in the game.


OMG! I love it! It's quirky but cool, and I agree that it should be part of CP's history and in the game it would be awesome!


my one would be called "midnight" it would be about a girl who love fantasy things and has a collection of books but she has a annoying big brother and magic fairies curse him and take to the moon

Moshi Man8:

My other movie would be called Revenge of the Past. When a penguin is throwing snowballs at the time at the Snow Forts A portal appears and the penguin gets in and goes to his past and then he changed his future and came out of his puffles body during that party's end. So now he has to go back to the past and save his future or he will be a puffle forever. He has 24 hours to switch back to his body or his future won't be bright. He also has 24 hours to get back into his own time or the space time continuem will change his future perminetly. He switched back to himself again now he has 1 hour before he loses all of his items and his future. He goes back to the snow forts and throws snowballsat the time. The portal appears He has 1 minute to get back to his own time and he succeeds and lives happily ever after.
W A D D L E O N C L U B P E N G U I N !


Oh my god!!! I cant wait


My idea for a Movie is a superstar who is really mean to other penguins because she thinks she's better than them, she would tell people what to do, and get people to things for her, and make fun of other superstars and other penguins who aren't famous like her! She would have a back up singer that's her best friend, and whenever the Superstar said something mean to another penguin, her friend would be disappointed in her. The superstar's best friend deals with all of this because she's her friend, until the superstar starts using her too. Her best friend can't believe this and stops being her friend. The superstar realizes that friendship is way more important than being famous, and that everyone is a superstar. She learns a valuable lesson and she and her friend make a song about friendship and how everyone is a superstar. :)
Waddle on!


i whould call it the life of rockhopper it tells how rockhopper makes it to club penguin. My penguin whould play as rockhopper i have it going through my mind right now. I always wonderd how it whould be if i was rockhopper.


Cool! If I had a movie about my penguin, I would call it, The Lonely princess penguin! Not a pretty, vain princess, a tomboy princess who goes on adventures but then she gets lonely!


My movie would be called "The First Green Puffle". It would tell a story of how a Martian Puffle (called Bobsled) from space lands on Club Penguin. He makes an Orange Puffle friend (called Banana) and together they try to build a spaceship so that Bobsled can get home, but one of Herbet P bear esq. 's evil ancestors (called Herbella) ruin's their invention so he cant get home. In the end Bobsled realizes that he has much better friends and food (he absolutely loves fishdogs) on the island of Club Penguin, and decides to stay. That is how the green Puffle first came to Club Penguin. There could be a whole series of "The First Puffles" that could tell the stories of all the different colored Puffles. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLZZZZZ TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :P


My penguin is sitting in his igloo, when an alarm goes on and the EPF is calling my penguin and the director says Herbert is trying to convince the puffle handler that he is a puffle to try to get puffles to help Herbert to take over Club Penguin


I have a movie! Its called ''Club Penguin Rocks!: A Rock''n''Roll movie. Its about Me & my friends,dazy70077 , kingjorden ,cindycool148 ,Xfactor 41 and The Hobbit 8 . We make a band but, at the begining, we`re really bad but we keep praiticing and we get better and better at Making music.


it is called ice adventure
first we get on a boat
go to the three islands one of them sinks
at the end we discover ice island


I would call my movie "A Day In The Life Of Me"!!! It would be all about a normal non-member (me!) who dreams of becoming a member and meeting Rockhopper, Cadence, Gary, Aunt Artica and The Penguin Band! In the end they get a free one-year membership after helping Club Penguin by becoming an agent with the EPS and NEVER EVER (EVER!) breaking the rules!!!


If my penguin could star in a movie, it would be called The Epic Agent! It would be about my penguin's and her friends adventures as PSA and EPF agents, trying to defeat Herbert, the Test Bots, UP10K, and all the baddies on Club Penguin! Though try as they might they just can't catch all of them, but they'll keep trying until they can't anymore! My penguin would go undercover as many people, such as Twee from Fairy Fables, a Coffee Shop barista, Pizza Parlor chef, Clothes Shop assistant... so many identities! She would never give up, and she would almost always win!

Mixie Falick:

If I were to star in a movie, I would call it the terrible seris of events in which my penguin would seek the meaning of life, battle monsters on a quest, and ending up collecting the soul gem, whitch, as he wanted, reveals the meaning of life.


If I were to make a cp movie I would make it about lost puffles that meet each other and become BFFs. Then an advendurer penguin comes and finds them. The puffles get scared and run off then it becomes really, really cold and all the food frezes and they get really cold, then the penguin that they saw earler comes and finds them again and there too cold to move. The penguin takes them home and they become his/her pets and they live the rest of there lives together. I would call it " Lost"

Sorry if I went to indept. I just Loooooove makeing and acting in movies!



Enter commentsYour movie would fit into mine nicely: it's about our glorious founder.


P.S. The adventurer penguin would be Sissy79700 (A.K.A. Me!!)


mine will be about a lonley geek girl who steps into a portal and becumes the great one of yamapenga a tribe of penguinns from the forest she brings her friend and her friend betrays her and the tribe while the geek is bcoming a yamapenga penguins come and make trouble in penga mako and they blame it on the geek but the geek helps yamaengas get penga make come back to life by giving the braclet of wonders on her wrist that to her was just a boring blraclet away and she becums queen of yamapenga with prince mako moka who she loved since she saw him


I would probably make a series of movies, the first one would be called... The Castaways: Lost. It's about a school field trip to the Caribbean, they travel to there on a plane. But something horrible happened! The plane crashed! A group of five penguins (including the new girl) are the only survivors. When they finally find an island, they never thought their lives would be this miserable! Collecting food, eating bugs (gross)!, even finding a cave to live. They miss their parents, and wish they would have never left on this field trip! Then a helicopter finally finds them 4 years later. But what will they do now that their found?
Sorry it's so long!
P.S. I've never ever been posted!!


If I made a movie staring my penguin, it would be called "The great puffle rescue." It would be about Club Penguin a long time ago, before the Everyday Phoning Facility. My Penguin's puffle would be in the Sports Shop but then the Sports Shop door would get boarded up ready for the place to be knocked down. My penguin would look everywhere for my puffle, before noticing a small, fluffy, pink shape in the corner of my eye. I would discover my puffle was trapped in the Sports Shop. I would tell the people who were knocking the Sports Shop down but they didn't believe me because they had checked the building well before getting ready to knock it down. I told them that my puffle was very good at playing hide and seek so they eventually decided to go in and look for my puffle. I went in with them too. We could only find one fluffy pink thing, well two actually... A pair of bunny slippers! As they couldn't find my puffle, I went home to my igloo. When I opened my front door, I saw my puffle in her bed! It turns out she was hiding!

Waddle On!


I would call the movie "Attack of the lazer squid"


I would call mine,The One Spy! It's about a bunch of Herbert's spies teaming up to destroy the EPF forever!!! The EPF is no match for the group but a fellow penguin who does good deeds for everyone and (He is not an EPF by the way) stands up to Herbert and then the EPF explodes then Herbert turns nice but he is cursed because he was mean so the curse is that he has to be nice and he is a penguin forever but when the full moon comes,he is (good) Herbert again. THE END


well, i would make: NATIONAL TREASURE. its about a penguin named Batman24614 (me) and pete24939 (my bro) who find a ship called charlotte. they explore and get captured by an evil penguin named ian. ian wants them to help steal the decloration of club penguin! :O so they have to steal the decloration in order to save it (otherwise ian will steal it and burn it to find treasure) meanwhile they meet a penguin named abigail chase. she finds out Batman24614 stole the decloration. but knows why they did it. and then Batman24614 finds out he is related to the presedent of cp! (penjamen franklin gates) ian and Batman24614 chase there way to the treasure. who will win? p.s. im recording this movie. p.p.s. national treasure is a real movie by humans.

quotes: pete24939: are we there yet? Batman24614: (talking to abigail) ok lets buy some food on the trip. pete24939: sadly we have no money. Batman24614: qiet pete! pete24939: im hungry. and your grampies car smells weird. XD. catigories: crime, action, adventure. cast: Batman24614, Pete24939, Penny54305 (my sister).
Directed by: Batman24614. Bye fans. ;-)


UPDATE: oh and by the by i have a screen recorder so im making it! :-D


if i made a movie it would be cald tv world its about a girl watching tv then a tv monster grabs her into tv world then gets trapped in a gyaint tv with the channel on caveguins and dinos and the rest you got to find out! lol ps i made a set in my igloo

ds nine:

i heard of lord of the rings and thought of a cp film like that called Penguin Of The Ring its about a lost prince who finds he is royalty and his parents disappeared and goes to find his parents and ends with the lost prince finding is parents and a strange Royal Ring what the king can control it.
I will be on in the evenings.




I would make a movie named The search for the puffles. Its about a penguin who saves all the puffles from Herbert who has captured the puffles in a secret lair.


My movie idea is "Penguin Wars:Time For Changes". In this movie, the Jenguins(Jedi Penguins) are change the Senators.
The new leader of the Senate is Chancellor Herbetine. The new pengones(penguin clones) army is ready to battle, but the Sithguins(sith penguins)lord Count Protoooku has other plans for the Republic....


i would make a movie called "the secret of the key" where a penguin moves into a different house in a different country and finds in his/her new bedroom a key....he/she prefers to keep it secret from his/her parents and try to find out with his/her new best friend what was that key and why it was in her/his new bedroom............they find out that someone they didn't even know discover that she/he was comming and felt that this key his grandmother gave him/her was going to help his/her life and make her/his new life there better...finally they find out that the key opens a very very very old wardrobe in their house and for some reason only the kids can see it...this movie involves mystery and adventure for the audience!!!!

Go Bunnie Go:

If I made A Movie On Club Penguin,I would Call It "The Little Cheerleader That Could." It would be about a cheerleader named Bunnie who has just moved into town,and joins the cheer leading squad at her new high school. She wants to become captain so she can make new friends and be known not as the new girl,but as a hero.She dose her best and practices every time she can.At the compition, Bunnie gives it all she has and dances her heart out!When the results come she has made the team captain spot and has tons of new friends.

Hope you pick it, waddle on!

~Bunnie Hop


I would call my movie, "The Penguin" starring me, Gary, Sensei, Herbert, And some of my best buds! It would be about a penguin (Which is me) who goes to school and gets bullied alot. So then he went over to Herbert and asked him if he can turn him into a bear, like him! So then he turns into a bear and defends himself away from them. After school, he went to his house and his parents or buddies don't like him anymore because he is a bear. They won't believe him that he is thier son or best friend! And now he goes back to Herbert and askes him to turn him back. Herbert did so but he only had the DNA of a bear. He said that if I get a part of a penguin, then he would be able to. So then the boy asked Gary if he can help Herbert. Gary was in shock to help a bad guy. But he helped any ways. Gary had nothing of a penguin so they had to go to Sensei to get an eyebrow. Sensei didn't mind so he let them. Herbert put the eyebrow into the DNA can and started it up. The boy got back to its normal self and everything went back to normal.

Brown Heros:

My movie would be about 3 penguins going on a adventure and then they have to save the club penguin world from aliens who are trying to invade! It would be called Aliens VS. Penguins


my movie would be called "I May Be A Girl".It is about a daredevil girl named sky and she gets hired by a agent and is train to fight evil. Hope you like! WADDLE ON!!!!!!


i would make a movie called "the hunt for the queen puffle" where a group of penguins and puffles try to look for the first puffle to ever come to the island. When they find the "queen puffle" (or the first puffle to reach the island) they have the first ever puffle party so the movie shows you how puffles find the first ever puffle to reach the island and how the puffle parties were created.


Mine would be "MOOnlight" Where a bunch of cows moo at the moon light and polo field is a cow and businesmoose is a cow and im the farmer and everytime its moonlight the cows moo! at the end they drink a posion which turns them all into penguins and then they all sing "the party starts now" with cadence,rocky and cece!


My movie would be called, "Super Star Penguins." It would be about popular penguins, but they're not mean. They love to help people kind of like super heros even though they're just regular penguins. Each movie script could be them helping different people! :)


i would make a alien elephant movie about a elephant from a different planet! because i have a elephant costume and i love it!!


I know this has nothing to do with the subject but do any of you think the EPF will ever rise again its been quite a long time. I hope they do Club Penguin must just be taking there time they really need to get on it.


I know this has nothing to do with the subject but do any of you think the EPF will ever rise again its been quite a long time. I hope they do Club Penguin must just be taking there time they really need to get on it.


If i made a movie with my penguin it would be called "Middle school secret" It would be about a 7th grader who lives a secret life of a snow ninja. In the big football game his secret almost comes out when two cheerleaders catch him wearing a white ninja mask. He manages to save his secret but now he knows that the whole island of club penguin is going to watch him. They want to get to the bottom of the secret. His friends ignore him but watch him closely. The only friend he met Was a huge polar bear with a BIG PLAN. WADDLE ON CP


In the newspaper, it says: "The Hollywood Party is gunna be totes cray cray!" What does that mean? I barely understand a word of it. Most of those aren't even words. Whats "totes?" And what is "cray?" I know "gunna" means "going to," but still, it is supposed to be spelled "gonna." It doesn't make any sense!!


Tots mean totally. Cray means crazy.


Totes Means Totally And Cray Cray Means Crazy. So, The Sentence Is "The Hollywood Party Is Gonna Be Totally Crazy!" Get It Now Shrek4u?


it would be called penguins of the round table about a regular penguin whow becomes king


My film would be called "the forgotten Kingdom". It would be about two young penguins that stumble upon the ruins of an ancient kingdom that is deep below club penguin. But when they try to tell everyone in club penguin, everyone just laughs and says they are lying. So the penguins decide to go and explore the ruins on their own. Then they end up finding penguins still living there. They are told of the diamond amulet that can grant them with anything they desire. So the two penguins journey with three of the other penguins that they met to find the amulet. On there way they pass many traps and danger. When they find the temple where the amulet should be they find out the amulet was just a myth after all.


good idea! that sounds epic! so cool and interesting! waddle on cp!


Awesome! Club Penguin it's great, you just class!


Wow Awesome! My Movie Would Be Called "Never Ever Light" Its Kinda Like Operation Black Out But Its Like This...

One Day I Penguin Mom Was Going To Get Food In A Huge Snow Storm! But She Broke Her Arm By Top Villan Herbert! Her...... Kids,Alex,Jake And James Will Find Her In The Hospital! They Saw Herbert And Found Out There Mom Was A EPF Agent! To Throw Herbert Off The Road They Need... A Cream Soda Bowl To Bring Puffles To Herberts Base And Destroy It! I Got That From You Now The Video! I Forgot The Name! A Sliver Ball To Destroy The Light Stealer! And Herberts Fur To Mix In A Healing Soup When They Got That Stuff They Found Out They Were Now EPF Agents! They Got Awarded With A Gold Ball That Tells The Past!

Hope You Like It! Its Not Real I Wish It Was!

~Tesset~ :) :) :)


If I had to create a movie starring me, it would be called Night of the Living Puffle(Like The Night of the Living Sled,but with a Puffle). It would be about two penguins who go to a haunted house to go trick or treating, suddenly, a zombie puffle appears! the two penguins scream and try to find a place to hide!


I would call my movie "Penguins Rule" because its true!


i woull like my movie called...travler girls... about three penguin girls who travles around the world looking for a new life and finds in each three of the countries:france..thailand...and tokyo.three puffles purple pink an mystry puffle then all of them will come back to club penguin and three girsl discover there are sistres in a rich family and lived happily ever after

the end
thank you bye:) :) :) :) :)


Hello guys I Noticed There Was A Limo In The Hollywood Party , I am Asking Can We Ride In Limos
+ Checkout My VIP Lounge At My Iggy


Well, if i made a movie i'd call it EPF 2-The uprising! It would be about agent 017 ( a new rookie) And he dosent just save ClubPenguin, but all of the mods! Belive it or not im actuly practising this movie and making up lines as i write! I save the following:
PoloField,Billybob,Rockhopper,Gary,PH,Rookie,Get pack guy,Dot,Buissness mose,Happy77,Director and my BFFS Bango5/Pineytail2000!! Please pick my comment because on the mod list, it took me 10mins to carry on from -Rookie-!

From yours truley,
Innkeeper ( Agent 17) YOU ROCK MODS!

polo field fan:

Innkeeper, I would SO pick ur comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like epic! I WANNA BE IN UR MOVIE and im not innkeeper incase u think im cheating! I don't wanna give my penguin name! (yet) Mods, pik this one!

crazymatt4 :

I would make a movie called the Evil Puffle. It would be about a sweet and innocent puffle only to be found guilty of helping Herbert!! In the end the PP (Penguin Police) realise that the Puffle was a robot, then they put him in CPJ. (Club Penguin Jail).


Mine would be about a forgotten agent named Red who gets a ransom note from Herbert and goes back to CP then he goes on
a EPIC ADVENTURE! It would be called a A Pure Heart and Red is half-Dragon...


I thought of some speech....

Rookie: * poking JPG * Jet Jet Jet Jet Jet Pack Pack Pack Guy Guy Guy
JPG: * whispers * WHAT?
Rookie: Hi


if i made a movie i ill call it the super penguin bros is is when 2 penguins ( rent33+veta9)
go to save the princass (aoash2)from bozer (herbet)


bye cp

Sweetsassy J:

My movie would be called "Club Penguin: The Life Of A Penguin 3D" It would show the life of a penguin...BUT IN 3D!
Everything would be cool. It would be more interesting.

Hope this helped. Waddle on!


If my penguin was in a movie it would be called 'Hat Girl'. This is because I always wear my director hat with a scarf, a hoodie and my yellow trainers. I would have super powers and destroy enemies with my hat. =D
-Rosebuddy632 =]

Gary Fan 1:

Well, I would be 'Galamadrine'. It would be fun to be a famous star to be in movies! Wouldn't be?

Kind Regards,
Gary Fan 1


My movie will be called "The Parent Trap: CP Style" So of course two twins are rolled as they never met eachother, ever! So they both wen't to camp. They got in trouble and wen't into a cabin by themselves. And after awhile they noticed they we're twins. So they wanted to switch up to meet their mom and dad. They told the truth after awhile. And they tried to get them back together. And they got back together in the end. (1/2 hours) ACTORS: Kacey5646 - Jessica (rich twin) ..... - Katie - (farmer twin) ..... - Mom .... - Dad. That is The Parent Trap: CP Style!


Mine would be called " The Mascot Mystery " Where all the famous penguins ( Gary, Candance, etc.) disappear and me and my buddies have to find them! Also, everyone has forgetton them and all signs point to a certain polar bear...


I Would Name My Movie " From CP To MLP " It Would Be About These Two Penguins ( Me And Rookie ) Who Go Off And Find A Portal And Both Jump Inside Then They Become Ponies! Also, Everyone In CP Becomes Ponies Too! They All Meet The Mane 6 And Find Out That Yoyo78654 Is Actually Princess AriannaCloud Sunshine Eclipse! (AKA Princess Celestia's Daughter) On The Way Everyone Will Incounter Something SO BIG You Wouldn't Believe Your EYES! Comes Out Soon!!!!!!


I simply ADORE MLP! Can I appear in it? Pretty Please? * has puppy eyes *


I'm make a Move named "Rainbow Puffle Apuffle dventure" Story about penguin's who looking for rainbow puffle and find a card from Herbert " Im have Rainbow puffle! Hahaa!" Now a penguin's named Lisa,Luke,Jon and Ann must find a Herbert and pick puffle from Herbet paws a, and maybe find penguin who help? Maybe its Ph? ;)

Waddle on Cp! martyna02002


I will name it "Feet" It will be about a person who has a phone and she finds an app that shows ugly feet!


i would have a movie called trapped about a penguin who goes to the moon but the rocket once she lands BLOWS UP! she is stranded but feels like she is being watched while trying to survive on the moon. can she survive? will she escape? watch it at 7:00PST hope the penguins out there will like it!


If I could have my own movie I would call it "Adventures to the Unknown Islands". I would name it this because the movie would be about a penguin who goes to all these different islands and finds treasure and adventure while he or she learns secrets about their past.

Thanks for making an awesome party!!!


Hey Club Penguin! I would make a penguin called Daniel Waddlecliffe! He could be like Harry Potter! And he would star in the Movie, Harry Waddler! It could be a CP remake of Harry Potter! Actually, this year can we have A HARRY POTTER PARTY?


How do you get so creative?


hello club penguin team I would like to act in all the movies because I can not wait to be the party for me is like the music jam but 200,000 times better and I go acclimating to decorate my igloo as already thanks for the party give this holiday so special and wonderful club penguin
Greetings club penguin team

carefully: dani3606


If I made a movie i will named it ''a penguin who becomes star''. It wil be about goge, a penguin who is very poor but he is very talented. He will want to go to a talent show but none allow him to do this because he is poor. But in the end he will be famous and he will have lot of funs.


My movie would be called The Journey To The Hidden Treasure! Where my penguin cocorules88 and rockhopper become pals and they go find this hidden treasure in the wild. The first step would be my penguin finding rockhopper. Then we sit down together and tell each other how our day went and when we both find out where trying to find the hidden treasure we become pals! We show each other our maps that we have and they match! So we take our maps and go out in the wild together and find the hidden treasure!Along our way to finding the treasure we find this glamerous purple glitter puffle. Her name was Glory! She told us about how she lost her brother Fame. As we went on to our journey we took Glory with us.We looked at our map and notice we where very close to the treasure! Rockhopper:: Well cocorules88 I guess we shall start digging!
Me: Okay then if thats what you think we shall do lets dig!
As time passes we found our selves digging for two hours!
Glory: I don't know about you two but I am getting hungry!
RockhopperI&I: Yes we are to!
So I get out my backpack and got my cake I brought with me! Glory and Rockhopper loved my cake! As we went on our journey we found a cave! As we walk in we find the treasure!!! As Rockhopper starts opening it Glory yells Fame! Rockhopper and I look over and see the most shimmering golden puffle!! It was Fame,Glory's brother!! At the end of the day we all set in the cave with our treasure and Glory with her brother Fame reunited. Thats what my movie would be about. THE END. <3 cocorules88


i would also make another movie called not cool. it is about a penguin named kathern her nickname is kat. she has no friends and always daydreams of having friends and she always wanted to meet all of the penguin celebs. she always really wanted to meet cadence out of all of them. then one day she had to run to the coffie shop it was empty no one was there accept guess who CADENCE! kathern was so excited she could hardly evan breath. cadence was there for an interview by aunt artic for the club penguin times. what will happen? will cadence become friends with her or not? see it at 9:00PST see u there


If I made a Club Penguin movie, it would be about a group of penguins who find a squid who needs medical help. They bring him to an animal hospital, only to discover that he has super powers! Then the squid teaches the penguin freinds how to fly and become invisible, and together they save the world from a villain named "The Octopus".


Really love your work clubp penguin. I think the movie er whatever it is should be called The Star and The Photograph. First there is this huge big famous star and the crowd goes wild when she comes out of her limozene then in the back is this penguin with a camera he is her biggest fan and he has dreamed of getting her photograph. But he can't see her because of the crowd. He tries to go through the crowd but he is accedently nocked to the back of the crowd. Then he tries going around the crowd but the crowd was there too. Then he tried waving to the Star but she doesnt see him becouse of the crowd. Then he sits sadly on a bench and sighs. Then the star sees the sad penguin and comes over to him to cheer him up. Then he sees the star and gets happy and then he gets her photograph and gets it signed.


If i Could Make A Movie It Would Be Called Cp Friends And It would Be About A Group Of Friends Going On A Journey To Test Their trust With Eachother.The Movie Would be Suitable For Everyone And Teach Them About Trusting Friends And Family.

Hope You Like My Idea.

Best Wishes,



wow! tricky one club penguin nevertheless, i have to say that if i could make a film, starring all my club penguin friends and many more cp penguins( as long if they wanted to) then i would call it the the neverending friendship story, i wonder what other famous club penguin members would call theirs. by the way, what would you call it polo field????


i'd make a movie called "apocalypes".it would be about someone trying to do a apocalypes,but the EPF is to weak to figth back.the villian's name would be dr.apocalypes.

Greenie G:

Didnt u get that from T.U.F.F Puppy??? LOL best show EVER!!!


OH MY GOD YEAH. That would be so cool. I posted up an EPF movie too. It's about Herbert being defeated forever and his son takes place.


my movie is called <<the scientist>>and its about someone who discovers a mystery medicin that make you be strong. But the medicin makes you a lot of strong and the scientist becomes mad and he wants to destroy the world of cp! He will destroy it or the penguins wiil stop him?

Greenie G:

Thats good i like it BUT to add a twist: Instead of the Scientist turning bad make it HERBERT being so strong "HE STOLE MY FORMULA!!!" the Scientist screamed! The EPF has to stop him!!! But he just distroyed the EPF!!! Will no one save us now?! SUDDENLY, the penguin that stopped him before shows himself!(With his AWESOME girl sidekick!!!!) They race to the scene!! and Herbert is a GIANT! They need help! Then out of no where, all the EPF agents step up and theres so many!!! They defeat Herbert!!!


Ive Done My Own Movie Already Called 'The Hunt For Herbert' Adventure That Takes Place In The 'Beacon' Lighthouse' Igloo 1' Igloo 2'
'Igloo 3' And The 'Ski Village' In The Story, 2 Penguins (Irus And Jada1108) And Their Magic Green Puffle Goes On An Adventure To Save Aunt Arctics Missing Coins. They Travel Through 3 Levels 'The Mountain Top' 'The Forest' And 'The Warehouse' But Theres Loads Of Safes. But Which One Contains The Gold? The Real Mystery Is That Herbert Isnt In The Warehouse. So Where Is He? Find Out If My Movie Becomes a Real Movie For Club Penguin.
Main Penguin: Jada1108
Main Place: The Beacon
Bad Guy: Herbert
Sad Guy: Aunt Arctic
Partner Of The Hero: Irus
Pet Of The Hero: Best Puffle
And Thats What The Movie Is




Wow hope that gets to be a real cp movie! P.S. i really wanna see it!


I will call it penguin lost in Hollywood its about when penguins are lost in Hollywood all the penguins are famous but they just like to get back to club penguin island


My movie would be called "The Adventures Of Penny!" where I'd save the island from Herbert and often go out for pizza with my friends!


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